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09-17-2008, 03:07 AM
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"Daddy" and the Girl
Wild fantasy daddy-daughter sex

I was relaxing in front of the television when the front door bell rang. My wife and I were not expecting anyone. I was already naked under my robe, ready for a little action later. She was soaking in a bath. I peeked through the eyehole and saw a girl standing on the doorstep. I pulled my robe tighter and opened the door immediately thinking she might need directions or to use the phone.

"May I help, young lady? Are you all right?" I asked looking past her. I didn't see a car in sight.

"I'm fine, sir. I'm here for you. Your wife sent me."

"My wife? Who brought you here?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yes sir. Katy dropped me off. Your wife said you might want to fuck me in the ass. You can have some pussy, too, if you want."

My dick went on immediate alert. Standing in front of me was a girl who looked to be about 16. She had thick, red curls pulled into a ponytail. She wore a little black jumper with a white tee shirt underneath, black tie up shoes and white knee-high socks. The girl was asking me to fuck her!

"Honey, honey, we have a visitor, " I called to my wife. She came out in the other half of our matching bathrobes. "This young lady has a story for you."

My wife came over, unbelted her robe and hugged the girl, pressing into her. Her hands went under the little dress to cup her naked ass. I watched them, fascinated, as they kissed deeply, their pussies straining toward each other. My dick was still tricking. What's going on here?

"Sweetheart, she's a surprise for you. Since I had the pleasure of fucking her all afternoon in my office, I volunteered your dick for tonight. Just look at her. Don't you want to fuck her, honey? I guarantee you her pussy is prime but she said she likes to have a dick up her ass, too," she said stroking the girl's pussy.

My dick had sprung through an opening in my robe--all 9 inches. He was dripping and hungry for a tight hole.

"How old are you, honey," I asked. "You look like jailbait."

"As I told your wife, I'm twenty. You can fuck me all you want without getting in trouble. Your wife got off on fucking me because I look so young.

I looked at my wife as she drank in the sight of the girl. I could tell by her face that she was horny for her now. Yes--I'm sure she fucked her. I would like to have seen that. Her left hand cupped the girls pussy as we spoke.

"Were you in the office when I came today? My wife hurried me out. That was unusual. I wanted a nice nooner with her."

"Yes, sir. I was hiding in the bathroom. She was afraid you would smell my pussy on her. She had to get rid of you quickly so that she could continue fucking me. Her mouth and her fingers were on my pussy the moment you left."

I know my wife likes good dick, but pussy? She never mentioned that. We need to talk.

Looking down at my peeking erect cock, she asks, "Sir, would you like to fuck me now. Your thing is really beautiful."

My mind whirled, my dick throbbed and expanded. I was twice her age but I could fuck her up real nice. "Since my wife had you first today, I'll take first crack at you tonight. This boner needs release real bad." My wife undressed the girl for me as she felt her up. Then she released her for my pleasure.

I took off my robe revealing a hard, muscular body with a dick that seems to have grown 2 inches. I walked to the girl, dipped my legs, and pressed into her from behind. I slid my dick under her pussy. I pumped lightly and felt her slide back and forth on me. Oh yes, I would take the pussy, too!

"Come on, little girl," I called to her. "It's time for some good dicking." I sat in a straight-backed chaired and looked at her. "Come sit on my lap, honey."

Gloriously naked in her womanhood, she moved to my waiting dick. She sat in my lap, wound her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. A shudder of pleasure ran through me as my dick pressed on her stomach. This was going to be good, I thought, as I sucked on a tit.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she said in little girl voice.

I groaned out loud as she slid onto my dick. She was good and wet from my wife's fingers. She slid up to the hilt and squeezed me. I was in fucking heaven with her tight little pussy screwing my dick. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her down as I pushed up into her. She moaned softly. All nine inches of my hot meat was locked in tight in my baby girl's sweet pussy. Fantasy time.

"Do you still like my dick, baby? Daddy loves your tight pussy. Do you remember when I popped that cherry? Now that was some good pussy, too. I though you wouldn't release my dick when I got in all the way. Fuck me like you did then, sweetheart." I stepped further into the fantasy. She picked up her tempo and rammed her pussy onto my cock until I lost my wad. "So good, honey. So good. You still fuck your daddy real good. I love to cum in you, baby girl." My wife watched the action at the chair as she fingered her own pussy. Later, I would have to thank her properly for my gift.

The girl eased her pussy off me and slid down until her head was in my lap. "Oh yes, Daddy. I do remember when you first fucked me. You said you were afraid some damn boy would take what was yours. You gave Mommy a sleeping pill and slipped into my room and had your way with me. You fucked me so much that night that I could hardly walk the next day."

"I remember, baby. I tried to get up and you kept pulling me back. You were so hot for another slice of your daddy's dick."

The girl examined my cock. "Has you dick gotten bigger, Daddy? How did all of that meat get in my little pussy? And look at all that white stuff on your dick. Can I lick it?" she teased. I was rock hard as my girl licked her daddy's dick clean and sucked it down her hot throat. "It tastes salty, Daddy."

I pulled her up and jammed my tongue in her mouth and tasted my cum. I got hard again and was ready for more of my sweet girl. I was aiming for a nice piece of ass. I positioned her on the low coffee table on all fours. She presented her cute little ass to me.

"You and your wife have a thing for girls like me, don't you?"

I looked at my wife who shrugged and smiled lustily. On my instructions, she sat at the end of the table to kiss the girl, grope her breasts and anchor her steady for my dicking. Looking down at my wife working the girl brought an extra measure of excitement. I told her to stay away from the girl's clit. I wanted to make her cum with just my dick.

I spread her cheeks to reveal her tight asshole. "Daddy's going to fuck you in here, sweetheart," I said as I pushed my pinky finger into her hole. We were back in the game.

She shuddered hard. "Your dick is too big, Daddy. How can it fit in there?"

"Daddy will stretch you and make it fit. I'm sorry, but you'll have to take it. You've been a bad girl. Daddy has to punish you for stealing that sweater. Didn't I warn you this would happen if you stole again?" I said as my dick slowly pressed at her asshole.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy. Just spank me. Please don't fuck in my ass. It will hurt. You can have my pussy again, Daddy. You like to put your dick in my pussy. Please, Daddy, please!"

I'm on fire as a bring a hand down and paddle her butt. She whines and moans out loud as my hand makes contact with her flesh. One, two three, four. I liked whipping that ass. Five, six.

"Thank you, Daddy," she cried. "Can I go now?"

"No, sweetheart, the spanking in not enough. I still have to put my dick in your ass. There's a lesson to be learned here young lady. You embarrassed me again at that store. The original punishment still stands and it will make your daddy feel less angry at you when you take it all in. Don't you want to help me love you again?" I dip my dick in her spermed pussy and push forward into her little ass.

"Please love me again, Daddy. I'll die if you don't love me. Just don't hurt me," she moans as I slowly slide forward.

I am met with resistance after my head pushes in. "Let your daddy in there honey."

"Daddy, I'll be good. Please! Your dick is so big! Oooh, Daddy, it hurts."

I was over the moon in this fantasy. Slap. Slap. "Punishment should hurt or it does no good young lady. Now let your daddy in there. Don't make me angrier, sweetheart." Slap. Slap. She suddenly releases and I slowly slide in to the hilt. I fucked her ass very slowly, savoring the tightness of it around my huge cock. "Move your ass, baby. That's it. Fuck daddy--slowly, baby. Oh yes, baby. Daddy's anger is leaving. Screw your daddy's big dick. Just like you do when I'm in your pussy. That's it. That's it. You're so tight, baby. Keep fucking your daddy. Just like that, baby. It feels so good in my baby's ass. Just a little bit more. Daddy needs to put his white stuff in you and all the anger will be gone. I still love you, sweetheart."

I watch her sweet little ass rotate on my cock as I go out of my mind. As I am pumping, I look down at my wife and say, "Thank you, honey," as I fuck our little girl into her.

I continue to fuck her ass in earnest with long, hard strokes--over and over and over again. I feel her squeeze me in her ass as she cums repeatedly. She is screaming with her pleasure. Daddy's little girl was certainly built for good ass-dicking.

"Daddy, you made me scream. I didn't know I could cum with your dick in my ass. You like fucking in my ass don't you, Daddy?" she groans as she continues to slide on my dick. "Is this how all girls are punished? Is this how they show they love their daddies?"

"Yes, baby, they should. Only the lucky daddies feel this love. You're my special girl. You're taking your punishment so well," I tell her, still humping. "And you're making your daddy's dick feel very loved."

To Be Continued...

09-17-2008, 03:07 AM
"Keep fucking me, Daddy. It doesn't hurt anymore. Your dick feels good in there. I'm a good girl now, aren't I, Daddy? You made me a good girl with your big dick. I love you, Daddy."

I went insane. I pulled out completely. Then I rammed her little ass up to the hilt as my wife held her steady. I fucked her ass like a mad man as I came over and over in her. "Oh, oh, oh, baby girl. Fuck, sweetheart, your ass is too good. The white stuff is coming now, baby. It's coming for you." We stayed locked together as we came down to earth.

She was still in the game. "I felt your white stuff shoot deep into my ass. It was hot, Daddy. You can fuck me in here even when I'm not bad. Ok, Daddy? Mommy sucks me and Daddy fucks me. My mommy and daddy love me the best," she said in that little girl voice. Overcome with lust, my wife kissed her.

"Hot fucking damn, baby girl," I groaned as my dick ballooned in her ass. I began to fuck her ass again as my cum slid from her pussy and her ass onto the coffee table.

My wife sent the girl, with her clothes in hand, to the powder room to clean up. Then she phoned her office assistant, Katy, to come clean up after us and drop the girl off at home. Honestly, my wife treats that girl like a slave.

I could see why my wife was so enchanted with that woman. She gives great fantasy and damn fine piece of ass. And we have the whole night on our security video!


09-20-2008, 07:52 PM
"Daddy?" I Whispered
Stephanie seduces her handsome father


"Daddy," I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed.

"Daddy, are you awake?" I asked again as I leant over my fathers body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him.

No don't, I thought to myself, pulling back even as I felt my nipples stiffen and arch toward him. Lifting the soft sheet away from his golden skin I couldn't help but gasp as his blond pubic hairs came into view, and then had to fight myself from grabbing hold of him as his long, fat shaft appeared, lying proudly on his thick thigh.

Oh God it's so big, I thought for the hundredth time, my gaze locked on the big cockhead, so much bigger than Jason's or Billy's, the only other ones I had ever seen. Licking my lips, I wondered what it'd feel like to run my tongue over his balls and up his long shaft, what it would feel like to pop the fat head between my lips and what his sperm would taste like as it dribbled down my hungry throat.

I knew from experience he wouldn't wake unless I did something crazy, that he was almost impossible to rouse once he'd fallen asleep. "Oh Doctor, please make your little daughter feel better," I pled silently to his inert form as I slipped under the sheet and fit myself against him.

It had surprised me the first time I had lain in bed next to Daddy while he slept and had felt him stiffen, thinking at first he must have awakened. It was only after spending a number of nights in Daddy's bed that I'd realized just how often his erections occurred, how again and again as the hours passed his penis would lengthen and fatten as he dreamt. I had learned to delight in the feeling of his hardness against me.

Over the past four months I had taken to occasionally sneaking into Daddy's bed as he slept, although most nights I'd only stay two or three hours before fleeing back to my room, my pussy tingling as I fled. Only twice had I stayed right through til morning but both times he woke to find me dressed demurely in my most conservative p.j.'s, always accepting my lame excuses for being there, never suspecting I'd lain naked in his arms for hours.

The first time he'd ejaculated as I lay next to him I'd been stunned, sure that he must be awake as his ropy strands splashed against my stomach and thighs. I fled that first time, his sticky cream oozing down my legs as I ran, but had been unable to stop giggling as I threw myself onto my bed. I tasted Daddy's sperm for the first time that night, dipping my finger again and again through the dripping cream, reveling in its aroma and flavor as I sucked his seed off my finger.

Since that first night I'd often seen Daddy come, and increasingly had had to fight myself from straddling Daddy and taking him inside me as he slept. But I knew that I had to be patient only a little while longer, that we'd be in Europe soon, knew that for ten weeks we'd be together and that inevitably we'd make love.

Still, tonight I'd decided to spend the night in Daddy's bed, have him awaken to my naked body curled against him, preparing him for what was to come, for what he'd already started to desire.


"Sweetie, wake up! What are you doing in my bed honey?" was the first thing I heard the next morning as I woke to Daddy gently shaking my shoulder.

"Oh Daddy," I murmured while stretching and moving so the silk sheet slid below my breasts, my ruby tipped nipples immediately jumping erect. "I had a nightmare Daddy, a terrible nightmare," I said in a little girl's voice as I leaned over towards him, letting him feel my nipple brush against his chest.

"But honey, Jesus" he started to protest, his eyes raking over my firm, ripe teenage body.

"But what Daddy?" I interrupted, suddenly remembering how I had awoken late in the night and felt Daddy's big shaft pumping a nocturnal emission of rich, white sauce across my bum and thighs.

"You're not,... I mean you're not dressed Steffie, you're naked," he complained with a catch in his voice.

"I always sleep nude now Daddy, just like you," I said smiling. "I love feeling the soft silk against my skin," I added, feeling now the caked stickiness that still hung on my back and thighs, Daddy's sperm coating me.

"You're my daughter sweetie. You know people wouldn't understand you sleeping naked in your father's bed."

"You sleep naked," I pouted. "And besides, who cares what other people think?" I demanded as I pressed insistently against him. "Besides, you've seen me naked before – I am your daughter! And you're my doctor," I added indignantly, "You're supposed to see my body. Is something wrong with it?" I asked laying back and spreading my legs and arms, opening myself to my Daddy's inspection.

"Of course not Stef! It's just that you're a big girl now. You've become a woman honey," he stammered as I saw his cock rise from its resting place, lengthening relentlessly upwards against his stomach. "It's not right for you to sleep in your Daddy's bed. You shouldn't look at me honey when I'm naked," he insisted as he saw my eyes drift downward to the awakening giant.

"Even though I had a nightmare Daddy? I was so scared," I moaned fearfully.

Daddy couldn't stop himself from pulling me into his warm arms, couldn't stop himself from asking, "What was your bad dream about baby?"

"It was dark Daddy, so dark," I whispered, my lips just inches from his. "They attacked me Daddy, in a dark alley, three of them, they were so big, so ugly,... they hurt me Daddy," I added, whimpering now.

"Who sweetie? Who were they? What did they do to you honey?"

"They hit me Daddy... so hard, and then they tore the clothes from my trembling body. They scared me so much Daddy! They were foreigners... Arabs I think, big, ugly, dirty men with long smelly beards. They wanted to rape me Daddy, despoil me because I'm an American.... Oh Daddy, they were so dirty and they made me do terrible things," I said, my body now trembling in his arms.

"What things Steffie?" Dad asked, horror now etched on his face, clearly living his worst nightmare, the defilement of his only daughter, but unable now not to hear all the gruesome details.

"Oh Daddy! It was so terrible," I cried as I wriggled in his arms, the blond curls on my pubic mound being crushed by his pulsing shaft. "The big, fat, greasy one put his thing in my mouth Daddy, he made me swallow him. Oh God, I gagged Daddy, each time he pushed it into my throat...it hurt Daddy," I wept, my face contorted into a grimace of disgust, "....and then one of the other ones put his finger in my rear, into my ... oh, anus,... you know, my bum Daddy...then he put his penis, his big Arab penis....they weren't circumcised Daddy... it was awful, filthy..."

"Its okay sweetie, please stop, its okay don't cry. It was just a dream Steffie," my handsome Daddy insisted as I sobbed, trembling in his strong arms. "Daddy will never let you be hurt by anyone honey," he promised, even as his rock hard penis tried to burrow into my stomach.

"What about next year Daddy? When I'm away at school... all alone... there are so many foreigners in Boston Daddy. They hate us Daddy. They hate us because we're blond and good looking and healthy and smart and happy and Americans and Christians..."

"I'll always protect you sweetie," Daddy promised again as he kissed the tears from my cheeks.

"You promise Daddy?" I demanded as my lips found my Daddy's.

"Forever Steffie," he insisted as he moved his burning lips over my face, swallowing my salty tears.

"I wish there were more men like you Daddy. I wish I could find a boyfriend as handsome and nice as you, someone big and strong to protect me, the boys at school aren't anything like you," I purred, my body trembling in his arms.

"Oh Stephanie," he laughed, but with a tinge of regret evident in his voice. "You'll find a nice boy your own age soon sweetie, a boy you'll fall in love with, a boy you'll want to marry and start a family with," he continued, but I could see he was happy and excited with my compliment.

"I don't want a boy Daddy... and no ones as handsome as you Daddy," I said as I hugged him even tighter, forcing him to feel his little girl's now ripe body.

"God honey, I'm an old man, way too old and feeble for a beautiful young girl like you," he protested, but made no attempt to move away, in fact seemed to push his hard shaft even harder into me.

"No you're not! All my friends think you're sooo hot."

"Yeah sure," Daddy responded, a blush spreading across his face. "I can just see all your eighteen year old high school girlfriends thinking I'm hot," he finished, clearly enchanted with the thought of my sexy teenage friends getting off on him.

"You're only thirty-seven Daddy," I crooned into his ear, loving the feel of Daddy's cock throbbing against me. "When you came out last Sunday in your Speedo I thought both Monica and Jacqui were going to attack you."

"No way!" he exclaimed.

"And when you got out of the water and came over and talked to us....wow!"


"Your thing Daddy.... Your penis, it stretched your suit so much Daddy. We could see practically everything! And it looked so big!"

"Stephanie!" Daddy stammered loudly, feigning anger even as he pushed it harder against me.

"You should have heard what they said Daddy when you left ...about how they'd like to get you alone and take off your suit and feel it in...," I trailed off giggling.

"I'm sorry honey, I won't wear it again, I didn't mean to embarrass..."

"Its okay Daddy, I liked it. I'm proud of my Daddy, proud they think you're such a sexy man. Their fathers are both old guys, its only you my friends dream of. Monica told me she got so excited when she had her medical, when you saw her naked when you touched her... "

"Oh God, that's not right, I'm her doctor," he mumbled.

"And it is big Daddy," I said huskily, my eyes drifting down towards the crimson cock that lay between our bodies. "Don't you like it that young girls want you Daddy?" I teased after a long pause. "Wouldn't you like to make love to Monica or Jacqui or one of my other friends?"

"They're just girls Steffie; I'd never have sex with young friends of yours, I've known them since they were little girls, they're my patients," he protested fiercely as he grew ever harder against my stomach.

"You don't like them? You don't think they have nice bodies Daddy? You don't think they're sexy when you see them naked in your office?" I demanded.

"They're nice girls honey, but they're too young for me..."

"They're woman now Daddy, like me. Don't you think I'm pretty? Sexy? Don't you think men want me?" I cooed into his ear, each breath tickling him, caressing him, inflaming him.

"Of course, you're beautiful honey, but..." he stuttered, reddening as he spoke.

"If I wasn't your daughter, your little girl, would you want to make love to me Daddy?" I pressed him for an answer even as my fingers moved onto and around his hardness.

"Jesus Steffie!" He groaned rolling away from me, and then rose up and jumped out of bed, his long shaft bouncing proudly as he moved.

"Awww, stay in bed with me a few more minutes Daddy," I pled as he disappeared into his bathroom. What's he thinking about I wondered as I heard the shower running. I know your body wants me Daddy but what about you?

I was on my back naked, my legs spread, when Daddy reappeared minutes later, drops of water dotting his broad chest, a white towel wrapped around his waist. I had one knee raised in the air, and my thin strands of blond pubic hair were no barrier as his eyes locked on my pink insides as he approached the bed.

"C'mon sweetie, time to get up, you don't want to be late for school," he prodded, trying to act naturally as he sat next to me and lightly ran his hand over my shaking knee and up and down my inner thigh.

"God it's only six-thirty Dad, why are you up so early anyway?" I complained as I pushed my knee further into his hand, opening myself further to his hungry gaze.

"I have an operation at eight honey, I gotta rush," he explained as he quickly stood and started to pull his briefs up his hairy legs, catching them on his again raging hard-on.

"He'll never fit, it's too big," I giggled as I watched Daddy try to stuff his fat cock under the inadequate material. "I like it when I see him so hard Daddy, do you need any help?" I continued as Daddy blushed and turned away from my eager eyes.

Finally dressed, he turned back to me and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before saying, "Now you be good today Steffie. I should be home around seven; do you want me to pick up something for dinner?"

"Some Thai maybe," I suggested.

"How's the booking of our trip going anyway honey? You've only got a couple of days more you know. Have you got it all finalized?" he asked as he moved, his eyes never leaving me as he backed towards the door.

"I finished yesterday Daddy. I'll give you all the details tonight. Bye, love you," I yelled as he finally slipped through the doorway.

"Oh Jesus," I moaned aloud as I heard the front door slammed shut, the fingers of my left hand snaking down between my already damp thighs. I watched myself in the wall mirror facing the bed, and could see my engorged nether lips, my erect clit, my fingers as they slowly spread my slit and penetrated my throbbing pussy.

It almost hurt as I arched upwards to meet my probing finger, yet even this inadequate replacement for Daddy's big prick still brought me to a shuddering orgasm in minutes, my frustration assuaged momentarily by my copious spending. I brought my sopping fingers to my mouth and reveled in my taste, wishing only that it was mixed with Daddy's thick white sauce.

"Paris," I mumbled as I sucked my index finger, "Just four more days Daddy. We'll make love for the first time in Paris," I promised myself aloud.

I'd often slipped into Daddy's bed over the last eight years, ever since the day Mom had run off with her lover and left us. It had always been innocent until last February, when I'd finally realized I didn't want the boys my age who in increasing numbers were flocking around me; neither Billy nor Jason had come close to igniting the passion that Daddy could arouse with just one kind look, one gesture, one caress. Lying in Daddy's bed, still warm from his body, I thought back to that February night four months ago that had precipitated everything that was now happening in my life.


Daddy had surprised me on that night four months ago, taking me out for an evening of dining and dancing at one of Pittsburgh's most glamorous night spots – my coming out party he had called it. A celebration of my being accepted that week into the September 1994 Freshman Class of Harvard Medical School

I had worn high heels and my sexiest dress, a new, black, clinging silk number, to celebrate the occasion, my breasts free under the low cut top, the high slit in the dress exposing my firm, long thighs with every step I made. I had been elated when I had come downstairs and Daddy's mouth had plopped open, clearly stunned at the picture I made.

"What?" I demanded, surprised how good it felt to have my Daddy so obviously excited watching me.

His gasped, "You're so beautiful Steff," combined with the way his eyes roamed hungrily over me excited me in a way I'd never been before. He's your Daddy silly, I thought to myself as he walked me arm-in-arm to the car, but still remembered the comments my friends were always making about Daddy, about how they'd love to be alone with him.

It was the perfect evening and Daddy made me feel like a girl who had been transformed into a Princess, his Princess, and I, with no prior plan or conscious desire suddenly started to treat him like a real man, a sexy man. I danced closer than I would have normally, I repeatedly bent over or adjusted my top so he had view after view of my full breasts, my hard crimson nipples; sitting, I moved my dress so the slit was towards the front, my wispy thin red silk panties continually exposed to his hungry stare.

I plastered myself against him as we danced; pushing my breasts, my hard nipples into his chest, grinding my mound into him as my fingers gently caressed his hair, his neck. It was then that I felt it for the first time, felt Daddy's thick spear rubbing, probing urgently against my stomach. It seemed too big, dwarfing what I had felt when Billy, when Jason, when others had danced with me.

I was flushed with excitement when we finally got home after three a.m., both of us slightly tipsy from the wine and the sexual energy echoing between us. I was actually shaking as he escorted me to my bedroom door, new wild, impossible, incestuous sexual thoughts whirling through my brain. Waiting, wondering what next, he surprised me, simply presenting me a small, gold wrapped package as we stood in the doorway.

"What is it Daddy," I asked as I opened the small rectangular box. "Oh God," I shrieked when I saw the necklace of perfect white pearls sitting on a bed of black silk. A card had slipped from the top of the box when I went to lift the lustrous string, and recognizing Daddy's miniature scrawl, and shaking I read:

Dear Stephanie

I'm so proud of you Steff! No father on Earth has ever been luckier than I – to have a daughter as kind and beautiful and intelligent and nice and caring and loving as you is the best thing that could possibly have happened to me.

It seems just yesterday that I so proudly brought you home from the hospital. To think that today that little girl is now eighteen and soon will be leaving me for university and adulthood is almost incomprehensible. I'm so proud of you honey, how well you've done, what an outstanding person you've become.

There has never been anyone else in the world I have loved more than you; I can't imagine having lived my life without you in it. You bring so much joy into my life

Thank you darling, I love you so much,


p.s. I thought maybe you'd like to wear these pearls when we have dinner in Paris this summer

I think it was that moment in time when I realized there was no one in the world I'd rather spend my life with, that there was no one else in the world I wanted to make love to more than Daddy. As I stood sobbing in his arms, being hugged and kissed by the only person I had ever loved, I felt a surge of sexual attraction echo through my body, my tongue, my lips, my nipples, my liquid insides, my whole body responding to a man as it never had done before.

My fumblings with Billy in the back seat of his car, the kissing, the touching, the frantic grappling; sleepovers with Jacqui and Monica where we talked endlessly of boys and sex, and even experimented among ourselves; and even the night with Jason, just weeks ago, when I had felt for the first, and so far, only time, a penis penetrate me; none of these experiences had prepared me for what my body was now doing, feeling, demanding, urging.

"Steff, are you okay?" finally penetrated into my foggy thoughts and brought me slowly back to a new reality.

To Be Continued...

09-20-2008, 07:53 PM
"Oh Daddy, your words, they're so beautiful, thank you," I whispered, and then added, "You're the only man I'll ever love," while pressing myself urgently into him as my lips hungrily sought his, wanting him now to recognize the new me, wanting him to feel as I, wanting him to grasp that we were destined to be joined in every way.

I could feel a shiver of excitement tremor through his body as our tongues met and explored and couldn't help but feel the sudden hardening, lengthening, against my stomach.

"Sweetie!" Daddy gasped as he pulled back from me, confusion and desire dueling on his face.

After spinning in his arms, I ended up facing away from Daddy, my firm bum pushed back against his erection, his hands suddenly full of my breasts. For just a millisecond I felt his fingers caress me, squeeze me, before he dropped them as if they were on fire, mumbling, "Oh Jesus Steff, I'm sorry, I didn't.."

"Can you attach them Daddy," I asked, ignoring his apology as I slipped the pearls into his left hand and leaned back against his chest.

"Of course honey," he said eagerly, clearly glad to have something innocent to do, relieved that I hadn't seemed to notice his furtive touch.

His hands were like satin as they moved over my shoulders and gently caressed my neck as he lifted my long blond curls to bare me for his ring of pearls. I could feel his breath on my ear as he slowly opened the clasp but then let one end slip free, allowing the cool, white balls to cascade down across my chest and between my heaving breasts.

"Oh Daddy, they're cold and they tickle me," I complained with a giggle and then lifted the top of my dress away from my body, pretending I wanted to see the string of balls swinging between my tits, knowing Daddy would see my full breasts, my now straining nipples as he slowly pulled the strand upward.

"Sorry honey, I'm a real butterfingers tonight," he answered lightly when he finally retrieved the end and joined the clasp behind my neck. But I could feel Daddy's excitement throbbing into the crack of my rear and knew he was feeling the same emotions and desires that were exploding inside of me.

"They're beautiful," I sang as I danced away from him and into my room, my song of joy a reflection of the happiness I felt at finding my life partner, my lover, my only future.

"Look at the pearls Daddy," I yelled laughing as I continued to dance in front of my mirror. As Daddy walked up behind me and watched me bemusedly in the mirror, I suddenly slipped the spaghetti thin straps off my shoulders and let my top drop to my waist, baring my firm, full orbs to his startled eyes.

"Stephanie!" Daddy stammered as he stared, uncertain what to say or where to look.

"There just breasts Daddy," I pooh pawed him, "everybody's got them, I just want to see how the pearls look on me," and then started to twirl the necklace over my chest. "They keep getting stuck on my nipples Daddy," I complained with a little slur, faking a tipsiness that I didn't really feel. "Are they too long Daddy," I asked suddenly, turning to him, squeezing one long, firm nipple between my thumb and finger, presenting a full, firm orb to him.

"They're perfect honey," he answered smiling, clearly now amused at his little daughters show, believing that this was an innocent daughters play and not a dangerous sexual act.

"I had a perfect day Daddy, I love you so much," I finished, yawning as I leaned into his strong, welcoming arms. "I'm so sleepy."

"C'mon Steff, I'll put you to bed," he said gruffly, his love for me so clear. As I fell back on the bed I could see a moments hesitation before his hands moved to my waist and pulled my dress over my hips and down my legs, leaving me naked except for my pearls and silk panties.

As he hung my dress in my closet I started to lower my red pants, struggling so that when he turned back my legs were in the air and my panties only at mid thigh. "Here, let me help," he offered in his most fatherly voice, as if he was just helping me with homework or the dishes, but I could feel the tremor in his fingers as he touched me.

"Do you like my new panties Daddy," I asked, a tipsy, teasing tone still in my voice, "I bought them just for tonight, just for you, just for my favorite man."

"That's nice sweetie," he responded, as he lifted me so he could get the sheet out from under me.

After finally getting me arranged and the sheet placed over my naked skin he turned to go, whispering a 'goodnight darling' as he started to back away.

"Stay for a few minutes Daddy," I pled as I grabbed his arm.

"What honey?"

"Lie next to me Daddy, like you did when I was younger," I mumbled drowsily, "stay with me until I fall asleep."

"Sure honey," he agreed almost too quickly, and after shedding his shoes and shirt and after a moments hesitation his pants, slipped under the sheet next to me, down now to only his white boxers, and lying on his side watched me as he gently stroked my blond hair. Feigning sleep, I rolled over and curled into him, ending so my lips were less than a half inch from his cheek, each of my breaths gently tickling him as my breasts comfortably pressed into his strong chest.

He finally left, maybe two hours later, but I knew he had enjoyed sleeping next to his eighteen year old daughter, the continuous hardness against my thigh a graphic proof.


Daddy was still sleeping when I entered his room the next morning, a question burning in my brain as I urgently shook him awake, wanting an answer to something he had written in his letter.

"What honey?" he finally growled as his head emerged from under his sheet.

"What did you mean about Paris and pearls in your letter last night Daddy?" I asked impatiently.

"Oh that," he answered nonchalantly as he sat up, not noticing how little of himself was covered.

"Oh that what?" I insisted.

"Well, do you happen to be doing anything on June 23rd by any chance my dear?" he asked mysteriously as he reached for an envelope sitting on the table next to his bed.

"No Daddy, you know graduations on the 21st and then I'm free for the summer."

Smiling he handed me the envelope which soon yielded two airplane tickets. He was grinning as I slowly deciphered the itinerary. "Pittsburgh – Paris leaving on the 23rd and returning on August 30th for two," I read. "But what does it mean Daddy? Which two are going to Paris?" I asked, more confused now than ever.

"Well I thought that Doctor Roderick S. James and his lovely daughter, Miss Stephanie Danielle James might just benefit from ten weeks touring the Continent," Daddy said smugly, a wide grin impossible to hold back.

"But how? .... You have work... Where will we go? ... Really... really, just the two of us?" I stammered as joy flooded through me.

"Doctor James has already told his colleagues and the hospital administration that he will be out of the country for the time period covered by those tickets my dear," he announced, clearly delighted at my surprise and happiness. "He feels that this might be his last chance to give his beautiful daughter advice and direction before she flings herself out into the greater world."

I didn't give him a chance to say another word as I leapt on top of him, laughing and crying as I covered him in kisses. But I couldn't help but notice his nakedness as I embraced him, and I felt a frisson of both fear and excitement as I saw Daddy's penis for the first time, lying proudly between his legs, and even soft it looked huge.

How big is it when it's hard I wondered as Daddy asked, "I take it you're free then Miss James?"

"Oh yes Daddy," I shouted, "Where are we going to go exactly?"

"That's your job sweetie."


"I got the tickets – it's up to you to decide where we'll go and when. You got four months to decide and then to book the rooms and cars and flights and whatever else you want."


"No buts my lovely daughter, it's your job."

"Anywhere I want?"

"Your job!"

And that's how Daddy had left it and me those four months ago and ever since all I'd thought about was Daddy's big penis and how I was going to convince him to let me have it for the rest of our lives!


In the months that followed, through March and April and May, our relationship changed, both of us fundamentally altered by that night. We were suddenly in new unknown territory; now longer was it just the innocent loving father-daughter relationship we'd lived for eighteen years.

I think it was easier for me, my youth allowing me to immediately accept the fact I wanted Daddy as my lover, as my husband. Oh, I knew about society's rejection of this forbidden love, of society's criminalization of what we would do, but my mind had easily accepted what my body was demanding. It was harder for him; society's taboos against sleeping with your daughter were deeply ingrained in him. While I welcomed what my body was demanding, I could see him continually fight his ever increasing urges.

Everything I did over those months was directed at making Daddy accept what I knew was inevitable but still as I studied the problem and incest in general I was stunned at what I found.

Daughters do love their fathers like I did! In fact as I read and studied I found that for someone like me, an only child whose mother had left her when she was ten years old, it was almost inevitable that I would try to take my Mommies place and become Daddy's girl.

I set out to seduce him over those months. I dressed better, no more jeans or sweats and sneakers at dinner, instead I changed to dresses, or blouse and skirt ensembles, just sexy enough that Daddy couldn't ignore the woman I'd become.

I made sure I hugged him every day, holding him each time just seconds longer than normal, making Daddy feel the woman I was.

I'd join him in the TV room fresh from the shower, perfumed now, and just in a robe, and would snuggle against him as we watched a rented movie I'd chosen. Over those weeks and months Daddy increasingly stayed home more than he had ever done before, hardly ever missing dinner, his social life now evenings with his daughter.

I even teased him from time to time, as I'd sit with him watching a movie I'd ask him why he wasn't out with one of his many girlfriends, how come he was spending so much time at home. "I'm only going to have you for a few more months' sweetie," he'd reply as he hugged me.

Increasingly I felt and saw his excitement, the growing sexual desire he felt for me, couldn't help but notice the erections Daddy'd grow as I wriggled against him, my loose robe allowing his roving eyes easy access to my full, firm breasts.

We didn't discuss what was happening to us over those months, we were in a silent, sexual, mating dance that clearly scared Daddy. But I knew he was studying the problem, trying to face these forbidden desires that were threatening to overwhelm him.

I found the books hidden in his bedroom, both scholarly tomes that addressed father-daughter love, as well as erotic accounts of graphic, incestuous sex. His computers browsing history increasingly led me to the sites Daddy had been surfing, sites that had accounts of, and actual videos of fathers making love to their daughters.


I remembered all this as I lay in Daddy's bed that June morning, stroking myself, a poor substitute for what I wanted, what I needed. But we'd be Europe soon, then I knew it'd happen...

JUNE 23rd 1994 – PARIS

Our flight left Pittsburgh airport at seven in the morning, arriving at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris at seven pm French time.

After finally collecting our bags and clearing customs, something the French are masters at making difficult, we finally got out of the airport around nine-thirty, and as Daddy drove our rented car towards our small but upscale four star hotel on the Left Bank I started to talk, knowing I had to explain exactly what I had done before we got there.

"About the hotel Daddy, our room," I started tentatively.

"Un huh," he muttered, clearly engrossed in the passing city.

"The reservation Daddy, it's.... I mean to say it's..." I stammered.

"What Steff?" he asked, taking his eye of the road for a sec to look at me, a big smile on his face.

"Well.... I sorta did something strange ... it was really a mistake at first, I mean I didn't plan it... it just happened when I booked, and then I..... well, I just kinda let it go, I... you might not, I don't know, like it or..."

"C'mon honey spit it out," he ordered as his hand left the steering wheel for a second and caressed my thigh.

"Well," I started again, my face now scrunched up in a near grimace, "The hotel might be expecting a married couple Daddy, a couple on their honeymoon."

"Huh, how come?" he asked, a confused look crossing his face, his fingers momentarily tightening on my bare upper leg.

Rushing now, eager to spill the whole story in one fell swoop, I explained, "When I filled in the online registration form Daddy, I must have filled in the wrong box and before I knew what happened... well I had reserved just one room and it was confirmed as Doctor and Mrs. James and I don't know, I didn't change it... you know it was sorta funny, and then I thought we really didn't need two rooms for just two people, I mean we'd save money this way and..."

"And why would they think we were on our honeymoon Stephanie?"

"Well that's sorta complicated Daddy," I mumbled.

"This is just a problem with our hotel in Paris, right Stephanie?" Daddy asked, a touch of both anger and amusement in his voice.

"Well not exactly Daddy." Seeing a scowl spreading across his face, I sped on, "It just seemed like a good idea Daddy, so when I booked the other hotels, I thought, why not, we'll save money and some of them offered special extras for newlyweds and..."

"So we're man and wife in Paris, Barcelona, the Riviera, Rome, Athens, the Greek Islands, Istanbul honey?" he asked, the fingers of his free hand now back on the steering wheel and tapping it impatiently, or was it excitedly?

"Yes Daddy," I whispered, then added more confidently, "but remember you did give me full responsibility for booking the..."

He was quiet for minutes but I resisted the urge to break in, to explain, to apologize, knowing now it was up to him, that I had to wait, to let him decide, react.

"We haven't talked about.... I mean, you know, about what's happened between us,..." he finally started, his nervousness evident in his stammering, unsure voice. Getting no immediate response from me he went on, "I know you think honey,... since your birthday I mean,...that you've felt something different for me, for Daddy,... that maybe something..."

He kept taking quick glances at me as he spoke, clearly uncomfortable hoping I'd help him. "I know I should have said something before," he went on, "I've wanted to but ... if I've led you to believe that..... that maybe you thought my bodies reaction to you meant something it really didn't, shouldn't, couldn't sweetie... Oh shit, we're here," he swore in exasperation as we pulled into the drive fronting the hotel. "Lets not worry about it for tonight honey," he finally said, watching me as we idled, the porter already rushing towards our car, "we'll just book in and have dinner and then talk about it in the morning. But we do have to talk sweetie, you can't go on thinking we ..."

"Yes Daddy, I'm sorry about everything," I whispered, one tear sliding down my cheek.


"Ah Docteur, Madame James, bienvenue, welcome," was what greeted Daddy and I as we strolled hand-in-hand to the front desk. "We gave you our best suite.... No extra charge," the manager said after we had filled in the registration cards, a broad smile on his face, "We don't often get newlyweds."

"Merci beaucoup monsieur," I cooed as I leaned into Daddy and kissed him lightly on the lips. "We're so tired monsieur," I said turning to the manager, "We'd just like to shower and change and have dinner in our room. Can you have dinner sent up?"

"Certainement, Madame," his whole body signaling approval as his eyes hungrily roved over my young, ripe body, wishing it was he who was going to spend the night in my bed.


It turned out to be a stunning suite, the large bedroom with its king size bed and the large dining/living room both elegantly furnished in beautiful French period pieces, the balcony open to a vista that led our eyes to Notre Dame and the shimmering Seine beyond.

"Ta da," I finally announced smugly to Daddy, after we had both taken in the rooms, the view, the flowers, the fruit basket, the chocolates, the champagne cooling... "So now, what do you think of my little subterfuge my dear husband?" I asked as I danced around him, a broad grin on my face.

"Not bad Mrs. James," he finally conceded. "Now go and get your shower, our dinner will be here soon," he ordered smiling, giving me a gentle slap on my butt as I started towards the washroom.

"Would you like to share with me Daddy? I think I read they have a water shortage over here," I offered with a twinkle in my eyes,

"Go!" he ordered laughing, as he watched me pull my sweater over my head, and I knew his eyes were still on my bare back as I started towards the door, and dropping my little, black, silk demi-bra as I walked, I knew Daddy was imagining every jiggle of my round full tits.


"What are you so happy about young lady?" Daddy asked later when he finally emerged from the washroom and shower, his large body encased in the luxurious robe that came with the room.

"Nothing," I giggled as I stood up, my breasts jiggling under the thin, silk, ivory robe that was my only covering, a robe I'd bought just for tonight. God, he's handsome I thought as he moved confidently towards me, his six foot, two inch muscular body seeming to exude power and sexuality with each step.

"And dinner?" he asked but before I had a chance to respond we heard the light tapping on the door and Daddy pivoted and moved to answer it, and then let in an thin, elderly, uniformed bellboy, pushing a dish laden cart.

"Monsieur, Madame," he wheezed through smoke damaged lungs, but his eyes lit up when he saw me, when he saw what I was wearing. His eyes rushed to my cleavage, to the dark circles that showed through the thin silk, to the hem of my robe, only just covering my blond curls.

It took him stumbling minutes to unload the tray, to set the table, continually taking quick glances at me as he worked, finally pushed out of the room by Daddy, clutching the ten euros that had been offered him, the front of his pants bulging outward.

"You might have given the poor man a heart attack" Daddy laughed as he turned back towards me.

"Well at least some men find me attractive Daddy."

"You're wearing your pearls," he finally responded as we both sat at the table.

"You said they were for Paris Daddy," I said smiling, moving so that the top of the robe opened even wider, exposing the pearls as they dangled in the valley between my breasts. "Do you like them?" I asked.

"They're beautiful honey," he whispered, not even noticing the pearls as he drank me in.

We talked as we ate, the conversation surprisingly coming easily in spite of the sexual tension between us. We were both excited about the trip, about Paris, about the adventures that awaited us over the next ten weeks. Neither of us had ever visited Europe before and looked forward to visiting all the places we'd heard about all our lives. We were to visit the Louvre the next morning and eagerly discussed the treasures we'd soon see in person.

Finally the meal was over and as Daddy wheeled the cart and dishes out the door I plopped down on the sofa in the living room, one leg under me as I sat. I felt my robe open, and knew my full breasts were shamelessly exposed, but didn't care, the bottle of Chateau Rothschild we'd emptied with our meal had been just enough to lower my last remaining inhibitions with my father.

To Be Continued...

09-20-2008, 07:53 PM
"Sit with me Daddy," I said, patting the seat next to me in invitation as he hovered uncertainly in the middle of the room.

Finally sitting cautiously at the other end of the sofa he watched me, his eyes flicking from my breasts to my thighs before meeting mine.

"You're as bad as the bellboy," I giggled nervously, my sang-froid suddenly gone, knowing the next few minutes were so vital to my future happiness.

He moved towards me, and wrapping his arm around my shoulder and tucking me against his warm body, started to talk. "Oh Steffie, I love you so much honey. But not like this, not as a man and woman, ...not as lovers," he sputtered. "You're my daughter, my beautiful daughter... We can't...I don't think of you like that Steff," he finished, but his tentative words seemed said more to convince himself more than me.

"You don't want to love me Daddy?" I demanded.

"No sweetie... not like that," he replied hesitantly, the bulge rising in his robe belying every word.

"So why haven't you gone out on a date for the last four months?"


"You used to date all the time, now you never do," I insisted.

"But I ....," he stammered before I cut him off.

"Why were you secretly reading that psychology book on father-daughter relationships? Yes I saw it in your room Daddy," I said as I saw him about to protest. "I read it too Daddy, where it talks about incest, about love between fathers and daughters."

"Why have you been surfing internet incest sites? Reading stories about fathers making love with their daughters, watching forbidden videos," I demanded.

"How come you always get an erection every time I'm around you now?" I continued to pound at him, my legs now spread, exposing myself fully to his nervous looks.

"But Steff," he protested.

"Yes even now," I insisted, my hand sliding under his robe and grasping his thick cock. "Fuck me Daddy, please fuck me," I cried as I moved on top of him, straddling him as he sat, his long pole now leaping upwards as I spread his robe.

"Honey, we can't," he moaned, "its wrong sweetie. I don't want to hurt you Steff. You've got your whole life ahead of you," he groaned as his arms engulfed me, desperately holding me as he rejected me.

"Bullshit Daddy," I said as I moved my lips against his, burying my tongue deep in his mouth. If it's so wrong Daddy," I finally gasped, "How come there's ten million hits when you type in father-daughter incest on Yahoo, how come there's been a thousand studies by respected scholars on the subject if no one else is doing it? If it's so unusual, so perverted how come a million fathers are sleeping with their daughters tonight? How come Daddy," I asked, almost yelling now, urging, demanding, stroking him.

"GOD STEPHANIE," he finally roared, a primeval sexual scream bursting from his lips as he stood, effortlessly lifting me and then carrying me towards the bedroom.

Watching his eyes as he carried me, I had a moment of panic, of fear, as I saw the raw male lust burning deep inside him, unleashed now, and wondered, too late maybe, if I had made a mistake, if we weren't about to cross some inviolate line.

He pulled my gaping robe off my shoulders as he walked, letting it slip to the floor even before we reached the bed. Throwing me on top of the sheets I fell back spread-eagled, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed, and watched transfixed as he almost tore his robe as he fumbled urgently to get it off.

Finally he stood naked between my legs, his angry cock now thrusting upward, pulsing in its eagerness to be buried deep in my pink, moist sheathe.

"Daddy!" I pled, scared now, convinced now it'd never fit, that it would split me. God, it's double the size of Jason's I thought, and even he had hurt me the first time.

He grabbed my rear cheeks and easily lifted me up, carrying me backwards up the bed as he crawled between my legs, his thick organ now bouncing between my thighs as he lowered his lips onto mine.

"Oh Daddy yesssss," I moaned as he left my lips and moved his tongue over my chin and down onto an aching nipple, swallowing it as his teeth pulled and stretched it. "Jesus," I screamed when I felt first one and then a second finger slip inside me, my hips arching upward in lust.

"Oh Steff, you feel so good, so perfect," Daddy groaned as he pumped his two fingers in and out of me, finally bringing them to his mouth where he tasted his daughter for the first time.

My hand stole to his penis as he inhaled my aroma and tasted my sticky sex, and now fear gone, I grasped him and tried to pull him into my waiting pussy, already open and awash with my juices, urgently needing to be filled, to be impaled.

"DADDDDDY PLEASE," I wailed, begging him.

"We have all night honey," the strong, confident, sexy father I'd always known now back in control, all need for further artifice on my part now gone, I was finally going to be made love to by the only man I'd ever love.

I didn't need any more foreplay; I was already shaking in anticipation, moist, lubricated for the penetration I craved. As he ran his hands from my hair down over my breasts, stopping just for a second to tease my already puffy nipples, and then down to my hips and my butt, I stared transfixed at the pole that seemed to rise from between my legs.

Suddenly worried again at its size, I trembled when his hands moved over my ass and pulled my thighs apart, positioning me so his incredibly large cockhead rested lightly against my distended clit.

"Daddy," I moaned as he moved his cock so that it was perfectly aligned with my opening and gently pushed, steadily forcing the head into me.

"DADDY," I cried again, now convinced he'd never fit, my nether lips stretched wide, seemingly incapable of accepting him. "He's too big Daddy," I whimpered as he continued his assault.

"Aaaaaaaahh Daddy," I groaned as I felt the head pop through, and as I felt my cunt close behind the thick head and tighten on the blue veined shaft. He worked slowly now, first feeding me three more inches before retreating, gradually working more of himself into me as I adjusted to him, to his thickness, to his length.

And then he was completely in, bottomed out at the gate to my womb, and then watched as kneeling between my legs, his hands lifting and separating my legs, he started a steady rhythm of long, deep strokes, each stroke igniting a million nerve endings the length of my cunt.

I could feel my body stretching with each stroke, endlessly opening and closing on him, lubricating him as he pumped, coating the long shaft with my juice, welcoming this alien intruder into my center.

Faster and faster he pistoned, each deep penetration now producing an equal response from my now shuddering centre. As he lay on top of me and seized my lips in his, his tongue penetrating me, his hips started to relentlessly move over me, pushing his now throbbing shaft even deeper.

So this is what a real man is, what sex is, I groaned silently as my first spasm shuddered through my body, as my insides throbbed as they awaited the first burning jet of sperm to flood them. I locked my legs around his back and met every thrust as the feeling crashed through me, the liquid melting at my core.

"OH DADDDDY," I groaned or maybe screamed as I felt his big penis jerk inside of me, followed by a liquid explosion, then again, and again, each ejaculation met by a pulsing opening in my depths, an acceptance of his seed.

"STEFFIE, OH GOD STEFFIE," Daddy moaned as the last liquid spasm of his cock filled me.

I was sweating, whimpering, trembling when he finally pulled his still semi-hard spear from me, its wet head wearing our orgasmic juices like a proud cloak. I slid down Daddy's body, unable to resist the urge to taste him, engulfing his fat cockhead hungrily as I milked the last drops of cum from its one eye, savoring its taste as it slithered down my throat.

"Jesus baby, gently," Dad ordered, still panting, as one of my hands continued to pump him relentlessly while the other found and squeezed his tightened sack and balls, all the while trying to stuff even more of him into my mouth.

As I gulped him in he twirled me around and seconds later felt his tongue on my distended gash, licking, probing, sucking, nibbling, before he finally found my throbbing clitoris, his soft lips instantly restarting the liquid oozing, the shuddering buildup, the prelude to my inevitable orgasm.

I thought I'd go crazy as he worked me, writhing and thrashing on his mouth, and even attempted to lift away from his face before he grasped my butt and pulled me back, holding me spread to his lips, a finger deep in my ass. I could only swallow five or six inches of Daddy but my two hands continued to work him as I sucked him in and soon felt the first twitching of his cock.

I was shouting incoherently as I came, my voice garbled by the fat penis spurting urgently in my mouth, almost gagging on the thick, ropy sauce Daddy continued to pump into me. "Jesus Daddy," I finally gasped and with cum oozing from my lips moved up his body and kissed him. I could taste my cunt as our tongues met, as he licked some of his sperm from deep within my mouth.

We finally fell apart and lay for minutes side by side, the silence of the night broken only by our rasping breathing.

"I didn't know, Jesus," I finally gasped, "Is it always like that Daddy?"

"Oh sweetie, it's never been like that before, never, never, never," he laughed exultingly as he turned and pulled me to him.

"You mean I was okay Daddy," I asked coyly, knowing that we'd always be together.

"Pretty good sweetie," he allowed, "but maybe we better try it again just to make sure."

"You mean you can do it agaaaain Daddy?" I asked doubtfully, but even as I teased I grabbed his hard shaft and rolled on top of him. I sat astride him, riding his thick pole, pretending I was in control, but knowing I'd be his slave forever.


We awoke late the next morning, sticky and sweaty and smelly and sated, all thoughts of the Louvre and the Mona Lisa long forgotten. The only time either of us left the bed over the next twenty-four hours was for a quick shower, to refresh us before another bout of lovemaking. Daddy had totally accepted what we had become, any misgivings he may have had had been blown away in our passionate embraces.

We finally got to the Louvre two days later. And in the days that followed we visited Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (but we saw no Hunchback!), took a boat trip down the Seine, etc., etc. But it's the nights I remember now, the nights I lay entwined with Daddy, my legs locked around his back, thrashing under him as he filled me with his pumping lance, spouting his seed as I groaned.

We got married ten days later, married in a small church by a smiling, cherubic priest in a little village in the south of France. Oh, maybe it wasn't a one hundred percent legal ceremony; perhaps most people would call it a sham, but for Daddy and me it was the most wonderful day of our lives.


As I look at those pictures today I see an innocent girl walking from the church, looking almost demure in my simple white dress, the lace veil hiding my eyes as I look up into Daddy's smiling face. We're both obviously happy; anyone looking at the pictures can see the joy, the love between the newlyweds, the sexual promise.

The rest of that wonderful summer is etched forever in my memory; Barcelona and Seville in Spain, walking naked on the beaches near St. Tropez, Rome and the Coliseum, the warm waters of the Aegean and the beaches of Rhodes, the Parthenon, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul...it was perfect, everything I had dreamed of...

But it was the small, romantic moments with Daddy that I treasure the most, the kiss as the sun set at Cape Sounion, making love on a deserted beach south of Rome, walking hand in hand through the Alhambra...

I've just turned thirty! It seems impossible. God, its twelve years already since that magical summer. I'm a doctor now. Daddy and I spent seven years in Boston while I struggled to keep up with my classmates; without my husband who'd been through med school, who knew all the tricks, who was always ready to tutor me it would have been impossible.

Our three girls were born during those years, and now at 11, 9, and seven they're the centre of our existence, of our happiness.

We live now in the south, in a medium sized town located on the ocean, a town of sand beaches and palm trees, a town where after closing the clinic for the day, my husband and I can grab the girls and we can be in our boat and on the water in twenty minutes. We're happy! Yes, somehow it worked; somehow our love triumphed over the fears, against the odds, against the naysayers warnings.

"Are you almost finished," I hear him call now. Daddy's almost fifty now, but seems to get younger each year, the boy in him never far from the surface, still surprising me, delighting me ... he's still the man of my dreams, my only love.

"Yes Daddy," I whisper as I move towards his open arms, towards his smiling face, his hungry body...



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"La Machina" or "S.A.M." Ch1
21-year old woman discovers love in an unusual way

Suzie was 21 today. She had waited for this day for a long time. Finally, no more fake IDs, no more sneaking into bars and clubs with her friends and guys she didn't know. No more stupid bouncers telling her to come back in a few years! The fuckers! She was going to go to every one of those bouncers, dressed to kill, and tease their pricks through their pants, then walk away. Well, she would have if she hadn't accepted the drink from that stud at the first bar she entered anyway. Damn it! He had obviously slipped something into it when he handed it to her because she could tell by the way she was dressed, or was that NOT dressed, that she wasn't likely in that bar anymore! She could feel, without looking, that something was wrong. She couldn't feel her clothes, she COULD feel restraints, and she could feel that she was on a very smooth table of some sort. It felt smooth like glass, and she could hear the whirring and humming of machines, several of them, all around her. She could hear the scratching of a pen or pencil on some sort of paper nearby; she wasn't alone and the person on the other side of the pen wasn't talking.

As she regained full consciousness, she realized that her eyes were covered by some kind of blindfold with a strap holding it tightly to her face. Four of the restraints were oddly padded in fur and held her ankles and wrists outward. Two more restraints, made of leather, held her thighs spread-eagle. There was even leather padding under her head which would keep her from banging it on the table to make noise.

'Wonderful,' she thought to herself, 'finally 21 and I can't even go an entire night without getting into trouble.'

"It wasn't anything you did. We selected you out of all of the women at the bar. You are the chosen one," a voice told her. It sounded like a European woman and it didn't come from the direction of the pen or pencil that was scratching.

'Great, Miss Cleo is here reading my mind while I'm tied to a table, spread-eagle, and semi-conscious. I wonder if she knows who I am,' thought Suzie.

"Suzie, my name is not Miss Cleo, I can read your mind (although I also knew who you were based on your ID), and I do know who you are. In fact, I know everything about you. My name is S.A.M."

"Well, Sam, you obviously know who I am, so I will skip the introduction and ask you a few questions, like why the fuck do you have me strapped to a table, naked, God knows where and what do you plan to do to me?"

"Well, Suzie, I am here to make you happy; I am here to make you feel good; I am here to do you favors."

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Perhaps, a demonstration is an order."

The whirring and humming was suddenly replaced by a few beeps and chirps, then louder humming and buzzing. Suzie couldn't see what was happening, but could sense that something was about to happen. Suddenly, the buzzing that she heard seemed to touch her, in a place that she wasn't so sure she wanted touched at that moment, and Suzie jolted at the feeling of a device entering her from between her legs and pressing against her clit. Suzie couldn't do anything to resist due to the restraints and she was forced to accept the lumpy device into her dampening vagina. A warm liquid was then slowly pumped into her from the end and through the small bumps on the shaft of the device. It felt very slick, like some kind of oil, which eased her tension and created a calming effect on her, then warmed further and created some kind of tingling. The device then slowly began to spin inside of Suzie. The bumps spread the lubricant around the walls of her vagina and also stimulated her like the bumps on a dildo might. The device began to pull out slowly, and then push itself back in, creating a sensation of being fucked. Suddenly, Suzie felt another device touching her. It attached itself around her clit and began flicking, sucking, and vibrating on her. Suzie was in awe, a state of ecstasy, and a sense of overwhelming pleasure filled her body. The device inside of her began to pick up speed and, as the rhythm increased, so did Suzie's pleasure. Suzie felt tingling in places that she had never touched herself, places that had never been touched by anyone else, and places that she never knew could be touched. As her body began to rise toward her climax, Suzie was suddenly doused by a torrent of thick, lukewarm liquid and the devices quickly retreated and fell silent.

'Figures,' she thought to herself, 'just like my ex-boyfriend.'

"Yes, I understand what you mean, but you enjoyed it when he used to cum all over you; so, how do you feel now?" asked S.A.M.

"What do you mean?"

"We've just dumped about five gallons of cum all over your body. You should see yourself; you look like a glazed doughnut."

"What do you mean, 'five gallons of cum'? Are you serious?"

"Well, artificial cum. We can't seem to find enough real cum fast enough to use the real thing. I only use the real thing in special circumstances. I'm sure you understand."

"Well, yeah, but..."

Just then, Suzie was interrupted by the reentry of the device into her vagina and the reattachment of the second device onto her clitoris, followed by two more devices attaching themselves to her breasts with suction, pulling them away from her body, then letting them go and starting all over again. Suzie continued to feel that excitement that brought her closer to orgasm, the muscles inside of her began to tense, just as the device inside of her shot a warm liquid inside of her in quick squirts, followed by all of the devices again withdrawing before she could reach orgasm.

"Aaaarrrgh! Why do you keep stopping if you are supposed to be giving me pleasure?"

"You cannot tell me you were not feeling pleasure before the device shot cum inside of you," S.A.M. replied.

"What? It shot cum inside of me?" Suzie cried.

"Not that time, still artificial. That was a mixture of warmed milk and yogurt, mixed to the same consistency of cum. It is perfectly safe for a woman's vagina and can, in fact, be quite cleansing."

"Oh my God, I was so scared. I thought..."

Just then, the table began to shake slightly and a man's body covered hers. A ball-gag was slipped over her head and into her mouth. The man then slowly massaged her entire body from head to toe with his hands, tongue, and every bit of his body. This massage lasted several minutes and Suzie began to relax, feeling that she would not be hurt. Soon, however, the massage stopped and the man slid down between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock along her slit. She could feel his hard cockhead pressing against her opening and slowly, gently sliding in. It felt much larger than the device, much warmer, and much softer. It was pure masculinity and it felt good inside of her. The man it belonged to was extremely gentle as he filled her pussy with himself. He lowered himself completely inside of her and pulled himself up toward her breasts. His hard cock was pulsating slightly as he began a slow, fucking motion. Suzie should have been scared and should have struggled, but she was so frustrated from her lack of orgasm with the devices that she didn't feel anything but desire. She wanted to feel this man inside of her and she didn't care what his intentions were at this point. She simply wanted to feel him bring her to a shuddering orgasm. Suzie did her best to help the man drive himself into her by attempting to bounce herself on the table to meet his thrusts. The man continued to push hard into her as he pinched and sucked her breasts and nipples and kissed her neck. His thrusts became longer and harder as Suzie felt him plunge deeper and deeper inside of her. The man ground his pelvis into her clit as he rocked back and forth on top of her, causing her to quickly approach orgasm; her third attempt in an hour. Suddenly, the man sucked her earlobe into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. It was something that drove her crazy and pushed Suzie over the edge. Her entire body tensed as she began to cum harder than she had ever cum before, her own cum leaking from her pussy and all over the man's cock which was still pummeling her. She hadn't felt this good in quite a while and her body was quickly stirring again. The man atop of her continued to pound her pussy and made her feel as though she was about to burst. Soon, she was sweating again and was just beginning to cum when she heard the man grunt her name...

"Suzie, my love! I'm going to cum inside of you!"

Suzie's eyes got wide and she couldn't help but shut them as she felt him explode inside of her, causing her to cum as well as she felt her father's cum splatter the inside of her womb and almost certainly impregnating her. As they both lay there, winding down from their orgasms, Suzie was confused. When her father removed the gag, Suzie had several questions.

"Why, daddy? Why did you do this? Why did you cum inside of me?"

"Suzie, I got a call last night from the bartender telling me that you were passed out at his bar and that you had been drugged. I've been working on this machine, S.A.M., for quite a while and I figured that I needed to test it on someone...so, why not you? I wanted to teach you a lesson for getting yourself in trouble by making you think you had been kidnapped and I wanted to seduce you with the machine so that you would always know that you could have fun at home, but then I saw how beautiful you were when you were being covered in the artificial cum, how incredible you looked being filled with more artificial cum and how much you seemed to enjoy being fucked, and I couldn't help myself; I had to have you myself."

"But, Daddy," Suzie asked again, "why did you cum inside of me? I completely understand everything else you felt, but why would you risk getting me pregnant?"

"Three reasons, Suzie: First, you have to learn your lesson for being so irresponsible, and second, I want to test S.A.M. on a pregnant woman, and third..., well, I want to drink the milk from your breasts. Surely you will let me do that?"

"Oh, Daddy, I wish that you had asked me first! I would have enjoyed this so much more! But I did enjoy the thrill of the unknown and I would love to be your sexual guinea pig! Just promise me that you will never hurt me, Daddy!"

"I'm sorry, Suzie, I can't do that. In about 9 months, you're going to kill me when you are pushing that baby out of you."

"Daddy, who is Sam?"

"S.A.M. is an acronym for 'Sexually Aggravating Machine'. It can tell when you are aroused to the point of climax, and then it shuts itself down instantly and tries to degrade you by cumming on or inside of you. I gave it a female's voice to try to soothe the user into believing that everything will turn out fine."

"Daddy, I think I know who I want you to use S.A.M. on next!"

To Be Continued...

09-24-2008, 05:46 AM
"La Machina" or "S.A.M." Ch2
Suzie and S.A.M.

Following Suzie's first encounter with S.A.M. and her father, Suzie had two obsessions. The first obsession was to be with her father whenever possible. The second was spending as much time with her little sister, Katie. Katie was a very prim and proper young lady. Three years Suzie's junior, Katie was a typical nerd in the sense that she would rather have her face buried in a textbook than a face buried in her crotch. Suzie was sure that her 18 year old little sister was a virgin in every sexual sense of the word; she would bet every dime that she had that Katie had never been kissed but innocently by a visiting relative or her parents. Katie was the extreme opposite of Suzie's partying, dancing, and drinking; Katie was anti-social, but she was also a good-looking girl. If Suzie could help it, Katie would be the next to meet S.A.M. and Suzie would be there to witness it all.

"Katie, can I get your advice?" Suzie asked, holding up two dresses, one white and almost completely sheer, the other a shimmering red number that screamed 'I want sex'.

"Why do you ask me? You know you hate the way that I dress. The only time you've ever asked to wear anything of mine was the pair of jeans with the tear in the seat after those bitches at school yanked the back pocket off," Katie replied.

"You're right, and I still can't believe that you didn't want those. Those are awesome jeans, but right now, I guess I want to know which one you would never wear in a million years."

"Well, the white dress is rather sheer, but that can be overcome with a slip, so I would have to say that the red one with the neckline that goes down to your nipples and the hem that ends just past your crotch would be my least favorite."

"I should have known; you can take a perfectly good sheer dress and turn it into something you would be able to wear to church, but you can't do anything with a high hem or deep cleavage, can you? Thanks, the red dress it is! Any chance you'd like to come with me tonight? It should be a wild one! I heard that there will be a few freshmen from the football team at the university there!" offered Suzie.

"No, thanks, but I have plenty to do here. Besides, Daddy and I are still planning on going swimming later, barbecuing, and watching a movie. I'm actually surprised that you are turning him down," Katie replied.

"Yeah, well, I spend plenty of time with Daddy. I just need to spend some time with my friends tonight. Have fun with Daddy though!"

Suzie turned and left the room, her thong-covered ass jiggling as she went. Katie just shook her head and returned to the romance novel in her hand. She longed for the day that she would experience what Suzie and the characters in her book were experiencing, but she would never stoop to the level that Suzie went to and the characters in her book were just characters. Things like that never happened like they were written in romance novels. They were just the dreams of the author scrolled down on paper and shared with millions of other readers. In real life, women like her mother left their husbands with two school-aged kids for a career in another part of the world. In real life, the woman gets left for a younger, better looking woman after 10 years of marriage like her older cousin was. In real life, guys were jerks and women had to be sluts to keep a man interested for more than a month; God forbid they should become pregnant. Men never seemed to stay with a woman whom he'd made pregnant anymore. She had several friends her sister's age that had done everything to keep their men happy, only to wind up pregnant and alone. Those who didn't have abortions now had at least one kid and only one of the girls ever married the man who knocked her up; they now had five kids and she was only 22 years old! Katie wanted children, but there was no way that she was going to get involved with anyone unless he could treat her with dignity and respect and could prove that he could be counted on to raise a family with her, much like her father had raised his daughters.

Suzie, leaving her sister's room, went immediately down the hall to her father's in-home office. He was working on more programs for S.A.M. and was surprised to see his oldest daughter walk in wearing only a black thong.

"Daddy," Suzie began, "how close are you to being finished with the new programs for S.A.M.?"

"Honey, I am about half-way finished. Do you have anything else for me?"

"Yes, Daddy; Katie said she absolutely hates this red dress, but she also doesn't like the white mesh dress because it is so sheer. She says she likes the white one more because she can wear a slip under it to keep it from being so sheer."

"Ok, we'll have to do something special then, and I have the perfect idea, anything else?"

"Yeah, I told her that I was going out, so now we will have an excuse for my expanding belly when I start to show that I am pregnant. I will just say that I got knocked up at the 'party' that I'm not going to attend. That way, I can help you later."

"That sounds like a good idea. I think I'll take you up on the offer. Do you remember how to get to the lab?"

"Yes, Daddy, I know exactly where it is and I know how to get into the building."

"Fine, go there now and wait for me. Stay out of sight and don't touch S.A.M. or anything else in the lab. Go into the control room and wait there until I get there."

"Ok, Daddy, good luck. I'm going to get ready and I'll see you there. I have my cell phone on if you need me."

Before she left, Suzie reached down and grabbed hold of her father's hardened cock and kissed him hard and passionately. Her father reached up and grabbed a handful of breast and returned the kiss, then reached back and spanked a bare cheek, sending her on her way. Suzie took both dresses into her bedroom with her, but slipped on a plain white T-shirt and a short denim skirt, ankle socks, and her deck shoes, left the white dress on her bed, and took the red dress with her to her car. On her way out the door, Suzie shouted, "Good bye", and was gone.

When Katie could smell the steaks cooking on the grill, she put down her book, changed into her white bikini, and went into Suzie's room. Spying the white, sheer dress, she thought to herself, 'why not now?' Katie slipped the sheer white dress over her head and was amazed when she looked in the mirror. With the exception of her hair being up, she looked like a slightly younger version of her sister. In fact, she could have even been mistaken for Suzie when she took her hair down and quickly brushed it out. The bikini could easily be seen through the dress, but it looked absolutely marvelous on her and the matching white of her bikini did not appear as indecent as Katie had thought it would. The question was, what would her father think?

Katie headed out the back door and onto the patio. Her father was in the spa with a glass of red wine and, when he noticed his daughter walk through the door in the white dress and her white bikini, it was all he could do to hide his erect Speedo.

"Hi, Daddy," Katie called out, "the steaks smell great! I hope that it tastes as good as it smells!"

'Oh, I'm sure you'll like the taste of my meat, Katie,' he thought to himself.

"It should be ready shortly, Kitten, get that dress off and get into the pool before we eat," he said aloud.

"Do you like it, Daddy?" Katie asked.

"Absolutely," he replied, "you look absolutely stunning. Now, take it off and put it inside and get in here!"

Katie let the dress slide down her tall, thin body and onto the ground, then gave it one quick fold and tossed it onto a chair in the house, walked to the diving board of the pool on the opposite side from the spa, and dove in head-first. Katie then swam over to the other side of the pool and pushed herself up out of the water, giving her father a good view of her wet, barely-covered body as she climbed out and then slid into the spa with her father. If she could have seen through the shimmering on the water, she might have noticed the bulge in her father's Speedo grow to full length as quickly as she hit the water. Katie sank to neck-deep in the warmer water and her knee brushed against her father's thigh, causing him to jolt at her touch. He hadn't really thought about her as a sexual being until Suzie got drugged in that bar and he decided to try S.A.M. on her. From the point that he and Suzie had finished in his lab and Suzie nominated Katie as his next trial, she was all he could think about. Now, he had to find a way to get Katie into his lab, and tonight was as good a night as any.

Katie, for her part, was playing right into his lap. It almost seemed as if she was trying to seduce him herself! He knew that the white dress had been her idea as Suzie had not mentioned it when they had talked earlier. Now, she was in the spa with him and he couldn't take his mind off of her to cook their dinner.

"Are you okay, Daddy?" Katie asked, "You didn't answer me."

"I'm sorry, Kitten, I was thinking of something that I need to do at the lab. I have a big project that I am working on and I need to run more tests on it; I was just trying to think of how I was going to get them completed."

"Well, I'm pretty good in my physics class at school, Daddy. Is it anything that I can help you with? Maybe we could skip that movie and take a look at it tonight!"

"Are you sure, Kitten? This was supposed to be my night with you."

"Yes, Daddy, I have always wanted to see what you do all day, and I would be happy to help you with your projects in any way that I can! Hey, maybe you could use me as an assistant after I graduate!"

"That would be great, Kitten, as soon as we finish here, I will call over to the lab and make sure that we have access to my project. Don't worry about getting all dressed up either. This is a special project that is designed to be used by anyone and it is almost ready for production, so it needs to be tested as if it is being used by a consumer."

Katie was full of anticipation at being able to see her father's lab. She had never been told anything about any of the projects that he had ever worked on, only that he was a scientist and that he loved his work and, based on their lifestyle, she knew that he got paid good money for the work that he did.

After dinner, which included Katie and her father finishing off the bottle of wine, Katie slipped the dress back on and the two of them headed for her father's lab. On the way to the lab, Katie and her father talked about Katie's future.

"What do you plan to do about school, Katie? You are graduating this year and we've never really talked about where you wanted to go to school next year."

"I don't know, Daddy. I want to stay here with you and Suzie, so I was thinking of going to school nearby and working with you if you will let me. Maybe you can put in a good word with your company for me and I could help you with whatever you are working on."

"Well, Katie, that might be possible, but we can talk more about that later tonight after you see what I am working on."

"Okay, Daddy."

"There's the lab up ahead. Are you excited to see it?"

"Yes, Daddy, I've never seen where you work or anything that you have done. I am looking forward to helping you tonight."

"I'm looking forward to working with you too, Kitten, and I hope that you have fun working with my machine."

They pulled into a parking place near the front of the building; fortunately, Suzie had parked around the back as her father had told her to do when he called to "make sure they had access to the building" before leaving home. When Katie entered the lab, she was awestruck. There, in the center of the room, was a large, smooth-as-glass table with a few soft restraints on it, as well as a leather headrest with a strap. Above the table was a very large metal machine with a few panels on the side. The machine had the name S.A.M. on the side.

"What does 'S.A.M.' stand for, Daddy?"

"I will tell you afterward, Kitten, it will spoil the fun if I tell you now."

"What does the machine do, Daddy?"

"Well, Kitten, it interprets your thoughts and responds to them. You can carry on a conversation with S.A.M. while you are laying there. S.A.M. can read your thoughts and tell you what you are thinking!"

"Wow, Daddy, that is cool! You could use this as a lie detector in court, couldn't you?"

"Well, that is one thing that the technology could be used for, but not before we have tested it. Are you ready, Kitten?"

"Yes, Daddy, what do you need me to do?"

"First of all, take off the dress and lie there in your bikini while I strap you in. The less you move, the less interference there will be for S.A.M. and the more S.A.M. can do."

As Katie removed the dress, her father turned on S.A.M. and began pushing a few buttons on one of the panels. The lights dimmed and Katie took her place on the table, excited to be a part of her father's project and thrilled with anticipation of the unknown. Katie's father began strapping her to the table. Everything seemed normal until Katie's father placed the leather straps across her thighs, causing her to spread her legs wide, and then undid the strings on her bikini.

"Daddy, what are you doing?!" Katie asked in a panic.

"Don't worry, Kitten, S.A.M. works better when there is nothing in the way."

"In the way of WHAT, Daddy?!"

"Just relax, Kitten, I'm going to put this blindfold over your eyes and strap down your head so that you won't wiggle too much. Everything is going to be fine."

"Daddy, please, what is going to happen?"

"I've already told you, Kitten, S.A.M. is going to interpret your thoughts and react to them. Now," he said, as he pushed the last few buttons to turn on S.A.M., "

Say 'Hello' to S.A.M."

"Hello, Katie," S.A.M. began, "it is good to meet you."

"S.A.M., what are you going to do to me?"

"I will read your thoughts and use the information to make you happy."

A whirring and humming began and Katie tensed up every muscle in her body in anticipation of what was about to happen. The air began to warm and a device like a rolling pin began lightly rolling over the top of her body as S.A.M. spoke softly to Katie.

"Katie, why are you afraid of me?"

"Well, perhaps it's because I'm strapped to a table with no clothes on and no idea what you are going to do to me!"

"Katie, just relax. I am here to give you pleasure, not pain."

At that moment, Katie felt a very cold object inserted into her vagina; it felt like ice being applied to her hymen.

"How am I supposed to relax when I have something trying to freeze my twat?!"

"It is an ice cube. I am numbing your hymen before we begin. I know that you are a virgin and this is the best way to freeze the nerves and reduce the pain."

"Daddy, I thought that there wasn't going to be any pain!"

"Katie, there is always a little pain with a woman's first experience with sex but, after the pain comes incredible pleasure," S.A.M. replied.

Katie heard some humming, then felt something attach itself to her clitoris and begin pulling slightly by using suction and releasing. The sensation felt like someone was grabbing her clit between their lips or knuckles and letting it slide through. This continued for several seconds until Katie felt something pressing against her hymen, and then slowly inched past with very little pain. The bumpy shaft of the dildo-like object slid into her and rubbed against her inner walls, secreting a warm, oily substance which heated up her vagina and caused a mild tingling inside of her. Katie was shocked and amazed at how nice this felt and wondered if sex with a man felt this way. She had never been touched this way by anything, neither human, nor device, but she was learning quickly that she loved this. The device inside of her began a piston-like in-and-out motion to simulate intercourse and the device on her clit was now vibrating. The other object that felt like a rolling pin was long gone, but it was replaced by two objects that had begun stimulating her breasts with more suction and release and pulling motions. The sensations had Katie in a state of bliss and she was quickly approaching orgasm when she was suddenly doused by a warm, sticky substance and the devices disappeared.

"Oh my God, that was incredible! Oh, S.A.M., why did you stop like that and what is this stuff all over me?"

"That stuff is simulated ejaculate. It is an artificial version of a man's cum in an extremely high dosage. It was simulating the Japanese sexual fetish called 'bukakke'."

With that, Katie heard more humming and was shocked to feel the device re-entering her. The device began spinning inside of her and the bumps rubbed directly against her clit. This drove Katie crazy and she was very close to cumming, when she suddenly felt the device stop and shoot more of the oily substance from its tip, deep inside of her womb. This got Katie very frustrated.

"Hey, S.A.M., I'm having some fun here, but every time I start to feel good, you stop and douse me with something!"

"That is correct. That, too, was simulated ejaculate."

"But why do you keep stopping?"

Meanwhile, back in the control room, Suzie and her father were enjoying the show.

"What comes next for her?"

"Well, Honey, she gets two of those dildos with the liquid; one dildo will go into her twat, the other will go into her ass."

"Oooh, I wish I could try THAT one!"

"Suzie, you can try any of them you like! S.A.M. is for you and Katie to enjoy. As soon as I can find a company to sell these, we'll never have to work again! Imagine every housewife having something like this in her basement or in a spare room. All of the bondage-lovers will want one in their dungeons! This thing will probably make a few third-world dictators very happy! It is also very low-maintenance and very durable. You can completely randomize it, over-ride the stopping mechanism if you don't want S.A.M. to stop when you are on the verge of cumming, you can replace the artificial cum with the real thing when your husband or boyfriend are away (S.A.M. will keep it at just the right temperature to keep the sperm alive), it can be programmed to work on men or women in either the full-pleasure or torture modes, and S.A.M. is self-cleaning."

"Daddy, now that I'm pregnant, can I continue to use S.A.M.?"

"Yes, Suzie, S.A.M. can be programmed to be as gentle as you want. S.A.M. can be programmed to do several dozen functions in any order, or in a random order. You can program S.A.M. to do a random list and cum inside of you as the final item."

"Oh, Daddy, it sounds wonderful but, to be honest, I'd prefer the real thing over the artificial."

To Be Continued...

09-24-2008, 05:46 AM
Suzie ran her hand over her father's Speedo and pulled at the waist, baring her father's hardened cock. They continued to watch Katie go through another deluge of artificial cum, then Suzie pulled off her father's Speedo and engulfed her father's cock.

"Oh, Suzie, that feels so good! I wonder how Katie will react to her first taste of cum. I've set S.A.M. to signal when the oral cycle comes up. I want to see her face when she tastes it."

"Oh, God, Daddy, you are really going to have Katie drink your cum from S.A.M.? That sounds so hot!" Suzie said as she pumped her father's cock, and then took him down her throat.

Just as her father was about to cum, Suzie heard a click and saw a light cum on.

"Wait, Honey, it's time to watch your sister get her mouth full of cum!"

The artificial cock was in Katie's mouth while another was deep inside of her vagina and a third was working its way in and out of her ass. Katie, for all she was worth, was trying her best to deal with all of the pleasure she was feeling, followed by all of the frustration she was feeling, and she was starting to crack. All of the pent up frustration was fueling her desire for orgasm and she didn't really care who or what gave it to her.

Back in the control room, her father flipped a switch, turning on the volume in the lab so that he and Suzie could listen to Katie's reaction to tasting her first taste of real cum.

A few seconds later, the cocks inside of Katie's ass and vagina withdrew and the third filled her mouth with her father's cum. Katie swallowed every drop as the third cock retreated.

Katie licked her lips and shouted, "That was great, S.A.M., what was that?"

"That, Katie, was your father's cum."

"My, what?"

"Your father's cum. That was not artificial, that was the real thing."

"Oh my God, I just drank my own father's cum? And I liked it."

"Yes, you did, and I can tell by your thoughts that you want more."

"Oh God, you're right, I do want more. I want more of my daddy's cum. I don't just want to drink it though, I want to wear it."

S.A.M. then dropped the artificial cock back toward Katie's face and shot an entire facial load of cum on her pretty face. It stuck to her forehead, her blindfold, her nose, cheeks, chin, and lips. Katie licked off all that she could, and then she heard another click. Someone then climbed up onto the table and began licking the rest of the cum off of her face.

"Hello again, Suzie, have you come to play?"

"Yes, S.A.M., but let me get Katie off, then I'm yours to abuse!"

"You're going to get me off?" Katie asked, amazed that her sister had actually been there at all.

"I'm going to take you off the table, but Daddy can get you off if you'd like," she suggested as she removed Katie's blindfold. "He's there, in the control room, and he was extremely excited to see you drink his cum and ask for more!"

"Then untie me, I want him to make me cum, hard!"

Suzie quickly undid all of the straps, then removed all of her own clothing as Katie eased herself off of the table and headed for the control room. Her father met her halfway, picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the control room. Suzie, meanwhile, told S.A.M. that she was ready to continue where her sister left off. She was immediately filled with an artificial cock in the ass and another in her pussy, both of which filled her with her father's cum when she had approached her orgasm. Her sister had been that close to getting impregnated by S.A.M.!

Back in the control room, Katie's father sat naked in his office chair as Katie squatted down and straddled him face-to-face, sliding his cock deep inside of her formerly virgin pussy. Katie could not help but take the lead and began bouncing hard on her father's cock. Her father leaned back, but kept his arms around his daughter's waist as she took his cock as deep as she could.

"Daddy," Katie asked as she continued to bounce on his lap, "when did Suzie get here?"

"She's been here the whole time, Kitten. There's something that you should know. Suzie is pregnant with my baby and it was her idea for me to bring you here. She felt that it was about time for you to experience sex and thought that S.A.M. was the only way to introduce you gently to everything that sex can be. Are you mad?"

"Daddy, I was mad at first; I was saving myself for my first husband but, when S.A.M. took my virginity, I just didn't care about it anymore. I just wanted to get off that table when I found out what S.A.M. was and I wanted to beat you senseless. Now, I just want to fuck you senseless. I want...you...to...make...me...cuuuuuummmmmm!"

With that, Katie exploded on her father's cock and squirted artificial cum, and some of her own, all over her father, then collapsed into his arms. Her father, still completely hard and deep inside of her, kissed every inch of her face and neck, caressed her back, and fingered her ass until Katie was burning with passion again.

"Daddy, I love you so much. I love you, I love Suzie, and I think that S.A.M. is incredible. But, Daddy, I'm jealous of Suzie; I want you to get me pregnant too. I want to feel your cum filling my womb and I want to feel your baby inside of me. I want to wake up to your kisses and fall asleep covered in your cum. I want to taste you, feel you, touch you, and hear you telling me how much you love me. Make love to me, Daddy! Cum inside of me and make me your lover. Give me, your own child, your child!"

"Kitten, you are so wonderful, I will give you as many as you want! I want to give both of you as many as you want! I want to have a house full of children with you both! Come on, let's leave Suzie here to play with S.A.M. and let's finish this in my bed at home!"

When Katie and her father returned home, her father lifted Katie into his arms, carried her into the bedroom, removed her bikini, and licked every inch of her body. Through the entire ordeal at the lab, Katie had never felt a feeling quite like her father's tongue stuffed deep into her pussy and her father promised her that he would lick her there every night if she wanted. Her cum tasted like warm butter and he wanted to drink every drop that she would give him. He finally slid up her body and gave her a warm and loving kiss as he slid the tip of his cock into her. She was beside herself in passion and hungrily kissed her father as he plunged deeper and deeper into her. The moonlight shown through the windows and the shadows danced with their silhouettes as they fucked harder and harder. Finally, they both came hard and, for the first time, Katie felt a man filling her with his seed; his cum overflowing her as her body splashed her own cum onto him. Her mind was full of thoughts as her womb was filled with seed and one reached her egg and a child began to grow inside of her.

Somewhere, in a lab not far away, Suzie could be heard screaming, "Yes, S.A.M., fill me with my daddy's cum again! Give it to me!"


10-16-2008, 01:16 PM
amazing stories

10-16-2008, 11:58 PM
"Mom" Helps Me Live My Fantasy
Serendipitous meeting leads to mother-daughter sex

"Ohhh... oh BABY, oh SWEETIE... YEESSSSSS... Oh, eat Mommy, eat Mommy's cunt..." She grabbed my hair and ground my face hard into her salt-and-pepper bush, this magnificent woman, 25 years older than me at 25, her pussy slick and hot with juices now coating my face. I fucked her with my erect tongue, brushing her clit and making her spasm under me. She answered with staccato gasps timed to each stroke.

I cupped my hands under her 50-year-old ass and ground my face into her like I wanted in, and she urged me on, now with coos and babytalk, now with the foulest commands. I rubbed her clit with my spread tongue like it was sandpaper, and slurped her lubrication out of her. I was possessed. The thought of eating out my own mother made me feral.

She finally let herself go -- my God, she rode her come wave better than any woman I'd ever fucked -- and her orgasm came crashing down on both of us. She yelped and "oh"ed and kept spurring me on. "OH. OH. MOMMY'S COMING, BABY..." As I finally removed my face I saw her yanking on her nipples, and she began to stomp her feet. She sprang up, still coming, and shoved me down on my back. I was surprised and delighted, but I must have momentarily looked horrified. Her eyes became slits and she said, "what did you DO to Mommy?" She flopped on top of me and tried to swallow my mouth; we began to grind our crotches together. She'd just come, and I was probably as wet as she was.

We were humping one another and making out hungrily. "I taste... Mommy's pussy... on your face... baby," she said as our tongues slurped and our lips sucked. I sighed, and shuddered. She moved down to my breast and engulfed it, it seemed like all of it, her tongue raking my nipple and sending electric shocks through me. Her hand had found my pussy and was whipping my clit. My hand found my other tit. She slid downward, tonguing my belly, then spread my legs (wider) forcibly, and got busy. I almost fainted on the spot. I was consumed, simply possessed by the idea of my own mother eating me out. Her grey-flecked hair shook and I entwined my fingers in it, kneading, sighing, "oh, MOM..."

After I'd come, harder than I ever have, I was sure of it, I felt like I was made of lead. But I rose with effort into a sitting position, and she sprung up too and stroked my face. So lovingly. I beamed and smiled. "You're something else," she said.

"That was amazing," I said dumbly. I mean, it was, but I think several dozen points of my IQ had just been fucked out of me.

Now my goddess padded into the bathroom to clean up. "Your name is Rachel, right?" she asked over the running faucet. I said yes. That deflated me a little, but only a little. I'd very uncharacteristically answered an ad on Craigslist from someone -- this awesome, hellacious, 50 year old bundle of sex, as it turned out -- offering to play Mommy to a young woman. I'd been conscious of every possible way our meeting could be unsafe -- we'd met in public two days ago, we met in public again today at Starbucks and had driven here together in my car -- and once I could finally relax and play I'd been treated to the most amazing roleplay ever. Her not being quite sure of my name was a little jarring.

"Is your last name Banks?" My brow furrowed and I frowned. There must be something with my name on it showing somewhere in my apartment. "That's right."

She said "huh!" in that way people do when they think something is kind of amusing. I went into the bathroom with her as she cleaned up, and said "why?"

She turned to me with a devilish smirk and said, "I know your mother, Wendy." My eyes got wide as saucers.

My roleplay mom explained that she'd known Wendy, my full time mom, for 20 years, I guess since we moved to the area. I wondered aloud why I'd never met her before, and she grinned wickedly, reminding me that we had, but it was when I was a little girl. She'd babysat for me, of all people, a few times when mom had doctor's appointments or other errands. I didn't remember her, even with that to prompt me. When I was eight we moved into a bigger house a few miles away and she and my mom had kept in touch.

I didn't really know what to make of any of this -- was it sexy or disturbing that I'd just had wild monkey sex with my old babysitter? -- but I didn't really have time to dwell on it. My roleplay mom was getting dressed when she said, "have you ever tried to have sex with your mom? I mean, for real?"

I know I probably turned beet red, and I was thinking that just 10 minutes ago I'd been in the throes of an orgasm the likes of which I'd never felt, and now she was going to ruin it all by getting all real life on me. Strange thought, yes, but if you've handled this same situation differently, I'd love to hear how.

She could see she'd upset me, and she knelt beside me (I was sitting on the -- closed -- toilet seat). She stroked my face again, and despite myself I looked longingly at her now bra-clad boobs. "Rachel, baby, it's nothing to be embarrassed about," she assured me. She smiled, and kept dressing. "Let's just say that the ad you responded to wasn't the first I'd placed. I've... done this before," she said coyly. "You would be AMAZED at how many women your age, younger, and even five, 10-some years older, have the kind of fantasies you do." I thought about that with a grumpy look on my face.

"That's why I LOVE doing this," she explained, trying to tame her JBF hair in the bathroom mirror. "I'm 50 years old. Everything you've heard about how hard it is for older women to get lucky is true." She flashed a wicked smile. "But tell women half your age you're willing to play Mommy..."

"So do you have any kids?" I asked. I was still stinging a little from the question about whether I'd ever had sex with my mom. Let's see her walk the walk.

She looked like she would burst. "I do have a daughter," she said, measuredly, though she was grinning ear to ear now. "She's older than you by about five years. When I'd watch you her dad was still around, so she'd stay with him. I don't think you've ever met her." I shook my head. Of course, I didn't remember meeting Tanya -- that was her name, my roleplay mom -- either.

She tilted her head toward the bathroom door, and we walked out and through my apartment, toward the door. "Ever do anything with her?" I asked.

She whirled around and looked me in the eye. "As a matter of fact," she said, smirking. "Yvonne was married for a few months," she explained, "and after it ended she decided she liked women. It was a little more involved than that, of course. To this day I don't know if her marriage ended because she decided she was gay or if she decided she was gay because her marriage didn't work out."

She grabbed my hands and we sat down together on my couch. "I don't know how long Craigslist has been around, but neither of us had certainly heard of it back then. And because my Yvonne was shy and couldn't make herself to go socialize with strangers, she was having a terrible time. We had frank talks about it, and finally, I offered to help her explore her new feelings in a safe way."

I think by then my mouth was open and I was breathing through it, but she was such a doll, she didn't say anything. "It started out sort of... clinical. This is how you should caress a woman. This is how you should kiss. This is what you should and shouldn't do to her breasts." Now I'm sure I was flushed and panting. "After a few hours, though, we realized we weren't having a dry how-to talk anymore." She winked at me.

Ok, let me try to explain this to you. Having sex with Tanya was unbelievably hot, because I was imagining the whole time she was my mother. I had never quite gotten around to imagining that SHE was having sex with her DAUGHTER. Like I said, hard to explain. But anyway, now I was imagining that, and I was shifting uncomfortably a little on the couch.

"Do you still..." I'm not sure I could have finished the thought using the English language, so I was grateful she replied right away.

"Yvonne lives out of state," she explained. "We do... VISIT one another." Another wink. Then she brightened. "She's coming to see me weekend after next, in fact."

Well, if possible I was leaving a scalding hot lovemaking session with this gorgeous creature even hornier than when I started, but it was time for me to get back to work. At the door we kissed tenderly, and promised to see one another again.

Cupping my face in her hands, she eyed me reassuringly. "I would never counsel someone to commit an infidelity, or do anything that would damage a family," she insisted. "But your dad's not around anymore and... I think you might be surprised... I think if you knew what turns your mother on, you might--" she stopped, obviously unsure of how or whether to say what she started to say. My eyes were like saucers again, so she retreated.

