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09-24-2008, 07:36 PM
I hope that this story would interest fellow chitchatters. Unlike most of the stories – this is close to reality. We do not find 9 inch dicks all over the place, 99.9999% of Indian women will not just open up their lags and say fuck me. Most of the Indian women do not have figure of 36-30-36. Quite a few of them do have 36D size boobs but they is typically folled by 40 size belly. Reality is that this is all a dream! well almost.

I am a 30 yr old married male named Raj. My wife is Kavita and she is 28 typical Indian brown skin – tall almost 5-8 lanky, small boobs, good ass and a good figure, very good looking, and a good fucker if she is in mood. If she is not then essentially – if you have come then get off me and clean. We have group of college buddies. Vinay is physician. Shefali (Shef) is his wife. Amit is a strict brahmin works in local electric company but does pooja etc. in the evenings and weekends. His wife is Manisha (Manu). Finally, we have Iqbal – is in construction business and his wife is Noor. We have buddies since almost 20 years now and we don’t keep any secrets between us. We talk about each other’s sex life. How they prefer it. How are their wives and what they prefer or do not. As a said, my wife Kavita can be a horny slut once every now and then but typically she is otherwise just regular in bed. I am bit rough and like to shove it in within minutes and as expected she prefers slow moving gentle sex. She slows me down enough to get it done. Vinay (Physician)’s wife Shefali also prefers slow moving gentle love and she can not take big dick as her vagina’s shape makes it painful if the prick is very hard and straight. Vinay declares that luckily he has small dick and so it works fine. Also he is a gentle lover and likes to go very very slow. Amit (Brahmin)’s wife Manisha on the other hand is hot and she prefers bit rough action but Amit is a typical 2 minute start to finish kind of guy. He said that when they were newly married he would do it right after finishing and would still get up. Now at age of 32 it does not always happen. But he said that he uses his fingers to keep his horny wife satisfied. Iqbal has a huge tool (almost 8 inches) and Noor is a beauty – great figure long hair. Unfortunately for her sex is required to produce babies and that’s all. Iqbal says that he is still often “self sufficient and uses his hand for releasing tension.” we all were sort of not happy with our sex lives and just like any man wanted to have some adventure. Asking out wives to so some swapping would mean divorce. Probably some of them would faint and others would cut their hubby’s dick off.

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Hi Dosto mein Jaipur se hoon or maine pahli ek story likhi thee "Sali se huee masti in Jaipur" wo meri real story thee or uske under jo last mein climax likha to wo uss din thoda sa hee moka mila tha meri Sali ke sath isliye mein jyada kuch kar nahee paya tha par uske baad mujhe kabhee moka bhee nahee laga tha meri Sali ke sath chudai karne ka. Kafi mahino baad hume phir se moka mila meri badi Sali kee shadi mein shadi ek hotel mein arrange kee gaee thee jo kee mere sasural se kuch duri par tha. Or sab gharwale ussi hotel mein shadi wale din jaldi hee chale aaye the kyon ki sara kaam phir shadi ka wahee hotel se hee tha mein bhee wahee aa gaya tha or mere man mein aisa kuch uss din tha bhee nahee kee aaj mein meri Sali se masti karoo lekin meri Sali thee kee mere sath jyada hee masti or maze le rahee thee wo kabhee aakar mere pass mere kaan mein bolati kee aaj to bahut mast lag rahe ho jiu kya baat hai tab maine kaha kee baat to kuch nahee hai par aaj acha moka hai Sali ji bolo masti kare kya to wo boli man mein to hai jiju par dar lagta hai or phir moka kaise milega tab maine kaha kee tum moke ko jane do tum to bolo kee chachiye kya to usne kaha kee under nahee dalwaoongi sirf uss din kee tarah hee bahar se sab kuch tab maine kaha kee wo baad mein dekhenge under dalne ka pahale to maze to le le tab boli ek baat bolu jiju maine kaha kee bolo tab boli kee aaj aap bahut hee mast or sexy lag rahe ho or mein aapko kiss karna chahti hoon tab maine kaha kee jitni kiss chahiye utni kar lena to usne kaha kee moka talash karo jiju or chali gaee.

Phir mein sochne laga kee kya kiya jaye kee aaj Sali ko chod hee doon or uski seal tod doon jisse wo fadkana band kare. Tab mujhe dyan aaya kee hum log to hotel mein hai or ghar par koi bhee nahee hai kyon na ghar jakar hee kuch kare tab mein ghar jane kee jugat lagane laga or maine Sali ko ishara karke pass bulaya or kaha kee kisi bhee bahane se ghar chalo koi bhee kaam se to wo boli kee aap to bade hee chalak ho jiju moka talash kar hee liya aakhir or khush huee tab wo boli kee mujhe ghar par vaise bhee mere dress or saman lene jana hai or kahakar wo gharwalo ko kahane le liye chali gaee kee mein jiju ke sath ghar jakar mera saman lekar aa rahee hoon.

Phir kuch hee der mein wapas aaee or mujhse apne papa or bhee ristedar the unke samne kaha kee jiju mere sath ghar chalo mujhe mera saman lekar aana hai tab mere sasur ne bhee kaha kee jaoo or le aaoo bas mujhe kya chahiye tha maine jaldi se car start kee or hum dono nikal pade ghar ke liye ghar kee chabiya meri Sali ke pass thee or car mein meri Sali ne kaha kee jiju please jyada mat karna or under bilkul mat dalna to maine kaha kee tum itna darti kyon ho ye kaha kar maine uski jango ko sahala diya or boobs kee taraph haath kiye to usne mana kar diya kee raste mein koi dekh lega tab maine kaha chalo ghar chalkar karenge sab.

Tab wo boli kee kya kya karoge mere jiju jaan jo bhee karo maza aana chahiye uss din kee tarah se tab maine kaha kee tum chinta mat karo meri jaan aaj moka laga hai to tumhe pura khush kar doonga. Or hum ghar pahuch gaye hotel se ghar kee doori jyada nahee thee. 10 minute kee doori par hee tha. Or meri Sali ne pahale kabhee kisi ke sath chudai nahee kee thee. Jo bhee kuch kiya tha wo mere sath hee kiya tha jo maine meri pahale story mein likha tha. Hum ghar pahuch kar under chale gaye usne darwaja band kar liya tab usne mujhe wahee par kaskar banho mein jakad liya or boli jiju I love u mein aapko bahut chahti hoon tab maine kaha kee mein bhee tumhe bahut chahta hoon or mein tumhe khush karna chahta hoon or ye kahkar maine wahee uske lips ko chusne laga or wo bhee mera sath dene lagii.

09-24-2008, 07:37 PM
Tab maine kaha kee room mein chalet hai or hum room chale gaye tab boli kee jaldi karo jiju nahee to time jyada laga to koi shak karega lekin maine kaha kee tum par shak ho sakta hai lekin mere upar nahee or wo phir se mujhse lipat gaee tab maine usse apni godi mein bithaya or pyar se uske lips ko kiss karne laga or uske boobs ko dabane or sahlane laga jo kafi mast or tight the uske boob or achee size thee dheere dheere wo mast hone lagee or mein uske boobs ko uski t-shirt ko kholkar bahar nikale or phir maine uske nipples ko chusa to maza aa gaya wakai ye ek shandar maza tha aisa maza mujhe meri life mein kabhee nahee mila tha dosto or ye sach hai kee shadi ke baad kisi kunwari ladki ko is tarah se maza diya jaye to pura maza aata hai. Kher maine uske boobs ko chusa or wo bhee mere shirt ko nikal kar meri cheast ko chumane lagi phr maine dheere dheere uske sare kapde utar diya or usse sirf panty mein hee rakha to wo sarmane lagi mein bola kee ab kyon sarmati ho tab boli kee mein panty nahee kholungi jiju tab maine usse kaha kee mat kholna par maze to le lo tab boli kee haan or mere bhee underwear chod kar sare kapde khol diye or dono lipat lipat kar maza lene lage tab maine kaha kee tum mere lund ko chuso to usne mana kar diya kee mein ye nahee karoongi jiju mujhse nahee hoga or usne aisa kiya bhee nahee or maine usse phir se pyar karne laga or boobs ko dabane laga or uski panty ke upar se uski chut ko sahlane laga tab wo mast ho gaee or boli bahut maza aa raha hai jiju ye kya kar diya or madhos hone lagi tab maine socha kee isse aaj chodunga jaroor par mein nahee bolunga ye khud hee kahegi kee mujhe chod do jiju or maine apne ungli se uski chut ko rub karte hue usse or tadpane laga or bahut jyada hot ho chuki thee or tadap uthi kee mein usse chod doon lekin wo mujhe kah nahee rahee thee kee chodo mujhe.

Lekin jab puri tarah se wo bekabu ho gaee to apne panty ko khol kar mere underwear ko bhee utar kar lund ko pakad liye jo mera lund 8.50 inch ka hai or boli dalo na jiju jab ungli mein itni masti hai to isme to bahut hogi tab maine kaha kee nahee Sali aise thode dalunga ab to tum pahale mere lund ko suck karo wo boli nahee jiju plz mere se nahee hoga aisa tab maine kaha kee try karo boli nahee plz mujhe puri gharwali bana do na jiju plz tab maine kaha kee ek baar to tumhe isse chusana hee hoga meri jaan or usne ek baar muh mein le liye or usko ubak aa gaee or phir maine bhee usse dubara nahee kaha uske baad maine usse palang par lita kar puri takat ke sath ek hee baar mein pura lund chut mein dal diya jisse wo jor se chillai or rone lagi lekin mein to chut ko dekhkar pagal ho gaya or maine ek do dhake chut ke under bahar kiye to usse thoda thoda maza aaya or wo sath dene lagi tab maine usse karib mera lund uski chut mein pura dalkar 45 minute tak usse choda iss doran wo 3 baar jhad chuki thee or mera pura sath de rahee thee 45 minute baad mein bhee uski chut mein jordar tarike se josh ke sath mera pani pichkari kee tarah chod diya or dono wahee par upar neeche let gaye thodi der baad uthkar dekha to palang par khoon bhee faila tha jisse dekhkar wo dar gaee or boli kee kisi ko pata chal gaya to tab humne kapde pahan kar usko saf ki or wo phir se mujhse lipat kar boli kee I love u jiju bahut maza aaya abhee to mein raat ko phairo ke time phir se chudwaoongi aapse tab maine kaha kee phir moke dekhkar ghar aayenge.

09-24-2008, 07:38 PM
Asha, my wife, likes meeting people, and is very flirty by nature. She is 5 feet seven inches tall, with thick black hair till her upper back. She is fair skinned and has a voluptuous figure - a typically Indian 35, 26, 36. She really likes the attention she gets and has a way of smiling at men that lets them know she is flirting. I don’t mind it, as the idea of other men trying to score with Asha turns me on. She knows it too and can really turn on her charm at parties.

She likes wearing saris and salwar suits, but on two conditions, as I have observed. Saris should be of silk or satin, and with a blouse that is always daring. Salwar suits must always have a tight-fitting kurta and a neckline that shows off a lot of her ample cleavage.

This is the story of a holiday trip we had gone on. We arrived at Jaipur and checked into the five-star hotel that we had booked into. Asha was really in the mood, being away from the normal routine. We had barely checked into the room when she put on her swimsuit and went down to the poolside. Asha’s swimsuit is a normal purple lycra thing. A little shimmery with a low back.

I watched from our first floor room as she parked herself in the middle of a group of Russian tourists. They were all men, and were obviously interested. Asha was clearly enjoying the attention, and with a slow flourish, took off her robe and smiling, got into the pool. She swam a few laps and lay down on a chair. The Russians, three of them were sitting and drinking at a table nearby, and the youngest of them, a six foot dark haired guy just couldn’t get enough of Asha. He was staring at her legs. Asha noticed this, and turned around, so that he could get a good view of her low back too and her shapely ass.

Knowing Asha’s show-off nature, I smiled. She came back to the room, straight into my arms and dragged me into bed. Half an hour later, Asha snuggled into the quilt, totally satisfied and spent. I went out to look around. When I got back into the room, Asha was in the bathtub. She smiled at me sweetly and thanked me for the afternoon in bed. I reached out and cupped her breasts gently and pecked her on the cheek. Half an hour later, we were dressed for dinner. Asha looked stunning in a tight-fitting deep green satin churidar kurta. The back was all covered but the neckline was a deep, deep and wide ‘U - a matka neck in Asha’s own words. It put on display all her ample cleavage, and the tight kurta clung to her voluptuous body like a second skin. Asha threw on her dupatta and we went down for dinner.

We had a good dinner, and lots of wine. At the next table was the Russian who had been eyeing Asha at the poolside. Now, he was staring openly at Asha’s body. I pointed this out to Asha, and she told me that she was going to have some fun. I said okay and left the table. I walked around, and making sure that the Russian didn’t see me, quietly sat down at a table nearby where I could see and hear without being seen, hidden by a huge plant. Asha saw my hiding place and nodded.

Asha waited for a few minutes, and then leant across her table for the wine bottle. Her dupatta slipped but Asha made no attempt to put it back across again. Asha sat back with her wine. The Russian now had a good view of Asha’s luscious cleavage. Asha noticed it and made eye contact with the Russian and smiled. He asked her if he could join her. Asha didn’t hear him clearly, and leant towards him as he repeated the question. As she bent forward, her breasts strained against the shiny satin, and all of her ripe cleavage was on view. The Russian’s eyes nearly popped out, and he was going mad trying to control himself.

Anyway, he joined Asha at her table. She told him that I had gone up to the room. My wife was now in her element, flirting with him, laughing and talking in a husky voice, and all the time making sure the Russian got a good view of her juicy breasts. She even danced with him briefly, leaving her dupatta behind, and allowing him to look down her ample cleavage, smiling sexily whenever she caught him looking. The Russian’s hands wandered a little across Asha’s satin covered back and a couple of times over her shapely ass. When he started groping too much, Asha lead him back to the table.

As she sat down, I noticed Asha’s nipples poking through the shimmery green fabric, indicating that she was getting turned on by the thought of the Russian’s hands all over her. Her chair tilted a little as she sat down. As that happened, the Russian caught her by the waist and pulled her upright, as that happened, his hand slid up, closing gently but firmly around my wife’s left breast. Asha let out a little squeal of surprise, moaning sexily as the Russian’s hand stayed there for a moment, thumb teasing Asha’s nipple. Asha was aroused by the Russian, and I knew by her pout that she wanted him desperately!

I overheard Asha tell the Russian to come up to her room and rushed to the floor of our room. I hid behind a trolley and watched as my wife walked down the corridor in the arms of another man. I used my key and slipped into the room and hid behind the sofa. The mirror on the opposite wall gave me a good view.

Asha and the Russian came into the room. Asha sat down on the bed, facing the mirror. I watched as a pair of large hands came up from behind and caressed her breasts. My wife’s luscious breasts were being touched, teased, squeezed and caressed by a total stranger.

As the Russians hands feasted themselves on her breasts, Asha looked at herself in the mirror, smiling sensually at the sight she saw. Asha then pulled him round and made him bury his face in her cleavage. As he kissed that, my wife moaned loudly. The Russians hands were now all over Asha’s beautiful body. The shimmery satin fabric of her churidar kurta, stuck to her like a second skin, giving the Russian all the encouragement he needed!

His hands roamed freely over Asha’s voluptuous body, her moans and sighs serving only to heighten his daring. As I watched, I realized that Asha wanted more and more of him. She suddenly got up and left the room, asking the Russian to wait. The moment she left the room, the Russian picked up the phone and spoke a few words.

In two minutes, his two friends walked in, locking the door behind them. My wife was about to be ravished by three big, muscular Russians; I waited in my hiding place. The lights in the room went off, and one little light in the far corner came on. The door of the other room opened, and my wife slowly walked in and stood under the light.

Asha looked like a sex queen, in a full length golden brown satin robe. It reached till the floor and trailed a little behind. The full sleeves reached up to her slender wrists while a broad matching belt held the robe around her. Asha walked slowly towards the bed, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw the other men.

She stopped, and smiled a sexy smile that suggested she liked the idea. She walked up to the bed and stopped in front of the full-length mirror. The three Russians closed in. Three pairs of hands were about to feast themselves on my beautiful wife.

Asha whispered something to her Russian friend, who in turn whispered to his friends. The short stocky Russian walked up to Asha and knelt down in front of her. The second, a thin man with long fingers, stood behind her. My wife stood there, breathing quickly and heavily, her juicy breasts moving up and down, looking sexy and beautiful in her gold satin robe.

Asha’s friend nodded, and the action began. Shorty started rubbing his hands over Asha’s legs and thighs, gently parting the satin, and revealing my wife’s beautiful thighs. Thinny started running his fingers all over Asha’s back, and as she responded, letting them wander freely over her breasts.

Asha started moaning and sighing loudly, and the two Russians lay her down on the bed. They then opened Asha’s robe, revealing her voluptuous nude body. My wife lay there, offering her body to the three Russians. Her two hands were still in the robe’s sleeves, and the satin provided a shimmering bed sheet for her silky body.

Asha’s friend stood behind her and took off his jeans. Asha gasped. The Russian was big, and Asha’s hungry hands closed around his nine-inch penis. At the same moment, Shorty slid his tongue into my wife’s pussy. Asha screamed loudly, arching her hips upwards. Thinny’s slender fingers started roaming all over Asha’s breasts, and as she twisted her body in pleasure, her friend slid his penis into Asha’s mouth.

My wife was getting the fuck of her life and relishing it with her whole body!

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On the 31st of Dec we went to my Dad's Boss's house for a party.I am 18 years old and have a good figure.Dad's boss is Mr Rohan Mehra.He is about 34 and looks a lot like Kabir Bedi in his young days.
Anyway,when we reached the party was in full swing,everyone was dancing and loud music,dim lights and drinks flowing.

Mr Rohan saw us and pushed us to the dance floor,we were all dancing and having a great time.Soon it was 12 and everyone was greeting everyone.At that time Mr Rohan greeted me and hugged me and squeezed my butt hard.I was taken aback but I thought he was tipsy and didn't mean anything.So I kept quiet

A little later,Mr Rohan asked me for a dance,since he was my fathers boss,I could not say anything.While dancing he kept bumping into me,then he took me in his arms and began rubbing himslef against my pussy.I felt him become hard and I began to struggle.He held me tight and said" If you don't want your Dad to lose his job,just do as I say"
Then he took me to another room and kissed me deeply, passionately, exploring my mouth sucking on my tongue, I felt his hand again go to my thigh and he started to stroke up along the outside of my dress.

He took hold of my hand moved it over to his thigh, his other arm slid around my neck and stroked myshoulder and arm, and as he pulled me close to him and he cupped my tit gently squeezed,looking into my eyes, , he slid his hand down the front of my top and took hold of my hard nipple between his fingers; he tweaked it, making it even harder and bigger.

Supriya darling, I want you to suck my cock. Why don't you get on your knees right now and suck my cock. My cock needs a good sucking right away in your sexy mouth!
I dropped to my knees in front of him and confronted the huge, aching cock. I was breathing very hard, and could feel my pussy throbbing inside my wet panties. I felt as if I had lost all control of myself, I wrapped MY fingers tightly around his throbbing cock, sliding MY fist to the root. I stared intently at the rosy, puffy cock head for several second, seeing how the whole fat crown glistened with sticky spunk. Shamefully, I thrust my tongue out, eagerly licking the tasty cock juice from the tingling tip of his cock.

Gradually I let my lips slide onto his pulsing dick slurping in inch after inch of his giant, throbbing cock then started sucking his cock extremely hard, keeping eyes closed as I nursed lovingly and contentedly on the aching stiffness of his hard-on.I sucked his cock harder and harder, shockingmyself with my eagerness to mouth and slurp his cock. His stiff huge cock responded to my hard, wet sucking by getting even bigger and stiffer inside myhungry mouth.

"Suck it good, sUPRIYA darling.... I am going to shoot my load soon, keep sucking my cock harder and deeper inside your mouth. Supriya my sexy darling,
I am going to shoot my cumm in your mouth, my gorgeous darling, Suck my hard and drink my cum. darling keep sucking my cock and don't stop.I will give you the best!" Rohan clutched myr head, thrusting his hips off the bed, . I started to gag, but then, at last my horny cock sucking effort was finally rewarded. A tremendous shower of spunk blasted out of his swollen cock head, squirting and splattering down my throat. I raised my head from his crotch, dazed and desperately horny, Rohans cock was still very hard, and throbbing in front of my face.
Then Rohan lifted me up and slowly one by one took my clothes off,he too took his clothes off.Rohan undid my bra, and my breasts sprung free, the nipples full, swollen with tension. He eyed my tits seriously for a moment. "You've got the most beautiful tits on earth, darling," he said. "They're all yours, only yours," I whispered, thrusting the breasts out towards his face. His response was instantaneous. His mouth caught and sucked at the first nipple until it hardened, then covered my other breast. ".

Rohan was pushing down the elastic band of panties now, moving his hand down inside of tiny panties from the top. I moaned passionately as Rohans hand moved up and down against my pussy. After a few more seconds of this he carefully eased my panties down, moving them over my firm round ass. Once they cleared my ass, and fell to the floor around I stepped out of them. Rohan gently lowered me onto the bed, until I was lying naked underneath him. I bent her knees and spread my legs wide, Rohan knelt between her widely flared hips, and kissed my distended clitoris with his tongue. "Oh God, darling," I groaned. As he went down on me and plunged his face and tongue into myshaved pussy, His tongue slowly and deliberately circled my my swollen clit, teasing the pouting lips of my hot pussy. I was writhing on the bed, moaning "Oh Goddddddddd" over and over again, as I pulled his head closer into my bucking hips. My eyes were closed, my face whipping from side to side on the pillow, globular breasts heaving, as my body responded to his glorious lovemaking.

Rohan slid his hand down moving it between my thighs to press his fingers against my wet cunt. My cunt was really dripping and he knew how horny I was. Rohan was very fascinated by my hot pussy. .Now Iwas completely naked. Rohan spread my, smooth thighs apart, staring at the wet, throbbing cunt that was waiting desperately for his big stiff cock.

Rohan told me that he wanted to lick mysweet cunt first. He sprawled my long legs, pushing my thighs to give his mouth a better access to my throbbing, tasty, shaved cunt., I, I felt the first pressure of his tongue sluicing tentatively between the fragrant thick folds of my pussy
He held my cunt lips open with his fingers, allowing him to thrust his tongue deeper he began swabbing my clit from side to side. I started thrusting my hips off the bed, urgently fucking my wet cunt onto his face.
Rohan raised his head slightly, still maintaining his tongue deep in my pussy, as I twisted and churned my hips,

Now he straightened his fingers, pushing them into the narrow, clinging interior of mine cunt channel. he started jacking off my throbbing pussy, licking directly on my clit at the same time. Rohan took myclit between his lips. He sucked it gently but forcefully, slurping on it, at the same time pumping his fingers rapidly in and out of my aching cunt.Then I was climaxing uncontrollably, while Rohan sucked my cunt and finger fucked it all at the same time.

Rohan mounted me, crawling up between my thighs with his giant cock, dripping cock pulsing over my tanned stomach.I whimpered and bit my lip as I felt his meaty cock boring into me and stretching my thick lipped cunt to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock.
He spread my knees apart, to put his hips in the best position to hammer in his cock. Then he started stroking, in and out, fucking his organ deeper into me with every stroke.

Rohan started stroking harder, making me grimace and shudder as he really started nailing his immense cock into my cunt. At last it was all the way inside me, buried to his balls in my cunt. Rohan was motionless on top of me for several seconds.
I hoarsely cried and urged him to fuck me harder and deeper. My voice was husky and very erotic that turned him on very much. The intensity of my secret desire becoming more apparent, .
Rohan pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his bloated, dripping hard-on distended into my cunt lips. He shuddered as he came down hard again, again spearing every inch of his giant dick into my juicy cunt. By then I was humping like a sex-starved machine, my boobs bouncing and quivering . Rohan met myrhythm, slamming his cock deeply into my buttery, sucking cunt.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight, gasping and squealing as my cunt throbbed uncontrollably around his cock. Rohan panted on my shoulders, and then started fucking me as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked his hips between my thighs, grunting as he rammed his giant, arrow like prick into the gooey depths of my sucking cunt. I was about to reach my orgasm and I yelled loudly. I wasn’t even caring about the fact that Rohan wasn’t wearing a condom and that I was not protected. With a loud sigh, Rohan lifted himself upon his hands and knees, his back bowed slightly as he looked down beneath him, and smiled as he saw the reason for his pleasure. There below his hard, flat stomach I could see the thick furry shaft of his huge cock just before it disappeared into my body. As he slowly but firmly thrust his hips upward, causing that fat shaft to sink into my dainty little body, I lifted my body up off the bed in an effort to receive as much of his cock as I possibly could.

My pussy was slick with juices, gushing wetness and making sucking wet sounds as Rohan pistoned his raging penis deep into me. , "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oohh, yes! Don't stop! Don't stop now! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm goingg too cummmm!"

Rohan collapsed on top of me, ramming his cock into the hilt. Then the second load of cum cream gushed out of his cock. I felt it spraying and spewing, erupting deep inside my cunt, deluging her cunt with a hot soothing load of cock cream.

Then he lay on my chest,playing with my boobs and I was too tired to do anything else.He kissed me and said,if I give your Dad a promotion,will you fuck me like this daily?

09-24-2008, 07:41 PM
Hi, I am Geeta Bhatnagar, 24 years old. I am working in a Software company. We got a new Project Manager at work and already 3 people were fired. I knew I was going to be fired also, and this job pays real good. One day I received a note to go to Mr. Smith, my HR manger’s office. Mr. Rajeev, the project manager and my team leader Kuldeep were also waiting in the office. I froze. I had an idea what might happen when he called me into his office. He said he’d have to let me go because my work wasn’t good enough. Mr. Smith asked, now let’s talk about what we should do to you. “Please Sir I promise I’ll perform good for now on. I will do what ever you say. He paused and then looked at the other two men. They nodded their heads and smiled. I begged: “I promise you will not be disappointed in me”. “I am glad to hear that” he responded, “Kuldeep, would you lock the door behind you”.

Yes, sir Kuldeep responded with anticipation. What’s going on? I wondered. ! Mr. Smith moved his big chair away from his desk. What size are your breasts? I stunned. I’m sorry Sir. You heard me. Your breasts size? What is it? 34C sir. I thought so, he said. Is your pussy very hairy? I couldn’t believe my own ears. I stammered.. no sir. I shave my pussy everyday. Yaaa..nice Kuldeep and Rajeev, can I see her breasts.. The two men quickly came to me and put their hands on my shoulders. I resisted trying to get away.

Kuldeep whispered to my ear: I suggest you are not going to make a sound, Honey you don’t have a lot of choices. Either you get it here or leave your job. I can’t believe it. They blackmailed me, and my choice was obvious. I struggled in their strong grips, but know I couldn’t say no. The top of my dress was torn off. My bras were undone. Mr. Smith approached, and put his hands on my young breasts. He murmured “lovely”. His hands started squeezing my breast, then pinched my nipples with his fingers. I tried to move away from his touch, ! but the hands of the two men were securing my body that I couldn’t mov e. He started kissing me. I felt like he was going to swallow my tongue. I protested but couldn’t make any sense. He then moved his mouth to my breasts, and sucked and sucked, while the other men were working on my clothes. My dress was dropped on the floor, then my bra and panties. My panty hose was cut. I was all naked, feeling humiliated, and confused. I felt aroused, and wet. Mr. Smith’s mouth was engorging my breasts, as my pussy was bare, he moved his hands and fingered my clit. Kuldeep and Rajeev were breathing hard with excitement: How is it Boss? Wonderful. This is great.

A sixty yr old man ravaging the body of a twenty-four year old girl is better than expensive wine. Trust me, he said, you will have your shares, boys. I feel other hands running along my back, then landed along the crack of my bare ass. “Suck my cock, rundi”. I don’t get blowjob from my wife. You’d better make me happy and don’t disappoint me” He sat down in his big chair after dropping his p! ants down to the ankles, retrieving his cock in his hands. I resisted, but someone’s hands dragged me to him, and forced my face to his crotch.

He reminded me about my job. I have no way out, except making him happy. Taking his cock in my mouth, I started lick his mushroom, and sucked and sucked at first with hesitation, then I started enjoying it. My mouth was tightly wrapping around him and pumping his cock harder. My pussy was wet and dripping. I couldn’t believe I loved it. He moaned loudly with pleasure. Someone lifted my ass up from the behind. Someone got under me, my pussy was on his face. His mouth started sucking my clit..ohhh! I moan softly with a cock in my mouth, I can’t make clear sound. I felt other mouth along my back…and hands on my ass cheeks. My pucker hole was licked that gave me a great pleasure I’ve ever had. Here I was, naked and violated by three men .. and my cunt was dripping wetter than ever. My moan was more vocal he moaned in ecstacy a! long with all the men’s. Yesss… rundi. Harder.. .make daddy cum in you r mouth, and you will drink every drop. Mr. Smith’s voice was so turning on. My head pumped harder and harder.

His hands grasped my hair and pulled and pushed to his crotch… His voice was louder and more urgent.. Yessss slut… just like that …yess… harder harder…. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. He shot his hot load in my mouth and screamed with ecstasy. I couldn’t hold any longer, letting out the enormous climax rushing through my body. As Mr. Smith dropped back in his chair, someone picked me up and dragged me on the desk. My butt was pulled to the edge of the desk, my legs were spread apart, Kuldeep already had his pants dropped, he quickly shoved his 9-inches hard on in my pussy. His hands were holding my legs up high, he started fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. It felt so good, I lost my sense of the surrounding. Damn you Kuldeep, you’ve always wanted to fuck me. Here’s your chance. Fuck me like a real man… Fuck me… I moaned.

Mr. Smith whispered.. Rajeev, the slut! is getting so hot, you have to shut her mouth before she gets too loud. Rajeev didn’t waste any time. He got on the desk, on my face and put his cock in my mouth. Oh….. I have never been fucked by two men at the same time before. This was so good and I have ever never thought it could be this good. My head bopped up and down pumping Rajeev’s cock while Kuldeep was fucking my cunt like a mad dog. More pumping more ramping in the pussy, another huge climax rushing … oohhh..ohhh..aaaaahhhhhhhhh my body writhed and writhed as a hot load shot in my pussy. Kuldeep ramped the last thrusts violently in my cunt before he exhaustedly dropped on the floor. His hot cum overflowed my pussy, and dripped down to my ass. Rajeev’s cock was taken off my mouth… Fuck! she sucks so good, I have to cum in her ass. The men rallied. My body was turned over, bent over the desk. My bare breasts were pressed on the desk with my face down. My legs were spread wider. Someone parted my ass cheeks! , and fingered around the ring, then more fingers shoved in my asshole , expanding the hole. Damn.. she’s tight.

Hey slut, have you ever get fucked in the ass before? No. I shook my head. Would you like it now? Yes.. I got angry. Damn it. Just fuck it, fuck my ass.. fuck my brains out. Stop asking! Rajeev’s cock’s head was at the ring, he started sliding his cock in my ass. It hurt. I bucked because of the pain. Mr. Smith and Kuldeep came to take a closer look of Rajeev’s cock penetrating my ass. They gasped with pleasure, as I sighed with mixture of pain and pleasure distributing all over my body. Rajeev took his cock out and shoved it my still dripping pussy. The thrusts were great, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t fuck my ass.
After a few thrusts, his cock was well lubricated

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They were taking turn fucking me having the fun they ever had .. and I had discovered the lust in me that I have ever known. hearing Mr. Smith’s voice ..we now can fuck this slut whenever we want. My breasts were being tortured by strong hands and someone’s cock was still fucking my cunt…. I passed out in the chair with the most satisfaction ever.

09-25-2008, 04:48 AM
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09-25-2008, 07:55 PM
I would always be wondering why I had friends that were in higher classes than I was. When I joined my new college second year , I had good contacts with the post graduate guys. There were four guys. I had their protection and that made me survive very easily in the new college. I would invite them home for snacks and that they all lived in the same colony made it easier. These guys would come home late in the evenings or early in the morning, I would study those times and they would help me with the assignments. My mother would make some snacks whenever they came and we all stayed in the study room.

Of late I was seeing that only one guy would sit with me while the other three would go out, they would lock the door from outside on the pretext that the noise of us studying shouldn’t go out. I didn’t mind it so much as my father was posted out of town and there was no one else in the house. One day as usual these guys came to the house early in the morning before college, we sat to study and immediately three guys went out, I got curious so I asked Prashant where they had gone, I think because he was pissed at not been taken along he said wait I will show you. We eased the bolt outside and got out.

What we saw shocked me. All three guys were standing in front of my moms room with their cocks out, they were shagging. They were so occupied that they didn’t notice me and Prashant come next to them .I looked in to see what was it that had turned them on. There my mom was lying on her back with one leg raised bent at the knee, her whole nightie had come up and her pussy was showing between her thick thighs. It was a sight, so cleanly shaved pink slit. I now understood why these guys would come to the house early in the morning .My mom was giving them free shows of her cunt and they would shag off.

When the guys realized I was there they were stunned. We did not speak a word and returned to the study room.

Then Mahesh spoke up saying they were sorry it was that way but they couldn’t help it. That my mom was so sexy that they were just looking at her and jacking off. I was feeling good that my mom was responsible for all the attention I was getting. Still upset the guys were trying to pacify me, then I said ok but this should not leak out.

Seeing that it seemed to be ok with me one of them said wait till you see what we have been seeing, that got me perked up, was there more? That night we gathered again as these guys could get into the house from my window at the back. I asked what the plan was they just said to wait. Anyways the bell rang and I went to open the door, this was uncle Murthy. Hell why was he here this would spoil all the plans. He was good though getting me stuff every time he came. My mom came out to greet him and told me to go to bed as she had some work with him .I said ok and left the hall to go to my room. This is when everybody was ready they said no lets get back the fun is about to start. I didn’t know but just followed Mahesh as we went towards the back of the house. We have high walls so no one from outside can see us. Any ways we positioned ourselves from where we could look into my moms bedroom, I though again we were waiting for my mom to fall asleep so we could see her pussy.

Well surprise as my mom entered the room followed by murthy uncle. As soon as he had stepped inside my mom closed the door and locked it. She slipped off he pallu and opened her arms to murthy invitingly. My cock was so hard already. Murthy seemed very comfortable as he came and embraced her, with a lot of oh ahs they started kissing. Murthy had his hands all over my mom. She looked a slut in heat with her boobs jiggling as she was fondled. They seem to come out of the top of her blouse. Murthy was paying special attention to her jugs as he kissed the tops and put his nose in to her cleavage. Think it was too much for Murthy as he sat down on the bed; my mom was standing in front of him as he started pulling her sari. This made my mom turn around as the sari unfolded from her body. He threw the sari in a heap on the floor and pulled her closer. This way my mom was facing us and Murthy was sitting on the bed with his back towards us. He opened her blouse and squeezed her bra-covered tits.

My mom had such a blissful look on her face as all five of us got our cocks out to jerk off. It was getting too much to see my mom with her big humungous boobs nearly suffocating this man. Murthy seemed to get hungry ripping off her bra and getting the big areola in his mouth as soon as it appeared freed from the bra. With the other hand he was squeezing the left breast. My mom was holding him against her tits. He then pushed her back a bit and admired her with only her petticoat on. He then started raising her petticoat above her milky thighs and to her waist. This was too good to be true, my mom with her petticoat bunched up at her waist with only her panty which he pulled down. And stuck his face right into her mound. Thought he wanted to enter her thru her cunt. In his excitement he bit her pussy lips as she shrugged him away for a minute.

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It must have gone on for about 5 minutes when she started Cumming, as she held on tight. Murthy also was having an orgasm spitting his cum into my mom’s cunt hole.

She got up first and took of for the bathroom as Murthy was wiping his cock. We had already dirtied the wall shooting off. Well this had been such a shock as well as a turn on. We did some planning…

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I am going to tell you the story about one of Guajarati girl. Who is living in USA with her family, her two sons, her husband and parents? Her name is Lucy (name changed). Let me explain first how she looks like. She is only 34 yrs old girl with 36DD boobs and beautiful ass. One day what happened, I was running late and I had to change the train at Grand Central. She was also running late because she had to change the train also. She lives in Peekskill NY, which is only 45 minutes away from New York. I did not see her in my train but she saw me in the train, the train I was traveling this morning to Grand Central. I was trying to go through the ticket door and she was standing in the line get ticket, but she was getting late and she did not what to do. I saw her all upset and I went to ask her, that what happened why she is so upset. She said she has a meeting at 8:30 with her company clients and she is running late. I checked the time and it was already 8:05 AM and she was still in line. I really wanted to help her. I offered her my pass. I had enough rides on my pass. But she did not want to take nay obligation.

I told her that she is already late and if she thinks it is an obligation, she can return it with a cup of coffee after her meeting. She agreed to it. Now she was happy too. We were going to take the same train, because I was going into the same direction. Her smile was back. Our train is running on the track very fast. We were happy that she will make it to her meeting on time. She started telling me about her family. She told me that she is living with her family and she told me that she saw me in the morning train. But I did not notice her this morning. I was so glad to see her smiling because of getting to the meeting on time. In few minutes our train reached to the station and we went left for our work. We exchanged our phone number and I asked her to give me call after she gets free from her work. Now I got to my office also and got busy with my work. I was happy because I was thinking that I helped one of the Indian girls this morning. I was feeling proud myself. After one hour I had meeting and my Secretary called me and reminded me about the meeting. I was not happy to hear that because I was already planning to go out with Lucy and I was waiting for her call. But I had no other option. I had to attend that meeting and it was with our companies managing director. I was not very happy now. Before I went to the meeting I told my secretary if somebody calls for me please take their number I will call them back and tell them that I am in meeting with MD.

I was in meeting and Lucy called. But she left her name not her office number. I already had her cell and I called her back right away after I got back from my meeting. She picked up the phone and we started talking and I ask her where she would like to go and she told me about one of the place which is close to my work. She did not want to stay close to her work. Because there were more Indian’s, working in her office and all of them new her family very well. So we decided to meet at 4:00 PM and it was 2:30 already. I was finishing up my work because I wanted to get there before her. I finished my work at 3:30 PM and left and told my secretary that I have a meeting and If somebody calls for me tell them that I am in meeting. She had doubt about that because I have told her to do that kind of things. But she did not say even a single word. I left and I got there in 10 minutes. I got one of the tables in the corner and started waiting for her. Time was moving very slow; finally she walked in 5minutes after 4:00. She was looking for me because I was sitting in one of the corner and No body can see you from the front of the Café. I waived and she saw me and she came to the table. We sat together and I asked her that how was her meeting. We talked about our work.

09-25-2008, 07:58 PM
Now I started asking her about her personal life, about her kids, her husband and her family in India. She told me lots of things about her family and then she asked me about my family. I told her about my life. We were still talking then her phone started ringing and it was her husband from Peekskill. He wanted to know what time she is going to get home. For some reason he started yelling at her and she hang up on him. Now she was so embarrassed. She couldn’t even see in my eyes. I asked her what happened. She was telling me all good things about her husband and How come he was yelling at her now. Then she told me the truth she told me how abusive he is? I was not happy to hear that. I asked her that if she doesn’t mind I would like to ask her more about her personal life. She did not mind at all and she told me the whole story and I was shocked to hear the story. She told me that he does not even touch her. He doesn’t even sleep on the same bed. But in front of everybody he pretends like she is his life. I asked her; what her husband does? She told me that he has his own 5 Gas Stations. She started crying. I went close to her sitting right next to her, was trying to tell her that It is not worth to cry for this kind of person who does not even care about you and your feelings. I told her that she does need to care about anything and enjoy her own life. She told me that it’s been over 7 yrs that she had sex. I told her that she should find a good friend and enjoy her life. She had a good job and was making good money. She did not want to leave him because they had kids together. I don’t know what happened to her, when I was talking to she just hold my hand and asked me If I would like to be her friend. I told her right away that I don’t have any problem being her friend. We became good friends and we started taking the same train and starting meeting everyday after our work. Now we were very close to each other. We were best friend.

One day after we left from work, we went to the same coffee place and had coffee and left for the Grand Central. We were running late so we missed our train. We had to stay at the station for another two hours and take the next train, which was schedule after two hours. She was very upset on her self because her kids were waiting for her at home. She called her home and told her husband that she missed the train so she is running late. She will come late. He did not care about it and he said OK to her and hangs up the phone. We started talking and we don’t know when it was already 9:00 PM and it was our train time. We went to the platform and sat in the train and started talking. We were sitting next to each other and her head was on my shoulder. I liked it. I don’t know what happened I just kissed her on her head and she just smiled did not say anything. There were very few people in our compartment and most of them were kind of sleepy. I got more courage now. I holed her face in my hands and just kissed on her lips. She did not say even a single word. But she loved each moment. I was happy too and I had my dick hard. I took my lips to her neck and kissed around her neck. I holed her right breast in my hand started to rub and she started moaning. Because she got this touch after 7yrs of her life, she did not want to waist a single minute and she started kissing me back. But we couldn’t do anything in the train that night or couldn’t go out because her husband was waiting for her at home. In few minutes, her train reached to her station and she left but she told me that she will be here at same time in the morning. I was so hot too. I was waiting for next day now. I couldn’t sleep all night. I woke up next morning and got into the same train and she also came into the same train.

She was looking so excited to see me and I was also very excited, she came and sat right next to me. We holed each others hand, but did not say a single word. Few minutes later, she said that she is not going to work and she asked me if I can take day off. I did not have any problem with that either. After we got to the Grand Central I called my Secretary and told her that I have something came up, so I won’t be able to come in today. I asked her where she would like to go. She said where ever I would like to take her. We came out of the station and hired a cab and drove to the one of the motel near by the Station. We were very happy and we checked in and went to the room. As soon as we walked into the room, she started kissing me and I was going crazy too. I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her back. I gave her my tongue and started exchanging our saliva. We did not stop kissing for 15 to 20 minutes. I was rubbing her boobs and she was moaning loud. I unbuttoned her shirt and went down to her nipple and took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking her nipple. Now she started moaning.

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09-25-2008, 08:00 PM
Hai friends, I am Ramkumar once again with some hot experience to share with you all. Last month I went to my native village as their was my uncles marriage. I stayed there for 10 days and enjoyed almost 10 days with two girls in which one was a virgin. One girl name is and other girls is her babhai vasanthy. Vasanthy is around 23 year, married and has a child of one year. Chitra is around 20 and she is the sister of vasanthys' husband. It all happened like this. They are the neighbor of my uncle’s house in that village. They don't have proper bathroom or toilet facilities. All they used to do is going to their farm and do everything there. In the farm they have motor and a well which is used to pour water to the farm. I used to hide in some bushes and see the girls peeing in the farm. On my first day, by around 12 Noon I went to my uncles farm with my camera and next to my uncles farm is kama's (Chitra I used to call her like that) during that time there won't be anyone in the farm as all the harvest are over. There in my uncle’s farm there is room to stores the farm materials and a bed and fans etc. There was a window in the room which is covered with transparent glasses through which the Kama’s farm and the well and the tank were clearly visible.

Then I was lying on the bed, suddenly I saw Chitra there came to the tank and started to remove her dresses. She was in her half-saree traditional south Indian dress for the young girls. She removed her half saree and then her blouse and then her petticoat. She was completely naked I saw all her private parts. She is around 5ft tall and neither thin nor fat. She has a nice and beautiful pair of boobs and lot of hairs under her arm pits and her pussy I could see her pussy as I was 500 - 600 mts away from her. Then she got inside the tank and started bathing keeping her dresses in one corner. I slowly went near the well and took all her clothes the clothes which she was wearing and which she has brought to wear and safely kept them in my room. Then once again I came back she was enjoying the chillness of water as it was very hot outside. Then I removed all my dresses and went near the tank without making any noise. My cock are in 90 degree and ready to fire (It was around 6.5 inches in length 2 inches in diameter). Then I went near the tank she was laying peacefully closing her eyes inside the water. I said "nannum varrattum ma" (can I join with u).

She opened her and saw me their nude. She was shocked, and started to run from the tank crossing her hands around her chest. I said "un kutthi thiridhiu kama" (your pussy is visible kama). Ran and saw her dress missing and started crying sitting in the floor and crossing her legs and hands and hiding her private parts then I took my camera and took some photos. I commented "innga parru kama photo eddukunam" (see here kama I want to take photo). She was crying "enna vittidunga, enn dressa koduthudunga". (leave me please, give my dresses). I said "enn kitta un dress illa". (I don't have your dresses). She replied "Please...". I said "ni nan sonnathu yallam pannuviaya" saying this I kept my hand on her head and started taking her hairs in my hands. She just pushed my hands and said "please vittudunga" (please leave me). I ordered "nan solluratha pannu". She replied "ena kadduka matinga illa" (you won't rape me no?). I said "nan unna un samatham illama ookika mattan" ( I said I won't fuck you without your permission). She said "seri" (ok). My first order was "thallaiya thukku" (raise your head). She raised and I ordered "en poola parru" (see my cock). She saw and she was still crying I asked her to stand up. Once again she lowered and head and started crying and forced her to standup. She crossed her hands around her chest. I said "un kutthi thariyathu" (your pussy is visible).

Then I ordered her not to cry and said "un kaiya yaddu nan unna mulusa pakannum" (remove your hands I want to see you fully nude). She did and said "en dressa kudduthudunga" (give my dress). I said "enn pinnadi va" (follow me). She was not coming along with me and I caught her by shoulder and forced her to come along with me. And took her to my room and then I locked the room. Made her to lie on the bed and told her "un dress vannum na nan solluratha kallu, muthalla aluvaratha nirathu" (if you need you dress do what I say, first stop your crying). She stopped and then I order her to get up. I asked "enn poola un kaila poodi" (take my cock in your hands) she did that.
And I ordered "kami maala killa attu". She did that I was in heaven. Then I grapped her and started kissing her violently in the neck and I was squeezing her boobs with my hands she started crying I caught her head and started kissing her. For about ten minutes I was kissing initially she was not responding after sometime stopped her crying knowing that any way I going to fuck her. She also started kissing me. Then I started licking her nipples for sometime. Then I asked to lie on the bed she did I touched her pussy she gave a light moan. Then I climbed on top of her in 69 position. And gave her a kiss on her pussy. I then inserted my tongue inside her pussy lip. It seems that she was a virgin. I started licking her pussy. She was moaning then after some time she came. I drank her cum. And there where a lot of cum on my face and on my lips. Then I slowly inserted my cock inside her mouth. Which she refused to take first then forced her to take that. And asked "chappu di, en poola",(fuck my cock). She re fused.

Then I said "chappy di thividia", (suck you dirty slut). She then took it in her mouth. Then I once again started licking her pussy I cleaned her every drop of cum them after nearly 10 minutes she came once again. In the mean time she was busy with licking me. Then got up and once again climbed on top of her kissing on lips. All our privates parts where touching each other. I squeezed her both the boobs with my hands. Then I kissed her inserting our tongues in each others mouth, I was squeezing her breast and my cock was at its full length. Tip of my cock touching her pussy lips. Then she cleaned her cum on my face. Then I said, "Kammi kammi kama darling nan unna ookattuma" (shall I fuck you kama darling). Saying this I was rubbing my cock on her pussy. She just closed her eyes and nodded her head. I became very happy and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. My full cock went inside with less resistance as her pussy was fully wet and her pussy lips was very big. I was wondering how it could be because she was not married and was from a very good family and she is also very reserved (I tell you the reason in latter part). The I started moving up and down. She started moaning and said "kummmmmmar vaggama panni da" (Kumar do it fast). So I increased my speed and she started squeezing my buttock. Whenever I feel like cumming I used to stop and then continue. I fucked her for nearly 20 minutes. In which she came 20 times. At last I felt that after this I can't hold I informed her "kama darling en vangi varra pokuddhu en poola velliaya yadduthudatuma" (I am going to cum, shall I take my cock out).

She replied "vandam ullaya vandhuduunga ennaku munthanal than period vanthu pochi" (cum inside my pussy I had my periods only day before yesterday). I started moving faster at the end we both came together and we both were totally exhausted. I spelt on top of her without removing my cock. My cock was shrinked after than. After about fifteen min she said "Kumar yallunthuduna" (get up Kumar). So I gave a kiss on her mouth she responded. Then she said it time for her to go. I said lets have bath then you go to you home. So we both went to the tank once again talking all our clothes. After confirming that on one is there to see us. Then we both entered inside the water and started fondling each other and kissing each other. I told her that I am going to fuck her inside the water she refused that idea and replied we will have it tomorrow then I asked her whether she is virgin or not " kama darling ni kanni penna". She replied " enna oothuttiya nan kanni pen illa" ( you have fucked me I am not a virgin) I said "nan unna ookarathuku mmunna". (before fucking you). She said "amman yann".(yes I am virgin before that why). Because "un kuddhi rompa perrassa irruku". (your pussy is very big). She started laughing and said " nanu enn anniyum lesbians". ( My self and Bhabie are lesbians) I said "really". She said "ammam, anni en kuddhilla carrot, mullangi yllam viddukanga". (My bhabie used to insert carrot, raddish into my pussy).

I said "wow, that’s great un anni kailla pall irruka" (that’s great your bhabie has milk in her breast). She replied "amman narraya irruku thina muum nan kuddipan" (yes a lot daily I used to drink a lot) she also added "en anna en anni ookaratha illaiyan" then I replied "nan un anniya ookattuma". She replied "illa, illa atthu yappidi ni yanna oothutta" (no a who it is possible you have fucked me) I replied "unn anni pavam illa", (ur bhabie is also a girl). She replied "anna eethuku avva samathika matta" (no she won't do that) Then I said "nallaikki avala inga kullikarathuku thanniaya kuttituva mattutha nan patthakaruan, apparam ittha pathi etthuvam sollatha". (Bring her tomorrow here to take bath, I will seduce her, and don't tell anything to her about this). She got convinced and got out of the tank. I followed her I said I will dress u. Which she accepted first I fondled her and gave her deep kiss on her lip then I started removing the water drops on her body using the towel. Then after that I first dressed her with petticoat after kissing her pussy. Then her white bra and then her blouse and then her half saree. She was completely dressed and I was naked. She said shall I dress you. I replied "vanddam en poola mattum c happititu pooidu" (no suck my cock and go) She lowered her body and took my cock in her hands and took it into her mouth and started sucking I was moaning after about 10 min of sucking I came inside her mouth and she cleaned all my cum and said bye to me I grabbed her and gave a deep kiss on her lips and let her go and reminded about her bhabie. She gave a smile and went off.

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Hi me GUDDU from kol. Priya was looking for a gift to get her husband, Raj, for his birthday. Raj would be turning 30, and she wanted to get him something special. Raj had mentioned all he really wanted was Priya. She decided if she was to be Raj’s present, she should be properly gift wrapped? Priya called a friend of Raj’s named Ajay. Ajay and Raj had been friends since they were kids. Ajay owned an Adult Book and Accessory store just on the outskirts of town. Priya inquired about closing time, and made arrangements to stop by around closing so she could try on some of store’s nastiest attire. Through out her marriage to Raj, she had always wanted to be a little sex pot for him, but couldn’t seem to break the ice within herself. She hoped dressing slutty would cause her to act sluttier. Since moving to Australia 5 years back, she was exposed to the local raunchy and sexualized culture – but Priya still found it difficult to let go of her strait laced Indian ways.

Priya arrived at the Adult Book store, and Ajay extinguished the neon “Open” sign displayed outside the shop. Priya had always felt comfortable around Ajay. He never made any advances towards her in the many years she had known him. She was also impressed by his outstanding manners. She had expected him to become a bit crude after purchasing the porno shop. Being around sex all day, she marveled at his ability to separate his work from his life. Feeling so safe with Ajay, she figured she could try on the clothes and rely on his opinions. She stripped to her bra and panties, as requested by Ajay. Standing in front of Ajay in her undies was actually getting her turned on. It was the newness of the whole thing that caused it, and not a sexual desire for him.

Ajay returned with thick leather bracelets and anklets, as well as a gag-ball. Ajay placed the elastic gag-ball around her neck, and affixed the cuffs around her ankles and wrists. He told her everything was just for looks. Priya asked what they were used for, and Ajay told her to follow him. Ajay showed her four rings and four leather straps in the floor by the main area of the store. He told her to get down on her hands and knees so he could show her quickly. She got down, and Ajay locked her hands and feet to the rings. He secured the straps around her forearms and calves, which locked her in the? Doggie-style? Position. She was bent completely over in the contraption, but getting even more turned on by what she knew this was used for. Fearing Ajay might see her wet panties, she asked to be released. Ajay laughed at her, and she was shocked, even frightened a bit. She demanded harshly to be let! Up next. Ajay grabbed the gag-ball and put it in her mouth. The ball is to keep stupid bitches like you from complaining!? He shouted as he slapped her on the ass. Priya fought and struggled against her restraints, but it was of no use. She was mumbling and grunting into the ball, but not with much volume.

You know Priya; I lied about the store closing. This is a porn shop we never close. I just wanted to lure you here so I could have some fun. Watch closely now. Do you see this little sign? Can you read it? Here I will read it for you. It say 5 bucks to feel tits, 10 bucks to feel cunt, 25 bucks to view movies in the booths, or 50 bucks to fuck the whore. When I flip the “Open” sign back on, what do you think the guys coming in are going to want? You came here to find something to dress like a whore. Well now you are going to be one, and a 50-buck whore at that. Raj turning 30, huh? Well I isn’t sending his little whore-wife home to him until she fucks 30. How do you like that?? Ajay snarled at her. Just one more thing cunt, put this on too. Ajay drooled on her as he slid a leather blind fold over her head. ? You can’t see or speak, but you are damn sure gonna hear!? She felt the cold blade of a knife on her ass, and with one quick flip of the blade her panties were cut away exposing her to any person that might walk in. She heard the flick of the light switch, and knew Ajay had just turned the sign back on. Her bladder let loose and she pissed on the floor. She felt her urine as it ran past her knees. She was helpless. She couldn’t get away or call for help. She hoped nobody would come in. She was praying Ajay would give up and just let her go home. She heard Ajay; Damn I almost forgot to adjust the security cameras for this. I got to turn the audio sensitivity up also? She was on video! No, this couldn’t be happening to her. It was a bad dream she would wake up soon.

She heard the sounds of breaks outside the store. Her muscles tightened in fear. Holy shit, a tour bus! Jackpot! Ajay exclaimed greedily. ? He’s only scaring me. He isn’t for real. Priya thought. She was soon mistaken as she heard a large group of people enter the store. She tried to count the footsteps, the voices, and the sounds. Her mind was racing about how many people were staring at her in this predicament. She heard the movement around her. She could feel their presence, but didn’t know how many. She could feel their eyes as they burned into her naked flesh. She heard the laughter caused by her expense. She was humiliated. She wanted to crawl somewhere and die. She hoped the men would just leave her alone. She felt a hand on her ass, and tried to struggle away. The voice asked, How much to touch her ass?? Ajay told him it was free. She soon felt an unknown number of hands all over her as! S. How could this be happening to her?

Priya made no sound, and did not move a muscle. She thought if she acted like a complete dead-fuck, the men would be not bother her. She would not give them the pleasure of knowing her humiliation. She heard the sound of a coin drop into a bucket. ? What will it be my tits or my ass? she thought. She felt hands on her tits. Soon her bra was removed causing her tits to swing beneath her like two pendulums of a grandfather clock. Her heart was pounding. She bit into the ball-gag as tears filled her blindfold. She heard another coin hit the bottom of the bucket. Her pussy was stuffed with fingers. ? Hey this whore is wet!? Somebody shouted. No, she was not getting excited by this she tried to convince herself. It was remnants of her excitement from before. Her body might be responding to the physical stimuli, but not her mind. She could never enjoy this humiliation. Like rain pounding an old tin roof, Priya heard the sounds of handfuls of change being thrown into the bucket. As she heard the number of coins, her body tensed in preparation of what might happen next. She heard the sounds of what she thought were clothes coming off many, many people. How many people were here? How many men planned on violating her body? How could she ever tell Raj? Would she ever tell Raj, or would she protect him from the knowledge of this night?

She felt the hard thrust of an engorged cock slam into her unprepared cunt. She trashed fighting the best she could against the invading prick behind her. ? Ride her, cowboy!? She heard. It was followed by the another guy adding, I bet he can’t last the eight seconds!? The room was filled with cheers and roars of encouragement. She remembered the video being made of her. Her thoughts ran through her raped mind, What I must look like. Here I am in the center of a room full of guys getting fucked. Are the guys stroking cocks getting ready for me? How do I look?? How do I look? Why the fuck I am I worried about how I look. Oh my God, I must look like a filthy whore! This must be a seen of complete depravation. Wow this guy has a big cock. Oh shit, he is hitting my clit. Damn it, fight it, fight it, and fight it.

Her orgasm screamed through her no matter how bad she tried to fight it. She did admit to herself it felt good. Still she wanted it to stop. She wanted this over. The guy fucking her felt her pussy muscles clench his pounding cock. He knew her an orgasmic and made sure to do the same inside her. She felt him begin to pulsate in her cunt drenching her walls with cum. He withdrew from her. She felt his semen leak out of her swollen pussy, and run down over her clit. She felt suddenly empty. She wanted to get up, but somewhere in the recesses of her mind she wanted another cock in her. She got another until it came. Followed by another, and another. She came also with every cock that invaded her abused pussy. She leaked cum continually. She heard them shouting out their respected number as they came in her, 5, 6, 7.15, and 16. She was so lost in her feelings she lost track of the men. ? Was I! T fifteen already? Damn it, it is half way over!? She thought as she screamed another orgasm in to the ball-gag. She no longer grunted in to the ball with rage, she moaned into it in lust

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Hello friend’s, I am Vicky 27 m, from c.g... Ye meri pahli our real story hai. Our mera pahla chudai anubhav bhi. Friend’s vaise to mai kafi samay se iss ka reader hu. Our isi se hi mujhe bhi laga ki mai bhi apne life ke kuchh mazedar anubhav ko aap sabhi se share karu. Isi liye mai ye story likh raha hu. Agar aap logo ko meri ye story pasand aaye to mujhe jarur mail kariyega. Ye us samay ki baat hai jab mai class 12th me padta tha, bahut hi sexy mizaz ka tha. Meri ek buri aadat thi, jo mujhe kabhi buri nahi lagti thi. Vo ye ki mai kabhi bhi kisi jawan ladki ya aurat ko dekhta, uski chuchiyo ko dekhta to apne aap hi mera lund khada ho jata tha. Fir chahe vo koi bhi, kaisi bhi jagah kyo na ho. Mann usi samay us aurat ko chodne ke bare me sochne lagta. Unhi dino mere 1 dost ne apne our apni 1 aunti ke bich ki chudai ke bare me bataya tha. Uske maze ke bare me soch ke hi mai bhi ladkiyo se jyada aurato ko dekh kar josh me aa jata tha. Khair ab story. Jab mai 12th me tha unhi dino mujhme chatting ka bhoot sawar huwa our mai apne 1 friend ke cafe me sham 7 baje se raat 2-3 baje tak chatting karta tha. Mere karan vaha sabhi lodko ki bhi der raat chatting ki aadat ho gayi thi. Pahle 1-2 mahine to mujhe koi khas dost nahi mili. Fir 1 din achanak meri 1 madhu naam ki aurat se pahchan huyi.

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2 din baad madhu ne mujhe kahi bahar ghumane le jane ka plan banaya our apne relation ki kuch ladkiyo ko sath leke hum nikal gaye. Uske pati ka travals ka business tha so gadiyo ki kami nahi thi. Uska pati nahi gaya. Hum 5-6 log gaye the. Ladko me mai akela tha. Vahi se humari asli kahani shuru huyi, jab madhu ne mujhe bataya ki uska pati kitna kamina our harami hai. Madhu apne pati se bahut pareshan thi. Uski shadi bhi jabardasti karwayi gayi thi. Uska pati us se 13 saal bada tha. Vaha hum akele baithe the, baki ladkiya ghumne-firne gayi thi, yaha ek baat bataa dena chahta hu ki, hone ko to vaha bahut ladkiya thi par sabse badiya chudas maal madhu hi thi. Tab kuchh der baad madhu ne khud pahal ki our mujhse kaha ki vicky kya mai tumhare kandhe me apna sar rakh kar kuch der chain se sukun ki sans le sakti hu kya,?? To mai kaha bilkul, kyo nahi! Fir kuch der baad hum vaha se vapas ghar aane ko nikle, van me mai our madhu aamne-samne baithe the, andhera ho chukka tha, our car ki lights bhi off thi, achanak maine apne pairo me kuch feel kiya, dhayan diya to paya ki madhu apne pairo se mere pair ko sahla rahi thi.

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09-27-2008, 08:11 PM
ब हम लोग भोपाल में ही शिफ़्ट हो गये थे। जैसा कि आप लोगों को मालुम है कि चाची को चोद कर मुझे चोदने का शौक लग गया था तो लंड चोदने के लिये तड़पता रहता है। हमारे घर में पार्ट-टाइम नौकरानियां काम करती हैं। लेकिन कोई भी सुंदर नहीं थी। मम्मी बड़ी होशियार थीं। सब काली कलूटी और भद्दी भद्दी चुन चुन कर रखती थीं। जानती थी लड़का बहुत ही चालु है। आखिर में जब कोई नहीं मिलि तो एक को रखना ही पड़ा - जो कि 19-20 साल की मस्त जवान कुंवारी लड़की थी। साँवला रंग था और क्या जवान, सुंदर ऐसी कि देख कर ही लंड खड़ा हो जाए। मम्मे ऐसे गोल गोल और निकलते हुए कि ब्लाउज़ में समाए ही नहीं। बस मैं मौके की तलाश में था क्योंकि चोदने के लिये एकदम मस्त चीज़ थी। सोच सोच कर मैंने कई बार मुठ मारा। बहुत ज़ोर से तमन्ना थी कब मौका मिले और कब मैं इसकी बुर में अपना लंड घुसा दूं। वो भी पैनी निगाहों से मुझे देखती रहती थी। और मैं उसके बदन को चोरी चोरी से नापता रहता था। मन ही मन में कई बार उसे नंगा कर दिया। उसकी गुलाबी चूत को कई बार सोच सोच कर मेरा लंड गीला हो जाता था और खड़ा होकर फड़फड़ा रहा होता। हाथ मचलते रहते कब उसकी गोल गोल चूचियों को दबाऊं। एक बार चाय लेते समय जब मैंने उसे छुआ तो मानो करेंट सा लग गया और वो शरमाते हुए खिलखिला पड़ी और भाग गयी। मैंने कहा मौका आने दे, रानी तुझे तो खूब चोदुंगा। लंड तेरी चिकनी बुर में डाल कर भूल जाऊंगा। चूची को चूस चूस कर प्यास बुझाउंगा और दबा दबा कर मज़े लुंगा। होठों को तो खा ही जाउंगा। रानी उसका प्यारा सा नाम था।

कहते हैं उसके घर में देर है पर अंधेर नहीं। रविवार का दिन था और मेरे लंड महाराज तो उछल गये। मौका चूकने वाला नहीं था। लेकिन शुरु कैसे करें। कहीं चिल्लाने लगी तो? गुस्सा हो गयी तो? दोस्तों, तुम यह जान लो कि लड़कियां कितना ही शरमाये लेकिन दिल में उनकी इच्छा रहती है कि कोई उन्हें छेड़े और चोदे। मैंने रानी को बुलाया और उसे देखते हुए कहा - "रानी, तुम कपड़े इतने कम क्यों पहनती हो?" वहो बोली "क्यूं साहब, क्या कम है?" मैंने जवाब दिया, "देखो, ब्लाउज़ के नीचे कोई चोली नहीं है। सब दिखता है। लड़के छेड़ेंगे तुझे।" वो बोली, "बाबुजी, इतने पैसे कहां कि चोली खरीद सकूं। आप दिलवायोगे।" मैंने कहा, "दिलवा तो मैं दुंगा। लेकिन पहले बता कि क्या आज तक किसी ने तुझे छेड़ा है।" उसने जवाब दिया, "नहीं साहब।" मैंने कहा, "इसका मतलब तू एकदम कुंवारी है।"
"जी साहब।"
"अगर मैं कहूं कि तू मुझे बहुत अच्छी लगती है, तो तू नाराज़ तो नहीं होगी।" "नाराज़ क्युं होउंगी साहब। आप तो बहुत अच्छे हो।" बस यही उसका सिग्नल था मेरे लिये। मैंने हिम्मत रख कर पूछा, "अगर मैं तुम्हें थोड़ा प्यार करूं तो तुम्हें बुरा तो नहीं लगेगा।" अपने पैर की उंगलियों को वो ज़मीन पर मसलती हुई बोली, "आप तो बड़े वो हो साहब।" मैंने आगे बढ़ते हुए कहा, "अच्चा अपनी आँखें बंद कर ले और अभी खोलना नहीं।" उसने आँखें बंद की और हल्के से मुँह ऊपर की तरफ़ कर दिया। मैंने कहा- बेटा लोहा गरम है, मार दे हथौड़ा। आहिस्ता से पहले मैंने उसके गालों को अपने हाथों में लिया और फिर रख दिये अपने होंठ उसके होंठों पर। हाय क्या गज़ब की लड़की थी। क्या टैस्ट था। दुनिया की कोई भी शराब उसका मुकाबला नहीं कर सकती थी। ऐसा नशा छाया कि सब्र के सारे बांध टूट गये। मेरे होंठों ने कस कर उसके होंठों को चूसा और चूसते ही रहे। मेरे दोनों हाथों ने ज़ोर से उसके बदन को दबोच लिया। मेरी जीभ उसकी जीभ का टैस्ट लेने लगी। इस दौरान उसने कुछ नहीं कहा। बस मज़ा लेती रही। अचानक उसने आँखें खोली और बोली, "साहबजी, बस, कोई देख लेगा।" मैंने कहा, "रानी, अब तो मत रोको मुझे। सिर्फ़ एक बार।" "एक बार, क्या साहब?"
मैंने उसके कान पे पास जा कर कहा, "चुदवायेगी? एक बार बुर में लंड घुसवायेगी? देख मना मत करना। कितनी सुंदर है तू।" यह कह कर मैंने उसे कस कर पकड़ लिया और दहीने हाथ से उसकी बायीं चूची को दबाने लगा। मुँह से मैं उसके गालों पर, गले पर, होंठों पर और हर जगह पर चूमने लगा पागलों की तरह। क्या चूची थी, मानो सख्त संतरे। दबाओ तो चिटक चिटक जाये। उफ़, मलाई थी पूरी की पूरी।
रानी ने जवाब दिया, "साहबजी, मैंने यह सब कभी नहीं किया। मुझे शरम आ रही है।"
उखड़ी सांसों से मैंने कहा, "हाय मेरी जान रानी, बस इतना बता, अच्छा लगा या नहीं। मज़ा आ रहा है कि नहीं? मेरा तो लंड बेताब है जाने मन। और मत तड़पा।"
"साहबजी, जो करना है जल्दी करो, कोई आ जायेगा तो?"
बस मैंने उसके फूल जैसे बदन को उठाया और बिस्तर पर ले गया और लिटा दिया। कस कर चूमते हुए मैंने उसके कपड़ों को उतारा। फिर अपने कपड़ों को जल्दी से निकाला। 7" लम्बा मेरा लंड फड़फड़ाते हुए बाहर निकला। देख कर उसकी आँखें बड़ी हो गयी। बोलि "हाय यह क्या है? यह तो बहुत बड़ा है।"
"पकड़ ले इसे मेरी जान।" कहते हुए मैंने उसके हाथ को अपने लंड पर रख दिया। उसके बदन को पहली बार नंगा देख कर तो लंड ज़ोर से उछलने लगा। चूची ऐसी मस्त थी कि पूछो मत। चूत पर बाल इतने अच्छे लग रहे थे कि मेरे हाथ उसकी तरफ़ बढ़ ही गये। क्या गरम चूत थी। उंगली आहिस्ता से अंदर घुसाई। रस बह रहा था और उसकी बुर गीली हो गयी थी। गुलाबी गुलाबी बुर को उंगलियों से अलग किया, और मैंने अपना लंड आहिस्ता से घुसाया। हाथ उसकी चूचियों को मसल रहे थे। मुँह से उसके होंठों को मैं चूस रहा था।
"आह, साहबजी, आहिस्ता, लग रहा है।"
"रानी मज़ा आ रहा है?"
"साहबजी, जल्दी करिये न जो भी करना है।"
"हाय मेरी जान, बोल क्या करूं?"
"डालिये न। कुछ करिये न।"
"रानी, बोल कया करूं।" कहते हुए मैंने लंड को थोड़ा और घुसाया।
"अपना यह डाल दीजिये। " "बोल न, कहा डालूं मेरी जान, क्या डालूं।" "आप ही बोलिये न साहबजी, आप अच्चा बोलते हैं।" "अच्छा, यह मेरा लंड तेरी चिकनी और प्यारी बुर में घुस गया। और अब ये तुझे चोदेगा।" "चोदिये न, साहबजी।" उसके मुँह से सुन कर तो लंड और भी मस्त हो गया। "हाय रानी, क्या बुर है तेरी, क्या चूची है तेरी। कहां छुपा कर रखा था इतने दिन। पहले क्यों नहीं चुदवाया।"
"साहबजी, आपका भी लंड बहुत मज़ेदार है। बस चोद दीजिये जल्दी से।" और उसने अपने चूतड़ ऊपर कर लिये।
अब मैंने उसकी दाहिनी चूची को मुँह में लिया और चूसने लगा। एक हाथ से दूसरी चूची को दबाते हुए, मसलते हुए, मैं उछल उछल कर ज़ोर ज़ोर से चोदने लगा। जन्नत का मज़ा आ रहा था। ऐसा लग रहा था बस चोदता ही रहुं, चोदता ही रहुं इस प्यारी प्यारी चूत को। मेरा लंड ज़ोर ज़ोर से उसकी गुलाबी गीली गरम गरम बुर को चोद रहा था।
"हाय, रानी चुदवाने में मज़ा आ रहा है न। बोल मेरी जान, बोल।"
"हां साहब, मज़ा आ रहा है। बहुत मज़ा आ रहा है। साहब आप बहुत अच्छा चोदते हैं। साहब, यह मेरी बुर आपके लंड के लिये ही बनी है। है न साहब। साहब, चूची ज़ोर से दबाइये न। साहब, ऊऊओह, मज़ा आ गया, ऊऊह्हह्ह।" अचानक, हम दोनों साथ साथ ही झड़े। मैंने अपना सारा रस उसकी प्यारी प्यारी बुर में घोल दिया। हाय क्या बुर थी। क्या लड़की थी। गरम गरम हलवा। नहीं उससे भी ज्यादा टैस्टी। मैंने पूछा, "रानी, तेरा महीना कब हुआ था री?" शरमाते हुए बोली, "परसों ही खत्म हुआ। आप बड़े वो हैं। यह भी कोई पूछता है।" बाहों में भर कर होंठों को चूमते, चूचियों को दबाते हुए मैंने कहा, "मेरी जान, चुदवाते चुदवाते सब सीख जायेगी।" एकदम सेफ़ था। प्रिग्नेंट होने का कोई चांस नहीं था अभी। दोस्तों, कह नहीं सकता, दूसरी बार जब उसे चोदा, तो पहली बार से ज्यादा मज़ा आया। क्योंकि लंड भी देर से झड़ा। चूत उसकी गीली थी। चूतड़ उछाल उछाल कर चुदवा रही थी साली। उसकी चूचियों को तो मसल मसल कर और चूस चूस कर निचोड़ ही दिया मैंने। जाने फिर कब मौका मिले। आज इसकी बुर चूस ही लो। बुर का स्वाद तो इतना मज़ेदार था कि कोई भी शराब में ऐसा नशा नहीं। चोदते समय तो मैंने उसके होंठों को खा ही लिया। "यह मज़ा ले मेरे लंड का मेरी जान। तेरी बुर में मेरा लंड - इसी को चुदाई कहते हैं रानी। कहां छुपा रखी थी यह चूत जानी।" कहते हुए मैं बस चोद रहा था और मज़ा लूट रहा था। "चोद दीजिये साहबजी, चोद दीजिये। मेरी बुर को चोद दीजिये।" कह कह कर चुदवा रही थी मेरी रानी। दोस्तों। चुदाई तो खत्म हुई लेकिन मन नहीं भरा। दबोचते हुए मैंने कहा, "रानी, मौका निकाल कर चुदवाती रहना। तेरी बुर का दिवाना है यह लंड। मालामाल कर दूंगा जाने मन।" यह कह कर मैंने उसे 500 रुपये दिये और चूमते हुए मसलते हुए रुखसत किया।

09-27-2008, 08:12 PM
guys, while i was surfing the net, i came across this story! liked it myself.. thought to share with u guys! hope u”ll wud like it!
Us din kuchh achchha nahi lag raha tha. Subah se hi mann mein bharipan
lag raha tha. Aise hi alsaai huyi apne room mein soyi padi thi. Kaam
karne mein jee nahin lag raha tha. Tabhi gully mein shor hone laga. Apne
palang se uthkar baramde ki khidki se gully mein jhankne lagi.
Mohan Babu ke makan ke saamne bheed ekkathi ho rahi thi. Kya hua hoga
sochkar apni aankhein unke gate per gada di. Bheed mein fusfusahat ho
rahi thi. Tabhi khidki ke saamne se ek aadmi gujra to usse puchh liya,
“Aare bhaiya, kya ho gaya?”
Aadmi ne chalte-chalte jawab diya, “Kisi ne Mohan Babu ko chaaku maar
Yeh sunkar main darr gayi. Din-dahade gulli me hatya. Uff! Kya ho gaya
hai iss duniya ko. Mohan Babu se hamare gharwalon ki jamti nahi thi. Ab
gharwale kaun? Ek mera marad aur doosri mein. Abhi teen-chaar din pahle
hi mere marad, Shyaam, ka jhagda Mohan Babu se kuchh len- den ko lekar
ho gaya tha. Lekin isse kya? Aakhir gully mein kisi ki hatya ho toh
bura toh lagta hi hai.
Main mann hi mann darr rahi thi. Soch rahi thi ki Shyaam jaldi ghar
aajaye to achchha hai. Lekin unhe to shaam ko hi aana tha. Doosre gaon
gaye huye the. Aisa hi bol kar subah jaldi nikal gaye the.
Thodi der baad wapas khidki khol kar Mohan Babu ke ghar ki aur jhanka
toh dekha aadmi toh jyada nahi the balki 6-7 police wale jaroor khade
the. Ab hatya huyi hai toh police wale toh aayenge hi. Tabhi dekha 3- 4
policewale mere ghar ki taraf aa rahe hai. Mera mann aur kharab hone
laga. Police wale mere ghar ki taraf kyon aa rahe hai? Main jhat se khidki
band karke wapas apne kamre ki taraf badhne lagi.
Doosre pal hi darwaaja peetne ki aawaj aane lagi. Main jhat se kamre ki
jagah apne ghar ke main darwaaje ki taraf badh gayi aur gate khol diya.
Police wale dhaddhadate huye ghar mein ghus gaye.
Maine hakbakakar unse poochha, “Aare ye kya kar rahe ho?”
Ek police wala kadakti awaj mein poochha, “Shyaam kidhar hai?”
Maine wapas poochha, “Kya kaam hai mere marad se?”
Tabhi doosra police wala dahada, “Saali, hamse poochhati hai kya kaam
hai? Kidhar chhupa kar rakha hai apne marad ko?”
Main sahamkar boli, “Wo toh ghar par nahi hai. Doosre gaon gaye huye
hai. Shaam ko aayenge?”
Tabhi usne kathorta se poochha, “Saali, ghar mein chhupa kar rakha hai
aur bolti hai ki nahin hai. Bata kidhar chhupaya hai.”
“Saheb main jhoot nahin bol rahi hoon. Wo toh subah se hi gaye huye
hai. Lekin baat kya hai?”
Tabhi tisre police wale ne kaha, “Tera marad shyam hai na?”
Jawab mein maine apna sir haan mein hila diya.
“Saale ne Mohan ka khoon kiya hai.”
Mere upar mano pahad gir gaya. Lekin sambhalte huye boli, “Kaise saheb?
Wo to subah se hi yahan nahi hai.”
“Kaise nahi hai. Bahar kayi logon ne use abhi thodi der pahle hi use
bhagte huye dekha hai. Wo koi jhoot nahin bol rahe hain.”
Meri toh aawaj hi band ho gayi. Tabhi ek police wala poora ghar
doondhne ke baad bola, “Idhar toh Shyaam nahi hai. Lagta hai saala bhaag
Toh doosre police wale ne usse kaha, “Jaa saheb ko bata kar aa.”
Main chup-chaap jameen per baith gayi aur rone lagi. Viswash hi nahi ho
raha tha. Jaroor kisi ne apna badla nikalne ke liye jhooth-mooth police
wale ko kah diya hoga. Shyaam ke saath meri shaadi ko sirf 6 mahine hi
huye the. Inn 6 mahino mein hamne khoob maza kiya. 3-4 mahine tak toh
wo ghar se bahar bahut hi kam waqt ke liye bahar niklta tha. Hum dono
din-raat bister per, kitchen mein, bathroom mein aur yahan tak ki aangne
mein maza loot te rahte the. Waqt kab ka nikal gaya samjh mein hi nahin
aaya. Lekin aaj..
Shyaam 25 saal ka ek gabroo jawaan tha. Kasrati badan aur thoda saanwle
rang ka lekin majboot marad tha. Bistar per uska koi jawab hi nahi tha.
Uska hathiyaar bhi uske badan jaisa moosal aur lamba-mota. Mere bitte
bhar se bada aur meri kalai se aadha. Uske sath byaah hone ke baad mein
apne pure jeewan ko bhul chuki thi.
Haan. Main shaadi hone ke pahle apne do-teen doston se yaari kar baithi
thi. Aur unke saath humbistar bhi. Lekin Shyaam se shaadi hone ke baad
maine kabhi bhi unko yaad nahin kiya. Ab jo kuchh bhi tha toh woh
Shyaam hi tha.
Shyaam aur mere purane yaron ki nazron me main gori chithi haseen
gudiya thi. Mere lambe-lambe baal, mere gore-gore gaal, mere madmust hoth,
mere anar jaise kadak santre ki size ke mumme, bhari huyi jhanghe. Aisa
hi kahte the woh sub. Aur main apni prasansa sunkar phoola nahi samati
Tabhi thanedaar ki kadakti huyi awaz ne mujhe jaga diya, “Kahan hai
uski bibi?” Mujh per nazar padte hi uski aankhein mere jism per giddh ki
ankhon jaise chipak gayi.
Tabhi mujhe ek police wale ne pakad kar khada kar diya aur bola, “Yehi
hai uski bibi.”
Thanedaar mere jism ko taulta huwa bola, “Kahan hai Shyaam?”
Maine sahmte huye kaha, “Mujhe nahi maloom. Woh toh subah se bahar gaye
huye hai.”
“Bata de warna mujhe aur bhi tareeke aate hai.” Thanedaar ne garajti
huyi awaaz mein poochha.
Main chup-chaap khadi rahi. Bahar bheed dekh kar thanedaar ne aur toh
kuchh nahi bola lekin main mehshoosh kar rahi thi uski nazron ko apne
jism mein dhanste huye. Thaanedaar apne aadmiyon ko kuchh batane laga aur
mujhe ghoorte huye bahar chala gaya.
Shaam ki 4-5 baj gayi. Police party apne thaane chali gayi. Maine chain
ki saans li. Lekin raat ko 8-8.30 baje phir ek police wala aaya. Mujhse
Shyaam ke baare mein poochhne laga. Maine na mein jawab diya.
“Aise kaise ho sakta hai. Tu subah bol rahi thi na ki woh shaam ko
wapas aayega. Ab toh raat ho chuki hai,” Police wale ne poochha.
“Unhone subah aisa hi kaha tha,” maine jawab diya.
“Lagta hai tu aise nahi manegi. Ab tere se haath-laat se baat karni
padegi,” Usne ghudkte huye kaha.
Meri dhuk-dhuk badhne lagi. Mujhe Shyaam per gussa aa rha tha. Ab tak
nahi aaya. Gully main ek khoon ho gaya aur bibi ghar mein akeli. Lekin
uska koi pata hi nahi. Tabhi phir socha. Usse kya maloom ki hatya ho
gayi hai. Agar maloom hota toh dopahar mein hi nahi aajata. Kya usne hi
“Saali ko thane le chal,” Policewala apne sathi se kaha. “Saheb ne kaha
hai agar Shyaam nahi milta to uski bibi ko thaane lekar aana.”

