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Double-Wide Park

NOTE: This is a fantasy intended for the entertainment of adults.

"I was home from college...and I saw her at one of the local bars," said Moe. "She was at least thirty -- maybe even forty. She had on real tight jeans and what looked from the back like one of those low-cut peasant blouses that were popular a while ago. Picking out a Chuck Berry song on the jukebox."

Sam chuckled. "You're leaving out the details!" he moaned as he looked to his friend in the passenger seat. "What did she look like? Was she good-looking, or old and wrinkly?"

Moe snorted. "I'm gettin' to that! Well, if you remember those kinds of blouses, you remember that you can practically see through them from every angle. I walked up behind her for a closer look. I could see a thick, thick bra strap with I don't know how many hooks."

Sam tapped his fingers on the rim of the steering wheel and shifted in his seat. "Yeah? How many hooks did it have?"

"I told you, I don't know. Looked like a lot."

Sam grinned. "Tell me more," he said, watching the road to make sure they didn't miss their turn-off.

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
"She was leaning over the jukebox, to maybe pick out another song. She grabbed her beer and had a sip. She was still bent over. I guess I must have got REAL close, because I wanted to see if that bra was as big and strong as I thought it was." Moe looked dreamily out the passenger seat's window. "And I guess I got closer to that big ass in those tight blue jeans than I thought I did. Next thing, she said 'It's an F cup.' I looked around to see if she was talking to me. 'Yeah, you,' she said, 'I feel you back there!' Well, then she reached back and grabbed for herself!"

"So what happened then?"

"Well, to make a long story short..." began Moe.

"Too late for that," snickered Sam.

"Hey! Leave the wise-ass comments to me, amateur!" said Moe. "We went to a motel. It was about a block away, and it had that kind of corny Swiss ski lodge look. I actually signed in as 'Mr and Mrs John Smith'. We screwed like seven or eight times in a row. Wouldn't you love to be that age again?"

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
Sam snickered. "But the tits! You gotta tell me about those F-cups!"

"Can you believe it?" laughed Moe. "I was so stupid I didn't touch 'em. I thought girls didn't like that. That it must be some thing guys only did 'cause they liked it. Finally, she shoved one in my mouth and waggled it back and forth!"

Getting a mental picture of what his friend was describing nearly send Sam's car off the road. "So you're telling me this story to tell me about your first time?" asked Sam.

"Shit, no," laughed Moe. "I'm telling it to you to say don't look down your nose at trailer-park trash. One of my best fucks was trailer-park trash. And she had some of the biggest titties, too!"

"I gotcha," said Sam. "I should have known when I first suggested we take a back-packing trip through West Virginia that you'd say fuck it."

"Right," said Moe. "Who needs to get that tired? Let's drive!"

"And when I talked about bringing a couple of tents for camping..." continued Sam.

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
Moe snorted out a laugh. "Yup, I said do you really want to make friends with grizzly bears? Let's stay in motels."

"And when I packed bottled spring water..." said Sam.

" I said don't drink water! Fish fuck in it," said Moe. "Bring beer."

"So if we're not taking in the beauty of nature, why take the trip?" smiled Sam, anticipating the answer.

Moe looked at Sam. "Dumb ass," he teased. "To get laid! To find some women with faces too made up, shirts too tight, and tits way too big, and fuck 'em!"

"Sounds good to me," said Sam. "Geez, I hope there's a motel somewhere. This is pretty much the middle of nowhere. A motel with two rooms, and a lounge where each of us can pick up his own trailer trash!"

"Faces ... shirts ... tits! Yeah!" agreed Moe.

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
"Why don't we stop at this gas station? They got one of those convenience stores attached," said Sam, turning the wheel. "We're gettin' low on gas ... and we could pick up some Fritos or something."

The station would have liked to have been a 7-11 store, but they can't really afford to pay franchise fees in West Virginia. So it was called "24/7". With a red and green sign, so city dwellers like Sam and Moe might mistake it for a 7-11.

"I'll pump," offered Moe. "That way you're stuck with paying for it!" he laughed. "You go in and grab something to eat."

Sam wandered in. Behind the counter sat a twentysomething guy that looked like every stereotype you've ever imagined about the backwoods. He wore a torn red plaid shirt and overalls that actually hooked over just one of his shoulders. Sam smiled. He thought those only existed on HEE HAW reruns. This guy looked like his picture would appear in the dictionary next to the word "hillbilly". He looked up from the skin mag he was paging through and acknowledged Sam's entrance into the store.

"Hey," said the hayseed clerk.