"You mother is a wonderful woman. She's very lucky to have a daughter like you." She gave my hand a quick kiss, smiled and was gone.

* * *

Tanya had given me a lot to think about. For a week I masturbated morning, night and sometimes noon thinking about her thrashing beneath me and urging me to make Mommy come. Or eating me out. Or... eating out her daughter, Yvonne. I pictured... me, I guess, only a little older. I imagined a sad, beautiful, bicurious woman with major inhibitions and no experience -- in other words, she LOOKED like me, and that was about it -- screwing her face up into a pained expression, clutching the sheets, consumed by how wrong it was to have her mother lapping at her cunt, but growling with newfound, forbidden lust.

And the bit about my mom. Hm. I saw my mom once during that week, the following Wednesday, fortunately briefly, and fortunately when I was preoccupied with thoughts other than my roleplay mom. When she told me excitedly she had a date on Saturday, I brightly told her that was great and made her promise to have a good time. I had done it: I had faced my mom without thinking about actually having sex with her. Despite Tanya's suggestion as she left my apartment, I was nowhere NEAR having the courage to, to use an unfortunate phrase, feel her out.

The end of Friday's workday was approaching when I heard from Tanya. Her plans for Saturday had changed and she wondered if she and I might spend some time together that evening. I was torn, just a little. Inviting a stranger for an hour's roleplay in the afternoon -- the thought still made me wet. I knew Tanya was incredibly skilled in bed, but with that "forbidden" aspect missing, would it be the same?

I said just a little, and I meant it; of course I agreed, since I didn't have any plans myself. We didn't have to meet in public this time, so I pulled up outside her apartment building around 9, as we had worked out.

Before I could ring Tanya's apartment to have her open the door for me I heard her voice on the intercom, in sort of a harsh whisper: "come on up!" And she buzzed me in, and I made my way to her fourth floor apartment. How sweet, she'd been looking out the window, waiting for me.

The door was slightly ajar as I approached, and before I could knock she slipped out and whispered "hi," giving me a peck on the lips. I must have given her a look that said "this is all very strange; let's go make out," because she grinned, embraced me properly, caressing my back and then ass, tongue-kissed me till my knees were weak, and said "come on in. But let's be quiet."

"Do you have a roommate?" I didn't whisper, though I was trying to work out to myself what we needed to be quiet about. She gestured for me to take my shoes off so I did, and we padded together down the hall. Now I could hear moaning. Very distinctly.

Turning her head to me, she raised her eyebrow conspiratorially and dropped to her knees and arms. I did the same, still puzzled. She went flush to the floor and peeked in the slightly open bedroom door, I looked over her, and...

I'm sure by now you've guessed what I saw, but believe me, it wasn't obvious. Two women were naked on the bed, facing one another, hands at each other's pussies, kissing hungrily and moaning and cooing together. The older one, with her back to me, drew the younger one's hand up from her slit to her mouth and sucked her fingers with a guttural moan. The younger woman's eyes narrowed and she sucked in breath -- and saw us, and I swear, she smirked.

I was shocked, and I hadn't even recognized my mom yet. The younger woman withdrew her hand and began caressing the older woman's back and shoulders and the older woman kissed and licked her neck. This was weird, but an incredible turn-on. I felt safe; if the younger woman knew we were here watching, I figured we weren't invading anybody's privacy.

The younger woman maneuvered the older one on top of her, still caressing, and they ground their mounds together, panting in each other's faces and whispering. The younger woman kneaded the older's ass and the older woman, eyes shut and mouth agape, turned her head towards us and cried out softly... and THAT was when I recognized my mom, and if Tanya hadn't gripped me just then, I might have bolted up and gasped.

The younger woman wriggled beneath my mother and guided her toward the headboard of the bed, sliding her face toward my mom's pussy. My mom gripped the headboard and rode her face as she lapped, the younger woman clutching my mom's ass like it would get away if she didn't.

"OH--" my mom cried. "Oh... RACHEL, baby..."

My heart was in my throat. I was stunned. I briefly thought I should foreclose any other possibilities and ask Tanya whether the younger woman, who by now I realized must be Yvonne, was named Rachel too, but from the wicked look on Tanya's face, that obviously wasn't it.

My mom was roleplaying having sex with her daughter. Me.

I came. Just a small one. I shuddered a little and flushed.

My mother rode Yvonne's face to a torrential orgasm, shouting my name and calling her babydoll. I was writhing next to poor Tanya, poised like a caged animal to spring once the door opened. She laid a hand on my shoulder and tried to pull me away. I looked at her like she was trying to take the last morsel of food from a starving woman, but I relented and padded with her down the hall again, all the while looking back and hearing my mother cry my name in the throes of orgasm.

Now she took both my shoulders and looked me square in the face. "I don't want you to be angry with me," she said quietly, but earnestly. I blinked. Did she think I was upset about something? "Your mother and I have been together a number of times. Your mother and Yvonne, not as much. But yes, they've been together before, and my understanding is that at least part of what they do together every time involves this kind of roleplay."

"This kind...?" I asked.

"With Yvonne pretending to be you," Tanya said, and I shuddered. I heard panting and the creaking of bedsprings from the other room that suggested there was a break in the action. Tanya heard it too, and said hurriedly, "when I found out last week how YOU felt, I had to arrange for you and her to be together. I'm so sorry if you think I'm manipulative. I just want to make you, and especially your mother, happy." She looked so concerned I was going to flip out, that I smiled reassuringly and kissed her. I didn't linger long; I had places to be.

* * *

As my mother, her face all urgency, positioned herself over me on the bed and took what I thought was way too long to mash her naked body into mine, my mind reeled with everything that had happened.

Lacking any etiquette books for something like this, Tanya had improvised, going into her guest bedroom alone to talk to Yvonne and my mom. Yvonne of course was in on what was going on. My mom sounded delighted and nervous to see Tanya.

There was conversation I couldn't make out, awkward silences I knew were filled by my mom, blushing furiously, trying to come to grips with what Tanya and Yvonne were telling her. After a few minutes, Tanya called me in. My heart nearly pounding its way out of my chest, I entered the bedroom.

My mother did look nervous and like she felt conspicuous, her arms folded over her breasts and her pussy covered by a bedsheet. But oh. Oh. I drank her in, my naked, beautiful mother, the woman I loved better than any other. She swallowed hard, probably seeing the look of wanton lust on my face.

It was Tanya who walked over to me and began to undress me, smoothing my hair and speaking reassuringly. I was completely compliant, letting her remove everything till I was standing naked in front of my mother. The room smelled deliciously of sex; my mother's sex. My heart continued to pound.

"Oh -- by the way, I'm Yvonne," Yvonne said, breaking the spell briefly. For an instant I was furious, but then my mom and I both laughed, and I was grateful for the break in the tension. Yvonne wasn't me but older -- she had longer, darker hair, a rounder face... but you know, with the lights off, I bet my mother could have imagined it was me. I shuddered at the thought.

Then my mother rose, showing herself to me naked for the first time, her pubic hair salt and peppery, too, her succulent breasts with nipples stiff with anticipation, and a look of wonder and love cut just a little bit with fear on her face. I responded by smiling and putting her at ease as we touched one another. She was breathing fast; I reached up and stroked her cheek, moved my face in to hers, and we kissed, my mother and I, slowly, lust simmering. Our lips engulfed one another's, our tongues played, and I melted.

I don't remember positioning myself on my back on the bed; just moments before I had the thought that maybe we should ask Yvonne and Tanya if they would please excuse us. But as my disconnected thoughts faded beneath the static hum of lust I was on my back, and my mother, naked, sweaty, smelling of sex and primal desire, was over me, descending toward me. I pulled her down and we devoured one another again, now writhing our naked bodies together, and I felt a love and completeness I never had.

My hands tried to touch her everywhere, everywhere at once, but my right hand liked the back of her head the best. It kneaded at her hair as we kissed, and the other clutched her ass cheek, and she ground into me, ground, ground, and my orgasm mounted.

"Rachel," she whispered, almost wistfully.

"Mom," I replied, breathless. "Oooohhh, MOM...."

I heard Tanya getting undressed, and was briefly unsure of how I felt about that, but gave in quickly, grinding myself up at my mother, who whispered her love and lust for me, her babydoll, and I vocalized my lust for my own mother, Mommy, Mom.... Yvonne sat on the bed next to us, feet on the floor, and I saw Tanya approach her daughter's crotch and though I couldn't see then, I knew she was lapping at her own daughter's pussy. Yvonne's head flew back and she cried out. My mother and I disengaged, shared a look of urgency, and then she was sliding down me, toward my sopping cunt, and the tidal wave of orgasm started to build, just with her moving down my body toward my pussy.

When I felt my mother's mouth over my labia I cried out in a way that startled Yvonne and probably Tanya, then Yvonne smiled at me and then her eyes rolled back in her head and mine rolled back in mine at the same time and my mother's tongue was sliding up and down over my clit and I came and came and came and I never came down.

Except I did, of course, panting, bathed in sweat, and my mother crawled back up toward me and I pulled her and we kissed again, my come making her taste like a debased whore, my mother-whore, I wanted to ravage her, consume her, eat her up. I said so, and she looked startled, then she growled, almost a challenge. Now Tanya was on the bed too and she and Yvonne were tangled in their own mother-daughter embrace, and I managed to roll us over and shove my mother onto her back beneath me. "Rachel," she whimpered. "Oh, darling Rachel..." I licked her breast, I thought I could lick and suck and suckle her breast forever, but I couldn't, because I was petting my mother's wet, wet pussy and I needed to be down there.

To Be Continued...

10-16-2008, 11:59 PM
Yvonne and I moved almost as mirror images down our mothers, and they both shuddered and writhed, and I saw her flawless face and saw my desire reflected perfectly on hers and I broke briefly from my mission to kiss her. I tasted like my pussy lube and she tasted like hers, and we growled as we kissed, then we parted and our faces each found our mother's pussies and we lapped, we sucked, we slurped and we loved. I managed to look up and I saw my mother kissing Tanya and I almost came again.

Then my mother's hands were on the back of my head urging me deeper, deeper and she started to come and I felt such love. I rubbed all of my face in her pussy juices and lavished love on her and she came for me, crying out my name and not playing this time.

I was spent, briefly, and drew myself up to my mom's face and we saw Tanya, her own orgasm close, close, and she was riding it so well like she'd done with me. She was urging her daughter on, and Yvonne was so skillfully, so lovingly eating her mother out. My mother and I kissed and little whine/groans came out of both our noses and then we broke and watched as Tanya came.

My mother and Tanya decided to love one another for a while, and I watched in rapt attention as they kissed and cooed and touched each other skillfully, knowingly. Two participants in my basest mother-fantasies together; I could barely stand it. Finally I turned my attention to Yvonne, who'd been waiting patiently for me, and she and I made love, too. I made Yvonne come and she said she loved me and I loved her, too.

So much of the next couple hours is a blur. Tanya had a strap on and Yvonne fucked her with it; my mom and I watched and played with one another and kissed and I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her like that and she came! Just from me saying that. Then I did, I fucked her with long, slow strokes, and our lips and tits were mashed together and we fucked like that for what seemed like a long time. Then Tanya fucked her daughter in the ass while Yvonne ate out my mother, and I had a small orgasm just looking at that. No one fucked me but I didn't mind.

At one point my mother and I were in a languid 69, licking each other's slick cunts, and Tanya and her daughter were entwined and kissing and I sighed, so happy. At another point I was urgently eating Tanya out to a generous-sized orgasm while my mother slid her finger in and out of my ass. When Tanya came I whirled around and violently embraced my mother and our mouths were devouring one another's and we would have fallen in a tangle off the bed but Yvonne steadied us as her mother spooned her from behind and nibbled on her ear. I don't know what Yvonne and Tanya did for the next 10 minutes but I know my mother and I each came hard in each other's arms, croaking our awful, terrible, beautiful incestuous lust for one another.

It was late and time to leave Tanya and Yvonne and we thanked them, I thanked Tanya so much and told her I loved her and she seemed happy that I was happy. My mom had driven too but I drove her home and we left her car there and we made love some more and fell asleep together and got her car in the morning.


10-21-2008, 12:48 AM
Nice stories.........:clap:

10-21-2008, 05:49 AM
"Ohhh...Mommy," I Groaned
He deflowers sister, impregnates mom

"Do you think they've been doing it?"

"Doing what?" her mother asked.

"Cathy and Bobby. Do you think they're ...well, you know...having sex?" she asked blushing.


"What? Look at them mom...she's all over him."

"They're far too young."

"Gina thinks they're doing it. Her sister was in their class this year."

"He's still a virgin," the mother insisted as she watched her son Bobby and his girlfriend Cathy kissing through the kitchen window. "When did you see Gina anyway?"

"She got home from school on Sunday. She says her sister told her that Bobby's the hottest guy in her class. All the girls like him."

"That doesn't mean he's sleeping with anyone. Cathy's a nice young girl."

"She's a cheerleader, a blond."

"So that's why you're mad," Patty's mom said laughing. "Gosh, you're the prettiest girl in town and you're jealous of your little brother's girlfriend," she teased her daughter.

"I'm not...it's just he's having sex and I'm still..."

"There's no hurry sweetie," her mom said as she put her arm around her shoulders, "you'll find Prince Charming one of these days."

"Yeah right, like when I'm a thirty year old 'old maid'."

"Stop complaining, you've got more boys chasing after you than any of your friends."

"I know ma," she sighed. "But I still think those two are screwing."

"They're not! And your vocabulary certainly hasn't improved since you went off to University."

"I'm going to ask Bobby."

"Don't you dare."

"And I don't think Bobby's that little...I mean it was just something Gina said," Patty replied, blushing again.

"What'd she say now?" her mom interrupted.

"Do you think Bobby's big? You know...his penis."

"That's disgusting! Talking about your little brothers penis."

"I know... its gross," she said with a grimace. "Still, Gina's sister told her that Bobby's got a reputation. A beeeeg reputation," Patty added grinning as she held her hands a foot apart.

"In my day girls didn't talk about boys penises."

"Hah! You had me when you were seventeen. You must have known something about them back in the old days," Patty answered with a big grin.

Blushing back, the tall, dark haired thirty-six year old mother answered, "Not enough. I was pregnant before I knew what was happening."

"Yeah, but look, you had me," her daughter smiled in response.

"Luckiest day in my life," her mom laughed, hugging her daughter tighter.

"I love you ma. Gosh, I really don't want to go back to school next fall...I missed you so much this year."

"I missed you too Patty...at least we'll have the summer together. Now come on, let's have lunch; it's time to leave the lovers alone."

"So you don't know if he's big," Patty persisted as they turned away from the window.

"I haven't seen your brother naked since he was about eight," her mother lied. "And it was teensy then," she laughed as she wiggled her little finger. But she knew she'd never forget the image that was burned into her brain. Her son, asleep, naked on top of his sheets, his blood filled cock thrusting angrily upwards.

"I don't think it's that size now," Patty answered laughing.

"His dad... your dad... was big," her mom finally admitted, still thinking of the recent morning when she'd found her son's door open when she went to wake him. His huge erection had mesmerized her for minutes before she'd finally slipped away.

"What? He was? How big? Mum."


"Hi Mrs. Coursey, hi Patty," Bobby's girlfriend said with a big smile when she and Bobby came into the kitchen fifteen minutes later.

"Hi honey," "Hi Cathy," the two women answered.

The three women talked for minutes as Bobby hovered in the background. And he couldn't stop the thought that came to him as he watched his blond girlfriend standing between his mom and sister. It was an idea that had insidiously invaded his conscious mind when he'd first become aware of females as sexual creatures years ago. It was a thought that had never left him completely since. Simply stated it was an acknowledgement that he found both his sister and mother more exciting than any other woman he'd ever seen.

He'd hoped that maybe with Patty away at school, and that with his recent sexual explorations, that his sexual desires, shit, his lust, for his mom and sis would fade. But just watching Cathy next to them, even as he remembered the ecstasy he always felt when buried deep inside of his girlfriend, he knew she simply couldn't compare.


"No date tonight?" Bobby asked his sister when he entered the den and found her curled up under a blanket on the sofa later that night.

"No...I'm just going to watch a movie. You see Cathy off?"

"Yeah...they're gone. Where's mom?"

"She went over to see Millie, said she'd be back by midnight. Are you all packed?"

"Yup. Watcha watching anyway? You mind me joining you?" he asked as flopped down on the sofa next to her.

"Sure, c'mon on," she offered as she lifted the blanket that was covering her.

"Sexy...very sexy!" Bobby said with a whistle when he saw his sister was just wearing a low cut tank top that reached down to just cover her waist.

"Yeah right. Miss Sexy with no boyfriend," she groused as she nestled comfortably against her brother, her full breasts leaking from their thin cover.

"Poor girl," he answered as he tousled her hair, his eyes watching the movement under her shirt.

"You'll miss Cathy a lot, won't you?" Patty asked her brother wistfully. The Coursey's were leaving the next day for their annual four week vacation at the family cottage on the ocean.

"Not so much," he finally answered softly. "Besides, I'll have you and mom all to myself for a month. What man could ask for more," he teased.

"Yeah sure....Bobby, do you two do it?" she asked timidly.


"You know."

God, had his older sister had just asked him if he was having sex. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock, could feel Patty's breast against his arm, could feel her leg curled against his.... "Yes," he finally answered, whispering in her ear.

"I knew it," she mumbled almost inaudibly. "God, you're so young."

"I'm eighteen. I'm a man," he insisted as he put his arm around her and hugged her.

"Yeah right. How long have you been..."

"Doing it?" he interrupted. "A while."

"Do you like it?"

"You must know," he answered as he caressed her arm, his eyes furtively sneaking more looks down her top. His cock was rock hard as he caught a glimpse of her nipples, thick, hard, dark stubs so unlike his girlfriends. "So?" he asked when she didn't respond.

"I'm a virgin," she whispered.

"Liar," her stunned brother spat out.

"I am," she insisted.

"But what about all your boyfriends...Johnny, Ricky... Sid? Christ you two went out for months. You're almost twenty."

Seeing her slowly shake her head he added, "We all thought you were the hottest girl in school...everyone..." he sputtered.

"Who did?"

"All my buddies. When we were sophomores and you were a senior...they were always asking about you...who you were sleeping with...what you looked like nude...had I ever..."

"Those perverts! What'd you tell them?"

"Bobby!" she insisted when he started grinning.

"I may have exaggerated, made up a bit," her brother finally said chuckling.

"What'd you say?"

"Oh...that you walked around the house in your bra and panties... that I'd seen you in a little skimpy yellow lace bra...that I saw you making out with your boyfriend...that I'd seen your breasts, your nipples...that I saw you naked after a shower...your hair, down below," Bobby answered grinning, ticking off each of his points on his fingers.

"You pig!"

"They loved it. You were the most popular girl in the whole school for my friends. They always wanted to hear my latest story. They were always staring at you in the cafeteria or when they saw you in the hall...wondering."

"How'd you know what my underwear was like?" she demanded.

"I checked...from time to time," he admitted blushing, but with a cocky grin.

"You went in my drawer? You touched my underwear?"

"I didn't say that," he answered but she knew he had.

"You didn't show anyone...do anything with them, did you?" And then, after not getting any answer from her brother, added, "You're horrible." But even as she said the words she wondered if he'd ever put a pair of her panties on his penis, rubbed it, put his cum on them. Felt a little shudder between her legs.

"Was it Cathy's first time too? When you did it for the first time?" she finally asked. What?" she added when he didn't answer.

"Cathy wasn't my first," he answered hesitantly.

"WHAT!" Who was?"

"Just someone. You probably don't know her," he said, not wanting his sister to know his first had been one of Patty's best friends.

"So you've slept with two girls?" Seeing his blush deepen, she demanded, "More?"

"Three," he finally admitted.


"I can't say...it's a secret...I promised."

She could see his cock straining against the front of his shorts as he talked. Yearned suddenly to put her hand on it, grab it, milk it, suck it...Jesus...he's my brother, she thought, then begged, "C'mon Bobby, tell me...please."

For seconds he hesitated, then finally admitted, "Cathy's mom...it's why I'm glad we're getting away from them for the summer."

"CATHY'S MOM? Mrs. Brown?... oh my gawd...that's disgusting!" And yet as she said the words she felt a jealousy for this woman who'd seduced her brother. "She's like forty."

"Thirty-eight, she's just a little older than mom."

"And you seduced your girlfriend's mother? What about poor Cathy?"

"It was sorta the other way around," Bobby said blushing.

"That's revolting. Sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. Does Cathy know?"

Shaking his head he said, "It's been driving me crazy. I'm tired of both of them. I'm afraid Mrs. B's going to tell Cathy. Christ, I got so I was scared to even go over to their house. You won't tell mom will you Patty?"

"No. I should though. You've become a pervert."

"They're not even that good looking."

"Cathy's nice, cute...but yuck, not her mother."

"You're much better looking than Cathy. Whenever I see her with you, like today in the kitchen, I wonder what I'm doing with her."

"I'm not. Besides I'm your sister."

"You and mom. You're so beautiful. Your hair. Your legs. Your smiles. Your breasts," Bobby said admiringly.

"What about my breasts?" she asked. "You've never seen my breasts...Bobby!" she screeched as her brother put his hand on her top and pulled it away from her body.

"Your nipples are much nicer than Cathy's...or her mother's," Bobby said grinning as he let her top snap back. "Your breasts too."

"You're sick," she accused as she shuffled back from her brother on the couch. "Why are they nicer anyway?"

"They just are," her brother answered, his eyes intently watching the thin, white panties now exposed to his eyes as her tank top rose up her thighs. "You're beautiful."

"I'm not," she protested, then saw where he was staring. Blushing, she stammered, "I'm going to bed...goodnight."

"Night sis...do I get a kiss goodnight?" he asked as she started to stand.

When she bent to kiss her brothers cheek she saw his eyes drift to her now fully exposed breasts, then realized she didn't care, in fact she wanted him to look...wanted him to desire her. She quickly kissed his lips instead of his cheek, then looked down and saw his shaft clearly outlined.

"I'm glad you're home Patty," her brother said to her back as she hurried confused from the room.

She dreamt of her little brother's prick all night. His big prick, and she was now sure it was big, penetrating her. Tossed and turned as images of her deflowerment raced through her mind. What does it look like she wondered? What would Bobby's cock feel like when it was inside her?

Bobby stayed in the den after his sister had fled, simply sat and fondled his thick cock as he thought of what had just happened. "God, I saw her tits," he mumbled out loud as he moved his hand up and down his shaft. Could Patty really be a virgin? She must have seen his penis tenting his shorts...she really didn't seem that angry when he looked down her top.

I'll be her first, he finally realized just as he felt the first tightening in his balls. I'll have all summer to seduce her, seduce mom too he suddenly thought as the fist string of sticky cum blasted outward from his bucking cock.


It was a two hundred mile drive to get to the five acres of land that sat isolated on a remote barrier island and faced the Atlantic Ocean. It was a drive the three of them had made together for the last eighteen years.

It was ten miles from the nearest town and only accessible by an old wood bridge that spanned a wide creek that separated their spit of land from the rest of the sandy island. It had been in the mothers family for two hundred years but the only building still standing, after a fire had destroyed the main house twenty-five years earlier, was a small sleeping cabin that had escaped the conflagration.

They spent every summer there. The mother of course had spent her childhood summers there with her parents. With cousins and aunts and uncles all crowded into the big house. Now the land was hers, and since the fire she had returned each summer with her children. Just the three of them.

They had electricity on the island and after the fire she had converted the three hundred square foot sleeping cabin into a small cottage, one with a small washroom, an open, tiny kitchen, a small sitting area and a bed the women now shared.

Bobby had finally been exiled to a tent he had set up thirty feet from the cabin when he as fourteen, giving the two women their privacy and he his freedom.

The front of the cabin faced the breaking waves of the ocean across a swath of white sand. A small covered porch ran around the front and south side of the cabin, a place the three often congregated in the early evening as they b-b-q-ed their dinner.

They'd always been happy there. It was their true home. They swam and fished, read side by side, played board games and cards at night, sang old songs and even danced, talked easily. The three had formed a bond in their summer isolation that was perhaps the essence of their lives. They'd always been comfortable together and, though popular and with many friends when at home in the city, the quiet comfort they found in each others company reflected their true nature.

There had always been a physical casualness between them. And although they wore bathing suits during the day, shorts and summer tops at night, there had never been any embarrassment about their bodies. When young the children had often swum and played naked on the warm sand, and all three had seen each other naked under the outdoor shower that sat attached to the north east corner of the building.

It had only been in the last few years, as the children had matured sexually, that the easy near nudity and casual physical contact they'd always shared, had been slowly lost.

They arrived late on that Saturday afternoon but within minutes were comfortably ensconced, their lifetime familiarity with the place making the transition from city person to seaside resident easy. And they all felt the happiness that seemed to envelope them the second they got out of the car and smelled the ocean all around them.


"Will you spot me?" her brother asked her after breakfast their first morning at the beach.

"I want to swim...then Mom and I are going to town to shop," Patty answered impatiently, her body, clad in just a skimpy yellow bikini, almost irresistable to her horny brother.

"We're not going for a couple of hours honey," mom interjected. "Help your brother."

"I'm in my bathing suit."

"Pleeeease Patty," her brother mock begged, sinking to his knees in front of her.

"Oh, all right."

He led her over to where he had set up his bench and weights on the north side of the sleeping cabin, a site protected from the hot summer sun by the shade provided by the large banyan tree his grandfather had planted fifty years earlier.

"You've got bigger," Patty couldn't help saying admiringly when Bobby had peeled the sweatshirt over his head and stood standing next to her in just a pair of shorts.

"I lifted all winter. I want to get stronger for football season."

"Your chest, your biceps...they're nice...so big," she said as her fingers lightly traced his pecs and then ran over his nipples.

"I'm a man," he boasted, then flexed his arms and chest in the classic weightlifters pose. "Feel my biceps," he ordered.

"It's not fair. I used to be much bigger than you. You were just a shrimp," she said as her fingers tried to circle his bulging muscle.

"Hah! Anyway, you're pretty tall...for a girl...much taller than Cathy," he said as he put a hand on top of her head. "She's only, like five-two, a midget, I prefer someone taller, like you. You're what....five-nine?"

"Yes," she said proudly, her sparkling, dark eyes staring into his.

"And you're pretty big yourself," he laughed as he cupped her breasts, squeezed once and then jumped back.


"Well, you touched my chest," he said, a broad grin on his handsome face.

"Pig," his excited sister replied.

"They're much nicer than Cathy's," he said as he lay back on the bench and looked up at his sister hovering above him.

He was wearing a pair of those thin, school grey, cotton gym shorts that come with an inner mesh that keeps a man's cock and balls from spilling out and down his leg. But as he lay on his back, repeatedly lifting the heavily loaded bar up and down above his chest, her eyes continually strayed to his groin, to his thick penis that was clearly outlined each time he arched his body off the bench to lift the weight.

He touched my breasts! My little brother touched, gosh, squeezed my breasts, she thought as she watched him. Her skin was still burning where his fingers had been, she could feel her nipples straining against the thin cloth. Don't look at it, you're becoming a slut, she continually admonished herself as she imagined putting her hand into his shorts and seizing his manhood.

As he pressed the heavily laden bar up from his chest he looked up at his sister standing above him, her hands ready to catch the bar if he needed any help. Her legs were spread and as he strained to lift the bar his eyes were continually drawn to the small patch of yellow cloth that sat at the juncture of her legs just inches from his eyes.

He could see her little slit outlined under he thin cloth, felt himself getting harder and harder as he watched the three or four rogue, curly, dark black pubic hairs that peeked from under the cloth.

After twenty-five minutes of heavy lifting he finally stopped. "You're sweaty," Patty grimaced even as her finger traced Bobby's six pack stomach.

"C'mon...lets go swimming...I'll carry you," he announced, then lifted her effortlessly in his arms and started running towards the breaking waves.

"Bobbbbby!" she squealed in protest even as she put an arm around her brother's neck and leaned her cheek against his muscular chest.

He threw her out into the surf and then as she surfaced coughing felt him pull her against him. Felt his cock hard against her mound. "Don't!" she ordered as he lifted her and again tossed her into the swirling sea.

She surfaced six feet away from him, laughing now, knowing a breast had slipped from its cover, then watched as her brother's eyes latched on to her dark, hard nipple. She took her time covering her jiggling orb, even stretched her nipple before slipping it under the yellow cloth.

"Much nicer than Cathy's," he finally said.


A powerful thunderstorm blew in off the ocean late their second night at the cottage, one of those summer storms that can deliver a deluge of water in just minutes.

To be Continued...

10-21-2008, 05:50 AM
"Poor Bobby," Patty said to her mother as they lay side by side in the one bed in the cabin, a queen size brass bed that dominated the small space. They'd both woken when the thunder had started to roar.

"I'm going to check on him, he may be drowning out there," her mom answered, hopping out of bed just as another peal of thunder crashed overhead.

Her daughter, clad in just a thin t-shirt that barely reached mid thigh, quickly followed her mom out the screen door and joined her on the covered porch. They both peered through the darkness and the pounding rain towards the little clearing where Bobby had set up his tent.

"Oh my god! He'll drown," Patty shrieked when a bolt of lightning lit up the area and the two women saw the pond of water that was forming around the tent.

"BOBBY....BOBBY!" his mother yelled, her breasts moving under the thin cloth of the short nightgown she wore.

"Ma?" they finally heard and when the next flare of lightning hit they saw his head peering through the flap of his tent.

"Come up to the house. You can't stay out there," his mom ordered. Five seconds later they saw him again, momentarily lit up by another flash from the sky, moving towards them, naked, water dripping from his muscular young body.

"Patty, go get Bobby a towel, he's naked," her mom directed, but for seconds her daughter waited, waiting for the next illuminating flare.

"You're soaking," mom almost scolded when Bobby finally reached the haven of the porch's overhang. "You should have come in earlier."

"I thought it was okay...just raining...I was asleep...then I woke up...there was water everywhere...my sleeping bag...my clothes were all soaked," Bobby gasped as he stood dripping in front of the two women.

"Towel Patty," mom ordered as she ran her hand through her son's soaking hair.

"Yes ma," Patty answered as she rushed inside, then was back seconds later with a small bath towel.

"Patty, he needs a beach towel...something to cover himself," her mother complained, but the eyes of both were hungrily locked on the shaft swinging freely between his legs as he dried his hair with the small towel.

Eventually another couple of towels were found and Bobby was escorted into the small cabin, and ended up sitting on the couch, surrounded by the two fussing women.

"I'm okay. I'll just sleep on the couch...you guys can go back to bed," he finally told them.

"No, you'll sleep on the bed...with us. There's lots of room, isn't there Patty?"

"Yes ma," he daughter agreed, her whole body tingling in excitement from what she'd seen.

"Put on some shorts, then come to bed."

"Yes ma. I gotta go pee first though." God, they were both staring at my cock, he thought to himself as he held his streaming hose over the toilet. Felt himself hardening as he thought of their thinly clad bodies that would be lying next to his. They'll have to feel it tonight, he thought.

The two women were lying in bed when Bobby returned from the washroom, and they silently watched when he let the towel fall from his waist and then moved to the clothes closet where he finally located a pair of boxers. They couldn't help but notice how his penis had hardened, and then, as he pulled the shorts up his legs, saw it momentarily caught before Bobby shoved its straining length under the cloth.

"Here, sleep between us," mom directed as she patted the bed between she and her daughter.

"You don't have enough room ma," Bobby said as he snuggled between the two. "I can take the couch."

"Don't be ridiculous. It's three in the morning. Let's just get some sleep," his mom answered even while feeling her son's hardness touch her thighs.

"Do you snore?" Patty asked as she snuggled her breasts against her brother's back.


"Ohhhh, I'm tired," Patty muttered when she finally woke the next morning.

"You're finally awake," mom sang out from across the room.

"What time is it? Who...," she started to say as felt the body against her. "Bobby?" Then remembered the night before.

Lifting her head so she could see over the muscular chest just inches from her mouth, she saw her mom across the room standing at the stove. "He hogged most of the bed," she complained, but even as she spoke she was aware of something poking against her stomach.

Jesus, she thought, as she looked down between their bodies and saw the long pole sticking out from the fly of Bobby's shorts.

"He takes a lot of space doesn't he? When I woke up I was almost on the floor," her mom answered in a clearly happy tone of voice.

"Well, I guess it wasn't too bad for one night," Patty answered as she watched her hand move of its own will towards the waiting shaft. Don't, she mumbled to herself, then felt the smooth hardness of a man for the first time.

"What honey?" her mom asked.

"Nothing ma," she answered, lost in the feelings coursing through her. She slowly ran her hand up his cock as her insides opened, lightly fondled his balls as her nipples tightened in desire.

She felt him stir but still held him lightly in her palm, then saw his eyes pop open but still was reluctant to release him. Slowly she finally let her fingers open and pulled her hand back, and then in a complaining tone said, "You're finally awake. Now at least I can escape."

"Are you awake Bobby?" his mom shouted across the room. "C'mon you two, get up, breakfast is almost ready."

"I'm trapped," Patty protested, then started to climb over Bobby's body. Half way over him she suddenly felt his hand between her thighs, momentarily cupping her mound through her damp panties.

"What're you cooking ma?" Bobby asked as she hovered for second after second on his hand, then he lifted his head and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. "Morning Patty," he cooed in her ear.

"Let me out," she ordered, then slid her body slowly over his. "Do I have time for a swim mom?" she asked as she headed to the washroom.

"No. And you get going Mr. Lazybones," she directed at her son. "You've got to hang up the tent and organize all your wet stuff once you've eaten."

"Yes mommy," he laughed as he jumped out of bed and hugged his mother.

"Get on with you," she smiled. "And put some pants on...you're not very modest like that," she said as her eyes dipped downward.

"Whoops," he laughed when he looked down and saw his semi-stiff prick sticking out of the fly.

Christ, he mumbled to himself later as he hung the soaked nylon tent on the clothesline, I showed mom my cock. And Patty touched it! How long had she been holding it he wondered as he hung up his wet clothes? She let me touch her mound, feel her slit.


It was a beautiful day, and after their late breakfast and after finishing their chores the two women prepared for a day tanning and reading on the beach.

"Are you going to be late?" Bobby's mom asked him as he grabbed the car keys.

"The game's at one...I probably won't get back til six or so," he answered, eager to go.

"Drive slowly honey," her mom ordered as she gave him a kiss before he fled out the door.


Patty was surprised when her mom unsnapped her bikini top and let it fall to the sand.

"What?" her mom asked when she saw the surprised look.

"Nothing...I forgot, we used to swim topless all the time."

"With Bobby growing up the last few years I thought I better not," she said laughing.

"They're so beautiful mom," Patty said as she undid her top. "Big and round, soft..."

"They're starting to sag," her mom complained as she put her hands under her full breasts and lifted.

"Yeah right mom. I wish mine were like yours," she said in admiration.

"Mine used to be like yours...firm and high...proud..." she said remembering.

"Yours are bigger."

"Just a bit...they got bigger when I had you two," she said as she moved so that the two women's breasts were just touching. "See, your nipples are above mine, your breasts stand up more."

"Yeah, like a quarter of an inch," Patty laughed. "Our nipples look exactly alike though."

"We both have long, fat ones don't we?" her mom asked laughing as she moved her breasts so their nipples touched. "I used to get so embarrassed when I was young and they'd pop out like this."

"Me too," her daughter answered. "Everyone knows when I'm cold...or...," she laughed.

"Here, put some sunscreen on my back honey," her mom asked as she handed Patty the tube and turned.

Patty slowly oiled her mom's back, then moved around and started on her front. "What's it like mommy, when you're full of milk, when a baby sucks on your teat," she asked as her hand caressingly applied sunscreen to her mother's full breasts.

"It's nice, you'll like it honey," her mom promised as she took the tube from her daughter and squeezed a big drop into her palm.

"Gosh, no ones even kissed my breasts yet; I don't think I'm going to have a baby anytime soon."

"Here's a quick preview," her mom said as she dipped her head to her daughters left tit and then enveloped her taut nipple between her lips.

"MOMMMMY!" Patty squealed as her body arched towards her mothers mouth.

"Now the other one," her mom giggled and then ran her moist tongue over Patty's other engorged nipple. "You have puffy nipples just like mine," her mom said when she finally released her squirming daughter.

"They feel like they're ready to burst...oh god, what'll it feel like with a man?"

"You'll find out honey," her mom laughed. "Now c'mon, lets go for a swim."

Fifteen minutes later the two tall women, both with long, thick black hair, and looking more like sisters than mother and daughter, emerged dripping from the ocean. Before lying on her beach chair Patty bent and pulled the wet panties from her legs.

"He won't be back for hours...we're all alone, they're so clammy," she rushed to explain to her bemused mother.

"I agree," her mom answered as she quickly shucked her bottoms.

"We look alike there too," Patty said as she looked at her mom's full, but trimmed pubic triangle.

"God, I'm glad you're not one of those girls who shave everything."

"I tried it once. I looked like a little girl...I prefer some hair."

"Me too," Bobby's mom answered.


They read silently for twenty minutes, both of them luxuriating in the feel of the suns rays on their bodies, before Patty finally said softly, ""I saw it this morning."

"You saw what?"

"Bobby's thing. It was poking me when I woke up. It was hard and he wasn't even awake," she said with a question in her voice. "Sticking right through his fly."

"Boys...well men...they often have erections in the morning...even when they're sleeping...he woke me up too...it was poking my bum," her mom laughed. "My nightie was almost at my waist, he was right against my bare skin."

"He did?"

"Uh huh."

"It's gross."

"Oh, it's not that bad."

"They're sort of ugly aren't they? ...And how does he get it all inside of Cathy anyway? She's so small."

"We don't know he and Cathy are doing it."

"He told me," her daughter told her mom.

"He did?" Seeing her daughter's insistent nod she added, "Well, they usually fit honey, somehow."

"He's big though, isn't he? I mean, what's normal anyway?"

"Well, your brother is definitely full sized Patty, in fact we could probably call him an extra large."

"Is it better...when it's bigger?"

"Yessss," her mom answered, a big grin on her face, remembering what Bobby's father had felt like.

"I touched it...with my hand...it was different that I thought it would be. Hard...but smooth. I know I shouldn't have, but it was just sitting there, I couldn't stop myself," she hastened to explain to her now laughing mom. "Bobby woke when it was in my hand."

"I think I'm getting horny mom."

"Oh Patty," her mom said as she hugged her daughter.


"WHAT'S THIS? Nude day at the Coursey's," the two naked women suddenly heard shouted from behind them.

"BOBBY!" Patty squealed as both women's hands flew to cover their bare thighs.

"What are you doing home?"

"They cancelled the game. The other team couldn't get here, apparently the storm last night washed out a road," the excited teen said as he sat at the foot of his mother's chair. He'd actually been watching them for the last ten minutes from a distance, drinking in their naked beauty.

"Don't look," Patty ordered, trying now to cover her breasts with one hand and her pubic pelt with the other.

"Why not? I sorta like the look," Bobby said leering, "and just think of how much you're going to save not having to buy clothes."

"Bobby," his mom warned, but she couldn't hide the amusement she felt. Nor not feel the excitement.

"You could be Patty's big sister mom...or her twin," he said as his eyes roved over her nudity.

"Yeah sure," his mom responded, but he sensed the pleasure she got from the compliment, and couldn't help but notice that his mom hadn't covered her breasts like Patty had.

"You two are so beautiful...so sexy. Patty and Chrissie, two beautiful twins, naked sirens trying to lure lost sailors to their shores," he teased.

"Hah," Patty interjected, but she did let her hand slip away from her breasts. Both women's nipples were straining outwards towards him.

"Well, Chrissie does have slightly larger breasts," her son finally admitted as his eyes flicked from one to the other.

"Bobby!" his mother warned again, then added, "And you shouldn't call your mother Chrissie."

"I told you you're breasts were bigger, better," Patty complained to her mom.

"No one said mom's breasts were better than yours my dear sister. In fact I must say your breastworks are simply magnificent. Extraordinary in fact. One in a million," he enthused.

"You're crazy," his suddenly beaming sister said.

"And I gotta say, you two have the biggest, longest, most exciting nipples I've ever seen."

"Whose nipples have you seen anyway young man," his mom asked, but her preemptory tone couldn't mask her obvious excitement from her son eyes.

"So, anybody want to go swimming?" Bobby asked as he stood and dropped the shorts he was wearing.

"What are you doing?" his sister asked as the two women stared at the three quarters erect penis just inches away from their eyes..

"I sorta like this idea of a nudist colony," he laughed, posing for seconds in front of his mom and sister, then turned and ran laughing into the white-capped surf.

"He's impossible," Patty said smiling at her mother. "And I still don't know where it all goes. It's huge!"

"Bigger than his father," his beaming mom agreed.

"Does it get you excited too mommy?" her daughter asked innocently when Bobby slowly emerged from the ocean. He was fully erect as he slowly toweled himself off fifteen yards down the beach from where they sat. He could feel their hungry eyes on him.


"Did you ever smoke mom?" Bobby asked after they'd eaten their bar-b-q'ed fish dinner later that night and were sitting in the small cabin, Bobby and his mom on the couch while Patty lay stretched on her stomach on the bed. Their mom, who believed in introducing her children intelligently to alcohol, had uncorked a bottle of white wine with the meal and the three of them were perhaps just slightly high. The radio was playing oldies softly in the background.

"It's a disgusting habit. No, of course not. And if either of you," his mother started to warn.

"I mean a joint...you know...marijuana."

"Bobby!" his sister said angrily.

"I just wanted to know. Chrissies not that old...everyone tries it at least once."

"I didn't," Patty protested.


"Well, maybe once or twice," Patty admitted.

"Have you Bobby," his mom asked, a clear concern evident in her voice. "You're so young," she started to add before Patty interjected.

"He's not too young for you know what."


"Did you mom," Bobby asked again.

"Just because I did something once upon a time doesn't mean you should do it," his mom answered blushing. "Okay, yes, I've tried it."

"Mother!" a scandalized Patty interjected.

"I never really talked to you two about drugs...I probably should have. You guys aren't doing anything bad are you? Ecstasy or that awful Oxy stuff?"

"God no. That's for losers. Once in a while at a party we might smoke up...not often...it's better than getting drunk," Bobby admitted.

"Patty?" her mom asked.

"Once in a while. It's around at school. I did it maybe three or four times this year."

"Me too," their mother said.

"What! This year? You're a mother...you're not supposed to," Patty protested even as her mom and brother broke out in broad smiles. "You two are impossible."

"I've got one...a joint," Bobby blurted, "maybe the three of us could..." he said, his voice trailing away in invitation.

"But mom's here," Patty protested again, a protest that probably produced her mother's next words.

"Yes maybe that's a good idea Bobby. Better than doing it behind my back. You're adults now."

"Bobby isn't," his shocked sister muttered.

All three of them were nervous when Bobby reappeared with a fat joint in his hand.

"Maybe we shouldn't," Patty said as her brother struck a match and inhaled deeply. "Oh god mommie," she protested when her mom took the roach from her son and drew a lungful of smoke deep into her lungs.

Still, she took the proffered smoke when her mother passed it, inhaled, coughed, giggled, pulled another lungful, passed it on.

They were all feeling pretty mellow by the time it was down to a half inch long butt.

"That's a song from my day," Mom said as another oldie came on the radio. "I used to dance to that one with your father when I was fifteen or sixteen," she said as she swayed her body to the music.

"I took you for more a rapper, maybe goth...or dance hall," Patty giggled as she mimicked her mom's slow moves. "Not this."

"Yeah, but at the end of the night, when we wanted to close dance," she said, then stood and took her daughter's hand in hers, "then we played these slow ones. Do you want to dance handsome?" she asked her son, holding out her other hand to him.

"Really? Oh yes mom...I mean Chrissie," Bobby said as he jumped to his feet and took his mom's hand.

At first they danced conservatively, their bodies apart, Bobby's left hand extended and holding his mothers right.

"You're a good dancer mom."

"You sound surprised. I was like the best dancer in my high school young man," she said as she dropped his hand and put both her arms around his neck.

"You fit me...Cathy's so short," Bobby whispered as his mother nestled her head between his shoulder and neck. And when he'd put both arms around her back and gently moved her so they were lightly touching from breast to groin, he added softly in her ear, "you smell so nice mommy, so nice."

Suddenly he felt her lips on his neck, hungry, wet bites that sent blood coursing madly up his cock, and then he moved his hands to her firm bum, pulling her against his urgent need. They danced two dances plastered together, swaying as one, his prick proudly poking his mom....

"My turn," Patty demanded as the second song ended. Chrissie conceded her place to her daughter but Bobby could see the reluctance in his mother's eyes, and for a second had to fight the urge to simply throw her on the bed and have her.

"Can you dance big sister?" he finally asked Patty as she moved into his arms.

"Noooo, of course not, I'm just dumb Patty," she pouted as she melted against her body.

"You're beautiful," he whispered back.

"Don't make fun of me."

"You've always been the one."

"I have?"

"I'll be your first," he promised.

"What?" she whispered liquidly in his ear, of course knowing exactly what he meant.

"Your first man. In you, filling you...this," he said hoarsely as he grabbed her hand and forced it between them, forced it under the elastic belt of his shorts.

To Be Continued...

10-21-2008, 05:50 AM
"Don't Bobby," she protested as she tried to pull her hand away. And over Bobby's shoulder she could see her mom watching them from the couch. He held her wrist for seconds, not allowing her to withdraw her fingers. Slowly her resistance faded, then tentatively she started to move her hand up and down his length, exploring, arousing, caressing, promising....

"Gosh Bobby, it's so big, so hard, so long," she whispered in his ear. "It'll never fit."

She stroked him for two dances. Gasped when he slipped his hands under her shorts and cupped her firm butt. Moaned when his finger caressed her anus. Almost melted when his finger pushed into her pussy.

The three of them continued to dance for a couple of hours. Their bodies made clear promises to each other that didn't have to be articulated in words. They all knew what the future held. The women finally staggered to bed around two...their son and brother passed out on the couch. All three dreamt of forbidden pleasures.


"You know Patty's a virgin?" his mom asked as she and Bobby watched his sister swimming in the surf as they sat side by side on the beach the next day.

"Are you going to stop us? Only you can," Bobby said as his eyes searched his moms.

"I don't want Patty hurt."

"You know I'd never," he protested.

"I know honey," his mom answered as she put her hand on his thigh for a moment.

"I have your permission? To make love with your daughter?" Bobby asked.


"To marry her?"

"Oh Bobby, you can't," but then conceded, "Yes honey."

"You too. After," he promised, his eyes ordering, beseeching.

"I'm your mother."

"I love you. Want you. Do you want me Chrissie?" he asked as his hand cupped her head and drew her towards him.

"Yes. Yes baby," she cried, then felt his tongue penetrate her mouth.

He's kissing mom, Patty gasped as she looked up and saw her mom and her brother intertwined. Oh god I love him, she thought as she watched Bobby finally break away from her mom and stand. Mommy wants him as much as I do, she suddenly realized.

"Ya coming swimming?" Bobby asked his mom as he stood over her.

"No, maybe later," she laughed, "go swim with your sister. Bobbbbby, leave your suit on," she tried to order him as he slipped his suit down his legs and turned toward the ocean.

Will he really want his older mother after he's had Patty, she asked herself as her eyes followed his tight, muscular bum as he ran toward his sister?

"God, you are a pervert," Patty accused as Bobby splashed up to her and stood just feet away from here in the knee high water.

"You're the one looking at her brother's penis."

"Well, you've got it flapping up and down so much...how could I miss it? Anyway it's an ugly little thing...men aren't nearly as pretty down there as women," she said.

"You liked touching it the other morning, seemed to like it last night too," he teased.

"I'd never seen one before. Or touched one. I was just checking."

"Wait til you feel it tonight...in another place," he laughed as he lifter her in his arms.

"I won't. You're terrible."

"Your breasts are beautiful."

"Hah," she said as her face lit up in pleasure.

"Will you marry me? Have my babies?"

"You're crazy," she laughed. I won't have to find anyone else she thought as he lifted her and then tossed her out into the deeper water. My brother's the one I've been waiting for. "Yes," she yelled when she surfaced from her dunking. "If you really want me."

"Yesssss," he yelled back, knowing that the two women on this beach were his only future.


"I'm going to sleep in the tent tonight," Chrissie said at about eleven that night.

"What? Why?" Patty asked.

"I want some fresh air for once. Bobby can sleep on my side of the bed."

Patty understood immediately. She knew her mother was okaying this union of her children, not only okaying but also giving her blessing. There would be no hiding, no lies between them ever.

"No," she shouted just as her mom reached the door. "I want you here," she said as she felt both their eyes on her.

"But," her mother started.

"I want you with us mommy," she insisted, "When we make love," she added, letting them both know she understood.

"Bobby?" she asked as she turned to her brother with open arms.

"You're trembling," he said as he felt her shiver against his chest.

"I'm scared."

"You don't have to be."

"I know...but I am," she said as her soft hand found and seized his surging manhood.

"I'll be gentle," he promised as their mouths meshed together.

"That's not what I want," she panted when she finally pulled her lips off his. "Be a man, all man," she demanded as she stroked him.

He marveled again at her beauty after he had quickly stripped her top and shorts from her body. He pushed her back onto the bed and saw the moist, pink gash open between her dark curls. Then spread her knees even farther apart and brought his round cockhead to her gates.

"Bobbbbbby," she gasped as he split her engorged sex in one, long, hard thrust. Oh jesus, she thought as she wrapped her legs around her young brother, it's so much better than she'd ever imagined. She felt impossibly full.

Nothing had prepared himself for this overwhelming sensation of completeness that hit him as he felt her ankles digging into his buttocks. Every nerve in his cock was somehow being awoken by his sisters tightening insides. He was in heaven. Her pussy was the promised land. His other women had been nothing like this.

"Pattty...I can't hold it...ohhh...ohhh," he yelled as her insides clenched his suddenly erupting cock. He looked up as he felt his penis flooded by their combined juices and saw his mother sitting on the couch, naked, her fingers moving urgently on her mound.

"I love you Bobby," Patty whispered as her brother started to move again inside of her.

"I'm sorry," he started, "about how quickly..."

"It feels so good," she answered as she put her finger on his lips to quiet him.

"I'll be better," he promised.

"It couldn't be any better than this," she cried as her body started to spasm in orgasm under his urgent, pounding, thrusting hardness.


"Let me kiss him," she said when he finally pulled out, his cock coated and sticky.

"Later," he answered as he turned her over on her stomach and then lifted her to her knees.

"Again?" she asked as she felt his cockhead run along her ass.

Just as he shoved his prick into his sister's oozing channel he saw his mom stand and move toward the door.


"I'm just getting some air...I'll be back," she said softly, then slipped from the cabin.

He rode Patty hard this third time, holding and squeezing her breasts as he pounded into her from behind. She was noisy now, yelling, screaming her pleasure as her brother's penis quickly transformed her into a writhing slave.

"Ohhhh god," she finally moaned, her whole body thrashing as her womb orgasmed her acceptance of the first explosive delivery of sperm. They were so tightly interjoined that she could feel it as his cum started up his long shaft, had a second of anticipation before she felt it burst liquidly inside her. Then could feel her insides draw his seed deep inside, sucking it down to her centre. Then she sensed the next load of sperm starting up his shaft.

Again and again his bucking cock discharged.


"Where's mom?" a panting Patty finally asked after their fourth frantic coupling.

"She just went out to get some air."

"Go get her Bobby...she shouldn't be alone."

"When you're asleep honey...I'll go then," he promised his wife.


"Are you cold?" he asked when he saw his mom standing naked at the edge of the sea.

"Bobby. Why aren't you with Patty?" his mother asked as he engulfed her naked form from behind in his arms.

"She's asleep. I brought you a blanket."

"It's warm out here," she said as she leaned back against him.

"I'll warm you," he whispered in her ear as his hands moved to cup her full breasts.

"Honey...don't," she moaned even as she wiggled her bum and captured his hardening shaft between her ass cheeks.

"I love you Chrissie," her son insisted as he slowly moved one hand across her stomach and towards her sex.

"You won't be able to...you'll be too tired," she protested even as she pushed back against him. "Ohhh Bobbbby," she groaned as he slipped a finger inside of his mum. She arched her head back and turned her face to meet his as a second finger penetrated her slippery channel.

Their lips clashed together in a hungry lust and then their mouths opened as they tried to force their tongues together. "Oh baby...yes," Chrissie moaned as Bobby moved his lips to a quivering breast and sucked a taut nipple into his moist mouth.

"No Bobby...noooo," she cried as he slipped to his knees and brought his tongue to her sex. He had to hold her ass cheeks in his strong hands or her trembling body would have collapsed under the onslaught of his tongue.

Her cries of pleasure seemed to echo around the island as he moved back and forth between her erect clit and her increasingly moist crack. She wailed a long, whimpering, "Bobbbbbbbbbby," when she finally shuddered and discharged her orgasmic juice onto his lapping tongue.

"Now baby...now...please...fuck mommie...hurry," she demanded as she slid down his body and lay panting on her back on the blanket, her moist thighs splayed open in urgent need.

He simply marveled to himself as he pushed inside his mother, was actually trembling as her vulva closed around him and squeezed his throbbing shaft. I grew in there, he thought, as he repeatedly thrust his burning rod towards his mother's womb.

Again and again he thrust inside of his mom, and each time felt how her body rose off the blanket to eagerly meet his probing penis.

It lasted and lasted. His time with Patty had taken the urgent edge off his lust. He made love to his mother unhurriedly, again and again bringing her to the edge before backing off.

Loved it when she finally erupted under him, orgasming her need of him even as he continued to move his swollen shaft inside her engorged pussy.

"Please baby...hurry, hurrrrry," she cried. "I'm commmmming!"

He put her heels on his shoulders when her first orgasm had passed, and then when he started to deep fuck her he knew he was reaching places no other man had ever been with her, knew from the almost supernatural wail that was escaping her lips that she'd never want anyone but him.

It was only when she'd slipped into a state of continuous orgasm that he felt the tightening in his balls and the first strand of cream rush up his penis, knew somehow that it was she and not Patty who'd have his first child.


"You're crying!" he said as he watched tears falling down both her cheeks.

"I'm happy...oh Bobby," she cried as he licked the salty drops from her skin.

"I love you mommy," he said as he started to slowly pull his still hard penis from her overflowing sheathe.

"No...no honey...leave it in...please baby."

He pushed back in, deep, right to the hilt, felt his sticky cum everywhere. "I'm full...full of my baby," his mom laughed as he turned her so that they lay on their sides facing each other.

"I don't know how I ever got out of there...or Patty did...when I was born...you're so tight," he said as he felt his mom's birth channel clench even tighter on his engorged cock.

"You're so big baby," she teased and then licked wetly in his ear.

"Ohhh mommy," he groaned as his whole body arched in need.

"It's never been better Bobby...no one...ever. You're the best man, the very best...I never dreamed I'd feel this," she told her son as the two of them moved sinuously in a slow sexual rhythm.

He understood immediately. His mom was telling him he'd surpassed his father, that he was now her man. He continued to move his big cock inside of her, her only sounds now urgent pants of primal need, then felt the start of her orgasmic opening of her womb as he shot strand after strand of hot sperm inside of her.

"I want to have your baby," his mom said as he kept his penis in her, plugging his seed deep inside of her.


"Wake up honey," penetrated his consciousness as a hand gently shook his shoulder.

"Mom?" Bobby asked as he slowly opened his eyes. "What time is it anyway?" he mumbled as he peered into the darkness.

"The suns just coming up sweetie," his mom answered then said, "I love you baby," after she'd given him a soft kiss.

"Luv you too mom," he said as he arched his body in an awakening stretch. "Can't we sleep a little longer though?"

"I don't want Patty to wake up alone. C'mon," she said as she stood and grabbed his had, "you can sleep inside."

He followed his mom towards the cabin and then yelled, "Hey wait!" just as she reached the porch.


"This," he said as he bent and lifted his naked, sticky mother into his arms.

"BOBBY!" she squealed as he carried her towards he door.

"You're my wife now," he said as he carried her across the threshold.

"You'll have two wives, Patty and me," his mom whispered as he let her slip down his body and onto her feet.

'You won't mind sharing me?"

"You're my husband. I love you Bobby."


"Unh...what...what is it?" Bobby mumbled four hours later.

"Patty, I think our little boy has finally awoken."

"Mom?" Bobby asked as he opened his eyes. There was a long tongue flicking over each of his nipples.


"Hi," his sister said and then kissed him gently.

"What time is it?"

"Almost eleven. Mom's been giving me lessons," his sister said with a grin.


"Un huh, like this," Patty said as she licked across his chest and down across her stomach.

"Jesus Patty," he groaned as she moistly thrust her tongue around his belly button.

"And this," she giggled as he felt her tongue lick over his cockhead. "Mommy, help me," she demanded.

"Oh god," he moaned as he felt and saw two sets of hungry lips meet at his cock.

"Do you like this baby brother," she asked as she ran her tongue from the base of his hardening cock to its tip. Then, as her mouth moved over him, each lick, each suck, each little nip from his sister was answered by one from his mom.

"It's too big," her mother warned Patty as the young girl opened her mouth and popped Bobby's fat, round cock between her lips.

Pulling off for a second she answered, "I want to try," and then dipped her head again.

As he hardened and lengthened in his sisters mouth Bobby grabbed his sisters legs and pulled her so that her hips were positioned over his mouth.

Her mouth stuffed full, Patty's only response when her brother's tongue found her pink clit was a muffled groan as she tried to take even more of him into her throat. As his tongue probed inside his sister he suddenly felt his mom's tongue on his balls.

"Ohhh mommy," he screamed, his cry of ecstasy muffled by Patty's pussy, as he shot explosively down his sister's throat.

They didn't dress that first day. Nor often in the following four weeks. Naked together, touching, they slept together...made love morning, noon and night...


They planned their future! They all knew they'd found what they needed, found what they wanted. Why look for something you already have? Something never to be replicated with anyone else. They were hopelessly in love.

Two days later, with the three of them naked and wearing wild flowers in their hair, Christine, standing ankle deep in the warm ocean, held a bible in her hand and married her children, blessing their union. Then Patty took the bible, the minister's place, and married her mother to her brother and now husband.

And Bobby's first baby started to grow in his mother's womb.

Patty transferred to the local University that fall. She refused to leave her husband or mother.

Bobby didn't have to break up with his girlfriend; Cathy's mother told her over the summer that she had slept with Bobby.

Bobby graduated the next spring. One month after his daughter Stephanie was born.

Of course they summered the next year again at the ocean. Patty and Bobby both drank from their mother's milk laden breasts. All three made love endlessly.

Patty missed her period that July.

They didn't return to their city home that second fall. Instead, the three of them moved to a new town, a smallish Midwestern town half way across the country. A town with a good university. Where they weren't known. They became just a normal family – a man and his wife, living with her mother, a baby...more to come...and perhaps not so strangely they lived happily ever after...



10-28-2008, 09:43 AM
'A' My Name is Alice
A mother and son in a 'sticky' situation

Imagine a big guy with a rubber mallet in your chest and he's banging on a steel drum. That's what it felt like the first time AJ touched me. I didn't feel it with my first boyfriend and I sure didn't feel it with my husband the first time. I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. My son AJ was standing behind me. He kissed me on the neck and then reached into the top of my blouse and gently held my nipple between his fingers. He said "That's the most beautiful thing I ever saw", took his hand out and left without another word.

I was dumbfounded. It happened so fast and it was so surreal, I wondered if it really happened. It happened; my nipple still tingled.

Do you remember that rhyme you sang as you bounced the ball under your leg?
'A' my name is Alice and my husband's name is Al.
We live in Acton and we sell apples.

In the game you went on to 'B'; in my life I stopped at 'A'. My name is Alice and my husband's name is Andy and my son's names are Andy jr. (AJ) and Alex and we take care of apartments. The 'A' thing just happened because my father who lives with us is named Alex and it made him happy to have my second son named after him.

AJ and Alex are so different; you would think they're not only from different families but from different planets. Alex never says a word and always wants to be alone while AJ is warm, loving, handsome…this leads me to the difficulty. I love Alex but I've fallen in love with AJ.

As for my husband: he's more interested in Mrs. Green who's faucet always needs attention; (I think something else is dripping but I really don't give a tinkers dam) we lost contact a long time ago.

AJ works with my husband and when he came home that night I asked him to come down to the laundry room to help me with the supplies. As we went down in the elevator, I said, "What was that all about this morning"?

"Mom, I'm not a kid and I've been out with a lot of girls. I know how a girl acts when she likes me. I hear the things you say and I see the way you look at me; it's more than a mother looking at her son. I know Dad's screwing the tenants (So it wasn't only the Green bitch) and I gave him hell for it.

"Thank you baby but that doesn't matter anymore. It's just a business arrangement between him and me now."

"Well he's a shit anyway but I'm telling you ma, I know how you feel and I feel the same way." He put his hands on my arms and the electricity started going through me. You have to understand, being touched for me is not like it is for most people. Some people's hearing is better than others; some can smell things from a mile away while another person can't smell it even if it's under their nose. All of my skin is sensitive. That's why I take off my bra whenever I can. That's why my clothes are loose and silky and add to that that it's my son's hand that's sliding over my breast and I'm already climbing the walls.

AJ takes my hand and leads me to the supply room and locks the door. It's dark, warm, and wet: with stacks of detergent boxes and broken appliances on the floor and tools hanging on the walls. Who cares? AJ is kissing me. AJ is kissing me with the lover's kisses I've been aching for. AJ is touching me and I'm alive. Everyplace his hand reaches seems to tremble on its own. Each breast is his as he fondles me. He lifts the dress and his hands are in my panties describing the curve from my waist down to back of my thighs. When he gets between my legs I'm electrified. I'm lost as he turns me and I bend over with my arms out over the old washing machine. He enters me from behind and I'm transported. I'm filled with my son and my legs are shaking.

"This is how I have you in my fantasy, mom: down here just like this." As he pushes deeper up into my belly he tells me of the nights he's spent and the things he's done to me in this room. As he talks to me they become my fantasies too.

I can feel when he's about to come and I want to come with him. I reach down to touch myself and as I feel the first spurts, I take myself over. The coming is so exquisite it almost hurts. As we're coming down and my love is kissing my neck for the second time today, I'm hoping nobody was doing their laundry. Even though it's a steel door, we made a lot of noise at the end.

He kisses me with love and touches me again; his gentle hands on my face tell me it was more than just a moment's lust. I kiss him with my heart as his mother and his lover.

We go back upstairs and the usual dinnertime buzz is starting but I'm in another place. It's almost excruciating to say and do what I've been saying and doing for years. I want to talk to AJ. I want to be with AJ. I want to touch AJ. Finally there's a moment where we're alone in the kitchen. "AJ we have to talk about all this."

He comes up to me and says "sure mom but I'd rather kiss you". His lips are on me and I'm sparked by his tongue but I pull back.

"AJ please, I want to kiss you too but please not here; it's complicated enough without making things crazier. Go down to the park and I'll be there in about twenty minutes."

I went to the end of the small park where my son was sitting on a bench waiting for me. It was getting dark enough and there were only a few kids hanging out. We had our kiss. "AJ what are we doing?"

"Mom, you know and I know and the hell with dad and anybody else."

"Baby, it's not him but your brother and poppa wouldn't understand and neither would the people we work for and on and on."

"Mom, are you sorry…"

"Baby I'm not sorry; I don't want to be without you but we have to know what we're doing. Just think about it AJ; you came in me and I've been off the pill for six months. What if I get pregnant?"

"I wouldn't care; I'm sure you're beautiful when you're pregnant."

Alice laughed, "You know what I mean".

He teased her and cupped her breast. "You mean these get even bigger; that I'd like to see."

"Oh AJ…"

"Look mom, do you think I could not touch you again, or stop loving you? Tomorrow I'll get something or you go back on the pill and we're going to find a way to be together even if I have to drag you down to the supply room at midnight."

I saw the flash in his eyes when he spoke and I said, "Sweet baby you'll never have to drag me anywhere if I know you're going to make love to me". We kissed like school kids and when we were sure nobody was around, we touched each other until we came.

The next day was Sunday so everyone was in and out of the apartment. I was so needy and almost out of control. I never remember getting wet like that just thinking about someone and I was sure that everyone around me knew. The crazy thing was that that we did end up in the supply room again.

AJ wouldn't or couldn't stop touching me. Whenever no one was around he would fondle my breasts or try to slip his hands under my dress. I begged him to stop; he begged me to take off my panties. He teased me and 'blackmailed' me. "Mom, if you love me you would do anything for me. There's nothing you can't ask me to do; if you said I should lick you in the middle of the living room, I'd do it. And you wouldn't do this little thing for me?"

He was playing but the truth is there is nothing he could ask that I wouldn't do and I want to spend forever proving it. This was silly but I took off my panties. At one point we were in the kitchen and he stood behind me and put his finger in me. I got so nervous and turned on that I told him to follow me to supply room. I spread five or six blankets on the floor. I took my dress and bra off. I was on my knees when he came in. "Come to me my beautiful boy" I said.

I unbuckled him and undid him. I wanted to do all the things I never wanted to do with other men. He felt like velvet in my mouth and I loved what it did to him. I wanted him to come like he never came with another woman. I wanted to be the woman in all his fantasies. I'd never tasted a man this way before. It gave me as much pleasure as it did my son.

The next evening AJ went out without a word and naturally I had to 'explain' that I was going shopping. We met and went to a movie across town. AJ loves to kiss – I'm not complaining. I felt like I was back in high school. He kissed me raw for about a half hour and I couldn't take anymore and said, "Let's go to a motel".

There was a convention in town and at the third place they only had two suites. The first took AJ's card over the limit but the cheaper one went through. We were on our first bed and he loved me until my hair was matted and my body dripping with sweat. He went into the bathroom and came out with a lotion to use as a lubricant. I knew what he wanted.

I never understood why a woman would want a man there but after the initial shock I realized two things: it felt good because my son wanted me that way, and it felt good.

When he first entered me I thought of Jane, a woman I was friendly with a few years ago. She confided in me that she had let (made?) her son suck her breasts as he grew up. I thought it was bizarre. Now here I was in the honeymoon suite on my hands and knees with my son in my behind. So Jane, how's that for bizarre. I thought "You don't get more bizarre than this" and then I remembered that AJ came in me the first time. Where does having your son's baby rate on a scale of one to ten?

This all flashed in a few seconds and then I stopped thinking. I only felt: him in me, filling that small passage, his hands gliding over my skin touching off my nipples. He opened my flower and found me with his finger so I could come as he did. He kissed and bit my back and gave his mother his love. We collapsed and slept.

We awoke and I looked at the clock. Christ, who shops until eleven thirty? That was when I decided.

AJ stayed there overnight since he didn't always come home. I went home and told poppa and Alex that I happened to meet Jane, and we blah, blah, blah and yes I should have called. I told my husband that I'd met someone and he was soon to be my ex – husband and he couldn't have cared less.

I'm now in my own place and AJ has also moved out of there and is staying with a 'friend' until he gets his own place. Where we go from here I'm not sure but I'm sure we'll go together.

We're now working our way through the alphabet: we've done everything we can think of that starts with 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D'. When were through, we'll start on 'Alice' again. We're happy.


01-02-2009, 10:48 AM
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'Little' Mandy and Her Daddy's Shower
In cheerleader uniform, coed joins him in the shower

Frank Williams was just about through with his shower, and was letting the warm water beat down on his shoulders, when he heard door to the bathroom open. The shower scene from "Psycho" flashed through his mind, but he was quite sure it was not some maniac with a knife.

He was right. "Daddy?" a sweet young voice said to him. He recognized the dulcet tones of his darling daughter, Mandy, and his cock started stiffening.

"Hi, Honey. Why don't you come in and join me?" The thought of what she would do for his cock once she was in the shower caused it to become fully erect.

"Okay, Daddy."

The shower curtain was pushed aside, and Mandy stepped over the edge of the tub and entered. Her long, blonde hair was in a ponytail, and she was wearing the uniform she wore as a cheerleader in the college she attended. The clingy top showed off her luscious breasts and the twirly pleated skirt put her sexy legs and ass on display. The uniform was completely washable, and she likes to wear it or other specialized costumes while doing things such as she expected to do with her daddy.

Standing barefoot in the shower in front of him, Mandy looked down and saw how his cock was big and stiff, as if he had been expecting her. Sucking on it was one of her favorite things to do, especially because, when he climaxed, he always filled her mouth with his semen, what she and Daddy sometimes referred to as "candy", because she found it do delicious. Mandy smiled at the owner of that handsome cock and reached out to fondle the hard cylinder. He smiled back and nodded his head in permission, so his daughter lifted her skirt high above her knees and knelt in the shallow water in front of him.

She began by holding Daddy's cock in one hand and licking the head. It felt good, like velvet, as it always does. Eagerly, she caressed around the ridge and probed the slit with her tongue. After these preliminaries, Mandy leaned back on her heels, smiled up at the man who was going to let her suck him off, and leaned forward again to envelop the entire shaft in her mouth.

Reveling in the way it felt, as it spread her lips and pressed against and down her throat, Mandy rocked back and forth on her knees, sucking the big, hard cock in and out between her lips. For balance and leverage, she placed her hands, with her fingers spread, on Daddy's thighs. Although it was quite long and thick, she was able to take his entire shaft inside her mouth, until her lips were pressing against her daddy's body. Mandy loved everything about what she was doing, but one of the most fun things of all was looking up and watching Daddy's face, to see how much he enjoyed what her mouth was doing to him.

Frank loved everything about getting a blow job from his beautiful daughter, and doing other things with her as well. One of the things he most loved about being sucked off was the way she looked up at him with her pretty blue eyes as she moved her head back and forth, enveloping and releasing his cock. He loved watching as his shaft glided into her cute little mouth, with her lips pressed firmly against it, taking it all the way in, until her tongue snaked down to lick his balls. Best of all were the incredible things being done to it as she pulled his cock in and out. Mandy's lips were just tight enough that they felt like an extra snug pussy or ass, and the inside of her mouth was a warm, wet chamber of pleasure.

Besides licking his balls after his cock had been fully engulfed, her tongue fondled and caressed its entire length when she moved her face forward to take it in, and again when she leaned back to release it. Sometimes she turned her head slightly to let the head of his cock be caressed by the soft inside of one of her cheeks, before taking it down her throat. In her second year of college, his daughter was certainly well-educated in sucking cocks.

Her mouth was a chamber of pleasure for her too, and Mandy was having every bit as much fun as her daddy was. She loved everything about taking his cock into her mouth. She loved the way the hard cylinder felt as it forced her lips apart, and the sensation of the hard tip as it pressed against the back of her throat. Mandy knew how to take that tip down her throat so Daddy's whole erection could be taken inside her mouth, until the hair that surrounded it was tickling her nose and lips. She loved the way the smooth skin felt against her tongue when she laved its hard roundness while taking it into her mouth and when she rocked back on her heels to let it out again.

The best part of all, though, was the semen, or candy, that Daddy would squirt into her mouth when he climaxed. She always made sure to get it all, because it was so delicious. However, sucking on his cock would be so much fun before he ejaculated that she liked to take her time and make the pleasure last.

Another major part of Mandy's fun was rubbing her clit while she was taking Daddy's cock in and out of her mouth. While slowly moving her face back and forth in front of him, she lifted the hem of her skirt and reached down to her pussy to start fondling herself. Earlier, when she heard her daddy's shower running and got into her cheerleading outfit, Mandy had omitted the red panties that went with it, because they would have just gotten in the way of her hand. There were times she thought about leaving them off when she was going to be leading cheers at a basketball game, but she hadn't done so yet.

The lips of Mandy's pussy were soft and swollen and wet, but the wetness wasn't from the shower. Her fingers slowly caressed them, almost all the way to her clit. She could have made herself cum by massaging that swollen love button, but she didn't want to, at least not then. Sometimes she climaxed from playing with her pussy while in bed by herself, but it was so much more fun when her daddy brought her to an orgasm with his mouth. They both loved it when she lay in her bed and he buried his face in her pussy, and she gave him her own kind of candy. Her daddy enjoyed that just as much as she enjoyed the candy he gave her.

Frank knew he was going to cum within seconds from the wonderful blow job his sexy daughter was giving him. "I'm almost ready to give you candy, Honey," he told her.

Mandy didn't say anything, because she was polite and wouldn't talk with her mouth full, but she heard what Daddy said and got ready to receive the treat. She tightened her lips on his shaft, and stopped deep-throating him. Mandy dearly loves the candy her daddy would be giving to her momentarily, and didn't want it to squirt down her throat without letting her taste it. Her lips continued stroking, but faster, and she carefully positioned her tongue so it would catch the treat when it was given to her.

Daddy's hard cock throbbed and jerked inside Mandy's mouth, and the first big viscous gob landed on her tongue. It was delicious, and she swallowed it just in time to catch the second spurt. This flavor of this one was just as wonderful, and she savored it where it had landed, and continued stroking Daddy's shaft between her lips until more candy squirted out. She still didn't stop, until she was sure no more was forthcoming, and then she took his cock out of her mouth to swirl the semen around inside. After fully enjoying the unique taste and texture, she swallowed it, especially relishing the way it felt sliding down her throat.

Daddy still had more candy for his 'little girl', and she wanted that too. His cock remained fully erect, and she licked the end, especially the slit there, and savored the wonderful taste. There was more for her, all along the outside of the shaft, and Mandy carefully licked it all off, before starting to squeeze out the candy that was still inside. Carefully positioning her thumb at the base, just in front of his scrotum, with her fingers on the upper side, she started moving her hand forward. Mandy's tongue waited at the slit in the end of Daddy's cock, and she caught everything that was squeezed out. She continued until her thumb and fingers were right at her lips, and she had gotten it all. The last of her treat was swirled around in her mouth the way the rest of it had been, and she relished it just as much before swallowing it and licking her lips to get anything that might have dribbled out.

When she was through enjoying the delicious treat he had given her her, Mandy turned, looked up at her daddy again and smiled her charming smile. "Thanks for the candy, Daddy. Come over and see me after you're through with your shower and I'll have some for you. I hope you like it as much as liked what you gave me." She got to her feet, stepped over the edge of the tub and closed the shower curtain after herself.

Frank smiled and quickly finished rinsing his body. After he stepped out and was drying off, he smiled even more at the sight of her wet cheerleader uniform in the laundry hamper. He knew she would not have worn anything under it, and that she would be lying, totally naked, in her bed waiting for him. Hastily, he finished with the towel, and hurried, still naked, out of the bathroom and over to where he knew his horny daughter was waiting, her legs spread and the promised candy already dripping from her beautiful pink pussy.


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01-03-2009, 06:46 PM
(Almost) All the Way Ch. 01
A brother and sister test the bonds of their love

The week before spring break - midterm week, Junior year version - was one of the most intense weeks of my life, but it was finally over. And as the pulsating jets of the hot tub worked their magic on my bikini-clad body I closed my eyes and slid deeper into the water, the hectic, pressure packed week now nothing but a distant memory. If only my boyfriend were here, it would have been perfect.

Although my mother was distraught over the fact that on my first night home for spring break nobody would be home, I couldn't have been happier. "Really," I'd told her. "You and Dad go enjoy your party. I'll be fine.

"I'll have Jamie stay home," she'd countered, referring to my eighteen year-old brother. "He doesn't need to go out every night."

"No!" I retorted emphatically, before quieting down. "Really, a nice quiet night at home with the hot tub and a warm bed is just what the doctor ordered."

That had been three hours ago. Now it was nearly half past eight in the evening and I finally had the house – and the large, luxurious hot tub – all to myself.

I let my legs drift apart, allowing those magic jets to attack me freely, sighing softly as that one special jet found its target. And as the pulsating marvel sent its relentless stream of bubbling pleasure towards my pussy, I began to feel that familiar stirring in my loins.

Even though I knew no one would be home for at least two hours, I found myself looking towards the house, no more than fifteen feet from the corner of the deck where the tub sat. Then, after a quick look around our tree lined back yard, I bit my lower lip and took a deep breath.

"What the hell," I said as I leaned forward and reached behind my back. I freed the top quickly, sliding it off and setting it on the side of the tub. A moment later the bottoms were lying beside them and my hands were sliding over my firm young "C" cups, gently massaging them as I shifted my body to bring more water pleasure to bear on my pussy.

I let go of my mind, allowing myself to drift into my own little paradise, freeing my hands to wander where they may while I gyrated my hips slowly over the jet. I let my right hand drift between my legs, sliding it over the mound the jets were working so efficiently, separating my hungry lips and sliding a finger inside.

I worked myself slowly, eyes closed as my finger worked its way in, then out, then in again, while my left hand slid from one breast to the other, squeezing each one gently and pulling softly on its nipple.

I allowed my left hand to drift away from my breasts, sliding over my taut stomach and up my side, sending light tingles over my body.

I continued to move slowly, patiently, allowing the pleasure to build at its own pace, neither rushing it nor delaying it unnaturally. Soon my breathing was coming in shallow gasps.

My hands automatically stepped up the pace of their attacks, the left hand returning to my breasts, squeezing and kneading while my right hand continued its assault on my pussy.

I could feel my orgasm growing near, slowing building inside me. That's when, just as I was nearing the point of no return, I opened my eyes and saw my little brother in the kitchen window, staring directly at me.

But by then it didn't matter. Nothing, not my little brother, not my parents, not even God himself, was going to stay my orgasm. And as I rammed my fingers hard and deep into my pussy, I arched my back, screaming out and squeezing by tits as my orgasm struck like a tidal wave.

I allowed the pleasure to run its course, making no move to cover myself as I continued looking at Jamie until he finally bent forward and fumbled with something before turning and hurrying away. It wasn't until he was out of sight that I realized what he was fumbling with – his pants. My little brother had been jacking off while watching me do the same.

I smiled in spite of the situation. After all, it wasn't the first time a guy had watched me masturbate and, the good lord willing, it wouldn't be the last. It was, however, the first time the guy was my brother.

"Oh, well," I said as I reached for my bikini. A few moments later I was on my feet, wrapping my robe around me and heading for the sliding glass door. When I got inside, Jamie was nowhere to be seen.

* II *

I made my way to the bathroom, discarding the wet suit in favor of a thick terry-cloth towel. I dried myself thoroughly before rapping the towel around my body and heading to my room where I donned a pair of comfy white panties and my night-shirt and headed for the family room and a few hours of mind-numbing television.

I settled onto the couch, my feet wrapped under me, and turned on the set. After flipping through a handful of channels I decided on an old movie. But even as my eyes were watching the scenes unfold across the TV, my mind was a million miles away, thinking about my little brother masturbating at the sight of my own masturbating body.

Truth be told, what was bothering me most about the whole peeping Tom thing was that it didn't really bother me. I mean wouldn't a normal girl be upset when her younger brother spies on her as she brings her naked body to orgasm? And wouldn't she be upset when she finds out that he was masturbating while he watched? Then why wasn't I?

I closed my eyes and took a long slow breath. The reason why was simple, really. In addition to being a tease and a flirt, I'm also a first class exhibitionist. I love it when guys watch and ogle over me; I guess that's true even when the guy in question is my little brother.

The more I replayed the scene in my mind, the more I found myself squirming uncomfortably. I tried to ignore that familiar feeling between my legs, shifting positions first this way, then that. After about ten minutes I gave up, flicked off the TV and headed for my room. I pulled off my night-shirt and panties as I entered the room, kicked the door closed behind me and eased myself onto the bed.

I worked myself slowly, just like I had earlier, patiently pushing the buttons I knew only too well. And also like before I let my hands roam freely over my nakedness, pinching here, caressing there.

But one thing was different than before. This time it wasn't my boyfriend I fantasized about as I worked my magic, it was Jamie. It was my little brother that occupied my thoughts as my fingers slid into my pussy, and it was him that I was thinking of as I pinched and pulled on my nipples. Perhaps that's why I didn't stop when I heard the cracking of the floor in the hallway, followed by the creaking of my bedroom door. Perhaps that's why I feigned ignorance and continued to work myself, knowing full well that, once again, my little brother was watching.

When I finally allowed myself to come, I came hard, the knowledge that he was watching fueling me on as I writhed atop the bed, finally collapsing under the weight of my pleasure. Yet even with my heavy breathing I could hear the cracking of the floorboards as my voyeuristic brother made good his escape.

It wasn't until I heard the squeaking of his bedsprings in the next room that I pulled the covers over me and rolled onto my side.

* III *

I woke slowly the next morning, enjoying the prospect of no studying and no exams. But as I lay there watching the sun slowly infringe upon the darkness of my room, school was not the only thing on my mind.

As was often the case, the cold light of the new day shed a whole new look to the events of the night before. Don't misunderstand me. It's not that I regretted the previous night's events. The simple truth was there was only one thing about last night I regretted; I gave my little brother all of the thrills without exacting any payback. And while I did, in fact, enjoy my part in our little play, I knew that there was at least one more act to come. Somehow, Jamie needed to pay. The only question was how.

I slid out of the bed and onto my feet, gathering my night shirt and panties from the floor and sliding them on. Then, after grabbing my robe from the closet, I made my way out the door, ironically at the same precise moment my brother was exiting his room, heading towards me in nothing but his pajama bottoms.

We both hesitated as we caught sight of each other, before quickly resuming our courses – me towards the stairs and that wonderful invention called coffee that was waiting in the kitchen, Jamie towards the bathroom.

We met directly in front of the bathroom door, with me partially blocking its entrance.

"Good morning, Little Brother," I cooed. "Enjoy yourself last night?"

No sooner had the words left my mouth than Jamie turned every shade of red imaginable. "Uh, yeah," he mumbled as he tried to slide past me, "I guess." But I held my position, forcing him to brush up against me as he tried to slide past, bringing an even deeper shade of red to find his face.

I finally stepped aside, allowing him free access to the bathroom as I continued my trek towards the stairs. When I heard the door close behind me a small, sneaky grin found its way to my mouth and I came to a sudden stop, turning back towards the bathroom door.

"That's it!" I exclaimed under my breath as the method of revenge suddenly became clear. "That's how I'll get him!"

And as the details of the plan came together in my head, two things became clear. First, it might just work and second, it went way beyond the appropriate bounds of brother-sister relationships. But, hey, wasn't he the one who'd watched me masturbate twice the night before? And don't give me that crap about me liking it; that's beside the point. The fact of the matter is that that sneaking little pervert had watched me pleasure myself while he pleasured himself. And for that he had to pay. And as everyone knows, the punishment needs to fit the crime!

The smile on my face as I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen was almost a wide as the Grand Canyon.

* * *

Over the rest of the weekend, I gave Jamie no indication that anything was amiss, and by the Sunday evening things were pretty much back to normal the teasing, bickering, and fighting over the remote control. You know – normal brother-sister stuff. Everyone made there way to bed early that night; Mom and Dad because they had to work the next day, me because I was tired, and Jamie because he couldn't risk being alone with me – or at least that's the spin I chose to put on his early retirement.

Truthfully, I hardly slept a wink that night; unable to get Jamie and the little act of retribution I had planned off my mind. Could I do it? Should I do it? Now that the moment of action was nearly upon me, these questions were once again on my mind.

But even as the doubts and fears worked their way through my mind, I knew I was going to do it. I had too! After all, if I didn't, he'd win, and there was no way I could allow that!

* IV *

Since it was spring break for Jamie's high school, also, I knew he wouldn't rise until well after Mom and Dad departed for work. Accordingly I, too, elected to remain in bed, not getting up until I heard Mom's car backing out of the garage.

First, I made my way to the bathroom, taking care of my morning business while my little brother was still asleep. I then made my way back to my room where I immediately shed my normal night-shirt and panties and slipped on a pair of thongs and a mostly see-through negligee. After all, he may be my little brother, but he's still significantly bigger then me. If my plan was going to work, I'd need all the distraction I could get.

And then I sat in the chair by the window and began thumbing through a magazine.

Forty-five minutes passed before I heard the first sounds of life coming through the bedroom walls, and fifteen minutes more passed before Jamie made his way out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. It was then that I put the magazine down and rose to my feet, moving quietly to my bedroom door and waiting.

I heard the unmistakable sound of a male urinating, followed by the flushing of the toilet. But I waited until I heard the water running in the sink before making my move.

I eased out my bedroom door and moved quickly, yet furtively, towards the bathroom. I reached the door, pausing to take a deep breath in an unsuccessful attempt to calm the pounding in my chest. I then pushed the door open, sliding in quickly and easing the door shut behind me. It was a very surprised brother wearing nothing but his pajama bottoms whose reflection met me in the bathroom mirror.

"What the hell are you doing," Jamie asked, his surprise at my unexpected intrusion – not to mention the scantiness of my dress - obvious even through the towel he was using to wipe his face.

I ignored the question, instead sliding quickly behind him, pressing my stomach against his ass and my breasts against his bare back as my hands slid around his waist and onto his tummy.

"Did you enjoy yourself the other night, little brother," I queried as I rubbed myself against him, the tease in me unable to resist the opportunity to watch him squirm. "I really hope you liked the show."

His face turned beet red as he tried to respond. "I don't . . . I mean I wasn't . . ."

"Come now," I whispered, sliding my hands up to his breasts, allowing them to slide provocatively across his nipples. "We both know what I'm talking about. Don't tell me you've forgotten already!"

"No," he shot back instinctively. "I mean I wasn't . . ." But he stopped in mid-sentence, surrendering to the reality that we both knew full well what had transpired the Friday night past.

"I'm sorry, Jenna," he finally managed to utter, the nervousness – or was it fear – evident on his face. "I know I shouldn't have watched, but I couldn't help it. You were so . . ." But he stopped abruptly, suddenly remembering who he was talking to, realizing how inappropriate it would be to express the thoughts that almost snuck through his lips.

"I'm sorry," he said once again.

I smiled back at the reflection in the mirror, leaning in to give him a light kiss on his neck. "It's alright," I said. "I liked it."

And even as his mind was struggling to decipher the words I'd just spoken, my hands slid down to his waist, my fingers sliding under his pajama pants.

"And now it's your turn," I said as I pushed his PJ's over his waist and onto his thighs, my hands quickly taking firm hold of his prize, a prize that was already striving to reach it's full length. "Now I get to watch you cum."

His initial reaction was to resist my advance, to try to twist free of my grasp. But my hands quickly clamped down firmly on his balls and I whispered menacingly in his ear. "If you ever want to use this again, Little Brother, you'll stop your struggling."

For a moment he hesitated, before making one more try for freedom. But I was ready for him, again clamping down on his manhood, cutting off the attempt before it ever got started.

I have to admit, he made a pretty pathetic site as he stood there, looking at our reflection in the mirror as I stood behind him, my arms wrapped around him, clutching his now fully erect manhood. I couldn't help but smile at his nervousness, any more than I could help rubbing myself up against him.

"What are you going to do?' he asked in a shaking voice.

"Why, I already told you, Little Brother. I'm going to watch you cum." And as I spoke I eased my grip on his member, sliding my right hand up the length of his shaft as my left hand took control of his balls.

"And I'm going to make it easy on you," I said in a seductive voice. And I could sense confusion neutralizing his resistance as my hand slid back down his cock. "All you have to do is stand there while big sister takes care of everything. After all," I smiled. "That's what sisters are for, right?"

He looked at me in the mirror, before slowly lowering his eyes to the reflection of my hand on his engorged cock. And I knew even before the words slipped meekly from his lips that I had him. "Please, Jenna," he whispered in a weak voice. "This isn't right."

"Tell me, Little Brother," I responded, my hand working his manhood quicker now. "Was it right when you watched me in the hot tub? Or on my bed?"

"But . . ." he stammered. But those were the only words that came out as he stood there, watching my right hand move up and down his shaft while my left hand fondled his balls. And as a deep sigh exited his lungs I felt his body sag into mine. Whatever doubt may have existed was gone now and, at least for the moment, my little brother belonged to me!

"That's better," I whispered, stroking him tenderly as I pressed myself against his backside. "You just relax and let me take care of everything."

He managed to draw his eyes away from the action surrounding his manhood, seeking out my eyes. "Please, Jenna," he whispered pathetically. "Don't do this." But his words lacked conviction.

I just smiled back, otherwise ignoring him as I released his balls and slid my left hand to his breasts, clutching at them, pulling him hard against me as I pounded his meat. And I watched his eyes close as his body tensed up, moments before he began spasmodically jerking in my arms and shooting his sperm all over the sink.

I held him as his body went limp and sank into mine. Gently, my hand eased over his tool, milking the last few globs of sperm from his rapidly shrinking cock.

"I told you I was going to watch you cum," I whispered into his ear just before releasing him and stepping away. And then I reached into the sink, slid my finger through a wad of cum and lifted it to my lips.

"See you later, bro," I smiled as I slid my finger into my lips, turned and slid out the bathroom door.

There was a giant, satisfied smile on my lips as I entered my bedroom and grabbed a more appropriate bathrobe before descending the stairs and heading for the kitchen.

* V *

I sat in the kitchen for some time, reading the paper, watching the morning news shows. An hour passed with Jamie still hiding out upstairs. Another thirty minutes passed before I finally heard his footsteps on the stairs. A few seconds later the front door slammed shut, little brother having left the house without even a goodbye kiss for his dear, older sister!

At first I marveled at what a beautiful morning it was, and at the good fortune that had enabled me to pull off my 'coup.' Gradually, however, two thoughts began to form in my mind; thoughts that, for the first time, had me questioning the wisdom of my plan.

The first thought was about Jamie. I knew before I launched my plan that, if I were successful, there would be a bit of an uncomfortable period between us. I was prepared for this; after all, brother-sister relationships are full of uncomfortable periods. What I wasn't prepared for, however, was the realization that I could have done some real harm to my brother, perhaps even scarring him for life. You need to realize one thing – above and beyond everything else, I love my brother, and I would never intentionally do anything to cause him harm. But as I sat around the house, idly passing the day, I found myself wondering if that wasn't exactly what I'd done.

