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05-26-2009, 10:11 AM
Aunty Blackmailed

Hi friends m writing to you folks about an unexpected experience with a lady who lived at the end of our street. Her name was Jaya, age maybe around 34yrs. She was married to businessman. Her husband was a smart and strict man and aged around forties. Jaya aunty was good-looking, fair with 36-28-38 shape. She wore mostly saris and sometimes salwar kameez. Although she had a 38-size arse, she used to walk firm. I never saw her much since she was staying at the end of the street.
I remember that day, it was Saturday. I was thinking about Sunday, since I would be alone in the house as my parents were leaving to my relatives and they were insisting me to come along with them. I said no and wanted to enjoy my Sunday. In the evening, they left. It was around 6pm, I was getting bored. I watched some porn movies, but I was not satisfied. I wanted some live action. Suddenly, I decided to go to the beach. I was about to start my bike, and then I decided to take my car. I reached at the beach and I drove the car slowly along the interior road of the beach. I reached in between anna salai and Gandhi beach; there I saw lots of couples hugging and smooching each other. I stopped the car and I decided not come out of the car. There were not many activities since it was still bright.

05-26-2009, 10:11 AM
As it drew darker, I looked around to see something exciting, and then I noticed middle-aged lady and a young man aged around 32 or 35 yrs. I couldn’t see their faces since they were around 15 to 20 meters away from me. They cannot see me sitting in the car, as the glasses were tinted. There was sufficient light for me to see what they were doing. The lady was sitting with her legs stretched and she was wearing sari, what color I couldn’t make out, it was some dark color and similar blouse. The guy also was sitting with his hand around her neck. I looked around to see if anyone else was looking at them. The place was empty and dark since the tube lights were not burning.
After sometime, the guy his head on her thighs and she bent down to kiss him. My cock was hard and I started to rub it along with the pant. Then he sat again and pulled her face and started kissing her lips. His one hand was pressing her breast. She was fondling with his pant zip. I wanted somebody to take my cock; I removed my cock from my pant and started shaking it. She removed her zip and put her hand inside his pant. The man was busy kissing her, she stopped him and told him something in his ears and he kept his head on her lap. She covered her back with sari so nobody sees the man. She reached her back and removed the hook of her bra and started to remove some buttons of the blouse. I was surprised with the guy; because he was silent and did whatever she was instructing him. She then offered her boobs to him and he was sucking her nipples like a dog. She was shifting her head from one side to the other with excitement.
Then she lied on his lap and pulled his cock out and started sucking his dick. I started shaking my dick vigorously. Her mouth was going up and down on his cock. I wished she were sucking my cock. Suddenly she got up and sat, as she noticed someone approaching them. There were two guys and they sat near them to see their activities. I was about to cum; I was frustrated with the stop. Then they decided to move from there and they were walking towards my direction. Just a few miles, I wanted to see the couples face. I saw her face and the guy’s face. They crossed my car and sat on the bike and went away. I was unable to recollect were I had seen that lady’s face. I was dead sure that she looked familiar.

05-26-2009, 10:11 AM
On the way home, I was trying to recollect and then I doubted it must be Jaya aunty, because if it was Jaya aunty, who was the guy. To clarify my doubt, I drove fast and stopped my car near a shop close to her house. I went to the shop and bought a cigarette and waited for her to come. I finished one and started the second cigarette, I noticed a lady walking alone. As she past the shop, I doubt was clear and it was Jaya aunty with the same sari and blouse and she hurried herself to house. I went home and started thinking about Jaya aunty. First I thought, of how she was cheating her husband, but I wanted to have her.
I decided to blackmail her; I removed the directory to trace her telephone number. I got the number and I dialed. The phone was ringing and nobody was taking the phone. Probably she having a bath or gone to the toilet. I was restless and after 10 minutes, I dialed again. This time, she answered. I was not tensed at all. I told her my name and I had seen her with a man in the beach. She was shocked in the beginning and then she started to talk with me in a nice way. I told her that I am staying in the same street and told her number of my house. I didn’t threaten her that I will tell her husband and so on.
She was a clever lady, she said that her husband was out for two days on a business trip and asked me, in what way can I keep the matter a secret? She asked me, whether I could make it to her house tonight at 11pm. I asked her why couldn’t she come to my house. She said if anyone sees, the matter would be worst. I thought for a while and then agreed to come a little late around 11.30pm. She said no problem.

