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guys...its me again.....this time i m gonna start a thread on celebs...cheers

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This is the story when kareena went to US with his lover Shahid Kapoor for his film shooting. Kareena was not allowed to come with Shahid on the shooting tour on the expenses of the producer. Kareena came their with Shahid separately on their own expenses. The Producer, Director of the film were very strict of the timings and had given lots of hits with their popular banner. So shahid was serious of his work and punctuality. For this reason shahid wanted to make stay in the hotel near by shooting spot. It was season of visitors to that place so all the hotels were full and they didnt got any rooms

Finally they went to a hotel which was very luxurious and costly, they hope that they will get the rooms and strange too as all the servers working there are blacks. But here also they got disappointment.

As they were going back to the entrance door , as sound came Hey! Mr., wait and they turned around.

A man with aged about 50 years in a royal dressing manner standing over the reception and all the staffs were standing there. He was the owner of this big hotel, he called them again and they went near by him saying hello! sir, you called us.

He introduced himself as the owner of the hotel and his name is John and due to seasons it was fully accomodated.

I watched you from my room in the camera and i know her, he said pointing finger towards Kareena. Then he asked r u an actress, i have seen your movie and was excellent acting performance (everyone in india knows that kareena is not admired for her acting but for some other things... hope u guys got it).

Shahid with a smile yes, we both are actors and came here for shooting for my next movie.

Then john asked is she acting with u and where is the shooting crew. Shahid cleared him that they both were lovers and going to be get married soon. She is not acting, she just came to accompany me.

John said oh thats good and asked to try some other hotels near by. Shahid told they checked all the hotels and this is the last one in this place and we disappointed here too.

John said oh... dont get disappointed, if u dont have problem i can provide u the room of servers in this hotel. Shahid was hesitating to say yes but kareena forced her to accept that for the time being.

Looking that shahid was hesitating, he said Mr. dont be scared, the room was facilatated with all the things as in the deluxe rooms of this hotel and very big as seven persons stay in one room.

I will ask the servers to adjust in other rooms for two days as a deluxe room is vaccated, then u can shift over there. I think it will not be a problem as u both will go to the shooting spot and return in the evening only, so for two days u can adjust the room.

If u want to see the room and confirm than also no problem, saying this he called a server and said take them, show your room Mic (Black of 6 foot height and strong body).

He said welcome Miss to kareena and took them to show their room. He opened the room and they were surprised to see it, it was a very big room with a big bed in the center in which almost 10 persons can sleep comfortably, equiped with all facilities.

But they were surprised to see some sofas in the side of the bed and a bench with cushion by the side, so many focus light stands in all the corners of the room. When they were seeing the room with curiosity, mic was standing by the door holding it.

There was a table in the corner of the room in which there were many porn magazines, kareena saw it and showed Shahid.

Shahid said its natural in bachelor rooms, so they ignored and said to kareena, is it ok darling.

Kareena shook her head with confirmation and said to mic lets go. Then they went down to the old man John and said ok they can adjust for two days as there is no other option.

John told mic to tell his partners to adjust in some other rooms for two days. Then he said to Shahid, keep ur luggage in the closet in the room and lock it so that it may be safe as the servers will often go to the room for taking their belongings.

It is not possible to shift all their things for two days, so you have to take care of that. And continued that will be in the day only, in the night i will tell them not to disturb you.

Then he asked them any problem ? They said no but how much is for the room, John said nothing its a compliment for you Miss beautiful

hey both went up and settled in the room.

They were tired enough that just had their dinner and went to sleep

In the morning Shahid got up earlier and got ready for the shooting.
He said to kareena take care and he will back by the evening and then they will go for shopping.


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Shahid said that the producers/directors were very strict and they allow any others accept crew members, thats why we have to stay outside. John smiled in a way which Shahid had not seen before and said no problem we are here to take care untill u come and asked by what time he will be back. Shahid said it will be evening after five as the shooting is scheduled till 5 in the evening .

Oh! Mr. then it will be around 7 in the evening to reach here as it will be very high traffic in the those hours. Anyway have a nice day and see u in the evening. Shahid said bye and left the hotel. John called Mic and said where r ur partners of the room.

He said " i will be back in monent sir and he went to call all of them". The all of the seven members came there and stood in attention. So guys today we are going to shoot a beautiful and sexy indian girl, hope mic have already told u guys how sexy she is ! So all of u go one by one in your room searching some of your belongings

As instructed They went and then first mic entered the room knocking an saying Miss! Miss! As he opened the door she was kareena with a white thin mini and a tight black shirt upto her waist through which her white silky bra clearly visible with a high heels in her legs. Her milky white skin was twinkling in the black shirt like stars in the sky.

He was staring at kareena smiling with a lusty eyes. She noted it and asked what do you want? He said Miss i came to take my panty and he went to the closet and started searching.

Then a sound came again Miss and another guy entered in the room knocking and looking at kareena with lust he said i came to take my socks. Like this all the others entered in the room saying they came to take one or the other thing to get ready for the duty.

All of them are about 6 foot tall, dark black in colours and with a nice strong body like porn stars.

Kareena was disgusted with the seven persons inside the room

and no one left out with their things.

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She immediatey called the reception and asked for John, the voice said yes this is John speaking Miss Beautiful. Then she told about the things going in her room.

John said wait a moment i will be there and kept the phone. Within a moment he came into her room knocking and said what happened Miss. beautiful.

She pointed towards the seven persons in her room and said they entered in the room saying that want to take something but for the last ten minutes they were searching and searching only.

John said mic what r u searching there with a smile in his face. All of them turned aroud and then mic said Sir nothing just this guys wanted to see this sexy girl (pointing kareena) thats it.

John asked to them did u like this body for todays shoot, they all said in a chorus we will not be satisfied with this girl in one day. Kareena was amazed to hear this conversation and shouted John, what is going on here and what u r talking. She was very much scared and saying this she went to the door try to open it but could not.

John said its automatic and will open only when any one of us say the code word in the voice detector fixed on the door. Saying this he asked the boys to get ready for the shoot and they all were busy in setting the lights in the corner, correcting the bed , sofa, bench, table and mini video and still cameras fixed in different agles on the all the walls, roof, side of the bed, sofa, bench everywhere.

Some 25 cameras were fixed in different places in different angles, Kareena noticed all this and now she has no doubt that they shoot Blue films. Now she started shouting Help! Please Help me out ! Help with her full voice but no reaction shown by any of them in the room.

She kept on shouting and got tired, then John said with smile miss beautiful this room is sound proof and one outside can here voice of yours. Dont waste ur energy as u need lot of energy to satisfy my boys.

Then kareena made try to call shahid with her mobile but it was not reachable. John said still you pity girl didnt understand what i told you this room is completely in our control and nothing can disturb untill we are finished of our work.

John said to his servers "Boys quick! it is 8 now and we have got only 10 hours time for the shooting".

Mic said its all ready sir and asked to their partners to take Viagara pills for long duration and strong erection.

They all took one tab each and sat on the sofa taking a porn magazine in their hands and watching the hardcore action pictures in it brushing their tools above the pants.

John took a rotating chair with wheels and sat on it turning towards Kareena. Now Miss Beautiful i think u should have known about our plans, so be a good girl and u will enjoy. She shouted please John, what is this we believed you and u r doing like this. I am not a porn star to do movies like this.

John said thats right but u actresses almost do everything in the movies without removing ur cloths and sexual intercourse. I have watched many of ur movies, like me many americans like u and we often got demands from our distributors that ur x- rated movies r in high demand.

If u want we will pay the amount u take for doing a total of 100 movies, i think it will be more than enough for your whole life. Now kareena started begging him please John let me go, leave me as i cant do this. John was not in a mood to hear her pleadings. They all started discussing about her sexy parts of the body.

Mic said she have marvelous curves and bulges in her body. One said she looks like american by her body shape and colour but her fleshy areas make her more sexy and attractive as indian women.

Other guy said she has good bums and thighs, i think she is fresh in her back. Other said she is not too much ****ed in her pussy too, look at the bulgy, spongy vagina mmmmm.. marvelous. Kareena was shivering in fear with all this talks and she noted the bulged tools in all there pants.

She has seen many x-rated movies in which the porn stars got abnormal sizes of tools and she was pleading, crying to get some pity from the old guy John.

John said i think the most attractive thing in her body is her pink natural thick lips, how soft and perfect. And her gorgeous perfect round stiff tits, its amazing.

It continued for sometime one saying i will screw her asshole nicely and the other saying i will suck her pussy all the day, other said i will suck her milk tankers and empty it like this every one were making her frustrated by vulgar words and making her arouse.

But she was crying and pleading, her creamy white skin has become pink with her crying
That is attracting more with matching colour of her natural pinkish lips without any lipstick used over it.

John got irritated with the cry and plead all the time of kareena. He shouted in a heavy voice " shut ur mouth u sexy slut, u have to cry more once the shooting session starts ".

On this harsh sound of john she got scared and there was no voice out of her mouth. John continued thats like a obedient actress and said "Miss sexy it is just a movie. U have to be in this movie without any dress, completely nude.

You dont have to act, dont have to speak dialogues even with lots of practise. Everything will be natural, all the bodies in its natural condition without any dress hiding it and the action of my boys will make u act naturally".

He made the introduction of all first not with names but their cock sizes. He said i am John the director of this movie and my boys are "Mic" you know him already but now onwards his name is 15/7.

Kareena got a shocking expression in her face which john noticed

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Dont get shocked that his the leangth and thickness of his dick and continued this is the biggest in this group. Then comes 15/6, 15/5, 15/4, 14/6, 14/5 & 14/4 (all were white skinned except Mic who was black with black cock perfectly suitable for the milky white skin of kareena).

On listening to the sizes she was almost unconscious with shock and shouted loudly nooooooooooooooooo. Then John said to kareena " Look sexy just go towards your right wall ". She went slowly with a perfect catwalk showing her round tight ass to all of them and then a switch was pressed by him under his rotating chair, the wall slided to one side with a clear glass wall from which room side was seen.

Kareena was shocked to see that a white girl of nearly 18 years was double penetrated with two black cocks

and surround by five more with huge cocks in their hands massaging & brushing, watching, kissing her body, sucking and squeezing her tits. The girl was making moans with pain and pleasure by giving support to them. John closed the wall again by pressing another switch in his chair.

He said to kareena " She is also a new fresh girl never had sex before but she agreed our agreement of movie accepting a huge amount" and look how decently my boys were making her enjoy in heaven. Now he said to kareena "go to the wall on the other side", similarly the wall got slided by one side and kareena shouted on seeing the view of whats happening there.

A girl was tied by her hands at back and filled with all her holes with big huge cocks and the other person standing there were biting there tits with their teeths, one guy is trying to insert second cock in her pussy, one more started inserting his cock in her mouth which has already one inside.

Her body was having hundreds of scares of this animals nails and teeths , which was beeding. Blood spots were there on the floor. The whole situtation looks like wolfs have surrounded a goat and was killed brutally.

Kareena shouted at john "Are they humans, they are treating her like toy, they dont have little bit humanity in them, oh god save that girl".

John said smiling they are also humans like you saw my boys on the other room, the difference is that this girl did not accept our deal and was treated accordingly while the other girl accepted our deal, so she was treated nicely. Here we have the policy tit for tat, so whats about u agree our deal or disagree, my boys will enjoy any way u want.