09-27-2008, 08:13 PM
Chapter 1

Melissa Jacobs slowly forced her eyes open as the morning sunlight peeked through the blinds. She looked at the clock on her bedside nightstand and saw that it was almost 8 a.m. It had been quite some time since she had slept this late on a Saturday morning. She yawned, stretching her arms above her head, causing the pink silk sheet to slip from her large breasts, tickling her nipples into erection as it fell. A chill of undeniable excitement rushed through her and she trembled. She sighed with a bit of frustration at how easily her breasts responded to the slightest touch. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, but in the past six months she could barely touch them without feeling a tingling between her legs. She chastised herself for the inability to control what she considered inappropriate basic instincts ... after all; she was a thirty-six year old divorced mother of an eighteen-year-old boy. Women her age didn't have those feeling, or so she tried to convince herself.

She threw the covers from her naked body and climbed out of bed. She rarely slept naked, but found it to be fun and sensuous on occasion. She sighed as she made the bed neatly before walking toward the bathroom. As she passed the full-length mirror she paused for a moment to scan her body.

he years had been good to her and she had remained fit, thanks to the expensive exercise equipment her ex-husband had installed in the basement. Her natural 36 "C" breasts were a perfect match for her narrow waist and smoothly flaring hips. She knew she looked good in whatever clothes she chose to wear, yet she tended to dress conservatively, the result of her strict religious upbringing, preferring to wear jacketed business suits on workdays to cover her slightly tight blouses and slacks (the tightness she attributed to a couple of pounds she had gained since the divorce two years earlier). Her mother had taught her that "good girls" didn't flaunt their sexuality. "Good girls" were always properly dressed. Those lessons stayed with her over the years and therefore, she tended to cover up when in public, wearing fuller cut tops and dresses as well as full bathing suits on the beach instead of the string bikinis that many younger women wore.

As she gazed at her figure, her eyes traveled down her flawless breasts and the still hard pink nipples to her flat stomach and on to her pubic mound. Her larger than normal clitoris and protruding inner lips seemed to flower outward from her smoothly shaven outer lips. The size of her clit and labia had embarrassed her when she was young but not now. No one saw that area of her body anymore.

She pursed her lips as she turned this way and that, looking at the sensual curve of her hips and her strong and shapely thighs. But her eyes invariably went back to her hairless pubic mound. Roy, her ex-husband (sixteen years of marriage) insisted that she keep herself shaven, regardless of her protests. Although it sometimes felt embarrassing, it was easier to give in than to argue. Surprisingly, after years of being clean-shaven, it felt more natural than having hair. And besides, it didn't matter since, in spite of the best efforts of her friends, she hadn't even had a date since the divorce two years ago.

Without thinking, Melissa's hand idly slipped across her breast, sending a now familiar chill through her as she lightly touched her nipple with the palm of her hand. Almost without realizing it, she moved her feet apart, allowing her hand to continue to move downward until it paused at the top of her sex mound. Her face flushed hot as she spread the fleshy hood covering her clitoris, exposing the penis shaped nub to the cool air. Her breathing grew rapid as she stared at the now swollen clit.

Melissa knew it was wrong to be doing this, but despite her internal admonishment, her legs slipped further apart, almost obscenely exposing herself to the mirror. With eyes wide, she stared at her pussy, watching the swollen clit pulse with excitement. She knew her clit was larger than normal... she had seen other women in playboy magazines found hidden under her son's mattress. Sometimes she wondered if she was a freak ... her clit was twice the size of any of those women. As she continued to stare, she dared to move her finger across the stretched surface of her clit, bringing a moan of pleasure, or was it remorse, from her lips.

This was crazy, she thought as she suddenly forced her hand from between her legs. With a sigh she strode into the bathroom to sit on the toilet. Yet, the feeling did not diminish as she began to relieve herself. The tiny pearl of skin at the top of her lips almost throbbed. Her legs began to tremble and she wondered if she was losing her mind.

Instead of rising after relieving herself, she sat back and spread her legs. Again her fingers found her clit. With a moan she began to rub herself, bringing excited whimpers from her lips. Up and down her fingers traveled, gently massaging her now pulsing clit until she felt tingling in her toes ... the tingling climbed up her legs to her pussy, making her body shake with excitement. It had been a long time since she dared to pleasure herself. She knew it was wrong, but it was almost too late to stop. Her head started to spin and she began to gasp for breath.

"Mom, are you awake?" Eric called through the bedroom door.

Melissa gasped and sat straight up at the sound of her son's voice. She pulled her hand from between her legs like a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar. The excitement of the moment collapsed like a balloon pricked with a pin.

It took her a second to respond. "Uh... yes, I'm in the bathroom."

"Sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I was going over to Jimmy's house. I'll be back about one or two. Do you want me to pick up anything at the store?"

"Uh ... yes, wait a minute," she returned. She hurried out of the bathroom and to her dresser where she retrieved a pair of panties. As she pulled them up her legs and the material touched her still swollen clit, she gasped. A tremor of renewed excitement rushed through her. Without waiting for the feeling to pass she reached for the first article of clothing available, a sheer pink nightgown. It was her favorite nightgown made of a sheer wispy silk material covering her body from her shoulders to her feet ... yet it was so sheer it really hid nothing. She never wore it when anyone would see her. She pulled it over her head and hurried to the door without thinking of the transparency of her gown. After a moment's pause she took a deep breath and opened the door to see her son's handsome smiling face.

"Sorry to bother you," he said with a smile.

Melissa saw his bright blue eyes sparkled as he looked at her. She knew that her hair had not been combed and her face was flushed and she worried that somehow he would know what she had been doing seconds ago in the bathroom. When she saw her son's eyes drift down a bit her face flushed redder and she crossed her arms over her almost bare chest. "Uh ... no problem. I was just getting dressed," she said, pushing her shoulder length red hair back with one hand. "Did you ... did you say you would stop at the store?"

"Yes, but it won't be until this afternoon."

"That's fine. I need some milk and bread. Let me get you some money." With that Melissa turned, relieved her hide her near nudity from her son's eyes, and saw her pocketbook sitting on the floor next to the bed. Without thinking she bent over to retrieve her wallet. As she did the gown stretched across her nearly bare ass. When she heard what she thought was a gasp, she stood up quickly and turned around.

It was Eric's turn to blush and his eyes shifted away.

Melissa knew that he had been spying on her for a long time. It was nothing terribly overt, but noticeable nonetheless. It had begun several years earlier. She figured that he thought that she hadn't noticed. She had, but she chalked it up to adolescent fantasy and something he would grow out of. While she was a bit flattered by the attention, she was also worried. He was 18 now and in college and should be thinking of girls his own age. Much to her embarrassment, the feelings she received from his sometimes lustful stare were more than a little uncomfortable and not entirely mother-like.

She worried that without a father in the house, it was going to be left to her to discuss the birds and bees with her son, and she knew it would not be a comfortable conversation for either of them.

"Wanna go out for pizza tonight?" Eric asked hopefully.

"Don't you have a date? I mean, wouldn't you rather go out with friends instead of your old mom?"

Eric smiled and said, "First of all, you're not old. Second, I would rather go out with you than any of my friends in school." Eric's face flushed again. He sounded like a lovesick schoolboy. But in truth, that was exactly what he was.

Melissa felt a strange feeling rush up and down her body. She told herself she was still recovering from touching herself. She cleared her throat and said, "All right. I want to talk to you about a couple of things anyway." She handed him the money and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. As she watched him walk away in his jeans, tennis shoes, and tight tee shirt, she sighed. She had to admit that he was a gorgeous boy: not overly tall—he still had some growing to do, but with a handsome face, dark hair, blue eyes and a sparkling smile, he would be a lady killer soon. She wondered why he didn't have loads of girlfriends already. There was a nagging feeling that she really knew the reason and it scared her.

Chapter 2

"Ready to go mom?" Eric called as he stood at the foot of the stairs waiting for his mother to come down. They had reservations at 6:30 at a local pizza restaurant.

Melissa put the finishing touches on her makeup before she hurried out of the bedroom. When she arrived downstairs she was surprised to see that Eric had on a suit. He rarely wore a suit and in fact it general took a great deal of pleading from her to get him to put one on. She was justifiably impressed. "Very nice," she said as she sized up the suit he was wearing. The last time she had seen the suit was when a friend got married several months earlier.

She had on a pair of striped slacks and a blouse with a cashmere sweater underneath.

"Wow, you look great too, Mom," he said.

"Thanks," Melissa responded and suddenly her son's stare made her nipples harden under the sweater. She rationalized that it was just the result of a draft in the old house. But then she felt her panties rubbing on her swollen clit and a shudder when through her. She swayed a bit.

"You okay, Mom?" Eric asked.

"Uh ... uh ... yes. I just got a little light headed. Guess I'm hungrier than I thought," Melissa responded quickly. She held out her arm for the coat and turned away from her son to hide her still flushed face.

Eric drove the couple of miles to the restaurant and soon they were sitting in a booth waiting for their pizza order. Eric ordered a Coke and Melissa got a pitcher of Sangria. She needed something a little stronger than Coke after a day of worrying about the conversation she was about to have with her son.

For a few minutes the two of them made small talk, with Melissa drinking three glasses of wine to bolster her courage.

"So, Eric, tell me something," Melissa said.

"Sure, Mom, anything for you," he returned with a smile.

"I ... I ... was wondering why you ... why don't you date more. I mean ... like tonight you're going out with me and its Saturday night." There she had said it.

Eric looked a bit shocked at the question. "Uh ... that's a strange question, Mom."

"I know, Hon, but I'm worried about you. That's what mothers do. I see you staying home every night with all those pretty college girls around and ... well, you should be dating."

"I do date occasionally. I went out two weeks ago as a matter of fact."

"Yes, and you were home by eleven."

"Mom, most mothers would be happy that their kids are home early."

"That's true, but you're a young man and should be sowing your wild oats a little. You know ... have a little fun with the girls."

"I can't believe I just heard you say that," Eric said with a look of amazement. Then his face turned serious. After a pause he said, "It's just that girls my age are so immature."

Melissa laughed loudly. Then she put her hand over her mouth and looked embarrassed at her loud outburst.

"Why are you laughing?" Eric responded defensively.

"Sorry. It's just that that's what girls generally say about boys, not the other way around."

"It's true."

The smile left Melissa's face as she said, "I know you are mature for your age, Eric. Still, there have to be girls who you can date that are mature."

"Well, maybe, but they are few and far between."

Melissa paused for a moment before she asked the next question. "But, what about ... what about ... you know ... sex?" Melissa blushed.

"Mom!" Eric gasped. "You're not supposed to ask your son that type of question."

It was Melissa's turn to look serious. She reached over and grasped his hand. "I know, but without a father around all the time ... and we have been so close since the divorce ... I just thought you might need someone to talk to." This was even harder than she had anticipated. She paused again before saying, "I'm messing this all up." Tears suddenly came to her eyes.

"You are seriously worried aren't you?" Eric squeezed his mother's hand warmly and smiled.

"Yes. I'm your mother, and father, and I don't know about boy stuff. Your dad is across the country now and remarried, so he can't do it."

There was a long silence as she watched her son stare at her with a questioning look. She figured he was trying to decide if he was going to open up to her. She hoped he would and at the same time prayed he wouldn't. It was all so confusing raising a teenaged boy as a single mom.

Finally he took a deep breath and said, "All right, if you want me to talk to you like I would if dad were around, fine, but don't get embarrassed."

Melissa smiled as she wiped her eyes. "I can't promise that."

"All right, you asked for it. As I said, girls my age are so immature ... even the upper class girls. I just want more from a relationship than 'dating with benefits'.

"Dating with benefits ... what's that?"

Eric paused and then said in warning, "Remember you asked."

Melissa nodded her head and waited expectantly. She really had no idea what he was talking about.

"Dating with benefits is where you go out with a girl and afterward, because you paid for dinner or the movie, she ... well, she does things."

Melissa was still clueless. "Does things?"

"Yes. You know ... uses her hand on you, or her mouth." Eric sighed and added bluntly, "You know, like a handjob or blowjob."

Melissa's eyes flew open. "Oh!" she exclaimed.

"I warned you."

Melissa took a gulp of wine and then a deep breath. After a long pause she gathered her composure and said, "Go on."

"After the date and the 'benefit', you may or may not go out with her again. Or, you might never see her again. It's what all the kids do. It starts in junior high."

"Good God! Junior high school?"

"Yes. But, it's not like sex."

"It's not sex? Then what is it?" Melissa asked with astonishment.

"That's when you actually do it."

"You mean intercourse?"


"This is hard to believe," said Melissa.

"It's true," returned Eric.

Melissa thought for a moment and said, "And you say all the kids do it ... meaning you?"

Eric's face flushed, looked down at his glass, lowered his voice and said, "Yes."

"So you have had girls use their ... their mouth, or, or their hand on you," she asked, the wine giving her the courage to continue the line of questioning.

"Of course."

"What about 'real' sex ... intercourse, have you done that?"

"Oh wow, Mom."

"Come on. It's honesty time. Just act like you're talking to a friend or your father."

"I don't think I would talk to dad like this," Eric returned.

"Well, have you had real sex?"

"Yes. A few times."

Somehow, Melissa felt almost relieved. "Did you use protection?"

"God, Mom!"


"Yes, but not with handjobs or blowjobs, which is what we do most of the time. That would take all the fun out of it." Eric laughed nervously.

Melissa giggled nervously. "I suppose you're right. Your dad used to say that it was like taking a shower in a raincoat." She suddenly realized that she was still holding her son's hand. It felt very hot in hers. Her heart was beating faster for some strange reason. "Dating with benefits, huh," she said, almost to herself.

"Remember, Brenda Kramer?" Eric asked.

"Yes, you had her over here a couple of weeks ago."

"Remember when you came downstairs to ask if we needed anything before you went to bed?"


"Well, if you had come down about one minute earlier, you would have seen what dating with benefits really is." Eric smiled.

"You mean she was giving you a hand ..." Melissa started to say and paused.

"No. You said she had something on her chin. It wasn't food ... well real food." Eric laughed.

Melissa looked confused for a moment.

"You're not that naive are you?"

Suddenly she knew what he meant; Brenda had just finished giving her son a blowjob and had his cum on her chin. Melissa felt her face turn red. She remembered it distinctly now. Both of the kid's faces were flushed. She thought they had just been kissing. Now the sticky substance on her chin made sense. Although she was embarrassed at Eric's revelation, an unwanted chill of excitement rushed through her and made her tremble.

"You okay, Mom?" Eric asked when he saw his mother tremble.

Melissa saw her son's eyes on her now hard nipples. "Uh ... yes ... it's a little cold in here," Melissa said.

"Anyway," he continued, "as soon as you left, I was on the floor with my face buried between her legs."

Melissa gasped and her eyes opened wide.

At that moment the pretty waitress arrived with their pizza. She sat it on the table and turned to Eric with a sexy smile. "Anything else for you?"

Melissa saw her look and felt a twinge of anger. She answered for Eric. "No, that will be all," she said curtly.

The waitress gave her an irritated look and strode away.

"I have to go to the bathroom," said Melissa. With that she got up and swayed a bit from all the wine she had consumed. Incredibly, like earlier at the house, she could still feel her panties rubbing on her swollen pussy lips. A moment later she was in the restroom in a stall. When she pulled her panties down she was aghast to see that the crotch was literally soaked with juice. She could see her swollen clit sticking out like a miniature penis, almost throbbing with excitement. She was not only shocked, but also mortified that the conversation with her son had excited her. Still, the alcohol rushing through her brain would not let her process the enormity of what had just happened. She sat down to ponder the strange feelings that seemed to be engulfing her more often everyday. She didn't have any answers.

A few minutes later she returned to the table, walking slowly to avoid swaying, but also to keep her panties from stimulating her still swollen clit. She sat down and looked at her smiling son. She took a deep breath and let it out, wondering if the conversation had been a good idea in the first place. Then she remembered the other thing she wanted to tell Eric. "Oh, Eric, I've been waiting to tell you some exciting news. Do you want to hear?"

"Of course. What is it?" he asked curiously.

"Well, on Friday, I won first place in a system design contest at work. I designed a solution for a flaw in our fabrication process that helped keep the reverberator's from freezing up ..."

Eric's grimace showed that he had no idea what she was talking about. He held up his hand. "Mom, what did you win?"

"Oh yes, I won a trip for two to either Florida for two weeks or..." Melissa paused.

"Wow, a trip to Florida," Eric exclaimed.

"Or" she said again louder. "A trip to Zermatt, Switzerland."

"What? You won a trip to Zermatt?" Eric almost screamed.

Melissa smiled at his enthusiasm. Now it was her turn to hold up her hand. "Wait a minute. The trip to Florida includes a great condo on the beach in St. Petersburg. The Switzerland trip is to a cabin on the side of a mountain. I saw a picture and it is pretty rustic. I think it does have running water though. The place belongs to the Chairman of our company and he put it up as a prize. I think he inherited it from his grandmother who lived there most of her life. I don't know how good the accommodations will be."

"It doesn't matter. I don't even care if it doesn't have electricity. Two weeks in Zermatt, God, that would be a dream come true."

They both loved to ski but had not been for almost a year.

Melissa smiled. "I thought that's what you would say, so I told them Switzerland."

"Oh, Mom, that's incredible," Eric said and jumped up and came around the table to hug his mother. He sat down in the chair next to her and pulled her close, feeling her soft breasts pressing to his chest. The hug lasted for a long time. "You're the greatest, Mom. When can we go?" he asked.

"Well, since you're on winter break from school, now is as good a time as any. I have the tickets for the flight. We leave Monday." Melissa could see that she had bowled her son over. His enthusiasm made her forget her state of sexual excitement.

For the next half-hour they chatted excitedly about Switzerland as they ate their pizza. Then Eric drove them home, with his mother falling asleep on his shoulder before they reached the main road. Wine always made her sleepy ... and horny.

Chapter 3

"Mom, wake up," Eric said as he gently shook his sleeping mother." When she opened her eyes he said, "We're home."

"Oh, I guess I dozed off."

"You were snoring," Eric laughed.

"I'm sorry. I always get sleepy when I drink wine." Melissa watched as Eric jumped out of the car and rushed around to open the door for her and help her out. Then he put his arm around her and they walked up the sidewalk toward the house.

When they were inside, he stopped. "Thanks Mom, that was a great evening, especially the part about Switzerland. But, you know what? Talking to you was great too. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I really appreciate that you're interested."

"You're welcome," Melissa said as she stared into her son's pretty blue eyes. "It was nice for me too." The room suddenly grew very quiet. For some odd reason her heart started to beat faster. Without realizing it their lips moved slowly toward each other. When they touched, it was like an electric current had begun charging through her. She tingled from head to toe.

For reasons Melissa would never admit to herself, she allowed Eric to squeeze her tight and work his lips against hers. Her arms went around his shoulders as his lips parted. The tip of his tongue entered her mouth ...

"Mmmmm," Melissa moaned deep in her throat.


Suddenly the spell was broken when the telephone rang. They both jumped. Melissa quickly pulled away, or more correctly staggered away. She walked in a trance to the jangling telephone. "He ... hello," she stuttered. "It's Tony, for you," she said, holding the phone to Eric, a clear look of disappointment, or maybe relief, on her face.

Eric appeared to be in a fog as well. "Uh ... hi, Tony. Yeah, I was out getting a pizza. Naw, I don't want to go out tonight. It's after ten already. I know, but I only said maybe." He paused and listened. "Brenda and Julie want to double date, huh?"

Melissa couldn't help showing a frown as she stared at her son.

"No, I still think I'll stay home. By the way, my Mom won a trip for us to Switzerland. Yes, we're leaving Monday. " The two boys talked for a few more minutes. Apparently Eric's friend was still trying to convince him to go out. It didn't work.

Melissa hurried to the shower before Eric's conversation was over. She let the almost cold-water rush over her as she tried to wash the excitement of the conversation and kiss from her mind. It had definitely excited her. It was almost overwhelming that she had kissed her own son like that. However briefly, their lips had touched and his tongue had touched hers. She could still almost feel his tongue in her mouth. She didn't know what would have happened if the phone hadn't rang.

A few minutes later she stepped out of the shower and used a large fluffy towel to dry. She walked out of the bathroom and sat down at her vanity, looking at herself in the mirror. Her face was still flushed and she could still feel twinges of excitement rushing through her. She rubbed her thighs together and felt a ripple of excitement between her legs. She thought for a moment about finishing what she had started that morning. "No," she said out loud and stood up.

She put on her nightgown, the same one she had on this morning, and walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to say goodnight to Eric. When she reached his room, she raised her hand to tap on the door. However, she found the door partially open. When she peeked through she gasped at what she saw ... Eric lying on the bed naked and he had his cock in his hand. Her face suddenly felt flushed again and her heart started beating rapidly. She knew that she should turn away, but her eyes were drawn to his strong, young athletic body.

Melissa stared in wonder. His penis was huge. He was much bigger than his father was. The head was swollen and shaped like a small plum. Her legs grew weak as she watched him move his hand up and down the shaft.

"Mmmm," he moaned.

His cock throbbed and it looked to be ready to explode. A bubble of clear juice appeared at the head and then slowly trickled down the side. A steady stream of juice followed.

Melissa had to place her hand on the door jam or risk collapsing. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Suddenly her clit began to throb with a life of its own and she felt like she might climax. She squeezed her legs together to try and stop it, but that was the wrong thing to do. Her legs trembled as waves of excitement rushed up and down her body. She bit her lip in a last effort to stop the on-coming climax. It was impossible. Her body shook as incredible pleasure rushed through her. Her head spun and her eyes hooded over.

She had never climaxed without manual stimulation before. In fact, it had always taken quite a bit of stimulation to bring her relief. But now, without a touch, she was climaxing. Her body shook and her knees almost buckled as the pleasure continued for some time. As the waves began to subside, she realized that juice was running down her thighs like a river.

Inside the room, Eric was lying back on the bed with his eyes closed, his hand around his cock stroking himself. Little moans of pleasure continued to escape his lips.

Melissa was almost successful in tearing herself away from the door when she glanced in one last time. Her trembling had barely stopped when she saw her son now stroking himself rapidly. All reason left her and she reached between her legs and began to stimulate her still pulsing clit. Her breathing grew labored as she rubbed herself and watched her son play with himself.

She heard a moan and saw him squeeze his fist around his cock, pulling the skintight and making the large head swell even larger. Seconds passed as the purple head grew larger and the entire shaft throbbed.

Suddenly, with a low moan, the swollen head pulsed and a huge bolts of cum shot from the slit like an erupting volcano. The thick sperm arched upward several feet into the air before falling back to his chest with a splat. Another blast followed, and then another. Over and over his cock pulsed, spewing an incredible quantity of juice into the air, only to splatter on his chest and stomach. Finally the throbbing stopped and the remaining juice streamed down his fingers.

When it was over, his stomach and chest were covered in juice, leaving a trail all the way to his chin.

Melissa saw his eyes close as his hand continued to milk his slowly wilting cock. She had begun to climax again at the sight of the first squirt of juice from her son. The waves of pleasure rushing through her made it difficult to keep her eyes open. Her second climax was stronger then the first and threatened to overwhelm her senses. She had never felt anything like it.

The vision of her son masturbating would be burned into her mind forever. Eric's father's equipment wasn't anywhere near as large as her son's was, nor was the quantity of sperm. In fact, the amount of juice coming from Eric had to be double or triple his father's. She wondered with shame what his squirting cock would feel like inside her. It had been a long time since she had felt cum inside her.

Eric moaned contentedly as his hand finally dropped from his cock, juice covering his stomach, chest and fingers.

Melissa came to her senses before Eric opened his eyes. She rushed from his doorway and back to her room. With her door securely locked, she dropped the robe and crawled onto the bed naked. With visions of her son's spewing cock in her mind, she spread her legs, reached for her favorite vibrating dildo and slipped it inside her. She had gotten it as a gag gift years earlier and it had been in her underwear draw since then. She had never had the courage to use it until now.

Moans began to slip from her lips as the mechanical penis began to do the trick. She left the vibrating device inside her, preferring to let it do its work without help from her hand. It was sweet torture to feel it squirm insider her throbbing pussy. She squeezed her still strong pussy muscles to hold it inside. She threw her head back as waves of pleasure began to rush through her. "Oh, God," she gasped. "Eric ... Eric ... Eric ... oh God, I'm cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnngggg," she gasped as another climax came on quickly.

* * * * *

Unknown to her, outside the bedroom door Eric stood in shock.

He had stopped over again to say goodnight. Before he could knock, however, he heard his mother moaning. It took him only seconds to realize his mother was masturbating. Amazingly, it sounded like she was saying his name. He didn't think that was possible, but the thought of it excited him nonetheless.

In record time, his cock began to throb again. He took it out of his pants and began to stroke himself. He knew how crazy it was, but he couldn't help it. He listened closely as he moved his hand rapidly. Suddenly, with little warning, he began to cum, spraying his cream against the door and on the carpet at his feet.

When he finally returned to his senses, he realized he had made a mess. He sheepishly and quietly went to the bathroom and found a towel to clean the door and the carpet.

* * * * *

The following morning, Melissa heard her son before she saw him. She stood at the stove with her back to him. She didn't turn around as he took a seat at the table and picked up the Sunday newspaper. Melissa brought a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon over to the table and set it down.

"Good morning, Eric," she said.

"Good morning," he returned without looking up.

Melissa was feeling embarrassed about what had happened last night. She had watched him masturbate and then fantasized about having sex with her own son. She has an almost irrational fear that he knew she had spied on him.

Taking a deep breath she said, "We have to get our skis and suitcases down from the attic. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure, Mom," Eric answered as he looked up from the paper for the first time. "What time do we leave tomorrow?"

"Really early ... we have to get up at four thirty a.m. I think the flight is at six-thirty. We go to England, Heathrow, and then on to Zurich, Switzerland. I think we arrive about five or six in the evening, their time.

"Uck! I can't sleep on airplanes. Oh well, I guess we can sleep when we get there. I'll get the luggage and our skis as soon as I eat," he said. "I'm really hungry for some reason this morning." He had masturbated twice more that night, thinking of his mother.

Melissa had climaxed twice in the hall without touching herself and then twice that night, using the dildo.

End of Part 1

09-27-2008, 08:22 PM
Chapter 4

Neither Melissa nor Eric minded the long flight to Switzerland. The excitement of skiing in Switzerland overcame the fatigue of the grueling trip. However, when they arrived and had loaded everything into the rental car they decided that they were too tired to drive to Zermatt that evening. Instead they rented a hotel room for the night. Eric said it was senseless to waste money on two rooms so they rented one with double beds. Then they went to dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The restaurant wasn't fancy, but it was good enough for them to get a quiet meal. At dinner Eric begged his mother to let him share a bottle of wine. He pointed out that in Europe teenagers could drink wine and beer at 18. She relented since they didn't have to drive that evening.

Eric had a broad smile on his face as he held up his first official glass of wine for a toast. "To a great ski vacation with my favorite woman."

Melissa responded with, "To a great vacation with my favorite son."

"Hey, I'm your only son."

"And you said the other day that I was your only woman ... not just your favorite."

They laughed. But the smile on Eric's face said that she was both.

By the time dinner was served they had consumed half the bottle of wine. It was obvious from Eric's actions that he was not used to drinking. It appeared that the wine had also made him a bit bold when he asked, "Mom, what happened between you and dad? I mean, I heard the arguments, but everyone has those. There had to be more."

Melissa sat her fork down and sighed. "It's a long story."

"I have all night," Eric returned with a laugh.

"All right. Well, you will probably understand better after you're married. Married couples, any couple, really need time to get to know each other. You were born right after we were married and that created problems almost immediately."

Eric raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I was pregnant when we got married. Are you shocked?"

"No. I saw the marriage license once and realized it was dated after I would have been conceived. Unless I was born four months pre-mature." He laughed.

"You were not pre-mature ... believe me I know, I carried you for 9 months and I had the back pain and now the wider hips to prove it."

"So you had a rough start with a baby right away. Plenty of couples start out like that," Eric said.

"That's true. But a lot of marriages don't make it either. I think all couples need time for themselves, to learn about each other, to have the privacy to enjoy life, to be able to save money for their first house and so forth. A baby within a couple months of marriage throws a monkey wrench into all of that."

Melissa reached over and touched Eric's hand. "Don't think that we didn't want you. You were ... are the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was just that it made it even more difficult for us. Beyond that, things change. Your father ... uh ... your father ... I'm not sure how to say this," she said and hesitated, taking a quick gulp of wine.

"Come on, Mom. I told you some pretty personal things."

"Yes you did." Melissa paused in thought, running her finger around the rim of her wineglass. Finally she said, "Well, the truth is, your father was never much on the sex thing. His religious upbringing always caused problems."

"I guess that's why he ran away with that female bible beater," Eric said with a frown.

"Yes. I tried to make sex interesting, but he didn't seem to have the sex drive. And, he wasn't very good in bed." Melissa laughed nervously, then quickly added, "Not that I would know what 'good in bed' really means."

"What does 'not very good in bed' mean with dad?" Eric wanted to know.

Melissa hesitated. "Uh ... well, he wouldn't let me do what you and Brenda did for one thing."

Eric looked shocked. "You mean he wouldn't let you give him a blow ... uh ... suck ..." he stuttered.

"Nope. No blowjobs or eating pussy," she said bluntly, shocking both of them with her language. Melissa put her hand over her mouth and giggled. "I'd better slow down with the wine."

"Wow," Eric said. "Have you ever done either?"

"No, I've never been with anyone but your father."

"Really?" Eric said rather loudly.

"Nope, just your father. Because he wasn't interested in sex, I guess I suppressed all my desire until ... until recently."


"I shouldn't tell you this stuff," Melissa said, ignoring caution and pouring another glass of wine.

"Come on, Mom... I told you stuff I have never told anyone else."

Melissa sighed and continued. "Recently, I have had ... I don't know ... I've felt all this sexual desire. It's much stronger than I ever remember." Melissa paused again. This was just too embarrassing to be talking about to my son, she thought. She decided to change the subject. "We were talking about me and your father, not sex. One day he just said he had found someone else and that was it."

Eric shook his head in dismay. "I can't imagine any man leaving you."

"Thank you, but I'm a long way from perfect. It wasn't all his fault."

"It was too. Look at you. You're a gorgeous woman who could be a model if you wanted. You are bright, caring, and a great mother. Not only that, you're a career woman with a great job that pays good money ... more than most men make in fact. And you're sexy as hell." Eric blushed as the wine made his lips loose.

"Well thank you again, sweetheart." She squeezed his hand again.

"Another question, Mom."

"You're full of questions tonight."

"Do you mind?"

"No. I like it. I haven't really had anyone to talk to since your father left. And for the past few years of our marriage we just argued."

"I like talking with you," Eric said sincerely. "Last question, I promise. Why did you only have me? I mean ... did you want more children?"

"Yes, I wanted a house full. But your father didn't want anymore, and he wouldn't budge."

"I'm like him less and less as we talk."

"No, don't say that, sweetheart," Melissa said looking at him sadly. "He's your father. As I told you before, I'm not perfect. To make a marriage work, it takes two people. I don't want to sour you on him. That would give me great pain." Melissa had tears in her eyes.

"Your defense of him tells me that it was not your fault. Someone that cares that much would have worked things out had the other party been willing."

"Let's change the subject, okay?" Melissa said as she dried her eyes.

"You're right," he said, and quickly added, "So do you still think you can beat me down the slopes?"

"Of course," Melissa returned with a smile. The two of them had always been competitive. They challenged each other at sports, games, and anything else that even resembled competition, especially Chess.

"I was a year younger the last time we went skiing and so were you. I don't think you can beat me anymore."

Melissa said, "Well, we'll see."

They both smiled.

They talked for a long time. But not like mother and son. They shared their wishes and dreams. It was an intimate conversation that would have been more appropriate for lovers, or a husband and wife. Neither realized how fast the time was passing until they looked around realized that the restaurant was almost empty.

"We better get to our room," Melissa said and stood up. She felt the wine go to her head and swayed.

"You okay, Mom?" Eric said, but he swayed himself.

Melissa looked at Eric with a mock disapproving smile. Then they both laughed.

The two of them walked arm in arm, using one another for support. They entered the elevators and then went into their room.

"You want to take your shower first, Mom?"

"Okay, sweetheart. I won't be long."

While Melissa was in the shower, Eric flipped through the channels on the TV. Unfortunately the only show in English was CNN.

Melissa peeked out of the bathroom about a half-hour later. "Uh ... Eric, could I borrow one of your long sleeved shirts. I don't want to dig into my bag."

"Sure, Mom," Eric volunteered. He grabbed one of his shirts and took it over to her. She took it from his hand and closed the door. A few moments later she came out wearing the shirt.

"Wow, Mom, you look great in a man's shirt," Eric said.

"Thanks. But it's a little short," she said, trying to pull the bottom down as far as possible.

"That's fine with me," Eric said with sparkling eyes.

"Eric, I'm your mother," Melissa said, trying to appear stern, but the curl in her lips gave her away.

Eric got up quickly and went into the bathroom.

Melissa had seen a tent begin to form in his shorts. Her heart fluttered a bit when she realized that she had made that happen. Then she chastised herself again.

When Eric returned from the shower, he had shaved and put on a pair of white boxer briefs and a sleeveless T-shirt. The boxer briefs and T-shirt were a stretch material and fit him snugly.

Melissa noticed that although his erection had subsided, there was still a very noticeable bulge in stretch briefs. She was sitting up on the bed with her back supported by pillows. The tail of the shirt was pulled down at her thighs as far as it could go, covering only the last several inches of her upper thighs. Her legs were crossed with the material pushed between them. She was reading a book with her glasses sitting on her nose.

Eric smiled and said, "You look like a school marm now."

Melissa took off the glasses and got a pout on her face. "First I'm sexy and now I look like a school marm?"

"A very sexy school marm," Eric returned.

Melissa couldn't help looking down at the crotch of Eric's shorts. She suppressed a gasp. He definitely had half an erection. She quickly put her glasses back on and looked down at her book.

Eric flopped on the bed and began watching CNN again. "I'm tired, but not sleepy," he said.

Melissa looked over her glasses at him and said, "Me too. Must be jet lag."

"Want to play a game of chess?" Eric asked.

"Sure. We haven't played chess in months. And, if I remember correctly, you're still working off the bet you lost last time."

Melissa had used the games to get Eric to do things around the house. After losing the last bet, he had to wash her car every other week for two months and do the dishes twice a week.

"All right, if I win this time, all my bets are paid off," Eric responded.

"But if you lose, everything is doubled ... another two months of washing my car and doing the dishes twice a week."

"Deal," Eric answered.

The two of them had always been competitive. Eric was much better at computer games. However, Melissa beat him at board games most of the time.

Eric found the portable chess set and sat them on the bed in front of him. "Come on and take your beating," he said.

"Yeah, right," Melissa said as she came over to the bed and sat down with her feet on the floor, legs facing away. She realized that that position was not going to work. She tried as gracefully as possible to turn and bring her legs onto the bed. She crossed them yoga style, pushing her shirt down to cover her panties. It barely did the job.

Although she knew Eric was trying to concentrate on the chess game, she also knew that he was sneaking peaks at her legs. Along with a strange feeling of pride, she felt a chill go up and down her spine. Whenever he looked up, his eyes went to her bare thighs and the tiny slip of material between her legs. Incredibly she allowed the shirt to pull up slightly, allowing her panties to show. She was certain that he could see her panties now. Her heart began to beat harder and she felt her pussy lips getting wet and wondered how long it would take before it showed through the thin gusset of her panties.

As they began to play the game Melissa found herself watching Eric's eyes more than concentrating on the game. She could see that he was distracted as well. His stare made her even wetter. Soon she knew that her crotch was wet. When she glanced down at her son's crotch she almost gasped. He definitely had an erection and, although he tried to hide it, there was a wet spot at the head of his cock. Melissa knew she had to put a stop to this.

"It's after midnight. I think it's about time for me to go to sleep," Melissa said, her voice almost trembling.

"Me too. We'll continue the game tomorrow with the same stakes. Okay?" said Eric.


Melissa saw him glance between her legs one last time. To her utter amazement, Melissa found herself leaning back just a couple inches. The arch of Eric's eyebrows told her that he could plainly see the wet spot that had formed in the crotch and now made her panties almost transparent. She looked at the bulge in his shorts and saw it twitch.

Eric gasped but tried to cover it up by acting like a playing card had cut his finger. "Shit," he exclaimed, bringing the finger to his mouth.

"Paper cut? I hate those," Melissa said as she got up went to her bed. She chastised herself for being so bold as to let her son see her panties. Her only excuse was the wine she had drank, but deep inside she knew that was a lame excuse. There was more going on here the she cared to admit. She quickly crawled under the sheets.

Eric crawled into his bed.

* * * * *

The following morning Melissa awoke to a bright room. She realized that she had not closed the drapes. She looked at the clock and saw that it was only 6 a.m. She got up and went over to the window to pull the drapes. When she did she glanced down at her son. A gasp escaped her mouth when she saw that the sheet had pulled from his body. He was lying sprawled on the bed and there was a large tent in his shorts. Melissa realized he probably had a "piss hardon" as his father used to call it. His cock was pulsing. When Eric stirred and moaned, Melissa quickly crawled back into her bed.

Chapter 5

By 9 a.m. Melissa and Eric were dressed and ready to go. Melissa wore a green jacket and form fitting jeans. Eric wore a red down jacket, jeans and tennis shoes. They ate breakfast before the drive to Zermatt.

It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperatures in the low 30's as they left Zurich for the 150-mile drive. Eric drove while Melissa navigated. They tried to stay on the interstate as long as possible. However, the mountain scenery was just too alluring, so they took smaller roads through quaint towns. The views of the villages and mountains were breathtaking and every scene was a postcard. There was snow everywhere but Switzerland depended on tourism for their economy. The main roads were kept clear, no matter the weather.

When they reached the mountains, the speed of travel slowed down and snow began to fall. Fortunately the snow didn't come down heavily until they were close to Zermatt.

"I think we turn here," Melissa said, pointing to a small road heading toward a steep mountain.

"Are you sure?" Eric asked. "It doesn't look like the road goes anywhere."

"Yes, here's the road on the map. We have about five miles up the mountain. I was told that there's a caretaker who lives in a chalet below the mountain cabin."

The road went back and forth with hairpin turns as they climbed higher and higher. Finally when they thought the road was ending, they found a small house with a car parked outside. There was smoke coming from the chimney. "This is the caretaker's house I'm sure," Melissa said.

Eric parked the car and they got out. From inside the house came an old man with two large dogs behind him. He smiled as he walked up to them.

"The Jacobs I presume," he said in English with a German accent, holding out his hand. "I'm, Leon Schmidt."

"Yes, pleased to meet you. We have the cabin for two weeks," Melissa answered reaching out her hand to the old man.

Eric knelt down and called the dogs over. They charged at him, knocking him over and he slipped onto his butt in the snow. He was laughing as the two large dogs began licking his face.

"Luke, Alexandra," the old man called. But, the dogs didn't listen. "Sorry, they love people," he said to Melissa.

"That's okay, we love dogs."

"I can tell," he said, looking at Eric now wrestling with the dogs. "Good to have someone in the cabin for a change. Mr. Hemsley doesn't make it up here much anymore. I don't think he can ski now with his bad knees. Do you know Mr. Hemsley?"

"Yes, he's the chairman of the company I work for. Nice man."

"Very nice. His grandmother lived in the cabin for years. She refused to move no matter what her grandson tried to do. Mr. Hemsley used to come up here quite often after she passed. He loved to ski. Nobody's been here for a year or so. But I keep it nice just the same."

"I'm sure it's very nice," Melissa said.

"Well, it's small and doesn't have all the modern conveniences, but it should suit you and your husband fine. And the skiing is world class around here."

Melissa started to say that Eric wasn't her husband but for some reason let it go. She was flattered that the old man thought she was young enough to be Eric's wife. "I know. We haven't been skiing in a while. We're really looking forward to it."

"Well, let's get you up there then. We can ride up the mountain about a mile and then you'll have to walk a couple hundred yards to the cabin. I can ride with you two and then walk back down."

"Are you sure you want to walk back down?"

"Do it almost everyday. Up and down."

The old man got into the back of the car and they drove the final mile straight up the mountain. When the road ended they stopped and got out.

"Oh my," Melissa said as she looked out over the valley. "The view is breathtaking." Then she turned and looked at the cabin sitting above them. It was an A-frame type cabin and almost appeared it was about to topple from the hill. "I guess you can't be afraid of heights if you live up here."

"That's for sure," returned Leon with a laugh.

They each grabbed luggage and began to walk up the snow-covered path leading to the cabin. By the time they reached the front door, they were all out of breath. Leon opened the door without a key. "No one's gonna come up here to steal anything," he said to Melissa's unanswered question.

"They'd have to be in great shape," she said as she caught her breath.

Inside the cabin was a large room with a stone fireplace covering most of one wall. A roaring fire was burning, throwing off heat for the room. There was a large picture window looking out over the valley with an amazing view. The room was sparsely furnished with a small sofa, comfortable looking stuffed chair, wooden rocking chair, and a rug on the floor in front of the fireplace. To the left were steps that led to a loft.

"As I said, kind of rustic, but Mr. Hemsley didn't want to change any of the furniture. Left it just like it was when his grandmother was alive. Didn't even put in a furnace. But you've got plenty of wood outside for the fireplace and stove. You'll have to keep it going all the time to stay warm."

Melissa looked at Eric and shrugged her shoulders. She hadn't expected not to have central heating, although she was relieved when Leon flipped on the light switch. At least they had electricity. She wondered about a flush toilet.

When Leon saw Melissa's look he said, "You have running water, flush toilet, and a butane-gas hot water heater. I turned hot water heater on so you should have hot water tonight."

"Thank you," Melissa said with a bit of relief. At least we will at be able to take hot baths, she thought.

They sat the luggage down and followed Leon into the kitchen. "Here's the kitchen. Got a stove, refrigerator and staples in the closet. You'll have to go to the store to get perishable stuff." Then he led them to the bathroom. There was an open door leading to the single bathroom. Inside were a sink, toilet, and, although antique in style, a free standing tub that looked as if had been recently installed.

Finally they went upstairs to the loft where they saw one king sized bed. Again Melissa looked at Eric. "Only one bed," she whispered with a look of concern.

Eric shrugged. "Well, they told you it was rustic," Eric said with a sardonic smile.

"Yes, it is a bit rustic, but you should do fine," Leon said when he heard Eric's comment. "The down bed cover is warm and the fireplace should provide enough heat." Then Leon walked back down the steps to the living room with Melissa and Eric following. "That should about do it. I'm just down the mountain if you need anything."

"Thank you," said Melissa as she walked outside with Leon. For a moment she wondered if she should tip him but decided not to. She said goodbye and came back into the house.

Melissa looked at Eric and sighed. "A little more rustic then I pictured."

Eric looked around and answered, "True, but we'll be on the slopes most of the time, so it doesn't matter. I can sleep on the sofa."

Melissa looked at the sofa. It was short and rather lumpy looking and she knew it wouldn't be comfortable. "You can't sleep there."

"Then I can sleep on the floor in front of the fireplace."

"That's silly. We're adults. The bed is plenty big enough for both of us."

Eric paused for a moment as if thinking about the proposition. Then he smiled. "Okay, if you insist."

Melissa returned the smile and said, "I insist."

"Well, of course you will wear your 'see-thru' night gowns," Eric said referring to the gown she had worn when he saw her in her room the other day.

"Eric, I'm your mother," she said in mock exasperation, placing her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, sometimes I forget that," he laughed.

The strange feeling ran through Melissa again. She shivered but then recovered. "Let's go out of the balcony and have a look."

They stepped outside and both caught their breath. The view was more than breathtaking.

"Wow, this looks like a picture postcard," Eric said as he stood close to his mother and looked out over the valley.

"Yes, it's amazing," responded Melissa. They watched it snow for a few minutes and then Melissa said, "Let's get unpacked and check out the town."

Several hours later they had toured the town and found out where the slopes were located. Then they stopped at the local grocery store and bought milk, bread, cereal, fruit, and other perishable foods. After trudging them up the hill to the cabin, they put the groceries away and Melissa began fixing dinner. By the time they had eaten dinner of pasta with tomato sauce, green beans, fresh bread and a bottle of wine, they were ready to take baths and go to bed.

Melissa went first, filling the tub with steaming water. She moaned as she sunk into the deep tub. For some reason Melissa's mind wandered back to her vision of Eric when they were still at home. She could see him in his room with his cock in his hand, stroking himself. Slowly as the vision clarified in her mind, her hands slipped between her legs. With a quiet moan she began to stroke her clit. Her legs were spread to each side of the tub. The excitement built rapidly with the vivid images of her son parading before her.

The climax came on slowly and grew until she strained to keep her moans from escaping the bathroom. She bit her tongue as she reached her peak and slowly went over the top. Then she came slowly back to reality.

The climax had been very satisfying and somewhat exhausting. As a result, she fought to remain awake. Before she fell asleep, she got out, dried herself and put on a pair of panties and then slipped her nightgown over her head. When she looked into the mirror, she saw that her breasts were plainly visible. She thought for a moment about wearing a bra, but discounted it because of how uncomfortable it would have been ... or so she told herself.

The house was warm and toasty with the smell of burning logs in the fireplace when Melissa came out of the bathroom. She had on a sleeveless shirt and short jogging shorts.

"Continue our game of chess after I take my shower?" Eric asked.

"Okay, but just for a while until we get tired."

Eric went downstairs to take his shower. When he came out of the bathroom, he came upstairs. He had on his boxer briefs and a T-shirt again. It was obvious that he was getting very comfortable being around his mother with just underwear on.

Melissa was sitting on the bed cross-legged.

Eric stood at the end of the bed and looked at his mother.

She could see his eyes move to her top where she was pretty sure he could see her nipples.

"Want some wine?" Melissa asked.

"Sure," Eric answered, pleased that his mother didn't question letting him drink wine.

Melissa got a bottle of red wine, two glasses, and a bag of pretzels.

A half-hour later, most of the wine was gone and both of them were feeling a little tipsy.

As the game progressed Melissa could see her son's eyes spending more and more time staring at her nearly naked breasts swaying under her top. She knew she was teasing him, but the wine, the warmth of the cabin and the excitement of the snow falling outside was making her lightheaded. She could feel illicit excitement coursing through her.

Across from her it was obvious that Eric was feeling the same way; there was noticeable tent in his shorts.

It took a few minutes for Melissa to notice her son's condition. When she did, she couldn't help glancing at the pulsing bulge. She felt her heart begin to beat faster and she tried not to stare. Soon she could feel her pussy begin to leak. She knew why he was hard. Her motherly side told her to cover up, but her female side was pleased that she could excite a young man so quickly at her age. Whenever she moved she felt her breasts sway, rubbing her nipples against the material and keeping them hard. She felt her clit throb.

Melissa closed her eyes as if she were resting them and sighed as she leaning her head back. She knew what Eric could see. He could see her breasts moving up and down and if he looked lower, he could see the crotch of her panties under her short shorts. She could feel her pussy moistening and hoped it wasn't showing through the crotch. Now pretending to have dozed off, she opened her eyes just a crack. She felt she like she might pass out as she watched her son's hand move slowly to the bulge in his underwear. Then he paused as he glanced up at her face, obviously making sure she was asleep.

Forcing her eyes to remain hooded she watched his hand begin to move up and down the bulge in his underwear. Almost without her conscious knowledge she spread her legs. Now, she was pretty sure he could see the crease of her pussy under her panties.

Eric moved his hand faster. There was a wet spot at the top and it began to grow with each stroke as if he were pumping his pre-cum juice from a tube.

She wanted to look away ... she wanted to get up and run, but there was no place to go. She knew she could put a stop to it immediately by closing her legs. Yet, it was as if she didn't have control of her lower parts. They seemed paralyzed. Her head was saying stop it, but every other part of her body was in a state of excited frenzy.

She heard Eric moaned softly and he continued to stroke himself slowly. Suddenly she saw his body stiffened and his eyes closed tightly. Then the stain in his shorts began to grow larger. Melissa watched the wet spot grow as her sons hand moved faster. Like an explosion in her mind, she realized that he was climaxing. Her son was climaxing right in front of her. She couldn't actually see it, but he was only inches from her. She could feel the bed move with his trembling. It was too much for her. Again, without the benefit of manual stimulation, she felt her clit begin to throb. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. Her squinting eyes continued to stare at the ever-enlarging stain on Eric's shorts. He was climaxing... her son was jerking off in front of her and she was watching it. The pleasure ripped through and her body twitched. She was grateful that Eric's eyes were closed and couldn't see her orgasm. However, she could not have stopped it even if he did see her.

A minute later she felt movement on the bed and knew that Eric had gotten up. She only opened her eyes when she heard the bathroom door close. She sighed with relief. She quickly pulled up the sheet and comforter and slipped underneath. When she looked at the cover, she saw a large wet stain where she had been sitting. To keep Eric from seeing it, she turned out the lamp next to her bed. By the time Eric came out of the bathroom, she was pretending to be asleep again.

Chapter 6

"I'll race you down to the bottom. Loser does dishes for a week," Melissa yelled as she took off with a head start on Eric. He sped off behind her, trying to follow her zigzag pattern down the hill.

It was early morning and gorgeous sunny day on the slopes and as of yet it wasn't too crowded.

Melissa looked over her shoulder and saw her son close behind. She pushed her poles into the snow and increased her speed. She wasn't sure she could beat him now, but she was certainly going to try.

The snow was powdery and dry, making the skiing ideal. She hoped to use her skill and experience to overcome the weight difference between her and Eric. As they rounded the final turn and head toward the finish line she was still in the lead. She knew Eric was trying as hard as he could, but seconds later she crossed the finish line first.

Melissa raised her ski poles into the air in celebration and then slid to the snow in exhaustion. It had taken all she had to beat him.

"You cheated," Eric complained as he fell beside her laughing and gasping for breath. "You had a head start."

"I should get a head start. I'm older than you ... and besides I'm a girl," she said with a pouting smile.

"Let's get some hot chocolate and then I want a second chance," Eric said, helping his mother up.

After a break and a ride back up the mountain, Melissa proceeded to beat Eric again. He wasn't laughing the second time.

It went like that all day. Eric was frustrated and a bit sullen when they went to dinner later that evening at a small restaurant on the main strip of Zermatt.

"Come on Eric," Melissa said, "you don't want me to let you win do you?"

"No," he said from across the table. "But you know I don't like getting beaten ... especially by a girl."

"Uh ha, so that's the problem," Melissa teased.

"You know what I mean."

Melissa reached over and touched her son's hand. "Give me a little leeway here. It won't be long before I can't beat you anymore. Besides, I won't tell anyone," she said with a serious face.

Finally Eric laughed. "You had better not," he warned jokingly.

"I'll let you beat me at chess tonight," she returned.

"You're not going to have to let me win. I'm going to beat you fair and square."

"We'll see."

After dinner they drove back to the cabin. Melissa realized she had drunk a little too much wine as they walked up the snow-covered path toward cabin. The footing was difficult even without the wine and Melissa had to hold onto her son's arm. Suddenly she slipped, falling to the frozen snow. Her weight pulled Eric down on top of her and they began to tumble back down the hill. Halfway down the slope a snowdrift stopped them, with Melissa plowing backward and Eric falling on top.

They were both in gales of laughter as Eric's weight pressed his mother into the snow.

"Now look what you've done," Eric said. "We were almost at the cabin until you fell."

Melissa looked up at him, the full moon casting his face in an almost angelic glow. "Sorry," she said as seriously as she could muster. But a second later she began to laugh again.

Eric had stopped laughing as he stared at her.

Suddenly she stopped laughing too. Her son's head blocked the moonlight and she could see a strange look in his eyes. A moment later his lips were on hers.

Melissa was stunned, but, incredibly, she did not try to push him away. Her head began to spin as their lips moved together. When she opened her mouth, his tongue entered and she moaned.

Melissa had no idea how long the kissed lasted. She only knew that she had sucked his tongue and he had sucked hers. They were kissing like passionate lovers. When she finally came to her senses, she pushed Eric away. He fell to the side and she struggled to stand up. However, she couldn't make it up the slope on her own.

When Eric got up, he was silent as he took his mother's arm and helped her back up the hill. When they entered the cabin, they saw that the fire had all but gone out. As Melissa went up to the bedroom, Eric loaded more logs onto the glowing coals and stoked them until they were roaring again. Then he went into the bedroom and found his mother already in bed. "I thought we were going to play chess?"

"I'm exhausted from the slopes," Melissa answered. "Maybe tomorrow night."

Eric shrugged his shoulders and went in and too a quick bath. Then he crawled into bed next to his mother. She was lying with her back to him and appeared to be asleep.

However, Melissa's eyes were still open. She couldn't go to sleep. She was replaying in her mind what had happened at the bottom of the hill. She had kissed her own son and let him put his tongue into her mouth. Her face was still hot from embarrassment. Or was it something else. Her beating heart told her it was something else. As she turned over onto her back, she felt the bed moving and wondered what was causing it. She listened and heard heavy breathing. She dared a quick glance over at Eric.

What she saw made her heart beat even faster. Eric was masturbating. She could clearly see his hand moving up and down under the sheet. She watched with fascination and curiosity.

Suddenly their eyes met. Instead of stopping, he moaned and moved his hand faster. A few seconds later, his hips began to move up and down and he began to grunt. He was climaxing.

It was the third time Melissa had seen her son masturbate. Suddenly, she said, "Do you do that everyday?" She didn't know where she got the courage, except that she could still feel the effects of the wine coursing through her.

"Huh?" Eric asked as if he hadn't heard the question.

"Do you masturbate everyday?" she asked again.

"Uh ... yeah ... I guess," he answered as his face turned red.

"Do most boys do that?" she wanted to know.

"I don't know. Some do I guess," he answered.

"What do you think about?"

"Mom, what kind of question is that?"

"You don't have to answer. Just thought we were being honest with each other."

Eric started to say something then paused. Suddenly he said, "You."

Melissa sucked in her breath with shock. However, deep down, she wasn't really surprised. Maybe that was the answer she was fishing for.

"Do you masturbate?" Eric returned.

Melissa took a moment to answer. "I have, but not in a long time," she lied. She couldn't be sure he had known that she had climaxed outside his door or in bed later.

"Why not?"

"I ... I ... I don't really know," she answered truthfully.

"Do it."


"Do it now. Masturbate."

"I ... I can't do that."

"Sure you can. Just put your finger on your clit and rub it. You know you want to."

Suddenly Melissa's heart was pounding so loud she thought Eric might hear it. "Eric ... this ... this isn't right."

"You watched me do it."

She almost gasped. She wondered which time he was talking about. Melissa paused for several long moments. Then, while her brain was screaming no, her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they moved under the sheet. This is crazy, she thought. Yet, she could feel her pussy pulsing and she knew her clit was swollen and sticking from between the protective lips. She pulled her nightgown up ... she had chosen not to wear panties tonight. Her body felt on fire. "Ohhhh," she moaned when her finger reached her clit. She opened her legs slightly and moved one finger of her other hand to her lower lips.

Slowly she moved a finger inside her as another finger began to tease the swollen head of her clit. "Mmmmm," she gasped as her body reacted quickly to the stimulation. Her legs clamped together on her hand as both fingers moved rapidly ... one went in and out of her pussy and the other up and down on her clit. A moment later she began to climax. "Ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh," she gasped as her hips lifted from the bed and her body shook. She could almost feel Eric's eyes on her and it sent incredible waves of pleasure through her. It was like fireworks going off in her head as her body movements caused the bed to shake.

Finally, she settled back down on the bed and her fingers fell from between her legs. Mortification at what she had done quickly engulfed her like a dark cloud. She turned her back to Eric.

"Wow, that was amazing," Eric whispered. "Good night, Mom," he said. "I love you."

Melissa whispered too quietly for Eric to hear, "I love you too."

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Chapter 7

The next day on the slopes it had begun to snow, making the trail somewhat faster. This time it was Eric who challenged his mother to the race. He had a plan. As she took off down the slope, he intentionally stayed behind. When she had a good lead he headed after her. About halfway down the slope, they came to a spot where the trail veered right and left. Everyone, including Melissa went left.

Eric went right. It was a dangerous section, which only the best skiers attempted. Someone had told him yesterday that it was a way to get down the mountain much faster.

Eric moved swiftly onto the unfamiliar trail. It was dangerous, but the desire to win was even stronger. He owed his mother too many chores already. With all his skills, he moved swiftly down the slope. However, on one sharp turn, the snow under his ski's crumbled and suddenly he was launched into the air, heading for a tree and rock strewn crevice. The binding on his skis snapped and they flew in different directions. He hurtled downward. Fortunately for him, he hit the top of a spruce tree and his descent was slowed. Trying to brace his fall with his hands, he still hit the snow-covered rocks hard.

Fortunately there had been a group of people on snowmobiles in the area and they saw Eric leave the trail. Otherwise it would have been hours before he was found and he could have bled to death.

* * * * *

Melissa looked behind her as she reached a straightaway, but she didn't see Eric. She smiled, thinking he had probably fallen in his attempt to catch her. However, when she reached the bottom and she still didn't see him, she became worried. A few minutes later she went to the ski patrol shack and asked if they could check on Eric.

The attendant radioed the patrol at the top of the hill and asked them to check the slopes. They radioed back that a snowmobiler had seen someone crash and they were on their way to the site.

It was almost an hour later when the ski patrol finally got back to her. Melissa was in a panic. "Is he okay? What happened to him?" she gasped breathlessly.

"They found him at the bottom of a crevice. He apparently took the dangerous route down the hill."

"Oh God," she gasped, "How is he?"

"Well, he was knocked out when he hit the rocks and he's bruised up, but they don't think there are any broken bones."

Melissa was relieved by the attendant's words, but still very worried.

A few minutes' later two ski patrol members came sliding down the slope with Eric strapped to a stretcher between them.

Melissa climbed into the ambulance next to Eric, who was still unconscious. She held his hand and cried all the way to the hospital. It was her fault. She was the one that kept the challenge going. She should have let him win.

It was sometime later when the doctor came into the waiting room and asked for Mrs. Jacobs.

"That's me," Melissa said, standing up as the doctor walked over to her.

"I'm Doctor Spitzer," he said holding his hand out to Melissa.

She shook it quickly and said, "How is Eric, Doctor?"

"Sit down please."

That didn't sound good. When Melissa was seated, the doctor sat in a chair beside her.

"Well, your husband is in good shape considering where he crashed," said Dr. Spitzer in a heavy German accent. "He has a nasty bump on the back of his head and a concussion, but there doesn't appear to be any internal head injury. He also has a number of bumps and bruises in other areas, including a bunch of sprained joints. I have put bandages on the areas I could. In general, he should be kept immobile for at least twelve hours. He is sedated, but you can take him home if you like as long as you keep a close eye on him."

"Yes, I will."

"You can get your car and the nurses will have him at the door in a few minutes."

Suddenly Melissa had tears running down her cheeks ... tears of relief. Through her sobs, Melissa thanked the doctor. Then she went to the parking lot and drove her car to the entrance of the hospital. She saw Eric sitting in a wheel chair on the sidewalk with a nurse holding an umbrella to protect him from the rapidly falling snow. There was an ice pack strapped to the back of his head, but she couldn't see anything thing else since he had the hospital gown on and a blanket covering him. He was slumped over in the chair.

"He's sedated," a nurse said when she saw Melissa's panicked look. Then she handed Melissa a bottle of pills and said, "Give him one of these every four hours. Keep the bandages from getting wet and make an appointment to see the doctor in three days." Finally she handed her a bag of Eric's clothes and added, "He'll be fine. We've seen a lot worse from skiing accidents up here."

"Thank you," said Melissa. She let a male hospital attendant put Eric into the passenger side of the car and then she headed home. The snowfall had grown heavier and it was coming down in large flakes, making it difficult to navigate back to the cabin. When she got to the caretaker's house she stopped. Suddenly she wondered how she was going to get Eric to the cabin. It was at least 200 yards up the mountain to the front door. She got out of the car and knocked on Mr. Schmidt's door.

When he answered, Melissa said, "I'm sorry to bother you Mr. Schmidt, but there's been an accident."

"Leon please," he returned. "What happened?" he asked, looking at the car and seeing Eric with the ice pack on his head, leaning on the side window.

"Eric crashed on the ski slope this morning. He has a concussion and several sprains, but otherwise the doctor thinks he will be okay. Unfortunately, I can't get him to the cabin by myself. He's sedated."

"No problem," Leon said. He turned and called "Luke, Alexandra." The two large dogs came running. "Let me get my sled and we can have your husband in the cabin in a few minutes."

"Oh thank you so much. You are being so kind. I can pay you for your trouble."

"No ma'am. Wouldn't think of it. You're guests here in Switzerland."

Melissa felt like she had insulted him with the offer to pay. "Thank you, Leon," she said again.

Leon retrieved a sled from the back of his house and put it in the trunk with the end sticking out of the back. Then he loaded the dogs in the car and climbed in with them.

Melissa drove up the hill, parked and then watched Leon place a collar on Luke and Alexandra and attach leather straps from their collars to the sled. Then she helped load Eric onto the sled. A few minutes later they were at the cabin.

"Just get him to the bed and I can take it from there," Melissa said.

Leon helped a half-unconscious Eric onto his feet and walked him into the house. Melissa got on one side and with Leon on the other they managed to get Eric up to the bedroom. There they laid him on the bed.

"I don't know how to thank you, Leon."

"You have already thanked me. I hope your husband is okay," he said as he started to leave. Then he stopped. "Oh, by the way, there is a real bad storm coming. Do you have everything you need in the cabin? You might not be able to get out for a few days."

"Yes, I think so," said Melissa.

"Good, because these storms can hit us hard this time of year. Still, if you need anything, you know where I am. Feel free to call on me."

"I will and thank you again, Leon."

"Take care, Mrs. Jacobs."

With that, Melissa walked back into the cabin to Eric. She saw him lying where they had left him on the bed. He had on the green hospital gown. She sighed and went over to him, lifting him to a sitting position so she could take the gown off. He was naked underneath. A gasp came from her lips when she saw the cuts and bruises over his body. Most of them looked superficial, but there were scratches on his thigh that looked like a large cat had scratched him and he had a swollen bruise high on his thigh that looked ugly. She sat on the bed and took his hand. Unfortunately she couldn't help looking at his naked form. Her eyes traveled up and down his body. He was a strong boy with a well-defined chest, narrow waist, and strong legs. Her eyes eventually fell to his penis, which was lying flaccid on his thigh. Although she tried to see him as her son and knew any other view was wrong, she couldn't deny the unwanted excitement that trickled through her.

Eric's penis was long and big around, even while soft. She knew how it looked hard. It had been years since she had seen it soft like this though. Although she felt guilty, she continued to stare. Her fingers were but inches from it and she tried to suppress the un-motherly urge to reach out and touch it. Finally, losing the battle, she reached her hand over to casually lay it on top of the long tube. Her heart was thumping in her chest now. Suddenly, she felt his penis move under her palm. It was warm, almost hot to the touch, and had a soft silky feeling. She could almost feel the blood pulsing through it. She lifted it and closed her fingers around the shaft.

For several long moments she held it, almost unconsciously squeezing the tube in her fingers. Inevitably, it began to grow larger in her hand until it was erect. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. The long tube felt alive in her hand. Suddenly she realized what she was doing and she quickly let it go. It throbbed and stood up like a statue. With one last look, she chastised herself and stood up. After pulling a sheet over him, she went into the kitchen on wobbling legs to make a cup of coffee.

Several hours later, Melissa was sitting next to the bed reading when she heard Eric stir. She saw his eyes open and almost sighed in relief.

"Where ... what happened?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"You crashed on the mountain." Tears of relief filled her eyes as a smile crossed her face.

Eric tried to sit up.

"No. You have to stay immobile for several more hours," Melissa said, pushing him back down.

Eric moaned and brought a hand up to his head. When he saw the bandages on his wrists and elbows he asked, "Shit, did I break my arms?"

"No, just sprains. The doctor says they should be okay in a couple of days, but he doesn't want you to move them, or get the bandages wet."

"I'm so stupid," he whispered, dropping both arms back to the bed.

"It was an accident. My fault."

"How was it your fault?" he said, the memory of what happened slowly coming back to him.

"I let the challenge go on. I should have stopped it."

"Bull, Mother. It was my fault. I should have never tried that route down the hill." Suddenly tears came to Eric's eyes. "Now I've fu ... screwed up our vacation."

Melissa reached over and grasped his hand. "You didn't screw it up. There's a big storm blowing up so we couldn't have skied for a couple of days anyway. Once the storm is over, we can do some sightseeing. I really wanted to see more of Switzerland anyway."

Eric smiled indulgently at his mother. "Thanks, Mom." Then he tried to sit up again.

"You can't get up."

"But I gotta pee," he protested.

"Hmmm," Melissa said. "Wait a minute." She got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with a mason jar a few moments later. She held it out to Eric.

"What's that for?" he asked. Then he suddenly realized what the jar was for. "I'm supposed to pee in the jar?" His face turned red. "Come on, Mom."

"Sorry. You're not supposed to get up, doctor's orders. I can help if you want."

"No," Eric answered quickly. Then he reached for the jar. However, as soon as he took it, it slipped through his hands.

Melissa caught it. "Guess you don't have much choice. Turn over on your side."

"Oh, Jesus," sighed Eric in resignation. He turned over facing his mother.

She pulled the sheet to his feet.

Eric closed his eyes.

Melissa reached out with a trembling hand and grasped her son's penis, directing the large head inside the jar. She held it there for a minute or so. Suddenly his penis began to grow. A small smile came to her lips and she almost giggled.

With his eyes still closed, Eric said, "I don't think I can do it. This is soooo embarrassing."

"I know, honey, just try to concentrate on something else." The penis in her hand continued to grow until it was half-hard.

"Mom, it's not going to work," Eric said, almost in a panic now.


"Your ... your ... hand ... and uh ... I ... I ... can't concentrate with you watching and holding me."

"Will this make it better?" Melissa said as she pulled the sheet back over him, keeping her hand on his still growing penis. A second after he was covered, his penis was fully hard and pulsing in her hand. Melissa knew she had a dilemma. He had to go to the bathroom and the doctor didn't want him to get up. Yet, he couldn't go while he was hard. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. She began to move the hand on his cock.

Eric opened his eyes wide when he felt her hand moving. "Mom!" he gasped.

"Shhhhh," she whispered as she held the jar with one hand and began to pump his shaft. She couldn't believe she was actually masturbating her son. She recalled the saying, "Desperate times call for desperate measures." At least that was her justification for what she was doing.

"Oh God," he gasped. His facial expression showed that he still couldn't believe what was happening.

Melissa could feel her panties soaking through as she pumped her son's cock. The blood was rushing to her head, making her feel faint. She was glad she was sitting or she might have fallen. Yet, she told herself she had to do this. There was no other choice.

"Mom," Eric gasped as his hips began to move with the pumping of her hand. It didn't take long. "Mom, I'm going to ..." he gasped and paused. Suddenly his body stiffened. "Ohhhhhh," he moaned.

Melissa squeezed her legs together as she felt his cock pulse. Then she felt the cream rushing up the shaft of his throbbing cock. She could actually feel cum moving through his cock. Suddenly, as the juice began to squirt into the jar, her climax started. She tried to remain still, but her hips moved up and down as wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her. It was an intense climax and lasted for a long time. When she finally recovered, she realized that Eric's cock had grown soft in her hand. When she glanced over she saw that Eric still had his eyes closed. She squeezed his cock several more times before she let it go. "Now you should be able to pee."

It took Eric a couple more minutes before he was finally able to relieve himself into the jar.

Chapter 8

Melissa was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when she heard Eric get out of bed. It sounded like he was coming down the steps haltingly. She moved the frying pans to a cold burner and hurried to the steps. She got there just as he disappeared into the bathroom.

"Mommmmm," Eric gasped when his mother stepped into the bathroom.

"Sorry," she said, I heard you come down the stairs and wanted to make sure you were all right. I'll wait outside."

"Can you get me something to wear?" he asked.

"Sure," Melissa said and left the bathroom. A moment later she reached her hand into the door with a pair underpants and a T-shirt. He took them and began to put them on. It took him a long time to get the underwear on as he tried to avoid putting pressure on areas that hurt, which was most of his body. Then he tried to pull the shirt over his head and began to struggle again.

"Here, let me help," Melissa said as she came into the bathroom.

When the shirt was over his head and pulled down Eric looked at the shower/tub and said, "I need to take a bath but I can't see how with the bandages and all."

"You're right, you do need a bath. You have dried blood and hospital disinfectant all over you. Come on in to breakfast and we will figure something out." She could feel her son's eyes on her as she walked away. She had on the same pink nightgown she had worn the other day. Underneath she had thong panties and no bra.

As they sat down to eat, Melissa reached over and cut his food into small pieces. Then when she saw him try to pick up a fork in his bandaged hand without success, she placed one in his fingers.

He began to eat like he hadn't eaten in days. During a brief pause in eating, his eyes went to his mother.

She could see him staring at her almost bare breasts. For a moment she thought of covering her breasts with her arms, but made no move to do so. She stared back at her son until he saw her. His face turned red and his eyes shifted to the window where the snow was coming down heavily outside.

"It really snows here when it snows," he said nervously.

Melissa smiled. "Yes, I've been listening to CNN and they said it is going to be one of the worst blizzards that they had seen in this areas in a quarter of century."

"Do we have enough food?" Eric asked.

"Yep. I checked everything and we could last for about a week. If the blizzard lasts longer than a week, the house will be buried anyway. It's unlikely they will open the slopes until next week, so we aren't missing anything."

"Where's Paul Bunyan when you need him," Eric said and laughed.

"Are you feeling better?"

"A little. In fact pretty good considering what happened. My head is a little sore and my legs and arms hurt like hell, but otherwise I'm good."

"Well, I guess you can't do the dishes like you owe me."

"Sorry," he said, holding up both bandaged arms.

"You'll do anything to get out of doing the dishes, but this is going a little too far," Melissa said. Then she added, "The bandages can come off in a couple of days if we can get to the doctors office." She got up and took dishes to the sink. When she turned around she saw Eric staring at her behind.

His face turned red with embarrassment. "Uh ... uh ... there isn't much I can do for you or myself."

"I know sweetie. Now, about that bath, I can help you."

"You mean like wash me?" Eric asked incredulously.

"Well, yes. I've seen you naked you know. Remember I changed your diapers for a few years," Melissa said with a smile. "You certainly can't go for days without a bath. And, quite frankly you smell like hospital disinfectant ... amongst other things."

"I can try to do it myself if you fill the tub."

"But you can't sit in the tub."

"Maybe I can stand and wash."

"All right," Melissa replied without conviction as she watched him go to the bathroom. A moment later she followed him. She stood in the doorway and watched him try to lather his face to shave.

"Ouch!" he exclaimed when the razor cut his cheek.

"Having trouble?" Melissa said as she stood in the doorway with her arms folded.

