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There are many ways to enhance lovemaking. Foreplay includes oral sex, masturbating etc. All of these techniques can keep a relationship exciting and sexy.

Erotic Massage Many couples touch and rub each other's sex organs with their hands, bodies, or mouths.
Body-to-body Rubbing/Frottage Many couples rub their bodies together especially their sex organs for pleasure and orgasm.
Fantasy Couples can read or watch sexy stories or pictures together. It can also be exciting to share sexy fantasies. People do it in person, on the phone or Internet, or through e-mail.
Sex Toys Vibrators, dildos, and other toys can be used to explore and caress the body. Condoms need to be used if partners share the same toy. Follow the cleaning instructions that come with toys.
Oral Sex Play Many people like to use their mouths on each other's sex organs. On a woman it is called cunnilingus. On a man, it's called fellatio. It cannot cause pregnancy. But it can pass infection. Latex or plastic barriers reduce the risks.
Anal Sex Play Many people enjoy exploring each other's buttocks, anus, or rectum with their hands, mouths, sex organs, or with toys. Anal sex play cannot cause pregnancy but it can easily pass infection. Latex or plastic barriers reduce the risks.
Oral Sex Cunnilingus Most women find cunnilingus extremely exciting and the best way of orgasming. It is also extremely arousing for her partner.
How to Do
The man stimulates the woman's partner's vulva and clitoris with his lips and tongue
Fellatio Fellatio is extremely exciting and satisfying for the man, while giving the woman erotic pleasures she senses his responses. How To Do
The woman licks, sucks, kisses and caresses the man's penis to orgasm
Masturbation - How to Achieve Maximum SatisfactionMany people enjoy masturbating, touching their own sex organs for pleasure. Partners can masturbate alone or together. Mutual masturbation can be a thrilling experience. However, a lot of women feel inadequate when masturbating a man. Some complaints issued at a woman's masturbation style is that they do not apply enough pressure, weak grip and sometimes their fingernails scratch. Some tips that may help you improve your technique are:
Get familiar with the different shapes and sizes of penises. Penises are quite unique, every one is different. Some are curved like a boomerang, some are straight like an arrow. Wrap your fist around the the shaft taking notice of how it feels. Squeeze gently but firmly applying pressure. Explore every square inch of his genital surface area. A man loves having his penis touched. Try playing with, tickling, fondling and massaging the penis. Let him know that you are enjoying what you are doing and are not afraid, ashamed or disgusted. Quite the opposite in fact as you worship and revere the man's penis.
Let your fingers trace from the testicles to the top of the penis head. Explore all over then slide back down the other half to the testicles using swift, smooth movements.
Try increasing the tempo by teasing and touching the more sensitive areas of the penis, include: the glans and corona and the tender part of the bottom side of the penis.
Slide your hand down to his testicles and gently take them in your fingers, softly tugging them downwards. away from his shaft. Do not squeeze the man's testicles, but gently roll them up the underside of his shaft.
Then let go of his testicles and bring your fingers together and very gently begin to stroke the man's erection with your fingers running them all over his sensitive shaft and balls, until the penis usually starts to drip pre-seminal fluid, a natural lubricant for moistening the canal of the urethra so that the spermatozoa can swim more easily out of it and for lubricating the head of the penis. The musky smell can act as an aromatic aphrodisiac. Do not worry if there is no pre-seminal liquid. It is not necessary that this happen.
When there is no seminal fluid a good quality lubricant or moisturizing lotion will do just as well. Rub it in to the shaft gently, adding a little to the testicles. Warm the moisturizer by rubbing it between one's hands before putting it on the penis. A cinnamon-based ointment can be tried if the man does have a firm erection (the slight burning sensation often causes the penis to become very hard). also helps.
In order for masturbation to be exciting it helps to vary your hand motions. Some techniques to use can be:
Use both hands alternating back and forth in a pattern and rhythm to offer him the most stimulation.