Kareena thought if i accept the deal will have descent sex and can get money also, so she said ok. She told the amount required for that, John took out his checque book, filled the amount she asked and gave to her.

KAREENA accepts deal not knowing amount of pain she was going to suffer

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Then immediately he told all to take the position to ready for shoot and said kareena to introduce herself facing the camera standing in front of the sofa showing the ass to the guys sitting on sofa. She took the position and itroduced herself " hi this is kareena kapoor from india and i am 24 years old, i am an actress".

A voice came from John say about the sex u have enjoyed so far. She did not understand and looked by the side towards John. John said ok i will say the lines you have to speak, repeat the sentence with completion and say all this with your beautiful smile on your bubbly face.

Kareena said ok and stood with a smiling face facing the camera. A first thing to be said come from Johns mouth " This is the first time i am getting gang banged". Kareena repeated with a smile. Then john said " I have been ****ed by" (asked to kareena to continue). Kareena said " I have been ****ed by two of my costars and got ****ed off by my boyfriend". John said continue with total number of times got ****ed so far and in which place. Kareena continued " So far i have been ****ed five times in my pussy using condoms".

Thats nice girl, now you say this my dream is to be gang banged by some huge cocks in my pussy, back , mouth and every part of my sexy body, so enjoy. Kareena with a hesitation repeated the words of john with a smile on her face.

Then john ordered her to go to the guys one by one and with her hands massaging and feeling the hardness of the cocks of each guy and the rest they will do

Then immediately he told all to take the position to ready for shoot and said kareena to introduce herself facing the camera standing in front of the sofa showing the ass to the guys sitting on sofa. She took the position and itroduced herself " hi this is kareena kapoor from india and i am 24 years old, i am an actress".

A voice came from John say about the sex u have enjoyed so far. She did not understand and looked by the side towards John. John said ok i will say the lines you have to speak, repeat the sentence with completion and say all this with your beautiful smile on your bubbly face.

Kareena said ok and stood with a smiling face facing the camera. A first thing to be said come from Johns mouth " This is the first time i am getting gang banged". Kareena repeated with a smile. Then john said " I have been ****ed by" (asked to kareena to continue). Kareena said " I have been ****ed by two of my costars and got ****ed off by my boyfriend". John said continue with total number of times got ****ed so far and in which place. Kareena continued " So far i have been ****ed five times in my pussy using condoms". Thats nice girl, now you say this my dream is to be gang banged by some huge cocks in my pussy, back , mouth and every part of my sexy body, so enjoy. Kareena with a hesitation repeated the words of john with a smile on her face.

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Then john ordered her to go to the guys one by one and with her hands massaging and feeling the hardness of the cocks of each guy and the rest they will do

Kareena went near mic sitting at the extreme left corner of sofa and sat on his laps with her hands touching his bulged crotch inside the pant, made gasp uffffff... and mic kissed her lips for a while.

Then she was asked to move to very next guy sitting, she went there and touched his cock above the pants and he undo the buttons of her shirt.

Then she went to next guy, he removed her shirt and unhooked her siky white bra. Then she went to next guy, he removed her unhooked bra and squeezed softly her round perfect boobs with his four fingers.

Everybody was getting more sensational on her half nude body and staring at her stiff round boobs with erected deep red nipples and curved waist, sexy navel and the flesh by the side of her waist.

Then she went to next guy and he unzipped her mini touching and brushing her soft stomach. Then she went to next guy and he removed her mini from her body, then licked her creamy thighs and kissed it.

Then the last person removed her white silky panties and took it in his hands. .

She was completely nude in front of 8 new males

All of them were licking their lips staring at her clean shaved pink pussy like dog looking at the bone in masters plate to dive on it on the order.

While moving to all the guys one after the other she felt the hardness and length of all cocks imaginging that she was looking at the faces of everyone and remebering who has got the best one.

She saw johns cock was erected seeing her nude and she went near, kissed her lips with touching and feeling his cock and said oh! its nice too

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On this words of kareena john understood that she liked all the different sizes.
He ordered her to sit on the corner of the bench with cushion and spread her legs wide

As soon she did what was said, all the guys stood up and undressed themselves and came near kareena surrounding the bench holding their erected cocks in their hands and pointing towards her mouth.

She was amazed to see the cocks nude of different colours and sizes.

John ordered her to suck all the cocks one by one starting from which she liked most.

Everyone was curious to know which is the best and which one is the last. Kareena saw all of the cocks and then saw their faces, they were hungry but behaving good and oebying their director.

Then she took 15/7 first the longest one of mic in her mouth and tried to insert in her nouth but it was too fat for her mouth.

It was not going in her mouth, she widened her mouth the best to her limit but could not take it in her mouth.

She really got scared thinking as she could not take this in her mouth then how will be possible to take in her small pussy.

After trying much she shouted nooooo.... please John i cant leave me, this cocks are all big and i will not able to take this anywhere.

John said smiling in a villianous way, you dont have to worry about that. My boys will take care of it and do their best.

Kareena kept pleading but now a voice came mic now u try if u want to feel the warmness of her beautiful fat lips and mouth.

Mic was in no mood to leave her, so he asked her friends to hold her firm. He then touched her lips with his cock, kareena has tightly closed her mouth.

Mic said sexy.. once u take this in ur mouth rest all cocks will easily enter into it, make ur mouth wide as to ur full strength.

She then obeyed him as their was no other option. She opened her mouth fully upto her extent. Now Mic tried to insert in her mouth but only half the head of the big pole could go in. He made a look at other person standing by the side, he immediately got into action.

He sueezed her right breast hard as he will pull it from her body. Kareena shouted with pain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... and her mouth was opened very big. At the same time mic made a light push and a quarter of his cock slid in but kareena's teeth hurt his cockmeat a little.

Mic was now comfortble and felt the warmness of her sweet, soft lips and mouth. He hold her head from back and slowly made a movement of hips to and fro in her mouth.

It was nice and only the sucking sound could come out of kareena's mouth.

John and others were enjoying this with their own cocks in hand massaging and brushing slowly

So he started ****ing her mouth ncreasing his speed more and more. In the meanwhile the persons standing side by were enjoying her body with different actions.

Two of them give their cocks in Kareena's soft hands and she was brushing and massaging it softly.

Other two were fondling her both breasts nibbling, squeezing and licking the erected red nipples on the brown areolas which was very attractive oh her milky white skin.

The other man was licking and fondling her round beautiful navel in the fleshy stomach.

The last man was licking and pressing all her thighs and legs upto her crotch without touching her pussy area. Kareena was enjoying all these actions and was in high passion.

Her body was burning like fire and become very hot, her cunt got wet with her scented nectar.

John was watching her face expressions and enjoying all the sequences very much. He has not seen so passionate also controlled while the shooting of movies so far.

He can imagine that the guys liked her very much and she was too soft to be handled roughly.

Her green nerves can be seen visible through her milky white skin which is the example of her soft body.

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After five minutes of the ****ing in kareena's hot mouth, mic took out his dick and then the second 15/6 went in her mouth with a little struggle.

By the time mic positioned himself in between her widened legs and knelt down holding her soft creamy thighs.

Then he smelled the nectar flown from her cunt mmmmmm...... what a smell, she has got a perfume factory in her cunt and then kissed her sweet cunt.

By the touch of his hot mouth in her cunt for the first time kareena breath increased with passion and her round tits moving up and down made all the guys more crazy.

She whispered unnnnn...mmhhhhhhhhhh...... as she has never been even smelled by shahid at that place. Kareena wanted to say something but could not as it was blocked by a huge pole 15/6.

After a few minutes of ****ing 15/6. Mic noted her whispers and he was a real expert in understanding the moans and groans of the women and started licking and sucking her juicy cunt and swallowing all flowing from her cunt.

He was gasping mmmmm.. ... very tasty we dont require lunch today sir, this drink is enough, i have never tasted such a thing in any women i ****ed so far. He was scuking hard and Kareena kep on moaning with passion moving her hips here and there with passion.

After a few minutes 15/6 removed his cock and came in between kaeenas leg while mic took the next place sucking her round boobs which was swelled a double of her size and was red in colour due to the fondling by the other guy.

Now the next guy 15/5 entered in kareenas mouth easily, she welcomed with a nice smile and looking at his eyes. 15/6 started sucking and licking her cunt hard and drinking the juices with passionate words mmmmm.. ..god its ****ing tasty.... delicious.....mmmmmm.

In the same way each one of them ****ed her mouth, sucked her cunt making it lubricant upto deep inside and licked her whole body in turn.

one by one all 8 guys licked her pussy...

ow she was made to lay on the bench with a pillow below her waist to support making her butt rised a little up and her head falling down at one end of the bench.

Then two of them stood by the side with their cocks in hand kept massaging and one guy stood behind her falling head.

Two of them stood at the side of her chest with one hand on boobs and other holding her ankles to make legs spread wide for easy entrance of the mics big pole.

One of the guy was massaging the lips of the pussy and clitoris to feel her more passionate to take this hell size.

John know that she might have not taken more than 10 inched cock that too very rare in her country. So he assist the guys standing by the side of the head to hold her both the hands tight and the guy standing behind to insert his cock in her mouth as to avoid her loudd sounds of cry.

Kareena was in a lust to get ****ed so she was enjoying the guys and has become deaf. She was not knowing about the pain she is going to have as he enters in her.

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Now the guys took their positions as directed and mic started to enter in her cunt.

He holded her waist and pressed hard in the opened lips of her pussy but could not make it. He this bitch is very after ****ed by manu before and took it out.

He asked the guy by his side to get some cream from the table and then he applied it in his cock and deep inside her pussy.

Then he inserted one finger in it and then ****ed in out for few seconds, then he inserted second finger and then third and then fourth. He started ****ing with four of his fingers in her cunt, she was crying unnn anhhhh..... but could not make sound as it was blocked by 14/4 in her mouth and he was ****ing her mouth slow and steady.

Mic was twisting his four fingers inside her juicy cunt as if he was searching something inside, she was paining severly, all her face went red vanishing her milky white skin.

Slowly her cunt made a way with a perfect round O shape and then mic inserted his cock immediately in her pussy with a quick and hard push. It slided in her pussy like flash upto half length and was stopped by something inside.

Kareena made a loud gasp aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrr.......... with pain.

Mic stopped a while then took out his cock and then inserted again with more force then before. Kareena made a loud shout from her throat anrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaa.. and but mic kept on repeating the same action.

A sound came from director John " get into her fully mic, this sexy bitch can take more big than this in her....

comon tore her pussy today, make her cry more with pain, **** her deep and make her shit come out of her pussy. He was shouting like mad saddist, he was enjoying as she cried more and more.

Mic on hearing this forgot about her pussy getting hurt and made a hard push with a loud voice argghhhhhhhhhhhhh......... and entered his complete 15 inch in her pussy. At the time he entered ,Kareena screamed to her extent with sivere pain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaa.... and a stream of blood pierced from both the sides of the pussy wall and striked his stomach.