Eric looked exasperated. "Yes. I can't even shave myself." However he didn't miss the fact that his mother had on the same see-thru nightgown he had seen previously. Her nipples were already hard.

"I'm sorry, honey. Sit down on the toilet and I'll shave you."

"Do you know how?"

"I've never shaved a man, but I think I can learn. After all, I've shaved a few parts of my body," she said. Suddenly she blushed, wondering if Eric had seen her shaved pussy. A shudder went through her and she quickly fished the razor out of the water in the sink. "I can see the line where you normally shave. Is that where I start?"

"Yes, start at the right cheek and draw the razor downward. Nice even strokes."

Melissa folded a towel, placing it on the floor and knelt next to Eric. "This is going to be fun," she said.

Eric moved his face from one side to the other, directing her where to put the razor. When she was done, she got a washcloth and gently washed his cheeks and chin.

"Pretty good job, if I say so myself," Melissa said when she had wiped the excess cream from his face. Then she rubbed her hand across one cheek and then the other. "Nice and smooth," she said, pausing with her hand on his cheek.

Suddenly the room grew very quiet as the two stared at each other.

"Uh ... I had better run your bath," Melissa said as she got up and moved over to the large freestanding tub. She bent over and turned on the water. Without thinking, she moved her ass back and forth in front of her son's eyes. She stayed bent over for some time, testing the water and making sure it wasn't too hot. When she turned around, she saw Eric look away quickly. Her eyes traveled down to his crotch and she saw an unmistakable bulge. She knew he had gotten hard looking at her ass. "Okay, let's get your clothes off."

"I can do it," Eric said. When he tried to pull the shirt over his head, however, it was just too painful.

Melissa reached over and pulled his shirt up. Then she smiled as he turned around to hide his growing erection and tried to pull down his underwear. "Let me," she said, as she remained kneeling. She quickly pulled his shorts down, leaving Eric standing naked with his cock half hard. Suddenly she was staring as his half-hard cock just inches from her face.

"Oh, God," he moaned under his breath and closed his eyes. He quickly stepped into the bathtub, avoiding looking at his mother's face.

Melissa picked up the washrag and the soap. Then she slipped to her knees and washed his stomach acting as if she did this everyday. She tried to act casual, but as her hands moved lower, her hands began trembling. She began to wash his legs, trying to ignore the pulsing appendage in front of her face.

Eric opened his eyes looked down at his mother and then his own cock. It was now almost fully hard. He looked away again and his face turned red.

The room was suddenly filled with sexual tension. Melissa could feel her heart beating in her chest as she stared at the long throbbing shaft. It mesmerized her. With shaking hands she continued to wash his thigh, washing it from top to bottom. Then she told him to put his foot on the side of the tub so she could get to his foot. But when he had done that, she paused. Instead of washing his thigh she brought the soap and the washcloth to his cock. It was almost as if she were hypnotized.

Eric gasped.

Melissa began to wash it gently as if she did this everyday. But the last time she washed him like this he was five years old.

Eric sighed and kept his eyes closed tightly.

Melissa grew fascinated with her son's large cock. She had never looked at the male sex organ like this before. His balls were huge in their wrinkled sacks and hung down several inches below his cock. Both orbs moved inside their sacks like they were alive. She guessed in a way they were alive ... at least the sperm inside. She felt her pussy throb at the thought.

She heard Eric moan when she began to slowly move her hand back and forth, supposedly to clean him. She moved her hand to the base of his cock before sliding it back to the head. She began to pump the shaft.

"Ohhh!!! Eric gasped.

Suddenly her breathing became labored. She could hear Eric moaning, but it sounded like it was coming from far off. Her head began to spin as her hand moved faster.

"Mommmm. Watch out!!!" Eric cried out in warning with his last ounce of energy.

The words didn't register as Melissa continued to pump her son's cock. Her mouth was open as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were wide as she watched and felt the long shaft throb. She could feel the head grow larger in her hand. Suddenly Eric exploded. The soap fell from her hand as his thick cream blasted from the head like a bullet, hitting her directly in her face.

She gasped, but didn't stop pumping her hand. The next shot followed quickly and hit her tightly closed lips. The squirting juice came out in torrents for several long seconds before finally slowing down. The weaker squirts hit Melissa on the neck and then dripped to the material of her nightgown and covering her still heaving breasts.

When the last drops were squeezed from Eric's cock, Melissa stood up on unsteady legs. She squeezed her legs together and tried to maintain her balance. She couldn't believe what she had just done. She knew it was incredibly wrong, yet her pussy was throbbing, burning with desire. She felt Eric's sperm begin to run down her face and then drip from her chin.

She closed her eyes as if that would change what she had just done. It didn't work. Instead, a vision of Eric's spurting cock jumped into her mind. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a climax ripped through her. She squeezed her legs tighter and tried to control the movement of her hips. With hooded eyes she stared at her son who had yet to open his eyes. That was a small blessing.

When her climax eased, Melissa used the washcloth to wipe the cum from her face. Then she dipped it into the water and wrung it out. Without a word, she began to wash Eric again. She took care of his lower half before moving upward to wash his chest and back. She took special care to wash the sections of his arms and chest that were not bandaged. Finally, she got up and retrieved a large bath towel. She began to dry her son rubbing the towel up and down his strong body. Neither of them said a word as he stepped out of the tub and let her finish drying his feet. Then she helped him put on his shirt and sweat pants.

The remainder of the day was quiet. They spoke, but only about normal things. Nothing was said about what happened in the bathroom. Yet, both of them were reliving it over and over in their heads ... Eric with excitement and Melissa with excitement tinged with a great deal of remorse.

Chapter 9

Melissa got up early the following morning, putting on a bathrobe she found in the closet. She looked out the window and saw that the snow was coming down as hard as it had the day before. She was beginning to wonder if they would be stranded there all winter. While under normal circumstances that might be an exciting thought, deeper down, she was worried about what was going to happen between her and Eric after the incident in the bathroom. They were trapped together in the small cabin with little to do and nowhere to go.

She went into the bathroom and put on a sweater and a pair of jeans. As she glanced in the mirror, she saw that both items fit her rather snugly. In fact, the jeans were quite tight in the crotch. It was funny that she hadn't noticed that previously. The seam rubbed on her strangely swollen clit. It seemed to be that way all the time now.

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw that Eric was still sleeping soundly. The covers were down to his waist exposing his strong upper body. A shiver went through her and it felt like the crotch of her jeans had grown tighter. With a shake of her head she went to the kitchen to fix a cup of coffee.

It was two hours later when Eric came into the kitchen, wearing underwear and a tee shirt.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Melissa said.

"Hi, Mom. What's for breakfast?"

"So you're hungry again?"

"I'm starved."

"That's a good sign. I'll get things going. How do you feel?"

"Still sore, like a train ran over me, but otherwise much better," he replied looking at his mother and smiling weakly. As he walked over to the table to sit down, he had a strange look on his face ... as if he was wondering if what happened yesterday was just a dream.

Melissa's face turned red at her son's stare and the room fell silent.

"I'll go get dressed," he said to break the silence.

"Need help?" Melissa asked before thinking. She turned away from Eric to hide her still red face.

"Uh ... no ... maybe. Let me try."

A few minutes later Eric returned with a shirt unbuttoned down the front and a pair of jeans with the top open and zipper down.

"Can you help?" he said with an embarrassed smile.

He looked like the little boy she pictured in her mind. Melissa suddenly felt silly over all her worries. There was no reason they couldn't live together a few days without getting crazy. "Sure," she answered with a smile. She turned to him and began to button his shirt. When she finished the last button, she sat down on a kitchen chair to button and zip his pants. Suddenly she realized this was almost the position she was in last night when Eric shot cum in her face. Her face felt hot and her fingers suddenly began to tremble. It took her twice as long as normal to get the zipper in place and close the top button.

"Want to play chess after breakfast?" Melissa asked.

"Sure, what's the bet?"

"Don't you think betting has gotten us into enough trouble?" she said.

"How much trouble can we get into cooped up in this cabin? We're not racing down the slopes. Come on, it will break the monotony."

"I guess you're right."

"So what's the bet?" Eric asked.

"Let's see. If you lose, you do the dishes everyday and clean the house when we get home for two months."

"Wow!" he said in surprise. "Don't you think that's a heavy bet?" Then he smiled at her cockiness. "Pretty sure you're going to win, huh?"

"Certain," she returned with a smile.

"All right, two can play that game. If you're so certain, here is what I win, you have to wear whatever clothes I pick out for you, for the rest of the vacation."

Melissa looked at her son strangely. Wear whatever he wants? she thought. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Why do you want to chose what I wear ... I didn't bring that much stuff."

"It's what I want," Eric responded with a grin.

Melissa shrugged and said, "All right if that's what you want."

"That includes to bed," Eric added.

Suddenly it dawned on Melissa. He could tell her to wear anything, even his shirt with nothing underneath, or nothing at all. A tremor suddenly rushed through her. "Wait a minute, I'm not so sure about this now."

"Okay, the bet's off. Obviously you're afraid you're going to lose."

"Fine, the bet's off. But I'm not afraid to lose," she said in a huff.

"Really? Then why don't you take the bet?"

Melissa's competitive nature was challenged and she was more than a little irritated. She thought for a moment and then her eyes narrowed. While she still didn't know entirely what he was up to, she knew it had to be devious. Her competitive nature kicked in. "Okay, but its three months of dishes and cleaning the house and you have to wash my car every week."

"Three months! No way!" he almost screamed.

"What? Are you afraid to lose?"

Eric's face showed his anger. He paused, pursing his lips. "Okay, you're on. Let's play."

The bravado suddenly drained from Melissa. She swallowed hard and was about to call it all off when Eric turned and left the room. She went to the stove and began to fix breakfast. Her hands were shaking as she began to scramble eggs in a bowl.

A few minutes later, when Eric returned to the kitchen, Melissa's was ready to reason with him. "Eric, I think we have cabin fever already. Let's forget this bet."

"Bet's a bet," he returned, sitting down at the table.

She sat a plate of food in front of him and then sat down. They ate breakfast in silence. By the time breakfast was over, Melissa's confidence had returned. "Do you want to start your chores early and do the breakfast dishes?" She smiled smugly.

"Can't with the bandages on," he said holding up his arms. "Besides, I'm going to win," he returned with his own smug smile.

"Right!" Melissa returned. Then she got up, cleaned up the table and put the dishes in the sink. She could feel her son's eyes on her almost every second. It was a strange, but not entirely an unpleasant feeling. Again she felt the crotch of her jeans tighten. Each movement sent a shock wave through her. She moved as if she was in a trance. A few minutes later she was worried that there would be a dark stain on the crotch of her jeans.

"Come on Mom," said Eric. He had found a chess set in a closet and set it up. "You can't delay it any longer."

Melissa finally came to the table and sat down. Her heart was beating rapidly. Suddenly Melissa wondered what she was worried about. First of all, she would probably win, and secondly, so she had to wear some scanty clothes around the house. What would that hurt?

The two played for a solid hour with the advantage going back and forth many times. The tension in the room grew with each move until it was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Finally Eric made a critical move and sat back. "Check and Checkmate!" he exclaimed with undisguised pleasure. His face was beaming while Melissa's face was very serious. "Okay, I think I'd like you to put on those skin tight leggings and top you use under your ski suit. But no underwear."

Melissa thought her heart was going to pound out of her chest. Those clothes were meant to be worn with something over top. Most of her breasts would be visible and the bottoms were so tight that every curve would be on display. She could just tell him no and that would be that. Yet, they had bet for years and always paid off, no matter what.

Eric stared at her, his gaze never flinching. He had a smug look on his face.

She had no way out and she knew it. It was nuts, but there was nothing she could do. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity she got up and went to the bedroom. There she dug the top and bottom leggings out of the dresser. She stripped off her clothes and put on the top. It hugged her breasts like a second skin, her nipples plainly poking through. The undersides of her breasts were also visible. Slowly she pulled on the bottoms. Her body was now squeezed into the tight elastic material. She could feel the seam of the bottoms pulling between her pussy lips and upward between her ass cheeks. The first step she took almost brought her to her knees. As she walked down the steps, she felt her pussy begin to moisten.

Melissa heard Eric gasp when she walked into the kitchen. She knew he was shocked that she had actually gone through with it. She was shocked herself. As her breasts bounced with her movements, she could feel his eyes watching her. The nipples were poking out and as big as pencil erasers and there were goose bumps up and down her arms.

She looked at him and saw his eyes run up and down her torso until they centered on her crotch. She took a deep breath because she knew that he could see her pussy lips ... and she was getting wet.

There was a look of defiance on Melissa's face as she turned and walked to the sink to do the breakfast dishes. As she stood at the sink she could still feel her son's eyes on her. That sent ripples of unwanted excitement through her. Within a few minutes she felt her juices begin to soak the crotch of her leggings. She squeezed her thighs tighter. However, that only made her excitement worse as she placed pressure on her already swollen clit. She was near climax when she finally finished the dishes.

A moment later, when she turned around, Eric was still staring at her. "I'm going to catch up on some reading," she said as she strode past him feeling her engorged clit pulse with each step. She knew that this was way over the top for a mother/son relationship, but she couldn't help herself. The fact that they were confined to the house, with no way to get away, seemed to create a sexual tension that bordered on uncontrollable. It was crazy, almost surreal.

Suddenly, a strange feeling came over her. Like everything was going to be fine. After all, it was only she and her son here and no one else would ever know. She began to think that whatever happened would be confined to this cabin in the middle of a blizzard in a foreign country. She could control it.

09-27-2008, 08:27 PM
Throughout the day the sexual tension within the cabin grew. Melissa tried to act as if it were perfectly normal for her to be walking around in the skintight outfit with her breasts and pussy almost showing. Yet the throbbing in her pussy was anything but normal.

It was after dinner when Eric said, "Well, I guess it's time for my bath. Before we do, I want you to put on what I laid out on the bed for you. Oh, and by the way, I want you to sleep naked tonight."

"What?" Melissa said like she didn't hear what he said. But he was already gone. Melissa rose and went upstairs; almost glad to be getting out of the tight clothes she had been wearing all day. However, what she saw on the bed was even worse; it was nothing but a thong. When she picked it up she was even more shocked. Eric had cut the crotch out, leaving only the two seams on the outside. And there was no top to be found anywhere. This was far worse than the leggings and top. For a moment she thought about refusing. After all she was the mother and she could simply say no. She threw the panties on the bed and crossed her arms as if in defiance. But then a strange feeling came over her. It was almost as if she was helpless and had to do what her son said. Then her heart started to beat faster and she began to tremble. With trembling hands she undressed and slipped the tiny pair of panties up her thighs. When she looked down she saw that her entire pussy was exposed ... and, incredibly, she was already sopping wet, with strings of her juice sticking to her thighs.


She grabbed a towel and wiped herself. She paused a few moments to collect herself before she went back downstairs. When she did, she found Eric waiting in the bathroom. Steeling herself, she strode into the room ignoring his wide-eyed stare at her near nudity. She could feel her bare breasts bounce with each stride and her juices were bubbling out of her pussy again.


Ignoring her son's wide-eyed stare, and without a word she began to undress him. As she helped him pull the tee shirt over his head, she glanced down. It wasn't a surprise to see that he was already erect. There had been a bulge in his pants since breakfast.

Melissa went to her knees and pulled his pants down. His hard cock sprang out, making her gasp. With now trembling hands she found the soap, and allowed Eric to step into the tub. Like the night before, she washed him carefully. The soap nearly fell from her hands several times as she worked it over his strong body. She couldn't, however, take her eyes off of his pulsing cock. Gently, she began to wash it, avoiding any stroking in fear that he would cum again.

When she was done, she rinsed him thoroughly, removing the soap from his penis and balls before using a bath towel to dry him. When that was done both of them remained in position, almost frozen.

The sexual tension in the small bathroom was palpable as Melissa stared at her son's now dripping cock. A bubble of juice formed at the slit and she watched it slip lower, leaving a clear spidery string of juice attached to the slit. Then her hands moved toward his cock as if she couldn't control them. Her mouth was open and her tongue came out to lick her suddenly parched lips.


Her heart was pounding in her chest and her head was spinning as her hand grasped his cock again ... this time they both knew it wasn't to wash him. What am I doing? She thought. She closed her eyes for a second; almost as if this was just a weird dream ... something from a wild fantasy, never to be thought of in the light of day. She almost hoped it was a fantasy. However, when she opened her eyes her son's cock was still staring her in the face.

It's so big, she thought. The girth and length of it simply amazed her. Her fingertips could barely touch. Suddenly she gave a start when she felt Eric's hand on her head.


She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. Then she felt pressure on the back of her head, drawing her face closer to him. This was crazy, insane ... this was her son, she thought. Yet, she put up only a moment of resistance before allowing him to draw her lips closer and closer to his swollen cock. A second later her lips were touching the dripping head. With a flick of his hips, she felt his cock part her lips and enter her mouth.


"Ohhhhh, Mom!" Eric moaned.

"Mmmmphhh," Melissa answered, making a weak attempt to pull her head back. She felt Eric's fingers entwine in her hair, holding her gently, but firmly, in place. A moment later she could taste the juice dripping from the head. "Mmmmm," she moaned as the sweetness reached her taste buds. It was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth. She began to suck.

"Yes, suck me, Mom," Eric hissed.

The room quickly filled with the sucking sounds coming from Melissa's lips.

"Oh God, Mom," Eric gasped, his hips beginning to move slowly back and forth in a fucking motion.

Melissa grasped the back of Eric's thighs, her nails unintentionally digging into his soft flesh. Her head followed the movement of his hips. There was no longer any hesitating. She had longed to do this to Eric's father, but he would never allow it. Never in her wildest imagination would she have believed that she would be doing it to her son. Her mind could not process the enormity of that. Instead, she allowed illicit pleasure to rush through her like an uncontrolled demon. It blocked all rational or moral thought from her mind. The feel, the smell, and the taste of her son's cock were like aphrodisiacs, overcoming any shred of resistance she had left. She was floating on a wave of sensuality like she had never felt before. There was a ringing sound in her ears. Suddenly, she felt Eric's legs trembling and heard him moaning something. It sounded far away.

"Mom, Mom, Mom," Eric gasped. "I'm ... I'm ... going ... to ... cum," he warned.

She heard the words, but it took seconds to register. When she realized that he was close to climaxing, instead of pulling away, she sucked harder. Then she felt Eric's body tense. In the back of her mind she knew what was happening. But now instead of reluctance, she wanted him to cum. It was crazy, perverted, but she wanted it ... wanted her son's sperm in her mouth ... wanted to swallow his cum. She moaned deep in her throat.

"Ahhhhheeeeeeehhhh!!!" Eric cried.

Melissa felt the head of his cock grow in her mouth. Then suddenly she felt a blast hit the back of her throat. "Mmmppppphhhh!!!" she mumbled as her mouth began to fill with his warm and sticky sperm. Her overheated pussy began to spasm. As she swallowed the first load, she began to climax. "Mmmmmm," she moaned when she tasted sperm for the first time in her life. It was strong, salty, and slightly bitter but not unpleasant. The fact that it was coming from her son's balls overcame any hesitation she might have had.

Although she had anticipated his cum, the quantity surprised her. Her mouth filled and her cheeks bulged. Some of the precious liquid slipped out from the side of her lips and dripped to her chest. With each squirt of Eric's cock, her pussy throbbed and sent another blast of pleasure through her.


09-27-2008, 08:27 PM
She kept the rest of his cum in her mouth, refusing to let any more escape. Her mouth filled. She swallowed a second time. Her pussy pulsed as her climax continued unabated. Each squirt brought another throb of her pussy and another wave of pleasure.

She sucked Eric for a long time after the last drop was pumped into her mouth and eagerly swallowed. She pulled away when she felt Eric pushing on her head. When she looked up she saw him staring at her. It took her a moment to focus. It was almost as if she was waking from a dream. When the realization of what she had done dawned on her, her face turned red with shame. She closed her eyes, hoping it wasn't real. But when she opened them again she was still on her knees in the bathroom, her son was still staring at her, and the salty taste of sperm was in her mouth.

Eric's face was filled with what could only be described as amazement and shock.

Without a word, she stood up and rushed from the bathroom.

* * * * *

Melissa was in bed when she felt Eric crawl in next to her. She had gotten into bed naked, as Eric had requested. Now she lay on her side, facing away from him with her eyes closed but still wide-awake. She glanced over and saw that his eyes were closed. Assuming he was asleep, she slipped her hand between her legs. She paused for a second when her fingers reached the top of her pubic mound. She knew what she was about to do was wrong ... masturbating in the bed next to her son ... but her body was still on fire and her pussy throbbing. With a tiny whimper she slipped a finger between the lips and then into her very wet hole. She began to move her fingers slowly in and out, trying to keep her movements to a minimum.

"Mom," Eric whispered as he quick rolled over next to her and placed a hand on her thigh.

Melissa jumped at the sound of Eric's voice and the touch of his hand. She quickly pulled her fingers from her pussy. When she tried to answer him, she couldn't find her voice. She froze when she felt Eric's fingers begin to move down her thigh.


When she realized where Eric's hand was heading she screeched, "Eric, no!" But by the time she reached for his hand, it was too late ... his fingers had found her pussy.


Ohhhhh, please, Eric," she gasped, unable to pull his hand from between her legs.

"God, you're wet," Eric said as his finger began to rub across her swollen clit.

"You ... you ... we ... shouldn't ... be ... doing ... this," she managed to gasp. Yet, even as she protested, her legs slipped apart, giving him unrestricted access to her most intimate parts. "Eric, Eric, Eric," she pleaded as his fingers began to move back and forth.

"Cum for me," Eric whispered. "You know you need to cum again. Your pussy is literally dripping juice." Eric began to move his hand faster, now pushing two fingers into her receptive hole.

Melissa moaned and lifted her hips to the now rapidly moving fingers. "Oh, oh, oh," she gasped as tremors began to vibrate up and down her body. She felt a finger searching for her clit again. A second later it found her swollen nub. "Ahhhhhh," she screamed and began to convulse in climax. Her hips moved up and down as she grasped the sheets with her hands. As waves of pleasure continued to course through her, the dim light of the room began to fade. She passed out.

Chapter 11

When Melissa awoke the following morning, she sat up in bed wondering where she was. When she turned and saw Eric lying in bed next to her, it all came rushing back. Her face suddenly flushed white-hot. Quickly she swung out of bed. When she stood up she noticed a note on her night table. Her fingers were trembling as she opened it and read: "Your clothes for the day are on the dresser. Love, Eric."

She quickly looked over at the dresser and moaned. The outfit, if you could call it that, was only the bottom half of a tiny pink nightly. Her breasts would be totally bare again. It was obvious that her son had a fascination with her breasts. A chill ran down her spine at the thought of him nursing at her motherly breasts not so many years ago. She shook her head to clear the image.

It was an hour or so later when Eric came downstairs. The snow had let up and the sky was blue, but the weather report was for more snow. In the kitchen Melissa was at the stove cooking breakfast.


"Good morning, Mom," he said cheerfully as he sat down at the table.

"Good morning," Melissa returned without turning around. She could feel his eyes on her and she knew that the cheeks of her ass were exposed below the elastic of the tiny panties.

When she turned around with a plate of pancakes, her face was scarlet. Now he had a clear view of her naked breasts. She took some solace in the fact that at least her pussy lips were covered ... but just barely.


Her son stared at her naked breasts. In spite of her embarrassment she felt excitement at the look in his eyes. Strangely, his stare made her proud that she had kept her figure and that her breasts could still compete with those of much younger women. She felt her pussy lips begin to moisten as she walked slowly to the table. She sat the plate down and joined him. Almost immediately she felt her nipples becoming erect.

Unable to look at her son, she turned toward the window and said, "It's clear now but it's supposed to start snowing again."


"I heard that on the radio," Eric responded as he stuck a fork into a stack of pancakes and pulled them to his plate.

Melissa picked at her food, her rising excitement taking away her appetite. Every so often she would glance up at Eric and find him staring at her breasts. Once she opened her mouth to speak but stopped. She had no idea what to say. She had no excuses for what had happened last night. Plus, she couldn't deny that she enjoyed it and it was obvious that Eric knew it. There was nothing to be said.

Eric spoke, "You want the last pancake?"

Melissa shook her head and watched him finish the last pancake. Then he stood up and silently walked past her. She heard him place his plate in the sink and then felt his presence behind her. Over the smell of her cup of coffee, she could detect something else ... something earthier. She trembled.


A moment later she turned her head and her eyes opened wide as she saw his hard cock inches from her face.


Her breath caught in her throat when she saw her son's pulsing cock. The coffee cup slipped from her fingers and crashed to the table. "Eri ..." she started to say, but her words were cut off as he forced his cock into her mouth. "Mmmmpppphhh," she grunted, but only struggled for a moment.


Just like last night, she stopped protesting when she tasted his sweet cock. This time a moan of surrender escaped her lips, which were now wrapped tightly around his cock.

"That's it Mom, suck me. You did a great job sucking my cock last night."

09-27-2008, 08:27 PM
Melissa's face flushed at his words, but she continued to suck. Her heart was throbbing in her chest as she nursed on the swollen head. She could taste his sweet pre-cum juice as it poured into her mouth. She had to admit that she loved the taste.

"That's it, suck me," Eric whispered as he gently grasped his mother's head. His hips began a slow dance back and forth. "Yes, yes, yes," he whispered.

Melissa pulled her head back until the cock head was out of her mouth. She looked at the swollen plum with amazement. At the tip was a clear bubble of juice. She watched as it grew and finally began to drip. With a little moan, she stuck out her tongue and let the drop land on her tongue.


When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed the sweet bubble of pre-cum she nearly climaxed. The taste sent her floating on a wave of pleasure. Eric pulling on her head brought her back to the present. She resisted his attempt to have her take his cock back into her mouth. Instead she began to lick the head, moving the tip of her tongue up and down, smearing a steady stream of juice across the now shimmering head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she sucked the head back inside.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Eric moaned loudly. His hips began to move back and forth as he pulled on his mother's head.

Melissa sucked her son for a long time. She wanted to draw it out, make him wait for the ultimate pleasure. Incredibly, she was enjoying teasing him. She realized that she enjoyed sucking him more than she ever imagined. Maybe it was because it was her son, and it so wrong. However, this time it didn't seem as wrong as it had last night. While there was still pangs of moral regret flashing in her mind the excitement of giving her son pleasure washed them away.

Eric's moans of frustration finally made Melissa relent. She began to suck harder and pump his shaft at the same time. Her other hand slipped into his underwear and pulled his balls into the open. Now with her mouth on his cock and her hand on his shaft she caressed his balls. They felt warm and alive. Slowly, ever so slowly, she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Inch by inch it disappeared until the head breached her throat and slipped deeper. She fought the urge to gag.


"Jesus, Mom," Eric hissed as he felt his mom take his cock into her throat.

Even Melissa was amazed that she was able to take most of his cock. Needing to breath, she allowed the long shaft to slip back out until only the head was in her mouth. Then she took him deep several more times, slowly forcing the head into her throat until she had it all. When she pulled it finally, the shaft was now covered with saliva. She used the saliva to coat her hand. Slowly she began to stroke him until she was pumping her hand up and down with just the head in her mouth. A little whimper escaped her lips ... now she wanted his sperm.

"Mom, oh God, I'm going to cummmmmm!" Eric moaned. "Ahhhhh!!!" he screamed.

Melissa felt his balls tighten ... she could feel them moving in her hand like they were alive. She knew another blast was coming and relaxed her throat. She felt the slick and warm cream squirt deep into her mouth. She pulled her head back slightly so she could taste him. His sperm came out in great quantity. Again the amount surprised her. And again some began to escape.


he closed her lips tightly. As her mouth filled she squeezed her legs together. "Ahhhhh!!!" she gasped as she swallowed, and her own climax began. Her mouth filled over and over with her son's hot sperm. Each swallow spurred the pulses of her climax.

When the last drops of Eric's cum were sucked from him, Melissa stood up on unsteady legs. Then she turned and walked to the sink. An irrational exuberance rushed through her as she began to wash the dishes. For some reason she had no feelings of regret this time. It almost seemed natural. She loved her son, so why not give him pleasure? She shook her head to try to bring her senses back but the taste of her son's cum in her mouth made that impossible. The strong taste of semen sent a strange kind of warmth throughout her body ... like the tiny seeds of life were suddenly in her blood stream. No negative thought could penetrate the feeling.

Eric placed his hand on the table, still gasping for breath, his head turned to his mother. When he could move, he slowly walked up behind her. He stood there for a moment.

Melissa could feel him behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck. Then his lips touched her bare shoulder. She felt herself being turned around until she was in his strong arms. A second later her lips were covered by his.

With a moan, she melted into his embrace. The feeling of warmth inside her grew. She pressed her body to her son as the kiss grew ever more passionate. Their tongues dueled as their saliva mixed. When she felt his cock begin to stiffen between her legs, she pushed him away. She wasn't sure why. She said, "I have to get the dishes done." She turned around and began to wash the dishes again, but there was a smile on her face.

Eric sighed and moved away.

Melissa cleaned up the house and then sat down to read again. Eric finally joined her, picking up a novel he had been reading. While they both appeared calm, there was still an incredible air of sexual tension ... after all Melissa was still half-naked.

It was after lunch when Melissa told Eric they needed to talk. She sat him down at the table, taking his hands gently into hers. She looked at the injured wrists, rubbing her fingers across the backs of his hand. "Eric ... Eric, Hon," she started and stopped.

"Mom ... he started to say something but Melissa put her fingers to his lips.

"Let me try to get his out," she said, her eyes suddenly misty as she searched his. "Eric, what we have done is wrong ... very, very wrong."

It was obvious from the look on her son's face that he thought she was going to admonish him. She looked at her son's hands clutched gently in hers as she continued. "I don't know if it's the setting or being locked up in this cabin, but I have obviously lost all reason. I am having an incredibly difficult time thinking straight ... especially ... especially when I am close to you." She glanced up into Eric's eyes before she continued. "I can't change what has happened. In fact, I don't know if I would want to ... I mean ... damn, it's all so confusing."

"Mom, I love you," Eric blurted.

"I love you too, Eric."

"No, not like a mother. I love you like ... you know, like a woman," Eric said.

Melissa sighed and wondered if she should tell him that she thought she felt the same way about him. She decided not to say anything now. Instead, in response she squeezed his hands gently. "As I said, I don't know if I would change what has happened. But I can try and control what happens until we leave here."

A pained expression came to Eric's face and his eyes began to tear.

"Unfortunately, I don't think I can resist you while we are closed up in this cabin."

Now Eric's face brightened.

A tiny smile curled at the corners of Melissa's lips. "But we have to control ourselves. What I mean is that we can't let this go any further than it already has. I am your mother, not a lover."

Eric face showed his distress. "You mean we can't do ... do ... you know, what we did this morning?"

"No ..." Melissa said and paused. She saw Eric wince. "What I mean is we cannot go any further."

Eric looked confused. "Huh?"

Melissa smiled at his confusion. "We can still ... I mean ... I can still suc ... you know, do what I did in the bathroom and this morning, but we can't do anything else."

Eric's face broke into a broad smile.

"And that lasts only while we are here in this cabin, not when we go home."

It was obvious that Eric had barely heard the last comment. "Wow, Mom," he gasped.

"I mean it, Eric. We cannot take what we do here back home," she admonished him. She knew he wasn't listening. "Okay, since we both have cabin fever, let's get our ski suits on and go for a little walk. The fresh air will clear our heads."

09-27-2008, 08:33 PM
Chapter 12

That evening Melissa washed Eric as usual, but she didn't do anything sexual with him. Eric was obviously disappointed. Melissa gave him a smile and went to the bedroom to wait for him.

When Eric came upstairs Melissa saw that he was only wearing a towel. She smiled and patted the bed next to her.

He dropped the towel and quickly he crawled onto the bed and lay down.

Without a word Melissa bend over him and began to kiss his stomach. With little licks, she worked her way across his lower abdomen toward his already hard cock. She grasped his cock with one hand as she continued to kiss around his erection. For quite some time she avoided touching his cock, until finally, when she felt his hand on her head, she allowed him to lead her mouth to his cock. With a moan from both of them she engulfed him.


"Oh, God, Mom," he moaned. His hands directed her head up and down as his hips began to move.

Melissa's head began to move faster and her hand began to pump his cock. Within minutes she was gasping for breath as she worked to make him cum. She suddenly needed his cum ... needed it desperately. A moment later she got what she wanted.

"Ohhhh," Eric groaned as his balls pulled tight to his groin. Then he screamed, "Ahhhhhheeee," as his cum rushed up the shaft and into his mother's sucking mouth.

Melissa's pussy began to throb when she felt the first blast of cum spew into her mouth. She swallowed and trembled. The cum kept coming until it began to slip from her lips and down her fist to pool on his stomach.


When Melissa had all the cum cleaned from his cock she bent her head and began to lick up the juice that had spilled on his stomach.


Eric watched his mother with total amazement on his face.

When she finally pulled away, there wasn't a speck of cum to be found. She had it all in her stomach. It now felt strangely comforting to have swallowed her son's sperm. It made her feel warm inside. Then her heart began to swell with something ... a strange feeling ... something she hadn't felt in years. With shock she realized that she loved her son ... but not like a son ... like a man ... like a lover. The realization made her head spin and her heart pound.

Suddenly the room grew very quiet. Melissa pulled away and moved up to lie on the bed next to Eric, who had his eyes closed, but he was still breathing heavily.

A moment later Eric opened his eyes and smiled at his mother. She returned the smile. "God, you're beautiful, Mom."

Melissa blushed. She closed her eyes. "Thank you," she whispered.

Eric found he couldn't resist touching her. Slowly his hand reached out and rested on her breast.

Melissa's eyes flew open. "Eric," she gasped, yet she did nothing to remove his hand.

"You have the prettiest breasts I have ever seen," he said, almost in a trance.

When Melissa felt his hand began to knead her flesh, she knew she should stop him. Yet, she couldn't move. She closed her eyes and groaned quietly. She allowed Eric to place his mouth on hers and their tongues began to duel. Eric's cock grew hard again.


Eric began to squeeze her breast more firmly. Soon he was massaging and pinching the nipple. His hand moved to the other breast.

Melissa was breathing through her mouth and she kept her eyes closed tightly. She knew what was about to happen but couldn't stop it.

Eric slowly bent his head and took the hard nipple into his mouth.


"Errrrriiiiccc, nooooo!!!" Melissa gasped. She reached for his head, but his hand caught hers and their fingers entwined. Her hips began to squirm.

He sucked one nipple and then the other, nursing on them as he had done when he was but an infant.

A few moments Melissa felt Eric begin to move. His mouth moved down her breasts to her stomach. "Eric, no," she whispered. "This is so wrong." Her hands remained on his head as it moved lower and lower.

09-27-2008, 08:33 PM
Swiftly, before another protest, Eric moved between his mother's legs onto his knees. He stared down at her pussy.


He had never looked at one so close before, but he knew his mother's was beautiful. It was hard to believe that he had come out of that hole eighteen years ago. He could never have imaged that he would someday lick it. His eyes ran up and down the swollen lips watching them quiver with anticipation. The lips were open and ready for his mouth. He could see a stream of juice coming from deep inside and his mouth began to water. He had to eat her.


He lifted her legs and gently placed them on his shoulder.

"Eric, what are you doing?" Melissa asked as if she had no idea.

"I know Dad never did this for you, but I want to."

"What ... oh, Eric ... you ... we can't."

"Yes we can. I want to eat your pussy. I want to make you feel good like you've done for me."

"It's wrong," Melissa whimpered without opening her eyes.

"No, it's right. You're going to love it. Just relax."

"Ohhhh, Eric," Melissa whispered in surrender as she grasped the back of her thighs and pulled them to chest. There was no attempt to push him away now.

Melissa could feel the juice dripping from her hole and running to the sheet below. For a moment it embarrassed her. But then she felt Eric's mouth on her pussy.


"Ohhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh," she screamed. She had never felt so excited in her life. This was something she had fantasized about for years ... fantasized about a man eating her ... but certainly not her own son. "Eric," she gasped when she felt his tongue split her swollen lips. "Oh, God!"

Eric moaned as he moved his tongue up and down her wet slit. He tickled the inner lips, then drawing the juice coating his tongue into his mouth. He pushed her hips back further and opened his mouth wide. His head moved down with his tongue out. He plunged it into her.

"Ahhhhhheeeee ... oh God, oh God!!!" Melissa screamed. She froze with her hips raised. She could feel her son's tongue swirling deep inside her, then plunging in and out. Her mouth opened as she gasped for breath, trying desperately to draw oxygen into her depleted lungs. "Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh!!!" she moaned.

Eric tongued her for a long time. Then he pulled back and opened his mouth again. This time it came down on her swollen clit. He sucked the almost penis shaped clit into his mouth.

That was more than Melissa could take. "Ahhhh, I'm cummmmmiiiiinnngggg!!! she screamed. Her hips lifted from the bed and then froze. Fireworks exploded inside her head. Waves of incredible pleasure washed over her, bringing her pleasure like she had never known. The pleasure grew with each wave until she could no longer think ... she could only feel ... feel pleasure in every cell of her body. It no longer mattered that it was her son eating her. In fact, it made it sweeter ... it was forbidden, against every moral code she had been brought up to believe and that made it so wrong, but yet, it was so, so exciting.

Eric sucked her hard, then softly, then hard again. He pulled her clit into his mouth and gently nibbled it. His tongue worried the smooth crown, gently flicking it. The drool from his mouth mixed with his mother's copious juices and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

Melissa's climax went on and on until exhaustion took over and she collapsed onto the bed unconscious.

Chapter 13

Melissa was humming to herself as she fixed breakfast the following morning. She was naked since Eric had not laid out any clothes for her. She felt Eric behind her before she heard him. She smiled and turned her head to the side as he gently kissed her neck. His hands slipped under her arms and grasped her bare breasts.

"Good morning," he whispered.

She leaned back into son and said, "Good morning." Suddenly she gasped when she felt Eric's hard cock touch her ass. "Go sit down so I can fix you breakfast."

"I'd rather have you for breakfast," he joked.

"Later," she said.

With a moan, Eric turned and went to the table and sat down. His cock was already hard.

When she turned and looked at him, he spread his legs, letting her see his hard cock. "Come here," he said ... it was almost a command.

Melissa paused for a moment. Then she moved the frying pan to a cold burner and turned. With slow, almost hypnotic steps, she came over to her son. Without a word she went to her knees. She knelt in front of him, staring in his eyes as she gently caressed his cock.


Then she bent and took his cock into her warm and wet mouth.


Eric moaned and dropped his head and closed his eyes. His hands went to her head as he gently held her in place.

It didn't take him long to cum. He threw his head back and gasped.

Melissa was ready for his sperm. She swallowed the first blast and waited for the second. The pleasure rushing through her body made her forget for a moment that sperm was pouring into her mouth. A large glob escaped her lips and ran down Eric's cock.


She quickly closed her mouth tightly around the head to stop any more precious fluid from escaping.

When Eric's cock finally went limp Melissa pulled back and gently licked the cum from his cock and balls. When she was done she quietly got up and went back to the stove to finish breakfast. They ate in silence. When they were done Melissa got up and left the table. Eric followed.

When she got to the stairs she turned and smiled at her son. Her eyes were burning hot as she stared at him with her most lustful smile. She could feel her pussy throbbing and juice was starting to trickle down her thighs. She turned and slowly walked up the steps toward the bedroom.

A few moments later he walked into the bedroom. With a lustful smile he joined his mother on the bed, crawling between her legs.

However instead of letting him eat her, she pushed him over until he was on his back. Then she squatted over his mouth and lowered her pussy to his lips. It was something she had read in a Cosmo magazine and always wanted to try. Her husband would have none of it. Now she had a willing partner.

"Ohhhh!!! she gasped as she began to squirm her pussy across his tongue


Eric moaned, as he tasted her sweet juices. Soon he was eating her like a starved man, filling the room with loud sucking sounds.

Melissa added her screams of pleasure to the sucking sounds. She began to climax almost immediately. Waves of pleasure rushed over her like an incoming tide. Electricity shot through her body, making her tremble with total abandon.


When her climax ended, she relaxed, almost sitting on her son's face. She thought it was over.

However, Eric had other ideas. He kept sucking her, using his tongue like a miniature cock to push in and out of her sopping hole. Melissa moaned in renewed pleasure. She lost her balance and was suddenly sitting on her son's face. If he minded, he didn't show it. She moved back so that he could find her clit. "Ahhhhh," she screamed as he sucked it into his mouth.

Melissa began to climax again. Her legs shook and threatened to collapse under her. She placed her hands on the bed on either side of his head, letting the pleasure take her again. Her mouth was open as she gasped for precious air. Her head spun as the climax intensified bringing grunts of pleasure. "Oh, Eric, oh, Eric," she gasped. The pleasure seemed to go on and on. Her juice was bubbling out of her like a river, only to be swallowed by her new lover. She was afraid she was going to drown him, but when she tried to lift up, he pulled her back down. She didn't have the strength to fight him so she let him continue to suck her until her pussy became too sensitive. She fell onto the bed in exhaustion.

09-27-2008, 08:34 PM
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09-27-2008, 08:36 PM
Immidiately, 2 of them caught me and tied my hands on my back. I was sitting like a dog on cold floor without any cloth and waiting for my Rape by 5 beauties. Every coming moment was making me hot and hot. My heart was beating very high. Specially keeping in mind that alongwith my sexual tourture, they could ask me to do any damn dirty and uncommon sexual thing. I saw all 5 females were very bautiful and wearing gorgeuos sarees too. Fair and mixed complxtion with good hights. But inner figure was still invisible untill they could appere in their birth suits.
I could clearly see a spark with sex fire in their beautiful eyes.
I saw their breats were also stared bouncing as they were too breating deeply.
Now, Jaya came near to me and lifted her saree and peticoat. She hold my head forcefully and took my mouth touching her panty. I smelt a nice pussy again. I was trying to lick pussy but she said-”eise nahi, kutte ki tarah jeebh nikal kar pehale meri panty chato. Phir chhot chatne doongi.”
I was licking her panty. It was light yellow stylishsilk panty. I started licking panty. She lifted her head up and moaned-”ahhhhh, chato yaar. Kutte ki tarah chato.”
I was licking fast and fast her panty and she was moaning and moaning.
Now it was turn of Nisha, she stood up from her place and opened her sandals. She placed my manhood in her legs and started rubbing. It was realing paining but I had no option.
Now, Poonam came near and sat on my back like horse riding but her face was in reverse direction. She bent down and inserted her soft long ring finger into my ass hole. Soon she started moving her finger so fast that it was realing paining as the female ass holes are flexible but not of males.
Meanwhile jaya got aroused. She turned and said-”samane chat liya ab piche se chato.” she palce her soft buttock covered with tiny silk panty close to my nouth. I started licking like dog.
In between Nisha was busy with pulling up and down my dick skin with her soft legs and smiling.
I was boared with licking cloth. I requested-”panty ke kapda se achcha nahi lag raha hai, madam aap panty khol dijiye, choot chat deta hoon.”
Jaya laughed-” kya hua, itni jaldi garam ho gaye. Meri chot itni asani se thode hi doongi. Bare-Bare log koshish kar ke thak gaye per kisi ko nahi mili. Aur phir tumko achcha lage na lage, mere ko maja aa raha raha. Bas gaand chat te raho, choot chatwane ke time ayega to bol doongi. Aur chatne ke saath saath thoda daant se kato bhi.” I got busy with madams order.

09-27-2008, 08:36 PM
After few minutes sangeeta started removing her sarees. Then peticaot. I saw a very beautiful married beauty was just in red blouse and red panty. She asked jaya to shift as she had to tourture me.
Sangeeta shifted jaya and sat on sofa. She spreaded her legs hanging them in air. She hold my heaida and hairs and placed my mouth touching her ass hole. It was very soft flash hole with light pink surrounding. I was licking outer of her ass hole and she started-”ahhhh, ohhhhh.” After few minutes she said-”jeebh andar dalo.” I followed and inserted my tounge into her ass hole. It was smelling of shit. She was getting hotter and hotter and then herself started stroking her ass hole forecefull on my face to take my tounge more and more inside.
Now Poonam got down from my back and started removing her marun shifon sarere. Soon She also apeared in bra and panty.
Now shilpa got sat on my backside and was about to start licking my ass hole. Shipa was extremely beautiful and sex too, tall hight, fair colour.
I, in shame said-”madam, yahan moonh mat dijiye, aapke moonh mein shit lag jayegi, aur jo chahe kar lijiye.”
Shipa smiled-”mein kya tumse poochker choodwaoongi, jo-jo achcha lage, sab karoongi, Aur tum bolte bahut ho, aram se chodo chato na yaar. Baatene kal kar lenge.” Thereafter I had no request to make.
I realised Sangeeta was trying to take my tounge more and more inside her ass hole and shipa was trying to insert her very soft redish tounge more and more inside my ass hole.
……. to be continued.

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Good one Upen bhai. Please continue, I am not able to wait to know about the forthcoming punishment :D

10-14-2008, 07:08 AM
Best of the series dude. You always rock!

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this is really hot man

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maza aa gaya kahani padh ke....

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good one

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very good

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this is good. Please post the rest of the story

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Wow nice one..
Reading an english-tamil stuff after a long time...

10-21-2008, 12:55 AM
Reponse dein kaisi lagi ye sachi kahani

Bahut badhiyan.. Soch raha hoon ki main bhi Tantrik ban jaoon..:clap:

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good one mate...

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nice start upen bhai waiting for the rest

10-29-2008, 07:01 AM
The story of an erotic day in the life of Karisma Kapoor!

This was going to be a tough day. Karisma knew it the moment the alarm woke her up at 8 am. It had been a long night of drinks and dance yesterday and the hangover still rattled her.

Dragging herself from the bed, Karisma, braced herself in front of the full-length mirror. She looked beautiful in the dark blue bikini that she had gone to sleep in. Admiring her 23 year old figure in the mirror, her mind drifted to the last six months when everything had happened for her. Three successful films and a large number of offers. She was already one of the biggest stars on the screen.

Karisma entered her luxurious bathroom and peeled off her bikini. Stretching herself once she grabbed the morning papers and sat down on the toilet seat. There it was again. Praise about her performances. This was becoming a ritual, she thought! The greatest actress of the decade! The thought was pretty exciting.

Ten minutes later after having brushed her sparkling teeth, Karisma moved into the shower. The lukewarm water caressing her perfect body was giving her great sensations. She closed her eyes and let the water play all over. This was so good, everything was working out well. Her left hand moved from her hair down to her neck and to her shoulders. With her eyes still closed, Karisma eased her fingers down her left breast and let the forefinger rest on the dark nipple which was already taut with the electrifying feelings moving across her body. Karisma knew this feeling and also knew that nothing could stop her from getting to an orgasm now.

As her left hand played with her wet nipple, the right hand moved down her belly around her navel and rested on her pubic hair. Slowly with her first two fingers she pushed open her vaginal lips. A light moan escaped from her firm lips.

Knock! Knock!

Damn, she thought, someone's at the door. "Who is it?", Karisma screamed.

To Be Continued!
In Chapter Two Pooja Bhatt makes a surprise visit and Karisma has a great time with her!

10-29-2008, 07:01 AM

"Hey its me, Pooja!"

Pooja was a close friend of Karishma and despite the interruption her arrival had caused Karishma was happy that she was here. She quickly grabbed the soft black robe from the closet and put it on while rushing to the bedroom door.

"Wow! Great to see you here Pooja, you look splendid!"

Pooja looked fabulous in a tight skirt and a green tank top. Ever since her last few movies had flopped, Pooja had gone on a strict diet to get back into shape and the results were already visible.

The two friends jumped onto the bed and started discussing films instantly, their favorite topic! Thirty minutes later while Karishma was going through her opinion on the new actresses in town, Pooja's eyes suddenly locked onto Karishma's gown which had been precariously hanging on her breasts and was now on the verge of dropping off her nipple. While Pooja tried to concentrate on whatever Karishma was saying it was proving difficult with the dark upper outline of her nipple now showing. Karishma paused and moved slightly, and the gown slipped further completely revealing her nipple. Pooja couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful round breast and the brown nipple sticking up from the soft flesh.

Karishma followed Pooja's gaze and realized that she was revealing quite a bit. Pooja instinctively moved her hand towards Karishma's breast. "Can I touch you?", she asked. Karishma was not sure, "I - I don't know, I haven't really done it before..."

"You mean you've not done it... you're still a virgin?"

"Well I have played around a bit with some guys but never gone the whole way."

Pooja smiled and moved her hand confidentially to the soft skin of Karishma's breasts. Using her fingers to circle the nipple, Pooja said "How does this feel?". Her hand was slowly massaging the flesh while her thumb and forefinger pulled and tugged at the taut nipple.

"Uuummmhhhh!!!", cried Karishma.

Pooja pushed Karishma down so she was lying on her back. Lowering her mouth onto her nipple, Pooja gently flicked it with her tongue. Circling the nipple again Pooja now brought her teeth together to nibble on Karishma.

"Oh my God, Pooja please... aaahhh... great..."

With both her lips Pooja covered the nipple and started sucking and pushing her face firmly into the soft flesh of Karishma's breast.

"Aaaahhhhhhh... Pooja... more... need more..."

Pooja's left hand now moved down Karishma's body to the point where her pubic hair rested beneath the gown. Karishma raised one leg, folding it from the knee to allow better access. Pooja moved the gown away and pushed her fingers through the light black hair down to the pussy lips. Her middle finger moved between the lips until it reached the clitoris. Using her nail, Pooja pushed the sheath back exposing the erect clit. Gently she placed her finger on it.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh!", Karishma gasped.

Pooja let her finger move down further, down though the wet folds of Karishma's beautiful vagina. She reached the entrance to her tunnel and swirled her finger in the liquid that was glistening all over. Moving her mouth away from Karishma's nipple, Pooja tasted the finger that had just explored the juicy entrance.

"You taste great Karishma! Your love juices are amazing! I need to eat you and lick you all over!"

Pooja moved over onto Karishma, Her head now right over her pussy and her legs straddling Karishma's face. Lowering her face between Karishma's legs, Pooja sniffed the sweet smell of her pussy. Using her tongue she covered the entire lengths of Karishma's pussy lips. Licking in every drop of the sweet liquid. With her tongue resting on her clitoris, Pooja pushed her fingers into Karishma's pussy.

"Oooohh my... that feels great!"

Pooja's tongue sucked on her clitoris while her forefinger moved into Karishma. The sensations were driving her crazy. It seemed as if electric currents were connecting her from her brain to her pussy. Pooja's finger moved deep into Karishma and then slowly moved out easily with her wetness. Pooja slowly started moving in and out of Karishma's pussy and moving deeper with each stroke. All the while nibbling at Karishma's pussy.

"Woooo that's great... ohh Pooja... I want to taste you too... Oooohhhh!"

Karishma could see Pooja's skirt hanging over her face and she used both her hands to push it over her hips. Exposing her panties several inches over her face Karishma could almost smell the Pooja's wetness. She brought her right hand between Pooja's legs and onto the white panties. They were very wet! She pulled away the material with her finger to reveal the thick pussy lips with sparse black hair. All glistening in the excitement that was driving both actresses.

"Lower yourself Pooja... I want to taste you... yes thats better.. ummmm".

Karishma used long strokes of her tongue to lick away at Pooja's pussy lips while her finger held the white panty material towards one side.

"Ooooooo.. you're good at this, Karishma..."


"Shit its my phone", cried Pooja. She swirled around and pulled out the phone from her purse.

"Yes?... Oh my God its already 11 am? I'm on my way!"

Turning to Karishma Pooja said, "I need to go baby, we'll continue this some other time. Meanwhile keep this...". She yanked out from her purse a 9 inch dildo and pushed it into Karishma's hands, at the same time straightening her skirt and heading for the door.

"Wait... I've never used this before..."

"Just push it up your pussy, sweetheart! And I'm going to need it by the evening today", yelled Pooja closing the door behind her.

To Be Continued!
In Chapter Three Karisma uses a vibrator on herself while her sister watches!

10-29-2008, 07:02 AM
Karishma moved across the room staring at the white dildo in her hand. Awright, I'm going to do this! Karishma pulled away the curtains on the door that let out to her swimming pool. "Nice day", she exclaimed while opening the door and moving out. She still had the gown on her and was sure no one could see her in this area. The small swimming pool was surrounded by large trees and bushes and the way thru her bedroom was the only way to get here.

Karishma settled in one of the long beach chairs, stretching herself in the pleasant sunshine. She held the dildo with both her hands and smiled at the complete resemblance it held to a man's penis. Instinctively she brought it to her mouth and started licked the tip.

Twinkle was Karishma's younger sister and she generally knocked before entering, but today she barged into her sister's room to find the door to the swimming pool open. With a tune on her lips she walked upto the door and spotted her sister on the beach chair about four meters away.

She was about to call out to Karishma when she realised that her sister was sucking at a huge white thing that definitely resembled a grown penis! Although she was about 16 years old, she had rushed through several porn videos that lay in her father's cupboard and could definitely recognise a dildo when she saw one!

Karishma meanwhile pushed her head back and pulled the dildo down to her nipples, pushing the gown slightly to one side. The dildo spread her own saliva across her nipples and soft round breasts.

Twinkle had never seen her sister naked before and this was quite a sight. The fair skin of her breast and the saliva shining in the sunshine was making her feel very excited. She moved forward, hiding behind a large artificial bush about three meters from Karishma. She could now clearly see her sister moving and pushing the dildo over her breasts and could hear the low moans that were escaping her.

With her eyes still closed, Karishma moved the left hand between her legs, pushing away the gown to reveal her pubic hair. Folding her left leg, she slowly brought the dildo down to the beginning of her pussy lips.

Twinkle stared in amazement at her sister's pussy which appeared so perfect, so inviting and so delicious. She herself had a developed body and a sparse growth of hair had appeared over her small pussy lips. As she watched her sister move the dildo up and down the length of her pussy, Twinkle couldn't help moving her own hand into her skirt. Reaching between her legs in a kneeling position she pulled away her panties slightly and started stroking the lips.

Karishma realised she was very wet now and decided to push this white dick into her depths. Moving further down until the tip of the dildo touched the entrance of her vagina, Karishma closed her eyes and pushed. As the huge dildo moved into her, Karishma grimaced at the slight pain and then almost screamed with pleasure. The dildo was about an inch into her body and she withdrew it. Pushing her head back with her eyes closed she shoved it back again. This time moving deeper into the wet recesses of her womanhood.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh!" Twinkle heard her sister. Being excited herself, she increased her own pace. Rubbing her vagina more furiously while watching her elder sister shove the dildo deeper and deeper into her body.

She had pushed it seven inches into herself and could feel the sensations short circuiting her entire body. "Aaaahhhhh" Karishma knew she was close to an orgasm. She moved the dildo in and out of her pussy faster edging closer to the climax.


The flower pot behind which Twinkle was hiding tilted and crashed into a million pieces. Her increasingly furious motions had pushed the pot off balance and now it lay on one side, revealing Twinkle with a strange expression on her face and her right hand up her skirt.

"Oh hell! Twinkle what are you doing here? How long have you been around?"

"I'm sorry didi... I was just here to check if you were ready for the shoot... couldn't help looking at you...", Twinkle explained as she pulled her hand out of her panties and away from her skirt.

"OK... I know we need to get to the studios early today, I'll see you in the car in ten minutes."

To Be Continued!
In chapter FOUR Karisma and her sister cum face to face behind the dark window panes of their limo....

10-29-2008, 07:02 AM
Karishma quickly put on her salwar kurta for the shoot and rushed out to the front porch after putting on some makeup. They had to hurry, the drive to the studios itself would take about half an hour. Twinkle was waiting in the huge Mercedes that had been customized for Karishma by a friend.

Opening the small panel in the partition between the passenger and driver section, Karishma asked the driver to quickly get them to the studios. She pressed the button that shut the panel again. Another switch on the door opened a small refrigerator that had all of Karishma's drinks. She poured out a small peg of Southern Comfort and pushed it to Twinkle.

"Care for some?"

"Yes thanks."

Karishma poured one for herself and the two sat in silence for several minutes not sure what to say after the incident earlier. Finally Karishma broke the silence.

"You were enjoying it weren't you?"

"No... I mean why..."

"Dear sister you had your hand up your skirt, you were playing with yourself."

"Yes, didi, but you looked so good. Your glowing skin, the smooth curves, you were so wet and lovely here also...", Twinkle said pointing slightly to the area between Karishma's legs.

Karishma smiled, "Well sister maybe its my turn now... pull up your skirt."

"What?", screamed Twinkle. "Pull it up baby cause I'm going to eat you and you are going to enjoy this even more... come on let your sister taste your sweet pussy...". Karishma pushed up Twinkle's skirt and then moved her into one corner of the large seat. Easing up both legs on to the seat and then spreading them apart, she now had a good view of her sister's panties.

Twinkle was getting excited about this now and started tugging at her panties. Karishma helped her take them off and then stared at her young sister's vagina. The soft pussy lips were surrounded by a very thin growth of black hair. The moist lips hid the brown inner folds and the clitoris which were trying to peep out. Karishma licked her lips.

"This looks to good to be true, sister."

Karishma brought her tongue to Twinkle's knees and moved them up slowly to the teenager's milky thighs. Kneading the flesh around the thighs with her hands, she moved her tongue further to where her legs met. Twinkle sighed as her sister's tongue touched her pussy lips. She traced her tongue up one lip and then the other. Licking and tasting all the moist juices that were lining her.

On reaching the top, Karishma used her forefinger to spread the outer lips a bit and then slipped her tongue downwards. She reached Twinkle's clit and gently nibbled at it.

"Ooooh didi, this is wonderful...", Twinkle cried as her sister's roving tongue in her pussy drove her to the edge.

The car stopped at a light and Karishma looked up to the window and then remembered the glasses were completely dark. No one could see inside. She brought her face back to Twinkle's pussy and as the car started once again her tongue moved down to her entrance. She curled her tongue and pushed at the wet hole, using her fingers to open-up her sister. She slid in easily, feeling the warmth of Twinkle's vagina and the sweetness of her fluids.


"How does it feel, Twinkle, having your didi's tongue up your little pussy?"

"Ohhh, this is amazing... I think I'm going to cum... aaahhh... more..."

The car came to a halt and the familiar noise of a movie studio reached the sisters' ears.

"o-oh", Karishma whispered as she realised they had arrived at the studios. Quickly moving away, she signaled to Twinkle pull her skirt down while she straightened herself. Within seconds they were out in the sunshine.

To Be Continued!
In chapter FIVE Karisma acts in a rape scene on a movie set....

10-29-2008, 07:02 AM
"Hello ladies... you're right on time, we were just beginning to start", exclaimed Doda, the producer. He was a fat old man and a very successful film maker. "You have about five minutes to get your make-up on Karishmaji, the van is ready and the shot is also ready."

Karishma smiled and nodded as she walked over to the van that was always there for her. Inside was a small make-up area, a couch, a refrigerator and a television amongst several other useful amenities. A young man started applying stuff on her face even as another one came up and gave her the dialogues for the shot.

She knew this was the scene in which she would be tied up and the bad guys would try and rape her. But like in all Hindi movies she would be rescued by the hero. It was regular stuff. Five minutes later she moved out to the set in her salwar kurta and dupatta, and little makeup.

There were about 15 people doing various things around the area. Her sister was seated next to the producer and Jumbo, the huge hunk who was the villian for this scene. The director walked up to Karishma and pointed to a huge tree trunk that had been set in the middle of the shot.

"We are going to tie you there Karishmaji... this way please."

Two set boys helped Karishma as she stood against the tree trunk and held her hands horizontal around the circumference of the tree. The hands were gently tied back.

"Are you comfortable, Karishmaji?" "Yes everything's ok", she replied, even as she felt excited about the situation. Here she was tied against the tree, with her breasts portruding and looking very sexy. She saw Jumbo stand up to his six foot six inches and approach her. He waved at her and she winked back.


Jumbo suddenly had a mean expression on his face as he came up to Karishma. He screamed threats into her face while the camera moved from one corner of the set to the other. His hands came up to Karishma's face and then moved down to her shoulder where her dupatta lay. With one motion he pulled it away and threw it into the air.

The second camera now focused on her closeup. Without the dupatta Karishma's front looked extremely erotic. With the valley between her large breasts clearly showing from the neck of the red kurta.

Karishma had anger written on her face, but it was difficult for her to keep up the expression. She was enjoying herself and she wanted Jumbo keep going.

Jumbo uttered some more words of threat and anger, at the same time bringing his face very close to Karishma's. He whispered something to her indicating that he would soon have her for dinner. The cameras moved in closer. Jumbo brought his hands to her neck, as she let out a scream asking the monster to stop whatever he was planning to do.

Jumbo's hand moved down slowly down her neck onto the area over her breasts and down to the valley between her tits. Karishma had an expression of helplessness on her in the face of inevitable rape.

Inside though she wanted Jumbo to tear open the front of her kurta and pull apart her bra. She wanted him to bring his large mouth onto her nipples and use his teeth to bite into her breasts. The thought of his face on her tits and his hands rubbing her crotch thru her salwar sent shivers down her spine. All this while the entire unit watched eagerly as the star heroine got very wet in her pussy.

She opened her eyes as Jumbo stopped at the top of her breasts and with a smile moved back to his seat. The shot was over. Two boys came up and untied Karishma from the tree trunk. The lights dimmed as the director screamed from near the main camera, "Great shot Karishma!"

Yeah, great shot, Karishma thought, the crowds will love to watch her breasts showing from her kurta on the big screen. She knew it and she wanted to show more, much more than that. She wanted to strip down to nothing and let it be captured on screen for the entire nation to see. And why not, she thought. She had the body and today she also had the nerve. Again she felt strong currents connecting her crotch to her brain sending pleasure streaks through her body.

Control yourself baby, she said to herself as she walked back to the van. "What the hell am I thinking about today, need to control myself."

To Be Continued!
In chapter SIX Karisma watches a blue movie and that really arouses her...

10-29-2008, 07:02 AM
Karishma and her sister watch an erotic movie in their trailer and get turned on...

"You have about twenty minutes, madam, when we start the next scene.", shouted the director's voice from behind. Twinkle got up from her chair and followed her sister into the van. She had been watching her sister during the shot and knew she had been enjoying herself. Twinkle had been enjoying it too and now wanted to finish what they had started in the car.

"Wooo that was some expression you had on you didi", Twinkle said as she closed the door behind her, "You were getting excited weren't you... getting wet between your legs, nearing orgasm?"

"Where did you learn all that little girl?"

"Well now that we've done a little bit of stuff... I can tell you. I've been seen some of the porn flicks that dad keeps in his cupboard. In fact I've got one with me right now." She reached back for her purse that was slung on her shoulder. Seconds later she had pulled out a tape. "We have about twenty minutes, you want to watch it didi?"

Karishma smiled in approval and Twinkle rushed to the video placed in the corner of the van. She pushed the tape in and pressed play. Karishma had already settled down in the comfortable couch six feet away from the television. Twinkle sat next to her sister as the screen came alive.

The scene depicted a woman soldier with a naked man who had been tied down onto a bed. The woman had on her a tight uniform skirt and a shirt. She brought her face close to the man's penis and started stroking it.

"Ummmm", Karishma could feel the juices flowing again. Twinkle looked into her sister's dreamy eyes and turned left to bring her right hand between Karishma's legs. As she brought her hand over her crotch she could feel the heat of Karishma's pussy even through the salwar fabric.

The soldier on the screen was giving an amazing blow job to the bound man. Soon he was writhing and on the verge of cumming. The woman smiled and stopped. Getting up she slowly opened her shirt revealing a huge pair of milky tits. She pushed her shirt away and fondled her breasts while pinching her nipples with her fingers.

Twinkle moved her hand to the top of the salwar and loosened it. She edged her hand down Karishma's pubic hair to her wet pussy lips. She moved her fingers down between her sister's labia to her hot opening. Karishma moved her legs apart and edged forward to allow Twinkle easy access to her throbbing entrance. Twinkle pushed a finger into the smooth and moist opening and her sister let out a slight moan of pleasure.

On screen the woman now moved on top of the man and straddled his thighs in a sitting position. With her legs spread on each sides of her prisoner she pulled her skirt up gradually, exposing her pussy. A thin layer of brown hair covered her in a triangular area. She used her fingers to open herself and allow the huge erect cock to enter her. The camera moved in close to the vagina as it absorbed an inch of cock.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh..... Twinkle, your finger feels so good in my pussy... push, push it in... deeper... yes... ooohhhhh"

The fuck scene on the screen was driving both sisters to the edge. Twinkle pushed into her sister harder, feeling her juices squishing over her hands and fingers.

"Ohh Lord... so good... ", Karishma cried. There was a knock on the door and both froze on the couch.

"Time for the shot madam."

"Why is this happening...", uttered Karishma as she pulled up her salwar and started putting things in order.

To Be Continued!
In chapter SEVEN Dimple is caught with her sari down...

10-29-2008, 07:03 AM
Karishma runs thru a sexy scene on a movie shoot and then has some fun with sis...

The next scene was short and within twenty minutes Karishma had been rescued by the hero. As they walked over to the Mercedes, Twinkle turned to her sister, "I need to visit Reena, didi... I'll see you in the evening."

"How are you going to her place?"

"She's here", said Twinkle pointing to a white Toyota parked nearby. A pretty young girl waved from inside and Twinkle rushed over to her.

Karishma got into the Mercedes and indicated to her driver to drive down to Dream Village. It was Dimple's birthday and she was celebrating at the exotic resort on the outskirts of Mumbai. Karishma knew she wouldn't be able to make it to the party that evening... she was going to the Music Awards that evening. The Spice Girls were to perform there and she wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. However, Dimple had been a guiding figure for her and she wanted to wish her today. And if she couldn't make it in the evening she would do it now.

An hour later the car pulled into the resort and Karishma pulled out the small package that carried a diamond bracelet. Dimple loved diamonds and would love this gift.

She walked up to the reception and asked for Dimple. The well dressed young man at the reception recognized Karishma, "Karishma Kapoor! Yes Dimple Kapadiaji is here... she's planned a party tonight on the beachside ...she is currently in cottage 14."

Karishma thanked him and moved through the large expanse of gardens amid which various cottages of the resort were situated. She came up to the path that led to Cottage 14 and an idea struck her. "She's not expecting me... it's time to give her a surprise... like the way she surprised me last year!". Karishma recalled the incident when Dimple had crept into her bedroom at midnight and shocked her with a gift.

She took a detour and avoided the front door to walk upto the side of the cottage. She was looking for an open window through which she could creep in. She came up to a large area of dense vegetation that rose up to the second level. Behind the vegetation she noticed a large window that had curtains drawn. Karishma moved some of the bushes away and edged closer to the glass looking for some way to open it. She noticed a spot where the curtains did not meet properly. Peeping in she noticed Dimple walking about in a blue saree talking to someone. Oh-oh she's got a guest, thought Karishma.

Suddenly, a male came into view and pulled Dimple into his arms. Karishma moved in closer to the window. It was Sunny Deol! Karishma almost screamed as the two engaged in a passionate kiss. Dimple looked stunning as usual in the blue saree and a sleeveless blouse. Sunny wore a tight blue @jeans and a white shirt that showed off his muscles.

Karishma looked on in wonder as Dimple dropped to her knees, her face in front of Sunny's crotch. She tugged at his zip and shoved her hand into his @jeans. Her fingers moved to free Sunny's dick from the underwear and pulled it out. Karishma stared at the filmstar's penis which stuck out like a pole. Dimple wrapped her fingers around the brown dick and started stroking it. Sunny pushed his head back and opened his mouth to let out a moan which Karishma didn't hear because of the glass. But, the sight of Dimple's beautiful face closing in on Sunny's dick and her tongue licking the tip was making Karishma very wet.

Dimple was now moving her lips up and down, swallowing the entire length of Sunny's dick. It was exciting, Karishma thought, but not bigger than the ones she saw on the video. Sunny pulled Dimple away from his crotch and pulled her up.

He pushed saree material from her shoulder and brought his hands to her blouse. He moved his hands on the large tits and then putting his fingers into the material ripped it. His next target was the black bra which was also pulled away exposing Dimple's beautiful white breasts with large brown aeroles. Karishma watched as Sunny brought his hungry mouth to her breasts and started kissing and biting at them.

Karishma leaned her body against the wall to get a better view of the action inside. Sunny had now pushed Dimple on the large bed in the middle of the room. Dimple said something that seemed to excite Sunny who lay on top of her and pushed up her saree. Karishma could see Dimple's thighs and up all the way to her waist as there were no panties. She had always looked incredibly pretty in the movies and today with her clothes all messed up, Dimple looked even better. Specially her enormous tits with taut and erect nipples, thought Karishma, looked amazing. She tried and moved around to catch a glimpse of Dimple's vagina, but from the distance and with Sunny now moving in between her legs she couldn't.

Dimple spread her legs wider to accommodate Sunny. After getting into position, Karishma noticed him saying something to Dimple. And as she responded he pushed into her. Dimple's mouth opened as she let out a scream of pleasure. Sunny continued pushing vigorously into Dimple moving in and out of her vagina, even as Dimple grasped his hands and writhed in pleasure. Karishma could see that Dimple was close to coming.

"Room service", Karishma heard someone shout at the front door. Sunny stopped and pulled his member out and Dimple stood up and straightened her saree. She rushed to the door pushing away her beautiful brown tinged hair from her face. Karishma too moved away from the window and came up to the front door behind the hotel staff.

"The lunch you ordered Madam."

"Oh thank you", Dimple said and then noticed Karishma behind the waiter, "Hello sweetheart, how are you?"

Karishma hugged Dimple and the two walked in and greeted Sunny. Karishma didn't want to take up too much of their time and wanted to leave immediately but Dimple insisted on her having a quick lunch with them. Twenty minutes later after they had finished lunch, Karishma wished her again and there were good-byes all around. Rushing away Karishma thought she had better leave the couple to themselves, they had been interrupted already in between a great fuck... and she knew how it felt to be stopped when so close to an orgasm!

To Be Continued!
In chapter EIGHT Karishma has wild experiences with the Spice Girls!

10-29-2008, 07:03 AM
The Spice Girls make things hot for Karishma...

The car moved into the parking of the huge stadium. Very few spaces remained for the biggest Music Awards Show this year. Running into the entry gates for exclusive passes she realized that she was just in time as the ceremonies started. Taking her seat, which was quite close to the main stage, Karishma looked at the schedule. The Spice Girls were scheduled to play at 6 pm, still an hour to go. She looked around for Nikita. Nikita was the organizer of the show and a good friend of Karishma. Although 39, Nikita was a total stunner and the kind of clothes she wore would make any model envious.

"Hey Karishma!", Nikita had spotted her.

"Nikita how are things? Hey you promised to take me to meet the Spice Girls back stage... can we meet them now?"

"Yeah sure... they have some trailers setup near in the far corner of the stadium behind the stage. Come along, I'll take you there."

Karishma followed Nikita through the crowds and security personnel behind the stage and through guarded corridors into the large secured area in the stadium premises. Two huge trailers stood in the corner and near one of them stood Scary, the lead singer of the Spice Girls. She had on both sides a bodyguard and waved to Nikita as she saw her approaching.

"Wow its Scary!", cried Karishma as they came up to the Spice Girl. She was wearing a black dress that had a low cut neck and ended on her thighs.

"Hi... meet Karishma, the number one heroine in India", Nikita introduced the two girls.

"Hello, I've heard a lot about you Karishma... I've always wanted to meet you! Come on inside I'll introduce you to the other 'Spices'!" Nikita excused herself saying that she had a whole lot of things to attend to. Scary pulled Karishma into the trailer and closed the door behind, leaving the bodyguards outside.

"Where are they... Posh?... Baby?... ", Scary shouted into the trailer. Karishma looked around at the huge trailer that seemed to have two rooms with walls coated with some leather like material. Small pieces of ribbons and clothes of different kinds seemed to decorate the interiors. There were comfortable small couches lying in various corners on the carpeted floors.

Scary opened the door to the second room and peeped in. "Oh.. you're here... come on girls you'd better get dressed up we don't have too much time.. you'd better stop doing that now!"

Karishma popped her head around Scary's to take a look. Her eyes opened with amazement as she saw Baby Spice sitting on a chair with her legs spread apart and resting on the hand-rests. Her skirt had been pulled up to her waist and she was wearing no panties. Posh was sitting in front of Baby and it was apparent she was eating Baby's pussy.

Scary moved back from the room and Karishma followed. She indicated to Karishma to make herself comfortable.

"We travel a lot, and don't get to stay with our boyfriends too much... we have sexual needs too and we generally help ourselves there."

"Yeah I understand... and it can be fun.", Karishma put in.

"Oh yeah... have you also done it with a girl before?"

"Yes, and I loved it!"

"Ever since I saw pictures of you in some of the Indian magazines here and heard about you, Karishma, I've wanted to do it with you... I mean... if its ok with you..."

"Yes", Karishma whispered, "ok by me!" Scary quickly came up to Karishma's side on the bright red couch and kissed her lightly on the lips. Karishma inhaled the strange perfume that seemed to surround the black Spice Girl. Scary was quick with her hands as they started roving around Karishma's breasts. Scary's fingers were tracing imaginary circles around the point her nipples were beneath the kurta and the feeling was sending pleasure pangs thru her body.

"Wait...", Karishma said and put her dupatta away. She then moved her hands down and lifted the kurta over her head and away. Scary looked lustily at Karishma's black bra which hid the huge creamy tits only partially. She hugged Karishma and used the opportunity to unhook the bra from behind. It fell apart exposing Karishma's large tits and lovely erect nipples.

"You have very large boobs... mine are so small", Scary said with envy.

"Let me have a look", Karishma replied as she moved her hands to Scary's shoulders. The black dress was held in place with two thin straps. Karishma slid both off her shoulders and the dress started moving down Scary's body. Karishma's eyes followed her hands as they edged the dress off Scary's tits. She brought her fingers to Scary's chest and slipped them onto the nipples. The brown skin felt very smooth under her fingers and the dark nipples rose erotically as Karishma touched them.

"You've got such amazing breasts, Scary... you're so beautiful!"

Scary's tits were not large, but just the perfect size, Karishma thought. And they had this perfect tight shape with nice taut nipples. Karishma leaned forward and flicked her tongue across the nipples.

"Ummmmmmmhhhhhh... Karishma your tongue on my nipples feels real good!"

Karishma was now sucking at the right nipple with great hunger at the same time her left hand was squeezing Scary's right breast. The hard nipple felt incredible in her mouth and she loved the taste of Scary's brown tits. Karishma's left hand now moved down further to Scary's thighs, leaving the dress gathered at her waist and thighs. She pushes her hand under the dress and onto Scary's thighs. She stroked the smooth but strong thighs and with each stroke moved closer to the area between her legs. Finally her fingers touched something hot and wet.

"No panties!", Karishma cried out, taking a break from Scary's nipple.

Karishma's left hand now covered Scary's pussy and her middle finger stroked its entire length. As her fingers moved up the inner lips of her pussy, Karishma realized that Scary had shaved her pussy completely, although there was a small puff of hair at the top. Her finger came up to the clitoris and Karishma used her finger to displace the clit from the sheath. She pushed her thumb in to press against the clitoris.

"Whhooooooo... aaghhh... eat me please, eat me... Karishma!"

Karishma couldn't refuse the invitation! She moved away from Scary's tits and got down on the carpet in front of Scary's legs. Scary pulled up her legs and spread them apart for Karishma. Karishma brought her face close to Scary's pussy. She was again intoxicated by the exciting perfume that seemed to be floating around Scary's body. She inhaled deeply and came within an inch of the wet pussy. She noticed the swollen brown lips were covered with moist excitement. Between the lips the folds of her dark brown inner vagina were visible. On the top she could see the throbbing reddish brown clitoris that was waiting to be stimulated. The sight was so electrifying that Karishma couldn't hold back for another second. She stuck out her tongue and ran it all the way up Scary's vaginal lips, tasting the wetness of the Spice Girl's juices. She used her tongue to force her way to the clitoris which lay between the wet lips. Karishma's tongue played around with the clit pushing Scary close to orgasm.