The second thing may have been even more troubling, if that's possible. No matter what I did, whether it was reading the paper, watching the television or just futzing around the house, I found myself unable to purge the morning's scene from my mind. It seemed that everywhere I turned I could see Jamie's reflection in the bathroom mirror, standing there with my scantily clad body pressed against his naked backside, my arms wrapped firmly around him as my hands eagerly pounded on his meat. And every time I thought of that scene my pussy tingled.

It wasn't until Mom was pulling into the driveway that evening and Jamie still hadn't returned home that I decided that my brother and I had to talk.

To Be Continued...

01-03-2009, 06:47 PM
I rose early the next morning, dressing quickly and making it downstairs in time to share a cup of coffee with Mom before she left for work. But it wasn't the prospect of sharing a cup of coffee with Mom that caused me to rise so early; rather it was to stake my position and block my brother's main avenue of escape. Still, it was over an hour after Mom and Dad had vacated the premises before Jamie emerged from his room, slinking quietly towards the front door.

"Jamie, we need to talk," I said from my seat as he tried to sneak past. He froze in his tracks, surprised by my unexpected presence.

I could see him take a deep breath as he looked longingly at the front door before turning my way, nodding his head almost imperceptibly as I rose to my feet and moved towards him.

"Jamie, I . . ." But he cut me off almost before I started.

"I'm sorry, Jenna," he burst out, tears coming to his eyes. "I know I shouldn't have watched you, and I know I shouldn't have masturbated over the thought of you, but I couldn't help myself, you were just so . . . so . . ." He stopped, shaking his head forlornly.

"I liked it," he finally continued. "And I liked what you did to me yesterday and I want you to do it again. And I want to do the same to you. And I . . . Oh Jenna, I'm so sorry," he said in a cracking, emotion filled voice just before he turned and raced back up the stairs to his room, slamming the door behind him.

I stood there, stunned, totally dumbfounded by what I'd just heard. "Oh, Jamie," I whispered to the empty room. "What have I done?"

I had no idea what to do, how to even begin to approach my brother. Somehow, I managed to make my way up to my room and lie down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I kept hearing his words echoing in my head – '. . . I liked what you did to me yesterday and I want you to do it again. And I want to do the same to you. And I . . .'

I must have laid there for an hour and a half, separated from my brother by no more than twenty feet and one thin wall. But for the longest time I found myself completely unable to traverse the distance, his words echoing nonstop through my head as I searched for a way to undo – or at least minimize – the damage I'd done.

Finally, after another thirty minutes passed, I realized that there was really very little choice. I'd started this whole mess – with my exhibition streak, my teasing, my retribution. And I could think of only one way to fix it. So I rose from the bed and removed my clothes – all of them – before moving to the closet for my short, satin robe. I slid the robe nervously over my naked body and made my way out the door.

When I reached Jamie's door I stopped. I stood there for a full five minutes, my fear gaining a stronger foothold as each second passed, before I finally found the strength to lift my hand and rap softly on his door.


I waited at least thirty seconds before knocking again, this time calling out his name. "Jamie, can I come in?"

Another thirty seconds passed before he answered, his voice so soft I almost didn't hear it. "It's open."

Nervously, I reached for the door knob and opened the door, sliding in quietly behind it. He was lying on his bed, still dressed in his blue jeans and long sleeve polo, staring at the ceiling, paying absolutely no attention to me.

"Jamie," I started out.

"Jenna," he interrupted, "There's really nothing to . . ." He stopped in mid thought as he turned his head, seeing me for the first time since I'd entered his room. He sat up slowly, swinging his feet over the edge of the bed, looking at me curiously, but saying nothing. The ball, it seems, was in my court.

"All those things you said earlier," I started out. "Is that what you really want?"

Jamie looked at me, not comprehending, so I tried again.

"Did you really like what I did to you, and do you really want me to do it again, and do you really want to do the same thing to me?"

It took a second, but slowly he nodded his head. "But we can't," he answered in a soft, cracking voice.

As soon as his answer left his mouth I reached for my sash, untied it and shrugged the robe off my shoulders and onto the floor.

And I stood before my younger brother, naked, my heart pounding wildly in my chest. "Yes, we can."

Jamie locked is eyes on mine and I could tell he was fighting the urge to let his eyes wander over my nakedness. Finally, he found his voice. "But it's incest."

"No," I said, shaking my head. I moved across the room, dropping to my knees in front of him and resting my hands on his knees. "We could never go all the way, Jamie. We could never truly make love together. But those other things you said, we could do that." And I stopped, looking deeply into his eyes. "But only if you want."

It seemed like forever came and went before a nervous smile finally cracked his lips and he gave a small nod of his head. I returned his smile, my heart suddenly much lighter, and I rose to my feet, pulling him to his with me.

For a moment we stood there, staring into each other's eyes, before I finally released his hands and slid into his arms, wrapping my arms around him and resting my head on his chest, even as he wrapped his arms around me.

We stood there for several long minutes, rocking slowly in each other's arms, one of us naked, the other dressed. Finally, I eased away from him, took hold of the bottom of his polo and slid it up his body. With his top removed, I went to work on his pants, undoing the belt, then the snap and zipper, before pushing them down his legs, where he hurriedly stepped out of them. Finally, I removed his briefs. Now we were both naked, with his rock hard manhood standing up proud and bold, and aimed directly at me.

When I reached for that wonderful tool, however, he stopped me, grabbing my arms and easing them back to my sides. "Me first," he said.

With his hands still on my arms, he turned me around so my back was to him and I was facing his dresser mirror. I could see my reflection staring back at me, with Jamie standing immediately behind me.

I couldn't help but smile. "So you were serious when you said you wanted to do the same thing to me," I said.

By way of answer he eased closer, pressing his chest against my back and his cock against my fanny. "This past weekend isn't the first time I've fantasized about you, Jenna. But seeing you here like this . . ." he paused, searching for words, "is something I never in my wildest dreams imagined could really happen."

"I'm not a dream, Little Brother," I said, rubbing my ass against his rigid cock. And then I smiled teasingly. "Aren't you going to touch me?"

I watched the look in his face turn from lust to fear at my words, and felt a slight tremor as his grip on my arms grew noticeably tighter. But that only made me smile more, shaking my head slowly.

"It's okay," I said, reaching for his right hand with my left, pulling it to my right breast and holding it there. "From now on, Little Brother, my body is your body. Short of the ultimate deed, there are no restrictions on what you can do with it."

For a moment, the fear in his eyes remained. Then slowly it began to soften and I felt his hand squeezing my breast softly. I released his hand, reaching for his left hand with my right and pulling it to my other breast. And when I felt that hand squeeze me I released it also, and sank back into the strong, loving arms of my brother.

His moves were tentative at first, uncertain. But as I moaned soft little words of encouragement and ground my body against his, his confidence grew, and with it, his curiosity.

He became more aggressive with my breasts, squeezing them harder, then lighter, then running his fingers lightly over my chest and stomach. And when his fingers made their way back to my nipples he pinched them playfully, rolling them between his fingertips as I moaned my encouragement.

He stayed on my breasts for several minutes, fondling, squeezing, pinching, and massaging, causing my need for him to grow in intensity until, finally, he slid his right hand off my breast and down my stomach, before easing it between my legs.

"Oh yes, baby," I groaned as his finger found my clit, sliding up and down over the engorged bulb. I could feel my knees weakening as his right hand continued to focus on my love button while his left hand danced from breast to breast, pinching, kneading and squeezing. And then his finger slid to my pussy, where it was joined by another finger as he drove them deep inside me.

"Oh my God," I gasped. "Oh yes, baby, fuck me with your fingers; fuck your big sister's pussy!"

And that's just what he did, pounding me relentlessly while he continued to work my breasts, bringing me quickly to one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

But he wasn't done.

Even as my knees were giving out, his arm was sliding across my body to support me, while his fingers continued to pound my love hole. I was moaning and gasping constantly, my first orgasm still ebbing through my body while he brought me closer and closer to another.

When the second one finally struck home, I nearly passed out, only barely maintaining enough sense to reach for his right hand and pull it from my dripping pussy.

"No more," I gasped. "No more."

As soon as I recovered enough to support my own weight, I turned around and fell into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling his lips against my own.

It was a passionate kiss, yet somehow still tender. It was the kind of kiss brothers and sisters should never share. Finally, I broke the kiss and pushed him away.

"Now it's my turn," I said, easing myself down to my knees in front of him.

I reached out with my hands, tracing my fingers lightly over his hips, watching as, somehow, his beautiful manhood managed to grow even larger. I craned my neck, looking up at him.

"I never got a chance to tell you how gorgeous you are yesterday, Little Brother," I smiled. "I do believe I'm really going to enjoy this." And with that I slid my fingers to his cock, dragging my nails along the underside of his marvelous tool, before sliding the hand back to lightly cup his balls.

"Yes, I believe I'm going to enjoy this very much indeed." And I leaned forward and slid my lips over his manhood, taking him deep into my throat before slowly withdrawing.

I slid my lips off his cock, sliding my right hand from his balls to his cock. I then lifted the tip of his manhood towards his navel and ran my tongue slowly up its length as he rewarded my efforts with a large groan. And then my lips were once again around his meat, bobbing slowly up and down its length.

In hindsight, we should have taken it slower, but we were both blinded by our hunger. For my part, I reached around him, latching firmly onto his butt cheeks, holding him firm as I increased the pace of my attack, bobbing up and down, dragging my teeth along his hardness. But Jamie was even more desperate than I was, and he showed it by grabbing onto my head, holding me steady and slamming his meat into me.

I nearly gagged on his assault as I quickly moved from the aggressor to little more than a vessel for his pleasure. But somehow, that only served to reinvigorate my own hunger as I shot my own fingers into my pussy, even as he pounded himself into my captive mouth.

Needless to say he didn't last long, quickly going into spasmodic contractions as he shot his load into my mouth in hard, jerking motions. And just as I felt his warm seed filling my mouth, I came, somehow managing to scream out, even with a mouthful of cock and cum.

It took a few moments for him to release me, turn and ease his fanny onto the bed. Still on my knees, I followed him, sliding between his legs and reaching my arms around his waist.

We held our position for some time, slowly gathering our breath as the occasional, uncontrollable smile found its way to our lips. Finally, I leaned forward and kissed him on the chest.

"I promised Mom I'd pick up a few things at the store," I said.

Jamie smiled in return. "I've got a few things to take care of myself."

I rose to my feet, pulling him up with me as I slid into his arms for one last embrace before reluctantly pushing him away. I then picked up my robe and, without putting it on, slid out the door without looking back.

* VI *

I managed to make it home before Mom and Dad, but Jamie didn't reappear until shortly after six. We somehow managed a normal dinner, followed by the typical family evening around the TV set. By 9:30, however, I was fast asleep in bed, not stirring until a cold draft drifted across my body and a funny, tingling feeling crept over my stomach.

I groaned, trying to rollover and hide from the feelings, but something held me firm. It took a moment for me to recognize that that something was a hand, and the tingling sensation I'd felt earlier were fingers dancing lightly across my body.

I finally managed to open my eyes, only to see Jamie hovering over me. I looked at him through still fuzzy morning eyes.

"Morning," I said sleepily.

"Good morning, sleepy-head," he replied.

"Mom and Dad are gone, I assume," I managed to question, still more awake than asleep.

"For two hours now," he replied.

I smiled, allowing my eyes to ease shut as I very nearly drifted back to sleep. But then I realized something and opened my eyes, lifting my head from the pillow as I looked down at my body.

"What happened to my covers," I inquired of my fully dressed brother, the faint traces of a smile finding my lips. "And my night shirt?"

Now it was Jamie's turn to smile. "The covers were easy," he said. "They're on the floor. Your night shirt, on the other hand, was a bit more difficult."

I once again looked down upon my naked body, before turning back to my brother. "So you undressed me?"

He nodded his head.

"While I was asleep?"

Again he nodded.

"And I didn't even wake up?"

This time he shrugged his shoulders and grinned. "I didn't say it was easy."

I shook my head and laughed lightly. "And just what reward do you expect to receive for your efforts," I teased.

He didn't answer immediately, instead rising to his feet and moving to the foot of the bed. He then reached down and spread my legs, taking his position between. "Not my reward, Sis," he smiled, and slid his fingers into my pussy.

I gasped, the unexpected intrusion seeming to grab the air from my lungs. And as he worked his fingers inside of me he slid his thumb over my clit.

"Oh, god," I whimpered, closing my eyes and sinking into the bed, moaning as he continued to play with my womanhood.

And then there was a rustling sound and a shaking of the bed, followed shortly by his mouth easing over my love button.

I opened my eyes instinctively, looking down at the young man between my legs just as he was once again easing his fingers deep inside me.

And then I surrendered, sinking back onto the bed with my arms spread wide, closing my eyes and accepting the pleasures my brother was delivering.

Unlike yesterday, however, this morning he worked me slow, withdrawing his lips from pussy, giving his attention to the inside of my thighs, or to the flat of my stomach, planting soft little kisses as he eased his way over me.

And then he'd return to my clit, sucking it slowly, or flicking his tongue teasingly across it. Twice, he brought me to the brink of orgasm only to divert his attentions at the last minute, leaving me writhing wantonly beneath him. But I held my eyes closed, biting my lower lip as I reveled in the pace he'd selected.

Unlike yesterday's orgasms, this one came slowly, almost softly, yet with no less intensity. It wasn't until I was completely recovered that I opened my eyes and looked at my brother.

"That was nice," I said simply, smiling. "I didn't know men were capable of anything so tender."

Jamie, taking my words for exactly what they were, blushed at the unexpected compliment. I laughed at his uneasiness and reached out my hands.

"Help me up. I need to get you out of those clothes," I said, my smile turning to a grin.

But Jamie shook his head as he rose to his feet, ignoring my hands. "I have errands to run,' he said. "But I'll be back before the parents."

And then he turned and walked away. When I heard the front door closing a few seconds later I smiled and rolled over, burying my head in the pillow, not bothering to locate the covers. Two minutes later I was asleep.

* * *

Jamie did manage to return before my parents that day and we did manage to make our own kind of love before they arrived; as we did the next day, and the next. But then Saturday came, and it was back to pretending we were nothing more than Brother and Sister. And then came Sunday, and with it my return to school, followed by ten weeks of separation.

'Oh, well," I thought. 'There's always my boyfriend.'

To Be Continued...

01-03-2009, 06:47 PM
(Almost) All the Way Ch 02
On the heals of tragedy, the siblings stretch their love

The daily rigors of college and the blossoming relationship with my boyfriend, Mark, teamed to successfully divert my thoughts from my brother, at least for the most part. Still, he was never out of my mind for long. Accordingly, it was with very mixed, very confused feelings that I approached the last few days of the school year and the tug of war that represented my sadness at the upcoming separation from my boyfriend versus the pending reunion with Jamie.

My summer plans were simple - return home and go to work in the office of Dad's construction company, just as I had the summer before. Mark's plans also called for his return home; unfortunately home for him was slightly over two hours from my home. Still, we planned on getting together at least every other week; more often if we could.

* * *

I pulled into the driveway at home at 10:00 AM, the rental trailer Mark helped me load the day before in tow. The house was, as I expected, deserted. It would be a bit over four hours before Jamie's last day of high school came to a close and, if he didn't get otherwise distracted, twenty or thirty minutes after that before he'd arrive home. Three hours after that the parents were due home. That gave me plenty of time to unload the trailer and unpack my things - and to get ready for Jamie.

* * *

I staked my position near the front door shortly after 2:00 PM, one eye idly scanning a magazine, the other locked on the front window and the driveway beyond. It was 2:25 when his car pulled up out front.

I hastily set the magazine down and stood up, backing away from the window to avoid being seen - not that he couldn't tell from the car and trailer in the driveway that I was home. Still . . .

It wasn't until he exited his car and started up the driveway that I knew he was alone. It was then that I started up the stairs, removing my robe and tossing it on the stairs where he couldn't possibly miss it, before disappearing into his room.

But apparently Jamie was on to my little game, keeping me waiting for nearly five minutes before I finally heard his footsteps moving up the stairs.

He rounded the corner slowly, pausing in the doorway to examine my naked body as I sat perched on the edge of his bed, leaning backwards on my elbows with my legs slightly spread. It was a good fifteen seconds before he stepped into the room and held out my robe.

"Yours, I presume?"

I couldn't help the small grin that slid across my lips, but I said nothing, watching as he tossed the robe casually aside and stepped towards the bed, not stopping until he stood immediately before me. Twenty seconds passed before I finally broke the silence.

"Well," I challenged, "are you just going to stand there and stare at me?"

A devilish smile snuck across his lips. "Yep."

I took a slow, deep breath before meeting his smile with one of my own. "Have it your way, Little Brother," I said as I slid my arms aside and lowered myself onto the bed below him.

I licked my lips seductively, my hands sliding over my breasts and down my sides as I arched my back and rocked my hips. I slid my hands over my stomach and down to my thighs, spreading them wide for my little brother's review, certain he could see the glistening lips of my womanhood staring back at him. Then I slid them teasingly over those same lips before sliding them back to my breasts.

I pinched my nipples, pulling them, twirling them, before sliding my hands fully over my heaving orbs and squeezing. And then I stretched my right foot out, sliding it between his legs and up to his crotch, only to have him brush it aside with his arm.

I pouted briefly at his rebuttal before sliding my left hand down to my pussy and easing my fingers in as I bit my lower lip. A moment later my right hand moved to join my left, attacking my clit as I arched my back hungrily.

Once again I ran my tongue teasingly over my lips. "Did you miss me, Little Brother?" I asked in a cracking voice.

His answer was everything I hoped it would be as he lowered himself to his knees and placed his hands on my thighs. And as he pushed my legs even further apart I shoved my fingers deep inside my dripping pussy and moaned.

"Oh, baby, I've missed you so much," I whispered as my hands continued their work.

For his part, Jame seemed content to just watch me squirming before him. And although I'd normally be more than happy to perform for him, at the moment I was in need of something more.

"Don't tease me, Little Brother," I pleaded. "Not now. Please not now."

He smiled. "Tell me what you want, Sis."

I gasped, shoving the fingers of my right hand into my pussy while my left hand moved to my clit. "Please, baby," I groaned.

"Tell me," he said, still not moving.

"Oh, God. You know what I want," I panted. "I want your hands squeezing my breasts, and then playing with my clit. And I want your tongue in my pussy. Please, baby. Please hurry."

He didn't hurry, but he at least began to move, leaning forward and reaching out for my breasts, sliding onto them and squeezing, massaging, and mashing them into my chest.

"Like this?"

"Oh, yeah, baby, just like that."

And while my hands were frantically working my pussy and clit, he continued to massage by bosom, continuing to play with my breasts like he owned them.

After what seemed like forever, he eased his hands off my breasts and down my stomach, pulling my hands away from my pussy and replacing them with his own, one on my love button, the other sliding easily in and out of my pussy.

"And like this?" he asked teasingly.

"Oh, God yes!" I gasped, my hands each grabbing a handful of blanket as I arched my back, writhing atop the bed below him.

"And like this?" he asked one more time, just before his tongue flicked across my engorged button.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I screamed out, thrashing wildly beneath him as my orgasm finally struck, sending those wonderful waves of ecstasy washing over my body.

"Oh, yes, Little Brother," I said softly when I began regaining my senses. "Just like that."

I eased myself up to a sitting position and pulled him up beside me. Then I slid to my knees before him and pushed him down on the bed. And as my fingers released his belt and pant button, I smiled, easing his pants down his legs.

"Congratulations on finishing High School, Little Brother," I smiled. "I have a little something special for you." A moment later I was purring contentedly with my mouth sliding up and down his wonderful cock.

* VIII *

My first week home from school proved to be a hectic one, starting with Jamie's graduation ceremony the first Sunday and concluding with an open house house for a few hundred of his and my parent's closest friends the following Saturday. By the time Saturday night came I was ready to sleep for a month.

For the next week everything seemed to run fairly smoothly - me working with Dad, Mom at her job and Jamie just bumming around, allegedly looking for work.

Tragedy didn't strike until Friday night, two weeks after I'd arrived home.

* * *

When two cops come to your front door in the middle of the night you know it's trouble. When one's wearing a suit, you know it's really bad.

"Is this the residence of Michael and Elizabeth Johnson?" the one in the suit asked after I opened the door.

I nodded my head uneasily, my heart pounding in my chest. "Yes, Sir."

"Are you their daughter?"

Again I nodded my head.

"I don't know how to tell you this, ma'am, but there was a tragic accident earlier this evening. I'm afraid your parents didn't make it . . ."

The rest of his words were lost to me as my knees began to wobble and my body began to shake. A moment later I was falling to the floor, saved only by the quick, strong hands of the Officer.

As they were helping me to the sofa, Jamie emerged from his room and started down the steps.

"Jenna," he asked, concern in his voice, "what's going on?"

* * *

I never realized how fast word gets around, but it certainly does. By 10:00 AM the next day both of my Mom's sisters were at our house, as was my Dad's brother. Somehow, with their support, we managed to make it through all the details that needed to be tended to that first day.

It was early Saturday evening when Chuck Martin, Dad's business partner, and his wife showed up. Dad and Mr. Martin had been partners since before Jamie and I were born. He and his wife had been there for almost every special occasion in our lives. They were the nearest thing to family you could be without actually being related.

There was about a half hour of the usual commiseration before Mr. Martin cleared his throat. "I know this isn't the best time to talk business, but there's a couple things I think you two need to know," he said, looking first at me, then at Jamie.

To summarize what it took him an hour to explain, Dad and Mr. Martin had several legal contracts and insurance policies in place which, in a nutshell, would both require and provide the means for the company to buy back Dad's stock in the company from his estate. The long and the short of it was that Jamie and I were going to be well taken care of - very well taken care of!

* * *

The funeral was Friday, followed by a gathering at Mr. and Mrs. Martin's home. When that ended, despite the strenuous objections of our Aunts and Uncles, Jamie and I went home together, alone in our home for the first time since the accident.

That was the first night we actually slept together, our naked bodies intertwined as we each sought comfort in the arms of the other.

* IX *

At first time seemed to drag, with everything I saw or did reminding me of Mom and Dad. Mark came to see me almost every weekend, and on the few he missed, I'd go see him. And of course, there was Jamie.

Our Aunts and Uncles made a strong argument that Jamie, at least, should come live with them and that we should sell the house. It took them a while, but they finally came to grips with the fact that Jamie and I were both adults now, and that this house was the only home we'd ever known.

And although life would never again be truly like it was, eventually a new normal began to emerge and somehow, Jamie and I found a way to continue living.

* * *

It was Friday night, the first week in August, roughly six weeks after my parents death. I'd been out partying with my girl friends, not returning home until midnight. I entered through the garage and made my way through the house, finding Jamie watching a move in the family room.

"Hi, Little Brother," I said, slurring the words slightly from a few too many glasses of wine. "What 'cha watching?"

"Oh, just some movie," he answered.

"Mind if I Join you?"

"Sure," he replied, a smile sneaking across lips in anticipation of the fun and games that had become a normal part of our lives.

"I'll just go get comfortable," I said, swaying my hips teasingly as I exited the room.

I returned a few minutes later, my short silky robe the only garment I wore, and slid wordlessly onto the couch next to Jamie, turning my attention to the TV.

It took about fifteen seconds for me to turn to Jamie and ask, "What the hell are you watching, anyway?" as the scenes from the obviously low budget film slid across the screen.

Jamie laughed lightly, shaking his head. "Just wait a minute. It gets better."

I looked at him for a moment before turning back to the set. "I sure hope so," I muttered under my breath.

About two minutes later the scene shifted quickly, moving to a dungeon-like room where a middle-aged man slowly paced the floor in front of young woman. The problem was the totally naked woman's wrists were in handcuffs and stretched above her head, attached to a rope that descended from the ceiling.

"Little Brother!" I gasped in mock shock.

"I told you it got better."

I didn't reply, my attention instead riveted to the screen. I watched as the man took a scarf and tied it around the woman's mouth, gagging her. And I watched as the man picked up a flogger and began pacing slowly around the woman like a dangerous animal about to move in for the kill. And when he pulled back his hand and threw the leather strands of the flogger at the woman's backside I gasped, turning instinctively towards my brother, only to find him staring at me with an up-to-no-good smile on his face.

"What?" I challenged, knowing full well what was on his mind.

"I knew you'd like it," he said, his smile growing measurably larger.

Like it? Hell, yes I liked it! Problem was, I couldn't admit that to Jamie; at least not without making him work a bit. After all, a girl shouldn't be too easy, now, should she?

"Like it?" I responded, feigning repulsion. "I think it's disgusting!"

But Jamie didn't buy it, instead laughing out loud. "Yeah, like I'm going to believe that my sister - little Miss Innocent - ever saw a sex scene she didn't like."

I crossed my arms beneath my breasts indignantly, turning my head away. "Really, now," I huffed, even as I squirmed uncomfortably on the couch.

The next thing I knew Jamie was reaching across my chest, holding my forearms captive with one hand while his other hand was sliding under my robe and up my thighs, diving easily into my dripping pussy as I gasped in honest surprise.

Before I could say anything, Jamie spoke, sliding his fingers in and out of me as he did. "Tell me, Sis, if you find it so disgusting, why is your pussy so wet?

"I . . ." I started to answer before he once again surprised me, pulling his fingers from my pussy, grabbing hold of my wrists and pulling my arms apart before releasing them, ripping the sash of my robe open, grabbing me by the back of the neck and pulling me face down across his lap.

I yelled out, truly shocked at his aggressiveness as he pushed my face into the seat cushion, muffling my protests. And with his left hand holding my head down firmly, his right hand quickly worked the robe off my squirming body. Next he released my head, but my freedom was short-lived as he grabbed each of my wrists and pulled them behind my back, crossing them wrist to elbow, elbow to wrist, positioning them so they could be held with one hand.

"Jamie, let me up," I ordered as my naked body squirmed atop his lap. But he ignored me, instead working at something with his free hand.

"Jamie, I'm warning you." But even as the threat left my mouth I knew he wouldn't. Further, I knew I'd be disappointed if he did.

It was then that I found out what his free hand had been doing as he worked the sash that used to be attached to my robe around forearms, tying them tightly behind my back and rendering them completely useless. Once he was satisfied that my arms were securely bound he released them, only to grab hold of the excess sash with his left hand and pull it to the back of my neck, where he could keep my arms draw up tightly, almost uncomfortably, and still hold my head steady against the cushion. Then he slid his right hand over my ass, between my legs and onto my pussy.

"You're hurting me," I gasped, finding myself in a position I'd never before been in - naked and hog-tied, spread out across a man's lap and completely helpless.

But Jamie said nothing, content to just sit there, holding me, controlling me, while his right hand fondled my pussy.

I gasped again, shifting as best I could to minimize the pain in my arms, back, neck and hair while maximizing the pleasure to my pussy.

"So, you find the movie disgusting, do you?" he finally challenged.

I somehow managed to nod my head. "Yes."

He withdrew his right hand from my pussy suddenly and delivered a sharp, stinging blow to my fanny.

"Ow!" I screamed. "That hurts."

"All the more reason to tell the truth, then, isn't it, Sis?" And no sooner had the words left his mouth that another blow landed on my ass.

"Ow," I screamed out again. "Okay," I said, giving in quicker then I'd planned. "I liked it a little."

He moved his right hand back over my ass and to my pussy, sliding his fingers in hard, and then pumping them in, then out, then in . . .

"Just a little?" he questioned in a softer voice, continuing to work my pussy with his right hand while his left held the sash, continuing to hold my neck against the cushion.

I spread my legs to allow him easier access, panting as the rash of emotions overwhelmed my senses. "Okay, a lot," I managed to gasp. "I liked it a lot."

Although he continued working my pussy, the tone of his voice changed noticeably. "So, you lied to me?"

"I . . ." I tried to respond, but he cut me off.

"You lied to me, trying to bait me into dominating you just like the man was dominating the woman in the movie, didn't you?" he challenged in a hard voice.

"Yes!" I gasped. "Oh God, yes!"

Then his hand stopped pumping my pussy, although he didn't withdraw it, and he spoke in a voice I almost had to strain to hear. "So, in addition to being a flirt, a tease and an exhibitionist, it turns out you're also a lying, cheating, conniving bitch."

I said nothing, knowing not only by the words but by the tone of his voice that no answer would save me. I had baited my little brother, hoping to bring out a different side of him. And now . . .

His right hand withdrew quickly from my pussy, taking aim on my bare, exposed butt-cheeks. The blows were hard, and they came in a measured slowness designed to maximize not only the physical, but the mental pain. I screamed out after every blow, calling his name, begging him to stop, no longer certain in my own mind if my pleadings were real or merely part of the game.

The one thing I did know, however, was that the blows hurt.

He stopped after twenty blows, releasing my head and sash from his left hand, before grabbing both my shoulders and pulling me up.

"On your feet," he ordered, giving me no time to recover, my body somehow reacting on its own even through the ache in my backside.

When I managed to make it to my feet he rose to his, moving to the coffee table and pushing the magazines that occupied it to the floor.

"Lie down," he ordered. "Face up."

I was so dazed that I didn't even realize I'd called him Sir as I acknowledged his order and moved to obey, easing my tender cheeks onto the cold, hard table.

Once I was in position he grabbed the end of the sash, slid it under my ass and between my legs, pulling it up so it was rubbing over my pussy and clit.

"Slide up some more," he said, pulling the sash towards my head. I hurried to obey, slithering up until my head reached the edge of the table.

But apparently that wasn't enough. "More," he ordered, again tugging on the sash. By the time I'd moved enough to satisfy him, my head was completely over the edge of the table, stretching my neck taught as it dangled over the edge.

And although he now had me in the position he wanted, he continued to hold the sash over my pussy as he towered over me, staring down on my nakedness as my hips began to gyrate, rubbing my hungry pussy against the sash.

But he only allowed me my pleasure for a few seconds before casting the sash aside. "Now," he said menacingly, "you're going to get what's coming to you."

I strained my neck to look up at him, seeing a look in his eyes that I'd never seen before as, for a brief moment, it occurred to me that my little brother intended to fuck me. And at that same moment it occurred to me that, even if I were able, I wouldn't stop him.

But instead of moving towards my feet, he moved to my head, pushing his pajama pants over his hips and down his legs as he dropped to his knees behind me, grabbing hold of my head with one hand and guiding his engorged cock to my mouth with his other.

And there I was, spread out on my back, my hands tied behind me and my legs spread wide, my head hanging over the edge of the table with my brother's cock shoved deep inside my mouth. Never before had I been so dominated, so exposed, so completely under another person's control. And never had I been so desperate to cum.

To Be Continued...

01-03-2009, 06:48 PM
For several long moments he didn't move, content to hover over me with his cock jammed in my mouth until, finally, his fingers took hold of my nipples, squeezing them, twirling them, even as he began sliding his meat in and out of my mouth.

Even with him in my mouth I managed a groan as I arched my back, increasing the friction on my nipples. And I rolled my hips, searching for something to rub against my pussy, but finding nothing but air.

As he continued to stoke in and out of my mouth, I somehow managed a desperate, pleading groan as I lifted my hips off the table. A moment later Jamie answered my pleading, leaning forward to slide his hand between my widespread thighs and onto my button, stroking it as I pressed myself against his marvelous fingers.

I came almost immediately, my body going rigid as the orgasm struck like a tidal wave, rendering me nearly unconscious; yet still, Jamie stroked on, picking up the pace now, a little bit faster, a little bit harder. And while I was still swimming from my orgasm, he slid his hands to my waist, grabbed on tight and began pounding his meat into my helpless mouth, finally going rigid himself as he began filling me with his seed.

And then he leaned forward resting his hands on the table beside me to support himself as he tried to gather his wits. It was several minutes before he finally backed away from me and stood up, pulling his pajama pants up as he did, and moved to the couch to sit down. And it was another several minutes after that before I rolled to my feet and joined him on the couch, curling up in the fetal position on his lap as he stroked my still naked body tenderly.

* * *

I awoke sometime later, alone on the couch; still naked with hands bound behind me.

I struggled to my feet and made my way towards the stairs and my brother's bedroom. When I got there the door was open, with Jamie sleeping soundly on his bed. I entered the room silently, sliding across the floor until I was beside the bed and sat down carefully on its edge.

For several minutes I stared at my brother, marveling at the transformation that was occurring in him. And I couldn't help wondering where we would go from here, or how long we could continue this dangerous game of ours before it jumped up and bit us.

I'd been sitting there maybe five minutes, these thoughts and more running through my mind, when Jamie began to stir, opening his eyes and looking up at me.

I smiled at him. "I need to go to the bathroom."

"So?" he responded, his sleep fogged mind not quite comprehending.

So I turned on the bed and presented my backside to him. "So," I retorted, "unless you're planning on helping me, I'll need my hands untied."

He laughed lightly, sitting up and reaching for the sash. Once I was free I stood up and left the room, heading for the bathroom. When I returned to his room, Jamie was once again asleep, so I eased in beside him, falling quickly asleep with my body draped across his.

* X *

Mark, my boyfriend, arrived at 2:00 the next day. As normal we did nothing special, just the usual weekend stuff. At least it was usual until later that evening when he took me to a fancy restaurant for dinner, following it up with a romantic stroll along the river. It was there, while sitting on a bench and staring at the moonlight reflecting on the water, that Mark asked me to marry him.

I didn't hesitate with my acceptance, but as I fell into his arms and pulled him against me, the tears running down my cheeks were as much for Jamie as for Mark; or me.

I'm sure most people could never understand how I could love Mark as I do - and I do love him - and still be involved with Jamie. But to me, it made perfect sense. Jamie, after all, was my brother. What we had was special, but fleeting. It was something we both needed; something we held onto it as long as we could, both knowing deep inside that that once it was over, it would be over forever.

* * *

In a way, it's ironic how the events of that weekend unfolded. The most amazing thing that ever happened to me sexually was the Friday night when Jamie tied me up and dominated me. But that was ten months ago, and it was the last time Jamie and I were together.

Perhaps our withdrawal from each other was made easier when I returned to college that fall to complete my final year, leaving Jamie home to attend college locally and care for the house, which we'd decided to keep. And perhaps, too, it was made easier when Jamie found another girl to occupy his thoughts.

However we got past it, we both knew that what happened between us had changed us forever. Never again would we be just brother and sister; we were so very much more than that. I guess that's why the morning before Mark and I were to exchange our vows, I couldn't shake the funny feeling that was churning inside me.

* * *

The wedding rehearsal was at 5:30 that afternoon, followed by the rehearsal dinner. And throughout it all, still that funny feeling lingered. Dinner came to an end shortly before 9:00 and we all filed out of the restaurant, Mark and I stepping aside for one final moment before we went our separate ways - him with his parents, me with Jamie.

"Are you headed for bed, Sis?" Jamie asked as we entered the house.

I looked him in the eyes. "I was hoping we could sit together for a few minutes."

Jamie nodded his head, smiling easily. "Sure, I'd like that."

"I'll just go get comfortable," I said. "I won't be long."

It wasn't until I walked into my room and saw the big lonely bed that I realized what was bothering me. And at that moment it was like my heart stopped beating as my breath caught in my throat. When I finally got myself back under control I turned for the closet and began removing my clothes, knowing full well what I needed to do.

I selected the same revealing negligee I wore that day I first surprised Jamie in the bathroom, and a pair of matching side-tie thongs. I spent a few extra minutes pimping myself in the mirror, making sure everything was just right, before finally turning for the door. By the time I entered the family room my heart was about to burst out of my chest.

Jamie was laid back on the sofa, eyes closed, soft music playing on the stereo. He sensed my presence almost immediately, opening his eyes and turning towards me. And when he saw what I was wearing, his mouth fell open in shock.

"Jenna?" he said in a questioning voice.

"Shhh," I said as I slid beside him on the couch, resting my head on his shoulder as I pulled his arm around me. "Just hold me."

At first I could feel the tension in his body, but when I reached over and began running my hand over his chest I could sense the tension changing to excitement. I took a deep breath and snuggled closer, a contented sigh escaping my lips as Jamie's hand reached for my head to brush the hair from my eyes.

It was then that I turned to face him and leaned in, opening my lips to meet his.

That kiss was the softest, most tender kiss we'd ever shared, yet it somehow manage to strike my soul like no kiss had ever done before. And when we finally broke the kiss I pushed myself back just enough to look him square in the eyes.

"Make love to me, Little Brother," I whispered.

For several moments he sat there, neither questioning nor challenging me, just staring into my eyes as if they and only they could provide the guidance he needed. It seemed like hours, yet in reality only a handful of seconds passed before he reached out, took my head in his hands and pulled my lips to his. And when the kiss ended he took hold of my hand and rose to his feet, leading me towards the stairs and to his bedroom beyond.

There was a pounding in my chest when we finally entered his room and moved towards the bed. We turned to face each other as we stood at the foot of the bed, sliding easily into each other's arms and another kiss, Jamie still fully clothed, me in my negligee. And even with our lips were locked together and our arms intertwined, Jamie eased me onto the bed.

My heart was pounding as he rolled me onto my back, breaking the kiss to look at me before lowering his lips to the nape of my neck. And even as I lay stretched out beneath him my hands were sliding to his shirt, pulling it from his trousers.

I managed to slide my hand between us, moving them slowly to the top button, releasing it and moving to the next, repeating the process as his mouth continued its slow dance with mine until finally, the last button was freed. And with his body pressing down on mine, I slid the shirt from his limbs.

And then it was his turn as he rolled his body onto his side and reached out to unbutton the two buttons that held my negligee together; first one, then the other. A moment later it was Jamie on his back and my body crushing on top of his as he slid the garment from me and cast it aside. A moment later I felt the ties on the side of my panties being pulled free, followed immediately by the panties themselves being pulled between my legs, before they, too, were cast aside, leaving me naked atop my topless brother. But before my hands made it to his pants, he rolled me back onto my back and lowered his mouth to my breasts.

I groaned, closing my eyes in surrender as he gently attacked my breasts, kissing, licking, nibbling and biting lightly. He moved from one breast to the other, before kissing the valley between them and working his way slowly down my stomach.

I opened my eyes, reaching for his head and pushing it towards my widespread legs, where his tongue quickly went to work on my love button, leaving my writhing on the bed beneath him.

It was then, with my passion quickly building, that I pushed him away.

"No," I gasped, "not like that." I quickly twisted my body away, positioning myself nearer his pants, where my hands went to work on his belt. A moment later I was lowering the zipper and working his pants and underwear over his hips.

Suddenly we were both naked. I hesitated, kneeling over him, looking down at his beautiful, thick cock, before easing my naked body on top of his, my face hovering mere inches over his. And as his fingertips trailed lightly down my back and over my cheeks, I leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"It's time, Little Brother."

For a moment time seemed to stand still. Finally, his hands slid onto my back and he rolled me over, positioning himself between my widespread legs as my hands reached down to guide his manhood.

And I felt him pressing against the folds of my pussy, hesitating briefly before easing into me and filling me like I'd never been filled before.

With his meat buried in my pussy, my brother paused, hovering over me before lowering his lips to my neck and nibbling gently. And then he began slowly working his cock in and out, and in and out.

What passed over the next few minutes was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Jamie worked me with a skill I never imagined he had, bringing me right to the edge several times, only to hesitate just at the last minute. And just when I thought I couldn't take anymore he looked down into my eyes.

"Here we go, Sis," he said softly. And once again he began his in and out motion, only this time, when he reached the precipice he didn't stop, instead pushing me over the edge of one of the most amazing orgasm any woman has ever had.

* * *

We fell asleep in each other's arms, only to awake twice during the night to make love, repeating the process one final time before rising to face my wedding day.

But before I slid out of bed I leaned over and kissed Jamie lightly on the lips. "Thank you," I said, a tear slipping from the corner of my eye. And then I rose, gathered my things and left his room for the last time.

* * *

I stood nervously at the door just outside the chapel, the last of my bridesmaids taking her position just as the wedding march started up. I turned towards my brother, smiling weakly as I held out my arm.

He met my smile with one of his own as he held his arm out to meet mine. And then we turned our heads forward and started down the aisle. And as I made my way towards my soon to be husband, I couldn't help wondering if, in a different world, a different time, . . .

And then we reached reached the alter and the minister's voice broke my reverie.

"Who gives this woman to be wed this day?"

And it took every ounce of strength I had to keep my tears at bay when my brothers crackling voice answered, "I do."


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02-04-2009, 12:32 AM
101 Fornications
Sexy pay-per-view brings mom & son closer

I'd come home that afternoon, after a short and stressful day at work, looking for nothing more than a long hot shower and a good hard fuck from my husband Ken. I'd been disappointed when I'd seen his note taped to the bathroom mirror. Ken had been called away on a last minute business trip. He was the local public works commissioner, and lately he'd been researching a new bridge project the county had proposed. I hadn't seen him much at all lately and now he was on his was to Chicago for some bridge convention.

I considered pouting for a minute before I took my shower and changed into something more comfortable. I changed into a sexy summer dress that Ken had always hated. He didn't like the fact that it showed off my long legs and my 36DD breasts. I normally didn't wear it, but I was incredibly horny and when I'm that over-sexed I like to wear sexy clothes.

I decided to play with my vibrator after I got dressed and I lay down on my bed. I turned on the television, in an attempt to drown out my moans, and played with my pussy until I exploded in one satisfactory moan. Masturbating felt good, but it was no comparison to my husband's eight-inch cock.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I hadn't thought anyone was home, turning the television on had become a habit, and I was surprised to see Justin, my eighteen year old son, sitting at the kitchen table looking at a parts catalogue for vintage roadster he had been rebuilding for the past two years. It would probably never run, but my husband and I indulged him. Brandon was my only son and the older of my two children. Stephanie was six, and she'd be home from her after-school program in an hour.

I talked to Brandon for a few minutes before retreating to our living room to read a book I'd recently bought. I tried to ask him questions that would let me know how long he'd been home, but he didn't give me any direct answers. I figured he hadn't been home long and I headed off to the family room.

I read for the next few hours until Stephanie asked for dinner and I got up to order pizza. Brandon joined us for dinner in front of the television. When we couldn't find anything to watch, Brandon and I let Steph pick a pay per view movie. I lost interest in it pretty quickly, but when I tried to get up Brandon grabbed my hand and pulled me back down onto the couch.

"Please mom; don't leave yet," he whispered.

I obliged and sat back down. Brandon moved closer to me and continued to hold my hand. I thought nothing of it. Stephanie fell asleep as the movie approached its last fifteen minutes and I let go of Brandon's hand so I could carry her up to her room.

When I came back downstairs ten minutes later Brandon was still watching the movie. I sat back down on the couch and he grabbed my hand again.

"Is it okay if I turn it?" He asked.

"Please," I laughed.

He flipped through the pay per view channels and suddenly stopped on a channel where a beefy man was energetically humping a sweaty playmate. They were both moaning in pleasure. The movie's title was displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, '101 Fornications' it said.

I started to turn bright red and even considered grabbing for the remote. It was making me even hornier than I already was. Brandon seemed oblivious to my discomfort and I decided to grab the remote. It was lying in his lap and I turned toward him and grabbed for it.

At the same moment I reached for it Brandon turned and forcefully pressed his lips against mine while he pressing my hand hard into his lap. He had a massive erection! I could feel it throbbing beneath my hand. He had caught me off guard and I didn't know what to do. I was so horny, but this was so wrong. I jerked back away from him and stood up.

He grabbed onto my hand and pulled me back down onto the couch. He got on top of me and started to kiss me harder and rub my tit. It felt so good.

"Please mom," he whispered. "I know you want to."

I didn't know what he meant by that, but this time I didn't pull away. I could feel his cock throbbing against my leg and it was making me wetter by the second.

Brandon propped himself up and ripped open my sundress. Ken wouldn't have to think about it again, I thought naughtily. My bra was a front hook and Brandon unlatched it. He buried his head in my mountainous breasts and teased my nipples with his fingers and his mouth until I thought I would cum. He then moved down to my hips and I lifted my ass off the couch so he could slip off the remainder of the dress. He ripped off my undies and spread my legs. He began by fingering me, but then he replaced his fingers with his tongue. Not even Ken was as good as eating me as Brandon was.

I came over and over, I had been multi-orgasmic when I was younger and I was surprised to be experiencing the sensations again. I'd thought that they just disappeared with age, I was thirty-nine after-all. Yet here I was feeling all those old wonderful feelings.

Brandon licked my pussy for a few minutes longer before he stood up. He stripped off his shirt and then his pants and boxers. His cock was astounding; it was nearly ten inches. I could hardly contain myself. I sat up on the couch and reached out for his velvet smooth meat. I wrapped my manicured fingers around it and pulled him closer to my face. I licked his swollen cockhead first before I moved onto his entire shaft; tracing and zigzagging my tongue all over the veiny underside. I had a difficult time fitting all of him down my throat but I managed. I'd had my tonsils out when I was eighteen and all the guys had loved it. Each time I crammed him down my slick throat I felt him come closer to exploding. Oh, I wanted his cum so bad! I moved my hand and mouth all over his hot cock. As I increased the pressure his moans and breathing got louder.

"God, mom you are so good at this." I looked up at him while I bobbed up and down on his meaty pole. He was smiling broadly. I milked his cock wildly until he pulled away from me. He was smiling down at my confused and pouty expression. He leaned over and kissed me deeply before he pulled me off the couch onto the floor.

I got on my hands and knees and he positioned his cock against the wet steamy lips of my swollen labia. I pushed back against him and his cockhead breached the opening of my dripping vagina.

"Does mommy want to fuck her little boy?" He whispered in my ear as he leaned over my back. He began to slowly ease himself forward until I was completely full with his sizzling meat. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me harder. I was close to an orgasmic epiphany every second he slammed back and forth within me, all the while grinding his balls into my eager clit. He reached down and played with my erect nipples, pinching and tweaking as he grunted and breathed loudly.

I was making so much noise, but I didn't care. This was the best sex I'd ever had in my entire life. We came like a thousand waves smashing against huge rocks in the surf. I lost myself for a lifetime and came back in the comfort of my son's taut and muscular arms.

Today we made love for the 101st time in honor of the movie that brought us together. It was special, like our anniversary. I know I'll never forget it and hopefully, neither will you.


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This is tooooooooooooo gooooooooood

02-17-2009, 08:36 AM
102 Maple Street
Birthday girl gets a surprise from Papa and brothers

Darla sat cross-legged, watching television as she folded clothes. Her brothers were playing basketball outside in the driveway. She could hear the thud of the ball as they dribbled up and down in front of the basket hung on the garage. She glanced at the clock, then put down the T-shirt she had been folding. It was time to get them in for supper. Papa would be home soon and she wanted everything to be ready when he arrived. Since their mother had left ten years earlier, Darla had taken on the duties of cook, housekeeper and babysitter.

Looking out the backdoor at her brothers, it was now hard to imagine them ever being that small. Danny was 19 and the image of Papa. Derrick was 20 and a junior at college. Both boys lived at home. Papa wanted it that way. He wanted his kids close by him all the time. Darla called to the boys to come to supper. They dutifully left the basketball and walked toward the backdoor. They had always been obedient, polite boys but with an air of mischief. As Danny walked in, he slapped Darla on the rump and ran into the kitchen. Darla ran after him, catching up to him at the refrigerator. She reached up and ruffled his blond curly hair. He grinned at her and leaned down to kiss her cheek. Derrick walked up behind her and kissed her other cheek. Darla felt flush. The boys had always been very affectionate, but she was shy and it made her uncomfortable. Her blushing face was too irresistible for the boys, so they both kissed her again. Darla shooed them away to go wash their hands. "Papa will be home on a few minutes. Go get yourselves decent for the supper table." Both of her brothers wandered off to wash up.

Darla was humming softly, filling dishes with the evening's meal. She was an excellent cook. The aroma of fresh baked bread and pot roast filled the kitchen. "Smells wonderful, Darla." Papa had walked into the kitchen and had quietly stole up behind his beautiful daughter. She turned and kissed him to welcome him home. His lips lightly touched hers and he put his arm around her waist. "How was your day?" Darla sat a plate in front of her father as he took his place at the table. "It was great. Everything has gone so well today. I have all my work done." He smiled approval at the sparkling clean home. "You work so hard to make a nice home for us all. I am very proud of you. And I haven't forgotten your special day. I have a birthday surprise for you later." Darla smiled at her Papa. He never forgot a birthday. He was the greatest Papa in the world.

The boys joined them at the table. "Happy 23rd birthday, Darla!" The boys shouted in unison, then laughed. Darla giggled at her brothers. "Papa has a surprise for me!"

"We know. We know what it is, too." Danny stuck his tongue out at her, just like when he was a little boy. She giggled again. She was excited and anxious about her surprise. She couldn't wait. Papa noticed how she wiggled in her chair. He watched her twisting back and forth as she ate her dinner. "Sit still, child. Your surprise is coming right after we eat."

After they had all finished eating, Darla got up to do dishes. But the boys took her by the hand and walked her into the living room. "Not tonight, dear sister." Again they spoke in unison. She smiled at them and let them lead her into the living room. Papa was in his chair, waiting for them. "Well, Darla you are all grown up dear. I can hardly believe you are my little girl when I look at you. You have blossomed into a beautiful woman. I want you to know I am proud of you." Darla blushed at her father's words. "I guess you want your surprise now?" Darla nodded "Yes, please." Papa looked at his two boys, who sat on the floor beside Darla's chair. He winked at Derrick, then at Danny. Danny smiled back at him. The boys exchanged and glance and then looked up at Darla. Mischief again danced in their eyes. Darla felt a bit nervous. What were they up to?

Papa crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair. He pulled out his pipe and lit it. He looked again at the boys. He drew a deep breath and then nodded to them. Before Darla knew what was happening, the boys were grabbing her and pulling her to the floor. She was startled and let out a yelp. Danny covered her mouth with his. His tongue plunged deep into her mouth, probing and tasting. Derrick was holding her down to the floor. She started to fight them. She wanted to yell, but couldn't. She felt helpless in their grasp. Danny pulled away from her and smiled an evil smile.

He and Derrick started pull her dress up, revealing her white panties. She looked over at Papa, who was smiling at the event. "Just lay there a let them do it, Darla. Trust Papa. All you women are sluts at heart. Look at your mom. I know you all want cock. I'm giving you what you want. But this way, you won't leave like she did. She went out to chase cock. We're going to show you that you have all the cock you need here." Papa continued to watch the boys as they slide off Darla's panties. She didn't protest any longer. Papa had said to lay still and she did just that. He was always right.

Danny put his fingers on her pussy lips, rubbing them lightly. She felt a tingle of excitement. She looked up at the ceiling, not sure of what to do. Derrick leaned over her body and began unbuttoning her dress. He unhooked the front hook bra and began to rub her tits. He licked one nipple and pinched the other with his fingers. She heard herself moan. It felt good. She felt Danny's fingers slide into her pussy. She felt the wet lips give way to his fingers and again moaned. Derrick began to bite her nipple and pinched harder. Darla moaned louder. Danny leaned over her and pushed his face into her wet cunt. He started licking and sucking on her lips and clit. Darla reached out and grabbed his hair, pulling him in closer. Derrick pulled back from her tits and unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out and rubbed the hard dick against her face. Darla turned away at first.

Derrick grabbed her face and turned her back toward the waiting cock. He forced it into her mouth, and began fucking her mouth. Darla tried to pull away but felt a slap on her thigh. Papa had moved over to her. He looked at her sternly and she stopped struggling. Derrick began to fuck her mouth faster. She tasted his cock and liked the feel of the precum on her tongue. She started to suck instinctively. Danny was now watching Derrick and his sister. He wanted some of that action. He crawled up to Darla's head and turned it to his dick. He pushed it inside her mouth and fucked her hard. Danny was masturbating as he watched. Darla turned her head toward Derrick and put her hand up for him. Danny fucked her mouth while she masturbated Derrick.

Papa watched his children at play. "Good, good. Fuck her mouth, Danny. Derrick, fuck her hand. Get ready to cum. I want to see that semen shoot out on her tits. I want to see her covered in cum. Darla didn't know why, but she was even more excited by knowing Papa was watching. She was moaning and sucking, fondling the other cock with her hand. Both boys pulled out at the same time, aiming the rock hard cocks at her tits. Cum shot out of their cocks, landing on her tits and her belly. She moaned again as the warm fluid covered her body. Danny and Derrick emptied out their load on her and then sat back on the floor.

Papa stared at the body of his lovely daughter. He smiled at the glistening cum on her tits. He looked over at his boys and gave them another instruction. "Strip her naked. I want to see that ass of hers." The boys willing complied with the command. Darla lay there as they ripped her clothes from her. They rolled her over onto her tummy, exposing the soft ass to Papa. "Time for a birthday spanking, boys." Danny and Derrick took turns spanking their sister's ass. They counted off twenty-three slaps and then each slapped an ass cheek as they counted "one to grow on".

She wiggled under their spanking, but then begged for more. Danny and Derrick looked up at Papa, who nodded agreement. They spanked and spanked Darla as she shouted for more. Papa looked with glee as Darla's ass began to glow red. He kneeled down between her legs and watched the hands spanking and the flesh of her cheeks wiggle. "That's enough, boys. Move over to the couch now. Papa has some things he wants to do to birthday girl."

Derrick and Danny sat on the couch and watched at Papa pulled out his stiff cock. It was huge. Danny and Derrick were well endowed, but nothing to compare with the cock Papa produced. Papa dangled the cock above her ass, touching the tip to her cheeks. He stuck his fingers up her pussy, feeling the wetness. She moaned as he began to fuck her virgin cunt with his fingers. "Hold on, baby. You're going to hide this cock in that tight pussy. Papa lay on top of her and grabbed her hips. He tilted her hips a bit and rubbed his cock against her lips to get it wet.

Without any further movement, he rammed the full length of his 11" deep into the tight pussy of his daughter. Darla let out a yell as she felt the monster cock plunge into her virgin pussy. Papa reached around and put his hand over her mouth. He rammed her harder and harder, fucking her as deep as he could force his dick in her. He held her mouth tightly shut, but she was still heard by her brothers. Derrick leaned over on the couch and called to Papa "Fuck her hard. Make her cum, Papa. Fuck her so hard she can't take it!" Papa was fucking his daughter like streetwalker. He wanted her to feel what real cock could do to her. He felt her body shake and tremble as he fucked her. He felt his cock throb and knew he was ready to cum. "Not yet. Not the pussy this time." Papa whirled her over on her back and forced the cock into her mouth as he shot his load down her throat. "Suck it all, baby. Suck every drop. That's daddy's little girl." Darla swallowed and swallowed all she could. She felt cum dripping down her chin and onto her tits. She thought he would never stop.

Papa stood up, looking at his daughter. He smiled at her. She was beautiful with cum dripping down her chin. He looked over at his boys, who were rubbing their hard cocks as they watched the fucking. "Want more?" He asked his sons. Both boys nodded, ready to fuck their sister. Papa winked at them and they dove off the couch onto Darla's naked body. Derrick forced his cock into her ass, then rolled her on top of him. Danny plunged into her pussy and both boys fucked their sister. Darla moaned and begged for more. They fucked her while Papa watched, happy that his children enjoyed the time together. He sat on the chair and watched them as they rolled around on the floor, exploring new positions, fucking and sucking each other. Papa smiled. It had been a great birthday for his daughter.


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finally found u bro.......after dhoomz closed i thought i wont get to read ur stories.....in fact i had some 100 stories of urs saved on my hd......but lost em when my windows crashed.......hoping to see all the stories, u had posted earlier, here in this forum......especially the mother-son, aunt-nephew ones......can u post that 10 chapter 'a mother and her son' to start with.......thanx in advance

02-20-2009, 09:13 PM
^^Thx for appreciating my work dude. I'll surely post it for u dude. But as I'm posting the story in order so it might take some time to reach that story and this time I'm not only posting mom-son and aunt-nephew, I'm posting all kinds of incest. Hope u enjoy all the stories. And reply if u want more. :)

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103 Maple Drive
Stepmom & stepdaughter get to know each other

Jesse looked out the window of the mini-van as it pulled into the drive of her new home. It was two-story Tudor style house on a large, well-manicured corner lot. A wrought iron sign held the numbers 103 and the name Chamberlain. She looked over at Harland and he smiled his enigmatic, charming smile. "Welcome home, Mrs. Chamberlain." Jesse smiled back at her husband of three days. It seemed like a whirlwind had carried her the last few days. It was only two weeks ago she had met the charismatic Mr. Chamberlain. He was sitting in the restaurant at her table. He had seemed taken with her from the start. He had chatted with her each time she brought something to the table. He had asked for three refills of coffee. And on her final trip, he had asked when she got off work. She never replied to that question, but something told her he was different. She felt compelled to answer. "I'll wait." And he had. He drove her home and she had asked him in for a drink. He was a perfect gentleman. Polite and charming, she had fallen for his boyish good looks and perfect manners. He obviously had respect for her. He didn't want a one-night stand. The conversations were interesting, the company welcomed. She hadn't dated since her divorce four years earlier. This was the first man she could relate to since the awful experience of her first husband.

During their conversations, Harland had confided that he had lost his wife in childbirth. He had spoiled and doted on the daughter born to him through his dead wife's travail. Ana had been his comfort and reason to be after he lost Deanna. He had dated many times since Ana had turned 10, but there was never a feeling of closeness that he had with her mother. Until now. He expressed his love to her on the third date and proposed on the forth. She had breathlessly said yes. She was head over heels for a man she knew nothing about. But it seemed so perfect, she was not going to question it.

The honeymoon was quick, too. But it was wonderful. He was loving and tender. He didn't rush her. He knew it had been some time since she had made love. He was a skilled lover, with a large cock and balls. He loved oral sex as much as she did. It was a match made in heaven. They had spent the two days fucking and sucking in marital bliss. Now they were going home. They were going to live in his home, so Ana didn't have to be uprooted. They were going to be a happy family, Jesse just knew it. With no children of her own, she was anxious to give Ana the mother she never had.

Ana stood at the top of the stairs, staring down at her new stepmother. Daddy's descriptions of "my little girl" hardly suited the young woman she was being introduced to. She was a 19-year-old, stunning beauty. She had long dark hair that framed a beautiful face. Her perfect body was barely covered by a halter and cutoff jeans. She was tan and sleek. She walked down the stairs and stood face to face with Jesse. She hugged Jesse and said, "Welcome home." Harland smiled at his two pretty women. He hugged them both and kissed each on the cheek. "You two get to know each other," he said as he headed out the door. He had told Jesse he would have to leave to fly to a series of business meetings and that he would be gone a couple of weeks. He had suggested that Jesse spend time with Ana, getting to know her. He had given her a credit card and told her to take Ana shopping. "She'll love you forever!"

Ana and Jesse stared after the only thing they had in common, watching as he left the driveway. Ana turned and looked Jesse over. She glanced up and down and gave her a wink. "You're prettier than the others." Jesse looked quizzically at her. The word others rebounded in her mind. "No, you aren't the first or second or even third Mrs. Chamberlain. You are number five. And they all left because of me. I'm the only real love he has and none of them could come close." Jesse gazed at Ana as she walked away. She felt her face go flush. Could she win over this spoiled woman-child?

Jesse sat on the bench in the mall, waiting for Ana to emerge from the shoe store. Ana had looked at every pair, twice. Jesse was bored and ready to move on. She carefully guarded the bags they had amassed. At last, Ana came out of the shoe shop with another bag to add to the pile. She sat next to Jesse and sighed a deep sigh. Jesse couldn't help but notice her large breasts as they moved up and down with her sigh. Ana looked around at the shops left to conquer. There were three clothes stores left unravished. She took Jesse by the hand and pulled her up. The two walked toward the closest shop. Ana mulled through the racks, touching the fabrics and occasionally holding up an outfit. "Hey, Jesse. You'd look good in this one. Try it on." Jesse took the garment and obediently walked into the dressing room. The attendant took temporary charge of their purchases. Jesse stepped into an empty room, followed by Ana. Jesse felt a bit nervous, but they were both girls so she slowly started to undress. Ana watched as her new stepmother disrobed.

Jesse was a beauty. She had long, auburn hair and a tight, hot body. Ana couldn't resist. She reached over and touched Jesse's pert tits through the sheer fabric of her bra. Jesse shivered and moved back. Ana's face contorted into the familiar pout she displayed when displeased. Jesse found herself moving closer to Ana. Ana stepped closer and put her arms around Jesse. Jesse felt the warmth between her legs growing. She had never been touched by another woman, not like this. She found herself drawn into the embrace. The two women kissed deeply. Ana rubbed her large breasts against Jesse, and Jesse moaned softly. Ana looked into Jesse's eyes and smiled a mischievous grin. "Let's go home" she said softly. Jesse dressed quickly and the two left the mall and went to the car. At the car, there was no struggle for who would drive. Ana walked over to the passenger side and got in. Jesse sat in the driver's seat and started the engine. Ana's stare pierced her to her soul. As she engaged the engine and back out of the parking spot, she felt Ana's hand move slowly up her thigh and under her short skirt. Ana's hand found the soft, wet mound and began to pull and pinch Jesse's clit. Jesse could hardly concentrate on driving. She glanced over at Ana and found Ana's other hand was similarly occupied with her own clit. Jesse drove as fast as she dared, straight home.

The engine was quickly shut off and the car abandoned in the driveway, the two women raced into the house. Ana stopped in the living room and began to disrobe. As she peeled off item after item, Jesse dropped to her knees in front of her. Jesse helped her pull off her panties and then instinctively dived into the wet tuft of hair between Ana's legs. She licked and sucked the wet clit, tasting the sweetness of Ana's young pussy. She had never been here with a woman, but as she probed her tongue deeper and deeper, she wondered why. She grabbed Ana's ass cheeks and held her firmly. Jesse pushed her legs wider and plunged her head as close to the sweet honeypot as she could. She heard herself moaning and heard Ana's sighs become gasps and moans. She stopped just long enough to lay Ana down on the sofa. She curled up at the end of the sofa, between Ana's legs and continued to suck and lick. She pushed her tongue up into the tight opening, fucking Ana with her tongue. Ana's gasps and moans became louder and louder. Suddenly, Ana grabbed Jesse's head and held it tightly to her pussy. Jesse could feel the shudders and spasms of Ana's orgasm. As Ana's body faded into a silent stillness, Jesse laid her head on Ana's tummy. She felt deeply satisfied at Ana's orgasm. They lay together, resting in the glow.

Ana began to stir first, pushing Jesse to get up. Jesse obediently got up and followed her dear stepdaughter up the stairs. She was led into Ana's room and told to strip. Jesse did so, as Ana searched inside her dresser drawer. Ana told her to get on the bed, on all fours. Jesse did as she was told. "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you." Jesse could feel the wetness between her legs. She had never been so hot. She closed her eyes and waited.

Ana climbed onto the bed and between Jesse's legs. Jesse was sharply surprised by a cock sliding into her. Ana's strap-on plunged deep into her cunt and she let out a sharp cry of shock. It was something she did not expect. Ana humped furiously, sliding the strap-on in and out of Jesse's wet cunt. Jesse moaned loudly and grabbed the headboard of the bed to hold on. Ana fucked her harder than any man had ever taken her. She begged for more. Ana kept up the pace, making Jesse orgasm over and over. Jesse's juices flooded her pussy and dripped down her thighs. Ana pumped at Jesse's hot cunt until Jesse let out a scream and fell to the bed. Ana fell on top of Jesse, the sweat from her efforts mixing with Jesse's. The two lay there together, breathing hard and feeling the warmth of their exertions. Exhausted from the exercise, Ana rolled off Jesse and curled up next to her on the bed. Within a few minutes, they were both fast asleep.

Harland pulled up in the driveway. It had been two weeks since he had seen his two lovely ladies. He anxiously headed toward the door. He wondered if Jesse had stuck it out. His darling Ana could be very formidable. He opened the door and called out to his two sweethearts. Ana and Jesse came running to him, hand in hand. "How are my favorite women? Did you two get along okay? I wanted you to know each other." Ana wrapped her arm around Jesse. She smiled sweetly at daddy and said, "We got along great. She is really awesome. We shared a lot and we got very close." Ana winked at Jesse, who returned her smile. Harland sighed in relief. At last, he had someone he could trust daddy's little girl with.


02-20-2009, 09:20 PM
18 Only: Daughter Swap!!!
Sharing is caring as dads trade offspring

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I watched my friend Mark and his daughter, Laura pull up in front of my large suburban home. Mark got out of the Lexus and helped Laura with her suitcase as they made their way to where I was standing on the stoop. My cock had been waiting for this all week.

Mark and I shook hands before I gave Laura a peck on the cheek.

"Her clothes and some other surprises are in here, Jeff." Mark said, handing me Laura's suitcase

"Thanks a lot Mark." I said, putting the suitcase by the door. "Beth should be down in a minute."

"No problem." Mark grinned.

My eyes roamed over Laura. She was an 18 year old senior just like my daughter, and Mark's eldest child. She had long blonde hair, which was now done up for me in a stylish French twist. She was a little on the skinny side, but extremely cute with soft, babyish features. Her breasts were perky and firm and I could tell she didn't have a bra on under the pearl satin dress I had requested she wear.

"Beth!" I called upstairs. "Are you ready yet? Mark is waiting!"

"Yes Daddy!" Beth said, hustling downstairs with her own bag.

"What took you so long?"

"Nothing Daddy!" She said, kissing Mark's cheek and giving Laura a hug.

"Baby, tell me what you were doing." I persisted.

Beth blushed, trying not to look Laura in the eye.

"Well, I was... I was on the toilet Daddy."

"And that took fifteen minutes?"

"Nothing was coming out..." She mumbled.

I asked her to speak up. . "Nothing came, came out Daddy."

"Sounds like you're constipated, " Mark said, making Beth's cheeks turn a shade darker.

Mark put his arm around Beth's shoulders. "Don't worry about it honey. I'll help you take an enema. Did you take yours Laura?"

"Of course Daddy," Laura answered, coming over to stand beside me.

"Well, you two have fun and I'll see you Sunday." Mark said. "The day's young after all."

"Bye Beth!" I waved, as Mark put my daughter in his car and drove off.

I told Laura to put her suitcase in the guest bedroom. She had been to my place dozens of times, so she knew exactly where to go.

I had known her since she was born and knew her Dad long before that. I even changed her diapers when she was a baby. It amazed me that she had grown into a beautiful woman so fast.

She joined me in the living room, sitting herself on the couch across from my La-Z-Boy.

"Do you know why you're here Laura?" I asked her earnestly.

"Well, Jeff," she began, "Daddy said that I was supposed to come over here and fuck you."

"And why were you told to do that?"

"Because Daddy didn't think it was right for him to fuck me himself, so he thought you could do it and tell him how I perform." She giggled.

"That's right baby." I smiled. What a pleasant, obedient girl she was.

"He also said that I should try to please you and that by getting you off you I'd make him happy. He also said that if there was something I didn't like I should shut my eyes and pretend you're my boyfriend at school, Eric."

I smiled. "And how is Eric doing?", recalling that I met him at her parent's house over the holidays. If I remembered correctly, he was a tall, nerdy guy who seemed uncomfortable even talking to his own girlfriend.

"He's ok." Laura said, trailing off.

"Are you two fucking yet?"

"No. He's a bit shy." She giggled.

"I'm surprised. You've been with him for so long."

"Well, I think he believes I'm a virgin, Jeff."

"You can call me Uncle Jeff like you usually do honey."

"Is that..." She struggled, "Is that appropriate?"

"Why shouldn't it be?"

"Well, you already said you were going to fuck me."

"Look Laura, you can drop the shy act. Your Dad lets me know everything that goes on in your life and we both know you're a bit of a slut. "

Her cheeks flushed. "Well, um..."

"I mean, you've had sex right?"

"Yes." She said.

"With how many guys?"


My cock swelled in my pants. Mark had warned me that Laura had become more sexually active in the last year and he knew she was sleeping around, plus he had been trading her with other Dads in the neighborhood so I knew there was more than three. Way more. I decided to confront her about the fib.

"Now honey, I know it's more than three. I mean, does that include Mr. Bently?"

She gave me a sigh. "Ok, ok, so I've fucked about twelve guys, but three was at one time, so it's not that bad!"

I laughed."You must really like getting fucked."

She nodded, giggling now. "Yeah, I like getting fucked. And people like to fuck me. So?"

"Well, I'm going to fuck you really hard Laura."

"That's what Daddy said. He said you and him used to go to trips to Thailand and fuck women over there. He says you've got a big one."

"Think you can handle an older guy?"

She smiled warmly. "Well, there's only one way to find out I guess."

"Is that your prom dress you're wearing?" I asked off topic.

"Yes." She answered. "Don't you think it's beautiful? Feel it!" I came over to the sofa and ran my hand over the dress, making sure to grope her breast in the process. The fabric was so smooth.

I had seen a photo of her in it on the mantle atop Mark's living room fireplace and thought it was adorable. It was great that he ensured she wore it for me. I told her to turn around so I could see the back. She turned to reveal an intricate lattice of lace running from her waist to just below her shoulder blades. The gown flowed to the floor.

I told her to get undressed for me.

"Don't you want to unwrap me yourself?" She asked curiously..

"Actually, I just want to watch you strip for me. I want to see exactly what I'm getitng."

She untied the lace at the back of her dress and the front fell away from her boobs, collapsing around her waist. She stepped out of the dress, wearing nothing now but panties, garters and stockings, her nipples proudly standing up. As she peeled her garters down, I took out my cock and started to jerk it. I could tell by the way she reacted she was a bit threatened by the size of it.

"Dad said he wouldn't give me my education fund if I didn't do exactly what you said." The edges of her pouting, cherry lips curled up into a half -smile.

I sighed. "You're breasts have really developed this year."

"Oh thanks. I'm a 34B this year." She said, playing with them in her hands.

"The boys must love them."

"Yeah, they get excited and try to titty fuck me, but I don't think my tits are big enough for that... Do you?"

"I think they're lovely, dear. I'm certain you could give a nice tit-job." I was lying. I reminded myself to tell Mark that he should invest in a big set of falsies for her. "How did you like fucking fours boys at a time?"

"Three." She corrected me. "They were all members of the Senior Football team and they were really rough and called me names. Let's just say that for the next four weeks I thought of them every time I went number 2!"

"So they fucked your ass!!?"

"Yes Jeff!" She said.

"Uncle Jeff."

" Yes Uncle Jeff!,I was like, you guys have assholes, why don't you fuck each other?" she laughed, " But they got mad and said I needed to take all the 'punishment', as if I wouldn't have just let them anyway! Boys are so weird."

"Why were you being punished?" I asked, instructing her to touch her pussy which she did without hesitation, pushing her ivory white panties to the side to give me a good look at her gentle crevices. She traced the fleshy folds of her pussy using her tiny fingers.

"Well, I was dating one of them at the time and I cheated on him so they said if I wanted cock, him and his friends would show me who was boss."

"And who was boss?"

"Not me!"

We laughed together.

"So you stopped seeing him? "

"Well," She said, sweetly. "They made a tape of the incident for the team that they keep on their tour bus and watch sometimes. I got mad that he showed everyone so I dumped him. Anyway, it's cool. He's fucking my ex-best friend now. I'm glad he's happy. Now I'm definitely with Eric."

"Well. That other guy didn't sound right for you anyway. Can you turn around and show me your bum?"

Laura wiggled around on the couch and spread her cheeks wide. I told her to slip her spread her cheeks, which she did, revealing her baby seal pink pussy and asshole. She swayed her hips back and forth slowly. " Like this Uncle Jeff?"

"No baby," I said, continuing to jerk. "Just hold it nice and still so I can get a nice look."

I suggested she open her pussy lips and rub the area around her clit. She complied. "Good girl," I moaned, stroking myself as I watched Laura stimulate her teen honey pot. She was dripping a thick liquid I've never even seen come out of a woman's pussy onto the leather couch. It was thick and sticky, like her pussy was drooling..

"Lick up your mess baby!" I told her.

Laura turned around and saw the puddle she left. "Whoops!" She said, lapping it up with her tongue.

Suddenly, my phone rang. I grabbed the cell from the coffee table and sat back down in the La-Z-boy still with my cock in my hand. I told Laura to come over and sit between my legs. She pulled off my pants and I gave her mouth my cock before answering the call. The display showed that it was Mark.


Instead of Mark, it was my daughter, Beth on the other end of the line.

"What's going on sweetheart?" I asked, as Laura put her mouth over my dick, starting to suck me deeply into her throat.

"Well, Daddy..." Beth began to moan, "Uncle Mark wants to piss in my mouth."

I almost laughed. Mark was such a kinky bastard. I should have known. It was cute that she called him Uncle Mark even while talking to me.

I did feel sorry for Beth, but I considered that if I wanted to use Laura in a similar way I had to play fair. "Well, I think that's a perfectly reasonable request dear."

"But Daddy!"

"You get in there and drink every drop." I looked down to see Laura sucking my balls into her mouth. "Understand?"

"But won't it make me sick!?" My daughter demanded.

"You'll be ok. It's sterile."

"You positive?"

"Yes baby." I said, not really sure if a person's own urine was sterile or all human urine was sterile.

"Ok, Daddy."

I could overhear Mark yelling for her in the background.

"Go back now baby. Uncle Mark is waiting." I hung up the phone and stroked Laura's hair. "Enjoying that cock?"

Laura winked, her tongue worshipping my dick with an eager mouth. I was in heaven.

"I think it's time for me to get a condom." I told her, but she stopped me before I could get up.

"Actually Mr. Peters. I'm on the pill and I'm clean. You can be inside me bareback."

"That's very special," I said, holding her hands and kissing her lips gently, "Thank you."

She slid off her garters and climbed up on my lap.

Straddling my cock, she eased onto it, allowing it in her inch by warm inch. For someone who loved sex as much as she said did, she was surprisingly tight.

"Oh, you're so big in my pussy," she moaned clenching her soft pussy walls against my cock which was already smothered.

I pushed her off the couch and onto the carpet, fucking her right on the floor. "Yes Mr. Peters! HARDER!" She cried, as I threw her legs over my shoulder and pounded her tight teen pussy. Her skin faintly smelled of lavender as I licked and kissed her neck. Sticking my tongue in her ear, I could feel her quiver. "That tickles!" She mumbled..

Without collecting our clothes, I led her right upstairs to my master bedroom. My wife was out of town for a week so I knew I could do the laundry tomorrow. Although I felt a little bad for cheating the guilt instantly dissolved when I got Laura on all fours and took her pussy from behind. I told her to put her hand in the top drawer of my nightstand and give me the tube of lubricant. She did so and I squeezed a sizable amount on to my hand. Fucking her pussy, I smeared the gel over her anus and began experimenting with seeing how much of my fingers her butt take.

"Are you playing dirty?" I heard her coo.

"You'll see." I answered, slipping a full finger into her bumhole. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and licked her clit as I tried a second finger in her bottom.

"Ahhh..!!" She groaned, a little surprised.

"Do you like having fingers up there?"

"Yes, Uncle Jeff. I even have a special plug for my butt. Daddy and mommy bought it for me for Christmas. It's in my suitcase."

"You must not have used it too much, because your asshole is as tight as a vice!" I slapped her cheeks. "Go fetch the plug right now."

She ran to the spare room to search the suitcase. When she returned in less than a minute, she wasn't carrying the plug.

"Um, baby, I think you forgot something." I said.

"No I didn't!" She hummed back.

I already guessed as she gave me a teasing look and got back on all fours. The plug was already sunk deep in her rectum! She wore it all the way from her bedroom! That's when I knew she was going to give me her asshole without hesitation.

I left the plug unmolested in her hole, retrieving it after about five minutes of fucking her pussy. Finally it was time to pull the plug from what should now be her dilated rosebud. I lubed up my cock some more as I gently removed the plug. She arched as the tip slipped out. Laura's gape wasn't big enough to accommodate my entire cock so I did have to force it a little bit, causing her to squeal on a few occasions. One I was getting a good momentum going in her now loosened asshole, I flipped her onto her back and ass fucked her from the front, making sure her legs were tossed over my hips for access.

I started slowly, but soon was balls deep in her anus. She kept saying she liked it, but I could tell I was hurting her a little."

"It..." She winced, "It feels good, but it's starting to hurt."

I decided the best thing to do would be to fuck it extremely hard so it would be over quicker. I fucked her asshole like it was her pussy, trying to get as deep in the hole as I could. I didn't want to do permanent damage, but I did want to let her know she was being anally fucked. Her butt muscles were doing their best to keep me out, but I just pressed through them.

Suddenly, Laura screamed and began quivering all over. "Aaaarggh!!!

"What's going on baby? I said, stopping...

She looked into my eyes. I think I just came."

I gave her a kiss and slipped out of her asshole.

"I didn't know I could cum from a cock in my butt." She observed, resting.

"Don't think you're going to sleep,! " I waved my cock at her.

She looked concerned. "You can't put it in my pussy Mr. Peters, because I might get an infection."

"You're right Laura." I nodded, "So why don't I finish in your mouth?"

She knew it was the only way. Laying back on the bed, I felt myself sinking into the large throw pillows my wife bought as Laura played gently with my oily cock.

"It smells a little." She said sniffing the shaft before curling up her nose.

"It won't when you lick it all up."

She put my cock into her mouth and closed her eyes. She let it past her lips sucking it gently. Suddenly, she pulled it out. I down at her, wondering what was up. She glanced at me her wide emerald eyes. "My butt juices are so sticky!" She laughed.

"Eat my asshole while you're down there." I told her.

She spread my cheeks and licked my shithole like a pro. I jacked my cock as she worked her tongue further into my ass, her soft hair falling across my balls like a satin sheet.

"I'm coming," I said, "Get your mouth on my cock."

Laura put my cock in her mouth just in time to receive a thick load onto her tongue. She let the puddle of cum rest there for a while, making sure I acknowledged that she had tasted it before swallowing.

We fell asleep for a few hours before fucking again later that night and in the early morning.


We didn't talk much as I drove her home the next day. I walked her across the family lawn and knocked on the door. Mark answered with Beth, who was standing there beside him, her suitcase packed and ready to go.

"Hi Beth, did you have a good time?" I asked my daughter.

"Yes, Daddy." She answered.

"How did she do Mark?"

"Well," Mark answered, "She enjoyed having her pussy taken and sucks cock very well, but wasn't fully cooperative. She positively detested the piss drinking and had a hard time coping with anal. I don't think she's even had her own baby finger in that hole."

"That's too bad." I said, dismayed. "Well, I imagine you liked the tightness?"

"Normally, but she was so tight, her asshole literally strangled my cock. But I'm sure she'll be more loosened up after more sessions."

Beth said nothing in her defense and I was glad Mark agreed to continue. "Plus, it was really hard to clean her out with the enema. You should make her do it daily."

"Not a bad idea," I said, slapping Beth's butt as she stood next to me. "Well, Mark, I must say Laura was amazing. What a clean, obedient, beautiful daughter you have. We started in the afternoon and didn't stop until the next day. But I'm sorry to say there was one problem..."

I told Laura to walk ten paces in a straight line.

When she tried, Mark could see her gait was wide and awkward, like she couldn't bring her feet together.

Beth smirked. "Wow Daddy, you wrecked her."

"Now, Beth, that's just a bit of soreness." Mark observed.

"I'm sure it'll go away in a few days." I told him.

It better!" Mark retorted. "I'm trading her for Brian Touten's daughter next Saturday so she better be ready to please by then."

Laura gave me a meek smile like she didn't want me to know she was being passed around to others. It did make me a bit jealous, but I figured I'd take it out on her during our next visit.

Thanking them both, I took Beth and walked to the car. 'Next Saturday, you'll be with Mr. Henderson. You won't mind doing your Math teacher right? "

"No Daddy," Beth said, opening the passenger door..

"His sons might be there too, so expect three cocks just in case." I explained, getting behind the wheel. "In exchange he's letting me take his daughter Carly."

"She's really hot Daddy." Beth said, buckling up. "I'm sure you'll like her a lot."

"I'm sure I will too, baby." I gave my daughter a kiss on the cheek before driving off for home.


02-20-2009, 09:21 PM
1982: Exploring into the Taboo Zone
It's wrong, but he can't resist the challenge

Her name was Gabriella, but for almost everybody she was Lella; she was my little cousin, the second child of one of my mother's younger sisters.

I was much closer to her brother Daniele, who was one year older than me, and basically represented the closest I had to a brother. We basically grew together, even if we saw each other only for the summer holidays, and we were both best friends and harsh rivals at the same time, with a lot of competition and of common ideas between us. You may synthesize like this: we were looking forward to seeing each other for eight months, and then fight five minutes after finally meeting.

He was the tall and handsome one, popular with other boys and always good at sports; I was the quiet good student, mature and in good relationship with the adults. The same, old story.

My father was nagging me about Daniele being so active and successful at sport, and my uncle was nagging Daniele about me being so clever and successful at school... Sometime I wonder how we never came to hate each other...

Lella came as Daniele's small attachment.

For years, being the youngest of the family and the only female in our generation, she was more a nuisance than an asset.

Later, we found a use for her, as a backup and an extra companion for our boyish games.

She didn't mind: she was very quiet and sweet, eager to join us but not intrusive. It was evident she was eager to be accepted by "the older ones (us)", and we took advantage of her, always assigning her the less interesting tasks. She was the one who had to look for us at hide-and-seek, the one to be scared in the dark room, the prisoner to be tortured or the enemy to be shot at.

She never complained.

Time went by, but things between us never really changed much.

We grew, though. And if I never really spent time noticing that Daniele was growing taller and taller, at a certain point I started noticing that Lella was developing into quite a cute girl.

Understand me: our family is quite a close one, and Lella being my first and only cousin made her completely off-limits... Not that anybody ever told me, I just felt like that. She was by far closer to a sister than to a friend for me, and fell completely into the taboo zone, where you don't even look (or you are supposed not to) under the sexual point of view.

But again, it was pretty evident that Lella was turning into a damned good-looking little thing.

Even having her own circle of friends, she was still eager to join Daniele and me every time I came by. I understood she wasn't much around with Daniele alone any more though, so in a way it was clear she was basically eager to join me.

I suppose that all her parents nagging about me being so good at school (I wasn't, but still I was far better than Daniele, who hated studying) turned me into a good model for a good little girl.

Plus, being eager to be a good girl, Lella was choosing her friends within the local church environment, so I suppose I represented an interesting change in her usual frequentations.

Whatever the reason of Lella's interest in me, I was in the teenager time when often boys start having problems with girls (how to talk to them, how to move and behave in front of them, how to positively impress them, and the like), so I felt that, even if falling within the famous taboo zone, Lella was interesting enough, in a way more than her permanently study-frustrated brother.

So I started spending some time with her alone. And I discovered she was nice company.

This went on through high school, and I suppose I can say that Lella got an influence on my puberty. I was to realize I got even more on hers.

I passed my exams and high school was history. Daniele was already messing around at University and was permanently unavailable, but I was in the mood to relax and party. I got my diploma, my driving license and I was on my way to the Army Academy; plus, as you may have red earlier, I had my first complete sexual experience, so you may understand I wanted to enjoy my summer.

As usual, I decided to spend a few weeks in Rome with that branch of our family there, and probably the idea to spend some time with my cute cousin was part of the reason which made me left my hometown in the North after some camping in the Alps with my school friends... That camping made me loose both Daniele's twenty-one and Lella's eighteen-year birthday, but at the time I didn't care much.

It was a hot summer, and August can be really hot in Rome... That's why so many Romans vacate the city in that month, and tourists have it all for themselves.

While Daniele was horribly busy with Uni, Lella was fully available until September, when her last year of high school was going to start... But by then I was going to be at the Academy too, away and inaccessible for quite a long time.

The pure idea of me joining the Academy was a damned good score for me: since I had been talking about doing it since I vas five, according to her parents it showed not only good sense and responsibility, but also character.

For all these reasons, Lella appeared to be very happy to have me around for some time... Almost as much as her own mother and all my other aunts!

It turned out quite nice to spend time together walking in the city centre, having an ice cream or a pizza together, chatting about anything, and feeling like being finally grown up and free.

Lella had grown up all right. At 18, she was really a cutie: shoulder-long, soft brown hair, hazelnut sparkling eyes, and a light, clean skin which turned gold in the sun; she had a slim, lean body but was far from the skinny birdie she used to be as a child.

A pretty girl to go around with and I noticed with some satisfaction the looks of envy some boys were throwing at me.

Pity she was my little cousin, and henceforth untouchable.

On the other hand, my recently-acquired self-confidence in my relationship with the other sex made me notice a previously unnoticed malice in my little cousin behaviour and demeanour.

She was finding the best way to position herself towards me to show the best of her, she was looking at me more consciously, her voice turned sometimes quite sultry, and her dresses became more sexy. Her jeans were getting more and more tight, showing her long legs and her well-built, shapely bum; her skirts weren't too short, but turned out rather transparent; her shirts were quite open to show her perfectly proportioned cleavage, and her shirts were modelling and enhancing her pert, proud small tits.

I became a man, but Lella had become a woman.

A couple of days after my arrival, I proposed her to go to the beach.


We took the underground to Ostia and strolled along the overcrowded seafront until we found the resort we liked the best, and went in. I paid for two sun beds, and we settled in our place, just a few metres from the water.

Lella slipped out of her skimpy sleeveless summer dress and ended up in her bikini.

I almost choked.

She was a knockout. Her dark orange bikini enlightened her already perfect suntan, but that wasn't what hit on me. It was the remarkably small percentage of skin the bikini was covering.

Lella's breasts weren't by any means big; but still they were full enough to make her A-cups explode. If the top was just on the edge, the bottom was quite over it: the front triangle had exactly the size of her pubic mound, and just the consistence to contain her young bush without really hiding it; a pair of thin golden chains connected it to the -- even smaller and thinner -- rear triangle, which just covered her perky ass crack. It wasn't a g-string, but was close to be.

Lella smiled at me, wore a pair of very dark sunglasses and lay down on her belly on the sun bed; offering me a nice show of her cute ass.

I gulped and got undressed too, and then I got hold of the sun protection.

"Good idea," she said from behind her sunglasses "Can I borrow some of your cream? I forgot mine..."

But she didn't move from her bed.

Well, she was my cousin all right, but creaming her back with sun lotion wouldn't put me into the taboo zone, I thought...

I started putting oil on her back, and immediately she undid her top, to allow me to properly massage her shoulders.

When I first put my hands on her naked skin I shivered, feeling all the warmth emanating from her body.

I carefully rubbed her shoulder blades, her ribs and then I went down along her spine... Her shapely ass cheeks were getting closer and closer.

My cock stirred, and I got worried.

I was wearing my trunks. It would be visible!

I decided to crouch next to her bed and took my time to let my friend deflate quietly.

My fingers reached the golden chain under her waist.

Rather than deflating, my friend stirred harder.

I sobbed and went on my knees, moving down to the bottom of the bed to cream her legs.

I started from her calves, to give time to my manhood to get wiser.

It worked as long as I was below her knees; once I reached the rear of Lella's thighs the goddamned thing started ramming against the elastic of the trunks.

I swallowed hard and moved up. I placed my hands on Lella's buttocks.

My cock was hurting bad by now, but I couldn't help it: rubbing my cousin's asscheeks was such a turn-on, such a deeply erotic feeling that I couldn't care to embarrass the whole roman crowd on the beach.

Lella moaned.

I shivered, even under the banging August sun.

"Nice..." she whispered.

Then she rolled over, lying on her back to offer the front of her body to my sun lotion... And to my hands.

She was there, lying almost naked in front of me, eager to be caressed and massaged in front of thousands of people, all but unaware of the game this young girl was playing with her favourite older cousin...

Moving my knees on the sand, I reached for her shoulders, pouring a generous amount of sun lotion on her chest.

Thanks God, she helped me by rubbing some oil over her exposed breasts while I creamed her arms and ribs... And then she placed her oily hand over my shoulder, moving down on my chest!

It was an absolutely innocent movement, and still gave me one of the most erotic feelings of my youth. Her fingers indulged quite a lot on my chest, as if for cleaning of the oil, and again I shivered; only this time she felt it.

I slowly rubbed her flat belly, down again towards her outrageous bikini bottom, and my cock went berserk into my swimming trunks.

"My legs..." Lella whispered, in her newly-acquired sultry voice.

I panicked.

My cock was exploding out of my trunks, there was no hope to hide the raging erection I was experiencing, and it was going to take half an hour to get back into my ordinary size.

My knees started aching, but I hardly realized: my cock hurt much worse.

Doing Lella's small feet didn't help much. She got beautiful feet: for the first time in my life I realized what foot fetish is all about.

Feet are alive; they are shaped and silky...

I kissed them.

Lella laughed softly, both pleased and surprised; that has been the first time I kissed her other than in a brotherly way.

Unreasonably, I happened to wonder what my uncles would think about that.

I went up, reaching for her knees, both fearing and dying to reach higher up along my pretty cousin legs.

My hands moved up, caressing Lella's silky thighs.

Her skin was so smooth, so warm...

I sighed.

She sighed back, louder.

My cock broke through the trunks elastic, and the cockhead broke loose out of it.

I blushed violently. I was going to stay in that position for the rest of the day!

Well, that also meant I was going to keep my hands on Lella's inner thighs, so wasn't that bad, right?

Excitement and embarrassment mixed up inside me, rising almost as violently as my poor cock.

I must have been oiling and caressing her inner thighs for at least ten minutes now.

She whispered, "Your hands are so warm..."

Am I such a dirty-minded motherfucker if I think she was provoking? She could say, "Enough", or "Thank you", but no, she comments on my hands being warm! Almost asking me to go on...

The torture had lasted far beyond Geneva Convention boundaries. I literally jumped up and fell on my bed, lying on my belly to hide my raging erection to the rest of the world... But not to Lella I suppose, since she perfectly knew what was going on, plus she got the chance to scan whatever she wanted, through her sunglasses.

I lay on my sun bed, excited and frustrated, trying to think of something awful - like my Philosophy teacher naked, for example -- in order to cool dawn... But not, the only naked body I was seeing was my cousin's.

I thought it couldn't get worse, but it did.

We went for a bath.

