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03-06-2009, 06:48 PM
I awoke slowly, the hazy light from the window finally rousing
me from my hard-earned slumber. I’d had to work late the night
before, and had come home feeling like a train had run over me.
Emma had greeted me at the door with a kiss and a glass of red
wine, and rubbed my shoulders while I vented about the evils of

Emma is an absolutely stunning woman. Since she’s a full-time
writer, she basically gets to hang around the house all day,
which gives her a great deal of opportunity to stay in shape.
She’s rather petite, about 5’3”, with nice soft curves and a
wicked smile. Her hair is a thick mane of auburn framing a
round, girlish face. Impossibly soft skin wraps her body,
including perky B-cup breasts and the best ass I have ever seen:
two nearly perfectly round globes, always bouncing beneath her
dress and teasing me. I always looked forward to coming home to
her, and the long conversations we’d have by the fireside, but it
was waking up to her that was always my favorite part of the day.

Today was no exception, and when my eyes opened I was greeted by
the sight of Emma’s beautiful face gazing lovingly at me, her
mouth slightly upturned in a smile. Wordlessly I reached up my
hand to stroke her cheek, and her eyes closed as she melted into
my caress. She wriggled in closer to me, her breasts nuzzling
against my side, her right leg draped over mine. We kissed,
softly and playfully, our lips teasing each other. I tensed
briefly as I felt her hand travel down my stomach towards my
crotch, and she grinned impishly as she squeezed my cock. With
artful precision she began to kiss my neck and nibble on my
earlobes, her teeth tugging now and then on the rings, sending
little shivers of electricity through my body. She was teasing
me, knowing full well what I wanted.

Suddenly she stopped, and I turned my gaze from the ceiling back
down to her. Her face was formed into a little girlish pout, her
attempt to mock my frustration. She opened her mouth a little
ways, and indicated with her eyes that I should do the same. As
soon as I did she popped her finger inside, and I could tell
instantly from the earthy taste that it had been in her ass. She
bit her lower lip and watched as I savored the taste of her
insides, licking and sucking her finger in earnest.

After a few minutes she pulled it out, quickly sucked it dry,
and sat up. Within seconds she had pivoted around to face my
feet, her legs straddling my head. I watched transfixed as she
lowered her beautiful ass closer and closer to my face, and my
hands massaged her thighs and buttocks gently as I waited for her
to be in range of my waiting mouth. As she sat herself fully
onto me, I gave her a good long lick, running my tongue from her
clit over her dripping pussy and deep into her crack. We both
shivered, her from the sensations of my tongue on her nether
regions, and me from the feeling of being immersed in her beauty,
awash in the smells and tastes of her flesh.

Pulling apart her cheeks with my hands, I exposed the object of
my affection, the soft wrinkled brown hole nestled deep inside.
With light quick motions I feathered my tongue around her
asshole, sampling the texture of her skin and the salty musk of
her rear before finally pushing my tongue deep inside her. She
gasped audibly and then exhaled slowly, the sounds of pleasure
escaping her lips as her ass opened up around my invading probe.
Her pelvis began to grind against me as she tried to get more of
my tongue up inside her, and I did my best to cooperate, pushing
as hard as I could and savoring the rich bitterness inside.
Unable to push myself in much further, I wrapped my lips around
her outer ring and began to suck, wriggling my tongue as I did so
causing Emma to moan aloud, her head cocked back in ecstasy.

I felt vibrations from the front of her body, and the sounds she
was making told me that she had started rubbing her clit, trying
desperately to bring herself off. I continued my work, licking
and sucking her asshole with reckless abandon, and soon she was
cumming hard, crying out and shuddering violently. Emma’s always
been a very orgasmic girl, and I’m used to her having very
powerful orgasms, especially when I play with her ass, but this
one must have been especially big, because when she came she
began to shit.

I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t realize it till it had
already happened, and suddenly my mouth was filling with her
waste. I’d eaten her ass enough to know the taste, so that
didn’t shock me at all, and whether it was because I was swept up
in the sexual energy or for some other reason I found myself
getting incredibly turned on. She was coming down from her
orgasm now, and as she did she suddenly became aware of what was
going on with her backdoor, and immediately flushed with concern
and embarrassment.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I just did that,” she
exclaimed as she began to scramble to get off me. All I could
think of, however, was not wanting to be parted from her, and
before she could move more than an inch or two I grabbed her hips
with both hands and pulled her back down, locking my mouth onto
her ass.

“No, you don’t understand, I can’t stop it. There’s a lot
more….oh god,” I heard her strain to try and regain her muscle
control, but it was too late, and her asshole opened wide as a
huge mass of shit descended out into my mouth. I was quickly
running out of room, and soon found myself chewing as fast as I
could in order to swallow and make room for more.