"Ohhh that feels so good... Indians are good at sucking pussy... woweee!"

Karishma was in a world of her own with her tongue slurping in every drop of cum that oozed from Scary Spice's brown pussy. She brought the tip of her tongue to the lower end of the vagina at the entrance of her dripping hole. She poked at the wetness around the point and savored in the sweet taste of pussy juice. Slowly she edged her tongue inside, feeling and tasting the inner walls of Scary's vagina. The salty exciting taste and the thought of actually poking the Spice Girl's pussy made Karishma almost come with excitement!

"Deeper baby... uuuunnhhhhh... yes push your tongue in deeper love!"

Karishma's tongue darted in and out of Scary's pussy. With each stroke she was drawing at more juice from the deep of her pussy. With each stroke she was also pushing Scary to the edge.

The door to the other room opened and in stormed Baby and Posh with a large smile written on their face. Karishma moved away from Scary's pussy to turn around and look. The main door to the trailer also opened and the other Spice Girls walked in.

"Whoopeee so we have an Indian pussy here!", screamed Posh.

Before Karishma could react three girls had pulled her up from the floor and pushed her onto the couch.

"Karishma we're gonna have fun", said Baby as she reached for Karishma's breasts and covered her nipples with her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh", reacted Karishma slightly confused at the way things were shaping up.

Spice meanwhile reached for Karishma's salwar and tugged at it to loosen it up. She pulled at it screaming, "How do you open these things?" But she did manage to pull it down within seconds. With both her hands she pulled down the panties and was helped by Karishma who raised herself slightly.

"Indian pussy... this will be a first!", exclaimed Spice as she pushed her face into Karishma's wet vagina.

"Aahhhhh...", cried Karishma as one Spice Girl eat her pussy and the other nibbled at her tits.

Scary came up from behind the couch and dropped her hands down either side of her neck. Down her shoulders and around each of the soft mounds of Karishma's breast, Scary's hands started squeezing and kneading. Posh continued biting at the nipples even as Scary squeezed the breasts towards her.

Spice was now using her forefinger to push deep into Karishma's pussy while her tongue played with her clitoris. Karishma's juices were flowing continuously and she was licking every drop. "Indian pussy sure tastes neat... I love your wetness baby... and your pussy skin is so smooth and beautiful.."

"Ummmhhhhh... this.. feels... gooood!", Karishma cried. She was sitting on the couch completely naked with the Spice Girls kissing and licking every part of her body. "Oh my God... I'm coming... faster..."

"Spice Girls... two minutes!", screamed the megaphone from outside.

"Oh-oh time to split", cried Scary even as the girls quickly got themselves in order and headed for the door.

"Hey Karishma, we're going to be back... hang around here... we love you!", Scary said turning around briefly while moving out of the trailer.

"Damn! Why is this happening to me... another few seconds and I would have had the orgasm of my life, with the Spice Girls!", Karishma thought with dismay.

To Be Continued!
In chapter NINE Karishma gets really wild with dildos and more...

10-29-2008, 07:03 AM
Karishma in a crowd gets the hots when sneeky fingers touch her all over...

Karishma started gathering her clothes and pulled up her panties and bra. She stood in front of the mirror and looked around at the large number of clothes that hung around. She seemed to like a bright white micro skirt and a short red shirt which she quickly got into. After combing her hair she stepped out of the trailer and took in a whiff of fresh air.

She walked up to the stage from behind, listening to the loud music which was blaring from the huge speaker systems placed across the stadium. The Spice Girls were now performing some of their famous numbers on stage and all of them were Karishma's favorites. She stood close to the stage setup on a corner from where she could see the Girls performing from an angle. As the music started to get her into the mood, Karishma started edging towards the main area where the crowd was dancing close to the stage. There was very little space in the enclosure and people were literally squeezed together. But Karishma wanted to get into that area, it was closest to the performance.

Someone asked for her tickets and Karishma waved them in front of his face before moving into the enclosure which didn't seem to have space to even move about. Within minutes she was well positioned close to the stage where the Spice Girls were now singing their famous single...

"If you wanna be my lover...", screamed Karishma as she swayed with the crowd on either side. She wanted to dance but could only manage to pop up and down because of the crowds.

Suddenly a cigarette came up to her, someone was probably passing a smoke. She couldn't see who it was but took it anyway, took in one puff and passed it on. She had smoked cigarettes a couple of times, but the sensations that she felt now were totally different. Things got blurred for a few seconds and then the scene in front appeared very bright and exciting. Karishma felt that she could hear each and every instrument being played distinctly.

"Must have been dope...", Karishma thought, "feels amazing... wow... everything appears so good...!"

The music seemed better than ever and the lights brighter than daylight. This was turning out to be the concert of her life! Karishma sang with the Girls on stage jumping and swaying with the crowds.

Minutes later a hand seemed to feel her back in smooth strokes from the neck to her waist. It appeared to be somebody dancing behind her and Karishma didn't pay too much attention. Her mind was in a parallel world of music and lights. Then the hand moved to her buttocks and the fingers played around her large round cheeks. Karishma tried turning around, but it seemed too much effort, besides things were so good all around her. The hand now moved down her short skirt to the hem. With one swift motion the fingers crawled into the skirt and touched Karishma's panties.

"Wooo this is getting a little bit too far...", she thought, but wanted to wait and watch what would happen next. This was so exciting!

The crowd swayed as Scary on stage waved to the people from the edge of the platform. The hand disappeared from her skirt apparently disturbed by the crowd's movement. Karishma was disappointed, but for a few seconds only. The fingers were back on her panties thru her raised skirt. After tugging at the top edge of her panties for a few moments the hand slipped in. Karishma felt the fingers touching and feeling her smooth ass cheeks. The hand moved from one side to the other squeezing the soft skin of her buttocks.

"Mmmmhhh... this feels good... and I don't even know who's doing it...", Karishma thought while gyrating to the music and recoiling to the dope, "Damn, I don't even know if its a man or a woman!"

The fingers now moved to the slit between her cheeks and the forefinger slipped down the valley to her anus. It lingered around the puckered hole for a few seconds and then plunged into Karishma.

"Aaagggh...", Karishma cried out in a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.

The finger pushed into Karishma's anus while another hand grabbed her from the waist. Karishma closed her eyes in anticipation. The person in front of her seemed to be crushed against her and she couldn't really look at the hand that was creeping up her waist to her tits. She could make out from the feel, however, that both hands belonged to the same person. The hand reached Karishma's left breast from behind and clasped tightly onto it at the exact time the other hand's finger pulled out from her anus.

"Oooohh... more... more!"

One hand was now squeezing Karishma's left breast thru the shirt material and Karishma moaned with pleasure. The other hand was moving its finger in and out of her tight anus again. With slow strokes that pushed Karishma into pools of excitement, the fingers squeezed against her ass. The hand on her tit now seemed to have located her nipple which was erect with excitement and was sticking out thru the cloth layers of the bra and the shirt. The fingers pinched at the nipple and pushed into the soft flesh of her tits.

"Aaah... aaaah... aaah...", Karishma screamed with pleasure.

The finger pulled out from her anus and moved further down thru the light pubic hair. Karishma twisted herself to help the finger reach the wet spot between her legs. The forefinger touched the hot spot of Karishma's pussy's entrance which was wet with desire. The finger slowly edged into Karishma's soft and wet cunt. As currents of pleasure hit her, Karishma let out a slight moan. The finger now moved in and out of her hole with an increased pace and the other hand squeezed her breasts with increased vigour.

"Aagghhhh... yes... deeper... aaahhhh... aaah," Karishma cried as waves of excitement seemed to hit her brain which was already reeling with pleasure under the effect of the drugged cigarette she had several minutes ago.

She felt her wetness dripping down the hand on her pussy and down her thighs. A finger seemed to be rubbing against her clitoris and it was driving her to the edge. The crowd screamed reacting to the action on stage and Karishma closed her eyes as the hand on her nipples squeezed harder. This was going to be it, she felt the waves building up inside her. Something started popping in her brain as the two hands stroked Karishma to ecstasy. There was a sudden push from the right and the entire crowd swayed to one side and than the other.

"Thank you... thank you, India!", Scary shouted as she waved her way off the stage.

The hands disappeared leaving Karishma stranded somewhere in space very close to cumming! "Oh my God... oh my God!", yelled Karishma, "Please... I want to cum... I want to cum!". There was going to be a break in the program and the Spice Girls' part was over. The crowd seemed to thin and Karishma turned to see who the wonderful hands belonged to. There was no one, however, that appeared to be that person. A couple of guys were moving around talking and some girls giggled and talked about the Spice Girls. Some folks appeared to be smoking also but no one that could have touched her in the most intimate places.

"Well its over now, time to go I guess", Karishma looked at the stage as musicians packed their stuff even as new ones set up their instruments. "Karishma, you're here!"

Karishma turned around. It was Nikita.

"Hi! I was... just watching the show...", she blurted.

"How's it going so far?"

"It was amazing!", Karishma replied truthfully. "But I think I'm going to leave now... I'm kind of tired... need to get back home."

Both walked back out of the stadium discussing the show that evening. Karishma wasn't sure if she should be mentioning the orgy with the Girls and her encounter with the stranger. She decided not to speak about it. At the exit Karishma bid farewell to Nikita and rushed back to her car. It was close to 7:30 pm and time to head back home. She needed some rest and she needed to finally release all that sexual energy that seemed to have built up thru the day.

"Home.", she instructed the driver with a smile in anticipation of what she would need to do at home to relieve herself sexually.

10-29-2008, 07:04 AM
Hi. My name is Adit & I am 19 years old. Mine is a true experience which I will recount now. It was 2 years back. I was born at Naroda near Ahemedabad. I completed my Schooling there & passed with real good scores in my Xth class. Then with consent of my parents I decided to come down to Bombay for my college studies. I already had my elder brother staying at Bombay since about a year.

My brother is a Production Engineer & had landed a very good job in a MNC & had shifted in a posh flat given by the company itself. After a few months of we two staying together, we were joined by third one. My brother got married & brought my 'Bhabhi" to stay with us. She was 23 years old. They been to honeymoon for 1 week & returned to their daily routine. Everything was fine till then. My relationship with my Bhabhi was very friendly. She would do all the work at home & I would often help her at work at home. At that time I started to have a crush on her. My brother had to work in 15 days shifts of day & night each. It all started after around a month & half of their marriage.

I liked her company very much & many times during our conversation I would get an erection. I think she noticed that a few times. I would many a times try to peep in her personal activities. I don't know whether she had caught me or not, but one fine day during our breakfast she asked me "How is my figure Adit ?" I replied "Hmm.. its good. Why ?" She said "Nothing". I got an indication but was still reluctant to make an advance. The same night when my brother had gone to his work, she called me in her room. She said "Lets chat sometime before going to sleep" I agreed. We talked about my college & my friends & my girl friends. After about half hour she went to change to her night gown & I was lying on the bed watching TV After about a few minutes she came from the bathroom in her regular gown. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra & I could see her beautiful boobs hanging as heavenly bodies.

I immediately had an erection. She came to me & lay besides me. We watched tv for some time without talking anything & after a few minutes I got up to go to my bed. I said "Good night Bhabhi". She smiled at me but had a peculiar look on her face. As I neared the door, she called on me & said "Adit, I don't mind if you sleep here in my room if you feel very hot in your room". The only AC we had was in her room. I was puzzled & got nervous & told her I had some studies to do & avoided that night. I could read the disappointment on her face & that made me 100 % sure of her intentions. That night I did not sleep well & masturbated twice. I made up my mind that I should not lose this opportunity& would soon make a strike. Well it was the very next day itself. After a regular days college I returned at night after seeing a movie with my some friends. My brother had already left for work.

Bhabhi served me the dinner sat just beside me while I was having my food. I could see the cut through her blouse & again I had an erection. I decided today is the day & asked her "Today its very hot bhabhi. Do you mind if I sleep in your room". She promptly said yes & I could read the eroctic lines in her expression. At about 10.30 pm, I entered her bedroom. She was there laying in her gown & looking very sexy. I went besides her lay on my tummy looking at her & the tv alternatively. We talked about the movie & something here & there. I had an erection right throughout the conversation but was very nervous to make an advance. I was still a virgin . I decided to just lay asleep& let things go the way it want. Bhabhi turned of the lights & tv after sometime. Only a dim light was on.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, when I was pretending to be asleep, I suddenly felt the best feeling of my life. I was sleeping sideways facing her Bhabhi laid one of her hands right between my thighs just touching my prick. I got an instant erection & she noticed the bulge. She lay the hands for a few seconds. I then moved my penis a little closer to her hand & positioned such that her whole hand covered my prick. The very next second she completely held my prick & started to fondle with it. She moved closer to me & now her beautiful breasts were very near my hands. She put her hands in my pyjamas after opening the buttons & I was already very wet. She suddenly stood up & looked at me & smiled. She helped me remove my clothes & there I was lying completely naked in front of a such beautiful women gazing at my 9 & a half inch prick. She was sitted besides me. I then stood up & lifted her gown & removes it completely.

There they stood. The most beautiful boobs hanging there with tight & erected nipples waiting for me to suck them. She was still wearing the panties. She immediately stood up & removed them too. I still get an erection anytime of the day when I remember her removing the panties and standing nude in front of me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She came closer to me & sat down on the floor in front of me. I immediately figured out the next move & came still closer to the edge of the bed to assist her. The next moment I was in heaven. She held my penis & started licking it at the tip. Slowly she started to take it completely in her mouth & after some time I was moaning high as it was full 9 & half inch in. She continued it for a few minutes. She also licked & played with my balls.

Then when I was about to cum I tried to take it out of her mouth, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds I cummed& a big load of cum shot right in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth. Some dripped out of her mouth on to her chest & some she swallowed. She moaned too. Then she laid on the bed & spread her legs. I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily. I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked her hard beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. She spread her legs. My hand instinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. I kissed her cunt & it smelled so good I could hardly take my mouth of it. My fingers went into her cunt & I could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily & said yes yes yes. I then lowered my tongue spreading her cunt with my fingers & started licking her clit. I slowly increased my intensity & pushed my tongue hard against her clit & she started moaning heavily.

My other hand started to explore her ass. She had got a beautiful tight ass which I think had been unexplored. My fingers started to find its way in her ass & she again said yes yes. I continued to lick her clit for some time often pressing her boobs. After a few minutes she cummed& I saw the cum oozing out of her cunt & dripping out. She asked me to take it in. I did so & it tasted very good. She laid with her eyes closed for a few moments & then got up to go to the bathroom. She held my hand & pulled me into the bathroom. We stood under the shower kissing each other heavily. After a few minutes I again had an erection. She told me not to fuck because since I was a virgin we should not overdo. She promised for the next day. I simply pressed myself against her ass & after a few minutes she held my penis in her hand & started jerking often playing with my balls. I cummed again she drank my cum again.

We went out of shower changed the bed sheet & lay naked in the bed for a few minutes. Then I said her good night & went to my room. She smiled at me & told me thanks for all. I smiled & returned her the thanks & said "Tomorrow, I want to lose my virginity" to which she promised. I the morning I woke up after the most beautiful night I have ever had. The next night was even more beautiful & since then we have had very good times together even during the day.

10-29-2008, 07:05 AM

Hi there this a real story that happened with me. I stay in an apartment and we have another house just opposite to ours. our kitchen faces the kitchen of the opposite house. the house opposite was vacant for a long time and suddenly it was acquired by the new tenants.... the family had a couple and their 2 kids. it was a Punjabi family , the lady was not more than 26 but her both the kids were in school as she was married too early... she was gorgeous looking bomb... she used to smile at me when ever she used to see me... I was really surprised with this and I used to become more and more horny every time she smiled at me... but she never talked to me ...I thought it was just a general smile given to the neighbors.. but one day as my mother was out I had to serve my lunch for myself and I suddenly saw her in the kitchen ..she was adjusting her sari she didn't notice me .... but I stood there admiring her... and after some time she too saw me and she gave a huge smile ...I said hello to her .. our windows were at the distance of 10 feet. she asked me whether I had my lunch ..this was the first time she talked to me... I said no. and she asked me to come and have lunch with her at her home... I was happy with what was happening but I controlled my self as every one in both the apartments know me very well and me going there would be a great problem ... I could find out that she used to ignore me when anyone was around in the balcony.. but used to stare at me when nobody was around... she used to do a lot of makeup and was very fair adorable... anybody would get ready to fuck her if got a chance.

one day no body was there at my home and the phone bell rang.. I picked up the phone and it was her ... I was surprised with her call and she called me with my name I never told her my name ..but she heard it someone calling me ...then I asked her how she got the number she said she visited my home the day before and met my mother and as they didn't had a phone connection she took our number ...and she knew that no one was at home except me so she called from outside... I was really overjoyed with this I couldn't believe with what was happening with me.. she asked whether I have any problem in having friendship with her. and how can I refuse ? I accepted.. she asked me to meet out some where and we planned to meet at a restaurant. she was very very beautiful her boobs were oozing out of her sari and I could clearly see her navel... she took my hands and said that she is admiring me from the very first day they arrived and was always trying to make friendship with me ..today she was happy that her wish is fulfilled ...she told me they were from Delhi and they r new in the city ...she said she was always feeling lonely and wanted a friend to share her feelings ..and now she was happy that she got me.... she took my cell no and then used to call me daily.. . when no body was at my home I used to go to the kitchen and watch her preparing food.. her kids would leave along with her husband to school at 9 and would return around 4 in the evening till then she was all alone.. she called me to her home many times but I was afraid ...

one day her husband had to leave the town for business work ..it was late night... and and before all that we used to crack double meaning jokes and all kinds of talk about love and sex etc.. but never kissed nor I saw any part of her body that night every one in my house slept and I went to the kitchen and she was standing there in her black sexy nighty ... she gave a smile but I could notice a great change on her looks she was too hot to look.. she had some kind of passion and lust in her eyes.. she asked with me low voice whether I would like to see her breasts.... I was overjoyed and nodded my head.. she gave me a flying kiss and slowly bent down and caught her nighty from the bottom and slowly started to raise it ... imagine what would be my position... my dick was unable to bear the scene... she slowly lifted and came above her waist and I was surprised she didn't wear her panty and was totally nude I was about to faint as just saw this on net and movies but never ever thought that some thing like this can also happen with me... she slowly removed it totally and I could see her huge round sexy boobs.. my god.... we didn't had tension cuz no one else can watch us cuz it was just opposite windows .... she became totally mad and invited me to come to her home .... it was around 12:30 at night ...I was in a fix.. I wanted to go and was afraid if anyone saw me... I collected some courage and slowly and hiding I managed to reach her house and I saw her door was open for me .. I bolted the door and was looking around and I suddenly felt her from behind ... she was totally mad at that moment I could control anymore ..we both went to her bedroom ...and she bolted the door of the room where her kids were sleeping.. she was just murmuring ...ohh I love u darling... I am very hungry plz fulfill me....

we first hugged tightly and I started to kiss her on her lips ..my god she was too great at it.. we both were exploring ur mouths... and simultaneously I was pressing her boobs and playing with her nipple ...she was getting more and more passionate... I then started kissing her neck and slowly lowered down to her armpits she was smelling too good she used a very good perfume in the whole room as were as her body.. they fragrances were adding fuel in the fire... now I cupped her breasts and started to lick them ... she was holding my head a pushing me towards her ...I then started sucking her hard ...more harder she wanted .. and I did so.. I was unable to breathe.. I was on my clothes and now she turned me down and removed my shirt ..and pants.. she was all nude and now she removed my underwear..

she was overjoyed to see my huge dick.. she took it in one hand and was moving it up and down ..she was playing with it.... she asked me whether I liked it ..I winked at her.... she then holding my dick in one hand came over my head and started kissing and licking with her tongue... she was teasing me and I was enjoying those moments.. she slowly licking my head came near my eyes... then my nose then my cheeks my lips .. then my ears and neck then she slowly came on my chest.. she was more passionate on my chest and spent some time there and then slowly went more down near my stomach and now my waist ...I was too excited now cuz I wanted her to suck me and I didn't knew whether she would do it or not... then she started licking my balls ...she was sucking them she was moaning allot ...

she then licked my whole dick and licked all my precum.. .I was about to come as this never happened to me before but I controlled by stopping her for a moment she saw me to find out what was wrong then I told I am about to come she smiled at me and said she want to drink all the cum.. then she took my dick again and started sucking it hard and harder ohh god I just can't forget that experience... she was a great sucker.. .she gave me my first blow job of my life ... I was too hot ... now she was sucking more and more faster.. I was about to come and I didn't notice that I was infact fucking in her mouth with her rhythm ..she was staring as she was sucking me ...I just started fucking hard in her mouth ..my cock was touching too deep in her mouth and I was about to come and I finally came in her mouth with great pressure... she was sucking me more hard and drinking all the cum...

she licked my whole dick and now my dick began to shrink down ...we both were too tired ..but there was much to happen.... after 15 minutes of rest we started the action again. she told me about 69 and I agreed ... I was lying down and she came over me and positioned her pussy near my mouth .. my dear the smell made me too horny and she was all wet.. I never had this before and was really eager to proceed ... I just started moving my mouth near her buttocks and pussy she took my cock and was already doing her job ... I took a little time to start.... I first started with fingering her.. she was moaning allot and as I was fingering her deep and deep her sucking on my dick also became wild ..I was fucking her with my finger and she was fucking my cock in her mouth with the same rhythm..

she then stopped and asked me to suck her pussy I wasted no time now and just started licking her pussy I separated her clit and inserted my tongue deep in her pussy... ummm it was too hot .... I started fucking her with my tongue she enjoyed that a lot she was pushing her pussy in my mouth and her action started to increase and her moaning more louder ...and suddenly she came and she secreted a thick liquid... I licked all her cum... she felt dead with that and even I was about to come.. she layed down on the bed and came and sat on her belly and she was lying just closing her eyes.. I gave some strokes to my cock and I came on her boobs and stomach .... her eyes were closed but she knew what was happening around she applied all that cum all over her body and pulled me towards her and hugged me tightly .... I said I have to leave and I left the place carefully but she insisted me to stay and I promised her that I will come another day and fuck her ...

then next day I went to her house as her husband was to come the next day.. we started with a passionate kiss and without wasting any time we started the fucking ..she sat at the end of the bed ...I happy that I was experiencing sex without condoms as she had already done abortion and there was no fear.... I positioned my cock and inserted he pussy... it was toooo wet and hence was easy for me to enter .... I started fucking her ...she was moaning loudly... and with her moans I was getting more and more excited and fucked her very hard.... and after a long fucking I came in her pussy ... she really burst out as I came in her pussy she too came immediately after I came ...then after some time we had anal sex and I fucked her from behind she was too tight this time to fuck from behind and was enjoying to the maximum.... she was in a doggy position and I was fucking her from behind holding her boobs and pressing them hard... I was in between patting her sexy buttocks... her face was too wild and was sweating allot.. I fucked her for some time and came in her anus also... then finally she took my cock in her mouth and slept as if a small baby feeds on the mothers breast and sleeps while drinking the milk even I was tired and I didn't knew how it was morning... I was lucky that no one from my home and neighbors came to know all this...

10-29-2008, 07:11 AM
Hot one mate...

10-30-2008, 08:17 PM
don't stop pls...

11-17-2008, 10:53 PM
मैं अपना परिचय देना चाहता हूँ मैं विक्रम उर्फ विक्की हूँ मेरी उम्र २६ साल है और मैं उत्तर प्रदेश का रहने वाला हू. मेरा बॉडी फिगर अट्रॅक्टिव तो नही कह सकते पर स्मार्ट फिगर कह सकते है और मैं स्मार्ट भी हूँ और लकी भी हूँ मेरे लक (भाग्य) ने हमेशा मेरा साथ दिया. अब ज्यादा बोर ना करते हुए मैं आपसे अपनी लाइफ के कुछ एक्सपीरियेन्स आप से शेयर करूँगा. जिन्हें सच मानना है वो वैसे् पढें और जिन्हें झूट लगे वो सिर्फ़ स्टोरी का लुत्फ़ ले.

बात उन दिनो की है जब मैने हाई स्कूल पास किया और इंटर मैं एडमिशन लेने के लिए कोशिश कर रहा था हालाकि मेरे मार्क्स अच्छे थे पर मैं जिस कॉलेज मे एडमिशन लेना चाहता था उसके हिसाब से कुछ कम थे. मेरे सब दोस्त एडमिशन ले चुके थे पर मैं उसी कॉलेज मैं एडमिशन लेना चाहता था. एक दिन मैं फॉर्म सब्मिट करने की कोशिश कर रहा था……कि एक लड़की मेरे पास आई. उसने कहा, हेल्लो! “विक्की”.

तभी मैंने उधर पलटकर देखा वोही आँखें वोही सीना वोही मुस्करता चेहरा. अब आप सोच रहे होंगे ये कौन है और कहाँ से आई. तो ये है वो आज की इस स्टोरी की हेरोइन. जी शिप्रा. दरसल हम लोग क्लास थर्ड से एक साथ स्टडी कर रहे थे एक ही स्कूल में. पर हम लोगो मैं कभी बात नही हुई, लेकिन आज उसने मुझे हेलो बोला, तो कुछ देर तक मेरे मुहँ से कुछ नही निकला. फिर उसने कहा - फॉर्म सब्मिट करना है? मैने कहाँ "हाँ". तो उसने कहाँ फॉर्म मुझे दे दो और मेरे साथ आओ . मैं बिना कुछ बोले उसके पीछे हो लिया. तब वो मुझे साइंस के डिपार्टमेंट मे ले गयी और अपने अंकल से मिलाया और कहाँ मैं इनको फॉर्म दे देती हूँ आपका काम हो जाएगा. पर मैने कहाँ मेरे मार्क्स कुछ कम है तो अंकल ने कहाँ कोई बात नही शिप्रा तुम्हे अप्रोच कर रही है तो तुम्हारा काम हो जाएगा.

हम लोग डिपार्टमेंट से बाहर आए तो मैं शिप्रा से बोला शिप्रा को "धन्यवाद " उसने कहाँ किस बात के लिए. मैंने कहाँ तुमने एडमिशन मे मेरी हेल्प की इसलिए. उसने कहाँ हम लोग एक दूसरे को काफ़ी टाइम से जानते है. तो दोस्त है और सच पूछो मेरी सभी फ्रेंड्स ने एडमिशन अलग अलग कॉलेज मे लिया मैं अकेली थी यहाँ. अंकल की वजह से मैं यहाँ एडमिशन लिया लेकिन कोई परिचित का ना होने की वजय से मैं चाह रही थी कोई ऐसा हो जिसे मैं यहाँ जानती हून ताकि क्लास अटेंड करने मैं बोरिंग फील ना हो. तभी तुम मुझे दिखे और मैं आपके मार्क्स जानती थी इसलिए मैने सोचा आप दोस्त भी है और जिस तरीके से आप एडमिशन ले रहे हैं वैसे तो एडमिशन होना नही है. इसलिए मैं और आपको अपने अंकल के पास ले गयी. तो नाउ वी आर फ्रेंड्स. तब मैने अपना हाथ शेक करने के लिए उसकी तरफ बढाया और कहा श्योर ………वाइ नोट.

जब इतनी बातें हम दोनो के बीच मैं हो गयी तब मुझमे कुछ हिम्मत जागी और मैं कहाँ शिप्रा क्या तुम मेरे साथ कॉफी पीने चलोगी. उसने कहाँ अगर ये रिश्वत है तो नही और अगर एक दोस्त दूसरे दोस्त से पूछ रहा हैं तो श्योर. मैंने कहा रियली एक दोस्त दूसरे दोस्त से पूछ रहा है . फिर हम लोग कॉफी पीने गये और ढेर सारी पुरानी बातें की कैसे आज तक मैं इतने सालों से उससे बातें करना चाहता था पर ना कर सका. इस प्रकार हम दोनो में दोस्ती हुई. जो पिछले ८ सालो से सिर्फ़ एक दूसरे को देख रहे हो बातें ना करते हो और अचानक वो इतनी जल्दी दोस्त बन जाते हैं. "हैं ना लक". इसलिए मैं ये सब रामकथा सुनाई आप लोगो को. चलो अब अगर आप बोर हो गये हो तो ज़रा अटेंशन हो जाए क्योंकि अब मैं शिप्रा की जवानी के बारे में बताने जा रहा हूँ.

दरसल शिप्रा एक नाटे कद की सावली लड़की थी. फेस उसका नॉर्मल था मेरा मतलब एक जनरल गर्ल आम लड़की का. उसके बावजूद वो गुड लुकिंग फेस थी. लेकिन उसमे जो सबसे अट्रॅक्टिव था वो उसके बूब्स (चुचिया) उस छोटे से बॉडी मैं छोटी फुटबॉल जितने बड़े बूब्स. सच बताऊं मैं जब से उसे जनता था, उसको कम, उसके बूब्स ज्यादा देखता था. ये सिर्फ़ मैं नही करता था हर वो लड़का टीचर लड़की करते थे की फेस नही बूब्स देखते थे. क्यूकी उसकी बॉडी मैं अगर कुछ अट्रॅक्टिव था तो वो थे बूब्स. ये बूब्स ही उसे सेक्सी हॉट और मज़ेदार बनाते थे. मैं अक्सर ख्यालो में उसके बूब्स को अपने हांथो में लेता था पर कमबख्त आते ही नही थे.

एंटर की क्लासस स्टार्ट हो गयी हम दोनो अगल-बगल बैठते थे. और स्टडी के साथ फन भी करते कॅंटीन में जाते बातें भी करते और एक दूसरे के साथ मज़ाक भी करते. फिर मैं उसे कॉलेज से उसके घर और घर से कॉलेज लाने ले जाने लगा. जब घर से वो निकलती अकेले मैं कुछ दूर पर उसका इंतज़ार करता और वो आकर मेरी मोटरसाइकल पर बैठ जाती और कॉलेज घर जाते टाइम मैं उसे घर से पहले छोड़ देता. एक दिन उसने अपनी जन्मदिन में मुझे अपने घर बुलाया और सबसे मिलाया. मैने उसके मम्मी और पापा के चरण छुए और उसकी एक बड़ी सिस्टर थी सुनीता लेकिन उससे बिल्कुल अलग पर एक चीज़ सेम थी मालूम है क्या उसके बूब्स. शायद शिप्रा से बड़े क्योंकि वो शिप्रा से दो साल बड़ी थी. उस दिन से मेरा उसके घर आना जाना शुरू हो गया. कुछ दो या तीन महीने निकल गये इन सब में. अब मैं कभी कभी स्टडी करने भी उसके घर जाने लगा. मेरा मतलब क्लोज़ हो गये हमदोनों एक दूसरे के. हमने कभी "आई लव यू " नही कहा . क्यों ……ये बात फिर कभी….पर बताऊँगा ज़रूर.

तो शायद अब आप लोग पूरी तरीके से समझ गये होंगे. तो अब मैं उस दिन की बात बताने जा रहा हूँ जिसके लिए आप ने इतना सारा पड़ा और मुझे शायद गाली भी दी होंगी. तो मेरे बेसब्र दोस्तो सब्र रखो. क्योंकि सब्र का फल मीठा होता है. तो मैं स्टार्ट करता हूँ.

उस दिन सनडे था जब मैं उसके घर गया मैने कॉल बेल दबाई अंदर से कोई आवाज़ नही आई कुछ देर बाद मैं दुबारा बेल पुश किया. तभी अंदर से मधुर सी आवाज़ आई "कौन है?"…… मैंने कहा मैं........ विक्की. उसने कहाँ एक मिनट. मैं दरवाज़े के बाहर इंतज़ार करने लगा और कुछ सोचने जा ही रहा था की दरवाज़ा खुलने की आवाज़ आई और खुल गया पर दरवाज़े पर कोई नही…….मैं देख ही रहा था की फिर से वोही आवाज़ आई अरे जल्दी अंदर आओ क्या वही खड़े रहोगे. मैं झट से अंदर घुसा और जैसे अंदर घुसा तभी दरवाज़ा बंद होने की आवाज़ आई और मैं पलटा और पलटते ही दंग रह गया……..वो भीगे हुए बदन एक घुटनो से भी ऊपर तक के गाउन से डाले हुई थी और जांघो के नीचे से नंगे पैर…….वो जो नज़ारा था या कोई कयामत था वो कोई और नही अपनी फिल्म की हिरोइन शिप्रा थी.

उसने मेरी तरफ देखा और कहा तुम ५ मिनट वेट करो मैं बस अभी आती हूँ. और मुझे हतप्रभ वही छोड़ गयी. मैं कुछ समय के बाद नॉर्मल हुआ और सोफे पर बैठ गया. कुछ देर बाद एक लो कट टी-शर्ट और ब्लू रंग की स्किन टाइट जीन्स पहने हुए भीगे बालों को पोछते हुए वो मेरे सामने आई और कहाँ अरे! क्या हुआ ठीक से बैठते क्यों नही हो……..मैने अपने आप को ठीक किया और नॉर्मल दरशाने के लिए पूछा आज कोई दिख नही रहा. शिप्रा ने कहाँ दिखेंगे कैसे जब कोई होगा तब ना. मम्मी-पापा और दीदी सीतापुर गये है शादी अटेंड करने लेट नाइट आएँगे मेरा मन नही था इसलिए नही गयी. मैं अंदर अंदर बहुत खुश हुआ और अपने अंदर हिम्मत भी आ गयी. तो मैने कहाँ तो आज तुम अकेली हो. उसने कहा अकेले ?, नही तो, किसने कहा ? मैं कहाँ मम्मी-पापा और दीदी सब चले गये फिर कौन है तुम्हारे साथ. उसने कहाँ तुम हो ना……..मेरे मुहँ से ज़ोर सी हँसी निकल गयी……..और वो भी हंस दी. उसने तभी कहाँ रियली मैं अभी तुम्हे फ़ोन करने वाली थी मैं यहाँ अकेली हूँ तुम आ जाओगे तो साथ भी हो जाएगा, स्टडी भी हो जाएगी और समय भी कट जाएगा. अच्छा तुम दो मिनिट बैठो मैं कॉफी ले के आती हूँ. मेरी नज़र ना चाहते हुए भी बार बार उसके बूब्स की तरफ जा रही थी. भीगे बालों में वो इतनी सेक्सी लग रही थी की एक बरी तो मेरा लंड खरा होते होते बचा…..

आज मैं शिप्रा की चूचियां दबा कर ही मानूंगा चाहें जो हो जाए पर कैसे, कहीं चिल्ला दी तो, अरे नही इतने सालों से जानती हैं नही चिल्लाएगी. लेकिन अगर कहीं बुरा मान गयी तो दोस्ती टूट गयी तो………….फिर क्या किया जाए कैसे शिप्रा की चुदाई करूऊऊऊउ, कुछ समझ में नही आ रहा हैं……मैं इन्ही ख़यालो मैं डूबा था की शिप्रा की आवाज़ आई अरे विक्की क्या सोच रहें हो…..मुझे झटका लगा क्या बोलूं , बोलूं कि न बोलूँ. तभी शिप्रा की दुबारा आवाज़ मेरे कानो मैं पड़ी विक्की तबीयत तो ठीक हैं…….मैने कहाँ तबीयत ……..तबीयत को क्या हुआ ठीक तो है……बस कुछ सोच रहा था. क्या सोच रहे थे शिप्रा ने कहाँ. मैंने कहाँ, कुछ खास नही और उसके हाथों से बढाया हुआ कॉफी का मॅग ले लिया और सिप लगाया. वाकई कॉफी बिल्कुल शिप्रा की ज़वानी जैसी कड़क बनी थी. तो मैने कहाँ मुझे नही पता था कि तुम इतनी अच्छी कॉफी बना लेती हों. वो मुस्कराई और कहाँ हाआआं कभी-कभी वरना दीदी ही बनाती है.

अब हम लोग खामोश होकर कॉफी सिप कर रहे थे और मेरी नज़र शिप्रा के बूब्स की तरफ जा रही थी बार-बार लगातार. मैं कॉफी सिप करता जाता और उसके बूब्स देखता जाता मुझे ये भी ख्याल नही रहा की शिप्रा जिसके बूब्स मैं देख रहा हूँ, वो मेरे सामने बैठें ही कॉफी सिप कर रही है. दोस्तो एक बात बताऊं हम लड़के चाहें जितनी होशियारी क्यों न आते हो, पर लड़कियों की नज़रों से नही बच सकते, की आप क्या सोच रहे हो क्या देख रहे हो. वो लड़की जो बचपन से ये देखती आ रही हो कि लोगो की नज़र मेरी तरफ कम मेरे बूब्स की तरफ़ ज़यादा जाती हैं……..तो वो क्या सोचती होगी….तबी उसने मुझे टोका विक्की क्या देख रहे हो? इस सवाल ने मेरा पसीना निकाल दिया और मैं बिल्कुल हकला गया मैने कहाँ कुछ, कुछ भी तो नही. लेकिन शिप्रा आज कुछ और मूड में थी तो उसने कहाँ नही कुछ देख रहे थे………..उसके कहने के अंदाज़ ने मुझे और डरा दिया……….उसने कहाँ बोलों…….क्या देख रहे थे……मैने बरी हिम्मत करके उसके दोनो बूब्स की तरफ़ इशारा करते हुए कहाँ वूऊऊऊऊ दोनो. शिप्रा ने मेरी उंगलियों का इशारा समझतें हुए भी कहाँ मैं समझी नही मुहँ से बोलों क्या देख रहे थे………..अब मुझे ये नही समझ मैं आया की मैं क्या बोलूँ ….मैने कहाँ सीना….देख रहा था. शिप्रा ने कहाँ सीना, क्यों…..सीने मैं क्या है……अब मैं चुप क्या बोलूं उसने फिर कहाँ अरे! बोलते क्यों नही हो…..तो मैने कहाँ तुम्हारी चूचियों को………………जिस प्रकार डरते हुए उसको मैने ये वर्ड बोला …….वो ज़ोर से हंस दी…….और कहाँ आरीईईईई तो डर क्यों रहें हो कौन आज पहली बार तुम इन्हें देख रहे हो या कौन से पहले तुम हो जो इसे देख रहें हो देखने वाली चीज़ है सब देखते हैं……..तो तुम देख रहें हो तो क्या अपराध कर रहें हो……जब शिप्रा ने ये वर्ड्स बोलें तब मेरी जान में जान आई और मै मुस्कराए बगैर नही रहा सका….और अपनी झेप मिटाने लगा.

उसी वक्त शिप्रा सामने वाले सोफे से उठकर मेरे बगल में सटकर बैठ गयी और मेरे हाथों से कॉफी का मॅग ले कर टेबल पर रख दिया. और मेरी आखों की तरफ देखने लगी…….और कहाँ अब देखों जो देखना है….. मेरी समझ में नहीं आ रहा था की मैं क्या करूँ. तभी उसने अपने होंठो को मेरे होंठो पर रख दिए और कहाँ शायद अब तुमको देखने में आसानी होगी. और ज़ोर से मेरे होंठों को चूसने लगी थोरी देर में मैं गरमा गया और मेरे हाथ उसकी चूचियों को दबाने लगे. और अब मैं भी उसके होंठों को चूस रहा था. ये मेरी लाइफ का सबसे बड़ा और हॉट दिन था. आज से पहले मैने कभी ऐसा महसूस नही किया था. धीरे-२ हम दोनों की साँसे गरम हो रही थी और मेरे हाथों का दबाव उसकी चूचियों पे बढता ही जा रहा था और वो ज़ोर ज़ोर से साँसे ले रही थी. तभी वो मेरे बगल से उठ कर मेरे ऊपर दोनो घुटनों को मोड़ कर अपने हिप्स को मेरे ऊपर रख कर मेरी तरफ अपना सीना दिखाते हुए बैठ गयी. मेरे ऊपर चढ़ कर मेरे होंठों कों बदस्तूर दबाये जा रही थी. मैने भी उसे अपनी बाहों मे कस कर भर लिया और उसेके रसीलें होंठों को चूसने लगा जिस अंदाज़ से वो मेरे ऊपर बैठी थी उससे उसेके हिप्पस का प्रेसर मेरे लंड पर पड़ रहा था. जिसकी वजह से मेरा लंड टाइट होने लगा और उसके हिप्स को छूने लगा.

शिप्रा ने पूछा विक्की ये मेरे नीचे कड़ा कड़ा क्या लग रहा हैं मैने कहाँ शिप्रा ये मेरा लंड हैं. क्या मै इसे देख सकती हूँ, मैने कहा- डार्लिंग ये सिर्फ़ तुम्हारे लिए ही है. और वो सोफे से उत्तर कर नीचे ज़मीन पर घुटने के बल बैठ गयी और अपने हाथों से मेरी पैंट के ऊपर से ही लंड पकड़ लिया और वो मेरी तरफ़ देखते हुए मेरा लंड मसलने लगी और मैने बड़कर उसके होंठों को चूम लिया और हाथों से मैं अब उसकी टी-शर्ट उतारने लगा तो उसने अपने दोनो हाथों को ऊपर कर दिया और मैने उसकी टी-शर्ट उतार दी. वो अंदर ब्रा में अपने मिनी फूटबाल जितनी चूचियां छुपा रखी थी. वो बिना परवाह किए मेरे लंड को पैंट के ऊपर से मल रही थी. मैने ब्रा के ऊपर से उन हिमालय जितनी विशाल चोटिया देख कर दंग हो गया जो कल तक मेरे सपना था आज हक़ीक़त बनकर मेरे सामने खड़ा था, जिन्हें दबाने की मैं कलपना किया करता था आज मैं उन्हें रियल में दबा रहा हूँ ........और मैने उन्हें खूब जमकर दबाया उसके बाद उसकी ब्रा खोल दी दो उछालती हुई गेंदे बाहर आ गयी उन चूचियों को मैंने क़ैद से आज़ाद कर दिया और वो अब मेरे सामने सीना ताने खड़ी थी. मैने शिप्रा को अपनी गोद मैं बैठा लिया और उसकी चूचियों को अपने मुँह मैं भर लिया और दूसरी को अपने हाथों से दबाने लगा. अब शिप्रा के मुँह से सिसकारिया निकालने लगी......आआआआआआ ईईईईईईई....................उसका बदन अंगारों की तरह तप रहा था.

मेरा लंड पैंट से निकलने के लिए बेताब हो रहा था. मैने शिप्रा से कहा- जानू अब मेरा हथियार अपने होंठों से चूसो उसने तुरंत मेरी पैंट की ज़िप खोल कर लंड बाहर निकाल लिया और उसे देख कर मेरी तरफ़ मुस्कराई और उसे चूसने लगी. में सोफे पर से उतर गया और पैंट पूरी उतार दी अब मेरा पूरा लंड शिप्रा के सामने था और वो मज़े से चूस रही थी. अब मैने अपने बचे कपडे उतार दिए और शिप्रा मेरा लंड चूसने में मस्त थी अब मैंने उसको खड़ा करके उसे अंपनी बांहों मैं भर लिया और उसकी जींस उतार दी वो बिल्कुल नंगी मेरे सामने खड़ी थी औरे मैं उस नंगे बदन को निहार रहा था.

उसकी घाटी पे उगे छोटे छोटे बाल बिलकुल फूलो जैसा अहसास दे रहे थे मुझे मैने तभी एक हाथ से उसकी चूची पकड़ी और दूसरे हाथ की उंगली उसकी चूत मैं डाल दिया उसकी चूत बिलकुल गीली हो चुकी थी उसने हल्का हल्का पानी छोड़ दिया था मैंने अच्छी तरीके से अपनी ऊँगली को उसकी चूत में डाल दी धीरे से मैंने दो उंगली उसकी चूत मैं डाली तो वो सिहर उठी जब मेरी दोनों उँगलियाँ चूत के पानी से गीली हो गयी तो मैंने उन दोनों उंगलियों को मुंह में डाल ली फर्स्ट टाइम मुझे जन्नत का अहसास हुआ अब मैंने उसे सोफे पर लिटा दिया हम दोनों पूरी तरीके से नंगे हो चुके थे जल्दी कोई थी नहीं क्योंकि अभी तो दोपहर थी और सबको आना था रात में. मैंने उसके पूरे बदन को अपनी जीभ से चाटने लगा और चूचियों को लगातार दबा रहा था उसका बदन पूरे तरीके से भभक रहा था वो गरम हो चुकी थी पुरी तरीके से मैंने अपनी उँगलियों से उसकी चूत को चोद रहा था. उसके मुहँ से सिसकरिया निकल रही थी ह्ह्ह्ह्ह्ह्ह्छ ईईईईईईईईए विक्की अब मुझे चोद दो मै बर्दास्त नही कर पा रही हूँ.

अब मैंने उसे अपने बदन के ऊपर लेता हुआ सोफे पर लेट गया और ६९ का कोण बना लिया मैंने बहुत सी ब्लू फिल्म्स में ऐक्टर और ऐक्ट्रेस को इस तरीके से मज़ा लेते देखा था इसलिए मैंने शिप्रा को बताया उसे क्या करना है वो मेरा लैंड लेकर उसे चूसने लगी और मैंने उसकी चूत को चाटने लगा मैंने उसकी चूत को कभी उंगलियों से तो कभी जीभ से चोद रहा था उससे रहा नही गया वो मेरे लंड को खा जाने वाली स्टायल से चूस रही थी और मैं उसकी चूत को बड़े प्यार से जीभ से चोद रहा था वो मेरा लंड चूसना छोड़ कर कहरारने लगी और मेरी तरफ़ याचना की नज़र से देखने लगी जैसे कह रही हो बस करो विक्की खेलना जो बाँध टूटने वाला है अब मुझसे नही रुक रहा है.....

तो मैंने उसे अब सोफे पर लिटा दिया और अपने लंड का सुपाडा उसकी चूत के मुहँ पर रख दिया और बाहर से ही उसके ऊपर लंड का लाल वाला हिस्सा जिसे सुपाडा कहते है रगड़ने लगा हम दोनों को एक जलन सा अहसास होने लगा जो कभी तो ठंडा लगता और कभी भट्टी की तरह गरम जब मुझसे भी रहा नही गया तब मैंने अपना लंड पकड़ के उसकी चूत के अन्दर डाला लेकिन चूत बहुत टाईट थी मैंने थोड़ा जोर लगाया तो शिप्रा चिल्ला उठी। मैंने उसके होठों पर अपने होठों को रख दिया और चूसने लगा कुछ सेकेंड बाद मैंने एक जोर का धक्का धीरे से दिया तो मेरा आधा लंड चूत में चला गया उसने चीखना चाहा, पर मेरे होठों ने उसकी चीख रोक दी मैंने उसके होठों चूसना बदस्तूर जरी रखा जब उसे थोड़ा आराम मिला तो एक जोर का धक्का और लगाया की चीख के साथ ही खून की एक धारा भी निकल पड़ी चूत से पर मैंने परवाह नही की क्योंकि ये तो होता ही जब नई चूत फटती है.

मैंने धीरे धीरे अपने लंड को अन्दर बाहर करना शुरु किया पहले तो उसके मुहँ से आवाजें आती रही फिर कुछ देर बाद वो भी अपनी कमर उठा उठा के मेरा साथ देने लगी. अब हमदोनों हवा में ऊड रहे थे कमर एक ताल मैं चल रही थी जब मैंने देखा शिप्रा को अब कोई दर्द नही है तो हमने अपनी स्टायल को बदल कर के डॉग स्टाइल में आ गए मैंने उसे पीछे से खड़ा करके चोद रहा था और एक हाँथ से उसके बाल पकडे हुए और एक हाथ से उसकी चूची दबा रहा था और अपने लंड से शिप्रा की चूत चोद रहा था और शिप्रा के मुहँ से आवाजें आ रही थी उसे लंड पहली बार खा रही थी इसलिए शोर मचा रही थी पर मैंने परवाह किए बगैर उसे चोद रहा था. तभी शिप्रा को बदन मैं झटका लगा और वो ढीली हो गई मैंने दुबारा उसे जल्दी से तैयार किया और अबकी उसे अपनी गोद में लेकर चोदा उस दिन हमने एक दूसरे को कई बार चोदा वो दिन मेरी लाइफ का सबसे हसीं पल था. मुझे मेरी जवानी का अहसास शिप्रा ने ही कराया था........हम दोनों ने फर्स्ट टाइम जन्नत की सैर की. उसके बाद हम दोनों एक साथ बाथरूम में शावर लिया और काफ़ी पीने बैठ गए. मैंने शिप्रा को आज के लिए थैंक्स कहा तो शिप्रा ने मुस्कराया और कहा नही विक्की तुम नही जानते आज मैंने तुमसे क्या पाया इसका अगर तुम्हे अहसास होता तो तुम मुझे थैंक्स न कहते बल्कि मुझे तुम्हे थैंक्स कहना चाहिए फिर थोडी देर हम लोगो ने नोर्मल होने के लिए कुछ इधर उधर की बातें की और दुबारा इसी तरीके से मौका मिलने पर एक दूसरे को चोदने का वादा किया!

उसके बाद तो हम लोगो को कई मौके मिले और हमने भरपूर फायदा उठाया. हम लोग आपस में इतने पास आ गए थे तो आपस में अश्लील हरक़त करने से नही चुकते और शायद शिप्रा की बड़ी सिस्टर को हमारी हरक़तो की भनक लग गई थी उसे कुछ डाउट रहता था इसलिए न जाने क्यों वो हमदोनो को अलग नही छोड़ती थी. ये स्टोरी आगे बताऊँगा......तो दोस्तों आपको मेरा फर्स्ट एक्सपीरियेंस कैसा लगा? अगर अच्छा लगा तो मुझे जरूर लिखें और हाँ पाठक चाहे मेल हो या फीमेल- कमेंट्स लिखना जरूरी है .इस स्टोरी मैं कुछ गलती या कमी हो तो जरूर लिखें. आपने मेरी स्टोरी पड़ी इसके लिए शुक्रिया मै जल्दी अपना एक दूसरा एक्सपीरियेंस आप लोगो के बीच जल्दी ले कर आऊंगा.

11-17-2008, 10:55 PM
चुदाई या छुपन-छुपाई

मैं करन हिमाचल क रहने वाला हूं। यह बात की है जब मैं ग्याहर्वीं में पढता था। मैं अपने मामा के यहां पेपर देने गया था। वहां पड़ोस में एक लड़की सुन्दर सी, मस्त फ़िगर वाली रहती थी। नाम था हनी। वो मुझ पर पहले दिन से ही लाइन मारने लगी थी पर मैनें ज्यादा धयान नहीं दिया

एक दो दिन में वो मुझ से बात भी करने लगी और हम लोग एक दूसरे को इशारे भी करने लगे। एक दिन जब मामा काम पे गये थे और मामी बच्चों के साथ पड़ोस में गयी थी तो वो बाहर छोटे बच्चों के साथ खेल रही थी। मैने बड़ी हिम्मत कर के उसे इशारा किया और अपने पास बुलाया मगर उसने आने से मना कर दिया।

उस दिन के बाद मैनें सोच लिया कि कुछ ना कुछ तो जरुर करुंगा उसे पाने के लिये। मेरे मामा शाम को ७ । ३० बजे वापिस आते थे। उस के थोड़ी देर बाद जब थोड़ा स अन्धेरा हो गया तो सब बच्चे घर चले गये और उस ने मुझे इशारा कर के मुझे बुलाया, मै उसके पास गया मगर पड़ोस की एक औरत वहां आ गयी और उससे बात करने लगी। मै बात बिना किये ही आगे चला गया।

थोड़ी देर बाद जब वापिस आया तो वो अकेली खड़ी थी। मै उस से बात करने लगा। पहले तो हम इधर उधर की बातें करते रहे फ़िर वो बोली कि आप मुझे भूल तो नहीं जाओगे। मैने कहा कि भूलूंगा तो नहीं मगर चाहता हूं कि ये याद थोड़ी शानदार और हसीन हो जाये। यह सुन कर वो शरमा गयी। उस समय काफ़ी अन्धेरा हो गया था और उसने बाहर की रोशनी भी नहीं जला रखी थी। हम अन्धेरे में ही बातें कर रहे थे। मुझे समझ नहीं आ रहा था कि आगे कैसे बढूं। उस तरफ़ भी आग बराबर लगी थी.

वो हिम्मत कर के बोली - मुझे एक किस करो तो मैनें पूछा - कहां पे? तो वो बोली- गाल पे।

मैने कहा- नहीं मेरा दिल होठों पे करने को कर रहा है। उसने कहा- जहां दिल करता है वहीं कर लो। मैने उसे अपनी बाहों में पकर लिया और एक जोरदार चुम्मी ली उसके होठों पे। उसका गदराया बदन मेरे हाथों में था। पहली बार मैने ऐसे किसी लड़की को पकड़ा था। हम दोनो बहुत गरम हो गये थे। उसने कहा कि यहां कोइ आ जायेगा, चलो मेरे कमरे में चलो। मैनें पूछा- घर पे कोइ नहीं है?

वो बोली-पापा मम्मी बाहर रहते हैं, यहां मै और भैया रहते हैं। वो भी आज नहीं आयेंगे। मेरे साथ मेरी एक भतीजी है ५ साल की, उसे पहले ताई जी के पास भेज देती हूं थोड़ी देर के लिये। उसने फ़टाफ़ट भतीजी को भेज दिया और मैं उस के कमरे में चला गया।दरवाजा बद करके हम एक दूसरे से लिपट गये। मैनें उसे बिस्तर पे गिरा लिया और उस की कमीज उतार दी। मै उसके मोम्मों को दबाने लगा। हम काफ़ी देर एक दूसरे को चूमते, चूसते रहे। मैने उस के मोम्में खूब चुसे पर दिल नहीं भरा। तभी दरवाजे पर दस्तक हुई और हम डर गये।

हनी ने पूछा कि कौन है तो बाहर उसकी भतीजी थी। उसने मुझे फ़टाफ़ट छिपने के लिये कहा। मैं बिस्तर के नीचे छिप गया। उस ने दरवाजा खोला और कुछ बात करके भतीजी को फ़िर कहीं भेज दिया। दरवाजा बद करके वो वपिस आयी तो मैं निकला। मैनें देर ना करते हुए उसकी सल्वार उतार दी और जल्दी से उसकी चूत में अपना लन्ड घुसा दिया।मगर बड़ी दिक्कत के साथ अन्दर गया और उसके आंसू निकल आये।

वो चीखी- निकालो बाहर इसे, मगर मैं अन्दर घुसाये जा रहा था। मेरे कुछ रुकने पे वो सामान्य हुई। अब मेरे हल्के हल्के धक्कों से उसे मजा आने लगा और वो सिस्कारियां भरने लगी। मैं उसे चोदता रहा वो मजे लेती रही। थोरी देर बाद उसने मुझे कस के पकड़ लिया। मैने पूछा -क्या हुआ? वो बोली- तुम धक्के लगते रहो, मजा आ रहा है। मै धक्के लगाता रहा और मैनें अपने लन्ड पे कुछ गरम गरम महसूस किया। उसकी चूत से पानी निकल रहा था। मुझे भी मजा आ रहा था। मैनें धक्के तेज कर दिये। थोड़ी देर में मैं भी झड़ गया। हम एक दूसरे से लिपटे रहे और चूमते रहे। कुछ देर बाद हमने कपड़े पहन लिये।

तभी दरवाजे पर दस्तक हुई। हनी ने पूछ कि कौन है। बाहर उसकी भतीजी थीअनी ने मुझसे कहा कि तुम अभी छुप जाओ, मैं इसे कहीं और ले जाती हूं, पीछे से तुम निकल जाना। हम कल मिलेंगे।

मै वहां से आ गया। अगले दिन उसका भाई आ गया और हम दोबारा नहीं मिल पाये। एक दो दिन में मैं वापिस आ गया। फ़िर ३ -४ साल बाद वहां गया तो उसकी शादी हो चुकी थी, मगर उसने कहा था कि भूलना मत और सही में मैं उसे आज भी नहीं भुला पाया हूं

11-18-2008, 08:30 AM

11-29-2008, 08:46 AM
Awesome story bro. Reps added.

12-01-2008, 05:28 AM
हेल्लो दोस्तो !
मैं २२ साल का एक साधारण लड़का हूँ। मेरी दिलचस्पी ३५ साल या उससे ज्यादा उम्र की औरतों में है, इसके दो कारण हैं, एक तो इन औरतों की गांड काफी मोटी और चूची काफी बड़ी होती है, दूसरे अगर कभी इनकी ब्रा दिख रही हो या सलवार का नाड़ा ढीला हो तो ये १०० लड़कों के बीच में उसे ठीक करने में नहीं शर्माती।
अगर कभी इनकी गांड में ऊँगली डाल दी जाये या हाथ फेर लिया जाये या चूची दबा दी जाये तो इन्हें महसूस नहीं होता और अगर होता भी है तो नज़र-अंदाज़ कर देती हैं क्योंकि इनकी चूत तो पहले से ही फटी होती है। अगर आपकी दिलचस्पी इनमें नहीं भी है तो भी मेरी कहानी पढ़ो और फिर आपका लोड़ा भी मेरी तरह हर वक़्त इनकी मोटी गांड देख कर खडा हो जायेगा माल उगलने के लिए।
दोस्तों ये घटना तब घटी जब मैं बस से सफ़र कर रहा था और बस में बिलकुल भी जगह नहीं थी। अचानक से बस एक स्टाप पर रुकी और आप विश्वास नहीं करेंगे पूरी की पूरी बस खाली हो गयी पर मुझे अभी भी सीट नहीं मिली थी। मैं सोच रहा था आज किस्मत ख़राब है वरना कोई ना कोई आंटी तो दबाने के लिए मिल ही जाती।
पर भगवान् ने मेरी सुन ली। अगले बस स्टाप पर फैक्ट्री में काम करने वाली कुछ मजदूर औरतें चढी जो कि 3५-४० के बीच की थी। मेरे आगे एक बहुत ही छोटी पर मोटी औरत खड़ी हो गयी। कुछ ही मिनट में भीड़ फिर बढ़ गयी और वो औरत अब मेरे बिलकुल करीब थी। मेरा उसके बदन से बदबू आ रही थी और इसी बदबू ने मेरा लोड़ा खडा कर दिया। उसके बाल थोड़े थोड़े सफ़ेद होने लग गए थे। उसकी उमर ३८ के आस पास रही होगी।
तभी वो पीछे की ओर हुई और अपनी गांड को मेरे लण्ड पे लगा दिया। मेरा लोड़ा २-३ सेकंड में ही खडा हो गया। उसने साड़ी पहनी थी और मैं उसकी गांड के दो टुकडो के बीच का गैप महसूस कर सकता था। अभी मैं अपने लण्ड का दबाव उसकी गाँड पर बढ़ा ही रहा था कि मेरी पीठ पर दो मोटी मोटी गोल चूचियां टकराई। मैंने पीछे मुड़ के देखा तो एक ४५ साल की औरत जो कि कम से कम ३ बच्चों की माँ खड़ी थी। उसका रंग एक दम काला था और शायद उसका शराबी पति उस गरीब औरत को सुख नहीं दे पाता था, तभी वो आज मुझ से मज़ा ले रही थी। मैं पीछे की ओर हुआ और जैसे ही मैंने अपनी पीठ पर उसके चुचों को महसूस किया, वो आगे वाली आंटी अपनी गांड को मेरे लोड़े पर धक्के दे कर मारने लगी। उसकी गांड चौड़ी थी और मेरा लोड़ा उसकी गांड में घुस जाता था।
अब मेरी हालत ख़राब होती जा रही थी सभी लोग मुझे देख रहे थे। अब मैंने हिम्मत करके अपना हाथ आगे वाली आंटी की गांड की तरफ बढ़ाया और सीधा उसकी चूत को महसूस करने लगा। उसने पैंटी नहीं पहनी थी और उसकी चूत गीली और ढीली थी और मैं अब अपने हाथ से उसकी चूत की खुशबू सूंघने लगा।
मैं पागल सा हो रहा था कि पीछे वाली आंटी ने मुझे देख लिया और मेरी गर्दन पर गर्म सांस छोड़ने लगी और उसने एक हाथ मेरे लोड़े पर पीछे से लगा दिया और उसे जोर से पकड़ लिया। तभी वो आगे वाली आंटी पीछे मुड़ गयी और देखने लगी कि किसका हाथ उसकी गांड में घुस रहा है। वो भी हंसने लगी। अब मेरे लण्ड पे दो काम हो रहे थे, एक पीछे वाली आंटी के हाथ का कमाल और आगे वाली की गांड का कमाल। पीछे वाली आंटी का स्टाप आ गया और अब मैं आगे वाली आंटी के साथ मज़ा लेने लगा पर तभी वो आगे वाली आंटी का स्टाप भी आ गया और उसने मुझे इशारे से उतरने को कहा। मैं भी उसके साथ उतर गया और पीछे चलने लगा। आगे जा कर गन्ने के खेत आ गए और वो मुझे उसके अंदर ले गयी। जाते ही उसने अपनी साड़ी और पेटीकोट उठा दिया और नाली में लेट गयी उसकी चूत एकदम काली और सूखी थी। मैं उस पर लेट गया और उसका ब्लाऊज़ खोल कर उसकी चूची चूसने लगा।
उसकी चूची एकदम काली थी और उसके लिप्स भी काले थे मैंने अपना लोड़ा उसकी चूत में डाल दिया और उसकी मोटी मोटी चूची चूसने लगा।
अब बस वो मेरे ८ इंच के लोड़े को ले कर चीख रही थी और मज़ा ले रही थी। वो जैसे ही झड़ने वाली थी उसने मुझे जोर से पकड़ लिया और मैं भी झड़ गया और सारा माल उसकी चूत में छोड़ दिया। अब मैं खेत से निकल कर बाहर आ गया।
दोस्तों मैंने उस औरत से बात तक नहीं की और उसकी चूत चोद दी। तब से मैं ऐसी आंटी को ढूँढता रहता हूँ पर ऐसी औरत मुझे दोबारा नहीं मिली।

12-01-2008, 05:28 PM
nyc one man..had 2 translate it using google translator :p

12-04-2008, 01:37 AM
Mind-blowing work man....Awesome stuff dude...Keep it up man

12-24-2008, 08:28 AM
The drinks through the evening made him nice and woozy. His head
felt light and in this state Sunita looked ever sexier and alluring.
As if that was not enough, she was wearing her saree with one of
those blouses that was daringly cut. Every time she leaned to serve
someone or pick up a glass for refill, her low slung blouse gave
enough slack for everyone to look down the front. Not that there was
so much on display; her breasts were just short of large and there
was not any significant cleavage. Her breasts mostly were contained
by her bra.

As he thought of those suckable breasts with their pink-brown
nipples he felt his cock rising. His eyes searched her out in the
party even as the guy next to him babbled on about his new business
plan. There she was, leaning over. This time her backside was
towards him and he appreciatively took in the sight of her hips
flaring and the well rounded ass. Delectable. Any which way you
looked at her. He shifted uncomfortably, giving his cock some relief
from the unrelenting pressure now building up.

Sunita too had had a couple of drinks. She was feeling nice too. As
she leaned across to pick up the glass that was just that much too
far, she was tantalizingly poised over Tarun. Tarun gulped as he
took in the sight of her breasts so close near his face. Her aroma
filled his nostrils and she looked down at him and smiled. Tarun's
eyes wandered all over her. Her breasts, down the front of that low-
cut blouse, her shoulders, her hair, her sparkling eyes. Tarun was

So when she overbalanced and fell over, he was too caught up in his
own world to help her any, and she fell on him. Her breasts crushed
against his head, her body on his chest, and her knees digging into
his thighs. She held her hands up, trying to avoid spilling or
dropping the glass. One of her elbows caught the back of the sofa
and the other was around his shoulder. That jousted her breasts
against his face, and he felt the satin encased mounds of flesh play
against his face. The hard-on was instant. His friend's wife,
smeared against him in front of everyone. Her hands holding glasses,
unable to prevent the mashing of breasts. His hands at his side
unable to support her.

"Sorry!" she mumbled, as she hoisted herself up, one hand on his
shoulder. As she steadied herself, she found that she was
tantalizingly close to him. And she could still feel his face on her
breasts. She moved back, aware of the situation and the eyes on
them, and as she did so, her knee grazed his crotch. She wondered if
what she felt was for real..... Karan grabbed her arm and hauled her
up, helping his wife regain herself. As she turned to face the
person who had helped her up, she felt her face flushed red. And the
heat and color on her was not lost on Karan.

She freed herself and thanked him and moved away into the kitchen.
She steadied herself at the sink. The back of her hand covering her
mouth, as she thought of the way she was spread over Tarun, and of
the fleeting touching of his hardon that her knee had
discovered. "God!" she thought. "In front of everyone. This stirring
of lust is not me. Is not legitimate. And from where has this
willingness to feel lust come from?"

She looked down at herself and saw the view of her breasts in their
trappings, the pinkness of her chest that must have been so visible
through the evening, and so particularly to Tarun when they were so
closely juxtaposed. Damn the tailor, she had told him to keep all
his design bravado to the back. She pulled up the blouse a bit and
readjusted the pallu of her saree to cover herself better. She felt
better this way. It was more reflective of her traditional
upbringing and the wife of a respectable household. She wondered if
she was covering her body, or whether the pallu was to shroud her
willingness to feel illegitimate lust.

When she stepped back into the hall, it was as if all eyes were on
her. She looked up nervously to spot Karan and noticed that he was
indeed with his eyes on her. Sunita smiled at some of the other
guests and continued as if nothing had happened. She didn't want
Karan to realize that she was self conscious of what had happened.
As she rose from one sofa to move around she found herself across
the room from where Tarun was sitting. He was looking at her, and
she felt an unfamiliar tingling in her breasts. It was the pressure,
the squashing, the mashing of flesh on his head, his face. The
stimulus, unexpected and in dangerous public view. It had felt good
and her breasts ached for completion. The thought of having her
breasts touched, felt and sucked, made her feel even hotter. And she
realized that moistness had come to be between her legs. One corner
of her mind took note of the fact that it did not matter to her who
was doing the touching, the satiation. She just wanted it.

Karan knew he wanted her and also knew he could not wait for the
last guest to leave. Not tonight. Tonight, he needed her. But there
was the usual gang that would hang around for longer. The group that
had come to expect that the party would shrink in size but continue
for a longer bit. How could today be different? Damn, thought Karan.
Yes, on other nights it was fun to have everyone hang around, but
tonight was different. Maybe right now was a good time. When the
first set had left, and there was a hiatus, when things were getting
put away and the house being made comfortable for a smaller group.
Children being put to bed, and a little informality creeping in.

He went around the house and found her in her room, putting away
some things before heading down again. As her hands were up
accessing the top shelf, she was on her toes and her body fully
exposed. He let his hands rest on her bare torso, just under the
blouse, above where the saree was tied. She gasped. His four fingers
were to the front of her body and his thumb on the back. His fingers
crept up and reached the lower slopes of her breasts. He let his
hands slide up. Feeling the soft flesh bunch up as he pushed upward.
Sunita let her hands hold the shelf as she left her body open to his
hands. She wanted this, she could use the relief. She closed her
hands on the shelf and felt his fingers stroke her breasts. The
nipples shuddered when touched but not enough was happening, with
layers of cloth covering her aching flesh.

She pushed her ass back till she found his crotch and she caressed
the cock with her ass. He pawed her breasts. Squeezing. Kneading.
She shuddered. Partly from the stimulation. Partly because in her
closed eyes, the hands were not of Karan. And the excitement of
having Tarun touch her was the other part. As the ripples went
through her, her lips parted and a sigh escaped. Karan put his hands
on her shoulder and turned her around. And he pushed her down. He
couldn't think of her needs at a time when his cock was screaming
for release. He pushed down his trousers along with the waistband of
his shorts. The slender but full cock jumped out and Sunita's hand
covered it. She slowly fisted it, even as she felt a fever of desire
on her breasts. She groaned as she felt her need escalate. He lay
back on the floor and she knelt between his legs, her back to the

She covered the cock with her mouth and started to fuck him with her
lips. He was so predictable, except that he was drunk; he might take
longer to cum. God knows they didn't have that much time, with their
inner circle of friends still around the house. Her head bobbed. His
hands were on her head urging her on. "Suck and fuck you bitch! Make
me cum! Make me cum the way the Tarun wants to cum in you!" Karan
was wild and crazed.

Her eyes opened wide at the reference to Tarun. Her head bobbed ever
more furiously. Shorter strokes. More focused on the head. But
faster. "So its true, isn't it!" he asked triumphantly. "The thought
of him makes you go, you slut!"

She had no idea where this language came from. He seemed a different
man. But what he said was so true. Her hand crept below and slid
through the top of her saree at the waist. She felt the softness of
her own tummy. Her hair. Her pussy. Her wetness. Her clit. She
stroked slowly. Yes, slut. She wanted to be pleasured like a slut.
Her hand pulled at her saree. Opening it out, bunching it up. She
tried stuffing her fingers in to her pussy. But she didn't know
enough about pleasuring herself. God she need to cum.........

So did he. He started to thrust. Wildly. The thrusting made his cock
leap and twitch uncontrollably. She needed to hold him, his cock, to
give some control to this, if he was to cum and finish. Her hand
closed around his cock and she fisted him, even as her lips
pleasured his cock head. Her lower body was exposed because of the
bunching up but she couldn't attend to herself. She remained
kneeling and her legs spread out as she went down lower on Karan. He
started to scream. Holler. His hips bucking. His shaft felt her
fingers and her lips. The wetness of her lips and the wetness of his
fluid spewing was maddening. Uncontrolled lust and desire was all he
felt. The pleasure was indescribable. "Oh! Yes, baby. Yes!" he
muttered as he felt little surges and small amounts of fluid
release. This control, this prolonged pleasure came only when he was
drunk. The haze in his mind allowed him to seek and feel only
pleasure. He was not in control. He was not aware of his beautiful
sexy wife, or her needs. Just that she pleasured him madly.

12-24-2008, 08:28 AM
It was that same haze in his mind that allowed him to spot Tarun
enter the room but not react. He would have got up and quickly
rearranged himself, but that would have meant the pleasure stopped.
And that was something he could not handle at this time. His hips
continued to buck. He looked down and saw Sunita with her eyes
closed, her mouth open, his cock sliding in and out as her head
moved up and down. He could see her ass jutting up as she was
kneeling low. And he now noticed that her saree was askew, not quite
up to her ankles. He looked back up and saw Tarun's eyes devouring

Tarun stood there watching. He had miscalculated. He thought he had
seen Karan next to the music system and that Sunita was up here
alone. When he came up he didn't know what he was coming for. He was
quite free around their house and this would not have been the first
time he went up to her room. But it had never been like this. Never
before had he been this close to Sunita. Never before had he felt
her body. Never before had he felt her breasts. Never before had he
lusted her. Today, he had come up to see if she might be alone.
Though what might have happened if she really was alone was not
something he had figured out. And now this......

From where he stood, he could see Karan sprawled on his back. His
eyes had met Karan's but Karan had not stopped. His hips continued
to buck as pleasure clearly washed over him. His hands were on
Sunita's head. Her ass was jutting in the air and her saree was
pulled up. He could see the back of her thighs, bare. And her body
was prone and open. Her head was bobbing and her ass seemed to
shake. His cock was impossibly swollen and he reached down and
ground it once to feel relief. Sunita shifted and let her hand go
between her legs for a bit as her own ache became uncontrollable.
Tarun walked up closer and sat behind her, on his knees. His one
hand caught an ankle and spread her out a bit more. His other hand
went between her legs and met her fingers. Sunita moaned in protest
but her mouth was full of Karan's cock. Her fingers, wet with her
own moistness clutched at the hand now between her legs. She thought
she would push him away but just ended accompanying him back to her
pussy. She guided his fingers to where she felt the ache most even
as her mind registered shock.

It now occurred to her that she was too much inflamed with desire to
actually listen to her mind. She caught the wrist of the probing
hand and tried to restrict its movement. She needed to get up and
turn around to stop this invasion. As she lifted her head off
Karan's cock, he roughly pushed her head down. He couldn't take an
interruption now. His cock was pulsating with an imminent orgasm.
Tarun held her ankle and pulled her leg open wide. Sunita used both
her hands to regain her balance. Tarun rammed his fingers in, deep
into her wet, open accepting cunt. She screamed onto the cock in her
mouth, and Karan registered the vibrations from the scream. He knew
what was happening but his eyes were now closed, concentrating on
the build up in his cock. Surprisingly, the excitement in the pit of
his stomach had only accelerated at the thought of his friend
watching, now invading his wife's body. He didn't know how the
intrusion was happening. But he didn't care right now. All he sought
was his release.

Sunita regained balance and her hand went back to grab at the wrist
to try stop him. She caught the wrist and her hand moved with his
hand, pistoning her wide open pussy. She tried to hold it. Then she
helped it ream her. Now stopping, now encouraging. Her salivary
glands lost control as pleasure coursed through her aching body.
God, how she needed this, and how Karan ought to have sucked and
fucked her everywhere. She blamed him for her willing acceptance of
the fingers abusing her. Her mouth watered and the loss of control
of her lips from the pleasure allowed her saliva to flow down
Karan's cock. Then the hand left her. She looked back, her hand
making up for the absence of her lips on Karan's cock. She pushed
her fist down fully, the read angry cock head jerking as the
provocation shot through the cock. She didn't know what she wanted
to do or say. It could well have been, "why have you stopped, just
fuck me to an orgasm with those plunging fingers!" It could also
have been, "How dare you take liberties with your friend's wife. I
am not that kind of woman!"

Her face, cum and saliva flowing down her chin looked at Tarun. She
was transfixed by the sight of what he was doing. His trousers were
down at his ankles. He was shuffling forward. Her fist stopped
moving as she took in the sight of the new male cock. A new male for
her. She knew it was inevitable from here. Her hand moved slowly as
she wondered about taking that cock in her. Should she? More
importantly, could she? It was larger than Karan, hell, anything
would be. She turned to look at Karan. He had his hands on his eyes
and was looking through his fingers at the evolving picture. His
hips moved up. Pleasure. His own. That's all that mattered to him.
She wiped her lips on the sleeve of her blouse. And leaned forward
to take back her husbands cock in her mouth. A drier mouth, more
capable of delivering pleasure. Hopefully, if he finished cumming,
he would take charge of the situation.

She was lost in a world between her pleasure, and what she and her
husband were letting happen here. Her body ached. Her mind
protested. Desire ravaged her. She wanted cock. She wanted hands on
her aching nipples. She wanted all of that. But she wasn't sure
whether it mattered who it came from. Lust, and a husband who didn't
know how to fulfill it. And today she knew he was going to cum in
her mouth. A first. A first about which she had lots of misgivings.
But it was her husband who wanted it and she just had to do it. What
was happening deeper down inside her was a different matter.

For Tarun, the fact that Karan had seen him and not made any moves
to stop meant he was okay with what was happening. Beyond that, this
luscious woman, her flesh which he had seen and felt for the first
time today, the ache in his throbbing cock.... He just had to fuck her.

The wetness in her pussy was stunning. He moved closer behind her
and held her hips. He felt her struggling, trying to make it
difficult for him. He leaned forward and bit at her asscheek. She
squealed. Her mouth lost control and she felt her teeth graze
Karan's cock. "Ouch!" went Karan. Sunita knew she couldn't take any
chances with stopping Tarun. She didn't want to hurt Karan. But
which would hurt more? The fuck, or any chance with the teeth? She
now felt the cockhead, all wet and bursting nosing her pussy. She
squealed and moved. Towards the cock, not away from it, as she had
wanted to. Her body slid over the cockhead and her mouth opened and
she gasped out aloud at the spreading of her pussy. Her mind asked
her to move forward so his cock couldn't invade her. She managed to
control her body and move forward, only to move back and encounter
Tarun thrusting forward. The cock and pussy clashed and the
cockhead, impossibly large and wet, slid away, smearing her ass with
his fluids as cock went aimlessly past. She gasped in shock, and he
groaned in frustration.