05-26-2009, 10:11 AM
I had a dip and finished my dinner and left for her house. I rang the doorbell and Jaya aunty opened the door in a flash and dragged me inside before anyone could see me. Jaya aunty was fresh and wearing light pink transparent. I could see her black bra and red panty. I knew that she had dressed for the occasion. She was still holding my hand and took me straight to her bedroom and made me sit on the edge of the bed. I was surprised by her moves and was waiting for real action. She said she will be back and returned with a glass of milk, honey and a pack of condoms.
She sat near me and asked me, what did you see? She was looking at me with a sexy smile. I told her that I seen her giving the man a blowjob and also the man sucking her tits. As I was telling her these things, she put her hand on my thighs and reached the crotch area and pressed my balls. Her grip was firm on my cock as she neared me offered me a kiss. I gently took her lips and chewed them. She was hot as hell and was kissing me passionately. Meanwhile, she pulled my zipper and dropped my pant down. I was in my undies now. Jaya pressed my balls along with the underwear and this was giving me a different sort pain as well as pleasure. I started kissing her earlobes, neck while she dragged her hand inside my underwear and started to play with my pubic. I have a hairy cock, and she too seems to love it. As she played, she told me to remove the buttons of the nighty, which were in the front of the nighty. I removed all the buttons and her nighty was fully opened in the front and her bra and panty was cleanly seen.

05-26-2009, 10:11 AM
She took her hand off and got up and stood a meter away from me and started to throw away the nighty. She was standing with only black bra and red panty. She was looking great like a Malayalam actresses seducing their husbands or boy friend in the movie. She was allowing me to have a satisfying look at her beautiful body. And then, she walked forward and pushed me on the bed. She was still with the bra and red panty and she crawled on me with her panty-covered cunt on top of cock. She kissed me, nearly tore my shirt off and started sucking my nipples hard. She rubbed her hand over my hairy chest, as she was pressing her cunt over my panty-covered cock. With one hand she pushed my underwear down up to the knees.
Now she stopped her kissing and sucking, and made me come on top of her. I removed my underwear totally and started kissing her toes, sandalwood thighs and the smell of her cunt was great with lovely jasmine powder applied near the cunt. I inhaled the smell for her cunt for sometime while I looked at her, she was bitting her lips and closing her eyes. I pulled her red cotton panty down, she had a bush of hair around her cunt and I rubbed my cock over her cunt without entering her cunt and reached for her boobs. I now reached behind her back and removed the hook of her black bra. Her boobs were set free and her nipples were round and stiff. As I was looking at the boobs she pulled me towards and told me in ears, come on barath love me, I never knew I had a lover so close to me. My husband is useless and he is not a man, she told me. Such things do get me excited and I started biting her nipples hard and she loved it.

05-26-2009, 10:12 AM
Then she got up from the bed and brought the honey bottle and poured on my cock. My entire cock was soaked with honey and she told me to pour some on her cunt saying so she spread her legs wide, I opened the lips of her pussy and poured the honey. She told me lick her cunt while she would suck my cock. I liked her idea and we both were engrossed in licking and sucking. She was moaning heavily and she pulled the foreskin of my cock and licked the honey, licked my balls, also bitting them occasionally. I licked all the honey from her pussy lips and she couldn’t neither I could withstand and we decided to fuck now. She rolled the condom over my cock and She spread her legs as I inserted my rod inside her pussy. I pushed it hard in and out of her cunt. She was shouting with excitement and saying yessssssssssss ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh come-on barath. You are my lover forever, come on darling, she said. She put her legs around my back.
After some strokes, we both reached climax and I fell on her body. She got up, pulled the condom out and started to lick my cock. Her tongue was like fire and she kept licking my balls while pressing my bat. Her touch was electrifying that my cock was beginning to get hard again just after few minutes of fucking her cunt. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her arse, she told me that she likes to suck a cock and put my entire rod inside her hot mouth and kept pressing my balls which was making my cock harder and harder. I closed my eyes and I could not believe my luck. She sucked me really hard up and down and I exploded my semen inside her mouth. She was really hungry for sex and she gulped every drop of my semen. She came towards me and started kissing me.

05-26-2009, 10:12 AM
Then she gave me the milk to drink, I drank some and gave her also to drink. She told me, she was not satisfied by her husband who was running only after money and the man I saw, was her office boy from the office who was dying to have sex with her. She promised me that she will only get fucked by me and her body was only for me. We both hugged each other and went to sleep. I kept pressing and rolling her nipples as I went to sleep and around 4am she woke me up saying before any one sees you go. My cock was hard again and I wanted to fuck her arse. Come on barath go now she said. You want to fuck my arse she asked with a smile. You are my hot lover she said and put a condom on my penis and showed her arse towards me. I pushed my cock gently inside arsehole. She screamed with pain as my entire rod went inside. I was holding her waist and pushing my rod in and out of her cunt. Her arse was really tight and I came inside her arse after few strokes. Are you satisfied now she said? Thank you my darling she said and gave a kiss. She herself dressed me and gave me a sent off.

05-26-2009, 10:12 AM
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