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
"Hey," answered Sam, trying his best to slip into the vernacular. Sam grabbed a bag of Fritos, a package of Ding Dongs, and two litres of Mountain Dew. Moe came in to pay for the gas. The two friends met at the cash register.

The hick in charge took an eternity to ring up their purchases.

Moe rolled his eyes at Sam and turned to the clerk. "New-fangled equipment givin' you trouble?" said Moe, using an exaggerated cornpone accent.

The clerk grinned, unaware that Moe was making fun of him. "No, it ain't that," drawled the young man. "I just din't wanna put my magazine down to wait on y'all." He gestured toward the girlie mag, blushing.

Moe leaned in and addressed the hick in a confidential tone. "I was ... uh, fixin' to ask y'all about that," he said. "You get any good lookin' fillies with big knockers comin' in here?" Sam blushed, but he had to admit -- he was wondering the same thing.

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
The clerk's eyes widened. "You ... you mean you guys know?"

Sam looked confused. "Kn-know what?" He and Moe exchanged a look. What could this hayseed be talking about?

"You know about ... the legend?" said the store man as he packed their things into a paper bag. "About Double Wide Park?"

"We don't know diddly 'bout no Double Wide Park," said Moe, continuing to make fun of the local dialect.

The clerk smiled and blushed again. "I wouldn'ta believed it if I ain't seen it with my own eyes," he said, handing them their bag. "It was ... twenty years ago today, come to think of it! I was sittin' right here behind the counter, next to my daddy. I couldn'ta been more than six or seven. That bell that rings whenever somebody comes in the store? It rang. In walks two of the prettiest, curviest, big tittiest gals I ever seen before or since! I may not have had much equipment then, but what I had got damn hard!"

"R-really?" asked Sam, wanting to hear more.

06-04-2009, 09:03 AM
"No shee-it," said the counter man. "One had light brown hair an' freckles, and the other had the yellowest blonde hair in the world. Dressed in these tight, raggedy cutoffs, tight t-shirts that were thin as hell! Damn, I can still see those nipples pokin' out! And not barefoot, like most of the gals 'round here. These two had high, high heels that laced up their legs. Jesus, did them shoes make their tits and ass look fuckin' goooooood!"

"What'd they do?" asked Sam, surreptiously adjusting his pants.

"Bought all kindsa fatty foods, leaned over the counter to pay, so me and my daddy could look down their shirts ... and giggled when they saw how hot they were makin' us," answered the clerk. "Just afore they left, both of 'em came 'round to me and rubbed the front of my pants! 'Can't wait 'til this one grows up!' they told my daddy. Then they looked right at me and said, 'See ya tomorrow'."

"So?" demanded Moe. "Did they come back tomorrow?"

"I ain't seen 'em since," said the clerk, sadly. "That brings me 'round to the legend. Folks say that..."

Just then the bell over the door to the store rang. The store clerk stopped in mid-sentence. Moe and Sam watched as his eyes widened.

The two travelers turned toward the door.

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
Their eyes were filled with the vision of four of the biggest ... pointy-nipplest ... wobbling and bobblingest ... most incredibly enormousest TITS they had ever seen in their lives. Their eyes nearly rolled back into their heads at the sight. These four tits knocked and bounced and waved all over the store as their owners strode toward the counter. It seemed like hours before Moe or Sam took their eyes off that quartet of breasts for a second to get a glimpse at the women they were attached to.

One had light brown hair and a sexy sprinkling of freckles. Her jutting ass was shown off by her tight and threadbare denim cutoffs, and her long smooth legs were displayed by high-heel sandals that laced up her ankles ... disco-dancing shoes, Sam thought to himself. Those incredible breasts were wrapped in an oversize men's white dress shirt, presumably tied under her boobs, although Sam had to take that on faith, since the tits practically covered her midriff to her waist. There was no way to conceal a bra in there, so these breasts ran wild and free. By the time Sam looked her in the eye, she was smiling knowingly at him. She pretended to innocently reach up and stretch ... but there was nothing innocent about it. This woman knew perfectly well that the move would pop her nipples into plain view. Sam actually heard himself moan. This pleased the woman.

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
Moe couldn't take his eyes off the blonde. She had hair so yellow it could only have come from a bottle, and it was teased and feathered in a bygone style. Where had he seen that kind of hair before? On CHARLIE'S ANGELS, on one of the cable TV nostalgia channels. What was that blonde's name? Mia Farrow Fawcett? But no TV actress ever possessed breasts this massive. The woman wore a man's white t-shirt so worn and thin that it was flecked with yummy spots of nubbly flesh. The nipples were dark, hard, and perfectly visible. And it was tucked into the waist of a pair of candy-apple-red short shorts. The kind that were called hot pants twenty years ago. Like her friend, the blonde wore spangly open-toed high heel shoes ... and she also wore a confident knowledge of her own sexuality. She knew that every man who looked at her dreamed of sucking down her prominent nipples, plastering her blonde hair with showers of cum, and bouncing her jutting ass repeatedly up and down on his cock. And she liked that just fine.