We swimmed, joked, sprayed and laughed for a while, until she said she started feeling cold and needed to go out.

It was when we came out of the water, that I realized the goddamned bikini was transparent.

I believe Lella wasn't aware of it, since she walked out quite nonchalantly... Until she shivered at the thin breeze.

She got goose skin all over her body, and her nipples popped put, heightening the already very evident shadow of her areolas.

That very second she held herself with her arms, realized how exposed she made herself and blushed.

"Oh my God!" she stumbled "I'm so cold... Would you mind to take a towel for me?"

"Of course..." I smiled and run to oblige.

She staid standing in the water at her heels, her arms around the shoulders to hide her tits, waiting for the towel.

I later thought I should have taken my time to exact revenge, but I didn't think of it at the time, being just eager to help her out of her embarrassment.

I handed over the towel to her and she wrapped herself into it shivering badly (she's always been a cold type) and smiled a shy, embarrassed smile.


"You're welcome," I said, putting an arm around her shoulders and pulling her against myself to help warming up.

It was the first time our naked bodies came to contact. I felt electricity run through our skin, just like a discharge, and she felt it too.

We stood still, our feet in the water. I felt her arm encircling my waist, and her face sink into the side of my neck.

She didn't move for quite a few seconds, which felt like centuries.

Then, she slowly pulled herself loose, and lightly kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you, cousin..." she whispered again, with a thin smile.

We went back in the late afternoon.

In the underground we sat in front of each other, and we got somebody standing between us.

It was all a game of seeing and not seeing: sometimes she completely disappeared to me, and sometimes she was there again, her shy smile unchanged on her pout lips.

There was absolutely nothing provocative in her smile or in her posture, and still, she was so damned erotic in her eyes!

She simply never stopped staring at me, for the whole trip. She may disappear behind another passenger for minutes, and again once the passenger moved away her eyes were looking straight into mine.

It was like a spell.

Her thin, shy smile never left her face for the whole day.

Once we were back downtown, rather going home we went for an early dinner out.

We got a pizza in a pizzeria close to her home, and we got also a couple of draught beers to wash out the day heat.

At a certain moment, after cheering and swallowing a long gulp of Stella Artois, we put down the mugs on the table, and our hands touched.

Another electric wave crossed our bodies down to our heels.

I saw Lella shiver again in the warmth of the roman evening, and her nipples hardened up through the fabric of her summer dress. I knew she was wearing no bra under the thin dress, since her bikini top was still humid and she had no change from home... I wandered weather she was actually naked under the dress.

The simple thought made my cock surge again inside my jeans.

Lella took my hand across the table and smiled.

"Thank you for the beautiful day," she said.

I offered her a bitter as a digestive, and she surprised me by accepting.

For being your typical "good girl", Lella was pretty open to suggestions on the alcoholic side...

When we walked back hole, I casually passed a hand behind her back, and she drooled into my embrace.

Before walking back to the other aunt I was sleeping at, we stopped at her doorstep to say goodbye, and she quickly agreed to see me the day after.

Then, she rose on her tiptoes, and kissed me goodnight: fully on my open and surprised mouth.


I usually have no problems sleeping. I almost never had, but after my basic army training I just realized that sleeping enough is all what happiness is about.

At the time, my basic army training was a few months to come, so Lella's kiss prevented me from sleeping all night.

I was just thinking and thinking about it, trying to find a meaning for what happened during the day. Why was Lella so sexual with me on the beach? Was it intentional or it just happened? Was she OK with it, or would she be upset with me now, after thinking it over? What did her last kiss mean? And, most important of all, was I in the taboo zone now?

I was also wondering about what was going to happen the coming day. Was Lella going to insist on her provocations? Was she going to be upset? Or maybe she was just going to be back the ordinary Lella I always knew: friendly, adoring and still detached?

It proved to be something else, totally unexpected.

She wanted to introduce me to her new boyfriend.

"Nobody knows about him yet," she told me, matter-of-factly, "I just wanted you to meet him first, and hear your impressions... You know how fussy my parents are about boys. Besides, he is so much similar to you!"

I was speechless. The day before she was kissing me, and now she was going to introduce me to her boyfriend, who was supposed to be like me!

I wondered weather playing in the taboo zone made Lella turn a bit strange... But on the other end, I was somewhat pleased to be the first to meet her very first boyfriend: it showed she really trusted me.

We went, and I must say, I got slightly offended.

What, this podgy bookworm was supposed to be similar to me?

OK, he had my same name, and was good at school, but besides that, I could see we had very little in common. He was a church-going, hard studying, sexually repressed goddamned nerd.

Okay, I was studying quite hard too, but hey! I had to go through the admission exams for the Academy. And I hated studying... It was just a price to pay to reach my target.

But again, I could see her point. He was a good boy, as much as I was supposed to be, according to her parents' daily drill.

She wasn't really wrong about him: he was a hapless "good boy" all right, a very safe guy to be with if you want to reach the altar as a virgin.

She was just totally confused about me... If she thought about her cousin as a "good boy" in the same way.

As I said before, I felt slightly offended.

We staid for a couple of hours; the other Roberto showed us his studies in literature and religion, lectured us about evil in the world, was quite horrified about my idea to join the army and carry weapons against fellow human beings, told us he needed to study and when we left he nicely kissed Lella on her cheek.

After we left, she asked me what I thought about him.

"Good boy," was all I could say.

It seemed enough for her.

What was Lella really thinking about me? The doubt really troubled me while we were sharing a die-cut pizza next to San Giovanni Cathedral.

I asked her weather, since her boyfriend was so busy; she wanted to have a walk in Villa Borghese, the largest and nicest park inside Rome. She was all for it.

We took a bus and took a long walk around the inner lake, until we reached the boats docks. I rented a boat and we oared towards the centre of the lake.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:21 PM
Now, that is one of the typical things young couples in Rome do. And Lella looked like appreciating it quite a lot.

It was romantic, relaxing, and quite intimate, and created a nice atmosphere between the two of us.

We chatted, oared, joked and laughed for over an hour, and once we handed over the boat and we walked away, I had my arm behind Lella's shoulders.

I took her back home by dinner time, and invited her out again for the day after.

No, she said the other Roberto was free and she promised o go to see him at his place to have lunch with his parents... Could we see each other in the evening instead?

I said of course, and got another goodnight kiss... On the mouth.

I really didn't know what to think about the whole situation.

I used the day to go and see some other members of the family, and dropped by to pick her up before dinner.

She was ready: tight jeans and loose t-shirt, the teenager disco uniform of the roman girls in the eighties.

We took an early pizza in the centre and then hanged around Fontana di Trevi waiting for the time to go to the cinema.

Fontana di Trevi at night is magic. Ever been there? It is always crowded, and the mix of noise, commotion and sprayed water creates a unique, unreal atmosphere of intimacy and dizziness, which may loosen your defences far more than you would imagine.

I didn't plan it, it just happened. I placed an arm around her shoulder and threw a coin into the pool, holding her tight.

She reeled into my embrace and moved her arm around my waste.

I held her tighter and rolled her towards me.

She smiled and put her hands behind my neck.

I held her hips against me and kissed her on her lips.

She parted her lips and gave me her tongue.

God, it was just a second, but we did French-kiss each other like sweethearts in front of Fontana di Trevi!

She smiled happily after our lips parted, and all I could do was to say the movie was about to start.

I don't remember which movie we saw, also because I didn't watch it; I don't think Lella watched it either.

I had my arm around her shoulders when the lights went down, and in a matter of minutes her head was lying next to my neck.

Our lips met again, lightly; she giggled.

I smiled and kiss her more purposefully; she answered readily, offering me her tongue to suckle.

My right hand around her shoulders found her breast and delicately caressed it.

No reaction: just her tongue twisted a bit faster inside my mouth for a second.

I felt the ribbon of her bra and followed it down until the whole cup of her breast was in contact with my palm through the thin material of her t-shirt and bra.

The tissue was thin; just a few seconds after I started caressing her, I felt the nipple growing harder under my hand.

Lella moaned weakly into my mouth.

It was then that I felt her own hand on my left thigh, caressing me slowly and steadily. My cock stiffened up at once, and she couldn't help feeling it...

I started rubbing and kneading her tit, and soon her nipple swell thicker and longer. Lella moaned again into my mouth, and her hand started moving faster on my jeans.

Instinctively, I grabbed her hand and moved it a bit more up, towards my crotch.

Now she could feel my growing erection under her fingers, just like I was enjoying twisting and pulling at her nipple.

The cinema was almost full, and we had people all around us. It was very dark, but I started getting worried for Lella's moans: they were getting louder.

Then, suddenly, the scene on the screen changed into a daylight one, and the darkness which had protected our effusions until then disappeared, exposing us to the public.

I immediately stopped playing with her breast and she swiftly withdrew her hand from my jeans crotch. We also stopped kissing, but she kept her head on my shoulder for the rest of the film projection, just like I kept her tit in my hand.

After the movie we went to a pub for a beer and a pancake. After the pancake, she gladly accepted a second beer, and soon she was a little tipsy, all smiling and giggling.

My head was spinning. What was I trying to do? I had no clear plan; I didn't really have any idea where I wanted to stop, or weather I wanted to stop at all.

It was pretty evident Lella wasn't going to stop me either, ready to accept anything was coming from me.

So, I started experimenting.

We were sitting at the corner of our small table to better talk to each other in the noise, so I could move my hand under the table to caress her left leg.

I moved my fingers over the thick jeans tissue, slowly making my way up, and I saw her smile naughtily and giggle again.

Then her hand grabbed mine, moving it up along her inner thigh. I could feel the sawing of her crotch, and even the jeans zip.

Only a sheer millimetre of material separated my fingers from her pussy now.

"Time to go home?" I said, suddenly very aware of how deep into the taboo zone we had ventured and far less determined to explore further into it.

Lella smiled broadly and nodded, but at the same time she pressed my hand into her crotch and closed her legs, taking me prisoner of her thighs.

It lasted just a second, but I went close to coming into my own jeans.

We walked home, chatting small talks all the way. We never spoke up about what we just did... It just didn't happen.

Or we pretended.

Again we came to her doorstep. The garden which surrounded her parents' early century house was dark and quiet.

"Goodnight," she said.

"Goodnight," I said, holding her against me.

Again I felt her lips on mine, again we French-kissed like sweethearts; but this time, my hands found their way to her shapely, jeans-clad ass, and purposefully grabbed her asscheeks.

Lella moaned into the kiss, squeezing herself into me. I felt the warmth of her breasts against my chest, and she couldn't help feeling the hardness of my erection against her flat stomach.

This time, our open-mouthed kiss lasted, and developed to the edges of a full-fledged mouth-to-mouth intercourse. Our tongues twisted and danced into each other mouth while we mutually tasted our mouth juices. My hands played and kneaded at her butt, and her belly pressed and rubbed against my cock.

Once again I reached close to cumming into my pants, and I'm not sure she actually did into hers. When we finally parted, she was all blushed, panting hard, her nostrils enlarged and her eyes shining.

"Goodnight!" she said again, with a broad smile before closing the door behind her back.


The day after, the weather frustrated our plans to go back to the beach.

Lella phoned me at my other aunt, saying she was going to see her boyfriend instead that morning, and that we could see each other early in the afternoon, hoping rain would stop.

As usual, she was giving and taking away from me in the same amount.

Eventually it did stop raining, and we could see each other for another movie, this time in the early afternoon.

It occurred to me that Lella was dressed quite differently this time, with a light, knee-long summer dress which exposed both her arms and legs, and a pair of cute slave sandals.

Again, no comments, neither regarding our performance the previous evening, nor her meeting with the other Roberto.

This time, the cinema was almost empty. The movie was a horror one, which justified her lying against me quite a lot. I passed my right arm across her neck, and soon we were in the same position of the other evening, kissing and moaning.

I grabbed her breast, and my fingers found a warm, soft globe of elastic flesh, crowned by an already swollen nipple, which was protruding trough the thin fabric of the dress.

Lella had forgotten her bra at home.

There was nobody around us, the nearest people sitting three rows ahead... And almost no daylight scenes in this dark movie. We felt quite private in our dark seats at the far back corner of the room.

Lella moaned loud when I twisted her nipple, and placed her left hand on my right thigh. I took it and moved it up, to make her feel my excitement.

While she was exploring my crotch with shaking fingers, I moved my left hand to grab her other breast and take full advantage of it.

The girl moaned loud again as I squeezed her tits and pinched her erected nipples. I could feel her left hand caressing my cock through the jeans, following its full length and trying to track its exact shape... It occurred to me that was likely the very first time she was plying with a real penis.

I went on masturbating her tits, making love to her mouth and receiving her clumsy, soft hand job for at least twenty minutes. She didn't dare to unzip my jeans though, and I started feeling frustrated in my urge to release.

Since my cock started hurting quite badly inside my crotch, I just removed her hand from there, and in so doing I suddenly came into contact with the warm softness of her naked thigh.

I didn't need another turn-on, but I got it anyway. I thought I was going to drench my pants from inside.

I tossed on my seat to get a better angle, and without stopping to play one hand on her tits, I moved the other along the bare skin of her left leg.

"Hmmm..." she mouthed, as I ate at her waterish oral cavity.

Her hand reached mine on her leg, and held it firmly for a second or two, before moving it up. I felt the hem of the dress giving way to our fingers, and my hand sank between my cousin's thighs.

Lella shivered; she let go of my mouth with a sigh, and her head fell back for a second.

Then she breathed heavy, and I felt her fingers clenching my wrist as she pulled my hand up between her legs.

I was unprepared to the feeling of her knickers material: it was wet. Not just humid; Lella's cotton panties were soaked wet.

I didn't know it, but my sweet little cousin just got the first orgasm of her life.

"Oh my God..." she panted, breathless. "Oh my GOD!"

I felt like exploring more of her intimacy, but this time she stopped me.

"Please..." she whispered, and I felt like letting her breath.

She lay in my embrace for over half an hour, as the movie went on unnoticed by either of us, resting.

I could feel her breathing softly into the collar of my shirt, making me slightly shiver; my own excitement had momentarily deflated and I was reeling into the tenderness I was feeling for my sweet little cousin.

And then, Lella's hand was back on my leg, caressing and making its way up towards my crotch.

I felt her fingers exploring the shape of my resurging cock through the thick denim material, and in the same time her breath became more heavy and humid against my neck.

In turn, my hands found back their way to her breasts and started kneading and twisting her thick nipples, making her moan softly.

She was more daring now: I felt her hand caressing my balls and playing with my cockhead before rubbing hard the whole length of my manhood.

I couldn't believe it: SHE WAS SEARCHING FOR THE ZIP!

I was totally confused by now; my thoughts were running without control, forming incoherent ideas and images that were rolling around in a carrousel faster and faster...

I was on the point to help Lella opening my jeans and pulling my cock out, when suddenly the room's lights went on.

The movie was over, and the people in the cinema were getting up.

We blushed, trying to hide the evidence of our ruthless sex play, and run out of the cinema, flushed and desperately horny.

We made our way back to Villa Borghese, searching for both some freshness and some intimacy.

It was late afternoon, but being summer it was still full daylight; we needed to look for something pretty covered, and we found a suitable spot not far from the small lake where normally couples make it out on small, romantic boats they can rent at an old-fashioned pier. The boats were far too exposed for what I had in mind to do to my bitchy cousin, so I pushed her into the small grove behind the pier.

It must have been a not very original idea, since I noticed a couple of used condoms lost in the grass, but if the place was used had to be a good one... Or so I thought.

Lella was more than willing to experiment a bit more, so I had no problems at making her hot enough to get back into her panties.

Our tongues intertwined in a deep, shameless French kiss, I sank my right hand between her hot thighs, pushing her dump cotton knickers aside and feeling the crispy moisture of my cousin's hairy pussy.

Lella moaned inside my mouth as my fingers started searching for her labia amongst her wet young pubic hair.

I found her slit, and she shivered under my intruding touch, but didn't pull out. My index slipped between her wet lips, exploring the warm wetness of that sweet, young snatch.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, shaking back her head and letting go of our kiss.

I slowly started fingering her, enjoying the feeling of her hot tightness.

I felt her hand caressing my face and then going slowly down along my body, until she reached my hand between her legs. She grabbed my wrist with unsusceptible strength, and I froze, fearing she wanted me to stop.

She didn't: her hand pulled mine even deeper into her steaming pussy with determined strength.

"Oohhh..." she moaned again, as I started masturbating her faster and deeper.

Her body started shaking and tensing, and I could sense her orgasm approaching.

I pushed with the palm of my hand against her mound compressing her clit, and at the same time I grabbed her asscheeks with the other hand, increasing my fingering tempo.

The friction on her love button, coupled with the increased speed of the fingerfuck, drove Lella over the edge.

She yelled.

Not a moan or a short cry: a loud scream of surprised and painful joy, like if all of her hot, young body was releasing the whole pressure of the last days.

I tried to close her mouth with another kiss, as I felt her convulsing into my arms, completely overwhelmed by the unexpected strength of her climax. She gasped and sighed into my embrace, while my hand kept on pushing her most sensitive spot to extend her orgasm as much as possible.

"Hmmm... Ouch! Oh my God... Oohhh!" she muffled into my mouth, grinding her crotch against my hand with all her quickly fading strengths.

Then I felt her shiver again, and her over tensed body relaxed suddenly, like a suddenly deflating balloon.

Lella sighed, and suddenly collapsed against me as a dead body: her limbs with no strength left, my hands were now her only support.

"Oh my God..." she exhaled in my hear, letting herself go completely into my arms.

I held her tightly, laying into the tree behind me, enjoying the feeling and the perfume of that young female body, which lay satisfied against me. I could feel her love juice trickling slowing between my fingers, final proof of my cousin orgasm.

We stay like that for quite a while, recovering and cuddling.

I wanted to say something, but I also feared to break the spell of the moment.

I thought of one hundred things to tell her, but nothing came out of my mouth more than a loving: "Shah..."

Lella slowly recovered and cuddled back into my arms; I felt her hands regaining strength and slowly roaming around my sides. One headed up, reaching my neck and caressing my hair. The other slowly made its way south, caressing my hip, my butt, and finally slipping between our bodies.

Before I could realize it, she was feeling my crotch.

I couldn't believe it: my cousin's inexperienced fingers started exploring my zip, and this time they looked like gaining confidence as they felt my manhood stirring and swelling under their touch.

I realized I was suddenly breathless, while in turn Lella's breath was accelerating more and more.

I didn't want to spoil the moment, but I also wanted to exploit it. It was hard to decide what to do next, but in the end I felt she was ready to experiment some more.

I went down with my right hand, after caressing her back and her bare arm with my moist fingers, and I reached for my own zip.

One swift move and my cock pulled free. Then, I moved my cousin's hand on my cock.

Her very first cock, I was sure as hell.

I felt her warm fingers caressing it slowly, almost like she did not really understood what was they were touching. Then I felt the palm of the hand touch the cockhead, and she tensed a second.

I feared she could chicken out, but she didn't.

After a short hesitation, Lella's small hand grabbed my cock and slowly started caressing it.

I caressed her butt through the thin material of her dress with one hand, and folded her right breast with the other, enjoying the feeling of her swollen nipple, and that triggered her to start stroking my shaft with more vigour and determination.

It was a proper hand job. I have never been good at beating myself: even if she was totally inexperienced, that was the best hand job I ever experienced.

While she was masturbating me, I went on touching and feeling her, and I started kissing her hard on her neck, suckling the tender flesh at the base of her collar bone.

Lella was breathing faster and faster, at the same, accelerating rhythm of her hand job, and so was I.

My right hand found its way back under Lella's dress, raising it until I could grab her naked buttocks, while the left one kept on teasing her right tit's nipple.

Her hard breathing developed in quickly accelerating moans, as her hand frantically stroked my shaft, and I soon realised I was going to cum in her hand.

I groaned into her neck, tensed like a bow, and shot hard.

A jet of cum blasted through Lella's fingers, staining her summer dress and her naked legs, taking her totally by surprise. She jumped, and I almost bite her in the neck like a vampire for the strength and the power of my sudden release, and my following shots ended up in the grass, as Lella diverted my cock from her lap.

It was only then, that she pulled slowly free of my hold and looked down at my still hard and twitching cock.

It was her very first, and looked at it with the same curiosity she could watch a funny animal. She was so cute...

"Wow!" she smiled, raising her eyes back at me.

I smiled back, not capable to do anything else.

I breathed deep, trying to regain back my composure and strengths, while Lella kept holding my now deflating dick and slowly caressing it.

The last drops of cum fell from my finally satisfied cockhead, and I withdrew in into my jeans.

When I raised my eyes back on my cousin, she was smiling shyly. Her dress was badly stained on the lap, and she was trying to clean her hand with some leaves. But the worst sign on her was the bite mark I left on her neck.

But it was dusk by now, so we didn't worry too much.

We took a boat after all, and cruised for half an hour on the quiet pond, together with a dozen or so of other couple, who all believed we were just another pair of sweethearts like them.

Little they knew...

When we reached the pizzeria, Lella's dress was almost dry. Her bite mark, on the contrary, was getting more and more evident with the hours, but she looked like wearing it with pride, which really did a lot for my male self-confidence.

We went home without commenting at all our incestuous performance, just as I expected, as I was starting knowing my cousin attitude towards sex: basically, it was something we could do, but not talk about.

As usual, we said goodnight with a last, deep French kiss, and Lella disappeared to her bedroom avoiding her parents' sight.

The day after, she claimed a sore throat, and sported a charming silk scarf all around her lovely neck.


My roman holiday was close to the end, and I didn't know what to think about it. My days as a civilian were counted, my dreams about joining the Army were close to become true, and still, I couldn't help thinking of Lella all time.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:22 PM
I wasn't in love with her... Not really. But at the time, I wasn't sure about that.

We had been exploring the taboo zone quite a lot by now, but still I didn't feel satisfied. Can you blame me?

On my last day in the Eternal City, I took my cousin to the Coliseum.

The day before, she had been seeing the other Roberto, why for once hadn't been studying all day or playing music in the church. She told me about his studies -- which she was so proud of -- and about how good he was singing. I felt like she was trying to convince herself more than me, but I didn't really care.

I mean, I couldn't be really jealous, knowing she simply couldn't be my girlfriend, right? And by the way, I also had to leave, so... In a way it sounded like quite a good idea to leave her with her wimp of a boyfriend.

It takes just twenty minutes walk from Lella's place to reach the Coliseum. Strange how one of the most famous monuments in the world can lie just in your backyard.

It was a beautiful late august sunny day and Rome was still full of tourists, mostly Americans, Germans and Japanese; the Romans themselves were still missing for the most part... And anyway it is quite rare to meet a local tourist inside the Coliseum. Most Romans tend to consider it just a bigger roundabout in the very city centre.

While we cued for the tickets, I got updated about the other Roberto's future plans (university degree, master in Sociology, doctorate at the University of Rome, house in Parioli neighbourhood, wedding at the local church, three to four children, vasectomy and early retirement to enjoy more studying); again, I wasn't thrilled by that, but I dutifully listened to my cousin's enthusiastic report.

She was wearing the same sort of summer dress of two days earlier, only this time the material was creamy white; which made all more evident for anybody to see that my cousin left her bra at home.

After getting our entrance just after half a Brigade of packaged Japanese tourists on corporate trip, we walked up the stairs bypassing them and reached the arena in the centre of the amphitheatre.

Tourist guides were roaming around with small parties of Americans, while the Germans preferred to explore on their own, commenting loudly about everything they saw.

The most funny thing about being inside the Coliseum is that everybody tends to stay in the bottom centre of it, and almost nobody climbs the stairs of it, where the ancient crowd used to sit. This is mostly due to the fact that guides try to avoid going up and down all day, since the stairs are very steep and the sun is quite strong.

So the trick to really enjoy a visit at the most famous monument in Rome is to leave the crowd, find a passage (there are a lot of them) up and climb.

You aren't really supposed to go further a certain limit but, hey!, we were young and daring, and I was looking for a nice spot to stay with my sweet little cousin!

We didn't really go all the way up, but we reached a point from where you could both see down into the crowded arena and look outside the amphitheatre into the roman forum.

It was beautiful. You could feel like being in the very centre of the world, and still being so cosy and private behind so many ancient walls and arches and pillars, the same which witnessed two millennia of history...

I held Lella in my arms as we looked over to the Palatine and the Capitolium, the two hills where the power of Rome was concentrated and which still gives the root of the words "Palace" and "Capital" in all western languages...

Lella reeled into my embrace as I caressed her bare arms, and then she tossed her face and smiled at me.

I kissed her on her open lips.

She offered me her tongue to play with, and started grinding against me. I opened my arms to hold her tighter, and while I grabbed her firm ass I felt her thigh pressing hard against my lap.

No mistake: my cousin was on for another session of deep exploration into the taboo zone.

Lella's small tits were warm against my chest; she held her arms behind my neck while we were kissing each other and I was feeling the tightness of her shapely ass.

But the most lascivious touch, was the one of her thigh against my rapidly growing erection.

We French kissed for quite a while enjoying each other's touch and allowing our excitement to grow; then I realised one hand of my cousin had left the safe harbour of my neck and was dangerously wondering down along my back, side and belly... Her warm fingers moved past the belt of my jeans, slipped along the zip and started caressing and fondling the bulge that her thigh contributed to create inside my pants.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, "I can feel you still like me."

I did.

We were absolutely safe in our hidden place: the nearest tourist must have been fifty metres away and quite much below us. A low wall and a couple of pillars covered us from indiscreet looks from he arena, and still we could overlook down to the crowd.

I started slowly lifting Lella's light dress, uncovering first her legs, and then her ass.

She wasn't passive either: while I started massaging her asscheeks, first she kept rubbing my cock through the jeans tissue, and then she started opening the zip.

While still caressing her ass and playing with her knickers with the right, I moved my left hand up to her chest to fondle her breast and feel the hardness of her swollen nipple.

She moaned louder, and her fingers movement suddenly accelerated; in a couple of seconds, my zip was down and Lella's hand was inside my trousers.

Our lips parted and our eyes met, the very second her warm fingers got hold of my cock.

My cousin smiled naughtily, a spark of lust in her innocent eyes, and she started stroking my shaft. She must have enjoyed the hand job in the grove, two days earlier...

I looked down, between our now parted bellies: my fully erected cock was out in the air, and my cousin was purposefully masturbating me in the sun.

I groaned, enjoying her manual ministration, and got hold of both her breasts, kneading and squeezing them, twisting her nipples through the thin, creamy material, making her squeal of surprise and pleasure.

There was no way I was going to allow her to make me come like that.

I let her keep the initiative for a while, enjoying the sensations her quite talented hand was giving to me, but when I felt the tightness grow inside my balls, I grabbed her by the buttocks and lifted her from the pavement, causing her to loose grasp on my dick.

She let go a disappointed moan, but allowed me to lift her on a small stone basement, which once held the wooden benches for the roman plebs.

I kissed her full-mouth, and then I stepped back to admire her: Lella was now sitting on that square stone, her shoulders resting against the small wall which protected us from the people downstairs; her legs were wide open, showing the tanned, naked thighs and the white triangle of her cotton knickers.

Time to expand our exploration just a step more into the forbidden taboo zone...

I inspired deep, and then I dived between her open knees, sinking my head under the hem of Lella's dress. Immediately, the scent of her womanhood filled my nostrils as the warmth of her young, eager body wrapped my face.

I kissed the warm, smooth skin of her inner thigh, and I felt her hand coming down to caress the rear of my neck.

I slowly passed my wet tongue over the delicate flesh next to the knickers; she gasped, and I felt her hand grasping the back of my head.

My nose touched the cotton material of her panties, and I felt it moist of her love secretions. My hands moved next to my face, opening her legs and raising her dress in the process.

Then I lapped at her pussy, straight through her drenched panties.

Lella gasped with surprise; her hands instinctively pushed my head into her crotch, and a long moan escaped her upturned mouth.

"Oh my," she panted: "Roberto, my panties..."

"Right," I agreed, tossing the elastic to the side.

And there her pussy was, exposed to my eyes and mouth, ready to be eaten.

A thick bush of curly, soft brown hair protected the treasure hidden between my cousin's thighs. With the thin material of her undies removed, the perfume of her intimate parts doubled its intensity, turning almost intoxicating.

I slowly kissed her pussy, feeling her untrimmed young hair tickling my nose; then, my lips felt her labia hidden under the thin bush, and my tongue darted out.

"Aahhh..." Lella yelled, shocked by the surprise and the sudden pleasure, and her hands pressed hard on the back of my neck, forcing my face deeply against her pussy.

I unlashed my tongue and started lapping hard at her snatch, spreading saliva over her pussy at the same time the first juice started gushing out: in a matter of seconds, my sweet cousin was so wet that her labia started parting as for magic.

I had no experience, no idea of how to eat a pussy or what exactly to search for to lick: I just lapped vigorously and wildly, spreading wet juices all over her pussy and hitting randomly all of the targets girls hide between her legs.

Lella gasped and shrouded under my oral assault, shacking with pleasure and surprise, moaning and panting while her hand grabbed painfully my hair to force me as deep as possible onto her pussy.

And then, her labia opened up completely, like a flower which unfolds its petals for the first time at the spring sun, and my tongue dived deep into my cousin's slit, reaching her most intimate depths.

She shrieked loud, her whole body shacking like under an electroshock.

A gush of sweet juice coated my tongue, and for the first time I ate a woman.

Since then, I believe that nothing in the world tastes better than a female juicy cunt.

My hands moved up along Lella's naked thighs, reaching for the string of her panties, and quickly pulled them down; she eagerly helped, and in two seconds my cousin's knickers were laying on the floor, forgotten and useless.

Then I caressed my way up again, and used my fingertips to keep her slit open as I licked and suckled at her moist, steaming vagina.

"Ah! Aahhh..." she moaned, tossing and shacking over me, "Yes... Oh yes! Don't stop, please. Do it... Hmmm..."

I was licking my cousin's pussy. I was eating her... I couldn't believe it, but it was true: I was doing her orally.

Was that incest? I didn't care: it was surely naughty, and I loved it.

And listening to her moans and broken words, Lella was loving it too.

Her secretions increased with any single lap I threw at her gushing cunt, and the scent of her pussy was so strong that I started feeling a little tipsy.

The more I ate it, the more juice came out of her, and I was having the time of my life.

Then, almost accidentally, my tongue moved up her slit slightly higher than the other times, and hit her small, hard knob.


I felt Lella's fingernails sinking into my scalp; her naked thighs clenched my head viciously as she screamed out like in agony. A gush of female cum filled my mouth threatening to drawn me, and I understood I had to suckle her clit to prolong her orgasm as long as possible.

I did, and my cousin kept on howling like a bitch on heat, trying to rip my head from the shoulders and to swallow it into her gasping cunt.

"Ah! Aahhh... Ah! Ah! Aaawwww..." Lella kept on cumming and cumming, gushing her delicious love juice into my eager, hungry mouth for what seemed centuries to me... Or maybe millennia, like the age of Coliseum.

Then, when I was almost breathless and her juice started filling even my nostrils, she suddenly collapsed. I felt my head suddenly released of her firm grip and fresh air reached my exhausted lounges.

I reached a last time with my tongue into her open slit, sipping once more her sweet juice, and took my face out of her legs.

Lella laid on her back, heaving deeply in the attempt to regain her breath. The hem of her dress up around her waist showed the full beauty of her naked lower body: her open thighs crowned the most delicious of the pussies, all curly and shiny for the wetness after her violent exertion.

I caressed her red cheeks and she re-opened her eyes: a big smile enlightened her cute pretty face. A happy and fulfilled smile.

"Wow!" she panted, "This was quite something, wasn't it?

I smiled back: "Hope you liked it."

"That was awesome! Gosh, we must do it again..."

It occurred to me that was the very first time we spoke about our dirty games: until then, we simply always pretended nothing happened.

I offered: "Whenever you like, cousin..."

She smiled again, a naughty spark in her eye: "Hmmm... What about now, cousin?"

Lella reached for my arm and pulled me to her. Her other hand grabbed me by my hair again, and she purposefully kissed me on my cum-coated lips.

I wishfully answered her open-mouthed kiss, fondling her breasts and caressing her naked legs while she caressed my chest, my belly, my lap, and... And my cock.

The naughty girl took hold of my semi-hard dick and started stroking it again, just like she was doing when I stopped her to start licking her cunt.

We went on for a while, me masturbating her tits, she masturbating my cock, both eating each other's mouth. My cock stiffened as quickly as her nipples, and soon we were ready for another round.

Lella pulled free of my hold and looked me straight in the eyes, a strange expression on her face: I could tell she was on for more experimenting of our forbidden games.

Slowly, she slipped down from the basement she had been lying on and she stood in front of me without ever letting go of my dick.

She looked at it, then she looked back at me and, keeping her eyes on mine, she slowly went down on her knees right in front of me.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't need to suggest it to her: she was going to return my attention and give me head...

She stroked me a little more, still looking up at me, smiling with a mixed naughty and shy expression. Then, suddenly, I felt the warmth of her breath on my shaft. A second later, her lips kissed my mushroom, followed by her tongue, which started slowly licking the whole length of my cock.

Lella laid on her knees in front of me, just licking me: her hand held me still, pointing my manhood to her face, and she used it as she would do with an ice cream.

It was warm and nice, but it was also teasing.

I wanted more, but I didn't have to ask. Suddenly, I felt her lips closing at the base of my cockhead and a strong sensation of vacuum took me a she started blowing hard. At the same time her hand started pumping with a purpose, and soon she found the right rhythm: my small cousin's slutty instinct had taken over, and she was delivering me a full-fledged blowjob.

I almost fainted for the sudden strength of the feeling that followed the delicate sensation other foreplay tongue game.

"Oowww..." I groaned, sinking my fingers in the soft mane of her brown hair and caressing her while she gave me head.

I wanted to fight back and fuck her skull, reaching as far as between her ears... But I felt suddenly so weak and happy at the same time that all resolve disappeared from me, letting go completely to the oral aggression of my cousin.

It was hard to believe it was her very first: it is true, some women are natural born suckers, and Lella was one of them.

She even stopped to blow for a while, licking again along the thick veins of the shaft, reaching down to the swollen nuts, lapping again the base of the penis, and then she gulped it back all down to her gorge, to resume her mind-blowing mouth job.

The whole Coliseum started slowly rotating around me as my slutty cousin sucked me stronger and stronger, with an eagerness you would never suspect in her mild and submissive character.

It couldn't last long: I was too tired and excited to resist the determination of her oral ministrations. She was blowing me so hard and strong that my knees went numb, my head was spinning, and I felt on the verge of falling dawn.

I felt the vacuum squeezing not only my balls, but even my brain, and the whole amphitheatre was spinning faster and faster now... I felt it boiling into my nuts, and then a feeling of heat sparked from my head and went down the spine, reaching my aching balls and exploding at the tip of my cock.

Without realizing it, I suddenly pushed hard into Lella's mouth, trying to break through her throat, just the same moment she chose to blow me even stronger and faster.

I shook violently and came deep into my cousin's throat, a sudden, unexpected explosion that almost choked her. She stood still for a second, panicking, and that same instant a blast of sperm erupted from my deflagrating cockhead directly into her gorge.

Lella gasped, coughed, spat, as my first cum squirted down into her throat before filling her mouth. She desperately tried to pull back, but I was holding her tight and she had no escape. Sperm went straight down her throat, more other filled her mouth before she could think what to do with it, and still more sperm shot out overwhelming any chances she could have to administrate the flow.

As she coughed, cum gushed out of her mouth, dribbling over her face and trickling down her chin on her chest and on her legs. Panicking to get all dirty with my cum, she tried to spit it out, but another spurt prevented her futile attempt, and the only chance she got was to swallow what she got in her mouth before it could overflow and making a mess out of her.

Once again, her slutty instincts prevailed, and she just kept on blowing and sucking while I kept on coming in her mouth.

After swallowing the first mouthful, she managed to regain control and kept on pumping and blowing me dry of semen.

I felt like fainting, and at the same time I felt so light and happy.

Lella's mouth was so warm and soft, and I was so empty...

Then the Coliseum spin slow down, and I slowly regained control of my limbs and bowels...

Still on her knees in front of me and my cock in her mouth, Lella's eyes were now open and smiling happily at me.

The girl opened her mouth and let go of my cock, lapping eagerly at it, collecting every drop of cum from it, while more cum trickled from the corners of her mouth.

Then she closed her mouth, hesitated a second, and gulped all of it down.

After swallowing my load, she reopened her eyes and smiled broadly, oblivious of the mess down her chin.

"Hmmm... Nice." She said, jokingly.

I breathed hard and straightened up, helping her to rise on her feet.

Both of us fell onto the stone basement, exhausted.

Lella laughed, a mix of nervousness, release and amusement, and I looked at her.

"It's the second dress I get stained in three days!" she giggled: "You've better to figure out a good excuse for my mum, or we will be in deep shit!"

I laughed back. It was true: there was a long string of cum on her chest, and two larger spots on her stomach where my early load had landed after escaping her lips.

It looked ever worse than after we made up in the grove two days earlier, due to the lighter colour of her dress.

We were still laughing, when we felt the first drops.

Cold drops. Many of them... And suddenly, summer was over and the most typical of the late August rainfall washed over us.

We ran for cover under the bare arches of the Coliseum outer walls, which provided only a limited cover, but at least we got some shelter from the wind.

All drenched in the rain, her hair sticking on her face, Lella cuddled into my arms, shivering. None of us stopped laughing though, and we kept on giggling until it stopped raining, a small ten minutes later...

"Well," Lella commented happily, "This solved the stain problem... Look: I am so wet that all traces of sperm disappeared!"

I looked at her, and I started laughing again.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:22 PM
The spots disappeared all right, but the light dress, all wet, became completely transparent, and now Lella's dark nipples and pussy were for everybody to see.

Blushing, she tried to recover her panties at least to cover the dark triangle between her legs, but they were so wet and muddy it was impossible to wear them.

Still laughing, I grabbed them.

"I will keep them, if you don't mind," I smiled, "They will give me good luck, I'm sure... Besides, don't worry: there must be thousands of girls in town with your same problem, by now.

And I did love to go to the restaurant with my pretty cousin so beautifully exposed...

And that was it. I left for the North the day after, without really managing any serious talk to my cousin about what we actually did that summer.

Our adventure into the forbidden land of incest left quite a deep sign in both of us though; we were far from finished with each other, and our exploration of the taboo zone had just started.

Just a week later, I marched into the Army Academy in Modena. I was an adult now, and I felt ready to meet whatever life had ready for me.

I had a pair of female knickers in my bag.


02-20-2009, 09:23 PM
1983 : Deeper into the Taboo Zone
His affair with hot cousin deepens - in all senses

Summer '83 saw me a very different person than I was just a year earlier.

As far as I was concerned, I wasn't a boy anymore: I was a man. A year in the Academy had changed me for good, and by far for the better. I felt fulfilled, satisfied and proud. I felt a soldier, and I knew I was going a good one. Besides, I was eager to meet new challenges and to test myself.

But, most of all, I wasn't keen anymore to abide other people's ideas in order to cope with my uncertainties: I grew self-confident, and maybe – just maybe – a little bit arrogant.

I was just back from my first trip to Denmark. It had been a long coveted and planned experience, and I just fulfilled my dream together with an Academy colleague of mine during the short leave between the two years of Modena Academy, spending my first earned money as a cadet.

It had been a terrific experience and I came back from it with all my dreams about Nordic girls totally fulfilled and with my sexual experience quite increased.

But, however short, I had to stop a few days in Rome to see my favourite cousin!

Of course the whole family was on top of me. Everybody wanted to see me, talk to me and hear stories from Modena... I enjoyed the warm welcome, but I was dying to stay a bit alone with my sweet little cousin.

After I spent the first day going around Rome to see, talk and eat with everybody, we got our chance the day after.

It was a Sunday: my uncles were going to see an old friend, and I was invited to take Lella to the morning Mass at the local church, where all her friends and the other Roberto were going to be. Unfortunately (!), Lella's boyfriend had to stay in the church for some singing rehearsal, so he couldn't invite us at home... I somewhat survived my disappointment and would have to take my cousin somewhere else around Rome to spend the day together.

The Mass was serious business: the community was deep into rediscovery of the roots of Christianity, and their rites were quite long and complicated, including a good amount of long, old-fashioned songs. I did my best to show respect if not interest, and that quite drained me.

It also drained me to keep my hands still while having my hot cousin next to me the whole time. Her boyfriend stood on her other side at the bench, but he was so into the songs that he wouldn't realize it if I fucked her there. The point was, Lella wore the tightest jeans I had ever seen on a human being: they looked painted on her naked legs and ass. They ended inside a pair of high heels leather boots, which she knew I was mad for. Her top was a shameful small tank top which left her arm, shoulders and even her stomach fully exposed for everybody to admire their perfection.

The attitude of church-going Italian girls to attend Mass in sexy attires always puzzles me. In order to look modest, she also wore a scarf to cover her shoulders.

During the long preach, I couldn't help placing a hand on my cousin's leg. I immediately felt her one on top of mine. I feared she wanted to brush me away, but instead she held me tight there. When I eyed her, she was smiling at me.

It was lunchtime when the long Mass was over.

We stayed a while talking to Lella's friends on the church's steps, and I faced the usual sceptical curiosity about my Army choice, so typical of left-wing Catholics: they believe the western civilization is slowly de-Christianizing and mercilessly exploiting the Third World, in such a way that the future resides in friendship with other religions and in particular with radical Islam.

Of course, according to them the very idea of carrying weapons is leading you straight to hell.

I smiled my way out of Lella's friends suffocating embrace, and since I was starving I took her to a local gastronomy where we got a beautiful focaccia con mortadella like they only do in Rome, followed by an even more beautiful ice cream cup with chocolate and cherries.

It was hot. Hotter, actually, than any other summer I recalled.

In all senses.

A couple of days earlier, the Soviets shot down a South Korean airliner off Kamchatka, and relationships between the West and Moscow were at their lowest point ever. Only Lella's good-willing friends didn't really noticed it.

My military career was really starting at a good time.

In any case, it was so hot that none of us felt like facing the underground - or even less a bus - to go anywhere. Just walking was even worse.

So, I proposed to just go back home and have a fresh drink there.

Lella readily agreed and we made it home.

We did share a cold drink in the kitchen of her family empty flat, but I couldn't keep my eyes from my cousin's body.

She was sweating like me for the summer heat, and her tank top was glued to her skin, making it obvious that once again she was wearing no bra. It wasn't transparent, but her nipples were protruding proudly through the black tissue.

Lella smiled satisfied when she noticed what was I looking at. Innocent or not, by that time my little cousin knew exactly how to make me horny.

After the drink we moved to her room. I don't know exactly how it happened; I suppose it was just a natural instinct coming from the recent past when, being underage, we just took our guests to our rooms to be private, rather than to the living room.

The point is, in Lella's bedroom there was only one chair: the one at the small student desk where she just finished studying for her high school final exams.

So, in order to sit close to each other, we ended up sitting on her bed.

We chatted a bit about her past exams and future plans for the university and about my own life in the Academy in Modena, and while chatting I put again my hand on her denim-clad thigh; again, she placed her own hand on top of mine and squeezed it slightly, making our contact more intimate.

Our faces were very close, and I could feel her breath on my cheeks.

It was warm.

I caressed her shoulder-long hair with my free hand, and she smiled contentedly.

I kissed her lips, and she moved my hand up onto her lap.

I kissed her deeper, and she offered me her tongue to play with.

I French-kissed her, and her free hand went behind my neck, pushing me against her.

A few seconds, and the innocent chat between cousins had turned already into a full making up session. My hands started roaming over her sexy body, caressing her thighs and fondling her breasts, while our tongues experimented new acrobatics into each other's mouth.

Lella tasted wonderful.

I reached for the zip of her jeans and started pulling it down, without meeting any resistance on her side.

Once the zip was down, my hand tried to sneak into her panties, but the jeans were really too tight.

Lella giggled and pulled free from my arms; smiling, she kicked off her boots and slipped out of her jeans, which fell on the floor in front of the bed.

Without losing the moment, I quickly removed her tank top, and there my cousin was, naked in front of me but for her knickers and her watch.

Lella smiled coyly, embarrassed for the second (it occurred to me, that was the first time she stood naked in front of me), and quickly embraced me back, hiding her naked tits against my chest.

We kissed open mouth, with much more urge than before, and this time I felt her hands moving on me too while I held her tight and caressed her bare back.

I joyfully tasted her mouth, exploring it much more in depth than ever before, and in the mean time I eagerly moved my hands on her naked body, feeling her purr like the kitten she was.

We both wanted more. Much more.

It was Lella who pulled out of our kiss; getting accustomed to the idea of being naked in front of me, she sustained my sight for a moment, allowing me to look at her fresh, slim body. Then she pushed me down on her bed; was she still feeling shy for her nakedness or rather eager to get hold of my cock, she laid next to me and went straight for my jeans zip. She quickly opened it and worked my half erected phallus out.

A second later, my cock disappeared into my cousin's mouth.

I can recognize hunger when I see it: Lella was hungry, hungry for a cock in her mouth. She had been waiting a full year to get it back between her lips, and now she couldn't wait longer.

I figured out she really appreciated our previous summer experience at the Coliseum...

I shivered, feeling her tongue running along the shaft of my quickly surging cock, as her small hand started slowly pumping it after fondling my swollen and semen-full nuts.

With a groan, I lifted my shoulders and quickly cot rid of my t-shirt before falling back on the pillow, enjoying my cousin's blowjob.

A year might have gone through, but she didn't forget what she learned the summer before. Her mouth worked wonderful on my aroused manhood, as well as her hand.

I started caressing her naked back and her hair as she pumped hard, relaxing and forcing myself to concentrate on the forbidden pleasure my little cousin was giving to me.

She stopped blowing me just in order to lick my balls for a second, but she didn't stop pumping her hand up and down; then she kissed my cockhead, and her lips went down again to the root of my shaft, making me feel her throat around the helmet.

I groaned louder, and she joyfully resumed her blowjob.

I felt my nuts tickle.

Gosh the girl was good! I feared I could cum any moment, but since for once we had plenty of time and intimacy, I wanted our game to last forever. I had to do something.

I gently pulled free from Lella's hungry mouth and quickly pulled free of my jeans and undies. Then I pushed her back down on the bed.

I was completely naked in front of her for the first time, and it seemed to me only fair she got rid of her last cloth, so I slowly removed her knickers.

Lella didn't offer any resistance: she just looked at me with a shy smile as I pulled down her undies around her ankles, and then kicked them away.

We were both nude.

I was on my knees between her open legs, and I could admire her young, fresh and trim body displayed in front of me. Her tits were almost flat on her chest due to the position, but her nipples stood pert and willing; her flat, hard stomach was heaving hard due to the excitement of the moment, and her long thighs shone in the sunlight, smooth and slightly moist.

But it was Lella's pussy I was looking at. It wasn't the girlie's one, hidden the wild, curly bush that I remembered from the year before: it was a woman's, highlighted by a short, well-trimmed pubic hair with an almost perfect triangle shape.

My cousin had carefully shaved her cunt, and according to the smoothness of her skin she had done it just a couple of days earlier.

It occurred to me she had done it for me.

"Like it?" Lella shyly whispered as I looked mesmerized at her new look.

"Wonderful," I could only say, lightly caressing the object of my wonder, feeling the thin, moist curls of her cute pussy.

I touched her clit and she shivered, letting out a short moan.

I kissed her labia, exacting from her another, louder moan.

I darted my tongue inside her hot slit, and she let go a cry: "Hmmm... Yes! Oh, yes... Yesss!"

I licked her pussy, and I soon felt her hands on the back of my neck, as her legs curled and her naked, warm thighs clenched my head and forced me deeper into her womanhood.

"Hmmm... Oh! Oohhh... I like it... I like it... Hmmm..." she moaned, as I gave her head and ate at her juicy cunt.

Lella grow quickly wetter and wetter, until I could hardly breathe. Her grip on my head got stronger and stronger, and I started feeling her fingernails piercing painfully my skin.

She suddenly arched on her back and got stiff, then convulsed under my darting tongue, and I knew she was cumming hard.

"Uhnnngg... Aahhh!" she cried out, climaxing powerfully over my face.

I sipped and ate her pearlish nectar, enjoying her pleasure and her physical release and trying to protract it as long as possible, until she collapsed on her back, finished.

I rose back on my knees and once more admired her young, firm body: Lella laid down with closed eyes now, all her naked body covered with a sheer film of sweat from the mixture of the heat and of her fresh exertion.

She was beautiful.

The girl re-opened her eyes and smiled: both a shy and a confident smile, I could sense my cousin was really turning into a woman that very day.

The sheer idea of that made me shiver. Should I or should I not?

I looked back at my beautiful little cousin's naked body in front of me, not knowing what to do next to her.

There she was, barely legal, naked, clearly willing and ready for me to take. I knew it was wrong in a way, morally forbidden and everything, but still I would not hurt anybody, nor break any real law. We were legally two adults; we both had a driving license and could vote to elect our representatives to the Parliament.

Mom and auntie would not like what we were going to do... But that would be their problem. Besides, they would never know a thing.

I breathed hard, still looking at her.

She giggled, embarrassed at my staring at her.

I had to do something. My cock was so stiff it was hurting.

I moved a hand over her stomach, her navel and down, into her trimmed pubic hair.

"I want to make an experiment..." I said, tentatively, moving my cock over her pussy and using my cockhead to caress her mound.

Lella's body shivered from head to toe, but she said nothing.

I moved my manhood over her moist, open cunt, and felt the warmth of it on my helmet.

Lella whined, shaking slightly at feeling our sexes finally coming into contact. But again, she made no objections to my acts.

I pushed my cockhead into her red-hot labia, and felt like getting eaten into her.

Our bodies had taken over. There was no way back.

"Hmmm..." Lella groaned deeply as I sank inside her, "Oh God, yes... Oohhh..."

I lowered my eyes and saw my dick sliding into my cousin's pussy.

I felt her heels on the back of my thighs, and I went automatically down on her, feeling myself entering her down to the hilt.

"Aawww..." she moaned, as I felt a slight resistance which lasted just an instant, followed by a feeling of increased warmth.

I was inside my cousin. Her arms wrapped my shoulders, her legs closed on my sides, her feet pushed on my thighs, and her tongue invaded my mouth.

I pushed inside her, and she moaned with pleasure inside my mouth.

We had done it. Lella was a woman now, and that was for good.

She sobbed.

"Hurts?" I whispered in her ear.

She just shook her head no and kissed me back, squeezing my hips between her thighs in the meantime.

Instinctively, I started moving inside her.

Slowly at the beginning, then more steadily. I pulled out slowly, and then I pushed in even more slowly. Again. Again. Again and again. Faster. Faster. Faster and faster.

"Hmmm.... Hmmm... Oh yes! Yes... Yes... Oh my God, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oohhh..." Lella was moaning louder now, oblivious of her own shyness.

Her bed started creaking and bumping under our thrusts.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Aahhh... Aahhh... Aahhh! Aahhh! Aahhh! Aaaahhhhh!!!" Lella cried as our fucking tempo mounted to a frenzy and I lost track of my own rhythm.

We were fucking like rabbits now, completely out of any control, totally lost in our own animal instincts: Lella was wildly scratching my back as I was roughly screwing her sore cunt, trying to dig lower into her belly and make her mine as deeply and completely as possible.

I felt her convulsing under my thrusts, and knew she was coming. Her very first lovemaking orgasm. I wanted it to be unforgettable, and kept on slamming into her as hard and deep as I could, trying to make her scream.

She didn't. She was breathless.

She gasped instead, pulling me up and staring into my eyes in disbelief, feeling her orgasm washing through her whole body, from her convulsing vagina and up to her blackening brain.

Then she fell back, panting. Her eyes closed, her head on the pillow, her breasts heaving hard, her body desperately trying to cope with the unexpected power of the sensations it just went through...

Struggling to regain control of her own limbs, Lella re-opened her eyes, looked into mine, and pulled me back close to her mouth to kiss me with unexpected violence.

I felt her hard nipples piercing into my naked chest as our bodies mashed again into each other in the aftermath of her climax.

We kissed passionately for what looked like hours to me, while her steaming vagina kept on munching my engorged cock.

I started moving again inside her.

I felt her sighing inside my mouth as she realised I had resumed fucking her and our screwing session was not over yet.

My balls were aching by the time, and again I soon lost my tempo. I wasn't very experienced at the time, and senses were quickly taking over: I started banging my cousin with all I was worth, just pushing hard my body into hers, and desperately looking for my own release.

I fucked her hard and deep, but I can't say I fucked her long: overwhelmed by my own lust, blinded by my excitement and numbed by the strength of the pleasure I was feeling through my whole body, I quickly reached the no-return point.

My balls contracted, my cock twitched, my mind rang the alert, and I suddenly knew it. I was going to cum inside my own cousin!

I panicked.

I still froze and I moved back, trying to pull out as long as I was in time.

Lella's eyes popped out in surprise and she screamed out, "No!"

I thought she was scared too, and I rose on my arms to exit her. That very moment, I felt Lella's thighs clench on me with the strength of a vice, pulling me back into her.

My withdrawal aborted, and I fell back into my cousin's belly as my mind blackout.

I struggled clumsily, but Lella held me tightly, pushing my head into her neck.

"I want you inside me," she panted, clenching me between her naked thighs, "I need to be yours!"

I gasped in her hold and exploded.

Once again my body took charge, and my hips bounced back into hers as my cock homed at the bottom of her vagina and blasted out its load inside her unprotected, young and fertile belly.

Spurt after spurt, I shot all my sperm inside my little cousin, impregnating all of her hapless womb with my young, aggressive semen.

Lella's eyes bulged out and her mouth gaped open soundlessly, as she felt my cum washing and filling her body down to depths she didn't even know she possessed.

I felt her shivering under me as she stared transfixed into my eyes, stiff and slightly shaking while male seed blasted deeper and deeper into her most intimate parts... I couldn't help it: taken by our most innate instincts, I was trying to impregnate my female.

When my last shot had been disastrously fired inside my cousin's belly, I just collapsed onto her shaking body, spent.

I heard her gasping, "Oh God..."

I remained plugged into her for quite a while, as our orgasm subsided slowly.

Later, as my mind desperately tried to reconnect to all the loose ends of my body system, we kissed lovingly and passionately, as we never did before.

Slowly, I started pulling out, and this time she didn't try to stop me.

Painfully, I rose on my knees and my spent dick popped out of my cousin's cunt.

Bewildered, I saw almost no blood, but rather a trickle of sperm following my cockhead out, and then more of it started oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy.

Lella rose on her elbows: "Do you think I could get... Pregnant?"

Her voice was trembling, her face contorted between happiness and worries.

"Err... I don't know," I stammered, "When did you get your last period?"

"It was over just three days ago..." she offered, with a shy smile.

"Well, in that case I think you should be safe..." I had studied the case before going on holiday... Just in case.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:23 PM
Happiness overcame worries. Lella smiled contentedly, touching her cunt and feeling my sperm oozing out of her still open slit.

She cleaned her fingers on her flat stomach and then caressed my worried face, shushing me: "In any case, you made me yours. That's what matters for me: whatever will happens from now on, you will always be inside me, and I will always be yours... For good."

I was speechless.

Like any other boy, I always dreamed of a beautiful girl to tell me something like that... And there I was, told by the only girl in the universe I couldn't have! I should have felt used, tricked; instead, I felt honoured and proud. I've always been somehow in love with my cousin, and now I was even fonder of her.

She was right: now that we made love and I had been the first man to put his seed inside her, she might marry her wimp of a fiancé', or any other church-going good boy from the neighbourhood, but she would always be mine.

It might even be terribly wrong, but it was like that.

And we both knew that.


I left the day after to go home.

I staid in my town with my parents one more week, catching the chance to see my old friends, and then I was back in Modena.

The 30th of August we reached Lucca, the Tuscany town with the beautiful black-and-white Renaissance churches, where we took quarter for our parachute training.

I have been so busy and tired there, that I almost managed not to think of Lella... That is, during the day.

At night, however tired I was, I couldn't help thinking of her: I could see her pretty face smiling mockingly at me, her beautiful, naked body offered to me in her own bed,

And my own sperm leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy.

I was worried. In love, and worried.

Lella wasn't pregnant. She never really told me, but I got it from the lightness of her conversation on the phone the night before my first drop.

I wonder what could happen if she told me I was going to be a daddy the day before jumping from a plane.

But it wasn't the case.

We completed our jumps program and moved near Rome to the Infantry school where we completed our basic combat training, then we completed the training at the Artillery, Engineer and Signal school, and got our military driving licences in Caserta, at the Armoured Training school.

We went back to Modena just before Christmas, proud and physically exhausted.

I had Christmas leave in Asti with my family, and then found myself back on the books in Modena. Ugh!

Time goes on quickly at the Magna Mater.

The first Term exams, the Great Cadets Ball, the second Term exams, the camp in the mountains where we tested all the skills we had been training...

And suddenly, we were Army Officers. Second Lieutenants in the Italian Army.

Plus, we got our leave, before joining the Infantry Officers School in Turin.

It was due time I saw again my pretty little cousin in Rome...


I was back from my holiday week to Tunisia with my best friend Franco, cadet like me in Modena; there, we had a tremendous time exploring Carthage and the island of Djerba, swimming, laying in the sun, horse- and camel- riding, fishing, and of course hunting down girls.

It is incredible how easier it is to hunt for girls once your self-esteem has developed.

I had Simona's telephone number and address in my wallet when I landed in Rome, a full year after leaving it at the end of my adventure into the taboo zone with my cousin Lella.

Simona was a girl I met in Djerba: together with her friend Anna and Franco, we had a wonderful time in that Mediterranean island paradise... And in particular I had a wonderful time in the paradise between Simona's legs.

Unfortunately, the two girls had an extra week to spend there, while we had to go back: the Academy was going to re-open late in August, and we had hardly time to spare fucking around.

I was curious to see back Lella.

I wanted to see weather she had changed at all. Did she grew more mature? Was she still in love with me? Did she make love with other boys?

But also: would I be jealous if she did? And, most of all: was I still in love with her?

One of the reasons of my wild holiday in Tunisia with Franco had been to meet (and screw) other girls and test myself and my feelings towards my cousin.

I had no conscience problems fucking Simona; I didn't feel like I was cheating on Lella. But again, Simona was just a good fuck and nothing more. I wasn't nearly in love with her. I had a lot of fun with her, and I couldn't wait to fuck her again if possible, but I had no plans to really stay in touch.

On the other hand, I was really looking forward to see Lella.

Curiosity? Lust? Love? Taste for the forbidden? Masochism? Or a mix of these all?

I landed in Rome in my best shape ever: lean, muscled, trained, tanned and in full strength.

Lella didn't look that impressed, when she first saw me.

The other Roberto was at home when I came, and she didn't restrain from jumping on me and kissing me in the mouth in front of him, but after that she turned quite cold.

I spent more time with her brother than with her for the first time in years, and the two of us had the opportunity to realize that our parents had used us against each other, harassing us by taking the other as a "good example". Daniele was always so sociable, so open, available, ready for sport, so much in shape and tall. I was always good at school, serious, determined, trustworthy and intelligent. We almost came to hate each other... Until that day in which we spoke about it.

We laughed so much once we realized it. We had also tossed the table, considering I was training in the Army, parachuting and all, and he was quickly getting his degree at the university, against any odds. We agreed to never allow the others to put us against each other, and we became friends.

Daniele and I went out a lot those days, walking long distances inside Rome and talking about everything, but most of all about girls... I took a mental note to consider Daniele more seriously in the future as a sparring partner for girls-hunting activities.

Towards the end of my stay, Daniele had to prepare an exam and was less available.

Suddenly, it was Lella who suggested to take a walk together.

And I gladly agreed.


It wasn't like I expected it to be. We walked out from home and down to the ancient Aurelian Walls, the imperial Rome fortifications which still runs all around the City centre. Many European cities had the walls demolished and converted into ring avenues, but Rome still retains its owns and just placed a long strip of gardens along them.

We walked along the garden for a few kilometres, chatting around about the family, her university, my Academy and so on.

I was keeping an arm around her waist, and that was all the intimacy between us... She was wearing her usual extra-tight jeans and a silky shirt over a tank top which didn't allow any guess about the presence of a bra.

It was dusk. There was not that many people around any more, since the Romans were just going to dinner at that time, and in little more than half an hour we were supposed to head for a pizzeria.

I started planning in my head which place would offer the best pizzas nearby, when suddenly Lella came out with her announcement.

"I am betraying Roberto," she told me out of the blue: "I am cheating on my fiancé with another boy, and I have being doing that for three months now."

"Uh?" was my surprised reaction. I mean, my prim and proper cousin, the church-going girl who believes that a bookworm is the most proper guy to couple with for life, was having an affair?

I know, she was already doing it with me, but somehow our story was such a forbidden thing, so obviously with no future or strings attached to it, that didn't really matter. It was so outrageous, so sinful and unspeakable, that somehow we could do it like if it was just a fiction, something unreal about which we didn't even talk about.

But betraying her fiancé with another guy? What would the families think about that? Everybody (including the other Roberto) expected the two good children to get married sooner or later...

"It was because of you, you know..." her explanation began.

Good, so it was my fault. There was the excuse. OK, in a way I felt proud: if I could do anything to avoid such a waste as giving my pretty cousin to that plain and boring bookworm who ever bore my same name, I was happy. I couldn't imagine anybody less right than him for Lella.

"You made me think. Was it Roberto I really wanted, or was he just the picture of what my parents wanted for me?"

Good question. The answer was pretty obvious for me, but I was glad she came to it even if a few years later.

"I needed to find somebody who makes me feel like you do. Somebody who makes me shiver in anticipation... I don't want to spend all my life thinking behind my husband's back that the one I really wanted wasn't him but you. ...And that if I got him instead, it was only because I couldn't have my cousin."

Was she telling me she was in love with me? Or just that she liked having sex with me?

I held her tight and had her flat with her backs against the wall in order to watch her in the eyes.

"I didn't want to destroy our relationship, but I had to be sure. So I started to look around, until I saw a boy who could make me shiver just looking at him. It was easy to meet him, since we go to the same church. We spoke, we met again, and we came to like each other. Today I know all too well he is the one I want."

I nodded understandingly, wondering what wonder boy could look like: "I see. What are you going to do now?"

Lella smiled shyly: "I wasn't sure until now. You see, I couldn't talk to anybody about it: everybody would tell me I am wrong and I am doing something horrible to Roberto. You are the only one I can confess something like that, because you... I mean, us..."

She blushed. For the first time she came close to say that we were fucking each other.

"You were the only one who wouldn't just tell me off. Do you understand?"

What a responsibility.

I stated the obvious: "It's your life. Nobody can tell you about your own feelings: you are the only one who knows them... And probably they are quite mysterious for you too, like for everybody else. You are engaged with Roberto, not married, which means you are just experimenting and still can easily change your mind. It may hurt, but it would hurt much more later on."

She nodded: "I knew you would understand. I like Michele so much more! I shiver in anticipation when I wait to meet him... While meeting Roberto is almost a duty for me. I don't want to hurt anybody, but..."

"You are a pretty girl, Lella. You will never know how many harts you broke without ever realizing it. As long as you are unmarried and with no children, your first responsibility is towards yourself. Then, it becomes tricky, I suppose..." I was talking like the old wise man on the mountain.

Was I jealous? No, I think I was just curious.

I asked: "Did you make love with him?"

Lella blushed, like if I said something really nasty.

"No, of course not! We kissed though... And it was bad enough, considering I am engaged."

Yeah, right. Somehow again, our own indiscretions didn't count against Lella's moral world.

"Sorry if I am so direct, but... What are you waiting for?"

"I will not make love with anybody before getting married with him," she stated seriously: "Michele himself wouldn't have it different."

Another church-going poor guy. Of course it made sense. As for us, we never make love: we rather screw ourselves stupid, which as everybody knows, is very different.

"So: what are you going to do?"

"Now that I got your approval, I feel strong enough to tell my parents, and then I will tell Roberto too. I will leave him and be with Michele."

I agreed: "Sounds like a plan. Do that: the idea about shivering is a good one I think. I would only add that, when somebody makes you shiver, you should do something about it."

She nodded smiling and held me tight.

I kissed her cheek and caressed her hair.

She shivered in my arms.

Our eyes met. We kissed.

I felt her shivering again. It wasn't cold at all.

Our tongues met.

She wishpered, "I am shivering..."

Okay, I believe there is a limit after which provocations can't be taken anymore without triggering a reaction.

I grabbed her tight butt and slammed my tongue unto her mouth; she met my assault grinding her belly against my surging erection, and in a matter of seconds me were making out right there under the imperial walls.

I felt Lella's hand going for my fly, and in a matter of seconds my cousin had my cock in her hand.

As I took her not-so-inexperienced-anymore hand job, I kept on holding her ass with one hand while grabbing her breast with the other.

Feeling my hands working on her, Lella's hand job got even more frenzy. All her early seriousness had evaporated in a few instants of lust, and now she was again the horny bitch I remembered from the previous years.

Okay, I thought: since this is her determination about her new great love, I'm the one who's going to profit of it... I French-kissed her for a few seconds more, then I just pressured her down.

Lella didn't need more encouragement: she left go of my mouth and went on her knees, facing my cock poking out of my jeans. I felt her hands pumping me for a second, and then her mouth took possession of my cockhead and upper shaft.

I groaned with satisfaction at feeling once more her delicious lips and tongue working on my manhood: the girl became really good in our short sessions during the last hot summers.

She blew me hard for quite a while, stroking the shaft at the same time with one hand and using the other to work on herself while I was gladly caressing her hair.

First she massaged her breasts, and then went between her thighs, opening her zip and reaching for her pussy. I couldn't see clearly what she was doing, but it was pretty clear she was rubbing her clit.

She was taking it deeper and deeper, until I got the feeling on her throat on the helmet: my sweet cousin was trying to deeptroath me!

"Oohhh..." I groaned, "That's it, little cousin, you're good... Oh, so good..."

My words only encouraged her to go on with more enthusiasm, and soon I felt like she was going to finish me pretty soon.

I looked around: there was nobody to see, and we were partly covered by a bush, in a section of the walls in the shadow of a bastion. There was no way somebody could see us in the dim light, unless he went directly through us.

I grabbed her by the arms and forced her back on her feet. She protested for a second, but quickly obeyed my orders as usual.

I bended her over the platform at the basis of the bastion and quickly pulled her jeans down her ankles.

Lella let go a moan of protest at the roughness of my assault, but didn't resist it.

I still had no idea weather she had a bra or not, but for sure a g-string had replaced her old, chaste cotton panties.

I ruthlessly pulled it aside and bended to let go a long, wet lick on her pussy, causing her to jump and cry with surprise.

She was nicely moist, and my saliva helped to unfold her pussy lips so that she was open and ready when I lined up my cock to her eager entrance.

I drove in purposefully, stabbing her from behind against the ancient walls.

"Auch!" she yelled, "That hurts... Uuhhh... Yes, I feel it. Hmmm..."

I held her tight by her hips, enjoying the feeling of being deeply inside her warm pussy. Then, slowly, I started gyrating inside her, keeping her close and tight.

She appreciated the novelty, moaning in pleasure.

Then, suddenly, I pulled out almost completely and drove back in very slowly.

I repeated the move quite a few times, enjoying her shrills of pleasure.

Then I reverted the game and drove in with a single, fast and determined thrust, followed by a slow withdrawal.

"Aahhh..." she moaned, "Ah! Aahhh... Ah! Aahhh... Ah! Aahhh..."

I could feel her cunt was getting really sloppy now, with all the pussy juice she was producing under the increasing stimuli she was taking. I also felt clearly her fingers on her clit as she supported herself and my thrusts with only one arm.

I started pumping her steadily and faster, inflicting her a growing hammering I knew she couldn't take for long.

She gasped in surprise as I started stabbing her mercilessly, reaching deeper inside her belly, and hitting her g-spot with a power and a rhythm I could never muster earlier in our missionary-style previous mating.

"Aahhh... Aahhh... Oh my God! Oh my God... Ah! Aahhh! Aahhh! Aahhh!!!"

The girl suddenly screamed out in ecstasy, as her whole body contracted and convulsed, crossed by the waves of her orgasm.

I kept on fucking her hard all through her climax, striving to extend it beyond the limits of her physical resistance, until her arm couldn't hold her anymore and she collapsed on the elbows.

The new angle of her fuckhole was such that my cock was almost chewed by her cunt muscles, and I reached my limit too.

I decided not to risk again and pulled out, exacting from her a cry of complaint.

I just grabbed her by the hair and forced her back on her knees in front of me.

I was still holding her hair when my cock exploded right on her face, just before she could gobble me back in her mouth.

My first cumshot blasted her face just below her nose, hitting also her open lips and her chin, but not only. The second went almost entirely into her jaws, making her gag; then her lips closed on my throbbing shaft, and all the rest of my load ended up into her throat as I kept tight her hair, forcing her to swallow me.

I kept on fucking her head until I felt my orgasm subside and she had taken all of me inside her hungry mouth; then, satisfied by my exertion, I let go of her.

I looked down and saw her grinning contentedly. She opened her mouth showing me her tongue covered with sperm, then she spat some on the grass and purposefully swallowed the rest.

Definitely, my lovely church-going cousin was giving the word "cocksucker" a whole set of new meanings...

Panting hard to regain my breath, I helped Lella back on her feet. She smiled broadly and I held her in my arms, cuddling her lovingly until both our breath came back to normal.

We were hungry.

Lella giggled and suggested we go to the pizzeria. Actually, she said, we were quite late.

"Late for what?" I asked.

Another giggle: "Poor Michele is probably waiting for us since a while... You know, I wanted you to meet him after we spoke. You have to be the first to meet him."

Uh. Well, okay... If that was what my lovely cousin wanted. I had better ideas to finish off the evening, but now that my nuts weren't aching anymore it could be okay to meet her new guy.

We walked back up the walls towards St. John's Cathedral and the cluster of lights and restaurants which surrounds it, holding hands like if her sweetheart was me.

Then, once we were back in the busy roads and in the electric lights, I looked at her and laughed.

"What's wrong?" she smiled.

"If we have to see your new boyfriend, you'd better take off your shirt," I suggested.


"It's all stained with cum."

"What!" she flushed, looking down on her bosom, "Holy shit!"

She quickly pulled off her shirt, remaining with just her black tank top, and just knotted the shirt around her waist.

There was some minor trace of cum on the top too, but it was not so evident.

That was the state of my sweet cousin when we finally entered the pizzeria to meet the love of her life.

I must say, the first impression I got of Michele wasn't that bad. He was quite a handsome guy, two years younger than me, fair-haired with a captivating smile. After some talking, he proved to be quite intelligent too, and all in all made much a better partner for Lella than the other Roberto.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:24 PM
I made it clear their relationship was perfectly OK with me, adding that actually my opinion was by far the less important factor in the whole situation: that they should just be clear and open to their family as well as to the other Roberto.

They agreed on that, and my beaming cousin added that my opinion did matter a lot for her, and would make it much easier for her to make things clear to anybody else.

She was sitting next to me, while I was facing Michele, and as she said that, I felt her grateful hand on my knee. I reached for it under the table and held it tight in what wanted to be a reassuring way.

She grasped it back, and pulled it to her own leg, where she kept it; so I felt her denim-clad thigh under my left hand for the rest of the evening.

It was a pleasant dinner: we ate well, had nice conversation and had fun. A couple of times I saw her squirm on her chair, and couldn't help smiling inside me, knowing all too well the reason of my cousin's discomfort: she got no chance to clean herself up, and her pussy had to be still wet and quite sore... She ended up going to the toilet, and staid away quite a while to clean up the mess between her legs, but Michele and I had no problems chatting between us until she came back with a happy and relieved smile.

At the end of the evening, we stopped at a nearby bar for a coffee, and then we took Lella home.

Much to my surprise, Michele said goodbye at the garden's gate: he kissed his girlfriend goodnight and walked back to his place.

Lella smiled at me, explained that, since her parents didn't know a thing about him, he preferred not to hang around her home.

I looked at the watch: it was almost two at night, and Lella's parents were for sure sound asleep.

We moved into the garden, and there we stood for a moment, before I went back to the other aunt I was sleeping at.

"So, what do you think of him?" was my cousin's question.

"Nice guy, I like it," I said, "No doubt I like him much better than the other Roberto. Besides, I can see you're much deeper into this story than the other one. Are you in love with him?"

The very moment I asked, I realized it was the wrong question to ask her. Lella had no idea what being in love really was. Hell, most people at her age hasn't any clue about it, and actually at the time I knew no better than most.

"Well... I think so," was my cousin's uncommitted answer: "I like him a lot, and I feel he cares for me. I feel strongly attracted to him, and I love to kiss him... I can't wait to be married with him."

With that I knew I had better not to insist too much. I wanted her to compare him with me, and I felt at the same time that was a selfish curiosity. But it was also probably her only valid metre of comparison.

"It's so difficult..." she added, "And it's so different than..."

She didn't finish the phrase, but I knew she meant it was different than with me, not than with the other Roberto... The poor cuckold was history already.

I held her in my arms, and she cuddled into my embrace.

It was meant just to comfort her, but she took it the other way. I felt her shiver again, and sensed what was going to come.

I looked at her and found her lips on mine.

We kissed, lightly at the beginning, but soon her mouth opened and again she offered me her tongue to suckle and twist with mine. I ate her mouth as my hands went down on her hot body, fondling her breasts and ass, until her own hand reached for my bulging front pack.

Lella's breathing accelerated as she opened my zip for the second time that evening, and soon she was stroking me to a full erection with her small hand.

The night was quiet and warm, and the garden was very dark and intimate. No risk to be disturbed.

I enjoyed her hand job for a while, kissing and cuddling my hot cousin until I felt like taking charge.

I opened her jeans and dig my hand into her crotch, finding out that her hot pussy was wet and ready: a mix of the moisture from the previous romp and of the present excitement made it well open for me.

She moaned as my fingers slid into her and started slowly sawing her slippery slit.

With the other hand, I pulled her tank top down, uncovering her breast.

She wore no bra, just as I suspected. Her nipple was extended and fully erected for me to suckle between my teeth.

"Hmmm..." she moaned weakly under my double assault.

I wanted her, now and there.

I had her lay on one of the wooden benches in the garden and pulled her jeans down around her ankles. It was too complicated to set her free of them because of her boots, but I forced her knees apart and laid between them to deliver her a quick tongue job.

Her pussy scent filled my nostrils as I inspired deep between her naked thighs before slapping my tongue over her soppy cunt.

"Aahhh!" Lella yelled in ecstatic surprise as her labia opened at the first touch of my tongue.

Damn she tasted good! I ate her well and deep for quite a while, making her pussy drenched with our combined juices.

She grasped my hair and pulled my head deeper into her cunt, forcing me to eat her, and I obliged her desires, giving her head until my tongue ached badly.

Then, I rose and kissed her full-mouth, as my hands pulled her tank top completely down around her waist and took hold of her small, firm breasts.

My cock twitched at her entrance: I felt her hairy wetness on the helmet, and instinctively drove in.

"Oohhh..." she moaned, as my cock easily slipped inside her pussy for the second time that evening.

Lella's naked legs closed around my hips, and my cock sank all the way inside her steaming cunt, filling her to the hilt.

"Hmmm..." she purred, "Oh yes. Yesss..."

I started screwing her. Slowly at first, then I progressively accelerated my fucking tempo to a steady rhythm, until she started gasping and panting hard, trying to control herself to avoid waking up the whole neighbourhood.

"Oh my God... Oh my God... It's so good! It's so goaawwwd-d-d-d!!!"

She came violently under my bold thrusts, and her whole body jerked and tossed between my arms as I drove my cock home at her deepest, hitting her cervix and forcing her climax to peak.

"Aahhh! Aahhh! Oh God, Yes! Yesss... Yesss... Aahhh..."

It lasted quite long this time. I enjoyed her orgasm for all of its length, feeling her cunt walls contracting around my cock and chewing it in the most fantastic way.

Then I came too.

Unexpectedly, without getting any chance to do something about it: I just shot my load into her cervix, blasting the most inner walls of my cousin's cunt with jets after jets of sperm.

She felt the cum filling her pussy, and rather than pulling me out she clenched tighter at me, trying to take it as deeper as possible.

"Oh yes..." she panted, "Fill me... Make me yours, please... Please... Hmmm..."

And filled her I did, emptying myself completely into her, totally oblivious of any possible consequence...

I helped her upstairs at three o' clock in the night.

She was quite a mess, but headed straight to bed as she was, kissing me goodbye with a weak sigh.

"We can't do it anymore," she whispered, "I want to be true to Michele..."

I felt quite a bastard of a cousin for how I helped her start her new love story... Well, it wasn't all my fault, was it?

But the day after, instead of looking again for my cousin, I phoned Simona to see weather she was back from Tunisia.

She was.


The following summer, at the end of the first year in the Infantry School at Torino, I went back to Denmark. I went with my brand new car together with another colleague of mine; we drove from Milan, so Rome laid in the opposite direction, and for the first time since I started my forbidden affaire with my deviate cousin, I didn't go back to see her.

I heard that after a tough moment with her family her story with Michele had developed quickly and well, and I didn't want to be an obstacle: if she was happy, I wouldn't interfere.

I skipped Rome completely from my agenda for the year, and after a very enjoyable holiday in Copenhagen we just came back to Torino.

The second year started and I basically stopped thinking of my cousin at all. Also because I was all too busy on the sentimental side with my flat neighbour Sabrina.

Sabrina us a unique case in my life: basically, I decided I wanted to fall in love with her.

She was what you can call a "Pocket Beauty": an extremely small (155 centimetres, I measured her), slim, olive-skinned and curly blond girl six years older than me. She was a physiotherapist, very nice and friendly, and at evenings often stopped at our flat before reaching hers upstairs.

To make a long story short, I decided it was time for me to live a proper love story, and convinced myself I was deeply in love where I was just attracted. She just wanted to stay friends (also because she was engaged herself in a non-working story with a colleagues of hers), and I just pursuit her for the whole winter.

We were "dating" under my definition, "going out for a pizza" under hers; bottom of the story, we were seeing each other but not going to bed.

Meanwhile, the Infantry School course was going on. I can tell you I was pretty busy.

It was at that point that Lella decided to come and pay a visit.

I got a warning phone call: she was driving North with a younger cousin of ours who got a car. They intended to tour Milan and Torino in three days, sleeping midway in Novara, where our elder aunt just moved to... The evening later they were going to drop at my flat.

Gosh I was taken aback.

I was at the balcony when my cousin's car pulled in. That very moment, Sabrina came home too with her small city car. I made the introductions from my first floor balcony, feeling a bit stupid. Then Sabrina rushed upstairs, and my cousins came up to my flat.

We had dinner together, chatted and laugh until quite late. Lella asked who exactly Sabrina was.

I answered we were dating but not properly being boyfriend and girlfriend, and asked what she thought of her...

I saw a sparkle in her eyes, and could swear it was jealousy.

"She looks like quite cheap, if you ask me..." she surprisingly said.

Wow, that was quite something. My prim and proper (socially speaking I mean) cousin had never spoken like that about somebody else.

I asked how it was going with Michele, and she showed me the engagement band at her finger: "Oh, very well, as usual... We will get married whenever possible, but nowhere soon. We need to finish Uni and find a job first..."

Our cousin excused himself and went for the toilet.

It was then that Lella grabbed my hand through the table and my knee under it.

"I missed you..." she whispered, "Why didn't you come to see me this summer?"

I was surprised: "I mean... There was no time once we were back from Denmark... And you were getting serious with Michele anyway, so..."

"Don't be stupid. He is he, and you are you... What I feel for you has nothing to do with the rest of my life. You are important for me, in a way no other man can ever be..."

"Maybe," I said, "But however important we may be for each other, there is no future for us, and nothing good would have come if I showed up this summer. You were quite clear yourself about that, last year."

She looked sad: "I know. But the fact is, however much I like and love Michele, I still miss you terribly. I thought his love would make you fade away, but it doesn't work that way. I hoped desperately to see you in August, but you didn't come... Was it because of her?"

Jealousy, right away!

"Don't be silly. I hardly knew her this summer. It's just I thought we had our own lives now."

Her eyes fell; she sighed: "I suppose you are right. But still..."

She was fast.

Her hand under the table went to my crotch and held me tight, while the other one came to caress me on the face.

She kissed me on the lips, and I felt her tongue probing deep.

I couldn't help, I kissed back.

The toilet door opened up.

She quickly pulled herself up, leaning back on her chair, all red in her face as our cousin came back into the dining room.

They left a few minutes later: it took an hour drive to reach back Novara.

I escorted them back to the car downstairs, and as our cousin was starting the engine, Lella herd me hard in a tight hug and kissed me full-mouth, whispering: "Farewell, my love!"

Then she rushed into the car.

I just got a glimpse of the tears in her eyes.

I shook my head in disbelief, as the car drove away in the city night.

"Oh my good Lord," I sobbed.


The following summer, I kept a lower profile... Or at least I tried to. I didn't feel like going again to Denmark, and I wanted to save some money, so I rather set a plan with Daniele, Lella's brother, to experiment the famous Rimini summer nights together.

It was quite a success, though I still prefer hunting abroad than on my doorsteps... The Riviera Romagnola was stuffed with German tourists, and an unbelievable percentage of them were women alone looking to get laid, just like the legend says. What the legend doesn't say, is that they are basically wives or divorcées in their forties, not always in their best shape.

Anyway, on the big numbers there are a few good scores to hit, and we managed to have some fun.

As I said, Copenhagen was much better...

We had only a week time, then Daniele had a trip on his own to Umbria, and since I was the one with the car, we drove south together and I ended up in Rome again for a weekend.

Since the aunt I used to sleep at was now in the North and Daniele left to Umbria almost immediately after we arrived, I ended up sleeping in his vacant bed.

It was a rainy summer. Not much to go around, and anyway, since Michele wasn't as dumb as the other Roberto, Lella was pretty much busy with him.

She didn't look overjoyed to see me actually: I got a brotherly kiss and hug when we met at our arrival, and that was it.

Nobody to go around with, plus the bad weather, I just ended up going to see all the relatives I didn't visit the last two years.

When I came home in the evening, I discovered Michele was there for dinner, which was fine enough. Apart from being a radical pacifist, the guy was quite nice, and we had some good conversation at the table.

The main subject was the growing tension all around the world and the responsibilities of the military about that. I fully agreed with Michele about that, which surprised Michele quite a lot... Until I pointed out that the responsibility was surely of the recent military moves of the Soviet Army.

This he didn't buy. I really can't understand how pacifists are so strict with our Armies, serving democracy under strict laws and rules, under the domain of international conventions and within the frames of our Constitutional rights and duties, and at the meantime they are so understanding and forgiving when it is a bunch of thugs fighting for a dictatorship the ones who commits excesses. When the Kremlin purposefully shoots down a civilian airliner we shouldn't react and maybe understand South Korea might have set up a provocation, but if NATO accidentally hits a civilian car somewhere, that's a war crime. Tell me that's not a double standard. Worse than all, Michele sincerely believed soldiers are constantly pushing to go at war somewhere, just for the fun of it.

When I pointed out that when there is a war, it's the soldiers the ones who go to die first in combat (apart from collateral damage of course, but again, it's soldiers who are the target when collateral damage occurs), he looked a bit unbalanced, and mumbled: "Oh. I never thought of that."


Well, apart from that, it was a good evening as I said.

After dinner I watched some TV together with my uncles as Lella and Michele went for a short walk, and then I went to bed before they were back.

I think I slept for a couple of hours.

One thing you often develop quickly when in infantry, is to sleep fast and sound disregarding the noise and the commotion around... Unless there is somebody trying to sneak in next to you.

My eyes shat open at the vibration on the floor.

It was pitch dark, only a dim orange light filtered through the blinds from the garden; I clearly saw a figure moving slowly into the room and closing the door behind before coming next to the bed, wrapped in a night robe.

I saw my cousin letting her robe fall to the floor, and then climbing naked into her brother's bed.

"Shah..." she whispered into my ears: "It's just me..."

I felt her naked body rub against mine, her small, soft breasts squeezed against my chest, the nipples stiff for the cold.

She French-kissed me, her mouth open and hungry.

She tasted of Brandy. Quite heavily, I would say.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, grabbing my manhood and starting stroking it wantonly: "I missed you. So much..."

Barely, those were the only words she spoke that night.

My cock quickly surged in her fist, as her thighs and knees moved around my hips, and in no time I was ready for her, as much as she was ready for me.

Lella strode over me, guided my cock to her own, moist entrance, and slowly impaled herself on my stiff pole.

"Aahhh..." she sobbed, "At long last..."

I grabbed her ass, enjoying the feeling my cock sinking into her warm belly.

Her pussy muscles clenched my shaft and she started fucking me like a woman possessed.

I moved my hands to her breasts, grabbing a handful of tits and kneading them passionately, making her moan louder. Her nipples were as hard, thick and long as bullets.

I had a hell of an excited bitch on heat on top of me.

She panted and gasped and cursed as I started to fuck her back from bottom up, making the old bed squeak badly.

Sensing our fucking session was quickly getting out of hand, she bended down to kiss me full-mouth, muffling her own moans and slowing down the screw tempo, causing the bed noise to reduce too.

Her tongue wandered around as my cock plunged deep in her willing vagina, as my hands went back on her ass, to impose my rhythm to her disordered jumps.

That must have been our longest intercourse.

The fear to be discovered made us careful, and her desire was matched by my growing control. It must have been at least forty minutes, before I felt Lella's cunt walls contract violently around my overheated cock.

"Hnnngg!" she stuttered into my mouth, convulsing in orgasm on top of me.

I felt her climax with all the power of her long-sought release.

She twitched and tossed over me, moaning and rubbing my cock so strong, that I lost it myself.

I came right into her own peak, and once more my sperm blasted into her as he rode me bareback.

Slowly, we came down from our high, and I felt her relaxing naked on top of me, a thin layer of sweat lubricating the contact between our skins.

Her breath slew down, and she kissed me again, this time with less lust and more love.

"Don't worry," she whispered: "I checked the days, and I am not fertile these days..."

Yeah, the Vatican Roulette, as they called it... The only contraception tolerated by the Catholic Church... Well, better than nothing.

We rested a few minutes, hugging and cuddling without any word being spoken, as I felt my own cum oozing out of Lella's cunt and trickling down my deflating cock to my balls and thighs.

The bed was going to be a mess.

My cousin must have thought the same... Or maybe not. Fact is, she got off, went down on me and gobbled my cock into her hungry mouth.

"Oohhh..." I couldn't hold myself, her blowjob was so merciless on my freshly fucked dick.

Lella was determined to get me hard again, and wouldn't let go of me before she reached her goal.

She was good: I felt my testicles twitch and my shaft surge in a matter of seconds, after which I just enjoyed my cousin mouth job.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:24 PM
She sucked me clean of our common mess, and then throated me to a new, full erection.

I had to stop her, short of another, undesired ejaculation straight into her mouth: I tossed her around and bottomed her under me. She opened up her legs, in overt offer, and I entered her sloppy, drenched pussy with a single thrust.

"Aawww..." she gasped, at the sudden feeling of my intrusion into her freshly fucked cunt.

"Don't complain," I hissed, "Wasn't what you just craved for?"

"Oh yes!" she panted under my first thrusts, "Oh my God yes! It's so good... It's so good... Hmmm..."

I missionary-styled her on her brother's bed, just metres from her sleeping parents.

She jerked and tossed under me, trying to take me as deep as possible into her cum-soaked pussy, as I felt her fingernails scratching my back and her heels hitting my thighs.

This time, it didn't take long time for her to hit climax: I was nibbling her nipple with my mouth as her warm thighs clenched at me and again she convulsed and jerked under my assault.

"Aahhh! Aahmmp-p-p..." I managed to close her mouth with a kiss as she started yelling out of control for ecstasy.

I didn't have much left inside me either, and Lella's orgasm tricked me.

I felt my almost-empty balls twitch, and I just accelerated my fucking tempo, trying to reach my partner before she fell from her high, with the result of prolonging it to an almost unbearable one.

"Oh my dear Gaaaawwd-d-d..." she panted, as I hit her cervix and felt my brain detonate in my own climax.

I arched over her, as her sweaty thighs squeezed me hard, and emptied my second load deep into my cousin's belly.

"Aahhh... It's so good! My God, it's so good..." she gasped, feeling my last seed land over her slowing down orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her panting, spent body, and we laid in a sweaty heap of satisfied, sinful flesh, still intertwined in our forbidden conjunction.

I kissed her now cold lips, but she was too spent to answer, as I was too spent myself to insist.

We must have fallen asleep in that same position, totally fucked.

I woke up feeling her move under me; light was shining into the room through the blinds, announcing the coming morning.

"Shit!" Lella stuttered trying to pull free of my sleepish hold, "It's almost seven, my mum must be already around!"

She slipped out of bed all naked and grabbed her night robe from the floor, quickly wrapping herself into it.

Then she bent on me, swiftly kissed me and run out of the room.

I didn't hear any outraged burst from my aunt, so I assumed she had safely slipped back into her own bed.

The only problem was my dirty sheet. It was really a mess: during the night all our stuff must have come out of her, making a puddle between her thighs and staining the mattress.

I spent more than an hour trying to reduce the evidence, then I threw everything into the washing machine; finally I offered to redo a fresh bed for my cousin, and in so doing I reinforced the great opinion my uncles had of me...

Late in the morning, I kissed everybody goodbye and loaded my car.

My cousin followed me to the street, and I held her in my arms before leaving.

I kissed her, feeling her tongue searching for mine as my hands wandered around her back and ass.

We both pulled free at the same time. Lella smiled, tossing the hair from her pretty and innocent face, and stepped back to let me close the door behind me.

I switched on the engine and looked back at her: she wouldn't move from the sidewalk, so I moved the car out of the parking spot as she waved goodbye with her naked arm.

In the rear mirror, I saw her blowing me a kiss.

