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This is a true story based on an incident happened during the election campaign for general elections of 2004 for the 14th lok sabha. I am hiding the political party’s name and also the constituency and also using fictitious names for the characters involved in the said incident. One girl student aged 22 years named Priya pursuing her M.A degree in Political Science from Banaras Hindu University is writing her thesis on growing influence of criminal elements in Indian Political system and to complete her work she choose to study the election campaign of a MP Named Munna Khan (not his real name) fighting election from a seat which he is winning for the last three terms and going in for the same seat for the 4th consecutive time. Priya has a special interest in him because he was a famous criminal 20 years back he had committed a lot of heinous crimes and later on turned as a politician he is still a bachelor and says that he had committed his whole life to serve the poor people but actually he is a famous womanizer the last thing is what Priya does not know about Munna. during her research she found out that the general people of his constituency are very happy with him and nobody speaks against him. Before continuing my story I want to give brief description of the main characters of my story Priya and Munna Khan. Priya is the only daughter of a senior IAS officer and she is a very cute girl regularly participating and winning beauty contests in her collage she is also a bold girl and Munna khan is a very big man of about 6.5 ft hight having dark color and very impressive in speech. When the dates for the election are declared and Munna was given the ticket by his party for the 4th consecutive time Priya somehow used her father’s influence to got her meeting fixed with Munna. She reached Munna office at around 4.00 pm in evening she had to wait for about 15 min outside his office then the peon told her to go inside, when she entered the office no one was there so she got herself sitted on a chair meant for the visitors, after 4-5 min a huge person with grand personality comes out the attached toilet and introduced himself as Munna and said,
Munna- I am sorry madam you have to wait for such a long time, you know these are election days and there is very less time left for the election and I was busy in finalizing my strategies.
And offer his hand for a handshake.
Priya- Oh its all right I know you are a busy man.
Munna- by the way, beti why did you came here.
Priya- Sir, I am doing some research work on Indian political system and I want to be with you during this election campaign, Sir I will be so grateful if you allow me to come along with you on your campaign.
Munna- Oh why not it will be my pleasure to be with such a pretty girl during my hectic schedule.
Priya- Thank you sir, but when will you start your tour.
Munna – It will be from tomorrow morning, and listen as you know my constituency is very big the tour will be for at least 15 days and you should come prepared with all your bag and baggage.
Priya- O.k sir I will be here tomorrow morning. Now I have to leave, because a lot of packing is to be done, thank you again sir.
When Priya was leaving the room Munna was looking her swaying ass from behind and was thinking that it will be marvelous to be on tour with such a fine and beautiful lady, and he had started to plan that how to seduce her because he was in no mood to rape her as he know that she is the daughter of an IAS officer and it could be fatal for his political career. Thinking this he got an instant hard-on, he immediately got into the bathroom to jerk himself off.
On the other side after leaving the room Priya was very impressed with the personality of Munna specially his eyes and his voice both of them have depth and were capable of attracting any body in the first meeting she thought that’s why he is so popular among masses in spite of his criminal background.
Next day Priya got up early and left her home with her bag and baggage which she got packed last night and reached Munna’s office. There was a lot of activity going out side Munna’s office because Munna had planned a gala ceremony to kick start his election campaign and a lot of media peoples we also invited to cover the event. The peon of the office recognized her and told her to sit in the front row of chairs as a big gathering was there and Munna is going to address the gathered people and the party workers. Priya was very exited, and that suddenly people start shouting Munna bhai jindabad, jitega bhai jitega Munna bhai jitega etc. Munna got a grand welcome and reached the podium where he was garlanded by a lot of bigshots and businessmen and other people. Then Munna starts his speech with his deep voice and reminded people about the development work done during his last tenure and the about the fulfillment of the promises which he made during the last campaign. At the end of the speech he mentioned the name of various people whom he had made election incharge of various areas of his constituency suddenly he called Priya’s name and said Miss Priya will be my personal secretary for the campaign, suddenly all the people looked at Priya and cheered and all the media camera’s were on Priya and she was overwhelmed by all this attention.
When the convoy of the vehicle started Munna called Priya and told that beti you will be with me in my specially modified vehicle and he led Priya into a big bus with an opening in the roof meant for his speeches that he was going to give on the tour, there was a lot of space in the bus and It was an air-conditioned vehicle with seating arrangement and two different bedroom type rooms with separate satellite television and a common toilet between the rooms, Munna told Priya to shift her luggage in one of the room which is on the rear side of the bus and said that since his constituency is very backward and there are no resthouses or hotels to stay during the tour that’s why this arrangement is done and said you are my special guest on this tour. Priya thanked him for all the treatment he is giving to her and asked him that why he announced her name as his personal secretary he said that it will only help her in her research work because while working his personal secretary she has to handle a lot of election work which will help her to study the election system. Priya again thanked Munna and started shifting her luggage into her room.