The blonde walked up to the store clerk and eyed the growing bulge in his overalls. Her eyes widened. "I toldja, Ginny," she said to the brunette in a voice dripping with Southern hospitality. "I toldja he'd grow up nice!"

"Howdy, girls," croaked the hick clerk. "Been a long time!"

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
The brunette smiled. "Seems like only YESTERDAY," she cooed, throwing a knowing glance at her companion. "Daisy, git the food. I wanna take a closer look at our big friend here..." she said, her voice turning into a cross between a growl and a purr and she eyed the front of the thunderstruck clerk's pants.

"May I be of some assistance?" offered Moe, shifting to a courtly, respectful tone and giving the blonde his arm, in hopes that he could at least be in close proximity to her colossal bosom.

"Why, thank you," said Daisy, the blonde. "You ain't from around here, are ya?" she drawled as she pressed her willing flesh into Moe's body.

"How could you tell?" said Moe. "Because I got all my teeth?" They walked toward the snacks.

Sam watched the brunette and the store clerk exchange small talk. The woman managed to lean forward to give her admirer the best possible view of her swaying, unbound breasts. The embarrassed young man blushed and sweated profusely ... but he knew not to conceal his growing bulge from his well-endowed customer. In fact, he displayed it even more prominently. In return, the big-boobed brunette wobbled and waved her titties at him all the more.

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
Sam turned his head and walked over to where his friend Moe was socializing with the blonde. They were face to face, discussing the relative merits of Doritos vs Tostitos ... but the busty blonde had molded her soft and malleable breasts to Moe's chest and seemed to be using them to give him a massage as they spoke.

Sam didn't know how to react. Talk about being odd man out! Finally, he shot his friend a look and said loudly and deliberately, "I think we'd better be going!"

"Oh!" answered Moe. "I'm coming! Well, not yet, I'm not! I mean ... yeah, let's go..."

"Where ya headed?" asked blonde Daisy, still giving Moe a mammary rubdown.

"I dunno," said Moe, Daisy's titty massage rendering him unable to continue his wisecracks.

"Hey! Why doncha come visit us?" said brunette Ginny from the front of the store. Sam turned to see her bouncing toward him, cleavage heaving. The hayseed store clerk seemed to moan with disappointment.

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
"Well ... sounds good!" said Sam. "Where do you two live?"

Ginny grinned at the way the good-looking young man stared her right in the tits when he said "you two". "Place called Double Wide Park," she said, offering her arm. "C'mon."

Sam put his arm around big Ginny's comparatively tiny waist. She leaned into him to ooze her breasts onto his body. She giggled at his embarrassment ... and obvious arousal.

Moe had figured out a way to to reach completely around Daisy's body and cup one of her immense breasts from underneath as they walked. "Are you girls ... models or actresses?" asked Moe. He hefted Daisy's heavy boob. "Or just weight-lifters?"

"Nope," squealed Daisy. "Them girls is too skinny for us! We got meat on our bones!"

"And damn, I'm hungry," growled Moe, grabbing Daisy's protruding nipple.

"Besides, we're busy bein' friendly to handsome strangers passin' through," said Ginny, running her hands through Sam's hair. "We meet somebody new ever' day!"

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
"And today, we're the lucky ones, huh?" said Sam, his fingers uncontrollably reaching into her yawning cleavage.

"Mm-hm," said Daisy, reaching toward Moe's crotch. She wondered if she could heft something big heavy and round between his legs. "Hey, here we are."

"C'mon in!" said Ginny, playfully pulling Sam's face into her cleavage and then pushing him away, giggling. She scampered into a trailer. Daisy and Moe just kept walking, hands all over one another.

Sam followed Ginny into the trailer. "So this is where you live, eh?" He looked around. It was a cramped space, filled with junk food wrappers and beer cans. He noticed a box of Chipos artificial potato chips and a can of Sugarbush diet soda -- with cyclamates. Sam was sure they stopped making both of those products years ago.

"Uh-huh!" said Ginny, practically hyper-ventilating. "What's yer name, big boy?" she cooed, unbuckling his belt.

"Um, Sam," he said. He'd never seen a girl this enthusiastic about fucking before. Well, about fucking him, anyway.