Seven hour's drive and I was back in Torino.


02-20-2009, 09:25 PM
1derful Tease Ch1
Why Dad was teased

Tease 1

We were drowning in the heat of July as the sun was beating down since early morning. Some time in the after noon my friend showed up and we were prancing about in and out of the pool. Erica had been my friend from when I was young, now we were closer than ever. I did have many friends just none so close as Erica.

I could hear my parents talking loud from the kitchen as they made their usual disagreement. Then as clock work I hear mom's car take off from the driveway. Erica and I became kind of quiet and unable to hear the whole situation knew what was going on.

Erica who was more man wise than I says, "Kay, I don't get it. Why is your mom so stupid? Your dad is a fine piece of meat and she is off constantly with another guy. I wish I could have your dad, I would let him do anything he wanted to me and beg for more." Erica was holding onto the other side of stair hand railing at the edge of the pool.

I knew it was no big secret as to my mother's infidelity that did not take me by surprise. It was the way she was describing my dad. I knew she was right, but I never really thought about it. My dad had been the only dad I knew since I was young. He was not my biological dad but was dad for every sense of the word to me. I suppose part of the reason he was so attractive to my friends was he was not old and crusty. Actually he was much younger than my mom but still older than me by twelve years.

As painful as it is to admit my dad was more to me than my mom was. He had always made time to do things, and never barked about my mistakes. He took the time to talk to me about my life and always came to events in my life. We would always spend time together even if it was something trivial. My mother never seemed to have time she was off here and there and her career was more important than anything.

"Kay, Kay," Erica was trying to get my attention from staring into the pool water, lost in my thoughts. "Look your dad is out on the deck in swim trunks. Do you think he needs me to put some sun lotion on his tender skin?" Reaching down between her legs Erica lowered her hand into her bikini bottom. With her other hand she rubbed her chest flashing her nipples to me in the privacy of the pool.

I watched her for a second and said, "Get real - my dad is not going to have anything to do with a silly girl even if you are eighteen. Just face the fact before you make a fool out of yourself. He likes older women."

Erica says, "I know but I can dream."

I say, "Yeah, go ahead and dream all you want just don't do anything dumb." Looking back over at my dad now reclined. His skin rippled over the firm muscles in his stomach and his chest heaved every time he breathed. My own thoughts were suddenly wrong as I looked and noticed for the first time the slight bulge at his groin where the thin material settled over his privates. He was not aroused only displaying what he was, a man.

Erica up to no good again says, "Do you think your dad would notice if I pull my bottoms over like this and go say hi?" Sliding her bikini bottom so it was lopsided and half over her shaved pussy. Erica stands up on the stairs so her body is out of the water.

I slap her leg hard and with a tone of grieving anger I say, "Cut it out!"

Erica squats back down to the water and says, "You know I am only teasing, I wouldn't do that." Sticking her tongue out in a sexual way lifting and lowering it, looking over at my dad.

I say, "I know you're a chicken shit, I wasn't too worried. Besides he wouldn't notice he is too much in love with that bitch he married." Pushing off the steps to flutter back in the water.

Erica says, "Chicken?" And stands up briskly and saunters over to my dad. I can see for the brief moment Erica still has the bikini way off the covering of her pussy as I could look while her thin legs exited the pool, between her steps and ass swing I had a glimpse of her pussy. The way the dark blue bikini bottom contrasted with her light white skin it was undoubtedly noticeable to see the material was significantly out of place. I wanted to yell at her but the time was too late.

I don't know why but I was extremely aroused just watching to see if my dad would notice. I felt my pussy tingle as I watched her approach dad.

His eyes remained closed until Erica said standing right near his face, "Excuse me Mr. Ross I think you might be laying on my towel?"

I watched intently as dad lifted his head and with no mistake stopped and looked at Erica's exposure. Stumbling for a word he finally said, "Uh, no sorry not here" Fixated at the young body right in front of him, he took his time and no doubts was checking her out. From the slight rise in his shorts before he covered himself with placing both legs to the deck pulled the towel between his legs from the lounger and laid it over his groin.

I was unaware at first that I was now feeling my self and even being in the pool I was wet. My heart throbbed in excitement and disbelief. I thought my God how can she be so bold and to my dad. My feelings overwhelmed me, almost like I was scared of his reaction.

Erica was being relentless to my dad. She stood there and looked around then asked, "Do you mind if I use this towel." Pointing to the one now covering his wood.

My dad thought, taking his time to answer. Obvious to me he was trying to delay Erica as long as he could without making a notion of her evident, perhaps mistakenly exposure. I could see his lips biting down as his brow flexed slightly then with a smile he says, "Oh your towel is on the other chair." Pointing across the patio.

Taking a wide side step as if to look stupid Erica paused and glanced about, giving a tiny sway to her belly and hips. This spread her tiny legs making her pussy almost hang from the center of her thin little legs as the muscles arched from her inner thigh to her crotch. Then with a giggle she says, "Oh thanks I didn't even see it." Erica then walked slowly over to get it.

My dad's eyes never parted her ass. I could only imagine what he was watching but had a good idea. Then I exited the pool and met up with Erica and dried off be fore we both entered the kitchen to get something to eat. Closing the door behind me, I looked at her with a frown smile and said, "You're bad!"

Erica says, "So at least I am not a chicken. Who is the chicken shit now? That's right you baby girl!" Taking a bow toward me with her face right in mine, as she stole a piece of cheese I was cutting up.

I looked at her with no reply then as a minute passed by I asked. "Why all of a sudden did I become the chicken? You know I am not the chicken." With a dumb look of question as to say you can't be real.

Erica twirling about the kitchen stops and leans against the counter. With a big grin she says, "Oh yeah like you could top that? You know he was looking at what I got" Wiggling her hips in a rude gesture toward me.

I was getting perturbed at her now and snipped back, "Why would I he is my dad, you wouldn't be doing that to your dad."

Erica taking another piece of cheese haughtily says, "Who said I wouldn't, Besides he is not like your biological dad, and come on even you have to admit he is fine looking. It is not like he is going to have any thing to do with either one of us, you said it your self. So what do you care it is just a little bit of harmless fun. Besides it is a thrill to know your good looking enough to get a man like him to look."

I looked back at Erica and replied, "So why bother?"

Erica turned so her back was leaning over the counter then said, "Kay you know we have done many things together, private things so I will tell you, because you are my best friend. Standing like that in front of your dad was the most erotic thing I have ever done."

I turned and said, "I'm listening."

Erica spoke, "I am not sure how to describe it but my pussy was on fire." Sticking her tongue out and mock biting it.

Squinting puzzled I ask, "Like how?"

Erica said, "I was a little nervous at first, but when ever your dad looked and looked again. My pussy wanted to just start dripping. It was a good thing I was dripping wet to begin with."

I inquired, "Are you trying to say you came?"

Erica says, "No not like that it was wet like that, but it felt like my lips were going to burst open and drip right in front of your dads eyes."

I wondered and asked out of curiosity, "But you looked so calm. I thought I was more nervous than you." As I pulled out a bunch of crackers and placed them around the cheese dish.

Erica replies, "My God I am still dripping over it." Moving her bikini to the side moved her hand over her vulva and was pushing in on her pussy and clit. I slapped her arm and said, "Stop that, don't do it in the kitchen, not in front of me."

Erica smiles, "Why it is not like you have never seen it before and who is going to walk in your dad? Remember no one else is home and I don't think mother is about to stop what she is doing right now and come home, do you?"

I stammered a response, "You know I don't care if you frig yourself in front of me. It won't be the first time. Sure it won't be the last either, you horny thing. Just I know your doing it thinking about my dad. Since when has my dad become an obsession with you?"

Erica showing me just how wet she was by a display of her drenched fingers says, "You know I have had the hots for your dad, hell which of our friends doesn't? Today was different I don't know why I was just horny to see if he noticed me. Now it is like I can't get enough." Having told me that, Erica suddenly became quite quiet.

I took her hand and ran it under the cold sink water, handed her a towel. Then after looking at her almost feeling embarrassed for sharing her feelings with me. I kissed her on the lips with a light peck and gave her a dear hug with a sincere look I said, "I am glad you are my friend. No one else would ever be as honest with me as you are. I will tell you I became horny too, but I don't know how to feel. It's different when we, you know do things thinking about James or Matt, but I am not sure I want to masturbate to thoughts of my dad. Even though it turned me on to see him interested in someone other than my mother.

Erica says, "Fine I wait till later to do that, but come on you have to do something even a little something please! Please, please, please pretty please!"

I looked at Erica like she was nuts and asked, "Like what?"

Erica says, "I don't know, but it can't be too obvious or he will know after the fine display of courage earlier." Then Erica began tweaking my right nipple to make it grow under the thin material.

I didn't really care as it was cold in the house with the A/C running they were about as hard as they can get anyhow. Picking up the plate I said, "Grab your drink and mine and come on. I will think about it, but I wouldn't hold your breath if I was you."

Out on the deck Erica opened the umbrella as I placed down the plate and yelled, "Hey dad want some cheese and crackers?

Dad sat up and said, "Sure!" Taking a minute to adjust his eyes to the sun.

I spoke up and asked, "What would you like to drink, Coke, Ginger ale, Lemonade, Beer."

He said, "Coke will be fine Hun."

Erica grabbed my arm and said, "I'll get it!" Then made way quickly to the house, and in record time came back. Placing the glass in front of my dad's chair on the table.

He looked back at Erica with a quick glance of her entire body, as he stood behind his chair saying, "Thanks dear, you know someday you are going to make a good wife to some lucky guy. Now if you fine ladies will excuse me I need to make my way to the boy's room I shall return in a jiffy."

As soon as dad entered the house Erica let out a sigh all dreamy eyed. I don't know why but it bothered me, as I sat down quietly.

A moment later dad came back out and planting a kiss on the top of my head said, "Thanks dear it looks wonderful." Resting his hands on my shoulders only for a second.

I smiled up at him and with a bit of a flush feeling, my eyes quickly took in his hairy chest and beautiful nipples.

Erica says, "Hey where is my kiss?" Like she was deserving of half the credit or something.

I watched dad as he moved behind Erica and planted a little kiss on her head. That would have been fine But I saw him glance down the top of her bikini at her cleavage. I only for a second became jealous, wondering did he look at me like that. After all I was only a 32 C but wasn't I good enough to look at too? I thought maybe if I was taller like Erica or wasn't so thin I would look more like a woman.

Dad made his way around the table and finally sat down the conversation became rather silly. Something about an unknown two certain cows in the neighbor's yard. My dad always had a way of making things light and cheery. Even though I knew inside he was bothered about mom.

There I was almost desperate trying to gain my dad's attention it was roughly like I was not there as he looked more at Erica than me. I pulled the scrunchy out of my hair and played with my hair as I held my arms up I made sure my breasts bounced noticeably in front of me. I was upset as he never even looked other than a passing glance.

I didn't become angry with Erica steeling my dad's attention I was more hurt I was not good enough to hold his attention like she suddenly was.

Evening came and Erica went home. Dad and I were going to go out to dinner but as having been a lazy day neither of us felt like dressing up so he orders a pizza. I was quiet as we ate he kept asking questions like normal but I was rather short with my answers.

When we were done eating I got up cleaned the table with him and then he just stopped me and asked, "OK, what is up? And don't you tell me nothing, you have never been this quiet."

I looked at him from his feet to his head and feeling vulnerable I said, "Many things dad, but mainly right now I am not feeling to pretty." Dropping my head to look at the floor.

Dad took the plate from my hand and placed it on the counter then placed his arms around me holding me tight as my face nuzzled into his fuzzy chest. My arms went around him and I began to cry. His hand brushed my hair gently holding my head softly every so often. He said, "Of course you are beautiful." Planting several kisses onto my scalp. "Who could ever be as beautiful as you are inside and out?"

I was not thinking clearly as I managed to say, "Erica." Between sniffles.

Dad asked, "Why is there a young man who likes Erica that you like." He was so gentle and loving as my tears ran uncontrollably down his naked flesh.

I just shook my head no. I suddenly could feel his penis and balls as I held him tight pressed on my stomach. He wasn't aroused or anything, they were just there. I wondered and thought they must always have been there, but as I have hugged dad hundreds of times and never noticed until now. I tried to not dwell on the thought but still subconsciously I was feeling the size and place between his legs unknown to him. I would change my thoughts but like a Ying Yang every thing circled back to the presence of his penis only separated by the silk material.

We just held one another for about fifteen minutes until I could get a hold of my emotions. Then I looked up at him I bravely placed my hand on his face and caressed his cheek. My finger brushed across his mustache as his hazel eyes looked at me with love. The smile he gave me made me feel secure to say, "Why do you never look at me like you do Erica?" Dad's eyes rolled back fast, and then looked at me again hoping he didn't hear what I just said.

I said, "Do you think I am pretty or not? I saw you looking at her today."

Dad says, "Yes, you are more beautiful than Erica it was just uh,___uh."

My other hand was placed on his chest as his arms were still around my waist. Still reaching up I took in the jaw line of his chin. I decided to let him off the hook and said, "It is ok dad I know what you saw. I just really thought you might at least once look at me."

Dad was at a loss for words. I leaned up high on my tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. Nothing out of the ordinary but I lingered too long. I could feel the tickle of his mustache on my lip. Our lips never parted but I held the moment for what seemed an eternity.

Dad's hand spanked my bum breaking my hold, as I lifted away slowly I pulled at his lower lip with mine making it flap closed. I could feel a rise in his penis as my stomach fell close to his body again, as I lowered back down. I turned and picking up the plate I placed it in the dishwasher, bending over like my knees could not flex.

With my hair dropping in my face I turned to see dad in a trance like a dear in front of a truck at night. I smiled and said, "Thank you it's about time you notice I have an ass too." I could see he was plainly looking at my bottom covered in only the thin swimsuit.

Dad just stood there and with out notice his cock was beginning to tent out the swim suit he had on. Then like the wind he turned and saying, "I think I need to take a swim." Turned to the door left the house, and jumped the pool.

Nothing was mentioned for about two weeks Dad was quiet pretending nothing took place and I was letting it drop. Unlike Erica who was the princess of Horny-Ville. The little non existing town between her and my dad's legs. All she talked about when ever we had a minute alone was my dad. I never told her about my little kiss or the hug as that was my own secret she did not need to know.

I would like to be able to say exactly why, but every time. Every day Erica begins talking about my dad I get more and more possessive of him. Day after day she comes over after school and continues to distract his attention if even for a second as he passes the room. Like I said, it was two weeks later my dad was in the kitchen cleaning the dinner dishes. I was in my room cleaning. I placed on a light blue loose fitting tank top and had shorts on. As I picked up my pile of laundry my right breast fell out of the top crossing over and still covering my left. I was about to place the clothes down on the bed to fix my top before passing through the kitchen to the basement.

Instead I had this wicked rush come over me as I wanted to see if he would notice. I walked out to the kitchen with my arms full and my boob lying nonchalantly on the top of the pile. My hands were shaking I asked him to get the door for me, with a quiver in my voice.

Dad wiped the soapy water off his hands and turned, he was wearing a pair of old sweat pants with the legs cut off in a ragged edge and a white t-shirt. Dad's eyes immediately saw my boob. Then looked at my face in an awkward attempt to look else where, other than the breast. The door opened I dropped a bit of clothing onto the floor.

Dad bent down and picked it up trying to place it on the pile but not on my exposed breast as that would be to obvious. His hand came so close to my body, then he dropped the items on the top and just smiled. Ducking down I went under his arm holding the door and scampered down the stairs.

Dropping the clothes in the laundry pile I made way quickly to the basement bath room and looked in the mirror. My nipple was as erect as the size of a gummy bear. I cupped my breasts and they felt nice to have the attention of my hands holding them. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Shortly after I made my way up stairs and passed quickly through the kitchen back to my room.

I dropped my jean shorts to the floor and dressed only in the tank and a pair of turquoise nylon panties. I flopped on my stomach on the bed. My hands crept under my chest and held my breast firm. My legs made their way onto the bed as I was diagonal across the mattress. My head lay to the side as I faced my mirrored closet doors. I looked at my self as I contemplated what I had just done.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:25 PM
I could hear dad calling my name, I just lay quietly for a moment until he said it again then I yelled, "What!" I didn't mean it to sound so rude but I was not moving.

Dad entered my room and asked kindly if I was feeling ok. I looked at him off the reflection of the mirror and said, "Yeah, My neck and shoulders are hurting so I took an aspirin and wanted to lie down for a moment." It was really no shock for him to see me in my underwear as it certainly was not the first time.

Dad says, "Oh ok well if you need anything just holler.' Then dad turns to leave the room.

I say, "Dad!"

"Yes," I hear his reply from the hall.

"Dad, do you think you could rub my neck a little? Please!"

Dad re-entered the room and moving around my bed sat on the edge near my head and was also facing the closet. His hands were so firm but gentle as he moved my hair to the side and placed one hand on my neck and the other at the base more on my shoulder. I told him how nice it felt and moaned little appreciations to his touch.

While he continued I asked, "Dad can we talk?"

Dad leaning down to kiss my head says, "Of course, we can talk about whatever you want." Then with a sudden reality he says, "I rather not talk about what happened a few weeks ago." Continuing with rubbing now moving up my neck to the base of my skull.

I say with a little laugh, "I am sorry about that dad. I was just a little jealous over the attention you seemed to be giving Erica."

Dad says, "Kay it is ok, but you have to know I love you in a slightly different way."

I reply, "I know"

Dad says, "What I find attractive about Erica does not make you any less attractive it is you're my little girl and it always has been that way."

"I know, it is just I am not so little now anymore Erica and I are both the same age, and it is not like I expect you to be really interested in me. But it would be sure nice if you paid me a compliment once in a while too."

Dad says, "You are the most beautiful girl a dad could ask for."

I was frustrated, "Not like that dad! You know like! _paused_ I don't know." Turning my head away from him facing my pillows.

Dad stopped rubbing my neck for a moment then with a trace of two fingers he drew imaginary lines up and down my spine as the shirt rippled his fingers thumped over the creases. Dad finally said, "Ok we can exchange nice replies to one another."

I laid there still in silence not yet happy with his reply or sure it was sincere.

After a moment I was in shock as I felt my dad's palm making almost non-touchable circular motions on my ass. I could feel the hand pass over the crevice as it made its way from cheek to cheek. Dad leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "You have an awesomely tight bum, bum is that what you want to hear?"

As his hand continued to make a light caress I swallowed hard and said, "That is better but I think men call them buns, dads call it a bum, bum." Lifting my head back up off the soft mattress.

Dad nodding his head says, "Ok fine you have nice buns." Stopping for a moment he squeezes one cheek then the other then says, "A very nice buns." Then dad moves his hand back to my shoulders.

I slid my hand to his bum with a pinch and say, "So do you dad." Then continue around to hug his waist as he hugs my shoulders. I laugh as I make note of the tent in his pants I say, "I guess you liked my buns more than I realized."

Dad takes a stuffed bear off the end of the bed and covers his crotch with it as he begins to ask, "Is your neck better?"

I smile and say, "Almost!"

He leans over and kisses my cheek and says, "Good night Kathleen." In a very sincere tone.

I frown a bit but don't persist to make him feel uncomfortable. As the door closes behind him I run my fingers down and upon feeling my panties they are soaked. I roll to the side and feel the comforter, it is wet as well. I ended my evening trying to clean up my wet spot. I knew then, my dad was not the only one excited by his prompted touch and words. After changing into a night shirt and dry panties which just happened to be a nice light blue, I climbed into bed and smiled with content as I fell asleep.

Morning came and I had slept in looking at the clock it was almost ten thirty. I drooped out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. Dad was up and reading the paper out on the deck with a cup of coffee dressed only in his swim trunks. It appeared he had already been for a swim. I made a bowl of cereal and joined him.

Dad said, "Good morning!" With a pleasant tone and a brief look past the paper at me.

"Morning dad."

Dad asks, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes thanks. Mom isn't home yet?" I asked with little surprise.

Dad replied, "No not yet."

"I wonder where she could be?"

My dad looked at me with rolling eyes then continued his reading.

When I was done I walked over to the pool and dipped my toes in. Calling for my dad I said, "Hurry there is a frog stuck in the pool."

Dad came right over and with one knee down scooped the little guy in his hand and tossed him out. I thought it would be funny to push him. While he was off balance I gave a playful push. Reaching back he caught my hand as he tumbled over the edge, pulling me in right along with him. It was still funny just not what I had expected.

Dad laughed at me because even though I pushed him He was able to catch me before I escaped. After the splash fight subsided a bit I made my way to the steps and dripping all over the deck I laughed as I returned to my chair out of breath. Dad picking up his towel dried off a bit then tossing me the towel picked up his cup and asked if I wanted a coffee.

I normally say no but just said, "Ok." It was a beautiful morning and I was feeling perfect just to sit in the sun.

Dad returned and placing the coffees on the table sat down. With a gesturing jeer he says, "You might want to use that towel to cover up a little." Using his eyes to make a statement about my nipples showing through the wet fabric.

I look back at him lifting my eyes to mimic his eye head motions.

Dad laughs at me and says, "I think you have perky nice nipples and they are wonderful to look at. However I do not think your mother will be so pleased to see them on display in my company." Taking a sip of his coffee to hide his grin.

I took the towel and folded it up nicely and placed it on the table. For a little more fire I twisted the hem of the shirt into a big knot and dropped it through the neck. I really should have removed it as now it felt like a wet dead weight around my neck. I smiled and said, "Well, Mom ain't home now is she? Since you don't mind this works for me. How about you?"

Dad laid the paper back down and looking around the edge of the table he saw I was wearing underwear and said with a shrug in his shoulder, "That's fine. Is this where I am supposed to make a compliment?"

I looked at him and with a mock sad face said, "Only if you want to?"

Dad stroked his chin for a moment and says, "That is a nice firm tummy you have there.'

Biting my lip I nod with approval then say, "Well thanks that is a nice chest you have there Mr. Ross." I wait as I know dad does not like me to refer to him by any other name other than dad.

Dad looks back and playing my game nods in the same manner as I, then says, "Thank you ma'am, Might I add from what I can see you seem to have a nice chest as well."

My heart was racing a mile a minute as my pussy began to drip from the comment my dad just said. I replied, "These little things?" I held my hand over my breasts I could feel the erect nipples. I felt like removing my shirt I lifted at the bottom of the fabric that covered my breasts. My dad like as if in a poker game watched intently to see if I was going to do anything with out giving a hint to whether or not he wanted me too.

Sitting back in the chair I watched him gaze at me specifically right where my boobies met the edge of the wet cloth. I raised one foot up on the chair which spread my legs nice his eyes never broke pace like a cat watching a string.

I bumped my hands up a little so the naked undersides of my boobs were in his sight. I looked right into his eyes with a giggle I asked, "Do you want me to?"

Dad said, "Want you to what?"

I said, "Don't play dumb, You know exactly what."

Dad says, "Don't you think the question is really do you want to?"

I silently nodded my head yes and lifted my shirt past my nipples. They ached from being so hard, my pussy was buzzing with a tingle. My eyes closed a little as I cupped my breasts. My warm hands never felt so good. I was not sure what was happening but suddenly I felt like I was going to piss myself I breathed a stuttered hard breath. With a tense shock wave I felt my self wetting myself in front of dad. I thought I was going to drip like pee but instead it just more so congealed up inside my panties.

Dad reached in his shorts and boldly adjusted him self. I thought I saw the tip of his penis as it came to the top of his shorts. I moved my shaking hand down to the outside of my soaked panties. I touched the slippery residue and the single tickle on my clit made me make an audible moan. I looked at my dad and out of breath said, "Dad, I'm horny." As I purposely rubbed the front of my panties now showing dad how wet they are from me and not the pool.

Dad was about to get up and move closer when we hear a car door close. I grabbed the towel and sprinted to my room. I looked out my window and saw dad was in the pool. I took a deep breath in relief.

Then I hear, "Hello!" it was my mother as she walked out on the deck talking to my dad like she was a gift to him from God.

I took off the shirt and with the panties still on I must have touched my self for over an hour. Each time was so intense. I began to wonder if my mother didn't come home right then. What dad was going to do?

My heart sank each time I thought of something else that made me think Oh my God I can't believe what just took place. Then I became all wet again.

My real reality set in when I was wondering if I should tell Erica, "Who's the fucking chicken shit now!" Oh god it was intense but even if I don't rub her face in it she is going to know something is up when dad is sniffing around me and not her.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:26 PM
1derful Tease Ch2
Dad is past the tease and calls the bluff

The days had passed and Dad and I pretended like nothing ever happened that morning. Mom was unaware of any strange behavior. Even though we pretended to be the same it was evident to me between the glances and smiles dad would give I had turned him on.

After a week had passed I had come to the belief it was a fluke moment between us and things were almost back to normal. Friday night came and as predictable as can be Mom was on her way out the door. Things were pretty silent as Dad and I finished dinner and settled in for the night. My boyfriend was being a jerk so I was not going out. I rather mope around the house. Not feeling so bold I went to my room clicked on the TV and getting comfortable for bed. Taking a quick shower, I placed on a night shirt and a pair of light yellow full bottom panties. Then I settled on my bed for the evening as I watched TV.

Around ten o’clock Dad poked his head in the door wearing boxer shorts, to say good night. I asked him if every thing was alright maintaining his attention for another minute. He came in and sat beside me. I leaned over and hugged him as he planted a kiss on my head. He was about to get up when I asked, “Dad you know how you always say we can talk about anything?”

Dad held me and says, “Anything you need to talk about I am here for you.”

I know I surprised him by asking, “Why do you stay with mom when you know she is off every weekend with some guy? You do know that is what she is doing?” I think he thought I was going to ask a boyfriend question.

Dad took his time being silent before saying, “I know she is with other men.” Then dad became silent again.

I looked up at him moving about a little and said, “I don’t understand. If you know, then why when she comes home you act like nothing happens and every thing is great!”

Dad replied with some stuff and basically danced all around my question with out answering it. I grabbed his hand holding it in my own upon my bare leg and said, “Dad I want to know you said you would always be honest with me. This bothers me because I do not understand why mom is out right now doing something with another guy and you seem to be ok with it?”

Dad started to explain this whole bunch of garbage and I interrupted him saying, “Daaad, just answer me!”

Dad then took a deep breath and says, “Yes your mother is with other men, but I enjoy it.”

I was dumbfound and had to ask, “Enjoy it? How do you enjoy it?” Now sitting Indian style I rotated toward him as to listen intently.

Dad thought for a moment then trying to relate he said, “Let’s say you and your boy friend are having sex.” I nodded, “Then let’s suppose he says to you he wants you to have sex with his buddy.” I look at him strange. He says, “Of course a buddy that you have always wanted secretly. Would that get you excited?”

I think about that for a bit and then saying, “Yea I suppose so but what did it do for my boyfriend?”

Dad says, “Well seeing you in that wanting state is a real turn on, and to give you something you really want is a turn on. Not to mention the sex after is very hot because of your aroused state. You see?”

I look at dad and still not sure what he is saying is the truth. I question him, “So what about you while mom is out doing her thing what do you do?”

Dad nervous laughed a bit then replied, “I do what men all around the world do.” Making a jerking motion with his hand.

I said, “I guess if you say so, it just does not seem to make sense to me. Why would you not be with other woman having sex, if mom is with other men?”

Dad says reaching around holding me tight, “Because_____, I don’t know why honestly. I like my time I spend with your mom and I never thought about being with another woman. And this conversation has reached the end my young inquisitive one. Good night.”

Dad moved to get up, but I held his hand firm to my leg. With a pouting look I asked, “Can I ask one more thing before you go?” There I sat fluttering my eyes and a begging look on my face.

Dad moved so he was facing me and one leg under his bum and the other hung off the edge of the bed. I smiled from ear to ear as I knew that was a yes. I looked at his boxers only for a second and I think his eyes caught me. But I couldn’t help glancing down at his groin the image of his penis was just visible as the thin silky material pressed firmly against it. The out line of the curled limp shaft and the bulbous head made me want to look more.

I cleared my throat and gulped hard then said, “The other day you know when we were outside?” I dropped my look to the bed, but now I was looking right at his dick. I became flush with a rush of cold and scared.

Dad gave a long Yeah as to wonder what my question was. I looked up at him and began to ask, “If mom didn’t come home.” I could feel myself becoming sexually excited in my fear but I had to know. I fought for ways to ask and then continued, “And you were watching me, how far would you have let it go?” I could now see the slight pulse in his dick as his hand lifted my chin to look at him.

Dad smiled at me and with a deep inhale and then breathing out just said, “Hun it was a moment I wouldn’t have let you really do any thing even though you looked so cute all aroused. I figured I would just let you play out your fantasy a little.”

I gave him a sarcastic smile of doubt before saying, “Well you were just as aroused as I was, or does your penis always poke out the top of your trunks? Don’t make it out like it was just me. Or were you just so horny because mom would be home from her night of getting laid?” Then I tossed my legs out and rolled onto my side facing away from him. I was angry at his denial and he knew it.

I felt his hand on my shoulder. I gave a shrug and rolled onto my stomach with my head quickly placed under the pillows. Again I felt his hand on my back as it rubbed down my spine about half way then I could feel the warmth of his hand on my skin. I knew my shirt must have lifted when I tossed, but I didn’t care. His warm hand stopped at the top of my panties and rubbed back up this time remaining on my skin under my shirt. When he reached my shoulders he gave a squeeze then repeated the motion.

I could hear as dad confessed to being a bit aroused and apologized for being inconsiderate to me. Explaining it was not something he thought was appropriate and was not ready to admit to me out of fear.

I lifted my head with a frowning look then as his hand reached my neck and squeezed again. I asked with a plea, “Could you rub my neck and shoulders a little? That feels so good please.”

Dad knew he had just been suckered into a giving a back rub out of guilt as he gave a light groan. Then said, “Fine, but I need to go to the bathroom first give me a second.” With that he exited the room.

I Lifted the back of my shirt so it was over my head, but the front still covered my breasts. I placed my face back between the two pillows and waited.

I felt the bed shift a bit as dad climbed on. At first he knelt at my side and began to rub my shoulders and neck. I gave out a groan as it was almost painful his hard grasp of my muscles.

As time passed he rubbed my arms and then as he began to knead his way down my back I felt his leg straddle me. He was seated just below my ass across my legs. I waited as his hand worked their way down my back at a slow steady pace. When he began rubbing my ass cheeks I was so relaxed I just laid there and felt his fingers digging into my bum. He was really good and soon moved down my legs then to my feet.

One at a time he lifted my feet and rubbed them intently while he did this I could almost feel him parting my legs ever so slightly. I became flush wondering just how wet I had become earlier? I wondered if he could tell. I knew if he saw between my legs the yellow would not be the same light yellow. I froze for a second, and then thought I should stop him.

Just at that moment dad put my second foot down and began to move at the same pace back up my legs. This time however he was kneeling down between my legs. I waited quietly as his hands made their way to my inner thigh. With in seconds his hands were on the bottom most part of my ass. He spread my ass continuing the massage. I realized quickly his fingers were in the underside of my panties as they felt my bare skin of my bum.

Then like I never expected I felt his two thumbs with the aid of his hands on my cheeks Knead in between my legs. I knew the thumbs were placed right between my pussy and ass. This felt so intense; I lifted my head up quickly and looked over my shoulder at him. His hands froze in position. I could feel myself drip. With out a word I laid back down. He remained paused for a moment.

Then I felt his thumbs making little motionless circles. His fingers kept my cheeks spread as his thumbs slowly danced lower. When they reached my exceptionally wet lips I wanted to say “Ok dad that is far enough!” Instead I remained quiet becoming more aroused by the second. The feeling made me think it was my boyfriend touching me and I was getting caught up in the moment. The skilful gentle touch kept reminding me it was my dad making me drip with horny anticipation.

I wanted to reach down and rub my clit so hard. Instead I clenched my fingers into the bed under the pillow. I felt his hand as it cupped my crotch slide over my pussy so his palm rested over my pussy. Only then did I realize just how wet I was. I then felt his hand rubbing me openly. I was lost in the moment. I lifted my hips up to give him a better access. Like the wind he took the opportunity to remove my panties.

I was not too interested at the moment as all I wanted to do was orgasm hard. I think I might have pissed my self when I felt his two fingers enter my pussy. I was so wet I could hear the squish sound each time his fist bottomed out.

With the other hand dad parted my cheeks and without notice suddenly I felt his tongue touch my anus. I lifted my hips off the bed slightly and rocked into his fingers. I was going out of my mind. My dad just licked my ass. He was teasing me with slow strokes not letting me cum and every so often would dab his tongue in my pussy or touch my anus.

Finally I had to cry out, “Make me cum!” My legs were as spread as they could go, my hands gripped the headboard. My mouth now bit down on the pillow.

I really was not expecting him to do what happened next. Dad with little hesitation entered me. I was at a loss at first. Not knowing exactly what just filled me for a brief instance. Then I felt his thick sausage sliding into me a little further.

My head flipped around as I said, “No! You can’t!” I also knew he already had it in me, and he knew I was also on the pill. I fought with my mind for a reason why he can’t. I could now feel him press it all the way in as his pubic hair touched the tight skin of my ass. My mouth opened in a moment of shock and delight.

Dad leaning his big sculpted body into me placed his lips over mine. At the same time I felt his hands squeeze onto my perked breasts. My aching erect nipples as if it were possible became more erect. Our tongues touched for the first time. I let out a moan of submission, I wanted so badly for my dad to make me his.

Feeling his hips begin to move and his cock pumping into me making my pussy lips spread wider than ever. I began to orgasm, holding onto his arm like I was hugging a teddy bear I came hard. I broke the kiss to scream out as the shuddering climax ripped through me. I was lost I may even have blacked out slightly.

My body shook as it was consistently slammed hard. My head felt like a nail being driven by a hammer into the head board. Stopping dad held my hips just off the bed as his cock seated deeply within me squirted off. With a loud grunt I could feel the throb on my parted lips and then a piss of fluid streaming into me. I began my own mini orgasm as I felt him Cumming. I was delirious out of my mind with mixed emotions and the grinding on my pussy felt oh so good.

He leaned his sweaty body back over mine planting small kisses into my neck. Then holding me tight we rolled to the side in a spooning position. I was going to close my legs but really couldn’t from the girth of his erection still in me. In stead I wrapped that upper leg over his and pushed back into his slowly deflating cock. Being careful to not squeeze hard to make him pop out I was enjoying the moment. I wanted to say something but was at a loss for words so we both just kept quiet. He was holding me just under my breasts and I was holding his big arms.

It seemed longer but was more like a minute or two. The cock reached the stage it was slowly being squeezed out by my small body. With a little whimper from me it popped out and laid slick and wet on my lower leg. I felt empty for a few moments as my crotch constricted the open passage trying to return to where it used to be.

We were quiet for a while I could hear the TV and the breath of my dad in my ear. Every time I thought about what had just happened I was sick to my stomach then I was happy. I was giving off a little under breath laugh to myself of confusion. It had felt so good, but yet I couldn’t control the emotions inside. At the same time I know it was all so wrong.

Dad’s fingers specifically his thumbs continued to feel my nipples as for the next fifteen minutes we managed to just be quiet. When I felt dad suck on my earlobe it sent a thrill down through my body causing my pussy to tighten and forcing some of his sperm to trickle out between us. Dad didn’t seem to care as it puddled up a bit and squished between our skins. His fingers were tweaking my nipples making them very perky which was making me aroused.

I felt his cock twitch on my lower leg while he sucked more playfully on my ear and neck. Reaching down I took hold of it and began a gentle massage. The cock was still seeping fluid making the shaft slippery to my touch. It felt bigger than my boyfriends but not as big as it felt inside me. Dad gave a slight moan of approval to my fondling, as he placed kisses on my neck. It was making me not think strait as I asked him, “What are you doing to me?”

Dad whispered in my ear,”Nothing you didn’t want me to do.”

I continued stroking lightly on his shaft as his head moved to where he could feed himself one of my nipples. The sight of him sucking my nipple at first scared me as to the reality of my dad was sucking my nipple. He was so handsome looking, as the side of his cheek sucked in and the stubble of his face touched my soft milky white breasts. I felt that tingle in my crotch as he sucked hard. My hand brushed his hair as he sucked more. My body was quickly betraying me as I was becoming so aroused by the moment. My mind was sick I know my dad had just had sex with me, but now I wanted him to do it more than ever.

I placed the almost hard cock between my wet pussy lips and with the head just resting at the soaked hole. I jerked the shaft squeezing it on the way up to harden it, pushing it into my self. In about ten strokes I could feel dad’s cock was stiff enough to enter. Try as I did it seemed as I lowered so did he. I knew he was either teasing me severely or up to something. With all the nipple attention I was going out of my mind. I blurted out, “Just fu_!” I froze mid word I realized in one breath. I had never sworn in front of Dad.

Dad lifted his head so his face was directly in front of mine and inquired, “What do you want?”

I moved both hands up and pulled him to me as I kissed him and sucked on his tongue so hard like it was a cock. I needed him so badly and I couldn’t say anything. As I continued to suck on his tongue I felt his fingers twirling in my pussy. I was pushing my hips to make contact but he was teasing me all the more. I broke the tongue suck and out of breath whispered, “Please.”

Dad kissed my lips and asked, “Tell me what you want? I want to hear you say it.”

I took a deep breath and swallowed as he continued to stare at me I looked back. My mouth watered to kiss him. I staggered out, “I want you to ____.” I was so horny breathing heavy. “Are you going to____; will you please?”

His hand was rubbing firmly over my clit and I could feel the tip of his cock still just pressing my opening. I tried to move my body down onto him. He looked at me and said, “You want me to fuck you? Then say it.”

I looked right at him as the words came out, “I want you to fuck me.” I felt flush, it was an intense moment I was not only saying fuck in front of him, but I was being vulgar asking my dad to fuck me.

The feeling of him entering me was out of this world I could feel the expansion as his cock pushed into me. My mouth opened slightly as I took in the moment looking right at him. When he was fully inside he paused and again said, “What do you want?”

My eyes were gazing at him I felt his fingers back on my breasts pinching my straining nipples. I muttered out, “I want you to make me feel good.”

Dad pinched harder as he said, “I want to hear my little girl swear, I know you swear when I am not around. Just like I know you are having sex with your boyfriend. So stop holding back and tell me what you really want.”

I closed my eyes a little and said, “Right now I need to fucked by your fucking big cock. So fuck me!” With that I reached around and planted my finger nails into the flesh of his firm ass hard pulling him into me.

He began to grind his organ into me. I felt the shaft as it pulled the fat mushroom head back and fourth. Like a violin his cock was playing my opening. In moments my eyes were rolling back as he pumped at a steady pace. Dad was twiddling my breasts and alternately pinching a nipple. His mouth was firmly biting on my neck and I was in deep lust. My mind raced as I neared an orgasm feeling it come on with a thunderous blow to my pussy. I let out a loud moan that was echoing back through my mind. Oh it rushed through my entire body like electricity.

Dad never broke pace and was still pumping hard as I came down from the climax. God it felt so fucking good I couldn’t get enough of it. Like I had waited my whole life to feel this stretching cock itch my pussy. Coming back to reality I laid almost limp as he continued a slightly slower assault, slow but a firm pace. My nipples became extremely sensitive to his touch and sent quivers down my pussy.

Moving about dad shifted then lifting my leg up he moved, he tried to keep it in but it came out. Lying down on my back with my legs spread he guided his cock back in. Then placing an arm on either side he leaned in and we kissed. My hands fell to his chest feeling the large pectoral muscles and my legs just curled around his ass. We fucked like this for a real long time. As wet and lubed as I was I was beginning to feel a little tender down there.

Breaking the kiss I asked, “Are you going to cum soon?”

Dad looked at me and asked, “Are you ok? I can stop I don’t want to hurt you.”

I shook my head no as small tears of love emotions crept from my eyes. I ran my fingers down his stomach and back up saying, “No I want you to finish inside me. The second time is better right?”

Dad kissed my lips and then with his finger wiped my tears and placed them to his lips. Then said with a smile, “This will be the third tonight! I just never stopped after the second.”

I smiled with a small sniffle and asked, "How long have you wanted to___ pausing___ fuck me?”

Dad placed his arms so he was looking down at me and says, “Kay how long have you wanted to fuck me?” Leaning back to sit up on his knees his thumb stroked my clit as he slowly fucked me.

I was quiet not wanting to answer his question either. Then as he was pinching my clit while he looked at it so intently I asked, “So who is better me or mom?” I let out a giggle.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:26 PM
Dad pushed deep into me and said, “You both have unique qualities. It would be hard to compare. Physically you’re both very close. But your pussy tastes ‘Mmm’, and feels incredible if that is what you mean? But she does things you don’t.”

I looked at him and replied, “Like have sex with other guys? You really like that don’t you?”

Dad nodded his head, “Yes it is a real turn on.”

I said, “Well I have sex with James, does that turn you on?”

He kind of snarled and replied, “Not really the same thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“You mother has sex with men, whom I want her to have sex with.”

I could feel his excitement in the topic and my own curiosity was sparking a bit of excitement in me. I asked, “So you know the men mom is with?”

Dad’s pace began to pick up slightly, “Yes, I know them.”

I smirked at him and asked, “Have you ever___, like with them and mom?”

Dad answered, “You mean a Threesome where we both fuck her? Yes! For God sakes Kay my cock is inside you fucking your pussy I think it will be Ok if you speak freely to me. I want you to do that; it turns me on.”

“Dad did you want me to fuck your friends for you too?” I met his hand on my clit with my own hand. “Would that turn you on to see one of your buddies fucking me?”

He leaned in and said nothing as he kissed me his hips were thrusting into me at a rapid pace. My tongue played with his for the moment. My arms pulled him close on top of me as my nipples poked into his hairy chest they ached.

Sensing the excitement I prodded him further. Talking into his ear, “You want me to do that? Do you think your friends would want to fuck me like you are?”

He let out a small,”Mm hmm.” In my ear as he bit my neck.

I wanted to make him cum in the worst way and the topic was turning me on as well. I humped back at him as he drove his cock home. I said, “I will do it for you as long as you are always in the room while I do it.”

Dad bit my neck hard and started to cum he slammed my pussy furiously as the shaft felt so big. Finally he held it in tight. I jumped through my skin grunting and grinding on him. I was burning as he filled me with his sperm. My hands scratched at his back and my feet wrapped tight.

Slowly the spurts from his body faded to a halt. His teeth released my neck and it still hurt where he bit me. We remained frozen for a long time before he moved. The feeling of withdrawal of his cock hurt as it finally came out. I knew the muscles down there were sore and unresponsive as the opening remained in an open state. He placed a finger in my opening and ran it around the edge.

Dad asked, “What about James? His little pecker is not going to fit so tight anymore in my little girl?”

I retorted, “What about mom her little pecker is going to be limp?” With a childish tease look sticking out my tongue.

Getting up dad shut off the TV, turned out the light, and placed the covers over my well used naked body. I was almost hurt inside as he left the room. He just left no good night nothing. I was wide eyed as I looked into the dark ceiling. All these emotions ran through my mind. I wondered in a brief moment did he still love me. I began to cry silently as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

The side of the bed moved I was frightened at first but then realized it was dad. He snuggled in close and felt the tears. He asked if I needed to talk. I shook my head and managed to get out, “No I wouldn’t know what to say right now; we can talk in the morning if that is ok with you.” Then I curled up half on his chest as he held me. I loved him back just as dearly as I fell asleep.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:27 PM
1derful Tease Ch 3
Morning, noon, night!

Tease 3

Saturday morning…

The phone rang sometime around nine. I listened to the phone at the top of my bed chirp out the second string.

“Hello.” My dad said coughing to get his voice as he sat up and slid up against the head board.

“No I’m up. I was just eating some toast is all.” He said in a groggy voice.

I rolled over and looked up at him silently. With a silent whisper I asked, “Is that Mom?”

He nodded his head as he closed his eyes for a brief moment. “Yeah um, Tonight?” He looked at me, and smiled as his hand caressed my cheek so tenderly.

I smiled back as I placed my arm over his lap quickly noticing he was still naked. My head came to rest next to his thigh.

“Yes, I am alone. Why?” He looked back down at me placing his finger over my mouth.

I sucked it playfully as he pulled it away suddenly.

“He wants you to do what? With who?” As he brushed his fingers through my hair.

My hand felt his limp penis as it dangled between his legs. Blindly I bobbled it up and down with my fingers. It was funny as it would flip up, and pause a moment then droop down. I placed my head on his lap so I could see more. He continued to talk to mom. I knew she was what was important to him right at the moment. Part of me was upset, and the other part knew what was real.

I heard dad say, “It has to be tonight? What time? OK.”

I looked up at him and just frowned taking in a deep breath. I continued to play with his weenie. It was beginning to grow. I watched, as every flick made caused it to grow like a magic mushroom. It grew in every direction at once. I gave of a small giggle as it was funny it looked like a sponge growing.

“And who exactly is going to be having sex with you.” I looked up in shock. “You don’t exactly know the other guys name? Don’t you think you better at least get some condoms? Because you aren’t going to do it without one, especially if we don’t know him.”

For a second I wondered if dad had forgotten I was in the room. I felt like I should hide or something.

“Mm Hmm, Yup I know him.” Dad looked down at me and smiled again letting out a little silent laugh as he breathed through his nose.

I smiled as I looked at his penis and holding it up I saw it drip a small drop of precum. My thumb traced it gently over the head making it super slippery to my touch. The head just swelled in size as I played with it. I took note looking intently he was definitely bigger than James I am not sure how much bigger, but it was big. More so it was fat.

“What time?” He said into the phone.

I brought the tip near my mouth and placed it against my lips. The skin was warm and so soft to the touch on my lips. I parted my lips and proceeded to allow the head to glide over my tongue. It was not the easiest trick to get the head into my mouth. I sucked down a little as my teeth cleared the soft top of the head.

Dad’s hand pushed on my forehead firmly, I sucked down hard he pushed me back. The cock popped out of my mouth with a sclr-pop. I laughed out loud.

Dad placed his finger to his mouth. Then talking into the phone, “Oh that is just Kay, she just came into the kitchen.” He gave me the evil eye stare glare.

I held his cock firm and sucked it again and this time I let out an “Mmm” as I sucked on it. He placed his hand on my forehead again I began to get real loud with my “Mmm” until he stopped pushing then I was quiet. I jerked at his shaft as it was too big to really swallow him in my mouth. Once every so often I would stop, Taking breaths as I released the soft head to lick it top and bottom.

Dad spoke into the phone, “You know what I can’t make it tonight. _____ Yeah, Kay just reminded me I promised to take her out to eat tonight as we never did go the other weekend. You know?” He was silent.

I stopped, leaving the knob just in my mouth as I listened.

“I know we will have to do it some other night. No, No, Yup ___ No you go, but please be careful. Ok I love you too. _____ Oh no sorry, she just went into the bathroom. Yes I will tell her, Ok, Bye.” Dad hung up the phone.

I continued to suck and stroke his cock as he placed the phone back. Then he watched me with a meaningful stare. He didn’t say anything just watched. I don’t know what he was exactly looking for, but I kept looking up at him. This went on for another five to ten minutes.

Jerking rapidly on his shaft and sucking hard with my lips. Dad adjusted him self so he was now kneeling in front of me then facing the other way. He pulled the covers off and just pulled my body toward his bringing my pussy right to his tongue. I let out a little peep of a moan as he lapped with his wet tongue. My mouth barely made his erection as I slipped my lips over it once more.

I could hear him sniffing and licking as his thumb and finger of one hand played with my clit and his other hand kneaded at my ass, drawing me into his tortuous assault. He was giving plenty of tongue action that was for sure. As if he had never done this before his anxious mouth kissed and licked like a professional.

My legs wiggled as I felt his finger enter my anus. They shook like frog legs stretching and curling as I began to orgasm into his mouth. I wanted to scream and I wanted to make his cock cum so bad. I jerked furiously hard on the shaft only pausing as I shuddered out another orgasm. I had as much cock as I could take into my mouth. I then rubbed his testicles as though I was polishing an apple. My other hand getting tired was still jerking him rapidly.

I felt his tongue reach deep into my pussy as it wiggled around the opening, his mouth made a suction noise as he devoured all I had to give. I couldn’t take much more and let out a scream of ecstasy briefly as my mouth all wet sucked back on his hard cock.

Dad stopped, and sucked hard on my crotch right near my pussy he would kiss my leg and then kiss my pussy then suck the inseam of my leg. Dad let out a roar as he bit my leg. His waist thrusted toward me in small humps as his cock just passed through my lips.

I could feel the strain passing through his cock as he slapped my ass and said, “I am coming!”

I worked too hard to let him not cum at this point. I held it just past the edge of my lips and he jerked in my hand as the cum all warm and silky flew into my mouth like a small squirt gun filled with warm water that you drink from the tip. I felt it hit the roof of my mouth, I swallowed. My hand jerked him, again he shot off another stream. I had just caught my breath as another stream let go. Some of it dripped out in my breath. I sucked again drawing some light left over cum out with the suction of my mouth. His balls twitched and grew tight in my hand as I sucked. I was suddenly noticing the taste from the residue. It had a partially very light salty taste mixed with a slippery gel texture.

Dad said, “Ok enough, it is getting sensitive.”

I took a last big suck as I let it fall out of my mouth. I laid down my head on his stomach. I could feel the dribbles of cum that had dropped to his stomach on the side of my forehead. But I was fine with it for the moment, as my pussy shook and I could actually feel it still tingling as it slowly dripped. Dad would just give it a quick kiss like he was worshiping it pausing long between.

Not long after I had gotten up and took a shower. When I returned to my room Dad was gone I figured he also went to shower and stuff. I just threw on a pair of bike shorts and a tee shirt made my way to the kitchen. I started a brew of coffee and some toast. Then went to brush out my hair before it became entangled and knotted.

I returned to the kitchen and was smattering jelly on the simple toast. Dad came up from behind me and placed his arms around me squishing me into the counter a bit. He kissed me gently on the top of my head and then kissed at my neck. The kiss sent shivers and goose bumps down my body. I was laughing as I told him to quit it because it tickled. I scrunched my shoulder, and head to block him at the same time.

He spanked my ass and had a seat at the table waiting, and looking at me with a smile as I served him. I was delighted to hold his attention. I was even happier to know I wasn’t the only one just loving the moment.

Dad said, “Kay we need to discuss what we are going to do, you know?”

I just shook my head yes, as I bit into the toast making a mess.


To sum up the conversation as to not drag this part out into the next two chapters. I did not want my dad to inform my mother of what we were doing. Nor did I want him to divorce my mother, so that it was just him and me. I wanted in many ways to have him all to my self, but in many ways I like the way our family was. Dysfunctional family, yes but together, the three of us.

I understood this meant when she was home or about, it was inevitable we could not be so open with one another. I also knew that Mom was not home most weekends and worked most days during the week. The hard part was to acknowledge, and I had to accept he would still have to be with her in the various intimate ways.

We also agreed it was really great sex, but we should not make too much of a habit of it. I think that was said so we had a rule to break. The reality I gathered was we shouldn’t be doing this incase something goes wrong. However he did not want to stop any more than I did. Actually I think he wanted it more than I did. Dad being older than I, he was able to hide it better.

There was a lot of little stuff like no more teasing or any kind of stuff that might get us caught. More or less this consumed the day pretty much. I know what your thinking it looks like dad got his cake and ate it too, that really wasn’t the case. I had just as much say in what we agreed upon, and it was my choice to keep it quiet. We both knew things could change, but for right now this is how I wanted it.

Really it was a long conversation and a lot more involved. We both needed to know exactly where the other person stood in, what happened and what to expect in the future. Not to disappoint anyone, but it wasn’t about sex. It was about what happens now because of sex, but not the sex that hasn’t happened yet.


Sometime around 430ish Erica came over. Dad had made nice greetings and then kind of disappeared. Erica and I more or less talked about nothing as we played scrabble. It was still warm outside but it was almost too muggy to be anywhere but within the air condition.

Dad only came back around six to ask if we were still going out tonight. I looked at Erica who dad turned and invited her to come out with us. He smiled at me and said, “You both need to dress appropriate though as this is a nice place not jeans tonight.”

Erica twisting her head with a stupid looking grin said, “Ok. Let me call my mom and tell her. I am sure it will be alright.”

While Erica was on the phone I followed dad to his room. “Why did you invite her? I don’t mind it is just.” I was suddenly at a loss for words.

Dad closed the bedroom door and pressed me against the wall giving me a little kiss on the lips. “We have all night. Besides you can’t ignore your friends. Remember we agreed everything is to remain the way it was before?”

I looked at him, “I know it was just tonight. ____ Well, to be honest after talking all day I am really, you know?”

Dad laughed, “No, I don’t know, so why don’t you tell me?” Kissing me a little more and I felt his hand press against my bra-less breasts.

I reached out and cupped his crotch through his shorts. I laughed through my teeth as I bit on his lower lip. I looked at him and wrapping my arms around his neck asked, “What does daddy want me to wear?”

Dad smiled and looking me over he says, “You know that black mini skirt you have?” I nodded biting my own lower lip.

Dad removed my arms kissed my forehead and opened the door. I heard him say, “Erica if you like I can drop you off and we can wait as you get ready it is no big deal.”

I walked out to the kitchen a second later as Erica was saying how she was going to just run home now and get ready. Dad was quick to leave us alone. Erica asked “What are you wearing?”

I looked at her and said with a grin, “I don’t know, I was thinking my black mini. What do you think?”

“Is that going to be ok with your dad?” She said, with a look of surprise.

I walked her toward the door being quiet I said, “Who is chicken now?” Raising my eyebrow toward Erica as I smirked with great pleasure in my voice.

Erica replied, “Bite your tongue girl, you know it ain’t me!”

I looked her in the eye calling her bluff, “No panties either! Huh, beat that!”

Erica said, “Fine with me and I’ll up you with no bra to boot!” Erica sticking her tongue out at me like she just won.

I smiled, “You’re not going to win tonight honey, now get out of here! You bad girl! We’ll see you in a little bit.” We exchanged a quick light hug and off she went.

I was getting ready standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I was all dressed up but I can never have enough time to make minute changes to my hair and make-up. I could hear Dad calling from the kitchen but ignored him for the moment.

The phone rang and I could just barely hear him say, “Ok we will be there in a moment if Kay ever comes out from the bathroom.”

I placed down the brush and turning off the light, I exited quickly to the Kitchen. Dad was hanging up the phone looking at me crossing the kitchen says, “That was Erica.”

Pausing to gawk at me, “I told her we would be right over.”

I smiled, “How do I look?” giving a slow twirl not to mess my hair.

“You look ___ you look, dam you look very good.” he said. Then he came closer to me and I felt his hand caress my ass. As his fingers curled the fabric just below my cheeks they tickled the underside of my ass. Then as I pushed his hand away he looked at me with a grin saying, “You’re not wearing panties?”

I had small heels on, the black mini, a matching blouse, and some accent jewelry. I was feeling pretty darn hot as I strolled to the door entering the garage pulling down the skirt as much as possible. Opening the door to the garage I felt Dad lift my long hair off my back and could hear him smell the fragrance before it slid out of his hand flopping back. I never looked but just said, “You’re demented you know that?” turning I smiled as he chuckled to my response shaking his head.

I walked over to what dad referred to as his toy. Dad said, “What about Erica did you forget?”

I gave him a dumb look with my tongue out, “Duh, no I didn’t forget. Hmm let me see Erica is going to dress something like this.” Using my hands to display what I was wearing. “Do you really want her sitting in the back?” I fluttered my eyes at him. Then paused waiting for the no answer that never came. “I didn’t think so. If we take the little car we will just have to share the front seat, won’t we?”

Dad nodded his head then replied, “I thought you didn’t like me looking at Erica?”

I laughed, “That was then, this is now. You can look just behave, and remember I come first. Got it, good lets go!”

I climbed into the little sports car as it sat so low to the ground. Dad entered the other side and looked right up my skirt. I pulled the fabric down as it barely hid anything. He looked at me and said, “Are you sure about this?” Starting the car as the garage door opened.

I spread my legs wide as the skirt became nonexistent, “Why is this going to bother you?” I held my gaze on him as he viewed my nakedness.

Placing the vehicle in gear he sped off out the door saying in a deep voice, “Not at all” placing his hand over my pussy.

I pulled his hand away and exclaimed to him, “Just drive! Maybe if you behave we will see about later.” Dad had a pout face on, I was laughing at him. “Just think of tonight as a big tease from me to you.” I leaned up and over, and kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled and said, “OK! But tease me good!”

The little car revved high as it down shifted and we turned into Erica’s driveway, coming to a stop. Dad got out and was greeting with Erica’s mom as she came over to the car. Erica was first getting in. I looked at her as she was dressed nice in a fluttery summer skirt that was much longer than I expected, but it was still mid thigh. Erica squished me over as I still looked at her strangely.

“Don’t say a word!” Erica said, reaching far and closing the door.

I laughed as I said in a baby voice, “Mommy dress me please!” then ducking as her hand slapped the back of my head. “Ouch you over dressed bitch! That hurt! And push over.” I knew she couldn’t.

Dad re-entered the car and said as he backed out, “Erica you look very nice.”

This prompted Erica to stick her tongue out at me. I just snared at her and said, “Don’t stick that thing out at me unless you intend to use it.”

Erica blushed in the mixed company and didn’t reply. It remained fairly quiet until we arrived at the restaurant. We exited the tiny car and made our way to the front door.

I stopped and asked dad, “So what do you prefer the sexy look or the girl next door?” Erica’s mouth opened in disbelief and dismay.

Dad rolled his eyes shaking his head, “I’ll take one of each if that is not being too greedy?”

It was not the answer I was looking for but it would suffice. We both took an arm and continued our way into the place. It was packed with people right to the door.

My dad is good he already made reservations for a private cooking table. The place was one of those Japanese restaurants, where they cook in front of you. We were immediately seated with about six other people. Erica was still on one side I was on the other.

I found myself suddenly not as comfortable as I had been up until this point. The chairs were actually like bar stools and the mini skirt was never intended for sitting never mind stools. I pulled in close to the table/counter and did my best to not expose everything to anyone who walked by. I caught a few stares but pretended I didn’t know what they saw.

We ordered and it was entertaining to watch the Chef toss shrimp and other parcels of food around. We carried on with some conversations, and soon enough it was over. Instead of having desert we all opted for going out for ice cream.

After our delightful meal we were soon back in the parking lot. This time I agreed to sit on Erica’s lap to the ice cream place and she would sit on me back home. Erica sat in the car, and then I tried one way then another to get in. It was impossible with the mini skirt to not be exposed. Erica was laughing while she was taking in the moment. She in a moment’s time watched my Dad’s response, and exactly what I was displaying to him as I finally entered her lap.

I finally replaced the skirt to a location it would cover most of my privates, and then closed the door. This was not much better for being comfortable, but dad seemed to like it.

We barely started moving and I felt the skirt rising up my leg. Wasn’t much so I pulled it back down in place. Within a second it was up again. I turned my head so I was looking at Erica and loudly whispered, “Nock it off!” my eyes glaring like I was angry.

She did not pay attention so I continued to fuss with the skirt hem for another six times or so. Then I turned back to her and said quietly, “I’m not going to fix it again if you don’t cut it out!”

Erica laughed and dad asked, “What’s so funny?”

We both just said, “Nothing!”

Erica still persisting slid the skirt up a little to tease me again. I held my arms crossed as I whispered “I’m not! So nock it off!”

Erica whispered back in my ear. “You love it don’t you?” as she slid it up a hair more.

From my slightly leaned back position I could see the edge of my puffed up lips from between my bent waist. My legs were closed but that just pushed the skin to accentuate the mounded crevice.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:27 PM
Erica pulled it back slightly a little more then whispered, “I Think that is enough.”

Dad’s eyes glanced down for a second then he maintained driving. I knew he could see and I think he knew what was going on.

Erica whispered again, “I think your dad just saw your pussy.”

I laid my head back onto Erica’s shoulder and just moaned, “Mm Hmm!” with a slight nod.

Dad looked several times never saying a word but calmly made it noticeable he was not going to stop looking.

Erica then with a hand rubbing my outer thigh whispered, “Do you like it?”

I nodded yes, not speaking just taking in the moment.

Erica breathing into my ear warmly said, “Are you as horny as I am?”

Again I just nodded. Then I tried to wiggle my ass on top of her in a quiet teasing way.

Erica licked my right ear while breathing heavy into it. I could feel myself becoming wet. My eyes searched to see if my dad was aware of just what was going on. He seemed to not notice the state of arousal Erica and I were in.

What seemed like a blink of an eye we were suddenly at the ice cream, out door stand. There were a lot of people around, I mean a lot. I think there must have been several baseball teams there from a few different towns.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:28 PM
1derful Tease Ch4
Icecream, role play evening, & future plans

The hum of the little car shut down. with out saying a word dad looked over one last time and then proceeded to get out. I opened the door trying hard to get out with out falling, and quickly adjusted my skirt. Turning back I offered a hand to Erica pulling her up.

She looked at me, her face said so much. It was obvious she was in a wanting state as she just smiled at me to cover her emotions. I smiled back as we fixed our selves behind the cover of the midget door. Then making our way to the line to catch up with my dad.

We passed some young jerks on the side and they were giving off whistles and cute remarks. I turned and gave them a disgusted grow up look and that seemed to prompt them more. Saying, “Come here little girl I will give you something to lick!”

Erica turned stopped and said, “Fuck you! I guess your town is full of scum!” chucking the bird.

Two of them got up off the cement wall they were sitting on, and quickly got in our way. It was not easy trying to walk in heels on the gravel to begin with. I said, “get out of the way dirt ball!”

The one on the left kicked a dusty layer of sand and shit over our feet. Now I was pissed and started to yell out, “You fucking losers!” I didn’t know what else to do. They were younger but certainly bigger, and it wasn’t like we were dressed to scuffle with these real jerks. We didn’t really know them, but I knew of them, just as I suppose they knew where we were from.

I looked up from looking at my shoes all covered in dirt. I smiled at the jerk. He had no clue as to why. My dad stood right behind them placing his hands around both of their necks at once. Erica laughed as he picked them off the ground. I could see he was not fooling around he gets that look when he is really angry.

The one on the right wet himself out of fear. Erica said, “Oh my god he just pissed him self!” holding her hands to her face laughing, as we walked around them.

Three other adults came over quickly one looked like the coach or something. The other two looked to be just parents. One of the parents bursted out, “What the hell are you doing!” he knew exactly what had transpired.

Dad flung the two toward the three men as they both skidded on the ground. His head just turned toward us as a shrewd look came across his face. Then he turned back to the men saying, “Fat boy, is that your poor excuse for a child? Maybe I should help you install some manners on how to treat a female?”

I could see the muscles flex under dad’s shirt in his chest and arms. His neck muscles grew tight as they also swelled with his anger. I looked at his bum. It looked tight in the fine dress pants as he walked closer to them. He might have only have been a few inches taller than them, but there was no doubt in my mind he was going to knock the shit out of them, if they gave him any reason.

The man looked at my dad it was obvious my dad was not backing down. There grew a crowed of on lookers and it was fairly quiet. The other two men just looked on as pretending to be some sort of back up. The guy fumbling to answer said, “I am sure we can settle this in an adult manner?”

Dad slowly nodded his head in silence. He was right in the man’s face looking for an answer. The two jerks were now standing slightly behind. The crowed seemed to close in.

My hands were sweaty as they shook a little. I was not scared, but concerned there were a lot of people now paying attention to what was going on.

I didn’t realize that my dad knew him until he said, “I want a letter from each of these ___” looking about, “Nine boys’ parents explaining, why their son is a jack-ass.” He was as calm as could be.

The man spoke, “That’s absurd!” making a face like as if to say go to hell. Then being cocky said taking a look around, “I think there is a few to many witness for you to do anything, tuff guy?”

Dad backed up a step pointing his finger toward the team shirt name (Briggs & Son Lumber Supply). With a look of all seriousness he said, “I know you, you think you’re somebody around here. Let me assure you I will cripple you not physically, but financially!” the look of confidence on his face showed he was not bluffing.

The man took one look at the little sports car parked only several feet away. It shined with such a gloss and prestige in the setting sun light, even with a film of dust from the parking lot. All the louvers and contours almost make it look like a spaceship. I’ve been told it is one of only 400 in the entire world. Suddenly I think the man realized who my dad was, as he called out, “Fine! Fine we will do it your way!”

My dad turned toward us, and started walking he placed each of us in his arms as we moved toward the order window. He said out loud, “First thing Monday morning! You better get busy!” never turning back.

The man gave a wicked dirty look to the young jerks, and walked off, pissed. The crowd dispersed as soon as the excitement came to a close.

He was sweaty under his arms but I didn’t care as I held him. I could tell Erica was just happy to be holding him so close, as she stole a look at me every so often with a big grin. Being all happy and kind of a sappy way Erica said holding him tight, “My hero!”

Dad just laughed giving us both a gentle squeeze. We ordered, took our time ate, and made our way back into the car. It was getting darker now as we arranged our selves in the seat. As agreed Erica sat on my lap. The car had not even started yet as I pulled the skirt she was wearing up a little. Erica turned her head fast, laughed as she knew exactly now it was pay back time. I think in all the excitement she had forgotten.

I whispered in her ear, “It’s your turn.” As I pulled the hem up a bit more.

Dad looked back several times before backing up. Each time he would glance down, and then glance at me. I licked my lips slowly to tease him behind Erica’s view. He pretended not to see me. I slid her skirt up higher. Though it was dusk I knew he now had a good view of her pussy.

His eyes kept looking down as he cautiously waited to pull out on the busy road. As we finally pulled out Erica said, “Thank you for the wonderful evening.”

Dad replied, “Your welcome.” His eyes darted from the road to her face to the little display between her legs.

They carried on a small conversation as I continued to raise her skirt higher. I was getting so wet watching my dad eagerly looking at my friend in such a way. Erica just played along like nothing was happening. She had no clue. She thought I was playing with her alone, but in reality I was playing along with both of them. Dad knew I was teasing him by exposing her.

If Erica only knew. I wanted to tell her in some ways, but also felt it was best I kept quiet. As they talked I traced lines up her outer leg with my fingers. My mind was racing. I could feel the wetness between my own legs, and just knew Erica must be going wild right at the moment. The thought of her being aroused in some strange way made me feel like I wanted to please her even more.

My mind was whirling with emotions as my stomach tingled with butterflies. This was the queerest moment I was getting aroused by my friends arousal, and teasing my dad. It was overwhelming just from the thoughts of what dad and I had done. Now thoughts of making him and Erica do something was like it was his biggest untold fantasy. And I wanted to make him happy in any way I could.

Soon we dropped Erica off at her house and back in the car I took hold of his hand. I placed it on my exceptionally aroused pussy. My hands were trembling as I held onto his hand. Dad allowed me to comfortably place his hand over my burning desire. He did not say a word only looked at me briefly, as his fingers fiddled slowly into the slippery area. My eyes closed as I was tormented with desires.

Suddenly I heard and felt the car stop. We were home and it was quiet for a brief moment. Dad removed his hand and took it to his mouth. I watched as he licked my wetness honey from his fingers. I almost couldn’t believe the vivid reality right in front of me. There was no doubt in my mind what had just taken place. My ass cheeks squeezed as I tried to calm the quivering drip from my pussy with useless cause.

Upon exiting the car we made way into the house. It was darkened in the kitchen, as I felt his hand playfully on my shoulder. We turned and kissed, my neck stretched while on tippy toes, and he leaned down toward me. I felt his awesome warm hands holding my lower back pulling me into him.

We came to a gentle break in the kiss, and in the dim light dad looked at me and passed his hand through my hair. Then in a low soft voice he said, “Kay, we have a little problem. I know what we discussed earlier, but I can’t help it. You know I love you. I just can’t stop thinking about holding you. I love you in so many ways now I don’t know if I can stop.”

I was too horny to want to talk love. I wanted to hear him say it a thousand times. Just right now I needed to fuck, and fuck hard. I looked up at him and with a simple move dropped my skirt to the floor. I then removed my blouse carefully, while I shook my hair to make it flow strait down my back. My answer was silent, yet loud and clear.

I am not sure if it was the vibrations of the car, the excitement of the confrontation, or the intrigue of the want in dads eyes with two young females, neither of which he was suppose to desire. I licked my lips as he stood silent watching me. Finally I spoke up from no where, “You do want me don’t you?” Looking up trying to be as cute as could be, making him feel like he was my protector. I always loved that feeling of how powerful he was and when I am with him, how secure I can feel.

Dad’s hands rested on my small chest tweaking at my stiffened nipples. He lowered his mouth with out a word to completely envelop my left breast. With his mouth firmly sucking hard on my breast his tongue darted about over the nipple. While his hands slowly traced my skin coming to rest as they squeezed my ass cheeks.

Taking hold of his hands with mine I smiled at him as I backed away from his mouth, and led him toward his bed. I Only let go of my hand hold once we were in the room to get on the bed. I lay on my back, my head propped up on the pillows. I spread my legs as I watched him climb between them.

Dad placed his mouth over my pussy and I felt his tongue part the tender opening. The warm wet feeling had me closing my eyes as it felt so good. His tongue lapped and licked as one hand slid between my legs massaging my ass, and pussy opening. The other reached up and tweaked my nipples. He continued his deeply desired lust to make me cum.

I was bellowing out a loud scream as he hit just the right spots. I was not in control of my body as it ripped through me. Wave after wave of pure bliss took over and wrung every muscle in my body.

When the feeling calmed dad took the opportunity to slowly climb up my body. I opened my eyes and looked right into his. I kissed him, and could taste my self on his lips. I then looked at him and asked, “Can you do that every time?”

Dad just smiled back as he said, “For that taste I will do it all the time.”

Chills ran through my body as I shook for a second. I could feel his hardened cock pressing at the entrance that his fingers and tongue had just made so sensitive. My legs were spread wide as if I had just ridden a horse. My fingers reached into the fuzzy hair of his chest. I played with his nipples as he waited patiently for me to ask him to enter. Looking more at his chest than his face above me, I asked, “So did you get a good look tonight?”

Dad eyebrows flinched with uncertainty to my question.

“Did you like seeing what you saw in the car?” I asked with a determination.

Dad grinned, “I saw quite a bit, and yes it was all nice looking.”

I thought for a bit as he hungrily started to press his throbbing member into me. Calmly I asked, “Would you want have sex with Erica?”

There was a pause as it was silent. Then he said, “I am with you. I don’t know, not really on my mind at the moment. Is that what you want?”

I nodded my head as I spoke, “I think I want to watch as you make her feel as good as you do me.” I traced a line with my finger from his chest to his face stopping over his lips. “Would you do it for me?”

Dad let out a “Hum” then a slight groan of thoughtful thinking. He looked at me and said, “I really don’t know if that is a good idea. What if you become jealous?”

I could see his point, while replying, “Well you’re going to still have sex with Mom. And I am going to still have sex with James. You wanted to know if I would have sex with others. So here is my thought. I will let you pick a partner for me only if I can pick one for you.

Dad rolled his eyes, “Do we need to go into details right now.” His lips were but tickling mine they were so close.

I smirked under him in a devious thought. I said, “You want to fuck me?” He nodded slightly. “Then call me Erica, I know how bad you want her. I saw you watching her pussy in the car. I saw you the other day too at the pool. I think you like the idea of a young female wanting you. So if you want to fuck me tonight you will have to pretend I am Erica.

Dad’s face contorted, in an unusual way. He looked at me and said, “Fine if that’s what you want. Can I fuck you now, __ Erica?”

I let out a little, “MmHmm,” with a big grin as I felt his stiff thick cock press past the opening. My legs went rigid. God it felt incredible to be stretched so tight. I lifted my hips a little to meet his slow penetration. I looked into his eyes and said, “Your going to fuck my friend aren’t you?”

He said, “Why, but Erica you are so tight. Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck you?” As he kissed my lips and his tongue played with mine.

My toes curled with excitement. He was playing my game, I wanted him to release and tell me all that was in his mind. I just knew he had been horny for us. Now I wanted him to admit it.

Some time passed when he stopped withdrew and just looked at me. He was haunched up, poised with an intimate stare.

I asked, “What is wrong?”

He rolled his eyes up and replied, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

“Who do you want to?” I remarked.

“I want to fuck Erica from behind, and feel her tight little ass as I fuck her hard.” He said all stern and to the point as he sat back on his knees.

I sat up, and gazing at his cock I could see it was still hard as can be. The shine from my wetness gave it a particular nice purplish tint. I stroked my hand up and down his shaft a few times. It was so slick and hard to the touch. I was like, so into his cock right at the moment I almost forgot his request. I looked up at him watching me, enthralled with his erection. I said, “You got a big cock.” My hand was still slipping around his shaft. With a slight hesitation my eyes returned to take in the sight of my small fingers dancing over the soft head.

I remained with my legs spread around him and leaned way over, folded in half. I kissed the top of the head, and then licked it. Holding it firm I sank the head of his cock into my mouth. I could taste myself upon his tender skin. The moment was so arousing, all I wanted to do was prove to dad I was in love with this thick warm cock.

Slowly I swept my legs under so I was on my knees, without letting the head out of my mouth. My hand slid under his balls gently lifting them. Instinctively I began to suck, and fuck his cock with my mouth.

I felt him lean over me with a moan of gratitude his hands slid down my back. One hand parted my ass cheeks, and was reaching for my pussy. While the other rested on my butt cheek grabbing it fully kneading it firm. Soon the wet fingers from within me rubbed over my anus. I was not sure what he was up to but allowed him to feel me openly. It really felt nice as it sent tingles through my crotch.

Continuing to suck I let my fingers mimic his I passed them across his rectum. It was so warm to the touch and arousing to think where my fingers were. Now I could taste a little pre-cum as his cock throbbed to my touch.

Dad made little circles with his finger then pressed it slowly into my ass. I became frozen for a moment as it entered. He pushed it a little further, and then stopped.

My mind was erased for the moment as I just took in the feeling of his violation. I could feel the trickle of womanly silky-smooth oils run down my inner thigh. My body remained still as if in a state of shock. I wanted to stop him because it felt so unusual, for the moment. I felt so exposed it actually made me more aroused if that was possible.

His finger rotated slightly, and then proceeded to move in and out ever so slightly.

I knew he was watching my puckered anus, as his finger played. This sent a quiver through my body which caused me to clench down on his finger tight. I tried to relax, but as soon as I felt his finger move again I involuntarily tensed up. I thought to my self, “Wholly crap! My dad has his finger in my ass, and is playing with it as well as watching.” I never dreamed of letting a guy play with my ass in this way never mind my own father.

I breathed hot and heavily on his cock which was rubbing on my face. My pussy was like a flowing stream sending me out of my mind. I called out, “Oh please! I need you to fuck me!”

Dad removed his finger as he turned me around. I was laid on the bed with my face firmly planted on the comforter and my ass exposed to him. His hands rubbed my cheeks, and every third stroke over my ass he teased my anus with a slight probe.

I asked without lifting my head, “Do you want to fuck my girly ass?”

Dad Spread my ass cheeks, and pressed his tongue into my anus. Only for a brief moment, and then placed the head of his shaft up to my anus. Holding his cock firm pushed it tightly and directly at the small opening.

I could feel the warm soft head press against the small opening. I relaxed as much as I possibly could. The thought was incredible, “My dad wants to fuck my tight little teeny ass.” I wanted to give him at that moment the world.

Dad rubbed the tip of his cock a few more times then retreated. With a strong desire he placed his cock up to my pussy, sinking it deeply into me. With one hand he brushed my hair back from my neck. Leaning in he kissed the nape tenderly. Then whispered in my ear, “You’re not ready for my cock to be in your ass.” His hips where gyrating fast as he fucked me hard. “Don’t you worry I have been wanting to fuck you too long to not do it right.” He said with a kiss.

Upon hearing his words I began to orgasm hard. I let out some loud moans, and girly screams of delight. He fucked harder his balls were stinging my clit sending me through another roll of pleasure.

Finally he held my shoulders as he planted his cock deep within, and let it grind on my pussy. Growling he shot his load. It tickled almost like he was taking a pee inside me. He held his firm grip. Only retracting his cock to slam it hard again shoving my body held tight by his grip. Again he grunted as he stiffened his erection as deep as it could go.

My pussy pulsed around his member I let out another cry as my head lifted and the sweat dripped over my nose. My fingers dug into the bed as his cock seemed to swell to epic proportions. Then it hit me hard his sperm made a last attempt to completely fill me. I could feel the pressure escaping from the tight fit between his cock, and my pussy.

That is when I swore I was wetting the bed. I couldn’t hold it back I just let it go. I am not sure if I even blacked out for a moment of time. I was coming so intensely I didn’t care if I was pissing or not.

Dad was ending his climax, as he held me tight holding onto my tiny chest with his hands wrapped under me. He kissed my neck as I just continued to cum on his cock still buried in me. Every once in a while he would give a little push with his hips. Making me feel just how wet I was. These made me give out a mini moan with delight; just that little after glow grind on my sensitive pussy gave me a thrill.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:28 PM
A few minutes passed and he slid off to the side. Dad was rubbing my pussy, and smearing his and my cum all over, and around my ass. I just lay content and overly stimulated. I could feel the wet comforter penetrating under my legs and belly.

I turned my head toward him with a smile, letting out a gasp of approval like moan. I smiled at him for a while before I said, “Now don’t you think if you were really fucking Erica you should have pulled out?”

Dad didn’t respond but for a slight groan. He remained fixed on still playing with my open pussy.

I then thought about what he said,”He had wanted to fuck me for too long to not do it right.” I let out a, “Hmm” as I kept my silent thoughts, “I bet he has.” I thought to my self.

Dad kissed me on the cheek as he waited, then said, “Ok!”

My eyes told him I had no clue as to what was Ok.

He kissed me again, “Ok, I will play your game. I will do your little friend if you let some one of my choosing have sex with you.”

I was already so wet I knew he couldn’t tell I was dripping over the thought. I played coy then asked, “Who?”

He answered, “I am not sure yet, you are kind of young for most of my friends. I am sure they would all gladly ride you, with out a doubt. The thing is finding one who is really horny for you, and can keep his mouth shut. Ya know?”

I nodded my head before I asked, “And what are you going to do?”

He just smiled as he leaned in close to my ear. Then whispered, “Where going to take turns making you cum.”

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath as I visualized the moment. Upon opening my eyes I said, “You’re really going to do that?”

He nodded his head back, “Just say the word. I will make it happen, and a lot more.”

I pondered the thought. Taking my hand I slipped it down to his cock. He was already erect again. I said, “You really want to see if I will do it?” I bit my lower lip for a second. “I don’t care if that is what you want. I’ll do it in exchange for a night with Erica and me.”

Dad rolled back on top of me and placed his erection back into me. I let my hands stray far above my head. I just laid there as he made his way with me for a long while.

He sat up right with his hands on my small ass. He was wasting no time as he drove into me with vigor. His finger soon found my anus, pushing it in deep making me quiver.

I wanted to know what thoughts were going through his mind. I just knew he was being upsettingly perverted as he fucked me hard. My own mind danced around the thought of the two men wanting me as their sex toy for the night. Then thoughts of Erica and me naked in the same bed with dad drove me over the edge once more. I began to orgasm and shake. My own mind was betraying me with such wicked thoughts.

Dad slapped my ass as he with drew his finger, and thrusted hard. He leaned down quick as he sucked the back of my ear.

I could feel him let loose as he then bit down on my neck. I arched up and took all he was giving. My whole body felt intensely good like a morning stretch.

His fingers quickly took a perked nipple in each hand and tweaked. I screamed out, “Fuck! Fuck me!” as I again felt the warm rush of blood rise through my entire body. We were both pausing while the moment gently began to fade.

Releasing my neck with his mouth he said, “Oops!” Then kissed the painful spot he had been sucking on. With his weight he pulled me to the side leaving us in a spooning position. He made no attempt to pull out, just held me tight in his arms.

I rubbed my neck and said, “It better not, be or I’ll Oops, ya!”

He nuzzled his nose into my hair and said, “Quiet, or you can have the wet spot to sleep in tonight.”

I let out a quick frowning disappointed breath, and then placed my arms onto his. And then said, “Good night.” As I lifted one of his hand to kiss it tenderly.

He kissed my bare shoulder and said, “Good night Hun, I love you.”

I smiled and replied, “I love you too.” I knew it wouldn’t be long before he slipped out of me. For the moment I was feeling so fulfilled. I would do anything for dad at this point.


02-20-2009, 09:29 PM
2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch1
Mom & son remember 'that summer'

Recently, I was reminiscing with my mother about "That Summer."

"What do you remember most?" I asked her.

"Only everything!" she replied.

"Yeah," I said. " It's hard to forget those things."

"As I recall," mom said with raised eyebrows, "those 'things' were 'hard' a lot!"

I get hard just thinking of that incredible summer; when I lost my virginity with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.

When I was a teenager, my uncle rented a big cabin in the mountains north of Los Angeles, for a week's vacation for both families. My father naturally stayed home, claiming he couldn't take the week off from work, and besides, he was never the outdoors type. This bothered no one. My mom and dad's marriage was hardly affectionate anymore, and my uncle never liked him anyway.

So that Monday morning my Uncle Floyd, Aunt Barbara, and Cousin Robert, pulled up our driveway to pick us up. We threw our bags into the back of the station wagon (Yes, this was quite a few years ago!) for the two hour drive north up to Big Bear Lake. Floyd, a thinning-haired, forty-three year-old chatterbox, drove while forty-three year-old Barbara sat beside him. Barbara was a rather spacy Native American; well-built with short brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, and a beaming smile. I didn't think much of it at the time, but Barbara was really hot back then. My cousin Robert, also dark, like his mom, sat with me in the backseat, along with my mom, Susan, a thirty-eight year-old, petite, blue-eyed blond, with a radiating smile of her own, and as fair-skinned as can be. Years of ballet had made her athletic legs strong and firm. No cellulite could ever do battle with her. I look just like her, only with a tan.

When we got to the cabin, we were all tired but excited. The house was two stories, with three bedrooms; two upstairs and the other downstairs near the kitchen. Robert and I took one room, my mom got one to herself, and my aunt and uncle, the downstairs room. We unpacked and settled in, determined to enjoy the week, especially since we'd left an oppressive heatwave back home and the cool mountain air was perfect.

The first few days nothing special happened. My uncle busied himself about the house, while my mom and aunt spent most of their time talking about this or that. Robert and I tried our best to get into trouble, but never did.

Then came "that morning" of that summer, when my uncle received a call from work. He worked for the big utility company and they were desperate to find him because the heatwave was playing havoc with power, since everyone was using their air conditioners. They really needed his assistance for the day, and of course, he had to return. I assumed we'd all have to go home early, but he said he'd try and make it back after sundown. He never did. My mom and aunt grew concerned but about eight o'clock the phone rang. It was my uncle. He said he would have to spend the night at home, that it took longer than expected work-wise, but he'd be up the next day. We were on our own for the night: two horny, middle-aged women and two virile teenaged boys.

Only with hindsight do I know how explosive a combination this can be!

By mid-evening, Robert and I were in our room talking about music and girls, although neither of us had ever been with one. I remember mentioning Wendy Braeger, an already buxom brunette that I had been hot for. I'd previously made, at least in the immediate, the mistake of mentioning her to mom who grew enraged with maternal jealousy over my interest.

"I don't want you getting involved with those little sluts from school!" she barked.

"They're not sluts!" I countered.

Well maybe they were, I don't know, but I never found out. My mom's next line shocked me: "If I could afford it, I'd pay an older, experienced woman to teach you." Middle-class financial stress saved me from the clutches of Heidi Fleiss! Fortunately for me, I temporarily forgot the conversation with mom, finished the school year, and was now up in our mountain cabin bedroom talking with my cousin about Aerosmith and Wendy.

Meanwhile, my mom and aunt were downstairs talking in the living room. If we only knew what they were talking about! It was mom who initiated the conversation about their precious young sons, and how my mom, naturally, didn't want me having sex with those "little sluts" at school. My aunt was also concerned about us. Then mom mentioned her desire to find an "older woman" to teach me, but of course, hadn't as yet. After a brief pause, mom looked at Barbara and nervously said "Why don't WE do it."

"Do what?" replied my flighty aunt.

"Teach the boys."

"About SEX?" Barbara replied in an exasperated whisper. Mom just looked away and there was another pause.

"Susan...that's incest."

Mom sighed and said "Barbara, don't moralize with me! You of all people."

After another anxious pause, mom grew bold.

"Fine, I'LL do it!" she said. "I'll go up there right now and fuck not only my kid but yours, too!"

Barbara's eyes widened, her mouth dropped, and she motioned to speak but no words came out.

"What?" mom asked.

Waving her arms, shaking her head, my aunt replied, "I don't know, I mean - I just - I don't know!"

"What the hell are you afraid of?" mom asked. "That it's WRONG?" Barbara remained silent.

"Do you want to switch?" mom asked.


"Yeah. You know. You can do my son and I'll do yours."

Barbara stared at my mom in disbelief for the longest time, until finally she spoke up. "You really want to do this don't you?"

My mom nodded. "I've been thinking for several months now, and I've been trying to summon the courage. Look, Floyd's gone for tonight. And it's not like you haven't been with other men. I've cheated, too, you know that."

"Yes, but this is different."

Lowering her voice mom said "Barbara, there are two young men upstairs. Not boys, but young men, who have never had sex before. Why don't we teach them so that they don't feel peer pressure, or get involved with the wrong crowd at school, or get a disease. Besides," she said with a smile, "I'm sure there will be lots of pleasure in this for everybody."

Still smiling at my aunt, mom added "They're good looking guys you know?"

My aunt finally smiled, then let out a little laugh and shook her head.

"But, would they even want us?" Barbara asked.

"Let's find out."

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:29 PM
2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch 2
Boys watch TV with mom & Barbara

"Knock, knock," came my mother's voice. When we turned around towards the doorway both Robert and I were floored.

"Would you guys like to come down and watch TV with us?" my mom asked. We didn't answer. How could we? Both mom and Barbara were wearing only their pajama tops that barely covered their panties. Why they were half-naked we had no idea. Robert and I couldn't get enough of my mom's, athletic, creamy white thighs and calves, and his mother's long, lean, darker legs, but they were quite a contrast, and an appealing one, too. Our mom's stood their encouraging us to come downstairs, and as Robert and I walked past them, we were both very quiet as our moms followed us down. We all settled in the living room; Robert and I on the chairs and our moms on the couch, silently watching the tube. Occasionally, though, Robert and I glanced at both women's legs, not tucked under them but showing in all their glory; we could even see their panties! In only shorts and tee shirts, Robert and I had to constantly move in our seats so as not to expose our embarrassingly hard cocks. There was so much tension in the room.

"Robert!" my mom snapped, and we both nearly jumped with fear that someone had spoken up.

"Do you have any girlfriends?" He seemed shocked, laughed a nervous laugh, glanced at Barbara, and said no. After a little pause mom asked "Have either of you boys ever seen a naked woman - outside of a magazine?"

Looking down, nervously we said no. Mom then picked up the remote, turned off the set, turned to Barbara and said "I think it's time these two saw a real naked woman. Don't you Barbara?"

Equally nervous, a wide-eyed Barbara looked at my mom and replied, "Oh! Yes! Of, course." We didn't know who was more scared, us or Barbara.

Mom then stood up and slowly unbuttoned her top, all the while smiling as her eyes darted from me to my cousin and back. She was growing more confident as she knew she was in charge. Mom then removed the top letting it fall to the floor. Her perky breasts and hard pink nipples were begging for a mouth to suck on them. All the while keeping her eyes on us, she then lowered her panties, letting them drop to the floor, to reveal her blond bush. Then giving us a shit-eating grin, she turned around to expose her full, creamy ass, giving it a little wiggle. God, what a sexy ass she had! This blond was all booty! Robert and I were breathing heavily, devouring her with our eyes, a little less nervous now.

"Go on Barbara," mom said. My aunt was far more hesitant and couldn't even look at us as she stood up and unbuttoned her top, slowly, painfully so, finally letting it fall to the floor. It was sure worth the wait!

"Wow!" Robert said. Barbara was shocked that her own son responded in this way to her breasts. She needn't have. My aunt's tits were much larger than mom's, sagging just a little but really nice, with big round, brown, acorn-like nipples. Jesus, and to think my uncle had cheated first! My aunt's hands were slowly moving towards her panties and her eyes seemed to say "How can I get out of this?" Too late. She pulled down her panties slowly, exposing her dark bush to us. As her panties hit the floor, I was breathing heavily and looking at my cousin, he was licking his lips!

Standing next to Barbara, mom turned her around showing us her ass. Those mocha cheeks looked good! Then turning her around again Robert and I stared at our naked moms. Barbara was trying to smile but was having such mixed emotions. My mom was smiling alright and I noticed something else, too; her cunt lips were protruding out and were quite wet!

Then she and Barbara sat down on the couch and mom said "Okay, your turn!" My cousin let out a nervous laugh while I just looked away. I was scared. Mom then looked me in the eye and said "Take your shirt off. You too, Robert." I slowly did as did my cousin. As we stood up to remove our shorts, Mom looked at our crotches which were bulging with huge wet spots. Mom's eyes twinkled and she smiled that devilish grin of hers.

"Now your shorts," she said.

Then we quietly removed our shorts. Our young pricks were obscenely making a tent of our jockey shorts. Mom didn't have to say anything as both she and Barbara were all wide-eyed with excitement at what we were covering up. Without anything being said, Robert and I pried apart the waistbands and slid down our shorts, letting our young, hard teenage cocks bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down freed from their confinement. There we stood, two giggling, nervous adolescents with our cocks raised high in the air. At the time I was only about five inches while Robert was an inch longer and thicker.

My mom's eyes bulged, as she caught her breath. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as she looked over our hard, young pricks. I even noticed my aunt checking out our tools with less hesitancy and more desire in her eyes.

"You boys have really grown up," mom said with a smile.

"And out," my aunt added.

