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one of the most erotic stories i found on the net..someone please make a movie out of this..

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It was morning 11: 00 clock. District Superintendent of Police (DSP) was sitting in his chamber at Etawah, U.P. From his face it was evident that he was very tense and continuously thinking over some issue.After a long thought he passed of a message to his P.A on the intercom – Hello, yeah Shekhar just check up whether Lady Inspector Ajanta has come or not. If yes, please tell her to meet me here in my cabin.

Shekhar – Yes Sir.

After 15 minutes, DSP got a message that Inspector Ajanta had arrived. He told Shekhar to send her in. Next moment he could see a tall, very fair and extremely beautiful lady in the police uniform entering in his cabin. She was Inspector AJANTA SAXENA. With her tall structure, ,she walked with confidence and a natural smile was playing on her face. As she her smile widened on seeing the DSP, her right cheek could be seen developing a dimple which added to her beauty.She had a fair complexioned beautiful face, with soft but determined expressions and she displayed confidence while talking too.Ajanta was very young and brave police officer, who had earned a good name in a very short span of three years of service.

Ajanta (adjusting her cap and saluting) – Good morning sir.

DSP – Good Morning Ajanta, a very happy Birthday to you.
Ajanta – Thank you Sir, you remember this?
DSP – Well your colleaugues Ramesh and Sita told me. But I am sorry Ajanta, I have something tough to offer you on your birthday instead of some nice gift.
Ajanta – Sir I am finding you very tense. Please donot worry and tell me what is the matter?
DSP – Well Ajanta I am very happy that within a span of three years, you have shown courage and solved a number of cases and caught and punished a number of criminals. You have earned a name and famein whichever area you have been posted and therefore got an early promotion too.But both unfortunately and fortunately Higher authorities like you very much and _ _ _ __ (he paused)
Ajanta (a bit surprised) - Unfortunately and fortunately _ _ __ _ _?
DSP – Yes Ajanta, I am using this ‘unfortunately’ word because their liking for you has resulted in your posting for one of the dangerous missions.You will be posted in Balrampur area at Indo-Nepal border where nowadays lot many dacoities, smuggling and even crime like rapes are growing.And this is due to one infamous dacoit Gajraj Singh’s gang.I personally never wanted your posting in such an area, but headquarters have urged so seeing your bravery and past record. They are confident that you will succeed in driving that gang and its accomplices away.But Ajanta I tell you that it is very dangerous mission because Gajraj Singh is a very very cruel, inhuman and dangerous man and considered to be a half animal among the localites. In fact he has killed some of our officers including a lady constable who was _ _ _ _
Ajanta – Brutally raped and her body was found half eaten in the jungle.
DSP (a bit aghast at her confidence) – yes Ajanta , see you are very young and beautiful and one of my capable officers.I donot want you too _ _ _
Ajanta – Sir when we join the police force, we pledge for others and not ourselves. I am not at all afraid to go there. Please explain me the details. I accept the challenge.
DSP – I am very happy Ajanta. But take care. Today I have a meeting with the ACP. Please come tomorrow at 11:30 in the morning. I will discuss in detail and tell you everything.
And yes celebrate your birthday today.
Ajanta (Smiled) – Yes Sir. So we meet tomorrow.
Ajanta saluted him once again and left his cabin. After a normal working day she left for her residential quarter and found her aunt and few female friends waiting. All greeted her on birthday including her Aunt. (Ajanta decidednot to tell about her transfer on that day)
Aunt – Ajanta get ready, we shall celebrate your birthday.
Ajanta – Well I am ready.
Seema (one of her fast friends) – Come on Ajanta not in this police uniform. Please change.
Well you do look very beautiful in this too, but wear some other dress.
Ajanta – O.K Give me 15-20 minutes.
Ajanta went inside her bedroom. She kept her cap on the table and put off her shoes. Further she went near the mirror and started unbuttoning her shirt. She took it out from her pant and totally removed her shirt. She loosened her bunched hair (she had to bunch her long, abundant black hair in duty hours while wearing a cap). She smiled at the sight of her big boobs ready to spring out from her white brassiere and the position of her big prominent nipples already clear in her bra. She unbuckled her pants and removed it.Now she was standing with her bra and panty infront of the mirror. She was amused on seeing her sexy, boobicious and voluptious body and laughed slowly. She watched her boobs struggling inside her brassiere which was a full figure bra made from 100% soft cotton satin fabric with broad band elastic. Ajanta was a careful lady for her undergarments too along with her dresses.With a broad smile she took both her hands at the back with a view to unhook her bra, but then she remarked to herself – Oh ! Not here.
She rubbed her navel with one of her fingers and massaged her fleshy waist with both of her hands and took a towel. Ajanta decided to select her dress before having a bath.She approached the almirah and after opening it remained thoughtful for a while. Then she selected her favourite pink,pure chiffon sari embedded with zari weave golden circles on shoulder and pallu with resham border and a golden colour blouse with very small sleeves, the colour of blouse matching with designs on her saree and a pink colour petticoat.Taking her petticoat and blouse along with another pair of bra and panty she walked into the bathroom.
The first job she did was to bolt the room and hung her clothes. Standing in front of the mirror she unhooked her bra. – God – she gasped at the sight of her two big pillows protruding out from her bra like two pigeons and heaving a sigh of relief. She had a pair of large boobs, very fair and shapely , with two naughty prominent, pink nipples pointing in opposite direction. She quickly relieved herself off her panty and entered the shower.Ajanta had a habit of soft singing and massaging her body while bathing. She finished her bath and came out of bathroom drying her hair dressed in her pink petticoat and golden colour blouse.
She recollected that her friends must be waiting for her. She unfolded her sari and started wearing it. In the meanwhile her fast friend Seema entered in
Ajanta – aree , aree, Seema I am just getting ready.
Seema – Oho Ajanta darling donot worry, its me. Come on thanedaarniji we are waiting for you.
Ajanta (continued wearing her saree) – But let me finish with this.
Seema (cut her short) oho yaar donot feel shy in front of me. But one thing is there. You are real Ajanta ki murti with such a beautiful face and body. I feel jealous.
Ajanta (had just finished wearing her saree and adjusting her pallu) – Come on yaar, donot pull me. She continued getting ready and applying lipstick on her lips.
Seema – Hai Ajanta, you are so ravishing and sexy.How do you save yourself from criminals?
Ajanta (continued dressing and setting her loose hair)– Aei come on. Ask those criminals how they save themselves from me.
Seema – yaar tujhe dekh ker to bus (while we see you, we just__ _ _). If I were a male I would have become a criminal and ___
Ajanta – And __ _ aei you ___ _
Seema – I would have pulled your saree aur tera yeh blouse phaad tedi (I would have ripped your blouse), you sexy_ __ _
Ajanta – Hai Seema tu kuchh jyada hi horny ho rahi hai.(Ya, Seema you are growing too horny)
Seema – Not my fault my dear and she kissed on her rosy cheek.
Ajanta (affectionately) – O.K dear now come, everybody must be waiting for us.Yahan per aur rahi to tu to meri izzat _ _ _ _
Seema – loot lungi.
And both friends shared a good deal of laughter.
Ajanta was ready and she looked extremely ravishing, beautiful and sexy and outsmarted many popular cine heroines and models. She looked like a beauty queen and nobody at that time could guess that she was a tough police inspector.

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While they came out they found Ajanta’s aunt and her other friends waiting.It was Ajanta’s birthday and she was turning twenty four years of age today. Her Aunt blessed her and her friends shouted – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – SURBHI TIWARI – Ajanta laughed heartily at this – She was not at all surprised. Actually she was very frequently addressed by this name by her friends and even few other known persons owing to her striking resemblance to the famous TV Actress Surbhi Tiwari .Ajanta’s face and her smile carried the same innocence as the actress. Her clean, white teeth gleamed as she laughed and her smile was as sweet as fragrance of lowers.And moreover her figure carried them sexiness as statistics as borne by the actress Surbhi Tiwari.
Within cutting of cake and snacks & dinner the small party was celebrated.But Ajanta immediately after the party announced her transfer, forgetting her pre-thought of not telling anybody. After the whole show some of her friends particularly Seema, who almost started crying. Her Aunt also became upset.Ajanta had a tough time in consoling all of them. And told them all that she was just going deputation for few months.But her Aunt was upset and wanted to talk to her later.
After the party was over, Ajanta went into her bedroom. Her Aunt told her that she would like to talk to her.Ajanta nodded.
AS she entered the room, she went near near almirah and started undraping her saree.As she was doing it, her Aunt entered the room. Ajanta shyed for a moment but continued undraping. Her Aunt was serious.
Aunt – What is this Ajanta.? You are going out for few months and that too on avery dangerous mission.
Ajanta (smiled) – Aunty please tell me one thing. I am police officer. How can I expect a peaceful job. I have to encounter criminals and not clerks.
Aunt (sitting on the bed)– Ajanta please come and sit besides me.
Ajanta had thrown her saree on one small cabinet kept besides her almirah and was standing there in just a petticoat and blouse.she said – Aunty, I will just change and come.
Aunty (who was almost wet with tears) – No come to me just now.
Ajanta went towards her and sat in front of her. She put her soft, fair and velvety arms around her neck and said – Aunty what is this. Is it the first time I am going away from home? And it is just aquestion of few months.
Aunty – Ajanta you are young and beautiful. In this world of criminals how can I allow you going like this on a dangerous mission. My heart is sinking.
Ajanta – please donot talk like this. Aunty your tears will make me weak.
Aunty – Ajanta I know you are a very capable, strong and brave police officer. But after all you are one young girl. And this world is full of unscrupulous, ruthless and harsh criminals.I am still worried _ _ _.
Ajanta (Hugging her still tightly) – Donot worry Aunty. I shall pass this acid test too.
Aunty (continue) – you are young , beautiful _ _ _
Ajanta (smiled , pretending to be shy) – Is it so.? So what is to be afraid then?
Aunty (gazing at her from top to the bottom of waist) – Ajanta stop kidding. Actually I can see very well that your are growing and blossoming into a beautiful woman. That makes me feel worried more.
Ajanta (this time she literally blushed) – Why?
Aunty – You encounter hard core criminals who are even murderers & rapists and you ask me why I am worried?. And your way of dealing with criminals – you strip men and hit them. I am afraid that they may not have such revengeful attitude _ _ _ _ (Actually Ajanta was famous for one thing – She used to catch goons and strip them prior fixing them up in or outside the jail. She had been receiving threatening calls from goons and criminals that she would be stripped by them. Also some of her colleagues secretively called her ‘Nangi Inspector’ or ‘Nangi Ajanta’. Ajanta was well aware of this.)
Ajanta burst with laughter – So you are afraid that some criminal may not strip and **** me.
Aunty (showing slight anger) – Come on Ajanta how can you answer so casually.She used her hand to pat on Ajanta’s exposed portion of chest little above her breastline – You should take care of your safety.
Ajanta (putting her arms along her aunt’s neck again) – My dear Aunty, then who will take care of the public.hun! tell me my sweet aunty.
Aunty (she kept her fingers on the topmost hook of Ajanta’s blouse and patted slightly) – My fair lady, I am not concerned with public, I am concerned with my pretty niece.
Ajanta (she felt a bit ticklish on her chest) – But Aunty do you think I am safe now, while here with you. (She winked slightly at her Aunt)

Aunty – what do you mean? Am I going to molest you, stupid (she scolded her out of affection)
Ajanta (continued with her naughty prank) – Aunty your hands on my blouse – my God – ouuiiii _ _ __
Aunty – youuu naughty – grow up now.
Ajanta then realized that she was without saree. She quickly folded her arms around her chest and said – I will change now.
Aunty – O.K Change. Then we will have tea and sleep.
Ajanta – Aunty I will go in the bathroom.
Aunty (teasing her) – hmmm – so you are growing. Why shy from me.
Ajanta (she was red and her pink cheeks blushed like anything.) – OK
Ajanta went behind the small wooden partition and started undraping. The height of partition was such that her shoulders could be clearly seen. When she saw her aunt smiling and continuously looking at her, she blushed further. As she removed her blouse and bra her naked shoulders were well exposed to her aunt who naughtily remarked – Ajanta may I help you in changing? Ajanta (literally hid her face in her hands) – Come on Aunty.
Aunty – donot worry I have seen you many times in your ‘Birthday’ dress.
Ajanta kept on smiling and quickly changed into another old white colour blouse and petticoat (usually to be worn at home) and wore a mustard colour nighty over it.Both she and her Aunt had tea and slept.

(To describe Ajanta physically and otherwise, Ajanta Saxena was a twenty four year old lady Police officer working for U.P. State police and posted in Etawah. Ajanta was a tough lady as police officer and very honest and upright. She had caught up many criminals and solved many cases. She had earned both favouritism and jealousy from her seniors and colleagues. However as a woman Ajanta was generous and kind hearted. Having lost her parents at an early age and brought up by her Aunt, she did have lot of feelings for poor and orphan children and often visited such places like orphanages.She was hardcore for criminals but butter soft for others.She maintained a smiling face and friendly disposition but was a determined and very courageous lady by nature.
Ajanta was an extremely fair complexioned, sexy, gorgeous & beautiful woman. Ajanta had a tall (5 feet six inches of height), curvy and sexy figure of 38 – 30 – 36+. She had a fair, glowing complexion with rosy cheeks and soft velvety skin. Her beautiful face made her comparable to some famous cine heroines and models and she had a striking resemblance with famous TV Actress Surbhi Tiwari. Her waist had a good pair of curves on either side and a deep round navel, enhancing its beauty in the front. She was a real symbol of Ajanta & Ellora sculptures owing to her chiseled features and dark eyes and her name justified her appearance. Her beautiful soft and smooth chest was gifted with two large big and pointed breasts which hung along her body like two pillows peaked with two prominent pink nipples, hanging along each breast of hers, in a naughty teasing manner. She had a pair of long, fair, healthy and creamy legs (a little drifting of her saree could turn anybody mad). Ajanta had a pair of long, fair and smooth arms and very delicate hands. She had black abundant hair, long enough below her shoulders.Her two long, fair and very silky, smooth & healthy legs were supported by two large buttocks and pelvic region. She a beautiful pink cunt decorated by two dark pink shapely pussy lips, with a thin patch of hair. When she laughed or smiled her set of white teeth leamed like anything and it was as good as spreading flowers’ fragrance.She also had apassion for bindis and her forehead was seldom without that.
Ajanta had a passion for sarees. Barring occasions when she was on duty and wore her police uniform ( or while jogging in a track suit) she liked wearing sarees and blouse only. Even on duty when not required to be in uniform, On her visits to court cases, one could mostly see her sarees of different kinds with matching or contrast colour blouses.And she used to wear different types of sarees, chiffon, silk, georgette or cotton. She used to mostly wear normal, little tightfitting and sometimes even a sleeveless blouses, occasionally fancy ones too .But none of her blouses could prevent the visibility of a portion of her breastline, owing to her magnificent, shapely and pointed boobs.When she wore transparent sarees, her beauty increased multifold.
But Ajanta had one more aspect contained in her nature. She had a strong ambition to become a police officer right from her childhood and she knew to where she was heading. Instead that her beauty and charms could being a hindrance to it, she made it a tool and used it to the fullest of advantage. To solve her cases she had to encounter criminals and even spies engaged by police and she did not hesitate using her extremely sexy body to take out secrets from them or any other way to solve the case.Occassionally she had indulged in sex with such people , but an expert in martial arts, Inspector Ajanta was choosy and involved herself in sex only and only when required.She had her Karate training which very often proved quite hard hit to the criminals or goons.She used both tact and force to take confessions from the criminals depending upon the situations.As an inspector she was shrewd and tactful apart from being brave and knew how to handle dangerous situations.Ajanta was a lady who knew how and when to be soft and sweet and melodous and when to abuse. She usually spoke in avery sweet and gentle voice but when required she knew how to abuse too.)

Ajanta woke up next day before her Aunt and after all daily chores went for her jogging. Her mind was continuously thinking about her forthcoming meeting and the assignment.Indeed it was challenging. At breakfast table Ajanta again found a tough time in pacifying her Aunt.
Ajanta reached the office on time and on scheduled time for meeting the DSP she reached his chamber. DSP started explaining her the details of area and adjoining villages and all suspects.
DSP- Ajanta the main criminal behind all this is one Gajraj Singh whom nobody has seen. Anybody from the village who saw him was found dead.He has never come out in open, but he has links with some anti-social elements across Nepal border through which sale of arms, narcotics, drugs in and around the areas. Also he has one major agent within Balrampur, which is yet to be traced.And yes the Village Pradhan Bhajanraj supports him and also a constant source of harassmnet to innocent people. Bhajan raj is a very notorious person and a big womanizer. We suspect him as the main cause of the **** and murder of our lady constable posted there. One more important thing. There is another guy called Ranvir Singh who is running a bar of wines, etc. in that area. I donot know in which category I should place him to explain you?
Ajanta – I could not get you Sir. What kind of a person is he?
DSP – Actually he runs a bar, but he is akind of do-gooder to common people and die hard against Pradhan. He is strong, rough and aggressive and very often disobeys the local police, but very popular among common people.He doesnot mind going in relations with women but helps common persons especially cares children.Actually he has suffered a lot in childhood most probably due to Pradhan.But Ajanta the kind of feedback I have be careful of him also.
Ajanta (listening carefully) – Sir is it a possibility that either Pradhan or Ranvir might be the secret agents of Gajraj Singh.