12-24-2008, 08:29 AM
It was too much for her, she reached under and grabbed his cock and
guided it to her cunt. Tarun thrust hard and speared her. She ground
her ass against his tummy feeling him full and completely inside
her. The searing heat of his cock was compelling and the edge of her
desire now gone, her mind tried to regain control. Now she pulled
away and let him slip out. She rolled over to her back and closed
her thighs. The feeling of his cock in her cunt was not legitimate.
She reached for Karan to pull him up and make him take his rightful
place. Karan did come on top, but over her face. He straddled her
and fucked her mouth. Her hands covered his ass and she felt the
aching, twitching emptiness in her cunt. She was now desperate but
unable to fulfill her need. She felt hands on her knees, not
Karan's. They spread her legs apart even as she tried to resist. She
was already breathless from Karan on her chest. When Tarun pushed
her legs back, up in the air, and her legs splayed open, the pussy
agape, the constriction was great.

Tarun pushed his knob into her. And slid into her. Spreading and
filling her. Tarun's head was close to Karan's back. His hands were
inside her legs holding them apart. His face on Karan's back, his
hands touching another man in this kind of intimacy for the first
time. Felt odd, even uncomfortable, but he needed this cunt right
now. And he knew she needed a cock, even though not specifically
his. And with Karan on her chest, she was not able to resist and
keep those thighs closed. He fucked her hard and relentlessly. His
cock felt the pubic bone caress his thickness. Yes! This was
exquisite! He wanted more, and more.

Sunita felt her pussy ravaged and filled. She hated the way her cunt
pulsated and took its pleasure. Her chest was feeling the pressure.
Her hand caressed Karan's ass and fingered his ass hole to make him
lose control. She needed him off. Her other hand fisted him. Karan
was conscious of Tarun behind him. His arms touching him as he held
himself up for support to fuck. The face occasionally on his back.
His wife was being fucked, his fuzzed up brain told him, even as he
fucked her mouth.

Maybe that was what was making her wild! Maybe that was what her
fingers were saying to his cock. Was she enjoying his cock? Was that
pleasure so unbearable for her? His eyes were closed, his head
thrown back as he imagined his wife on her back, legs spread apart
held that way by another man. And her cunt, was it grabbing at the

As those thoughts coursed through him, he felt his cock begin to
swell with cum. He reached down and held her head. He wanted to cum
with the comfort of his cock being stroked. But he had never cum in
her mouth before. She opened her eyes as she felt the onset. Their
eyes met. She nodded. Permission. He released himself, allowing his
cock to flow. His hands were on the floor above her head. His hips
prone over her mouth. Her hand was fisting him. Her mouth open,
though it was jerking from the impact of Tarun thrusting into her.
His first shot was a blasting jerk, and then dribbles. Several jerks
and shudders. Loads of cum filling her mouth. She let it flow as her
tongue pushed it out the side of her mouth. Her hand continued to
fist him to give him the fullest satisfaction of pleasure. After
all, when they fucked he had to pull out to avoid impregnating her.
His cock missed that stroking and caressing while cumming; she knew
instinctively, though they didn't talk of it.

12-24-2008, 06:25 PM
Last year, I had finally married my child-hood sweet-heart, Vishal. It was our dream to go abroad for our honey-moon. Hence, much before our marriage, both of us had carefully saved enough money, to take a trip to Hong Kong. We arrived with much anticipation at Hong Kong.

We spent the first few days, almost entirely in our hotel room - basking and enjoying, in the first flush of passionate and lustful satisfaction - like any newly wed couple. We were couped up in our hotel room for 3 full days. On the fourth evening, as usual, Vishal was already half drunk - when we decided to walk around the city for sight seeing. We kept walking and window shopping for a long time, passing through innumerable small streets and little winding gullies. We were almost lost, but did not really care, as we were in the city. It was already dark in the late evening. While walking in one of the back lanes, a flashing red, neon sign caught our attention. It said, " Adult films - 24 Hours ". I kept walking, but Vishal had stopped.

I asked, " Why have you stopped, Vishal ? '

With a mischievous grin and a wink, he replied, " Why not ? Come Nirmala, let us be naughty. Let's just check it out "

We have seen adult movies at some friend's place earlier. But, I guess there is something exciting about watching people being lustful on a big screen. Nervously, I followed him in. I had never been in an adult movie theatre like this one. My husband bought the tickets. He presented me a ticket to the adult theater and said,

" Nirmala, you go in and sit. I have to pee. I shall be there in a minute "

I went in. It was dark and the usher took me to my seat. I was the only woman there. Men dotted the theater. I sat down. Within a few seconds, one man came and sat next to me. The movie started. Vishal came later and sat on the empty seat on my other side. Slowly the man next to me, put his right hand, over my saree, on my thigh. I was shocked and stood up to leave. But Vishal caught my hand.

He asked me, " What is the problem Nirmala, where are you going ? "

I replied, " Vishal let us go. This is not a good place. The man sitting next to me tried to touch me ! "

Vishal said, " Nirmala, come on. Dont be a cry baby. This is not India. This is Hong Kong. These things are common here, especially in adult movie theatres. Dont worry. You will not be harmed. Just relax and watch the movie "

I replied, " But he put his hand on my thighs, over my saree - Vishal ! "

He said, " Nirmala, its OK darling. That man is simply excited at the pornography in the movie and perhaps, is not able to control imself. If he wishes to caress your thighs, let him do that. You just keep silent and relax. Let us see up to what extent, he will go. That would be fun "

Though I wanted to leave, as I did not wish to put Vishal's mood off, I sat down reluctantly. Slowly the man reached out and once again put his right hand on my thighs. I shut my eyes for a moment. He started caressing and pinching my thighs over my saree. I looked at Vishal. He was also looking at the man's hands fondling my thighs.

I said, " Vishal look, he has put his hands on my thighs again "

Vishal replied, " Its OK, Nirmala - relax "

I kept quiet. The man began pulling up my saree and petticoat. I caught his hand and resisted. But he caught my hands with his left hand and with his right hand, kept pulling my saree and petticoat right up - all the way. Now my full thighs and legs were exposed to him. From the corner of my eye, I saw Vishal watching. The man's right hand now crept in between my thighs and started inching up to my panty. I struggled to stop him. But he was forceful and kept moving his palm upwards, until his fungers touched my panty. I was nervous and felt ashamed.

I pleaded with Vishal, " Vishal he is now touching my panty. Please stop him before he pulls it down and starts touching me there, directly with his fingers "

To my amazement, my husband replied, " Keep calm Nirmala. Dont make a scene. This is getting exciting ! "

I did not know what to do. So, I stopped struggling. The man finally hooked his thumb on the elastic of my panty and pulled it down. I had to lift my self slightly to allow him to completely pull it down. Now he started touching my vagina. As my husband liked me hairy, I never shaved there. My vagina had a thick growth of curly, black hair. I was completely ashamed that I was allowing a total stranger to touch my most intimate part and that too - with my own husband watching. The man thrust one finger into my vagina and started pushing his finger in and out in the total darkness. I began feeling uneasy, with his fingers massaging in and out of my vagina. The man glanced at my husband and motioned him to get up. He then bent down, took my panty and passed it on to Vishal. Then he got up, pulling me along with him and leading me towards the back of the movie theater.

I said, " Vishal, where is he taking me ? Please help me "

He replied, " Its OK Nirmala. I am coming with you. Just do as he says "

Vishal followed us. I considered screaming for help, but an excited curiosity pulsed through me like an electrical current. The theater was small. A stale mustiness burnt my nose, as the stranger forced me toward an unfinished cabinet on the back wall. My thoughts raced, as I wondered what he was going to do. Frightening me with his speed and suddenness, he turned me around and pushed me back, up against the counter. I had no idea who this man was. He looked at me in the dim light, and I felt his hand move up under my saree again and push in roughly between my thighs. Instinctively, I clenched my legs together and fought him. My own husband was quietly watching me struggle with the man and did not bother to help me. The man was obviously stronger than me. He moved in and squeezed his hand between my thighs, touching me roughly, as my husband moved closer to watch.

I glanced down and saw a bulge in the man's pants. I continued to struggle. It was pure instinct. He looked around and told my husband,

" Hey Mister, is this your girl friend ? "

My husband replied, " No pal - that is my own wife "

The man said, " Wow ! Thanks for letting me use her, Mister. Now, come over here and help me hold her "

To my shock, my husband came over and quietly held me. I could smell the man's musky arousal. The stranger moved forward and positioned himself between my thighs.

He asked me, " Pretty woman, you want some cock ? "

I was frightened but aroused. The stranger reached forward and un-hooked my blouse. My bra burst into view. He grunted at seeing it and tore upon it with force, until it gave away - exposing my breasts. Puckered and hard, my nipples stood out.

The man said to my husband, " You know Mister, your wife's nipples need clamps on them "

With that, the man started caressing, fondling and pinching my delicate breasts and nipples roughly. He then put his mouth upon my nipples and began sucking upon them and biting them. Later, I felt the man reaching and raising my saree and petticoat to expose my silky, wet vagina to his greedy eyes.

He gurgled with pleasure and told my husband, " Wow man ! Your wife's cunt is so hairy ! Does she not shave at all ? "

My husband replied, " No Pal - I like her hairy cunt and have forbidden her from shaving "

The man lifted me onto the counter. Then I realized what he was doing. He unzipped his pant.

I looked at my husband and said, " No Vishal, please stop him. You cant allow him to do this to me. You cant allow him to pollute me. I am your wife. You are my husband. We are newly married. I will be ruined "

My husband replied, " Dont be silly Nirmala. You wont be ruined. Just lie back and enjoy this man's cock. It would be a great experience for you and I am sure that you will enjoy his cock and the fuck, which he is going to give you. And anyway, no one back home will know. This would be our own secret. So relax ! "

I was shocked again, I said, " But Vishal, he does not even have a condom. Look, ask him to wait for sometime. At least see if you can get a condom from somewhere near the theater and make him wear that. You cant allow him to ejaculate his seed into my vagina. I may get pregnant with his baby ! "

My husband fiirmly said, " Forget the condom Nirmala. I want to see his bare cock thrusting roughly into your own bare cunt. If he ejaculates in your cunt, it is OK. If you get pregnant, we can always get rid of the baby ! Now be silent and enjoy your fuck ! "

The stranger positioned his penis against the entrance of my vagina. I closed my eyes, waiting for the onslaught. I felt the tip of the stranger's cock in my entrance.

I again pleaded with my husband, " Please Vishal, please stop him from doing this to me. Please stop him from doing this to your own wife. This is sinful. It is not right "

He said, " Relax Nirmala, dont worry "

My husband told him, " OK Buddy, You have a newly married housewife from India at the tip of your cock now. Now fuck my young and beautiful wife fast and good. I want her to have at least two orgasms on your cock now. Enjoy my wife "

He growled back, " Thanks buddy. Yeah. I will fuck her good "

Suddenly he rammed his erect penis into my vagina, in one long hard thrust. My husband held my arms, to encourage him. The man began fucking me hard, pumping in a primitive rhythm. I was also getting excited with all the forceful pumping that he was doing into me. My husband pulled out his own erect penis and put it on one of my hands. I began masturbating my husband with my hand, while the un-known stranger was thrusting into my vagina with all his might.

As I turned my face, to my horror, I saw four other men moving towards us. Apparently all the noise and talking that we were doing, had attracted the men, who were also excited at seeing the adult movie. The men came close to us and watched silently. Suddenly, the stranger began slamming his penis deep into my vagina. I knew that the man was close to coming. He watched my face and my eyes, as he pushed hard and fast, building up to come, then he let loose a loud grunt and thrust deep into me. I felt his semen spurt hot into my vagina. He kept pumping an enormous quantity of his sperms into my vagina. With one last shudder and a satisfied moan, he pulled out and grinned at me. He zipped his pant, as another man stepped up.

I looked at my husband and said, " No Vishal, dont let this new man do this to me. Please dont permit this. We are decent people, from decent families. Please dont make me a whore like this "

But the three men surrounded Vishal ad said, " Hey man - look, each of us wants to unload our seed into your woman. We will do it now. There is nothing that you can do about it. So, if you dont want any violence and if you dont want us to violently hurt your wife and you, just step into the corner and watch us. We will fuck her nicely, un-load our spunk into her cunt and quitely go away. If you dont do that, we will hurt your wife badly first and then mess you up "

My husband helplessly backed away, leaving me all alone at their mercy.

The second man dropped his pants. My eyes widened in fear when his cock bounced into view. He was enormous. I tried to scoot further away, but it was useless. With two men holding my arms and two holding my legs open wide, I could not move at all. The second man approached me, stroking himself. I could feel the semen of the first man dripping down my vagina and thereon to my buttocks. The second man pressed the head of his penis on my pussy, wetting it. Then he thrust hard and deep. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut, to keep from crying out. But, a gasp and a moan escaped my parted lips. He thrust again, slamming hard, hitting my cervix with each plunge.

One of the four men said, " Hey, don't wear her cunt out. Keep it fresh for the rest of us, man ! "

The second man rammed into me harder and faster. He slammed his large organ into my semen filled vagina repeatedly and thrust deeply one last time, filling me with his own hot, thick semen. When the third man stepped up for his turn, he grabbed my arms, turning me, bending me over the counter. His hot breath tickled my ear.

The third man said, " Lady, I am going to fuck your arse, but come in your cunt "

With one hand tangled in my hair, the other cupping the roundness of my buttocks and spreading me open, the third man slowly slid his erect penis into my anus. It was horribly painful. I was biting my lips to keep from shouting with pain in the theater. I was trembling with pain as his organ tore through my anus. His hips slammed against my buttocks in a frenzied rhythm, and I wondered if he would be able to stop himself from ejaculating into my anus. The other men were stroking their erect organs. Each waiting his turn. Suddenly, The third man man pulled out and jammed himself in my vagina. Grunting loudly, he too filled my vagina, full with his semen.

Thus as my helpless husband watched, each man took his turn unloading his sperm into my vagina. By the time the last man ejaculated into me, my vagina was oozing out their sperms like a tap. Obviously my pussy and womb could not hold it all. My womb had become like a receptacle, for these men to empty their semen into. Finally, they were all spent, while my vagina and my body were totally raw from the fucking. As the last man zipped his pant and shuffled from the theater, I lay limp on the countertop. I had been well used. A satisfied smile sneaked through my exhaustion, as my husband approached from the dark corner.

He worryingly enquired, " Nirmala Darling, are you okay ? "

I nodded my head - yes. His gentle fingers slid under my chin and lifted my tired face to his, as his soft lips find mine.

My husband said, " You know Nirmala, I had always fantasised watching other men, fuck you. Today, you have made that fantasy of mine a reality. I thank you for that Darling. Now, I love you all the more "

I whispered, " I love you too Vishal. But, are you sure that you are not feeling bad that five strange men, have used my body, had sex with me and ejaculated into me ? "

My husband replied, " Not at all Darling. In-fact, I enjoyed watching each man fuck you "

I said, " But Vishal, with my womb now holding the sperms of five men, it is almost sure that one of them, would have made me pregnant now. So, maybe we should see the doctor for an abortion, as soon as we reach India "

He replied, " You know what I think, Nirmala ? I want you to keep the baby - if you get pregnant. Dont worry, we will take care of it like our own child. I will give it all the love and affection that a father should give his child. Its just that, I dont want you to undergo an abortion. That baby will secretly remind us of this amazing experience tonight "

12-24-2008, 06:26 PM
Ruchi Sharma's mind was a million miles away as she rode the elevator to the level where she'd parked her brand-new silver Lexus.

She was going over in her mind the final details of the Gupta deal, which was almost in the bag. If she nailed it down, and she was certain she would, it would mean a fat commission, plus another feather in her cap. All that was left was to meet the Gupta Corporation's CEO later that evening for dinner, drinks and who knows what else, and the deal would be signed, sealed and delivered to her boss's desk bright and early the next morning.

At 34, Ruchi was on the fast track in her industry. She had used every trick at her disposal to move rapidly up the corporate ladder since starting out after graduating from college. That especially included her succulent body, which was made to discombobulate men. She was a little taller than average, about 5-9, slender, with perfectly proportioned tits, about a 34D, and a butt with enough meat to grab onto without a hint of flab.

She had used sex to her advantage at every turn, especially two years ago, when she'd seduced a top vice president at her company, then blackmailed him into giving her a key promotion. Then she'd betrayed him anyway, and the resulting scandal had cost Sunil Kumar his job - which went to Ruchi - and his marriage. She chuckled when she recalled his final words to her, when he'd confronted her with what she'd done.

"Ruchi, you haven't learned the most important rule of corporate politics," Sunil had said, giving her a disconcerting look.

"Which is?" she'd asked haughtily.

"The toes you step on while climbing the corporate ladder may be attached to the ass you'll have to kiss on the way down," he'd said. "Keep that in mind."

Ruchi dismissed the memory with a swish of her wavy shoulder-length dark hair. Fuck him, she thought, that's just business. Just then, she heard the ding that denoted her stop. The doors opened, she picked up her briefcase, got a firm grip on her purse and strutted to where she'd parked.

She frowned as she noticed a nondescript white van parked one spot to the left of her car. At least, they didn't park too close, she thought. She had already pressed the button to unlock the driver's side door and was just starting to open the door when she felt rather than saw two figures come up rapidly behind her. One large man garbed all in black grabbed her around the shoulders and covered her mouth tightly, another grabbed her by her ankles, then a third man grabbed her briefcase and purse from her startled grasp as she was hustled into the open side door of the van.

Ruchi felt wild terror grip her as she was laid on her stomach, and she tried to scream, but all that came out was a brief squeak before a strip of duct tape was slapped over her mouth. A tight elastic band was fitted snugly over her eyes, blindfolding her, then her ankles were tightly bound with duct tape, as well as her hands, which were secured behind her back. In less than 30 seconds, Ruchi had been snatched up, effectively bound, gagged and blinded. With their subject immobilized, the van pulled out of its parking spot and eased toward the street.

Panic gripped Ruchi, but she fought it down in order to bring her sharp mind and keen instincts into play. She tried to concentrate on the turns the van made to see if she could figure out where she was being taken, but the van made so many turns over the next hour that she couldn't keep up with them. And she strained her ears to pick up any voices, but none of the men in the van spoke a word, and the silence quickly unnerved her.

Then she thought about her dinner date with the Gupta president, and her anxiety level grew again. She had been entrusted with bringing that account into her firm at all costs, and it would be a severe blow to her reputation as a can-do, get-it-done executive if the account was lost because she'd missed their date. Then, slowly, Ruchi began to get a sick feeling in her stomach that perhaps the account and her career were the least of her worries. Her very life could be in danger, and she felt her emotions falling apart, something that hadn't happened since her first boyfriend had broken up with her in high school.

After driving for about an hour, the van came to a stop. The sounds of the city seemed far off as the door of the van was opened and Ruchi was carried a short distance. She heard what seemed like a large metal door open and close, then she sensed that she was in a large room. There was a musty odor about the place that wasn't foul, but wasn't pleasant either. And there was the subtle hint of some other smell that she couldn't place, but was vaguely familiar.

Ruchi was set down on her feet, which were without her high heels, lost somewhere in the van. The duct tape around her ankles was cut off, shredding her pantyhose in the process. Then the blindfold was removed, and Ruchi winced as she was confronted with a blinding spotlight shining right in her eyes from the otherwise pitch-dark room. Then the duct tape was ripped off her mouth, causing her to squeal in pain.

"Please, what are..." she began, but got no further.

"SILENCE!" came a loud, distorted voice from a loudspeaker. Ruchi shivered in fear, but there was also indignation beginning to build. Did these clowns not know who she was? Did they not know that no one, not even her own father, treated her this way? She started to speak again, this time to bitch, when a masked man in a long cloak emerged from the shadows brandishing a large knife.

"You were told to be quiet," the voice boomed again. "Another sound out of you, and we'll start cutting."

Ruchi was shocked into silence this time, afraid of being seriously harmed. She was beginning to think that she wasn't going to live to see tomorrow, and the man's next actions reaffirmed that belief. He stepped close to her and pressed the flat of the blade to her cheek. He softly caressed her face with the flat part of the knife, then lightly ran the tip of the knife down her regal neck, just enough to scratch, but not enough to break the skin.

Ruchi trembled in fear, but the man then walked around behind her, suddenly pulled the jacket of her business suit away from her body and slashed it all the way from top to bottom with what appeared to be sewing shears. The two sides of the open jacket began to fall away, but before it did, the man cut the sleeves lengthwise so that it came completely off her body. Then she watched in dismay as the man systematically cut the jacket into a half-dozen smaller pieces. He did the same to her skirt, slicing it from bottom to top, then cutting it to pieces. Her blouse was next, and was cut from her body in the same manner her jacket had been. The man bent down and cut her pantyhose off, then sliced her bra from her body, finishing with her thong panties. Everything was cut so that it was unwearable and left in a pile of useless scraps.

Naked now, Ruchi was beginning to form an idea of what was about to happen to her. She was going to be raped, then killed. Fear numbed her brain as she digested that idea. When the remnants of her clothes were taken away, the man took her elbow and led her a few feet forward, and she could see two metal posts about four feet tall standing up from the cold tile floor about five feet apart. Two-thirds of the way up each post was a leather shackle and Ruchi knew what was coming.

Sure enough, she was led to a position between the posts and her shoulders were pushed down so that she was forced to kneel. Her hands were freed momentarily, then her wrists were secured with the shackles. As she had walked up to the posts, she had noticed that the floor was a little sticky in this area, and when she knelt, that peculiar smell that she'd noticed when she first entered the room was more pronounced.

Suddenly, it hit her, and her stomach turned in revulsion. Several times over the course of her career, she'd accompanied boyfriends and business associates to adult movie arcades. She'd found them distasteful in the extreme, but she had endured them because the sex she'd enjoyed afterwards, and the business deals that resulted, had made it worth it. The first time she'd gone with a client into one of the booths, she'd picked up that scent, and the man she'd been with had laughed and told her it was the smell of semen from men who had gone into the booths to masturbate and shoot their cum on the floor.

That was the smell she was getting now, and the realization nearly made her sick.

Just then, a gong sounded from the back of the room, and before the echo had died, the distorted voice blasted from the loudspeaker.

"Ruchi Sharma! You have been tried and found guilty," the voice boomed.

"What?" she couldn't help blurting out. She'd been tried? By whom? And for what? But again came the angry admonition.

12-24-2008, 06:26 PM

Once again, the gong sounded, and the voice intoned, "It is time."

The bimonthly meeting of the Cum Club was now in session.

Arjun Venkateshan looked out from the darkness at their latest subject, and he smiled. He was especially looking forward to this one, because it was personal. He turned to the man standing next to him and nodded.

"I can see why it was so hard for you to resist," Arjun said in a low tone of voice. "She's quite a piece of work."

"Yeah, but I still should have kept her away," Sunil Kumar said. "I knew she was bad news before I ever got involved with her. Ah well, she'll learn tonight that what goes around, comes around."

Sunil and Arjun had been best friends since meeting as freshmen at college, and when Sunil had been canned from his job after his enconter with Ruchi, Arjun had quietly brought Sunil into his financial empire. Arjun had made millions on top of millions, in a variety of industries, and had the money to do whatever he wanted.

The Cum Club was his creation, begun 12 years earlier as a secret society of men whose job it was to administer rough justice on businesswomen who violated his personal code of ethics. The club now had over 250 members around the country and met every other month at various locations. At each meeting, a woman was brought in for what they called, "the treatment."

It wasn't that Arjun and his cohorts were chauvinist pigs who hated women in the corporate setting. Far from it. Arjun and his companies had been in the forefront of hiring and promoting qualified women and paying them equal salaries to males. He had been a tough, hard-nosed businessman, but those who knew him and worked for him had always found him to be fair in his dealings and compassionate when called for.

What he could not abide were business people who used sex to get ahead. He enjoyed sex as much, if not more, than the next man. But he believed that sex was too beautiful to be used in such a way, likening such action tantamount to prostitution. When a man violated this ethic, Arjun dealt with them in a harsh way, usually involving legal action. When a woman committed such a transgression, however, it called for special measures, in his view. Thus the Cum Club.

The club had its origins in Arjun's thirst for revenge against a female executive who had hit him where it hurt most, in his own home. Arjun's only child was a daughter, Rita, and she had had a promising future in business. She had graduated from business school with high honors and had gotten in with a Fortune 500 company right out of college.

Rita had done well after five years, and was up for a critical promotion. It came down to Rita and another woman, who was similar in age to Rita but somewhat less qualified. But the other woman had been a vamp who had seduced the company president, and when she was hired over Rita, it devastated his daughter.

Arjun had tried to figure out a way to make the woman pay for what she'd done, and on a trip to Japan, he'd found one. He'd had a conversation with a Japanese businessman who told him of the legend of bukkake, where an adulterous wife was tied naked to a stake in the middle of a village and all of the men in the village were allowed to use her in any way they saw fit, finishing by shooting their seed all over her body until she was covered in semen.

Arjun had returned home and set about contacting close friends and associates, inviting them to a meeting where he outlined his plan. It seemed like everyone had a story about a ball-breaking female who had slept her way to the top, and the club quickly took shape. Arjun established some ironclad rules from the start. Admission and dues were expensive, new members had to be recommended by current members and pass an exhaustive background check, and everyone, himself included, had to keep a current health record on file. And other than mental trauma, and the damage to her career, the subject was not to be harmed in any way.

The first woman to receive the treatment was the woman who had caused his daughter's downfall. After that, members recommended subjects from a variety of companies from coast to coast. As was the case with new members, potential subjects were investigated thoroughly to determine if they were truly worthy of the treatment. So when his friend Sunil told Arjun about Ruchi Sharma, she went to the top of the list.

Ruchi felt a trickle of sweat roll down her back as she wondered what was going to happen. She didn't have long to wait. With a nod from Arjun, a young man wearing nothing but a mask stepped into the light. He walked up to Ruchi, took her face in one hand and guided his hard cock to her mouth with the other. Ruchi tried to shy away, but the man pressed in on her cheeks and forced her mouth open. Ruchi felt a wave of shame and revulsion wash over her as the man pushed his cock roughly into her mouth and into her throat. She coughed and gagged as the man fucked her mouth with hard, deep strokes, but he seemed oblivious to her distress.

Meanwhile, Sunil, his face also obscured by a mask, slipped up behind Ruchi, knelt on the floor and ran his fingers between her legs. Ruchi felt a hot flash as the unseen man began to subtly finger her pussy and roll her clit around with his thumb. Although she tried to fight it, she could feel her pussy swelling and moistening at Sunil's touch.

When Ruchi was reasonably wet, Sunil stepped aside and let Arjun kneel behind her. Arjun always went first, and he lined up his throbbing-hard 7-inch dick to the opening of Ruchi's fur-lined cunt and rammed it in with as much force as he could muster. Ruchi grunted around the dick pistoning in her mouth as she felt the unknown dick slam into her from behind. Watching Arjun fuck the beautiful dark was too much for the man, and he grabbed the sides of Ruchi's head working her viciously back and forth on his cock until he spewed a thick, hot load of cum into her mouth.

"Swallow it all, bitch," the man said, as he buried his spurting cock as far in her mouth as possible. Ruchi swallowed as if her life depended on it, letting just a little bit of cum dribble out from the corners of her mouth. The man then wrenched his cock from her mouth and rubbed the juicy member all over her face, smearing what was left of her makeup. His place was immediately taken by another man who slid a modest-sized cock as far as he could in Ruchi's mouth.

Arjun worked his cock hard in Ruchi's cunt as he watched her oral work, and as usual, the subject began to groove on the feeling, humping her hips back on his cock. Arjun took some of the slimy liquid that oozed from around his cock on a finger and began to rub the lubricant all over Ruchi's asshole. He could feel his control slipping, and saw no reason to hold back.

With a gasp, he pounded Ruchi's pussy with several extra-hard thrusts, then sent a volcano of cum deep in when he could tell was a ravenous pussy. Ruchi gave a muffled gasp as she felt an orgasm begin to peak, but Arjun was finished before she could get over the top. He slid his cock from Ruchi's cunt and watched as a flow of his cum dripped from her open hole onto the floor.

Arjun stood up and waved Sunil in. Sunil knelt behind Ruchi's dripping cunt, but instead of following Arjun in her cunt, he aimed a good-sized cock to her ass and rammed it in with only the minimum of lubrication.

Ruchi gave a muffled scream at the pain of her ass being entered so abruptly, and tears fell from her eyes. She didn't much like anal sex any way, something Sunil was well aware of, and certainly not like this. But she didn't scream long as the cock in her mouth forced its way as deep in her throat and spewed a convulsive cumload into her stomach.

As soon as the cock was removed from her mouth, Ruchi began wailing.

"Oh please, God, it hurts!" she cried, as Sunil rammed his cock back and forth in her ass. "Pleeease! Why are you doing this to me?"

That was as far as she got, for just then two men, each with a long, fat cock, stepped out of the shadows and took up position in front of her. The one on her right grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock forcefully into her mouth and down her throat. Ruchi struggled noisily, but the huge cock just kept fucking her throat. Thick streams of drool poured from her mouth onto her chest as she tried to accept the big cock. Just when she thought she would choke, the man pulled out. Ruchi was allowed time to take two huge, gasping breaths before the other man rammed his cock into her mouth.

All the while, Sunil was steadily fucking Ruchi's buttery ass. Once he'd gotten going good, and built up some lube, his progress was much easier, and Ruchi began to forget about the pain in her butt.

Besides, she was having enough trouble handling the two cocks that were taking turns battering her throat. They seemed to be looking back at Sunil for a cue, and when he nodded, they each pressed their cocks to Ruchi's lips and tried to both force their way in at the same time. Of course, all they could manage was the heads, but that was enough to stretch her mouth open to an almost impossible size.

Meanwhile, Sunil was beginning to pick up steam as he watched the two big-cocked studs try to stuff their sausage in Ruchi's mouth, and he could tell that despite her pain and revulsion that she was starting to get into it.

Ruchi couldn't believe the pain and humiliation she was being subjected to. Her mouth was obscenely stretched and her ass was being fucked, and all of it was totally against her will. All she could do was kneel there and take it. And yet, she could feel twinges of pleasure from the cock that was fucking her ass, and in other circumstances, she thought it might not feel so bad.

But her reverie was shattered when the two men pulled their cocks from her mouth and began to jack off furiously. Ruchi was concentrating so hard on getting oxygen back in her lungs that it didn't dawn on her what the men were about to do until she suddenly felt the hot splatter of cum jetting onto her face. She gave a disgusted croak as the two men hosed her face with immense loads of cum. They shot ropes of cum that criss-crossed her eyes, over her nose, all over her cheeks and down her chin. Then, one by one, they fed the oozing heads back to her mouth to get the final drops of cum.
Seeing his nemesis get facialized sent Sunil crashing over the top, and with a roar he fired a stony load of super-hot cum deep in Ruchi's bowels. He emptyed himself, then pulled his wilting cock out and was grimly gratified to see it stay open for just a second or two before it slowly closed.

But it wasn't closed long, as another man took Sunil's place and rammed an even bigger cock in her ass. Ruchi gasped as this cock fucked her hard, then she gave a squeal of pleasure as the man reached a hand around her waist and began to strum her bloated clit. Ruchi could feel sharp sparks of sensation coursing through her body as she humped back on the cock that was gleefully fucking her ass.

Suddenly, just as the man picked up speed in her ass, she felt a white-hot explosion race through her body. She jerked in her restraints as the powerful orgasm worked its will on her. Even as the bolts of pleasure were subsiding, Ruchi felt a sense of shame rolling through her mind. She was allowing these people, whoever they were, the satisfaction of making her enjoy her torment, and yet she had to concede that it had been one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever experienced.

As the man in her ass pulled out after shooting his load deep in her rectum, followed by a stream of cum flowing down the insides of her legs, another man took up position and slid a large cock into her pussy. Ruchi moaned as this man fucked her with long, slow strokes, and she looked up to see another big cock thrust its way into her mouth. This time, she eagerly sucked the cock, working her mouth back and forth, while working her hips back and forth on the cock in her pussy.

On cue, the two men pushed their cocks deep in her cunt and mouth and filled them with more cum. And as they did, Ruchi shuddered with another hard orgasm.

Two more cocks followed suit, fucking Ruchi's cunt and mouth, and shooting their cum deep in her holes, as she came again. By now, her cunt was beginning to get sloppy, and the next man slipped his cock in her ass and fucked her, adding his load to the flood that had already been shot into her bowels.

All the while, cocks of every size walked up to Ruchi's mouth and she willingly, eagerly sucked them off. Some came in her mouth, some on her face, which quickly became awash in cum.

And now the pace quickened, as masked men came from every direction, and surrounded her writhing, twitching body. While a cock was constantly fucking either her pussy or her ass, and her mouth, groups of men came over, jacked off to the sight of Ruchi getting seriously gangbanged, and deposited their cum somewhere on her body.

Ruchi felt cum splatter her back, her butt, her chest, and, especially, her face, which was soon a white mask of hot, creamy cum. Before long, her eyes were completely covered with thick, stinging wads of cum, to the point where she could barely see.

All the while, Ruchi's body was churning out orgasm after orgasm, until her body fell into a kind of sensate overload, her mind numb from extreme pleasure. And still they kept coming. Fucking her mouth. Fucking her slack cunt. Fucking her red, gaping ass. Fucking her until cum was pouring down her legs like a river. The ones who weren't fucking her were jacking their cum onto her body, covering her with layer after layer of slimy semen. Covering her heaving breasts. Covering her back. Covering her legs. Covering the dark curls she was so proud of, until her hair was a mass of slimy, stringy strands.

On and on it went, until Ruchi could no longer hold her head up and her body was slumped in her restraints. As a final humiliation, a large glass goblet filled with cum was brought forward and poured unceremoniously over her head, the cum rolling down her face and neck like a flood.

Then the gong sounded, and she sensed, rather than saw, the men stagger away. Ruchi wearily lifted her head and dully took stock of her situation. She was kneeling in a large pool of cum, her body covered from the top of her head to the soles of her feet in a thick, shiny cocoon of male semen. Her jaw ached from sucking so many cocks, her pussy was stretched and sore from taking so many cocks, and her ass seemed to be permanently open from taking so many cocks.

Arjun and Sunil smiled through tired eyes. They had each added a second cum load on Ruchi's back, then retired to watch the festivities. Sunil had spent some time managing the tape that was being made of the meeting, downloading images into a computer and printing out copies for use.

Ruchi barely stirred when two men in black came over and released her wrists. They each took an arm and lifted her onto her feet, and she half-stumbled, half-walked to an open door, leaving drops of cum along the way. She had so much cum covering her eyes that she couldn't make out her surroundings, but she could tell when they got outside that it was daylight. Her mind simply couldn't register that it was a new day, nor did it register the rocky ground she staggered across until she reached the white van that had transported her to this place. She was helped into the van and laid on the floor, which was covered with a sheet of plastic. Once she was inside, and the doors shut, she dropped her head onto the floor and passed out.

Ruchi awoke to the feeling of sun in her eyes and grass on her back, and she started suddenly, trying to figure out where she was. She lifted her head and found she couldn't see through the dried, sticky cum that covered her eyes. At first, she couldn't remember what had happened, but as the shards of memory began to return, her stomach revolted and she turned her head just in time to puke a stomach full of semen onto the grass.

She was weeping as she recalled her ordeal from the night before, and she frantically clawed at her eyes to clear them enough to see. When she did, she recoiled in horror. She was lying on the front yard of her suburban house, in broad daylight, completely naked and covered with a spider's web of dried cum.

Ruchi dimly saw her neighbor from across the street standing on her front porch staring at her with a knowing grin on her face. Ruchi hadn't been the best of neighbors, and the ones who were home to see her in this condition weren't displeased to see the bitch taken down a few notches. Humiliated, Ruchi scrambled across the yard on her hands and knees until she made it to her front door, then realized it was still locked. Her face was crimson as she forced herself to stand up on her shaky legs and stumble to her car, which was parked in her driveway, although she couldn't remember driving it home. As she did, a car drove by, and a high school age kid honked his horn and shouted out the window, something to the effect of, "hot mama!"

Her hands were shaking as she grabbed her purse, fished out her keys and staggered back to her front door. With tremendous effort, she got the key in the door, as another carload of teenagers drove by and honked their horns. She opened the door and collapsed in the foyer.

Ruchi lay there for some time weeping bitter tears at what had happened to her. She had been abused privately, and now humiliated publicly. And, worse, she had probably lost the Gupta account, which would be a huge setback to her career, assuming she had a job to go back to.

Finally, she managed to crawl-walk up the stairs to her bedroom, and into the shower. When she was finally cleaned up - and it took forever to wash the dried cum from her body - she threw on some clothes and walked back out to her car to retrieve her belongings. Her purse was still in her car, as was her briefcase. She sighed in relief as she locked the car and walked back inside.

When she returned to the house, she found her purse hadn't been disturbed, but her briefcase had been plundered. She slumped onto a chair in horror as she realized that not only were all of the documents pertaining to the Gupta account missing, but so were sensitive documents on other accounts, plus a copy of an employment offer sheet from a rival company to the one she was working for. All that was in the briefcase was a single plain manila envelope with her name in bold letters on the front.

Trembling, she opened it and slid the contents onto the table. She stared dumbly at what she saw. They were over a dozen printed images, clear and sharp, of her from the previous night. While she had been preoccupied with cocks and cum, someone had been filming, and quite skillfully. Her face, contorted in lust or filled with cock, was visible in many of the shots, and in others there were clear views of numerous, obviously different cocks in either her pussy or her ass. What was not visible were the faces of the men attached to those cocks, nor the leather shackles that might have shown that she was not there entirely of her own volition.

Accompanying the photos was a letter. She picked it up fearfully and read.

"Ruchi Sharma," read the typed, impersonal greeting. "You have been tried and found guilty by a jury of your peers of fucking your way into your corporate position. Last night's action was your punishment. The images you see here are culled from a video that was shot of the entire affair, and are among hundreds that were downloaded this morning and e-mailed to every employee of your current company, the top executives at the Gupta Corporation and the company you were preparing to leave your current employer for. You can try to tell your story, but no one will believe you because of your reputation for lying and double-dealing. You are finished in the corporate setting, but judging from the way you reacted last night, you may have a bright future in prostitution. Happy trails."

And then she saw another, hand-written note, and her heart stopped, because now she knew why she'd been singled out. It read simply, "The toes you step on while climbing the corporate ladder may be attached to the ass you'll have to kiss on the way back down."

At that, Ruchi just buried her face in her hands and wept bitter tears, knowing that she was reaping the consequences of what she'd sown.

12-24-2008, 06:28 PM
Nitu got out of the car and pushed her dark sunglasses on her head into her silky dark hair, as she walked to the tailor shop. As she entered some bells on the door signaled her entry. A young man of about 25 years of age came out from an inside room and asked, "Can I help you, Ma'am?"

He looked quite strong and muscular, with a well-proportioned body, his slightly hairy chest was partially visible through the 2 open buttons of his shirt. He was not bad looking, not at all. In fact, thought Nitu, he was good enough to flirt with if she had met him in a club. But he was not a 65 years old, long-bearded and near-sighted man which is what she was looking for.

"Where is master ji?" She asked.

"He has gone to his village, he'll be back next month." The guy replied.

"Oh yes, he told me, I forgot." She slapped her forehead in a gesture of despair.

"I am his nephew, my name is Raj. I am looking after the shop in his absence. Can I do anything for you?" For a tailor's nephew he spoke really well and decently, Nitu thought.

Raj also, in the meantime, was checking out Nitu with frank eyes.

Nitu was the young, gorgeous wife of a middle-aged, ultra-rich businessman, who spent more days in foreign countries than in India. She was what you'd call a trophy wife. And her husband did display his sexy, hot wife in his business circles just like a trophy.

The problem was for a gorgeous babe that she was she didn't get all the sex she wanted. Her husband when he wasn't doing a business deal a minute was not really interested in sex. And on the rare occasions when he was in the mood for sex, he was too much of a gentleman to do any rough, hard fucking that she craved. She could count the orgasms she had in a year on her fingers. And half of them were in hot water tub.

Though not used to stepping out for sex, her sex-starvation slowly started affecting her dressing style. She had begun to dress to show off her alluring figure, and she loved it when guys so obviously drooled over her. She was worth drooling over.

For 36, she was really fit and looked hardly 29 or 30. Her curves were all in the right places. There was not a single extra ounce of weight on her body, she took care of that with a twice-a-week gym routine. Her hair were dark and long, right now made into a stylish hairdo that kept them up, leaving her back bare as the Punjabi suit she was wearing had a pretty deep back cut.

Her color was really fair and her arms looked really nice and smooth in the deep sleeveless cut of the tight suit. Her slim, sexy figure was accentuated by the tight fit of the suit.

She was wearing a bra but it was the bare essentials type that didn't hide her nipples so well, her dupatta, white like her suit, was completely transparent, didn't hide her deep cleavage from the view, rather made it more interesting to look at it.

The kurti stopped after covering her thighs, and the salwar though not so tight being white, had some transparency in it. You could see her white, smooth, well-toned thighs when the loose salwar clung to her legs. Her panties, were the stylish, sexy, French cut cottons that covered the essentials and only that. The salwar ended at her ankles which were quite shapely, and then she had on, 4" high white, clear heels, so sexy.

"....I need it next week for a wedding." Raj stopped checking her out and looked at her face, she was telling him about a suit she wanted stitched. She had a cute face, high cheekbones, luscious lips with a hint of lipstick, and gray eyes.

"Sure, we can do it by next week. Let me take your measurements."

"But master ji has my measurements."

"Well, he misplaced his notebook somewhere before he left. I am having to take fresh measurements for all the clients".

"Oh, ok." She stepped towards the inner room where she always got measured.

She took off her dupatta and put it on a dresser along with her purse, before standing on the mat. She put her hands on her waist as Raj approached her with a tape measure. He was intensely aware of her salty-fresh perfume coming from her smooth clean-shaved armpits mixed with her body smell as he stepped really close to her and measured her arm.

He took her wrist and put her hand on his shoulder, standing an arm-length apart. Keeping one end of the tape secured at her wrist with his fingers his other hand moved slowly up her arm with the tape, his fingers brushing ever so lightly on her soft bare arm. She could feel goosebumps all over her body by the time his fingers touched her well-rounded shoulder.

She waited until he took the tape away from her arm before saying, "I want it to be a deep-sleeveless cut." Raj nodded understandingly and proceeded with the measuring process.

Standing behind Nitu, he wrapped the cold, plastic measuring tape around her shapely neck. In the process his fingers brushed on her bare back gently, as the suit she was wearing had a deep back cut. Then he moved to the front and enlarged the circle of tape, "What kind of neck cut do you want?"

"V" She said, and she was surprised her voice wasn't shaking. She was feeling really turned on by his close presence and the gentle touches of his hands.

He loosened the tape in an approximation of her current neckline and his her nipples felt the brush of his thumbs and fingers as he proceeded to make a detailed careful measurement. A thrill ran down her body, tingling right down to her pussy. Instinctively her legs opened wider as she felt a heat building in her pussy.

"This deep is ok?" as he held the tape between her tits, his knuckles were pressing lightly on her breasts, right in the nipular area. She felt her breathing get heavier.

"Deeper", she said, trying hard to keep her voice from sounding all husky and horny as it felt inside her.

He inserted his finger and the tape an inch inside her cleavage now, his knuckle touching her bare skin on her chest, right between her hot breasts. She could not believe she heard herself saying, "Deeper" again.

"Are you sure?" he asked doubtfully. At the tone of his voice she opened her eyes, and then realized with a shock she never knew when she had closed them.

"No, that's ok, but make sure, it's not loose from the sides." She tried to bring herself in control.

"Ok, let me know how tight you want it." He measured the tightness of her current suit, putting one end of the tape on her shoulder and bringing the other down on her breast, her thumb pressing the end of the tape on her nipple. "This tight enough?" He asked looking at her gorgeous, flushed face.

"Tighter." She murmured.

He made the tape a half-inch shorter, pressure on her nipple increasing.

"This is fine?"

"Yeah, this is good!" Her voice was a hoarse whisper. Her pussy was flooding with juices. She didn't know when she had been so excited before in her life. She was married even if her businessman husband didn't fuck her so good. Nobody had brought her to a boiling point, so quickly with just a few deft touches and caresses. She could feel her panties fully wet and she was afraid pretty soon there'd be a wet spot on her salwar.

Now he was behind her, touching her bare back, "You want this same cut?"

"Yes, but a little deeper." His hand moved a little lower with the tape, "This much?"

"Yes." Nitu could feel her body feel like burning from the inside. She was sure her leaking pussy was wetting the salwar now after soaking through the panties.

Then from the front, his arms went around her slim body as he wrapped the tape around her flat tummy, asking her "This tight?" He was standing so close to her she could feel the heat from his body. His close presence was having a heady effect on her.

"Little bit tighter.", she said, trying hard not to sound as breathless as she was.

His hands brushed and caressed her waist and her belly as they smoothed the tape around her body. "This better?"

"Oh yes!"

He was making notations in a notebook of all measurements. He made another one now.

"Ok, let's talk about your salwar now." Nitu's heart skipped a beat as she realized his hands were now going to be on her legs. She could already feel her pussy soaking wet in her panties, really dying to be fucked. She didn't know if she could take any more of his teasing hands, especially on her legs! He seemed to know exactly what he was doing to her gorgeous, sensuous body!

He was kneeling in front of her and with one end of the tape, pressed on her waist, his hand moved down, brushing the back of his fingers on her soft, smooth thigh, through the thin, almost transparent salwar she was wearing. He stopped with his hand on her shapely ankle and look up at her, "This length is ok for you?"

"Should be, how about another inch lower?" She was surprised how coolly she was talking given that her head was swimming, her heart throbbing so wildly in her chest, she felt everybody in the neighborhood could hear it.

His hand curved around the waistband of her low-tied salwar and she could feel his fingers on her soft bare skin, almost touching her panties' waistband, her heart skipped a beat. His fingers moved a sideways, so lightly caressing her bare skin as he asked "This is where you'll be tying it?"

"Y...yes!" This time she was sure he could hear her voice going all husky and needy. She could smell her own arousal and definitely he could too, she thought.

Keeping his fingers on her belly, he moved his lower hand on her ankle, "This length ok?"

"Yes..", She could hardly trust herself to say other words. Words she was thinking, like "fuck....use......ram me.."

But wait...he was talking to her again.

"Could you open your legs a bit, I need to measure the inseam?" He was requesting in a nice, gentle voice...but her mind was spinning "Inseam? That means he was going to go *gulp* between her legs now....oh GOD!"

She picked up her 4" high heeled foot off the carpet and placed it wider, making her legs more than 1 foot wide. She was having trouble believing herself. Here she was, wife of one of the most powerful man in the country, definitely most powerful in the city, herself quite a pillar of high society, men vied for one smile from her luscious lips, and she was being touched and teased by an ordinary tailor. And yet, even as she was thinking all this, she lifted her foot and spread her legs wide for him, wishing he'd keep touching her more and more.

He put one hand on her ankle, on the inside, and then with his right hand he moved the tape up, slowly, teasingly it seemed to her, until the higher end of the tape was pressing lightly on her thigh joint. His knuckles were pressing very lightly on her pussy lips through the thin salwar, and she could feel her wet, soggy panties, pressing on her pussy.

She lifted her head skywards, almost as a reflex and a suppressed moan escaped her throat like a whimper of a kitten. "mhmm!"

He didn't show surprise, just asked in a casual voice, "This is comfortable or do you want tighter?"

"er..a little tighter...", she was surprised she was still able to talk. She was excited beyond her wildest fantasies. Her pussy was throbbing so wildly she could feel her pulse in it. She could feel her juices soaking through her panties now. She was positive there was a wet spot on her salwar and he could feel it as his fingers moved in her most private region. This time his knuckles really rubbed on her pussy slit through the thin clothes and her moan was not so suppressed this time.

"Is this tight enough?" He asked and she nodded, "Y.y..yes!"

"Great! That's all I need!" His hands were off her body and he turned to write one final notation in his notebook.

Her mind revolted, "What? He was gonna send her away! Like this? Just like this?...after making her so damn burning hot she couldn't think straight?"

"Come Monday evening, I'll have the suit ready for the first fitting." He said, turning to her after closing the notebook.

"Monday?" She said, and her mind was saying, "Monday? Fuck Monday!! That's 5 days later, I need something NOW. N-O-W, NOW, some release maybe some more teasing, just one more touch would make her cum, she was sure!"

But there was nothing she could do. He sounded all business-like, smiling at her, like he was waiting for her to leave. She was not going to beg some stranger for sex. She was married! This last came home to her as a surprise. Damn! He had excited her so much she'd forgotten she was a high-society, hot-ass, married lady who didn't cheat on her husband!

She picked up her dark glasses, her purse, adjusted her soft, long, flowing hair and got in her car without a backward glance.

She started driving away and at first chance, looked down. Yes, she was wet, there was a big wet spot on her salwar right between her legs. Her face flushed a bright red as she thought there was no chance he wouldn't have noticed it. And the hell of the matter was, she was still turned on like anything. She couldn't shake the memory of his hands from her mind. How good they felt, how they made her feel all tingly inside. How her pussy reacted when he touched her bare back. How he boldly put his fingers on her pussy...damn, that made her pussy twitch like crazy, she damn near came just from thinking about it!

Her first action when she got home was to head for the bathroom, letting her purse, glasses and car keys fall where they will. She closed the bathroom door, started the water in the tub and started taking off her clothes.

Water was only 2 inches deep yet, but it was deep enough that it tingled her pussy as she settled in.

She was thinking of Raj as she started ramming her finger into her tight, hot pussy. The memory of his hands and how boldly and calmly he has teased her today was fueling her lust and she finger fucked her wet, dripping cunt harder and harder, using 2 fingers now.

She came hard! Harder than she had ever come! Her body twitched uncontrollably, thrashing in the warm water of the tub.

She kept thinking of Raj and her fingers continued to fuck her still hot cunt. By the time the water was up to her shoulder, she had come 3 more times. All huge, mind-numbing orgasms! Now she lay back, exhausted, sated, to enjoy her bath.

That night she fell asleep, reliving the experience at the tailor shop. Next morning, she got no time to think about it as she had to get ready to go to office and take care of business. But just as soon as she had settled in her big executive chair, her first thought was how good she had felt in the tailor shop and later in the tub.

All day she kept thinking about Raj and his expert hands, twice she got so excited that she had to lock her office door and finger herself. But both times the phone rang and she had to postpone pleasure for business.

The feeling of having been insulted slowly faded away and she actually started feeling horny for those hands again.

That night she couldn't sleep that easily. She dreamt of Raj and woke up hornier than ever. She decided there was no way but to go there again. But how? He had called her 5 days later for the first fitting of the suit. All day at work next day she was distracted, thinking of an excuse to go there. Her heart beat faster every time she imagined going to the tailor shop again, stepping into the inner room for "measurement"...damn, that thought was moistening her pussy without even touching!

Then she got it, she'll have to get a new dress made for her. She could buy the material this evening after office. She felt her body respond with a rush of hormones as she thought about this plan.

So eager was she, that she left work early and went to a shopping mall. After a lot of browsing and experimenting she bought a sequin dress material, thinking she'd ask him to make her a micromini dress for a party. Then she suddenly thought about what would she wear to his shop tonight? Now that she was at the mall, she should get something hot to wear this evening.

She decided to get something sexy, something hot that would get his attention. Something that'd tell him what kind of attention she wanted. That kind of thinking led her into the short skirts section. And then the top had to match the skirt.

In her bed room, she looked at the two tiny pieces of clothing she had bought laid out on her bed. The top was a halter, not much bigger than a bra, one string strap tying behind her neck and one on her back. That'd leave almost all her back exposed. The top was tight and did not cover her full 36C tits completely, a very generous amount of cleavage was available in the middle where a diamond broach (it looked like diamond) was holding the two cups together. The skirt was equally slutty, uneven flared hem, silky just like the top, the maximum length was 8 inches but it varied going to as less as 6 inches on her left thigh. On her left thigh a similar diamond-looking pin/broach was scrunching top half of the skirt, making a triangular naked area on her upper thigh and making the hem of the short skirt 2 inches higher.

Nitu took care to take a nice bath and then apply creams to her skin, so that her exposed skin would not only look nice but also feel nice. She shaved her armpits and her pussy. Then applied an expensive, seductive perfume, around her armpits, near her tits, and also around her bald, soft, bare pussy. She surveyed the effect after wearing the tiny top and skirt, and the tiniest, small thong she could find. It was necessary also because of the bare patch in the skirt, normal panties would show.

She wore 5" high heeled open toed shoes. The heels were pencil style, the platform clear and the straps that tied around her calves were white.

As she stood before the long mirror, she could feel her body charged with horniness. Maybe it was the effect of the clothes and dress up, or the anticipation of what she was going to do, but as she lifted her skirt, she could see a quite bit wet patch on the thong already.

She looked and felt very naked, so she picked up a long coat that covered her down to her knees. She closed the coat and walked out to her car before she could lose the nerve to do it.

She parked the car in front of the tailor shop and sat there trying to get up her nerve. She could feel her thong completely soaked in her pussy juices. She lifted her skirt and took off the soggy thong, leaving it on the passenger seat. Taking some face tissues from the dashboard, she wiped her wet pussy as much as she could. She thought about leaving the coat also there in the car, but decided to keep it for now.

Nitu picked up the sequin cloth that she had bought, from the back seat and started walking carefully to the tailor shop. Her heels were making a click-clack noise on the road and she could feel cool evening breeze entering her skirt and tickling her bare pussy, despite the long coat.

She stepped into the shop and as usual bells rang but today even this sound made her heart beat faster with excitement as she knew this would bring Raj.

"Hello Ma'aam." Raj smiled at her, looking pleased to see her back so soon. "I am afraid your suit it not ready yet."

"Oh, you can call me Nitu", she smiled her charming smile, her heart was pounding but her words were surprisingly coherent and in control, "No, I have come for another thing. I want you to stitch a dress for me, I have a party to go to this month." She offered him the sequin cloth.

He took the cloth, felt it in his fingers and told her, "Sure, let me know what kinda dress you want and I'll have it ready for you."

"Yeah, I'll tell you as you take the measurements." Her heartbeat was increasing every minute.

"Oh, but I already have your measurements. From the suit, remember?"

Nitu's heart almost stopped, he wasn't going to measure her today?

"No, no" she tried, "I don't want it to be the same style, I have some definite ideas about this dress."

12-24-2008, 06:29 PM
"Oh! In that case, I better measure you again." The smile came back on Nitu's face, with her heart beating really fast as he walked towards the inner room. She following him in and took off her coat, which she deposited on a narrow shelf running one side of the room, along with her purse and sunglasses. The cool air-conditioned air of the room hit her pussy under that super-short skirt and made her gasp.

But she was not the only one to gasp, "Wow!" Raj breathed as he saw her, dressed in the tiny two piece outfit.

She smiled. Now she felt better, she wanted to see this reaction from him. He composed himself quickly and said, "You look really nice, Nitu ji." He motioned her to take her place.

"Oh just call me Nitu." She gave him a flirty smile as she stood in the center of the room, spacing her heels shoulder width and putting her hands on her bare, slim, really fit waist.

"So where do you want to start?" She was so eager for the touch of his hands, she felt like she'd cum when he would touch her again.

He came to stand before her, close enough to be in her intimate zone, both bodies feeling the warmth from each other.

Nitu's pussy tingled as he took her wrists and guided her to clasp them behind her neck, gently and politely, smiling all the time.

He placed his hands on the bare sides of her slim body and let her hands caress up and down her soft skin, around her slim, gorgeous body, not like a lover, but not exactly in the limits of a tailor.

Nitu opened her eyes when she heard him ask, "So what kind of a dress do you want?"

"A minidress, short and tight." She spoke in a well-controlled, businesslike yet polite tone. She was feeling more confident now. Last time he had taken her by surprise, yes, that was it, she was not expecting it, that's why he had succeeded in taking charge, arousing her like a school girl.

He caressed her flat belly and her soft, bare waist, "tight around here?"


"Here too?" he placed a gentle hand casually on her breast, his thumb resting lightly on her soft bare flesh where the top left is exposed.

"Yesss!" She was feeling a burning fire coming up inside her loins, spreading heat throughout her body.

"How about here?" standing in front of her, very close to her soft, warm body he had placed both his big, manly hands on her firm, tight ass cheeks. She could feel the heat emanating from his big palms through the thin silky skirt and her pussy was now fully soaked in her juices. She could smell the smell of arousal coming from her pussy above her deo.

He turned to the shelf to pick up the measuring tape asking, "So what is this dress for?"

"My husband's new hotel's opening night. Last Friday of this month."


He came behind her, with the tape and she could feel his hands moving on her fully bare back side. His hands seem more confident today, more intimate, like he knew what she wanted. Knowing he knew she came with slutty intentions today turned her on even more.

He stood really close to her as he wrapped the cold tape around her narrow, shapely neck, "What kind of neck style?" was his expected question.


He unwrapped the tape from her neck, but his hands continued to roam on her soft, bare back, "how deep back?"

"Backless." She replied.

He rubbed his manly, rough hands down her bare back, on her waist, "bare all the way to here?" he asked stopping his hands where her skirt started.

A drop of colorless, sticky liquid detached itself from Nitu's pussy slit and dropped to the carpet. She could feel it drip, but she was helpless, she couldn't do anything. Every touch from his masculine hands was making her hotter and hotter. At this point she didn't even care if he saw it, she just wanted more and more. A LOT more!

Raj saw the drop of pussy juice between Nitu's legs but didn't react other than smiling to himself.

Raj moved to stand in front of Nitu and put his hands on her flat tummy, caressing up and also around her slim waist "How tight do you want it on this part?" his hands move up to just under her tits.

"Very. Very tight." Nitu's throat was drying fast, her voice becoming husky with desire.

"Skin tight?" he asked, his face very close to hers, she could feel his hot breath on her chest and neck as his hands caressed her midriff, in the front and back.

"Yes, that'll be fine." She replied.

"And here?" He boldly put his hands on her soft tits, squeezing them a little in his big, strong hands, "Do you want it to squeeze like this?"

"Mmmmmm!" Nitu only moaned in response and several more drops of her pussy juice dripped on the carpet.

"...or lift them and squeeze them together?" Raj's hands showed her what he meant, grabbing her firm, hardening tits and pushing them together.

"Aaannnhhh!" she moaned louder, lifting her head upwards with her eyes closed, "Yes, please!"

"How tight squeeze?" Raj kept his hands on her gorgeous 36C tits, "this much? This much? Or this much?" He increased his pressure on her tits, his strong hands kneading her soft mounds in his fingers, pinching her hardening nipples in his finger and thumb.

"Ummmm....", her mind was swimming, "Do that again!"

He massaged and then squeezed her gorgeous tits again, making the nipples even harder as his thumbs pinched them firmly. Nitu's pussy dripped some more between her legs. A few drops of her pussy were trickling down here thigh. Her whole body felt like it was being cooked on a slow fire.

She somehow said, "Yessss!" to one of the squeeze settings as Raj was kneading her tits.

He then moved behind her, saying, "How short do you want it to be?" He caressed her firm ass, giving her several options for a short dress. She sighed and moaned at his touch, choosing a length for her minidress.

"Are you sure?", Raj asked, "that is one inch too short to cover your ass fully. Are you planning to wear panties under it?"

"No." Right now she was planning to be a slut, in every manner.

"Then bend over and put your hands on your knees, let me check the exposure." Hearing him talk like that made her heart jump, her pussy flowing freely now. She obeyed him instantly, putting her hands on her knees, looking behind her, her silky, soft hair falling down one side of her face.

"Yes, you are exposed from here!", Nitu already knew that but his words made her all the more conscious of her dress and pose. Realizing how he was looking at her bare pussy filled with the juice of desire, made her already soaked pussy tingle, itching for some attention.

But Raj didn't even touch her pussy. Instead he said, "Stand back up."

She obeyed.

"Now go to that wall, bend over with your hands on that shelf." Raj instructed, but didn't explain why this time.

Nevertheless, Nitu complied with his order instantly and without question. She walked to the wall with the low wooden shelf, stepping carefully in her 5" high heels. Grabbing the 1 foot wide wooden shelf with her well-manicured hands she bent over from the waist, bringing her upper body parallel with the floor. Her legs were shoulder length apart and in that short, silky skirt, just the tip of her pussy slit could be seen glistening in the artificial light.

Raj walked over to her and enjoyed the sight of her gorgeous body from behind. Then his and shot out and slapped her firm ass, not too hard, but enough to make her gasp and whimper like a kitten, "Open your legs wide, Nitu, spread them fully wide for me!"

"Yes, sir!" was Nitu's meek, submissive response. She lifted her high-heeled feet and spread her legs more than 2 feet wide. Now as her short, tiny skirt hiked up, her pussy came into full view, her tight pussy slit fully wet, her pussy juices making a fresh puddle between her legs on the floor.

Raj, slowly and deliberately, hiked up her skirt on her waist, fully exposing her firm, well-rounded buttocks and her tiny, tight ass hole. Her pussy was already fully exposed. Nitu, realizing her exposed position and imagining Raj's eyes on her most private parts, got more and more excited, her dripping pussy bearing evidence to her aroused state of mind.

Raj could feel his dick get very hard in his pants as he caressed her firm buttock, in a tight circle, his thumb actually passed between her legs and brushed lightly on her bald, shaven pussy lip. Nitu almost jumped at that gentle touch, but Raj continued the circle and his thumb passing in her tight ass crack, touched her pink, tight, hot ass hole.

Nitu moaned louder this time, "Aaaanh! Please?" She pleaded.

Raj calmly reached over and untied the neck strap of her tiny, sexy, short top letting it fall open, exposing her hardened, sexy tits. "Please? Please what? What are you asking for, Nitu?" He asked nicely, fully in control of the situation.

"Please fuck me! Enter me! Fuck me hard!" Nitu surrendered, she could not take any more. Her body was burning with desire.

Raj untied her second top strap on her back and the tiny, sexy top fell on the floor. Raj started undoing his pants as he said, "But you are married, that'd be wrong."

It frustrated her now, she was past caring for right or wrong, "Oh, please don't tease me. Fuck me, please!"

"Oh Nitu, you are talking like a slut!", He said in mock surprise even as he took off his shorts.

"Oh, yes, I am a slut. Fuck me like a slut."

Raj got behind her and pressed the full length of his thick, hard cock flat on her dripping wet pussy slit and caressed her bare back, sliding his hands around her slim body to grab her soft, firm tits. Her nipples were so erect he could feel them digging into his palms.

"Mmmmmm yess...please fuck me with that hard cock!" Nitu was surprising herself with her dirty talk. Her husband didn't talk dirty talk during sex. But even as she was thinking this, her brain was overwhelmed with one predominant thought, "She needed a hard fuck! Really hard and deep!"

Raj rubbed her tight pussy with his thick cock up and down and that got her to moan more and louder. As he moved back and his pre-cum wet thick cockhead touched her pussy hole, his grip on her soft tits tightened, crushing them to pulp in his strong fingers. Nitu's lithe body arched into both sensations, the sound from her lips was half groan half whimper, "Ungaaaah!"

Keeping his hands on her firm breasts, he moved his cockhead around, pressing a little finally finding the entrance to her soaking wet cunt. As he started pushing in, he was surprised by the tightness of her cunt. Despite being a married woman, she had a really tight cunt. The secret was the infrequent sex that she got from her husband.

Slowly, Raj started pushing into her soft, tight cunt, feeling her pussy juices helping the penetration. She pushed back, trying to take more of his throbbing hard cock into her hungry cunt. At the same time she was a little concerned about the size of his cock. Her husband's cock was not so thick and not nearly that long. But right now her hungry pussy wanted to be rammed and slammed real hard and this cock could give her that.

She pushed back and urged him, pleading with him, "Please fuck me. Make me your slut and ram my cunt with that wonderful cock. Please?"

Leaving her tits, Raj started caressing her bare back and her firm, fully exposed ass as he continued to push his big cock into her wet, burning hot cunt.

His cock was loving the feeling of tightness her cunt had to offer and slowly he pulled out, to push it in harder, going in deeper than before, she endorsed his move with a satisfied grunt, "Ungggh, yes!"

Passing his hands under her tits, he grabbed her shoulders, her forearms squashing her soft mounds. With Nitu's gorgeous, soft, fully exposed body in his tight grip, and his thick cock stuffed halfway deep in her hot, love hole, he started pumping her wet cunt in and out.

Gradually he started increasing the length and force of his strokes and accordingly Nitu's moans and whimpers started increasing in volume and feeling, "Unh! Aaaa! Aaaha! Ummmmh!" With every stroke her body jerked forward and a grunt escaped her lips.

Still keeping her in a strong, tight grip, he pulled his cock almost all out and then after a one-second pause, rammed the thick stick right into her tight little cunt, going all the way deep, to the hilt, in the same, smooth thrust.

"Aaaaaaaaahhh!" Nitu's scream was as much with pain as pleasure.

And then her back arched like a kitten and her body started twitching and jerking violently as she came on his cock.

He loved the feeling of her hot cum flowing over his thick shaft as he pumped her harder and harder.

"Oh God! I am cumming! Yes, fuck me, fuck this slut!" She screamed uncontrollably as he fucked her erupting cunt again and again.

He made his strokes long and deliberate, pausing with only his cockhead in the entrance of her tight cunt and then slamming it hard up into her soft, fuck hole making her body jerk forward.

Within 2 minutes she came again, the same gut-wrenching, mind-numbing orgasm, that made her knees go weak. Just then Raj slammed his long, hard boner into her cunt and her body stiffened by the force of his penetration, her head jerking up, eyes closed as she let out an animalistic grunt.

The eroticism of the situation added to the physical heat got to Raj and he pushed forward as his cock exploded in Nitu's cunt. He kept pounding his pussy as his big, hard cock spurted his hot semen into her hot cunt.

Feeling drained from 2 huge, never-before orgasms, Nitu collapsed, her slender body slipping down to the carpet, causing Raj's throbbing cock to slip out of her cunt.

Raj held his thick meatstick in his hand and pumped it, causing drops of hot, sticky cum to drop on Nitu's naked body, on her face, in her hair and on her tits as well as bare back.

After his cock was full empty, Raj bent down and picked up Nitu by her silky, soft, well-cared for hair and pull her roughly to kneeling position. "Ungh!" She grunted but did not protest.

Pulling her face right in front of his cum-soaked cock, he ordered, "Clean me."

Very obediently, without even a single word of protest, she started licking his still-hard, cum-drenched cock, though she had never done it before.

12-24-2008, 06:30 PM
I am Nitu from a rich family. I had sex with my male servant Sohan and wanted you readers to know how it happened. I am going to narrate my affair with my male servant Sohan. I am 21 yr old girl, completed my bachelor’s degree recently and was home after completing it waiting for my marriage to be arranged. I am very much interested in sex from the beginning but was very shy to express myself to other boys or males.
I have nice features with dark tan on my body that attracts all the male attention. I have pert little breasts that stand hard and strong over my chest the size may be 34. My ass is also taut and fleshy and it moves in circular manner whenever I walk. I wear Shalwar Kameez and love the low neckline. This shows my top of the breasts as I bend or whenever the dupatta is displaced. My eyes are light and my friends say that they are sexy. I am really shy and afraid to express my feelings to my friends. We are rich family and employ many male servants for day to day work. I never thought of having sex with any of them until recently I found one servant very interesting, his name is Sohan and he is about the same age. One day when I was going to our servants quarters for some work to be told I saw him. He was taking a pee in the corner of the garden when I saw him. I hid myself behind the nearest bush and watched him pissing. He had held his cock in his right hand and when I saw it my cunt started to grow wet.
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Fortunately they took other two servants with them to assist in the wedding. I pretended to be sleeping in my room and Sohan was cleaning the house in his routine work, I knew he would come to clean my room too. I prepared myself for that. I loosened my gown and threw away the thin shawl, which I had taken over my body. I tugged up my gown to expose my milky thighs and opened two buttons of my gown too. My breasts were half exposed and I knew he would be able to see even my nipples if he came closer. I removed my panties and kept it on the bed, well exposed, so that the would see it. Thus all the preparation was made and I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I heard Sohan enter my room and out of the corners of my eyes I could see his movements. He started to sweep the floor and when he came near my bed, he looked at the panties lying there. He did some unexpected thing! He took the panties in his hands and started to sniff them. Shis nostrils flared and he started to breathe faster. I knew he was getting the whiff of my pussy and the idea excited me too. I kept still as if sleeping and watched. He then looked at the crotch of my panties and found it interesting. His tongue shot out and he started to lick off the dried pussy juice. He was wearing shorts (the Indian type they usually wear in homes) and may be he was not wearing anything tighter inside. I observed the fabric being raised as his cock started to grow. Soon as he continued licking the cock became bigger and bigger. Now he wanted more than my panties and so he looked at my body. His gaze went to my half exposed boobs and I saw his mouth watering.
He was staring at my chest for quite a few minutes and then he stared at my fleshy calves and thighs. I knew it was really exciting for him and he won’t be able to control his urge. Now he was all hot and ready to do something more. He brought his face near mine and I had to really close my eyes to keep pretending. He heard my breathing and then as if to confirm that I was asleep he touched my hair. Ohh his touch was like electric current and I felt my body shudder. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. It was difficult for me to keep quite, but I managed. His hands became bold and slid over my face, touching my cheeks and lips. He really thought hat I was asleep and slowly he touched the cleavage of my boobs. He judged their hardness and then slid his hand deeper. By now I could see his cock almost jumping out of his shorts and wanted him to take it out. He was now cupping my hard boobs in his palms but did not press them hard, afraid that I would wake up. It was becoming very difficult for me to be pretending but I wanted him to go further. He slowly pushed my left breast out of the gown and admired its full ness for few seconds. He touched the now hard nipple and caressed it lightly with his finger. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I knew I could not keep quite for long time. His hands searched my buttons and he fumbled with them, unbuttoning the front of my gown and exposing both my boobs. I felt my boobs swell with anticipation and looked much bigger. He was now 100% sure that I was asleep and so he pushed my gown up from over my thighs and exposed my curly triangle. My cunt was exposed and I felt chill run up my spine.
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You may shout if you like but remember that you too want this. Come on spread those legs of yours and take my cock in your cunt.” “NO! Don’t do it. I don’t want to take that dirty rod there. Go away!” and I tried to cover my body with the gown he had pushed away from my body. But he was determined and he held my hands and pushed his cock deeper. WOW it went all the way in my cunt in one stroke. I felt some pain but the pleasure was more. I pushed my ass up to swallow his cock. I never intended to do it but it seems that my body did what was natural. He was encouraged with this and started to fuck me hard and fast. He pushed his hands on my boobs and held them with all his might. The poor globes were crushed with his strength and I cried out, “OOOOOOH! Don’t press them hard Sohan. It hurts! Please don’t fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the protests mixed with my moans were very weak and I don’t know how I really moaned. That must have been automatic due to the pleasure Sohan s rod was providing. Dear readers, this is the state of a young cock hungry female getting some rod from a MAN! Let him be anybody! But the cock matters. My cunt was all wet with the juice it secreted to welcome the invading cock and I had no control over it. The juices continued flowing and Sohan continued fucking me in spite of my weak protests. My ass moved as his cock fucked my inexperienced cunt and waves of pleasure continued to sweep all through my body.
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01-05-2009, 08:09 AM
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Abhi to choochi ka maja lelo." Tab mai Didi ko chumte hue bola, "Didi, chudwaogi nahi to kam se kam lund ko choot par ragrne to do, promise, chodun ga nahi." Didi mere taraf dekhte hue muskura kar boli, "dekh, chodana mat, meri tango ke beech me aa ja." Mai to isi ghari ka intijar kar raha tha. Didi is samay jawani ki garmee se garam hai, aur mai samajh raha tha ki agar mai apna lund Didi ki choot me ghuser diya to meri Didi khushi khushi usko pane chhot me pelne degi. Lekin mai koi jald bajee nahee karna chahata tha aur janta tha ki aaj Didi ne mujh ko apne sharir ka anand uthane diya aur kal wo mere lund apne kasi jhanton se dhaki choot me pilwane ke liye khud ba khud kahe gee. Mai unke dono khuli janghon ke beach baith gaya.

Mere baithte hi unhone apni janghon ko aur phaila diya aur mai unki choot ko apne hath me lekar masalne laga. didi meri taraf dekhtee hue muskura kar boli,
"dekh, tune promise kiya hai ki mujhe nahi chodega." Phir Didi ne pane hathon se mera lund ko pakar liya aur mujhe chup chap baithe rahane ke liya boli.

Didi apne hathon se mera lund ko pakar kar apni choot ke upar ragarne lagee. Wo dhire dhire mere lund ko apni choot ke upar se neeche aur neeche se upar ragar rahee thee. Pahale to Didi dhire dhire ragar rahee thee phir un ke ragrene ki speed bar gayee aur unki muh se siskari niklne lagee. Mai to bas Didi ki kamar pakar kar baitha hua tha aur Didi jor jor se mera lund apni choot ke upar ragar rahee thee. Thori der ke bad mujhe Didi ki choot ki chiknai mere lund ke upar hone ka ehsas hua. Mai ne neeche ki taraf dekha to paya ki mera lund kareeb adha inch Didi ki choot me dhasa hua hai.

Didi ki muh se siskari nikal rahee thee aur wo bol rahee thee, "ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh mar gayeeeeee, ahhhhhhhhh bahooooooooooot majaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhh, mai gayeeeeee aur unke hath eka ek tham gaya. Usi samay mera lund bhi pani chor diya. Mere lund se pani niklte hi Didi ne mera lund apni choot se nikal diya aur apne hathon me wo pani le liya aur usko apni peru aur pet par malne lagee. Phir Didi ne
mujhko apne upar khinch kar leta diya aur mujh ko apne hathon me le kar chumne lagee. Mujh chumte hue Didi boli, "thank you bhai, mujhe aisa maja kabhi nahi mila.

Tum bahut mast ho aur tumhara lund khakar koi bhi larkee ya aurat mast ho jayegi. Tumhe maja aya bhai." Mai bhi Didi ko chumte hue Didi se bola, "Didi, tum bahut sundar ho, aur tumhara choot bahut hi gudaj hai. Ek dam taja Maal, man karta hai ki har samay tumhare nange badan ko sahlata rahoo aur tumharee choot me apna lund pelta rahun. Didi ek bar mujh se jarur chudwana, bahut maja dunga. Didi mujh se kas kar liptate hue boli, "aaj to man bhar gaya, chudai ka baad me soochen ge.

Abhi aaj mujh se chipak kar so ja." Hum log ek dusre ko apne bahon me bhar kar so gaye. Jab ankh khuli to dekha ki subera ho gaya hai. Hum log jaldee se apne apne kapre pahane aur kamare ke bahar nikal aaye. Kamare se bahar nikalne se pahale Didi ne mujh se promise karwaya ki mai kisi ko bhi kal rat ki bat nahee bataun ga. Maine bhi Didi se promise
kiya ki kal rat ki bat kisi se bhi nahee bolunga ,

next Rat ko apne kamare me mai aur Didi kal rat ka khel jari rakha. Us rat mai bahut koshish karta raha, lekin didi ne mujh ko lund apne choot me dalne nahee diya. Didi ne apne hathon se mera lund pakar kar apni choot se laga kar ragartee rahee. Han, aaj Didi ne mera lund kal se jyada andar tak liya tha . Mai bhi man hi man me eh soch raha tha ki aaj nahee to kal rat mai apni Didi ki choot me apna lund dal kar chodun ga.