The sexual tension in the room was massive. While looking at our naked moms, my cousin could barely contain himself and began tugging on his dick, which was getting harder as precum oozed out even more. Mom broke away her stare, looked at me and said "Go on." I, too, started playing with my cock, and as Robert and I fisted our cocks rock solid and slick with precum, mom couldn't control herself. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was soaked and protruding outward, beckoning us. Even my aunt was licking her lips as she watched us pump our hard pricks. She was kneading her breasts with one hand, while the other found her own wet, hairy cunt. Me and my cousin were breathing heavily while we masturbated to the sight of our moms sitting there rubbing their clits; and they, too, were panting and moaning at the sight of their own sons fisting their young cocks. Two horny and attractive middle-aged women and two young, ripe, teenaged boys were about to make history and fuck each other silly!

"Oh, my, Barbara. They sure are big," mom moaned while frigging her cunt.

"Um, hmm," Barbara moaned in reply.

Mom then snapped out of her clit-rubbing dream, and stood up surprising us all.

"Come sit down here on the couch," she told us. Barbara stopped rubbing herself, too, as she stood up for us. God, her fingers were so wet! As we sat down mom gently said, "We're all going to have sex. You're both going to become men now." Then with a smile she asked "You ready?"

"Um, yeah, okay," we replied, a little uncertain. Mom then knelt down between Robert and I and took my cock in her cunt juice-slicked hand and stroked it a few times.

"My own son's hard-on," she said smiling at me, tugging my dick. "Wow!"

She then lowered her head and took me in her mouth. I was shocked at first and I thought Robert's eyes would bulge out of his head as he watched open-mouthed as my cock disappeared down mom's throat. She went up and down a few times, coating my shaft with her saliva. It felt incredible! Her tongue was so hot and slick as she took me to the root and back up again. I began breathing heavily, loving every bit of it, but then she took me out of her mouth and turned her attention to Robert. With her left hand fondling my wet cock, her right hand took hold of Robert's cock and she then lowered her head and took his brown cock into her mouth.

Meanwhile, my aunt was just standing there naked, watching her sister-in-law suck her own son's cock.

"Barbara, come here," mom snapped at her. "Look how big he is," she said holding Robert's cock up. Mom then moved over and motioned for Barbara to kneel down. She did and stared at the large, thick organ. She then took her son's cock in hand and gently began pumping it.

"Do you like that?" my aunt asked softly.

"Yeah mom. Suck on it, like Aunt Susan did," Robert replied.

Then Barbara gave her son a rather slow, insecure blowjob. She licked and sucked slowly, but Robert enjoyed it anyway. Meanwhile, my mom had taken my cock back into her mouth and was now really going at it, sucking and slurping and fisting until I couldn't stand it any longer. I began groaning louder and louder as I approached orgasm, and quickly grabbed mom's head and started shooting my cum into her mouth. After I finished cumming, mom let it run down and out of her mouth and over my cock, as she continued sucking on my cum-slick, joystick, occasionally swallowing more and more of my cum down her hungry throat until she swallowed every drop. What a treat to have your first blowjob, and from a real pro!

Just then, Robert started unloading into Barbara's mouth. Her eyes got really big as she felt her son's cum go shooting into her mouth. She then closed them and started swallowing her own son's juice, sucking and fisting every last drop down her throat.

After being sucked dry by our moms, the four of us were all smiles.

"You boys taste good," mom said. Robert and I were in heaven. I'd already experienced an orgasm through masturbation, but nothing like this! Just then, mom stood up and told us to follow her upstairs to her room. That was quite a sight, walking upstairs behind mom's ass! I'd never seen anything quite like it, and glancing at Robert he was literally drooling at the sight of those creamy cheeks. Too bad Barbara brought up the rear, so to speak.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:30 PM
2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch 3
Mom & Aunt turn boys to men

When we entered mom's room, she fell on her bed and motioned for Barbara to join her while we young guys just stared at them.

"What now?" Robert asked.

"The best is soon to CUM," mom said with beady eyes. Barbara giggled at the suggestion. Then mom spread her legs to flash us her wet cunt. Looking at me she said "You're going to put your cock in HERE. It's gonna feel soooooo good!"

"We're gonna fuck?" Robert asked rather matter-of-factly.

"Yep," my mom replied. "We're gonna make men of you."

Barbara turned her head over to mom and whispered "I'd really like to be eaten first."

Robert and I had no idea what she meant. Eaten? Why did she want to eat now?

"Maybe later," mom replied. "Let's just do this and get it over with. Besides, I'm drenched by the thought!"

I guess anticipating your own son fucking you, while you took his virginity was foreplay enough! Then noticing my newly-erect cock, mom told me to come on the bed and get on top of her. As I did she held out her arms and hugged me as my cock nestled near her pussy. As I held her, she then reached down and took hold of my erection with one hand, while trying to maneuver my body to insert it inside her. Once I was at the entrance to her cunt, mom said "Okay, push forward." I did.

If I thought her mouth was incredible, this was sexual Disneyland. All of a sudden, wet heat blanketed my teenage prick as I pushed further inward, inch by inch, until I was in as far as I could go. At that point instinct took over as I pulled back a few inches and thrust forward again. I repeated the action until I began developing a rhythm and started thrusting in and out, in and out; faster and faster, harder and a little harder. It felt soooooo good and I wasn't the only one who thought so. Mom was moaning with each thrust of my cock and while I grunted and groaned, she got vocal.

"Oh, yes honey! Ooooooohhh, yeeeaaahh! That's it, that's IT! Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Oh yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck mommy! Ooooohh god, fuck mommy! Fuck your mommy GOOD!"

Meanwhile, right next to us was my cousin, atop his own mom banging away at her cunt even harder than I was. Robert was moaning and saying "Yeah! Yeah!" over and over while my aunt cried out with each powerful thrust of his cock. Barbara said not a word except this loud, incredible cry with each stroke of his hefty cock. The room was filled with the sounds of fantastic sex! The big bed really shook as Robert and I grunted and groaned with each thrust, in and out of our moms' cunts, while they cried out in pleasure over this fabulous act of deflowering incest! My cousin and I lasted a lot longer this time, giving our moms' cunts a good workout. I was getting near to shooting and could feel the tension building up in my cock. Frantically, I hammered my prick in and out of mom until I lost it and crying out I began shooting my seed into her.

"Oh yes baby!" mom cried out. "Give mommy your cum! Oh yeah! Cum in me!"

I just laid on top of her feeling my twitching cock shoot more and more sperm into her hot, wet cunt. I felt hot and wet myself as perspiration covered me; my body heat meshed with mom's, and my hot cock shooting hot cum inside her even hotter cunt! Mom just held me and stroked my blond hair. Her baby had just made a man of himself in the same hole he came out of all those years before!

Meanwhile I heard Robert literally growling and Barbara whimpering, as he came inside her.

"Oh yeah, Robert," mom moaned in my ear. "Fuck your mom! Give her your sperm! You're mommy's STUD now!" Hearing those words, I noticed that my own cock was getting hard again, while still inside her cunt!

Mom motioned for me to get off her and I pulled out, newly hard but happy and satisfied. I then collapsed by her feet as Robert got off of Barbara and sat on the corner of the bed catching his breath.

"You're men now!" mom proclaimed. "How was it Barbara?"

"Mmmm, nice," she moaned.

"I'll bet," mom replied staring at Robert's still-hard cock. I didn't fully realize it then, but my own mom was a size-queen! Wishing to take advantage of the moment, mom asked Robert if he'd like to fuck her. I was a little surprised but Robert said "Yeah!" and jumped to his feet. As I moved out of the way, my cousin got between mom's legs, and now knowing what to do, aimed his larger cock at mom's very wet cunt. As he entered, they both moaned in unison. Barbara and I watched as her son fucked my mother. And they were both loving it! I had a hard cock of my own and seeing that I was just standing there with nothing to do but watch, I glanced at my aunt who smiled, spread her legs, and crooked her finger beckoning me over. All of a sudden I felt a whole lot better! Two could play at that game! Time to fuck your mom, too!

I got in-between my aunt's legs and lowered my body down on top of her. She didn't need to guide me home as I now knew what to do. I smiled at Barbara who smiled back. I then slid my dick into her well-soaked snatch as Barbara held me. I then fucked my aunt with wild-abandon, loving this pussy-go-round in mom's bedroom. As I thrust away in Barbara's cunt, I could hear mom crying out as Robert pounded his ample cock in and out of her cunt. As my aunt held me, she lifted her body up to meet my thrusts, giving back what I gave her. With each thrust of my cock, Barbara cooed in my ear. I started kissing her cheek, and uncontrollably I moved my lips to hers and began kissing my aunt. She seemed surprised but responded to my kisses with her tongue. It must have seemed weird; a teenage boy passionately kissing his forty-three year-old aunt, while his young cock pounded in and out of her mature cunt, but we were exchanging all sorts of fluids, from our tongues and saliva, to my precum leaking into her cunt. While we were lost in our own ecstasy, mom and Robert were really fucking up a storm.

"Harder, Robert! Harder!" Mom screamed as my cousin grunted like an animal as he fucked mom. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" mom cried, as she came.

Meanwhile, as I thrust away, nearing orgasm, my aunt dropped her hands to my asscheeks and turning away from our kisses, began moaning loudly. She was pulling me into her as if using my body to fuck herself as she, too, neared orgasm. As I groaned loudly, wildly, I couldn't hold out any longer and unloaded deep into my aunt's cunt. As I continued to thrust away, Barbara gasped that she was cumming and continued gasping as my thrusting cock gave her the last drop I had.

After a moment of trying to catch our breath, my cousin and I removed out sweaty bodies from our sweaty aunts. Robert collapsed in-between our moms while I fell at everyone's feet.

"You boys are good, aren't they Barbara?" mom said.

"Definitely," my aunt replied as she felt her cum-soaked pussy.

"Well, how do you guys like the world of sex?" mom asked us.

Robert and I laughed. "Pretty good," he said. I agreed. As we rested a bit, we talked about little things, but with two teenaged boys in the same room with two naked women lying in one bed, little things soon became big things!

"You want more, huh?" mom snickered. We laughed. Emboldened, Robert and I took hold of our cocks and started pumping them. Yeah, we wanted more! Our moms laughed with dancing eyes. They wanted more, too.

"Let's try this," mom said. She then told me to step forward and sitting up, she took hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth. She got it all slick, and then removing my cock from her mouth, got up on the bed, on all fours, turned to me and said "Get behind me and inch your way up my rear end."

WHAT? Robert and I were shocked. Could you do that? Even Barbara seemed surprised.

"Go on," mom told me. "Work it up my ass. Just go slowly." As I got behind mom, I spread her luscious asscheeks and saw that tiny, pink, puckered hole. It was quite a contrast compared with her gaping, used cunt. As I placed my cockhead at her opening, I almost dreaded putting it in because I was afraid I'd hurt her. But as I pushed in, I got the cockhead in and slowly I inched my way inside her anus. It was hot but tight, real tight, compared with her cunt. I liked it!

Realizing all was well, Robert turned to his mom and asked if he could put his cock up her ass, too. Barbara didn't seem too willing, but mom said "Let's teach them everything!" Barbara relented and moved herself next to mom and got on all fours for her son to fuck her ass.

"Easy Robert, easy!" she admonished him, fearing his excitement would be anything but for her!

Meanwhile, I was now banging away in mom's ass, holding her by the waist and hips, grinding my cock as deep up her anal tract as I could go.

"Oh yeah!" mom moaned. "Mmmm, yeah!" I was actually surprised. She really liked this! But so did I, so I kept on fucking, grunting my own pleasure. Mom reached down under her and started playing with her clit, rubbing it hard, and moaning harder while I continued to thrust my cock in and out. At the same time, Barbara had relaxed and was starting to enjoy the ass fuck she was getting from my cousin's large cock. Both Robert and I began to time our thrusts so that we fucked in and out in unison. It was like a game but it was fun, causing us to giggle as we slid our cocks in and out of our moms' assholes.

"Stop! Both of you!" mom said, breaking our rhythm. She then told us to switch places. Wow! My cousin and I thought. Mom sure was kinky! Barbara said nothing as Robert pulled out of her. As I pulled my dick out of mom's ass, I was really intrigued by the sight of her anal opening spread wide apart from my cock. Robert and I, with our soiled, hard cocks bobbing in the air, scampered to change places. When I got behind my aunt's up-turned tail,

I noticed her anal opening spread really wide thanks to my cousin's girth. I also became aware of the contrast between my mom's full, fleshy asscheeks and pink opening, with that of my aunt's darker, slimmer cheeks, and even darker, brown opening, and brown yet dripping clit. Barbara had been enjoying her anal fuck after all.

A little afraid of disapproval by my aunt, I touched her tentatively as I placed my not-so pink anymore cockhead against the brown opening. I entered slowly feeling her heat. She didn't mind any of this at all, I figured, so I shoved in to the root. Then I started fucking, building up my own rhythm. I held her waist as I thrust in and out faster and faster, really beginning to love the feeling of my cock in her ass. At that moment I knew that anal sex was to become my favorite. As I continued fucking Barbara, I noticed her right cheek was laying flat on the bed, and I saw a glazed look in her left eye, as her mouth was open, licking her lips while cooing again, with each thrust of my cock, just like when I fucked her cunt. This gave me more confidence as I banged her harder and faster, trying to get as much pleasure as I could and happy that I was giving my aunt pleasure, too. So much so that Barbara began playing with her clit while I fucked her brown hole, her cooing growing louder along with my groaning, both of us nearing orgasm.

While Barbara only moaned, my mom was a bit more vocal.

"Oh, yes! Fuck my ass!" she cried out to Robert. "Oooohhhh, I love your big cock up my ass! Make me cum!" Robert was frantically pounding mom's butt, and the sight of his long, thick brown dick, going in and out of her pink anus was quite a sight. Her clit was distended and dripping as she was cumming yet again. It turned me on so much that I grabbed Barbara's hips and really started putting it to her, thrusting harder and faster, determined to fuck her ass off. Barbara began crying out and then let out a yelp and a gasp.

"Ahh, ahh, ahh!" she cried. "Oohh! Oohh! Oooohhhh!" Barbara shook a little as she came, and feeling on the verge of cumming again, I wildly thrust in and out a few more times before letting out a yell and shooting my sperm as deep up my aunt's ass as it would go. I then noticed Robert, holding my mom's waist real tight to him and he just stood there not humping at all but with his dick buried all the way up her ass. I saw his sweaty face, flushed with ecstasy and I knew then that he was unloading everything he had up mom's ass.

Totally drained, Robert and I pulled our cocks out of our aunts' assholes, and again I was intrigued by the sight of a wide-open asshole. Barbara's was a fabulous sight! As mom and Barbara collapsed on the bed, mom told us to go in the bathroom and clean up. When we reentered the room, mom said "You boys learned real fast, tonight!"

"You're not kidding!" Barbara replied.

It was getting late and our mom's were tired, wanting only to take a nice, hot bath and go to sleep. Robert and I were rather disappointed.

"Can we do it again tomorrow?" I asked. Barbara just looked away like I had to be kidding.

"Your uncle will be up tomorrow. Remember?" mom snapped. Oh well, I thought. We hugged our moms goodnight, all of us saying "Thank you," and "I love you." At that moment we really did.

Later in our room, Robert and I replayed the highlights of the evening: "I loved getting my cock sucked on; What did you like better, fucking a cunt or asshole?; Your mom's cunt was SO WET!; I know, and your mom's asshole was GREAT!" We slept real good!

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:31 PM
2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch 4
Uncle Floyd arrives home

The next morning Robert and I awoke early and with raging hard-ons. As we tugged them under our blankets, we fretted about not getting anymore sex.

"Hey, let's go find our moms before my dad gets here," he said.

"Great," I replied.

When we tried sneaking into my mom's room, she wasn't there. We figured they were downstairs so, very naked with cocks high and hard, we headed downstairs hoping for an early morning fuck. But just as we got downstairs we heard my uncle's voice coming from the kitchen. Fuck! we thought. He was already here! In a panic, we quickly flew upstairs to get dressed. When we came downstairs, Floyd greeted us warmly while our mom's looked a little concerned. There eyes were almost begging we wouldn't say or do anything stupid. If they'd only known we almost did! We soon all went about our business for the day. I've often wondered what might have happened had Robert and I actually come into the kitchen naked and hard. What would Floyd's reaction have been if he'd seen us and known that in his absence, his own wife and sister had fucked their teenaged sons the night before! We would have all been lynched!

During our last couple of days at the cabin, I kept pestering mom in private. "Can't we get away from Uncle Floyd?" She'd just let out a sigh and look away. She had really opened a can of something or other. Two teenage boys with raging hormones, and raging cocks, looking for some maternal comfort. On our last full day there, mom tried to work something out. With my uncle fidgeting around the house, mom took Barbara to one side and they began whispering.

A few minutes later I heard my aunt say "Come on Robert!", and mom then informed Floyd "We're all going to go out for awhile."

"Where?" he asked.

"For a walk," she replied.

"Not inviting me?" he replied.

"Well, it's just that you're busy and -"

"Okay, okay," he said and then laughed.

Once out the door and heading into the woods, I asked mom where we were going.

"To a secluded spot I remember seeing the other day," she answered.

"Why?" Robert asked.

"Well, we thought you might like to have your cocks sucked on again," she replied.

Robert and I got all bug-eyed excited, while mom smiled and shook her head, and my aunt giggled. A few minutes later mom pointed out an area that had a big fallen tree. There was no way we could fuck out there with all the sticks and dirt but in the warm air, both Robert and I undressed, stripping out of our shorts and underwear to the approving eyes and smiles of our moms.

We were young but athletic and in good shape, and as we stripped for mom and Barbara, our cocks rapidly grew hard.

We placed our shorts on the tree and sat down on them to try and get a little comfortable. Both our mom's were in jeans, and simply knelt down on their knees in front of us; mom in front of me, and Barbara in front of Robert. Mom took my hard cock in hand, caressing it and playing with my balls.

"My son has become such a MAN," mom moaned while feeling my cock. "A man. A STUD! They're BOTH studs, huh Barbara."

"Mmm hmm," Barbara replied despite a mouthful of her son's cock. Mom then took my cock in her mouth, sucking the head, licking the shaft, licking my balls, and even taking them into her mouth. Mom left a trail of saliva dripping from the cockhead down to my sparsely-pubed root. Both Robert and I loved every minute of receiving our maternal head, but then mom took her mouth off of my cock and nudged Barbara who was busy licking and kissing her son's cockhead.

"Let's switch," mom said.

Mom crawled in front of Robert to get at his cock while Barbara flashed me a smile and dropped to her knees, took my cock in hand and began licking mom's saliva off of it. She nibbled on my cock, licking the shaft, kissing the cockhead, taking it in her warm mouth, sucking me like a lollipop as her hand pumped the glistening shaft.

Meanwhile, mom was really going to town on Robert's prick. Her mouth was stretched wide thanks to his girth, as she deep throated him, frantically working her mouth up and down the dark shaft like the pro she was. Neither Robert nor I could hold out much longer and began moaning our approval over these wonderful blowjobs. Finally Mom took her mouth off of Robert's cock, and with it aimed at her face, began to fist him rapidly.

"Ooooh, yeah!" mom moaned. "Come on, Robert! Cum for Auntie Susan! Cum!

Cuuuumm! Give me all your sperm from your BIG COCK!"

He was groaning loudly nearing orgasm, as was I since Barbara was fisting me while moaning around my cockhead in her mouth. As I moaned louder, holding Barbara's head, she moaned with me, as I was about to cum down her throat.

Finally, Robert and I screamed as the intensity of our orgasms hit us. Robert shot a gallon of cum up into mom's face. She let out a laugh as his hot sticky cum splashed on her cheeks, her nose, her lips and dripped off her chin. Just then I shot my load into my aunt's hungry mouth and down her throat as she gulped down my hot cum like it was water. Barbara took each and every last drop I had to offer, squeezing it out of me and into her mouth. Meanwhile, mom was scooping up Robert's cum to feed to herself.

"Mmm," mom moaned. ""You taste SO GOOD!" Here Barbara," she said giving her sister-in-law a finger to lick her own son's cum off of.

"Mmm," Barbara moaned. "My boy DOES taste good!"

"How did your nephew taste?" mom asked her.

"Oh, he tasted GREAT! They both do!"

"So, what do you say to your moms and aunts for this nice surprise this afternoon?" mom asked us.

"Thank you." "Yeah, thanks." We happily replied.

"Can we do it again?" Robert asked.

"Not now," mom replied.

"Yes, we have to get back," Barbara said. "You know your father. He'll start getting worried."

With that, both Robert and I dressed and fifteen minutes later were back at the cabin.

"Did you have a nice walk?" my uncle asked, as we entered.

"Very nice," Barbara replied. If he only knew that just a few minutes earlier his wife had given their nephew a blowjob!

We all left for home the next day. Midway through our drive, my uncle stopped to get gas and with the rest of us in the car, mom turned to Barbara and said, "Maybe we can all get together before school starts up again."

Barbara's eyes lit up: "Ooooo! Okay," she said in that spacy-little girl way of hers. Robert and I smiled. "When?" he asked.

"Well, we'll see," mom replied. "Hopefully soon."

When they dropped us off at our house, we all said our goodbyes with a round of hugs and kisses. Hugging Barbara, as she kissed my cheek, I licked hers! Pulling away she seemed shocked but she looked at me with a little smile and big, dancing brown eyes that seemed to say "I liked that, you evil young man, you!" It was all I could do to keep from giggling and attracting attention, but it was also my way of thanking her. I got to fuck my dark, sexy aunt not only in her cunt, but also her ass, AND she sucked my cock! I got to cum in ALL her holes!

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:32 PM
2 Moms, 2 Sons... Ch 5
Mom makes a deal with Barbara

After that week in the mountains, I thought we were at the beginning of some real hot times together. It sure started out that way. Our very first day home, once my dad went to work, mom and I had the house to ourselves all day. When she wasn't shopping or cleaning, or I wasn't with this friend or that, we would fuck for hours. She taught me to eat pussy, and I learned the value of foreplay, although with mom it wasn't that necessary since she would get hot and ready just at the thought of doing it with her son.

Mom quickly found that she and I were totally compatible when it came to sex. She had always wanted more than my dad could give, and her infidelities were infrequent. Now, right under her own roof, she could get it everyday if she wanted. And often did! And since I was so young and virile, I would fuck her in all her hot holes and come back for more. Mom quickly realized that I really enjoyed anal sex, and she always made sure that I got my chance to get behind her upturned tail, spread her fleshy asscheeks, admire her pink, puckered hole, finger it and play with her asshole, and then lube up with the stuff she bought for us, and then insert my dick up that hot anus of hers. There were days when all I wanted to do was fuck her ass and shoot my cum deep up her bowels, but mom made sure that I made her pussy my number one priority.

"Mmmm, god, I love your teenage cock!" mom moaned one time after I shot my load down her throat, only to remain rock hard. I quickly got between her legs to insert my dick up her cunt. She started calling me her young stud, even superman, a reference to my cock which was always hard for her, making me her "Man of Steel." We fucked in my parent's bed, something mom found particularly nasty, but also in my bed. Using our imaginations, we came up with little games. I wanted to fuck in every room in the house; on every piece of furniture; the shower; even in the backseat of the car. Unfortunately, mom was a little frightened to take me for a drive to a secluded spot in case someone was nearby. So we reached a compromise: we did it in the car while parked in the garage. The smell of pussy and exhaust fumes! We never did that again!

Shortly before school started, mom called Barbara about us all getting together again. I knew mom liked Robert's bigger cock but I could hardly complain since I was getting her all the time and I would also get to fuck my aunt again. Things on their side were not going as well, as Barbara was having second thoughts. At first she and Robert fucked every day since he never left her alone, and often when my uncle had to be out of the house really early, Robert would wait for his car to pull out of the driveway, get out of bed stark naked with his raging erection, crawl into bed with my giggling aunt, spread her legs and thrust right in. She would finger herself in anticipation of her son's arrival so her cunt was ready for him. My aunt liked foreplay but Robert wasn't into it. He was simply Wham, bam, thank you mom!

Robert and Barbara usually fucked in Robert's bed, and she also had to get used to his anal intrusions. She wasn't into it like my mom, and besides, Robert's bigger cock was more painful. She did love to suck his cock, though, and I had already learned how good she was at that. But now, three weeks later, Barbara was having second thoughts about everything.

"Why?" mom asked one day over the phone with me sitting just a few feet away munching on potato chips. "I thought you were enjoying this. You said so just the other day?"

"Well, things have gotten out of hand," Barbara lamented.

"Such as?" Mom asked.

"Well, you know his cock's too big for me back there..."

"Well, make it a point to say no. When we get together, I'll take care of his needs. Tell him he can fuck ME in the ass! Is that the problem?"

Then the conversation turned totally one-sided with Barbara doing all the talking. Then I saw mom's eyes get real wide, and she let out an exasperated breath, acting real excited. "Really? He really wants you to do that?"

"Yes," Barbara replied sadly. "I mean, I want to continue teaching him and get both our needs met but he's so stubborn! I've told him, 'Robert, I'm not your sex-toy to do with as you please! I'm not going to fuck your friends!' He keeps saying how much fun it will be, but I don't want anyone else knowing that I fuck my own son! He acts like everybody does this. What should I do? I don't know how to handle this!"

"Well, maybe the both of you should cool it for awhile," mom replied. Robert and Barbara really did cool it. They had a falling out over my cousin's kinky desires, and Barbara refused him any more sex. If anything, she began feeling guilty about all we had done. Needless to say, the four of us didn't get together again.

After getting off the phone with Barbara, mom said that Barbara should have taken up Robert's offer. As long as the other boys knew the ground rules, meaning discretion, they could have had some really wild times! I could tell mom was a little jealous. I had a few friends, none very appealing, and here was my aunt turning down a chance to fuck maybe four or five horny teen studs. What my mom really wanted was to fulfill a fantasy of having all her holes filled at one time.

"I regret we didn't try that up in Big Bear," she said. "But you guys were just too inexperienced. I would have loved to take you and your cousin in my cunt and ass at the same time. You boys could have done Barbara, too. Your cousin is too big for her but she told me last time I talked with her that she really enjoyed YOUR cock up her ass." Damn! I thought. Oh well...

While sex between Robert and Barbara fell off, not so with me and mom. I was her regular lay, and she was mine. It wasn't until recently, while reminiscing about "that summer," that I asked her about some of her infidelities while married to dad. None sounded too exciting.

"You didn't fuck other men after you and I started, did you?" I asked.

"Umm, no," mom replied, her eyes saying something different.

"You did, didn't you!" I challenged.

"Well, a few times," she said apologetically. "Listen, we weren't married you know. I didn't stop YOU from dating."

"When?" I asked really curious. "I don't remember anything suspicious about your behavior."

"That's because you were at your dad's those weekends after the divorce."

"Anyone I know?" I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"That's enough, okay?" mom snapped. "It was a long time ago."

"C'mon," I said. "I can take it."

"I'm not sure you can," she replied matter-of-factly. "If I tell you, it'll be your problem, okay? I don't want to know about your sex life, but if I tell you some of my past, don't get angry with ME! You have your chance."

"My god," I thought. "What did she do? Whom did she do?"

Seeing that I was sitting there quietly trying to sort this out, but not stopping her she said, "Okay. You asked for it!"

Then mom had me spellbound for the next half hour describing how one day she called Barbara to say hello and asked to say hi to my cousin. Over the phone she told him of her plan and was he interested. Of course! So on those weekends when I visited my dad, she filled the void left by her uptight sister-in-law, and began driving down to their town to fuck my cousin and his "huge cock." She sucked him, fucked him, even taking him up her ass. Obviously they couldn't do it in Floyd's house, so on a "good" weekend, when I was away and when one of Robert's friends' parents were out of town, in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or Las Vegas, she'd drive down at night, pick up Robert outside his house, and drive to the friend's house to fuck Robert and however many of his friends would be there! She'd dress in whatever slutty way they wanted: short, tight skirts, sometimes cut-offs, and always heels. For the next three years, mom became their "weekend whore," fulfilling their youthful needs as well as her own nastiest fantasies! One night she "played the dozens"; a gangbang with twelve teen studs. My horny, forty-something mom; their "slutty Aunt Susan," gave them all the cunt and ass they could handle. She also initiated siblings.

"I even got pregnant!" she said staring me in the eye. "I don't know which kid it was, though. I think it was probably the black kid. He shot the most cum." Flashing a wicked smile, she said "His cock was TEN inches! If Robert's friends only knew the secret he shared with me: He was fucking THEIR mom's, too!"

My head was spinning! And no wonder when I'd get back from my dad's, mom always needed a few of days off! Despite my horniness being away from home for a night or two, she always claimed she was just too tired from house-cleaning on the weekends or gardening out back. The slutty liar! Just hearing mom's story was almost intoxicating. Instead of feeling anger or jealousy, it was actually exciting.

"My god, are you hard?" she asked, noticing my bulge after telling me her story. Mom smiled that big grin of hers, and unzipped my pants, freeing my hard cock.

"Let's get you undressed," she said. Once naked, I sat back down on the couch as mom knelt to take my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it, nibbled, licked the length of my shaft, even sucked my balls.

"You want to hear more?" mom asked in a lusty deep voice. "I want to make you CUM while telling you about my conquests. Can you handle details?" she said slurping on my cock. With my cock in her hand, in between licks, and looking me straight in the eye, she asked "Do you want to hear more about "Slutty Aunt Susan"; what kind of WHORE your mom was? Hmm?" More licking and sucking on my cock. "You want more?" (Suck!) "I know you do!" (Lick!) Tell me how much you do!" I then let out a scream and shot my load!

"Mmmm," mom moaned, licking my cock clean. "I guess I'll have to share ALL my stories now that the cat's out of the bag. Would you like that? Hmmm?"

-The Devils Advocate

02-20-2009, 09:32 PM
20 Years On and Still Enjoying MIL
A mother-in-law / son-in-law love affair

Jenny, my Mother In Law and I had always gotten on well, never a hint of anything remotely sexual nor anything like, just good, warm friends.

I married her daughter, Debbie, when we were both 20 and was immediately welcomed into their family. Sex between Debbie & myself was reasonable, never strained but alas rarely did the earth move for either of us, sex became satisfying but rather perfunctory.

For the first five years of our marriage my relationship with Jenny blossomed into one of genuine affection on both sides, still there was nothing sexual, not in deed nor thought.

Like many illicit affairs, circumstances conspired to change all that one fateful week in October 1969.

Debbie's best friend from school lost her husband very suddenly due to a car crash and was left distraught bringing up their young son, Deb's decided to take some time off work in order to help her pal through these difficult times, things were good for us financially and I had a fair bit on at work so wouldn't notice a couple of weeks apart too much.

Ever thoughtful, Deb's suggested that I stay with Jenny for the duration as her father was away on business in foreign parts and we could at least keep each other company and Deb's wouldn't feel so guilty knowing that her mum was providing meals etc for me.

Jenny was pleased to help and the week started off fine with me going to work, coming home to a lovely meal, nice hot bath, clean clothes...everything I enjoyed at home, well almost everything.

On Friday I finished work early and decided to treat Jenny to a meal out as way of saying thanks, Jenny eagerly accepted the date as she didn't get much spoiling by her work mad husband and was soon upstairs getting herself done up.

An hour or so later Jenny reappeared in the living room asking if she would do, I glanced up from the paper I was reading and involuntarily let out a low whistle at the sight before me. Jenny looked stunning, for a woman of 45 she had everything in the right place, a tiny bit of excess flesh but all in the right places.

Her black dress was cut low enough to display the hint of her ample cleavage, short enough to allow her shapely legs to be admired, classy rather than tarty. Jenny blushed slightly at my admiring whistle and just uttered quietly "thank you".

We headed off for a little dinner/dance club on the coast just a few miles away, I could park the car there and we could get a cab back enabling us both to have a drink or two with our meal, in fact we polished off two bottles before the dancing was in full swing, we danced a bit, sat and watched others dance a bit, chatted and had a very pleasant evening, I don't think at that stage either of us fully appreciated that we were having more fun together than we ever did with our respective partners.

We were both merry, certainly not pissed, and each had a warm glow about us, the band suddenly announced that the next three numbers were to be "music for smooching", I instinctively offered Jenny my hand and we were soon embraced on the dance floor.

The first dance was very sedate, my hands were loosely around Jenny's waist whilst hers were loosely resting on my upper arms or shoulders, contact was loose but not strained nor awkward. As the second number began my hands unconsciously started to gently caress Jenny's back, pausing for the merest second whilst playing across her bra strap, my thumb absent mindedly strumming across the fabric, Jenny barely seemed to notice and was certainly not offended by my actions. Barely perceptibly Jenny's hands started to grip my arms and shoulders tighter, drawing us nearer. To my horror I suddenly noticed that I had grown a very distinct, very hard and throbbing erection.

Jenny could not have missed this unless she had been completely dead, it was one of those times when, without drawing further attention to the fact, you just had to let happen.

Again Jenny didn't appear upset nor insulted by this happening and we continued to dance closely, my hands still caressing her back from bra strap down to her bottom, never lingering long enough in any place to cause offence.

The dancing ended and we returned to our table for one last drink whilst waiting for our cab, we exchanged warm glances and continued to chat, laugh and so as we had done all evening, the odd joke, a giggle over something or other, the odd accidental brush of the hands.

He cab arrived and soon after we were back at Jenny's, both now desperate too pee. We had joked about this on the way home, whose need was the greater etc. As Jenny opened the front door we both made a mad dash for the bathroom, both eager and determined to get there first. Gently barging Jenny out of the way I won and stood proudly in the doorway, Jenny collapsed in a fit of giggles remonstrating that if I didn't let her go first she was likely to pee herself.

Being the perfect Gent I stood aside and gestured for her to take first shot, as she passed me in the doorway she paused briefly and placed a very gentle kiss on my lips saying thanks and continued into the bathroom. The was pushed ajar but not shut and seconds later I heard the gush as she peed freely, this only intensified the mental pressure on my bladder to be relieved, I shouted this fact to Jenny who giggled again and said "well pee in the sink then if you need to go that badly" with that I pushed the door open, my zipper was down and my semi hard tool was out in a flash pointing into the basin and letting go with tremendous force. Barely a few seconds passed before the realisation of what I was doing dawned on me...here I was, cock out, pissing in the sink with my Mother In Law sat with tights and knickers bunched at her knees sitting on the toilet pan. I half turned and was on the verge of uttering my apologies until I caught the look on Jenny's face. She sat, knees together finishing off her pee and was just staring at my semi hard tool, no words were spoken, Jenny reached for the toilet paper, tore a strip and wiped herself, pulling off her tights and knickers and throwing them towards the washing hamper, her dress being lowered to cover her modesty and all without displaying any hint of what lay between her legs, nor taking her eyes off my tool.

Jenny turned to flush the loo whilst I returned my cock back inside my trousers, what possessed me to make my next move I will never know, it seemed right and the natural thing to do, made the short step towards Jenny, my left hand resting easily on her left hip and as she turned back she just fell into my arms. My mouth lowered gently to hers and our lips met first in a series of little butterfly kisses, briefly touching before searching for another part of each others mouth. My tongue gently played across her lips, my lips gently plucked at each side of her neck, pulling slightly at her ear lobes before returning to claim her mouth fully.

Jenny's arms went instinctively around my neck as our mouths crushed together, tongues meeting and probing deep into each other, my hand slid down slipping quickly between her legs which parted instantly giving easy access to her hidden treasures. Her pubic hair was soft, not too thick but certainly covering her whole mound. My finger extended and began to probe her labia, for a few seconds it felt as though her fanny lips were glued together but as my finger gently slid down her slit the labia parted and I was greeted with the sensation of what appeared to be her peeing all over again. In fact Jenny was so wet that the moisture inside her had been building and suddenly was freed with the parting of her cunt lips.

Jenny moaned deeply into my mouth as two fingers eased themselves into her, penetrating deep inside her soft warm cunt, my hand was soon awash with her love juices flowing freely, allowing me to spread the moisture all over her mound, her clitoris felt had and erect and every time my thumb grazed over it I felt her knees weaken as though she were about to collapse.

Still without speaking, I gently took Jenny's hand, our lips parted and I drew her towards her bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and Jenny stood between my legs, gently I drew her back towards me, Jenny bending slightly to allow our lips to meet once again, tenderly we kissed, my hands slipped up the back of her thighs, cupping her perfect arse in my large hands, I teased her legs apart and allowed my fingers to probe the wetness again. Easing Jenny on to my left knee whilst my left hand reached for the zipper of her dress, my right hand cupped her breast from the front instantly feeling the hardness of her throbbing nipple fighting to make a whole in the fabric of her bra and dress.

Jenny raised slightly from my knee, her mouth never leaving mine as I eased the dress from her shoulders and down to the floor, Jenny giving it a casual flick of her foot as it hit the carpet before settling back on my knee.

In an instant my hand had released the clasp of her black lace bra and was soon laying next to her dress on the floor. Again I was taken back, I had always suspected that Jenny was well blessed in the tit department, as was her daughter, but the firmness and fullness of her breasts was truly magnificent. I found out later that they were a very full and rounded 38c.

The nipples were very erect, standing like giant acorns, Jenny moaned deeper every time my thumb grazed across her stiff peaks, my finger and thumbs closing around them, teasing them gently but firmly from her body. Jenny ground her arse down onto my throbbing erection, her legs parted and closed almost involuntarily as her passion deepened. Again my fingers found her gushing wetness, pressure gently applied to her clit and suddenly without warning her body stiffened slightly, her thighs clamping together around my hand, her head went back and she gasped deeply as she reached her first orgasm.

Still no words were exchanged, nor needed. Gently I lay Jenny back on the bed, legs hanging over the edge, my mouth followed her down and my lips clamped on to those erect buds, drawing them deep inside my mouth. Jenny arched her body in an attempt to force more of her breast into my mouth. I laboured dutifully alternating between her nipples, pushing her breasts together occasionally as I attempted, futilely to get as much of each breast into my mouth as I possibly could.

Eventually my lips left her tits and travelled slowly down across her belly, pausing briefly to dip into her bellybutton before moving on down. I breathed in deeply intoxicated by the fragrant beauty emanating from her love mound, my mouth found her slit, tongue probing, sliding up and down the slit, swirling over her clitoris and then lower to the valley near her anus. My tongue broadened on the up stroke, lapping her juices, teeth tugging gently at her moist labia, soon enough, Jenny's body stiffened again, this time her thighs clamping tight around my head, her hands pushing my head into her crotch as she came powerfully for me.

I slowly kissed my way back up her body as her thighs released their grip on my head, as I travelled upwards Jenny instinctively drew her knees upwards and allowed her thighs to fall wide apart, my erection was so strong, Jenny was so wet that there was no need for my cock to be guided. Jenny's hands drew me close as my lips once again found hers, my throbbing cock met with perfect alignment her cunt entrance and without stopping, glided deep inside her body, Jenny shuddering slightly as I entered her.

My cock bottomed out and we lay embracing as Jenny's fanny became accustomed to this invasion by what I now know was only the second cock to have the privilege of finding this warm tight hole.

God was she tight, despite the copious flowing of her juices the walls of her cunt fitted as close as a kid glove. Slowly I started to rotate and slide my cock back and forth, this soon gave way to long strokes that allowed my knob to almost withdraw from her before being pushed far and deep inside her. Gradually our passion heightened and for the first time we, or rather Jenny spoke as she gently pulled her mouth from mine she gazed deep into my eyes and whispered barely audibly "Cum in me baby", "please cum in me now"

With that my balls tightened and I felt the surge of my spunk running though my cock erupting from the head and spraying her insides with thick warm cream, Jenny tightened again as we came together.

We lay for several hours in each others arms, not speaking eventually drifting off to sleep. I arose before Jenny, showered and made breakfast for her in bed, there was no awkwardness between us, no need for words.

That was twenty years ago now, we have been satisfying each other, and still do, regularly over those years, neither my wife nor her father have any inkling about our affair, we are very discreet and both know that many chances arise naturally for us to continue our love affair.

Even today, Jenny at 65 is a very beautiful and loving lady, together we have explored may boundaries of sexuality....but those stories are best left for another day!


02-20-2009, 09:33 PM
2:37 am
Voyeur watches pool encounter between neighbors & teens

2:37am is that time of the morning where your either already in bed sleeping heavily, or up and partying. For me it was the first, soundly sleeping next to my wife. Out of the fog of sleep I began to make out the thumping bass of music being played somewhere near my house. Seeing as I was now somewhat awake, I went to investigate.

We live in a pretty middle-class neighborhood in Florida. The homes are nice and the schools are good. This kind of music was rarely heard in the area, and certainly not at 2:37am.

I went to the room in our house closest to our backyard and looked out the window. I could make out figures moving around the pool deck of my neighbors house behind me and one house down. Their property meets mine on the back corner of my lot. The music was just loud enough to be annoying but not so loud as to invoke a call to the authorities.

I decided a closer look at the goings on was in order. I slid on a pair of running shorts and headed towards the back door, making sure to deactivate the security light sensors. Quietly I opened the back door and walked out to the back corner of my lot. I could hear the voices more clearly now. It was a fine fall night, humid but a little cool. Typical Florida.

The music became louder as I approached and so did the voices. "come on take it Katie" I heard as I approached the fence. "I love you Katie take it." The voice belonged to a rather portly young college age woman, who was completely naked and sitting on the edge of the pool with a small white pill in her hand. I found a place to stand that afforded me a view of the entire pool, while obscuring anyones view of me.

As I looked around I counted 3 college age kids, all naked, swimming in the pool. As my eyes began to adjust to the lights from the house and the pool I could make out my neighbors daughter Katie. She was a tall girl with b cup breasts, a tight ass, and a preppie attitude, or so I thought. She had graduated from high school this summer and had just turned 18. Katie was naked in waist deep water standing in front of Sharon, the big naked girl who was offering her some X. As my eyes roamed up and down Katies body, I noticed a tattoo in the small of her back. "That's hot," I thought to myself.

My attention was ripped away from her as a big muscular guy came up behind her, grabbed her breasts from around her sides and pulled her into him. She screamed and then melted into his embrace. "Ummmm Mikey that feels nice" Katie said as she leaned back into him. His muscles rippled as he held her, his tan contrasting strongly against Katie's pale white skin. "Comeon Katie, just take it" Sharon repeated with urging in her voice. Mikey let go of Katie as she moved towards Sharon. Sharon placed the pill on Katies waiting tongue. Katie swallowed it down and then without hesitation placed her head between Sharons meaty thighs and began eating her pussy.

Sharon moaned and lay back on the wet pool deck. Mikey moved up behind Katie and began running his cock up and down the crack of Katies ass. Katie wiggled her ass against Mikey's advances, causeing his erection to come to its full 7" potential.

Just then my eyes were ripped away once again when out of the sliding glass doors comes another couple. They ran past the humping threesome and jumped into the pool making a huge splash. When they came up for air, my cock became instantly rigid as I realized it was Bruce and Sarah, Katies parents.

My mind was in a fog and had trouble processing what I was seeing. My neighbors were skinny dipping while their daughter was getting fucked in the pool and was eating another girls pussy. My cock ached at the thought of what I was now seeing. I slid my shorts down and began stroking the length of it, enjoying the feel of the cool night air on my shaft and balls.

Bruce and Sarah were playing around splashing each other and whatnot. Then Bruce began to chase Sarah in the water and Sarah fled towards the group of teens. She stood up and pressed her full feminine form up against Mikey. Sarahs D-cup tits mashed against his muscular back and her hands glided effortlessly up and down his haunches.

Bruce climbed the ladder out of the pool and with his 9" meat swinging made his way over to the group. He squatted down right above Sharon's face and the large purple head of his swollen cock bounced once off Sharons lip and then made its way inside as she opened her mouth to accept him. He began pumping in and out of her wanton mouth. His balls slapping her nose as more and more of his rigid tool disappeared into her throat. He felt the surge of pleasure and knew his load would be traveling up his shaft and down her throat any second. So he pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop and pointed it right at the spot where his daughters mouth was eating Sharons snatch.

He came. Like nothing I had ever seen before. Line after line of hot white lightning spewwed forth from his glowing rod. The first hit his daughter squarely in the forehead, the second into the wet matted hair of Sharon's pussy. The third and by far largest length of cum hit Mikey square in the chest, as he continued to slide his cock in and out of Katies sweet teen pussy. As his explosion subsided the final strings of goo splashed out onto Sharon's tits and finally dripped down over her chin. Where she licked it up and swallowed it, then taking his cock head back in her mouth cleaned it of its seed.

Katie's ministrations on Sharon's pussy finally took their toll and Sharon began cumming in Katies mouth. Katie had two fingers ramming in and out of Sharon's pussy as her mouth sucked Sharon's clit. Sarah, Katies mom, had moved around at this point and was licking her husbands cum off of Mikeys nipples. Mikey could stand no more and slammed his crotch hard against Katie's ass as he unloaded his jizz into her her hot hole.

At this point I lost control, and shot my load all over the wood fence that seperated our yards. It was a stronger cum then I had ever experienced before. My cock remained hard after it finished shooting, so I began to stroke it again.

The group began to seperate and float around the pool again. I got up to leave, when I heard Katie tell the group how she hadnt cum yet and what was anyone going to do to help her out. Then Sarah piped in that she had not cum yet either. "Why dont you two put a show on for us then and make each other cum" said Mikey from the deep end of the pool.

"O.K." mother and daughter said in unison, as they moved towards each other in the water. They met in the middle of the pool and embraced each other like old lovers. Their tongues danced together as their arms wrapped around their sexy bodies. Over on the edge of the pool I could see Sharon lazily sliding a finger up and down her wet pussy lips. On the other side, Bruce's dick was lurching forward again ready for action. And down in the deep end, Mikey floated, stunned that his suggestion had elicited this response.

"Let's get up on a lounge chair sweety" Sarah said to her daughter as she moved to the steps and her hot body emerged from the water. Katie followed her mom up the steps. Sarah lay down on her back on the chaise and spread her legs mindlessly toying with her smooth shaved lips. "Mmmmmm" Katie moaned as she neared the chair. Katie turned the opposite direction and lay her body down on top of her mothers. Then her mouth fell down upon her moms pussy and she began to lick and suck it, sloppy and slurrpy, and wild. Sarah planted her mout squarely on Katie's pussy and slid her tongue deep into the young girls hole, causing Katie's back to arch sexily. Then Sarah reached up and began slapping Katie's ass. Katie began to grind her pussy into her mothers face, harder and harder with each slap of her ass cheek. Katie's bodie went rigid, and then she spasmed, writhing on top of her mom. Katie slid two fingers into her moms soaking pussy and began finger fucking her for all she was worth. Sarah could only take so much before a huge wave of lust washed over her and her woman cum squirted out all around Katie's fingers and onto the lounge chair.

As I turned my attention back to the corner of the pool where Bruce was sitting. Mikey was now sitting next to him on the pool wall and they were busy stroking each others cocks. I had never seen two men touching each other this way before, and it caused me to shoot my second load onto the wodden fence as a small grunt escaped my lips. Katie turned and looked in my direction. The others seemed oblivious. But, I wasnt going to risk it so I slowly crept back to my house.

The next morning, my wife left early with her running club, and I was in the kitchen eating my eggs & toast and reading the paper. There was a knock on the front door, I figured my wife had forgotten something and walked over to the door in my open robe and running shorts. I opened the door and there was Katie, she took one look at the running shorts I was wearing and she said "may I come in?." But that is a story for another time.


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346 Steam Up Ch 1
She seduces her brother at train museum

As children we lived near "The Colorado Railroad Museum" on West 44th Street just outside Golden, Colorado at the base of North Table Top Mountain. Is quaint building was built to look like an old fashioned train depot. Behind and along the side of the building they had collected a large collection of actual steam era locomotives and freight and passenger cars.

The neighborhood kids hung out there because of the soda machine and candy counter. It was the only business within two miles. The director tolerated us sneaking in and climbing all over the collection of cabooses, engines and other prize items outside as we also gave him a lot of snack business to help support the museum.

Among the many locomotives was D&RGW's Old number 346. It was the museum's pride and joy as they had it in good working order. Several times a year they would fire it up and run it in a small semi-circle around the property. A lot of stories developed among the kids and frequent visitors about the legend of 346.

For example if a man rang the train's bell it meant that he had sex the night before. But, more importantly by acknowledging to the world that he had gotten lucky he would be guaranteed even better sex for a second night in a row. If a guy rang the bell and hadn't actually had sex the night before he was doomed to only masturbation for the next 346 nights.

My favorite though was concerning women. No woman was allowed on the firemen's seat unless she was either having her cunt eaten or being fucked. When she came she had to proclaim her orgasm by wildly ringing the bell. If she failed to ring the bell the opposite of whatever she wanted would occur; if she wanted to become pregnant it wouldn't happen and if she didn't want a baby she would have one in nine months.

Those were the simple days of the late 1960's. Twenty years later my younger sister and I would return and remember the good old days. We chatted for hours about everything in the neighborhood. The two mile walk past the St Bernard Kennel on the hill and the world famous brewery to downtown Golden.

But, most of all we remembered the railroad museum. We walked around looking at the displays. Some of them hadn't changed since we were kids as they were classics. We went out into the yard and most of it looked familiar. Then it caught our eyes; there she was good old engine 346. The engine had been very well maintained as it looked the same as it had when we were young and had played various games in and around it.

Jenny ran for the massive locomotive right past it's big steam boiler and grabbing the railing climbed the steep steps. She turned to face me with a broad smile on her face and waved me up to join her. Then she twirled around like a little kid between the firebox and tender. Taking it easy I smiled back and walked over and admired both her and the train.

Here it was August of 1986 and Jenny was 30 and I was 33 it had been twenty years since we had moved away. In that moment of nostalgia I got a good look at my little sister's body and an erection took shape in my underwear. For some reason, she suddenly struck me not as a sister but one hell of a sexy lady.

She stands right at five feet four inches tall with long red hair and green eyes. My sister has a slender waist that is in the middle of a perfect hour glass topped by 36C titties. I had always known that she had no problem attracting guys but now a flash was going through my head and I found myself to be just one of the guys.

I tried to shake these thoughts out of my head as I climbed the steps. As I reached the top step Jenny ran to the fireman's compartment. It was a very narrow area with room enough for his seat and the bell chord hanging above the side and front window openings measuring maybe 2 feet wide by five feet long. Just like she did when she was a little girl she reached up and rang the bell pulling on the chord wildly.

"Remember this Mark; it is just like when we were kids." She was absolutely bubbling over. Getting beside her I snatched her hand from the bell chord and a confused look came to her face.

"But, Jenny, we aren't kids anymore. Don't you remember what it means when an adult woman rings the bell on this train?" Suddenly a look of horror and shame came to her face. She turned bright red as she slumped down in the seat. Quickly I began ringing the bell making sure that I was the only one visible in the window. One of the staff members walked by and gave me an exuberant thumbs up. After he passed I looked around and saw that there was no one around and told her that the coast was clear.

"Thank you big brother, I am so embarrassed, but that means that you won't have sex for nearly a year, I am sorry." She actually seemed deeply troubled about that possibility. The legend appeared to mean something to her. Standing up in the cramped quarters she gave me a not so platonic hug ingratitude.

We enjoyed the rest of the day looking around the area and planned to return to the museum the next two days to walk around and reminisce. Besides, we found out that on the second day they were going to steam up 346 and run her and two passenger cars back and forth on their little semi-circle. We both were feeling pretty contented as we walked to the little hotel down the block from the museum, but it seemed Jenny had something on her mind as she was a little quieter than normal.

At first, I thought maybe she was missing her family as she came out to attend to some business in nearby Denver and didn't have the finances to bring everyone with her. I had tagged along so that we could visit our neighborhood haunts including the museum Lookout Mountain, the brewery, and Fairmount Elementary School.

As it turned out I was way off base. After changing we climbed into our rental car and headed east down 44th street about two miles to see if the A& W Root Beer restaurant was still there. Like so many other things it was gone. I was so disappointed that I didn't even notice what had taken its place.

We turned around and headed into downtown Golden. There just around the corner from Foss Drugs we found a quaint restaurant. In the dim lighting of the restaurant her boobs seemed to shimmer in beauty. For the second time in just a few hours I felt an erection coming on over my own flesh and blood.

In spite of my feelings our dinner conversation was tame and natural. We talked about what had stayed the same and especially about what was gone or had changed. Then this sweet demure conservative business woman, housewife, and mother of two who was also my sister changed the subject rather abruptly. Quietly she shifted gears, "Thanks again for ringing the bell for me this afternoon."

"Jenny, it was nothing, nothing at all. I just didn't want people looking at you funny thinking that you had done some sex act on the train."

"Oh yes Mark it was so sweet. Judging from the lump I saw in your pants as you rang the bell there is no way you should have to miss out on 346 nights of fucking." I hadn't heard her say the word fuck since she was a teenager. I thought it was weird that she had any concern for my sex life.

"Oh Jenny, it will be ok. That is just an old legend. Hell, it was probably made up by some of the kids in the neighborhood before we came along. Besides you know my wife she won't let me go more than a few days without a good fuck." I was enjoying the conversation now and liked the idea of provocative talk with Jenny, and was curious how provocative she would get.

"But, suppose it is true, I hate the thought of my big brother having to play with himself that long. It might be too late to break the spell by the time you get back home. The sooner your pecker gets inside a woman the better so the curse can't take effect," she smiled broadly as she said this. My cock was hard as could be now.

"What am I supposed to do fly my wife out here to fuck me or hire a hooker?" I posed this question half laughing knowing either option was not going to happen and not believing in the legend in the first place.

"No, of course not, but I do have an idea," she was cooing as she put a hand on my knee.

"Ok, little sister let's hear your idea about my sex life," I asked nervously. Part of me was really hoping that the nasty thoughts running through my head were on target. But, another part of me was urging me to behave myself with my sister no matter what she was about to say. Of course, my cock was now so hard that I was in pain due to the confinement it was in.

"Well, big brother, we could pay our check and hurry back to the hotel and fuck like rabbits. Before you say anything, I have wanted you for years and that is the reason I wanted you to come along. When I was ringing that bell today I was wishing that I was sitting on your lap and that I was fucking that huge bulge I was looking at in your pants."

"But, Jenny, what about our spouses? We can't fuck I am your damn brother." As much as I wanted to take her up on her offer I knew I would have regretted it if I didn't at least protest to give her the chance to back out.

"Mark, what happens in Colorado stays in Colorado. And if we fuck when we get back home it stays between us I want you fucking and sucking me right now. I need that big cock of yours inside of me." I was shocked at this blunt display of lust from my own sister. She also was talking a little loud as I swear we got a couple of strange looks from couples sitting nearby.

"Oh God, you are so sexy, any guy would be a fool not to want to kiss those great tits of yours or climb between those long legs of yours But damn girl, I am your brother. Are you really sure that you want me because once you say yes and I have touched you sexually there will be no turning back?"

"Damn it yes, I am in heat for you. My panties are soaked. Shit, brother, does this answer your question?" She moved the hand that had been on my knee up to my groin and gave my cock a hard squeeze. Looking me in the eyes she gave me the sultriest smile I had ever seen.

"Not here, my God someone will see," I panicked as I removed her hand.

"Ok, then let's get the fuck out of here," she urged flagging down the server. By the time the waiter got to us she already had out her credit card. In less than three minutes we were out in the cool Rocky Mountain evening air. Jenny was dragging me to the car anxious to get down to business.

She managed to keep her hands to herself on the short drive back to the motel. Simultaneously we both said we had to use the restroom. When we got to her door she turned to face me and told me she would knock on the door between our adjoining rooms when she was finished freshening up for what laid ahead. Then very sensually she ran an index finger up and down the outline of my cock through my pants. Suddenly she swirled around and disappeared into her room.

Stammering the five feet to my room I somehow managed to get the door open. Quickly, I took care of business and decided to relieve myself of shoes and socks. Suddenly it felt very hot in the room so I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt. Just as I was beginning to wonder what was taking so long there came a gentle knock at the door that went into Jenny's room.

"Oh my fucking God, you are the sexiest vision I've ever seen in my fucking life," I gasped as I opened the door. There was my little sister in the sexiest nightie I have ever seen in my life. I won't describe it here as I will let everyone imagine their own version of a sexy nightie as I will never forget the actual cock hardening sight. Wrapping her arms around my body like a vice she gave me a very erotic kiss.

"Markie this is the real reason I wanted you to come along and I left my family at home. I've wanted your cock for years and years and now it is mine I am going to make love to every inch of your body and fuck your cock raw!" She was pushing me back toward the bed.

The next thing I know I am laying down and she is straddling me and unbuttoning my shirt the rest of the way. Jenny is rubbing her body all over mine as she sticks her tongue in my ear and begins her slow trip down my face to my neck. When she reaches my nipples she sucks and nibbles on them like a man might do to a woman; it feels fantastic.

She squeezes and pinches them as she sucks my tits into her voracious mouth. Then, sliding forward slightly my sister wraps her hands around my head and smothers my face in her silky boobs. As I lick and suck on her sweet jugs through the nightie she rants, "Mark, damn it kiss my boobies oh mother fucking son of a bitch."

Suddenly she drops my head and reaches up and grabbing the sides of her nightie where it covers her breasts rips the front of the gown in two revealing her luscious melons in their full glory to my bugged out eyes. Instantly, she has her now nude boobies in my face and I resume attacking them with my mouth.

My sister is absolutely going crazy as her crotch is being rubbed up and down on my stomach. Our breathing is getting ragged as she slips back down and unzips my trousers. Then she pulls out my manhood while positioning my cock against her twat through her panties and rhythmically begins grinding her hips up and down rubbing my cock against her clit. I yell, "Oh shit this is fantastic!"

"Come on you son of a bitch fuck my panties. Spray that fucking cum of yours all over our tummies. Oh damn my clit feels so good! Oh yes, squeeze sissy's boobies," she urged as she placed my hands on her boobs. Throwing her head back Jenny continues sliding her cloth covered clit up and down along the length of my member. I tore off her nightie the rest of the way as she quite literally fucked me with her clit; harder and faster.

Her fingers delicately played with the under side of my cock head as I was getting closer to the inevitable explosion. Letting go of her beautiful melons I cupped my hands firmly on to her wide hips holding on for dear life. Of course, this had the effect of allowing her tits to bounce wildly. That was it, I covered my stomach and some of hers with a large deposit of sperm, "Oh Jenny, you are fucking unbelievable."

"Oh Mark my dear, we have only just begun. You haven't seen anything yet." my sister turned animalistic nymphomaniac purred. Licking my cum off of her hand she got up and yanked my pants and under wear off of me.

"Oh I haven't, huh," was my semi-intelligent reply. Facing away from me she pulled down her panties. Then she backed up and looking over her shoulder wiggled her ass at my face.

"So, what do you think of Sissy's ass?" As she asked this she pulled her cheeks wide apart giving me a full appreciation for her ass crack.

"It looks absolutely edible." It was easy to tell that I was drooling now. Jenny climbed up on the bed on her knees right beside me legs slightly apart. I couldn't breathe as I was so in awe of her full red haired bush, it was gorgeous.

"What about this little pussy of mine?" She didn't give me a chance to answer as before I knew it her ass was in my face as she sat on me facing my feet. Instantly, she began grinding her ass and cunt in my face. I licked and sucked any part of her I could catch. All of it tasted so wonderful it didn't matter that she was so excited that I only got a second or so at each spot before she moved it away. I didn't care as soon I would revisit each kissable millimeter of her rump and cunny.

Finally, I grabbed her butt cheeks in my hands and she settled in a bit. Her honey pot was dripping from the clit fucking. Eagerly I scooped her sweet nectar into my mouth. Since she was now fingering her clit I moved back to her tight anal opening and voraciously kissed and sucked that sexy asshole. She moaned, "Oh fuck yes, God damn it this is fucking wonderful eat me up, Oh God yes!"

I really wanted to tell her how great her butt and cunt tasted but my mouth was full and I thought I might drown in the juices flowing from my sexy sister. My cock was once again at full attention as she continued to squirm on my face. Lightly she caressed my member as she arched her back letting the orgasms roll over her. Huskily she growled, "No one has ever eaten me up so good before. Shit, right now I need this big cock in my tunnel, oh God big brother fuck me!"

Slipping off of my face and climbing onto her hands and knees. Jenny was dripping her juices as she got into position beside me. I hadn't been this anxious to get my prick into a woman's pussy since my wedding night. Springing up behind her glorious ass I breathlessly chimed in, "That is the best fucking caboose I have ever seen. Do you want me to drive my golden spike into your Continental Divide, Sis?"

"Oh yes, full steam ahead, full throttle; fuck me hard and strong!" I sunk my full cock all the way into her cunt. It was slick with her honey but I felt like the skin was being ripped off of it as her tunnel was so tight. She squealed as I withdrew and slammed full force once again back into her. My hands held onto her fanny for support as we continued.

Over and over again I rammed myself hard into my sister's twat. Her hips came up to meet mine. Sweat poured from my brow as my balls slapped her thighs. I swear that I could feel my cock turning red from the friction of this terrific fuck as her juices ran down my nuts. Begging I pleaded with her, "Let me cum inside of you sweet slut, I want to fill you up with my cream; please let me cum!"

"Oh yes bastard fill me up with your seed; plant your seeds in my garden; oh God yes!" The room echoed with the sound of skin slapping on skin. My hands were now digging into her hips.

"Shit, bitch, I'm going to spray my juicy stuff all over your fucking garden. I'm going to shoot all of my cum in your fucking twat!"

"Oh yes, use your spray nozzle to fertilize my garden. Come on Mark fertilize me. Oh holy fuck I need to be fertilized by you; I'm fucking cumming!" Just then I let out a torrent of my sticky cream deep into her pussy as she growled having obviously cum herself. I was so turned on that my prick showed no sign of growing limp. Jenny, for her part, was still hot and ready for more action.

She pulled away and rolled onto her back spreading her legs far apart. This hot vixen was now waving her cunt at me as she motioned for me to mount her missionary style. Out of breath and a little sore I could not let her down. My motto had always been never to stop pleasuring a woman until she called it quits and my sister certainly was entitled to the same treatment even if it killed me.

Within seconds my cock was back in that wonderful cunt. Her legs were wrapped around me and she was scratching her fingernails into my spine. Whenever our mouth's got close enough together we nipped and kissed at each other like a couple of animals in heat. She yelled, "God damn it, give me every fucking drop of that fucking sperm; I need every fucking bit of it! Don't stop until my cunt is full of it!"

"Jenny, you want it you've got it. Come on swallow me up; take all of me!" I shot off another load of my spunk. It wasn't near as big as the one had been a couple of minutes earlier but it sure felt fantastic. Suddenly, Jenny fell limp and I knew she was fully satisfied. Grabbing one of her big boobies in my hand I snuggled in beside her and we slept together the whole night through.

The phone rang with the wake up call just as the sun was coming up. Jenny explained she wanted to get an early start to the day besides she had a surprise for me. We kissed passionately and Jenny successfully thwarted my advances explaining there would be plenty of time later. Besides, she reasoned, if we fucked now there wouldn't be very many of my sperm built up to fill up her hot little cunt. Reluctantly I gave up on her.

After a quick continental breakfast we got our day started. My sister wanted to tour the brewery because our parents had never taken us as kids. But, before we did that she wanted to climb aboard Old 346 one more time before they got it ready to run the next day. Casually we walked to the museum getting there just as they unlocked the door.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:34 PM
We showed our membership card and walked straight through the front of the museum and out to the locomotive. As Jenny climbed up the steps I looked up her skirt hoping to see what kind of panties she was wearing. My eyes popped out of their sockets. I was greeted by the sexiest pair of nude pillowy ass cheeks in the entire State of Colorado. Without thinking I ran my finger up the deep crevice.

Ignoring me she went straight for the fireman's compartment. She turned around as I walked in and gave me the same devilish look that she had given me when we were kids that always resulted in me getting in trouble for listening to her. She cooed, "Mark, come over and ring the bell. After all you did fuck last night."

"Ok sis, I guess I can if it will make you happy." Looking around I was ecstatic that there was no one else around yet this Friday morning. She patted my ass as I squeezed by her soft body. Jenny pushed on my shoulders to get me to sit down on the seat. Reaching above my head I began pulling on the bell chord ringing out my pride of getting a fantastic fuck the previous night.

Smiling up at Jenny with pride in what we had done I watched as she looked all around our surroundings. Suddenly she lifted up her shirt and showed me her large orbs. Moving quickly into position she pulled her shirt over me covering my head smothering my face into her soft chest. Quietly she barked out her order, "I want to ring the bell, too. Bite my boobies while you pull out that big fucking prick of yours. Then I am going to fuck the hell out of you. I've dreamed of this moment for over ten years; oh shit yes!"

Ravenously I sucked and nipped at her ripe melons as I fumbled with my pants trying to free my cock. It took nearly a minute but I eventually got the stiff pole free. Seeing my cock pointing toward the morning sun Jenny slowly moved down to capture it. As she did her shirt popped off of my head as it got too tight. Her cunt swallowed up my manhood sucking it right in like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner.

"Someone might catch us, Jenny; oh God, you feel fabulous, oh fuck," I groaned in appreciation. Even as I protested I settled in to fuck her digging my hands into her butt cheeks. She arched her back as she began moving up and down my length. She was oblivious to the world around us as her movements intensified while fucking me faster.

"Markie, don't fucking stop; I want you to cum in my hot tunnel!" Her hips were pounding against my lap as her thrusts got more furious on her road to orgasm. My head was in a vice like grip as she pulled it toward her chest while she arched her back further and further back. I thought she might pull us off of the small chair.

Looking up I saw her biting her lip trying to keep from making any loud noises that might give us away before we came. Not able to hold it back any longer (and not really wanting too for fear of being found out) I let loose a large torrent of spunk in her fiery cunt. Her face was flushed as she was also in the midst of her own release.

Jenny suddenly reached up and frantically began ringing the old engine's bell. Clang, clang, clang the bell rang out telling the entire neighborhood that I had filled up my sister's twat with a massive load of jism. A broad smile filled up her face as she was obviously delighted with her accomplishment. I started to reach up to stop her just as she let go and slid off of my lap.

Looking down I saw a small ring of Jenny's honey on my trousers. Jenny giggled when she noticed it. Always prepared she took a rag out of her handbag and wiped me off. Then, she dug a pair of panties out of the bag and slipped them on. Calmly we exited the engine getting curious looks from the half a dozen people who now populated the grounds since Jenny had mounted me.

We walked back to the hotel and Jenny got a little better dressed before we toured the brewery making sure she had a bra on and a little longer skirt. We spent the next two days as lovers getting to know each other better in that very special way. On Saturday, our last day, we returned to the museum for the August steam up taking several rides in the old fashioned passenger cars as 346 took us for a ride almost as fun as those of the previous days.

It would be 19 years until Jenny and I made it back to the train museum when we met there on December 1 of 2005 to stay over for the annual Santa Claus steam up the following Saturday. This occasion would be even more special than our sexual discovery of 19 years earlier.

Our lives returned to normal when we got home except we would meet and fuck every chance we got. About a month after we got back Jenny told me that she was pregnant and that the baby was mine as she had made sure her husband had wore condoms all summer long. She was very excited and I was very worried. That is when she revealed that it had been her intention to have a baby of mine the whole time. It took a little getting used to but finally I accepted the facts and we resumed our love life. Read the next chapter to see what trouble Jenny got me into over the next 19 years climaxing with our adventures recently in the snowy foothills of Colorado.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:35 PM
346 Steam Up Ch 2
Daughter and wife get all steamed up

It would be an understatement to say that I was shocked when my sister, Jenny, told me that she was pregnant with our baby. I just couldn't believe she had seduced me while we were on vacation in Colorado. Not only did she want to fuck the hell out of me but was hoping to become pregnant in the process.

After much rancor and arguing that I won't trouble you with here it was decided that Jenny would keep the baby and as far as everyone knew Ernesto, her husband, was the father. My role would be that of uncle; maybe a little closer than most. With that resolved we went about our usual lives as we watched Jenny's belly grow.

The following May Jenny delivered a healthy baby girl and my wife, Diane, and I were named Godparents. Jenny made sure to swear me to absolute secrecy every chance she got for the first few months of Laurel's life. One skeptical scientific look at Laurel would be enough for the observer to know that Ernesto was not the father of this beautiful girl.

After all, Laurel had golden hair and blue eyes while Ernesto had jet black hair and brown eyes. The child had none of Ernesto's Hispanic features and looked a lot like my children. But, luckily nobody paid any attention to genetics as we were all having too much fun watching Laurel grow up before our eyes.

Throughout the next ten years my sex life was wonderful between what my sister and wife shared with me. Diane was no wimp in the bedroom but there was something exciting about sex with Jenny. She liked to take chances like rubbing my cock through my pants while we stood at the counter at a bank. Or even better was the time Jenny gave me a blow job in the grocery store parking lot when we had been sent out for some beer.

Then came the first time the shit hit the fan when Diane confronted Jenny about Laurel's father. After some coaxing she admitted that Ernesto was not the daddy. Jenny squirmed out of it by telling Diane that Laurel had been conceived during a brief fling and was able to leave it at that. But, of course, that wasn't the end of it as the next summer Diane saw Laurel in a two piece bathing suit.

It turned out that Laurel had the same birth mark on her that looked like a tiger on her back that I did. To say that Diane was furious would be an understatement. As soon as we walked into our home from visiting with them Diane swung around and kicked me in the nuts and screamed, "You bastard you fucked your slutty sister, and Laurel is your daughter. Don't deny it mother fucker."

Bent over practically in half in agony I admitted it. There was no point in denying it. It was obvious that Diane had somehow figured out Jenny's and my not so little secret. If anyone would be forgiving it would be Diane as I had caught her cheating a couple of years earlier and we had threesomes with a neighbor lady a couple of times.

But, I also knew that this was different as I not only had fucked my own sister but had fathered a child with her. About an hour into the argument I got a slap across my face when I admitted to still having sex with Jenny. Her face turned beet red as she roared, "What the fuck isn't my horny pussy good enough? Do you have to fuck your own damn sister? Is her pussy that good?"

"Oh fucking God honey, your pussy is fucking unbelievable. I never meant to fuck Jenny but it is like she has a spell over me I can't seem to keep my hands off of her and cock out of her." I took a chance on being absolutely truthful with my wife. While still clearly angry her tone did seem to soften a bit. It was as if she remembered telling me a couple of years earlier that Jenny was the sexiest woman she knew and if she weren't my sister a threesome would be worth considering.

Believe it or not I stood there getting turned on pondering what my sexy wife would say next. Diane has 38C boobs and blonde hair to match mine topping off her perfect hour glass figure. As she spoke I knew she had remembered that comment as she snarled, "Get that bitch over here. Call her up and tell her that I am gone and you need a good hard fuck. I'm going to make that slut mine!"

"Diane, I can't do it; besides, she won't come over because Ernesto would get suspicious."

"You had better get her over here or Ernesto will do more than suspect as I will tell him about you and Laurel's matching birth marks. I want to taste pussy again!" I had no idea whether Jenny was still into making it with girls on occasion, but decided I had better call her. Much to my surprise Jenny jumped at the opportunity for an extra encounter with me. It would take her at least ten minutes to get to our house.

"Diane, she said she would come right over," I said very nervously not sure what to expect when Jenny walked through the door. Diane kicked off her shoes and walked toward me with a strange combination of a snarl and smile on her face. I stood there like a statue knowing I was at her mercy.

"That bitch won't know what hit her; this could be a hell of a lot of fun, Mark." While still obviously pissed about finding out about Jenny and me her sex drive had now taken control. This could be very interesting as if Jenny was into what Diane wanted from her anything could happen between the three of us.

"I want you naked when our slut gets here," she continued. Savagely she unbuttoned my shirt and ripped my pants from my body. Still uneasy I just stood there as she stripped down to her bra and panties. I licked my lips as I felt drool running out of my mouth.

"My God, Diane you are fucking sexy."

"Don't try and sweet talk me now after what you did with your own sister." Shit, I wasn't totally out of the dog house. My normally sweet and demure wife reached for my cock and gave it a tug that nearly sent me sprawling onto the floor. As she pumped her fist up and down it's length she told me that I was to answer the door totally nude and as if nothing was up giving my sister a lusty greeting and then Diane would take it from there.

My sister must have flown over as I was just getting into my wife's hand job when the door bell rang. Diane quickly scampered into hiding in the kitchen just around a corner from the front door. Taking a deep breath I pulled open the door and saw Jenny's eyes pop out of their sockets.

"My God, Mark, you are a little anxious aren't you?" my sister asked. I let her squeeze by me using my ass to push the door shut. Then grabbing her around the waist pushed her against the door jam that led into the kitchen.

"Fuck yes; I need all of the sweet pussy that I can get." Stunned she stood there looking up into my eyes as I leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss. I made sure not to mention anything about why I was nude following my wife's instructions to the letter. Behind Jenny I saw Diane approach with a big smile on her face.

Jenny was just beginning to give me another kiss when Diane's hip brushed against me which was the signal for me to jump away. As soon as I moved Diane took my place and grabbed Jenny's shoulders and pinned them against the wall. If Jenny had looked surprised to my answering the door naked then her current expression was one of horror.

"You god damn bitch you've been fucking my husband; your own fucking brother. And yes, I know that he is Laurel's dad, a short fling my ass! W This asshole says you have some kind of wonder pussy. I don't fucking believe it but I am going to find out you little slut," Diane roared as Jenny cowered in fear.

Truthfully I wasn't sure about what Diane was going to do. I wasn't sure whether lust or anger was winning out now that she was confronted by her sister in law in the flesh. Her hands moved down to my sister's breasts flattening them against her chest as Jenny answered, "Diane, I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself."

"The fuck you couldn't, cunt! I want to see that fucking cunt of yours in action and judge for myself if it is really a wonder pussy!" Jenny was now confused and judging from the look on her face a bit excited. Suddenly Diane ripped open Jenny's blouse and buttons went flying all over the place. It turned out that Jenny hadn't wanted to waste time either as she didn't have a bra on underneath the blouse. So, now her 36C's popped clearly into view. Roughly Diane grabbed one of her boobs and sucked it into her mouth.

"I am not a lesbian," Jenny screeched as she tried to push Diane away. My wife had a firm grip on her jugs however.

"You are now bitch, that is unless you want me to go into the other room and call Ernesto." The truth of the matter was that I knew Jenny had in fact been with other women and had enjoyed it but still preferred men. I had thought that her experimenting with women was over. A look of resignation came over my sister lover's face as Diane sucked a boob back into her hungry mouth.

"Damn it Diane you win. I'll do what you fucking want, but this door jam is killing my back." I laughed out loud as my sister had just been confronted by her brother's wife about cheating and was being pushed into a lesbian encounter and her biggest complaint was the door jam. Promptly Diane grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her to the living room sofa. Diane grabbed Jenny around the waist and quickly shoved her pants and panties to the floor as she moved in for a kiss.

"Mark, pull down my panties and slide that cock of yours into my crack. As for you my new little slut kiss me and then down on your fucking knees." At first, Jenny kissed Diane very tentatively but in seconds their tongues were dancing rhythmically together. With one push Jenny found herself looking right at Diane's bush. Diane had never had her cunt eaten while standing up before but that is exactly what she wanted my sister to do to her. My cock quickly found it's own rhythm between my wife's ass cheeks as I removed her bra and began toying with her D cups.

I felt Diane's ass lower slightly as she spread her legs as she hugged Jenny's mouth into her hot center. It wasn't long before I heard the sound of Jenny slurping up pussy juice from Diane. I gasped, "The is so fucking hot, Diane."

"Oh yes, Jenny's tongue is a real pussy pleaser Mark hold me up, don't let me fall." Diane slid her hand back between us and put my prick between her legs so that I was now fucking her cunt lips right toward Jenny's hungry mouth. It wasn't the most comfortable position, with my legs bowed out so that my prick was at the right level to rub against my wife's cunt lips. But, with each thrust forward Jenny gave my rod a sensual lick while flicking her tongue against Diane's clit on my backstroke.

Jenny got the hang of pleasing both of us quickly. Both and Diane and I were now moaning in extreme pleasure as Diane's cunt juices were thoroughly covering my prick. As I gave Diane's tits a hard squeeze her whole body tensed up and then she shuddered hard as Jenny's clit licking had resulted in giving her a massive orgasm. I whispered, "I told you she was good."

"Oh fuck, that was good but, I still haven't seen that so called magic pussy of yours, Jenny. Oh shit, Jenny lay down on that couch and spread them," Diane was wheezing and trying to catch her breath as she said this. My sister pulled away with Diane's cum dripping from her chin and slid back onto the sofa. Placing one leg against the back of the sofa and the other flat on the floor she used her fingers to pull apart her hot pink twat lips.

"Well, Diane come and get it," she cooed smiling broadly up at the other lady. Diane slid right off my cock and into position between the younger lady's thighs. Almost instantly, I heard her slurp away at Jenny's hot little honey pot. Diane's ass was sticking straight up in the air as groans of joy were being elicited from Jenny. The sight was just to inviting so I climbed in behind my wife and thrust my cock right into her pussy.

I watched my wife go crazy eating away at my sister's cunt as Jenny ground it slowly in her face. Jenny was really into it as she twisted and tortured her own nipples. I thrust my cock hard in and out of Diane's hole; pounding her harder than I can ever remember doing in the past. It wasn't long at all before I came in buckets inside of her twat.

Once Jenny had screamed out her own orgasm Diane climbed up her body. Jenny threw her arms around her new lover and the two kissed passionately. Jenny's hands were roughly kneading Diane's ass. My prick was already hardening back up watching the action before my eyes. Then Diane slid off of Jenny and onto her knees beside the couch. She resumed kissing Jenny as she began playing with the other girl's tits.

"Ok, bastard, if her cunt is so fucking magic I want you to fuck it right now Mark, fuck your sister, shoot your fucking cum deep into her damn cunt!" Jenny just smiled at me and lifted her cunt up toward my pecker. As turned on as I was you wouldn't have known that I was over 40 as my cock was ready to meet my wife's demands. Getting down on my knees I slid my prick easily into her slippery depths.

To my surprise Diane leaned over and kissed me sensually on my mouth. Then her hands traveled down both of our bodies. She used one hand to frig Jenny's clit as my cock pounded that hot pussy furiously and the other hand was on my ass. Spreading my ass cheeks she violently jabbed three fingers inside of me and played in my shit hole.

Jenny saw to it that Diane wasn't being ignored as she had two fingers inside of her cunt finger fucking her while she diddled her clit with her thumb. Jenny's hips slammed over and over against mine and soon I emptied a large load of spunk into her hotbox. We continued playing for another hour or so.

As Jenny got her clothes back on we had a conversation about what came next after Diane made sure to inform us again about how furious she was that we had done all of this behind her back. For some reason, we decided to keep things a secret from Ernesto. The feeling was that telling him would cause Jenny bigger problems than maintaining the status quo.

We had no problem choosing not to tell Laurel who her father was. It was obvious that it could have crippling effects to learn about it during her teenage years. We decided that we would wait until an appropriate time shortly after she graduated high school when the worst of the teenage years would be behind her.

All three of us continued to have sex with each other but rarely as a threesome over the next several years. Our instincts about telling Ernesto were proven right as when he got curious and figured things out he and Jenny ended up apart. He did consent to conceal my identity as Laurel's father until this last summer when she graduated from high school. He left it up to Jenny and me to break the news to our daughter.

Unfortunately things kept getting in the way of telling Laurel about her genealogy this summer as more immediate matters kept getting in the way. So, in September Jenny proposed that we head off to Colorado for a long weekend in early December. The Colorado Railroad Museum would be having their annual Santa Claus Steam up.

She had this idea that it would be better to tell Laurel about things with the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and at the scene of Laurel's conception. It sounded a little crazy to me but I agreed. I had to concede one point that at least we wouldn't be interrupted and Laurel would be able to let loose all of her feelings without any outside interference.

Secretly I also hoped that Jenny would find a way of getting into bed with me back at the scene of the crime. We got into Denver International Airport early on Thursday evening, rented a car, and hurried out to Golden. On the long drive across the metropolitan area Jenny sat in the front seat with me while Laurel still wondering why it was just the three of us made herself comfortable in back.

Glancing over at Jenny I noticed that she was smiling broadly at me as evidently she had noticed the erection in my pants. Laurel at five foot three inches tall was too short to see over the seat and even if she could had fallen asleep before we hit the interstate highway. Turning my attention back to the road I soon felt Jenny's fingers on my zipper pulling it down. Quickly she pulled my hard-on out and began gently stroking me.

She wasn't trying to make me cum as it was a nice gentle soft stroking. It was sexy enough that I was having trouble keeping my eyes on the road. There it was beautiful Golden. It sure had grown a lot since Jenny and I began our sex life there nearly twenty years ago. As soon as we pulled into the hotel parking lot Laurel woke up and I hurriedly shoved my prick back into my britches.

Not being able to help myself I watched Laurel stretch as she shook the sleep from her pretty young body. There under the parking lot lights I found my cock get stiff at the sight of her double D boobs that were stabbing out of her sweater. Then, as I followed her to our adjoining rooms I almost fainted watching the sway of her absolutely mammoth ass. I couldn't understand how such a big ass could be on such a short lady.

Two people could kiss on it and never bump heads. My cock was twitching in my pants at the nasty thoughts I was having of getting lost in her ass or burying my head between her glorious melons. I had to remind myself that we were here to tell this big assed foxy girl that she was my daughter.

I was hotter than I had been in years as the gentle swaying of her butt was unbelievable. Once we got things put up in the room Laurel asked her mother if she could take a quick tour around the hotel. Jenny agreed and my eyes followed Laurel's ass from the room.

Jenny was standing by the bathroom counter and as soon as the door shut I rushed over and yanked down her pants and pulled out my hard rod. I didn't even pull down her panties. As I pulled the silky crotch to the side my sister braced herself on the counter by the sink. I flicked my cock against her moist lips as she squealed out, "Hurry up Mark, Laurel will be back real soon, this may be our only chance this weekend. Get that fat cock inside of me right fucking now!"

Determined that this wouldn't be the only time I would have her during our trip I slid my pecker right in. My cock easily made the journey in and out of my sister's hot twat. She was fingering her clit like a whirlwind as I muttered, oh shit, I love your cunt! Let's tell her tonight and get it over with."

"OK, but right now give me your fucking cum," she replied panting. After only about three minutes I let loose a load of semen deep in her cunt. We finished just in time as we heard Laurel come in the door of her and Jenny's room. Jenny had just gotten her pants refastened when Laurel walked in carrying three soda pops and three candy bars.

I hadn't even wiped Jenny's cream off of my prick as I was in such a rush to zip my fly. Thanking Laurel for the sodas Jenny steered her over to the edge of the bed. The two ladies sat on the edge of the bed while I sat about a yard away in a chair next to the table. The conversation started slowly as we told Laurel some of the stories from our childhood which she had undoubtedly heard many times before.

Eventually we worked our way up to our visit to the museum 19 years earlier. The whole time we sat there I had a throbbing erection. I couldn't help myself with those two pair of big boobs directly in front of me. To my surprise I found myself concentrating more on Laurel's boobs than her mom's. My thoughts drifted away several times.

Jenny brought me sharply back into focus when she began describing the events of that first day at the train museum. Over the next three hours emotions went wild with lots of yelling and crying. But, it was clear that Laurel while very upset just wanted to understand everything and why her mother would want to make a baby with her own brother. I am not sure if our answers made any sense or not.

She was reassured that Ernesto knew about everything and still considered her his daughter regardless of the biological facts. Without going into all of the details the talk ended with mother and daughter hugging. Then the petite girl walked the couple of steps to me and sat on my lap and hugged me pressing her breasts against my neck and in a rather sultry voice asked me, "So, what do I call you now?"

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:35 PM
"Well, Laurel, I hadn't really thought about that. When we are alone or with your mom call me whatever you like; Mark, daddy, pop, Uncle Dad, or whatever. But, around your dad or the rest of the family you better make it Uncle Mark." My cock was twitching out of control in my britches and I knew that she could feel it.

Instead of hurrying to get off of me Laurel hugged me even tighter. Mindlessly my hand traveled down to her huge ass. Suddenly I found myself wanting her young body more than I had ever wanted any woman as I cupped her soft flesh through her clothing. Almost cooing she replied, "Well, you must be really sweet and special for my mom to carry on with you for almost 20 years so you will be my sweet daddy."

"Thank you, Laurel," was all I could muster from my aroused state. There was no question in my mind that this little fox was ever so slightly wriggling her hips against my penis on purpose. I wanted her to stay but needed to push her off of me. Looking over at Jenny she was just smiling glad to still have a positive relationship with Laurel. Then it was Laurel's turn to drop a bombshell.

"You know what Mom, Sweet Daddy was staring at my ass earlier and then at my boobs while we were talking," Laurel said softly.

"Of course, he stares at anything that is female, he is a typical man," her mother countered.

"Mom, I think this was more than the usual check it out look that guys give me. I think he wants to have sex with me. But, that is ok because I want him too."

"What the fuck are you saying young lady?" her mother yelled as I was just there as a spectator.

"Mommy, I am saying that I know why you fuck Mark and I want to fuck him too. I have wanted to make out with both of you for a long time. Mom, I even watched you in the shower and played with myself thinking of touching you." Jenny and I were stunned as silence fell over the room. We took turns looking one another in the eyes trying to figure out what was next. Laurel was now grinding her ass harder against my cock.

"Sweet Laurel, you'd better join your mom on the bed while we talk some more," I said wanting to ravage this sweet young girl. Reluctantly she got up and her entire face turned into a frown with sad puppy dog eyes. Jenny took Laurel's hand and motioned her daughter to go with her to their room.

"Mark, I need to talk with Laurel for a minute alone, I'll be back," Jenny whispered. I watched the two ladies leave the room. I have no idea what Jenny said to Laurel but it took longer than a couple of minutes as I watched TV for half an hour. Finally, Jenny came back alone and told me that Laurel was serious and had evidently fantasized about seducing both of us for a long time. She had managed to get glimpses of both of us naked and was able to describe are private features perfectly.

"So, Mark, was she right? Are you lusting for our daughter's body; tell the truth." I hadn't really expected this question, at least, not this straight up. I thought for a second about the consequences of whatever answer I gave. I decided the truth had worked with Diane so I would try it with Jenny.

"I could never lie to you Jenny. I have had a hard-on all night thinking about Laurel's butt and tits. If she were any other lady I would probably be in bed with her right now fucking the hell out of her if she let me and feeling guilty later because of my love for you and Diane ." I hoped I answered correctly.

Not, that I expected seriously that I would be allowed in my daughter's panties but that Jenny would respect my truthfulness and not hate me. More importantly, I wanted Jenny to continue to let me, at least, continue to sleep with her. She answered sweetly, "Thanks for being straight with me. Now, now all we have to do is decide what to do about this situation. And to answer your unasked question, Laurel gets my juices flowing too."

I was getting tired of talking but Jenny evidently wasn't. What was worse we decided nothing except to play things by ear. We called Laurel back into the room. Laurel had made her own decision as she came in with her hair tied back into a pony tail and wearing matching black bra and bikini panties, saying, "Are you all finished talking, now?"

"I think so," I answered gulping and gasping to get the sound out. Laurel just kept walking closer and closer to us. Her mother's face turn beet red.

"Laurel, where did you get such underwear?" her mother asked.

"From your dresser drawer, do you like them? They are both too tight; I guess I must be a little bigger than you." Laurel had made an understatement as both garments were clinging to her body I don't know how she had gotten them on. What was worse for our meager resistance was that Laurel was sensually rubbing her tummy with her hand making sure to graze against both her panties and the undersides of her twin melons.

"They sure look good on you," I meekly acknowledged.

"Thank you sweet daddy," Laurel purred as she reached out and grabbed my pecker through my jeans. Both Jenny and I were obviously turned on by this vixen and couldn't say no. So, Jenny waved the flag of surrender and asked the only question left to ask.

"Laurel, are you sure that you want this? It is incest and considered to be terribly wrong." Jenny answered simply by opening up her other hand revealing two condoms and turning toward her mother and giving her a quick little kiss on the lips. Then she looked me in the eyes and stuck her tongue into my mouth while rubbing her pelvis against me.

"Oh god, mommy and daddy I want pussy and cock again. You two are so fucking hot, I am on fire!" Well, she wasn't a virgin, not that I figured that she was as hot as she looked. For the next few minutes we just took turns kissing each other while Laurel removed our clothing until we were all in our underwear.

"Ladies shouldn't we get on the bed, it would be more comfortable?" I asked. Laurel jumped in first throwing the condoms onto one of the pillows as she laid on her stomach. Jenny and I looked at each other and smile a knowing smile. Jenny got on one side of Laurel and I got on the other. We worked together to peel Laurel's panties off of her mammoth rump and down her smooth legs.

We each grabbed a large hunk of the cheek closest to us and began playing with it as we buried our mouth deep into her soft pillowy flesh. In seconds Laurel began moaning in pleasure. As I had thought our heads never even came close to touching each other until we worked toward the center of her stinky hot ass. I was disappointed when Jenny got her tongue deep down into the cavernous crack first.

Jenny's tongue expertly worked up and down the whole length working over the entire area hungrily until she reached Laurel's rosebud. As Jenny stabbed her tongue into the tight little brown hole I had become frustrated at the sexy sight. So, quickly I moved across the bed to Jenny's ass and ripped her underwear off. My sister let out a squeal of surprise but soon I was lapping up her asshole while she did the same to Laurel.

The smell of the ladies asses soon filled my nostrils. Their asses were both moving rhythmically as they let out little groans of pleasure. Jenny gave me a thrill when she started to play with my cock with her feet and I joined in the groaning. Suddenly Jenny moved her mouth from her daughter's shit hole and called out, "Laurel rollover and let's see your monstrous boobs and bush, oh fuck I need to suck your titties."

