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09-19-2009, 03:04 AM
Besides my first three loves in my wife, my mother-in-law & my saali, I also have my other three loves, in my maids. The first, V1, has been doing our house work in washing clothes, cleaning utensils, sweeping & pocha to the floor, since the time we occupied the present house, i.e. for the past 9 years.

She is a lovely lady, maybe about 45 years and already a grand-mother. Whenever she comes to work she is neatly dressed. She has a wheatish complexion, about 5Ft tall and slim. Over a period of time, I started liking her. Whenever I have the opportunity, I start a conversation with her. Many a times, I have been able to see her boobs through her blouse as she rarely wears a bra.

The boobs are almost always straight & erect, especially when she has had her monthly period, which I guess is around the 10th of the month. Then again, I am sometimes able to see the upper part of her chest when she sweeps or does pocha to the floor. I am also able to see lower part of her legs then.

When she washes the clothes I am also able to see her knees & part of her thighs. Without her knowledge I have clicked her photos & video. She is a very self- conscious woman and will not accept anything. She is very honest, that is why she has a duplicate key to our house with her. I have tried to flirt with her, but she has tried not to respond.

09-19-2009, 03:05 AM
The only times I have touched her were once when she had a splitting headache & I massaged her forehead or once when I told her that if she requires any type of help from me, to demand the same from me and she assured me and that's when I took her hand in my hand as a promise and kissed it.

The 2nd, V2, came in as our cook. She always wore a saree, a see-through blouse with different coloured bras. She has a well built body with size 36C boobs, which attracted me to her. After having cooked for the family, after a few days, when we 2 were alone I started chatting with her and told her that I liked her. She asked me as to what attracted me to her.

Very plainly I told her it were her big boobs. Finally, I sat on the platform and spread out my arms & asked her to come forward to me. A bit hesitantly she came near, but I told her to be in my arms. When she came I hugged her and planted a kiss on her lips. She wanted to know as to why, inspite of having a wife with bigger boobs than hers, was I keen to have her.

I told her that I loved to make love to women especially with big boobs. We made love to each other quite a few times. One day I asked her to show me her big boobs & she un-buttoned a few buttons of her blouse & put the blouse up to show her boobs in her bra. I told her that I wanted to see her boobs completely naked. She took them out of her bra.

09-19-2009, 03:06 AM
I put my T-shirt up and put her bare boobs on my chest. Then I pressed them and finally sucked them and she got horny. On another occasion I asked her to show me her gaand & her choot and she again obliged. I kissed her gaand & choot and again she felt horny. We made love many times, but did not fuck.
She generally got horny when I kissed her neck and more so when I sucked her nipples. One day V2 left work. And then A2 came in. She has a beautiful figure. Very shapely. Small boobs, like V1 and also like her straight & erect ones. I let time pass before approaching her, but secretly clicked her pictures.

One day the opportunity came when she needed money for treatment of her son-in-law and I gave her Rs.5,000/= in her hands and held them for some time and pressed them. Probably she understood. One day I told her that she could get her debt redeemed without paying me. She was anxious to know how. I told her for that I need to talk to her alone.

So, I asked her to come to a particular place from where I could pick her up in my car. At the fixed day & time she came and I took her in my car and drove towards Pune. On the way we had tea etc., made small talk and she finally asked me how she would not have to repay the loan. I told her let us check into a hotel and we can talk over there. She agreed.

We checked into a hotel, refreshed ourselves, had tea etc and I told her that she has only to do what I ask her to do and for every agreement I would deduct a sum from her dues. She asked me as to what I would ask her to do. I told her, first of all she should allow me to make love to her. She agreed. I asked her to come close to me and held her in my arms and kissed her hard.
She responded by pressing my body and kissed me hard too. I then removed her clothes with my hands. First her saree, then her blouse and as I had observed she did not wear a bra. I pressed her boobs & nipples. Then I sucked her nipples & boobs. She seemed to enjoy that, as she did not mind when I removed her petticoat.

09-19-2009, 03:07 AM
There was that beautiful body completely naked before me. She asked me to remove my clothes too, which I did. She took my cock in her hands and kissed me hard. I then asked her whether she would want to suck my cock and she said 'yes'. She sucked it very passionately. Then I asked her to lie down on the bed and I sucked her choot for a long time till her cum came out.

She got so horny that she asked me to fuck her. And we fucked hard for quite some time till I ejaculated. Both having satisfied ourselves, we washed each other and dressed up. She did not ask, but I told her that I would deduct Rs.500/= for this. She was pleased. I then asked her if she could stay overnight & that I would deduct Rs.1,000/=.

She said yes but what would she tell her husband and me my wife. I told her to phone her husband from a PCO and tell him that she had come to Mahad for darshan of Varad Ashtavinayak with her friends, but don't know why there was a massive crowd and the temple authorities were giving tokens for darshan and she got tomorrow morning's token.

She did as told and her husband agreed. I then called my wife and told her a similar story. She too agreed. So, we stayed in the hotel overnight and fucked 3 times, once before dinner, then before going to sleep and then again next morning before leaving. On all 3 occasions both of us enjoyed each other to our heart's content.

So, I told her now she owes me only Rs.3,500/= and for that also I would show her other ways to avoid it. She wanted to know there & then as to how. I told her that she knew V2 who stays near her house and if she could bring V2 long with her, the next time I would deduct another Rs.500/= just for bringing her along.

It was not long when one day A2 called me on my private mobile and informed me that she had made V2 agree to my proposal who also wanted some compensation. I agreed. Not make this narration very long, I invite readers to their views and I shall then narrate the rest in part 2.

01-11-2010, 05:57 PM