Didi bhi bahut garma gauee thee aur mai eh jan raha tha agar mai thora koshish karun to Didi mera lund apni choot me ghuserne de dengee.

Meri Didi apne saheli ki shadi se laut aayee haiaur wo mujhko dekh kar muskura kar ankh mar dee. Mai samajh gaya ki ab mai apni Didi ki choot me bhi pana lund pel sakta hun. Hum log thori der tak bate karte rahe aur rat ka khana khaya . Kareeb adha ghante ke bad mere sharer me ek ajeeb si shurshurahat hone lagee aur mujhko laga ki mera lund mera pant phar dega. sab soo gaye aur mai bhi apni Didi ke sath sone ke liye apne kamare me chala aaya. Kamare me aakar hum aur Didi baten karne lage.aur baten karty karty hum leat gay ,

Didi ne mujhe apne se lipta kar mujh kas kar chum liya aur boli, "bhai, mai kal rat ko bahut miss kiya hai. Mai aaj ki rat tumahre kal rat na hone ki sab badla le lunge." Mai samajh gaya ki Didi aaj ki rat apne chote bhai se apni choot phorwagee. Mai bhi Didi ki chunchee par apna hath pher kar, daba kar unko mast kar raha tha aur unke kapre utar raha tha. itni dear main papa ki awaz aai beta aa kar zara meri tangoon ko daba do .

main ja kar papa ki tangoon ko dabany laga aur jab papa so gye to main wapes Didi ke pas chala aaya. Didi apne aap ko ek chaddar se dhak kar so rahee thee. Mai kamare me ne pahunch kar Didi ke badan se chaddar kheench liya to dekha ki Didi bilkul nangee so rahee hai. Chadar kheenchte hi Didi jag gayee aur mujh se lipte hue boli, "bhai, meri chudai kar, mai apni choot ki khujlee se bahut pareshan hun. Tu aaj apna lund meri choot me dal kar uski aisee chudai kar ki uski saree khujlee dur ho jaye." Mujhe aur kya chahiye. Mi phir kareeb ek ghante tak Didi ki
sundar bhara bhara nangi badan se khelta raha.

Didi bhi bahut garam ho gayee thee aur apne hi hatho se apni choot me unglee karne lage aur mujh se boli, "bhaiya kyon satate ho, dal do na apna mast lund meri is rasilee choot me aur chod chod kar phar dalo. meri choot lund aur us ke chudai ke liye taras rahee hai. Ab jaldee karo aur mujhe chodo." Mai bhi ab tak garam ho gaya tha aur maine apna laura Didi ki choot ke ched se bhirate hue Didi se bola, "Didi kyon ghabaratee ho, abhi to rat puri paree hai. Mai aaj tum ko aisa chodun ga ki tumharee choot khul jaye gee aur kal tum theek tarike se chal nahee pao gee. Lo ab sambhalo apni choot aur ab mai apna laura tumharee choot me pelta hun." Didi mujh se lipte hue boli, "oh! bhaia meri choot to tumhara lund lilne ke liye khuli ki khuli hai. Tum ab dalo bhi, kyon der kar rahe ho." Phir mai Didi ki choot me apna lund ek hi jhatke ke sath dal diya aur Didi oh! oh! ahh! Mar dala bolne lagee.

Mere pahali jhatke ke sath hi Didi ki choot ki
jhilli phat gayee aur Didi chatpatane lagee aur bolne lagee, "oh! ahh! Bhai ab nikal lo. Lagta hai ki meri choot tune phar di hai. Mujhe apni choot dekhne de." Mai Didi ko chumte hue aur hath se unki chunchee ko dabate hue bola, "Didi ghabarao nahee, tumharee choot nahee uski jhilli phatee hai aur ab tum kumaree nahee balkee ek chudi chudai aurat ban gayee ho. Ab tum dil khol kar mere lund ke dhakke apne choot se khao aur choot ka pani nikalo." Mai eh kahate hue Didi ki choot me pana lund danadan pelta raha.

Thori der ke bad Didi ko bhi maza ane laga aur apne pair mere kamar par rakh kar mujh se lipte hue bole, "bhai, bara maza aa raha hai. Tum meri choot me lund se chot laga rahe ho aur mera sara badan halka ho raha hai. Chodo, chodo bhai aur tejee se chodo. Meri choot aaj itne dino ke bad apni pani chorne wali. Please is samay mat rukna. Aur jor jor se chodo. Mai ab jharne wali hun." Mai apna chodna rok kar Didi ka chehera dekh raha tha jo ki is samay choot chudai ki garmee se
chamak raha tha. Mere rukte hi Didi jhalla kar hum se boli, "sale bahanchod, humri itnee acchee choot tere ko mufat me chodne ko mik gaya to nakrha mar raha hai. Chod sale chod apni didi ki choot mar aur tejee se mar.

Sale gandu ruk kyon gaya, chod na apni Didi ki choot apne lund ke dhakke se." Mai Didi ki baton ko sun kar un ko ankhe phar phar kar dekhne laga. Waise Didi ki muh se gali bahut acchee lagee. Didi ne apni kamar uchal kar mera lund apne choot me phir se le liya aur mujh se boli, "mere acchee bhai, kyon tarpa raha. Aur 10-20 dhakke mar aur meri choot ka pani nikal de. Mai ab jharne wali hun. Is samay tu apni chudai jari rakh aur meri choot mar." Mai Didi ki bat sun kar phir se Didi ko chodna shuru kar diya aur tab tak pelta raha jab tak mera aur Didi ka pani na nikal gaya.

Didi ki pahali chudai khatam hote hi Didi mujh ko chumne lagee aur mujh se boil, "bhai bara maza aaya apni choot tujh se chudwane me. Sahi me tu bahut hi acchha chodta hai. Aaj meri choot tera lund kha
ke tar gayee. Ab bol tera kya programme hai, sone ka ya aur kuch karne ka." Mai Didi bat sun kar samajh gaya ki Didi apni choot pahalee bar chudwane ke bad bhi man nahee bhara hai. Isliye mai Didi ke nangee chunchee par hath pherte hue kaha, "Didi mera man ek chudai se nahee bhara. Mai chahata hun ki mai ek bar aur tumhara choot me apna lund ghuserun aur kas kas dhakka marte hue ek bar aur chodun." Didi mera bat sunte hi jhat se mera lund pakar liya aur mujh se boli, "tera lund pharak raha hai aur choot bhi phudak rahee hai tera lund ko khane ke liye.

Phir der kis bat ki chal phir se shuru karte hain apni chudai." Mai Didi ki bat sunte hi phir se unke upar char gaya aur unki chunchee hathon se pakar kar chusne laga. Phir mai Didi ke pair phaila diya ur unke beach baith kar dono hathon se unki choot phaila diya. Choot phaila ne ke bad mai Didi ki choot me apna muh laga diya aur un ki choot chusna shuru kar diya. Choot ki chusai shuri hote hi Didi apni kamar uthane lagee aur apni
choot mere muh par ragarne lagee.

Mai bhi Didi ki dono ****ar ko pakar kar jitnee dur tak jeev ja saktee hai apni jeev andar dal kar unki choot chatne laga aur chusne laga. Didi apni choot hum se chuswate hue thori der me hi jhar gaye. Jharne bad Didi uth mera laura apne hathon se pakar kar apne muh me bhar liya aur chusne lagee. Thori der ke bad mai bhi Didi ki muh ke andar jhar gaya aur Didi mera sara ka sara rash pee gayee. Thori der ke bad hum log nange hi ek dusre se lipt kar so gaye.

01-09-2009, 10:49 PM
thanks for sharing

01-09-2009, 10:49 PM
thanks for sharing

01-10-2009, 03:28 AM
Mera naam Rashmi hai ab mai 27 sal ki house wife hun.
Ye tab ki baat hai jab mai 9th standard me padhati thi. Mai behat khubsurat aur gori thi.
Meri height 5.2" feet, komal skin, rasile oth, bare bare boobs, rounded ass aur patali kamar,
matalab 35-24-25 ki figure thi, aur jab mai gali se jaati thi to sare mard muze ghur
ghur ke dekha karate the, kisi ki nazar muz se nahi hatati thi kyun ki wo meri sati hui gand jo
ki chalate vakt hilati raheti thi aur thar tharrate boobs dekhate the. mai top aur skirt ya
panjabi tight kurta dress pahenati thi. abhi mai ye bata kar aapko jyada
bore nahi karana chahati hun , aur mere sath ghati incident ko shuruvat karati hun.
Mai mere exams khatma hone ke baad ****tionka program banaya, meri ek saheli Neeta jo mere hi
class me padhati thi par wo usake chacha ke ghar pe raheti thi. Neeta ne muze vacation me usake
ghar bulaya, aur mai bhi tayar ho gayee. maine 1 hafta usake ghar rahene ka faisala kiya.
Aakhari paper khatma hone ke baad mai aur Neeta mere ghar se hokar usake uncle ke ghar gaye.
Waha pe hamane door bail bajai, us wakt usake uncle ne darawaja khola, uncle pajama-baniyan pahene
huye the, aur muze dekhakar khush hokar bole Neeta le aai tu Rashmiko, bahot achha kiya. Waise to
mera vaha ana-jana hone ke karan wo muze pahele se hi janate the, aur wo bhi muze hamesha ghurate
rahete the. Maine tight, low neck panjabi pahana tha, jisake karan mere bare bare boobs unake nazaron
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Wo bahot dhyanse mere boobs dekh rahe the aur mai unaki nazar dekha kar sharamake pani pani
ho rahi thi, mai mere boobs ekadum se chunari se dhak bhi nahi pai kyun ki fir unako insulting
feel hota tha. Wo jab nazar hata hi nahi rahe the to bich me Neeta boli, "Chachu bas karo kyaa
khaoge meri dost ko yahi, aapane kaha to mai use le aayee na, chalo Rashmi mai tumhe tumhara
kamara dikhati hun " aur Neeta muze andar le gaee. Tabhi muze pata chala ki Naata ke uncle ne
muze unake ghar rahene ko bulaya tha. Neetane muze kamara dikhaya aur boli ki yaha mai chachu ke
sath akeli raheti hun aur unaka sab angle se khyaal rakhati hun, unhe aur unake doston ki khatir
karati hun to tumhe kabhi lage to tum bhi mera saath de sakati ho. Mai to ye sunkar dang ho gai,
muze kuch ajib lag raha tha, fir se Neeta ne puchha "Kyaa huva tayar hai na". Fir mai thodi
ghabarake use han boli, fir Neeta boli "abhi tum naha ke tayar ho jao aur ye gown pahen ke dulhan
ke style me bed par baithi rahena, chacha aayenge kamare me to unhake charan sparsh karana thik hai".
mai haan boli aur fir wo chali galyee, aur mai nahayee aur usane diya gown, jo ki bahot hi transperent
tha, pahen liya aur wo jaisa boli bed par baithi, tabhi darawaja khula mai thar tharaake chup chap
baithi rahi dekha to chacha aaye, fir mai bed se uthi, maine bahot transeperent gown pahene tha,
aur inner's na hone ke karan, chacha muze puri nagi dekh rahe the, par mai ek majboor ki tarah
khari thi, maine unake charan sparsh kiye, mai khari hone ke karan unko pura view mil raha tha
iss liye mai jakar baith gaee. Chacha bole,
Chacha: tum kabhi sex kiya hai
Mai: nahi
Chacha: waa tab to maza aayega, tayar hai na tu kali se phul banane ko.
mai: jo bhi karoge muze takalif mat hone dena.
chacha: are tuze aaj mai ladaki se aurat banaunga, aur kab se tuze karane ka man tha
aaaj meri tamanna puri hogi, aaj tuze meri dulhan banaunga, baad me kal mera dost
bhi aa raha hai wo tune dekha rahega Usman, wo tuze dekhane ko hi aataa tha jab tu Neeta ke
saath aati thi. use khush karegi kyaa.
mai kuch nahi boli.
fir chacha ne meri hath ko haath me liya unake sparsh se mai mari gayee unaka haath kaafi rough
aur mote mote finger the.
Chacha : Kyaa naram hath hai tera, lagataa hai maza aayega.
Abhi dopahar ke 3 baj rahe the aur kaafi garmi ho rahi thi, chacha pajame aur baniyan pe the
wo 45 ke honge aur kafi hatte katte the. abhi chacha ne mera hath unake penis par pajame ke upar
hi rakha, mai to current laga waise udi aur mare sharam ke pani pani ho gayee.
Chacha : chahiye tuze ye. khelegi isse, abhi tu bari hogayee hai tera khilona aisa hi hoga.
chal le isse.
ye bol kar unhone pajama kholaa aur mere hath me unaka penis thamaya. maine pahe le kabhi bhi ye
nahi dekha tha wo 1.5 inch mota aur 6" lamba hoga.
Mai : ab kyaa karu
Chacha: are, isse pyaar kar, tere rasile othon se isse chum aur fir muh me le chat, fir
issamese cream aayega jo tuze khana parega. fir isse pyaa karate rahena jab ye tan jaaye to
isse mai tumhare andhar dalunga aur teri faad ke tuze aurat matalab kali se phul banaunga.
fir mai use sahelane lagi dekhate hi dekhate wo tan gaya aur bahut garm ho gaya fir chachane thora
aage aake mere ekadum othon ke pas laya aur bole chal muh khol aur chat isse.
mai pahe le to sankoch kiya par chacha ne mere bal muthi me pakar ke forucefully mere muh me thus
diya, usake size se mera aawaz band hoyaya aur mai use muh me liya.
Chacha: randi muh hila ab, dekh kyarahi hai, aur usake aage wale tok pe jib ghuma achhese,
kal usman ne muze complaint nahi karani chahiye, ki mai tuze nahi sikhaya, use ful hi ache
lagate hai kali nahi.
mai fir dhire dhire muh hilane lagi ,
chacha: sali harami jibh ghuma na thik se,
ye bol kar chacha ne mere gand par ek jordar thappad lagai jisak dard se mai sitsitai aur unhone
jaise kaha waisa jibh ghumane lagi.
ye 5 min chala aur chacha mere muh me gadhadh ghadha drav chore aur chillaye "uuuuu f aahhhh
sali randi majedar hai , itana naram muh hai ki mai jaldi jhar gaya isaka ekabhi bund waste mat kar".
jaisa chacha bole mai sara kha gai aur, kuch bund mere oth par aur bahete mere gale par aaye
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ko sehela rahethe, unhone fir bich me hi ungali undar dali aur mai mar gai. abhi unaka tan chuka
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unaka tips mere bhur par rakha aur dhakka lagana chalu kiya, wo jaise jasi dhakke lagate unaka mere
andar andar jata aur mai chillati 5-10 min me wo pure andar ja chuke the aur ab wo mere pe pure
havi ho chuke the. unhone pura badan muzape dal diya aur muze passionately smootch karane lage hum
ab ekadum ek hochuke the wo 15 min tak jor jor se mari care kiye bina muze fade ja rahe the aur
meri jib unake muh me khinch lene ke karan mera aawaz tak nahi nakal paaraha tha, 20 min ke bad
unhone dher sara ras meri yoni me chora . aur is bich mai 2 bar zar chuki thi. fir hum lipat
kar so gaye...
aage kyaa huva mai aapako baad me bataungi

01-10-2009, 03:39 AM
Hello, my name is Raghu.I am a graduate and work in a software company. The incident deals with one of my closest and best friend Vineet and his younger sister Neha. We had been friends since 8th standard. Then we joined the same junior college. But we departed for graduation.

Neha was 5 yrs younger than us, me & Vineet being of the same age. She was quite playful,always cheerful and good looking. We used to call her dolly as she looked like a doll. She respected me a lot & considered me next to his brother. I was too fond of her & always considered her as a kid. But the year 2003 changed our life completely. I was invited for Neha's 18th birthday.I bought a nice gift and went to Vineet's home. Every preparation was over & we were waiting for Neha to arrive at the scene. And when she arrived,my eyes got wide open when I saw her and I coudn't dare to blink them. For me, she was the most beautiful & senseous girl I have ever seen in my life. For the first time I stared at her body.She was wearing body tight Jeans & Top.

I was surprised to see that her boobs were beautifully developed. There were perfectly cone shaped and of perfect size. As the top had low neck,for the first time I saw slight cleavage of hers. As she walked towards us, the V-shape of her pubic region looked as provocative as her butt. Overall she was looking like an angel.When she bent down to blow the candles,her low nacked top revealed some great cleavage.It was really a mouth watering sight.For the first time I had dirty thoughts about her in my mind. That night I tried to forget about it but it was impossible. Then some days passed. I used to go to vineet's house to meet him as usual. She wud also meet me. She always considered me as her brother but from my side the things had changed. She was no longer sister for me. I had pics of her 18th birthday. I used to masterbate while watching her pics.I wanted her badly.Then one day my college friends Ronit and Sandy saw pics of her on my pc and enquired about her.

I told her the details & about my passion for her. Then we began to talk dirty about her. In this discussion Sandy came up with an idea of abducting her.First me and Ronit disapproved of it but he assured of a perfect plan.After some thinking, we thought about the things we could do with her when she is alone with us and so we all decided to abduct her as planned by Sandy. Then for some days we watched,when & where she goes. We saw only one chance of abducting her when she uses a short cut path in the evening which used to be deserted. Then the D-day came. Before her arrival on that path,we spreaded some nails and thorns which could puncture the tyres fo the bike. We masked ourselves and kept a van ready which was arranged by me and Ronit.My heart was beating fast.I knew this was wrong but my passion for her was beyond my control. Then we saw her coming. After crossing over those nails, the tyres got busted and she came to abrupt stop. She looked very frightened.Then as she was looking at the tyres, silently we came from her behind and covered her face with a cloth & holded it tightly so she cud not scream. Hurriedly we lifted her & placed her inside the van and started it.

With our masks on, we removed the cloth from her face. She began to plead for help. I blind folded her and then gagged her and tied her hands and legs. We removed our masks and heaved a sigh of relief that everything was going as planned. We took her to an isolated cabin found by Sandy earlier. We took her inside and tied her from the ceiling such that she remained suspended in air some inches above the ground equal to our height. She tried to struggle a lot but invain. Sandy & Ronit talked dirty with her. I also wanted to do so but feared that she wud recognise my voice. So I put cotton in her ears and tied a cloth over it. I untied her legs.She was still trying to struggle and scream.I slapped her hard 4-5 times. Then she kept quiet.

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But the main problem was that no one was ready to marry her as the news had spread everywhere. Vineet was very worried about her future. At this point I thought I can make amends for what I have done. So I told him that I was ready to marry her. He embraced me & told me that he believed in me and then he told me the thing which after hearing I almost lost my concious.

He told me that before that rape,his family members thought that I was suitable match for Neha for marriage. After hearing this, I realised my mistake. I cursed myself a lot but there was no use now. Now me & Neha are happily married.Her family members & she are still clueless about the culprits who raped her & I don't have the courage to tell the truth.I twas the biggest mistake of my life. So friends, don't ruin others life as it can ruin yours too.

01-10-2009, 03:39 AM
Hi I am prakash and I am a regular reader of HumanDigest stories. Today I am going to tell you how I had sex with my sneha aunty. First let me tell you something about myself I am a 29 years old and married with two kids this incident happend in my college days. My mother’s sister who was 2 years older than me came and settled in Bangalore from Kerala with there family they were my mothers two sisters my grandmother and my meternal uncle they were staying seperatly in house near my house.
My auntys would visit us on holiday or some times to help my mother in the cooking and other house hold works and sneha aunty was very attractive with nice pair of tits and round buttoms we would always play some games and some times listen to her reading some stories and jokes from the malayalam weekly because I did not know to read malayalam.
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For almost two months and after my exams were over i planned to go further in this matter and now I would ask her to read some romantic stories and some bad jokes from the books to which she objected first saying that it is not for boys of my age and our rubbing continued. One fine day my parents along with my grand parents went to kerala on some work for three days leaving
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01-10-2009, 03:40 AM
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01-10-2009, 03:47 AM
This morning I woke up early and walked naked downstairs to the dressing room. There as always were the garments my Wife had laid out for me in a perfect order. The panties were pink with small white polka dots and there was a matching chemise. To the right were white stockings and a white garter. I looked around as if someone were watching, a small, embarrassed smile on my face.

I showered and shaved my pubic region as was my custom now each and every morning. Then my legs. Then I dressed as my Wife had taught me. First the chemise, then my panties, then the stockings and garter. I took a deep breath and walked into the hallway, stopping for a moment to look at myself in the floor to ceiling mirror. I still shocked myself sometimes. Here I was, a 280 pound, 6 foot three man that most would imagine to be domineering, standing there like a sissy boy. Okay, not like a sissy boy. I was a sissy boy, my Wife's little boy.

It was Saturday morning and my Wife was sleeping in. My duties, which she had written out for me the night before were on the counter:

My sweet boy, clean the kitchen and bathroom and scrub all the floors. When that is done bring me breakfast in bed, some toast and strawberry jam, orange juice, and coffee.

Love your Wife.

I worked fast but I was thorough. The last thing I wanted was to be admonished for not going a good job with the cleaning. Then I made her breakfast and carried it up on the silver tray. Usually she was still asleep but on this day she was already sitting up in bed. It was obvious she had been up for a while as her hair was perfect, her make up on, and her lips were dark cherry red. She had changed from her nightgown into a see through black robe.

:Good morning, Goddess," I said. "I have your breakfast."

She smiled but said nothing. I set the tray on her lap and then went to the corner as was my routine. Slowly, I pulled my pink panties just beneath my ass cheeks, spread my legs, and bent over slightly, and I waited.

My Wife liked to see me that way, my ass slightly spread open for her.

She didn't speak for a while. I could hear myself breathing and I was nervous. My cock was hard in anticipation of what might happen. Then, in a matter of fact tone, she whispered, "Spread."

Dutifully, I reached around with both hands and opened my ass cheeks wider for her.

My wife sighed and then chuckled. "You do look rather like a sissy, don't you?"

"Yes, Goddess," I said.

"Perhaps later I will have you help me into my strap on so I can abuse your sissy ass. Would you like that, boy?"

"It does not matter what I like," I whispered.

"True. It appears you are learning your place."

I listened to the rustling as my Wife got out of bed. The floor creaked as she passed behind me toward the bathroom. "Crawl," was all she said.

I dropped to my knees and crawled after her into the bathroom. She stood by the toilet waiting for me to lift the lid, which I did with my mouth. I knelt to the side while she relieved herself. "I am done now," she said.

I rearranged my position so that as she stood I could place my face between her legs and clean the last drops of her release. She lifted one leg so I could have better access and I believe I heard a slight moan escape her lips.

Gently, she pushed my head away and then turned around and leaned over. She did not need to say anything. I buried my face between her ass cheeks and licked her ass clean. She had not relieved herself that way, but it would have made no difference if she had. Each day was the same. I cleaned her after she went to the bathroom. There was no way my Goddess would ever suffer the unpleasantness of wiping herself clean. That was my job.

She left me kneeling there and got back into bed. I washed my hands and face and brushed my teeth and crawled back into the bedroom to find her lying face down on the bed, her ass high in the air, a pillow under her belly. I slid up to the bed and without hesitation, began kissing her sweet white ass.

"Deeper," she moaned.

Slowly, I spread her ass cheeks wide until I had a clear view of her ass hole. I leaned in and kissed it and licked it for a while before I covered it with my mouth and began sucking her there. My Wife used me like that for an hour and then she rolled over and spread her legs. Her pussy was wet from my saliva dripping down from her ass and from her own juices.

"Bathe in my juices," she said softly.

I pushed my face into her wet pussy and rubbed my face up and down all over her open lips until I was dripping with her. Only then was I allowed to suck her to orgasm.

It was nearly noon – time to go grocery shopping. As she dressed, I readied myself.

I retrieved the anal plug from the wooden box we kept on the dresser, lubed it up and then pushed it into my ass. I slipped on pants over my stockings and panties and then put on a shirt.

My Wife loved to humiliate me this way. Sometimes at the grocery store she would have my unbutton my shirt just enough to allow a view of my chemise. She always shopped dressed in a way that was provocative but never slutty. She showed just enough cleavage to whet men's appetite, but never gave them a second glance as their heads turned in her direction.

The last time we went grocery shopping, we went out for a coffee at Starbucks. We were halfway through our brew when she reached into her purse and handed me a condom. Again, there was no need for her to say anything. I went to the bathroom, slipped the condom on and masturbated into it. We left after that.

In the car, she looked at me with a wry smile.

I showed her the condom.

"I see you had a lot on your mind," she chuckled.

Then, without any prodding, I lifted the condom to my lips and poured my own cum down my eager mouth. All the while we shopped she made me chew on the condom as if it were gum.

01-10-2009, 03:52 AM
Kim Sharma hung up the phone, she was pissed, Yuvraj would not be coming home for her party, she didnt care if the world cup was on. He was the only thing she had going for her at this time, her career had never taken off, she had already fucked everyone in the industry atleast twice. Even the threat of her taking two guys at a time did not elicit the kind of response she wanted. Little did she know that Yuvraj in a few hours would be cumming inside Mandira.

Fuming, she wondered how she could get back at him. She was in the lobby of the Hyatt, a place where she had had many a fuck session with Yuvi, entering the lobby itself used to make her wet, the Hyatt to her was a fuckland, coming here meant cumming. She scanned the lobby for two people she could fuck and then decided she would really go down the scale on this one.

She headed up to her room and entered the elevator, the elevator boy was a simple chap, nothing spectacular, she caught him trying to take a sideways glance at her, she couldnt blame him, she might not be a good actress but at 5 feet 3 she was a hot body with decent tits, she knew she was a fuckable and attractive girl and had tried to use that to get up the Bollywood ladder.

"You" she said out loud to the elevator boy who froze. His life begant to flash before him.. "you like to look huh" the boy continued to look ahead as if frozen stiff. "Look at me when i am talking to you" snarled Kim. The elevator boy "Ajay" his name tag said. "Ajay, i know you LIKE to look, so LOOK" Ajay turned around to look at her.

"Now, you listen and listen good. Get your fucking supervisor and be in my room in 10 minutes and dont bother speaking" Ajay could only simper, he did not know what was to happen. Kim walked out in a huff and Ajay walked her tight ass in a short skirt and wondered what was going to happen to his family once he lost his job.

Ill show Yuvraj she thought. He liked this body, he got pleasure from being inside it, from licking it, from fondling it, now she was going to have two ordinary guys inside her while he would be sitting there with his dick in his hand.The fucking bastard she thought. This despite all the times she had gotten her industry friends home to fuck for him. She did enjoy watching him pound other women, sometimes she got in the middle of it to play with his parts that she normally didnt play with.

The time he was fucking her best friend Priti Janghiani she had gotten in the middle to put her finger between his cock and balls and her tongue inside his ass. Disgusting she thought now but didnt then.. it had really sent Yuvraj over the edge, it sucked that he was inside Priti then because she was sure he would have made her cum on her face. Priti hated cum on her face...

There was a knock on the door, Ajay was there with his head lowered, his manager another ordinary looking chap, Krishna was behind him. "Get the fuck, inside" Krishna, shocked at the tone hurried inside and tried to defuse the sitation "Madam, please dont be upset, Ajay is a new.." she put up her hand to stop him from talking.

"listen, i dont need an apology, i need two hard cocks, right now or you will lose your jobs" At first both Krishna & Ajay wondered if they had heard things right. "mmmmmm madam" said Krishan. "Yes, you heard it, I, Kim Sharma, bollywood starlet needs to cocks right now to avenge her insult. So either you two give me your hard cocks or ill get them from the gatekeeper" the moment she said that she regretted calling these two idiots in. The gatekeeper looked like he had a tripod in his pants.

"UNZIPPPP" she shouted.

01-10-2009, 03:54 AM
Kim Sharma Story Part 2

For those who cant remember what Kim looks like



the words rang out in their ears and hung around in the air. This Bollywood actress was asking them to unzip their pants and take their cocks out. Ajay wondered what he had gotten himself into. His sex life consisted of masturbating three times a day and that was pretty much it.

Krishna on the other hand, being in the hotel industry for the last 5 years had seen his share of scandalous behavior by Bollywood types. He had fucked his share of tourists and the odd white Russian whores, so he had a taste for pussy but this was def better grade than what he had before. Kim was not the biggest star but she had done enough movies to be a bonafied movie star.

"Bahar Nikalo (take it out) what the fuckkkk are you waiting for" the shriek brought them both out of their thoughts and they hurriedly unzipped. Krishna, a veteran fucker had his cock out and it stood there limp. Ajay, a virgin could not control his excitemen, Kim's outrageous behaviour had given him the most painful hard on he could remember.

She walked up to them looked down and smiled. "Is this your first time" she asked Ajay, who would have turned red had he not been so tanned from working in the sun in his village. She grabbed his cock and a huge gasp escaped form his lips, he had never had a woman touch his cock before never one that looked like this. She met his eyes, Ajay could not understand the look but he knew this woman was at least sexually a complete and total man eater. She started to rub his cock and pull at it. Stroking it, she watched as Ajays breathing got harder.

Krishna, on the other hand could not control himself much longer and watching Kim giving a handjob to one of his colleagues made the blood rush to his cock and it began to rise. "Finally, khada hua" (it rose) she sniggered and caught it with her other hand and now she was with two cocks in her palms. Krishna, thought why not try for some more and he grabbed her breast. Kim paused, looked at him and offered him a tight slap.

Krishna was stunned and confused. "You dont touch me unless i ask you, do you understand" Krishna nodded. The slap was humiliating but this was def worth it. She unzipped her dress and pulled of a shoulder and exposed her bra. "Pakdo" (grab) she met his eyes and Krishna obeyed. He fondeled her breasts and she held his gaze, until a soft smile returned to her.

She turned her attention to Ajay, he was the weak one and she would enjoy this.
"Maza araha hain na, you are enjoying Kim Sharma touching your cock" Ajay did not, could not answer. He only wondered if his father who told him he would amount to nothing could see him now. "do you want to get inside here" she said while raising her skirt. Ajays eyes rose and he nodded. "good"

She left the two cocks, turned around and walked towards the bed. She unzipped the dress further and let it fall. She let them see her from behind and then off went the bra. Watching Kim standing there with only her panties and her heels reminded them of the pornos they had watched and it seemed eerily similar. She turned her head as far as it would snapped her fingers and said "Chalo" (come on)

01-10-2009, 03:55 AM
The two more or less rushed over towards her and stopped right next to her. "Remove it" she said pointing towards their pants, with their dicks sticking out. She then proceeded to sit on the bed with the two cocks at sucking level. "okay, now the rules, you only do what i say, agreed" Krishna & Ajay nodded.

"you cum you leave, okay" they nodded.

she looked at Ajay, sure he would not be able to last more than a minute of heavy sucking. She grabbed him by the waist and put his engorged cock into her mouth. Ajay damn near passed out and instinctively grabbed her head she immediately stared up at him and he quickly let go. She began to move his waist using her hands in a fucking motion, instead of sucking on the cock she formed a ring round the cock and began to move it in and out.

The friction was of course too much to bear for Ajay, Krishna meanwhile could only stand their with his dick hard. Watching any woman suck a dick was hot enough on tv, watching one in real life, a movie star no less was like a gift from heaven. He was wondering when those lips would make it to him.

Meanwhile Ajay felt like he was getting his life sucked out of him, he felt a pressure building in his balls and his toes began to curl. Again, he grabbed her by the head and began to pump, Kim got upset and stared up again, however Ajay was lost in the paradise of her mouth and his pumping began to get harder as Kim gagged and began to thrash.

However Ajays hold on her was tight, she could do nothing except let him fuck her mouth. His thrusting was very quick and inexperienced but then he was not in this for the delayed pleasure, he only wanted to cum and he did. There was plenty of cum and it was all over the inside of Kims mouth, the thrusting stopped and Ajay let go of her head.

Kim naked, got up and looked at Ajay in the eye, she was on fire. She wanted to be in control, she wanted to fuck these two idiots and have them cum inside her so Yuvraj would be humiliated but instead these two chodus (fuckers) had taken advantage of her.

"Madarchod (motherfucker)" she said out loud, staring at Ajay in particular, who had cum in her mouth but now was back to reality and scared shit. Even Krishnas cock had limped out having seen this. He knew this would end badly for him.

She turned around, seething with anger, she saw herself in the mirror there was cum in her hair, on her chin and around her lips. Besides the bit that went down her throat. She wondered this was humiliating enough, something Yuvraj owned had been used by a nobody and the smile returned to her face for a second and dissappeared.

She turned around. "because you have abused my trust, because you have disobeyed my orders you will now be punished" Krishna blurted out"but madam maine to kuch nai kiya" (i didnt do anything) "aur kuch karoge bhi nai" (and you wont either)

their faces fell.

She told them she would count till three, if they didnt leave in those 3 seconds she would scream molestation and rape and they would all end up in prison. "One" she said loud and clear. Krishna & Ajay ran the fuck out of the room naked with their pants in hand.

Kim looked at herself, took her camera out and then took a picture of her face,smiling, cum streaked. She would use it when she really wanted to hurt Yuvi the most.

01-10-2009, 03:56 AM


Aishwarya & Amar Singh

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, the 1/3 of the powerful Bacchan entity was upset, she was infact fucking livid. Her part in the Pink Panther had been cut to shreds and she was just another character in the film. Her last hit Guru had been out more than a year ago and her only film oncoming was a Tamil film. She had nothing in the kitty, she neither Hollywood nor Bollywood bound.

On top of it all, she now always mentioned in conjunction with the Bacchans be it her father in law or her husband, she was not a pillar like she used to be. Abhisheks last filmed had tanked to the tune of Rs.30 Crore, even though it did not come out of their pocket it had damaged their brand value and Abhishek also had to take a price cut.

She was in a happy and stable relationship which was damaging her career. So she thought she would talk to Amar Singh, their family friend, confidant and international fixer and met him at his Delhi home. The house was just insane,beyond extravagant, even the Bacchans did not live in a space like this she thought.

it was the first time she had been to the house in fact it was the first time she was to meet him without anyone from her family present. She had heard the rumours about him and Jaya Pradha and even Bipasha but it had always been hearsay and he had always been cordial. Besides, why would they interact with a man who was known to be such a star fucker.

She waited in the living room for him and was wondering what she really wanted from the meeting. What could he really do? get her a movie , probably not, nothing she couldnt get for herself. She just wanted advice and a way of raising her profile even in her own house.

Lost in her thoughts she heard Amar Singh call out to her "Beti, you are here"

01-10-2009, 03:56 AM
She looked up to see Amar Singh walking up towards her, he was short & stocky but a pleasant chap. She got up herself and touched his feet. He grabbed her by the shoulder and held her for a second, enjoying having her bending over in front of him but he immediately broke the gesture by lifting her and saying "rehne do, rehne do"

then holding her by her wrist he asked her to sit down. Aish, tried to move a little further away but Amar wouldnt let go, he pointed to a seat next to him on the couch and they both sat down. "Amitji & abhishek kaise hain" he asked her, directly looking at her eyes. "they are fine Amarji she replied" feeling very uncomfortable, she had never really had him look at her directly and for a moment she was confused.

"Accha, i know there must be something wrong, or you would not have come to seem me when i am alone" he said. "Batao, kya bat hain" (tell me what it is) Aish, hesitated and then went on to tell him how she felt her career was in a free fall, when only 4 years ago she was set for Hollywood. Now she was neither here nor there and being married on top her choice for films was really narrow. She poured her heart out for 20 minutes and Amar sat their silently.

Once Aish was done. Amar looked away and was quiet for a few seconds. He turned back at her and said "Aishwarya, your career in Bollywood is going to be over very soon" Aish was shocked, she got visibly disturbed. "burra mat mano" dont feel bad.

"The truth is he" went on "You didnt commit to Bollywood or Hollywood" and "then you got married" pausing, he looked at Aish, who looked at him directly with heavy, hurt eyes. "the man who watches movies in India is poor, sad and angry and goes for escape and romance, which they dont have" he put his hand on her hand. "no one wants to fuck a married woman" Aish was a little shocked, this was truly unexpected but she was still too upset to speak.

"When they see a woman with your once in a life time beauty they want you to be theirs and only theirs" he squeezed her hand. "now you belong to another, which is why your market is near over"

She started to sob. first slowly then a little faster. Amar watched her, even while crying she was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Many a time he had watched her from near and wondered what a beautfiful creature like this must be in bed. Jaya Pradha had been his fav actress and he rememberd fucking her the first time. He had cum in 5 strokes, thereafter he had used oils to prolong his cocks capability.

"what do i do now" the soft, crying voice brought him back to the present. "do not worry, i am here for you" that made her lift her head and look at him. "what will you do" she said like a petulant child. Amar laughed, poor girl had no idea what he could do. "do you know, if there is a problem doing business in India, i am the first one they go to fix things"

"yes but this is the movie business" Amar laughed some more. "I know" he put her hand on her chin and lifted it. "ill show you what i can do" he picked out his mobile and called a number. "Peter, this is Amar from Delhi, yes, i am fine, tell me how are your plans for the Indian venture working out" he listened for a bit. Then he went on nodding and stuff. throughout the time he did not let go of Aishwarys hand.

"Okay, that is great news. I have even better news. You know my commission we agreed on the deal. Well ill give you a 50% discount if you can sign my daughter in law Aishwarya to a 3 picture deal" Aishwarya was suddenly feeling very focused. Amar Singh went on for a bit. "okay. Done, see you doon. Thanks Peter"

he looked at Aish. "there, done"

Aish went wide eyed, Amar saw this and his cock stirred. "what was that" she asked.

"That was Peter Gruber. Head of Sony pictures. A few investors from India are buying into one his subsidiary companies, its a $400 million deal and i have put it together with approvals and my commision is 2% or $8million"

"wow" she went.

"yes, so now, i asked him to give me only $4million and sign you to a 3 picture deal"

Aish could not contain her smile

"And" she asked.

"He not only agreed, he guranteed atleast one Summer blockbuster but he will not pay you over $1million per movie"

"oh, thats fine she said"

she could not contain her elation. she hugged Amar Singh who immediately got lost in her smells. Her hair her little back which he could see down to the hint of the peach coloured panties which just hinted from the back of her saree.

"oh this is the best thing that could happen"

"dont tell this to your family" he said, "or they will never let it happen"

Soon her smile was gone. "what? why"

"you think with their recent failures they want to see you a woman succeed"

"But they love me"

"yes they do, only until you can be controlled"

Aish started to cry again. This was truly shocking. She had been happy with no career now she had a boost but she was to lose her family again. She was not only crying but she was also seething.

She put her hands to her face and Amar edged closer. He put her arms around Aishwarya and tried to comfort her while his cock tried to burts throug his pants. He looked at her flat stomach exposed, happy she had worn a saree, he loved women in sarees.

"Beti, ro mat, itna accch hua hain tere liye" dont cry, its a good thing thats happened.

"How can i thank you Amarji" she said in the muffled sobs. She felt his hand on his head and thought he was being patronly. But then she felt it push her gently down.

What was he doing, she wondered. Amar on the other hand thought this was the best chance. She had been through a state of anger, happiness and now again anger. She was vulnerable and he held a key to 3 blockbusters and millions of dollars for her. it would never be the same opportunity again.

Aishwarya was confused only for a second, then she realised why she was never alone with Amar singh why those rumours flew around and why there was no one at home. Amar Singh was really sure of himself and while pushing Aish towards his cock, unzipped and pulled it out.

Aishwarya saw the cock, she knew what she had to do. What was a little blowjob, she had given enough. She let Amar Singh guide her to it and put her mouth around it and then flicked her tongue over it.

Amar Singh lost control for a brief second as he felt the warmth of the mouth of the most beautiful woman on earth around his hard cock. She began to bob her head up and down and suck. Amar Singh immediately thought how it felt just like he thought it would. He ran her hand through her head, he had no desire to fuck her, she was in his family but this was something he did not want to die without doing.

He let her bob, move her tongue up and down his cock, making it wet with her saliva. after a few seconds he said "apna hath mein bhi to lijiye" please take it in your hands too.

She would not look up because she was embarassed but Amar caught that and gave his cock to her hand and gently pulled her face up to see her. "Mujhe thoda dogi to kuch galat to nahi hoga na? meine bhi to diya hain" she tried to evade looking at him but couldnt. She heard him, it was only fair. She nodded and then gulped his cock with gusto.

01-10-2009, 03:57 AM
Amar could feel the difference, his little question had made its impact, the fear had left Aish and now she was only out to give Amar his dose of pleasure. he could feel it in the way her head was moving up and down on his cock.

She kept glancing up once in a while to make firm eye contact with him so he could see his cock in her mouth. The saliva trickling out of her sides, her red lipstick had rubbed all over his cock and he could see the map of what all her mouth had touched.

Amit bhai would not be happy to see this but it was his right, he was being considerate enough by not even wanting to see her naked. All he wanted was a little cock sucking. It was fair and he would not feel guilty about it.

Her hands were on his balls and were gently rubbing them against her palm reaching behind them trying to find his sweet spot. Amar continued to rub her head lightly with his fingers and played with her hair while Aish continued to suck. Every so often she would stop to catch her breath.

During one of her pauses Amar gasped and pointed to his foreskin "Beti, iske charo aur chato please" (lick around this) Aish paused and did as she was asked. She flicked her tongue in small quick motions, twisting her tongue and lapping like a cat and at times like a snake, around his foreskin.

This was an act of supreme pleasure for Amar, Jaya Pradha, his former fantasy and fuck buddy was the first one who started doing this. As Jaya had crossed 45 her pussy was not what it once was. Therefore she had begun experimenting with her tongue, one such time he had discovered this pleasure. It was immense, it made Amar want to jump off the couch.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled Aishwarya off his cock and looked at her. "Bus beti bus, ab khatam karo" (enough, finish it) Aish made a fist around his cock, grabbed it and began to jerk it up and down. She had damn near lock jaw from being on his cock for nearly 30 mins straight. She was happy to do this.

Amar never stopped looking at her, Aishwarya suddenly felt awkward again from his gaze, even though she had put her mouth on his cock and was now jerking him off to completion she felt a little embarassed. His look did not last long, she was jerking him off so hard and fast she could barely see her hand.

"oooooooooooooooooooooooh" Amar Singh moaned as the cum spurted ouf of his cock and flew up, over and across Aishwaryas hands, over Amar Singhs pants and also on portions of her Saree.

"Bus, Bus beti bus" (thats it child, thats it)

She looked at her hand it was full of cum, Amar caught her gaze "chakhogi kya" he asked cheekily, Aishwarya smiled an embarassed smile, Amar too laughed.

"Nischint hokar jau, sab accha hoga beti"

Amar got up and walked away. Aishwarya wondered what she had done and how appropriate it was.

She told herself a handjob was not sex. So she had really not done anything wrong. She went through the box of kleenex she had in her bag and wondered who would star in her first full fledged Summer blockbuster.

Amar Singh went into his room and called Jaya Pradha "aapki yad a rahi thi" (was thinking about you)


01-10-2009, 03:59 AM
Kashmira Shah & The taking of her gaand.



Kashmira & Krushna had been dating for nearly a year and had been living together for nearly six months. They wanted to take things to the next level but Krushna always made it a point to avoid the conversation. The night before last she had cornered him at his most vulnerable by withholding her pussy right when he was at the brink of orgasm. The truth was provided to her then, Krushna had said his uncle Govinda did not want him to marry her and he would be disowned if he did. She had been very upset on hearing this, Krushna was just making some headway in the Bhojpuri business while her career had stagnated over the course of their courtship. She was nearly 34 which means she was practically a grandmother, the only thing she would be offered was some TV vamp jobs, which were bascially a stepping stone from prostituition.

She needed the Govinda family acceptance, now especially since Govinda had recieved mainstream acceptance again with films like Partner. She decided to face the problem head on, she called up Govindas secretary and pleaded for an appointment. He asked her to come over to his shoot at Film City at 4pm the same day. Kashmira was excited, she was sure she could convince Govinda to approve of their marriage, once he was agreed the rest of the family would automatically follow suit.

She reached the shoot and was asked to wait in his trailer. She was happy, Govinda apparently wasnt at the shoot yet, Haribhai, his manager and secretary came into the trailer. "Kashmira ji, you know that just talking to you is considered a crime in our Govindajis circle" Kash's face fell, this is not how she hoped it would go. "Haribhai, where is Govindaji" "Kashmiraji, Govindaji is not here, he wont be coming to the shoot, today. In fact he is leaving for a 4 week outdoor tonight" Kash, confused, the smile had long gone on her face. "Phir apne mujhe yaha kyu bulaya?"

He smiled a smile Kashmira knew very well. She had been in the industry for nearly 10 years, the smile usually ended up with Kash in cocks and cum. "Arre Kashmiraji, ap Krushna ki hone wali Biwi hain yane meri Bhabhi, dariye mat, Govindabhai se mein apki meeting fix kar raha hu aj sham ki" Kashmira was further confused and then releived, she smiled, wide which encouraged Hari to go on. " Bus mein bhabhi ji ke mamme dekhna chahta hu" (i just want to see my sister in laws breasts) the smile vanished and her famous temper flared. She stood up, seething "how dare you, you ba" but Hari didnt let her "Dekhiye, Kashmiraji, mein sab janta hu, the orgy you had with Feroz Khan during Janasheen, the cocks you sucked to get into Big Boss" Kashmira stopped mid sentence. "Apko dikhane hain to dikhaiye, nai to jaiye" (if you want to show them, do or go on"

Kashmira felt cornered. She had stopped doing this filmi sex stuff for the year she had been dating Krushna but this was a delicate moment. She had to meet Govinda and this was her way.. She pulled of her demure chunni and unzipped her kurti. She had dressed soberly to impress her uncle in law to be but such is life. She took off the kurti and lifted her bra. All happened very quickly, Hari who was until now a mountain of calm felt greedy, his eye slit up at her breasts. They were bigger than they seemed in the outfit though there was a very slight hint of a sag. His cock stirred and he reached out to touch them. Kashmira waited and grabbed his hand when they were near. "Apne dikhane ko kaha tha, chune ko nahi" (you asked to show, not to touch)

Haribhai wanted a grope really bad, "kya chahti ho" (what is you want)

"Govindaji ko phone lagaiye aur fix keejiye" Haribhai dialled and set up the evening meeting.


"theek hain, daba lo" (ok, squeeze them)

01-10-2009, 04:00 AM
That evening Kashmira met Govinda at Haribhais place. At first Kash did not understand why they were meeting there, however Hairbhai after having mauled her breasts for 10 minutes and trying to lick them at which point Kash pushed him off told her that they could not meet publicly because Kash has been banned from even being mentioned.

Govinda was sitting in the living room waiting, Kash walked in, he did not ge up. "Chachaji" she said doing a namaste. He nodded at a seat and she took it. The next minute was painfully silent. Kash began to feel aware of Govindas gaze and decided to break the ice. "Chachaji, Krushna and i love each other and want to marry, he respects you a great deal and we will not make any moves till you give us our blessing"

Govinda listened to her. Nodded. "Krushna accha baccha hain, par usse tum shadi nai kar sakti" Kash felt really let down, this was not going well. "Chachaji par kyu nain" There was silence and then spoke. "Dekho, main bhi Neelam se pyar karta tha, uske sat soya bhi tha par usse shadi nai kar paya, mere ghar walo ne kaha tha ke film wali bahu nai chalegi" he let that hang in the air. "Aur woh log sahi the, filmi aurte nai jamti hamare jaise traditional gharo mein" (you cant marry a movie star, they cant live in a traditional household. i too was in love with Neelam, i fucked her too but couldnt marry her. my folks wouldnt let me and they were right)

"Ab tum socho, tum ek raand se zara si upar ho, fir main kya apne ghar mein dhandha laga du" Kash again let her temper get the better of her "Yeh ap kya keh rahe hian, i love your nephew, he loves me, you cant call me a whore" Govinda then told her he knew about how Feroz Khan had watched her get taken by three men, before he himself went out and fucked Celina. That was not the only story he had heard.

Kash's face fell. She had been a whore but there was not ONE actress that hadnt fucked or sucked for parts. "Par mein usse pyar karti hu" she wailed. "i love him" "show me" she heard. "What" Govinda was standing near her and she became acutely aware of his erection. "If you love him so much, prove it" Kash was confused. She stood up, she was a good 5 inches taller than Govinda, in her heels she was nearly a foot taller.

He was looking at her for a second, then he looked at her chest, "Hari bata raha tha ke tere mamme zabardast hain" (Hari said your breasts were great) Kash was flabbergasted but Govinda went on. "Agar tujme itna pyar hain, to thoda mujhe bhi de" (if you have so much love in you, share some with me too) "chachaji" kashmira pleaded ..

"Are kya chachaji, mera lund nai hain kya" (dont i have a cock) "Chal, khadi ho" (come get up) he grabbed her by her hand and took her to a table. "Yeh ap kya kar rahe hain" (what are you doing) she said but Govinda didnt care. he pressed into her and began to unzip her top. She could feel his erection in her back and she knew that this was going to be just like any other audition.

The salwar came off and he was not kissing her back, while trying to untie her pyjamas. Kashmira was crying but Govinda did not care, pussy is pussy and Kash was such a slut onscreen that he really wanted to get some play for himself. His nephew would understand if and when he gained success, that certain perks came with power and fame.

Govinda lightly bit Kash's neck and one of his fingers found her pussy. Her back was impressive, long, lean and dark. She was a dusky beauty this one, kind of like Bipasha (who he hadnt fucked) but with not as sharp features. His hand went around and also grabbed her tits. Now Kash was being mauled again, this time by her uncle in law to be. He had one of her tits in his hand and was squeezing them, his other hand was in her pussy which was beginign to get wet. His tongue was on her neck.

Kash decided that the point of no return had been crossed, she might as well show him what a whore she could be. She put her between his legs and grabbed his crotch, searchign for the zipper. Govinda did not realise till the cock was in her hands. He felt a familair warmth on his cock and then Kash squuzed and pulled it forward rubbing it between her ass crack.

Govinda felt completely lost in pleasure, he did not realise what was going on. His eyes were shut and his tongue was salivating. He heard Kash spit, and then he felt a pain on his cock. He looke down, Kash had taken his cock and slowly began to shove it into her asshole.

"OOOh" moaned Govinda. "Kitna tight hain" (Its so tight) she then let him enter inside slowly, the movement was slow as Kash got used to the cock in her ass. Govinda was moving slowly because he wasnt sure, he had not fucked that many asses, lasting long was never his strong point anyway. Kash was being really careful, she had over reached herself by offering her ass and neither of them were familiar with ass fucking.

"chod na" (forget it) govinda shoved it in. Kash gripped the sides of the table and screamed in agony. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" 'what are you doing' she cried out but her ass began to accomodate the size, thank fully Govinda was not huge.
There was withdrawal and another thrust. Govinda was not comofortable as Kash was too tall and he was having to fuck her on his toes. He could not thrust cleanly.

He pushed her down on the table with her neck hanging off the other end he brought her ass down to his cocks level. "Ab theek hain" now its allright. He began to hump, hard, fast but not with any sort of rhythm, Kashmira just closed her eyes and imagined it was Krushna fucking her and it made it bearable for him.

Govindas thrusts got faster and faster, he opened his eyes and looked down, he saw Kash's naked back, it looked golden she was moving with his thrusts and it turned him on even more. He moved her hair off her neck so he could see all of it. he traced his finger down it all the way down to her ass. Where he saw his cock moving in and out of her. That more or less sent him over the edge. He grabbed her hair and thrusted really hard, really quickly and came in bursts inside her ass.

Spent, he lay on top of her for a minute before separating. "theek hain" (okay) he said. Kash in pain, turned around and limped over to her clothes. "Krushna ko agar dhandhe wali se shaadi karni hain to karle. Mujhe kya" (if he wants to marry a whore, he can. i dont care) Kash stood there naked, with cum trickling out her ass onto her thigh and sobbed.

01-10-2009, 04:02 AM
http://specials.rediff.com/movies/2007/sep/11sld6.jpg (http://specials.rediff.com/movies/2007/sep/11sld6.jpg)

Kamya had been in Bombay for 11 months and had been looking for a break in the movie industry. However within her first few months itself she realized that there was no break coming regardless of how hot she thought she was. Everyone just wanted to fuck her and then maybe she could a shot at playing the heroines friend.

Not very happy with this situation and not wanting to whore her self out she decided to start dancing in groups which did the background extra work for songs. It was decent, she didnt mind it. They gave her two meals a day transport and on top of if they paid her. She was happy to just get work and make money as well as spend time around the sets.

She was on set and was waiting for Tushar Kapoor & Kareena, her rehersals were done and she strolled around the set. she never mingled with the other dancers because they were fairly slutty and she considered them beneath her.

While walking she bumped into a chubby girl with weird teeth and a red teeka on her forehead, she was surrounded by a bunch of people and Kamya guessed she must be important "Sorry madam" the woman, looked at her intently and then smiled "koi bat nai" (its allright) Kamya smiled too and walked away. She could feel a gaze on her back but she did not turn back.

Her shot was called and she danced, the dance director suddenly called out "Kamya tum first row mein aao" Kamya was surprised, the first row was reserved for women who sucked cock or gave pussy, she was notorious for having tight legs and a closed mouth. "jaldi karo baccha, jaldi" (hurry up child)

She did her moves and she did them well, she worked hard and the shots were oked. She was really excited because she was in a fair bit of the frames and would be seen on tv. In her giddiness she continued on, the shoot lasted nearly a week and when it was done Kamya decided to take a break and just enjoy herself. She had enough money to pay rent and stuff this month, so she was in the mood to party.

Sitting home reading Filmfare she got a call on her phone which said Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms wanted to meet her for a part on Tv if she was interested. Kamywa was not interested at all but she decided to give it a shot. She headed out to the office and met with the Nivedita Basu the creative director. "The show is launching in 4 months. We will bein shooting in 2. The part is for a young, very sexy vamp who ruins a families life"

Kamya didnt want to be a vamp nor act on tv. Nivedita went on "However you will be a central character which means you work 25 days a month and since you are a lead your pay will be 10000 a day for the first 2 months. If the show hits a certain TRP it gets bumped to 20,000 and could go as high as 25,000"

Kamya was lost at the 10,000 mark. 10,000 per day was ridiculous. she got a week off on top of it... she had made 8500 for the song sequence she had just finished and she was definetely NOT the lead there. This tv gig did not sound too bad. Suddenly she was excited.

"Kamya, Kamya" Nivedita called to break her dream. "Is this something you can commit to" she was silent for a minute. "yes, Niveditaji, i could" Nivedita, smiled. "Okay, you must meet with our head Ekta Kapoor" wait here for an hour and she will buzz you in.

01-10-2009, 04:03 AM
Kamywa was buzzed in and she was surprised to find that the girl she bumped into was actually Ekta Kapoor. She guessed she was visiting the set to see her brother Tushars dance with Kareena. She walked up “arre madam, aap” (you!)

Ekta smiled, “ha. Main” she motined for her to sit “you didn’t recognize me” Kamya embarassed motioned a no. Ekta smiled again, “its allright, sharmao mat, Nivedita told you everything I am sure” Kamya nodded, “yes madam, she did, it’s a great offer”

“yes it is. Are you interested”

“Yes madam, very much. You know how the industry is, I have been struggling for a year almost”

“hmm.. this offer will allow you to have your own place, a nice car and the contract is minimum for 6 months which means kam se kam you will make 15,00,000”

That was more money than she would earn in 3 years if she kept doing what she did. This truly was exactly the kind of offer she expected to receive, well she thought Shah Rukh would offer her a movie too but that was a dream, this was real.

Ekta got up and walked up to her. She played with her hair, “you are too beautiful, in that evil sort of way, you will make a great vamp”

“th th thanks” stammered Kamya, Ektas proximity made her feel very weird.
Ekta leaned in and kissed her forehead to test her resistance. There was none. The offer was too good and the woman too hungry. She had elevated Kamya from the background dance to the foreground to give her a desire for success. Now, she would swoop in and devour this hot body.

Kamya quickly decided that there was nothing wrong in this. The fact that Ekta was a lesbian had been lost to her and she figured a little sex with a woman for a sure thing was better than sucking dirty cocks for nothing. She did not resist.

Ekta leaned in further and offered her a kiss. Her tongue entered Kamays sweet mouth, parting those lips it began to probe the insides of her mouth. Her saliva mixed with Kamyas and it was glorious. The kiss continued for a long time, until Ekta had explored every millimeter of Kamyas mouth several times over.

Kamya for her turn kissed back with increasing boldness and her tongue entered into Ektas mouth. Ekta sensed that the fire was on both sides, the dance began. The kiss, which had been so gentle before heated up, until their tongues were battlin, sucking, licking each other with the intesity of cocks searching pussy.

Ektas hands slid down Kamyas her back and to her ass and she began to squeeze her ass cheeks. Kamya reacted by breaking the kiss and began to lick Ektas neck. Ekta surprised by this action and having her hands full of a tight ass could only offer slow moans.

“Oh god,” she said, “rukna mat Kamya, please” (don’t stop)

Kamyas tongue began to go lower and lower and then it reached her chest where her blouse got in the way. Kamya’s hands moved to the neck of the silk blouse and she undid a button pushing the blouse aside and making an attempt to lick her breasts from top to her nipples.

“apko maza arha hain madamji” Kamya asked.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan” Ekta responded, forcing her head back on to her nipples.

01-10-2009, 04:03 AM
Kamya continued to lick the nipples, lightly biting around the area, Ekta couldnt hold her excitement much and had to basically grab Kamya by the head to keep her self steady. She then guided Kamyas other hand into her skirt to her pussy which Kamya started to finger.

It got wetter and wetter as her fingers tried to fuck her through her panty, Kamya began to finger fuck her with a steady rhythm trying to get Ekta to orgasm. What she didnt know was Ekta couldnt orgasm unless she was being tongued. Ekta whispered into Kamyas ear "go down"

For Kamya this was her first experience with a woman, she turned to look at her, their faces were 2 inches apart, Kamya could see the beads of sweat forming on Ektas head and her pained expression, Ekta looked like she was in discomfort, it was only the soft yelps and moans coming from her being finger fucked that let on she was actually being pleasured.

Kamya was hesitating as she really wasnt too keen on eating Ektas pussy, Ekta sensed the hesitation, leaned in and kissed Kamya but before she could enter Ektas mouth Kamya felt a hand on her head pushing her down. Kamya knew what she had to do. She fell to her knees, and hid herself under the large billowy skirt Ekta usually wore.

She pulled down her panties and then hesitated for another second before putting her tongue into her hole. "ooooooooooooooooooooooooohHHHHHH" a loud moan escaped from Ektas mouth "aur karo, aur" (More, more) Kamya began to lick, slowly at first, getting used to the taste, this is what her boyfriend use to taste on her she guessed.

The licking continued, Ekta was panting, barely getting her words out, just sounds, she was moving her head from side to side slowly and her body kept tensing and twisting. Sensing Ekta might be about to cum, Kamya slipped her finger in

“OhhHhhh ” Ekta screamed.

Kamya wondered if people outside could hear all this but she didnt wonder long. Ektas hand was on her head and was pulling at her hair now.

Ektas pussy was throbbing as Kamya finger and tongue fucked her towards orgasm.Ekta was no longer in control. The sexual release she was working towards was going to be intense. She grabbed Kamyas head harder and started to sort of hump her face.

Kamya found this whole business really weird, she was not YET a slut but she knew what to do to a cock, she could make a man cry but this was new. She just did what ever her boyfriends used to down to her, but she had never reacted with such violent excitement.

Ektas cries broke through her thoughts “Oh, bhenchod I am going to cum!” hearing that Kamya shoved two of her fingers deep and it happened. Ekta began to thrash into her fingers while holding her hair, moaning and shouting obscenities "Bhenchod, BHENCHOD" then it stopped.

Ekta stood there for a few seconds and then Kamya walked out of the skirt. She began to unbutton her jeans, she was soaking wet too. This had been weird but sexually intense new ground. Ekta saw it and smiled "Kya kar rahi hain" (what you doing)

Kamya confused, "mujhe laga ke.." Ektas laugh stopped her mid sentence. "Mein chut nai chati"

Kamya went red in the face, considering she was fairly red to begin with. Ekta threw her a box of tissues" walked up to her smiled and her her chin "mooh saf kar le" (wipe your mouth) and laughed.

"I have work to do now, Nivedita will fill you in on the contract and reporting details"

Kamya nodded. Shocked.

"Ill see you on set"

Ekta watched as Kamya walked away.

01-10-2009, 04:05 AM

Sonali Bendre - An Encounter

It was a lucky break for me, Christmas eve and i decided to fly back to college in NY from Bombay. I was waiting at the gate when the ground staff asked me if there was anyone willing to give up their tickets to an older lady who had to get to NY urgently.

As most of the people were trying to to be home for Xmas no one offered to, i thought fuck it, let someone catch a break and valiantly offered my ticket to the lady. The ground staff was impressed, turns out the lady was trying to be home with her husband of 40 years who had fallen and broken his hip. The cute attendant informed me that they had put me on first class on another flight that leaves in 4 hours.

Whoppee i thought, first class, now that was alright, Christmas had come a day early for me (little did i know how early...) Three hours later right before i was about to check in the same attendant told me that she had a wonderful surprise for me.

A surprise, i wondered what the fuck more could be surprising for me. I got on the plane early to get started on that free champagne, "Can i take your jacket sir" was the question this blond bombshell asked me "only if you promise to give it back" she smiled at the stupid line and showed me to my seat, where i planted myself and got busy messing around with the entertainment system.

I had just gotten into it when i saw the most amazing sight, a vision of beauty all dressed in white, she was literally gliding, she seemed vaguely familiar but i tried to play it cool and did not stare like most of the others, i had barely turned to my screen when through the corner of my eye i saw her sit down right next to me.

I turned for a quick glance, it was Sonali Bendre and she looked fantastic. She smelled even better, like flowers. This is what the attendant meant when she said she had a surprise for me. Boy was i glad that old womans husband broke a hip, couldnt have happened to a better person i thought.

I played it cool, didnt say a word. She got in comfortably, she was used to this i am sure and i acted like i was too. The flight took off and other than stealing a few glances at her i didnt pay much attention to anything else. She looked brilliant. I know she had gotten married but it looked good on her. I had a great view of her legs and they were brilliantly toned.

I fiddled around, tried to watch De Sicas "Bicycle Thief" but i could not get her legs out of my mind. I thought i heard her say something but i wasnt sure so i didnt turn around. A few seconds later i felt a hand on my shoulder,i looked at the beautiful face atop the shoulder connected to the hand.

"Hi, i am sorry, could you switch this around to the movies for me" i heard the words but i really could not understand anything, she was looking right at me, the most beautiful face i had ever seen from 2 feet away. She was not only pretty but she radiated some kind of aura which i could feel, maybe even sexual but i could have been my imagination.

i wondered what she was like naked. She had been in enough movies and in one or two she had look downright gorgeous. Her lips were painted a light red, gates of paradise. I am sure her husband spent enough time sitting on her face fucking that mouth.

"hmm, sure, let me have a look" i messed around with the controls but nothing happened, it had hanged, so i used an old trick where you press a few buttons together and lo it worked. The system reset and in 2 mins she was back to the menus. "there you go" i said, smiled and put my headphone back on and went back to De Sica.

Of course i continued to steal glances, imagining running my tongue over those legs, leading up to her pussy. Kissing the inside of those thighs, making a move on those medium but still firm breats. The movie industry sure knew how to churn them out

i looked up and she was looking right at me and that scared the shit out of me. Had she caught me? did she know what i was thinking. of course she did, most men thought only one thing around her for sure. she was saying something with an exasperated expression. i took off my headphones to hear her complain and then apologise for my action

"hi, sorry its stuck again, can you sort it out again"

phew... that was a relief. "Sure" i messed around again and went into the main menu. "What is it you want to watch" "oh anything" so i went through the menus and thought of being cheeky and selected her movie Sarfarosh.

she laughed. "very funny" and i laughed too. It was pretty surreal.

I figured i had done enough to put forth my hand "Hi, i am Raj, i sort out entertainment issues in mid air" she took it, "Sonali Bendre - Behl, incompetent remote user" and she laughed again, i smiled. we shook for a second, she looked me in the eye and never broke contact, i think that was her way of trying to gain the upper hand in meetings.

"your watching Bicycle Thiefs"

"yes, indeed i am"

"great movie, i love it"

"as do i"

she looked at me, there was silence. uncomfortable silence.

01-10-2009, 04:05 AM
The silence was broken by a bunch of loud screams as the plane took a massive dive down it was turbulence no doubt and the seat belt sign went on, Sonali had obviously freaked out too and had grabbed my hand which i held on to for her of course.

Now i had been through these things before but what came after scared me too. The plane started to shake, like a rag doll, a few of the stowage bins opened and the odd luggage fell out. Sonali was squeezing my hand, hard. "its okay i said to her, its only turbulence, believe me" the plan shook violently made worse by the pilot trying to climb up so the angle was even worse.

"no, i think thisss iss baddd" she said her refined tone was gone and she was in full blown panic mode. i knew it wasnt as bad as we were trying to climb, i had been with a friend in a four seater Dakota once which got caught out by the sudden onset of rain. the pilot had done the same thing that was being done now. Climb above the clouds, evade the weather. That Dakota had shaken so hard i had felt my insides turn.

"look trust me, i know its going to be okay in a few minutes"

she just shook her head "ill give anything to live through this"

"i promise you we will get through it" i squeezed her hand and then put my arm around her. She nestled into my shoulder, i could smell her hair, it was pure heaven, even in a time like this i wondered what her pussy would smell like. In the next 2 minutes the shaking stopped and we were allright.

"see, i told you so"

Sonali, visibly shaken, disentagled herself from me and we both called for drinks.

a few champagne glasses later, i jokingly asked Sonali what she would give now that she was safe.

Sonali looked at me with a slightly shocked expression but didnt say a word.

I thought i should apologise but i really couldnt think of anything to say so i shut up. The whole thing had been so friendly and now this stupid question had brought the whole thing to a halt.

Stupid, stupid i thought. The lights were dimmed and we were told they would be off for the next 2 hours so we could get some rest.

"Oh well, i thought" as the lights went dim.

I was thinking about taking my cock out and masturbating while smelling that sweet perfume but i decided i had done enough stupid stuff for one night and that possibly my good luck run had come to an end.

i pretended to sleep. A few mins later i could feel a hot breath on my ear "i know what you want" and that woke me up. Her proximity to my face automatically made my cock stir.

"i know what you want" she said again. "whats fair is fair" she said. I looked at her. her expression was different. it was mostly dark but there was a slight glow from some signs. "but my body belongs to my husband" and at that my face fell.
"but i can do whatever i want to with my hands" and i and it both rose up again.

i was about to say something when she put her finger to her lips and went "shh" her hand reached under my blanket. i heard the most amazing sound in the world of my pants unzipping. she fumbled around inside and found my hard engorged cock which she took in her hand.

it was the single most amazing feeling the world.

she grabbed it between her thumb and forefinger using the rest of the fingers to grab at my balls.

i looked at her, she was looking ahead though. as if she was not doing anything.

But she was doing a lot.....

01-10-2009, 04:06 AM
my cock was in her hand and her hand was moving, slowly up and down, she pulled my foreskin down and began to rub her hand on the shaft. then she stopped for a minute and rummaged through her bag.

a few thoughts went through my mind, what could it be. was she looking for a condom... well no she wasnt. she brought out a bottle of moisturizer and took a whole bit in her hand.

she mashed it all over her hand and then took to my cock again. this time she began to violently move her hand over the shaft, squeezing, hard sometimes but keeping the motion going. up and down, sometimes she would just hold right below the head with her fingers and move just that, sometimes the full shaft.

after the first few strokes it got frantic, if anyone would have walked by they would have easily been able to see her hand moving feverishly under the blanket. i felt like i was on the brink when she stopped and then asked me to softly "fuck my hand" i obeyed.

i had one hand on the armrest but the other was flailing about, i put it on her chest, she did not even once look at me she kept looking ahead and let me put my hand on her chest. it was an opportunity made in heaven, i didnt squeeze too hard as i didnt want to make her angry. I just enjoyed the feel of her tit, it was great.

She tightened her fist and then i began to hump into it, she kept it gliding, too. with the lotion on her hand i began to imagine it was a pussy and then i thought about taking Sonali into the loo and fucking her from behind. the thought of hiking up her skirt and being inside her pushed me over the edge and i came.

my cum was all over the place, it was an explosion. her hand was soaked as were my pants and the blanket was useless. i was panting while Sonali kept rubbing gently. she took her hand out and saw the amount of cum on it and smiled.

'i think were even' she said and began to wipe off her hand.

i tried to catch my breath and wondered if i should push old men off the balcony around christmas...

01-10-2009, 04:07 AM

Shilpa Shetty with Dr.Vijay Mallya

Shilpa Shetty & Dr.Mallya had been an item for sometime, the first time Dr.Mallya had fucked Shilpa it was right after her first nose job, the week after she turned 23. That was in 1997. After that night on Mr.Mallyas yacht Shilpa had not seen or heard from him since.

They reconnected after her win at Big Brother in London in 2007. Dr.Mallya had agreed to fly her into Bangalore on his opulent Boeing Business jet which had set him back $45million, his plane was bigger than her house she thought the first time she sat in it.

That evening was fairly clear in her mind, he had offered to show her the plane while her parents sat feasting on some Cristal, the bedroom was large with a sound proof double bed. As she had walked in , she had felt Dr.Mallyas hand on her shapely ass "Shilpa, you look magnificent, it was impossible to imagine how you could ever look any better than the evening that we spent together" Shilpa turned around and looked him in the eye.

"Dr.Sahab, (sir) why are you embarassing me" and maitntaing eye contact she smiled. "I am not, its the truth" said Dr.Mallya. He did not remove his hand offer her ass and she did not make him either. They looked at each other for a while, eye to eye, "you know what this flight is costing me" he quipped. Shilpa, for a second did not react, then a short smile broke out "let me make it worth your while then" she said and unzipped his pants.

She took out his hardening cock, and began to jack it off in her hand. Moving her hand up and down on it. However they had to stop after a while as Dr.Mallya could not cum standing up and she was worried her parents would be embarassed by their absence.

When the flight landed he whispered to her as they were leaving "I want you to spend some time with me in Bangalore" she had looked at him smiled and nodded. So their reassociation began, Shilpa moved into Dr.Mallyas bungalow and more or less became his rakhail (keep, mistress)

They would spend all their free time together mostly fucking and sucking each other off. Their activity was frantic with Dr Mallya wanting to cum as quickly as he could. Shilpa would also spend long minutes just keeping his cock in her mouth and using her tongue on it, licking like it were a lollipop and she a schoolgirl. Sometimes it would just be her on all fours on the bed with Dr.Mallya fucking her from behind, hard, fast with one finger in her mouth. Screaming he would pump her full of his cum and lie on her back with all his weight, spent.

However, things had begun to cool, she could tell because their fuck sessions got tamer, the last three times he had cum missionary inside her. To regain some of his interest she had asked him to cum all ove her face and tit fuck her, the cum on her face had been fun for him and had peaked his interest but the tit fucking did nothing for him.

Shilpa feared she was about to lose him as her benefactor, this would have been fine but the truth was that Shilpa was now 35, over the hill as an actressin Bollywood, somewhere slightly above C grade for Hollywood & British Cinema. She had made $7.5million in the last 2 years and owned 4 houses and a gaggle of cars. However all her money in the world would not offer her chopper rides, private jets and shopping sprees at Christain Dior.

She had gotten used to the really fine things in life and more importantly had gotten used to not paying for them. Sucking a cock for 20 minutes a day or having a finger in her mouth while being taken from behind to her were not payments. They were just things she did not for one man rather than the dozens she fucked a year when she needed films.

"No" she said out loud she could not let Dr.Mallya slip out this quickly. She needed some more play. She needed to bring out her ace in the hole. She picked up the phone and made a call.

01-10-2009, 04:08 AM
She was sure her plan would work, no one, not even Dr.Mallya would be able to deny the supreme proposition she was about to offer him. That evening Dr.Mallya came home to find no one around. He walked up to his room and switched on the lights, the realisation of what he saw hit him and his cock stirred immediately.


01-10-2009, 04:08 AM
There in front of him stood Shilpa, with her petite but equally hot sister Shamita both standing against each other, then a song began to play and they began to gyrate. Moving their bodies together like it were a music video, their actions were syncrhonised, their breasts moved in unision, their expressions were sexual and their eyes were on him.

Dr.Mallya could feel his cock getting larger and larger as he watched the sisters slowly discard their clothing one by one, Shilpa ripped off Shamitas top while Shamita in turn ripped off her skirt. There they stood one showing a naked pussy and the other naked breasts. They repeated their actions to strip each other completely naked. They danced up to him and he tried to grab a handful of both of them but they escaped.

They went straight onto the bed and jumped on it. Dr.Mallya walked quickly while rubbing his cock through his pants and he saw the most beautfiul sight on his bed. Shilpa & Shamita lay their arm and legs entangled, Shilp was holding Shamitas head in her hands, while Shamita had her hand on her ass. They were both kissing, tongues in each others mouths, saliva escaping their lips, gobbling each other with intense hunger. Dr.Mallya a man who had seen many a threesome delflowered some of the most desirable women on earth thought he was going to pass out.

Suddenly they both stopped, looked at him and motioned him towards them. Dr.Mallya was on auto pilot by then, he just walked over towards them, both of their faces were an inch from each other and looking up at him. 2 inches from his painfully erect cock. they laughed like little girls and reached out for the zipper. Unzipping, the cock sprang out, ramrod straight in the middle of their faces. Dr.Mallya looked down seeing their faces near his cock,he made eye contact with both of them and asked them to suck.

The girls dutifully obeyed. Shilpa being the older one was the first one to put it in her mouth while Shamita watched closely. The cock went into her mouth and she pulled it out. Shamita had been with a dozen or so men but had nothing like experience Shilpa had, rumoured to be in triple digits. She had fucked with a vengeance when Akshay had ditched her.

Then Shilpa looked at her winked, pulled out Dr.Mallyas cock and then took it in again, this time it kept going all the way to the end, Shamita had seen enough pornos to know this was deep throating but she could not understand how Shilpa was able to do that. She knew it was very pleasurable because Dr.Mallya had now pretty much given up trying to control his moans which were coming loud and fast.

Shilpa then pulled the cock out again and pumped with her fist and then nodded at Shamita to take it, Shamita feeling shy didnt right away and Shilpa glared at her, Shamita knew the look, there would be hell to pay, to quicken her response Shilpa took her hand and pulled Shamita on to Dr.Mallyas cock and guided it up and down the shaft. She kept her hand on her head to maintain an action.

Shilpa knew that Shamit was not a very experienced cocksucker and might lead to Dr.Mallya losing his hardon, so she just wanted to make sure he could see her with his cock in her mouth before she went to the next strep. Shilpa & Shamita had never been in a threesome before, this was the first time they were doing something like this, however Shilpa had always adviced Shamita on all matters from her hair to which boyfriend deserved her pussy and her mouth.

Shilpa thought offering pussy was okay but the mouth should only be used for special people and that it was more erotic than a simple fuck. She used this to great effect. She cupped Dr.Mallyas balls while Shamita continued to move her mouth on the shaft, Dr.Mallya had felt the change in tempo and the way the mouth was felt and looke down to see young Shamita swallowing his cock. it was hot to look at but it didnt feel as great. He was hoping Shilpa would take it in again.

Before he could say anything to the effect he saw Shilpa look at him and smile. She whispered something in Shamitas ear and she pulled the cock. Then both girls looked up at Dr.Mallya and began to lick, carress and suck each and every inch of his cock, Dr.Mallya began to feel the pressure build and his balls got heavy. The jacking motion of Shilpas fist was taking him to the edge but when he saw the two girls sucking his cock from opposite sides and then kiss over it he finally blew his load.

