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I am a late bloomer in every sense. I was introduced to the amazing world of sex at a very late age. Soon enough, I was making up for the lost time – devouring as much sex magazines and watching blue films as I could get hold of. Soon enough I discovered the need for a real experience – all the books and movies could not satisfy my lust. But being an introvert, I could not gather the guts to even propose a girl. All this remained in me throughout my graduation. Immediately after finishing my graduation, I was offered a job in an MNC. As I had lived all my life in a ‘not so modern’ locality, the atmosphere in the company was really fresh for me. The first thing I noticed was the ladies in modern attire. Friday was the best of the lot – the ladies used to wear casuals and sometimes there was really provocative dressing. All this added fuel to fire! Soon enough I was masturbating thinking of having sex with at least five of them. I was put into a project after 1 month of training. The team leader was Sheetal. Even within the professional atmosphere, I could not help but notice her beautiful features. She was tall with broad shoulders, a very sharp nose and a lovely smile. She was exactly opposite to me – an extrovert to the core. I came to know later that she is married with a 4 year old kid. Her husband was abroad for a short term assignment that time. As the days passed, I discovered more about her. She had a wonderful curvaceous back that gave me many a sleepless night. She had an infectious laughter that I loved very much. But the most arousing thing about her was her body odour (it can be disgusting for most – not for me). She used to go out for lunch and when she was back, the entire area was filled with the smell of her perspiration mixed with her body spray. I used to inhale deeply taking all that wonderful smell. As she sweated a lot, I guess it was difficult for her to mask her body odour - much to my joy. She was the only lady in my wild dreams from then on. I used to masturbate thinking of kissing every inch of her wonderful body and inhaling her wonderful armpit. Well, it can be irritating to most, but her smell was so intoxicating that I literally had an obsession for her arm pits – may be more than her other assets. Frankly, I never thought that any of my dreams would come to real as she was married with a kid. Well, everything was to change soon. After almost two months since I had joined the company, there was a DJ dance party in our office. Some of my friends and I were dancing, when I saw Sheetal, dancing nearby. She was an excellent dancer and her salwar was exposing all the contours of her hot body. That was the first time, I was really seeing her amazing back. It was swaying wonderfully to the beets of the music. For a second, her ass banged on to me. She apologized and continued dancing. I felt electric sparks flying through my pelvic region. From that day on – my lust towards Sheetal grew twice manifold. Almost 2 weeks later, there was an official conference involving different clients in a nearby hotel. Sheetal nominated me to join her in the conference. Sheetal was not able to make it to the conference and I had to manage everything. I tried her mobile many a time after the conference with no luck. I was perplexed as it was an important conference and she had not intimated me that she would not be coming. I had plans that afternoon to meet one of my friends – who had come to the city recently. I was on the way to his flat on my bike when I got a call from Sheetal. She apologized for not making it to the conference as she felt feverish that morning and had to go to the doctor. I told that I am on my way to meet my friend. When she asked where exactly I was, we realized that I was very close to her flat. She invited me to her flat and gave me the directions. Sheetal was wearing pyjamas and was looking tired. We exchanged pleasantries’ and she proceeded to get drinks for me. When she turned back, I was blessed with the wonderful view of Sheetal’s lovely swaying ass. She sat next to me while we chatted away. I was really getting uncomfortable, as it was the first time I was sitting with a lady. She might have sensed my feeling and laughed and our conversation diverted to personal matters. She was amazed when I told that I don’t have any girl friend. She told that I am a smart young man and should be enjoying at this age! I would have never expected such a conversation from Sheetal. She was sitting very close to me by this time making me uncomfortable every second. I suddenly felt Sheetal’s legs on mine. I was really surprised. She immediately apologized and withdrew her leg. She excused herself and went inside. I really didn’t know what to do that moment. I wanted to run away from there. But there was something very strong churning deep inside me that forced me to stay there. Her touch had literally made my cock erect instantly. For a moment I wanted to go to the toilet to jerk off. But breaking my thoughts, Sheetal was back with a definite mischievous smile on her lips! I was shocked to notice her nipples through her pyjama top. She had certainly removed her bra. Well, in this seemingly hot and steamy environment – I was feeling exactly the opposite – confused and extremely uncomfortable. She sat in the same place close to me and asked why I am looking nervous. I just smiled and she shook her head knowingly. Suddenly she placed her hand on my thigh and asked – “Rohit – Are you