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Captain Attack
08-29-2009, 04:20 AM
Hi Friends,
This is a real story which happened to me 2yrs back.

I was usually busy with my college life and the part time business i newly started. It was daily routine that was takin over me and not much fun nor ne new adventures. Then suddenly a day came.... I had a call from Ruchika, (Name Changed) my childhood classmate whom i used to fancy and she was talkin the usual stuff which was happening.. and then i asked her what she was doing, she replied that along with her degree she was doing another course (which actually was of use to me in my part time business). Then i told her what i was doing and that whether she would be interested in joining me to work. She readily accepted and i said i would call her once the project starts.. Then everyday we used to chat and all.and finally the project took off.I called her and she came.

The work started and she was believe me a dumb head on it and i was very particular about the work so for the very first time i schoulded her and she was upset. Inorder to pacify her i said fine i will teach you everyday while i am working. She used to come everyday and started learning quite well. Then The DAy came......We were just speakin here n there and then the topic about love. She said she had a boyfriend and infact he used to come to drop her to the office,Rick. So i asked how was her life with rick and she said he is too shy and scared and that she bosses him arnd kinda thing. Then we had a meeting with a client and so we went to the client place. After that there was a friends party (birthday) so i asked her if she would join me, she said she would get bored there as she dint know anyone there. I said i would keep her company. SHe finally accepted. We went there all my frnds were in an awe that i came with a girl (SHe was the only girl in the party).

THen the party started there were Hooka's, Beers, Breezers, Vodkas etc etc... I am a chain smoker so i was continuously smoking while many of my frnds were getting acquainted with her.. Then the room was filled of smoke as many of my other friends also smoke and Ruchika was feeling Nossiatic and finally she puked,.... FUCK WHT A DSIGRACE my frnds were thinking other way round and every one were teasing me and even she got the idea of my friends.

Then i said she was not feeling comfortable and we would make a move. They said fine and the cake was cut and we moved ahead (i was a bit drunk had a couple of Breezers, those days i never used to drink). I asked her whether she boozed she said ya. I asked her whether she wants to booze she said ya.. THen we went to one of the most happening and niche resort , Alankrita and there she said she wants vodka but i said i would have breezer she teased me to the core and said being a boy how come i can have breezer and teased me and finally out of the ego i said i would have vodka. The boy brought two large vodkas and we had it neat with lime and salt. I was fine, it dint affect me much but she already felt the alchohol. THen she asked for one more and believe me she was all out of senses. SHe walked to the toilet hardly and there she fell on the sink.. and i went saw and i carried her back to the car and we left from there... She was faintly speaking and saying kiss me and all... i said shut up she said try me kiss me it would be the best kiss of your life.. I stopped the car in the bushes and we kissed ..... wht a kiss really beautiful.... Now let me describe her she is a petite girl with less boobs on her chest but was fair looking ,tall with long legs. SHe was the most fuckable girl types (Model types). Then slowly i slipped my hand into her panty through the pant and put my fingers in her cunt and she was unable to take it and she started moaning and was asking me not to do this to her...(she was not expecting fuck fuck scenario).. and then suddenly she broke folded her legs till her stomach while my hands where in her cunt and said FUCK ME you bastard and she instantly removed her pants and panty and pulled my pants down.. It was the first time for me.... I caught hold of her and lied down in the car with the seat back and removed my pant totally.... Put my dick in her Clit but was unable to find it. She guided me to put it in..Then i slowly moved my dick in (she was a virgin) and it was very tight and i was feeling as if i was just gonna have a splash of semen.... but i entered her gave her two to three wild strokes and she gave out she got her first orgasm... then she asked me to stop but i dint i was banging her to n fro.....she was moaning loudly aaaaah uuuuuuuuuuuh fuck fuck and all...... then i was just about to reach my climax and then removed the dick and poured all the semen on her face, thigh, chest ...... She tasted some and said it was tasty.... then we had some foreplay got changed and then went back to our places...

After that we had 2-3 more time fukcin in office and in clients parking....etc... then she went to bombay to get settled.... Wht a VIRGIN FUCK.... blive me all this is true....