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DSP – Ranvir No way. And as for Pradhan, may be. He is more active in supplying men to Gajraj Singh. Rest you find out. I am handing over a file to you containing all maps of the area and Details of these persons possessed by the Police department along with our people posted there..Rest this your baby now. And yes I would like that you keep a mini transmiter with you always.
Ajanta – I will do that. Sir I have another request.
DSP – What?
Ajanta – My transfer in that area may be kept confidential to the local police station there and I will make my first entry in plain clothes.
DSP – Good. I accept.Now please collect all the necessary files and papers from Shekhar and you have to proceed day after tomorrow.
Ajanta – right sir.
DSP wished her good luck and she came out of his chamber.For the next day Ajant kept herself busy in going through all the files. She was watching a number of photographs and details of all infamous people over there including Pradhan. But something strange happened. As she came across Ranvir’s photgraph, she could not help her eyes sticking to it. Undoubtedly, Ranvir looked tough, but he had atinge of innocence on his face and seemed to her like an educated man. He did not have the personality of criminals. Ajanta felt strange. For reasons unknown to her mind, she went on seeing his photograph and somehow it did not appear unfamiliar to her. – Have I ever seen him before? – she thought to herself.
Ajanta had to leave the next day. As she had decided before, she would go in plain clothes, so she kept her pairs of uniform in baggage and decided to wear a saree. She selected hand Block Daboo print pure cotton saree.Her saree was light green, somewhat transparent with some designs of little darker green shade with light green blouse and petticoat of same colour. She selected light coloured sandals and set her hair in such a way so as to form a bunch (jooda)) at the back of her head.She put her saree pallu on this bunch of hair in such a way that it became like a small, partial ghunghat.And to add with a ‘bindi’ on her forehead made her look so beautiful that anybody would have fallen for her charms.With this nobody could even guess that she is a horny and strict police officer.While preparing her baggage, she did not forget to keep the photographs of her Aunty and friends including her childhood photographs, too. In fact one of her childhood photograph in which she played with her childhood pal Raju, was very favourite of hers despite it was torn from bottom.
Ajanta boarded a train to Balrampur and not at all surprising had many poking eyes in the train.There were all kinds of people including few rural ones too. One middle aged guy sitting besides her tried to poke into her little exposed breastline. In the moving train she had to adjust her pallu and ghunghat many times along with the position of her saree along her curvy waist.Ajanta tried to befriend with few just to gather some information about the area and the feedback she got was very alarming. The crime situation over the whole was very bad and so was the image of police.
When she got down at the station , she was disappointed to know that there was an auto strike owing to some feud between autowallahs and local government body.She could just find some old style tongas (driven by horses). She asked one of them to take her to police station.The tongawallah was astonished to se such a beautiful lady coming to him and asking to go to police station. He got down and started adjusting her luggage and told her to sit at the back seat.As Ajanta climbed up, she gave a good feast to the tongawallah of her soft, sexy, long legs along with the frills of her petticoat which were unveiled due to her raising feet one by one for climbing and thus disturbing her saree.He could also gaze Ajanta’s navel off her transparent saree.He became so excited that he started some adjustment inside his dhoti.Ajanta could well notice this and her natural smile widened.To his delight Ajanta sat on the front seat.Tongawallah thanked God for such a sweet opportunity as now he could see her broad chest due to slightly disturbed pallu. Little did he know that Ajanta had deliberately disturbed her pallu as she wanted to have more and more information from him too about the prevailing law and order situation. Ajanta went on asking him all questions related to the ‘infamous’ people of the area and prevailing situations. Apparently ignorant to him, she disturbed her pallu and caught the hem (bottom) of her blouse from both sides & pretended to set the same in position. The tongawallah had a nice feast for his eyes as he stared at her bulging , massive boobs, partially popping out of her blouse and her exposed fair chest, with a portion of her waist. Ajanta pretended to be ignorant, but she could well understand his feelings. And tongawallah went on talking about Pradhan, etc and how the crime situation was hot over there.The tongawallah who was a middle aged man, went on giving her details he knew about those ‘infamous’ people of area (Wah Kya mast, khubsoorat ladki hai (what a ravishing, beautiful girl)– he thought to himself – iske saath kuchh (something with her)_ _ _____.He thought himself) very hi-fi after he found a beautiful lady ‘teacher’ (that is how Ajanta introduced herself) giving a lot of importance to him.On the excuse of adjusting her sandals, Ajanta raised her saree a little bit to give him a good view of some portion of her fair, sexy legs.His tongue startied luring out. Unaware of Ajanta’s true identity, he started growing horny. Tongawallah, whose name Ajanta came to know as Richhu Singh, was now adjusting his erections in his dhoti. The police station was now quite near. Then something happened which gave Ajanta a full opportunity of what she desired in the form of secretive inspection. As the police station approached nearer, the tonga had to pass through a narrow lane.Richhu Singh by now had grown fully horny and his excitement had reached at its highest point. He decided to have some fun with Ajanta.
All of a sudden, the horse stopped with a jerk. Ajanta had to bend forward to prevent a fall, which resulted in falling down of her saree end (pallu) too. Richhu Singh now could have a full glance of her creamy waist alongwith her round deep navel.He got down from tonga
Ajanta – kahan jaa rahe ho bhaiya.(where are you going)
Richhu raised his small finger in a gesture that he had to pee.He went down and hid in behind the bush. When he did not turn up for 15-20 minutes, Ajanta decided to get down and check for the matter.She got down from the tonga and walked behind the bush. To her shock, Richhu caught her arm and Ajanta found her body pulled behind the bushes.
Ajanta – yeh kya badtameezi hai. Chhodo mujhe.(what is this nonsense. Leave me)
Richhu – Meri jaan tere jaisi khubsoorat ladki ko to koi paagal hi chhodega.Aaja mein tere saath jaanat ki sair karoonga. Chal tayar ho ja.(My dear, who will leave a beautiful girl like you. I will make you feel in heaven. Be ready)
Ajanta (internally she was composed, but pretended to be disturbed) – kya matlab hai tumhara. Chhodo mujhe, warna _ __ (What do you mean. Leave me or)
Richhu – Warna kya. Are is jagah per tere jaisi khubsoorat aur jawan aurat ko koi nahin chhodega.Izzat to teri lutni hi hai, phir main kyon nahin. Tujh jaisi sundari ko to log nauch – nauch ker phaad denge.Chal pehle saree uttar.(Otherwise what? In this place , no body will spare a young and beautiful woman like you. After all you are going to be raped. Why not me then. Come on disrobe your saree).
Ajanta – Agar mein na karoon to.(If I don’t, then)
Richhu (in a most rough and rude tone) – jyada gussa mat dila. Warna teri saree kheenchkar tera blouse yahin phaad doonga aur tujhe nangi karke tere saath balatkaar _ _ (Don’t provoke my anger. Or I will pull your saree, tear off your blouse and fuck you here itself after stripping you).(and before he could complete , he got a slap from Ajanta). For a minute Richhu was startled. But he recoverd and attacked on Ajanta. He caught her saree pallu and started pulling it but Ajanta jerked his hand and released her pallu. But before she could adjust it Richhu tried to pounce his hand on the middle of her blouse. His hand reached exactly the middle of her blouse and his fingers could well touch and rub the exposed portion of her boobs.
Ajanta (her pallu still lay on ground, revealing her sexy bosom) – Richhu , chhodo mera blouse. Khabardaar jo tumne isse phaada to _ _ _.(Richhu, leave my blouse, beware if you rip it_ _ __)
Richhu started laughing in a villainy style – to tu nangi ho jayega (ha , ha).Kaise chhod doon meri jaan. Teri yeh badi, badi nukili chhatiyan mujhe paagal kar rahin hai.( then you will be stripped. How do I leave you.Your big, pointed breasts are making me mad) And he started rubbing his rough fingers on her breasts.He smacked his lips with his tongue like a dog.(Ajanta had a rough feeling along her chest.Meanwhile Richhu’s finger from his left hand had started playing with Ajanta’s navel. He started rubbing his hand along her waist and bent down. He caught the hem of Ajanta’s saree at bottom and intended to lift it up and as soon as Ajanta noticed that he has became careless, she kicked him on face. It was followed by two karate attacks – aah , aah – Richhu fell down.
Ajanta did not set up her pallu and caught the front portion of her blouse with her fingers and with a naughty smile – ah mera blouse _ _ _ _ _ phadoge ise (ah, my blouse _ __you will tear it off) ? Aur mera **** (and my ****)__ _ and she laughed. – But all of a sudden she got damn furious and said – chal police station. Tujhe batati hoon mein kya kar sakti hoon.(Come to police station. I will tell you what I can do)

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Ajanta picked up some luggage and made Richhu pick remaining and dragged him to the police station.Richhu was yelling with pain and threatening Ajanta too. Ajanta maintained a shrewd smile on her face. On reaching the Police station Ajanta did not find a very pleasant picture. She knew who was the incharge, but in a pretence of not knowing she asked a constable about him. The constable Gopu Ram was a typical fat guy who looked more like a comedian than a policeman.Gopu Ram was amazedto see such a young and beautiful lady, dragging a rogue like this and reaching the station.
Gopu Ram – Madam Kya baat hai.(what is the matter madam)
Ajanta – Mujhe report likhani hai. Yahan sabse bara officer kaun hai.(I want to put a report. Who is the senior most officer)
Gopu Ram (grinning) – kya problem hai madam. Report kiske khilaf likhani hai.(What is the problem, madam. Against whom You want to report)
Ajanta (pointed out at Richhu) – Is badmash ke khilaf. Is ne mere saath badtameezi ki hai.(against this rogue. He has molested me.)
Gopu Ram was casual – Madam Sub Inspector Hari Prasad samne bethe hain. Agar likha sakti hain to report likha do.(Madam, sub inspector Hariprasad is sitting there. If you can , please do it)
Ajanta frowned at his casual nature – Kya matlab hai tumhara?(What do you mean)
Gopu Ram (he started gazing at her beauty and grinned again) – Madam mera kyon sir kha rahi hain.jao na unke pass (Madam why you are scratching my head, go to him) (he talked in a teasing manner).
Ajanta approached towards Hari Prasad. He was sitting on his chair and surrounded by two other people. He was laughing and chatting with them and each of them were sipping tea with snacks.
Ajanta – Mr.Hari Prasad jara report likhiye.Is aadmi ne mere saath (Just write a report. This man has tried __) _ _ _
HariPrasad (interfering) – Ek minute kya baat hai madam aap itna shor kyon kar rahi hain.Kaun hain aap?(One minute what is the matter. Why are you shouting madam. Who are you)
Ajanta – is aadmi ne meri izzat lootne ki koshish ki. Aaap jaldi se report likhiye.Mein is shahr mein teacher ki posting per aayi hoon.(This man has tried to **** me.Please lodge the report quickly.I am on a teacher’s posting).
Hari Prasad and his friends winked at each other & laughed. He remarked slowly – isme iska kya kusoor hai.(What is his fault)
Ajanta – what do you mean?
Hari Prasad – Aap hain hi itni khubsoorat. Koi bhi _ _ _ (You are so beautiful. Anybody will __
Before a surprised Ajanta could say anything he turned towards Richhu and asked his name and profession.
Hari Prasad – Kyon bhai yeh jo keh rahi hain who sach _ _ _?(What she is saying is true?)
Richhu (interfering him) – Saheb mein pradhanji ka aadmi hoon.(Sir I am pradhan ‘s man)
All of a sudden Ajanta could see a Hari Prasad shivering like anything. He turned towards Ajanta and said – hum report nahin likhenge.(We will not lodge the report)
Ajanta – kaise nahin likhenge. Yeh aapka kaam _ __ _(Why not. This is your job)
Hari Prasad – Madam mujhe mera kaam mat sikhao. Jao jakar bachon ko parao. Tum yahan teacher banker aayi ho yah sub inspector . tum _ _ _ _.(Madam donot teach me my job. Go teach the children.You have come as a teacher or sub inspector)
Ajanta – Ek minute, ek minute sub inspector nahin, usse thodi si upar .(One minute just something above) - and her hand went into her blouseShe had hidden her identity card beneath her bra She remarked in a heavy, commanding tone – Inspector Ajanta Saxena. S.I. Hari Prasad – immediately contact Etawah Police and talk to DSP.
HariPrasad immediately stood up and his hand raised to salute Ajanta.He started stammering – Yes _ _ _ ma _ _ _ madam – OK.
He contacted the DSP who told him that Ajanta is their superior now and they should render all co-operation to her.
Hari Prasad – Sorry madam asal mein maine aapko pehchana nahin _ _ _(Sorry madam, I did not recognize you)
Ajanta – OK , OK. Ab jara sabse pehle iski report _ _ (OK, now first the report)
Hari Prasad – Yes madam.
Very soon Richhu was behind the bars with some nursing done on his wounds received from Ajanta’s blows and kicks.Immediately after that Ajanta called Hari Prasad and others in her cabin. The whole police staff posted there was astonished to see such a young beautiful lady as their superior cop. Otherwise too Ajanta was not in her uniform. In that green saree she wore, it appeared to them that some beauty queen or a filmy heroine or a model had ventured into the station. The whole staff including two lady constables were excited and the most excited was the funniest personality constable Gopu Ram.He went on gazing her from top to bottom, with a special eye on Ajanta’s protruding boobs. (Wah kya khubsoorat ladki hai – iske saath kaam kerke mazaa aayega (Wow what a beautiful lady. Shall enjoy working with her) – He thought). Ajanta could well sense this.After a general staff meeting Hari Prasad requested that he would like to have a confidential meeting with her the next day regarding the general law and order situation.Ajanta agreed. She then called Gopu Ram only.
Ajanta – Gopu Ram yeh mujhe aise kya dekh rahe ho (Gopu Ram why are you looking at me like this)
Gopu Ram – who kya hai na madam, aap jaisi sunder ladki zindagi mein pehli baar dekh raha hoon.Aisa lagta hai aapko TV mein kahin dekha hai. Aur saree mein to aap bahut khubsoorat dikhti hain. Aapko to filmon mein hone chayiye tha.(Madam , I have not seen more beautiful lady than you.It seems I have seen you on TV.You should have been in the movies)

02-06-2009, 08:41 PM
Ajanta burst with laughter.His way of talking resembled some comedians. She found him very entertaining and amusing. After some more informal talks with him , Ajanta raised and stretched her arms at back to release her body fatigue. In this process her pallu fell down and for a moment she gave a good view of her boobs and fair chest to Gopu Ram whose eyes sparkled. Ajanta laughed again and adjusting her pallu said – Gopu Ram thodi si chai milegi.? Mein bahut thak gayi hoon.(Gopu ram can I have some tea.I am very tired)
Within five minutes Ajanta was enjoying a hot cup of tea and Gopu Ram’s funny pranks. Ajanta was a type of person to smile amongst odds too and this the whole police staff could guess. But they were also wondering how this beautiful woman would save herself from the criminals of the area.They had mixed thoughts. Some thought she will survive. Some had a feeling that Ajanta may be mutiliated by criminals and dacoits who may not spare any opportunity to do anything with this beautiful and sexy cop.Some even went to an extent of thinking that goondas may **** and molest this extremely beautiful and soft looking woman.
Ajanta finally called Hari Prasad and told him that she would like to leave to her residential quarter. He immediately told Gopu Ram to drop her in the jeep. Gopu Ram was in heavens. The idea of traveling with Ajanta in the jeep excited him. Without wasting any moment he grabbed her luggage and placed at the back side of jeep. Ajanta smiled on seeing his excitement.
Prior to going to her accommodation, she decided to gave some more dose to Richhu Singh.She nodded Hari Prasad & went inside the bars and took him further in a cell where they both were only present.Ajanta made him sit on his knees, stripped him off and he was only in underwear and sat in front of him on a chair.She kept her hand below her chin and sat in a very thoughtful like process, staring continuously at Richhu. Richhu on the other hand felt very uneasy and could not face her. Ajanta criss crossed her legs to the extent that a portion of her fair, creamy leg was visible above her ankle and she bent her face nearer to Richhu Singh.She deliberately let her pallu slid a bit and Richhu could again see her popping, pointed boobs and curvy bosom. His lips started drying. Ajanta caught hold of her pallu from its middle with her two fingers and waved at Richhu – Kyon Richhu Singh meri Saree nahin uttaroge (Why Richhu will you not strip my saree) – her fingers then reached at the middle of her blouse and she remarked in a rather naughty style – aur mera yeh blouse _ _ _.(And my blouse)
Richhu (then looked at her with strange expressions) – jyada mat bolo thanedaarniji. Mein Pradhan ka aadmi hoon. Pradhan tumhe dekh lega_ _ _ _. Mujhe nanga ker diya. Woh tujhe nagi karke tera _ _ _ _(Donot talk too much inspector. I am pradhan’s man.He will see you.You stripped meHe will strip you and _ _ __ _)
And before he could complete, Ajanta caught hold of him by his collar and pulled him towards her. – Pradhan ke kutte, tujhe dekh liya, ab tere us pradhan ko bhi dekh loongi.(Pradhan’s dog I have seen you.Now I will see him also)
And she kicked him on face and left the cell. She started preparing to go to her accommodation.
She sat down on the front side.Gopu Ram sat on the driver’s seat and started driving. For Gopu Ram it was a matter of extreme delight for being a driver of such a sexy young lady. He was cracking jokes all the way. Ajanta who had loosened her hair a little bit, found them swaying in the natural air after jeep ran on the roads of Balrampur.At times her pallu swayed too and she tried her level best to adjust it.
After reaching the accommodation, which was a furnished two room quarter with kitchen, toilet, etc., she found Gopu Ram to be very active and along with one servant already posted there, he took all the luggage inside the room.
Gopu Ram – Madam aapka woh khol doon_ ___(Madam should I open yours __ _)
Ajanta – Kya ! kya matlab.(What. What do you mean)Ajanta gazed at her ownself from top to bottom.
Gopu ram (realizing the double meaning) – mera matlab aapka bag, samaan aur _ __ (I mean your bag, luggage)
Ajanta laughed at his gestures and the way he was trying to impress her – Achha baba, who kapron ka bag khol do. Baki mein kud unpack kar loongi.(OK man unpack my bag containing clothes.Remaining I will unpack)
Gopu ram was further delighted and dreamt of watching all her clothes. He kept the bag containing clothes on the bed and opened the almirah. Ajanta started having a look at the whole area and balcony, too. She could see a few shops and main road with approaches while standing in her balcony. In the meanwhile Gopu Ram had started unpacking her clothes. He kept the set of her uniforms first and then a smile ran on his face. Next turn was of her sarees and blouses. He watched them with due excitement – Wah madam in mein kitni khubsoorat dikhti hogi.(madam must be looking beautiful in these sarees and blouses)he was excited further when he picked up the bunch of her petticoats. He started imagining her in the same one by one.- Kya mujhe bhi madam ko nangi dekhne ka mauka milega?(Will I get a chance to see madam nude) – He thought to himself. And next his excitement reached on the top, when he picked up her pure white Brassieres and panties.My God – His imagination of seeing Ajanta in the same was so much that Gopu Ram had to adjust his pants. His eyes widened – Wah Gopu Ram , Mazaa aa gaya (wow, its wonderful) - he remarked to himself.In the meanwhile Ajanta entered the room. Gopu Ram who was watching her bra and panties with almost his tongue licking his lips, turned towards her and said – Madam inko kahan rakhna hai (Madam, where should I keep them).He had started sweating.