Use both hands down on his shaft or one on the shaft and the other on the testicles. Use a good lubricant.
Bring one hand down stroking the penis from the top all the way to the bottom. When it hits the bottom, release it. At the same time start with your other hand to do the same again. Alternate with each hand.
Take the penis in both hands fingers lightly touching the sides of the shaft as if holding a clarinet. Flick the penis back and forth between your two hands by holding on to the loose skin of the shaft. Flicking it back and forth builds up its own momentum causing excitement.
Place both of your hands side by side against the shaft of the penis like a pair of bookends and push hard against his penis. Lift your hands up and down for some time. The constant tugging of the skin around the testicles and the man's pubis makes the man very stimulated.
With your fingers pointing away from the penis, place your hands down on either side of it. Using a movement like a boy scout starting a fire spin the penis between your hands like a stick of wood.
Tighten the thumb and forefinger around the base of the shaft while pressing down on the testicles. This will cut off the blood (acting as an impromptu penis ring) and help you steady the shaft in your hand. If you use a lubricant on the skin you can enhance the experience by stroking the penis with more friction .
While stroking him, lightly pull on the pubic hair sprouting from his testicles. Do not pull hard, but tease them gently and lovingly.
Tickle his testicles with one hand while the masturbating him with the other.
Use your spare hand the hand to sensually and lovingly pat his inner thighs.
As you are stroking him, place your fist against his perineum. This will cause his legs to open a little wider, giving you more space to press against.
Vaginal Fisting The male is only able to do vaginal fisting if he has a small hand. How To Do
Lay your partner on her back. Use your hand with the palm face up and bring the fingers and thumb together to form a duck bill.
With massaging and twisting motions gradually worked the hand into the vagina
If you can get in past the third knuckles the fingers will start to gently and naturally curve back to form a fist. This procedure can take time and should be carried out gradually and very gently.
People who have taken part in vaginal or anal fisting claim it takes them to ecstatic, transcendent, spiritual states. Water Play Water is the most therapeutic of all elements, it can lift the spirit and give freedom to body and mind. Having a bath together is a great way to relax before making love. When sharing a bath, set the mood:
By lighting candles
By scenting the room with an essential oil, such as Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and rose which are are soothing and stimulating (use an oil burner).
With gentle music turned down low
With a deep bathtub full of warm water piled with your favorite bubbles to wash away the tensions of the day along with dirt and grime.
Weekends at health spas allow couples to enjoy:
mud baths
seaweed treatments
whirlpools and steam therapies
but you can pamper your partner with some of these treats inexpensively at home. Bondage Sadomasochistic (S&M) Activity/Leather Garments and Accessories Sadomasochistic (S&M) Activity seems to primarily rely on fantasies. Leather has an erotic appeal for some people in expressing dominance. Leather clothes and leather implements excite a lot of people. The dominant person (sadist) often usually derives pleasure:
from wearing or using leather
from using leather harnesses or straps in bondage and discipline (B&D)
Relaxation Routine
Use the Japanese practice of taking a hot bath followed by a brisk cold shower to give a tingling feeling of all-over vitality
Make your partner a face pack of avocado mashed with a little olive oil while he/she sits in a bath perfumed with Basil Oil which is good for headaches, anxiety, depression and fatigue)
Use a seaweed body mask followed by a long soak
Lastly take a refreshing shower
Give your partner a brisk towel massage. Wrap your in a thick warm towel, then use another to rub him/her dry from ankles up to buttocks and hands to shoulders. Dry your partner's back by holding a towel behind him and pulling on it from side to side. Pat any remaining damp skin gently dry.
Another way to enjoy water together is to shampoo your partner's hair.
Wet hair thoroughly and gently massage shampoo into the scalp doing circular motions all over the head.
Squeeze the shampoo from the roots of the hair to the tips and then rinse thoroughly
Dry lightly with a warm, fluffy towel.

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