"Here, take off my shorts," she squealed. "And untie my shirt. It's tied under my tits. If you can find the knot," she giggled.

06-04-2009, 09:04 AM
"Goddamn, you're ready, aren'tcha?" whooped Sam.

"Been ready for twenty years," muttered Ginny, smoothing out the considerable surface area of her boobs. "An' I need it every day!"

Sam puzzled over the illogical nature of those last two statements. But not long. He dove for her prominent nipples and drank them down.

"Ooooh!" said Ginny. "That's it, city-boy. Suck, suck, suck..."

Moe and Daisy walked through the door, each with the other's shirt in hand. They'd managed to begin undressing themselves without missing a step, and with their lips locked together. Moe was beginning a major mammary massage on the blonde's big boobies.

"Hey, Daisy," said Ginny, cordially. "Grab a piece of floor so's your man can grab a piece of ass. What's his name?"

Moe pulled his face away from Daisy's lips. "It's Moe. And I don't want no piece of ass! Not yet, anyway. Hell, I want me a piece of TIT!" Daisy hollered "Yeeehah!" and grabbed the back of Moe's head. He clamped it onto her rolling and undulating boob, letting the long hard nipple snake its way down his throat.

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
Sam and Moe both were sucking with great enthusiasm on some of the biggest, roundest tits either of them had ever seen. The girls, although enthusiastic, seemed pretty used to this kind of scene. They talked with one another very casually as the boys filled their mouths.

"So, Daisy," said Ginny, pulling on the back of Sam's head, "how'dja like the kid at the store?"

"Nice," cooed Daisy, pulling on the nipple that Moe wasn't slurping. "Maybe we should have asked him over, too!"

"Oh, he'll be there next time we go shopping," said Ginny, trying to position Sam so she could jerk his cock as he sucked her tit.

"Yeah, but he'll be way too old!" giggled Daisy. "Hey, let's do a kind of switch."

"I don't know," teased Ginny. "My guy is pretty good at this. You know something about tingling a big tit, don't you, city-boy?"

Sam spoke out of the side of his mouth so he didn't have to surrender her cigar-sized nipple. "I like to think so," he said.

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
"Well, here, Sam," said Ginny, helpfully moving his ass over toward her blonde friend. "Let's have you sink your cock into my friend Daisy while you keep sucking on me! And Daisy? Pass Moe's trouser snake over here. I want it in my cunt!"

The quartet rearranged itself. The fucking began in earnest but carefully. Neither girl wanted her tit-tips bit off.

"Oh, my gawd," called Daisy.

"Keep bangin' and suckin', fellas!" cheered on Ginny.

They did as they were told. Both men moaned to indicate they were ready to spew. The experienced girls recognized the signal.

"Keep suckin', but move your dick so's you come on Ginny's tits, Sam baby," she instructed Sam.

"You, too!" said Ginny. "Like my sister said."

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
Both men struggled to do so. Sam was a little surprised when some of Moe's semen splashed on his lips as he bathed Ginny's boobs ... but he wouldn't stop sucking. He loved sucking tit, and he'd never seen a girl who enjoyed it like Ginny did.

Moe actually pulled his face from Daisy's chest when Sam started spewing. "Hey, no fair!" teased the blonde. "Just for that, you gotta suck some it off!"

Moe decided what the hell? If it would turn on this blonde boob goddess, it was OK by him!

"Mmmmmmmm," said Ginny, rubbing Sam's head and her own tit. "Gawd! I never knew a man to love titties so much!"

"Isn't it great!" squealed Daisy as Moe licked her clean like a mother cat.

"You know who would appreciate Sam?" said Ginny to her sister. "Bonnie Jean!"

"Ooh! Yeah," agreed the blonde. "And I think he's earned Bonnie Jean! Don't you?"

"Definitely," said Ginny, fingering her own pussy. "Sam! You appreciate big big tits -- right?"

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
"Well, yeah," said Sam, watching and salivating at the scene.

"I got somewhere for you to go," said Ginny, getting short of breath. "It's the trailer 'cross the street."

"You want me to leave?" said Sam, crestfallen. He started creeping toward Ginny, hovering his mouth over the tit he hadn't yet touched.

"No, lover," said Ginny, turning that tit toward Moe to fill his mouth with two engorged nipples -- one from each sister. "You've earned the next level! Knock on the door and ask is Bonnie Jean home. Tell her paw that Ginny said you should come."

Sam crawled toward his pants, wondering why he was getting the brush-off. "Her paw?" he said.

"Yeah! He'll getcha all set up for her," said Ginny. "Don't worry nothin' about him. He just likes to take care of his little girl."

"Little?" said Daisy, laughing.