02-06-2009, 08:41 PM
Ajanta laughed like anything on seeing his condition - oho baba isk mujhe pehna do (come on, help me wear them) – she remarked in rather taunting way.
Gopu Ram was amazed. He could just say – kya – ji madam (What Madam)?
Ajanta – aree budhhu isko almirah mein hi rakho aur kya (Oh crazy keep it in the almirah). Then she started keeping them herself. She adjusted all her clothes and told Gopu Ram to keep other bags in a position and she would pack them later. She then further sat with him for another cup of tea and started taking more and more information regarding the police staff present, etc. especially Hari Prasad. Actually being a informal with Gopu Ram was a her trick. She knew he was a clownish guy and given little importance to him he would blurt out everything. Furthermore in such a tense kind of a job, he could provide some kind of mental refreshment too. Gopu Ram on the other hand was feeling important. He not only started talking about the staff, but also told certain things about Pradhan Bhajanraj. He told him that he was the one who supported all criminal activities of Dacait Gajraj Singh and carried a number of goons. He told many other things which startled Ajanta.
Night was approaching.It was growing dark. Very soon Gopu Ram took leave. He was delighted over the fact that next few months he would be working with this divine beauty and lady of such a lively nature.It was not only her beauty and sex appeal but her nature too which had impressed him. He had decided that he try his level best to remain with her the maximum number of times.All the time Ajanta came into different types in his fantasies, mostly in brassiere and panty.His excitement knew no bounds.But all the same he was also praying God that this young woman should remain safe from devils like Gajraj Singh and Pradhan.
On the other side Ajanta was quite tired after the journey, encounter with Richhu, etc. She quickly unpacked her remaining luggage and set it up in the almirah. She then went down in front of mirror and stripped off her sari Ajanta took her night clothes comprising of a nighty, ordinary white petticoat, plain blouse and an underwear.Further she washed her up and got fresh in the bathroom. After this she had some food and laid herself on bed. Although she was tired, yet did not sleep She was continuously thinking of the whole day incidents, particularly that ‘rape’ attempt on her and Richhu’s dialogues and further more her coming days. She lost into deep thoughts and the whole scene (of one of her previous encounters) rolled down like a film in front of her eyes after which she became famous as ‘Nangi Inspector’ or ‘Nangi Ajanta’.
[ Ajanta was handling one important case of a dacoit named Kaloo Singh who was very active with his notorious activities along the outskirts of Mainpuri. Ajanta and her policemen had already been bombimg, killing and even arresting Kaloo Singh’s men, negativating all his notorius activities and putting his crime activities to an end. That day which Ajanta had been memorizing was a day when she had a face to face encounter with Kaloo Singh.Ajanta had finally decided to capture him in his den and she knew that now Kaloo Singh was left with just a handful of man. She decided to go like a spy first and told five of her constables to follow her. However Kaloo Singh had got the news of her determined attack before only and an encounter took place which was a last between his men and Ajanta’s men (constables).The Police had succeeded in killing all Kaloo Singh’s men but Ajanta’s constables got killed too.Ajanta remembered how tears had swelled in her eyes on watching the dead bodies of her policemen.But she had to control herself. Ajanta her self was not in her uniform that day as she had gone like a spy.She had wore a blue denim jeans, a white shirt with sports shoes and also a jacket on top.
A time came when Kaloo Singh and Ajanta stood in front of each other.Kaloo Singh who had so far only heard of Ajanta was astonished to see her beauty.His eyes sparkled at the sight of such a young and sexy woman.Ajanta also saw him for the first time. Kaloo Singh was a true replica of his name with a fat, protruding belly, round huge face with big moustaches and villainy eyes.His complexion was very dark.
Kaloo Singh – Wah Kya baat hai. To tu hai Ajanta. Badi tariff suni thi, aaj dekh bhi liya. Kya maal _ _ _(Wow, what a thing, so you are Ajanta. Heard a lot of praises for you and today I have seen you too. What a piece _ _ _)
Ajanta – bakwas Band. Kaloo Singh tone bahut dake daale aur kai masoom logon aur policewalon ki jaan li. AB mein tera _ _.(Stop it Kaloo Singh.You have committed many robberies and and killed many innocent people and policeman. Now I will __ _)
Kaloo Singh (Turning furious) – Chup. Toone mera saara gang khatam kar diya. Sach much tu bahut himmatwalihai. Lekin mein ab tera safay karunga. Lekin Ajanta tujhe maarne se pehle, mein teri is ras bhari jawani aur khubsoorati ka who haal karunga ki _ _ _.(Quiet. You destroyed my whole gang.Really you are courageous.But now I will kill you out.But before killing you, Ajanta, I will taste your ravishing beauty and youth _ _ _)

Ajanta was furious- Kya kar lega tu kamine (What can you do you bastard)
Kaloo Singh – Tere kapde phaad ker tujhe naga karoonga aur teri izzat lootunga, saali, raand (I will tear your clothes, strip you and **** you, you whore)
And before he could talk further his dark, fat round face recived a tight blow from Ajanta.
Kaloo Singh stumbled. But he recovered soon – Wah kya baat hai. Per ab tu meri taaqat dekh.(Wow, what a thing. But now you observe my strength)
A wrestling and fighting session begin between the two. Ajanta started showing her karate tricks but Kaloo Singh was no less. He did receive some good blows from Ajanta, but went on fighting her karate chaps and Ajanta could well notice that it was not easy to overcome this ugly, horrid creation of nature. Kaloo Singh went on laughing and doing shameless actions in front of her and giving all obscene marks about her body parts.
Kaloo Singh – Ajanta Rani ab tu mere kabze mein aaja. Mein tere in rasile aam choos ker tujhe khub _ _ _ _ha ha ha. _ _ chal kameez uttar de.(My queen Ajanta, now you better come into my clutches.I will suck these juicy mangoes of yours. Come on put of your shirt).
Anad very soon Ajanta found herself in his strong grasp.
Kaloo Singh – chal saali kameez uttar aur mere pass aa varna _ _ _ aaj teri izzat to lootni hi hai _ __ phir khud hi pyar se mere pass kyon nahin aati.(Come on you bitch, put off your shirt. Ultimately, your going to be raped today.Then why not surrender your self to me)
Ajanta started struggling to free herself – Kaloo Singh chhod de mujhe.varna (Kaloo Singh leave me , or else)

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karde bhai. kyo parts mein post karta hai?

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Kaloo Singh – tu aise nahin manegi (You won’t be controlled this way). He picked her up and threw her on the ground. Ajanta fell on her back. Pain ran through her body. – aah aah . She cried.Kaloo Singh Unzipped her leather jacket, put it off her body and threw it away.
And before she could regain on herself, Kaloo Singh used both his hands and seized Ajanta’s shirt from collar – chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr _ chirrrrrr __ frrrr. – He tore open Ajanta’s white shirt and he could now well glance her bulging boobs trying to pop out from her white brassiere.Kaloo Singh’s tongue came out from his mouth and he licked his lips. – mazza aagaya kya chhatiyan hai teri (Wow, its joyous, what beautiful breasts you have).Ajanta turned her back towards him and tried to kick but Kaloo Singh saved himself and pulled out the remaining part of torn shirt too. In a moment Ajanta found herself standing in front of Kaloo Singh in brassiere and jeans with her creamy waist and navel exposed. Kaloo Singh smacked his lips again but did not stop. He bent down and pulled her legs. Ajanta tried to kick him but Kaloo Singh was also very strong. He gave a small jerk to her right leg. Ajanta yelled with pain and this weakened her struggle for a moment. Kaloo Singh pulled her shoes and sat on her waist putting his heavy weight on her soft skinned structure. Ajanta tried to get up but could not. He stretched her arms at the back and applied pressure on her hand with one of his huge giant hand. Kaloo Singh opened the buckle of her belt and started unzipping her jeans. He then laid down his body toatally on Ajanta’s and started licking her exposed portions.Ajanta then succeeded in pushing him away but Kaloo Singh got up again and pulled her jeans along sexy, long legs. – His eyes sparkled on seeing her beautiful fair legs.He jumped on her again and this time pulled her bra with all force seizing it from the middle of her breasts.He tore of her bra and Ajanta could see her brassiere lying in two pieces at a little distance from her - yeh dekh maine teri brassiere phaad di.(See I have ripped your brassiere too) Ab mein tweri kachhi uttarunga ___ saali khud ko bahut samajhti hai___ (Now I will tear off your underwear_ _ _You thought too high of yourself)- He remarked. Ajanta was just in her panty and totally naked above her panty line now. Her big boobs shook on her movement.Ajanta stood up again, turned her back towards Kaloo Singh and kicked him on face. He fell down to recover again and this time he held her tightle from waist her waist. Ajanta tried hard to release herself but of no use.Kaloo Singh held her under wear from both sides and immediately pushed it down.Ajanta eyes reached at her bottoms and she could see her slightly hairy vagina, exposed now. Kaloo Singh turned her towards his front and his eyes sparkled on seeing her nudity.Ajanta pushed him and he fell down. She immediately set her panty right, but this gave Kaloo Singh an opportunity to recover.He held her tightly in his arms.
Ajanta now had doubts that she would be able to save herself. Kaloo Singh was strong, horny and very wild. Seeing her naked beauty, Kaloo Singh had turned more wild.He started pressing her boobs. Ajanta hit him hard on face. In turn he picked her up like a wrestler and threw on ground. He pounced upon her before she could do anything and started kissing and biting her madly.He put his teeth on her right nipple and bit it hard.
Ajanta – ouiiii . aaaahh. – Her right nipple had started bleeding.
Ajanta – (tears had swelled her eyes) – Kaloo Singh chhod de mujhe. Mein tujhe _ __(Kaloo Singh leave me. I will __ _ )
Kaloo Singh – Kyon saari himmat hawa ho gayi. Ab mein tujhe nahin chhodonga. Pehle tera balaatkar hoga phir tujhe noch - noch ker phaadunga aur logon ko teri nangi laash_ _(Why, where has all your courage vanished. I will not leave you now. First you will be raped, then I will tear your body with my teeth and people will get your nude body)
Ajanta - Nahin nahin chhod mujhe.(No, No leave me)
Kaloo Singh was happy seeing her condition. – ab mein tujhe poori nangi ker doonga.(Now I will strip you completely) He buried his face in her breasts and started sucking her nipples. Ajanta could feel his excitement as Kaloo Singh who had put his jacket away and was only in dhoti was hard on. She could feel his hardened dick just below her navel and Kaloo Singh who had buried his face in her bosom , kissing her violently also inserted two of his fingers inside her panty and started rubbing her cunt.Ajanta could feel his rough and dirty fingers.But by now her mind had also started working. Kaloo Singh could not see a shrewd smile incoming her face as he was busy licking her from top to bottom. Ajanta relaxed for a moment to gain some strength. She started looking around and saw a piece of small glass.She picked it up and immediately thrust it forcefully in Kaloo Singh’s ear and then face. He shouted with pain. Without giving him a second chance, she hit him hard on his head and stood up, pushing away his body.Without caring for nudity she immediately stood up and started hitting and kicking him nicely.
Ajanta – tone mujhe nanga kiya harami. Ab mein tujhe naga karke saare shahar mein ghumauing. (You stripped me you bastard. Now I will make you nude and you shall roam in the whole city)She tore of his dhoti and Kaloo Singh was beaten black and blue. Both were only in their underwears. Ajanta had blinded one of his eyes and broke off some of his limbs that Kaloo Singh was a handicapped man forever. He fell down unconscious.But before that he tried to grab Ajanta who had turned her back towards him. She tried to kick him again, but Kaloo Singh’s huge body was falling. In a spurt to grab Ajanta his hand caught her underwear. – chrrr – a small sound was heard and Ajanta’s torn panty was in his hands. Before Kaloo Singh could anything further, he fell down and collapsed.
Ajanta was now feeling relieved. She had now finished Kaloo Singh’s Gang and solved the case. All of a sudden she discovered that she was totally nude. She felt shy and her face become red.She quickly decided to call up the police and before they come dress up.She was also feeling heavy from below due to the continuous rubbing of her vagina done by Kaloo Singh. She smiled naughtily – Poor man. Lost a chance.
She went behind the bushes and sat down. Let me release my urine first – she thought.Ajanta sat on the weight of her creamy legs and started peeing.She could see the pale yellow liquid pouring out oher tight cunt. After releasing her urine in a pure whistling sound, she felt her vagina light.Ajanta glanced over her torn shirt , panty and bra.Her right nipple was bleeding and she developed some pain. She abused Kaloo Singh – Kutta, kamina kahin kaa. Mujhe poora nanga kar diya.Iski maa bhi _ _ (Dog, bastard, stripped me completely. His mother also must be _ _ _)
But thankfully her jacket was OK.She picked up her jeans wore it and along with that her shoes too. She then wore her jacket and properly zipped it.
Soon other policemen arrived.Ajanta told them to arrest Kaloo Singh. Kaloo Singh was treated in the Police hospital and Ajanta paraded him in the areas he had spread violence in just an underwear.
It was another feather in her cap. Very soon she became famous as ‘Nangi Inspector’].
Ajanta came back into her normal thoughts. A big naughty smile came into her face She closed her eyes and slept.

02-07-2009, 08:34 AM
Her coming few days in the police station, Ajanta was busy reviewing all old files and criminal records. She also had a meeting with Hariprasad confidentially who reviewed everything and Ajanta could also make out that Hariprasad and even other policemen were more suppressed owing to political pressures or power of Pradhan Bhajan raj who had close links with Gajraj Singh. Gajraj Singh had never come out in open so far and carried out his activities from outskirts of the villages’ areas.She could well judge that how tough it would be for her to encounter such guys and clean up this area from all crimes or so. That Pradhan was running casinos, cabarets and even prostitution dens. He had liquor shops which comprised of poor quality artificial (naqli) liquor and he was mincing money like anything.Crime against women were hot. Also Gajraj Singh was involved in smuggling of wood and animal skins from the adjoining jungles.
Ajanta started her compaign. She started raiding Gajraj Singh’s dens and areas of operations of Bhajanraj.Under her strict supervision, Police force in the area became active and it was not very long that she improved on statistics of crime.Quite a lot of petty crimes also were under control. Ajanta used to set good examples in front of people, while catching up the criminals and sometimes even stripping them and hitting them in the public.She became famous among the local areas and was liked by innocent and poor people. Her habit of loving and taking care of children made her even more famous.
But then this was really something which disturbed Bhajanraj. His fury knew no bounds when everyday he had hear some or the other news of his and / or Gajraj’s areas being raided and his people / goons captured.
He called a meeting of his most trusted men.
Bhajanraj – Raghu yeh sab aajkal kya ho raha hai.Yeh nai inspector _ __(Raghu what is going on nowadays. This new inspector _ _ __)
Raghu – Pradhanji, badi khatarnak hai. Jaisa naam waisa roop. Bilkul Ajanta Ellora ki murat hai.Nai thanedaarni jitni khubsoorat hai, utni hi badi musibat bhi.mujrim ko kabhi nahi chhodti. Are yeh wahi to jo _ __nangi Ajanta (he winked) and then told Pradhan Bhajanraj all about her.(Pradhanji, she is very dangerous. Her beauty is as per her name.Just like a sculpture of Ajanta and ellora.This lady inspector, as is beautiful, so is troublesome too. She never spares the criminals.She is the same _ _ _ nude Ajanta).
Bhajanraj – oh to yeh wahi hai jisne kaloo Singh jaise khatarnak daku ko _ _ _ _Per yeh ab mujhse aur Gajraj se nahin bachegi. Mein is nangi Ajanta to nanga kar ke chhodunga. Sali ne aati hi lakhon ka nuksan kar diya.(So she is the same who handled dangerous dacoit like Kaloo Singh.But me and Gajraj will not spare her.I will strip this nude Ajanta.Bloody whore, She has caused me a loss of several lakhs Rupees, ever since she has come.)
Then he whispered something in his ears and decided to meet Ajanta.
Two days later, Police station at Lakhimpur saw a disturbance. All constables stood up to salute Bhajanraj as he entered the station. Hariprasad, the subinspector could well gues why he had come with a bang.Before Pradhan could ask anything, he himself pointed out – madam apne cabin mein hai.Pradhan went inside and opened the doors of her cabin.
Pradhan – Namsakar Thanedaarniji.(Greetings, Lady Inspector)
Ajanta who was busy with some of her office files, raised her eyes just to see a tall, villaneous and ugly looking character with moustaches and shrewd expressions on face. He was accompanied by three other rough looking guys. Pradhan kept one of his foot on chair and was about to sit when he saw his chair tumbling on the ground. Ajanta stood up and had kicked the chair away.
Ajanta – Mister yeh police station hai, na to tumhare baap ka ghar aur nahi hi daru ka thikana. Jao aur jakar izzazat lekar aao.(This is the police station, and neither your father’s house nor your liquor den.Go and take permission.)
Pradhan – Dekh thanedaarni, tu mujhe janti nahi. Mein teri jaisi khubssorat _ __ (Look Lady Inspector you donot know me. A beautiful lady like you _ _ _)
Ajanta – Bakwas band karo(No nonsense).And get out.
Pradhan and his accomplices started laughing shamelessly. Ajanta was furious and her beautiful, innocent face was red with anger.
Pradhan – Inspector mein kanon ko jeb mein daalkar ghumta hun.(I put law in my pocket and roam , Lady Inspector)
Ajanta – Aur mein tujh jaison ko joote per rakh ker _ __ samjhe (And I keep people like you on my toes _ _ _understand)?
Pradhan – Richhu ko chhod do aur hamare thikano per raid band karo.(Release Richhu and stop raiding our premises)
Ajanta – Achha? Agar nahin karun to_ _ _ _ kya kar loge.(Oh. If I donot, what will you do)
Pradhan – aei sundari, teri is vardi ko uttar doonga aur tujhe petticoat pehnaunga.(Oh beauty I will remove your uniform and make you wear a petticoat.)
And before he could complete – he received a very tight slap from Ajanta.Pradhan caught up on his face and his accomplices were stunned. Also were surprised all police personnel.Gopu Ram however hid in a corner and enjoyed the scene.
Pradhan – tone mujh per haath uthaya.(You have slapped me.)
Ajanta – haan uthaya. Ab bhago yahan se aur apne kale dhandhe band karo.(Yes I did. Now get lost and stop your illegal activities).
Pradhan – khubsoorat balaa tujhe mein dekh loonga. To wohi hai na jisne kaloo Singh ko mara tha. Aur mujrim ko naga kar ke marti hai. Ab mein tujhe nanga karoonga – nangi Ajanta – aur who bhi beech bazaar mein.Tere kapde phaadker _ _ _ _(and he received a kick from Ajanta and stumbled down)(Oh beautiful terror, I will see you. You are the same who killed Kaloo Singh.You strip the criminals and kill them.Now I will strip you totally. – Nude Ajanta – and that too in amidst the busy market.I will rip your clothes
_ _ _)
Pradhan took off his feet and ran away with his men, thoroughly abusing her.Everybody saw a shrewd smile on Ajanta’s face and she was back on her seat.
And for few days their confrontations continued on phone and even sometimes outside the police station.Ajanta was determined and she carried on raids on Pradhan’s den. Pradhan got fed up and he decided to teach Ajanta a lesson.
It was Sunday. Ajanta had decided to take rest and it was Hariprasad on duty in the police station.She had to do some shopping. She decided to go the market and have a sleep after that.Suddenly she received a phone call from Gopuram.
Gopuram – Madam Balrampur ke main bazaar mein kuchh goondon ne ladai jhagra kiya hai.Mujhe lagta hai hame jaana hoga.(Madam some goons are creating street fights in the balrampur market. We may have to go.)
Ajanta talked to him in detail. After the call was over, something flashed her mind and she made a call to Gopuram again.To her utmost surprise, he told Ajanta that he had never called her.Ajanta smelled a rat.She however decided to go to main bazaar.She told Gopuram to come and also instructed Hariprasad to send two constables in that area.Gopuram was delighted. He went to her quarter as he had to drive the jeep.

