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Betsy was stupid to go into the bar with her husband, especiall since he was in a bad mood and acting so wierd. He left her at the bar and went to sit in a booth with some men she had never seen befor. Then the voices got louder and she saw some men beating on her hu. She ran to help her husband but was grabbed by some big burly guy and held tightly.

She watched helplessly as her husband was beaten the picked up and tied to a pole in the bar. Suddenly this guy carried Betsy to the pool table just about in front of the pole and thrown on the pool table. Several men surrounded the table as Betsy tried to get back up. She was held down as she saw the bartender go and lock the front door and put the close sign up.

The men began to feel her up, grabbing at her tits and rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Betsy fought to get these men off her but they were strong and held her tight. They began removing her clothing and soon had her naked onthe table. The palyed with her pussy and tits, one man got up over her face and forced his cock into her mouth. He made her suck his cock as one man poured some oil on her pussy and rubbed it up inside her. He climbed on the table and slid his cock into her pussy and begin fucking her.

Betsy was crying and trying to scream but her mouth was full of cock. The guy fucking her showed no mercy and fucked her harder and harder Soon he pulled out and shot his load all over her. The guy who fucking her mouth got down and took his turn at fucking her while another cock filled her mouth. Betsy kept trying to get free but there was to many of them so soon she just laid there crying and praying for this to be over.

Soon the second guy in her pussy pulled out and shot his load all over her. Something was happening as Betsy was sat up and a new guy laid on the table. She watched as he put oil on his cock then Betsy was picked up and he guided his cock up into her ass. Betsy scream with severe pain as they raped her vigin ass, not even her husband had done this to her. She was pushed down on the guy and another guy got onto the table and began fucking her pussy again. Betsy scream in pain so some one finally got on the table and began fucking her mouth.

Her husband Paul was waken with cold water and shouted what the hell as he saw his wife being raped. he went to help her but found himself tied to a pole. Get off my wife you bastards which got him a hard slap across the face. We told you need to pay up tonight but you short changed us. Now were getting paid by what you call the barter system. We use you wife in trade for the money you owe us and we'll be even.

Paul watched in horror as guy after guy used and abused his wife. They fucked her pusyy and ass and mouth, grabbing and abusing her tits. For nrearly ten hours the raping of his wife went, her body being used and abused, covered in cum and bruises from the rough treatment.

Soon all the men tired of her incessive crying and left her alone as they dressed and untied Paul. He went to hit some of the men the minute he was free but they punched and toosed him around then let him fall to the floor.

Paul finally got and went to his wife who screamed when Paul touched saying no more please no more. Honety its me and Paul helped her off the table. He helped Betsy put some clothes on then they were thrown into the alley. They went to the police station to file an complaint but the investigation found no one to back up their story.

Sadly a few months Betsy left her husband and went her own way, a changed woman.

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