"Go on, tit man," teased Ginny. "You won't be sorry. Just put on yer pants so you don't get arrested. You'll need to undress real fast once you meet Bonnie Jean."

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
"Okay," said Sam, heading for the door. His buddy Moe was sucking both girls' tits. He waved, unable to speak. Sam opened the door and started out.

"Hey, Moe, I betcha our Maw's gonna be home soon!" giggled Daisy.

"Yeah, an' if you think Daisy and ME got big tits...!" laughed Ginny.

Sam ambled out of the trailer, across the dirt road, dressed only in his jeans. There were a few other trailers a few yards away, but just one "across the street", as Ginny had described it. Well -- it was hardly a street. More like a dirt road. Sam walked up to the door. There was a handwritten note taped to the door that read "Bonnie Jean and her paw".

Sam smiled. Simple people. He knocked on the door.

"C'mon in, it's open!" called a male voice.

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
Sam walked in and saw a scruffy-looking, unshaven, overalls clad-man, about fifty, sitting on a kitchen chair with a rifle resting over his lap. He squinted at Sam and raised the rifle.

"Wait!" said Sam. "Uh ... Ginny across the street said I should come over. To ... to ... meet your daughter, I think, sir. Uh ... Bonnie Jean?"

The man lowered his weapon and smiled a big, tooth-challenged grin. "Well! If'n Ginny says so! I'm Bonnie Jean's paw!" He extended his hand. Sam shook it, relieved that the gun was forgotten for the time being.

"And your name is...?" he asked the older man.

"It don't matter," laughed the father. "Bein' Bonnie Jean's paw is the only thing anyone ever has need to talk to me for! I guess you know sump'n about tit-lovin'!"

Sam was surprised at the introduction of the subject. He blushed. "Well ... Ginny thought so!" he laughed, weakly.

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
"She oughta know," said Paw, pulling a flask from his overalls and pouring himself a drink. He drank deep without offering any to his guest. Paw exhaled in satisfaction, his thirst quenched. "I bet you thought Ginny an' her sister had them some big tits ... didn'tcha, boy?" He began to giggle.

"Well, sir," started Sam, "yes. Yes, I did."

Paw just looked Sam in the eye, not saying anything. "Gawddam," he laughed and got up to call out to his daughter. "Bonnie Jean! You got company! Ginny sent one over!" He turned back to Sam. "C'mon in, boy, you ain't gonna get nothin' sittin' at no kitchen table!"

Sam jumped up. "You want me to come in there? In her ... bedroom?"

"Well, yeah," said the old man. "Ain't that where it's done? Besides, she can't come out here." Suddenly, the old man stopped. "Wait a second. You ain't from around her, are ya?"

"No, sir," said Sam.

"Then you don't know the legend," sighed Paw, settling back into his chair. Sam followed suit, glancing toward the bedroom.

06-04-2009, 09:05 AM
"Us here in Double Wide Park ... we ain't like other folks," said the old man, letting his rifle drop to the floor.

"Well, no!" said Sam. "Anybody could see that! Girls built like..."

"I know, I know," snorted Bonnie Jean's father. "But that ain't all. Long, long time ago, Double Wide Park here had a curse put on it by a witch. A swamp witch!"

"Wow," said Sam, shaking his head in disbelief. "What kind of a curse?"

"A mysterious spell. I think this witch had it in fer us," said the old man. "Prob'ly 'cause our girls, with all they got goin' upstairs, stole all the men! Flat-chested sisters like the swamp witch were stuck playin' with themselves. And they didn't like it."

"So ... what did this witch do to 'em?" asked Sam.

"She did it to ALL of us, boy!" roared Paw. "Whatja say yer name was? Sam, ain't it?"

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
Sam nodded.

"We ain't hardly allowed to mix with reg'lar folks no more. The witch messed with time as we know it. What's one night to you all ... is twenty years to us here in Double Wide Park!"

Sam looked puzzled. "Twenty years?"

"Yep!" said Paw. "When we go to sleep tonight, we'll wake up the next day ... and it'll be twenty years from now to you all. Between that time, the whole trailer park just ... disappears."

"Weird," said Sam, his eyes wide. "Hey! Is that why the kid at the corner store said the last time he saw Ginny and Daisy was..."

"...when he was seven or eight, yup," nodded the old man. "Pretty spooky, eh? Sure you want to fuck a big-titted ghost?" he snorted.

"Well, she's not really a ghost," said Sam. "She's alive, and human, right?"

"Oh, yeah," said Paw. "But she and all of us will vanish for twenty years when the sun goes down. Can you take it?"

