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03-06-2009, 06:49 PM
This is a true incident - memories of which are still very vivid in my mind… I am a 24 year old girl, convent educated. I have a fair complexion & consider myself attractive & have a good well maintained slim figure of 37-28-34 of which I am pretty proud. Around a year ago, I had to travel to karachi from Lahore on an emergency and as train tickets were not available at short notice, I had to take the overnight State roadways bus.
My seat was at the second last row of the luxury 2×2 seater deluxe bus & I got a window seat. Just before the bus departure, the seat next to me was occupied by a handsome man of about 40 years. To tell you the truth I m especially fond of older men. The journey commenced & after about an hour at 9. 00 p.m. the lights were switched off the bus became very dark inside. I was wearing a saree ‘coz I had attended a marriage that evening & had brought my shawl & wrapped it around me & dozed off. After, maybe a couple of hours, I felt something on my leg & realized it was my co-passenger’s hand — surprised I thought he too had slept & by mistake his hand slipped onto the next seat & onto my thigh & I decided to ignore it. However, after 5 minutes or so he slowly started to move his hand lightly on my thigh & I then realized it was a conscious & deliberate move.
Thinking I was fast asleep, he was taking advantage of the situation & trying to caress my legs —– I was taken aback & shocked by this & was in a dilemma of what to do — this was totally unexpected… I then decided to ignore it as far as possible, thinking he would get bored after a while and stop & I continued to act as if was fast asleep.
The bus was totally dark & seeing no protest or reaction from me, he then slowly & very deliberately, with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze my thighs. After a few minutes, he moved somewhat & removed his hand - I then felt his hand slowly trying to lift up my shawl from the side of my waist - all this with the full confidence that I was fast asleep. I was stunned by his boldness, but was still nervous & did not protest. I felt his hand slowly & nervously move under my shawl & touch my arm — and after a few moments to gently caress it (I was wearing a sleeveless blouse).

03-06-2009, 06:49 PM
He then moved his hand further inside and much to my amazement, rested it lightly over my blouse on my breast… in spite of myself being shocked, I just could not stop / protest his actions and was very nervous but in a way strangely enough quite curious to see to what extent he would try to go. Seeing me fast asleep, he shifted closer to me and began to gently caress my breast… & seeing no protest from me then removed his hand to slowly slide it under my saree paloo & rest his hand firmly on my blouse over my breast. He now was slowly & firmly caressing my breast & then gently started to squeeze it… after awhile, he moved his hand further to my other breast and continued to gently caress & squeeze it also.
This continued for a few more minutes - — I still acted asleep & unaware of his moves - though fully aware & shocked by his boldness. Much to my amazement (I suppose encouraged by my deep slumber - he was getting more bolder ), he then moved his hand a bit, to now slowly try & open my blouse hooks in the front — one by one he slowly opened each hook to totally open my blouse and spread it open & then slowly slid his finger through my bra onto my breast - this was the first skin contact & his hand felt very warm on my bosom… He touched my breast thru the bra — & cupped my breast & slowly tried to slide his hand under my bra. I could not help being turned on further by this — a total stranger was touching me intimately & I was, in spite of my initial reaction, was still
Not opposing it & in a way beginning to now enjoy it. The bus was in darkness & all the other passengers were fast asleep ; it was just him & me now. & - suddenly I felt I would not mind if he tried to continue further. As if reading my thoughts, he then inched his hand under my bra to try & reach & graze my
which was already becoming erect in anticipation of his advances. He moved a
little closer to me and now very slowly but confidently now was cupping my
breast to assess it size, firmness etc & now moving his hand under my bra
my shawl, under my paloo, under my blouse & under my bra too)

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