In a flash Laurel had rolled over. I wasn't going to miss out and my mouth and hands were on her bra covered boobie before she had gotten comfortable. Jenny was not far behind as within seconds her lips were locked on the other globe. Reaching under Laurel's back I unfastened her bra while Jenny pushed the material off of the twin masterpieces.

Laurel's nipples are a soft pink and about twice as big as pencil erasers. The areolas are about two inches in diameter. I would have thought that these massive boobs would have fallen to the side when she lay on her back but they were pointing like twin arrows toward the ceiling. That is how firm her orbs were while still maintaining their sexy soft squishiness. I dove in sucking her very hard erect nipple between my lips.

We attacked our daughter's boobs like starving animals licking and sucking wildly. Her soft satin like skin felt wonderful under my fingertips. Soon Laurel was throwing her head from side to side as her whole body writhed in ecstasy. She called out, "Oh my God, Mommy and Daddy this is unbelievable; it feels fucking fantastic, don't stop."

With that said Laurel reached down between all of us and began to play with my cock and her mother's pussy. My blood was now boiling and I wasn't going to let Jenny beat me out again. I left both tits to my sister as I quickly moved down my daughter's body. As I kissed her stomach just under her belly button I noticed that the bush her mother had asked to see wasn't there as Laurel's crotch was totally hairless.

Even though she was 18 and a half years old her cunt looked like it belonged to a young girl. Jenny sighed as she saw what I was up to but made the most of it as she yanked both of her little girl's tits into her hands making Laurel squirm in delight. I pushed Laurel's legs apart allowing the strong aroma of her honey to fill the room.

Her sweet pink cunt lips appeared slightly swollen and it was almost as if they were puckered up to kiss someone. As I swung around putting my body between her legs I noticed that her hard little clitty was already peeking out from the sultry slit. Eager to be eaten Laurel pulled her knees up and away from each other serving up a fine hot treat. Her entire juicy hole came into view.

The petite girl shuddered when I ran a finger around her moist twat. Continuing the exploration I pushed my index finger inside of her and discovered that I could barely get it in as her cunt was unbelievably tight. As I finger fucked her I moved into position and gave her clit a soft little kiss. Her honey was very delicious.

Soon I was buried deeply in her cunt. My tongue was scooping out her sweet nectar for a few seconds then traveling up to her clit to suck and lick at her turgid joy button. I kept my hands busy as I used one to play on her pussy wherever my mouth had vacated and the other played with her asshole. Eventually I got a finger up to my knuckle into her bowels. Laurel had one hand on my head and the other across her mom's back.

Jenny was voraciously pleasuring Laurel's tits. When I peaked up I noticed that both of the girl's orbs were covered in her mother's saliva. Juices were flowing from Laurel's twat. The excitement was getting to be too much for our daughter as she yelled out, "Oh daddy fuck me, God Damn it, I want that big cock inside of me right now; oh yes daddy please fuck me."

As her body shuddered with an orgasm I used my tongue to scoop up a little more honey. Then as I climbed up to my knees I gave Jenny a swat on the ass. She looked up at me as I asked, "Jenny, are you sure about this?"

Our daughter looked pleadingly at both of us while playing with her own nipples as she was obviously turned on and needing to be sexually satisfied. My cock was so hard that my balls hurt and needed their own relief. Jenny didn't answer me but instead reached over to the pillow and grabbed one of the condom packages.

Then, kneeling beside me she ripped open the package and expertly rolled the rubber onto my cock as she gave me a passionate kiss. Backing up slightly Jenny yanked hard on my pecker and pulled it toward Laurel's hole. As my cock head grazed Laurel's hole Jenny urged, "Fuck yes, Mark, fuck the little girl, come on fuck our slut of a daughter."

I didn't believe what Jenny had just said but was too turned on to do anything but start to push my prick into my daughter's hot box. I had fucked tight twats before but this one was simply amazing. It was as tight as many assholes. With each small thrust both Laurel and I let out a grunt. After several pushes I finally bottomed out in her steamy depths.

"Fuck daddy you are so fucking big. God yes, fuck me hard, daddy." When she said this Laurel smiled broadly up at me.

"God, baby girl, this is the tightest pussy I've ever been in. But, if you want a hard fucking that is exactly what you are going to get," I answered her already out of breath.

"Oh yes daddy I want it. Mommy, I've always wanted to do something."

"What is that?" Jenny asked her daughter.

"I've always wanted to have a woman sit on my face while a guy fucked me. Do you think I can do that with you, mommy?" Laurel struggled to get this out as I was now fucking her with a full head of steam. Her hips met me with each thrust as Jenny straddled her little girl's head. In moments I was face to face with my sister as she ground her cunt in our daughter's face.

The sounds of Laurel slurping away at Jenny's twat filled the room. Harder and harder I thrust in and out of that very tight hole. The king size bed was squeaking and protesting under the extreme workout it was receiving. I was truly worried it might collapse. With one final hard push my cock exploded filling up the condom with my seed. Within just a few seconds both ladies had cum in terrific orgasms of their own.

Even though it was December in Colorado all of our bodies were drenched in sweat as we recuperated laying beside each other. Jenny seeing the rubber still on my member carefully took it off and brought it up to her mouth licking off my spunk as she rolled it back up. For my part, I gently massaged all four of their big boobs.

After allowing each other to catch our breath we resumed our lustful session. No hole was left unplugged as we explored one another for the next two hours before falling into a very deep and restful sleep. It wasn't even 8:00 the next morning when Laurel got us out of bed and to the restaurant.

We weren't even allowed to go back to the room before the little minx ushered us out the door and to the Colorado Railroad Museum. At first glance the grounds hadn't changed much since 1986. But, after walking around for awhile we noticed several major upgrades. The most impressive was the addition of a Roundhouse to work on all of the old engines and train cars.

"So where is it?" Laurel asked us with a puzzled look on her face.

"Where is what, honey, "her mother replied.

"You know Engine 346, you know the train that gave you the excuse to fuck Mark; come on and show me where it is, please?" Just then we turned a corner and there she was beautiful 346. Just as her mom had done two decades earlier Laurel ran for the engine and climbed aboard. Jenny and I jogged to catch up with her.

"Well, Laurel, what do you think?" I asked her this question as I stumbled up the steps.

"Well, daddy I don't see how you and mom fucked in here, it is such a small area. Speaking of fucking, daddy get over here and ring the bell so you can get fucked again tonight." I stood still in my tracks until Jenny who had come up behind me gave me a little shove. A bit embarrassed I walked over to the bell chord.

"Ok, I'll ring it because if I don't you two may not let me do anything tonight just to be mean. I gave the chord a yank causing the bell to clang out across the rail yard. Jenny and Laurel beamed proud smiles at me. Then as I released the chord I noticed that Laurel had taken a seat in the fireman's chair. She then lifted up her long skirt and revealed her hot little shaved cunt to her mom and me.

"I want to ring the bell mommy and daddy. Please let me ring the bell. Mommy eat my pussy so that I can ring the bell, pretty please?" She sounded just like a little school girl and Jenny could not resist Laurel when she talked like this. I stood there and watched as Jenny got to her knees and lapped away at Laurel's twat. Laurel must have been really turned on as it wasn't long before she reached up and rang the bell signaling her climax.

She rang it over and over again. The sound echoed through the Colorado foothills. Fearing that someone would come out to investigate why the bell was ringing so long Jenny pried herself away from her baby's hot twat. Pulling several tissues out of her purse she wiped the dripping juices from her chin.

Calmly we climbed from the locomotive cab and went about our tour all smiling a bit broader. The rest of the day went as it would for any other family. That night, at the hotel we checked out of one of the two rooms and had more wild passionate sex. On Saturday we headed back to the museum so that Laurel could experience the thrill of seeing a real steam locomotive run.

Lots of people had gathered for the Santa Claus Steam Up and we made a day of it. Laurel loved riding the train and seeing the smoke pour out of its engine. We were all amazed at how good a job the museum had done in preserving a part of our history. Right on the spot we decided to go back over Memorial Day.

But, as we went back to the hotel we realized that this would be our last night in Golden. So, after an especially nice dinner we got right down to the business of pleasuring each other. Knowing that I had a bit of a fetish for woman's panties Jenny took off Laurel's undies and rubbed the wet crotch under my nose. Seeing what her mom was doing Laurel removed jenny's yellow bikini panties and rubbed my cock with them.

That was just the beginning as soon I was watching Laurel rub her tit in her mom's pussy and then feed her honey covered boob to me. Eventually the ladies were sitting up kissing and playing with each other's massive melons while they were sitting on me. Jenny was fucking me hard as Laurel rode my face with her ass and cunt. But, the highlight of the night for me came a couple of hours later when Jenny had drifted off to sleep.

I finally had Laurel's giant ass all to myself! Using my lips I gave every millimeter of her rump little kisses. Then opening my mouth I used my tongue to lick and suck all over her twin pillows of pleasure. My God, her ass tasted and felt wonderful! Gradually I worked my way toward the dividing line between the cheeks. I pulled her ass open and inhaled deeply. The combination of her womanly smells overwhelmed me.

Soon I was licking and her asshole causing little moans of delight to emit from her. As sensual as this was for me it wasn't good enough so I climbed up behind her and used her cunt honey to lube her asshole up and began pushing my rod into her bowels. Actually, I was amazed at how easily I was able to get inside of her ass.

Laurel was squealing out in pleasure which caused her mother to wake up and join us. As I rammed my cock up Laurel's shithole Jenny crawled underneath of Laurel and sucked her boobs. My cock fired a large deposit of spunk deep into the girl's bowels before shriveling up and falling out.

We woke the next morning about an hour before check-out time giving us just enough time for some fast hot action. With ten minutes to get out of the room we threw on our clothes and shoved things into our suitcases getting to the front desk right at high noon. It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to the weekend in May with these sexy ladies. At the time of this writing it has been about a month since we told Laurel about her real parentage and had sex with her. Everything seems to have returned to normal. Ernesto knows that we told Laurel but they are still maintaining their close father daughter relationship. As for Jenny, Laurel, and myself we have gotten together a few times but the busy holiday season has made it hard to fuck regularly.

I am one lucky son of a bitch with three women that love to fuck me. That might change if Diane finds out that when we went to Colorado last month not only did I fuck my sister but I fucked our daughter. I also suspect that Ernesto and Diane have been up to something especially while we were gone.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:36 PM
But, I won't worry about that now as I promised Laurel that I would get on the Colorado Railroad Museum's website and look up what days they would steam up 346 in May. If I don't get the information she won't let me play with her next time we are alone. Maybe I'll write in a few months with an update on our next adventure, but that is all for now.


02-20-2009, 09:36 PM
Incest... and a curious ailment?

Before you EVEN close this, I have one thing to say. This is not about smoking pot. This is about something a tad more personal. No matter how much I try, I can only last seven minutes. So why the title? Do the math: seven minutes, each with sixty seconds. 420.

At first I thought I was normal. I mean... seven minutes of sex is nothing to sneeze at. It wasn't like I shot off the instant I got hard. I got the idea to time myself from listening to my friends talk about how long they banged this chic or that broad. Seven minutes and I was proud of every second. At first.

For those of you in the medical profession, I know you're wondering if that was only on the first blast of cum. No such luck; no matter how many times I jacked off, got blown, or fucked someone in whichever hole they liked, I lasted exactly seven minutes. No more; no less. I've tried everything to increase the time. This includes hypnosis. Nothing helps.

Now I will say this; seven minutes is a long time to wait for an orgasm. Especially when you want a quickie. When the only thing you want to do is get in, get yours and get out, seven minutes is an eternity. Other than that, there's nothing good about seven minutes of hot sex, other than the sex itself. I try to make those seven minutes the best any woman can get from a guy. From what I've been told, I do a good job on that front. Let me tell you about the first woman to know about my situation. Hold on to your hats, people. This one will be a ride you won't forget.

* * * *

I was fifteen when it happened. My father had gotten shot while at work. Seems he was fucking his secretary and her husband, an alcoholic, found out. One blast from a sawed-off shotgun later and I was without a father figure. Just as well; from what my mother said he was always cheating on her.

Three years later, I had just come home from school on a Friday and was looking forward to spending the night downloading some porn and mp3's. I walked into an empty kitchen, slinging my bookbag down into what I call my Ready Room. The small closet served to hold our cleaning supplies and my schoolbooks. Also made a good hiding place for my mom's stash of weed.

I never said a word, as usual. I made my way up the stairs and was heading for my bedroom when I heard the familiar gasp of sexual release from my mother's room. I smiled; Shelby was over again. Since the incident, my mother, Lily, had found comfort, and sexual release, in the arms and cunt of her best friend Shelby Hill. As I quietly opened my door, I heard my mother's voice.

"Joey? Joey? Is that you, hon?"


"Come here for a moment."

I froze. If what I suspected was true, my mother and her lover would be nude. I Was going to see a woman... TWO women... totally nude and in living color. For a second, I wondered if I should go. One of the women WAS my mother. But a teenager's dick, once awakened, does all of the thinking. And none of it makes any sense to a logical mind.

"Just a moment, mom. I want to check my email."

"Hurry up dear. It's important."

Thanking God for ethernet, I logged on and began downloading from my favorite newsgroup. Normally very selective, I just selected the most files I could and quickly headed out of my room. I knocked softly on my mother's door, noticing that it was slightly open.

"Come in, Hon." She sounded funny. Like she had not cum yet. I knew the sound well because Shelby and she had been interrupted several times by the phone ringing.

I walked in and laid eyes on a sight I will never forget. My mother was on her bed, alone, and her legs were spread wide open. She had a thick silver vibrator ramming into her bald cunt. Talk about a sight to remember!!

"Uh... what is it, mom?" My eyes refused to leave the sight of her spread cunt... and the small ring in her clit.

"I just wanted to know how my only son was doing. And ask him a few questions about his sex life."


"I know about you and Miko. I know she teased my poor boy all night long and left him with blue balls. Come on. Sit down next to me and talk about it." I sat next to her, swallowing hard.

There was nothing really to tell. Miko, head cheerleader and known cocktease, had asked me out on a date. I knew what she was going to do, but I thought like most of her other victims, that I was the one who was going to get inside those pants. I wasn't; she spent the entire night doing everything possible to make me shoot my load in my pants. Too bad she didn't know about my problem.

See... I need seven minutes of actual contact. Ten seconds of teasing here or there simply wouldn't do it. So I guess I actually won. Didn't feel that way to me then.

While I told my mom about Miko, she was sliding that vibrator in and out of her cunt. She was dripping wet; I could see her juices literally squish out of her cunt. The sound was more erotic than any of the porn movies in my growing collection.

"My poor baby. Did it hurt?"

"Yeah. I played with myself as soon as I got home."

"I know. I heard you. Take it out, Joey."

That's when I tore my gaze away from her cunt and locked eyes with my mother. She was staring at me with nothing short of pure lust. She saw my hesitation, and her gaze quickly took on that "Don't give me shit" look. So I rose and began to drop my pants. My dick was harder than it had ever been. I was about to show my dick to a woman... MY OWN MOTHER!! I dropped my pants and underwear and let my dick hang. It was seven inches long, and close to two inches thick. A real monster by teenager standards. Or so I was lead to believe.

"My God," she whispered. Her eyes fixed on my throbbing member and never moved. She licked her lips, and it jumped again. My mind raced. Would she? That's when I blurted out my problem.

"Mom. I can't last more than seven minutes. I've tried everything, but only manage seven minutes. Is something wrong with me?" I held my breath as I waited for her to speak.

"Seven minutes? Well... Let's see." With that. She crawled over to me, lying prone on her bed, and inhaled my dick. All seven inches.

If I didn't know about my special problem, I would have known I would shoot off that instant. She started sucking me off like a woman possessed. I guess she was possessed... by lust. Up and down the length of my dick her head went. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. It was the most wonderful thing I'd ever experienced. Still is.

When I felt myself about to blow, I tried to pull away. She wouldn't have it; she slid one hand around my ass... and slid a finger up my asshole. Holy burning dog shit on an upside down cross that felt good!! But it didn't set me off early. I had been mentally keeping time and knew I had a full fifteen seconds to go. Right on schedule I lost it. Moaning and groaning as blast after blast of cum shot down my mother's throat.

I should have felt ashamed for letting my mother seduce and blow me, but I was too spent. I'd just been blown... by my mother!!! To hell with taboo; that felt awesome! My mother cleaned me off with her mouth, gently sucking my cock as it shrank.

"Seven minutes exactly. Are you finished for the night?" She sounded disappointed. But her question kicked something in my head.

See... I'd never jacked off right after having shot my load. I always waited an hour or so. So I had no idea how long it took me to recover. I'd also never had a blowjob before. So I was in uncharted territory here.

"No, but I don't know how long it will take me to recover. Mom... that was..."

"Our little secret. And Shelby's if you'll let me tell her."

"Only if I can share her," I said with a chuckle.


My mind shut down. Was she serious? Shelby was a stunning black woman with HUGE tits! If my mother were willing to share her lover with her son... would she share me with her? So many thoughts. I nodded quickly. Then my mother rolled over and turned around, sliding over the satin sheets of her bed.

"Eat me. When you're up, fuck me. We'll see how long it takes." She was serious! I'd had sex before, sans a blowjob, so I knew what could happen.

"But you might get pregnant."

"Not unless Doctor Madison fucked up when he tied my tubes. Now get to work, young man." I dropped down to my knees and plastered my face between her legs.

The only woman I'd ever eaten out was my best friend Monica. She was interested in learning about sex, but she wanted her first to be someone she trusted. Not loved; she knew that would probably be too high to reach for. So she chose me. It was a night of discovery for both of us. She has a low boiling point. She came easily and often. All I had to do was concentrate on not hurting her and my own pleasure. Monica was the first cunt I'd ever seen up close. It was just beginning to show signs of a bush, and smelled freshly washed.

My mother thrashed on the bed, obviously enjoying my tongue-lashing. I split my attention between sucking her gushing cunt and my dick. Nothing yet. Mom soared from one orgasm to the next, even commanding me to tongue her asshole. It bothered me... for all of three seconds. Once I did it, I vowed to try it on Monica the first chance I got. Which would be the next day.

My mind, trained to respond to a seven-minute episode, kicked over. I checked my dick; it was hard. Seven down and seven up. I chuckled, yanking yet another orgasm from my mom.

"Oh GOD! Joey! You're killing me! Don't stop!"

"But mom... you said..." Apparently she remembered. She grabbed my head and Pulled me on top of her sweat-drenched body. I felt my dick twitch. She wrapped her hands around my dick, now fully hard, and guided me into her soaked sex.

Christ of a three-legged crutch she was tight! I wondered about that, but chalked it up to her lesbian lover using fingers and small, relatively speaking, dildos. I started off slowly, easing my dick in and out of her clutching chasm.

She must have like it. She wrapped her legs around my back and matched my rhythm. My mind was fogged over. I was fucking my own mother. I still couldn't believe it, but my dick damn sure did. She shook as another orgasm tore her apart. I figure she was done for the day. I was dead wrong. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the cordless phone. My heart skipped. Was she going to call Shelby?

"Shelby? It's Lily. You've got..." She looked at me and I mouthed 'five.' "less than five minutes to get over here." She disconnected, and asked me to pull out.


"And press pause. I want to see if you last seven minutes total or just in one stretch." She got off the bed and staggered to her personal bathroom. I sat still and focused one staying hard. Not that I had a tough time doing that. A little while later, she came out of her bathroom, a royal blue robe wrapped around her beautiful body.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. I remained in the bedroom while she went to let Shelby in. My first interracial experience. My first incestuous experience. What next: anal sex? My dick jumped at that thought, and I agreed. It WAS something to think about, and a good thought at that.

Shelby walked into the room, throwing her tee shirt and bra into a corner. She looked like some African princess, complete with a bald bush. I only now that because she let the short black skirt fall to the floor before making her way over to me.

"Your mother tells me you have a problem. I hope I can help." Her hand felt like velvet as it wrapped around my dick and began stroking it.

"Lily? May I?"

"Go ahead. I'll go and fix us something to eat and drink. Joey?" I grunted. I Heard her chuckle, then silence.

"You've fucked her well, young man. Now let's see how you handle a thirty-three year old asshole."

My eyes snapped open. Ask and ye shall receive! I mentally checked the time: three minutes and thirteen seconds until showtime. She'd let go of my dick, so the clock paused. Crawling onto the bed, Shelby reached into a drawer of the nightstand and produced a half-empty tube of Anal Lube. Guess they did this QUITE often. She handed me the tube. I wondered if this would count, so I decided to squeeze a huge dollop onto her asshole. The brown orifice looked well used, but not sloppy. I didn't touch her, however. I didn't want to set the clock going again. I crawled up behind her... and grabbed my cock. The clock started again.

I slid into her asshole, but it was not easy. It took twenty seconds, and she was moaning like a dying man pleased to die. Once fully embedded, I began a slow in and out motion. Ten seconds later, spurred on by her rising voice, I was fucking her like a madman. My body felt more alive than it ever had did. I was banging my mother's lover and... I turned around and saw my mother fingering her slit slowly. A small silver tray sat on her dresser. That's when I noticed her hooka.

I knew my mom smoked pot. She always had a stash somewhere around the house. I never suspected she would actually offer me some. She didn't but still the implication was there. Later on she told me that I wasn't to smoke until I turned sixteen. Three months to wait. Easy as cake for a teenager who knew he was going to be getting more sex than most full-grown men are. What better substitute for a joint that a pair of ripe and willing tits to suck on!!

Ten seconds before blast off I warned Shelby. I didn't say something cheesy; I grunted and snorted once. She got the message and kicked into high gear, slamming her ass back in time with my thrusts. I tried to hold out for one more second. Just one more tick on the clock. Didn't work; right on schedule I lost it, sending my sperm flying into her asshole. This set her off. Shelby started snarling and snorting and groaning. I honestly thought something was wrong and tried to pull free. Her asshole refused to let me, choosing to milk me dry.

I vibrated through the aftermath of that orgasm, totally spent. Even if I did get another boner I lacked the strength to use it. I flopped on top of Shelby's back and inhaled deeply, forcing air into my lungs. I lay there for more than seven minutes, which really did catch me off guard, before finally pulling free of her. I felt someone stroke my head as sleep finally fell over my eyes.

* * * *

Well... there you have it. I'm twenty-five now and still have the same problem. I have managed to become quite good during those seven minutes of sex, and added more repetitions in the process. I won't say it's been a total success. I once ate a woman out for seven minutes while she blew me and... you guessed it... blew my load right on time. Wound up marrying her too. Monica and I are expecting our first child in less than a month. A bouncing baby boy.

I hope he grows up to me more normal than his old man does. But if not, I'm fairly sure I'll understand.

Oh... I bought one of those tee shirts. Added my own touch to it. So if you see someone walking down a street with a shirt that says:

419: Got A Second?


02-20-2009, 09:37 PM
4th of July With Mom
Mom & Son discover each other

It was hot outside, really hot. It was the 4th of July and Mom and I were relaxing in the pool. We had decided that this year we would just stay home and enjoy our vacation week, hanging out in the pool and watching movies. No work, no schedules, and since we were staying home, no crowds or traffic to contend with. Lying there on the pool float I was thinking how this was just about perfect. The only thing better would be if I had a girlfriend to hang out with instead of my Mom.

It had been a few months since I broke up with Jill.

We had been dating for about six months and we had gotten into a pretty steady diet of fucking each other's brains out. But she had become clingy and was talking about how great it would be to get married and stuff. I didn't have any plans like that, I had just turned 18, and Jill had my life planned out for me.

Jill was on the pill but I always made sure I wore a rubber, just in case. I had heard about girls that trap guys into having a kid and I didn't want any part of that. It wasn't easy to break away from having sex pretty much every day but I got scared something might happen and I would be doomed to having a kid and a wife and all that before I really had a chance to have fun.

So here I was floating in the pool, listening to the radio and drinking margaritas that Mom made. It really wasn't that bad.

I guess I was zoned out in my own world pretty deep because when Mom called my name I didn't hear her at first. "Bobby!... Have you gone deaf?".

I snapped back to reality and looked up to see my Mom standing by the pool ladder holding a plate of food. "uh ... what Mom?" I asked.

"I asked if you wanted some lunch its after 12 0'clock I figured you would be hungry, I made some sandwiches and chips." She replied.

As I got off the pool float and moved toward the ladder I noticed just how good Mom looked today. Of course she always looked good as she worked out pretty much every day and she always wore stylish clothes for work. Mom sold real estate and she was good at it. She made great money and never skimped on her wardrobe.

Mom is 43 and could pass for a woman in her late 20s or early 30's. She is 5ft 1in tall, slender build with a nice set of tits. I checked the tag on one of her bras one day and found out they are 34c. Mom is always smiling and even when she gets upset she can keep her composure very well.

Today she was wearing a bikini that looked great. It had a top that had strings between the triangles of fabric that covered her nipples and the bottom was tied at the sides. It was bright orange and it looked great against her tan skin.

As I climbed the ladder getting out of the pool I was awestruck at just how beautiful and sexy she really was.

We sat at the table and ate lunch while talking about trivial things going on in our lives. After we finished I helped Mom clean up and I got back in the pool while she went to mix another batch of margaritas.

When Mom returned I watched her walk from the house and out to the pool. My brain seemed to have switched to cheesy movie scene mode. Time slowed down, she looked like one of those sexy girls in a movie...walking towards me, like she was walking in slow motion, smiling, her tits bouncing just a bit as she walked towards me.

I didn't know what to think about the thoughts that flew through my brain right then. For a few Moments I wasn't looking at my Mom, I was looking at a beautiful sexy woman.

"Ready for a refill?" Mom asked as she poured herself a fresh glass.

"Sure, don't mind if I do" was my reply as I held my glass out to her.

Even though the legal drinking age was 21, Mom didn't mind if I had margaritas or a few beers with her from time to time. I was 18 and, as she puts it, when she was my age it was legal and what we do in our own house is nobody else's business.

We floated around in the pool, drinking and listening to music for an hour or so. We really hadn't said much to each other during that time, it was as we were each in our own relaxing world. I was brought back to reality when Mom climbed out of the pool and said she was going to go mix up another batch. As she walked across the patio she stumbled a bit and admitted that maybe the margaritas were having an effect on her. I flopped off the raft I was laying on and noticed when I stood up my head was buzzing just a bit. "Woa, feels like they are having an effect on me too".

As Mom reached the house she called back to me "lets get this party goin!" I just laughed and reached up and turned up the music.

A few minutes later Mom emerged from the house with a new batch of drinks and as she walked towards the pool she was doing a kind of dancing step.

She was definitely feeling the effects of the margaritas as she placed the container of the drinks by the edge of the pool then walked towards the ladder to get back in. She stopped at the ladder and did a sexy dance to the music. Wiggling her butt and throwing herself around like a dancer in a strip joint. I was laughing and clapping cheering her on as she did her dance. "Wooooo!" Mom, "Yea! Lets get this party into gear!"

When the song ended mom took a bow and slipped into the pool. We were both laughing and joking around. "I guess I still move OK for an old broad don't you think?"

"Mom you move great! You could probably make extra money workin as a dancer", I replied.

She just laughed, "yea like anyone wants to see an old mom dancing like some hootchie woman".

"Well mom, if ya got it flaunt it".

We laughed and had a few sips of our drinks and began talking.

The margaritas were going down smooth and we were laughing and having a great time. We were both getting a good buzz going. And I was getting a bit horny looking at Mom, especially after she did that dance. Mom said,"You know this reminds me of when I was in college on spring break. Partying and hanging out the around a pool. Playing drinking games or truth or dare".

"You used to play truth or dare?" I asked.

"Yes, many times, I guess we used to get pretty crazy back then".

"How crazy did you get?" I asked, wondering just how much she might admit to. Mom got this funny smile on her face and said, "Well talking about it wouldn't be as fun as playing the game now would it?"

"Oh, are you asking if I want to play truth or dare? Or just brushing me off?" I asked.

Mom thought for a few seconds and that funny smile returned to her face, she took a drink of her margarita and said. "Ok... truth or dare?"

I wasn't sure what she was actually asking at first. I guess her question really took me by surprise. "Huh?"

"Truth or dare? What do you want to do?" she asked.

I thought a second, "Ok I'll take truth"

Mom took a drink and paused then said, "Truth it is... when was the first time you kissed a girl and who was it?"

"That's easy, it was Carol Baker 7th grade after the end of the year dance. And if you want to know anymore it will have to be a separate question." I figured it was better not to elaborate more than I needed to if she wanted to know something make her work for it.

"That's fair", she said. "Ok now your turn. I'll take truth".

It only took a few seconds to come up with my question. "Ok mom... truth, how wild did those spring break parties get?"

Mom closed her eyes and smiled as if she was remembering the past. She took a sip of her drink and with a gleam in her eyes she spoke. "Well they got pretty wild. There was lots of drinking, getting naked and skinny dipping, and lots of other things".

"Wow! Mom guess I didn't ever think of you as having that much fun". My mind was racing wondering about what it would have been like to be at one of those parties. I was feeling pretty good and obviously so was Mom to come out and tell me something like that.

Mom said, "I guess I had a lot of fun when I was your age. But that was before I got married and had you and got old"

"Mom you're not old. At least you don't look it. All my friends think your still pretty hot and so do I. You should get out and have more fun."

"You think I'm hot huh?"

"Yes I do, you really looked hot when you were doing that dance earlier".

Just then I noticed the song on the radio and thought it would be a good song for mom to be dancing to again. "There's a good song on right now, go ahead and dance again. I dare you".

Mom took a drink and moved toward the pool ladder she started getting out of the pool but she was doing her dancing moves. Swinging her hips and gyrating to the music.

I started cheering her on as she moved to the bluesy beat. I was feeling horny already but watching her dance was bringing my cock to full attention. This was great! I clapped and cheered as mom rubbed her hands over her body. When she moved her hands up to cover her tits she grabbed her swim suit top and pulled it open a bit like she was going to flash her tits at me, I figured she was just teasing and really wouldn't flash me but it was fun thinking she might. I cheered louder as she tugged her suit open a bit and then took one hand and pulled her bikini bottom down just a bit to show a part of one butt cheek. She kept dancing and teasing.

Finally I said, "Go for it mom. I dare you!"

I was laughing and enjoying the show when mom reached up and grabbed the tie behind her neck and untied her bikini top then let it fall free exposing her tits. Then she reached behind her and untied the bottom string to remove the top completely. My eyes just about popped out of my head. There was Mom dancing topless. Her magnificent tits swinging and bouncing free.

"Holy shit! Yes! Mom your beautiful!"

Mom was shaking her tits and feeling them, twisting the nipples and they were poking out hard as rocks.

"Lets see you show something now", mom said above the music.

I didn't know what to do. Was mom just joking around or was she trying to actually get me to get naked? I climbed up the edge of the pool and got out on the deck I was only a few feet away from mom I couldn't take my eyes off her tits. I was dancing and turned around and bent over I pulled my trunks part way down and flashed my ass at mom.

"Nice ass you got there young man, shake it!"

Mom was laughing and dancing still showing off her tits. "Want to go skinny dipping?" she asked.

I didn't know what to say or do. By this time I was hard as a rock and I'm sure my cock was visible under the swim trunks. "You first... I dare you!" was my reply. I didn't know if she was going to take this further or not.

Mom reached down and pulled the strings at the sides of her bikini bottoms they untied and she whipped the bottoms right off. At the same time she turned and jumped into the water. I only got to see a flash of her pussy hair before she turned and jumped into the pool. I pulled my trunks down and off and jumped into the pool too.

The music was playing loud, we were both pretty buzzed and now we were both naked in the pool. Mom splashed water at me and I went underwater and swam towards her and grabbed her ankle. We started wrestling around like we did when I was little, splashing and dunking each other. But this time with both of us being naked we were each also copping feels of each other.

I felt moms hand brush my ass and a few times I felt her hand rub my cock. I got a few feels of mom's tits. I came up from behind her and wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight against me. My cock was pressing between her ass cheeks. Mom wiggled loose and turned around, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. We looked at each other for a few seconds then she pulled herself up to me and kissed me. It wasn't a fast, mom / son kiss. It was a full on lips connected, tongues touching, spit swapping kiss.

There we were standing in the water naked, hugging and kissing like two lovers. Mom was breathing heavy and moaning. I thought I was going to pass out. The feeling was incredible! I worked my hand up to feel her breast. Mom let out a moan and broke off the kiss just long enough to say, "Yes! play with my tits".

I started pinching and twisting her nipples, then when our kiss broke off I moved my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it. "Oh, yes! suck my nipple. Make my titties feel good!"

Mom was squirming around and I had both my hands on her ass holding her up while I attacked her nipples. I moved a few feet over and came to rest on the steps of the pool.

Mom and I sat on the steps still kissing and feeling each other. She wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking me. Moving between kissing moms lips and sucking her nipples the only sounds we made were moans of pleasure.

I noticed as I was sucking and biting Moms nipple that her legs were spreading open wide. I was really enjoying the feeling of Mom stroking my cock and I let my hand slide down her stomach towards her pussy. My fingers brushed Moms pussy hair and as they did I felt Mom squeeze my cock harder and the speed that she was stroking me increased. Her legs parted even more as I began rubbing my fingers over her pussy. I felt the wetness of her pussy as my finger slipped just a little bit into her. Mom let out a moan and kissed me harder.

My fingers explored the folds of her pussy. She was very wet and slippery and I began to slide a finger into her. Moms moans increased along with the speed she was stroking my cock. It felt incredible and my hips started thrusting involuntarily in response to her hand motions. Soon I had two fingers twisting in and out of Moms pussy and I was working them in and out at the same speed she was jacking my cock. Mom threw her head back and was moaning "yes, fuck! That feels so good! So good!"

I took a nipple in my mouth and was sucking hard when her hips started bucking and I felt my cock getting ready to explode.

Mom and I both groaned out at the same time as my cock exploded shooting cum all over Moms stomach and tits. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she came hard. I kept finger fucking mom as she had her orgasm and she pumped my cock until I couldn't take it anymore.

Breathing heavy and feeling totally drained I slipped back into the cool water of the pool never taking my eyes of the beauty of Mom. She was sitting back on the pool step with the biggest smile on her face then she looked at me and proceeded to use her fingers to scoop up my cum from her stomach and tits then she licked my cum from her fingers.

"mmmmmmm that was wonderful" she said.

She had a devilish grin on her face as she slipped into the water and came up to me and gave me a hug and kissed me again. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did".

"Mom, It was great! I hope we can make each other feel that way again."

"I'm sure we can and we will", she replied. "I need something to drink right now though"

Mom got out of the pool and grabbed the empty pitcher of margaritas and walked into the house. I propped myself up on the side of the pool and watched her every move.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. Mom and I had just taken a big step into something that we both knew was wrong. But it didn't feel wrong. It felt right. It seemed as if we knew exactly what each other needed. We hadn't spoken hardly a word. It was just us with our bodies touching and we went with the flow toward being closer than we had ever been.

I closed my eyes and tried to reason with myself wondering if this was just a dream or if what just happened was real.

A few minutes later Mom came out of the house with a new pitcher of drinks. She was stunning. Totally naked her tits swayed as she walked. She was smiling and she had a sexy spring in her step.

She poured both of our glasses full then walked over to the pool ladder and slipped into the pool with me. She came up to me and kissed me again.

We kissed and hugged for a long time, our hands roamed over each other. I could tell by the look in her eyes that Mom was feeling the same euphoria I felt. Just wanting to kiss and touch and enjoy this special time together.

As we kissed and touched my cock was hard again Mom was lightly touching it and stroking it. Mom broke off our kiss and gave me a wicked smile. "I want to do something for you", was all she said and she pushed me backwards a few steps till I was against the pool ladder. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it as she did she motioned for me to sit up on the ladder rung. I climbed up a few steps till my cock was just out of the water and Mom started licking my cock. She licked and kissed the head then slipped it into her mouth.

The feeling was incredible. As she sucked me she used her hands to stroke me and play with my balls. Her licking and sucking was feeling incredible. And the way she looked at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe this was really happening. Mom stopped sucking and stroked me.

"Does this feel good? Do you want to shoot a big load for mommy?"

"Yes... suck my cock mom. It feels great!"

Mom started stroking her hand faster and harder on my cock. "I'm gonna shoot!"

Mom took my cock back into her mouth and sucked me deep. That was the final trigger. I started cumming, shooting my load into Moms mouth. She moaned and sucked and swallowed every shot. I emptied my balls into her mouth and she kept on sucking. As my orgasm subsided Mom licked my cock gathering up all my juice.

"Mmmmmm such a big load! I love your big cock! Mmmmmmm...I'm going to enjoy keeping you well satisfied"

My cock deflated slowly, sweat was trickling down my face and chest. I moved back into the pool into Moms arms. We hugged and kissed, neither of us said a word for a long time. It was like we could tell what the other was thinking. Just holding and kissing each other was words enough.

A little while later Mom and I were standing in the pool hugging and kissing when Mom wrapped her legs around my waist. I put my hands on her ass and she started rubbing her pussy against my re-hardened cock.

"Should we try and see if this fits inside me?"

"I would love to fuck you Mom"

Mom reached between us and took hold of my cock and guided it towards the entrance to her pussy. She slowly lowered her cunt onto my throbbing cock. I could feel how slippery and tight her pussy was as my cock inched slowly into her. My cock impaling my own mothers pussy. I wanted to savor the moment. Her pussy was burning with heat, it gripped my cock and felt so good I was afraid I wouldn't last very long. I slowly started thrusting in and out of Moms pussy.

Mom moaned out, "oh my god that feels sooo good. Fuck me and don't ever stop."

We fucked with me standing in the pool for a while. Slow and easy strokes. Mom had her arms around my neck and I held her ass.

She was almost weightless in the water plus the water caused a resistance that slowed the speed of our fucking to full deep strokes.

" Yes fuck my pussy. Oooo It feels sooooo good. Fuck mommies pussy" "oooo so deep!"

We fucked and kissed and enjoyed our first coupling. After a bit mom let go of my neck and slipped away from me.

"Where are you going?"

"I need some good hard fucking so I'm going to go in the grass. Come on I'm not through with you yet!"

Mom climbed the ladder and got out of the pool. I followed right behind her. She walked over to the grass and laid down. As I approached her I could see how beautiful she was.

She laid there in the full sunlight with water droplets glistening on her skin. She spread her legs wide as I started to kneel down between them.

"Fuck me son. Fuck your mommies pussy. Fill me up with your cock and cum."

As I guided my cock into her dripping slit I looked at mom and how she was smiling up at me. I was speechless. I couldn't think of any words to say. I just pushed my cock into her waiting pussy in one long stroke till I was buried all the way into her hot wet cunt.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:37 PM
I leaned over her and kissed her deeply as I started to fuck her. Mom was grinding and thrusting her pussy back at me, matching the rhythm of my thrusts. I positioned myself more upright and grabbed Moms hips. This allowed me to hold her tight and fuck into her with full strokes, fucking her hard and fast.

Mom was moaning and saying "Yes! Yes! Yes" over and over. "ooooo Bobby! Mommies gonna cum!"

I felt her pussy clamp even tighter as she squealed out" "Yes Fuck Me! Fuck Me hard!"

Her back arched and her head rolled back as she climaxed. My cock was being sucked by her pussy. Clamping down hard and it seemed to be pulling me deeper. I couldn't hold back any longer and felt by own orgasm rapidly approaching.

"I'm gonna cum Mom!"

"Yes! Bobby fuck me and fill me up! Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck Me!!"

My cock exploded shooting what felt like buckets of cum into moms pussy. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. My cock pumped and pumped cum into moms pussy. I fucked harder and deeper till I couldn't go any more and collapsed on top of Mom.

We laid there sweating and breathing heavily.

"I love you Mom"

"I love you too son".

I rolled of to the side and let my cock slip out of Mom. We laid there beside each other, eyes closed, regaining our composure.

After a few minutes we got up and went back into the pool to cool off.

We spent the rest of the afternoon kissing and playing with each other.

Later we went inside and had something to eat then went up to Moms room and spent the rest of the night sucking and eating and fucking each other.


02-20-2009, 09:38 PM
A Big Black Mom's Gaping Asshole
Black BBW has fun with sexy son

The family that plays together sticks together. Those words were ringing in my mind as I slid my ten-inch black cock into my mother Astrid Etienne Hydro's asshole. Yeah, those were some strange times indeed. Presently, she's on all fours, her thick and plump body jiggling. Her big butt cheeks are spread wide open and my cock is filling her tight asshole. This is a daily occurrence in our household. My name is Thomas Hydro. A young black man living in the city of Boston. Welcome to my life. Stick around. I've got a story to share with you.

The Hydro family seems like the typical African-American upper middle class family. My father James Hydro is a policeman. My mother Astrid is a college professor. She teaches criminal justice at Bridgewater State College. My brother Jack Hydro is a corrections officer in Plymouth County and my sister Nadya is a saleswoman and a student at UMass-Boston. We live in the affluent town of Milton, Massachusetts. I attend Boston College. Yeah, we seem like your typical normal black family. Unfortunately, folks got no idea how freaky we are. The Hydro family has some timeless family rituals that we perform. They kind of keep us closer together.

I woke up today and went into the kitchen. I found my mother Astrid standing there, cooking. Wearing nothing but a bra and panties. She is quite a sight. Five feet eleven inches tall, thick-bodied and large-breasted, with wide hips and a plump bubble butt. She turned around and saw me. I walked up to her and kissed her on the mouth. She grinned, and kissed me back. We began fooling around. Astrid began stroking my cock. I fondled those large breats of hers and felt up her big plump black ass. Pretty soon, we were both naked. She got on her hands and knees and began sucking on my long and thick, uncut black cock. All the men in the Hydro family are uncut. We believe in being natural men. End of the story. Watching my mother sucking on my long and thick black cock aroused me like you would not believe.

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Astrid howled as I thrust my cock into her asshole. I loved fucking her in the ass. Her ass is wonderfully warm and tight. It's also amazingly stretchable. You won't believe the amount of cock that that big ass of hers can take. My mother's ass would put a pornstar to shame. Her anal sex antics are the stuff of legends. I held her by those wide hips of hers and thrust my cock deeper into her asshole. She screamed and begged me for more. Laughing, I gave her all the cock I had to give, and then some. What a way to start the day! My mother pushed back, grinding her ass against my groin. This had the wonderful effect of driving my cock even deeper into her tight asshole. Which I bet was what she wanted in the first place. She has always been an anal sex enthusiast. Indeed, she was the first woman I had anal sex with. You never forget your first, you know.

I grabbed a handful of her long braided hair and yanked her head back. She gasped as I did this. I knew she wouldn't mind. My mother is totally down with rough sex, including anal sex. I slammed my cock deeper inside her. Her asshole was wonderfully expansive. Meaning it could take all the cock you had to give, and then some. I reached underneath her and felt up her pussy. Amazingly, her pussy was dripping wet. I continued to fuck her. This time, I pinched her clit. My mother Astrid gasped. I grinned. I fingered her pussy and twisted my fingers inside her wet hole while fucking her in the ass. She groaned in pleasure and begged me for more. I decided to spice things up.

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When I pulled out, I noticed that she had tears in her eyes. I suddenly felt guilty. What have I done? I swear, I'm not that kind of guy. It's just that I got tempted and followed this irrestible impulse and somehow my cock ended up in my mother's asshole. She wasn't mad at me. She was simply happy. We became secret, passionate lovers that day. From that moment, I didn't bother with other females anymore. My brother, sister and father didn't suspect anything. I've always been a Mama's Boy so my being close to her wasn't weird confuct. We have our fun on the sly.

We've tried all kinds of things to spice things up in our budding relationship. Mom brought a strap on dildo home one day. I was apprehensive about it. I'm not gay or bisexual. Got nothing against queers but letting a dick-shaped object in my ass seemed weird to me. Mom persuaded me to try it. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. First, she sucked my cock until I got rock hard. Then, we had regular sex. My mother got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks. I slid my cock into her asshole and began pumping away. I fucked her until I came. Then, she returned the favor by fucking me in the ass with her big strap on dildo.

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And this, folks, is just another tale of our family bonding. We stay close to one another. I am always happy to come home. Our family bonds are strong. All of us are doing well professionally, financially, emotionally and sexually. It's all good. I think I found my little piece of heaven right here on earth. And I never had to leave home to find it!


02-20-2009, 09:39 PM
A Hot Little Sister for Christmas
College guy is reunited with his hot sister

My younger sister Kristy and I have always been very close. Since we are only a year apart, my parents treated us like we were a twin set of boys. By that I mean we took baths together until we were about 10 and we were forced to sleep in the same hotel bed on family vacations until I was 16. We finally needed our own beds because even though we were close we still always fought about everything, just like any other brother and sister.

When we were younger my sister was quite the tomboy. She always chose to follow my friends and I to get in whatever mischief we were in. She would even participate in our wrestling matches, she was tough pinning my friends and myself frequently. She went through puberty before I did and was bigger then me for over a year. It was embarrassing to have my 5-5 younger sister towering over me.

This all changed as I grew older, she stayed at 5-5 and blossomed while I grew to be 6-0. Height wasn't the only thing to change. She had grown into beautiful women. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, long slender legs, a beautifully tight ass, and a huge set of breasts. She is very athletic and spends a lot of time at the beach. All that time she spent at the beach, with her beach bunny friends, gave her a dark copper tone tan only comparable to the girls of Bay Watch.

Even though we had gotten older we still were pretty liberal with what we wore around each other. She saw me in my underwear frequently and I saw her in her braw and underwear frequently. Every time I saw her in her undies I would ogle over her luscious tan body. When she would see me look I would whistle and joke and she would tell me to shut up. She thought I was just kidding, but she was definitely something to whistle at.

She would always bring one or two of her buxom blonde friends home with her. They were unbelievably hot, but I still didn't think they were comparable to her. I always made sure to walk out in my underwear when they were around, and Kristy would holler at me to put some close on. I would walk out in my briefs and say, "Well hello ladies, how are you all doing today." I know they all had crushes on me so I had to oblige them while pissing my sister off.

I had girlfriend after girlfriend throughout high school but I was always horny over my sister. I would watch her prance around the house carelessly in a T-Shirt and underwear. I could not even begin to count the number of times I had to retreat to my room to masturbate about having sex with her. Thinking about her skimpy tank tops and frilly panties that would crawl up the crack of her solid ass. I masturbated for years about fucking her. Right up to the time I had to go to college.

The women at college allowed me to get my mind off my hot little sister back home. Since I chose to go to college 2000 miles away, I wasn't going to be able to check out her sweet body until Christmas. Finally Christmas Break came and I was on a plane back home. On the plane, thoughts of my sister came flowing back to me, flooding my head with graphic fantasies. Her big round tits, that nice tight ass, and those gorgeous legs. I had to get up while flying over the over the Mississippi and jerk off in the plane bathroom.

I arrived at the airport and could not wait to see my family. When I came out of the tunnel there she was, my 18 year old sister. More beautiful then I even remembered. She was wearing a skintight white sweater that stopped right above her bellybutton. For pants, she was wearing a black pair of those spandex like material pants that you always see girls at nightclubs wear. Even though it was winter she was still tanned and toned. She was gorgeous, and was hysterically happy to see me. She began jumping up and down; exposing her tight abs and making her luscious tits bounce bounce almost hypnotically. She ran over grabbing me in a bear hug. I could feel her warm mounds pressing on my stomach. She then stood on her tows and planted a big kiss right on my lips. I was forced to push her away because my erection was coming back, and a big boner is no way to great your family.

" Where's Mom and Dad," I asked. "Mom's Aunt Edna had a slight stroke, so they drove upstate for the weekend to make sure she's all right," she replied. " That sucks," I said. " It will be just me and the hunky college guy hanging out this weekend," she joked. When I thought about it, she was right, it wasn't that bad.

It was about 9 P.M when we got back from the airport. I was pretty tired but she was still all excited about spending time with me. " Let's stay up and watch movies," she said, as we pulled into the driveway. " Did you rent some?" I asked. " No but Mom and Dad have some," she said with a coy smile.

I immediately dropped my bags at the door and plopped my ass on the couch. "Make us some drinks and popcorn, lazybones, while I go change and get some movies," she said, as she ran up the stairs. I grabbed a few of Dad's beers for me, along with few whine coolers for her. I waited for the microwave popcorn and returned to the living room. She was taking forever, but before I called to her, I finally heard her come thumping down the stairs.

As I turned to ask her what took so long, my heart stopped. She was wearing a skin tight T-Shirt and a very small pair of black. Her panties formed downward into V under her belly button and had little red bow directly in the middle. They weren't quite as small as a thong but she looked sexy regardless. They went up into a thin band at the waste, then back into enough material to barely cover her gorgeous ass. She bounced across the room while I watched her braless tits stretch the thin material for all it was worth. I jokingly whistled and she just looked at me and winked. She was just drop dead gorgeous and she knew it.

She got on all fours, since the VCR was beneath the T.V, and began to set up the movie. She was in a perfect doggie style position. Her ass was angled up into the air, her back was arched, and she was resting on her elbows. Her panties began to creep into her little ass crack, but she slowly reached behind her and pulled them out. She did it slowly enough that she pulled them from her ass and held them 2 inches from her ass. I was about 6 feet away, but I could easily make out her fuzzy little pussy.

She then hopped up, walked over, and plopped down beside me on the couch. She began to giggle, and before I could ask why, I found out. She had gotten into Mom and Dad's hidden Pornos. Like having her magnificent body next to me wasn't enough, now I had to suffer through these cock-hardening skin flicks.

We laughed and poked fun at the movies for a while, but we eventually grew quiet. She lay there on the couch next to me. She was propped up on her elbow using my shoulder as a headrest. Her legs were sprawled out on the couch totally exposing her mound of warm pussy. Her fidgety behavior let me know that the movies were getting her very aroused. She kept rubbing her foot up and down her tanned leg while she rubbed her stomach just above her panty line. The more I watched her get aroused, the harder my dick became. Suddenly a sense of guilt caught me, and I grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch to cover my bulging hard-on.

"I'm cold," I told her.

"Me too," she said, as she grabbed the other blanket and a pillow, and laid her head directly on my crotch. I was so horny, but I couldn't begin to think of how to go about seducing my own sister. We sat there in silence for about another hour until I eventually began to dose off.

I was almost asleep when Kristy began to shake me. " Are you awake," she said. But I just laid there and tried to recover from my jet lag, since watching her was more like punishment anyway. She continued to shake me for about another minute, but I laid still and faked he that I was snoring lightly.

She then did something unexpected. She quietly pulled the blanket off me exposing my lap. She said my name one more time and waited for a second. She then unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my underwear. I could feel her hot breath on the head of my dick and it was driving me crazy. My dick grew hard in seconds, but I still acted as though I were sleeping and she was buying it, since I am such a heavy sleeper anyways. I opened my eye a slit and saw a remarkable sight. She was lying there analyzing my cock with one hand while she rubbed her pussy through her underwear with the other.

I finally reacted and sat up looking directly at her. She was obviously very embarrassed. She apologized and then begged me not to tell anyone. So I agreed not to tell anyone on the condition that I got to see her naked. "You don't want to see me naked, do you?" She replied.

"Of course I do, you have an awesome body," I told her. She was all smiles over my complement. She stood up and immediately slid out of her panties. Then she did a little tease with her shirt. She began to do a little dance as she slowly pulled it up over her head. Her tits were beautiful. They were two perfectly round, grapefruits sized melons that stayed perfectly in place. Her nipples were smaller then I expected. I thought that with tits her size, she would have dollar sized nipples but they were actually those cute little nipples that I had come accustomed to sucking on at college.

"So what do you think?" she asked. "You have the sexiest body I have ever seen," I replied. " Do you want to touch them?" she asked. I immediately stood up and grabbed both of her gorgeous tits. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes as we locked lips. I tried to take it slow but she was too excited. She drove her tongue into my mouth and grabbed my aching cock with both of her hands. She ferociously dropped my pants and began pulling off my shirt.

We were consumed with lust. I kept thinking to myself, I can't believe this is happening, but it was and there was no turning back. I spun her around, pushing her to the couch. She glared at me through her lustful eyes. " Fuck me now!!" she demanded. I knelt down in front of her and buried my face into her wer pussy. She screamed as though she was being tortured. She was going crazy, grabbing the hair on the side of my head and shoving my face into her pussy. She put her feet on my shoulders and kicked me back. "I said I wanted you to fuck me!!" she demanded.

I stood up so that I was looking down upon her while she lied there with her legs spread, exposing her glistening pink pussy while she fingered herself. I braced myself by grabbing the headrest on the sofa. Without breaking any eye contact she grabbed my cock and lined it up with her awaiting pussy. As the head of my dick came into contact with her warm pussy, shivers shot down my spine. I slowly inserted my member, pumping it in and out savoring every last stroke. "Let's go upstairs," she said. So without pulling my dick out I picked her up off the couch as she wrapped her body around mine.

I carried her up the stairs with both of my hands gripping her ass along with my cock buried 9 inches into are sweet warm pussy. I brought her into our parent's room and fell backward on the bed, putting her on top of me. She was insane. She fucked me so hard that I could fell me hips beginning to bruise, but I loved it. She was tossing her head of blonde hair everywhere while she pulled at her nipples. I then jammed my fingers into her mouth. She erotically sucked on them while her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She was beginning to cum. She bit down on my fingers causing the pain to shoot down through my arm. It hurt but it was turning me on unbelievably. "When she was finished cumming she quickly asked, "Do you want to cum?"

"Of course," I said. She climbed off of me and took my cock into her mouth. She kept looking at me with a big smile on her face while she licked my cock. It took no time at all for me to cum. She licked my balls, my shaft, my head, then she took then she began to deep-throat me. She was fantastic, not even one scrape. When I began to cum she pulled my dick out of her mouth and began jacking me off with my dick pointed upwards. She watched in awe as I came all over my stomach and chest. When I finished she ran her hand through the cum then took her cum covered hand and licked it all off. God, you can only imagine how hot she looked. She then proceeded to lick it all off my leaving me without a drop of mess.

We spent the rest of the weekend acting as a couple. I cannot even count how many times I had an orgasm that weekend. She later decided to go to college with me when she graduated. We live together in a small apartment. We both keep relationships to cover up our true relationship, but we still have sex every moment we are alone. My next challenge will be to get her into bed with another girl and I.

-The Duke

02-20-2009, 09:39 PM
A Sister's Love
"My brother did not force me doctor, I seduced him."

"Did your brother force you?" asked the doctor.

"No" she said, "I seduced him."

It was at a marriage reception that Dr. Gopika, gynaecologist in a local medical college hospital, who knew of my interest in human sexual behaviour, told me about a diary of a former young patient of hers that she thought may be of value to me. The next day itself I collected the roll of loose sheets tied up with string.

It was not a diary really; the girl had jotted down certain happenings in her life on paper cut out from her old school notebooks. The girl wrote in Tamil in her print like hand. I present my translation hoping that I have managed to preserve the tone of her writing. Apart from excluding matter of no relevance to the story I have not tampered with the text.

* * *

12 Sep. 2002

I once considered as unrealistic stories and movies in which lovers crazed by unfulfilled love hold hands and jump off cliffs. Not any more. I now know there is no limit to what lovers can do when in the frenzy of their passion. I am afflicted. No, I am not thinking of jumping off cliffs. I want to do something even more frightening than that. Movie story writers will not dare deal with the theme of my affliction. The person to whom I have lost my heart is my blood brother. Incest they say is against nature. Religions prohibit it, and it is against law of this land. All very good reasons to steer clear of it, but I have no control over my feelings.

My brother loves me too, which is natural enough; but I do not know if is it just the deep love a brother has for his only sister, or I am in his sexual fantasies. Most of the time when he looks at me it does not affect me, but at times there is something in the look that sends a thrill through my body. If he were to call me at those times he pronounces my name Mahesh with an intonation that quite blows me over. Deep down I am sure he has sexual thoughts about me at those times. My greatest worry is that he might develop interest in another girl. The very thought of his being with another girl gets me tensed up. I will not allow that to happen, I won't.

I do not know how it started. I always loved my only brother as any sister would. In my eighteenth year he became the object of my sexual fantasies. Maybe all sisters hold their older brothers as their fantasy objects at some phase in their lives. In my case however it became more intense till it is now all absorbing. His image is in my mind's eye all the time. When I see a man's face in a poster the face changes to that of my brother. At times young men who come to my counter in the department store where I am a sales person look so like my brother that I smile at them in an intimate way. Some of these men get excited; I have put on a stern face to shake them off. I think of him and him alone while masturbating which I seem to be doing very often these days.

My brother, who at 23 is two years older then me, is quite ordinary looking: medium height and medium build with a somewhat flat face. His eyes are not particularly large but they sparkle. May be only I see the sparkle for he has not been doing too well in job interviews. He is a clerk in a shop selling bicycles. Nothing much, but better than driving an auto that my father did almost till a few days before his death. My job is better too than my mother's; she has been a top servant woman for as long as I can remember.

My brother is a gentle person. He always wants to help others. Everyone in our street likes him. We live in a crowded by-lane in Purasawalkam. Even by Chennai standards it is dense with people. The children call him Mano anna (elder brother) and the grown ups call him Mano thambi (younger brother). There are two girls in the houses opposite ours who have an eye on my brother. One of them is quite pretty. They are very friendly with me because I am his sister. Little do they know that I consider them my rivals and hate them from the bottom of my heart.

7 October 2002

I love Mondays. It is my off day. His office time is ten. My mother leaves at seven after preparing rice cakes for our breakfast. My mother and I are up early. We take our bath before the brother who is a late riser. He needs hot water. When I ask my mother why I do not get hot water for my bath (except on very cold days in January) she says that women must do with cold water. Ours is a society in which men get everything. When we have chicken for dinner my brother gets the drum sticks, one for lunch and one for supper. My mother and I have to do with the wings.

On Mondays I can watch my brother take his bath by peeping from an opening I have enlarged in the kitchen window. He takes his bath in the open. He wears a thin towel round his waist. When it gets wet it sticks to his genitals, and I watch with fascination. His scrotum is funny. Just before he pours water on himself I can see it hanging loose. As soon as he wets himself it becomes tight. The penis is a funny thing too. At times it is small and shrivelled, and at times it becomes thicker and longer. I believe the penis becomes thick and hard during sexual intercourse. I have not seen an erect one in man. I have seen it many times in the donkey of a dhobi who lives nearby. His donkey often strays into our area. Its cock becomes really long and thick. Once it was standing behind a female donkey and was nibbling its tail. Its cock was monstrous. I wanted to see how the cock goes into the female donkey's vagina. Then inexplicably the female donkey ran away. I was disappointed. It is funny isn't that the only two organs in the body that change visibly in shape are the parts of male's genitals. Does it mean that the male is more powerful than the female and is entitled to both the drum sticks?

12 Oct 2002

I can feel by the way a man looks at me whether he is just appreciating me as a woman or is eating me up with lust. I suppose all women get the feeling. With my brother I am not sure. At times I feel it is not quite brotherly appreciation of a sister. I wish he would look at me with lust that so many who come to my store do. I must be pretty for them to do so. My mother thinks I am the prettiest girl in the neighbourhood. I do not think so; the girl in the opposite house I have spoken about before is much prettier. I like to think that I resemble actress Snega. Her face I fancy is like mine, or rather the other way about. She is much taller though. All the girls I know think they resemble one actress or the other.

My brother likes actress Meera Jasmine. He has a picture of her stuck to the inside of his cupboard door. I approve of his choice. She is about my height and build. The actor I like is Vijay. My brother does not understand what I see in someone who looks like any young man in the street. I like him because he has a distant resemblance to my brother: size, body structure and shape of the head. The face is different. Like my brother Vijay is also slow to show emotion. I am able to relate to him. I cannot relate to a he-man like Vikram who is my brother's favourite actor.

Movies and movie songs are the only entertainment for most people in this country. We rarely visit theatres. It is too expensive for us. There are so many movies on TV each day in the many channels that one need not go to theatres to see them unless you want to see them fresh. I do not like TV serials. In an effort to end each episode on a high note the producers distort the stories. Moreover in serials most of the characters seem to be bad people. That is not so in movies, and certainly not so in real life.

I like love scenes. I used to think that only men want fight scenes. It is not so. Many women like it too. I close my eyes during the fight scenes, especially when Vijay is involved. I am disappointed with the way lover do their part in our movies. With all that paint on the face, and the lights and the heat, and the dozen technicians watching it is not easy to do love scenes realistically. I am not bothered if the actors are not doing it well. I imagine it is my brother and I who are making love and I do a very good job of it. At times I do it so well that I become very moist in my pussy and I have to wash myself.

25 Nov 2002

Today is to me a day that I have been dreading, but which most girls would be eagerly waiting for—a young man is visiting my home to 'view' me, an essential first step in arranging matches. It turned out to be the most memorable day in my life. The reason why it is memorable day has nothing to do with the man who visited. A week before I could sense that the day of 'bride viewing' was not far off. Mother was extra kind to me, and when our eyes met she smiled an oily smile. On Saturday we had chicken for lunch and surprise of surprises I got to eat one whole drum stick. Shortly after that she told me that the next day the boy with his parents and an uncle are visiting. I protested, but mother promised that nothing will happen without my consent. During the course of the day she told me about them apparently to get me into a receptive frame of mind. It seems the father and son are owners of a busy shop in nearby Tana Street, and that they own double storey brick house and not single storey partly thatched one like what we own, and so on and so forth.

"What harm is there in just allowing them a visit," said my brother. I had no choice but to agree.

They came an hour late. That was the custom. Later when we serve snacks and coffee the father or the uncle would say that they had coffee in a friend's house just before they came here. This was to give the impression that they had viewed another girl, and that we had competition.

I had to remain inside till called for. Of course I could see them from my hide. In this case there was only one young man in the party, but on occasions the girl will have the problem of decided which of the men was the hero of the day. My man was of medium height and lean. The mother did not seem formidable, and his only sister, a married woman, was not traditional sister-in-law material. Of the two older men I decided, for some unexplainable reason, that the fatter one was the uncle. It turned out to be so.

For some time the talk was about friends and relatives in the hope of finding a common friend. Mother then offered snacks which after the usual protest they accepted. She served jangiri, a sweet, and muruku, a savoury. They will of course eat with their fingers. The important point in tradition is that the items served should be so dry that there would be no need to wash hands. Washing hands is bad omen.

It was my duty to serve coffee. I dressed in my best sari, replaced my trinket ear rings for real gold ones, and my gilded neck ornament for real gold chain. Like all girls, whether willing or not for the arrangement, I came out in my very best. Therein lay an important point in female psychology—no girl likes rejection. At a signal from my mother I stepped in rather like a circus animal entering the ring. I carried a tray with coffee in stainless steel tumblers. I offered coffee to the father and the uncle and then to the young man. To serve women before the senior men was unthinkable. I did not meet the eye of the young man when I offered him coffee. The mother smiled and so did the sister. I rather liked the sister. They seemed pleased.

I did not have to face pressure from my mother to say yes to the offer. It was true that the father owned a shop and that his business flourished, but it was a shop selling Indian made foreign liquor, namely brandy and whisky. Selling liquor is not respectable, especially with my mother who had enough problems with a husband was never missed his daily dose of arrack, an Indian made Indian liquor.

We gave the usual excuse that I wished to do 'further studies'.

"Please leave me alone," I told mother. Later when I was alone in the room with my brother I told him not to bother me with more offers unless it is someone so like him that there was no difference.

"I that case I must offer myself," he said.

"That is what I dream of," I said. I met his eye and smiled coquettishly. He smiled a very loving and tender smile.

"Mischievous imp," he said and catching me by the head he kissed me on the

cheek. Brothers and fathers kissing grown up sisters or daughters is not the practice in our culture. This first kiss sent a thrill down my spine.

"What about the other one," I said. My voice quavered for I was trembling. He kissed my other cheek.

"What about this," I said pointing to my pouting lips. We then hugged and kissed on the lips as if we were lovers. As far as I was concerned we were indeed lovers from that moment on.

This bride viewing episode brought me to crisis point. If I let it drift my life would go waste. Life without my brother was not possible. I wept my eyes out. Early that morning came the realisation that self pity would not solve my problem. I had to take the lead; my brother cannot do that. I have to show the nature of my love for him in a way that left no room for doubt. The burden was solely on my shoulders. I steeled myself to the resolve that I would not shed any tears on this score from now on. I had to device some plan to declare my love for him. I mulled over it and came out with a plan.

18 January 2003

Birthday celebrations are not part of Purasawalkam by-lane customs. My mother tells me that in the house where she does top work birthdays are important. Cake cutting, candle blowing, and singing the birthday song are routine, and when it is a child's birthday the parents organise games to which all the friends of the child are invited. In the corporation school I studied birthday babies did not come to school with a bag of sweets to distribute to her classmates. Neither was birthday considered at home. I wanted to break new ground.

"Saturday is your birthday Mano," I said one morning. "I am inviting you to a movie."

"Hey, thank you Mahesh, but why this new form of celebration."

"To brighten our dull lives," I said.

I rode side-saddle perched precariously on my brother's two wheeler's tiny back seat. I held him tight by the waist. It I not often that I get a chance to ride on the back of his two wheeler (I do not have a licence to drive). It was a thrilling ride embracing my brother by the waist. I got the tickets at Abirami complex of theatres. We got in and took our seats.

I had chosen a movie that was only a few days to go before change. The few patrons were mostly young couples. This was what I had planned for. The couples have not come to watch the movie but cuddle and kiss and fondle.

"What are you looking for," asked my brother.

"For better seats."

"Are these not good enough?"

"Not for a birthday boy," I said. I found what I wanted and we moved there.

"I do not see anything special in these seats," said my brother. To our left two seats away there was a couple, and another couple directly in the row in front of us. This was what I was looking for. One or the other, or maybe both are sure to put on a show. That was what I was after. I of course did not explain that to my brother. I waited and hoped.

How long the couple two seats away in our row were waiting for this opportunity one knows not, but they commenced action even before the titles display was over. The girl leaned back and rested her head on his shoulders. His hand slid under her pallav. She must have undone the blouse buttons and was not using bra. From where we sat I could see his hand fondling her bare breasts, big ones. It was clearly a well practised routine. Mano was darting glances in their direction too, and I could see a bulge forming over the front of his pants. I was already wet.

I folded the arm rest dividing my seat from Mano's and slid towards him till our thighs and bodies were in contact. I folded my hands round his arm and rested by head on his shoulders. He tenderly brought his other hand round and rubbed my cheek and then my forehead and then swiped his palms across my face down to my neck. I moaned and nestled closer to him.

"Can you see the couple next to us Mano?" I said in a whisper.

"I can Magesh."

"Do you think it is proper?"

"Why not? Do you think it is improper? If so we can move to another seat."

"I like to see them that way. It is lovely. Do you think it is lovely too?"

"Yes I do."

"Would you like to do the same?"

"What a funny question."

"Anyway answer."

"I would, of course. Which young man would not?"

"Then what prevents you."

"The girl is missing."

"What am I? A boy?"

"You are my sister."

"What if?"

"It's not done."

"Who said it?"

"It is generally known to be wrong."

"Suppose the sister wants it?"

"Do you?"

"Desperately; passionately, please Mano darling do." I did not wait for his response. I had already undone the blouse hooks when I was sliding towards him. I was not wearing bra that evening. I turned my body partly away from him just as the other girl was doing, and taking hold of his right hand which was nearest to me I took it round my back and placed it on my bare right breast. I prayed that he would not be shocked and withdraw his hands and chide me. He did not. His soft hand on my breast produced a sensation that can only be described as delicious. His first touch was hesitant, but then he gained confidence and he gently played with my breast. My breasts, though not quite up to the level of our neighbour's, were quite an impressive pair. I pushed myself closer to him, so close that there was no more to go.

My blouse was open but covered by my loosely drawn pallav which I had left long for the occasion. I turned a little more to my right and reached for and took hold of his other hand and placed it on the other breast. Now he was fondling both breasts. Then his hand on my left breast wandered to my abdomen and went on to explore the space below the sari pleats at the waist. I had tied the sari somewhat loosely and when I tucked in my abdomen he was able to insert his hand under my sari. A brought my hips closer to him and soon he was on my pussy mound. I could feel his hand playing over the closely trimmed hair. And then he went further till a finger was on the clitoris. A thrill passed through me. I lifted one foot and then the other and spread my thighs. He played with my clitoris and went further down the slit, and then he took out his hand. I could see that his fingers were wet.

"It's heavenly." I said.

His hand was back on the breast. He pinched the tits, and then he kneaded the breasts. I moaned gently. I placed one hand on his thigh and pinched a large bunch of flesh. This went on for some time.

"Darling brother, you are doing so much for me should I not reciprocate?"


"See that girl." That girl was leaning back as if viewing the screen intensely but her hand as on her partner's crotch, and she was moving her hand up and down."

My brother must have been thinking on the same lines for he lent forwards and I threw my sari pallav over his thighs and unzipped him. With some assistance from him I got his cock out. I was monstrous. I held the shaft and then passed my hand over the expanded tip and then finally I grasped it close to the rose and started pumping. He meanwhile played with my breasts. In the excited state we were in it did not take much time for my brother to ejaculate.

"Magesh, take away your hand, I may spill."

"I want you to spill."

"Your hand will get all dirty."

"I do not consider it dirty. It is holy. Spill on me my darling brother, please, please." He did just that. It came in massive spurts and the warm fluid filled my fist and flowed on my hand. I soaked it all in my pallav. He did a bit of wiping with his handkerchief. He zipped and I lent back. I licked what was sticking to my hand. He turned to see me do that.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:40 PM
"Need sugar?" He chuckled. I was happy to hear him laugh. I thought he would be very nervous.

"Not sugar darling, it is quite sweet. A pinch of salt may improve it." I chuckled too.

We left the theatre shortly before the intermission. On the ride back I asked my brother to drive his vehicle into a pot hole filled with water and splash mud on my sari. He did so. I went home and had a good excuse to wash my sari. Chennai's complaining drivers please note: pot holes have their uses too!

I cleaned up as soon as we reached home. I could never have imagined that one discharge can soak a whole pallav, or one movie session saturate front and back of a pair of knickers so thoroughly.

22 January 2003

My brother and I are like newly weds waiting for the nuptials. Whenever we get a chance we cuddle and fondle with my hand on his cock and his hand on my pussy, alas over the clothes.

I return from my store early today giving headache as excuse for half day's leave. I have a job to do. I have a married colleague in my store Parvathy, who speaks of sexual matters with frankness that sets me and Mohana, an unmarried colleague, squirming. We squirm, but we listen nevertheless. Its seems that her husband used to like her clean shaven during the first two years of married life but now wants her to sport a heavy brush. He is not satisfied with what she is able to grow.

"Why don't you try the men's hair growth tonic," said Mohana who had a streak of humour in her. The senior colleague was not amused.

I do not know what my brother's fancy was regarding woman's pubic hair, but I wanted his first viewing to be unimpeded. I wonder if I am a shameless woman. Most women would be dreading the day when they have to expose themselves to a man, but I am waiting for that day and preparing assiduously for it. I suppose having a brother for lover makes it all different.

I used my brother's razor to shave my pussy. I usually only trim it with scissors but now I gave it its first shave. It is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Some broad swipes, but the inner leaves needed steady hands. I examined it in my hand mirror. I do not consider the pussy an object of beauty. No woman does, but men do and that's what really matters. My pussy is smooth and ready for inspection by the commander-in-chief.

23 January 2003

My mother had gone to Chinglepet for a wedding. Thursday was weekly holiday for my brother. My brother knows that I have exchanged my weekly off day with a colleague to be at home that day. My heart is thudding as much from excitement as fear. My mother leaves home early and was expected back only in the evening.

I served breakfast to my brother. He squatted on a mat with a plantain leaf spread in front of him. I place one rice cake on the leaf, and he poured himself chutney. He is a gulper; soon I served him another. As I bend down he looked up into my valley which I had exposed liberally for his benefit. He smiled and I smiled back. I could feel a warm surge pass over my face.

"Is that pallav necessary?" It was certainly unwanted. I removed it and tucked it to my waist.

"Better." Soon the time for the next serving arrived. I bend down and serve. He looked up again.

"Too many hooks," he said. I released the top two hooks of my blouse. I had no bra on that day in honour of the occasion. I looked up seeking approval. He shook his head: not adequate. I removed one more hook. No satisfaction yet. I removed them all. The blouse is open and the breasts are exposed. He lifted up his left hand and reached for one breast. He passed his hand over it and then gently pressed it. His hand wandered off to the other breast. The tit of that breast got his attention. He pinched it and then he pressed it in, and then watched it plop out. He then started eating rapidly as if some important job was awaiting him.

"Slow down," I said, "and you have to eat one more than the usual five. You will need extra energy."

"Extra energy, why?" He winked. If he expected me to crumble in shame he was mistaken. I replied brazenly.

"I thought you would know; I'll explain after breakfast." There is no time when a sister cannot tease a brother. He finished and washed his hands. I disposed off the plantain leaf in the garbage bin. I stood in the room with coffee tumbler in hand. He wiped his hands on a towel hanging from the line. His eyes were on me. I was fidgeting.

"With the blouse open partly revealing those magnificent breasts you look like a temple goddess," he said.

"Have coffee," I said to change the topic.

"No I want milk," he said pointing to my breasts.

"I don't think there is any milk there."

"Any objections if I try." I suddenly felt very motherly to him.

"No my darling, no objection whatsoever. Come to me your sister and suck. I would love to feel your lips on my tits." I came closer to him. I placed the coffee tumbler on the table and removed my blouse altogether. I placed a hand on the back of his neck and brought his head close to one breast and with the other hand lifted it up and placed the tit on his lips. He looked up and met my eye. There was no shame, no blush in me. I was smiling with affection for someone whom I have loved in some way or the other all my remembered days. He first plucked the tit with his lips and then he caught the tit between his upper lip and slightly protruded tongue and started sucking.

"Cover your teeth with your lips and bite honey." My tit needed hard pressure. He did so. A thrill passed through me. "It's wonderful," I said softly. I was unable to stand. I slowly sat on the mattress on the floor careful not to lose touch with his lips. I was now resting with back on the wall. My brother was lying with head on my lap and sucking away like a baby and I was making the crooning noises mothers make. Like mothers I soon detached his lips from one breast and attached it on to the other. I wonder if suckling mothers feel the sensation I felt. Even at that moment when I was yet to unite with him I imagined that it was the baby I bore for him that was sucking. It was a great sensation and I was making clicking noises each time the sensation peaked. Then suddenly the nipples ceased to have any sensation. My pussy now felt hot.

Without being aware of it I was bending my knees and spreading my thighs and at the same time drawing my sari upwards. I was now pressing his head downwards towards the pussy. He let go off the tit and was now staring at my pussy for I had spread my thighs and lifted my feet up in the air displaying my pussy, overflowing with juices, for him to see.

"Far better than what I imagined it would be," he said. His voice was hoarse with awe.

"So you have been imagining."

"Of course I have. For years, you were always my fantasy baby. You have shaved it."

"Using your razor."

"Indeed, that was why when I was shaving this morning I got a hard-on." This was really funny. I laughed.

"Yes, God promise, I did." He kissed my pussy and then he drew back a little to examine it. He passed his fingers over the mound and the outer leaf. With his index and thumb he spread the inner leaves. I was now fully on my back with my thighs spread so widely that they were on the side of the body almost touching the mattress. My brother lifted up the clit hood to see the tense clitoris.

"Quite angry your clitoris," he said.

"It is putting on a mighty display in your honour."

"May I touch it?"

"Of course, but only with your tongue." He dropped on his knees and gently kissed the clitoris. I used both hands to spread the inner leaves till the clitoris protruded like a button. He touched with the tip of his long and pointed tongue. A thrill passed up my body. Then he licked. An indescribable sensation racked my body. I now moved my thighs as wide as it would go and then I brought down my feet on the mattress and lifted up my pelvis, and as I lifted my pelvis I pressed his head down firmly with both my hands. I went through this cycle of motion again and again. He speeded up and I was moving in frenzy and then he stopped. When he restarted soon after he was licking slowly in broad swipes. I felt as if I was falling off a cliff. It was a sensation words cannot describe. I screamed a muffled scream as I had an orgasm of unimaginable intensity.

"O! My darling brother this is just divine," I said. "Now fuck me." I used the word for the first time. He climbed on top of me. His cock was large and angry with thick veins coursing over it. I held it. It was hot. I took it to my pussy. I inserted it. My pussy was so wet that it went in producing a momentary sharp pang as the membrane ruptured—my brother was taking my virginity, what more could a girl want.

He is pumped and I moved my pelvis to his rhythm. Soon he ejaculated; my orgasm coincided. He waited for me and then gave me another. Later my brother said that girls do not generally have orgasm in their first.

"Generally they don't, because generally it is not the brother who does it," I said.

We lay hugging each other in our nakedness. My brother wanted me to wash but I held my thighs tightly together. I wanted to hold his precious semen inside me for as long as possible. I knew the danger, but the danger enhanced the pleasure. Then I got up and washed and went on with household chores. My brother slept.

26 January 2003

Mother is on one of her rare visits to relatives. She has gone to Manali to condole an aunt who had lost her husband. We get our second chance. At his request I undressed and sat crouching on a stool with both feet on the stool. Probably this was the pose in his favourite nude photo. From where he sat my brother could see parts of my breasts with my pussy exposed between my fully flexed hips. He sat and admired and then he crawled towards me and applied his tongue to my pussy.

"Anything you want," he asked hospitably.

"I want to take in my mouth," I said. Only a sister could have been so bold. He sat on a chair with leg stretched and spread. His cock was waving in the air. I crouched on the floor between his legs. I caught his cock in my hand. It was hot. I ran my fingers along the shaft and then did the same with the tip of my nose, and then with my lips. I retracted the foreskin and kissed the rose. My brother tenderly rubbed my cheeks and played with my lips and then entwining his fingers in my hair. By now the cock was large and throbbing. I touched his balls. It was smooth. I took it into my mouth. It was quite a mouthful. I retracted the foreskin and plopped the rose in and out of my mouth. I encircled the flare of the rose with my lips and rubbed it in and out. He moaned. I took the cock as deep into the throat as possible and then I pulled it out. I took it out, looked up and smiled.

"Like it?" I asked.

"Very much so," he said. Brother was holding my head with both his hands and moving his hips. I was working with speed for I could sense that he cannot hold it any longer. And then he poured. I took it all in my mouth, each spurt as it shot out, and I swallowed it without spilling a drop. Some leaked out of the angles of the mouth, but with my long tongue I licked my lips. Then I took out the cock which as now shrivelled and licked every bit I could squeeze out.

"Need salt?" he asked.

"No," I said, "it is perfect."

Then we lay down with me holding his cock in my mouth and he with head between my thighs with lips on my pussy. His face was wet with my juices. We snoozed.

I got up and checked the time. Mother's arrival was still a couple of hours away. My brother was sleeping soundly. He has the innocent face of a baby while he slept. I have a momentary pang of guilt for driving him along paths that by himself he would not dare step on. Then I am strong again.

I wanted him to have some more fun. I sat in the pose that he seems to fancy with hips fully flexed and feet tucked in close to the body. 'Mano," I called. After repeated calls he opened his eyes. The first thing that caught his eyes must have been my pussy pepping from between my thighs. He was must thought he was dreaming. Then he woke up, looked up at me and smiled. He crawled towards my pussy and started licking. Soon I was on my back with feet in the air vibrating my hips to his stimulation. I have a massive orgasm and then he comes on top of me and I insert. We have orgasms together. He rolls off.

"Come on, wash," he said.

"No. I want to keep it within me as long as possible," I said. He looked at me uncertainly. Then he went to the bathroom.

Once again I hold my thighs tightly together to keep his precious semen in my vagina. It is madness, I know, but I cannot help myself. It is my fervent prayer that my self-willed obstinacy does not harm those whom I hold precious. After a while I reluctantly go out to wash for mother arrival time was nearing.

6 February 2003

Our honeymoon continued. We get time for sex very infrequently and that only for quick ones. We tried various positions like I suppose all newly weds do. The woman on top I found very exhausting and the doggie uncomfortable. Man on top is the best for I can hug my brother and press my breasts against his chest.

We are very careful not to demonstrate our affection for each other in front of mother lest she suspect. But mother who knew every one of my moods one day looked at me in a peculiar way. She smiled a wry smile.

"Have you fallen in love Mahesh," she asked.

"What makes you say such a funny thing," I responded somewhat sharply.

"The sparkle in your eyes and body language is not just of a girl who has fallen in love; it is as if you are in the thick of your honeymoon."

"I have not fallen in love and if you think I am as happy as a girl in her honeymoon the best you can do to keep me in that happy state is by not bringing in fresh boys for bride viewing," I said.

We took no care at all about pregnancy. We used no contraceptives at all. It was sheer madness.

4 March 2003

Today is worrying time for me. Strangely enough when the event happened I was thrilled. I went with my brother to shop in T. Nagar for a sari for mother. The sales woman while she was billing our choice smiled and asked how long it was since we were married. 'Wait a minute. I'll guess' she said, and then came out with the answer. 'Four weeks.' I was thrilled that she should mistake us for a married couple. I turned to my brother and reached for his hand. 'Almost correct,' I said. 'Have a baby soon,' she said, 'don't do this silly family planning stuff my daughter is doing.' It was on the bus on my way back that I started worrying. I have gone out many times with my brother, but this was the first time someone has mistaken him for my husband. Was there a change in our body language that made others mistake us? What if our neighbours suspect. What if mother suspects. Has reckoning time come.

16 March 2003

The expected happens—my periods are overdue by three days. Deep down I feel I am with child. It was in the early morning conscience hour that I realise the enormity of the problem confronting me. I shiver. I do not regret my action. If placed in similar circumstances again I would do what I did. But there is no gainsaying that for an unmarried girl living with her family I am in a terrible state. The only person to whom I can go for assistance is my brother. But he would be of no use for something like this. I am however not without resources. I have heard of Dr. Gopika of the nearby Government Medical College Hospital who terminated the pregnancy of my colleague Parvathy in my department store. She spoke highly of her skill and kindness and particularly appreciated her for not chiding her about her foolishness in getting into this state in spite of all the contraceptive methods available. My case would strain the liberal attitude of the doctor the limit. My colleague was a married woman with two children. I had no idea what the doctor would think of a girl like me. I have no choice but to face the problem.

19 March 2003

Preliminary lab test are all over. I meet the doctor for the first time. Dr. Gopika was about fifty, broad faced, with streaks of grey in her hair and a sincere smile. She studied the results of the investigations and came to the point straight away.



"You are pregnant. If you want to get married to the person responsible my social worker and I can help."

"No," I said.

"Why not? We have a lot of success in making it all right." I hesitated. There must have been something in my body language that made the perceptive doctor suspect the nature of my problem. Suddenly the attitude of the doctor changed. She rose, came round to where I sat, and with her face close to me she looked into my eyes and spoke tenderly. "Tell me my dear, who is the man."

"He is my brother." The doctor did not react at all.

"He seduced you, or was a chance occurrence, or did he force you?"

"I seduced him."

"You seduced him? Are you sure you are not trying to protect him."

"I planned it." Her response was unexpected. She smiled. My colleague in the store was right. This doctor did not waste time on what had already happened. The next question was immensely practical.

"Do you want to continue the relationship?"

"Yes I want to very much," I said.

"Use condom, and for additional precaution I will insert a copper T. When you want pregnancy I can remove it." Was the doctor actually encouraging me to continue the relationship? I do not know.

"Come tomorrow morning on an empty stomach. Can you bring your mother?"

"No," I said. The doctor must have noted the horror in my answer.

"Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. Please be assured that only I know of your brother's part in it. No one in the department knows it. Keep it a secret. Bring your brother, that one."

"I have only one brother. I will bring him."

That night I was miserable. The thought of destroying my brother's baby growing in my womb was devastating. I cannot even weep to let out my feelings lest my mother note my swollen eyes and institute enquiries. But I could not help shedding some tears. But I had no choice. I swore before God that I will never allow such a situation to happen again.

20 March 2003

I was at the minor operation theatre at the appointed hour. A nurse called me in and made me lie on a couch. I felt a prick and then some vague sense of people talking in whispers. When I woke up from the induced sleep I was in the bed with my brother by my side. I could never have guessed that terminating of pregnancy caused by sex with one's own brother could be so devoid of hassles.

12 April 2003

I met the doctor several times after the operation. I needed only one review but the doctor seemed to have taken a fancy to me. At times she invited me to her home. One day I asked her the reason why she was not angry for my having sex with my brother.

"I could see that your passion was great," she said. "Even if I thought what you were doing was something horrible I would not have told you not to for you cannot help yourself."

"You do not think it is wrong."

"It is against the law, and that is wrong. But if two people love each other with extraordinary passion that cannot be wrong irrespective of the relationship between them. Do you know of any married woman with children who falls in love with a man and wants to leave her family and go to him?"

"I know. My classmate's mother did that."

"Do you think it was wrong?"

"Yes I did then; especially because it made my classmate so sad."


"I have not thought about it. May be I will take a more lenient view."

"That woman should not be condemned. The husband, her children, and society should accept it."

"Later on that classmate accepted the change. When we her friends say harsh things about her father she would defend him saying that he could not help it."

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:41 PM
"She is right. Your relationship with your brother is in the same category."

"Do you know of other instances where brother-sister love had occurred?" The doctor smiled broadly as if she was happy I asked that question.

"I know many. They come here. Most have been chance occurrences, and a few have involved force, short of rape. But I know one instance rather well where the sister loved her brother with a lover's passion, but the brother loved his sister with a brother's love."

"How did it end?"

"Sadly of course. Not many girls have your energy and your determination. She did not have the courage to declare her love. Her brother to this day does not know how passionately his sister loved him. He is now married and has a happy family."


"She married her profession and lives a spinster."

"Is she still sad?"

"Time heals, as you know, but on occasions she does think of him and sheds tears of self pity." The doctor was silent for a while.

"You say you seduced him," continued the doctor. "I am curious to know how you managed it. Why don't you write your story? I would very much like to read it."

"I write about myself. I'll give you those papers," I said.

The only photograph in her house was a small framed one on her dressing table. It is a picture of her brother as a young man.

I am almost certain that the doctor is that woman. Why else should she be not just supportive but actually encourage me as if I have achieved what she could not.

* * *

The story ends there. Some days later I met the doctor to return the papers.

"How did you find the story?" she asked.

"Extraordinary," I said.

"Did you find it believable?"

"Of course, every word of it. What happened to Mahesh?"

"A year and a half later her mother died. One day she came and wanted the copper T removed. She was going to a distant unknown place where she will start life anew as her brother's wife. For almost two years I did not hear from her. I suspect she did not want others to know where she lived. A month ago I receive a letter form her. She says she is happy in her new place. She sent this snap."

The doctor opened her hand bag and took out a snap. It was a photograph of a six-month old baby.

"Rounds off the story nicely, does it not?" she said.

"It does," I said.


02-20-2009, 09:43 PM
A 'Cute' Mom
A son's love is sorely tested

I was thinking about one of the things I often think about. Why do we do things? I was also thinking about my mother…pornographic thoughts. The strange thing about it is that I really didn't want to do pornographic things to her. I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to have her warm lips pressing on mine as I gently massaged her bare breasts.

Where did it all come from? Perhaps from other actions or desires or maybe just a little shot of electro-chemical stuff hits the brain at exactly at the right or wrong time. I had pinned it down to the time I was fifteen and saw my older brother Bobby kiss my mother. I thought she had kissed him for a second too long. Maybe I just imagined that it went on for too long; after all, she kissed me on the lips often and it was no big deal. Maybe I had wanted her for a long time before and never let it come into my consciousness. Maybe she was sleeping with him. Maybe, maybe, maybe…but from then on my life took a different turn.

For the next few months, in my fantasies, I saw Bobby with my mother. He would strip her then he would suck on her nipples as she stood obediently before him. She always followed his orders. He screamed at her and called her names. Most of the fantasies were rough and I realized later that they were spawned by my anger and frustration. Robby would tie my mother to a chair and blindfold her. He would pinch her nipples until she screamed and almost choke her with his cock. She would beg him to stop but there was no mercy for her in this dark play; he was relentless. He would fuck my poor mother until she couldn't stand and then he would come on her.

It took me a while to realize that my brother was only a stand-in for me and when I allowed myself to be the imagined participant, the expression of my erotic fabrications became gentler. I couldn't hurt her, even in imaginings. I wanted to love her. I wanted her to love me.

I thought I had concealed my thoughts and feelings pretty well and that mom never knew how I felt, until that day of course. Bobby had moved out of the house and I wasn't sorry to see him go. Although things had gotten better between Bobby and me but I still hadn't forgotten all the punches and taunts of "Momma's boy" he had let me have when we were younger.

I was nineteen and in my third year of college. I had picked a school near home. Since Bobby left, my mother and I had had gotten even closer than we were before. I liked talking to her and we spent lots of nights together watching videos.

On that particular morning, mom was sitting at the table in the kitchen and was wearing a light cotton print dress. It was long but low cut and showed enough of her cleavage to get me going. When she saw me she said, "Oh hi sweetie, could you do something for me? I must have slept badly and my neck's killing me; just rub it for a while." I stood behind her and started massaging her shoulders and neck.

I think the best way to describe my mother is 'cute'. She later told me she always wanted to be 'beautiful and mysterious' but that no matter what she did everyone always told her she was cute. It's as if someone had a carrot growing out of his head. When you look at him you say, "there's a carrot." When you look at my mother you say "she's cute". That's probably one of the reasons she still looked like a kid approaching forty. My mother also had "It". The "It" that Monroe had to make men come to attention, the "It" Elvis had to make all the women wet when he picked up a guitar.

On the day I was massaging her neck and the world changed, she had never looked sexier to me. If I would have thought about it I never would have done it - but I didn't think. I just slid my hands down over both of her breasts, all the way to her nipples where I lingered for a moment. She didn't jump or scream. What she did was take a deep breath and say, "Honey, I don't know if you should be doing that." I returned my hands to her neck and kept massaging.