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
Sam grinned. "For big tits, sir," he said timidly. "I can take anything."

The old man jumped up. "That's what I like to hear! I want my girl's big 'uns taken care of! Come on in here!"

Sam stepped into the bedroom, unfastening his pants.

"Bonnie Jean?" said her father softly. "This here's Sam. Ginny 'cross the street decided he was worthy of you."

Sam looked at the lithe, smooth and curvy naked form of a blonde girl on the bed, facing away from him. Her smooth ass jutted out invitingly and he felt his crotch jerk.

The girl crawled up on her knees on the bed, seeming to keep her upper body in one place. She moved around with effort, crawling her gorgeous ass and shapely legs to the other side of the bed to face Sam. Something held her upper body in place. She gestured to her father to help her.

"Sure, baby," grinned Paw, setting his rifle down. He walked to the other side of the bed and bent down to lift a great weight.

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
Sam blinked. Paw was gathering up her titties and hauling them to the other side of the bed! When he lowered them into place, Sam saw that the young girl was lying clear on the other side of the room ... but her enormous heavy and undulating boobs were reaching clear across the width of the double bed. And the hard nipples were stretching out to reach him. He tore his eyes away from the expanse of her boobs and gazed into her smiling and innocent face. She had rosy cheeks, a California-girl tan, and a dazzling smile. Her yellow-blonde hair was pulled into twin ponytails on either side of her head. She grinned at the way Sam's cock was bucking and rearing in the air, and she waved her hand as a hello.

"Wow," said Sam, almost whispering.

"We don't hardly take her out of the trailer," said the old man, "'cause I cain't find no clothes that'll cover those things up!"

"So she just stays on her bed?" asked Sam.

"Pretty much," said Paw.

"But ... I would think that someone who was in bed all the time ... would be ... hugely fat!" said Sam.

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
Bonnie Jean's father snickered. "Show 'im, girl," he said. The girl turned over onto her back so that her enormous tits were splayed to each side, arranging herself in the middle of the bed, so neither tit spilled off to the floor. Then she raised her enticing ass into the air, and began an enthusiastic coital bucking up and down. She giggled.

The old man whispered to Sam. "She gits PLENTY of exercise."

Sam felt heat rising in his face and crotch.

"She don't talk much," explained Paw.

"Can't she?" said Sam.

"Face it, son," muttered the old man. "When you got tits like that ... you don't have to!"

"Yeah, they do all the talking, don't they?" said Sam, feverishly taking a step toward the bed.

"Son," chuckled the old man.

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
"Yeah?" asked Sam.

"Slow down," he counseled the young man. "Jerk your cock that fast and you'll run out of spew in no time!"

Sam didn't realize he was jerking his cock at all. Bonnie Jean had far and away the biggest tits he'd ever seen in his life, and his body was reacting without even involving his mind.

Sam blushed and dropped his dick. He walked around the bed tentatively. Bonnie Jean's smiling face followed him.

"Where do I start?" he muttered, mostly to himself.

"I'll give you a hint," snorted Bonnie Jean's paw. Bonnie Jean flipped back onto her back, her titties wobbling and waving what seemed like several feet into the air. The old man pushed Sam's face toward one of his daughter's huge nipples. It grew to fill his mouth. Bonnie Jean began cooing and breathing heavily. Sam sucked harder.

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
Paw picked up his rifle and settled into a chair. "Now you kids just pretend like I'm not even here!" he chuckled.

Sam and Bonnie Jean didn't even hear him. Bonnie Jean whimpered. Sam's sucking was driving her wild, but the ends of her tits were so far away from the rest of her body that the girl was frantically reaching for him to caress his head. Sam was just too far away. After several minutes, he noticed the despair of the object of his affection. He stood up and surveyed her prone body. Good god. Those tits were almost two whole other separate people.

Bonnie Jean grinned. She motioned for him to walk up on the bed and straddle her shoulders, facing her feet, as she reclined. Sam obeyed. When he stood over her head, his hard cock casting a shadow, she reached up. Grabbing his bucking member, she shoved it in her mouth. This sudden movement made Sam squat. Bonnie Jean sucked him deep into her throat as his balls bounced on her lips. With some effort, Bonnie Jean reached Sam's back and pushed his head toward one of her nipples.

Sam exhaled. He was squatting over this balloon-breasted babe, having his cock sucked, while he lifted her boob and bent her nipple toward his mouth! He thought he would go out of his mind with lust. This enthusiasm translated into unbridled oral passion on Bonnie Jean's amazing nipples. He sucked one, and then let the heavy breast fall to the bed with a thud. Then he grabbed the other, bending it toward his mouth.