He stopped for a while and then started moving his hip slowly in and out. As he moves in her mouth opens more wider with a sound aaaaaannnnnaaaaaaa.... and as he takes out she gasps ahhhhhhhhh........ Like this the sounds of gasp from both the mouths of mic and kareena was coming out constantly and increased as the speed increased.

After some time she made gasps with passion on her high slightly moving her butts up and dowm giving support to mic. Mic was saying while he was ****ing her continuosly oh.... what a hot and tight sexy bitch she is ahhh...... and going on increasing the speed.

She was getting ****ed, squeezed and caressed all her soft, private parts of her body. She was in a sivere pain throughout her body.

But her sex desire is more as compared to pain which made her enjoy all the things

After a ten minutes of nice **** by mic, it was replaced by a 14/4 which was in her mouth.

The next size 15/6 got in her mouth and then both the new ones got in to action. Kareena felt some relax as the smallest size cock was ****ing her pussy softly without any pain. It was going in and out in a jet speed softly making her feel excited for more.

After a few minutes **** 15/6 (cock in her mouth) inserted in her pussy which was still flowing

This time john asked the guys not to go in her mouth so that all can enjoy her cry. As the cock went in she made a loud sound aaayyeeeee....... maaaa................ anhhhhhhh...

She cried please leave me....... i am paining .......maaaa.................... Suddenly 15/6 changed his action with half in and half out. she gasped haraam jadhon chod do mujhe ui.. maaaa... bohuth dard ho ra hai.....( ****ers leave me... mom its paining very much).

The lips of her pussy was swelled as her sexy lips but no body was in a mood to leave her and kept going.

She kept crying with pain but the all the cocks went in her pussy one by one ****ing hard her pussy for an hour.

She was almost faded but her milky skin was still glowing and attracting everyone. All the cocks got more harder than before.

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John said to mic massaging his cock in hands, turn her on stomach.

As soon as mic turned her on stomach a chorus sound came from everyones mouth wowwwwww! Kareenas milky white buttery ass was bulged out due to a nice **** like mountains in perfect D shape.

Mic squeezed her buttery asscheeks and chewed it with his mouth. All the guys went near and they pressed, squeezed, kissed and licked her ass cheeks. Tasty, marvelous, beautiful and many other words of admiration came out of their mouths.

Mic holded her asscheeks and parted it moving it on both sides to see her asshole. It was beautiful without any wrinkles or spot, perfectly round in deep pink colour attracting everyone there. All of them kissed and licked one by one for few seconds and tasted it.

Kareena was almost unconscious with half eyes closed with pain but she was moaning in low voice with all this actions performed on her back. Mic said to John, sir she is virgin and its very tasty too, i can lick her whole day and night in this.
John said really is she virgin in her ass then this shooting will be the hottest video ever.

Comon boys plough her virgin asshole with your cocks immediatley, i want see her horny face expressions.

Make her face me so that i can watch her completely and cum my load on her face. On hearing this she shouted u bastards, leave me dont do that...... i cant please but she was week enough to defend them for long.

She was postitioned facing john made knelt on her fours. One guy pressed her shoulders lower to make her back rise to top. All the guys surrounded her again, two of them holded her hands stiff on the groug, other two holded her thighs and spread it wide, two started fondling and sucking her hanging swelled boobs on each side .

Then 14/4 came in front of her hold her hair tighly and pulled back to lift her face up and inserted his cock in her mouth, she sucked it unwillingly for few minutes. 14/4 took the cream and went to her back in between her spreaded legs, holded her ascheeks, made it apart and drenched her asshole with his saliva.

Kareena was shouting ****er dont do this.... i dont like that...... it cannot take that big please..... forgive me you son of bitches. Then took some cream in his center finger and inserted it in her asshole , she screamed oh............maaaaa.a.......... leave meeeeee..
But his fat finger went in and got into the action of ****ing soon arggggghhh....... bitch u r soooooo tight, i will make it a well soon so that everyones dick can take a deep bath in it.

Kareena was still crying as her ass was new to this action and her red ass walls were irritating with his big fingers action. He spit some saliva in it and then kept ****ing for few minutes untill it accepted his finger swiftly which made kareena also relaxed a little.

But the short relaxation was soon ended when he inserted his second finger in her asshole, she screamed ****er leave meee....cried with tears in her eyes. But soon the third one went in and her asshole walls made a way now stretching, immedeiately he applied some cream in her stretched O open of her hot virgin asshole.

He applied some on his cock and inserted it in a quick action panting yeahhhhhhhh....... and slided in completely. Kareena made a loud cry with her face up towards the sky in pain, which made john cum and he shooted on her face, lips and mouth

Some of his cum went in her throat. He kissed and licked the cum on her lips which was mixed with her sweet saliva and swallowed. Then he got to the chair watching the action. she was crying with loud noice and all the room was echoing with her sharp and sexy voice with a mixture of pain and enjoyment.

Rest all of the guys were jerking their cocks watching her horny face and performing their actions on her body parts. 14/4 was ****ing her slowly in a steady motion with sounds from his throat arr..... aerrrrr....... ohhhh..... god how ****ing tight she is....... very hotttttttt....

He kept ****ing her more then ten minutes and kareena was fainted crying. No voice came out her mouth except unnnn......aammmmm....angggg...... with pain, as he moved faster and faster she got into his rythm again with passion.

As soon as she came in mood again he removed his cock and the next bigger size 15/4 went in. She started with a cry due to a little big size but soon got in rythm, then 14/5 and he went in with a sound due to the new width for her ass. She also screamed oh......my.........goddd.........i w....i.....l....l d......i.....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

But he managed with his immdiate speed to get her moan again in pleasure. Then a little more length cock 15/5 made her relax.

Then again she was pushed to cry with pain with bigger width cock 14/6 and then made her relaxed with 15/6 in her hot ass.

Her asshole was now fully stretched with for the bigger one 15/7 of mic.

Then he got into her asshole and it slided easily with a light pain which made her shout pleasee......a.aaaaaa.a..
but changed to moans of pleasure soon with mics heavy strokes. The tunnel ploughing of her asshole almost took a long run for hours

09-09-2009, 04:20 PM
Everyone was in their final stage and a sound came from john make her double penetrate and threesome.

She will like that too, she is getting more horny now and wants more cocks he...he...he... Hearing this kareena shouted make **** your mothers and sisters you son of a bitch. John in harsh voice with anger soon u will be ****ed by more of my boys. Really they have not enjoyed this kind sexy flesh before you bitch! and this will be the punishment for your words on me.

She cried please John i am sorry.... i am paining very badly... thats why used those words, please forgive me and leave me some time to relax please......... Her voice was shivering and very low as compared to her normal voice due to heart throbbing pain in her both tunnels.

But mic proceeded with his next step of double penetration and threesome.

Her sat on the bench with his cock upright towards the roof and two persons lifted kareena spreading their asscheeks and made her sit on mics lap with his cock in her asshole.

It slided in completely in a swifty manner as it was well stretched by 7 big rods a little before.

Then one by one came in between her spreaded legs from front. She looked at their face saying in a silence mode no.... please ....but the guy with a smile and kiss on her sexy lips entered his dick in her pussy. Both of them started the action quickly in rythm.

Mic goes in her asshole and 14/6 pulls out cock from her pussy, then mic pulls out and 14/6 goes deep in. Kareena mouth was wide opened with pain, crying more and more as they increased the spead.

Her blueish green eyes came out, face red, mouth wide open. The other guys standing by the side were fondling her body, pinching, licking, kissing and caressing her to make relief of pain.

After a few minutes 14/6 was replaced by 15/6, kareena looked him with half closed eyes saying please..... but no use he just inserted and placed his mouth in her mouth not allowing to shout and playing with her tongue.

He bitted her fat lips and it bleeded, he sucked it all and kep ****ing. She was almost dead but the cock was replaced with other one and like this everyone ****ed her pussy again with mics cock in her asshole ****ing hard.

They all were in their final stage and mic started stroking from below with full force and speed in her asshole making her cry again crazily.

she was swaying her head her and there with loud moans deep from her throat hmhmmmmmmmm...... arhhhhhhh....... yeahhhh.h...........

all the other guys surrounded with their cocks in their hands looking at her horny face and jerking fast

09-09-2009, 04:20 PM
one part remaining

09-09-2009, 04:20 PM
I a few seconds all of the six guys standing spurted loads and loads on her face, boobs, she spitted as much as she can but almost half of everyones hot sperms was swallowed by her.

Everyone was roaring like tigers on their finish.

Kareena was covered with thick white layer on her lips and boobs making her full white hiding her red lips and brown aerolas and red nipples.

Mic was still giving strokes after strokes for few more minutes.

He shouted suddenly oh sexy bitch its all and removed it from her asshole, Kareena made a sound ichhhhhhhh................ahhhh............ with a relax that this deal has got an end after 5 hours of continues ****ing in all holes which killed her almost.

Her relaxed stage soon disappeared as mic again inserted his erected longest cock of the group in her mouth completely and made a few strokes and shooted his thick load in her throat.

He kept it like that in her mouth for few seconds and took out. She licked his cock and cleaned saying thanks for ending this deal with a tasty load which she didnt wasted a drop.

He kissed her lips and kept sucking for few minutes caressing her boobs. John was watching the final session that came really good and didnt disturb them.

Then after few minutes he said cut and the shooting was finished. Mic lifted her in his hands and made her lay in the bed.

He covered her nude body with a bed cloth and left from there giving a goodbye kiss.

Kareena made a deep sleep in tired and pain also the pleasure of these big cocks

After a two hour of sleep john again disturbed and made one more shoot with two white mens

Then she made a bath and got ready for the shopping as shahid was about to reach there.

She was ready in a tight blue jeans with a strip red bra on her top.

Shahid was stunned looking her as
she was glowing like a new flower blossomed

and her assets were dramatically grown bigger comapred to the morning.

09-09-2009, 04:21 PM
guys...pls reply if you like the story...i have a few more

09-09-2009, 04:22 PM

09-09-2009, 04:22 PM
anyway...i'll still upload 1 more story & wait for replies

09-09-2009, 04:22 PM
Priyanka Chopra's gangbang coming soon

09-09-2009, 04:23 PM
Priyanka....oh.... the name itself can make any one get wet in their pants. What a horny bitch she is and the most important thing she was still virgin and had never let anyone go into womenhood holes that is her pussy and ass. But she was said to be a professional cock sucker in the industry, she can take any big coks in her mouth to deep throat and cum the guy immediately.

This was the reason why still she had saved her virginity in this nasty bollywood. She often uses vibrators of small size to fulfill her desire and loves to have lesbian relation and her best lesbian friend is Preeti Zinta.

Believe it or not i have seen a x-rated movie of hers in which she just sucks the variety of cocks to make it lubricant to go into the holes of other female stars in the movie.

I was waiting for the scene when she will strip her clothes but she didnt, which confirmed me that she was not the fake but the real horny bitch Priyanka. As you know she can seduce any type of strong man with her horny actions. Her movies in which she acted as a slut got hit in the bollywood, because she dont have to act as slut which she is in real.

I have dreamt many times of her rape and **** inspite of she is not the type i like, i like big roud fleshy asses like Rani, Kajol, Amisha, Katrina, Esha, Madhuri, Manisha, Mahima, Ayesha Takia etc, I love to eat them and drill that tightness of the back door. But she attracts me with her stiff and perfect untouched and un****ed shape of the body.