The cum sprang out of his cock and moans escaped his lips the girls caught it on their hair, hand and shoulder. They both sniggered looking at each other with cum in their hair, then they looked up at Dr.Mallya, he looked down at them and then just fell on the bed, exhausted.

Both the girls then lay next to him looking at each other and smiling...

01-10-2009, 04:09 AM
Dr.Mallya woke up feeling something in his nether regions, his eyes opened and focused to reveal there was no one on his side of the bed, he turned around and saw Shamita naked and asleep on one side. The lights were dim but clear enough for him to tell her form was beautiful. He then focused his attention on what was going on down there.

Turning around he saw elder sister Shilpa tonguing his ass, it was a feeling he had felt a few times and enjoyed but not enough women did it without being told. Shilpa for the first time had gone down there on her own and he was def not complaining. He let her lick for a few times and then moved around enough to announce that he was up. Shilpa looked up but continued lapping at his ass, their eyes met and he gestured for her to come up.

Shilpa like a tiger on all fours, with her naked body and flowing mane walked up to Dr.Mallya who turned around and had her lie on top of her. Shilpa rubbed her nose on his, Dr.Mallya could smell his ass on her mouth and it turned him on. He looked at Shamita who was still fast asleep and then looked back at Shilpa who understood the look. She got off Dr.Mallya and crawled in between Shamitas legs.

Her tongue started lapping at the inside of her thighs, at first Shamita did not react, then Shilpa moved to the pussy and began to lick, slowly, then fast, Shamita stirrred up her eyes barely open, she could feel a weird pleasure and she looke down to see her sisters hair with its red streaks moving up and down on her crotch. She opened her eyes to see Dr.Mallya looking at her intently, he was naked and his cock was hard, he was tugging at it. She watched him move up on his knees and then position his cock at the opening of her mouth.

Shilpa go to Shamitas clit and started doing her thing on it, the moment this happened Shamita opened her mouth to moan and Dr.Mallya shoved his cock into Shamitas mouth. Shamita was shocked and gasped for air, Dr.Mallya didnt give her any room. He grabbed her hair and then began to fuck her mouth as though it were a pussy.

Shilpa stopped lapping her pussy and came up and whispered in her ear to breathe from her nose, then she turned to Dr.Mallya and spreading her legs began to play with her pussy. She never broke eye contact with Dr.Mallya and began to finger fuck herself. The actions turned on Dr.Mallya further and he pulled his cock out of Shamita and pushed her down to lick Shilpas pussy. Then in turn he began to fuck Shilpa in the mouth, fucking her was different, Shilpa could take him all the way in and was technically a better cock sucker but the heat of fucking an inexperienced woman in the mouth was way better.

Dr.Mallya knew he only had one more load left in him and wanted to make it count. Pulling out of Shilpas mouth he got off the bed and looked at Shamita and Shilpa for a few minutes. Shilpa was lying on her elbows with her knees up and Shamita was lapping at her cunt like a dog with her hass in the air. Dr.Mallya found Shamitas pussy with his hand and then entered it with his cock.

His cock ached but the pleasure of a tight young 28 year old relatively unfucked cunt made him forget the ache and focus on the pleasure. Shamita was now confused about what to do. This was her first threesome, she had a cock in her cunt and her tongue in someone leses. Dr.Mallya began to thrust into her as the shoves got harder he held on to her sides while she continued to lap Shilpa.

While Shamita was being taken from behind Shilpa got up and whispered something into Dr.Mallyas ears, hearing which he stopped humping Shamita. Shilpa came up to Shamita and they both turned around to look at Dr.Mallya. She whispered something into Shamitas ear this time and they both got on their knees.

"Does she swallow" he asked out loud.

Shamita was completely embarassed and did not where to look, smiled shyly.

Shilpa, smiled wider and said "What do you think"

"i think she does not"

"but i promise she will swallow every drop of yours"

hearing this Dr.Mallya pumped his cock with his fist, Shilpa brought Shamitas head close to his cock and held it there. "remember what i told you" said Shilpa, Shamita nodded.

Dr.Mallya began to cum with a loud moan. His one hand was on Shamitas shoulder and his hips where bucking and pumping his cock into his other hand. There was not much but it was still a load, this time he came in Shamitasm mouth and filled it up, it streaked out the sides, some fell, while Shamita rolled it around her tongue.

Shilpa then leaned in and kissed Shamita and they both snowballed the cum between their mouths kissing and swallowing it as Dr.Mallya looked on wondering how this girl had been able to pull something like this off. It had truly been an amazing session for him.

Later that day, Shilpa was informed that she was to accompany Dr.Mallya to the Monaco Grand Prix and then be the face of the F1 team with a 3 year contract. This meant she would be flying to all the races, in the private jet and do plenty of shopping and then on top of it get paid for it.

Shamita on the other hand got Shiplas S class Mercedes Benz and a 4 Carat diamond ring she had been promised if she swallowed Dr.Mallyas cum.

It turned out to be a great evening for everyone involved..


01-10-2009, 04:10 AM

Bipasha Basu spent 2 years in Paris as a model before she moved back to India to heat things up in Bollywood. She had a steady boyfriend while she was in Calcutta before she left and he had introduced her to the pleasures of sex. Their life had been fairly sexually but not very imaginative. He would be on top of her, pumping away for 4-5 minutes and then cum inside her. Sometimes she would get on top of him first and then grind into him to try and cum before he did.

Then she got selected at Elite and ended up in Paris on a two year global modelling contract. Paris was where she really discovered her sexuality, the freedom the ease with sex was possible and the number of people she could do it with. Besides this she learnt to use sex as a weapon to barter for things she wanted, jobs, apartments, dinners, trips and gifts. Somewhere down the line she had less sex for pleasure and more for its benefits.

Most of the men whose cock she sucked had to give her something. Like the immigration officer who she sucked for 35 minutes straight as his colleague watched, her work permit was extended without any delay. The lesbian woman who she rigourously kissed so she could get ahead of the audition queue. The businessman she allowed to drink champagne out of her pussy for a quick vacation on his private jet. She knew she had become a good fucker and sucker, so why do it for free?

Her last gig though had been different, for the first time in a long time someone had given it to her and given it to her good. She was in New York for an audition, thankfully paid for by Elite. She was in early but some of the girls were in earlier, however most of them were these lilly white girls from the local scene, she was the only non-local there and she used that to her advantage.

Walking up to the audition manager she unbuttoned two of her top buttons and let her year old tits peak out. "Hi, listen, i am a little tired and have other things to do, so why dont you let me in first" the manager shocked some woman had the balls to approach him like this didnt say anything first, he looked at her, she was EXOTIC and her tits were looking to escape. " why would i want to do that" he murmured. Bipasha smiled and then whispered into his ear "because you look like you could do with a little jacking off"

Ten minutes later in a side room Bipasha was pumping his cock in her fist moving it up and down while looking at him and smiling his cat smile. He on the other hand was tryin hard to cum and began to pant hard. Bipasha took his other hand and then put it inside her shirt and he began to moan "ooohhh" his cum spurted in her hands and flew all over the floor.

"nice" she said

He looked at her and smiled.

"not only will you audition first, there is a party tonight, A list celebs and you will be the only one of this lot in there"

Bipasha, smiled, this was a nice little bonus. She looked at him in the eye "thanks" she said, then she gaving him a nice kiss and wiped her hand off with a napkin.

The audition went well and she roamed the city it was only her second time there and the only time she had some time. She shopped and dined and was back in the hotel room to get dressed.

01-10-2009, 04:10 AM
As she was dressing up she looked at herself semi naked and thought not too bad... and put on her sexy black top teamed with a low skirt and high boots. There were bound to be other hot women there but she was determined to hold her own.

She walked into the party, the bouncer saw what she looked like and didnt even ask her if she was on the list, she was allowed through the rope into the club, not knowing anyone there as she was mostly known to the french, she walked around and got herself a drink.

The crowd was strong and though the club was still emptyish it was fast filling. She then saw the man she had jacked off in the afternoon and walked up to him from behind and rubbed her hands on his belt buckle "hi, Remember me"

he turned around and his face broke into a smile "Hey Bips" she put her arm around him as the gaggle of women stood in awe at her statuesque form, she was introduced all around and then he whispered something into her ear "listen, the real party is upstairs, head up the stairs and give the bouncer the password and you should be in"

"Whats the password"

he laughed. "i wont make it so easy, you only get one chance and you and i experienced it this afternoon"

Bips laughed and thought what it would be as she walked up the stairs, all the other women were staring at her as they obviously were not invited upstairs. The bouncer looked at her, she smiled but he did not smile back, he was used to hot bitches trying to talk their way in.

"Password, please" he said in his gruff monotone.

Bips, stood their, thinking hard what it could be. Cock, orgasm, jack off, jerk off, there were many options.

Then it came to her. "Cum" she said.

The bouncer did not move or betray any emotion, after 3 seconds he opened the ropes "Welcome to the velvet lounge" Bips walked in, impressed with herself and glad she offered the handjob with a kiss to a man she didnt even know.

The room was red, gold and glass and fairly empty, she was dissapointed at first wondering what the fuck kind of party it was. However it was just the lobby, she walked into and the glass door opened to let her into a bigger, gilded room filled with a bunch of people.

She saw a bunch of big bulky black guys walking around with some incredible looking women, she looked around for someone familiar but she could not tell who was who until her eyes fell on pop star Mariah Carey in the corner wearing short shorts and a tight top talking to someone, she whispered occasioanaly in his ear and he would periodically put his hand in her lap and on her thigh and rub it.

She continued walking, she saw a woman she had seen on some video, short girl, big huge tits and nothing for clothes, she was leading two men into a room and as if it was kismet she looked up and saw a monitor with a song ending on it, it had the same girls face on it with different colored hair. "Lil Kim" right, thats who she was.

Bips realised that she was in all american environment and that most men here were stars in America if not known in the rest of the world. She walked around and bumped into a man who turned around, he was big, tall man, black but good looking, "sorry, i didnt see you"

"its quite fine my lady" he said, with loads of charm. "you are"

"bipasha basu, my friends call me Bips"

"funny, i thought you were a goddess"

"haha, does that work"


they both shook hands

"and you are.."

the man was a little flabbergasted. "Im Terrell, Terrell Owens, Wide reciever for the Dallas Cowboys"

Bipasha obviously did not know what i meant... "pleasure Terrell" she said and moved on.

She sipped on some champagne and waited to get into the loo. While waiting outside it she heard some muffled sounds, suppressed moans and the familiar sounds of flesh slapping flesh, the whole door began to shake back and forth for a few minutes and out walked two women and another big hulking guy with tattoos, she recognized one girl as a dark haired girl she had seen on Baywatch, the other seemed familiar but she could not tell.

The guy smiled at her and the women rushed out. She went into the loo to do her thing, there was a screen there and she began watching it. It was ESPN doing some news and showed a picture of the guy she had just bumped into Terrell Owens the news item showed images of him running into people and throwing them around and the capsule mentioned he has signed a new 10 year $120 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

No wonder he had been dissapointed that she had not recognized him. She went out of the loo and found him holding court. she walked up and stood in the circle "hello Bips" he said to her and then to everyone "ladies and gentlemen this piece of heaven is Bips" they all nodded their hellos and then Terrel focused on her and the crowd melted away.

he smiled and Bips said to him "so, why dont you show me around the party"

01-10-2009, 04:11 AM
So Terrel escorted Bips around the party, he showed her some of the famous people that were around and introduced her to all and sundry. funnily he kept a distance from Mariah Carey for some reason. Bips sensed it "so you wont introduce me to Mariah then" Terrel tensed at the name and then caught onto the joke.

"very funny, i dont think Mariah would even like to see me" Bips laughed "geen i wonder why"

Terrel smiled and grabbed her hand, and began walking into a room.

"you dont want to know"

"oh yes i do" said Bips.

"well, she and i dated for a while, it was quiet but going strong"

Bipasha raised her eyebrows as a means of asking him to go on and said "and"

"and... she walked in on me doing Jessica Simpson from behind"

"ouch" and Bipasha laughed.

"yeah. very"

and saying so he pushed bipasha into a room and shut the door behind.

the room was cozy, and Bipasha thought it was fairly presumptious of Terrel to act like he was about to get laid. But Terrel did not make a move. He left Bips hand and then walked her over to a sort of pillar surrounded by mirrors.

"you know what this is"

Bips shook a no.

"this, is the pillar of love"

Bips, laughed at that.

"No really"

he gestured at her to come over. she did.

"but you must really love the pillar"

he then made her hug the pillar. and snuggled up behind her.

he could smell her and her body language was not tense at all. so he was encouraged. Bipasha on the other hand felt this was something new and wanted to see where it went. She could also feel his hard cock in her back. It was fucking huge.

Terrel hugged her tight and kissed her back. he gripped her arms tight and then began to lick down her back. He used his other hand to grab her ass.

"damn you faaaine"

01-10-2009, 04:11 AM
Bipasha knew she was fine and the feeling of a big muscular guy holding her down and then molesting her ass was really making her hot. Terrel moved his hand in between her legs and began to feel her up, Bipasha was already getting hot and now began to really get wet.

"what have we here" he said

"gates of paradise" said Bipasha.

Terrell figured he had to enter paradise and put both his hand under her skirt and just ripped of her panties clean off. Bipasha majorly turned on by this turned around and planted her lips on his.

They began to kiss, their tongues probing each other while Terrell began to finger her below, his hand was steady and kept moving in and out of her pussy which was making Bipasha hot. She couldnt moan because his tongue was in her mouth and she was rolling it around hers. This went on for a few mins until Terrell put her hand into her top and started to play with her tits.

"oh, they look real " he said while feeling her fake tits

"yeah, i know" she said, smiling and then rubbing her hand on his crotch. His cock was huge, she thought, she had taken a few cocks inside her but this one seemed bigger than most. She continued to rub it and could feel it getting thicker. Really wanting to take a look, she unzipped his pants and brought it out rubbing her hand all over the shaft.

wow she thought to herself, wondering how much pleasure this tool was going to provide her when it was inside her.

Terrell then stopped.

"babe, if you want some of my cock, your going to have to hug the pillar of love again"

Bipasha at this point was willing to do anything and put her hands around the pillar. Terrell quickly went around and she heard a clicking sound. She tried to move her hand and then realised that she had been locked into place. She was half terrified

"what is this, what are you doing"

"this baby is called the pillar of love and i am about to fuck you"

saying this he spread her legs and then pumped his cock into her.

Bipasha was shocked at being filled up so quickly and violently and the force raised her into the air.

"aaaaa" she moaned.

"like that, bitches always like that"

he then began to piston in and out of her. Bipasha was def terrified, she had never been tied up and or locked in like this before and this was a public space. However her fear was only surpassed by the sheer eroticness of the situation and she just sought to deal with it internally.

Terrell was taking long strokes, everytime he withdrew she would feel empty only to be filled up by a big cock again. The man truly knew how to fuck she thought as he humped into her again.

01-10-2009, 04:11 AM
the long hard strokes continued and In a matter of minutes, Bipasha was panting breathlessly, feeling the great completeness inside her, he was probably trying hard not to cum before her, she thought. He really was a magnificent specimen, its a pity you cant keep a man like this because after 2 weeks of fucking he is bound to get bored and move on.

His hand was on her tits and he just kept them there, moving his thumb round her nipples as he gave it to her. She really wanted to move her hand out but she could not. "you know" he whispered between the shoves "i could get jessica simpson over tonight it would be one helluva chocoloate vanilla combination"

Bipasha lost in her day dream acrched her back pulling back as much as her hands could go "just shut up and fuck me" she said then adding "please" Terrell did so but this time his long strokes were gone, he put one hand on her hips to steady himself he grabbed Bipashas hair with the other and then with a suitable grip he began to pump his cock into her, hard, fast and violent.

Bipasha felt like her insides were on fire, there was a relentless cock just pummeling into her with stead precision, in and out, hard and fast with absolutely no respite. She felt like she needed to cum quickly and began to work herself to an orgasm. She began to push back when Terrel pushed into her, "oh yeah baby.. thats it, push into dadddddyyyyy" went Terrel.

So Mr. control is not so controlled when his balls are full she thought. She decided she was going to race him to an orgasm and began to buck hard, Terrell suddenly felt that he was not fucking her, she was fucking him, so he slowed down and then began to enjoy the actions of her pussy moving on his cock. It was warm and reminded him of honey for some reason. He had no idea Indian bitches could look and fuck like this.

He began to feel his balls tingle and then he saw Bipasha turn around and look at him, her hands bound, her body bent over, the cat like sexual ferocity on her face finally made him spooge. He came inside her so hard that it immediately ran down her legs.

He stood there spent. The tables had suddenly turned, he thought he would give her a hot fucking but instead he was the one who had cum. Bipasha looked at him. Thought she was tied and bound and he was the one with the large cock, she was calling the shots.

"Im not done yet, come here and tongue this pussy"

Terrell, stood there, he hated eating bitches out but this one was special he thought and walked over to satisfy her.

The END.

01-10-2009, 04:13 AM

Nagma gets proper fucked !

"madam, the role has gone to Karisma Kapoor, Sorry!" the other end of the phone was not being very nice to Nagma. Her career had a promising start but she was losing too many roles to Karisma Kapoor & Raveena Tandon. As a means to keep the money flowing she had started doing one or two south films a year and it had being paying her extremely well.

Being in the movie business for 4 years she was getting tier young heroine roles only after they went to Raveena & Karisma. It didnt help that her image was neither homely nor modern. She really felt stuck and did not know what to do. She had taken to attending some filmi parties to make contacts which actually had gotten her a 2-3 projects but she had to let them grab her tits or ass in public and maybe suck a dick or two here and there.

She did not mind this stuff but it was always B+ producers who made a go for her, Subhash Ghai did not (he didnt need to because he had Madhuri sucking him off) what she wanted was a full budget film with a serious budget and strong cast.

At one such filmi party she was hanging around near the bar chatting up her one time collegaue actress Sonam, when she saw a man with a large entourage enter, he had sunglasses on and some of the bigger producers were hovering around him tryng to light his ciggarette or get him a drink.

"Who is he" asked Nagma to Sonam

"That is Noora, he is based out fo Dubai and invests in a lot of projects here"


Sonam looked at Nagma "Darling, dont get any ideas, i think he is connected, if you know what i mean"

Nagma sort of knew but it couldnt hurt to just talk could it. She stood there with her glass as Noora made his way to the bar with his little coterie. Sonam eased out and dissappaeared but Nagma didnt notice.

Noora, walked up to her, looking straight at her from behind his sunglasses. he didnt say a word, one of her past producers walked up and introduced them

"Bhai, this is Nagma baby, she was in my movie last year"

"Hello Madam"

she put her hand out and he took it. softly and then put his other hand on it.

"hello Mr..."

"call me Noora, please"

"hello Nooraji"

"Noora" he repeated.

Nagma smiled.


"Nagmaji, next film kaunsi hain apki" (what is your next film)

"Nooraji, filhal to rest chal raha hain, koi film nai hain" (right now i am resting and have no projects)

Noora, kept smiling, took his sunglasses off and looked right into her eyes.

"yeh to nahi chalega, ap jaisi adakara ghar baithi hain" (this wont do, an actress like you is sitting at home)

he looked around and saw his old friend Feroz Khan in the corner and called out to him "Feroz Bhai, Yaha par"

The recently clean shaven headed Feroz Khan walked over giving him a hug.

"Ap inse mile hain" (have you two met) and pointed towards Nagma.

"No, i havent had the pleasure but i have seen your work, I am Feroz" he said putting his hand out.

"I am a huge Fan Feroz sahab"

"thank you my lady"

Noorah broke the little dance

"Ferozbhai, apni next film ke liye yeh kaisi rahengi"

Feroz looked at him, his next film was called yalgaar with Sanjay Dutt and was to be shot in Dubai.

"For which role Noorabhai"

Feroz had just promised the young lead to Manisha Koirala after she had sucked him dry for three nights in a row, so there would be hell to pay if he went back on it.

"Arrwe woh Sanju baba ke wife ka role"

"Ha! Perfect, kya idea hain Noora Bhai"

Feroz Khan was glad, this was perfect. Noora would end up spending some money on the film since he was offering casting decisions and he could continue to fuck Manisha who really was hot (back then anyway)

"theek hain Feroz Bhai, milte hain fir" (well talk later)

Nagma stood there with her mouth agape. The man had just gotten her into a well budgeted, internationally set film with a hot star. How big her role was not important, she would be in this movie and Karisma & Raveena would not.

"Nooraji, thank you very much, i dont know how i can repay you"

"Arre, kya kaeh rahi hain aap, please come to my hometown of Dubai and let us host you" (what are you saying)

Nagma couldnt control herself, this man was truly someone well connected and influential and she was impressed. He was not handsome at all but that didnt matter much, he had gotten her a coveted role.

Noora walked out of the party with visions of fucking Nagma from behind in his swimming pool while a white bitch rimmed his ass. Nagma went home happy she had scored without even trying.

The next morning she had a letter stating shoot was to start in a week, her tickets were reserved and she had to be at the embassy for a visa the day after.

01-10-2009, 07:37 AM
Hello friends. It takes me to go back 2 year down the lane when I was searching my job in Chennai. I was generally commuting that time using city bus. One day while going for a job interview my eye got fixed on a stunning lady who was also looking towards me.

Let me tell you about her beauty. She was a brown skin, homely look with big dark black eyes, inviting butt and juicy boobs. First I thought as I look different since I am a north Indian she might be simply eye washing her. But later I found her standing very near to me and then I started noticing her closely.

I thought to talk to her but it needs a real heart for that in a city like chennai. Adding to it I got discouraged when I saw a old guy with her I thought him as her father. But more than often she kept on looking towards me and meanwhile she came very close to me inside bus and suddenly driver hit on break, which made me breathless as my chest collided with her boobs which was around 34 I guessed that time. But she was in no mood to pull her back and we were in that position for few seconds, she was looking straight into my eyes. I felt ashamed and told her sorry but she said no problem.

Later she got a seat in the gents row as you might be knowing that in Chennai city bus we have separate row for gents and ladies. So she sat with the old guy and I was standing very close to her to feel her left toes and rubbing her left shoulder with my right leg.

Meanwhile I got an idea as I found some small diary kinda material in her hand I asked to her a piece of paper, she gave to me and shown me her friendly nature. I made 2 pieces of that paper and wrote my mobile number on one of them and the other half I kept with me.

I folded the number paper and gave to her by saying I dont need the full paper so let's not waste and she accepted the paper and put it into her diary. I had to get down so I just turn back and had a look on her and got off. I was scolding myself as thinking it will not work and my paper will be lost.
But.. but I got a call from a sweet lady voice I thought it might be the HR buddy but guess I was wrong..It was the same lady whom I gave the paper and she told me that my friend gave the paper accidentally to her which he should have taken with him.

I confessed to her that I was the person whom she met in the bus and she was surprised I told her as I wanted to talk to her I have done like this. She got angry and cut the line. But again I got a call from the same number after some time and she asked why I have done that way then I told her that I was worried with her father. She laughed and said he is not her father infact he used to be her senior colleague and introduced her as a lecturer in a womens college. We talked around 2 hours in night and I complimented her on a cute face and a gorgeous body.
She laughed and asked me to meet the next day. But due to work she could not make it out and we met on the beach after two days. I hugged her in the dooming light as it was evening and she hesitated. I put my hand on her shoulder but she said that it's wrong as it's a public place.

I controlled my self but kept my hand on her shoulder. Later I caressed her hair and she liked that. I asked her about a kiss and she gave her left right chick. I kissed near her right ear and gave a small bite on her ear. She said me to not to do that as some one will she meanwhile I started folding her left boobs.
I felt her boobs but was not satisfied as I want her very badly. Suddenly she got separated and stood up. I was shocked as I thought will loose her. But she told me lets get out from here. I joined her and then told her I want to see her in private. She told we will meet.

I thought its all over and left heavy hearted. She called me later and told me not to call or sms her. I was shocked but it was not in my hand later again I got a call from her after 4 days and we talked for nearly 1 hour. I gave her my apology but she said me that she will punish me for my act.

I told her whatever punishment you want I will take it. She laughed and asked me why I wanted her to see in private? I told her I will tell that when I will see her. She gave me an invitation to her house. I thought I will see her family members but when I reached she was alone there as her husband and kid went to nearby village their hometown. I was little bit relaxed and asked her why she din't tell me. She said if she would have informed me in advance I would not have surprise. Then we talked for few minutes. We were seating on two different sofa.

It was a well maintained house. I stood and sat down a bigger sofa from where she was little distant to me so she came close and sat with me on the same sofa. She was in a night gown with no bra inside I guessed which was right :-) and a panty below as I could see the outer line on her night gown.

I put my hand on her shoulder and started playing with her hair. She din't said anything. I started kissing on her neck and licking her ear. She was breathing heavily. She put her head on my chest and asked me what I want to do to her? I was speechless. She stood up and laughed.

I got the message and I hug her tightly she said slowly in my ear let me show you my other room. I nodded firmly. She was going ahead me and was following her and my hand was playing with her inviting butt. I carresed her butt and pinched. She shown me her home and finally her bed room.

I asked her let me see the tajmahal. She laughed and asked me to take off the cloths. I wanted her to do that so I asked we willl remove each others cloths. She aggreed and pushed my chest with her hand. I took off her nighty which she helped me to take out and she tried to open my belt which she coul not so I helped her.

Now infront of me was the sexy lady and I was surprised to see her big boobs.It was arround 36 with a dark arola and nice firm tits. She lied down on the bed and asked me to come close to her. I tool all my cloths off but not the underwear as I wanted her to tease.

She dint mind it and I started playing with her boobs. It was so big my palm was feeling small:-). I started kissing her on lips. She dint do anything in starting but I was exploring her mouth with my tongue and later she also started responding with tongue. It was too sensual and nice to kiss such a nice and sexy lips.

She was breathing heavily and I was busy in kissing and fondling her juisy boobs. She asked me to take my underwear out. I knew she is hot for the grand finale but ignored and started kissing her belly area and later gone down. It was not a clean saven pussy with small hair.

She got my intention and she made a "V" but dont want to do that so I have started kissing her thighs, inner thigh and toes. She hold my hair with her hand and and strangled my neck with her left leg. I switched to left leg and kissed her thighs and sexy fingers.

Licked her naval but she was asking me to take my underwear off. I stood up and shown her my errrection as I also wanted to get her service she smiled and holded my dick in her hand and later tool my underwear off. She started playing with it. I again kissed her lips and licked her chest between two boobs.

She liked that. I love to lick the armpit. She had a complete saven armpit and it was smelling beautiful aroma might be some deo's smell and a salty taste. She asked me to not do that. I said okie I gone down to her naval started licking her pussy. I used my tongues to go circular and then sea-saw.

She liked that very well with her heavy breath and moan I guessed. She asked me to insert my dick into her. But asked her to get into the missionary position. She quickly came to that position and I hold her legs on my shoulder. She asked me to come on fuck.

I was also ready and my Cock was very hard it was ready to launch. I saw straight in her eyes aand try to insert but failed as it was too thick to go inside. She took a pillow and asked me to put that pillow below her butt. I done accordingly and we resumed our sex journey.

I have started slowly with both her boobs holding in my palms and legs resting on my shoulder. Slowly I gained the speed and she started enjoying by saying "Don't Stop.. Keep Going.. Superb..Superb.." holding her eyes closed. Suddenly she gave a big oooo sound and came.

My cock felt a hot fluid coming out of her pussy. But I was not and I kept on fucking.. after nearly 10 minutes I came and she got her orgasm arround three times. I took my cock out of her pussy slowly and hugged her kissed her. She said its the best time she has in her life.

I asked her to give me a blow job but she refused it as her self integrity. I respect that and so din't force her. But she promised to get me harder by playing with my dick and balls. I got another desire and asked her to let's do in doggy style.

She got excited as her husband never go to other position than missionary position. I kissed her back chick and hit it hard which turned her ON. I pinched her ass and hold her boobs from back roughly as I wanted to give her a more aggressive fuck. I pushed my dick in a hurried manner to her pussy.

She cried and told dont be animal. I laughed and started pumping her pussy. I was kissing her shoulder and back and pinching her tits. She gave a big moaning sound and came I used her cum and applied in her asshole. She said to not do anything to her ass.

I said I will not do anything and put my little finger in her ass she said to take the finger out but I ignored. I kept on fucking her pussy and changed my little finger to thumb in her ass. She shouted on me to take that finger out I said I wont do anything..and she nodded and I started kissing her neck.

After nearly 10 minutes I wanted to cum so took my cock outside her pussy and replaced my thumb with dick in the ass hole. She jumped but I hold her with her hair and cam in her ass. She collapsed on the bed and me on top of her.

I kissed her and carress her whole body and later had dinner and again 3 times uck in different position in the night before sleep. I left her house the next day morning. She likes me and I respect her lot, we are in a friendly relation since then.

01-27-2009, 10:47 PM
Story Contd...
New year was coming and so we finally thought that let’s come up with a plan to do it such a way that wives would not mind and/or would not know (most likely AND would not know). To make matters more interesting my sister-in-law Sangeeta and her husband Ajay were coming too. Sangeeta is my wife’s older sister but SHE IS HOT. She has some BIG BOOBS, A Giant ASS (you can sit on it and go to next town without falling down). She is very hot. Ajay is bit horny and was more than happy to join the plan.

I live in a big bunglow and we will have party there in my basement. My house has several small bedrooms. Almost like a Hotel floor (Total of 6 bedrooms upstairs). My in-laws were planning to visit us for new-year so they can see both of their daughters and my father-in-law’s old buddy lives in our neighborhood so he would have some fun at his party. My mother-in-law agreed to keep all our friend’s kids with her in my house and put them down for the night in our downstairs family room.

Here was the plan. Vinay was to get some VIAGRAs. Iqbal was to get some GIN. We would mix VIAGRA in Lemonade and add some GIN to spike it. Amit would convey women folks that Ajay’s friend from USA has sent some special Lemonade and is spicy so it taste bit differently. After all if a priest (Amit) says it, our wives would buy into it. Finally, once we feel that our wives are bit horny and drunk – we would talk to our respective wives and convince them to go a specific bedroom (to change cloths for midnight dancing), keep the lights off (so no one suspects that someone is in the bedroom – no talking or noise – as do not want to get caught doing it). We would then put room numbers on a small sheet of paper, fold it and they try our luck. Pick one of the paper slip to find the room we need to go. Put on the eye covers (blindfolds) and go to the room. A woman would be waiting in doggy style ready for action. Do the job and get out. This way because of blindfold we would never know whom we fucked and also wives would not know that they got screwed by someone else. Plan looks like it had a chance.

01-27-2009, 10:49 PM
Story Part 3
Iqbal opened the door and took his dick out. Room seemed dark and he finally found a body – he took his full 9 inches dick out and with one shove put it in the pussy in front of him. At that moment, Shefali realized that it was not Vinay. Now what do she do? If she screams then everyone will know. But who is it? And what a big dick! She was in pain – she could barely handle Vinay’s 5 inches. This must be double than that. It was ripping her. Entering areas never touched before. She was getting excited and let the big dick guy fuck her. Yes Yes Yes she is saying to herself and suddenly she was ready to scream NO! He has entered her ASS and she did not remember anything except tons of cum in her ass when she woke up.

Amit, opened the door. Closed it gently. Took his dick out. Found a pussy and started fucking. Noor immediately knew that this wasn’t Iqbal’s BIG DICK. This was small lund – barely half the size – but she was enjoying it as he was very gentle and besides what can she do now? Scream and let everyone know that she just got screws by someone else. This was some misunderstanding but she just had to play on.
She just got fucked and was starting to enjoy it. But Ya Allah! Gaand me Dal Diya ! Maar Daala. And she fainted.

Vinay, opened the door and closed it. He took his dick out and entered the pussy. He fucked her for a while. And then Manisha knew this wasn’t her hubby’s dick. But she needed it. She slapped him and climbed on top of him and started fucking him. She rammed him hard. Took her finger and put it in his ass and Vinay almost passed out. But actually it excited him. He took it out her pussy and fucked in her ass until he came.

01-27-2009, 10:50 PM
Story Part 4
I had to leave and go upstairs. I did not know who got my wife (no one would know who got who except I knew that I got Sangeeta). I put a blindfold and started counting the steps. 18 steps and now turn left and DAMN! there was some toy on the floor and I slipped, fell took several steps trying to avoid falling down and now what do I do? If I take my blindfold off, I would know where my friends were heading and since I knew in which room my wife was I did not want to know more. I thought OK! Since I took four steps falling down. I need to take two more steps and then I can fuck Sangeeta. I took two more steps and YES there was a door handle. Opened the door. Slowly closed it and I was home. It seemed that there was a small lamp on but with my blindfold I could not do much. I felt a body close by. I grabbed it. She still had some kind of cover on – may be a bath robe and I understand – this was a woman who would not wear swimsuit on a beach without t-shirt on top. She was not going to wait naked in a doggy style. I lifted the bathrobe – took my dick out – made the woman bend, put a towel on her face and then rammed it in. My mother-in-law was still in shock. She had finally put all the kids to sleep and was tired so took shower stepped out and here in a second her son-in-law rammed her (she was the only one who could see – the bathroom lights were still on). I was hot – I never imagined Sangi’s pussy to be this wide – and I thought that bastard Ajay must have huge dick. But I just kept on pumping. Then I became more brave, I pulled my dick out, found an ass-hole and just rammed it. I could feel Sangi’s body quiver and she was flinching and wanted to scream but I kept a towel on her face and did not let her utter a word. Finally I held her large (but loose tits). I thought that if they are this big they will sag. After all, she is 40 now. Finally, I emptied myself in her rather tight ass. It looked like Sangi had passed out. I quietly walked out, went to the basement and lit up a victory cigar.

Meanwhile, my father-in-law had come home. He was thirty and horny. All his buddies had told him that before he dies, he need to ram his wife’s ass and he was determined to do it today. He had lots of Lemonade. Waited for few minutes and headed to his room – after 4 drinks before and some more GIN – he opened a door, closed it. The lights were turned off. He said I am going to surprise the beach. He took his pants down and took his hard tool out. Then he went to the bed, grabbed the ass – WOW! She was waiting for me. He shoved it in her pussy and started fucking hard. He was just ramming her. He finally said AHH! AHH! and Kavita was horrified. She realized that it was her father fucking her. What does she do now? Dad had already fucked her for a while. If she makes noise, he would know and her mom would know and her friends would know and OH NO! Can’t happen. Can’t be happening. He was entering her ASS HOLE. What an ass – drunkard – fucking her daughter’s puckerd ass. She passed out in pain. He emptied himself in her ass. Had to go and pee so went out of the room and peed and went to his room. He was still hard. He opened a door. Hmm! She was still on her knees in doggy style. He rammed it in and started fucking saying choot – khol aur kar do chudwai. Sangeeta froze. What can she do? If she stops him – everyone will know. What can I do? She just let her dad fuck her. Lick her big tits. She even ate his dick, ram her ass and finally she ate him off. He once again had to pee and then he did not come back to her room.

02-03-2009, 07:34 AM
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02-10-2009, 03:17 AM
falatu hai

02-10-2009, 03:25 AM
ब हम लोग भोपाल में ही शिफ़्ट हो गये थे। जैसा कि आप लोगों को मालुम है कि चाची को चोद कर मुझे चोदने का शौक लग गया था तो लंड चोदने के लिये तड़पता रहता है। हमारे घर में पार्ट-टाइम नौकरानियां काम करती हैं। लेकिन कोई भी सुंदर नहीं थी। मम्मी बड़ी होशियार थीं। सब काली कलूटी और भद्दी भद्दी चुन चुन कर रखती थीं। जानती थी लड़का बहुत ही चालु है। आखिर में जब कोई नहीं मिलि तो एक को रखना ही पड़ा - जो कि 19-20 साल की मस्त जवान कुंवारी लड़की थी। साँवला रंग था और क्या जवान, सुंदर ऐसी कि देख कर ही लंड खड़ा हो जाए। मम्मे ऐसे गोल गोल और निकलते हुए कि ब्लाउज़ में समाए ही नहीं। बस मैं मौके की तलाश में था क्योंकि चोदने के लिये एकदम मस्त चीज़ थी। सोच सोच कर मैंने कई बार मुठ मारा। बहुत ज़ोर से तमन्ना थी कब मौका मिले और कब मैं इसकी बुर में अपना लंड घुसा दूं। वो भी पैनी निगाहों से मुझे देखती रहती थी। और मैं उसके बदन को चोरी चोरी से नापता रहता था। मन ही मन में कई बार उसे नंगा कर दिया। उसकी गुलाबी चूत को कई बार सोच सोच कर मेरा लंड गीला हो जाता था और खड़ा होकर फड़फड़ा रहा होता। हाथ मचलते रहते कब उसकी गोल गोल चूचियों को दबाऊं। एक बार चाय लेते समय जब मैंने उसे छुआ तो मानो करेंट सा लग गया और वो शरमाते हुए खिलखिला पड़ी और भाग गयी। मैंने कहा मौका आने दे, रानी तुझे तो खूब चोदुंगा। लंड तेरी चिकनी बुर में डाल कर भूल जाऊंगा। चूची को चूस चूस कर प्यास बुझाउंगा और दबा दबा कर मज़े लुंगा। होठों को तो खा ही जाउंगा। रानी उसका प्यारा सा नाम था।

कहते हैं उसके घर में देर है पर अंधेर नहीं। रविवार का दिन था और मेरे लंड महाराज तो उछल गये। मौका चूकने वाला नहीं था। लेकिन शुरु कैसे करें। कहीं चिल्लाने लगी तो? गुस्सा हो गयी तो? दोस्तों, तुम यह जान लो कि लड़कियां कितना ही शरमाये लेकिन दिल में उनकी इच्छा रहती है कि कोई उन्हें छेड़े और चोदे। मैंने रानी को बुलाया और उसे देखते हुए कहा - "रानी, तुम कपड़े इतने कम क्यों पहनती हो?" वहो बोली "क्यूं साहब, क्या कम है?" मैंने जवाब दिया, "देखो, ब्लाउज़ के नीचे कोई चोली नहीं है। सब दिखता है। लड़के छेड़ेंगे तुझे।" वो बोली, "बाबुजी, इतने पैसे कहां कि चोली खरीद सकूं। आप दिलवायोगे।" मैंने कहा, "दिलवा तो मैं दुंगा। लेकिन पहले बता कि क्या आज तक किसी ने तुझे छेड़ा है।" उसने जवाब दिया, "नहीं साहब।" मैंने कहा, "इसका मतलब तू एकदम कुंवारी है।"
"जी साहब।"
"अगर मैं कहूं कि तू मुझे बहुत अच्छी लगती है, तो तू नाराज़ तो नहीं होगी।" "नाराज़ क्युं होउंगी साहब। आप तो बहुत अच्छे हो।" बस यही उसका सिग्नल था मेरे लिये। मैंने हिम्मत रख कर पूछा, "अगर मैं तुम्हें थोड़ा प्यार करूं तो तुम्हें बुरा तो नहीं लगेगा।" अपने पैर की उंगलियों को वो ज़मीन पर मसलती हुई बोली, "आप तो बड़े वो हो साहब।" मैंने आगे बढ़ते हुए कहा, "अच्चा अपनी आँखें बंद कर ले और अभी खोलना नहीं।" उसने आँखें बंद की और हल्के से मुँह ऊपर की तरफ़ कर दिया। मैंने कहा- बेटा लोहा गरम है, मार दे हथौड़ा। आहिस्ता से पहले मैंने उसके गालों को अपने हाथों में लिया और फिर रख दिये अपने होंठ उसके होंठों पर। हाय क्या गज़ब की लड़की थी। क्या टैस्ट था। दुनिया की कोई भी शराब उसका मुकाबला नहीं कर सकती थी। ऐसा नशा छाया कि सब्र के सारे बांध टूट गये। मेरे होंठों ने कस कर उसके होंठों को चूसा और चूसते ही रहे। मेरे दोनों हाथों ने ज़ोर से उसके बदन को दबोच लिया। मेरी जीभ उसकी जीभ का टैस्ट लेने लगी। इस दौरान उसने कुछ नहीं कहा। बस मज़ा लेती रही। अचानक उसने आँखें खोली और बोली, "साहबजी, बस, कोई देख लेगा।" मैंने कहा, "रानी, अब तो मत रोको मुझे। सिर्फ़ एक बार।" "एक बार, क्या साहब?"
मैंने उसके कान पे पास जा कर कहा, "चुदवायेगी? एक बार बुर में लंड घुसवायेगी? देख मना मत करना। कितनी सुंदर है तू।" यह कह कर मैंने उसे कस कर पकड़ लिया और दहीने हाथ से उसकी बायीं चूची को दबाने लगा। मुँह से मैं उसके गालों पर, गले पर, होंठों पर और हर जगह पर चूमने लगा पागलों की तरह। क्या चूची थी, मानो सख्त संतरे। दबाओ तो चिटक चिटक जाये। उफ़, मलाई थी पूरी की पूरी।
रानी ने जवाब दिया, "साहबजी, मैंने यह सब कभी नहीं किया। मुझे शरम आ रही है।"
उखड़ी सांसों से मैंने कहा, "हाय मेरी जान रानी, बस इतना बता, अच्छा लगा या नहीं। मज़ा आ रहा है कि नहीं? मेरा तो लंड बेताब है जाने मन। और मत तड़पा।"
"साहबजी, जो करना है जल्दी करो, कोई आ जायेगा तो?"
बस मैंने उसके फूल जैसे बदन को उठाया और बिस्तर पर ले गया और लिटा दिया। कस कर चूमते हुए मैंने उसके कपड़ों को उतारा। फिर अपने कपड़ों को जल्दी से निकाला। 7" लम्बा मेरा लंड फड़फड़ाते हुए बाहर निकला। देख कर उसकी आँखें बड़ी हो गयी। बोलि "हाय यह क्या है? यह तो बहुत बड़ा है।"
"पकड़ ले इसे मेरी जान।" कहते हुए मैंने उसके हाथ को अपने लंड पर रख दिया। उसके बदन को पहली बार नंगा देख कर तो लंड ज़ोर से उछलने लगा। चूची ऐसी मस्त थी कि पूछो मत। चूत पर बाल इतने अच्छे लग रहे थे कि मेरे हाथ उसकी तरफ़ बढ़ ही गये। क्या गरम चूत थी। उंगली आहिस्ता से अंदर घुसाई। रस बह रहा था और उसकी बुर गीली हो गयी थी। गुलाबी गुलाबी बुर को उंगलियों से अलग किया, और मैंने अपना लंड आहिस्ता से घुसाया। हाथ उसकी चूचियों को मसल रहे थे। मुँह से उसके होंठों को मैं चूस रहा था।
"आह, साहबजी, आहिस्ता, लग रहा है।"
"रानी मज़ा आ रहा है?"
"साहबजी, जल्दी करिये न जो भी करना है।"
"हाय मेरी जान, बोल क्या करूं?"
"डालिये न। कुछ करिये न।"
"रानी, बोल कया करूं।" कहते हुए मैंने लंड को थोड़ा और घुसाया।
"अपना यह डाल दीजिये। " "बोल न, कहा डालूं मेरी जान, क्या डालूं।" "आप ही बोलिये न साहबजी, आप अच्चा बोलते हैं।" "अच्छा, यह मेरा लंड तेरी चिकनी और प्यारी बुर में घुस गया। और अब ये तुझे चोदेगा।" "चोदिये न, साहबजी।" उसके मुँह से सुन कर तो लंड और भी मस्त हो गया। "हाय रानी, क्या बुर है तेरी, क्या चूची है तेरी। कहां छुपा कर रखा था इतने दिन। पहले क्यों नहीं चुदवाया।"
"साहबजी, आपका भी लंड बहुत मज़ेदार है। बस चोद दीजिये जल्दी से।" और उसने अपने चूतड़ ऊपर कर लिये।
अब मैंने उसकी दाहिनी चूची को मुँह में लिया और चूसने लगा। एक हाथ से दूसरी चूची को दबाते हुए, मसलते हुए, मैं उछल उछल कर ज़ोर ज़ोर से चोदने लगा। जन्नत का मज़ा आ रहा था। ऐसा लग रहा था बस चोदता ही रहुं, चोदता ही रहुं इस प्यारी प्यारी चूत को। मेरा लंड ज़ोर ज़ोर से उसकी गुलाबी गीली गरम गरम बुर को चोद रहा था।
"हाय, रानी चुदवाने में मज़ा आ रहा है न। बोल मेरी जान, बोल।"
"हां साहब, मज़ा आ रहा है। बहुत मज़ा आ रहा है। साहब आप बहुत अच्छा चोदते हैं। साहब, यह मेरी बुर आपके लंड के लिये ही बनी है। है न साहब। साहब, चूची ज़ोर से दबाइये न। साहब, ऊऊओह, मज़ा आ गया, ऊऊह्हह्ह।" अचानक, हम दोनों साथ साथ ही झड़े। मैंने अपना सारा रस उसकी प्यारी प्यारी बुर में घोल दिया। हाय क्या बुर थी। क्या लड़की थी। गरम गरम हलवा। नहीं उससे भी ज्यादा टैस्टी। मैंने पूछा, "रानी, तेरा महीना कब हुआ था री?" शरमाते हुए बोली, "परसों ही खत्म हुआ। आप बड़े वो हैं। यह भी कोई पूछता है।" बाहों में भर कर होंठों को चूमते, चूचियों को दबाते हुए मैंने कहा, "मेरी जान, चुदवाते चुदवाते सब सीख जायेगी।" एकदम सेफ़ था। प्रिग्नेंट होने का कोई चांस नहीं था अभी। दोस्तों, कह नहीं सकता, दूसरी बार जब उसे चोदा, तो पहली बार से ज्यादा मज़ा आया। क्योंकि लंड भी देर से झड़ा। चूत उसकी गीली थी। चूतड़ उछाल उछाल कर चुदवा रही थी साली। उसकी चूचियों को तो मसल मसल कर और चूस चूस कर निचोड़ ही दिया मैंने। जाने फिर कब मौका मिले। आज इसकी बुर चूस ही लो। बुर का स्वाद तो इतना मज़ेदार था कि कोई भी शराब में ऐसा नशा नहीं। चोदते समय तो मैंने उसके होंठों को खा ही लिया। "यह मज़ा ले मेरे लंड का मेरी जान। तेरी बुर में मेरा लंड - इसी को चुदाई कहते हैं रानी। कहां छुपा रखी थी यह चूत जानी।" कहते हुए मैं बस चोद रहा था और मज़ा लूट रहा था। "चोद दीजिये साहबजी, चोद दीजिये। मेरी बुर को चोद दीजिये।" कह कह कर चुदवा रही थी मेरी रानी। दोस्तों। चुदाई तो खत्म हुई लेकिन मन नहीं भरा। दबोचते हुए मैंने कहा, "रानी, मौका निकाल कर चुदवाती रहना। तेरी बुर का दिवाना है यह लंड। मालामाल कर दूंगा जाने मन।" यह कह कर मैंने उसे 500 रुपये दिये और चूमते हुए मसलते हुए रुखसत किया।

02-20-2009, 02:05 AM

It was a cool winter afternoon in December. I was looking for a garment shop in the city street to buy some gifts for my wife. She had forgotten it was her birthday. I wanted to give her a pleasant surprise. So, I took leave for the afternoon from my office and went for shopping. My idea was to return with the gifts, wish her a very happy birthday, gift her the presents and later to take her out for an exciting dinner and enjoy the night.

I had planned to buy a complete set of exclusive apparel for her. My searching eyes found the signboard of a shop specialized in garments for ladies. I went in. I was welcomed and greeted by an elderly man wearing pyjama and kurta at the glass-door entrance. A quick survey inside the shop made me wonder if I made the right choice of shop. There were about a dozen salesmen, all of them in their late fifties or early sixties and only one salesgirl. And most of the customers were elderly ladies! I was beginning to wonder if the shop was specialized to sell clothes for elderly women only when the old man interrupted my thought by asking politely what I was looking for.

I told him what I had in my mind. I was quick to enquire if they keep stock of clothes of latest fashion for a young lady. Actually, I was planning to retreat my steps quickly if he was about to show his disappointment.

Instead, he broadened his smile revealing his stained teeth and said gleefully: "Sure, sure. Sir, in fact, we do keep clothes of the latest fashion for the modern lady only. Please come with me…."

I followed him towards the only salesgirl at the far end of the shop. "Nisha, please attend and take care of him" he said to her.

Turning to me he said: "Nisha will show you all the latest fashion clothes you need, Sir. I am sure you will be very pleased to see them. Happy shopping to you." Then folding his hands in a gesture of 'Namaste' he bent his body forward in an inverted U position and went back to attend other customers entering the shop.

"Yes, Sir, can I help you?" I withdrew my eyes from the old man to look at the salesgirl saying this. Frankly, it was the first time I looked at her attentively. She was not a girl but a married lady as I could guess from the vermilion on the dividing line of hairs on her forehead. She was medium-complexioned and could be of around 35 years of age. Of average height, I guessed she might have a vital statistics of 38-30-40. She wore a light blue colour sari with matching blouse over which she wore a maroon colour cardigan without buttoning it. I was sure she did not belong to a wealthy family or good financial
background as I could read it from her looks. She did not wear any ornaments. May be she did the job of a salesgirl to make the both ends meet. I was beginning to identify the attraction which made me to continue to stare at her when she interrupted my thought.

"Sir, you didn't tell me how can I help you" she said in an embarrassing tone more to cut my probing stare at her than her eagerness to help me.

"Oh..yes…" I said to cover up my confused gesture. I told her what I was there for. She suggested to select the sari first and led me to the glass shelves at the corner of the shop. Reaching there, she asked me my choice of fabric, colour, etc. of the sari I wanted to buy.
Though I was sure of my choices suiting to my wife, yet I said her.

"Look, Nisha, let me be frank and honest with you. I don't have any idea about ladies garments. Actually, I need these to present to my wife on her birthday today as surprise gifts. That is why I have not brought her along. So, I am depending on your help and guidance to make the right choice. I leave everything to you to decide. Whatever you choose would be fine with me. After all, more than men, ladies know what other ladies like. Right?"

I think she bit my bait as she smiled for the first time as if she understood my predicament. To her query, I gave her the height and complexion of my wife but was careful not to tell the vital statistics. I noticed an unmistakable sudden glare in her eyes when I added price of the dresses was not a factor. It was only when she took out bundles of saris and spread them in front of me that I was convinced the shop indeed kept latest fashion materials as I could find several costly saris among the lot similar to the ones my wife wore on special occasions. After going through several saris now heaped in front of us, she picked up a light blue colour one with ornamental embellishment works on it.

She asked me "How do you like this one, Sir? But it is a little costly. Its price is Rs.4250"

I must admire her choice as I too fell for the sari instantly. " Oh…Nisha, you are simply superb and wonderful. Yeah, it is really a fantastic choice. I must admire and appreciate you for this. My wife would look gorgeous in this sari. Never mind the price, Nisha. I can
well afford it. After all it is my wife's happiness that matters" I said.

I noticed again the glare that lit up her eyes when I told not to bother about the price though she said smilingly "Thank you, Sir".

She then led me to other shelves to choose the cloth for blouse. While she turned, I had trouble to suppress a hissing rush of breath when my eyes got a glimpse of her voluptuously protruding left breast under the blouse uncovered with the pallu of her sari. As she was searching for the cloth of matching colour, she asked me without looking at me: "From your accent, I think you are a South Indian, Sir".

"You are right. I am a Keralite" I said.

"Where do you work?" asked she.

I gave her my visiting card. She glanced through it and was visibly impressed with my position. I did not take back the card nor did she return it.

As she set the ball of informal conversation rolling, I asked her "I think it is an old shop. How long you have been working here? And, do they pay you well?"

"Since three and half years". She released a sigh and added "Oh..the pay is not much. It is my livelihood. But we get a percentage out of our individual total daily sales".

Now I knew why was she happy to know I did not bother about the price and rather wanted the costliest dresses. It meant, her share out of total sales would be more.

Selecting the right colour of cloth, she asked me "How much cloth do you need?"

"I have no idea as I told you earlier I am ignorant about women's clothes" I lied smilingly.

She returned the smile and asked for a clue "How is her body construction? "

It gave me a chance to run my eyes over her body once again. "Almost your build"

She smiled again, measured the cloth and took the piece. "I have added a few centimeters extra of the cloth just in case if your wife…"

"Yeah, I can understand. Thank you" I said.

"What do you need next?" she asked.

"A set of lingerie. It must be exclusive and exquisite, Nisha, as it is for the special occasion" said I.

She nodded, attempting to conceal a meaningful smile, opened a small door leading to an inner room and disappeared. After 3-4 minutes, she came out carrying half a dozen nightwears. Spreading them on the table, she asked me "Any choice of colour?"

I decided to be a little naughty. "If you do not mind my saying so and beside as you might also know that every husband would like his wife to look very sexy in the lingerie. Am I not right? Please don't bother about the price"

"Yeah, you are right" she said looking at me through the corners of her eyes with a suppressed grin.

Again I congratulated her for making an excellent choice of a set of deep brown lingerie. Yes, it was costly alright..

"Next?" she asked me probingly.

"A set of bras and panties, of course" I said. I knew my chance of coning her is about to come.

She unwittingly asked me "What size of bras your wife uses?"

'Here is the right opportunity, Jai' I thought. I pretended to look surprised as if I have no idea about it.

I said "Oh…I am sorry, I don't know the size". I said disappointingly.

She too appeared puzzled as it would be difficult to make the right choice without knowing the correct size, fitting to the lady.

"Can you give an approximate idea, Sir?" she asked.

I grumbled and looked around to see if there was any customer lady to look similar to have my wife's bosom size. She knew very well what I was looking for as she gave a meaningful smile again. As if I could not find anyone, and it was true also, I turned to look back at her. Pretending as much innocent as I could appear, I shifted my glance towards her bosom. She was clever to note it and she flinched a little. I scratched my head and pretended again to look confused as I could not see her bosom clearly as it was covered with the pallu of her sari. Worse, she was wearing a cardigan also to protect herself from the winter cold.

I told her apologetically "Look, Nisha, I know it is unethical on my part to look at your body so probingly. But I am in a fix.. I think you can help me provided you don't mind it. I think my wife's construction almost matches yours. But I can say for sure if I could get a look of your side profile……of course, if you won't feel offended. Pardon me if I am taking a little too much for granted"

I said these as if I was confessing to my mother's murder and requesting for forgiveness. I saw her thinking deeply for a while. Yet, I could see her look shy and blushed of the thought. I could guess she thought I was speaking the truth. I thought too she was willing to oblige me, a most valuable customer she had had for several days, if not weeks. Yet, she was bewildered at my suggestion.

After thinking for nearly a couple of minutes, she nodded to me of her approval. She said she was going to the inner room so that I can have a look of her body without anybody watching us. She disappeared keeping the door closed behind her. After a couple of minutes, still standing inside the inner room, she held the door half opened with one of her hands and looked at me smilingly with a blushed face. She had removed her cardigan and took the pallu off her bosom. What I saw made me catch my breath sharply. I became aware my heart missed a beat or two. My mouth remained open when I gaped admiringly at the two mounds of flesh covered with her blouse juxtaposed to each other on her chest
pointing towards me menacingly as if two arrows were aimed at me. The sight of her bare neck as well as the little uncovered upper portion of her cleavage sent my blood boiling and gushing through my nerves. I had great difficulty to check my rising urge to jump over the table and grab at her. When our eyes met, she coyly withdrew her eyes and looked at the floor to avoid my gaze. I wondered if I could go on looking at her like this for the rest of my life.

02-20-2009, 02:06 AM
To break the silence, she coughed as if to clear her throat purposely
if I could judge the size of my wife's bosom comparing with hers.

"Can you turn a little to see the side view?" I muttered in a voice
not more than a whisper.

She turned as I told her. Now I could see the side of her left boob. I
was sure her boobs were big and conically shaped. The pointing bulge
at the tip indicated she had large nipples.

I think she gave me enough time to judge her size. Then without saying
anything, she closed the door. After a minute or so, she came out
smilingly and looked at me enquiringly.

I said to her again in a whisper "Please do not mind my asking so, but
did anyone tell you before you look very desiring and sexy?" In haste,
I added "Look, I am paying you a heartiest compliment".

"Thank you, Sir" she said but opted not to reply to my specific question.

"Well, Nisha, I wish if my wife had bosom of size and shape similar to
yours. But I think hers is a little small, may be by two inches".

She smiled and disappeared again behind the door. This time, she came
back with some packs of bras and panties. Selecting a light pink
colour laced bras, she asked for my opinion.

"Wonderful choice again" I exclaimed. "Thank you very much"

She opened another pack. This time, without consulting me she took out
matching panties and gave me one.

"You don't have to bother about the size of panties, Sir. These are
stretchable and elastic. It would fit your wife any way" she said with
a giggle.

"Hahahaha…" I laughed. "Did you fear I would ask you to undress
yourself to see the size of your buttocks?" This time I gained courage
to sound a little prurient.

"Hey, that would be too much. However, I must say you are very
naughty, Sir" she retorted smilingly.

"You are right. So I am. But you are to be blamed for it. Looking at
you, I think anyone would become naughty" I quipped.

I said there was nothing more to buy for the present. She took all the
clothes to the billing section and I opted to stay where I stood. She
came back with the bill as well as the clothes neatly packed. The
total amount was high as I wished too. I opened my wallet and
purposely took out the currency in Rs.1000/- denomination so that the
balance payable to me would be Rs.582/- She deposited the amount at
the cash counter and returned with the balance. As she extended the
balance at me, I said "If you do not mind it, Nisha, please keep the
balance with you. It is my earnest request. It is my pleasure for all
the help, care and pains you took for me. I know it is a small amount
and you are under no obligation. For Heaven's sake, please don't
refuse it….."

That was too much for her to refuse. She thanked me profusely. She
added it was against her principle to accept any tip from the
customers. But for my pleasure's sake she accepted it.

I thanked her for all the things she did for me and left.

That was the beginning. Right from stepping out of the shop, my mind
began occupied with the thought about her. The sight of her big bosom
refused to fade away from my mind. Frankly speaking, while gifting the
presents to my wife, enjoying together with her as well as making love
to her in the night, my mind was away with the sales lady at the shop.

There was no chance of meeting her unless I visited the shop again.
After two weeks, I ventured to go to the shop on the pretext of buying
more ladies garments. Though she was no fool to know the real purpose
of my revisit, yet she seemed happy to see me again and welcomed me
heartily. After a gap of another two weeks, I visited the shop again.
During these two visits, I had mustered enough courage to talk to her
to know her better. And I succeeded in it.

She had told me she was 37 years old, married and her husband lived in
Mumbai. He worked there as a diamond-cutter with a diamond merchant
and he visited her
once in a year or even after longer period. She lived with her only
child, a daughter of about six years old studying in a local school.
Since the money the husband sent to her every month was very meager as
his earning was also dismal, she had no other alternative but to take
up a job to make the both ends meet. Since she had studied up to Class
XII only, it was difficult to get a job in any office. She purposely
opted to work in that shop as the owner and other employees were
elderly men. I agreed with her it was difficult for a young and lonely
lady to work with other young men. She lived in a small house about 12
KM away traveling by bus. Being a lady, the shopkeeper had agreed her
working hours from 11 AM to 7 PM. She said she neither had a phone
connection at home nor a mobile phone.

A month later, I got the telephone number of the shop from the bill
and I called for her. After a minute, she came on the line and was
pleasantly surprised to know it was me calling her. As I did not want
to arouse suspicion in the mind of her employer, I minimized my talk
by asking her if she would be pleased to join me for a coffee the next
evening after her job completed. There was a gap and then she agreed.

I waited a little away from the shop and we went to a decent
restaurant. Over some sumptuous refreshments, we talked. I took out a
new mobile handset from my pocket and gave it to her as my gift. As
she opened her mouth to protest or refuse, I cut her short and
requested her to accept it. Just to please me, she took it. I gave
2500/- and asker her to contact the nearest service provider to give
connection and activate it with prepaid facility. I was very careful
to keep gentlemanly conduct and behaviour. I did not want to give out
any impression I was trying to hook her in any way but was only being
a good friend.

I thanked her for accepting it. I requested her to tell me for any
help without any hesitation. She thanked me in return.

During the next month, we met twice in different restaurants. These
times I had contacted her on her mobile phone to fix up our
appointments. It was during the third meeting, she exploded the bomb
unexpectedly when she asked: "Jai, can I ask you something private?"

"Oh..sure…why formalities? You can ask me anything without any
hesitation" I encouraged her sincerely.

"Jai, I have a hunch, but I am not sure. I know you love your wife
deeply. But are you not happy or not satisfied with her in bed or

I maintained silence though I was really surprised. She started "Jai,
Oh..I am very sorry for poking my nose or offend….."

I cut her short with my raised hand. "Nisha, you did not offend me at
all. Rather I was really surprised how you could read my mind so
correctly. You must have clairvoyance or intuition. Yes, you are
right. I am not satisfied sexually with my wife. Yes, she is a very
loving and caring housewife. But she is highly orthodox and
conservative. She is not averse to sex but has less interest in it. In
fact, she does not want to explore the various avenues in sexual
pleasures while in bed because of her pious nature….."

Since she was a married lady, she understood what I meant. She said
"Yeah, some ladies are like that and do not know what husbands want
and how to give it to them…"

"You are quite right" I said cunningly mixing a tone of disappointment
in my voice.

It gave me an opportunity to turn the topic to my desired direction. I
said "But my wife is better placed than you…"

She knew what I was hinting at. In a surprising gesture she boldly
opened the box of worms in her mind. "Well Jai, I knew what you are
hinting at indirectly. At this age and stage of life, a lady requires
satisfying sex at least once in two or three days if not daily. I am
deprived of it. Can't help".

To keep my decency, I did not prod her to elaborate. Nor she did.

I had to wait patiently till our next meeting when her formal
invitation came to visit her at her house. So, we made the appointment
on following Saturday evening. I reached her small house with some
gifts for her and her daughter consisting of dresses, a wrist-watch
for her and some sweets. Nisha seemed to have taken a bath and she was
wearing a orange colour sari with prints. She was really excited and
happy to welcome me. Her little house was not much to speak about but
she kept it very clean and tidy with an impressive look as much as she
could. I could not meet her daughter as she had gone out for playing.
There was an elderly maid doing household work of cleaning the floors
and utensils. Nisha said the maid did the work, once in the morning
and afternoon. Thereafter she would go to her house and would return
in the night to give her company sleeping there.

Nisha entertained me with tea and snacks. We talked about general
things. By that time the old maid had completed her work and went
away. I too remembered the time and wanted to go back.

"When can we meet next?" she asked me.

02-20-2009, 02:07 AM
"Should we?" I quipped.

"At least I do wish. I don't know how you feel about it"

I knew I was scoring one point after another.

"Sure, I do too".

There was a long gap of silence as we deeply looked and searched into
each other's eyes. I don't know what happened to me as I stood up from
my chair and walked towards her like a zombie. I stood in front of her
still looking at her eyes. She remained calm and motionless. I placed
my left hand on her right shoulder. Then in an astonishing act to
myself, my right hand caught hold of the pallu of her sari and flipped
it away from her bosom. She did not react but I found her breathing
heavily. Her big bosom moved up and down. Without shifting my look, my
hands covered her face from either sides and I raised her face upward.
Then my own face came down with my mouth only an inch away from her. I
could feel her hot deep breaths on my face now. Then, as if I touched
on a live electric wire, I recoiled, released my hands and drew back.

Hanging my head in shame and guilty-conscience, I implored to her
"Please pardon me, Nisha. I am sorry. Very sorry. I should not have
done this. I am ashamed of myself. I am sorry for being….."

I could not complete the sentence as I saw her standing up and coming
towards me. I could not believe when she stood close to me and put her
hands around my shoulders. While she raised her face upward, she
brought my face down pressing my head.

"Do it now, Jai. Don't feel any guilty-conscience. You wanted to kiss
me, didn't you? Kiss me now"

I looked no further. I rammed my mouth hard on hers in a deep
passionate kiss which made hissing sounds. In the same moment, I
hugged her tightly as if to melt her body into mine. I became aware
her big boobs crushed on my chest under the impact. I saw her close
her eyes instantly more in a state of saturation than submission. In
the same breath, I took her thick lower lip into my mouth and began to
suck it very hard.

But my luck had run out. The calling bell rang. Nisha smiled at me
meaningfully while going to attend the door. It was her daughter. She
was a cute girl. Nisha introduced me as her new uncle. I embraced and
kissed her on her head. I chatted with her daughter for a few minutes
enquiring about her school and education.

As I stood for leaving, Nisha purposely sent her daughter to bring a
glass of water obviously to get a little free time. As the girl left,
she told me in a whisper "Jai, I know you are disappointed. So am I.
We will have it next time"

"What? Kiss?" I asked with a wry grin.

"Oh.. You are really naughty. Okay, okay, you can have all the things
you wanted. Are you happy now?"

This was precisely the thing I wanted to hear from her mouth all these
days and months. I wanted her to make the first move and I got the

"Thank you very much. But that is something. But what shall you give
me of your own? Be quick before your daughter returns"

She glanced over her shoulder at her daughter who was still in the
kitchen. Her face became red with shyness and she coyly told "I shall
give you everything which you did not get from your wife so long. Are
you happy now?"

"Yeah, thanks. But when?" I was a little jumpy.

"Please give me a few days. I will call you on phone. Let me make
secure meeting arrangement when my safe period begins. I want to give
you all pleasures without having to adopt precautions and at the same
time I want to avoid the risk of preg….." she did not complete the

I could not believe my ears. She was very intelligent and caring yet
very open. While I profusely thanked and admired her, I saw her
daughter coming with the water. I drank the water and bid goodbye to
both of them. I glanced back after a few steps. I saw them waving
their hands at me and I waved back.

It was the greatest achievement on my first visit to her. Every time,
I was planning and brooding over the sequences of my being in bed with
her. It took another nineteen days for the big day to arrive.

Following her call, we met at a city restaurant at 8.30 PM on
Saturday. She looked gorgeous in the simple dress. After a good
dinner, we reached her house in a cab. She had sent her daughter to
her aunty's house and given off to her maid servant. I was getting
intoxicated with her closeness and my heart was thumping to grab her
the moment we entered her house and closed the door. She was well
aware of what was going on in my mind.

After bolting the door, she turned and fell on me circling her hands
around my neck. In the same action she brought her mouth to mine. I
hugged her tightly with my left hand and my right hand pressed her
buttocks. As I kissed her passionately keeping my mouth slightly open,
she shot her tongue into my mouth wagging and probing inside. I
captured her tongue and began to suck it madly. The struggle of our
kissing lasted for nearly three minutes. Then she released herself
from my clutches and said with a grin "Jai, have patience, you have
all the night for you to enjoy me".

After drinking water, she led me to her bedroom. The double-bed and
pillows were spread with new bed-sheet and pillow-covers. She put out
the light and switched on the light blue colour bedroom lamp. We sat
on the bed, side-by-side, with me holding her from the back with my
left hand. Then without my asking, she removed the pallu off her
shoulder and bosom and told me "Jai, you had wanted to see the size of
my bosom. Now, the time has come for you to measure it with your hands".

I eagerly ran my right hand over her big boobs often squeezing them
with the blouse. She lay on her back taking me on top of her. Her
boobs got pressed under my chest while she kissed me on my lips.

"Jai, you are a married man knowing the arts of lovemaking. But I want
to make our mating different and memorable. I have planned our
lovemaking in three sessions. I know every man ejaculates quickly in
the first fucking. So, in our first session, you will straight away
fuck me without foreplay and cum inside me. In our next session, I
shall take over completely and shall do everything to please you
giving all pleasures in my own way. I promise to give you most
wonderful pleasures which you had never experienced from your wife or
any lady. In the third round, you shall make love to me in your own
exclusive ways.


I was amazed she was totally unashamed and had planned everything
meticulously. I readily agreed. She stood up and asked me "Please
undress and make me nude"

I removed her dresses, one by one and threw them to the corner of the
room. I looked admiringly at her fleshy body with only bras and
panties on for a few minutes. Staring at her provocative body and big
boobs struggling inside the bra-cups, I knew my heart began beating
more rapidly pumping blood gushing through my veins. I stared at the
folds of her flesh formed like waves at her hips just below her belly.
Then she removed her bras and came out of her panties by herself. When
she unhooked her bras, the large boobs released from under the
clutches of the bra-cups jumped out and swayed threateningly. Her
boobs were full, ripe and very firm projecting straight.. She looked a
seductive temptress from head to foot. Standing close to me, she
removed my clothes too.

She lay on her back across the bed keeping her buttocks by the edge of
it. Then she separated her legs as maximum as possible and held each
toe with her hands. I looked at her large pussy. Yes, it was very big
indeed! She had removed all pubic hairs.. It was a most tantalizing and
beautiful sight of her velvet pussy.

"Come on, Jai. Fuck me now" she invited.

I admit it was not usual for me to fuck any lady straightaway without
foreplay. In fact, my penis was not erected. I told her so though my
cock was stirring up to erect looking at her nude body and pussy.

"I know that, Jai. No problem. Just rub your cock on my pussy. It will
become erect soon. I believe my pussy has that magical power" she giggled.

She was right. As I began rubbing my cock on her pussy, it started
erecting and in no time it stood up hard at its full length. With my
left hand, I separated her pussy lips and with the right I tried to
guide my cock into her red pussy hole. Soon I found it was difficult
to penetrate as her pussy hole was very close and tight. Besides,
there was less wetness to help lubrication. I told her so.

"Never mind, Jai. I had my delivery through cesarean operation.
Besides, I have had sex with my husband for very few times during his
annual visits. So, naturally, my pussy is tight. Please bring your
cock to my mouth. I shall run my tongue and smear my saliva all over
it" she suggested.

I liked her suggestion. Bending over her, I brought my cock on to her
mouth. She gladly took it inside and ran her tongue over it smearing
as much thick saliva on its surface.

"Jai, your penis is very tempting. I feel like sucking it hard. But
you are likely to ejaculate soon. We shall have oral sex later. So
fuck me first" she said.

I withdrew my cock, now smeared with her saliva. Then I collected some
spit from my own mouth and applied it on her pussy hole. Standing on
the floor near the bed, I drove my cock inside her. The trick worked.
The cock penetrated her pussy canal inch by inch. After full
penetration, she asked me "Jai, you hold and squeeze my boobs with
your hands while you fuck me vigourously" .

I bent forward and caught her big boobs. I squeezed them hard while I
began making thrusts with my cock smashing her pussy with astonishing
speed and force. With each forward thrust, my cock disappeared
completely inside her up to its hilt. "Aahhhh….,
aaahhhh……aaahhhhhh….ooouuuucc cchhhhhhh…" she released deep ecstatic
moans every time I heaved forward with a massive thrust. I gave no
mercy to her as I squeezed her boobs tightly as if to bring the whole
contents sprayed out through the nipples.

She had known the sexual behaviour and pattern of males well. Within
four minutes of my vigorous fucking her, I knew I was about to reach
climax and ejaculate. So I said her that. I asked her if I could
ejaculate inside her tunnel. She gleefully said it was safe period for
her and I could either pump my liquid inside her or spray the jets on
her face and body as I wished. I opted to deposit it inside. With next
few thrusts, I climaxed and filled her tunnel with my cum. I kept my
cock buried inside for a couple of minutes emptying the whole liquid.
Then I withdrew it. It was soaked with my own cum and her secretions.

"Put it inside my mouth again Jai, let me enjoy it" she said eagerly.

As I inserted my cock into her mouth she sucked it for a while
collecting all liquid and gulped it down her throat.

Both of us came off bed and washed our private parts in the bathroom.
She wrapped a towel around her waist and went to the kitchen while I
lay on the bed taking a little rest.

02-20-2009, 02:20 AM
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Unka lund to pahle se hi khada tha. Unhone meri chut mein apne lund ko dala to candle se chudwane ki wajah se unka lund meri chut mein ek dam aaram se ghus gaya. Unke lund par meri chut ki koi pakad nahin thi aur mujhe kuchh bhi pata nahin chal raha tha. Unhone mujhe chodna shuru kar diya lekin unko koi maza nahin aa raha tha. Wo bole, "candle se chudwane ke baad tumhari chut to ek dam dheeli ho gayee hai. Mujhe maza nahin aa raha hai." maine bahut josh mein thi aur boli, "meri gaand abhi tak ek dam tight hai. Plz, agar tum chaho to meri gaand mar lo. Lekin ek shart hai." unhone poochha, "kya." maine kaha, "hum ek doosre se bahut pyar karte hain aur humein ek doosre ke dard ka ehsas bhi hai. Mujhe candle se chudwane mein bahut maza aaya. Lekin asli lund se jo maza aayega wo candle mein kahan hai. Tum mere liye kisi aadmi ka intezam kar do jiska lund lamba aur mota ho. Main promise karti hoon ki tumhare alawa main poori zindagi kewal us aadmi se hi chudwaungi." wo soch mein pad gaye. Thodi der baad wo bole, "theek hai. Baad mein bata doonga." maine kaha, "theek hai. Tum meri gaand mar lo." main pet ke bal let gayee.

Unhone apne lund par thoda sa thook lagaya aur meri gaand ke chhed par rakh diya. Maine apna chutad aur upar utha diya jis se unka lund aaram se poora meri gaand mein ghus jaye. Unhone ek dhakka mara to mujhe dard hone laga aur mere muh se ek cheekh nikal gayee. Unka lund to bahut chhota tha hi. Ek hi dhakke mein meri gaand mein aadhe se jyada ghus gaya. Unhone aur jyada nahin dala aur meri gaand mein apne lund ko andar bahar karne lage. Mera dard 2 minute mein hi kam ho gaya aur main shant ho gayee. Mujhe maza aane laga aur main apna chutad utha utha kar unse gaand marane lagi. Unko bhi maza aane laga. Unhone phir ek zordar dhakka mar diya to unka poora lund meri gaand mein ghus gaya. Meri gaand bahut hi tight thi. Poora lund ghuste hi mujhe bahut tez dard hone laga aur main chillane lagi. Lekin wo bahut josh mein the aur ruke nahin.

Unhone tezi ke saath apne lund ko meri gaand mein andar bahar karna shuru kar diya. Thodi ho der baad mera dard kuchh kam ho gaya aur mujhe maza aane laga. Main apni gaand upar utha utha kar unka saath dene lagi. Aaj unke chhote se lund se mujhe gaand marane mein bahut maza aa raha tha. Maine kaha, "munna, tumhara chhota lund to meri gaand ke hi layak hai. Ye meri gaand mein bahut tight hai. Mujhe khoob maza aa raha hai. Jab mujhe koi doosra chodega to meri chut tumhare lund ke layak nahin rah jayegi, yeh ek dam dheeli ho jayegi. Tum meri gaand mar liya karna. Is se tumhein bhi maza aayega aur main bhi gaand marane ka maza le paungi." wo bole, "theek hai." 10 minute tak meri gaand marne ke baad wo meri gaand mein hi jhad gaye. Aaj mujhe bahut maza aaya tha. Unhone apna lund jaise hi meri gaand se bahar nikala to maine bade pyar se unka lund chatna shuru kar diya. Itne pyar se aaj tak maine unka lund kabhi nahin chata tha. Unhein khoob maza aane laga. Uske bad hum thodi der tak aaram karte rahe.