02-07-2009, 08:34 AM
Ajanta who was deciding to go to the market was not in her uniform. She was elegantly dressed Turquoise (blue) pure georgette saree having sequins and resham work with along with matching blouse. Her saree was gracefully tied along waist revealing her cute round navel and fair skinned midriff. Her blouse although a normal one could hardly control her magnificent booboos. She went in front of the mirror and removed her pallu in order to change when she had the door bell. Ajanta decided to attend the door call first. It was Gopuram.He was extremely excited to see Ajanta looking even more gorgeous in this glittering saree.
Ajanta, after a brief talk with Gopuram decided to leave without uniform only.This made him further happy.He sat on the driving seat. Ajanta hid a small revolver in her brassiere and sat on the other seat.They drove to the main bazaar area. Gopuram although apparently discussed this fishy matter with her but actually enjoyed the site of her swaying pallu and exposed fleshy areas.
Gopuram – Madam aaj aap bahut sunder lag rahi hain.(Madam , you are looking very beautiful today)
Ajanta – Gopuram mazak chhhodo. Mein serious hoon. Zaroor kuchh gadbad hai.(Gopuram , donot crack jokes.I am serious. Definitely something is wrong over there).
Gopuram – Madam aap itni bahadur hain sab thik kar lengi. Aur mein hoon na aapke saath.(Madam you are so brave, you will set things right.And I am with you.)
Ajanta (smiled)– achha. Agar koi mujhe pakadne aa gaya to tum kya karoge.(Oh really. If somebody comes to catch me, what will you do)
Gopuram – film ke hero ki tarah act kaunga.(Act like a film hero)
Ajanta started laughing despite tension in her mind.Gopuram was in any case entertaining.
Gopuram – waise madam aapko saree pehen ne ka shouk hai bahut.(Madam you are fond of wearing sarees).
Ajanta – haan . mujhe shuru se hi saree pehen ne ka shouk hai.Jab mein uniform mein nahin hoti to saree hi pehenti hoon.(Yes. Right from the beginning.)
Gopuram – Madam kya aap college mein bhi saree pehenti thi.(Did you used to wear saree in college too)
Ajanta – haan jyadatar. Kyon?(Yes mostly, why)
Gopuram – Madam ladke to aap per bahut marte honge.(Most of the boys must be after you)
Ajanta – haan kuchh the aise bhi. Per mein shuru se hi sabko taak per rakhti thi.(Yes, there were some, but I used to keep them at distance)
Gopuram – Koi kissa sunaiye.(Narrate an event)
Ajanta – ek baar mein college se ghar aa rahi thi. Ek sunsaan gali ke mod per ek manchala cycle wala mujhse takraya. Who neeche gir gaya. Mein bhi gir gayi aur mera sharir ghumta hua zameen per lotne laga aur mera saree ka pallu uske handle mein phans gaya. (Once I was coming from college.In a lonely street, One street Romeo got after me and hit me.He fell.I fell too and my body went swirling round.My Saree edge got entangled in the bicycle handled)
Gopuram got excited and his dick hardened.- Phir?(then)
Ajanta – phir kyat ha. Mein zameen per ghoomi aur meri saree utterti chali gayi. Jab khadi hui to dekha ki sirf petticoat aur blouse mein hoon. Who badmash bhi mujhe dekh raha tha.usne gande – gande remarks pass karne shuru ker diye.Mein adhnangi haalat mein thi. Pehle mein sharam se laal ho gayi.Phir meine parvah na karte hue uski sandal se pitai ker di. Woh bhaag gaya. Meine saree uthai aur use pehen ker ghar aagayi.(My body swirled around and saree went off from my body.When I stood up, I found myself only in petticoat and blouse. He passed very dirty remarksI was red with shame.But then not caring for my half naked situation, I thrashed him with sandals.I then took up my saree and wore it)
Gopuram – wah madam. Accha madam ek baat poochhni thi. Who _ _ __(Wow, madam,I wanted to ask one thing _ _ _)
Ajanta could notice his hesitation – puchho Gopuram, kya baat hai.(Ask Gopuram, what’s the matter)
Gopuram – madam who aapko _ __ nagi Ajanta kyon bolte hain?(Madam_ _Why are you known as ‘Nude Ajanta’)
Ajanta burst with laughter at his expressions and told him whole story of kaloo Singh and her trend of punishing criminals.
Meanwhile the main bazaar area had come.Ajanta could notice few hooligans doing their job. She decided for a quick action. She caught hold of one of them and two karate blows were sufficient for him to fall down.Her constables had also arrived and she decided to control the situation. But to her dismay she found both Gopuram and her other constables suddenly trapped. Actually pradhan had sent his goondas to behave notoriously in market and few other men posing as normal passerbys turned out to be his men. Ajanta realized her mistake of asking for only two constables. She put her hand into her blouse, took out the revolver, but a strong hand gave a blow and it fell down. Before Ajanta could turn her face away, she noticed Pradhan coming across, with his men with a wide , villainy smile on her face. People started crowiding in that area with a fear on their faces.
Pradhan – Ajanta Rani, yeh blouse mein kya chhupa rakha tha.? Pehle hi is bechare per itna wajan hai tumhari badi – badi gol chhatiyon kaa. Kahin phat gaya to? La mein ise uttar doon.Revolver ki kya zaroorat thi, teri chhatiyan bahut hain ghayal karne ke liye.(Oh my queen Ajanta, what have you hidden in your blouse.Already it is over loaded due to your big round boobs.If it got torn, then.Come on let me put it off.Why need a revolver, Your big breasts are sufficient to kill any body.)
Ajanta – Pradhan apni bakwas band ker warna _ _ _(Be quiet Pradhan or_ _ __)
Pradhan – tu is saree mein kitni khubsoorat lag rahi hai. Teri sunderta ko chaar chand lag gaye hain.yeh vardi pehen na chhodd aur meri banja. Tujhe nayi nayi saree lekar bhi doonga aur rani ban ker rakhunga.(You are looking so beautiful in this saree.Your beauty is multifolds,stop wearing this uniform and be mine.I will make you my queen and purchase new sarees for you.)
Ajanta slapped on his face. Pradhan was furious – pakad lo saali ko(Catch hold of her). But Ajanta was quicker. She kicked one of his men who tried to approach her. But then _ _ _
Pradhan – dekh meri jaan apne constables ko. (Look my sweet heart towards your constables.)
Ajanta noticed that her constables including Gopuram were trapped and Pradhan’s men had kept long sticks on their shoulders – tu kuchh bhi karegi to teri constables mere aadmiyon ki lathi ka shikar honge(You do something and your constables will have it from my men).He ordered two of his men – pakad lo saali ko aur lita do zameen per.(Catch hold of her and make her lie on the screen)
Ajanta was helpless. People watched like cowards and she could not risk her constables’ life. She noticed herself being trapped by two of his men, who had caught her from her arms from either side.
Ajanta lay on ground with two of Pradhan’s men controlling her arms with full strength.
Pradhan greedily glanced her sexy, voluptuous and beautiful , fleshy body.
Pradhan – wah kahaan chhupa rakha tha is husn aur balaa ki khubsoorti ko. (Wow where had you hidden this ravishing and marvelous beauty.)
And he took hold o her pallu.Ajanta’s pallu was removed and all could see her waist and beautiful curves along the sides. Her big breasts stood like mountains clearly showing the postion of her nipple, despite she wore a bra.Some portion of her juicy boobs protruded out of her blouse.Pradhan’s eyes sparkled. Even Gopuram who was trapped and fearful people standing there glanced heavily at this beauty who looked more like a heroine or model sexposing in movie rather a police officer.
Pradhan started massaging Ajanta’s midriff. Ajanta could feel his rough hands. Pradhan’s fingers had meanwhile started playing with her navel – wah kya maal hai tu Ajanta rani . Tujhe to kisi film mein huna chayiye tha.(Wah what a piece you are.Ajanta darling, you should have been in the movies.)
Ajanta (cried) – Pradhan chhod de mujhe.(Pradhan leave me)
Pradhan – Achha. Us din to bahut phad phada rahi thi meri jaan. Mujhe thappar maar chuki kayi baar. Ab mein teri gaand _ _ (Oh that day you were jumping a lot. You slapped me. I will fuck your ass_ __)
Ajanta – kamine mujhe aur mere constable ko chhod warna who majaa chakhaungi ki yad rakhega. Mere haath chhhod namard.(Bastard leave me and my constables or else I will teach you a lesson. Leave my hands you impotent)
Pradhan started laughing – oho. Tujhe abhi batata hoon mein kitna mard hoon saaali raand.(You whore I will tell you now what a MAN I am)
Ajanta – tone mujhe randi kaha. Teri maa bhi aisi hi __ _ _(You called me a whore.Your mother also must be like_ _)
Pradhan now slapped on her face. Her soft skinned cheek ran thru a wave of pain – aah she she shrieked.
Pradhan – tune meri maa ko gaali di. Ab teri izzat loot ke dam loonga. Mujhe accha tereh maloom hai ki tu kitni tez hai. Apne ko chudwane se bhi peechhe nahi hatti.(You abused my mother. Now I won’t rest till I **** you.I know the kind of thing you are.You don’t hesitate to get yourself fucked.)

02-07-2009, 08:35 AM
Ajanta spat on his face. Pradhan was furious. – ab mein pehle teri saree uttarunga. Phir blouse aur petticoat. Phir brazery (his pronunciation for brassiere) aur katchhi (underwear).(First I will remove your saree.then blouse and petticoat.And then brassiere and panty)Tereh blouse mein yeh phad phadate kabootar – wah – jaise do takiye. Who angrezi mein kya kehte hain – pilloo (his pronounciation for pillows).In per sar rakhkar so jaunga.(These two struggling pigeons in your blouse.Like two pillows – ‘pilloos’.I will keep my head on them and rest.)Pehle tera neeche ka nazara dekh loon.(Let me check you from bottom)
Meanwhile shanker, one of the persons holding her arms said – are pradhanji phaad do iska blouse. Zara hum bhi to dekhen iske machalte ‘pilloo”.Iski brazery bhi to kholni paregi.(Pradhanji, rip her blouse.Let us also view her bustling ‘pilloos’.We will have to remove her brassier too)
Pradhan – aaram se aaram se bhaiya. Yeh koi chhoti hasti nahin. Yahan ki thanedaarni hai.
Pehle inper jhook na parega.(Keep peace man.She is the Lady Inspector.First bow on her.) Ajanta stared at Shanker with anger.
Pradhan – Gusse mein aur khubsoorat lagti hai. (Your beauty has enhanced in angry mood)He bent down on her face and planted a kiss on Ajanta’s lips. Ajanta felt embarrassed and moved her face on other side.But in any case she indeed looked marvellously beautiful.
Pradhan – Ajanta, Ajanta meri jaan. Ab ham sab tujhe pyar karenge. Tu roz duty karke thak jati hai naa. Yahan tujhe bech bazaar mein poora aaram milega.(Ajanta my sweet heart.We all will love.You will get relaxation here in the open market, from your daily tiring duty)
Pradhan bent down at her feet and decided to have fun before the actual game.
He used both his hands and caught the hem (bottom portion) of her saree. He started lifting her saree up. Ajanta yelled, but of no use. Ajanta could have easily kicked him, but she looked at her helpless constables and felt helpless too.
Meanwhile pradhan had raised her saree up till her knees – wow – Ajanta had a pair of extremely beautiful, sexy and fair , shapely legs.Everybody’s eyes sparkled on seeing her partially naked legs.
Pradhan – kya machalti, sunder – sunder gori-gori taangein hain. Jaan deta hoon teri in lajwaab tango per.(Wow, what a sexy, ravishing , beautiful and fair, creamy legs.I vye on them)
Ajanta – mujhe chhod pradhan. Tujhe batati hoon meri taangon mein kitna dum hai.(Leave me Pradhan.Then I will tell you how strong my legs are.)
Pradhan – achha to bata zara.(O.K.Tell )
In a spate of anger Ajanta forgot everything.She decided to fight back. She raised her legs inorder to kick Pradhan, but could not move her remaining body.But Pradhan turned round to save himself. Instead that he got kicked up, it supported his cause only. Ajanta’s saree got further lifted up.Now her saree had almost formed a bunch just below her waist further revealing her sexy legs almost totally. All eyes were glued on her half naked beauty. Even fearful stand by people thought – wah kitni sunder hai.(How beautiful she is)
Pradhan who could now glance Ajanta’s pure white panty shamelessly remarked – wah dekho inspector sahiban ne safed rang ki katchhi pehen rakhi hai. Kyon thanedaarni ji ise uttaron.(Wow see, Lady Inspector Madam has worn white panty. Should I remove it?)And he planted a kiss again and bit her lips.He opened the top button of her blouse revealing further exposing her breasts and revealing some fabric of her white brassiere.
Tears swelled in Ajanta’s eyes. She was not willing for this. Ajanta did have sexual encounters but she was never raped by anybody. Will she have to face this forced sex from the hands of this ruffian – she thought.
Pradhan in the meanwhile started digging his gingers in Ajanta’s navel – Wah Kya sunti hai (What a navel)
But all of a sudden, she noticed Gopuram standing slightly away from her revolver and looking at her helplessly. Ajanta noticed that Pradhan’s men were busy staring at her naked beauty. She winked at Gopuram.
All of sudden, Gopuram was seen firing a round in air – Madam ko chhod do.(Leave Madam)
All attention was diverted towards Gopuram. Ajanta took advantage and released herself pouring two blows at Shanker and shambhu who had held her up so long.Both fell down and before Pradhan could understand he got a kick on his ankle from Ajanta’s sandals and fell down. Ajanta buttoned her top blouse button again and adjusted her pallu on her sexy , huge ‘Pilloos’.
There was some exchange of blows and karate chaps between them.Pradhan who had thought of raping Ajanta publicly was half lying on ground and he ordered once more – pakad lo is saaali ko.
But Ajanta was ready. Two men approached her and she was prepared for attack. But before she could do anything, she saw both men falling and tumbling down in a tipsy – topsy manner.
The very next moment she saw a tall, strong man wearing a thin moustache on face with somewhat heroic but tough personality in the scene. Pradhan’s men had tumbled due to his strong blows. Ajanta noticed that as soon as he came the fear from people’s face vanished totally and everybody was happy.Pradhan who had now started nursing his wounds received from Ajanta, was terrified and upset. He shouted – Ranvir. Tu yahan kyon aaya. (Ranvir why have you come here) (The young man was none other than Ranvir Singh about whom Ajanta had read in the police files).Ranvir was also accompanied by his small dog called Moti.
Ranvir – Kyon Pradhan kisse nanga kar raha tha? Tereh yeh julm bahut ho chuke. Yeh mera ilaaka hai. Bahut der se teri harkat dekh raha hoon.And he caught hold of Pradhan through neck.(Why Pradhan whom were you trying to strip. Am observing you since long.)
Pradhan (started shivering) – Dekh Ranvir tu mere mamle mein dakhal mat de.apne kaam se kaam rakh.(Ranvir mind your own business and donot meddle in my affairs)
Ranvir had started hitting him hard – aur tu mere har mamle mein dakhal de sale, haraami.band kar logon ko tang karma.(And you don’t meddle in my affairs. Bastard, stop harassing people)
All of a sudden Ajanta noticed that one of the goondas was rushing towards Ranvir to hit him from the back. Ajanta shouted – Ranvir apne aapko bachao (Ranvir save your self).And before Ranvir could do anything, she herself used two karate chaps and it resulted in the tumbling down of that Goonda with face on the ground.
For a moment Ranvir kept on glancing at this extremely beautiful woman and her brave act. Who is she ? – He thought. Ajanta was wearing a saree and he could hence not guess that she was a police officer.
Then both of them diverted their concentration to fix up Pradhan.
Ranvir – Tu is aurat ko nanga karne chala tha. Le ab mein tujhe nanga karta hoon.(You were trying to strip this woman.Now I will strip you)
Ajanta – mein nahin – hum. Hum tujhe sabak sikhayenge Pradhan.(Not me. We will teach you a lesson) And she started abusing and hiting Pradhan. In few moments Pradhan stood there with only his underwear on and bruised body.

02-07-2009, 08:35 AM
Ajanta – Kyon pradhan dekh liya is nangi inspector ka haath. Ja aaja tujhe chhod rahin hoon thane le jane ki bajaye. Lekin tere yeh do chamche Shanker aur Shambhu mere saath jayenge.(So Pradhan, did you feel the hands of this Nude inspector.I am leaving you today instead of taking you to police station. But your two dogs Shanker and Shambhu will go with me.)
Ajanta was now running out of breath too. Her breasts heaved up & down heavily as she remarked on Pradhan.Ajanta ordered her constables to arrest both of them and Pradhan again was got kicked by Ranvir and Ajanta.
The Pradhan was carried away by his men in a very pitiable condition. Ajanta was about to move in her jeep with her constables and Shankar & Shambhu when she heard Ranvir calling – aapka bahut dhanyavad (Thanks a lot). And he turned his face to go.
Ajanta – tumhara bhi bahut dhanyavad. Tumne meri madad ki. Ae, kya naam bataya tumne(Thanks to you too.You helped me a lot. What name did you tell of yours)
Ranvir – ji meine koi naam nahin bataya (I did’nt tell my name). Ranvir answered with indifference.
Ajanta (recollecting)– Ranvir . Oh to tum ho Ranvir?(Oh you are Ranvir)
Ranvir – jee haan kyo etraz hai aapko.(Yes any objections)
Ajanta – to tum bhi sharaab ke dandhe mein _ _ _ (You are also in wine business _ _ )
Ranvir – aap apne kaam se kaam rakhiye aur ghar jaiye (Mind your work and go home)
Ajanta – Mr.Ranvir mera naam Ajanta hai aur mein yahan ki nai police inspector hoon. Mein tumse ek- do din mein milne aaungi.(Ranvir, I am Ajanta new police officer of this area.I will come to meet you some day)
Ajanta noticed that Ranvir was a bit surprised and he started staring at her. He was not expecting her to be a police officer.
Ranvir – kis liye milne aayengi?(Why will you come to meet me)
Ajanta – Tum bhi zara yeh sharaab ke dandhe chhod do.(Stop this wine business)
Ranvir passed a smile and went away.Before he went he called his dog – Moti, Madam ko salute maaro yeh hame milne aayengi.(Moti salute this Madam , she will come and meet us)
And before Ajanta could understand anything, Moti jumped and climbed on Ajanta’s shoulder. He licked Ajanta’s cheeks and before she could catch him, he jumped back to Ranvir.
Ajanta was amused – Lagta hai kafi training di hui hai isse.(Oh.Seems you have trained him a lot)
Ranvir – nahin, khubsoorat ladkiyon ko dekh kar yeh aise hi karta hai.(He does it on sight of beautiful ladies)
Ajanta sat in the jeep along with constables and her two prisoners and on reaching police station told Hariprasad of everything. Shankar and Shambhu were taken into custody.
Hariprasad – Madam aap kafi upset hoongi aap kal aaram kariye mein inko dekh loonga.

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Ajanta sat in the jeep along with constables and her two prisoners and on reaching police station told Hariprasad of everything. Shankar and Shambhu were taken into custody.
Hariprasad – Madam aap kafi upset hoongi aap kal aaram kariye mein inko dekh loonga.
After a lot of insistence from his side, Ajanta agreed. But she told him that she will set these two ruffians right day after tomorrow.Also she told him to send Gopuram the next morning to her quarter.Gopuram was delighted. He was already feeling like a hero.
The passerbys who were already impressed by Ranvir werenow attracted towards this beautiful lady inspector too. One of them remarked – wah kitni sunder hai. Zara iski chhatiyan, kamar aur nabhi to dekh.Jaise Ajanta ki murat ho.(Look how beautiful she is. Look at her breasts, waist and cute navel.Like Ajanta’s sculpture)
Another man – iska naam bhi Ajanta hai.(Her name is also Ajanta)
Same man – kya cheese banayi hai bhagwan ne.Pradhan ne to iski kachhi ka rang bhi dekh liya Aur iski thodi si malish bhi kar di.Par yeh bhi bahadur nikli aur jara bhi baad mein sharmayi nahin.(What a creation of God.Pradhan saw the colour of her underwear and massaged her too.But she was brave and did not feel ashamed)
Another man- Bhaiya yeh Policewali hai. Teri ya meri gharwali nahi. Par jo bhi ho ghazab maal hai. Uski taange bhi kitni sunder aur lambi hain.Aur kitni bahadur bhi hai.Ranvir ne madad ki per yeh akele bhi lad gayi is pradhan aur uske goondon se.Per yeh pradjhan baar-baar’pilloo- pilloo kya kar raha tha.(She is apolicewoman man not like our housewife.But whatsoever she is ravishing.And brave too. Ranvir helped, but she fought Pradhan and his goons too, alone.But why Pradhan was uttering ‘pillo-pilloo)
Previous man – dekha nahi uski badi-badi chhatiyon ko. Jaise do takiye.Are pradhan uska blouse noch leta to aur nazara badiya ho jaata.(You did not notice her big boobs. Like two pillows. If Pradhan had ripped her blouse, scene would have been great.)
In fact Ajanta’s mind was not taking rest the next day. She could now well make out that Gopuram apparently looked clownish, but he had a lot of information stored in his mind, even more than Hariprasad. She wanted to take further action quickly as she knew that Pradhan would remain inactive, as hospitalization was inevitable for him.And she had to deal with his two arrested men also. Gopuram wanted to talk to her but there was another constable, too and he already had to visit her the next day. So he kept quiet and dropped her at her residence quarter.
Ajanta unlocked the door and went inside. She bolted it from inside and straight away went into her bedroom. She was feelin a bit exhausted. Her servant had gone after cooking some food and she was alone. She started recollecting the day. Undoubtedly, it was a tough and horrifying experience, but Ajanta could sense some achievement too as she had set Pradhan right to an extent. She only was thinking to act fast now before Pradhan could recoup.Anyway it was her bravery due to which she was keeping normal. Some other lady would have died of shame. Ajanta had a mixed feeling of aweness and blush when she recollected how people had watched her cleavage through the disturbed pallu and her long, fair, sexy legs. She smiled. Ajanta stood up and went to the dressing table. She removed her pallu and started undraping her blue saree.She threw it in one corner. Her hands went on her chest to unhook her blouse. Although alone yet she looked around prior doing it. Her smile widened as she unbuttoned her blouse – Wow Ajanta protect your ‘pilloos’. Ajanta kya pillo hain tere (Ajanta what fine pilloos you have) She laughed slowly and remembered Pradhan’s terminology for her boobs as she saw them popping out of her brassiere.Ajanta removed her blouse and threw it at the corner where saree was thrown – Hun! mera blouse uttarne chala tha kamina kahin kaa. Dekh loongi pradhan ko bhi aur uske chamchon ko bhi. Bada aaya tha mere pilloo per sar rakhne. (Damn it he was to put off my blouse. I will see him and his goons.Trying to keep his head on my pilloos.) she remarked to herself and all of sudden laughed again. She said to herself – Why Ajanta you are adopting Pradhan’s terminology. Calling your breasts ‘ pilloos’.However this word’pilloo’ appeared to her sexciting and a suitable terminology for boobs. She removed her petticoat too and took the towel. Her shopping programme was upset anyway. She decided to carry out the next day after she was free from Gopuram’s meeting.She straightaway went inside bathroom and started the shower with her undergarments on. Ajanta laughed and said to herself – Oh God, Ajanta come on put off everything and clean your body including your ‘pilloos’.Very soon Ajanta was tweaking her naughty pink, prominent nipples wetted with the drops of water pouring from shower..After a bath, she felt fresh and wore a nighty over a plain blouse and petticoat. It was growing night. She took some food and prepared a nice cup of tea for herself. Ajanta sat on the bed. Although apparently she was watching TV but her mind was now totally working her next strategies and plan of action.