I want to really go hard with this ****y bitch in her virgin tight hot holes. So here comes the most wanted and awaited Priyankas Gang Bang.

Priyanka was getting ready to South Africa shooting schedule for her forthcoming movie. She was looking extraordinary blonde with a white designed sleeveless low neck top and a matching white tight midi. Her tops were exposing her stiff chest and the midriff line while her skirt was sticked to her skin showing her bulges, hollows and curves.

She looks great in white, pink and black dress due to her shiny wheatish skin. She was already late and was in a hurry, suddenly her mobile rang and she saw her boyfriend (point to be noted that she never allowed him to touched her body even, he was allowed to just kiss her on lips just to greet when they meet) calling her.

She attended the phone and said immediately that she was already late and will call her back, but he wanted to meet her before she leaves as the shooting trip was of 15 days and he can not wait so long without seeing her. Finally she agreed for just a minute meeting and drove her car to his house.

Priyanka's Boyfriend was waiting outside the house as she reached there. She even not got off the car, just slided the glass of the car and gave a long lip kiss to him. He said thanks Priya this is enough for this long 15 days separation and asked her take care of her health and body.

Neither he nor she knows that this 15 days will be a hell for her sexy body. She said bye and went driving the car very fast to the airport where the crew members were waiting for her to come. Unfortunately she met with an small accident in tension of getting late and missed the flight.

A call ranged again and that was the producer of the movie asked her to come by the next flight which is at late night as the place where the shooting is scheduled is allowed for only one day by the government of south africa.

From now the bad time of priyanka started. She changed the ticket to next flight which was mostly crowded with Black peoples. Everyone was staring at Priyanka's cleavage and she was feeling uncomfortable by this.

But by anyhow she has to reach for the shooting, so compromised herself. It was 2 o'clock in the midnight when she reached south africa and no one was waiting from the crew to pick her up.

She was really frustrated by the black mens staring at her like wolfs. She tried to contact the crew members but no one can be connected. The situation become more worst and she felt shivering a little, suddenly a soft voice came from behind "Hello! Miss".

09-09-2009, 04:24 PM
She turned around and saw a tall white guy of age about 30 standing in front of her smiling. Without allowing her to think he said "Miss i think i know u, u were Miss World some years before right? Priyanka felt relaxed as somone knows her and could help her out. So with a ****ing hot smile she said "Yes... and she need some help". He introduced himself as Abdur and asked what is the problem.

She explained her the situation and told him that she want to make a call to their crew member. He said in a childish way miss u dont know that in this country the signals to mobile are cut off in the night after 12 for the security reason.

Do you have a hotel landline number? Priyanka shook her head sideways saying No! Abdur with a wicked smile said then you have to wait untill morning and then u will be able to get connected to them.

Then he asked where she will stay? She said that she is coming here for the first time and dont know anything so please help to accomodate in a nice hotel. Abdur said ok i will arrange a taxi to a Big hotel at a distance of half an hour travel from here and went to call a taxi.

After a few minutes he came back with a tall dark black guy of about his same age. He was looking like ghost with big lips and was staring her like anything from top to bottom. His crotch was bulged huge as he was not wearing any underwear and was hanging to his knees.

Priyanka was scared of his look alike and hesistated. Abdur said dont worry miss he is my friend Kalua and i explained him everything. He will drop u to the hotel. Priyanka looked at kalua again, he was staring at her chest and then with some hesitation she said to white man "Abdur can u accompany me to the hotel, i will pay u money".

Abdur laughed mysteriously and said miss " i am not in need of money, i am ur fan from the day i saw you crowned the beauty of the universe and helped u out of the situation that's it".

If you really want to give me then give something which will be a sign remembrance that we both can never forget each other. Priyanka could not understand the trick he played and asked what is that thing? Abdur said ok i will tell u once we drop u to the right place.

Then they went to taxi for the travel, Priyanka noticed that the taxi has black glasses. She then sat on the back seat of the taxi and abdur on the front seat.

09-09-2009, 04:25 PM
Kalua started to drive the car an traveled his way, after a few seconds the car entered a small mud way inside the jungle. Priyanka got afraid and asked Abdur where he is going.

Abdur replied in a cool manner dont worry this is the short root and if we go by road it will take more than two hours to reach the place. The car was moving slowly, not even a single light or sign of humans in the way. Abdur started talking to priyanka to indulge her in some other thoughts.

He started collecting all the details how long she will stay here and everything. Priyanka while talking noticed that Kalua adjusted the cars rear mirror and staring at her. From the mirror view he can view her clevage, her white nylon panties could be seen clearly from the rear mirror.

Priyanka noted that and closed her legs tighly and sat in a side way so that he cannot see her cleavages. Kalua dont know english so he told something to abdur with a lusty smile. Abdur turned around to face Priyanka and said miss why are you so scared, there is no one among us three.

So sit comfortably and let kalua enjoy your body as he never seen such a sexy peice of flesh.

Priyanka shocked on the words of Abdur, but she behaved as she didnt hear anything and asked Abdur "it is more than half an hour but still no buildings are visible". How much more time it will take to reach the hotel Abdur?

Suddenly the kalua stopped the car and it stopped with a loud sound of breaks. Priyanka saw from the opened window that it was a plain ground looks like some old park with round tables of low heights with some benches. Around the benches she also saw some stripped clothes torn in pieces and it was all ladies clothes. She was totally scared and her heart beat was on high. Abdur and Kalua both got out of the car, abdur said miss come out we have some work here with a different smile staring at her.

She realise the circumstance and got of the car. She used to practise martial art, so as soon as get off the taxi, gave a nice kick to abdur on his stomach. The kick was with a great power and abdur hold his stomach and sat on the bench in that place. Priyanka looked like tigress with a strange face of anger, shouted you bastards give me the car key or else you will have to bear more pain.

Kalua was very cool and continued staring at her cleavage, which made priyanka feel that she was a female. She felt little shy and started adjusting her exposed body parts. By the time Kalua moved towards her slowly, suddenly she saw him coming near and raised her leg to kick him.

But he just holded her with his left hand and gave a hard punch on her upper abdomen. A loud voice came from her mouth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa... and she felt on the ground holding her stomach.

Tears began to flow from her eyes with a sivere pain and blood oozed by the side of her lips. Her body was shivering like anything, crying due to sivere pain and she was totally fainted by the hit, almost half died.

ow both Abdur and Kalua started laughing loudly on the pity situation of Priyanka. So sexy lady how u feel now abdur asked. Kalua went near and grabbed a bush of her hair from back and made her stand.

She could not stand properly but was forced to do so and then kalua licked her blood by the sides of her lips. Abdur said dont again misbehave with us, Kalua hitted you on upper abdomen thats the reason blood came from ur mouth.

If he hits you on your lower abdomen the blood will come from your lower mouth and that also he loves to drink. So behave like a good girl and do whatever we say. I told you in the airport that you should give something which we both can never forget, so give us a nice **** of your three holes. Priyanka was scared of another hit from kalua so not said anything inspite of her will to say no.

Now abdur asked kalua to remove her clothes, he was still holding her hair firmly not allowing her to make any movements and torn the clothes like paper with just one pull. Priyanka was now in her white lace decorated nylon bra and panty.

She was looking stunning in her inner garments. Priyanka was still suffering from pain and could not resist anything but only some half eaten words were coming out her mouth saying p........leas.... l...eve me......no.....but nothing stopped them. She saw both the guys got big bulge in their pants on seeing her half nudity. Kalua said something to her but she could not understand, Abdur translated the words said by kalua.

Sexy bitch he is asking to hold her prick with your soft hands, do it or else he will hit you hard. She immediately hold his big anaconda in her right hand over the pant. She can feel the rigidness, length and thickness of that hot rod and swallowed her breath. Kalua closed his eyes with pleasure moaning aahhhh.....mmmmmm....

Then again abdur asked kalua to remove her undergarments without hurting her. He unhooked her bra, removed and throwed side ways. Both of their eyes were sizzling like stars seeing those hard and stiff pairs of melons with deep reddish aerolas and erected big red nipples.

She hide her chest with her hands, kalua got angry and folded his fingers to give her another punch. As he moved his hand back to give force she cried no...... please .... and took her hands off her chest.

Kalua stopped his hand and again both of their eyes sizzled. She turned her face side closing her eyes but an order came again open ur eyes lady and watch our eyes. After some time kalua said something in his language and some argument between both of them went a while.

Suddenly abdur said to him to remove her panty too and he snatched it and throwed it away. Looking at the bulgy mound covered with trimmed public hair with a reddish pussy they got lost of themselves for sometime.

Priyanka can feel the size of the cock in hands growing bigger and heart beats increased. Her hard stiffened chest going up and down with her deep breaths.

She was seeing the pair of both the eyes as ordered, it was getting lusty than before.

09-09-2009, 04:25 PM
Both of them were ****ing her complete nude body from top to bottom with thier eyes. Abdur said " oh ****ing sexy lady u r still virgin i guess".

Kalua told me when he saw your firm breasts, i did not agreed but it looks true.
Tell me lady r u virgin, i cant believe a lady from film industry could be, tell me the truth.

Priyanka cried yes, i am still virgin, please dont do anything , leave me.... please. Abdur again asked which holes u r virgin, dont tell lie as kalua has techniques to find out which are the virgin holes of a women.

She kept silent, kalua shouted he and she answered i am virgin in my both front and back holes.

Then with a wicked smile he asked what about ur mouth sexy . She replied i used to blow the persons in the film industry to get the movies signed and they cum by my mouth sucking itself.

Abdur looking at her mouth and sexy fat lips really you can make cum with your mouth itself. So lady the deal with us right now here is that you will first suck our cocks deep in your mouth, then we will **** your both the holes atleast once. But i dont know how many times kalua will **** you, normally he ****s a sexy girl about ten times without break. Saying this abdur removed his pants and underwears, his 12 inch white cock of almost 5 inch fat cock was in full erect.

Kalua removed his pants too and was shocked to see his black anaconda of a foot long and thickness same as that of abdur. Priyanka was scared of this two monster cocks as she had never expereinced cocks of average sizes in her holes. She often masturbates with small vibrators and definitely such big anacondas will kill her parting her into two half.

Priyanka begged them saying i will suck your cocks for whole day if you want, I a sure you can feel the same pleasure but please dont spoil my virginity. I am going to be married to my lover, i have never allowed him to **** me till now. Please for god sake leave me, please......Abdur said if we leave you for god sake than what we will eat lady.

Also if you got experience of having sex with us you can make nice sex with your lover too. So stop pleading but you can cry as we like you cry more and u will be once we enter our sticks in your virgin holes.

09-09-2009, 04:26 PM
Priyanka was one her knees as she could not stand due to sivere pain in her stomach due to the punch of Kalua. They both were in front of her face with the monsters in their hands. Abdur asked her to hold and kiss his cock, she did as said. The kiss of her hot, spongy lips made him maon offf.... damn hot ur lips are he cried with passion.