a virgin?” I do not know if it was that question or her touch – but my face would have betrayed some emotions. She started laughing uncontrollably. Now I had the view of her boobs through the gap in her pyjama top. It was sagging but big and I realized that I had breached the last line of my self control. I put my hands on her thighs and said “Yes. But I don’t think I can continue like this for long”! She smiled and started walking gesturing me to follow her. She stopped at the bed room and closed the door behind me. She said that she liked this shy and cute guy and came closer to me. I stooped slightly and kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms around me. I could feel her boobs crushing against my chest. I sucked her tongue and kissed her lips again and again. I could feel my cock growing uncontrollably. We sat on the bed and I slowly removed her top revealing a lovely pair of tits with brownish nipples. She was busy removing my shirt. We hugged each other tightly. Her body was really hot. I was rubbing her back feverishly feeling her hot body. I made her lie on the bed and started sucking her nipples. I was greeted with her arousing moaning sound. I kept on sucking her left nipple while squeezing her right boob. I was aroused to see her nipples growing hard with my touch and the boobs getting tight with my squeeze. Now I was really getting her hot smell that I had craved of. I told her how much crazy I was about her smell and her armpits. She smiled and closed her eyes. I slightly lifted her arms and inhaled her arousing smell and kissed her armpits. She was really moaning now making me very excited every second. She hugged me tight and moved her fingers through my chest. Commenting on my good physique. She kissed my chest with her slender fingers caressing my back. I slowly moved down kissing her belly and her naval – put my tongue inside her naval and sucked it. I was really close to her pussy and could get the pungent odour of her love juice. But I just loved it. I slowly removed her pyjamas and threw it away and removed my jeans too. It was a sight to behold. She was wearing a white flowery panty and had a wet patch right in the centre. She had white smooth thighs with long legs. I was confused where to start – but soon started kissing her hips and thighs. I moved down kissing her legs. I came up and removed the last piece of clothe on her body. That was the first sight of a live pussy in my life! It was hairy and wet. I put my fingers inside to feel the wetness. It was soapy to touch. Sheetal held my fingers and put it deep inside and started moving it slowly up and down. She started groaning now. I pulled my fingers out and kissed her lips once again. I told her that I wanted to kiss her pussy fully.”Do whatever you want. I am all yours” – she replied back. I slowly parted her thighs and started kissing her pussy. The first taste of her pussy juice was not that exciting – but I continued licking it nevertheless. I saw her swollen cunt and started sucking it real hard. Sheetal was in real heat and was arching back splitting her thighs more for me. I knew it was time to get in her hot pussy. She gave me some of the condoms that her husband had kept. She put one of them on my fully erect penis. She complemented on my dick and said it’s a perfect one. Sheetal lied down once again parting her thighs. I mounted on top of her. Both of our naked bodies entwined each other. She slowly took my organ and directed to her opening. I hugged her tightly and pushed it deep in. She had wrapped her legs around my back by this time. I went in and out again and again. I could not hold on for long and shot my cum. We lied in that position for 5 more minutes. Then I got up and cleaned myself. When I got back, Sheetal was dressed in her pyjamas minus her undies. I was soon aroused again. But was unsure of the future course. Sheetal again sensed my intention and invited me to lie down next to her. I put my hands inside her tops and slowly started rubbing her boobs telling how much crazy I was about her and how many times I would have masturbated thinking of her hot body. She laughed at this and said she had really liked me the first time itself and she had intentionally banged her ass against me during the dance party. She turned and laid face down exposing her lovely back. I started massaging her lovely ass and slowly removed her pyjamas exposing her big ass cheeks. I massaged them for ever and parted her ass cheeks and planted a kiss on her lovely hole. She sat down and took my penis and shook it up and down and kissed the tip of my shaft. She then sat on my lap and covered my face with her boobs hugging me hard. She lied on top of me kissing my lips and I massaged her lovely ass and curvy back. She was really hot again and this time we did a doggy. I could see her boobs swinging wildly from behind. We climaxed together. This time we went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. She told that I am a wonderful lover and this was a special day for her. We had to say good bye soon, as she had to go to the play school to pick her son. Well that was one of the happiest days of my life. The day I really became a man. Contrary to my expectations, she called me that night and told me to forget what had happened. Even I felt the same as I did not want to get into their family life. She got transferred to a different project after 1 month and I flew abroad soon after. That’s all folks!

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