Next day, Gopuram arrived at her residence quarter at 9’-0 in the morning.He was very excited to meet the lady of not only his dreams but dreams of many.As he entered her quarter, he was asked by her servant to sit.
Servant – Madam abhi tayar ho rahin hain.(Madam is getting ready)
Gopuram – zara dekh kar aao kitni der hai. Mujhe unse milne ke baad thane jaana hai.(Just see how long it will take. I have to go back to police station)
Servant was another naughty guy who left no stone unrturned in peeking into Ajanta’s bathroom or bedroom whenever he got a chance.
Her went inside, just peeked inside her bedroom and came back.
Servant (with a naughty smile)– Madam saree pehen rahi hain. Abhi aati hain.(Madam is wearing saree.Is coming just now)

02-08-2009, 07:55 PM
Gopuram was even more excited in hearing this and his hands reached his pants.He decided to have some more fun and told the servant to sit besides him.
Gopuram (in a rather slow tone) – Bhaiya tum to madam ke saath kafi waqt rehte ho. Kaisa lagta hai.(You stay a long time with her brother.How does it feel to you?)Actually he wanted to hear something exciting.
Servant – Are bhai samajh lo ke meri kismet khul gayee. Bas jab bhi dil karta hai jhank leta hoon. (My luck has favoured me.I peek whenever I like) Is sundari ko kayi baar nahate dekha hai. Aur jab yeh apne kamre mein so rahi hoti hai to bahut baar iski uthti-bethti chatiyaan or fisalti nightie se bahar aati taange_ __bus bhaiya who to yeh thanedaarni hai warna koi aur hoti to mein uska _ _ __ _(When she is bathing I watch her.When she sleeps in her room _ _her heaving breasts and the nightie sliding down her her sexy, creamy legs.If she were not a police officer, I would have fucked her)(and he made shameless signs with his fingers and hands).Aur ek baar to kamala ho gaya.Isko maine peshab karte dekh liya. Wah, iski gulabi c_ _ _t aise khool gayi jaise gulab ki pankhurian aur usme nikalta peela – peela ras.(And once it was a a real wonder.I saw her pissing. Her pink cunt. Like two lips of roses opening with yellow juice flowing)
Then Ajanta came out. Gopuram’s excitement was multifold now. Ajanta was looking dazzlingly beautiful with loose abundant hair set properly at back and with a sweet smile on her fair complexioned face.She was wearing a orange pure chiffon light transparent saree with rich floral design motifs on pallu in silver color and a matching sleeveless blouse providing a feeble support to her massive boobs and her cleavage revealing to the best possible extent.
Gopuram – Namaste madam.(Greetings madam)
Ajanta – Namaste. Kaaise ho Gopuram? (Greetings, Gopuram)– Sweet words poured of her gentle voice and anybody could fall mad. Ajanta was indeed a brave lady – Gopuram thought – After such an incident she had maintained her smiling face and was not at all disturbed. Gopuram expressed this to Ajanta.
Ajanta – Gopuram tumne kal achha kaam kiya.meri madad karke _ __ (Gopuram you did a good job by helping me)
Gopuram – No madam, asal mein to aap bahadur hain. Warna Pradhan ke aage to koi kuchh bhi nahin lar sakta.(No Madam, actually you are brave.Otherwise no body can do anything against Pradhan.)
Ajanta – chai piyoge?(Will you have tea)
Gopuram – jee madam bhalaa aapke saath beth ker chai kaun nahin piyega.(Madam who will refuse a cup of tea with in your company)
Ajanta laughed and ordered two cups of tea.
Tea arrived and Ajanta said – Lo Gopuram chai piyo. Achha aaja meine tumhe ek khaas maqsad se bulaya hai. Iska filhal kisi ko pata naa lage.(Gopuram Have tea.I have called you for special reason.It should remain confidential)
Gopuram felt elated – jee madam aap chinta naa Karen? Batayie kya baat hai?(Donot worry madam.Please tell me)
Ajanta could sense his excitement. She first started with Ranvir and was told by him that he was a do-gooder man who although was in business of liquor but cared for poor people and had affection and love for children. Nobody exactly knew how and when he exactly came into this area but he was there since long and supposedly Pradhan was responsible for his parents death.As such Ajanta could not get much of information from him. She had read about him in the records.
Ajanta then decided to talk about Gajraj Singh the main culprit, his links with Pradhan, his activities and his other links too. And she talked in such a way that Gopuram could feel that Ajanta was not an ignorant police officer and she had done all homework prior to coming to this place. Gopuram did knew some secrets though just accidently, which were related to the ongoing criminal activities. He had never come up too much with Hariprasad as he was not very senior and also not confident that senior police officers would act bravely. But now he was not only impressed by her extreme beauty, but bravery and capability as Police officer. Moreover he also was happy over one thing. This would be a golden opportunity to impress her and be near to her.He decided to tell her what he knew.
Ajanta – Gopuram, tum samajh chuke hoge ki mein tumse kya pooch rahin hoon? Mujhe who sab kuchh batao inke bare mein jo tum jante ho.Aur haan mere hote hue kisi se mat daro.(Gopuram, by now you must have understood, what I am asking.Donot be afraid while I am here and tell me everything frankly)
Gopuram became serious. In fact a few drops of sweat poured out on his forehead.Ajanta again encouraged him.

02-08-2009, 07:55 PM
Gopuram – Madam zara apne nauker ko bahar bhejiye kisi kaam se aur mere saath bedroom mein aayiye.(Madam, please send your servant outside for work and come with me in the bedroom)
Ajanta smiled and looked at him with a question mark and Gopuram repeated his words.Ajanta could guess the seriousness and she told her servanyt to go to the market and gave him some work.She noticed the heavy patches of fear on Gopuram’s face.In order to encourage him she turned humourous(in fact this was her way to deal with situations) – Kya baat hai Gopuram. Mere nauker ko bahar bhej ker mujhe bedroom mein kheench rahe ho.Tumhare iraade to nek hain? Kahin meri izzat khatre mein to nahin? Kahin tum mera balaatkar karne ke mood mein to nahin (Gopuram, what’s the matter.You are sending my servant outside and calling me alone in the bedroom.Hope you are O.K.in your ways.I do expect my honour to remain protected.May be you are not upto committing a **** on me) (And she burst with laughter on her own words). Ajanta had purposely turned naughty.Gopuram could just show half smile.
Gopuram – Madam aap jaisi bahadur ladki ke saath kaun balaatkar kar sakta hai (Madam who can **** a brave girl like you)
Ajanta (biting her lips and giving a slight wink) – Bhai kuchh bharosa nahin. Kahin tumhara bhi ‘pilloo – willoo’ chhedne ka kar raha ho.(God knows.You may be wanting to smooch my ‘pilloo’(breast)(And her expressions became horny).
Gopuram was surprised at her frankness and horniness(Kitni chust hai – How horny she is) – He thought.But he also shared her ways and replied – Madam aapke ‘pilloo’ ko haath laga ke kya suspend hona hai.(Madam do I have to take suspension in job on touching your boobs).
Ajanta – Ha ha ha. Bade darpok ho.(she winked gain) – Ek jawan khubsoorat ladki ke saamne ho aur _ (You are very timid.You are in front of a young beautiful girl and ___(Ajanta smacked her lips).
Gopuram decided to enjoy the dialogues – Madam ek baat to hai. (Madam there is however one thing.)
Ajanta – kya (what).
Gopuram – Aap ke chehre ki tarah aapke pilloo bhi bade sunder aur lajawab hain.Aapki thunti bhi badi pyari hai.(Like your face your boobs are also beautiful and marvelous.Your navel is also cute).
Ajanta laughed like anything – are tum to aise keh rahe ho jaise mujhe bina brassiere ke dekha ho.(You are saying as if you have seen me without bra)
Gopuram laughed gazing at her navel– Madam yahaan to aapke kai deewane hai . Sab b tak aapko khyalon mein nanga kar chuke honge (madam there is no dearth of your admirers here. They must have fantasized you nude by now)
Ajanta laughed again – tum bhi?(you too)
Gopuram kya madam aap bhi.(Come on Madam)
Gopuram – Madam agar bura na mane to ek baat poochun?(Madam if you donot mind may I ask something)
Ajanta – Haan haan pooch(Yes ask)

02-08-2009, 07:55 PM
Gopuram – kal agar Pradhan apne maqsad mein kamyaab hota to aap kya kartin – (If pradhan had succeeded in his motives what would you have done)
Ajanta laughed – Gopuram aurat ke liye police ki naukri aassan nahin. Sab ke liye tayar rehna parta hai(Gopuram police job for a woman is not easy.You have to be prepared for everything)she continued – Pradhan ko mein baad mein aresst kar leti on duty lady police officer ke **** mein.(I would have arrested pradhan on the charge of **** of on duty lady police officer).
Gopuram - kuchh log to bade kharab comments pass kar rahe the _ _(Madam some guys passed dirty comments)
Ajanta (interfering) – mujhe maloom hai. Mera blouse phatne ya uttarne ka intezar kar rahe the. Aur Pradhan mujhe naga karke meri izzat loote aise keh rahe the(I know waiting my blouse to get stripped or torn by Pradhan. And waiting for pradhan to strip me and **** me)she continued – Chinta mat karo. Who Pradhan ab sapne mein hi mere pilloo dabayaga(Donot worry. Now that Pradhan will press my breasts in his fantasies only)
Ajanta – Aoo kaam ki baat karein.pilloo – shilloo bahut ho gaya.Bechare mere pilloo. (Come on let’s be on work.We had a lot on ‘pilloos’. Aah my ‘pilloos’!)
Gopuram – Madam aapke pilloo to doosron ko bechara kar dein.(Madam your boobs can attack and kill others)
Ajanta went inside the bedroom and even bolted it.Gopuram took her to the balcony.
Gopuram – Madam who samne dekhiye. Ek bahut bada per.(Madam look yonder. A big tree)
Ajanta’s balcony was such that one could view a large portion of ongoing road / traffic and other exteriors. Gopuram pointed out towards a distant tree at crossing of road. He told her that it was a converging point for many vehicles coming from Birpur an adjoining village and most of the production of arms and other illegal goods took place at that village.During night many vehicles would plight on the road and goods passed to Gajraj Singh with all assistance from Pradhan who used to earn fat commissions. Also Birpur was famous for training criminals and other smuggling activities. It was said that there is one shop in Birpur below which all these arms were produced in an underground factory. Nobody so far knew about thsis shop.As Gopuram talked, he heard a slow humming sound.He could sense that it was from Ajanta’s body.
Ajanta immediately got up – Gopuram jara thoda ruka mein toilet hokar aati hoon.(Gopuram just wait I will come in a moment)
Ajanta rushed into the toilet and closed the door. She immediately removed her pallu which now touched the floor of the bathroom and started unbuttoning her blouse in a haste. She hung her blouse in a hanger thereafter and her hands went at her back. In a quick spate of action she unhooked her bra and removed it from her dazzling boobs. Her big ‘pilloos’ sprung out and shook in such a fashion as if two pigeons were ready to fly off after being freed.Her pink prominent nipples were already hard and red after sexciting discussion with Gopuram.But she had no time to feel shy or smile off while seeing her nudity. Holding her bra in her hand her fingers pierced into the hook of the same and she took out something. It was a micro transmeter. DSP had called her up.
Ajanta held her brassiere in her hand and said – Sir a good day to you. Anything urgent?
DSP –Ajanta I had something urgent and I just wanted to to know the progress?
Ajanta briefed him and also told him to call later as she was holding a meeting with Gopuram.And she told him that he was telling him something indeed very important.
Ajanta then quickly wore her bra and blouse after fitting the microtransmeter back and set her pallu.She came out cleaning her face in a spate of pretence in front of Gopuram.She continued talking to him and taking maximum information from him.

02-08-2009, 07:55 PM
Gopuram – Kya hua madam? Aap thik to hain.(What happened madam are you O.K)
Ajanta – Haan, kyon?(Yes why)
Gopuram – mera matlab achanka toilet ___ ____(I mean all of a sudden toilet___)
Ajanta (laughed) – are buddhu mujhe jor se peshab aa raha tha to kya tumhare samne beth ker karti?(Oh crazy I felt like pissing so should I have passed my urine sitting in front of you)
Gopura felt amused at her frankness.
After the whole talk Gopuram felt elated and happy. His excitement was running down the pants.His hand went on touching his crotch and below that. His dick had terribly hardened.
Gopuram (little shyly) – Madam aapka bathroom use kar loon?(Madam may I use your bathroom)
Ajanta (smiled) – haan haan kyon nahin?Kahin excited to nahin ho rahe(Yes why not.Hope you are not excited)
Gopuram went inside and relieved himself. He wanted to masterbate too, but all same he did not want to spend more time there in the bathroom. Hence he postponed the idea and thought of enjoying more of his fantasies with Ajanta at night.But then his eyes went into the tub for washable clothes.Gopuram was excited. He saw all thoise clothes which Ajanta wore yesterday i.e. when Pradhan had almost assaulted her.Her blue georgette saree, blouse and petticoat, and he could guess that bra and panty were the same. – Oh. Madam ne abhi yeh kapde dhulwaye nahin. (Madam has not got her clothes washed) He picked up the white bra and panty and started smelling them. He could smell the sweat in to the same and could see small patches on her otherwise pure white panty.- Yeh pasina hai yaa madam ke peshab ki boondein? (Is it sweat or Madam’s Urine drops)– he thought. He decided to hide the bra in his clothes and panty in his pocket.The sniff of her sweat had excited him like anything.Gopuram ahd nice fantasies and masterbatory material to enjoy. He came out and bade her a good bye and left for his duty. Ajanta went on thinking deeply for her forthcoming strategy.

Next day Ajanta first decided to fix up Pradhan’s men in the first half of the day itself. In fact that was also a part of her plan of action. As she reached the police station , she was greeted by everybody.She immediately ordered Hariprasad to strip and hang both Shankar and Shambhu upside down for at least twenty minutes. And she would tackle them later one by one. After a wait for twenty minutes she first went to Shankar who acted too much that day, taking Gopuram with her.
Ajanta – isko kursi per betha do, ek kursi yahan aur rakho aur tum bahar jao (Make him sit on chair and you go out). Gopuram obeyed.Ajanta closed the door.
Shankar was in a pitiable condition and but surprisingly he had no signs of fear on his face and looked at Ajanta who carried stern expressions on her face.She stared angrily at Shankar who was sitting with his head bowed down. Ajanta used a club (stick) to raise his elbow.

02-08-2009, 07:56 PM
Ajanta – meri or dekh, sale haraami (Look at me you bastard). Shankar looked at her with anxious eyes.
Ajanta – kyon Pradhan ke kutte, bahut jaldi ho rahi thi tujhe.- Mujhe nanga karne ki ya dekhne ki.Mere kapde uttarna chahta tha. Laga haath aur uttar meri kameez aur haan meri “brazery” bhi.aur phir masal ke rakhna – mere yeh – pilloo-(You were in a hurry to see me naked or strip me. Wanted to pull my clothes. Come on touch my shirt and my brassiere and smooch my ‘pilloos’) she started laughing aloud. An arrogant and dangerous expression entered his face – Thanedaarniji jyada mat kudo. Mein Pradhan ka aadmi hun. Kai ladkiyaon ko _ _ _ _ha ha _ _ tu kya samajhti hai ki ek baar Pradhan ko ghayal karke to jeet gayi. Teri to mein choot phaad ke rakh doonga.(Madam Inspector donot jump too much.I am Pradhan’s man. He has many girls _ _ _ _.You think after wounding Pradhan once you have won the game.I will tear off your cunt) In a quick spate of action he forwarded his hands and almost seized both of her boobs and tried to press them.
Ajanta was furious. She understood that Shankar was a tough guy. She quickly moved back and started hitting Shankar.She abused him like anything.
Shankar was beaten up badly.Ajanta released him just to have him occupied a bed in the same hospital where Pradhan took treatment.
Her attention was now on the other guy, Shambhu. She decided to tackle him in a different way.
Ajanta entered his cell where he was hung upside down. She repeated her previous oreder and Shambhu who wore only an underwear at that time, was shivering.
Ajanta told the constable to go out and again locked the door.Shambhu was made to sit on the chair. She could see fear in his eyes. Ajanta smiled. She glanced at him naughtily. And to his surprise, Ajanta got up and started unbuttoning her shirt. She threw her shirt on the chair.
Wow. Shambhu got get a nice view of her cleavage and protruding boobs.He was astonished at her action.Ajanta continued smiling.- Kyon Shambhu tum mujhe nanga dekhna chahte the naa.(Why Shankar you wanted to see me nude)
Shambhu was confused. He started sweating at the sight of her extremely beautiful and sexy figure. He kept gazing at her navel and breasts which were popping out of her bra .
Ajanta – Shambhu agar tum mujhe who sab bata do jo mein puchhun to _ _ _ _(Shambhu if you tell me, what all I ask _ _ _) (she winked at him.
Shambhu understood, but he was still confused.Ajanta started making promises that if he would obey, she may forgive him for his actions and even went to the extent of saying that he could have her.
Shambhu’s mood started changing. He was excited. Ajanta could see a tent formed in his underwear.She touched his ‘area’ a little, which further excited him. Shambhu was convinced of getting this lady in her arms.Ajanta told him that he would be transferred in another jail and there she would_ _ __ . To excite him further, Ajanta even let down her pants. Now she sat in just a bra and panty in front of him.
Shambhu told everything to her in a spate of excitement about Pradhan and his relation with Gajraj Singh, arms and man supplies etc. Ajanta found certain information matching with that of Gopuram.But Shambhu had given her some additional information also.Now Ajanta was clear.
Very soon she was back in her uniform. She gave a shrewd smile to Shambhu and promised him to meet the next day in another jail.But – the same evening Shambhu was killed in the police encounter with a charge that he tried to run away from jail – Well that was Ajanta again with her tactics.
Ajanta now decided to interact with Ranvir too.The very next day itself, she decided to visit Ranvir.In the morning, dressed in her police uniform she took her jeep and started driving towards the area where Ranvir was living and had his wine bar too.As she reached there, she saw Ranvir sitting outside the bar with Moti. He had just finished off talking to some old folk and children. He was handing over some money to them. Ajanta recollected that he always helped the needy and had affection for children too. She herself had lot of affection for children especially poor and needy.
Ajanta parked her jeep in a corner and got out. As people saw a lady police officer approaching towards Ranvir, they stopped and started staring at her.But Ranvir was normal.
Ranvir – aaiye madam, aapka swagat hai.(Welcome to you, Madam)
Ajanta was however in a serious mood.She started giving lectures to him on not getting invplved in street fights, and wine / liquor business.Ranvir just looked casually at her and started shirking off on all her dialogues.Ajanta was furious.
Ajanta – Dekho Ranvir, main yahan tumhare saath hansi mazak karne nahin aayi hoon. Tum jara sudher jao. Merei baat dhyan se sun lo varna _ __ _(Ranvir look, I have not come here to gossip or crack jokes with you.You just improve your ways and stop all this liquor business.Better listen to me carefully or else __ _ _ _)
Ranvir (smiled) – Varna kya _ _ _ _aap mujhe tha kar le jaeingi?(Or else _ __ Will you kidnap me)
People standing there laughed a bit.