Take it in and suck it nicely lady, while Kalua was looking at abdurs face expression. He made to hold her other hand his big monster cock and started fondling her stiff nipples. Abdurs cock was so fat that she struggled to take half inside but she was professional in blow job and managed to take a 3/4 th deep inside her throat and with other hand she was masaging kaluas big cock. Slowly both the male hands cupped her both the lemons and started squeezing it hard. Priyanka want to cry with pain but no way for the sounds to go out from her mouth. Her eyes were red and tears rolling through her chin.

She was sucking in complete rythm bearing all the pain, abdur suddenly with a quick push inserted his full length in her throat. Her eyes bulged out and face become red, after giving some strokes inside her throat he realesed his first thick load in her throat which went in her stomach directly.

Abdur was moaning argghhh... ah..... oooofff... what a sexy blower she is and kept his cock inside for sometime, then took out, a long stream of his sperms and her saliva hunged from her mouth to his cock. His cock didnt remain still in the same erection. Kalua was happy that abdur had finished as he was waiting for his turn.

As soon as abdur removed his cock, he just went in her mouth with his monster. She could not take it fully as it was an abnormal size but kalua was forcing hard holding her head from the back. She waved her hands in no signal but kalua want that to go in her complete.

She cried bitterly but sounds were muffled only her .nnnnnn........m.mmmmmmm....annnnn........ were coming out.

Abdur was squeezing both her boobs hard with his hands watching her sexy face and sexy moanings coming out of her mouth. Priyanka inspite of her sivere pain moved her head here and there trying to pull her head away but all went in pain. Kalua won in the struggle and his monster cock was completely in her throat with a loud cry from his mouth yeahhhhhhhhh......

Her throat was swelled upto her chin and eye balls dropped out from the eyes, she kept beating the ground with both the hands. Kalua was still for a while without any movement and then slowly pulled out his cock.

She gasped some air and coughed a while, crying plea.......ad again kalua pushed in completely. Then he started moving his hips like flash in and out with great force and speed. She holded his laps and he was riding hard and hard in her mouth. Her body started shivering again but no pity in any of those eyes, nicely face ****ed and shooted his loads after loads in her.

All she could do is to swallow them, Kalua was happy to realease his first shot and started giving jerks again without any stop. Abdur said in his language, enough kalua she will be with us for 15 days and we have other virgin holes in her body. Kalua took out his cock and made her lick to clean the sperms in his cock. It looked more big than before.

Then they made her stand and took one melon each in their mouth. They bitted, nibbled and chewed it like small babies drinking milk from the breast. But these babies have got big strong teeths which hurted her but she could do nothing except crying with pain.

09-09-2009, 04:26 PM
While sucking the breast each of their hands caressed her both the virgin holes which made her moan some pleaurable feelings. After a few minutes of sucking they stood up and touched her boobs with their fingers.

Her chest was swelled with some marks of their teeths and was jiggling like those big boobs of actress manisha koirala. They laughed and said now your boobs look good, her hard boobs were made soft as milk cream.

Abdur said now we are going to the second round of the deal. In this round we allow you to make the choice that is which cock in which hole, you can tell this. Priyanka was scared of taking any of this in any holes as she was not mentally pepared fro such long ones.

She had felt the erected cock of his boyfriend and it is not more than 7 inches. But here both of them were almost double the size of his boyfriends cock. A harsh voice came from Kalua and she replied immediately abdur you take my front and that guy my back.

She guessed that definitely if kalua put his one in her pussy it will will be tored and no one can fit his cock again in that. So she accepted the abdur cock in her pussy and allowed kalua in her tight asshole. Now they both were happy as they also wanted the same holes to be ploughed by them first.

They again made her stand, widened her legs, abdur knelt in front between her spread legs and kalua went back, knelt in between her legs.
Abdur holded her thighs apart and inserted his mouth in her sexy juicy virgin pussy and started licking it. At the back kalua holded her tight ass cheeks and aparted and started licking her asshole.

Priyanka was completely aroused of this action as she used to do this with her vibrator till the day and for the first time she had the feeling of the two different tongues in her secret parts. All her pain was dissappeared and her both the hands started fondling heads of those licking dogs. She was moaning in pleasure ummmmmm.....unhhhhhnhnnhnnnnnn....oh.....mmmmmm... .do it.....ooh la....la......nice.... and her pussy began to flow with her hot juices. Abdur was eagerly swallowing all of this virgin sexy lady.

He was abusing her bitch you are soooo... tasty that i will eat your pussy and then told to kalua in his language that she is ready for the first ride. They then inserted one finger in the tight holes and made it fully lubricant so that she could not get hurt in the first time itself.

Then they inserted two fingers inside her holes and ****ed for some time. She screamed with little pain oeeeeee..... ma........... dont .....a..a......a..a.a.a..a..a.

Both of them finished their job and stood in front of her. They watched her face and eyes now become lusty. No one can forgot what happens if the sexy bitch Priyanka Chopra gets lusty. They made her lean with her hands on the table in the park and abdur spread her legs wide opened.

He went and take the position in between her legs with his erected long cock in the hand. Kalua got on to the table in front of her and slided his cock in mouth and started squeezing her swelled boobs hanging down. She was ready for everything now and started sucking kaluas long black cock nicely. Abdur placed the head of his cock in the opening of her virgin pussy.

09-09-2009, 04:27 PM
Holded her waist firmly and pushed his cock with a wild force. He made a harsh sound aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh.......due to the solid tightness of her virgin pussy. At the same time Priyanka made a loud sound aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ..........rrrrr....r..r.r..r..r.. with her mouth stretched upto her ears inspite of the big cock in her mouth. Abdurs cock was completely in her juicy wet pussy. He holded for sometime, blood oozed from the side walls of her pussy.

Priyanka wa gasping air bearing all the internal deep pain for the first time. After a few seconds he pulled his cock out completely, blood started flowing from her pussy. Then he again inserted it completely in and started moving his hips to and fro in a slow and steady motion. By the time kalua also started ramping her mouth slowly. The sounds like ummmmmm..... anhh...... were coming out of her mouth. She had totally lost her conscious of what she was doing, this first time **** in her virgin pussy was really making her gone cray and started moving her hips to and fro in rythm. After ****ing her slowly for 15 minutes he saw her vagina has was stretched nicely fit for his big monster so he pulled it out.

At the same time kalua also pulled his cock from her mouth and get down from the table

They changed their positions, Priyanka thought that now he will put his cock in her vagina but he was in a mood to **** her tight virgin shithole. Abdur inserted his cok in her mouth which was mixed with his precum and her juices, she loved that mixture, ate all and started sucking with great pleasure. Kalua parted her ass cheeks bent down and licked it again for sometime, inserted his two fingers and gave a finger ****. Priyanka realized that he is ready to dig her ass, she saw with pity in the eyes of Abdur. Abdur noted her position and convinced her dont worry sexy lady, he is a nice ass ****er.

Just a little pain in the starting and then you will be in heaven. He continued believe me if he inaugurates your asshole **** then you can easily take any size of cocks in that tight hole. She pleaded with her eyes as her words were blocked by abdurs cock. She turned her head and waved his hand saying please no...... but kalua enjoyed her afraid eyes and laughed loudly, hold her waist tightly with his big hands, placed the head of the cock right at the opening of her virgin shithole. Abdur was squeezing and fondling her boobs while ****ing in her mouth slowly to make her arouse. Juices were flowing continuosly from her vagina. Kalua started pressing her waist towards his cock and his cock to her asshole. With a loud shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann....arrrrrrrrrrr......he slided his cock inside her with one thrust.

Priyanka cried with pain at the same time aaaaaannannnnnnnnnnnnnn........ her mouth wide opened, her eye balls bulged out and black round went up showing complete white balls of eye turned to red with pain Due to the sivere pain she just bitted abdurs cock in her mouth and he two panted in pain aaaaaa.aa............ u bitchhhhhhh.............. The area was filled with a loud sound like a bomb blasted.

Kalua did not showed any pity and started going in and out while abdur had a hold in her mouth.

Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes some blood oozed from her asshole. A pinching pain in her ass walls made her almost unconscious but the forceful strokes of kalua was not allowing her to go unconscious also. Her eyes were half closed like someone fully drunken.

Kalua kept going in and out his full foot length cock, after ****ing her for half an hour slowly he found the walls of round small butt hole was relaxing and got stretched. At the same time Priyanka started moving her ass and sucking abdurs cock in passion.

She started moaning in pleasure again which made satisfied both of the guys that she is now ok. So they both pulled out their cocks out suddenly, priyanka cried ooooeeeee...... She looked at them with lust that she wanted more.

Kalua and Abdur looked each other and smiled , then kalua lifted her on his shoulders and went to the taxi, openend the back doors. Abdur laid on his back in the back seat of the taxi holding his cock straight and asked priyanka to take in her pussy. She leaned on his chest facing her and inserting his cock in her pussy herself .

She wanted the nice ****ing to be continued so she moved her hips up and down ****ign herself. Suddenly a hands from the back that is of kalua holded her both the hanging boobs, she turned and gave a smile to him. He placed his cock in her stretched asshole and inserted deep in her.

She wanted to scream but was muffled by the mouth of Abdur under her. He locked her mouth with his mouth and started sucking it harshly. Kalua started maoving his hips back and fro quickly, as he settled down to rythm Abdur started his ride stroking his back up and down.

In a fraction of minutes all of them were fully drowned in passion river making sounds ummmmmm...... anhhhhhhhhhh......n.....i.....cc......e.........fu ck.........hard morrrrr............. Both of them increased their high speed and stroking with full force. The speed made her scream like bitch eeeaaa... ann.......haaa.....oooooooo.... mmaaaaaaaa...anhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm.......ummmmmmmmm...unnnnnnnnaaaaaananan ..........eeeeeeee....oooooeeeeeeee.............ya aaaa...... her sexy voice was giving them more poer and their cocks began to grow in her virgin holes ready to be filled.

After 45 minutes of ****ing they both shooted their heavy gallons of loads in her holes. She moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... dont t.....ake..... out.....please..........unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn anhmmmm ....... They took their cocks out and saw their cums oozing out of her holes mixed with her visgin holes taste. Kalua took the oozing cum of his from her back swallowed some and spit some in her mouth, she also swalloed those. On seeing this abdur also did the same.

09-09-2009, 04:27 PM
All of them liked the taste of the virgin mixture of sperms. Abdur was tired enough and same was the status of Priyanka, but kaluas cock didnt loose its rigidness and he was ready for another shot. This time he wants to drill her sweet little pussy. Priyaka was not pepared to take his in her pussy but she was forced and ****ed nicely by

. After that till the morning kalua ****ed her asshole and pussy each four times continuously without any break. Abdur ****ed her each hole twice, she was lying in the back seat of the taxi unconscious after getting ****ed whole night

In the morning she got conscious and started wearing her dress. She took new panty but was not allowed to wear anything under her midi. She asked them now what u want, u have taken all my virginity. Please let me go to my place. But Abdur said just to sit in the car quite and she cant escape from them for the 15 days she had planned the tour.

She begged them, cried but nothing solve their stone heart. She was taken more deep in the jungle and after sometime they reached a place where she saw some people.

They were all black like kalua and she saw that they were not civilized at all. No one have weared underwears and their unerected dicks throbbing to their knees can be seen clearly. She felt that she was in real danger now but tried to call anyone to help her.