Her paw chuckled to himself and drifted into a nap.

06-04-2009, 09:06 AM
Bonnie Jean used her lips and tongue to dance all over Sam's cock and balls. Then she moved her head around and gave some sloppy wet kisses to his ass. Sam tried to cry out with glee, but his mouth was full of hard, nubbly nipple. Bonnie Jean licked and sucked each of his spunk-filled balls until she could feel his first orgasm coming. She tried to push his body away and direct him to come all over her big tits, but Sam refused to release the ironclad grip his mouth had on her nipple, so he ended up showering her face, neck, and chin with pearly jism.

Sighing heavily, he stood up on the bed. He turned around and looked down at that beautiful face, showered with his seed. The sight just made him harder. He climbed aboard her well-upholstered body and sank his cock into her blonde snatch. Bonnie Jean smiled and pulled Sam's head in between her towering tits. Sam could peer above the tit-flesh and see her smiling face. But most of his face was clamped tightly in her cleavage. He enjoyed the was she encompassed him. He banged her cunt, at once fast, hard, and loving. She reared her surprisingly powerful body up to match every pelvic thrust he could manage. Sam exploded inside her, crying to the heavens in orgasmic pleasure. Bonnie Jean's face showed she was just as overcome with sexual pleasure, but the only sounds that came forth were exhalations of breath. Her orgasm was wordless.

Paw rustled and opened one eye. "Ya come twice, son?" he asked.

"Yes," Sam croaked out as he lay on Bonnie Jean's most comfortable pillows.

06-04-2009, 09:07 AM
"Then ya better move along," said the old man, getting up.

"Why?" asked Sam, snuggling up to Bonnie's boob. "Can't I stay the night?"

"No! Ain'tcha been listening?" growled the old man, standing at the bedroom door. "Tomorrow it'll be twenty years from now."

"Well, that's okay," sighed Sam, caressing the pliant underside of Bonnie's left tit. "I'd just ... wait a minute. That could be a problem, couldn't it?"

"You bet, dumb ass! It means yer family'll report you missing or dead, yer boss'll fire you for not showing up," crabbed the old man. "Ya just can't! Don'tcha get it? It don't work! Double Wide Park is gonna be gone!"

Sam's eyes widened. That part of the old man's little story hadn't really registered on him. "How could I stay?" he asked.

"Only if yer willing for all that to happen," said Paw. "Nothing's more powerful than the human sex drive. If you've got a hard-on for my daughter so great that you'll give up everything for her -- well, that'd be different. But..."

06-04-2009, 09:07 AM
Sam looked at the gorgeous, pneumatic, mute blonde stunner. She was something ... but he didn't think he could give up everything in his life for her.

"I guess I see what you mean," said Sam, rising from the bed and reaching for his pants. Bonnie Jean whimpered when she felt the warmth of his face leave the surface of her boob.

"Sorry, Bonnie Jean," Sam apologized. He put on his pants, and turned toward the door. "I'll always remember you."

Bonnie Jean smiled. She didn't open her eyes and seemed about ready to drift off to dreamland. "Bye-bye, Sam," she said suddenly, in a girlish soprano. "I'll see you soon."

Her old man's eyes widened. "You musta made quite an impression on her, son," he said to Sam. "I can't remember the last time she decided she had somethin' to say!"

06-04-2009, 09:08 AM
Sam was flattered, but kind of spooked, so he clamored out of the trailer without another word. He hobbled barefoot across the dirt road ... made lame by the fact that his cock was still rock-hard, with the indelible image of naked, colossal-breasted Bonnie Jean imprinted on his consciousness.

He banged on the aluminum door of the trailer belonging to Ginny and Daisy. "Moe! Moe! Get your pants on and get the hell out of there!" he shouted.

Sam's friend scrambled outside. "What the hell is the matter with you? Are you out of your mind?" he asked, pulling his clothes on.

"We gotta get out of here, and fast!" snapped Sam.

"Listen, pal," said Moe, shaking his head. "I'm plowing three inviting cunts, and sucking and licking six of the most magnificent tits I've ever seen!"

"Six?" asked Sam.

06-04-2009, 09:08 AM
Yeah," sighed Moe. "Their MAW came home! Jesus, God, I was never into older women ... but this babe musta had those two girls when she was eight! She is good-looking and big-titted!"

"Come on, we gotta get back to that store," said Sam, grabbing Moe's arm. "We can't stay. We'll disappear forever."

Moe followed his friend. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"It doesn't make any sense, I know," muttered Sam. "But neither do these girls' tits. God, if you think Maw was big, you should see the sacks on Bonnie Jean! This trailer park -- Double Wide Park, they call it -- disappears every single night. It and only shows up in our world here every twenty years."