02-08-2009, 07:56 PM
Ajanta was even more furious – Tum nahin sudhoroge , you rogue.?
Now it was Ranvir’s turn to show his anger . He burst out at Ajanta – Mind your language Madam.(He spoke in a fast, fluent English) – Don’t you call me a rogue.I am not a vagabond or a criminal the way you think. If I am it is because of unscrupulous people like Pradhan and some police officers like you. For your kind information, I am well educated and a law Graduate. But my circumstances _ ___
Ajanta was extremely surprised – You speak English?
Ranvir (smiled in a sarcastic fashion and shirked his arms) – Well I think I am speaking in English and turned towards people – Kyon logo mein kya bhojpuri bol raha hoon (Why Guys am I speeking in Bhojpuri)?He turned again towards Ajanta – Any problems in understanding English?
The people standing their burst into laughter, while Ajanta was embarrassed – My God what kind of a man is he?
Ajanta – Kuchh bhi ho ab tum sudher jao. Varna mera naam bhi Ajanta Saxena hai aur mein Etawaha jaisi jagah se kaam karti rahi hoon?(What so ever you mend your ways. I am also Ajanta Saxena and have worked in a place like Etawah)
Ranvir stared at her. His eyes widened and he looked sharpely at her.
Ajanta – Aise gusse se kya dekh rahe ho, jo kaha hai dhyan se suno.(Why are you staring angrily. What I said listen carefully)
(Well Ajanta was wrong. Ranvir was not staring angrily at her).
Ajanta prefered to walk away for the time being.She started off.
Ranvir – Madam rukiye (Stop Madam).(and pointed Moti his dog).
Ajanta turned around.And before she could understand, she found Moti jumping on her and climbing her shoulders. She was a bit aghast. Moti repeated his action. He licked her cheeks quickly and jumped back.All laughed.
Ajanta came back to her police station and resumed her daily duties.In the evening she went back to her residential quarter.
As she was removing her uniform she smiled on recollecting Moti’s actions.She entered in the bathroom for a bath, with a towel on her shoulder and just her white undergarments. She was continuously smiling on thinking about Ranvir.He was a dashing guy she thought.
Ajanta removed her brassiere and underwear too and her sexy body soon dripped in the shower.She bathed and sang heartily and her thoughts remained pinned to Ranvir. A little refining of him could turn him like a hero – she smiled as she thought. Her nipples hardened at the thought of his strong muscles and her fingers slowly crept into her pink hot vagina. She was full of excitement.She rubbed her body including her massive breasts with one hand, while the fingers of other hand played into her cunt.Ajanta masterbated heartily till she felt quite relieved of her sexual tension.She came out and was in her night dress.

02-08-2009, 07:57 PM
Ajanta had already planned her next course of action to eliminate Gajraj Singh the dacoit. She took the DSP into confidence and requested for more police force comprising of constables and senior constables.She decided to attack on all fronts together and directed Hanuman Prasad to keep a watch on the area near her residential quarter spotted by Gopura. Further she decided to camp a little far from hilly portion where Gajraj Singh was hiding and operating.
Ajanta took some constables along with Gopuram and camped near the area. She decided to finish off the task in coming 4-5 days.
Ajanta had secretively called some more police force comprising mostly of constables and she decided to camp near Gajraj’s hiding and operating place. Some more constables were also deputed near her residence to make a simultaneous attack on the place she had discovered with Gopuram.Only Gopuram and Hariparasad new her plans, till the last moment.She camped around the area which fell near a river at night and operation had to last for four days.Constables were adjusted in tents and she had one separate tent fopr herself. Much to the delight of Gopuram, he was given the charge to watchguard Ajanta’s tent when madam slept.Also he was to get a good chance to act like her body guard.(He thought to himself – wah majaa aa gaya.Ab to mein madam ko sote or nahate bhi dekhunga. Jab yeh tent mein jayegi, to kapde badalte _ _ _ wah _ __ iske bade – bade pillloo_ _ _ aur iska sunder Ajanta ki murat jaise badan ___ (Wow what a joy.Now I will watch Madam sleeping, bathing and changing clothes.Her big big ‘pilloos’.Body Like Ajanta’s sculpture)(he was getting excited)
Ajanta while describing his duties watched at him and smiled – Kya baat hai Gopuram, thik thak ho?(What’s the matter Gopuram are you O.K)
Gopuram – Madam aap jaisi khoobsoorat aurat ka body guard ban ne ka mauka mil raha hai aur kya chaiye.(Madam I have got an opportunity to become a body guard of a beautiful lady like you, what else I need)
Ajanta – bas Gopuram koi naya dialogue bolo.(Gopuram enough, something new please)
Gopuram – Madam aapne training ke waqt bhi camp lagaye honge.(Madam you must have attended camp while training)
Ajanta – han bilkul.(Yes)
Gopuram – Koi mazedaar kissa sunaiye.(Madam tell me something interesting)
Ajanta could sense that he wanted some sexy stuff.
Ajanta – To suno. Jab hamari camping ka aakhri din tha tab ki baat hai.Hum sab saheliyon ne function rakha aur ek saheli ladke ke bhesh mein dulha bani. Mujhe unhone dulhan ki tara sajaya.Mein ek kone mein bethi sharma rahi thi. Tabhi zor se cheekh ki awaaz aayi. Jo ladki dulha bani thi weh pani mein gir gayi thi aur madad ke liye chilla rahi thi. Mein aur saheliyaan jheel ke pass gaye aur sab dar gayin. Meine turant apni sari uttari aur ek sira phenk ker use paani se bahar nikala.Baad mein jab mujhe apne adhi nangi hone ka ehsaas hua to mein bahut sharmai.Meri saheliyoon ne mujhe chheda aur mera petticoat aur blouse bhi uttar diya. Mujhe brassiere aur panty mein dekh kar khooob gudguddi ki. Mein bhi hanste -2 paagal ho gayi. Bhagwan ka shukar hai ki koi ladka nahin tha.(Listen, when it was the last day of our camping, we all friends kept a function.One of my friends became bridegroom dressed as man, and I was decorated like a bride.I was sitting in a corner blushing, then a loud shriek was heard.The one who posed as a bridegroom , had fallen into deep water.All my other friends were afraid.I stripped my saree and threw one end of the same and pulled her out of water.Afterwards on witnessing my half naked condition, I was filled with shame. My friends teased me and stripped my blouse and petticoat.Seeing me in bra and panty, they tickled me a lot.I was mad , laughing and laughing.)
Gopuram was hard on hearing this incident. – Madam yahan per bhi nadi hai aur haan yahaan per aapko chhodker sab purush hain. Gajraj ko pakar ne ke baad hum bhi apna function rakhein?Soch lijiye madam (he turned even more naughty – Hum to brazery bhi kheench lenge. Phir aap apne pilloo chhupate rahna.(Madam barring you here all are men. Should we keep a function later on, after we capture Gajraj?Think Madam, We will even pull the brassiere. Then you go on hiding your pilloos(breasts)).

02-08-2009, 07:57 PM
Ajanta blushed and was red on hearing this.First time he saw her feeling shy.
Ajanta – chup raho Gopuram bahut shararti ho.Tum kuchh jyada hi pilloo – pilloo karne lage ho..(Keep quiet you naughty.You are doing too much on my pilloos.)
Gopuram – Madam dekh lo ab to aapki zaban se bhi pilloo hi nikalta hai. (Madam see now you also have a habit of pronouncing pilloos only).
Ajanta (Winked) – Bachhe agar mere pilloo ko haath bhi lagaya naa, to current kha jaoge.(Child if you touch my pilloos you will witness current in your body) .
Gopuram – Madam phir to aapke peeche ka bhi kuchh karma hoga.(Madam something will have to be done to your posterior)
Ajanta (with horny expressions) – To kyat um sab milker meri gaand maroge (Will you all fuck my ass)And seeing Gopuram bewildered at this comment and expression of hers she laughed like anything.
Ajanta – Gopuram jante ho is naukri ke interview mein mujhse poochha gaya ki aap itni sunder hain kya criminals se dar nahin lagega (Gopuram during interview in this job I wasa asked, you are so beautiful will you not be afraid of criminals.)
Gopuram – Phir aapne kya kaha (Then what did you say)
Ajanta – Maine bindass ho kar kaha – jyada se jyada who mera balaatkar karenge aur kya(I turned free and said. Maximum they will **** me, so what)Achha ab batein bahut hui. Kaam karo(O.K lot of talking now. Lets work)
Ajanta started her operations. Camps were made and policemen located at segregated positions. Ajanta had her separate tent of her own and purposely she kept Gopuram to guard it.The first day Ajanta took a few policemen and through her sources , devices , etc., could secretively locate Gajraj’s camps and dens. She wanted to keep this activity for another two days before giving the final attack.The whole day went on locating Gajraj’s dens.She came back in the evening to her camp and advised her co-policemen also to take rest.
Ajanta – Gopuram, mein yahaan paas mein nadi mein nahan chahti hoon. Tum mere saath chalo.(Gopuram, I am going to have a bath in nearby river.Come with me)
Gopuram was delighted.
Ajanta wore her uniform shirt and pant but had put off her shoes. Gopuram could see a towel, pink coloured semi transparent nightie, white petticoat and blouse and a panty in her hands.He was excited.
Gopuram – Madam layiye apne kapde mujhe de di jiye .(Madam hand over your clothes to me.)
Ajanta handed over the bundle to him with asmile on her face.

02-08-2009, 07:57 PM
to be continued


03-22-2009, 04:23 AM
Both moved towards the river.On reaching the side, Ajanta took a towel from him and said – Gopuram , zara dhyan rakhna koi aa na jaye.(Gopuram take care lest any one comes)
Gopuram – Yes madam mein yahan per ke pichhe chhup jata hoon aur dekhta rahunga.(Madam, I will hide behind the tree and keep a watch)
Ajanta smiled.Gopuram went behind the tree, just to hide and secretively turn his head back to where Ajanta was standing.
Ajanta kept the towel on shore and her hands reached her chest. She started unbuttoning here shirt. Next moment she was just in a bra on her top. Ajanta unzipped her pant and put it off. Ajanta sexy and long legs were exposed to the maximum.Gopuram was excited – He watched her voluptuous beauty standing in just undergarments. His hands went on along his pocket and started masterbating.Ajanta meanwhile unhooked her brassiere and put off and threwit along her shirt. Her panty met the same fate. Ajanta tweaked her pink, prominent nipples and rubbed her cunt area against the sweat.Very soon Gopuram could see her tall sexy figure diving into water, her nude body had already arisen his feelings. He continued rubbing his hands as usual.He recollected- Pradhan’s dialogues – Wah kya bade – bade pilloo hein – brassiere uttarte hi chhitak ker bahar aa gaye.Iske gulabi nipple – ji karta hai kaat khaon.(Wow what big sized breasts she has.As she pulled her bra, they splashed out.And her pink nipples. Feel like biting them)
Ajanta took a nice bath and after finishing draped her beautiful body in the big towel.She also bunched her wet hair.Her boobs swayed heavily on her movements.
Ajanta – Gopuram zara mere kapde to do.(Gopu ram just give my clothes)
Gopuram – ji madam and he threw her bundle from behind the tree.
Ajanta started wearing her panty followed with petticoat and blouse and her nightie.Gopuram watched each and every step of hers.
Little did Ajanta knew that she was being watched by “somebody” across the hill.The man watching her continuously smacked his lips after glancing her sexy and voluptuous body.This man none other than – SHANKAR.His villaneous eyes turned even more horny.
Now it will be a fun. He thought to himself.He had joined gajraj Singh and knew that Ajanta was upto a strong and long compaign against them.
Ajanta launched a main attack the very next day along with her constables and policemen on Gajraj Singh.But before that she sent Hariprasad and Gopuram to destroy and capture Gajraj’s link (which she had noticed near her resident quarter as she wanted to go with things simultaneously).

03-22-2009, 04:24 AM
Ajanta reached the main den and shouted on Mike and warned Gajraj Singh to be out of den. All of a sudden firing broke out and Ajanta could see 4 of her constables down dead. She also opened firing and very soon their was a heavy exchange of bullets, hand grenades.Gajraj Singh’s men had to move out of den. Ajanta and her men fought bravely.It was like a full fledged war.Although Ajanta found herself in awinning spree, but she had faced a heavy loss of policemen. Finally Gajra Singh himself came out of den. He conspired with his four men including Shankar to grab Ajanta treacherously. – Badi mast aur tez aurat hai, Shankar to iske haath dekh chukka hai. Iske constable lagbhag khatam ho gaye phir bhi lad rahi hai. Ise dokhe se pakdo.Hamare aadmi bhi bahut khatam kar dale.(She is very ravishing and fast.Shankar has tasted her blows.She is fighting back , although her constables are almost finished.Catch her by trick.She has finished of many of our men, too)
Shankar and three other men decided to grab her from Back. Ajanta was noticed firing along Gajraj’s den. At the point when Shankar noticed she gunned down three of the fuffians together.Shankar threw his cap near a dig where Ajanta stood. Ajanta fired at the cap but noticed nothing. Shankar took advantage of her disturbed concentration for a while and all four attacked Ajanta. She was hit on shoulder and simultaneously one of the goons snatched and threw her revolver away. She was trapped by four men. However, akarate expert Ajanta proved tough. Very soon two of them were seen lying on the ground holding their stomach.
But all the same Ajanta also had received some blows from Shankar and his accomplice. She felt a bit weak and giving away.Seeing this Shankar pushed her down and she fell. Immediately he sat on her body, resting his whole body on her stomach. His hands reached Ajanta’s bosom and he unbuckled her belt.But Ajanta was swift. She raised her leg and kicked him from back. Shankar tumbled down and this time he attacked her taking help of his accomplice. They spread her arms on either side and kept each of their foot along her arms to prevent her hands moving. Ajanta yelled with pain.But again she raised her legs and kicked them on back. Both fell across the ground. Ajanta got up but Shankar’s accomplice was successful in pulling out her belt and throwing it at one side.
Ajanta got up to be pushed down again. She controlled herself to prevent her fall on the ground, but in the meanwhile Shankar did something which he was vying for. He turned around her back and seized her shirt just below the collar.
Chrrrrrrr________chrrrrr – there was a long tearing sound. Shankar tore her shirt off from the back and very soon both were greedily glancing her fair, creamy and sexy back and the white strap of her pure clean white brassiere.
Wah – Shankar’s accomplice remarked – Kya gori aur chikni peeth hai.Toone iski kameez ache se phaad di. Shankar ab zara aage se bhi ___(What a fair, creamy, soft back.Shanker you tore off her shirt well, nicely. Now from front too_ _ _)
Shankar – le thanedaarni teri peeth nangi ho gayi. Ab chal Gajraj ke pass. He turned to his accomplice – Meine kya kaha tha. Bada hi mast maal hai.Abhi thodi der mein tujhe aur kuchh dikhata hoon kya – iske wohi – pradhanji kya bole – pilloo(Come on Lady Inspector your back is bare now.What did I see.She is extremely ravishing and sexy.Now in few moments I will show you hers. What Pradhanji said – Pilloos).And his hand reached her right boob.He gave it a slight press.
Ajanta was trapped. Her back was totally nude and her lips bleeding. Her bare back gleamed in the sun shine and looked very sexy.Her cap was off her head and she was now caught by other two also, i.e four men – She remarked in a furious manner – Haraami, kamine, kutte.Meri kameez phaad di? Bada shauk hai tujhe mere pilloo dekhne ka. Ja kar apni maa ka _ _(You dog, bastard you tore off my shirt. Very fond of watching my boobs.Go watch your mother’s) (and before she completed, she was slapped by Shankar)
Shankar – Saali , raand tujhe ham achhi tarah jante hein. Tu koi bahut sharif _ _ _(We know you well you slut.You are no decent_ _)
Ajanta – chal haraami (You bastard)
Shankar again slapped her and pressed her boobs over her shirt Wah sach much kafi bada hai. Us din arman tha tera blouse phaad dene ka. Aaj kameez phaad kar ichha poori ho gayi. Ab Gajraj aur pradhanji ke aage tujhe nangi karenge – meri Ajanta Rani – yaani nangi Ajanta.(Who really big.That day I wanted to tear off your blouse. Today I have fulfilled my ambition by ripping your shirt.So my nude Ajanta dear- You will be totally stripped in front of Pradhan and Gajraj Singh)
Four ruffians almost dragged the lady inspector Ajanta, who was exhausted by now.She was sweating and bruised. Her shirt of course torn off completely from the back was somewhat tattered from sides too.
Gajraj Singh came out of his den. Ajanta saw him for the first time. Totally round dark complexioned face, with a fat tummy and hair all over the body he was even more horrible looking than Kaloo Singh. His face was half burnt.
His dirty teeth became prominent over his loud laughter, not less than a roar. And Ajanta was surprised to see Pradhan Bhajanraj accompanying him. He was still limping.
Gajraj – Wah, Wah kya Baat hai. Kyon Pradhan jitna tone bataya tha us se kai guna jyada sunder hai.(Wow, Pradhan what you had told she is more beautiful than that)then turning to Ajanta he laughed horribly – Kyon Ajanta Rani, bahut suna that tere bare mein aaj mulakat ho gayi.(Why Ajanta Darling I had heard a lot about you and today met you) He took her chin in his rough hand – Kya badiya maal hai. As he bent his face to kiss her, Ajanta turned his face around – Aha sharma gayi mujhse – ha ha ha- chali thi Gajraj Singh se takkar lene.Are zara dekho to. Iski phati kameez – iske yeh do kabootar bahar aane ko machal rahe hein.Kyon meri jaan – kar doon teri in chhatiyon ki maalish.(Aha Feeling shy off from me.You were here to combat ME? See her torn shirt and her two big pigeons. Vying to fly off.Why dear- should I massage your breasts.)