She was about to shout she saw the peoples were happily waving the hands to kalua and abdur. She saw some girls standing by the roadside, they were looking like from different countries. She saw some abnormal things going around, the mens were sucking pussies on the road itself, girls were sucking cocks and many asian girls were having group sex in the open. She was very much afraid and shouted where the hell you are taking me.

The car entered a big shed in which there was a stage arranged and lots of chairs were arranged downside of the stage.

Many peoples all blacks men and women were sitting in the chairs, looks like eagerly waiting for something. On one side of the shed was a sofa on which a black ugly aged man with some white girls massaging his cock, kissing him and he was squeezing their breasts, fingering in their pussies. Abdur and Kalua went directly to him and said something, he ordered them. They took me to the stage and the peoples sitting their were staring at me like hungry dogs.

Then abdur started to speak on the stage, he anounced priyanka as a new fresh girl from India, she was unmarried and her virgintiy was just breaked by us yesterday night. She had been miss world some years ago and was very hot. You can know from kalua how much tasty her assets are.

Kalua started to tell something in his local language and the peoples sitting their got happy and everybody was licking their lips seeing her. Even the women sitting were licking their lips staring priyanka with their lusty eyes. The males sitting in the hall were rubbing their erected cocks bulged in their pants, they were commenting each other pointing at their bulged crotch.

Priyanka asked abdur what is this, please let me go my place. Abdur replied ok now i will explain you what you have to do for these 15 days. You are our slave now and we are sale you here in auction, whoever will mention highest amount will **** you and then the lower one and then more lower.

Like this the people sitting here including women will enjoy you in that bed (lying by the side of the stage) in front of everyone. She got shocked on hearing this, they almost 75 peoples sitting there. She cried No....................! please........ Abdur continued, wait lady after that you will go to each street one day and get customers to here and allow them to **** in front of our boss ( the ugly man in the sofa). In between this we will **** you if you are free without customers and also you have to drink the cum he shoot on seeing your ****. Be careful that if you leave a single drop of his cum on the ground, the ordeal will be increased for more 15 days.

09-09-2009, 04:28 PM
Hearing all this she got unconscious and fell on the ground, some water was sprayed on her face and she woke up. She cried to leave her, but saw warned by abdur if she did not obey them she will get a punch in her lower abdomen now. He said you will piss and shit here without your control if he hits you in lower abdomen. Priyanka said no please she will do all they said as still she was having the pain in her stomach due to the previous punch.

Then she was asked to strip of their clothes on stage itself. Looking at kalua she stripped her clothes. All the men sitting at their slided their pants to knees, holding their black big cocks in their hands and massaging softly seeing her nude on the stage. Priyanka saw that scene and her heart came out her mouth, different sizesof cock of ages 20 - 70, each bigger, broader than the other but not smaller than a foot. She thought of herself after all these things happen to her, she will be one on the streets like other women she saw while coming.

The auction started for her pussy, the highest said person was about 65 years old, fat, dark black and his cock was very fat with a foot long erection. She was taken by that fat guy to the bed, made to hold the bed with her hands and facing the people sitting their. He went from her back, licked her pussy and inserted his cock head. She cried ooeeeee.....maaaa.a......... mar gayieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ leave meeeeeeee aaaa u bastards........ but he kept on inserting and within minutes it was completely in her pussy. He started moving his hips without any delay, went harder and harder as she cried more.

Priyanka cried please remove out dont shoot inside me please......., a sound came from adbur they will all give their cum in your mouth and you should swallow them all. After some five minutes of hard ****ing the guy removed it and inserted in her mouth, it flooded loads and loads, she swallowed as much she can but some fell on the floor which she was ordered to lick and clean. Seeing all these some of the guys sitting masturbated over there itself. The boss was ready for his load, priyanka was asked to take that too. He was having a very fat and the longest cock, he spurted loads of cum like water from the tap.

Her mouth was full of his cum and she was not able to swallow those. She struggled a lot to eat them all and was almost fainted on thinking that this will continue. She knelt on the ground pleading the boss to allow her to go but a pair of hands grabbed him and took her to the stage. It was the second highest amount said person, he lifted her in her hands and inserted his long cock in her. He ****ed in a speed like anything, she cried with the pain of his strokes and speed.

Like this it continued about thirty persons ****ed her pussy, some thirty ****ed her shithole and made her bleed.

The womens asked her to suck their black dirty pussies and asses. They inserted in her pussy and ass big sex toy and ****ed, enjoying her sexy horny face expressions. She was almost dead, shivering not able to stand even but everyone enjoyed her again and again.

They enjoyed her in different angles and poses, she was made an expertise in all the poses. After the whole day **** she was left on the stage nude for some time. Then in the night she was asked to go the first street and get the customers.

In that area all the rich persons ****ed her in auction. Now she was allowed for the middle class peoples on the street, then she will be allowed to **** by the lower class peoples for free. This was the rules for the girls brought by abdur and kalua to that place. The total collection on the first day were almost equal to the ten movies payment of Priyanka.

The boss was very happy and said something to abdur, then abdur reminded Priyanka she would be watched byt his men and not try to escape as if she does that she could be brutally raped by the whole town at once, she was safe untill she is under their control.

As a reward, Abdur said she would be raleased how much fast she makes the same amount of money which she made on the first day. After the instructions, Priyanka was given an drugs injection to get the strength for next trip of her ****ing caravan.

Priyanka was allowed to wash off and said to wear the same white dress without the inners. Her nipples were portruding on her tight tops and her public mound was bulged with some black shades visible outside of her lowers.

After that Priyanka and as a prostitute she left the place to the street. Within minutes, she began work, selling her cunt and her ass like a common whore. The men flocked to the sexy horny bitch priyanka and was ****ing her one after the other paying the money. She lost the count after twenty the number of men who had ****ed her.

Abdur took the money and charged thousand dollars for her cunt, and 2000 for her ass as the blacks over their loved to drill the back door of the white girls. Priyanka was not even allowed to remove her clothes, the persons simply pushed the top up and the skirt out of the way to have access to her tits, cunt, and ass. Priyanka thought she could be feel shy no more until five persons wanted her at once and abdur cut them a deal of $50000 dollars.

The first one lay on his back with his cock sticking straight up and priynaka mounted him. She was then pushed over as he held her long nipples while a second one pushed her skirt over her ass and plunged his cock deep into her ass.

Priyanka did not mind mind the ass-****ing anymore because it had been used so much, but the experience of two cocks at the same time made her groan with pain again. She made harsh sounds from her throat arrrnnnnnnn.......mmaaaa.a.........no........aaaa. ..... her peppy voice made the persons crazy. Impaled in her ass and cunt, the third now shoved his cock into her mouth while her hands were wrapped around the two cocks left.

Once in place, they began to **** Priyanka in rhythm making her body bounce from side to side as her ass, cunt, and mouth were pounded and she tried to jack-off the two on each side.

As the one in her ass announced he was cumming, the others joined in and soon Priyanka felt their seeds in her throat, deep in her intestines, and her cunt. The two with the hand-jobs just sprayed the sides of her tits and sucked her boobs for

. Her final humiliation was the photo of the experience abdur took as they finished, before they removed their softening cocks from Priyanka's body. As the five members left abdur said to priyanka if you get ****ed in groups you can get more money quickly and you will be realeased soon.

09-09-2009, 04:28 PM
After that she was allowed to gang bang by ten men at a time all her holes filled with big dirty black cocks. Sometimes she was gettting ****ed in sleep or unconscious stage. Her holes were still tight for the men over there but priyanka had nothing left to escape from there.

She was almost ****ed by each an every boy, men and slut women over there. Finally before taking her to airport abdur, kalua and the boss ****ed her threesome. She was almost sick, her skin got fainted, her boobs size were increased and was no more stiff as they were before.

Her pussy and asshole were wide opened to take any size easily, moreover she got addicted to the **** in her holes. After the return she allowed her boyfriend to **** her daily in her holes. He too enjoyed it.......

09-09-2009, 04:29 PM
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next story: katarina gangbang

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This is story of hottest ass girl Katrina Kaif .

09-11-2009, 01:21 PM
Once Salman and Katrina Kaif went on tour to US and in the night they went into a pub for playing snooker. As they entered to the game hall they saw three giant black guys were palying.
As they entered in all three guys said wow! What a sexy bitch in their local language and their stick stand at 90 degree fully erected in their pants. Katrina was wearing a single strip sky blue single piece mini skirt showing her complete shoulders upto boobs and sexy thighs. They all discussed in their local language – one said i wan to empty her milk pots and **** her sexy mouth, the other said I want to open her tight hot & fresh back door and the third one said that I will tear her deep hot cunt. Suddenly salman said shall I join the game they said ok but what is the bet . Salman asked how much amount then they said no amount man we wan your girl and continued if you win we will pay you 1 million US$ and if we win then u should leave ur girl for whole night with us , what u say? Salman got angry but could not do anything as they were like giants and looked Katrina she said move salman. They started moving suddenly voice came u coward u don’t have guts to play a game and win how u will save ur girl if some person try to rape this sexy bitch. Salman turned back while Katrina was saying no and suddenly she saw the three guys pants bulged out like anaconda hiding inside and shouted noooo… but salman ignored her and said OK.