"Huh?" said Moe.

"Yeah ... they had a curse put on 'em by some kinda swamp witch. The old man told me about it," said Sam, walking even faster. "They go to sleep, and when they wake up, it's twenty years later in our world. Remember when the kid at the store said he'd seen them when he was seven, and they said they'd be back TOMORROW?"

06-04-2009, 09:09 AM
"Yeah," nodded Moe.

"Well, they were," explained Sam. "Except it was today. If we stayed overnight, we'd wake up twenty years later. They'd report us as missing persons and shit..."

"Is that why they had an 8-track tape player in their trailer?" asked Moe.

"Something like that," said Sam.

"Wow ... a real curse by a real witch!" marveled Moe. "I've never heard of witches in our world putting people or trailer parks under a curse!"

"What do you mean, witches in our world?" asked Sam as they walked back to the convenience store. "We don't have witches in our world."

"Of course we do," insisted Moe.

"How do you mean?" asked Sam.

06-04-2009, 09:09 AM
Moe nudged his friend. "We just pronounce it differently."

Sam laughed, and thought of a few of his ex-girlfriends. Maybe Moe had a point. "Hey, here's that store. I can see the car over there. Let's get in and get to a motel."

"You got it," said Moe. "God, that's spooky!"

The hick in overalls raced out of the convenience store and shouted to Sam and Moe. "Hey! Are they still there?" he called.

"Yeah!" hollered Sam.

"Gawddamn, maybe I can get me some tit before sundown!" And he ran off in the direction of Double Wide Park.

06-04-2009, 09:09 AM
Sam and Moe drove about a quarter-mile to the nearest motel. They would have liked to have a Holiday Inn, but they can't hardly afford franchise fees in West Virginia. So they called it Vacation Village. With a green sign, so that city travelers like Sam and Moe might mistake it for a Holiday Inn.

They were so drained by their afternoon ... and so stunned by how it turned out, they didn't even have the energy to go to the lounge to pick up any girls. Each of them just sat in their hotel room, staring at wall.

Sam kept thinking of Bonnie Jean. Those tits. The way her ass went up and down as she fucked. And those tits. The way she giggled as her mouth watered, staring at his cock. And those tits. The way she said goodbye. And those tits...

His dreams were interrupted by a loud banging on his door. Sam blinked and sat up. He walked to the door, standing behind it so the intruder wouldn't see his nakedness ... and his excitement.

There stood Bonnie Jean, her tremendous boobs nearly dragging on the floor. She was barefoot, and had a king-size bed sheet draped over her. Sam could tell she was naked beneath it. She giggled. "Hi, Sam," she said and walked toward him. Her boobs pushed him back into the room, squashing against his chest as she opened her mouth to kiss him, slurping his tongue down her throat.

06-04-2009, 09:09 AM
Behind Bonnie Jean was her father, bleary-eyed, still carrying his rifle. He took a step into the room, yawning.

Sam struggled to break from Bonnie Jean's passionate kiss in order to speak. "Bonnie Jean! Paw! How can you be here? You're not scheduled to show up in our world for another twenty years!"

"Ah know," said the old man, scratching his behind as he ambled into the hotel room. "We'd just settled down to sleep ... then Bonnie Jean cried out. It was more like a moan, really..."

Bonnie Jean moaned as the two of them continued to explore one another's throats.

"This don't never happen," continued Paw, rubbing his eyes. "We always sleep through the night. But tonight..."

06-04-2009, 09:10 AM
Bonnie Jean pushed Sam's face away and backed him onto the bed. She tore the bed sheet away and revealed her otherworldly breasts in all their hanging, bouncing, and cock-stiffening glory. Sam grabbed his rock-hard cock in both hands and started tickling Bonnie Jean's ruddy nipples with the head.

Paw chuckled. "Good Gawd, son," he said. "That's what I'm talkin' about. That's gotta be why Bonnie Jean hauled my lazy ass out of bed and walked me all the way down the road."

"Why?" asked Sam as Bonnie Jean cooed and giggled as she prepared her tits for a come shower.

"Well," snickered the old man. "You really must have one hell of a hard-on for my Bonnie Jean, Sam..."

He stood up and patted her on her blonde head. Then he turned to leave the hotel room. Bonnie Jean and Sam continued their cock-to-tit contact. Just before the old man left, he turned around to address Sam.

"That hard-on you got for my Bonnie Jean is so powerful..." said Paw. "You woke us up!"

06-04-2009, 09:10 AM
Cheers to all from Collesfracture...