03-22-2009, 04:24 AM
Ajanta – Ajanta ko harana itna asaan nahin sale , haraame. Tujh jaise kai mujrim _ _ _(To defeat Ajanta is not easy, you bastard.Many criminals like you _ _ _)
Gajaraj Singh – Ari oh Nangi Ajanta. Jyada mat bol. Kyon Pradhan kya haal kiya tha isne tera. Ab aage bad aur phaad iski c_ _ _ t.(Oh nude Ajanta donot talk too much.Pradhan what condition she made of you. Now proceed and tear off her cunt)
Pradhan –Iska to mein who haal karoonga (I will make her condition worse) He proceeded to kiss her but Ajanta kicked him on abdomen.Pradhan stumbled.
Ajanta – chal kamine. Bhool gaya us din ki maar.(You swine. You forgot my blows received on that day)
Gajraj – Yeh badi zalim cheeze hai Pradhan. Tere bas kei nahin.(She is very horny and captivating. You cannot control her)
He turned towards Ajanta and said – Dekh meri jaan ab to phadak na band ker. Ham ab sab milker tujhe naga karenge aur bari – bari tera **** karenge.Aur phir mein tere is naram – narma mass ko kacha khaonga. Uske baad teri nangi lash in gaon ke chauk per rakh denge.(My dear stop jumping now. We will now together strip you and **** you turn wise.And then I will chew your soft creamy flesh.And further your naked body will be thrown in the heart of this village.)
Ajanta spat on his dark face and gave him a kick. Gajraj fell down.
He was furious. He got up and turned violent – Ajanta teri yeh himmat. Saali Randi. Ab dekh mein tera kya haal karta hoon.(How dare you, you slut.Now see what condition I turn you to)
All of as udden his hands went on her collar and he started tearing her shirt like a mad guy. Chirr- churrr – frrr – With tearing sounds Gajraj tore of her shirt into shreds and Ajanta had only a brassiere left on her upper part of her body. Her clean white bra however was not sufficient to hide her massive ‘pilloos’, which were dying to sprung out like two pigeons.All of them glanced lustily to her voluptuous sexy, figure. Ajanta looked at all of them with a sigh. Was she going to be defeated? – She thought.
Gajraj told the ruffians to raise her arms. His eyes greedily watched the sides of her big booboos and clean shaved armpits.He started tickling them with force. But Ajanta was not effected. He pinched the sides of her boobs and his hands further reached along the sides of her curvy waist.His strong, hefty hands pressed both the sides of her waist with force. Ajanta felt pain, but she did not cry. Gajraj poked his finger into her deep navel and started playing with it. He was murmuring very cheap remarks about her various parts of the body.
Ajanta indeed had a very beautiful body and it was played by these ruffians. Gajraj – chalo bahut hua. Ab ise pakar ke poora nanga kar do.(Enough. Now catch hold of her and strip her naked)And Shanker’s hands went to the middle of her chest catch the front of her bra.
But all of a sudden there was a firing shot and Shanker was found lying in the pool of blood.A bullet hit him and he fell down the earth. Before they all could understand an another ruffian met the same fate.
Ajanta did not wait to find who her helper was and seeing the opportunity attacked them all. While she moved her big boobs feebly controlled by her soft cotton fabric bra cups.Her curvy waist swayed either ways when she jumped on the ruffians and started with her martial arts.It was not late when confused Gajraj Singh and his left over handful of men along with the brave beautiful Lady Inspector Ajanta, saw Ranvir arriving in the scene and he continued firing with his gun.He already had gunned down few ruffians. There was a halt in the scene. Ajanta stared at him.All of a sudden one of Gajraj’s man caught hold of Ajanta and started smooching her boobs. His hands brushed the exposed portion of her bulging ‘pilloos’.As his hands tried to pull the right cup of her bra, he received a stunning bullet on his arm. The ruffian fell down unconsciousness. The pradhan Bhajan raj was terrified. He knew that his time was over and Ranvir will take all revenge.
Ranvir – Pradhan aaj tujh se saare hisab chukaonga.Ajantaji aap bas shuru ho jayi ye.(Pradhan today I am going to settle my scores with you.Madam Ajanta please start)
Both of them started attacking Gajaraj and his men. At last only Gajraj was left in a bruised condition.Ajanta grabbed him from his collar.
Ajanta – Kyon be Gajraj. Tujhe pata hai na mein kaun hoon.- INSPECTOR AJANTA.Kya kaha tha tone – Nangi Ajanta.Mujhe to tu poora naga nahin kar saka ab mein kal tujhe poora nanga karoongi. (You Gajraj, You know who I am, - INSPECTOR AJANTA.What did you say – Nude Ajanta.You could not strip me completely, but I am going to strip you completely now)And she kept on thrashing him till he was unconscious. He was now in same condition as Kaloo Singh with bruised body, bnroken limbs and eye. In fact he had lost his eye and one leg forever.Ajanta and Ranvir dumped him in the jeep.

03-22-2009, 04:25 AM
Ajanta – Thank you Ranvir. Tumne aaj phir bahut madad ki. Aaj case bhi solve ho gaya.(Ranvir thanks you helped me a lot in solving this cae today)
Ranvir (in teasing tone) – Who to thik hai per aap _ _ _ _(Its OK but today you _ _)(he gazed at her exposed portion of breasts and cleavage) – Aap lag bahut khoobsoorat rahin hai.(You are looking very beautiful)
Ajanta – oh to yeh baat hai. Mister, aap zara apni nazarein thik rakhein aur haan police ki jo madad ki hai uska inaam to milega per tum bhi apna daru ka dhanda _ _ _(Oh this is the matter.Please keep your eyes away and you definitely will be rewarded for the help you have rendered to police but please stop your wine business_ _ _)
And before she could complete, Moti jumped on her naked shoulders and started licking over her naked skin of shoulders. His tongue reched her breastline too. Ajanta gasped.
Ranvir laughed – Mujhse jyada Moti inaam lene ke mood mein hai. Yeh kya Moti tu Madam ken age kandhon per beth gaya.(Moti is in a better mood to have some reward.Aei Moti what is this, you have sat on Madam’s naked shoulders)
Ajanta smiled too – Aakhir kutta kiska hai?(After all whose dog is he)
Ranvir – Madam ise kutta mat kahiye.Yeh to _ __(Madam don’t call him a dog. He is __ _)
Ajanta (cutting him short) – Hindi filmon ka villain hai.(A villain of Hindi movies)
Ranvir – Ji haan. Isse bachker rahiya. Kahin bigar gaya to apni izzat nahin bacha payengi.(Yes beware of him.If he ravages, you won,t be able to save your honour)
Ajanta – Mister Ajanta ka balaatkar karne wala paida nahin hua. Bahut logon ne koshish ki.(Mr. The one to **** Ajanta is yet to be born.Many tried but in vain)
Ranvir pulled out his jacket and gave her – lijiye madam apna nanga pan dhak lo.Kahin gaon walon ne is haal mein dekh liya to ___(Come on Madam, Cover up your bare portion of body. If villagers see you in this condition _ _)
Ajanta and Ranvir laughed. Ajanta covered her naked upper portion by his jacket.
The next day a handicapped Gajraj was paraded naked in the whole area. The localites breathed in peace.
Ajanta’s main mission although was over yet she was to stay for some more days to finish of some roots which were responsible for Gajraj Singh’s operation in the area.
Any way the local people decided to arrange a function and Honour Ajanta and her policemen.
It was a day of function .DSP from Etawah was also invited by Ajanta and her staff.
Ajanta decided to dress elegantly for the function.She dressed herself in a Sexy blood red georgette saree with magenta combination. This outrageous red saree had magenta border and pallu in zari with cutdana work along with unique designer style embroidered buttis scattered on the shoulder. Saree had all over scattered flecks of the same work all over along with a matching sleeveless blouse.She looked heavily ravishing and damn sexy with some make up and red lipstick on her already red lips and her black abundant hair well combed and let loose behind and touching her back.The villagers vyed at her beauty.
One of the men Gangu said to his friend Ramu – Wah kya sundari hai.Aur jab hansti hai to daant moti jaise chamakte hain.(What a beauty. When she laughs, her teeth gleam like pearls)

03-22-2009, 04:25 AM
Ramu ( he had ugly large and pointed teeth) – Hai man karta hai apne daanton se iska blouse chir daaloon.Aur iske bade bade who paradhan kya kehta tha – ‘Pilloo’ per kaat khaoon.(I feel like ripping her blouse with my sharp teeth. And bite on her big , Pradhan said – Pilloos)
Gangu – Bhaiya jara sambhal ke. Isko nanga kiya to tujhe nanga kar degi. Aise hi itne daaku nahin mar diya. Mujrimon ko nanga ker ke marti hai.(Brother save yourself.You try to strip her, she will pull you nude.She bares the criminals and hits them)
Ramu – Kuchh bhi bol cheese lajawab hai – kya bade, gol-gol chuttar.bal khayi kamar aur beech mein yeh gol si soondi (navel).Aur achhe khase hilte – julte pilloo.lagta hai khoob sara doodh bhar rakha hai.Aaa jaare baiji se kehte hain ise nachwaye.(What abig ass globes, curvy waist and a cute navel in the midriff.And these jumping shaking boobs.Seems lot of milk filled in the same. Tell ‘Bajji’ to make her dance)
The function had started. DSP praised Ajanta for her bravery and so did the people around.But Ajanta who was glittering in that red bridal saree and some make –up too, gave equal credit to Ranvir and her policemen also, without whom the whole episode would not have finished successfully.Anyways the function had begun and some village ladies wearing ghagra and choli had started dancing.It was an insistence from the crowd particularly males that Ajanta should dance. Ajanta laughed at this and felt shy. But then few women accompanied by and elderly lady, whom all addressed baiji,almost pulled Ajanta inside an adjoining tent.
Baiji – wah kya sunder cheese hai tu. Tu police officer kyon bani. Tujhe to kisi film ki heroine hona chaiye tha.(What a beautiful object you are. Instead of a police woman, you should have been a heroine in movies)
A smile ran on Ajanta’s beautiful face and baiji could see her beaming teeth. Ajanta was red.
Baiji – Are wah kya khubsoorat aur masom chehra hai. Jara nazrein to utha. (What a beautiful face. Come on just raise your eyes)And she caught hold of Ajanta’s chin and raised it. Ajanta continued smiling – Aha tu to chaand ka tukda hai.(Your face is like a moon)
Baiji – Ab aisa ker jara apne kapde uttar.(Now remove your clothes)
Ajanta gasped – Baiji yeh kya keh rahi ho.(What are you saying ‘bajji’)
Baiji – Are chal kapde uttar. Tere kapde badal ker tujhe nachana hai.(Come on remove your clothes.After changing your clothes we want you to dance)
Ajanta almost hid her face in her hands.
Baiji – Are dulhan ki tarah sharma mat. Mein teri maa jitni hoon.(Don’t blush like a bride.I am like your mother.)
Ajanta was still hesitant. Baiji held her hand and took her further inside. She summoned two other women.
Baiji – are yeh aise nahin manegi. Chalo shuru ho jao.(She won’t obey like this. Come on begin) One of the women caught hold of her saree pallu and started pulling it. Ajanta could not say anything. Her body just swirled around and very soon she was sari less.Ajanta felt as if ragged
Baiji pranked again – wah jab sirf petticoat aur blouse mein hi itni bijli gira rahi hai, to iske neeche kya hoga.(When in just petticoat and blouse you can kill others and look ravishing, what will happen at the site of underneath) She glanced at her heaving waist. Ajanta’s curves moved along with her breath.
Baiji – chalo ab iska blouse aur petticoat uttar do.(Come on remove her blouse and petticoat too)
Ajanta stooped them however. Baiji mein khud kar loongi.However Baiji, herself started unhooking her blouse and also undid the string of her petticoat.
Ajanta put off her blouse. Baiji remarked – tujhe blouse uttarte kisi ne dekh liya to woh to in kayamat khez chatiyon ko dekh ker behosh ho jayega. Jaanti hai teri in sunder tango ke darshan to maine us din bazaar mein ker liye the. Who kamina Pradhan. Tu khoob bahadur se ladi.(If someone sees you removing blouse, he will faint on watching your ‘killer’ boobs.I had anyways seen your beautiful legs that day in the market.That crude Pradhan. You had put a brave fight)Ajanta smiled and went on listening.
Baiji continued – Per ek baat badi pyaari bol gaya Pradhan jo bhulegi nahin .(But one thing he said appeared cute)
Ajanta – who kya.(What’s that) She was undoing her petticoat.
Baiji – Angrezi bahut maarta tha. Kya kaha usne – teri in badi chhatiyon ko – Pilloo.(Used a lot of English.What did he comment on your big breasts Pilloos)
Ajanta – uska matlab pillow yani takiya tha.(He meant pillow )
Baiji (winked) – thik hi to hai. Teri chaatiyan kisi pilloo si kam thodi hain. Koi bhi sar rakh ker so sakta hai. Agar mein mard hoti to bas.Aur tere yeh gullabi nipple.Bajji asked her while glancing her pink tits backed by aureola(Its right your breast are no less than pillows.Any body can rest. If I were a man.And your pink nipples)
Ajanta (blushing) – to kya.(What)
Baiji – Tujhe kheton mein le jakar teri izzat loot leti, haan.(Would have dragged you in fields and raped you)
Ajanta – Meri izzat lootne wala paida nahin hua. Ab mujhe kapde do.(The one to fuck me is yet to be born. Please give me the clothes)
Bajji held a red ghaghra in her hands and let Ajanta wear it.Ajanta wore it and found it long touching her ankles. Her Red ghaghra was embellished with a lot of mirror work and patch work imparting it a very glittering traditional appeal.Her coloured ‘Choli’ formed the bodice of the costume andwas equally elaborate with mirror work as well as patch work.It had to be tied up with strings. Bajji helped her do so by pushing the strings along her back.Her choli well fought her big pointed breasts and positions of her nipples was quite prominent.Her curves along the waist were clearly visible as the choli was tight and short in comparison to her blouses. Ajanta’s navel shone well three inches above her waistline above ghaghra and it was well highlighted with some kind of decoration done by the village ladies.While keeping the ‘dupatta’ on her head as she came out , there were fires among people. All eyes glued to her sexy body. Ajanta looked like a village belly.
The function began and along with few other girls Ajanta danced heartily.All eyes were stuck to her swaying body and movements of her hips and waist sides. The menfolk clearly eyed on her round cute navel.Her boobs danced with her body.Infact some women expressed the fear of her choli being torn by the pressure of her bulging ‘pilloos’.
After the whole function was over the DSP praised Ajanta and her team for her bravery and also applauded Ranvir.He told that she would be transferred back to Etawah soon. Ajanta requested few more days as she had to still explore as to who was supplying arms to Gajraj Singh.
Ajanta went inside the room to change and wear her original dress i.e. saree and blouse.She removed her duppatta and threw it on the cot. Infront of a long mirror, she stood , her fingers searching for the knot of her ghaghra. All of a sudden Ranvir entered.
Ajanta (smiled) – Bolo Ranvir kaise aana hua.(Yes Ranvir, How come you are here?)
Ranvir – aapka bahut dhanya vad. Mujhe sarkar se inaam dilaya.(Thanks for the Prize I had from the govt.
Ajanta – Abhi tumhe mere saath ek kaam aur karma hai.(We are yet to accomplish one job together)
Ranvir – janta hun. Us hathyar supplier to dhoondhna hai.(I know. We are to locate that arms supplier)
Ajanta – Ek- do din mein apna plan bataungi.Kya baat hai aaj Moti nahin aaya.(I will tell my plan in coming One or two days.What’s the matter.Moti has not turned up today)
Ranvir – lagta hai aapko Moti se pyaar ho gaya hai.To lijiye hazir hai.(Seems you are in love with Moti.So here he is.)

03-22-2009, 04:27 AM
Ajanta heard a soft barking sound and before she could react Moti pearched on her shoulder.He was a naughty dog anyway.With his sharp teeth he started playing with the straps of her choli.
Ajanta – Aei you doggy, kya kar rahe ho.(Aei you dog what are you upto)
Ajanta became a bit shaky. Moti had climbed her back and clinched her choli straps in his teeth. As she pushed him down her shoulders, the straps of her choli got snapped by Moti and broke off.
My God. Ajanta’s choli got a slid and moved below her shoulders barely covering her breasts.Otherwise too the pressure of her bulging boobs was so immense that the front part of it now totally unsupported had a tendency to give away. But Moti kept on jumping her body. Ranvir laughed.Moti jumped from ground and this time his teeth grasped the front portion of the flimsy choli.It was terrible for Ajanta to note that she was left only in a ghaghra and felt ashamed.
Ajanta – Kya kar rahe ho _ _ _ ufff_ _ _ _ she desperately hid her boobs with her arms _ _ _ Ranvir roko isse _ _ uii _ __ hai __ Tum logon ko sharam nahin aati.(Oh what you are upto.Ranvir stop him.No shame at all).
In the process not only her torn choli was slid away , Moti’s teeth very slighty bit her right boob.- Ouch – Ajanta yelled – ouii ma- Yeh to kaat raha hai.(Oh Maa.He bites)
Ranvir(in a teasing tone)- Moti are yaar yeh kya kiya.Madam ke itne gore aur khubsoorat pilloo per tone kaat diya.Kahin inka naram mass kat gaya to?Ab madam ki kisi aur jagah per hamla mat ker dena.(Moti friend what are you upto.Madam’s extremely fair and ravishing boobs have been bitten by you.What if the flesh gets cut.? Now donot attack any other body part of hers)
Ajanta – Bade besharam ho.Tum bhi bas – shuru ho gaye?(You are very shameless.Gicve a chance and you have started)
Moti the little dog continued his mischiefs.He now attacked her waist where Ajanta had tied her ghaghra.Ajanta was aghast.- Are ab kya yeh mera ghaghra phaad dega? Ranvir roko ise (Will you tear off my ghaghra? Ranvir stop him). Ranvir was enjoying the show. Ajanta desperately tried to hide her boobs and when she felt Moti could pull her ghaghra down she used one of her hands to prevent this, as a result exposing her right breast totally.
Ranvir – Moti ruk ja ab. Madam ki aaj kafi exercise ho gayi.(Moti stop now.Madam has done a lot of exercise)
Ajanta hid her breasts with her arms and went behind the almirah. She was ashamed.Her rosy cheks had now become red.
Ranvir – Koi baat nahin madam hota hai (Never mind Madam it happens). He caught hold of her blouse kept on the cot.
Ajanta – are isse kahan le ja raho ho. Mera blouse mujhe do.(Where are you taking it. Give back my blouse)
Ranvir – Aap bhool gayin madam.(You forgot madam)
Ajanta (in a very embarrassed state) – Kuchh nahin bhooli tum mera blouse idhar phenko.(No I have not forgotten anything. Throw my blouse to me)
Ranvir – Achha madam. Moti jara madam ko yaad dila.(OK Madam.Moti just make her recollect.)
Moti jumped on cot and caught hold of her brassiere.
Ranvir – Kyon madam isse nahin pehengi pehle.(Madam won’t you wear this before)
Ajanta – oh (She really forgot that she had to wear her bra first).A smile came on her apparently angry and red face.
Ranvir – Moti ab madam ko jyada tang mat karo. Madam is gusse mein kitni haseen lag rahi hain.(Moti donot harass her.Madam looks more beautiful in a spate of this anger)
Ajanta – Mr.Moti zara mujhe meri bra de do.(Mr.Moti just give back my bra)
Ranvir – Moti aapke paas hai. Zara haath baraiye aur le lijiye.(Moti is besides you.Stretch your hand and take it).
Ajanta released her right hand to forward it and take her pure white cotton brassiere off Moti’s teeth.In this process her right breast was fully exposed for a moment.
Ranvir – Madam sambhal ke.(Be careful Madam)
Ajanta – Kya hua.(What happened)
Ranvir – Kuchh nahin, aapka dahina pilloo ek dum nanga ho gaya.Waise bhi yeh Moti ke doodh pine ka time hai.Jara bach ke.(Madam your right breast is exposed.Otherwise too this is time when Moti takes milk.Be careful)
Ajanta was red – besharam kahin ke. Bhago yahan se.(Runaway from here you shameless)Ajanta came out of her hiding place , hid her breasts through folded arms and turned her sexy creamy back towards them
Both Ranvir and Moti turned back and left.
Ajanta held her bra in her hand and thought of the whole thing. She started laughing to herself – Badmash kahin ke.Mere pilloo se doodh piyega woh kutta (Loafer.That dog will consume the milk from my breast).She laughed again.
She quickly wore her bra and undid her ghaghra. In few moments she was again dressed in her elegant red saree.
Back in her quarter, Ajanta went staright inside her bedroom and threw herself on bed.A smile was running on her face. She caught hold of another pillow in her hands and embraced it to her bosom. Thw whole ‘naughty’incident with Moti and Ranvir ran like a film in her mind.Shge felt shy and started laughing slowly, while hiding her red face in her hands- My God. Ranvir saw her stripped above her waist.Her pink nipples beneath her brassiere hardened. – Oh my God why I am so excited.She slightly removed her pallu and her hand cupped her left breast – Shararti kahin ka.(Very naughty he was indeed)- she spoke to herself.Ajanta was excited.Her hands started moving all around her upper part of the body.She cupped her magnanimous boobs and pressed them slightly.Due to her body movements, her saree and petticoat started sliding up her sexy , creamy legs but Ajanta did not bother.She was in her fantasies. Ajanta although a tough police officer , but in any case was a young , beautiful woman with desires in her heart.She felt her emotions rising.Every now and then she hid her face in the pillow and felt shy like a bride.Sometimes she removed the pillow, thought of the exciting incident and hid her face in her hands and laughed – Oh my God – Ranvir has seen my naked breasts.A second thought entered her mind - Come on Ajanta why your so fussy. This is not the first time a person has seen you nude.But thinking of Rnvir and the episode, she in any case was excited.(Little did Ajanta know that her servant was peeping inside the door and watching her movements along with her disturbed pallu and movement of breasts.- Wah kaise machal rahi hai. Dil karta hai isko apni bahon mein bhar ker isko nanga kar doon aur iski c_ _ _t phaad ke rakh doon(Wow she is growing horny.Feel like stripping her totally after grabbing her in my arms and tear of her c_ _ t)