09-11-2009, 01:22 PM
Then they started the game.Everybody was getting points , Katrina was very nervous and frustrated what will happen. She was biting her worlds most beautiful lips. The three blacks were watching her horribly in mind looking at her boobs, bulgy pussy, face expressions, round ass, her thighs etc. All three of the blacks her watching her body cm by cm in sex hunger. Katrina was looking at salman sweating and three blacks enjoying looking her body and their sticks on 90% erection hitting their pants. She was praying god for her and salmans win as she can afford 3 elephant sized cocks. As the game was moving towards the end the blacks were discussing in their own local language who to take which hole of Katrina first. In tension Katrina was sweating and getting wet with all her body sticking tight to her dress was looking ravishing.
The final round came only three balls left to hit to the hole. Just imagine each ball in the hole by the black will be there elephant sized stick in katrina’s heavenly holes. Suddenly confusion only three balls four players have to shoot. Salman says the game cant be proceeded so we take a leave. One black said who liked katrinas round ass very much. He had a hold, looked at katrinas round ass and started you know that different balls has different , the left 3 balls points are Blue (5), Pink (6) & Black (7), So we all give you the first and final chance if u hit black (7) points u can take her with u or else we will make her cry tonight horribly. Hearing this Katrinas tears came out mercily looking at Salman. With full confidence and tension Salman tried to hit the black ball to the hole but… oh my god it just missed and now the real game starts with the intro of black guys. All 3 blacks were now on their high tone saying sorry to Salman and cheers to Katrina. Saying don’t worry babe u will see heaven and hell at the same time today whole night yeah.. Now Katrina was saying please any one of u can take me teach this bastard (Salman) a lesson, but they said no in chorus. Now the person who want to **** Katrinas Brown hot round tight fresh asshole, hit the Black Ball saying your “ass is in danger bebe” and it went smashing in the hole right – his name is JACK with solid body 6 ? feet height with Indian looking face and a huge cock of 15 inch long and almost 2 inch dia wide. He went near to Katrina with high lust in his eyes and standing behind her hold her round fleshy butts tightly and feeling
Oofff…. How hot she is guys and keep on massaging her big butts. Katrina was pleading noooo…. Ush.. ahah… please….. but he was not listening anything. Salman become hot now and at the moment seeing Katrina he was thinking how she will be ****ed and raped by these hard guys and got lust in mind of watching all these live. He was watching her face got red with pain, scare and her sexy face expressions. Then the second guy hit the pink ball for Katrinas pink bulgy hot pussy saying “ here goes mine in your deep cunt bebe ” and it went straight in the hole like flash –his name is WILL with superb strong body 6 feet height and a huge cock of 14 inch long and 2 inch wide. He went jumping near Katrina and kneel down in her front holding her milky white tight fleshy thighs and licking it . Katrina was screaming saying no…. and grabbing Will’s hair and pushing away from her thighs but he was strong enough and was licking her just like and milk ice cream. Then the final guy hit the Blue ball saying “here me too bebe “ and just went straight to Katrina hold her neck with one hand and other hand squeezed her left breast firmly she started crying louder aahh.. no…. oop her sound was shut as he kissed her lips then only sound came un .. um… a… un…. This guy is SMITH with slightly fat body and 15 inch long and almost 2 ? inch wide stick. Now they all got hot and wanted to start suddenly Katrina said Salman please help me out , they got strucked in mind of Salman and Jack said in his harsh voice get the hell out of here and come and collect your girlfriends body tomorrow morning from room no sex (6) as she will not be able to stand on her feet after todays night. Salman lust was on fire and he said please friends I will just sit on a corner and want to watch all you guys are doing.
After thinking for sometime the 3 guys accepted on the conditions that he will not disturb them for anything. Then the Will lifted her on his shoulders and all of them moved to their room. Katrina was keep on pleading all the way but no one not even salman was listening to that. When they opened and entered the room Katrina and Salman got stunned. The room was fully equiped with advance auto cameras on all the sides in different angles. All the walls were full of posters of girls ****ed, sucked etc and on the table there were different sized dildos both in black and white, lots of gels and creams, chairs, sofas, tables and bed in the center of the room. Looking all these Katrina was becoming Hot and want to enjoy the black cocks but was afraid of what will happen ? Suddenly the guys talked with each other and then they asked Salman to sit on the chair in one corner then they tied the hands of salman with chair and unzipped his pant and took out his pennies out and started laughing as it was erected in the lust to watch Katrina got ****ed but was just 9 inch long and thin.After that they all jumped on Katrina again Smith removed her skirts strip from her shoulder down to her waist and started fondling with his fingers on her erected purple colours big round nipples and pinching it hard Katrina made a sound aaa…… no ..

09-11-2009, 01:22 PM
Jack and Will snatched her skirt down to her legs and Katrina was standing with only printed thin pantie in front of these black giants. Jack started licking, kissing and chewing her fleshy ass cheeks with one finger on her ass crack while Will was hugging on her bulgy haired crotch holding her thighs tightly. She was trying to avoid Jack and Will doing that on her private areas with pleading pleeeease leav ah.. meee .. ah .. no…. uh.. suddenly Smith hold her both the boobs firmly with his hands and squeezed it she loudly shouted nooooooo ….. aaaa……. Her voice was so sexy that these guys more hot and Jack removed her pantie too. Jack was stunned to see that hot small round asshole of brown colour and started licking it. Katrina moaned with passion as she is in full control of these hard guys but don’t want to show that. Then after Will started licking the lips of her pussy and now she could not hide her passion and started screaming with passion and enjoyment as all her soft parts were licked and sucked. After some time when Katrina was fully hot all the three stand and started removing their pants. One by one they realeased their anacondas erected and standing like big rods. Katrina saw each and her heart just jumped out of her mouth and she know felt that she was in real danger and started ignoring and pleading again. Now these guys become more hot and act quickly. Jack told to other two that she is fresh ass and will die if I insert mine in that roughly so I want to make gap in her ass first so you cooperate me and they agreed. Then they asked her to lean on the bed with two hands on the corner of the bed making her ass wider and stretched she said no… please.. .they pused her to bed and the two guys Smith and Will quickly get on to the bed knealing and holding their big cocks in their hand and ask Katrina to suck it. she refused but Will hold her neck and Smith took his anaconda in his hand and showed straight to her mouth but she closed her lips thightly. Smith pressed his stick to her lips and felt the softness and hotness of the lips. Will started squeezing her boobs hard and Jack was licking her asshole. Smith groaned suck my tool u bitch but she was not opening her mouth. Then Jack took some cream and inserted his big finger in her ass hole. Katrina with a sound aaaa… opened her mouth and the big monster of smith went inside. He was just pushing the whole thing inside but she holded it with her one hand and just swallowed only half. Smith was in high passion and started rocking in her mouth moving his hip front and back. Will was helping smith to insert full length in her mouth, he was pressing her neck and Smith was pushing the cock hard into her. Inch by inch the whole monster went inside and touched Katrina’s throat. Now she can only suck it and was doing that and sounds came ich.. ich…. Ummm… ann….. . now both Smith and Katrina was nice rythem so Will went down under her pussy and started licking and sucking it. Katrina now was fully in control of everyone and enjoying all with her good support. Then Jack took his finger out and took a black and thin dildo of almost 8 inch , creamed it and started inserting in her ass again. Katrina cried with pain and her was like a whore but he inserted full inside her ass and started ****ing with the dildo. Her tight ass started spreading and giving gap. He was seeing her ass making a gap and blood red inside walls and was happy to see it. By the side salman was enjoying all these and his tool was on full erection. He wanted to suck his own tool and trying hard to reach to his tool with his mouth. Then after 5 minutes Jack told to his friends to start their main job and left the dildo fully inserted in her ass. Smith took out his monster from her mouth and she gasped a moment of relax. A hard sound of Jack came don’t push out the dildo in your ass, hold it inside only and suck our tools. She was in full mood but she was not knowing what was going to happed next and obeyed his command immediately. Then started sucking Jacks tool, he pressed inside her mouth fully and was rocking as fast as he can. After five minutes he took it out and then Will inserted his monster fully and rocked hard. After five minutes Will sat on sofa with his stick straight towards sky and said “cmon bitch take this in ur hot pussy”. She sat on Wills laps facing her and slowly taking inch by inch inside her cunt with aaaa….h’s and oooo…h’s. Then he started jerking slowly in and out. How is this bebe he asked and she just kissed his lips with lust and sucking his mouth and tongue. She has never dreamt of this much big and wide black stick inside her pussy and now at the moment she was enjoying that heaven. Then Jack removed the dildo in her ass and throwed it away, the real hell was going to happen. He hold her ass cheeks and separated it, Katrina want to see what he is doing but Will not left to turn her as he knows what was going to happen and she can not afford that. Now Jack took his hard monster and put it right on the mouth of the hot ass of Katrina. It was very hot and Katrina liked the hotness and she closed her eyes with pleasure. Slowly Jack started inserting his monster in her ass hole and she got to know of the real danger, she said noooo.. pleaz……. But no one was listening it he pressed hard and the forehead of his cock slid inside the tightest ass. She started shouting with pain naa…. Aa……aaaa…. Jack was inserting harder and harder , the whole 15 inch went inside Katrina’s Ass and made a louder sound aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… opening her mouth as wide as she can, her face was red like blood and eyes bulged out with pain she ever felt before in her whole life. At that time Smith slided his monster in her wide opened mouth with hands squeezing her milk bobs very hard and she was made speechless and tears came from her eyes. All the three holes were filled with monster cocks and they all started to rock in it. They all got into rythem , while Will was going in , Jack was taking out and when Jack was going in, Will was puling out. She liked the perfect rythem instead of her pain she was groaning and moaning in pain and joy. At the same time Smith was ****ing her mouth like express going in and out like flash which was very much liked by Katrina and she supported him moving her head to and fro and the same time moving her hip forward and backward supporting Will and Jack. Salman was not able to take his cock in his mouth as it was just 8 inch long but able to lick it with his tongue for few seconds and was doing it continuously looking the live blue film with her sexy girl Katrina.

09-11-2009, 01:23 PM
The speed and groans increased as the time went and the guys were sweating , they were ****ing hard and was in their final time. Smith pissed his hot and thick sperms in her mouth and took his stick out and ordered to swallow the whole thing. Katrina liked the taste of the thick and hot sperm and swallowed all, even licked the drops in Smiths Cock. Then Will was ready to shoot , Jack hold Katrinas boobs and make her Stand with his cock still inside her ass and Will took out his cock from her pussy and jerked two times pointing in Katrinas mouth and shooted a big load of cum in her mouth and face, this time she swallowed it full without any command from Wills.
Then Will kissed her and licked his cum on her face and swallowed it and said “ fantastic bebe”.
Finally Jack was rocking hard in her ass, she was still paining as it was hitting her inner glands very hard but she was enjoying this more than in mouth and pussy. Now he was ready to shoot he took his one out and sound came from Katrina’s mouth oof….and shooted all the load in her mouth. Jack told swallow as she get it as the load will be two mouth full. His friends also like to watch this and at the same time salman got his cum in his mouth and swallowed all himself. The second load in Katrinas mouth, she was not able to swallow it as it was very thick so jack understood and kissed her took half the load in his mouth and swallowed and then Katrina also swallowed all. Jack said very tasty drink you horny bitch. She gave a sexy smile and laid on sofa with tired. All the three guys sat on bed and was discussing about the scenes. Their cocks were still erected and throbbling. They said to Katrina don’t feel tired bebe the same thing will happen atleast two times. That whole night each guy ****ed atleast once in all her sweet heavenly holes and finally they enjoyed her joining Salman in their Gang bang.

Guys hope u liked the story. To make it more erotic I am attaching the picture of dress she was wearing that day, After she was made in her pantie that is the panty she weared on the day and the last one showing her sexy fleshy perfect rounded ass.

09-11-2009, 01:24 PM
next up: Rani Mukherjee rape

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09-11-2009, 01:26 PM
One day Rani Mukharjee was returning from a shooting. It was very late, about 11 pm and the roads were almost deserted. She was driving and was alone. Suddenly, she felt that the front tire of her car had a puncture. She, therefore, stopped the car and checked the tire. It had indeed gone flat. Rani stood the watching the flat tire and scolding her luck. A famous celebrity like her definitely didn’t know how to change tire and she was helpless in totally lonely highway. The place was totally dark and the few street lights couldn’t give much light.

But there was bright moon light and the beautiful Rani Mukharjee was looking even more beautiful in the moon light. She was wearing a sky blue chiffon sari and a matching sleeveless blouse with matching make-up. She had tied her sari below the navel exposing her a little plump belly. She was wearing a high heel sandal that made her big round butt look even bigger. She was looking really quite sexy.

Within couple of minutes, she felt a truck passing her in full speed. She raised her hand and the truck stopped with screeching sound of tires. The truck came back in reverse and stopped near her. One guy dressed in a dirty dhoti and kurta stepped out and was very excited to see Rani, “Hello Ma’am! WOW! I never thought of meeting you in such a place. Has your car developed some problem?" "Yeah, I have a flat tire.", she said. "Do you need our help?", the man asked. In the meantime, two more vicious looking guys stepped out of car. They were all ferocious and hungry looking. She said, "Please do, I am in so much trouble." One of the men replaced the tire. Meanwhile, his other friends were busy in making Rani understand how happy they were to meet her and how big fans of hers were they. Rani was hesitating, but as a duty towards her fans, she tried to make them happy by talking to them.

