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Love Bites – Biting Your Way To Passionate Sex

A Love-bite or hickey is a temporary mark or bruise on one's skin (medically, a minor hematoma) resulting from kissing or sucking or biting forcefully enough to burst blood vessels beneath the skin. It could also be called a "love-mark", a "passion mark" or a "slag tag". Love-bites or hickeys are generally considered more passionate when biting is involved.

Love bites last, depending on the person, from 4-12 days. Violinists and violists can easily receive a similar-looking mark on their neck from the pressure of the chin rest while practicing and are often mistaken for having a love bite.

Hickey is the most common slang term used to describe a "love bite", but "hickey" is also slang for a mark left on a male by the stain of a female's lipstick.

Making love is one of the most pleasurable experiences human beings can enjoy. The act of making of love is as diverse as there are people. There is no right way or wrong way to make love – if there are two consenting adults and they enjoy it – it is right. This is the only rule. There are many ways to enhance the pleasure of sex and love bites is one among the most popular ones.

Women love to give love bites, scratches when in throes of passion – and they love to get them too. Giving love bites should be as enjoyable for her as it is for you.

You can give love bites anywhere on the body:
On the Lips

Hold on to her lip, suck gently and roll her lips between your teeth enough to give pain but not hurt, then again suck gently
On her Neck

This is one spot that most women find irresistible. You choose the base of the neck and start first with wet kisses, then slightly suck on the skin. If you find that she enjoys it, then gently roll her flesh between the teeth with a little pressure. You will know whether she loves it or not by her reactions.
On her Breasts

Circle slowly her breasts with your tongue and then slowly, temptingly bite just enough to leave teeth marks (you need to practice on yourself to understand how much pressure you should apply, or read her response carefully). Alternate with wet kisses and close down on the nipples.
On her Nipples

Biting nipples should be done very carefully because they are packed with nerves and need careful handling. Biting the nipples is excellent just before or while she is climaxing. Be careful of what cues she is sending you as that would tell you whether she likes or not. Some women love her man to suck and bite hard – follow her lead on this.
On her Inner Thighs

This is another place packed with nerves hence it is extremely pleasurable. Love bites on the inner thighs coupled with finger stimulation of the clitoris can drive her into multiple orgasms.
On her Vagina

Love bites down here can give excruciating ecstasy – but this is an acquired taste and hence, you need to test the waters before you go on with this.

Start with teasing and rolling the vulva lips between your lips and see her reaction. If she moans and opens her legs wide, she loves it. Approach the clitoris carefully, this is the equivalent of male (penis) head and is extremely sensitive. Here bite would not be the right word/ action – rather rolling the clitoris between the teeth (softly) alternating it with long licks and sucking it can give her some WOW orgasms.
On her buttocks

The bottom is often the most neglected part of the anatomy of the woman. Bites on her bottom would (similar to spanking) bring up the blood to the genital region creating a warm feeling and enhancing the orgasmic pleasure.

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How to Give Someone a Love bite


Choose the right spot. You can give someone a hickey just about anywhere. The most common place is on the throat, because the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) that are broken during a hickey are pretty close to the surface and because you don’t need to remove any clothing to give a hickey on the neck. These are also the most easily visible, and while visibility is usually intended, you may want to give or receive a hickey elsewhere where it is more easily covered.
Place your lips against the skin, leaving your mouth open slightly in the middle. Your lips should be parted as though you are saying the letter “O.”
Suck on the skin. Make a good seal with your lips against the skin, and suck the skin as though you’re trying to suck it into your mouth. Continue applying suction for at least 30 seconds, possibly more. The suction will break the capillaries beneath the skin and cause the characteristic bruising that is a hickey.


Wait a few minutes for the hickey to appear. It will probably get darker or bigger in the hours after you give it.
If you can't seem to give a hickey, try sucking on the skin for more time, and make sure you have a good seal between the mouth and skin so that your suction is most powerful.
It may help to start with your tongue against their skin, inside your mouth, then pull it back as you suck
If your partner doesn't want a hickey to be noticeable, ask if you can give one to him or her in a less conspicuous spot. The belly is good, not only because it won't be seen by others, but also because it provides a flat surface against which you can easily create good suction.


Receiving a hickey can be painful. If you don’t like the way it feels, pull away and tell the person to stop. If someone asks you to stop giving a hickey, respect his or her wishes.
Don’t bite. Suction is all that is required to give a hickey. If you use your teeth you run the risk of breaking the skin and causing infection. Even if it doesn't break the skin, it will hurt a lot in the days to come

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