The day was very long and Munna had delivered a lot of speeches at various places and Priya was noticing that Munna was very popular among the masses and wherever he was stopping a big gathering of people was there, during there conversation Munna use call Priya beti and never made any advance of tried to touch her but Munna was a perfect womanizer and he was waiting for the night for which he had planned a lot at about 10.pm in the night a nice arrangement for the dinner was made in the bus itself and after dinner the attendant of the bus came in and said to Munna that sir the masseur has came for your massage retire yourself in your bedroom as you must got very much tired and tomorrow will be more hectic, Munna said Ok send the masseur in the attendant left and Priya was shocked to see a young girl not more than her own age was coming in for the massage job but she noticed that there was no shock on Munna’s face as if he was knowing that who is coming for the massage. Priya’s heart start beating fast as she watched Munna leading the masseur lady into his bedroom. With the pounding heart Priya also retired into her bedroom changed in a nighty and got onto her bed. She was trying to listen in the silence of night that what the young masseur was doing with Munna. After a few minutes she heard light moaning sounds from Munna’s bedroom she noticed that these are the noises of Munna. He was moaning lightly after some times Munna’s moanings stops and then there were some hustle bustle sound and that she heard some female moaning sounds and after some time she felt that the bus is jerking, now she was sure that what is happening in the other room as she is no more a child and she knows about the birds and bees she knows what a man does to women as she had a lot of married friends she knows that after getting initial massage now Munna is massaging (fucking) the young masseur drawing picture of what is happening just a few meters away from her Priya startes feeling strange sensations in her body she felt that her nipples become hard under her nighty and something wet is leaking from her pussy she felt aroused in this situation. When Priya touched her own nipples she got another sensation then she reached her pussy and when she touched she got a new sensation which she never experienced, but she was still innocent enough that she does not know what to do next (she does’nt know how to masturbate). She just keeping listening to the sounds coming from the other room she also noticed the moaning sound from the masseur girl become very loud and almost 20 min had passed but the bus is still jerking but after another 5 min she heard a loud grunt sound from Munna’s throat like a bull, Priya does not know what has happened to Munna and she also noticed the bus has stopped jerking then there was silence, Priya was also tired so when there was silence she got asleep. In the middle of the night she again felt that the bus is again jerking and there was a loud female moaning sound coming she looked into her watch it was 4 am in the morning she was shocked that what this man is doing he is fucking the young little girl as if there is no tomorrow she thought that he must be fucking her for the 5th of 6th time during this night. Again she heard a loud grunt from Munna’s mouth and after some 10 min she heard the bedroom door opening that must be the poor masseur going to her home after thorough fucking she got from the bull (Munna) now Priya’s eyes got opened and she understands that he bachelor by choice and he is enjoying himself more that a married person. Priya got up at 6 am and got into the inbuilt common toilet situated between both the bedrooms she noticed that the door on Munna’s side is not bolted from Munna’s bedroom’s side she goes near the door without making any noise and heard Munna’s is snoring loudly after gathering some courage she slightly pushed the door and watched at the night bulb is glowing in the room but shocked to see that Munna’s is lying in the bed naked with his back towards Priya. She noticed that he was a bulky structure with round big buttocks and a lot of hairs all over the body she become curious to see that what his penis will be looking like as she had not seen penis of a grown up man in her life. Her legs were trembling and her hands and forehead were perspiring although the a/c is very effective and the atmosphere is chilled. She again felt sensation in her nipples and her pussy again become wet. Priya immediately closed the door and bolted it from inside and starts freshening herself. Then she came out and wore a fresh dress and came out in the open as activities started outside. Munna comes out of his room at around 10.00 am and was looking very fresh and behaving that as nothing had happened last night it must be a routine for him but the past night was a new experience for Priya as she was shying to face Munna who is behaving normally as nothing had happened and asked beti how was the last night did you enjoyed your sleep as you were also tired yesterday. Priya said hiding her shyness and suppressing her emotions it was O.K sir I am feeling good. This day was also like yesterday, a lot of traveling,speeches,gathering etc. but Priya was waiting for the night and was thinking the whole day that what will be in store for her tonight. Than again after dinner the attendant came into the room looking at me with a cunning grin today, and said sir the masseur has came, when he left Priya was thinking that the same masseur who was there yesterday will come but she was shocked to see that there was another girl and today she was barely 18 yrs of age. Priya was watching her going with Munna into his bedroom and Priya was thinking that if Munna would be a married man than his children would be older then the girl he taking into his room to get massage (fuck). Again the same routine of yesterday was followed there were light moaning sounds of Munna then some hustle bustle but today she heard that suddenly the girl starts crying and saying “bas sahib chhod do mujhe, meri phat jayegi” but Munna said “kuchh nahin hoga tujhe peheli bar aisa he hota hai” then Priya heard a loud cry from the girl and something smothered the cries and girl was making gon-gon sound and the bus starts jerking. After a little while the girl stops crying instead light moans were coming from the room and after 30 min the same grunt sound of Munna and then silence, but today the girl left the bus immediately after the first round. Priya was very aroused in this situation her nipples are hard and her pussy was leaking and she was feeling a very strange sensation in her tender body. After a little while when there was no sound coming from the other room Priya got up from her bed and went inside the bathroom without putting on the bathroom light she noticed that today also the door on Munna’s side is unlocked and bright light is coming from the small gap which means Munna had forgotten to put the main light. She goes near the door and heard the loud snoring sound after gathering some courage Priya peeps inside Munna’s room and noticed that today he was sleeping flat on his back Priya’s heart starts beating very fast on looking this but from the small gap only the upper part of Munna’s torso was visible. With pounding heart Priya gathered some more courage and pushed the door further and got shock of her life time as there was a monster of a cock you can call it a lauda more than 6 inches of black meat even in a limp state and two big cricked ball size testis priya was also surprised to see a dark red color on the monster, the red color was also on the white bedsheet Priya immediately closed the door with trembling hands and bolted the door from her side and got onto her bed. But the view is still fresh in front of her eyes as she had seen the lund for the very first time and that also a very big one but she was also thinking about the red color on the bedsheet.

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