03-22-2009, 04:31 AM
Ajanta was busy in her own. She got up and removed her saree. Massaging her ‘pilloos’ over her blouse she went inside her bathroom.One by one Ajanta removed all her clothes and very soon she was below the shower. Moving her hands again along the upper part of her body, her fingers went inside her vagina. Her cunt had become red hot. She thrust her fingers inside and masterbated heartily.
Ajanta had now one objective left over. To laocate the arms supplier to Gajraj Singh. It was not very Long that through her skills she could locate that it was a chemist shop owner 15 km from her place. She secretively planned with Hariparasad and set her men right. They were all supposed to reach that shop beneath which there was a factory running underground to manufacture arms.Ajnat told Hariprasad to be there after two days with two constables in plain civilian clothes.She decided to pose as a Doctor and go with Ranvir.
Ajanta after two days decided to give the final attack. She wore a blue and deep pink double toned faux georgette saree embellished with sequins, stones and booti work with embroidered blouse.Her blouse was sleeveless pure party wear like with straps behind. Ajanta decided not to wear a bra which was very unusual as she seldom went out without her brassiere.She had selected a black panty today which was again not a normal self of herself as she always wore a combination of pure white bra and panty.
As she reached the shop with Ranvir she used her techniques to convince Joginder , the chemist that she was a doctor. But little did Joginder realized that he had been trapped.Ajanta arrested him and told Hariprasad to take him away with her other constables and put him behind the bars.
Ajanta’s mission was over. She was very happy over her success.She decided to go back with Ranvir.
Ranvir started driving the jeep.All of a sudden it started raining.As both Ranvir and Ajanta could not prevent themselves from being drenched they decuided to take shelter.They saw a small hut at a distance.
Ranvir and Ajanta went inside the small hut. To their utter surprise they found a bed containing very neat and clean white bed sheet on it and two pillows.Ranvir’s body was little drenched. Ajanta also was quite wet although not thoroughly drenched, she however could see wet patches of rain water on her saree and blouse.The hut was small. Ajanta closed the door from inside.
Ajanta – Pata mahin yahan kaun regta hai. Ghar ek dum saaf suthra hai aur darwaza bhi khula hai.(God knows who stays here.The house is so clean and the door is open too)
Ranvir did not say anything. He kept on watching Ajanta who was slightly shivering due to her wet body. Ranvir could well see her wet saree clinging to her body and revealing her mid riff to the maximum extent. Although Ajanta had wrapped her pallu carefully but her wet blouse could clearly revealing the stats of her magnificient booboos, as she had not worn a brassiere that day.Her left nipple was clearly delineated and visible. Ajanta was looking like a heroine performing a sexy song or item in a rain.Her wet hair fell on her face covering it half and it glittered like a moon. Ajanta was very happy on completing her mission successfully.She complemented Ranvir for that.Ranvir was thoroughly looking at Ajanta and went near her. He kept his hands on her shoulders and slowly his arms moved around her creamy waist.He held her tight. Ajanta gasped and turned her back – Ranvir??
Ranvir – Ajanta , tum aaj bahut khoobsoorat lag rahi ho.(Ajanta you are looking very beautiful today)
Ajanta – Who to mein roz hi lagti hoon. Apne haath hatao.(That I look everyday. Remove your hands.)- She said in a stern voice.
Instead she found Ranvir taking her up more tightly in her arms.She was stunned.- Ranvir yeah kya harkat hai. Chhodo mujhe.(Ranvir wht is this you are upto. Leave me)
Ranvir – Nahin Ajanta. Aaj nahi.(No Ajanta not today)
Ranvir held her firm. Ajanta struggled- ouii Ranvir aah chhodo mujhe yeah kya badtameezi hai (Ouchh.Ranvir leave wht is this misbehavior you are upto)
Ranvir – mein tumhe chahne laga hoon.(I have started loving you)
Ajanta – Nahin chhod do mujhe. Mein ek police officer hoon. Tum is tarah mere saath_ __(No leave me. You cannot do this to a police officer_ _ )
Ranvir did not pay any heed. He started kissing Ajanta’s lips and rosy fair cheeks.- Tum ek police officer hone ke saaath ek aurat bhi ho.(You are a woman too apart being a police officer)
Ajanta – Tum kya mera balaatakar karoge.(Will you **** me)
Ranvir – Jaisa tum samjho.(As you take it)
Ajanta had now started struggling. A karate expert she was, she tried to play some stactics using her hand. But Ranvir was no less. He outsmarted and negativated all her actions and very soon Ajanta was on his shoulders.Ajanta started screaming – Nahin chhod do mujhe, Ranvir meri izzat _ _ _ (Ranvir leave me. My honour_ __ ) Ranvir picked her up and threw her on the bed.
Ajanta – Yeah kya tumne mujhe bistar per kyon patak diya. (Ranvir why did you throw me on the bed like this)
Ranvir - Tumhe pyar karne ke liye.(To make love with you)
Ajanta was aghast. Thoughts started flashing her mind. She was a police officer. After brushing all ruffians who came across her will she be defeated by Ranvir. After all Ranvir was also a ruffian in her view (be a do gooder type only) but she held a high status.Ajanta started struggling like a heroine who was held in clutches of a villain and trying to save herself from ****.
Ranvir was now busy kissing Ajanta’s cheeks and lips and portions around neck. He caught hold of her pallu and slid it. Ranvir could clearly see her popping boobs and fair cleavage. Ajanta’s round, large navel could make anybody made. Ranvir’s one hand went along her tummy and he started massaging and smooching her curves. Ajanta cried with little pain when his finger roughly pierced her creamy navel- ouiiiii , aaahhhh Ranvir kya kar rahe ho chhodo mujhe please.(Ranvir wht are you doing, please leave me)
Ranvir – Ajanta mein tumhe nahin chhodonga.(Ranvir I will not leave you) And he tightened his grip by his strong muscles, over her body. Ajanta turned around and now her back faced Ranvir. She wanted to twist her body and free herself from Ranvir’s clutches.But Ranvir moved slightly side ways and grabbed her again. He started kissing her back violently and tried to move her body facing his postion.But Ajanta firmly held the sides of the bed with her spread arms. She pleaded ranvir again, but her plead and struggles were of no use.Tears rolled her cheeks. First time she felt so weak. Ajanta started crying.Amidst tearful voice she said – Ranvir chhodo mujhe. Tum meri izzat lootna chahte ho _ __(Ranvir leave me. You intend to **** me_ __ __ )
Ranvir (interrupted) – Apna chehra meri or ghumao.(Turn your face towards me)
Ajanta – Nahin kabhi nahin.(No never)

03-22-2009, 04:32 AM
Ranvir took Ajanta’s blouse straps in his teeth and gave it a pull. His arms still gripped her body tightly. In few seconds her fair creamy and meaty back shone in the light lit in the hut.Her sleeveless flimsy blouse had given away slighty off her shoulders too, owing to the hard and intense pressure from her large ‘pilloos’.Even her shoulders were exposed now.Ajanta felt embarrassed. Ajanta turned around realizing the nudity of her back and tried to push Ranvir. Ranvir however caught hold of her blouse and pulled it away. He threw her blouse at the corner of the room. Ajanta’s boobs sprung out like two pigeons facing Ranvir and her two nipples naughtily hung on either side like to big pink cherries.Ranvir buried his face in her breasts like a small child and started licking , kissing and biting them. He tweaked her nipples and pressed them with all strength – aaaaahhhhh, ufffffff - Ajanta cried. Ranvir cupped her breasts one by one and started massaging them.She again pushed Ranvir and this time succeeded in doing so.Ajanta got up and realizing that her boobs were naked tried to move away covering her chest with her folded arms. But she moved opposite the door and it was not a correct direction for her to get away. In a spurt to hide her ‘pilloos’ she even forgot her swayed pallu. Ranvir took advantage and started pulling her saree. Ajanta discovered her saree pleats giving away from the border of her blue petticoat.Soon her saree laid along her sleeveless blouse and Ajanta was standing in the corner of the room facing Ranvir desperately covering her boobs with her hands.She moved backwards but the room had it limits. Again she was in the grip of Ranvir who picked her up in his arms and laid her on bed. Now a wrestling session started between them in which Ranvir overpowered Ajanta quite a number of times and climbed upon her body licking all the exposed parts. He caught hold of the hem of her petticoat and lifted it up so as to form a bunch along Ajanta’s waist. Ranvir moved downwards licking Ajanta’s soft skinned , long and creamy legs which she could not move owing to ranvir’s strong Grip.She kept on screaming and crying. Ranvir got up and held Ajanta’s hands with his on either side. Again her struggle went in vain.Ranvir’s lips went on the side of Ajanta’s neck and he kissed her on the same.His kiss followed another one on her right cheek.His hands moved little down and he undid the string holding her petticoat. Ranvir got up and grasped her petticoat like a bunch of cloth and threw it along the side where her other clothes lay.Before Ajanta could act Ranvir’s hand thrust inside her panty and he moved his fingers an rubbed her vaginal portion.His fingers snapped few of her pubic hairs too.Ajanta all of a sudden noticed a knife kept at the floor. At one instance she thought of taking it up and dragging it to Ranvir, but_ __ __
Ranvir’s actions did their role. Ajanta who was weeping so far developed a different feeling.She was excited now and remembered the instances when she used to get excited on seeing Ranvir. Her mind started having double thoughts- On one side the lady inspector inside her told her to struggle and get away and not be fucked like this unwantingly. On the other side the woman inside her had also started showing her burning desires.She now had started enjoying the kisses of Ranvir. Ranvir now slid her panty and smelled it once before throwing it away.As Ranvir rubbed her pussy again, she gave away. The woman with burning desires in her won over the lady inspector and she clasped her arms around Ranvir.
Ranvir did notice this change in her but he was busy sucking her pink large nipples and big pilloos.Ajanta was going crazy with Ranvir’s touch and his sucking and licking on her boobs and nipples.Ranvir’s hands moved around her buttocks and he pressed them.Ajanta got even more excited. Her clitoris now started burning and her nipples became red hot and hard.She started longing for sex. Ajanta who was struggling to free herself a few moments back from Ranvir’s arms now took him in his arms and started removing his shirt.One could hear slow moaning sounds from both.A different wrestling session started between them now.

Ranvir caught Ajanta’s buttocks and pussy from behind and started to rub them hardly he was wild and when Ajanta was no more able to stand and she leaned over the bed on her stomach, he also fell on her and started kissing her legs while rubbing both her butts cheeks wildly, he was kissing her thighs and he came up to kiss her butts, while he was drawing line over her butt crack while then he caught her pussy again rubbing. Ranvir fingered her cunt then he turned Ajanta to lay on her back he started to kiss her lips, neck, and sucking Ajanta’s pilloos, while his one hand was pressing her pussy and other was running over her butts crack. Then Ranvir started to suck her breasts one by one again. Ajanta was getting horny that she can’t resist or control – aaahhhhh oooouuuiiiii offfooo – Ranvir phaad do meri c____t.(Ranvir tear of cunt)Uhhhhhh hmmmmmmm. Aaahhhhh – Ajanta started moaning loudly.Ranvir masal do mere in dono pillloo ko.Kaat do mere nipple (Ranvir crush my boobbos.Bite my nipples)–oooouuiiiii ummmmmm hiiiiiiii. She moaned and held him more tightly and unzipped his pants and threw it away.Her cunt was wet now and nipples hardened like stones.
Ranvir made her fully wet with his kisses and smooch, he got down to her deep navel started to finger, blow air and kiss her navel hard. Then he got down little more to lick her pussy, he was licking me so deep Ajanta was getting wild with the sensation he was giving.Ranvir had put his tongue inside her vagina many times and licked the gummy liquid he found. Finally Ranvir finished licking her body parts.

Ajanta soon spread her creamy legs to him, he came between her legs, he put his dick right into Ajanta’s pink juicy cunt started to move in and out of her vagina, he was slowly giving me strokes while he was cuddling her right ‘pilloo’ like a baby, she was getting excited more and more, he was slowly increasing his speed and started to give her hard and quick strokes. Ajanta smacked and bit her lips and started to enjoy his fucking, started give moans and gasps of pleasure, his throb was heavy and firm, she had become fully wet and enjoying the fuck also he was enjoying each and everything of Ajanta’s sexy beautiful body. Finally we both reached their climax. Ranvir cummed inside her cunt.Ajanta enjoyed the healthy cum after a very long, enjoyable healthy intercourse.Both finished satisfied and sweating.
Ranvir got up and started wearing clothes.He threw himself on a chair and was in deep thoughts.Ajanta was still lying on the bed with closed eyes, her naked body covered with a bed sheet.Soon she got up and went closer to Ranvir.
Ajanta – Ranvir kya baat hai bahut serious ho gaye.(Ranvir what is the matter, you are so serious?)
In reply Ranvir took out a dagger from his pocket – Ajanta tum mujhe khatam kar do.(Ajanta you finish me off)
Ajanta was surprised – Kyon? (Why)
Ranvir – Maine tumhare saath balatkaar kiya hai. Mein bhavna mein itna beh gaya ki _ ___(I have raped you. I got emotional)
Ajanta started laughing – Ranvir tumne meri izzat nahin looti (Ranvir you have not raped me)and then she explained that although initially reluctant she herself was swayed in emotions as Ranvir had proved to be good lover. Also she went on showing him the knife by which she could have defended herself.
Ajanta put her arms around his neck – Ranvir sachmuch aaj pehli baar koi achhe se pyar karne wala mila hai.Tumne meri vasna ki aag bharka ker shaant ker diya.(Ranvir first time I got a genuine lover.You have quenched all my thirsts and lusts after provoking them).She showered kisses on him. Ranvir was now convinced. His mood changed to happy one.
Ranvir – Tum bhi sachmuch cheeze ho Ajanta.(You are really a great thing Ajanta)
Ajanta – Mein janti hoon ab tum phir se mere pilloo per sawar ho jaoge.(You will also now drive on my boobs)
Ranvir caught hold of her right breast – Tumhare pilloo to sabko pagal kar dein. (Your boobs will make anybody mad)
And both burst into laughter.
Ajanta also wore her blouse, petticoat followed by saree and both left that hut.
Ajanta had now few days left in this area and she had to go back to Etawah.One day Ajanta was going to her police station in full uniform, something struck her. She went inside her cabin after getting down from jeep, placed her cap on table and asked for Ranvir’s file. She noticed something and smiled.She rang Ranvir.
Ranvir – Haan Ajanta.(Yes Ajanta)
Ajanta – Mein shaam ko tumse milne aa rahi hoon. Kya baat hai who shaam ko hi bataungi.(I will come to meet you in the evening and what’s the matter will tell you then.)
In the evening Ajanta came back after a normal duty and dressed herself to go to Ranvir.She dressed in Lemon yellow chiffon saree embellished with moti, sequins, tikki, stones, zardosi and poth work with lovely pallu and border along with heavy designer blouse and sat in her jeep. She drove and went to Ranvir’s house. Ajanta saw Moti sitting outside the house.- Yeh lo, ab to uttar gayi saree aur blouse. Yeh to mujhe nanga kar dega.(Oh now my saree and blouse are gone. He will strip me like anything).But to her utmost surprise, she found Moti not at all reacting.She smiled and shirked off her hands in surprise.

03-22-2009, 04:32 AM
She went inside the room to find Ranvir sitting in a corner. He was playing a very sad tune on violin.
Ajanta – Ranvir Janamdin bahut Mubarak ho.Per kya baat tum aaj _ _ _?(Ranvir, a very happy birthday to you.But what is this_ _ _)
Ranvir –Tumhe kaise pata ki aaj mera janamdin _ __ ?(How did you know about my birthday_ _ _)
Ajanta (smiled and interrupted) – Aise hi police ki naukri nahin kar rahin hoon (I am not in police service just like that).And she opend a packet containing a small cake and bouquet of flowers.
Ajanta – Tumhe Janadin Mubarak ho (A very Happy Birthday to you)
In reply She found Ranvir Burst into tears like a small child.Nobody had ever celebrated his birthday like this. He grew emotional while Ajanta consoled him.
Ajanta – Ranvir Kya baat hai. Bhool jao purani Baatein.Aao mein tumhe bachpan ki baat bataun.Mera ek dost tha Raju.Bahut hi shaitan (Ranvir what’s the matter. Forgot about the past.Come let me tell you of my childhood.I had a friend Raju, very naughty)– She said opeing the purse. And took out a combined photograph which was little torn from bottom.She continued – Yeh dekho.(look here)She gave the phot to Ranvir whose eyes were still wet.
Ranvir took the photograph and had very pathetic expressions on his face. His fingers moved along the torn portion of Photograph.
Ajanta – Ranvir Raju bahut sharati tha. Ek din usne yeh Photo mujhse chinna chaha aur photo ka neechla hissa phat gaya.Aur haan _ __ _(Ranvir Raju was very naughty.He wanted to snatch the photo from me and its lower portion got torn).
Ajanta turned around her head to continue. Ranvir was approaching his drawer. Very soon he took out something and handed over to Ajanta.His eyes were still wet.
Ajanta – Raaaajuuuuu.She exclaimed.
Ranvir gave her the remaining portion of the photograph. Ajanta was surprised to know that Ranvir was nobody but her childhood pal.
Both were in tears and in each other arms telling about their hardships etc.They were united now.
Very soon Ajanta returned to Etawah and so did Ranvir. He left wine business and took up other works to lead his living. And yes he also started an orphanage for poor children.
Ajanta and Ranvir did not marry. But their RELATION continued.