It was one of the most intensely erotic experiences of my life.
There was no element of domination or humiliation or anything
else that you normally read about in stories where people do
this. I felt connected to her in a way I’d never imagined. I
was awash in my love for her, and wanted to worship every inch of
her body, as well as everything that came out of it.

Emma had begun to whimper, feeling ashamed and humiliated. She
had stopped trying to move, so I released my grip and began to
slowly stroke her thighs and along the sides of her stomach,
attempting to comfort her. She became quiet, and I heard her
breathe in sharply. This was immediately followed by a final
release of shit, which resulted in an immediate moan of pleasure
from me as my mouth filled to the brim. My fingernails
momentarily dug into her thighs, and I felt my cock jump as a
wave of electricity washed over my body.

It was at this point that Emma realized that not only had I not
been bothered by her little accident, but that I was actually
enjoying eating her shit. She listened to how heavily I was
breathing, to my guttural sounds of pleasure, and saw how my
erection throbbed and slowly began to drip with precum. She
later told me that she was overwhelmed by the significance of
what was happening. She said she felt more beautiful and loved
than she ever had before. The fact that I loved her so much that
I’d let her shit in my mouth without a second thought nearly
moved her to tears. Anytime she gets emotional, she gets
snuggly, so she immediately laid herself down and melted into me,
planting little kisses here and there as she went.

So we lay there in a 69 for what seemed like forever, our arms
wrapped around each other, Emma leisurely sucking on my balls as
I took my time finishing what she had given me. Afterward, I
took great care to clean her off, licking the full expanse of her
crack over and over again. At length she pulled away from me and
spun herself around so that she sat straddling me, and gazed into
my eyes for several minutes. For a while it appeared as though
she was going to say something, but instead she leaned forward,
holding my face in her hands, and kissed me long and hard. I
reached around as I kissed her back, my hands running through her
silky hair as our tongues rolled back and forth playfully.
Finally she pulled back, and after briefly nuzzling her nose
against mine she sat up, running her tongue slowly over her lips
with a quizzical expression on her face. I smiled as I realized
that she must have caught a fair amount of “aftertaste” from the
snack she gave me. Emma smiled back, blushing.

“So you really liked that?” she inquired as she ran her hands
long my chest.

“Yes, very much. I’d never really thought much about that
before, but once it started it just felt…right somehow.” She
kissed me again. “And I couldn’t believe how hot it was getting
me. I thought my cock was going to explode.”

She grinned evilly. “Oh, you poor thing. You should have said
something. You’ve been sitting there all this time ready to pop,
haven’t you?” She put on a mock-serious expression. “ I think I
know just what you need.”

Scooting herself backward, she lowered herself down to my cock
and promptly engulfed it. I waited to feel the usual expert
ministrations of her tongue, but all I felt were long, slow
movements as she moved her head back and forth. Then I realized
that she wasn’t trying to suck my cock, she was just getting it
wet. A few seconds later she sat up and scooted herself in front
of my cock, wiping her mouth lewdly as she did so. Reaching back
with her right hand, she gripped my prick and set it against the
entrance to her already slick backdoor. Ever so slowly she
inched backwards, easing the head just past her anal ring before
she stopped. Leaning forward, she gave me a long, soft kiss,
letting her lips linger on mine before she stopped and looked
into my eyes.

“I love you,” she whispered softly, and then drove her ass back
hard, driving my full length up into her rectum. My back arched
up as I gasped, my balls throbbing as Emma buried me up to the
hilt in her beautiful round ass. She waited for me to recover
from the initial burst of pleasure, and then began to slide
gracefully up and down my cock, her anal muscles massaging my
shaft the whole way.

We fucked slowly at first, simply enjoying the sensations of
being joined together, but as time went on her pace quickened
until she was driving herself down hard, and I was thrusting
myself up to meet her. Sweat glistened on her back, and her tits
bounced delightfully as she rose up and down on my cock. I ran
my hands down her sides, and clutched her ass as she fucked me,
my stiff prick penetrating deep into her with each stroke, her
anal ring squeezing me as I bottomed out inside her.

I could tell when she was close to cumming. She arched her back
and sat up straighter, her right hand reaching down to rub her
clit furiously. Her breathing was very labored, panting rapidly
as she neared her orgasm. Finally with a sharp cry she came, and
she suddenly thrust her full weight back on me, driving me up
into her ass as far as I could go. That sent me over the edge,
and I began to pump my load deep into her bowels, my cock
deliciously wrapped in the confines of her beautiful ass. Her
anal muscles tensed rhythmically as she came, extracting more of
my seed as if she was milking my cock.

Finally we both came down from our orgasms, and Emma looked down
at me, her face flushed and glowing. We kissed passionately for
a few minutes before I begrudgingly let her dismount and I
followed her to the shower, where we took great delight in giving
each other a very thorough cleaning.