15 minute baad maine unke lund ko phir se choosna shuru kar diya. Wo bahut josh mein aa gaye aur bole, "aaj tum mujhse dobara chudwaogi kya." maine kaha, "haan, abhi tumne meri gaand mari hai ab chut ka bhi maza le lo." lagbhag 10 minute tak main unka lund choosti rahi. Unka lund phir se khada ho kar tan gaya tha. Unhone mujhe lita kar chodna shuru kar diya. Unka lund meri chut mein ek dam dheela pad raha tha lekin main wo mujhe chodte rahe. Chut mein lund ke dheela hone ki wajah se mujhe bahut kam maza aa raha tha. Unke lund par meri chut ki pakad ek dam dheeli pad gayee thi. Is wajah se wo jaldi jhad nahi rahe the aur main bhi nahin jhad rahi thi. Wo meri chuchiyon ko bahut zor zor se masal rahe the. Unhone mujhe aaj lagbhag 1 ghante tak choda. Main bhi aaj bahut khush thi kyon ki unhone mujhe pahle kabhi itni der tak nahin choda tha. Wo mujhe kabhi bhi 10 minute se jyada nahin chod pate the. Wo jaldi jhad jate the. Aaj jyada time lagne ki wajah se unko bhi bahut maza aa raha tha. Lagbhag 10 minute aur chodne ke baad wo jhad gaye. Aaj main bhi unki chudayee se bahut mast ho gayee thi aur 2 baar jhad chuki thi. Chodne ke baad jab wo mere upar se hate to turant hi maine unke lund ko bade pyar se chatna shuru kar diya. Aaj hum dono bahut khush the. Thodi der baad hum so gaye.

Doosre din jab wo mujhe candle se chodne lage to main boli, "tumne mere baare mein kuchh socha." wo bole, "mera dost tushar jo ki meri dukan mein naukri bhi karta hai, wo kaisa rahega. Hum log jab chhote the to apni chhunni lund ko ek doosre ki chhunni se napte the. Us samay mere sabhi doston mein tushar ki chhunni sabse lambi aur moti thi. Uski chhunni sabse jyada gori bhi thi. Ab tak uski chhunni ek lamba aur mota lund ban chuki hogi. Agar tumko tushar pasand ho to main us se baat kar loon. Abhi tushar ki shaadi bhi nahin huyee hai." maine kaha, "tushar to bahut handsome hai aur gora bhi. Agar tushar ki chhunni us samay sabse lambi aur moti thi to ab wo khoob lamba aur mota lund ban gaya hoga. Sabse achchhi baat hai ki tushar tumhara dost bhi hai. Wo kisi se kuchh kahega bhi nahin." wo bole, "theek hai. Main tushar se baat karta hoon. Mera saman pack kar dena. Mujhe 2 din ke liye bahar jana hai."

Maine unka saman pack kar diya. Dukan band hone ke baad raat 8 baje ghar aaye to maine poochha, "mere kaam ka kya hua." wo bole, "abhi maine tushar se baat nahin ki hai. Wapas aaunga to baat kar loonga." main udas ho gayee. Tum mera khana nikal do. Maine khana nikal diya aur wo khana khane lage. Khane ke baad jab wo jaane lage to main unko darwaze par chhodne aayee. Mera chehra ek dam bujha hua tha aur main ek dam udas thi. Unhone meri taraf dekha to bole, "maine tushar se baat kar li hai. Wo lagbhag 9 baje aayega. Mere wapas aane tak tum tushar se jee bhar kar chudwa lena." main khushi se phooli nahin sama rahi thi. Maine unke hothon par ek chumban jad diya aur kaha, "theek hai." d this is tushar here waiting for ur reply mail or phone mail me **edited** don’t hesitate for phone 30+ females & couples who r interested in threesome mostly welcome. Secrecy & respect will be assured.

02-20-2009, 02:21 AM
Office se ghar mai chudai

I am a very romantic person, i love winter season and i really enjoy it too. Mai roz exercise karta hun aur isliye mera tandurustee theek hai aur roz nahane ke pahale apne lund par 10-15 minutes tak tel ka maleesh karta hun. Mera lund kareeb 10” lumba aur 4” mota hai. Mai abtak kareeb 10-12 larkee/aurat ki choot chod chuka hun. Maine abtak jitne larkee/aurat ko choda hai wo sab humare 10” lund ke chudai se khus hue hain aur ab jabbhi mauka milta hai wo sab phirse apane choot chudwane ke liye apane choot khol deti hai aur kahti hai, “hai raj, bahut din ho gayee hai tumhare lund ki dahkke khaye hue, please mujhe chodo, humaree choot chod chod kar bhosra bana do.” Mai bhi mauka milte hi unkee choot chodta hun aur unki lund ki bhukh mitata hun. Inme se kuch auraten humare pados me rahatee hai aur mauka nikal kar mere ghar akar apani choot mere lund se chudwa kar bhosra banatee rahatee hain. Aur koi ladki ya aurat ya bhabi mujhse chudwana chati hai to mujhe mail ya call kar sakti hai hai meri e mail id hai **edited** mail kariyre ga jaror.main sirf uttrakand ki ladkiyo ke liye hoon.

Mere office me mera assistant ka nam sushma hai. Wo ek bahut hi khubsurat 24-25 sal ki aurat hai. Wo jab bhi kisi se bat karti hai to muskuratee rahatee hai. Uski figure 36-25-38 hai aur uski lambai kareeb 5’5” hai. Kabhi kabhi wo jab humse bat kartee hai to apne saree ke upper se apne choot ko sahalatee rahatee hai, aisa lagta hai jaise ki uski choot me humesha khujlee ho rahee ho aur lund kha jana chahatee ho. Kabhi kabhi to man karta hai ki usko patak kar apna lund uske choot me pel dun aur uski kas kar chudai kardun takee uski choot ki garmee shant ho jai. Sushma jab cahltee hai to uski kamar me gajab ka bal aata hai aur uski chal dekh kar kisi bhi mard ka lund khara ho gata hai. In short, sushma bahut hi sexy lagatee hai.

Sushma ko computer chalana ata hai lekin wo computer me perfect nahi hai. Wo kabhi kabhi humse computer ke bare me puchtee rahatee thi aur mai hamesha usko computer ke bare me batata rahata tha. Is tarah se humlog kafi pass pass agaye. Ek din sushma ne humse copy aur paste ke bare me puchee. Mai uske cahir ke piche khare hokar usko copy aur paste ke bare me batane laga. Us samay humlog office me bilkul akele the, ek peon tha aur wo bhi bahar ja kar apane kisi friend ke sath bate kar raha tha. Mai sushma ke chair ke peeche se jakar uske chehere ka pas apna munh le jakar usko copy and paste ke bare me samjha raha tha. Sushma mere kahane ke mutabik type karne lagee. Usne pahale ek block ko cut kiya aur phir puchne lagee ki ab kaise paste kiya jana hai. Wo mere taraf mudi aur uski lips mere gal se chhuu gaya. Sushma sirf muskuraee aur mai pechese usko apne banhoo me le liya aur uski gardan aur gal par chumma de diya. Phir lunch time me maine apne peon ko bahar lunch lane ke liye bhej diya aur jab kamre me koi nahee tha to maine sushma ko apne pas bulaya.mera mo no 9897696795 jaror call kijiye. Wo mere pas aaee aur mai usko pakar kar uske phir se chumma le liya. Mere chumma lene se wo garma gayee aur mujhse lipt gayee. Mai usko aur jor se lipta liya aur uske chunchee uske saree aur blouse ke upar se pakar liya. Sushma iss se kunmunane lagee aur mujhse aur jor se lipt gayee, mai apna pant ka zipper khol kar apna 10” ka khara lund uske hatoon me pakra diya. Sushma pahale to kuch anakani ki aur phir mera khara lund apne hatoon me le liya. Usko mera lund dekhne aur pakarne se bahut acchha lag raha tha kaunkee abhi thak uske choot chudee nahi the. Usi samay mai office ka bahar ka darwaja kholne ka awaj sunai diya aur humlog apne kapre thik thak karke chup chap bait gaye kunkee peon humara lunch leke wapas a gaya tha.

Agle din sushma office nahi ayee. Usne apne ghar se phone par office ko bata diya tha ki uske ma aur pitajee kisi rishtedari me gana hai aur uski bahan ghar par akelee rahegee isliye wo office nahi a saktee hai. Jab sushma ka phone aya tha mai us samay office me nahi tha aur usne mere table per ek massage chor gayee thee ki jo kam maine usko diya tha wo pura ho gaya hai aur wo uske daraj me rakkha hua hai aur agar koi problem aye to hum usse phone par usse ghar par sampark kar sakte hai. Mai jab office aya to mujhe wo massage mila aur mai uske daraj se wo papers nikal liye. Lunch ke samay tak pane sab kam nibta kar sushma ko uske ghar me phone kiya to uski sister ne phone uthaya. Mai sushma ko phone par bulaya to wo phone par a gayee. Usne mujhse pucha ki papers mil gaye ki nahi to mayne kaha han papers mil gaye hai. Mai usse bataya mai is samay khali hun aur is liye tumko phonekar raha hun. Phir maine usse pucha ki tum kya kar rahi ho to usne batayee ki wo chilly chicken paka rahee hai. Phir wo puchee ki mai aj lunch ke kya laya hun to maine bataya meri bibi aj ghar par nahi hai aur isliye mai aj lunch ke liye kuch nahi laya hun. Phir sushma ne kahee ki ap hamare ghar me lunch ke liye ayeeye. Sushma ka ghar humare office ke pas hi tha isliye mai apne mai apne md se kaha ki mai official kam ke silsile ma bahar ja raha hun, aur mai sushma ke ghar chala gaya.

Mai sushma ke ghar ja pahuncha aur uski sister ne darwaja kholee. Uski choti bahan ne hume drawing me baitha kar apni didi ko bula kar apne kamare me t.v. dekhne lagee. Sushma mere pas ayee aur humko cold drink diya. Mai cold drink sushma ke hath se lete baqt uski hath ko apne hath me lekar dhire se daba diya. Sushma ne humse dhire se kahee please abhi kuch mat karo, meree bahan ghar par hai aur kabhi bhi is kamre a saktee hai. Phir wo apne bahan ke kamre me gayee aur pas ki dukan se kuch lane ke liye bhej diya. Jaise hi uski bahan dukan ke liye ghar se niklee, sushma humare pas aagayee aur mujhse lipta gayee aur mujhko chumne lagee. Mai bhi sushma ko apne se lipta liya aur uski galoo ko chumne laga aur uski chunchee ko saree aur blouse ke upper se masalne laga. Sushma apanee hath mere pant ke zipper ke pas la kar mere lund ko apane hathon se sahalane lagee aur mere ankhon me jhank kar muskurate hue bolee ki mai office me kya kah kar aya hun. Mai uske kan ke pas apna muh le jakar bola mai official duty me hun aur tumhara gal aur hontoo ke rus pina humara official work hai. Sushma dhire se muskura kar apne haton se mere lund pant ke upper se masalne lagee aur bolee, “han, mai tumharee assistant hun isliye mujhko chumna aur mera chunchee ko masalna mera official kam hai.” Phir wo mujse bole “please meri chunchee ko aur jor se dabao, bahut maza a raha hai, mujhe nasha sa a raha hai. Tum meri chunchee daba rahe ho aur meri choot me kuch kuch ho raha hai. Hai! Tumhara to lund bhi ab khara ho gaya hai. Ab tum iska kya karoge.” Mai usko chumte hue kaha, “han mai tumhree chunchee ko dabate dabate bahut garam ho gaya hun aur isiliye mera lund khara ho gaya aur ab mai tumko bina chode chor nahi sakta. Ab tum jaldee se apne kapre utar kar nangee ho gao aur bister per pair phaila kar let jao. Mai apna lund tumhare choot me pelunga aur apne lund ko shant karunga.

Sushma ne humare lund ko masalte hue bolee “hai, ab mujhse bhi raha nahi gata aur tum apane khare lund se jaldee humaree choot ki kas kar chudai karo aur meri choot chod chod kar usko bhosra bana do. Meri choot pani chor raha hai. Hai! Mera panty mere choot ke rus se bheeg raha hai.” Phir sushma mere lund ko masalte hue bolee, humaree bahan lunch ke bad tv dekhte hue 2-3 ghante ke liye so jatee hai aur us samay humlog mastee kar sakte hai. Mai pucha kaisee mastee? Sushma muskura kar bole, “hai, itne bhole mat bano amit, humaree choot me aag laga kar puchte ho ki kaisee masti? Are mastee ka matalab jab humaree bahan lunch ke bad so gayegee to tum apne mast lund se humaree choot chodna, ab samajhe mere chodu raja?” Hum uski istarah ki khulaam khulla bat sun kar aur garma gaya aur uski chunchee ko blouse ke bahar nikal kar unkee ghundee ko chusne laga aur sushma bhi humare lund ko mere pant se nakal kar khub jor jor se masalne lagee. Tabhi hume bahar ka darwaja khulne ki abwaj aaee, uski bahan dukan se saman le kar wapas aagee thee. Humlog jaldee se apne kapre thik thak kar drawing room me ja kar baith gayaen aur office ki bat karne lage. Sushma kitchen me jakar chilly chicken aur roti le aaee aur hum tino log tv dekhte hue lunch lene lage.

Lunch ke bad sushma ne ankh mar kar humse puchee ki, “kya mai ab office wapas gaungaa?” Maine sushma ko lunch ke dhanyabad diya aur ankh mar kaha, “han mai ab office wapas gaunga.” Sushma mujhko bahar ke darwaje tak chorne aaee aur humara lund ko sahalate hue kahee, “tum 10-15 minutes ke bad humare ghar aa gaoo, tabtak humaree bahan soo gayegee. Mai darwaja khula rakhungee aur tum chup chap chale ana.” Mai sushma ke ghar se bahar ja kar uskee colony ke bahar tak gaya aur ek pan wale se pan kahaya aur ek mitha pan sushma ke liye leliya. Phir kareeb 15 minutes ke bad mai sushma ke ghar gaya. Bahar ka darwaja khula hi tha aur mai chup chap uske ghar me ghus gaya aur darwaja dhire se band kar diya. Sushma mere pas aaee aur dhire se bole, “please 10 minutes aur intijar karo, meri bahan abhi soee hai.” Maine sushma ko meeth pan apne haton se khila diya. Phir sushma kareeb 10 minutes ke bad mere pas aaee aur dono kamroo ke bitch ka darwaja dhire se band kar diya. Jaise hi sushma ne darwaja band kiya mai uske pas pahunch gaya aur usko apane bajoo me bhar liya. Sushma bhi humse lipt gayee aur mere honto ko chumne lagee. Mai bhi sushma ko jor se lipta liya aur uskee makhmalee honto ko chumne laga. Phir maine dhire se hath barha kar uskee gol gol thas chunchee ko apne hath me lekar dhire dhire maslne laga. Sushma chunchee maslai se oh! Oh! Karne lagee aur mera lund ko pant ke upar se pakar kar sahalane lagee. Mai ab apana hath uske bluse ke under le gaya aur uskee nukelee ghundee (nipple) ko apne unglee ke bitch le kar masalne laga. Maine sushma se kaha ki mai is-samy offical duty me hun aur mujh ko official work theek se karne do, to sushma bolee, “tum apna official work karo na mai kahan mana kar rahee hun?”

Maine ab sushma ke blouse ko khol diya aur uskee chunchee ko uskee bra ke upper se dabane laga. Sushma mujhse lipte hue bolee, “aur jor jor se meree chunchee ko masalo, bahut maza a raha hai. Tumhare hath me jadoo hai, tum meri chunchee ko daba rahe ho aur meri choot pani chor rahee hai.” Mai uskee bra ka hoocks kholte hue kaha, “abhi tumne humara hath ka jadoo hi dekha hai, mai abhi tumko apna laure ka jadoo bhi dikahunga,” aur mai uskee ek chunchee mere munh me bhar kar chusne laga. Sushma mere se apni chunchee chuswa kar bahut garma gayee aur jor jor se barbarane lagee, “hai raj aur jor se meree chunchee masalo, inko khub dabao, daba dabake inka sara rus pijaoo. Mujhe bahut maza araha hai, meree pure sharir me kuch kuch ho raha hai. Hai mujhko itna maza kabhi nahi mila. Aur dabao meree chunchee ko.” Mai ab sushma ki saree uske kamar se khol diya aur uskee sari niche ja gira, mai phir uskee chunchee ko chuste hue uski peticoat ka nara bhi khol diya jo ki uskee chikne jhangh se saraktee hue neche gir gaya. Ab sushma mere samne apni sirf panty pahane kharee hue thee. Mai sushma ke panty ke upper se uskee choot to apane haton me lekar masalne laga aur apni ek unglee se uskee choot ke ched ko khodne laga. Ab sushma ki garmee apani charam seema par thee aur wo pahale mera pant aur phir mera underwear ko khol diya. Ab mai sushma ke samne bilkul nanga khara tha. Mujhko nanga kar sushma humse thori dur ja kar kharee ho gayee aur mujhko ghurne lagee aur bolee, “hai raj! Tum nange bahut sundar dikhte ho, tumhara khara hua lund dekhne me bahut hi sundar lagta hai aur koi bhi larkee ya aurat isko apnee choot me lekar chudwana chahegee.” Mai ab sushma ka pas gaya aur apne banhoo me le kar usse pucha, “hume koi aur larkee ya aurat se matlab nahee hai, kya tum mere lund ko apane choot ke under lena chahatee ho ki nahee?” Tab sushma bole, “aaree tum abhi nahi samajhe, mai to kab se tumhare lund se apanee choot ki seal phorwna chatee hun. Ab jaldee se tum humko chodo. Mere choot me aag lagee hai.” Itna sunte hi maine sushma kee panty uske chutar ke uper se nikal diya aur phir panty ko uskee tango se alag kar diya.

Sushma ne ab jhuk kar mera lund ko gaur se dhekhne lagee aur dekhte dekhte hi uska supara par chumma diya aur phir usko apne munh me le kar chumne lagee. Mai tab garam ho kar bola, “sali chuddakar chinal, lund ko sirf chumo mat, usko apne jeev se chato aur jor jor se chuso.” Sushma tab bolee, “tum chup karo, mujhe apna official work karna ata hai aur mai apna official kam kar rahee hun.” Phir sushma ne mere lund ke supare ko apne munh me le kar chusne lagee aur kabhi kabhi usko apane jeev se chatne lagee. Mujhko apne lund chusai se raha nahi gaya aur apna lund sushma ke munh me pel diya. Sushma lund ko apne munh ke under latee huee bole, “wah mere raj abhi aur pelo apne lund ko mere munh me, badme isko mere choot me pelna.” Ab mai sushma ko bistar par leta diya aur uske dono pair faila diya. Mere ankho ke samne uskee clean shaved choot puri tarah se khulee hui thee aur mere lund khane ke liya tayar thee. Mai apana unglee uskee choot me pel kar under-bahar karne laga. Sushma tab jor se bolee, “hai, kaun time barbad kar rahe ho, mere choot ko unglee nahee chahiye. Wo lund khane ki liye taras rahee hai, usko apna lund khilao.” Mai bola, “kaun chinta kar rahee ho, abhi tumharee choot aur mera lund ka milan karwa dete hun. Pahale mai tumharee choot ki rus chakh to loo. Suna hai ki sunder aur sexy larkee ke choot ka rus bahut meetha hota hai.” Tab sushma bole, “theek hai, tum mera choot chato mai tumhara lund chusungee,” aur hum dono 69 position le kar bistar par let gaye. Ab sushma ki choot bilkul mere ankon ke samne thee. Maine dekha ki uski choot lund khane ke liye lar chor rahee the aur uski choot bahar aur under se rus se bhiga hua tha. Maine jaise hi sushma ki choot me apna jeev ghusera wo chillane lagee, “hai, kaya cheej banai hai bhagwan ne, chuso chuso, aur jor se chuso meri choot ko. Aur under tak apni jeev ghusero, hai meri choot ki ghundee ko bhi chato, bahut maza a raha hai. Hi mai ab chutne wali hun.” Aur itna kahate hi sushma ki choot garam garam meetha rus chor diya jisko ki mai apne jeev se chat kar pura ka pura pee gaya. Udhar sushma ne apni munh me mera lund lekar usko khub jor jor se chus rahee thee aur mai bhi sushma ke munh me jhar gaya. Mere lund ke jharan sab ke sab sushma ke munh ke under gira aur usko sushma ne pura ka pura pee gayee. Ab sushma ka chehera chamak raha tha aur wo muskuratee hui bole, “choot chusai me bahut maza aaya, ab choot chudai ka maza lena chahatee hun. Tum jaldee se apana lund mere choot me pelo, ab mujhse raha nahee jata.”

Mai bhi ab rukna nahee chahata tha. Mai ne apne haton se sushma ke dono pair ghutne se mor kar utha diya aur unko faila diya aur sushma se kaha, “darling apne haton se mere lund ko apni choot ke ched par rakkho. Sushma ne mere kahane ke mutabik apne najuk mulayam haton se mera farfarata hua lund ko pakar kar apne chhot ki ched ke upper rakh diya aur bole,mera no 9897696795 jaror call kare “hai ab jaldee se pelo, raha nahee jata. Aaj tum meri choot chod chod kar usko bhosra bana dalo. Dekhte nahi ho kaise meri choot lund khane ke liye lar tapka rahee hai?” Tab maine uski hoton par chumma lete hue dhire se apna lund ka supara sushma ke choot me ghusaya. Sushma mere lund apne choot me lene ke liye kamar uchka rahee thee. Jaise hi mere lund kateeb 2-3” sushma ke choot me ghusa, sushma chillane lagee, “hai, meri choot phat rahee hai. Ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee maa hi main mer gayee. Ooeeee meri choot phat gayee oo oo hi maa oee meri choot phat gayee.” Sushma ki awaj itna tej tha ki mujhe dar lag raha tha uski bahan sun na le aur jag gaye. Mai uske munh ke upper apna hath rakh diya lekin wo ro rahee thee aur bol rahee thee, “meri choot pharr dee, ooeeee meri choot phat gayee, bahar nikalo nahin to main merr jaoon gee.” Mai dhire dhire uski chunchee ko apne dono haton se dabane laga aur apni hoton se uske hoton par chumma diya. Sushma phir bole, “please bahar nikalo apna lund warna main mar jaoongee.” Mai uski dono chunchee thora jor dekar dabane laga aur bola, “main tumhay mernay nahin doongha, bus thorri derr may theek ho jayaega”. Sushma apna ek hath apne choot par le gayee aur mera lund ko pakar kar bolee, “uff yeh bohat motta hay, iss nay meri choot phar dee hay.” Oh meri maaaaa! Mar gayeeeee! Meri choot se tum apna laura jaldee nikalo.” Lekin mai kahan sunne wala tha. Mai apna hoton se sushma ki hoton ko dabate hue ek jordar dhakka mara. Sushma chilla to nahi paee lekin humko apne upper se hatane ke liye hume apne haton se dhakelne lagee. Mai sushma ko apne dono haton se kaskar pakar rakkha tha aur isi dauran maine apni kamar utha kar ek jordar dhakka uski choot me aur mara aur apani 10” lumba lund uski choot me pura ka pura ghus gaya. Mai apna pura ka pura lund sushma ke choot me ghuser kar chup chap para raha. Mai uski chunchee ko kas kar pakar liya aur apna adha lund bahar kinch kar nikala. Jaise hi mera adha lund bahar nikal kar aya mai phir se ek dhakka mara. Sushma rone lagee, “ooeee haeee nahin main marr jaoon gee meri choot phat jaay gee, please abhi aapnay lund ko nahin hilaoo,” kareeb 10 minutes ke bad sushma ne humaree ankho me dekhti hui muskura kar boli, “hai, tumhara official work bahut kharab hai. Issme meri choot phat gayee, ab tumhara official work aur kitna baki hai?” Mai uskee chunchee ko masalte hue pucha, “hai, meri chuddakar sushma rani, lagta hai ki teri choot me ab dard kam ho gaya hai aur ab wo lund ke dhakke khane ko tayar hai. To ab mai shuru karoon teri choot ki chudaee?” Sushma mere gal par apane danton se halke se kata aur phir bolee, “hai, mere chodu raja, mai kab se apni choot me tumhare lund ke dhakke khane ke liye tarap rahee hun, aur tum pucheto ho chudaee shuru karun ya nahee? Abe chutia gandu, bhosaree ke, jab hume chudana nahee tha to mai kaun tere ghore ka lund jais lund se apni choot phorwa. Ab jaldee se chudai shuru kar aur meri choot ko bhosra bana. Sala choot me lund pelne ke bad puchta hai ki chudaee shuru karoon ya nahee?” Mai sushma ko uske kahane ke mutabik chudai shuru kiya lekin usko abhi bhi dard ho raha tha aur isliye wo barbara rhaee thee, “bahanchod, parrai choot mufat main chodnay ko mill gaee hay iss liyae meri choot phar rahay ho.” Mai usko chodna chalu rakha aur thori der ke bad sushma ko bhi maza ane laga aur ab who chilla rahee thee, “hai! Kya chudai hai, aur jor jor se mujhe chodo, ab meri choot me chitian reng rahee hai, hai! Kuch karo. Aur jor se pelo, tumhe meri kasam meri choot ki chinta mat karo bus aise hi jor jor se apna lund meri choot me pelte raho. ”

Mai sushma ki bat sun kar khus ho gaya aur uskee choot ki taraf dekhtne laga. Uski choot se boond boond kar khoon nikal raha tha. Mai samajh gaya ki sushma ki choot abhi tak kisi se chudee nahe thee aur maine is choot ki seal tori hai. Ab mai pure josh me aagaya aur apane kamar uchal uchal kar sushma ki choot me apna lund pelne laga. Neeche se sushma bhi apni kamar uchal uchal kar humare dhakke ka jabab de rahee thee aur barbara rahe thi, “hai mere chodu raja, aur jor se dahakke maro bahut maza a raha hai. Agar mai jantee ki chudai me itna maza hai to mai bahut pahale se pani choot me lund pilwatee, maro maro aur jor se chodo, kuch mat rakhna apne pas, sara ka sara lund meri choot me dal do.” Mai bhi jor jor se sushma ki choot me apna lund pel raha tha aur barbara raha tha, “hai meri chuddakar rani, le! Le! Apani choot me humrara lund le, khaja apni choot se mera lund, tere choot me to dant nahee hai to kya hua apni choot se mera lund chus chus kar iska sab rus peeja.” Ab sushma ne apni dono tango ko mere kamar par rakh kar mujhe pane dono haton se pakar liya aur bol rahee thi, “bus ab kuch mat bolo aur aise hi chodte raho mujhko, mai ab tumse humesha hi chudwangee, jab bhi tumhara lund khara ho mujhse bolna, mai apni choot tumhare laure ke liya khulee rakhungee. Ab tum roj office time ke bad hume choda karo. Agar tum chahoge hum tumhare doston se bhi apni choot thukwangee, bus abhi tum humko ragar ragar kar chodo.” Humlog istarah ek-dusre se bate karte hue khub jamkar chudai kar rahe the aur sushma ki choot se phach phach ki awaj nikal raha tha. Sushma bole, “hai amit! Sun rahe ho, meri choot tumhara lund kha kar mast ho gayee hai aur gana ga rahee hai.” Mai bola, “hai meri rani! Eh awaj hum dono ki chudai ki awaj hai aur tumharee choot jitna pani choregee awaj utna hi madhur hoga. Tumhe mera lund ki chudai pasand aaraha hai na? Sushma apni kamar uchlte hue bole, “abe chutia, agar mujhe tumhara lund aur tumhare lund ki chudai pasand nahi hota to kya mai istarah tumhare neeche nangee apni tang uthai pani choot me tumhara lund pilwatee? Bus ab bahut bate kar chuke ab jara man laga kar jam ke humare choot chodo.” Thori der bad sushma bole, “hai aur jor se chodo, mera pani chutne wala hai. Ane do tumhara lund humari choot me. Tumbhi apne lund meri choot me jharo, hai ab mai jharne wali hun, bus aise ni pelte raho.” Mai bhi dana-dan sushma ki choot me apna lund pel raha tha aur usse bola, “hai meri rani, mai bhi ab jharne wala hun, le ab le humara lund ka pani apne choot se pee-ja, hai ab mai tere choot me apna lund ka pani chorne wala hun. Apni tango ko aur phaila de, apni haton se apni choot ko aur khol aur ab mai jharne wala hun.” Itna kahate hi mai sushma ke choot me do char kas kas kar dhakke mare aur jhar gaya. Sushma ki choot bhi humare laure ke jharne ke sath hi jhar gayee aur hum log ek dusre se chipte hue 10-15 minutes ke liye pare rahe.

Thori der ke bad sushma ne apnee ankhe kholi aur muskurate hue bole, “kaho kaisa raha tumhara official work? Maza aya?” Mai bola, “hai meri sushma rani bahut maza aya aur hum roj is tarah ke official work karenge.” Phir maine apna lund sushma ki choot se nikala. Lund nikalte hi sushma ki choot se safed pani ki dhar nikalne lagee aur uski gand se ho kar bistar par girne lagee. Maine sushma se kaha, “sushma bister kharab ho gayega aur yeh dag bahut ho muskil gayega, ab tum utho aur ja kar apni choot aur gand ko dholo.” Sushma muskurate hue bole, “mai kaise bathroom me jaun, tumne to mera sara badan hi tor diya, abhi tak mere sare badan me chudai ka khumar charha hua hai aur phir bathroom humare bahan ke kamare se hokar jana parega.” Phir maine sushma ki petocoat se uski choot aur gand ponch dalee, aur apne munh uski choot par rakh kar apni jeev se uski choot andar tak saf kar diya. Ab sushma uthi aur mere laure ko pane munh me le kar usko chate lagee aur humara lund ko apne jeev se chat chat kar usko saf kar diya.

Choot aur lund chataee aur chusai se hum log phirse garam ho gaye. Humara lund phir se khara hone laga. Humra khara lund dekh kar sushma muskura kar bolee, “kya tumhara official work abi khtam nahe hue hai? Ab kya irada hai?” Maine sushma ko chumte hue bola, “rani tumhari choot hai hi aisee ki usko bar bar chodne ka man karta hai.” Sushma bolee, “kya abhi tumhra man choot chodne se bhara nahee?” Maine bola, “aare meri rani, mai kam se kam ek bar aur tmhare choot me apna lund pelunga, kya tum tayar ho?” Sushma mere lund ko pakar kar muth marte hue bole, “jab tum aur tumhara lund peeche nahe hat raha hai to hum aur humare choot kyon peeche hategee?” Mai itna sun kar sushma ko pakar kar usko bister per pet ke bal leta diya aur uski kamar ko utha kar peeche se uski choot me apna lund dal diya aur sushma ko ek kutia ke tarah chodne laga. Is tarah usdin humlog kareeb 3 ghante tak chudaee kari. Phir usne humko cold-coffee pilaya. Maine sushma se pucha, “kaho humari official work kais laga?” Sushma muskura kar bolee, “tumhara official work bahut hi acchha hai, aisa official work ab hum log roj official time ke bad karenge. Isse humlog chudai ka bhi maza lenge aur hume overtime bhi mila karega. Eh sun kar hum muskura kar bola, “hai! Meri chuddakar chinal rani, tum bahut jabardast chuddakar ho aur sath hi me intelligent bhi ho. Hum log chudai office ke time bad karenge aur uska paisa office degee, mujhe manjoor hai.” Phir hum apne kapre thik thak karke office a gayee aur apne md se bola ki mera official kam theek tarah se ho gaya.

Agar koi ladki ya aurat nainital rud ya haldhwani main mujhse chudwana chahti to mujhe mail kare

02-20-2009, 02:22 AM
Mami ki chudai

Mera naam haris hai aur mein acca ka student hoon.mein hamesha say aik sharif aur acha ladhka samjha jata tha aur is waja say meray mammo mujhe bohat izzat ur bharosa kartay thay.

mein aksar apnay mamo kay raha karta tha aur un kay kaam khaj bhe kardiya karta tha.mera meri mami kay saath bhe kafi mazak tha aur mein bhe unko bohat acha response deta tha.lakin aistaha aistaha time guzarta gya aur mein 20 kahogiya aur meri mamai mujhe achi kay saath saaath sexy bhe lagnay lagi aur mein sochnay lag gia kay yaar kb mjhe mauqa milay aur mein mami kay baaabo ko haath lagao.

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lakin aaj mein kisi aur iraday say aya tha mein ghar pohcha tou mami kitchen mei kaam kar rahe thein us waqt subah kay 11 bj rahe thay is liyay koi bhe ghar mein nae tha.mein nay jaatay he mami kay boobs ko dabana shooro kar diya pehlay pehal tou mami confused hogaye lakin phir un ko bhe rahat milnay lagi aur woh bhe mun say uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhnnnn....... Aaah.....ssssssss.... Ki awazein nikalna shoroh hogae.un ho hay kaha haris yeh tmnae kiya kia tou mein khamosh hokar unhai dekhnay laga aur woh iak dum say meray kareeb akar mujhe kisssss karney lagein aur mera lund dabany lagi pehley pehal tou mein kuch na kar saka lakin jab unhoon nay bola kia karnay aye thaykia sirf meri chaati dabany aye thay is say age ka kaam nae ata kiya tmhain waisay bhe tmharey maom tou 6 maheenay aik ya do baar kartay hain tm he meri zaroorat puri kardop naa...

Mein nay kaha mami fikar mt karein mein apko aisa experience donga kay aap zindagi bhar mujhe bula bula kar mujhe say chudam chudai kar wain ge.is kay baad mein nay mami kay hoonto pae lipstickm laagai aur puray badan pay perfume lagaya aur mami ko utha kay bistar par pekh diya.mami mujhe dewaano ki tarah dekh rahe the aur mein un kay sbar ka imteehan lay raha tha mein nay sab say pehlay un ki shalwra ka zarban khola aur shalwar utari banchot nay oantie bhe nahi pehni the phir mein nay un kay kameez kay button kholay aur utari aur un kay baray baray boobs un ki white bra kay pechay say muj se ankh machooli khel rahay thay.

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02-20-2009, 02:22 AM
Keeping mum happy

Hello, i am arun here. I am 25 years now.i want to share my sex weakness stories with you. I saw from this website, there are so many in this world sex starved male and females existing in this world. Some are desires to fuck their own mum, some are interested in fucking their own sisters ,some interested to fuck others ,some interested in getting fucked by males only. I am also among them and i want to share me experience with like minded persons so that it may give them some pleasure. I myself when i some worries, after reading such type of stories i am getting some relief and feeling some activeness. So i thought that it may give some sort of relief to my like minded fellow readers. I am now coming to explain my first experience how it was occuried in my life.while i was 21 years just completed my degree, i went to hyderabad to search for my job and after thre e months i could able to get one small job and i joined there for duty and thought to goover to my native to see my mum who was living alone there.on hearing that i got job at hyderabad se felt very much happy and she expressed her desire to get marriage to me so that i may not feel inconvience for my food and to my desires. I expressed my willingness for that.as my friends forced me to give party for them in connection of my getting job, i prepared for it and informed my mother the same thing. She advised me to celebrate the same in our house since no one was there except me and my mum were there. At about 7 p.m, nearly 6 persons who were my friend came to my house and sat in my house and started taking drinks. Fisrt round, second rounds completed and all were in certain intoxigatin and started talking about their personal likings about ladies and connections that we there with ladies and how they were enjoying their life with them.mean while 3rd, and fourth rounds were completed and one among us expressed his likings, and his connections with there family members.

I got interest and asked him repeatedly how it was happend and was it not sin. All persons there were expressed as if it was not sin since it was the creation of lord that male and female should have that type of enjoyment when it was not there in their life.on talking with them, i was started thinking of my mum, who was 42 years and my father died while i was only 5.i thought she was also a female, that too my father died only when she was around 20, she was not satisfied her desires with my father.i could not able to sit there along with them no more and hence stoped the party and were dispersed all. I called mum and she came to me.then i saw my mum who was 36, 32, 36 figure,with red colour with height 5.3 feet height. She was sexy for my eyes on that minute and i could not lift my eyes from her.she called me and asked what i was seeing .i said to her stating she was too beautiful,too attractive and too sexy.i asked mum, how she was leading life without having any joy in her life.she said to me that she was living for my sake only.i got some courage and asked repeatedly let me know why she was living in the world. She repeatedly informed that she was living only for my sake only.next day i pressed my mum to start along with me to stay at hyderabad only.by force she had accepted for my proposals and we reached hydeabad. I stayed with mum, in our friends room for three days and i could get one small portion for rent and we both shifted there.two days completed and on third day i came to my house a little bit late.soon after i enter in to my house my mum asked me why it was late. I said to her that he was busy in purchseing household things and shown one by one. Finally i opened flowers packet and given to her.she said that whether i was not having knowledge of that she should not wear flowers .i said to her she has to wear them for my sake and for my enjoyment and i was not battering about anyone in the world and finally with great difficulty i could able to succed in my attemt. After wearing flowers i forced to keep kumkum in her forehead and i myself kept it on her face. On seeing with flowers and kumkum, she looks very beautiful.i said the same to her stating that she was sexy queen.after finishing dinner we slept on the floor side by side. I asked my mum whether she was livung only for my happiness and for my sake. She replied why i got that doubt.

I asked her if i ask what ever was she ready to give to my for my happiness. Then she said what was there with her to give me.i couldnot say anything but i hugged her forcefully and taken herlips into my mouth and sucked forcefully. She was atonished with my act and couldnot react to some time and in meanwhile i started pressing her big boobs. They were very shoft and on pressing i got fully emotion. She tried to escape from my hands and throuing my with her hands. I was not given any chance to her and climed upon her and sat upon her and forcefully removed her sari and throwen it aside by sucking her lips continuosly.i kept my hand inside her petticot and found her pussylips around with it a small jungle. I could enter my finger in her cunt and pressed it deeply in side. I t was totally wet.i removed the finger from there and teasted it by keeping it in my mouth.on seeing it she couldnot say anything but asked me why i was so interested in her.i said that she brought up with great difficulty by doing so many works and she was not enjoyed anything in her life and decided to make her happy here in after. She said she was my mum and this connection may lead problems in my future and i should not get any problems in my life. On hearing this i was impressed so much and i hugged her and kissed deeply by taking her tounge in side my mouth and sucked forcefully. She was not resisted but on the other hand given cooperation by putting her hands around my shoulders and hugged me and keep her hands on my manhood. As it was already erected, on taking it into her hands it got too much emotion and it stood like iron pillow.she pressed it smothly and remained in my arms. I rolled myself upon her and kissed her novel and slowly went under and reached her vally and separeted hairs there with my fingers and entered in it with my tounge and rotated in it and sucked its juice and inserted my cock in it. She mourned saying that she becomes mine and can enjoy her like his wife.from that day onwards we were wife and husband and leading life happily and we got one son now.

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Holi with my family

Hi, my name is anil chopra. I am 19 years old. I live in a joint family. This incident i am going to share is when i was 18 years old and occur during the holi festival. My family at that time consisted of: -

Grandfather- prithviraj chopra head of the family age 60 years medium built and height, sports a thick mustache and wears a pagadi all the time. His respected in the entire area as he was in army for a long time and had fought for the country.

Grandmother- parvatidevi chopra age 58 years short height about 5.1ft and bit fat. Her figure is 36-34-38. She is fair and having long hair.

Father- ashok chopra family’s eldest son age 40 medium built and height like his father sports a mustache. He is a government employee.

Mother- shanti chopra family’s daughter in law age 38, she is 5.6 ft tall. Her figure is 36-30-36. She is fair and her hair falls just below her shoulder.

Elder sister- rashmi chopra age 19 years, she is 5.5 ft tall. Her figure is 32-26-34. She is fair and has long hair.

Uncle- manish chopra family’s youngest son age 35, medium built and height like his father and elder brother but does not sport a mustache. He works for private company.

Aunty- preeti chopra family’s youngest daughter in law age 31, she is 5.3 ft tall. Her figure is 34-28-36. She is fair and her hair is short just touches her shoulder.

All the women expect my sister wear sarees all the time. Uncle and aunty do not have any kids. My family is very strict and grandfather runs it with iron fist. We live in small town near delhi. We have our own house, which have four bedrooms and high walls and a big gate surround the house. My sister and i share the room.

My sister and i went to a boarding school when we were 6 and 5 years old respectively. My grandfather had made the decision, as we were very naughty and bad in studies. The whole family agreed to the decision. As we were in boarding school we used to come home during the summer vacation (april-may) and diwali vacation (oct-nov). Because of this we were never at home during the holi festival which comes in the month of march and this was the first time i was home for the holi festival has i had just given my 12 standard exam last year. Sister had come home the previous year and had celebrated the holi festival with the family. For those who do not know holi is the festivals of colours. People spray colour water on each other and indulge in eating sweets and drinking bhang. It is a drink made by mix milk, dry fruits and bhang, which are tablets, are highly intoxicated.

On the previous day the whole family had burned the holi this is noting but burning a tree after performing puja. On the morning i was sleeping on my bed when mom came and woke me up and told me take bath. I was the last one to bath and come down to the breakfast table. After the morning puja and breakfast. Dad told me to go and change old clothes because they will be getting dirty. I went up to my room to change but my sister was using it. After sister had done changing, she came out and saw me. She was wearing an old yellow colour nightgown that was coming to her knees. She said to me, “ do not wear any under garments, nobody in house wears them today” i was shocked to hear her saying this. She then told me to touch her upper back and when i touched her, i could not find her bra straps. Just then the door beside my bedroom opened and uncle and aunty came out. Uncle was wearing a t-shirt and shorts but looking at aunty gave my heartbeat a skip. She was wearing a green blouse and green petticoat. I could easily make out she was not wearing a bra and she had tied her petticoat well below her naval. Her naval was oval in shape and very deep. Uncle came towards me and said, “ why have you still not change?” I was staring at aunty. Uncle shook me and repeated the question. I replied, “ i am about to change”. I entered the room and my sister followed me and said, “i told you no one will be wearing under garments today” i replied, “ ok, i will not wear any garments but why we do this?” Sister replied, “you come change and come down and all your question will be answered” she turned and went towards the door. She stopped near the door and pulled her nightgown over her waist and showed me her naked ass and then turned and smiled. She left the room and i quickly changed my clothes to t-shirt and loose shorts. I came down to the hall where the whole family was present. They were all laughing but when they saw they stopped. The first person i saw was my dad he was wearing his old shirt and trousers. Next to him grandmother was standing who was wearing a saree and her breasts were sagging in her blouse because she was not wearing a bra. Her saree was above her naval. Next to grandmother were uncle and aunty. Mom was standing next to aunty. Mom was also just wearing red blouse and maroon petticoat. She was also not wearing her bra and her petticoat was tied below her naval. Her naval was big round and deep. Grandfather told me, “ this is your first holi in this house after many years, let me tell you holi is the only festival in this house were the rules are relaxed, so enjoy” i did not get the meaning of the rules phrase but i any ways nodded my head. Sister handed everyone at glass of bhang. Everyone raised their glass and gulped the bhang. Uncle then said to me, “we will play the game we play every year, the women will run and hide themselves and we will first have to get the colour water filled buckets kept near the gate and then find the women and attack them” i said, “ sounds fun”. So i, dad, uncle and grandpa ran towards the gate and got the buckets that also had pichkaris (colour spraying pump) in it. When i turned around i did not see any female, we came near the front door and then water filled balloons started fall on us. I looked up and saw sister doing it. We all ran towards the terrace but she was not there to be found. Dad told me to check the water tank. Uncle and i climbed the tank and found my sister. Uncle caught sister by her waist and brought down and made her stand in front of grandpa. Uncle said, “ we have found our first victim”. Sister was struggling to escape but uncle had caught both her hands from behind. Grandfather then took pichkari filled it with colour and sprayed the colour on her body from head till her breast. Dad then took some dry colour in his both hands and grandpa opened the four buttons of her nightgown. Dad inserted his colour filled hands in the nightgown and started smearing the colour on her breast. Sister started moaning. Uncle left her hands and pulled her nightgown till her belly region. Grandpa took some dry colour and smeared it her vagina and buttocks. Uncle took some dry colour and smeared it on her belly region and he also filled sister naval with colour. Dad told me it my turned and i can to whatever wish. I was completely aroused by all that had happen so far. I caught sister’s nightgown and removed it completely then took the water in the bucket and poured it on her head. Now i was able to see her breast. I started pressing her small breast with one hand and inserted index finger of other hand in her vagina. She was not virgin and i was able to insert up to three fingers in her shaved vagina. Sister was moaning. I looked around and others were already touching themselves. I stopped after sometime. Sister looked around saw the horny look on the faces. Sister said to us, “i am not the only woman in this house, you should find the other three too”. Grandpa replied, “she is right. You three go and find the other women and in the meantime i will deal with her”. Sister blushed at grandpa’s comments. Dad said, “ok, we will find the others”. As we were near the door and looked behind and saw sister kneel down in front of grandpa and unzipping his pants. I stood there for sometime but grandpa said, “go and find others first, you can have her then”. I laughed and went behind dad and uncle in search of the others. We searched all the bedrooms but we could not find them. Dad went to the storeroom and found grandma hiding behind a drum. Dad brought her in hall and uncle and i got the pichkaris and sprayed water on grandma from head to toe. She was dripping wet. Dad caught her pallu and removed her saree as hindi movies villain does it. Dad removed her saree in such a force that grandma lost her balance and felled down. She was laughing and trying to get away but uncle caught her feet. Dad took some dry colour and smeared it on her face and neck. He then tore her blouse and smeared colour on her boobs for a long time. Uncle at the same time undid the knot of her petticoat and pulled the petticoat out. I moved in smeared colour on her vagina and belly region. She had trimmed her pubic hair. I took some drier colour and filled grandma’s round and deep naval. Uncle was coloring grandma’s buttocks and pressed them. I looked towards dad and he was smooching grandma and pressing her boobs. Uncle was fingering grandma’s vagina. He then undid his shorts and his penis sprang out. It was 5.5 inch in length. He got between grandma’s legs and inserted his organ in her vagina and started humping her. Dad got up and told me, “ let us find the other two cunts”. We went towards garage but did not find them just as we were about to turn back i saw something moving in the car. I went near the car and looked in the car and found both of them. Aunty was hiding in the front seat and mom was in the back seat. I called dad and he came running towards me and saw them. Dad said to me, “lets take them in the car itself”. Dad opened the front door and pushed aunty back and closed the door. I opened the back door and saw mom. She was smiling at me. I looked in the front seat and saw aunty giggling and dad was tearing aunties blouse. Mom caught my hand pulled me towards her. I started kissing her on the lips and pressing her boobs over the blouse. I continued kissing mom and removed her blouse. I moved towards her breast and sucked her boobs. I was busy sucking mom’s boobs when the car started shaking. I looked in the front seat and dad was humping aunty already. Mom said to me, “ is this your first time?” I nodded my head. Mom then removed her petticoat and pressed my head towards her vagina and told me suck it. She had shaved her vagina. I started licking her entire vagina. Mom told me stop after sometime. She then pointed her fingers to spot on her upper vagina and told me concentrate on the bump which i later came to know are her clitoris. After sometime she arched her back and had an intense orgasm. She told me stop and told me to get naked. I quickly got rid of clothes. I looked in front seat and it was empty. Mom told me to insert my dick in her. I obliged and entered her and started humping her slowly. I was kissing and pressing her boobs at the same time. After few minutes i came and filled mom’s vagina my sperm. We got out of car and walked naked towards the hall. All the other members were present in hall. All of them naked too and i could see white liquid drip from the females vagina. All the male’s dicks were semi hard. They all smiled at me. Uncle said to me, “so you broke your cherry”. I said yes. Grandma said, “lets first have lunch”.

On the round dining table grandpa was sitting in his usual place. Mom was sitting on his left hand side. Beside mom uncle was sitting. Sister was sitting beside uncle. I was beside sister. Aunty was beside me. Dad was beside aunty and grandma was beside dad.

We started having lunch. We were talking and laughing at each other’s jokes. Grandpa suddenly got up and said he dropped curd on his dick. He looked at mom and pointed his dick towards her. There was curd not his penis. Mom looked into his eyes and without saying a word started licking it. Mom had almost licked grandpa’s dick clean when he said to mom, “ don’t stop, and continue sucking more curd will be coming out soon”. We all laughed at his comments. Now mom was giving a blow job to grandpa. I saw to my right and sister bending from her seat was giving head to uncle and uncle was groping sister’s ass. I looked on my right and dad was fucking grandma’s face. It looked like he wanted to get even with grandpa for asking mom to give him a blowjob. I felt a hand on my thigh, it belong to aunty. I faced aunty and started kissing her lips and pressing her boobs. I could hear the sucking sound made by other women. I wanted a blowjob too but aunty pushed me under the table and pulled my head towards her vagina. I knew i had no other option but to lick aunt’s vagina. I was about to insert my tongue in her vagina but i saw the dad’s sperm already deposited in it. Aunty realized why i had stop and took a napkin and clean herself quickly with it. I started licking and sucking auntie’s vagina and concentrating more on her clitoris. She was moaning loudly. I could also hear grunting sounds from grandpa. I kept licking and at same time pressing her boobs particularly her nipples, which only related in more loud moans from her. Aunty came after sometime and i came up from under the table only to see other staring at me. Aunty smiled and said, “he is one hell of a licker, you were right about him shanti bhabhi”. Uncle announced, “ lets finish our lunch, i have a pleasant surprise for everyone”. We all quickly finished our lunch. I was wondering was surprise uncle had planned. After lunch we all gather in hall. Uncle gave me a tablet saying, “ it’s a viagra tablet, you will need it when it comes to satisfying this house’s women”. I took the tablet although i had an erection and it was hurting me as i had only one orgasm. I saw dad and grandpa taking the tablet as well.

Uncle then told us to pick a partner and sit in front of tv. I went and sat beside aunty on sofa. Grandma sat with dad on the big chair. Mom sat with grandpa beside on the other small sofa and sister sat with uncle on the floor. Uncle took the remote and started the tv. A movie started and it was obvious it was a porno. I kept one hand over auntie’s shoulder and pulled her. In return she took my dick in her hand and started stroking it slowly. The movie was group sex movie and had white and black people. The first scene was of one white woman sucking two black men at the same time. The men had huge dicks 8 or 9 inch. I was not interested in movie at all. I had seen hundreds of these in hostel. All i wanted to do was fuck. I saw others were watching the movie excitedly. I turned my attention towards aunty and started caressing her boobs. She continued stroking my dick. I said to aunty i wanted to fuck her. She was breathing heavily and without turning her attention from the tv nodded her head. I made aunty lay down on the sofa and entered her and started humping her. Aunty started moaning loudly and i increased my tempo. I just to a look around the room and others were watching us. I saw in tv and the two black dudes were taking the white woman at the same time, one in her vagina and other in her ass. She was as loud as aunty. I increased my tempo and started pressing her boobs as well. Aunty arched her back and had an intense orgasm. I could not hold any longer and came with her. I was exhausted and just lay down on auntie’s body. I looked around the room and others were engage in the fucking as well. Mom was on the top of grandpa who was lay down on sofa. Dad was fucking grandma in missionary position. He was clutching her boobs for support. Uncle was taking sister in doggie position. There was lot of grunting and moaning sound in the room. Grandpa and mom were the first couple to stop fucking i assumed grandpa came quickly. Uncle was next. Dad took some time but he took came eventually.

I got up and sat on the floor. Aunty was still resting on sofa. Suddenly sister got up came close to me and pushed me on the floor. She sat on my chest and told me lick her as she did not had orgasm. Before i could open my mouth, she shifted forward and was sitting on my face. Uncle sperm was dripping from her pussy. I could smell her and uncle’s juices and it was turning me on. I started licking and sucking her vagina. I could feel my dick was fully erect then i felt someone touching my dick and then sitting on it. It was different vagina. I touched the vagina and felt trim hair. It belonged to grandma as other women had shaved vaginas. Grandma was riding on me and i was sucking and licking sister’s vagina. Both of them were moaning loudly. I opened my eyes and saw male two legs over my head. I could not see the face but the legs had white hairs all over so i presumed it was grandpa. Only thing i saw was sister giving blowjob to it. After some time sister came heavily on my face. I drank all her juices mix with uncle’s semen. Sister got up from my face and i saw grandma riding my dick and giving a blowjob to uncle. I turned my face and saw mom and aunty in 69 positions eating each other. I could not hold on after see so much and came in grandma’s pussy. I could not get up as grandma was blowing uncle. I reached down and grabbed grandma’s boobs in one hand and started fingering her pussy with other hand. I could hear her muffled moans because of uncle’s cock in her mouth. After some time uncle started groan as if he is going to cum. As uncle reached near his orgasm he withdrew from grandma’s mouth and came on her boobs. I kept fingering her vagina with one hand until she came and with other hand i smeared uncle’s sperm all over grandma’s boobs and belly and said happy holi.

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Dream came true
By: Snehal

Hi folks ! I am snehal again with the final part of my story. I hv already told u how i lusted upon my 48 yrs old own mom and almost forced her for my first fuck.then on we became just like husband and wife inside home and son mom to the outer society.almost every day we indulged in passionate love making and satisfied our sex hunger.

After a few months,after a promotion in my bank job i got married to renu my wife. She was stunningly beautiful and damn sexy. She was highly educated and from a high profile family.she was extremely happy with my love making. But i have not forgotten the old lady in my home,my sweet mom. I used to find some chance to give her a weekly dose. Months after i realised that nobody can be compared with mom regarding love making. But it was so difficult and dangerous to be with mom when my wife renu was around.
One night while in a passionate love making my wife commented-"ur mom is still very beautiful at this age. I don't know how i would look at her age." i kissed renu and said-"my mom is not only beautiful but very sexy also." renu shocked-"what !" i told-"oh no ! Don't take it in wrong way. To be honest i wish to give her a wild fuck if she is not my mom !"renu laughed and told jokingly-"shall i talk to her , you naughty son !"i smiled and said -"then i shall give you a singapore holiday . But i know it will never happen."we both laughed.

Next day i told this to my mom. She blushed in red. After a week while gossipping my mom asked my wife-"beti , when you are presenting me my grandson."my wife blushed and said-"oh mama,ur son is delaying.what can i do?" mom smiled and said-"then what are you both doing till late night every day? I always used to hear laughing and moanings next room." renu my wife blushed. She slightly pinched my mom's hand and said-"mama, you are really so so..." both laughed.

Next day when my mom narrated their conversion i gave a plan. Mom was so embarrased to hear my plan. After lunch and a little rest i asked renu for a fuck. She agreed immediately. We were in act of fucking ,as per my plan my mom entered inside unknowingly. We both were nude. My mom blushed and tried to go away. I asked-"mom, please do a favour if u dont mind. Plz give us the condom pack from that rack."my mom obliged but shouted-" why are you both using these condoms? I need a grandchild as soon as possible.i am feeling so bore !"my wife was smiling nervously seeing mom. After handing the condom pack my mom quickly went away from room.

In evening renu and mom were chatting in garden.mom smiled and said-"renu,i am so jealous of you. U are really lucky having snehal as husband. His father was never so caring like snehal. I suffered a lot in my youth."in the mean time i came and sat with them. Mom was in all tears.renu was consoling her. I became very happy seeing my plan was running smoothly. Trying to make mom happy i hugged her and kissed her infront of renu. She blinked her eye to me. I told-"mom,i love you.i love you same as i love my wife. "

My mom smiled and kissed me and praising my wife she told-"renu is really a sweet girl. Always keep her happy." renu seemed happy. Suddenly i kissed mom on her lips. Mom was shocked and told-"hi snehal, what are you doing? I am ur mom." renu interfered in between and said-" mom,he is ur son and he is just trying to keep you happy." we just carried away mom inside house. Mom was tremblling in excitement and we both renu and me were also in wildness.we put mom in bed and without delay i mounted on top of her. Mom was acting as if she was in hell of shame. I started fucking mom.renu was so thrilled seeing the mother son union ! She was getting so horny. In fully nude she joined us and started licking moms boobs. Mom was no new to me. I was kissing and fucking her mature pussy wildly. Mom was moaning in pleasure. In minutes she flooded her pussy with lots of love juices. Renu was breathing like a wild cat. I get down from mom and mounted on renu. We fucked like wild boars in front of mom and came at same time. We three were smiling . Mom was so blushed.

A new time was begun. We three understood each other. While my wife loved pussy pleasure, my mom had developed an unusual likeness in anal pleasure. Her asshole was gateway to heaven. It was so pleasant smelling and inviting ! Some time my mom and my wife were engaged themselves without me. It was such a nice family bonding.

When father used to visit us, then there will be so much restrictions by mom. But one day dad was watching tv, my wife was in her periods. And i was so horny. In toilet i forced my mom inside and entered in her bum and finished quickly . It was so exciting to fuck mom in dad's presence at home.

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Virgin sister
By: Sudha Gopal

Dear iss readers, gooday! This your juicy cunt sudha gopal again wishing you all a happy sensuous fucky life. I am sorry i could not give you any of my own experience. Within a couple of days i am going to submit an exciting episode to my dear readers. So hold your breath for the same.

Now i am going to give one of the best episodes of my colleague who joined my company recently. He is a young man of 24 or so and also in my team.. Very quickly we became close friends and started sharing many things between us. One while talking about many things conversation turned towards sex and then towards incest. To my surprise he was very much interested in incest and said he had some good experiences in it.

Then he asked me about my self. I didn’t told him about my experience about my dad but him that i had an experience with my chacha’s son akash. ( which i am going to give in y next episode) and asked him to tell his experience and he told the following whch i am sending to you all with his permission. Here i am giving his name but giving his sister’s name. So hold your partners or else dicks in your hands and female readers can insert in their juicy cunts while going through it…. So… enjoy….

I am a 21 year old male, and i have a younger sister, anushka, who’s just turned 19, and i have to tell you about what happened one summer day. We both anu as i call her and i have a mid dark complexion.
And a bit more about anu, she’s about 5” 7’, curly black hair, very smooth skin, athletic body, and has very recently grown 32 c tits, which have so quickly come to my attention. Ana and i were very close as kids, being only three year apart, as well as being the only kids to our parents. We used to do everything together.

We were both involved in heaps of sports like swimming and football, so we kept quite competitive and coincidentally fit. My parents and i had gone to visit my grandma’s for the day, leaving anu by herself at home, although just before my parents picked me up from football to go to my grandma’s, i decided that i wasn’t really in the mood to go anywhere that day. So my parents dropped me back home, and they left straight after.

I walked through the door, and couldn’t see or hear anu, so i assumed she had gone out to see her friends. As i walked out the back, i could see anu lying on her back sun baking on a pool chair, and to my astonishment and delight, she was topless! She seemed to be resting with her eyes closed. It was a beautiful sight. I had thought about my sister many times before, but i had never even seen her half naked before. I just stood there, staring at my sister’s fairy like body. I pertinently scanned her entire physique, making sure she wasn’t awakening.

Her legs were very smooth and freshly waxed, and her golden skin glowed in the sun, with the assistance of what must have been some body lotion she had previously applied. The only thing preventing her from complete nakedness was her tiny red bikini bottom, which her tight, round ass was desperately seeking its way out. Her flat stomach contrasted immediately with the large, round breasts, which she had accrued from her mid stages of puberty. I could tell her breasts hadn’t seen much of the sun, by their slight paleness. Each of her perfect breasts slightly parted outward, resting on her slender arms, which lay beside her. Her nipples were larger then i imagined they would be, slightly over an inch in diameter.

As i continued searching her body with my sinful eyes, i delighted upon her curly black hair, which was still quite wet from when she must have swum previously. Her hair draped across her chest, hugging the curves of her large, natural boobs. The sight was quite magnificent, even though she was my sister, i couldn’t deny that she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen. After seeing my hot sister half naked on the pool chair, i was getting quite aroused, and my cock was rapidly growing in my thin football shorts.

I thought i better leave, just in case she woke up and saw me standing there with a massive 8 ½ inch erection. I felt like taking a photo, she was so damn hot! If only my parents hadn’t taken the camera. So i decided to head back inside, and not embarrass my little sister and myself. I was so excited from the fact that my sister was half naked, and was still in awe of how beautiful she was. I decided i needed to cool down from my football game, and i got ready to go for a swim, next to where my sister was. So i got my speedos, and put them on, and noticed my cock was still half solid, so it was still about 7” long and quite thick, as my cock had to curl up in my tight speedos. I started to head to go out the back again, and was thinking how i would approach the situation and wake her up. To my relief somewhat, she had gotten up off her seat, and was standing there drying her hair with her towel, and her tits were flying and bouncing side to side as she swayed her body to dry her hair. When she stopped, she saw me, and i stopped as well, pretending as if i was completely surprised.

She made no effort to cover her boobs and instead, converted her surprise into asking me “hay brother! How is that you are at home?” I said “i changed my mind and decided to come home”. As i spoke to her, i made my best efforts to look up from her perfect breasts and into her eyes. After i explained why i was home, she accepted it and said, “i didn’t know you were going to come home, so i thought i could sun bake without anyone seeing me.” I said, “look, don’t worry about it, you know i don’t care. Now, do you want to go for a swim with me, sis?” My sister seemed to let it pass her, and she gave me a big smile and said in her sweet little voice, “sure!” So she ran over to where her bikini top was hanging and put it on, and i got a good eyeful of her boobs bouncing around.

Just as she tied the knot on her bikini top i ran up to her and picked her up, one arm under her legs, one under her back, and she screamed, and then laughed as i ran with her in my arms and jumped into the pool with her. She giggled, and playfully pushed me down under the water by my shoulders, and as she came down, her boobs passed down along my chest. In retaliation, i swam back up to her and bear hugged her front on, with my big arms tightly wrapped around her body, her boobs squashed up against my chest. I wrapped my legs around her ass, causing the bulge in my tight speedos to force into her red bikini bottom. I used every limb on my body to hug anu, and there is no doubt she felt my large dick press onto her pussy. There was nothing weird about it though, because i was just getting her back from dunking me, and we were both having so much fun. We were both laughing and giggling as we innocently wrestled in the water.

I loved it so much, as i was feeling every part of her body, up onto my bare skin. And it seemed like anu was enjoying it as well, as i could see her large nipples were getting hard. They were unmistakable as they pressed through her red bikini top. I was so turned on from touching her and seeing her boobs. After i bear hugged her, she tried to swim away, laughing uncontrollably as i swam after her. I grabbed her by her ankles and dragged her back to me, and when i had full control of her i decided to return the favour, and i playfully dunked her under the water right in front of me. As i pushed her down by her head, she sank down and her face scrolled into the ever increasing bulge in my speedos. Wow! She practically just touched my cock with her face, i thought. That was awesome! By now, i was so horny and turned on from playing around with my 19 year old sister; my dick was fully erect and was 8 ½ inches and like steel.

I noticed this as she passed by my package, and decided i should probably stop and conceal my massive erection, so i started to swim away from anu. She said, “there is no way you are going to dunk me without getting pay back!” She swam after me, probably quite aware by now that i had a giant cock. Due to my exhaustion, anu caught up to me and in order to stop me from getting further away, she grabbed at my speedos from my ass, while i was still swimming away. I continued swimming, and as i did so, my swimmers slid right off me and down my legs, in anu’s hands. My cock flung right out of the speedos, like a spring and was throbbing as it stood there as stiff and large as ever. To my surprise, my sister just stopped, holding my speedos, and stared at my giant cock. There was no way i could hide it now. As she stared at my cock, it felt like time had frozen, and i looked back and noticed her nipples were rock hard now, and as she heavily breathed, her large jugs would rise and fall in the water, only suspended by her red bikini top, which she must have owned before she had even developed breasts, as they were obviously 1 or 2 sizes too small for her, as her breasts squeezed out the sides of the thin material preventing her from nakedness.

After she’d gotten a good look at my cock, time started ticking again and she started laughing hysterically. She said “haha, what are you going to do now, mr. Erection?” What was originally embarrassment and shame, turned into arousal, particularly due to the fact that my little sister was intrigued and excited about the fact that we were sexually flaunting ourselves to each other. I soon realised that my sister had no shame at all, and was having the time of her life. From that, i mouthed to her, “you are going down…”, i looked at her, gave her a wry smile, and instantly jumped and swam after her. She squealed and started to swim off, still holding my speedos. Just as she was about to jump out of the pool, i had caught up to her and enveloped her from behind as my long arms reached around her torso, just under her boobs. As i did this, my still hard 8 ½ inch cock punched itself in between her thighs. She tightened her legs as the top of my dick met the underside of her bikini bottom, and my pubic region slapped onto her round and firm butt cheeks, which were still hidden behind the thin red material.

I playfully twisted and shook, attempting to grab my speedos from her, although i didn’t really want to get them back (and i don’t think she wanted me to get them back either). As i twisted, my dick, which was still lodged between her thighs was pulling out and pushing back in as i lunged with my hands to get the speedos from her firm grip. As my hands fell down from lunging, my right hand fell right on top of my kid sister’s right breast, and my hand impulsively ripped off her bikini top, causing her right tit burst into full close-up view as she rotated to her right to see that i had snatched an item of her own apparel. As she rotated a full 180 degrees, i noticed she was trying to grab back her bikini top while still laughing her head off, while i was still trying to repossess my speedos. She didn’t seem to care at all that my enormous penis was poking right into her pussy mound. Had she not worn the thin, red bikini bottom, my cock would have surely gone straight into her.

This time, anu was stretching out over me to get her bikini back. In doing this, anu’s right boob slid along and up my chest, which was just starting to grow some teen hair, and her boob went so far as my face as she lunged over me to grab her bikini top. Her boob completely smothered my face, and it was the best feeling i had ever had. Her pale, wet breast was so soft, young and untouched, while being so newly large. Her virgin body was lathering itself upon me, as i used her bikini to lure her over me. Meanwhile, anushka was not in a state of anger or embarrassment, but was rather laughing and enjoying the competitive challenges of getting one another’s clothes. My cock was so hard, it was beyond belief. It must have grown an extra inch. It continued to pound and press into her lower region as she persistently roped herself on me. I couldn’t take much more. I was so sexually aroused and excited i was literally about to ejaculate and probably pass out and drown then and there in my own pool. So with my final ounces of power, i leant back into my sister, and put my arms around her once more, this time around her waist, just resting atop of her perky butt cheeks.

The time we connected this time was different from the earlier embraces. This time, anu and i weren’t laughing. We were both in each other’s arms, i being naked, and she being nearly there. It was completely silent, other than the slapping of the water on the pool edge. The laughter had ceased. We looked each other in the eyes. We explored each other’s feelings. I could tell she wanted me by the way she looked at me, with her innocent, hazel eyes. I leant in to kiss her. She remained completely still as she received the innocent peck on the lips from yours truly. We both paused again… i was afraid. I was afraid that she might have just treated this as a game, and now that the laughter had subsided, she would return to a neutral state of her being the sister of me. I was afraid she would foully negate the kiss that i had just given to her. We remained still… until she smiled, leaned back into me, lifted her hands up around my broad shoulders and kissed me right back.

Right then i knew she wanted me! Me! The hottest girl i had ever seen, wanted me! Sure she was my sister, but i was so aroused by what we’d just been doing, that i would happily agree to go to hell for eternity as long as i would have my way with my sister. As she leant in to kiss me, i met her halfway, and this kiss was more passionate, because we both knew that we wanted each other. We both pushed aside the prejudices that a brother and a sister should not relate sexually. We were both love struck. She tilted her head sideways, allowing our mouths to connect, and our tongues to meet each other for the first time. We both had our eyes closed as we exchanged fluids from our mouths. As i said, her arms were draped around my shoulders, as her curly black hair curtained the tunnel where our lips met for the first time. My arms explored her back, and then her sides. I now no longer felt cautious that i would freak her out that i was touching her. We both had come this far. We both wanted each other so much. I then moved my hands down to her holy ass. It truly was an amazing thing. Her butt cheeks perfectly filled out the space in her red bikini. They were perfectly round and bubble-like.

As my hands trekked to this un-ventured part of her body i squeezed her ass, and ana responded in turn. While still pashing me, anu removed her hands from around my neck and immediately found my still bulging cock (which wouldn’t have been too hard to find). She used both of her small hands to circumnavigate the girth of my penis. She then broke free of the kiss, and led me over toward the large step in the pool, by dragging me there by tugging on my cock. When we reached the large step, which was only about 6 inches deep in water, she lay me down on my back, and examined my cock some more, considering she hadn’t really seen one before. I looked on as she knelt down and started using both her hands to jerk me off. I can tell you now, it is so much better having a girl do it for you. Her little hands couldn’t even wrap around my penis, it was so hard. She slowly gave me a tug job, as she slid her hands up and down my long, thick shaft. I was in heaven. My foreskin rolled up and down, as the water helped lubricate the movement she was applying on my cock. After about 6 minutes of that, anu got up and walked over and sat on my chest, facing my pulsing dick. Just having her ass touch me was so nice, even though it was still hidden underneath her red bikini bottom. After sitting on me, she leant forward, holding my cock, and put her lips over the head of my penis. She started to kiss it, and then her virgin lips slid down my cock. She could barely fit it in her tiny mouth, and could only manage to handle about 2 inches of it.

Needless to say, it was amazing, having my sister’s mouth envelope my cock. While she was doing this, her ass was right in front of my eyes, and would present itself each time she would lean down to suck my dick. It was a glorious sight. I decided to use my hands to remove the barrier which had been preventing anu from being naked until then. I slowly pulled down her red bikini bottom, while she was sucking me off. Her bare, smooth legs were straddling either side of me. I managed to finally slide her red bikini bottom off her legs, and i almost came from the sight of her juicy ass. At this time, i couldn’t see her pussy, but i could feel it on my chest. Every time anu thrust down, i could feel her smooth, shaven, 19 year old pussy lips slap my chest. It was so warm, and i could feel her vaginal juices dripping out of there, and running down onto my stomach, which is where anu’s heavy boobs would keep slapping on.

I was so close to exploding from all the pleasure i was receiving, but i desperately wanted to explore the pussy which i had dreamed about all these years. I started rubbing anu’s clit with my palm as she devoured my cock. Her legs started quivering as i did this and i could tell she was enjoying it. She started to breathe heavier and began to moan softly, in an innocent high pitched voice. I had taken control of anu. “brother finger me” so i slipped two fingers in her tight cunt. I began to slowly pump my fingers in and out of her, as torrents of fluid came dribbling over my hand. She started trembling and moaning very loud, and i was starting to laugh from how much she was enjoying it. With myself on the peak of exploding, i told “anu i want to fuck you”. The new vibrancy of anu that i had never seen before was unleashed and she stood up, turned around, facing me, gave me a devilish smile, while holding my massive cock in her hands. She gave me a look as if to say, i want you so bad, but i don’t know if i will be able to take your cock. With that, she slowly lowered her virgin pussy onto my steel rod in the missionary position. She only got so far as the head of my penis spreading her pussy lips before she squealed in pain. She jumped back up. I realised that this was not the best position for her first time.
So i got up. I got her to lie face down on the step with her legs together. I knelt down around her legs and placed my cock between her thighs, my cock being as big as anu’s entire forearm now. I slowly entered her pussy from behind, having to force my monster between her legs and between her pussy lips. She was so tight, this was no easy task. I began forcing my cock in very hard so it would slide in. I finally got a couple of inches in her. Her ass presided above the water line, as the water would flow over it. It was so sexy. I leant forward and began to fondle my sister’s large, natural boobs. “aaaahhhh hoe sweet it is … oooohhhhss…i was tweaking her nipples, while progressively working my way into her pussy. I began to squash her boobs back into her, as my body made full contact with hers. My penis was about 4 inches in before i reached her unbroken hymen. With a quick, hard thrust, it broke, and ana gave a sharp squeal, and a tear rolled down her sweet cheek. But she was overridden with pleasure as i now began to drive my cock in further. 6”, 7”, 8”. She was screaming and moaning now “oh! Brother be slow… be mercy on your sister … it is aaaahhhh”. My balls lapped up against her firm ass cheeks and my entire cock was buried in her tight virgin pussy. She was clearly in pain, but i knew at the same time, she was experiencing so much pleasure.

I started to thrust in and out. In and out. In and out. I was moving my hips, and jolting ana every time my balls slapped into her ass. It felt sooooooo good. While she was moaning with pleasure, “ oooooh---a-a-a-----aaaaaaaaaaaaaah” she managed to scream out “fuck me hard baby, your cock feels so good in me. I’ve never felt this way before. I’m gonna cum.” At this point, i was delirious with arousal, and my balls were ready to be drained. I started pumping into her furiously. And the sound of my balls slapping against her hot ass was so sexy. I couldn’t believe she was taking my whole cock in her pussy. Here i started to grunt and moan. I was about to cum all over my sister, and it felt so good. I kept pumping in and out of her tight, virgin pussy. Madly, i forced myself into her, she was screaming with every thrust. I yelled to her, “i’m going to cum!” So i pulled my wet cock out from her pussy, turned her around, and exploded all over her tits. Massive streams of cum flew from my cock, onto my sister’s young, but large breasts. Now she was rubbing herself and managed to orgasm at the same time. She was squealing and moaning, while my endless, thick cum shot out rapidly all over anu’s face as well. I collapsed on top of her, completely exhausted. My cock just rested on her stomach, as we held each other for minutes. She eventually gave me a smile, and told me that that was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. As she began to lick my cum off her own tits, she assured me that that would not be the last time we were going to do this!

02-20-2009, 02:23 AM
Sex by chance
By: superlover

Hi all this is raj. I am very passionate for sex and believe in enjoying the life to its fullest. I love and respect woman and think they are the greatest creation of god. Any woman interested in having passionate & wild sex please contact me on my email id given below. I am ur sex gin, ur wish will be my command .

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I had this very sexy neighbour she was fair height 5.4 her stats were 34 28 36 . Since i am also good looking athletic built gu . We were attracted to each other and use to express this lust with our eyes. Since i was very shy in my earlier days i never approached her.

One day she was having shower in evening and her house electriciy went off. So she wrapped a towel and called me thru intercom as i was staying next door. As when i came in her house it was all dark. Upon her request i fixed the electricity problem and as soon as i put on the light i was stunned and my eyes lit up as i saw her just in towel. She saw the lust in my eyes and gave a smile. I thought she could have easily taken cover to hide her half naked body but she didn’t and that was a sign for me.

I came near here and she looked down as she was a bit shy. I holded her and then gace a soft kiss on her forehead, then on her lovely eyes and cheeks and then i started kissing her long sexy neck at the same time seeing the beauty of her face and her lusty body and was admiring it . Then i kissed her lips and gradually inserted my lips into hers and startes smooching her slowly but increasing my grip gradually.

My hand started roaming all over her body .i started pressing her boobs with her towel still on , she started rubbing her hands on my penis . We were charged up and were giving hard, passionate and wild smooct to each other . Our tounges were exchanging saliva. Then i removed her towel and her boobs just popped out i then started pressing her boobs ohh they were so round and majestic. She then whispered in my ears that she loves to get loved from back and i followed her command like a sex gin i turned her around and went kissing down from her neck down to her back , i was facing her buts now i removed the towel from her waist slowly as if i am revealing some secret as her towel was moving from her but the sight of her round , huge and fair ass was killing me. I gave a kiss on centre of her buts , and then i started kissing them all over on her buts and also caressing them , i now starte licking her buts and she was feeling sensations all over , she was moaning hhhhhaaaaaaaaaa, issssssssh, huuuuuuu raj i love this do it more , i started biting very lightly to make her feel more wild , my hands slowly went up and started caressing her boobs , then i stood up and then places my penis and kept it in the gap of her buts and started rubbing it , then i took the penis in my hand and started rubbing on fleshy part of her buttocks ensuring that all my penis is felt on her sexy huge butts.

After this i took her to the bed... She started kissin me all over madly.... She slowly removed my clothes n we were both were comletely naked... I took her face in my palms n kissed her lips n played with her tounge....this continued for a few mins... Then istarted moving down lickin her soft body.... She was enjoying it like anythin and was rubbin her boobs..... Now i moved to her boobs... Wow it was really like i was in a heaven.... I started lickin her boobs and she was moanin ammm.... Ahhhhh.. Ammmm.... I sarted squezing her