09-11-2009, 01:27 PM
Once the job of replacing the tire was over, Rani thanked them for their timely help and expressed her gratitude. They said, "We are more than happy to get the chance to help the actress of our dream" and there came a knife in a man’s hand, whose blade was shining in the moonlight. Rani was terrified. "Madam, We won't harm you, if you follow our instructions", one said. Before she could say anything, one hand grabbed her from behind and shut her mouth. Two guys carried her to a nearby bush and made her sit on the ground. Rani, terrified, asked one of the men standing nearby, "What do you want? Why you have brought me here? If you want ornaments or money, please take them and leave me." "Madam, don't worry. We don't want your ornaments or money. We want you. We masturbate seeing your photo and now that we have found you, we want to enjoy your sexy body. If you oblige us, we'll not harm you otherwise we don't mind killing you." "No… You can't do that.", Rani said in a trembling voice.

One of them slapped her really hard. She was sitting there, not believing what he had done. There was a red hand print on the soft creamy white cheek which is made to be kissed passionately. Rani kept silent. After couple of minutes one of the guys brought a bottle of Desi Sharab from the truck and they started drinking in turns. When they offered the bottle to Rani, she refused. "Then, we will force you to have it.", said one of the guy in harsh voice and moved and sat next to her. He took the bottle and holding her with his left hand, tried forcing her to drink. Rani initially resisted but seeing the situation started having the drink. The dirty smell and taste of the drink made her almost faint. "That's nice", said one guy and others laughed.

While all were having drinks, the guy sitting next to Rani put his hands across her shoulders and started caressing her bare arms. Others were watching his acts. He then started moving his hands on her boobs from outside the blouse. He also started kissing her cheeks and neck. Rani though was showing some signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless, she started allowing the guy to fondle with her.

The guy suddenly held her sari and pulled it. The sari came out of the pin, fixed to Rani's blouse. Rani tried covering her chest with her hands. Looking at her big bust, one guy said, "Wow, she has lovely bust yaar. They look bigger than they look in the movies. Remove her blouse also." The guy put his hand on the front of her blouse and pulled it. The blouse got torn and her white colored bra was exposed. The other guys enjoyed the sight and laughed. The guy pulled out Rani's blouse. Rani was sitting with her bra and sari on her lower portion of her body.

09-11-2009, 01:27 PM
Rani got up and wanted to move out of the hands of the guy sitting next to her. The guy however held the sari. That made Rani to lose her balance and fell to the ground. The guy pulled out her sari forcibly. Rani was intoxicated by now and was not able to stand properly. The other guy who was watching the action so far moved to Rani and fell on her body and started kissing her. Others started enjoying with laugh. The guy held her tightly and started kissing her passionately and started caressing her thighs. While doing so, Rani's petticoat moved up, exposing her legs.

The other man watching the scene said, "How creamy legs she has yaar. Ask her to show her body to us." "Yeah, that's right.", said the guy lying on Rani and got up and made Rani to get up from the ground. Rani was not able to stand properly. Since, Rani did not undress, one of the guys came and took out a knife and threatened, "Whether you will undress yourself or should I undress you?" "No, I won't put my clothes off.", Rani said with resistance.

The guy holding knife put the sharp edge of the knife below Rani’s white bra and snapped it between her two boobs. The bra got cut between her both the boobs and the bra got slipped from her shoulders. Rani held both her voluptuous boobs with her cupped hands. All the guys liked it and laughed. "Wow, what fantastic tits she has yaar !", said one of the guys. "Show me her pussy also yaar !", said another guy. The guy holding knife put the blade below her petticoat thread and snapped it. Rani's petticoat slid to the ground, exposing her lovely creamy thighs and legs. As she was wearing a fancy panty inside, she looked quite sexy in that posture. Her hairs which were let loose were flowing across her shoulders.

Rani still stood holding her boobs with the cupped hands. One of the guys watching all this got up and grabbed Rani from the back and started kissing her neck and cheeks. Suddenly, the guy holding knife put his knife and snapped the both sides of her panty. The panty fell to the ground. That exposed her pubic which was clean without any hairs. It seemed that she had shaved her pubic the same day. The guys had the pleasure of seeing her neat and clean pussy. The guys loved to watch her clean pussy.

Rani Mukharjee removed one of her hands from the boobs and tried covering her pussy. That exposed her one of the tits. Rani was looking quite sexy in that posture. Her exposed breast looked quite big and lovely shaped. The guy behind, grabbing Rani, put his hand and squeezed her exposed breast. Rani screamed, “NO!” "Don't make sounds, otherwise we will have to close your mouth and still enjoy you", said the guy holding knife.

09-11-2009, 01:27 PM
Rani became quiet. She removed her other hand also and put it on her pussy. Now, both of her boobs were fully exposed. The guy holding her put his hand on her both the boobs and started kneading them. He also caressed her waist and sides of her thigh. While doing so, he was kissing her neck and cheeks intermittently. "Now, come on, suck my cock.", said the guy holding knife and unwrapped her dhoti. "Come on Rani !!!", he said in a harsh voice and stood infront of her. Rani, with fear in her eyes, kneeled before him. The guy had a strong and muscular body. His dick was quite long and had become erect. It was black in color and looked very dirty. He held Rani's hairs and pulled her mouth to his cock. A strong smell hit Rani’s nose. But she had to take the guy’s cock inside her mouth. Then she started sucking the dirty smelly cock. Now, she liked the cock size. She sucked his cock forgetting her class and everybody around. All of them were watching her sucking scene with apt attention.

Rani continued sucking his cock. She started biting his cock. The guy was enjoying her suck. He kept moaning, "She is a fantastic sucker yaar!! She is too good. I always knew she is a great whore. That’s why I masturbated with her face in my mind." While she was sucking him the other guys also removed their dresses and stood stark naked. All of them had strong bodies and had stout cocks. Rani looked at their cocks and smiled. One of the guys standing next to her said, "What madam, do you like our dicks or not?" Rani looked at the guy and smiled. The guy also smiled and said, "Yaar let us not handle her roughly. She seems liking our company" "Is it?", said one who had shoved his cock inside Rani's mouth. Rani looked at him and smiled. "Then c'mon let's make her enjoy", said the guy and made Rani to lie on the ground.

Once Rani lay on the ground, he came in between her thighs and guided the 'head' of his long penis inside her pussy. Feeling her wet but tight pussy, he yelled, "Wow, she has really become hot yaar ! She has lovely cunt. I am going to love fucking her." and continued shoving his tool inside her box. While he was shoving his dick, the other guy got near her head and pushed his dirty black cock inside her mouth. Rani took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. This guy had a thick and stout but small cock. His cock hardly fit in her wide mouth. Still, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She moved her tongue on his balls and made him excited. The dirt and smell on the cock made her more excited. The guy loved her suck. "You are right yaar, she is fantastic.", he smiled at his other friend. Within minutes the guy who was fucking Rani, started giving quick thrusts inside her box. Whenever, he thrust his dick inside, Rani made moaning sounds. The sight was quite exciting and erotic. Within a few minutes, the guys changed their position. The guy with thick and stout cock lay back on the ground and asked Rani to come on him and take his shaft.

Since, Rani had become fully 'hot'. She was excited thinking of getting fucked in the bush by these low class people, what she didn’t even think. Without showing any resistance, climbed on him and held his cock in her hand and guided inside her 'honey pot'. She had to press hard to take his cock inside her hot and wet pussy. From her facial expression, all could make out that she was deriving immense pleasure while taking his thick rod. Once she could put his cock inside, she started moving her pelvis and enjoying his fuck. She was really deriving full pleasure from the act. The guys laughed.

09-11-2009, 01:28 PM
One guy gave his cock in her mouth. He shoved his cock, sitting at her head and started caressing her tits. Rani took the cock and started sucking it with great pleasure. The three guys were changing one after the other and fucking Rani with immense pleasure. The beautiful Rani made all the guys very excited with her creamy soft body and by giving her best performance.

Though it was supposed to be a rape, but still Rani started enjoying it. All the guys fucked Rani one after another. Rani seemed having multiple orgasms which was quite evident whenever she moaned with great pleasure. During the process of 'rape', all tried almost all the postures. Suddenly one guy made Rani to kneel before him and holding the head of his cock, pushed it inside her ass. Rani felt his push inside her butt, a little painful. But, soon she started enjoying it.

The guy pushed his long cock inside and started moving it back and forth. Whenever the guy pushed his hard cock after retrieving outside, Rani moaned with great pleasure and said, "Fuck me hard. I love it... fuck me!" The sight of the guy fucking her ass was terribly exciting. Another guy made Rani lay down slowly on her side, retaining the guy's cock inside her arse. He made Rani to fold her left leg across the legs of the guy that exposed her pussy which was very eager to receive a cock.

He stimulated her pussy, particularly her clitoris with his fingers. Rani enjoyed the stimulation. In a sexy voice, she said, "Put your dick inside my box. I am dying to have it in my hole." Lying next to Rani, he put his erect cock inside her wet cunt and started stroking. The two guys alternatively shoved their dicks inside her both the holes. The alternative rhythm made Rani Mukharjee mad with excitement. She started yelling, "Fuck me hard. Both of you.. fuck me hard..." The other guy couldn’t hold himself back. He put his dick inside Rani’s mouth. The guys fucked her mouth, arse and cunt simultaneously for about five minutes.

Suddenly, one of the guys expressed that he was about to come out. Rani also said, "Yeah, I am also about to come, all of you fuck me hard and all of us will have simultaneous release..." All guys were now fucking her hard. Suddenly, Rani screamed with pleasure, "Yeah...Yeah...I'm cumming.. I'm cumming.. fuck me hard.. harder...", and soon all three released their cum simultaneously. Rani screamed in sexy voice "Oh...God.. that was fantastic... I love it... that's too good.." Her pubis, butt and face were filled with sticky cum.

One guy said, "You are really sexy and fantastic lay, Madam." "Oh thank you very much. But, you have torn my bra and blouse. What should I wear now?", Rani asked. All the three guys kissed and thanked her for giving her beautiful body to them Rani said that she enjoyed their fuck. Later, Rani bade good bye to them and left the place. Rani did not forget to collect her torn clothes as 'souvenir' of her 'rape'.

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The speed and groans increased as the time went and the guys were sweating , they were ****ing hard and was in their final time. Smith pissed his hot and thick sperms in her mouth and took his stick out and ordered to swallow the whole thing. Katrina liked the taste of the thick and hot sperm and swallowed all, even licked the drops in Smiths Cock. Then Will was ready to shoot , Jack hold Katrinas boobs and make her Stand with his cock still inside her ass and Will took out his cock from her pussy and jerked two times pointing in Katrinas mouth and shooted a big load of cum in her mouth and face, this time she swallowed it full without any command from Wills.
Then Will kissed her and licked his cum on her face and swallowed it and said “ fantastic bebe”.
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Guys hope u liked the story. To make it more erotic I am attaching the picture of dress she was wearing that day, After she was made in her pantie that is the panty she weared on the day and the last one showing her sexy fleshy perfect rounded ass.
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