I took off on one my porno fantasies. Mom is on her knees. Bobby and I stand at her face with our big cocks ready…waiting…and hoping she knows what we want and how to do it. She doesn't disappoint us on either score. She starts by alternating on our cocks, sucking on each one for only five or ten seconds.

At one point she tries to get both fat heads into her mouth but has to be satisfied just licking them simultaneously. We can see how hot she's getting. Bobby takes the lead and tells her, "Mom get on the bed…we're going to fuck you from here to Timbuktu." She doesn't hesitate. She gets on the bed and spreads her legs. Bobby almost knocks me over getting on top of her. Foreplay lasts as long as it takes him to grab his cock and sink it into her wet pussy. He pulls her over on top of himself. I just look at my mother's round meaty globes. Bobby says, "C'mon Rick, fuck her in the ass."

I'm not sure if I should but I'm sure I want to. I want to ram it in her ass for screwing Bobby and not me; I want to pound her for turning me on all the time, and most of all, I need to.

I put a couple of fingers in as I play with her tits. Her ass grinding tells me how much she likes what I'm doing and I'm ready. My cock is as thick and hard as an iron rod and I expect her to scream but she takes it with an exclamation of "Oh…OH…" I thrust in and out completely at first, watching her react. She relaxes and her asshole is stretched and waiting for the next insertion. I oblige with a deep and forceful injection of my meat. When I get far enough into my mother's ass to see three quarters of my cock disappear, I start pumping her. Bobby resumes his upward thrusts. As we both give it to her, with only a thin membrane separating the two big dicks, she keeps repeating how good it is to be filled with us.

We're both getting closer and when we pick up the action and both pound her at once she goes nuts. She thrashes and laughs and keeps up a steady stream of talk. "Yes…fuck me, fuck me…this is what I've been dreaming about for years…my two boys fucking me…my two big cocks in their mother at the same time…in my cunt…in my ass…oooh yes…this is what you're whore of a mother needs…this is what your slut mother needs…to get fucked by her sons…fucked by her sons…over and over again…OH…I don't care who knows it …my boys are fucking me and I love it…"

I came back to the reality of having just touched her breasts with a hard-on from the fantasy and I'm emboldened to ask her the question I had been holding on to for four years, "Mom did bobby ever touch you that way?" She turned and gave me a hesitant, quizzical smile, "Of course not honey; why would you ask?"

My mother didn't lie; in fact, the main reason she got a divorce was because my lousy father couldn't do anything but lie and cheat. So there it was. My whole fantasy was built on a misperception, or would I have gotten to these feelings anyway?

I was elated and felt like a weight was lifted. I loved her so much at that moment; I turned her in the chair and start kissing her all over her face. She was laughing and she said, "Ricky, what's gotten in to you today?"

"I love you mom…I love you." That's what I said to her even though she was looking at me as if I'd gone off the deep end, and of course, I had.

"I love you too sweetheart…but…" Before she could finish I bent and kissed her fully. She accepted my kiss and my tongue but when the kiss was over she said, "Honey this is too fast…we have to talk about this…but I have to go to work and…we'll talk tonight, okay baby?"

"Sure mom" was all I could manage as she went to dress for work. A half-hour later she left with a quick goodbye and not even the usual peck on the cheek. I guessed I had blown it and started recriminations on myself for pushing her. What could I have been thinking anyway, that my mother was just going to strip and let her son have sex with her?

Late in the afternoon I had a break before my last class and I knew my mother would be home. I couldn't wait and just wanted to hear her voice and maybe read what she was thinking. I called and when she answered I said, "Hi mom…I missed you."

There was a hesitation on the other end and she said, "Hi baby…are you okay?"

"Sure mom." My agitation propelled me forward. "Mom, could I ask you a theoretical question?" She made a small noise of assent. "Can you love someone you're not supposed to love…is that possible…and if you do, can you tell your heart to stop?"

All she said was "Oh honey…" and got quiet. I pushed on.

"Mom, if you loved someone, wouldn't you want to touch them and tell them and… make love with them…wouldn't you do almost anything for the taste of their mouth and skin?" I heard her breathing strangely and deeply. As I asked if she was alright, it hit me and I said, "Mom what are you doing?"

Even though I had thought it, I was still shocked when she said it, "I'm touching myself." She filled in my stunned silence and said, "I have to go Ricky" and hung up before I could respond.

That was probably the longest day of my life. When I got home we had dinner and cleaned up. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing. We sat on the couch and turned on the T.V.- Pins and needles would have been easier to sit on. I had no idea what I was going to say but I started anyway, "Mom…"

My mother looked at me wistfully and said, "Honey, lets not talk now…just hold me." She leaned in and I put my arm around her. I remained motionless for a while and breathed in her fragrant skin. I felt a heart beat pounding but I didn't know if it was hers or mine. Finally I leaned down and brought my lips near hers. She looked up at me and closed her eyes and I was kissing her again. It was as if the hours in between hadn't transpired. We were continuing the kiss we started in the morning. I started unbuttoning the white blouse at her neck and opened it to her waist. The bra she wore was lacy and full but her cleavage was still evident. She took off my shirt as we kissed and slowly. We removed the rest of what we were wearing.

I said, "Mom, stand up so I can see you." She stood rather shyly and I was in awe. She was 'cute' all over. Her breasts were full and heavy with pinkish-tan nipples that were the same color as her natural lips. The rest of her five foot one package was beautifully proportioned. I told her she was perfect. She said with a wrinkle of her nose, "No, I think I'm too big on top."

I said, "Yeah right; put on your clothes and get out of here."

She gave me her little laugh and then looked down between my legs at my rapidly rising dick and said, "Oh God, Ricky…Ricky…" I stood and took her into my arms. Her velvet skin was on me: her thighs, her belly, and her breasts. I ran my hand down her silky back to the globe of her ass that I used to pull her closer to me as we kissed. I took one of her ample breasts in my hand and lifted it as I massaged it between my fingers. When I moved to the nipple, it had elongated and I rubbed it with my thumb.

My mother reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She said, "My big beautiful boy is going to fill up his little mamma." I was stiff with the excitement of her touch and she generated as much heat with her words as with the hand that slid up the shaft. She cupped me and softly massaged me as she made a cock that couldn't get harder, harder.

An old movie with George C. Scott and his wife Trish was on in the background as we moved to the couch. She reclined with her knees up and opened. I laid my hand on the soft furry patch and stroked over my mother's moist pussy. She smiled and made a small 'mmm' sound. I got on my knees bringing my cock toward her. She reached with both hands as she put her legs down and spread them. She positioned me at pink of her opening.

She was ready and I entered my mother with only a little difficulty. I was swollen and thick for her but she was now very wet. I filled her with my cock and told her of my longing and love for her. She was moaning gently but didn't say one word throughout our lovemaking. She was grasping me with her hands and with her legs and with her pussy. As I watched my cock sliding in and out of my mother's pussy I couldn't believe how my fantasies had transmuted into reality and how good reality felt.

I had had a few girlfriends and was fairly experienced for a nineteen year old. I usually had no trouble waiting for my partner to approach orgasm before coming. This was different. I was having trouble. Each stroke that took me deeper into my mother's channel felt better than the last. I imagined my cock sliding and prodding along the walls of her vagina. There was a harmonious fit as her channel conformed to the large shaft inside it. Being inside her was so much more exciting than anything I'd had with the other girls. I was fighting not to come because I wanted to be good for my mother. I wanted her to want me in her always.

She started moving with abandon and I was glad when I felt her stiffen; I had about three seconds left. She pushed her hips high up into me and arched her back with a long "Ohhh…" She dug her nails into my back and I started to come. The lubricating cum that was filling her pussy felt good on my cock as I pushed even higher into my mother's belly. I came kissing her, moaning into her mouth. I thought I could never love anyone as much.

When we were quieted and wrapped in each other's arms, I felt her body start a gentle tremor. When it became more pronounced I opened my eyes and saw that she was crying. It soon became audible. I stroked her hair and told her I loved her and that we hadn't done anything wrong. When she finally spoke she said, "I know Rick…it's not that…it's that…I lied."

"What do you mean mom."

"Oh God…baby… I lied about Bobby…he did touch me this way…I'm so sorry honey…I didn't want you think badly of me…I didn't want you not to want me…it only went on for a month or so…I ended it because I realized I was just confused and needy…it wasn't about the kind of love I feel now…don't hate me baby…I love you…I had to tell you the truth; I didn't want this to be between us…say something."

I had frozen up. I was angry and confused. How could I ever trust anything she said or did from now on? Even though I was nineteen and thoughts about sex took up just about my whole day, it wasn't enough. I loved her and wanted her to…I didn't know exactly but I certainly didn't want her to bring Bobby back into my thoughts when I had just gotten rid of him. So I was right about her fucking Bobby. Shit. The last thing I wanted to be was right. Maybe she just should have shut up about him and worked it out herself…but the genie was out of the bottle.

I took my clothes and walked to my room with the sound of my mother's voice calling, "Ricky…Ricky?" fading in the distance. I didn't talk to her until the next day, which was Saturday. Talking is putting it mildly.

I started with, "How could you? You bitch, you whore. You fuck him and then you tell me he never touched you? You say you love me and the first thing you do is lie to me? How can I trust you?" I put her through hell.

She said it in a hundred ways. "I love you; I was afraid; I was wrong." We spent virtually the whole day alternating between yelling, screaming, crying, apologizing and everything else. I was young, stupid and self-righteous. It took hours until she got through to me.

"Ricky…baby…you have to forgive me…" Her eyes filled as she pleadingly said, "I'm not a whore…I'm not a whore…I've loved you this way for almost four years now. It started just a few months after I ended it with your brother. At first I thought I was crazy; how could I be falling in love with my son who was only sixteen? Oh honey…as the years past I still couldn't explain it but I had to accept it because it just wouldn't go away. Not a day passed that I didn't want you…and it didn't help that you ran your eyes over my body from morning 'til night either." We both laughed a little. I guess I wasn't as discrete as I thought I was. "Baby, I made a mistake, please don't make us both pay for it forever." Finally I saw her broken heart.

We had been at it for almost seven hours before I kissed her and told her I loved her. It took me a while but it finally got through my thick skull - we make mistakes, we admit them, we forgive and we move on.

We were both starved, for food and for each other. So we ordered some pizza and took off our clothes. My mother took me in her mouth and as soon as I felt the sensation of her tongue massaging my cock I said, "If you would have done that seven hours ago…"

She stopped and said, "That would have been the worst thing I could have done to you my baby…we needed today if we want to have a tomorrow."

I knew she was right and I said, "Of course mom" and bent down to kiss her. We ended up on the floor in each other's mouth. We were both sweated from the day but I loved her smell. I sucked the swelling lips below her clit and heard her sounds that were muffled by my cock, which filled her mouth. She was trying to swallow as much of me as she could and I felt myself hit the back of her throat. I got excited and probably drew on her clit a little too hard because she squealed. I said "Oops" and she laughed.

I gently took her back between my lips and circled the nub with soft pressure and flicks. My cock felt it would explode if she kept up the kind of sucking she was doing. I urged her to sit up on the couch. I lifted her legs and spread them pausing to enjoy the sight of my mother's soft pussy. She broke my gaze when she said, "Be in me love." I entered her steadily until I was fully embedded inside her. I bent down and told her to put her arms around my neck. I lifted her off the couch and she laughed.

I wanted to see what it would be like to hold my perfect 'cute' package that way. I held her up by her ass and she wrapped her legs around me. As I stood there holding her, we kissed long and hard. Her pussy was moving on me and clenching the cock that spread it. When he legs tightened around me I went deeper into her belly. My cock explored the walls of her hot passageway as she ground her hips. We were both breathing hard. Her mouth was on my ear and when she took her tongue out, she began to urgently whisper, "Baby…are you going to always want me to be yours…still want your momma's pussy…you wont leave me will you baby? I love you so much…oh God …oh…" I assured her of my love and she went back to kissing me as her ass moved faster in my hands. I started to bounce her and I heard "Mmm…mmm…mmm…" with each jolt. She pulled her mouth away from mine to say, "Baby I'm coming…I'm coming…oh Ricky…Rickey…my Rickey…"

I let go when she did. Holding her the way I was made it difficult to finish with the usual long, fast, and hard strokes so it took me a lot longer to finish coming. It seemed like I was pumping cum into her forever. When it was over, we were both panting with exhaustion. Just as she was kissing me all over my face, the doorbell rang. We both laughed at the timing and I had to drop her on the couch. I said, "We could have answered the door together if he rang a minute earlier."

Mom was sputtering when she said, "We probably wouldn't have had to tip him." That pizza, that night, was right up there with the best meals of my life.

We went to bed and mom curled into me. I had the sweetest little package enveloped in my arms and I said, "Mom, you're the cutest thing." She gave a feigned hurt look and I said, "Okay, okay… you're the most beautiful and mysterious thing."

She kissed me and said, " I guess it's okay to be 'cute' as long as you like me that way." I told her that I loved her that way and everyway and that because of the way she was, I was 'rising' in love with her as much as 'falling' in love with her. A sleepy smile lit her face.

We were both so tired we fell asleep around eight. At two I awoke and just looked at her beautiful nude body until I couldn't just look anymore. I took my mother's tit in my mouth and she slowly aroused as my tongue played with her nipple. As she woke up, she responded by eagerly massaging my hardening cock and balls. When she exchanged her tongue for her hand, my dick stiffened into a rigid rod. She slathered me with long licks that encompassed every inch from the swollen purple head to the underside of my balls. When she finally took me into her mouth I was primed. Her agile tongue coaxed the initial evidence of my desire from the leaking tip. The sounds of her mouth were musical. I watched as more of me disappeared between her lips with each passing moment. I could hardly contain myself as her mouth, lips, tongue and hands acted in concert.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:43 PM
It went beyond the lustful pleasure I was undeniably experiencing. She was offering her heart; an offer I wanted to accept forever. I couldn't remember being that close to coming for that long. She squeezed on and off at the base of my shaft as she sucked on all the meat she could get in her mouth. Finally the first exquisite release began filling my mother's mouth. She responded by re-doubling her efforts. My whole body stiffened causing me to involuntarily buck my cock deeper down her throat. I kept coming until I was sure I was done. Then my mother gave a last squeezing draw with her lips down the length of my cock. I yelled something like "Eeeyeowww" as the last spurt coated her lips. She licked them as the smile she gave me was drawn from the well of her bottomless love.

Afterwards as she nestled in my arms, I asked her what she was thinking. She said, "I guess I'm just amazed at this whole thing…especially at myself. I've just had my son in my mouth and I'm not thinking, 'this is strange or what am I doing'? I'm thinking about all the things I want to do with you."

"Like what mom?"

She slapped my chest playfully, "Oh no…I'm not telling." I could see she was a bit shy about talking about it, so I cajoled her.

"Come on mom, after all the stuff we've done together you can't tell me? Okay mom…why don't you whisper what a mother might want to do with her son if she loved him like you love me?"

She came up to my ear and said, "Well a mother might want to have anal sex with her son…so she could feel her son's big cock where she never felt it before..." She started breathing harder. "…Yes…she would want him to put it in her ass…deep in her ass like he was deep in her pussy and deep in her mouth…so she could show him how much she loved him…and show him he could ask anything of her that he wanted…yes baby…deep in his mother's ass…yes Ricky, deep in your mother's ass…"

I turned her over and began teasing my mother's asshole. Her knees came up and spread as I fingered around the tight pucker. The more I thought about being in her ass, the more enticing it sounded. The more I looked at the round globes in front of me, the more I wanted to be between them.

I put a finger a finger in and gently explored when I heard her begin moaning into the pillow. I said, "Do you like this mom? Is this where you want me to be?"

"Yes Ricky, yes…"

I put in another finger and watched excitedly as my mother's asshole was stretched, I wondered how much more it would have to stretch to accommodate my cock. I started putting it to the test. I saw aloe on her dresser and put some on me and some on her. It was soothing and cool and when I put the head of my cock against her greased pucker it gained partial entry. When the helmet was past the tight ring, my mother caught her breath. I stopped to rub up and down the flanks of her body from her breasts to her ass. As I continued I put my cock deeper into the slender channel. As I began to explore her depths in slow degrees, I asked her if she liked it. She said, "Yes…yes…yes" with each of my insertions.

The heat in her hole overtook the coolness of the aloe as the friction increased. The thought of being in my mother's ass and the sensations it was sending from my cock to my brain started multiplying exponentially. I accelerated the pace and imbedded my cock fully with each thrust. At one point I held her hips and pressed my cock as far as it would go into her and stayed there, filling her ass. She let out a long sighing "Ohhhh…" that took at least thirty seconds to trail off.

When I resumed the insistent driving of my shaft into her, I knew we were both ready to come. I wanted to look at my mother's face and show her my love as we came. I guided her over and put my cock back into her ass as I kissed her and told her that this was how I was going to love her forever. We found a rhythm as we reached for our climax. She took me as deep into her as she could. When she arched with a sharp cry, my cum began to pour into her. Each insertion released a hot stream into her as her sounds of pleasure washed over me. I knew that my mother had given me more than just her pussy and her ass - she had given herself; and I had taken her with love.

The last ten years have the best ten. Our lives remained filled with each other and a small incident last night tells our story. We had just come from a movie at a beautifully landscaped outdoor mall. The air was fragrant and we sat in a quiet gazebo surrounded by flowers. I put my arm around my mother my fingers rested on the top of her breast. We sat without a word and only her deepening breaths and the songs of birds settling in for the night could be heard. She put her hand on my thigh and before long I began to stiffen. We looked at each and smiled as we got up to go home.


02-20-2009, 09:44 PM
A 'Not So Normal' Family
He desires his busty, curvy mother

It all began when I started going trough puberty; I was about 14 years old when I started noticing my mother. She was about 39 or 40 years old, and most boys my age would not have thought of her in the way I did, because when she left the house she always wore clothes that did not show off her hugely curvaceous body. She was only about 5' 2” tall, and she didn’t have the longest legs in the world. But she had great thighs that led to and even better ass. She had quite a big waist but her round and juicy breasts would stick out further than the belly. When she was young she had a great body to go along with her pretty face, so every guy in college wanted to get his dick in her mouth, fortunately my father was the first and only person she ever fucked or even kissed.

Around the house my mother used to wear the skimpiest dresses, in fact they were dresses that had the sleeves cut off and the length shortened, she also wore them when she slept. When people came around the house she would quickly run into her bedroom and put on a long overall; but most off the time she just wore her little dresses. My mother had liked to live in total comfort, so she never wore a bra or knickers around the house.

When we watched television I would sit next to her, and because I was taller than her, I would stare down at her breasts. She had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen; they were like a pornstar’s breasts, but bigger and softer. She had good-sized nipples that would show through her dress. When she sat on the sofa she would move around a lot, which meant that her dress that was already half way up her thigh would go even higher.

At first I would simply watch my mother from all angles and them go and toss over her in the bathroom. But as I got older and I wanted fulfilling I started to make my moves, to which my mother was ignorant. At night I would pretend I couldn’t sleep and I would come and sleep next to my mother. She and my father both slept like logs, so with her permission I would lie next to her on the bed. I always had to lie on my stomach to conceal my raging boner. After they were both asleep I would put my arm around her and cop a feel of her breasts and sometimes I would slide her dress up and put my hands on her thighs and her ass-cheeks. After a few hours I would go back to my bed and wank like a horny rabbit. I did this until I was about 15 or 16, then I started to fuck girls my own age and go out a lot, meaning that I hardly ever spent any time at home.

When I started going to college I would spend a lot more time at home, and not go out with girls every night of the week. Over the last two years when I was very sexually active, I did a lot of penis enlargement exercises and I also went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. This meant that I had a very good body, which a lot of girls found irresistible, and I also had penis that a pornstar would have been proud of; it was about 8½ inches long and it was fatter than any sausage I had ever seen.

Over the past couple of years my mother would sleep alone at night, this was because my father would not be at home. He had a lot of money and had the body and looks of a 28 year old, my mother knew he was out getting his cock sucked by some young long legged blonde, but she never said anything because she couldn’t do anything without him.

After a while, on the days that my father wasn’t home I would sleep in next to my mother pretending I was just keeping her company. Sometimes I would give her back rubs, these firstly started with me rubbing her shoulders and her back while she had her dress on. A few weeks later I would get her to sit over the edge of the bed while I massaged her legs, then I would move on to her thighs and massage them; while doing this I would get peaks at her upper thigh and pussy area, but I couldn’t get a clear view of her pussy as she never opened her legs properly. One day I got some massage oil and I asked her if she would give me a massage and she gave me one without any questions asked. A few days later I was in bed while she was brushing her teeth and I noticed that she was wearing a bra and matching knickers. She came and stood next to the bed and handed me a little bottle of massage oil and asked me if I could give her a massage. I accepted with evident enthusiasm. I looked at her and told her to lie down on the bed, then he did something thing that made my dick get harder than it had ever gotten before; she took of her dress over her head, she took her time while doing this, which meant that I could get a very good look of her body while her eyes were covered. Then she laid chest down on the bed so that I could rub the oil on her back, her face was turned away from me so I looked at her every curve in her body and I started and drooled over her huge and plentiful ass. She was wearing her thong kind of knickers, which made her ass-cheeks look even better. So I started by putting some oil on the upper back and shoulders and I massaged it for a little while, then I moved further down her back where I encountered her bra strap. I fiddled with the bra strap for a little pretending I didn’t know how to unhook it, but the truth was I was an expert when it came to unhooking a girl’s bra strap. I was simply wasting time so she could tell me to stop what I was doing or to give me permission to do it.

“First bring the hooks together, and then unhook them.” she said hesitantly

“Oh I see” I replied as I easily undid the strap.

Then I started to rub her whole back, I had a little trouble getting to her other side so, while she was laying on her back I put one leg over her and sat on her back. I did not put all my weight down, but while sat in that position many thoughts went through my head, my fantasies were taking place. Then I climbed off her back and I started to massage her lower back, with every stroke I would move her knickers down further exposing her lovely ass-crack. As I did this she did not oppose, though she was perfectly aware of what I was doing. I was too afraid to pull her kickers all the way off and I was afraid to ask her to turn over. I hesitated and thought about what I was doing, then my mom started to get up a moved back a little and covered my throbbing penis with a blanket.

She sat up on the bed, with her fat juicy tits dangling in front of my face and with obvious wetness in her panties

“Let mommy give you a massage now honey!” she said in her inviting and sweet voice.

I thought that she just wanted to give me a massage and she hadn’t noticed her breasts were on show and so I instinctively shouted;

“No! Thanks I’m fine”

I was afraid she would see my enraged cock be appalled at the thought of her own son having sexual feeling for her.

“Come on, honey! You deserve it” she insisted

“Please, mom! I’m fine I don’t need a massage” I argued

But she leaned towards me and said seductively “ I would make me very happy!”

So I had no choice but to agree. I was hoping she would massage me while I had my clothes on, but she grabbed the massage oil bottle and told me to take off my shirt.

I did not know what to do, I knew if took of my shirt my rod would be exposed trough the light material shorts I was wearing, while on the other had I could not refuse to take my shirt off as it would make her even more suspicious. So, I twitched and fiddled for a little while hoping my cock would relax, but it didn’t work; so I slowly and teasingly took my shirt off over my head; hoping for the best. Then I let it cover my eyes for a few seconds, while my huge and swollen cock was on view to my mother, I then completely removed my shirt. I looked at my mother and she did not look at all surprised; there was no way that my mother could have not seen my cock; I thought to myself. I looked into her eyes, while her eyes were scanning my muscular and defined upper body. She nudged closer to me; ignoring my rod that was literarily poking into her thigh; and she put some oil on my bare chest and then she began to rub it a little more. Then she poured loads of oil on my chest and her eyes watched the beads of oil trickle down my six-pack and then into my shorts. She just looked at my bulging cock for a while and then looked at me. In her eyes I could she that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I took a deep breath, while she put her legs around me and pushed me flat on my back. She teased me by rubbing my stomach and grabbing my nipples, then she kissed me on my chest, then she kissed my all over my stomach, then she got off the bed and put her head between my legs and kissed my thumping cock gently. I started to groan with pleasure, which she used as a signal to remove my shorts. She wrapped her moist lips around my rock hard cock, she managed to get the head into her mouth, but she was struggling to get anymore of it in there. So I assisted her by thrusting my hips forward, it seemed to the trick; she slobbered and slurped over my cock like a hungry and deprived hoe. I grabbed her hair and I started moving her head in the direction I wanted. I could see that she was struggling for air and so I pulled her head off my penis.

She then stood up, I stood up in front of her and told her to stand still, as I began to suck on her neck, I felt her nipples poking into my chest and so I started sucking on them while she stood there moaning and groaning. I suck and nibbled on her tits like they were covered in honey. Then I went down on my knees, my face was in front of her hot and steamy pussy. I teased her by kissing her inner thigh and occasionally running my tongue over her kickers. Then I slowly removed her knickers with my mouth and looked up at her face, she grabbed my head and buried it among her moist and steamy love hole. As I licked her clit she bit her lips to stop herself for moaning with pleasure. I continued to clean out her pussy; my middle finger on my left hand was deep into her ass hole, while my right hand was fondling her warm and soft breast. My mother’s pussy was wet, steamy and yearning for my cock that was throbbing like mad.

I got up and gently laid my mom onto the bed, I slowly then climbed over her, I opened her legs wide apart; her pussy was still tight after I ate it for so long. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it on her clit, she began to moan and play with her breasts, she couldn’t take it any more, and she grabbed hold of my cock and tried to guide it into her pussy. She struggled, as the huge piece of meat was just too big for her tight hole, I assisted her by using my hips to satisfy her pussy’s craving for my dick. After a lot of effort I got it in and I stared down at her, she looked back at me, there was an awkward moment of silence, in which both of us thought about what we were doing. Then I realized I’m fucking the woman that I have being tossing off over for years, this was a dream come true for me, so I began thrusting my hips causing my balls to smack up against my mother’s exposed ass. I grabbed her shoulders and I fucked her even harder, she was moaning and groaning, as if she had never had sex before.

My mothers body was steaming body, I was just getting started; I continued to thrust my cock into her abyss, when I remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom; wasn’t prepared to her my mom pregnant so I yanked out my cock, and stepped of the bed. My mom didn’t realize why I did this, so she got a little worried and lay there looking at me anxiously. The way she looked at me with her legs open and her pussy showing made me want to take charge; I was bigger and much stronger than her.

I grabbed her hips and turned her over, leaving her plentiful ass on view, I was pretty sure my mom hadn’t been ass fucked before so I wanted to start off easy. I put my tongue between her warm ass cheeks and I started to lick out the crack gently. I did this for a while, then I gradually got rougher, I took occasional nibbles with my teeth, then I moved my head out of her crack and took a deep breath. I enjoyed the sight of her ass as I gazed at it one more time, then I just slapped her right cheek, I watched her body quiver after the slap.

I clutched my cock and moved in, I rested my cock on her ass crack before I jammed it in her hole. I took another deep breath and started to push my cock into her ass hole, like her pussy this was extremely tight and I struggled and experienced a lot of pain as I was shoving it in. She pulled her ass cheeks apart with her hands, which helped my pole go in smoothly. I grasped her hips firmly and slowly started to pump her, and then I gradually started to make the movements forceful. Then I lifted her up slightly, while my cock was lodged in firmly, and I moved back, so that both of our feet were on the floor, now with my right hand I grabbed a handful of her hair and I continued to ride her. She was groaning like mad, I wanted to hear groan even more, so I started to squeeze her dangling breasts with my left hand. Her groaning didn’t get any louder, so I let go of her breast and started to slap her ass, she responded by getting louder and moving her body to make my penetration even more powerful.

After a few minutes of pure anal penetration, I got up and looked around, I noticed wooden chest in the corner of my room; I pulled my mom over to the chest and I seated her on it. Then I put my hands behind her knees and lifted her legs up and spread them apart, leaving her clit exposed for a real thrashing. I command her to guide my love pole into her gaping hole, and he did as she was instructed. As I fucked her head pounded against the wall and my balls again pounded against her ass. After fucking her for a while longer I got tired of doing the work, so I pulled out my dick and I raised her of the wooed chest, after this I sat down on the chest. She stood in front of my, not knowing what to do, I could see how very inexperienced she was when it came to fucking, so I told her to come and sit on my dick. She seemed confused as she slowly moved towards me, gripped her firmly and put her into position, where she was sitting on my lap with my dick deeply wedged into her pussy. Then I told her to bounce, she started off slowly, and then as she became more comfortable she began to bounce faster and harder, this is when I started to groan. She matched my groaning with her moaning; I clutched her loose breasts and I squeezed them, then she put her hands under my ass and she squeezed my ass as hard as I was squeezing her breasts, we were both being pleasured immensely.

For a few more minutes I sat on the wooden chest with my mom annihilating my penis, then her I felt a sudden blast of heat around my penis, my mom had cum, she had the greatest orgasm of her life. I wasn’t finished, I wanted her to make me cum, and so I pushed her to the floor, commandingly, and I gripped her hair, once more, and guided her head to my throbbing penis longing for fulfillment. She aggressively swallowed my penis, and she began to suck like mad, she tried her best to make me cum, but I was mot ready yet. I brought her to her feet and then flung her onto the bed. I then climbed on the bed and stuck my dick into her moth. I was in the sort of position, where my keens were by her sides and my balls were dangling over her chin. Then I thrust my dick in her moth, like her mouth was a pussy. She was using her tongue to her best of her abilities to make me cum, I started to get hot and I felt an orgasm coming on, I prodded my cock in he moth for a little while longer and then I pulled it out and held it over her breasts. I watched as my first spurt of my cum missed her breasts and landed on her chin, then I guided the rest of my juice onto her breasts. She sat up and licked the sticky hot cum off her breasts and cleaned up every last drop off my semi-erect penis.

Then she got up and put on her dress and I put on my shorts and we laid back on the bed and covered ourselves with the heavy king-size duvet. My mother came close to me and said;

“Honey, that was amazing, it was the best fuck I have ever had!”

“Mom, how comes when you saw my swollen cock, when you wanted to give me a massage, you weren’t suspired?” I asked To which my mom replied

“I’ve know you wanted to fuck me for a long time now.”

I was shocked to hear this she then continued to say;

“I’ve know this ever since you used to crawl into bed with me in the night and slowly lift my dress up, and sometimes caress my breasts with your sweaty hands”

I felt a little embarrassed and I looked away from her, she softly turned my head and whispered

“Don’t be shy, hon, I wanted you to do it. In fact I’ve been craving you for a few years now, ever since I noticed you exercising your giant penis in the shower.”

“Your cock is so much bigger and fatter than your father’s, and your body is so much harder and more desirable than your father’s, but the thing that made me want you so much is the fact that you actually desire my body. Your father stopped fucking me a long time ago.” she said, as her eyes began to fill up with tears. I pulled her towards me and I said to her;

“You’re the most attractive and desirable woman I know, and you’re one hell of a fuck, dad is just being like every other man. He can’t stay with one woman; the problem is with dad, not you mom”

I held her close and we both went to sleep in each other’s arms.


02-20-2009, 09:45 PM
A (Very) Friendly agreement Ch 1
Two women come to a son/husband sex agreement

My name is Melanie. I'm a 39 year old wife to my second husband and the mother of a 19 year old daughter who is away at college. Most people say I'm not bad looking. Medium length blondish hair, rather long and slender legs, and 34C breasts which are now drooping a bit unfortunately.

I was having lunch recently with my girl friend Helen who is the single mom of an 18 year old son who just recently started at the local junior college and still lives with her. I'm not sure you could say that Helen is any better looking than me, but I've always thought she was a bit sexier or "hotter" to use the current term. Part of it was her manner of dress. She wore her skirts a bit shorter and sometimes split up the sides, her blouses were cut a little lower to show off her cleavage, also about a 34C, and she favored strappy high heels to show off her nice legs. She has brown medium length hair streaked with blonde at the hairdresser's. A pretty good package for a 38 year old woman, but she hadn't had much luck with men after her divorce six years ago. They were all married or there was some other problem, and she had been pretty busy with her responsible job and raising her teenage son.

Anyway, she was telling me something about the son. Apparently he had almost gotten some slut girl pregnant. She was very late with her period, but finally started. Helen was complaining about his choice in the girl. Despite the fact he was a good looking young man, he was shy and had never dated that much until recently with this girl who was pretty worthless and careless with her birth control among other things.

Then she said something half jokingly which shocked me. She said, "I might take care of him myself except for the incest thing. It might take solve some of his problems as well as my own." I just sort of laughed, and then she asked me something we had never really gotten into. "I know my sex life is lousy. How is yours with Tim after seven years of marriage?" I answered that it could definitely be better, and I wondered if he was getting that seven year itch I had heard about. I went on to say that I knew part of it was my fault. Tim was a hunk by most standards and a few years younger than me, but I had been somehow restless the last few years. She said she knew his obvious charms, but she shocked me again when she asked how he was hung. I told her he was better than average, about seven inches and fairly thick. Then Helen said that she had only seen her son a few times when it was soft, but if that was any indication it would be at least eight inches and thick. No wonder the young slut was fucking him.

I noticed she kept coming back to the subject of her son and I wondered what was going on with that. I didn't know, of course, but suspected that Helen was pretty hot in bed. I used to think I was too, but this restless thing had cooled my fires, so to speak. When Helen and I parted, I mentioned to her that as far as this sex thing went, maybe all of us needed some kind of new spark. She said, "You may be right,"and we laughed and went on our way.

About a month later Helen called me, and I could tell she was upset right away. She said her son was supposed to have dropped the young slut she had told me about, but she had come home yesterday and interrupted their love making just before they got started. "Incidentally," she said, "I just got a quick look but enough to confirm he's about eight inches and thick. The girl is a scrawny little bitch, but he's caught the scent of pussy now and is going to be hard to turn." Then she said, "Let's get together tomorrow, because I want to talk to you about something." We met the next day, and what she wanted to talk to me about floored me. She said, "I'm going to get right to the point. Do you think fucking an 18 year old boy for a while might put some spark back into your sex life and cure your restlessness? The 18 year old boy I have in mind is my son."

I stuttered and stammered at first and asked her to give me a minute to sort of digest this. On the one hand it just seemed unthinkable, but my mind was playing tricks on me as I visualized some young stud plundering my pussy. At that age he might plunder it several times in one evening too. Was I even up to the task? Then I thought of the practical side and pointed out to Helen I was a married woman, and a young guy like that would need it more than occasionally. I asked her how you could even work out the schedule and the where and so forth? Then she hit me with the rest of it. She said, "It sounds like Tim could use some spice in his life too, and I definitely do. What if we worked something out where I would fuck him while you took care of my son's needs? Do you think you could handle that? And remember this would only be for about six months or so until my son's confidence gets built up and I can get him pointed in some better direction." There was no doubt in my mind that Tim would fuck Helen if she was willing. The question was whether I could handle that and would it indeed provide some spark in our otherwise mundane sex lives.

Helen and I talked about two more hours. We went over all the arguments and benefits and drawbacks. By the end of that time what seemed unthinkable at first now seemed quite possible. She admitted she had already talked with her son about it, and he was willing if she could work it out. He agreed the girl in question was pretty much a loser, but she was humping him and the pussy was hard to turn down.

I decided the best approach was to just be direct. The next evening I told Tim bluntly, "Helen wants to fuck you." Now it was his turn to be stunned. I told him I had thought it over carefully and was okay with it. Then I went in to some of the reasons behind my decision including our mundane sex life the past few years, but I quickly admitted this was probably more my fault than his. Then I told him what had brought all this up in the first place, and said we had agreed that I would fuck Helen's son as part of the deal. All this led to another two hour discussion, but Tim was more agreeable than I had thought he might be. Apparently he wanted to fuck Helen and didn't consider the teenaged boy much of a threat. When I described Helen at the beginning I used words like hot and sexy. Obviously Tim agreed. I reminded him the arrangement was only for about six months and told him Helen and I had worked it out that I would fuck the son here and they would fuck at her place. I told him that because of the son's situation with the teenaged slut we wanted to start right away.

I called Helen a bit later and told her it was a go. She said, "Great! Give him a ride Melanie." She could have been referring to a certain sexual position, but I thought I knew what she meant. She wanted me to give him the full range of sexual experience, maybe even anal. Tim was much more experienced than Bobby (her son) of course, but I had a feeling her horny pussy was going to work him over pretty good.

A couple of days later I was waiting for Bobby to arrive. Tim had left shortly before, and I had put on a short, low cut, silky robe, no bra, some very skimpy panties, and a pair of strappy high heels. The heels seemed to be a turn on for a lot of men, although it was a bit awkward crawling around a bed with them on. I hoped my total look was a good contrast to the "scrawny bitch" as Helen had called the girl.

I let Bobby in, and he did seem impressed. He was in street clothes of course, but Helen had given him some silk boxers to bring along, and he changed quickly in the bathroom. When he came out I was propped up on my elbow on the bed and had opened the robe to show even more of my tits. I saw the boxers already starting to tent from his erection. I invited him to get on the bed with me, and I brought his hand up to stroke on my tits. Then I moved it down to stroke my pussy through the thin panties. I decided to test the waters, so to speak, by reaching in the boxers to jack his cock. It was rock hard as I expected, and I pulled down the shorts to get a better grip. It was eight inches and thick as Helen had said.

I had already decided I was going to deep throat his cock until he came in my mouth to "take the edge off" his youthful lust. I started by licking up from his balls to his cock head, circled the head a couple of times with my tongue, then took just the head in my mouth and sucked hard with a smacking sound. Then I pulled backed a little and drooled a mixture of precum and saliva on to the head and went back down and sucked it clean. From his reactions I wasn't sure he was going to last long enough for the deep throat part, so I started on that, going down to take as much of his eight inches as I could and sucking hard as I came back up. I repeated this several times and then felt his balls tighten and knew I was going to get a mouthful. The first spurt hit the back of my mouth hard, and before he was done it was drooling out the sides of my mouth and on to my chin.

I sucked him clean and then cleaned up myself. We relaxed a while, but I pulled off the panties and had him stroke my bare pussy lips to get him ready for the next round. It didn't take long. He was soon rock hard again. I asked him what he wanted to do and almost giggled when he said, "I want to fuck you."

I said, "Let me get on top, and we'll do it that way, okay?" My pussy was very wet now, so I quickly engulfed his whole length in its folds. I rocked back and forth on his cock for a while and then leaned forward and rubbed my tits on his chest and raked my nails across it. I put my hands down next to his chest and picked up speed and leverage. I was tossing my hair and moaning as I felt the heat rising in my pussy, and I gasped as his hot cum hit my pussy walls triggering my own wrenching orgasm. As we wound down, I was thinking, "Perfect. I think Helen would be proud of us." I remembered to thank and praise Bobby as he left, and he and his big cock deserved it.

All this time I hadn't really thought about Tim and Helen together, but now I let myself imagine their sweaty bodies thrusting against each other as they came. I reminded myself it was just fucking.

Before next week's fucking session I had a chance to think about Bobby, and somehow that took me back to when I was his age. That led me to some thoughts about what he and I could do. I wanted to make it as pleasurable as I could for him, but I had some selfish motives and wanted to be satisfied as well. I realized I hadn't thought about sex that much between Tim's and my routine sessions which had dropped down to about twice a week, so this was a definite improvement.

The weather was mild right now, and slowly I began to hatch a plan for my next meeting with Bobby. I borrowed a couple of things from my 19 year old daughter's closet and bought a miniskirt much shorter than any I had. I completed my outfit with a pair of flip flop sandals, cotton panties, and a bra that unsnapped easily at the back. Nobody was going to mistake me for an 18 year old girl, but the effect was pretty good. Then I put a low watt bulb in the garage, and I was all set.

When Bobby arrived he was a little shocked by my appearance, and maybe more shocked when I told him to just keep his street clothes on. We were going to get in the back seat of my car in the garage, and I wanted him to see if he could seduce me, but I told him that shouldn't be too difficult. He was still pretty confused but followed me anyway. I turned on the low watt light, got some soft music on the radio, and we climbed in the back seat.

I immediately put my arms around his neck, and he got the idea and started kissing me. Tentatively at first and then more urgently as we began to tongue fuck each other's mouths. We were breathing hard, and he started unbuttoning my blouse and then felt up my tits through the bra. I pushed his hand away gently, but he came right back and was feeling for the strap on the back of my bra. It came loose. And my tits spilled out. He quickly leaned down and started licking and sucking them until my nipples were stiff and hard. Then he started feeling up under my miniskirt, and I gently pushed his hand away again. By this time we were kissing and groping pretty frantically, and I brushed my hand across his crotch and felt his raging hard on. He went back under the miniskirt, pushed the panties to one side, and got one and then two fingers in my pussy. I humped back against his hand and then unzipped his pants, pulled his cock free and started jacking it. He then started trying to get the panties down, and I helped him and threw them aside. We started working on getting some of his clothes off, and soon he had his cock sliding against my pussy lips. I had my legs spread with one foot on the floor and the other over the seat back, but I pushed him away gently again. He went right back and nailed my pussy with one stroke. It was okay, because it was dripping wet by now.

I had decided I wasn't going to suck him this time and instead let him cum in me quickly, figuring he would be back soon for a slower fuck and maybe even a third one. It was a test for me in a way, because nobody had fucked me that much in quite a while. I wrapped my legs around his ass as he pounded his cock in my pussy and moaned as he came what felt like a bucketful. "You are hot, Melanie," he gasped.

"I sure hope so," I gasped back at him. We stroked each other and kissed for a while, and then I felt him rising against my pussy lips. I jacked his cock until it was good and hard and then pushed forward until it was all the way in. He started a slower fuck, but I had gotten pretty close the first time, and now I was on fire. I wished we had more room, but I humped and moved my ass around in a circular motion as best I could. I felt that ecstatic sensation in my pussy and almost shouted as I went over the top to orgasm. Bobby was right behind me, and it felt like he spurted almost as much cum in me as the first time.

We went back in the house and decided we might not have enough time for another fuck. I had my outfit back on minus the panties, and he was stroking my pussy and French kissing me until right before he went out the door.

The next morning my car reeked of pussy, cock, cum, sweat, and fucking. I had forgotten about that part, but somehow it wasn't that unpleasant and made my pussy tingle with memories of last night. Even so, I aired the car out and sprayed it down with air freshener. Helen called me that evening. We had agreed that nobody would talk about any of this, and so far we hadn't, but Bobby had let slip a comment to Helen, "Mom, that Melanie is really hot," or something like that, and then remembered and shut up.

Helen's curiosity had gotten the best of her, and now she wanted to know if we had done anything special. "Oh, just a little fantasy I had cooked up, but it did work out very well," I said.

"Good girl," she said.

I replied, "You mean bad girl, don't you," and we laughed and chatted a minute before hanging up.

One of the problems we had talked about in planning our little arrangement was the schedule. Other things had to go on, and we agreed we would be flexible and work it out as things came up. But we also agreed this once a week thing was barely enough for young Bobby anyway, so we would give that some priority. Something did come up before the third session. Tim was very busy at work and would be out of town on business on our scheduled night. No problem, we thought. Bobby would come over as scheduled and arrange to out of Helen's house when Tim came over a couple of nights later.

Helen called me two days before Bobby and I were to meet again and came up with another shocker. She said, "I know our agreement was not to talk about any of these things, but we never said that someone couldn't watch. I'd like to watch your next fuck session with Bobby, and I'll tell you how we can work it out without Bobby knowing. I'd like to see what progress he is making, and while I can't do the incest thing right now, I'd like to see his cock drilling someone else's pussy."

I said, "I don't know, Helen. I'm not a porn star. Something like that might make me too nervous."

She said, "Don't worry, you won't be able to see me, and once your pussy starts juicing you'll forget I'm there. Here's the deal. I'll leave for your place before Bobby and just tell I'm going out for the evening. I'll park around the corner, and then I'll hide in one of the bedrooms. You make sure the hall is darkened and there's a light weight chair handy, and when you close the door just leave it open a few inches. Simple." I had to agree it was and said okay reluctantly.

I thought about it later and remembered she said she couldn't do the incest thing "right now". What did that mean? Also I had to face my curiosity about Helen's and Tim's fuck sessions. Was she doing anything I could learn from? One reason I had agreed to this was to improve mine and Tim's sex life. Did I dare make similar arrangements to watch Helen and Tim after he got back in town? Could I handle it emotionally? I'd just have to think about all this.

Helen arrived at my house before Bobby as we had planned. We embraced, and she said, "Thanks, this is something I really wanted," and hurried off to her hiding place.

For this session with Bobby I dressed in the sexiest teddy I had and skipped the heels. He started getting hard as soon as he saw me in it and we hurried back to get started. I had decided to skip the cock sucking again except for a lick or two. This time I wanted him to go down on my pussy and really learn how to eat a woman out. I moved his hand down to stroke my pussy lips which he had done before. Then I moved his head down and showed him how to use his tongue on my clit while fucking me with one finger and then two. He learned quickly and soon I rose up on my haunches and gasped and moaned. My pussy was juicing heavily and I realized Helen had been right. I didn't care who was watching. We continued for a little while, but I knew his cock was aching for release, so I licked it a couple of times and then pulled it into me. He thrust forward all the way in and fucked me hard. He came quickly with a grunt and a moan, but with the extra stimulation for me I exploded in orgasm also with my legs straight up in the air. There was so much cum it mingled with my juices and leaked out on my thighs and coated my ass. I decided the nastier the better and just left it there.

Once again we waited and stroked each other for a while, but his cock got hard quickly. I turned around and got on my hands and knees and signaled I wanted him to take me from behind. He did, and soon we were in a rhythm with his thighs and balls making a slap, slap sound against my ass as I pushed back against him. I tossed my hair and moved my head up and down as my tits swayed back and forth. Helen should be getting a good view of his cock drilling a pussy as his strokes were long and forceful. Never mind Helen I thought, my "moment of truth" was almost here. I was saying, "Yesss, Yesss,"and almost babbling as Bobby's cock jerked in me and started cumming, and I went over the edge with a thrilling orgasm.

It took a while for us to "come down" from the experiences. I hoped Helen was away from the door, but I would peek before opening it. I suspected I would find traces of a juicing orgasm if I looked on the floor or chair later. I didn't blame her. Those were some pretty hot scenes in my humble opinion.

Helen was gone. I kissed Bobby goodbye and then thought back over the events of the last three weeks. Talk about putting some spice back in your life! This had to take some kind of prize.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:45 PM
A (Very) Friendly Agreement Ch 2
Two women trade husband/son sex

I thought it over some more, reached a decision, and called Helen. I told her I'd thought it through and decided I wanted to make similar arrangements to those she had made when she watched Bobby and me, and watch Tim and her get it on when he got back in town. She hesitated a second and then just said, "Okay, I'll set it up. I'll see you before Tim gets here."

I made some excuse to Tim about leaving and told him I would see him when he got home. I tried to calm my nerves as I drove over to Helen's place and parked around the corner. I was only partly successful. Helen was dressed in a wrap around robe, and I noticed she had her hair teased up into a wild mane effect. Also she was wearing a pair of black spike heels with ankle straps and a half inch sole platform. I didn't comment, however, as she greeted me and told me where my hiding place would be. She said, "I should mention that I like it nasty. But remember, it's just fucking." I didn't know quite what that meant, but guessed I was going to find out soon. I heard Tim come in later and waited until I was sure they were back in Helen's room before I crept down to peek through the door which was open a few inches. Helen had left a light weight chair nearby as planned.

Tim was already naked and lying on his back on the bed. I saw his familiar cock about two thirds erect. Helen was standing near the end of the bed, and I noticed she had added a black collar with silver studs around her neck. She was still wearing the platform ankle strap spike heels. She was naked and I could see she preferred the natural bush pussy hair and had it teased up to some to seem even bushier than it was. With her hair teased up in the wild mane it was a pretty striking effect as she stood there with her hands on her hips and her legs spread for a few seconds. Then she sort of rolled her hips a couple of times and more or less slithered up on the bed to Tim's cock. She sucked it in her mouth and since it was not fully erect, was able to deep throat it nearly to the base. Helen pretty much attacked his cock with her mouth, sucking and licking it until it quickly grew to full erection. Then she deep throated it and sucked and smacked noisily. Tim was gasping and moving his head around as she continued.

Then she stopped suddenly and crawled up to mount his cock. I could see it slip into her pussy easily, and she started grinding on it with her body straight up as she tossed that wild mane and moaned. This continued for several minutes, and then she crawled off of him and reached for a bottle of baby oil. She jacked his cock as she smeared some oil on it and then knelt and smeared some on two of her fingers and quickly worked the fingers into her asshole. From the surprised look on Tim's face I gathered this might be the first time they had done anal, but he got the message. She turned over and put her head on a pillow with her ass up high. Tim rose to the occasion and soon had his cock at the entrance of her asshole. He slowly pushed it in, met some resistance, and then started again.

On my chair out in the hall, I was practically hyperventilating and was stroking my clit rapidly with one hand and pushing two fingers in my pussy with the other. My panties had been on the floor for some time. Tim was about halfway into her ass and Helen was looking back as she gasped with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He slid all the way in, and she groaned with pain but told him, "Don't stop." He started pushing his cock in and out of her as she was stroking her clit wildly with one hand.

With each stroke of his cock it seemed to get easier, and Tim gasped, "Oh baby your asshole is so nice and tight. I'm going to cum soon."

"Yesss, cum in my ass. Fuck me in the ass with your hard cock," Helen gasped. Meanwhile out in the hall I had already had a massive orgasm, stifling my cries, but I'm sure they wouldn't have heard me anyway. I was going to have to get out of there soon. Just then Tim shoved his cock up her ass to the balls and almost shouted as he spurted his cum in her. Helen went off too with a gushing orgasm, and it was time for me to sneak out and leave.

The experience of watching them wasn't that bad. Somehow I didn't have the jealousy and other emotions I thought I might. I think part of the reason for that is that with Helen it really is "just fucking". In a way, I was surprised she hadn't acted on her incestuous feelings for her son Bobby – and she may yet. I got some ideas from Helen. Tim obviously enjoyed the anal. I had a couple of bad experiences with that with my inept first husband, and when Tim acted like he wanted to do anal a few times with me I discouraged it. Maybe this was something I could work on with Bobby first.

We continued on with our fuck sessions a few more weeks and then had to adjust our schedule slightly when my 19 year old daughter, Carol, came home for a short college break. Most people say Carol is a younger, slimmer version of me, and they are probably right. (I wish I had her slimmer ass.) We were sitting and talking and I noticed her outfit was very similar to the one I had used with Bobby. Short miniskirt, blouse, etc., except her flip flops had a small heel. She told me she had broken up with her boyfriend of over a year. "That's too bad," I said. "What happened?"

I assumed she and this young man were fucking and saw her birth control stuff, although she had never mentioned it. "Oh mom, it was just several things," she replied. "Among other things, he really didn't satisfy me."

I didn't have to ask what sort of "satisfaction" she meant. I just said, "That's too bad" again.

We changed the subject and talked a bit, and then she caught me off guard when she asked about Bobby, who she knew but not very well. I might have answered differently if I had known what her response was going to be, but I just said he was doing very well, and Helen said he was coming out of his shyness. For some reason I added that Bobby had had a girl friend for a while, but that was over. Carol came back with, "You know, I always liked Bobby. He's a year younger than me, but that doesn't seem so important now that we're both in college. He was pretty shy, but if he's more outgoing now, he could be an okay guy. He's certainly good looking enough. Maybe I'll give him a call and we can do something together when I come home for the longer break from college later."

I was surprised. She had never shown much interest in Bobby before. Carol's "do something together" comment bothered me. She had already mentioned she might be horny, and I knew Bobby was. If they got together more than a few times I had a feeling the "do something together" would be fucking. So now in addition to the incest taboo overtones and the friend fucking friend's husband taboo in our complicated relationships, we might be adding the taboo of mother and daughter fucking the same guy. Oh well, maybe she would be hooked up with some other young guy by the time she was back in town.

It had been a long time since I had done any anal, but Helen certainly seemed to manage it very well. I noticed Helen had stroked her clit a lot when she was doing it – something I hadn't really thought about the few times I had tried it. I had been concentrating on my stretched asshole, but you would need some clitoral stimulation to bring you off. Bobby probably needed at least an introduction to anal, so I practiced with the baby oil on my fingers and up my ass a couple of times before our next session.

I decided I wanted to look a little like a hooker this time and bought a red bustier which pushed my tits up and made my 34C's look more like 36D's. I had a pair of black ankle strap heels, not platforms but they would do, and a pair of skimpy black panties. The final step was a pair of black fish net stay up stockings. I was all set when Bobby got there. By now he never knew what to expect with my outfits, but he looked appreciative.

I hadn't deep throated his cock in a while, so I started with that. First I teased him by licking around the head and acting like I was going to go down on him and then pulling back. He was writhing from the torment, so I finally started sucking him. I came all the way up sucking hard and slid my mouth over his knob with a smacking sound. Then back down as far as I could and repeat the process. He was moaning, humping and trying to fuck my mouth, but I pulled back so that I wouldn't get into a gagging situation. I decided to let him cum on my face this time and timed it just about right. His first load of cum was usually a big one, and I had my mouth open but some of his spurts hit my cheeks, nose and chin. At least some of it was on target in my mouth and on my tongue. It was a cum shot right out of a "mature woman fucks young stud" porn flick, and a messy one. I swallowed the part in my mouth and wiped off the rest and smeared it on my pushed up tits.

I was going to need some stimulation for this next part he didn't know was coming, so I had him lick and suck and finger fuck my pussy while his cock got hard again. He did a good job, and I thought I was ready. I did the same thing with the baby oil that Helen had done, and then I had him hold steady while I sort of backed on to his cock. His thick eight inches were not so great for anal, but now it was in, and he started fucking me in the ass with slow strokes. The sensations were strange, but sent waves of lust through me. Something about the forbidden nature of it heightened my senses, and I remembered to stroke my clit. Bobby's senses were also heightened and very soon I heard him groaning and felt his hot cum spurting in my ass. I was very close, and Bobby surprised me when he said he wanted to watch me cum. He pulled out and I turned over, and it must have been quite a show for him as I quickly stroked and fingered myself to a writhing, humping, moaning orgasm.

Our little arrangement continued to work well. Helen said that Bobby's confidence had soared. He was doing well in school and was pickier about his friends. He had mentioned a couple of girls, but so far he had only casually ventured into that. I was curious about the incest thing, so I brought it up. She said she still had thoughts, but sharing Tim had done wonders for her. She also said she had met some guy who seemed interesting, but he traveled a lot in his work. She said if she could catch up to him she might jump his bones. I was also curious why sex with hot blooded Helen had made Tim hornier than ever with me, but I thought I knew the answer. It was the heightened sense of the forbidden for all of us.

Time flies when you're having fun. My daughter, Carol, was back home for semester break. I gathered she had not hooked up with some other guy as I half expected, but instead may have been sleeping around some to satisfy her needs. When she mentioned something about calling Bobby, I just accepted it. After all, both of them could do worse. "Whatever you like," I said. "He's out of school also and probably has some time." And so she did call him. She said he sounded surprised and a little flustered for some reason, but quickly recovered and suggested some concert they could go to. Then she had suggested they could just go out for pizza for that matter, and the concert later. So the two of them were off and running

Helen called me and was almost incoherent. At least I'd had some warning about Bobby and Carol, but she was clueless until Bobby told her they were going out. "But what if something develops between those two?" she said.

"Well if it does, it does, Helen," I said. "We've been playing around with the forbidden for quite a while and now it might catch up with us."

I told Tim about it, but he was philosophical. He said, "Who knows about those two? One or both of them could be off with someone else next week. If not, we'll just have to deal with it."

But Carol and Bobby weren't off with someone else that soon, and we held our breath. Helen said she had a chance to get together with the traveling guy and planned to fuck him blind. Tim was out of town on business anyway, so we put our little arrangement on hold.

I went to work but had some time off coming and decided to take half a day of it. When I got home I saw Bobby's car in the drive. Well, so what, I thought, but I did open the door quietly for some reason. Nobody was around, but I heard noises coming from Carol's room. I started to say something but then realized Bobby must be in there too, since he was nowhere else in the house. Carol's bedroom door was pushed to but not closed, and I obeyed an irresistible urge to push it open slightly.

Bobby and Carol were in there, of course. They were on the bed and kissing, or from what I could tell more like tongue fucking. He had her blouse open and was stroking her tits through her bra. They were breathing hard. She certainly didn't seem to be resisting any of this. I saw her flip flops with the little heels near the bed, and she had on one of her miniskirts, at least for right now I thought. Did I dare add another voyeur experience to my list of misdeeds? Somehow I was frozen and couldn't resist.

And Carol's bra came loose about then. Bobby leaned down and sucked and licked her perky tits while moving one hand up under her miniskirt. I saw her panties and then Bobby's hand stroking her pussy through them. Carol was moaning, and I saw her hand moving up and down his crotch. He reached down to unzip his pants and Carol started feeling for his cock. Meanwhile he had a finger in her pussy. They were getting pretty frantic. Carol lifted her ass off the bed, and Bobby pulled hard to get her panties down. If I was going to do anything about this it had better be quick. Then Carol's panties were down around her ankles, and she kicked them off. I could see her slender ass and her pussy, and even from there you could tell it was wet.

Bobby jerked his pants and shorts off with one pull. I saw his familiar eight inch cock spring free. Carol reached her fingers around it and started jacking while she humped his hand as he fingered her. I was struck by their youthful athleticism. He got on top of her and pushed her legs wider apart with his legs. Carol moved her knees up until her feet were flat on the bed and Bobby nailed her tilted pussy with one stroke. She gasped. I suspect her pussy is more than a little tighter than mine, and Bobby's cock is a load. Soon he started pumping into her faster, and Carol moved her head from side to side and gasped his name. "Oh Bobby, fuck me, fuck mee," she was saying.

He responded, "Oh Carol, your tight pussy feels sooo good." My view was from the back, and I could see his cock going into her pussy balls deep as she humped him and circled her ass. If I knew Bobby, and I did, he was going to be flooding Carol's pussy with cum very soon. I didn't know how close she was, but she had better hurry up. Very soon he was gasping and moaning as he emptied his cum in her. I don't think Carol was quite there, but that's just something they would have to work out if they stayed together.

Meanwhile I had to figure some graceful way to get out of there. I eased quietly out the door. I had parked in the street because of Bobby's car, and I hoped they wouldn't notice when a car started up. I gave them plenty of time for Bobby to come back, and I was certain Carol would have a very wet orgasm in that round.

Bobby and Carol are still together. He transferred to the college she attends, so they're both out of town now except for the summer and breaks. I think mine and Bobby's little secret is safe. I'm not talking, and I'm certain he won't either. Tim just thinks all this is funny, but he sure won't tell. Tim's former other piece of ass, Helen, is now hooked up with the traveling guy, They're not married yet but likely soon will be. She regales me with stories about how she's fucking his brains out. She says if she had any thoughts about incest with Bobby, it's too late now. She's sure Carol and Bobby are mutually fucking each other's brains out. From what I saw I'm sure she's right. Our little adventure was fun while it lasted, but after all it was "just fucking".


02-20-2009, 09:46 PM
A Bad Bad Little Girl
Carol was a pain in the ass to everyone

This story is about Carol and how she ended up living and loving her Uncle Mike.

This story is about what happens when two people who had been in love with each other, drift apart and children are involved. Sometimes it tears the heart out of the child, and they believe that they are the ones' who are responsible for the divorce. Her father is at his wits end, and is going to court for the fifth time this year. He has no idea how to deal with Carol at all.

In his final attempt to keep her out of any incarceration, he calls his older brother Mike. He hasn't talked to Mike in four years, since June left him for that younger man. His brother lives in New Mexico about a hundred miles from nowhere. Carol has just turned eighteen and is no longer considered a juvenile.

John tells Mike what has been going on, and how he is trying to keep Carol out of jail. Mike there is nobody else I can turn to for any help, no one will have Carol around them, it's that bad. Mike you are my last hope...

John listen to me! If you send her out here, she will not be back until she is broken, "do you understand me." I will not have you or anybody else interfere with how I brake her. You must make up your mind now John. You do not have to worry about her leaving here. I've lived here thirty years and I can't walk out of this place. Also remember, "I told you not to marry that bitch." We'll discuss that at another time. So brother, give me your answer, so I can make arraignments.

"Do it Mike, just do it," John shoots back.

John goes into court and the Judge wants to put her away for a year, but John is able to talk the Judge into letting Carol go and live with her Uncle Mike in New Mexico.

When she comes back if she does, she must come back before Judge Murphy, so the Judge can make her own assessment of Carols progress.

Carol needless to say was not a happy camper; she could not believe her Daddy would send her of with someone she hardly knows. She thinks to herself that she beat her father down, and he is not forty yet. What would she do to a fifty year old man, and she smiles to herself. This will still be better than a cell for a year she still thinks to herself. Well get ready Uncle Mike, your ass is mine.


Mike walks up to the counter and asks about the flight coming in from Dallas. The Clerk said on time and should pull up to the gate in fifteen minutes. Mike looks like any other native; Jeans, Boots, Hat, and two day growth of beard. He stands about six foot, weighs about two fifty, and it's all muscle. When you have a big ranch, you are going to be a solidly built man. Young Ms. Carol will soon find this out.

The plane pulls up to the gate and the passengers disembark. Carol sees a familiar face and walks up and says in her best sexy little girl voice, "Hello Uncle Mike."

Mike looks at carol and says where are your bags. I'll get them for you.

There the two pink ones over there Uncle Mike.

I walk over and pick up both bags and notice one thing they are very light for a woman who is suppose to be moving in. This little Bitch thinks she is going to pull something over on me already. Well do I have a surprise for her.

I take her bags to my pickup and put them in the back. The air conditioner starts to kick in as we make or way over the country roads. Carol asks how far is the ranch. I tell her about a little over a hundred miles, so she should relax it will take a couple of hours to get there.

Mike has a couple of Zuni tribe's men who are good friends, that he has known since he moved out west. Mike is proud to call these native Americans his friends.

They gave him some herbs that he put in Carols Fruit juice to put her to sleep.

My lovely little niece you will not remember this ride nor where you are, Mike thinks to himself. That's how I want it to be for the next three months. By then you will be begging to suck my dick just to get a little rest.

Wake up sleepy head we are home. Well my home any way, and yours for at least the next six months if you behave yourself. As she awakens I can already see the wheels turning as she already is trying to formulate a plan to either escape or take over the situation.

Oh Uncle Mike it is so beautiful out here, are there a lot of little critters running around.

Yes there are I said to her, two legged as well as four legged. I just looked at her and smiled. Carol gave me that little girl grin along with that very sexy little girl voice of hers. I could see it in her eyes that she was scheming in that lovely brain. I know she seems to forget I'm nothing like her Daddy, which she will find out bright and early tomorrow morning.

One thing you must remember Carol my nearest neighbor is a hundred miles away. I kid you not sweetheart nobody lives with in a hundred miles of us, what I don't own, the government does. So if you do decide to take a walk, it will be a very long time before we find your body if ever. The back room will be yours, I sleep in the front room. Take a shower if you want, I'll make dinner in an hour.

Carol, I must caution you, that this time of the evening as the desert cools, rattlers and scorpions come out to hunt for pray. So if you venture out side be very careful.

I decide to make a light salad and some grilled chicken for dinner when I heard a scream. I ran out side from the kitchen, to find Carol standing frozen as a small rattler had her pissing her shorts. I couldn't have planed it better myself. I took a stick and scared it off making it look more dangerous than it was.

Carol was so happy the snake was gone she jumped on me and kissed me, saying oh thank you Uncle Mike for saving my life. I told her Carol, you must watch what you are doing. Like I said it is a dangerous place. Now young lady go take a shower, diner will be ready in fifteen minutes. The rest of the night went easy. Tomorrow I'm sure will be a different story.

It's five o'clock in the morning and I've already had my shower, I go in and wake Carol. Get up sleepy head it's time to start the day. I've turned her bedroom light on, and she is telling me she doesn't get up before ten o'clock. I say Carol, breakfast is in ten minutes and if you want to eat you'll be there. Now get your lazy ass out off bed before I throw a bucket of cold water on you.

What Carol doesn't know is that I already anticipated her not moving so a bucket of water is out side the bedroom door. Also what may come as a shock to her is being this is my house I walk around naked in the morning. I do not care who is around, if they don't like it they can leave.

Carol get up!!

No! she says and pulls the covers over her dead.

Last time Carol, "get your ass up."


The next thing you could hear was a loud scream as the cold water ran over her head and chest. Those beautiful little pink nipples were as hard as a rock, and her hair was soaked. Carol looked like a drowned rat.

She started crying and saying how could you do that to me. I told you I'm not John, "when I tell you to do something you will do it or else." You have ten minutes to do what ever it is you are going to do, then come to breakfast.

"Uncle Mike How come you are walking around naked."

Carol it's my place and in the morning I like to walk around naked!

Don't you think that it's not right for a young girl like me to be seeing a naked man like you.

According to your father, you've already seem more cock than must women do in their life time.

My father doesn't know what he is talking about.

Carol comes into breakfast also naked. I'm assuming she is trying to either shock me or seduce me, one or the other. I tell her; nice tits and nipples and I love shaved pussy.

Carol smiles and says thank you Uncle Mike, in that sexy little girl sing song voice of hers.

She is checking out my dick to see if it was hard or getting hard. I think I disappointed her. It took every once of will power I had to keep it down. I was ready to fuck the shit out of her right then and there.

After we ate I gave Carol a list of chores that I expected her to do for the day. I informed Carol that I would not be back until six this evening. I had some fence to mend about forty miles from here. She was to do those chores and cook supper for us.

I knew she wouldn't do any of them, so I had Dan White Water get some Barbecue beef for us to survive on for the next couple of weeks. Having a Friend like Dan who is native American and a good worker, is a plus for me out here.

I return back to the ranch house that evening to find Carol laying on her pretty little ass, no chores done at all. Carol did you make dinner, no she replies.

Well I guess we go hungry tonight don't we.

Do you mean that you are not cooking dinner Uncle Mike!

That is correct, and if you wanted to eat anything at all you should have cooked it.

Well I'm not your maid or servant, so get your ass in there and cook us dinner.

I'll say good night Carol as it gets dark early and five o'clock will be here soon enough. Tomorrow I will only wake you once, so when I tell you to get up you had best comply.

What about my dinner, who's going to cook it.

Carol I'm going to bed, good night. She just stood there with this dumb look on her face, it was priceless. I'm sure John would have loved to seen it.

Day two

I walked in to carol's bedroom turned on the light and told her get up. Carol rolled over and went back to sleep, wrong move. I pored the cold water on her tits and over her pussy. Carol jumped up screaming at the top of her lungs, every foul word she knew. I looked at her and said breakfast in ten minutes.

Carol came to the table in bra and panties saying, Uncle Mike you're still naked.

I told you yesterday that in the morning that is my way I've been doing it for twenty some years and I'm not changing now. After breakfast I left her a list of chores which I knew she wouldn't do. Although she might get hungry enough to cook today.

Uncle Mike I'm not doing these chores I am not your fucking maid. So if you want them done, hire one of the local bimbo's.

Carol, I know you have already found out that the phone will only reach out locally. The cell phone won't work, and you can only get certain channels on the TV. You can always walk around but remember what happen your first day here. I'll see you at six.

I then left and met up with Dan and told him of her morning adventure. Dan says it won't take six weeks maybe just two. Both of us just laughed and keep mending the fence. I kept thinking how I would love to eat that lovely young pussy.

Again I walk in the ranch house and Carol is sitting on that pretty little ass of hers with nothing done. I just shake my head and ask if dinner is ready, of course I know the answer already.

No! Carol replies.

Well since there is no dinner, I guess I'll go to bed.

Carol goes I can't believe you don't eat anything.

I reply that I eat cactus while out on the range, it keeps me from getting hungry.

Uncle Mike you are crazy, how do you survive on just that.

That is why I'm so mean. just ask your father. Off to bed I go with one hell of a hard on.

The next two days seem to go a little better . At least She is Up when I come into the room in the morning and has one hell on an appetite in the morning. I'm surprised she hasn't at least tried to cook herself her own meal.

Well come Friday I figured if she didn't cook for us I would. I'm getting tired of the barbecued beef. I came in expecting to find her laying on the sofa but she wasn't. I called to her and got no response. I started looking around the house and didn't find her anywhere. I'm thinking to myself she wouldn't be that stupid would she.

Now I go to her room and find that several shirts, a hat, plus sweat pants are missing from her clothes.

I call Dan White Water and tell him that Carol has taken off on foot and only taken two bottles of water with her. It has been a very hot day over a hundred degrees. She'll never make it out there. Maybe she thinks I was kidding when I said no neighbors for a hundred miles. Dan we have to find her.

Dan finds her tracks and says she is going in the driest direction. We head out with my pickup, taking our time to make sure we have her tracks in sight. They seam to be getting closer together, Dan says she is getting tired and we will loose her tracks in the dark. We decide to sleep in the pick up truck until first light when we can resume the trek. Dan says it shouldn't be long now she will be happy to see you.

We see a figure laying on the ground and not moving. It's Carol, I see the Blonde hair and that blue halter top she likes to tease me with. Damn I hope she is alive, I know John would never forgive me if his Baby girl was killed out here with me. I see her move and a sigh of relief comes over me.

I pick her up and hold her in my arms as she says, Uncle Mike I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I should have listen to you and I all most died didn't I. Yes Carol, you could have very easily. My friend Dan is a very good tracker, it was he who help me find you. Now let's go home and get you cleaned up.

As I held Carol in my arms I told Dan I owe him big time. Is there anything I can get for you Dan.

He says yes, and you know what I like.

Will a gallon be enough, uncut. I said to Dan with a smile on my face.

Mike I could always count on you for the good stuff.

You know Mrs. Miller will be expecting you to come over and pick it up yourself.

Yeah after I've had some of her shine, I'll be ready for her. Both of us break out in laughter.

We both got into the truck, Dan said he'd drive while I held Carol. She sat on my lap and my dick became hard instantly. I know she felt it, because Carol was wiggling her ass over it, and hugging and kissing my neck. Damn I wanted to fuck her right then and there.

Dan headed off in his van and I took Carol inside so she could take a shower or bath while I made us something to eat. I still had to restrain myself, but little did I know it would not be much longer before all hell would break loose. I looked at her burnt skin and knew I had to put a lot of aloe on it to ease the pain, she soon will be feeling.

Week two

It started that Monday, it wasn't Uncle Mike, just Mike. Carol took the list and did everything on it. Dinner was cooked every night, and was delicious I might ad.

Carol had changed and it wasn't me, it was herself that did it. I think she has realized just how precious life really is. She may now know just what her father has been going through to protect her. She may just now realize that the only thing that her mother ever did that was good, was push Carol out of her snatch.

Carol is five feet of beautiful voluptuous young woman. Blonde hair, light blue eyes, maybe one hundred and twenty pounds. God she puts these movie stars to shame. Plus she has perfect C cup breast. There is not one hair on that pretty pussy of hers that I could ever see.

This week has gone very fast, it's Saturday morning and I'm taking my shower before breakfast when the shower door opens and Carol steps in with me. I look at that naked body and my cock is now hard as a rock.

Good morning Mike, and friend. She says I hope you don't mind some company. Carol has this little grin on her face.

Then she grabs my cock and starts stroking it, I've been so frustrated I'm ready to explode. She drops to her knees and starts to suck my cock, in the most glories way. I can't believe she is taking the whole thing. This is a lot of cock to take, all eight inches and as fat as the come.

I started to cum, Carol grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me to her. Her finger nails cut into the flesh of my ass as she squeezed them. I couldn't believe she was taking almost all my cock and sucking out all my load. I've never had a woman pull my cock into her throat so her face would go into the pubic hairs, this girl is unbelievable. Then I feel her back off a little but she still kept me in her mouth. Then she sucked out the rest of my cum and swallowed it.

I lifted Carol up and said to her that nobody ever gave me such satisfaction. I looked into her pretty blue eyes and then kissed her as deeply as I've ever kissed any woman. Carol kissed me back with just as much passion and desire.

Mike, I want you to love me and make me a woman. "I've never made love to a real man."

How did you get in so much trouble.

By giving blow jobs so I didn't have to fuck them.

But everybody thinks you were fucking them. Does John know about this.

No, he wouldn't believe me anyway. I think I really fuck things up with Dad.

Well you let me talk to John, and I'll see if you can't get out of his dog house OK Baby.

We kissed a little longer then Carol asked what we were going to do. I said we will have breakfast then go back to bed and I will make a woman of you. Do you have any other requests young lady.

Yes, the next time I suck your dick you are not going to cum like this first time are you. I almost drowned there was so much cum.

I'm sorry, it has been about two years since I've had such a hot woman of any kind, that I nearly came when you grabbed me. Lets get on my bed I want to eat that beautiful pussy of yours.

Carol and I just crawled on top of the bed, as I ran my hand all over those great tits of hers feeling those nipples as they looked like erasers standing on the end of a pencil. I started running my tongue over her breasts then her nipples, I kept working back and forth from one to the other. Then I sucked one of those erasers into my mouth as I ran my left hand down over her mound then into her pussy lips. There were soft moans coming from Carols lips as she kept saying my name over and over. As I pushed inside her pussy lips I feel how wet she is and I'm amazed that the bed isn't soaked already. I've never seen any woman this wet before.

Oh Mike Fuck Me, Oh Mike Fuck Me Now. Carol is moaning.

I push my finger into her Cunt hole and I'm shocked, there is a hymen. I slide down between her thighs and start to place kisses on her snatch as I also give her pussy lips licks with my tongue. I flick her clit with fast little strokes then I suck on it as I now drive my middle finger deep into her pussy hole breaking the hymen. Carol is moaning, Oh Mike it stings, as I continue to push my finger into her with a steady rhythm. I tell Carol the pain will not last long and I start to run my tongue into her opening, as she is feeling the pain subside. My tongue goes in a good four inches, she is now fucking it. My cock is to big, I don't want to tear her young ass up just to break her cherry. I feel her orgasm. She hasn't had the big one yet, so I think it's time.

She leans over and kisses me and says Mike I love you. Are you going to keep me here with you. Daddy can come and live with us also. I tell her we will talk later.

I then lean down and start running my tongue over her inner and outer lips, as I push one finger into her wet pussy hole then I push number two, and start feeling for that G-spot as I now rub her spot as I'm sucking on her clit.

I can see her grabbing the sheets and arch her back as she stats moaning, I'm cumming, I'm cumming,Yesssssssssssssss. Carol screams as my ministrations to her clit and G-spot have her going over the edge, on her first real orgasm.

I hear her say Oh Mike, No More, No More, Please No More.

Carol honey I say to her, pull your knees up onto your chest will you Baby. As she does I crawl between her legs then place my cock at her pussy hole and rub some of her juice on the head to lubricate it before driving it home. Then I pushed it into her and she was tight, I could feel those young muscles grip my cock as I pushed into her.

To Be Continued...

02-20-2009, 09:47 PM
I asked Carol if it was hurting her and she said No, not really, only a little pinch. I'm glad I did it the way I did. I saved her a lot of pain. I pushed again and my cock slid in all the way I could feel it bottom out. Carol locked her legs around my back and her arms around my neck as I started a slow and steady rhythm in an out of her pussy. I push my cock into her as far as it would go, which still left a couple of inches out side of her. Her muscles gripped my cock like a vice. I could feel every ripple in her pussy walls as her muscles moved.

Carol started to get into the same rhythm with me, and I started moving faster as I could feel that tingle in my balls that said it won't be long now. She now was saying deeper Mike, harder, deeper, faster, Mike I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Mike make me a woman, cum in me, cum in me.

That was all she wrote, I couldn't stand any more and my balls exploded into that beautiful young pussy. I have never cum in any woman like I just did in my niece. Damn I can't believe what I just did. That is the best piece of ass I ever had.

I don't want to get to use to fucking this woman because I won't let her go. I think if my brother had tried this he probably would not have had as many problems with her. That is what she needed, some one to love her.

We both rolled over and laid on our sides as we kissed each other and smiled as we looked into each others eyes. Mike I never new what love was like until I came out here. You have showed me just how selfish and stupid I've been. I see why my father has been so upset with me. I thought it was his fault that my mother left us, now I see she was the one with no brains.

Carol, are you aware that June is trying to get your father to take her back. I just hope he isn't that stupid. Do you know she gave me a blow job a week before their wedding. I told John not to marry that Bitch, but he never would have had you sweetheart. Your Dad loves you so much, he was willing to give up everything to keep you out of trouble, I was his last hope.

When you go back your dad will be surprised how well you have transformed.

Mike I don't want to go back, I want to stay here with you. You love me don't you, and you can give me babies. Nobody knows that I'm related to you excepted for Dan, he won't say anything will he.

What about John, don't you think your father might like to see you again.

Is Dad as big as you are.?

Why are you asking such a question.

Well is he?

No, he is almost as long but nowhere as fat.

Good then if he comes out I'll give him my other cherry. Oh before you ask, I'm on the pill, so until we want to have children we will be OK.

Who said anything about kids. Who said anything about my brother coming out here. Who said you were in charge anyway. Damn where did I loose control.

Carol grabbed my cock and started to slowly stroke it up and down, as I lay there looking into those beautiful blue eyes. Mike she says to me, I really love you. I'm glad Dad sent me out here to be with you. This has changed my whole life around. She slides down and takes my cock as far as she can into her mouth as she has her hand on the cheek of my ass pulling me into her, damn what a woman. This will be one of the best days of my life.

For the next five months we have done nothing but ate, slept, and fucked. Dan said, Mike I didn't believe you were coming up for air. And he started laughing, the folks in town have been wondering what happened to you. I said you took a young bride and she is fucking your brains out. So make sure Carol is aware that they'll be asking questions. Oh by the way, I'm now living with Sonya Miller, " damn that old broad can fuck."

Dan I thought it was her moon shine all this time you like over there. Are you sure some of those kids aren't yours.

Mike you know, I know all the secrets in this valley.

Point made Dan, enough said. Both of us just start laughing. Dan asks when's the wedding. I ask what wedding. He says yours and Carols.

I looked at Dan and asked did I miss something here.

I think so Mike. Carol said you two were getting married, so I assumed that you knew about it. I guess I was wrong huh.

That woman is driving me nuts, I don't know what to do with her.

Dan looks at me and smiles. He says marry her stupid, before someone else finds out what a great piece of ass she is. You can do it on the Reservation, she is eighteen and not your daughter or sister so we can marry you. It's been a long time since we've had a good wedding party. Between Sonya's Moon shine and my weed this wedding should last for at least a week. I'll get a hold of the Preacher and let her know about it. Damn this will be fun.

Dan, "I shout at him," who said I was getting married!

I did came the little girl voice from behind me. Don't you like me any more Uncle Mike.

Carol is swing her arms back and forth just like a little girl and I knew I was in trouble.

She had this light blue halter top on no bra, she didn't need one and a pair of shorts that I swear to god she had painted them on her. I could not see any panty line any where. Dan looked at me and said you're on your own. If it were me, I'd be fucking her on the way to the Preacher right now.

Yeah all well and good, but at least let me invite my brother first will you, and as for you young lady, I take it we will be getting married. Carol jumps on me with her legs around my waist and arms around my neck as she kisses me like never before. She whispers in my ear can I go off the pill. I tell her no not yet. She gives me that little pout and says when will I be able to. I look a Carol and smile, and say to her after my new Daddy in law gets his gift. Mike you are a bad boy, but you're my bad boy.

Yes sweetheart, and you are my bad, bad little girl. Now lets call Daddy and make his Day. Don't forget the wedding invitation, Carol and I look at each other and start laughing.

Carol calls John and she tells my brother, we are going to have a lot of kids. I wish I could see the look on his face. I can't wait for him to arrive for the wedding. I wonder if the Preacher is single.

Hey Dan, is this Preacher married? He answers back no, and she is not a bad looking old broad to boot. Good I say, with a big grin on my face. Dan looks at me and says Mike, you are a Bad boy, as he starts laughing and shaking his head.......................


02-20-2009, 09:47 PM
A Bad Day Gets Better
Brother comforts jilted sister

What a day! I get to wake up to a corrupted file system, a crashed computer, no OEM for my OS CD to restore, a lost report, and a longing for sexual relief. However, I didn't know that it would eventually turn out better.

It all started when I when I woke up this morning. I had been doing some rather important schoolwork on my computer and grew tired, so I saved and let the program run all night. And when I woke up, my computer was frozen and refused to boot into Windows 98. I tried to salvage the information through another OS on a separate partition, but to no success.

Distraught that I had no report for my literature assignment due that day, I went and took my usual morning shower. This time, however, I accidentally walked in on my beautiful 20-year-old sister, Marian. She's a very shapely woman, though not too tall at 5'9". She has beautiful, long, blonde hair and a body to die for. Her curvature is astonishing as her 35c breasts take shape, going down her slender body and curving lusciously at her hips, to her perfect, full, firm buttocks. Her breasts firm and lightly tanned, her areolas just larger than silver dollars, and her nipples large and very, very pink. I don't think I've ever seen a more exciting a sensual body in my life! Moving to her blonde muff, cleanly and neatly shaved except for a small path above her woman-hood. As I stood there staring at this magnificent site, she looked back toward me and screamed.

"AAAAHHH! What the HELL are you doing there Jim?!" She exclaimed in a slight tone of embarrassment and confusion.

I turned my head and replied, "Oh, shit. I'm sorry Marian... I wasn't thinking straight. My report got lost and... I wasn't expecting you to be home today. What are you doing here?"

She drew her breath as he wrapped a towel around herself and blurted, "My EX fucking boyfriend Ron was cheating on me, so I left that son of a bitch and asked mom if I could stay home from school."

I kept my face hidden as she said, "It's okay, you can look now. I'm decent, not that you didn't enjoy your little show."

I just stood there with my face beet red, sweaty and flushed with an all out hardon and replied, "I really am sorry Marian. I.. I..." my words ended as I was too horny to explain myself. She stood there tapping her foot as I just kept my face, and cock, hidden as best as I could. She finally speaks up and says, "Well, you wanna get out of my way so I can get some clothes on? I'd rather not stand here and watch you hide your face and hold your crotch while I'm standing in a fucking towel, you prick." And with that, I simply move away and began walking shamefully to the closet to get a towel. When I returned to the bathroom, Marian was collecting the rest of her things and stormed past me while muttering under her breath, "Pervert."

Now with all of this that just happened, I'm aroused, guilty, and fascinated. I had never seen my sister as the full-blown hotty that she is! I couldn't keep my mind off of the wonderful display I had witnessed this morning. All I could think about was how fucking perfect my snotty older sister had become.

So, now I'm heading home from school after getting in shit loads of trouble in several classes for day dreaming. And to add insult to injury, I have to face Marian when I get home. What a fucking drag. My feelings are already hurt, my self-confidence is destroyed, and worst of all, I think I'm getting a case of blue balls. As I slowly drag myself home, I notice something. Mom's car is still gone and there's another car at my house. So I walk in like I always do and look around, assuming it's one of Marian's friends when I hear, "You fucking SON OF A BITCH! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW! I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! YOU GOT THAT?!" followed by the loud crash of a door slamming and glass breaking. Marian was screaming at someone, so I dropped everything and ran back towards Marian's room. I stop as I come to the door and open it. Marian is sitting on her bed crying her eyes out as this guy tries to walk past me.

I stand in his way and ask; "Who the fuck are you, and what the hell did you do to upset my sister so much?"

He answers, "I'm Ron, and I just told your bitch of a sister that I've been cheating on her for almost a month. How do you like that, tough guy?"

I cock my head side to side, look him dead in the eye and say, "You know something, PAL? I don't like your attitude. So I suggest you get the fuck out of here before something really goes bad."

He looks back at me and says, "Fine with me, you just gotta get out of my way."

So I move aside to let him through and exclaim as he walks towards the door, "Hey, if I ever hear you calling my sister a bitch again, I'll cut your fucking balls off and feed them to you, got it?"

With that he simply huffs, mumbles something under his breath, and storms out of the house, slamming the door. I walk over to Marian and kneel a little, watching the tears run down her face and listening to her now softening sobs and ask her, "Are you OK? Did he hurt you? Cause if he did I swear I'll.." She cuts me off and says, "No, I'll be okay, and no he didn't lay a finger on me. Thanks for caring for me, and thanks for defending me." and gives me a hug. I return the hug and gently pat her back and tell her, "Any time sis, any time." She asks me to leave the room, so I did.

A few hours later I get a phone call from our parents. Mom and Dad decided to take a weekend retreat and were leaving us the house for the next three days. I thought to myself, "Sweet. Fucking sweet. Maybe I can get a couple of friends to come over and we can watch some movies and shit." So I make a few calls, no luck. It's Friday night, and everyone but me has a girlfriend to party with. So I decide I'll ask Marian if she wants to come with me to rent some movies. As I knock on the door gently, I listen for signs of activity. There is none. So I crack the door a little to see if she's asleep, and there she is. Stretched out on the bed with nothing but a long T-shirt from what I can see. I stare for a couple of seconds and whisper her name a few times. I decide that she's out and get my stuff together to go rent some movies.

Guilty, yet still feeling horny from that morning, I decide to rent a sci-fi horror movie and a porno. I rent Pitch Black, and some porno that looked promising. I get some munchies and a pack of Black 'N Milds and head home. I get out of my car and unlock the door, setting the movies on a small table near the door and tossing my coat onto the sofa. I head back to Marian's room once again and knock to see if she's awake, once again, no answer. So I crack the door open again to see if I woke her and to my surprise, she was still sleeping. I look a little closer and her nightshirt was risen well above her breasts, and I saw her soft cotton panties, her vaginal contrasts perfectly defined by the snug cotton. Bam, instant erection. And God did it hurt stretching my tight blue jeans. Fixed on her cotton covered love hole, I begin to rub myself a little, then reality hits. I decide it's time to watch that porno that I just rented, not that I needed any more stimulation.

So, I walk awkwardly out into the living room, get the tape, pop it in the VCR, and lounge in the sofa. I fast forward through all of the beginning bullshit until the actual movie starts. So I unzip my pants, turn the volume up a little, and pull my hard 7" out of my boxers. This movie was fucking hot, and I just imagined myself doing that to my sister. I stroked myself slowly as to not blow my load soon. Then I got a guilty, yet very aroused smirk on my face. I knew that thinking of my sister like that was wrong, I'm not stupid. I know what society accepts and what it shuns. Still, simply thinking of penetrating my sister was giving me a guiltful pleasure. I lay my head back on the couch, listening to the moans the woman is making on the movie, and stroking myself. I'm just getting ready to shoot my wad onto myself when I hear footsteps and a gasp. I stop and shoot up while turning my head to see what it was. FUCK! It was Marian! And there I am, standing there with a hardon, my hand around it, and looking at my sister. "Oh no." I thought. "She's going to fucking freak and tell everyone, SHIT! God fucking damn it all!" To my surprise she just stands there, staring at my swollen organ. "Quickly! Say something!" I thought. Then she goes, "What are you doing, wait, don't answer that." and giggles a little.

Wham... what a fucking pain. My heart falls through the fucking floor and I stand there with an embarrassed look on my face and say, "Err.. uhhm... Marian... uhh... you're... I mean, you can't be... I... uhmm... I thought you were sleeping?"

She just stands there, eyes fixed on my crotch and says, "I was, I heard something and came to see what is was. Then I find you here with a porno on and your friend in hand."

Now I realize I still haven't put it away, so I quickly tuck my dick in my pants, zip them up, shut the movie off and eject it. I turn and look back at her and say, "Marian.. I can't explain this. I just... fuck, I... I can't explain anything right now, excuse me." and start rushing to my room. I close the door and lay face down into my pillows. I just stay there, really hot and really embarrassed. Suddenly I hear a knock at the door.

"*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*.. Jim.. Can I come in?" Marian queries.

"If you're going to try to make me feel any worse about this, no!" I exclaim, face still buried in my pillows.

Marian opens the door and walks in, closing the door behind her and softly says, "Jim, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to walk in on you like that. Why do you have to do that anyway? You're cute enough, you should be able to get laid."

Grumbling, "Jessica broke up with me and I haven't gotten laid in two months, apparently she spread a bunch of rumors about me and now none of the girls will really talk to me, much less date me." I reply.

Softly she says, "Really? Wow.. What a bitch. Look, Jim. I didn't mean to call you those things or yell at you this morning either. I was just so embarrassed and surprised that I simply went off. Can you forgive me?"

With a slight sigh of relief, and some self-confidence restored, I reply, "Yeah, no problem. If you don't tell anyone about... uhmm... you know. My length, or lack of it."

Giggling, Marian replies, "Jim. 7" isn't really small. You're pretty well endowed, if I do say so myself. And I won't tell anyone anything you don't want me to. I promise."

Slowly I roll onto my back, sit up and look her straight in the eye.. "Really? You think I'm well endowed?"

With a shy grin and sly expression she blurts, "I sure do. I wish my boyfriends had cocks even close to the size of yours."

Feeling quite a bit better about myself, I look at her and decide I need to let her know what got me into that ordeal to begin with. So I look at her and ask her to sit next to me. She carefully, yet promptly, sits next to me on my bed as I begin to explain. "Marian. I don't want you to get freaked or anything; I want to be honest with you. And most of all, I don't want to destroy our relationship. So, please don't think poorly of me for what I'm about to tell you." I said. She sheepishly replies, "OK.. What do you have to tell me?"

With a deep sigh, followed by another I gather enough courage to blurt "Marian. After I saw you this morning, I couldn't stop thinking about how drop dead sexy you are. I couldn't stop thinking about your body, and envying everyone who's ever slept with you. Then before I rented the movies, I snuck a peek at you and rented that porno to fanaticize. After I got back, I checked to see if you were awake yet and stared at your breasts for about five minutes. So I went out there to relieve what had built up, so to speak." I quickly cover my face and mutter "There, I said it. Please don't hate me, even though I know you already do now."

She smirks and pats me on the back and whispers to me, "I've got a secret for you, too. I've snuck peeks at you while you were masturbating before, it turned me on. In fact, I was standing there for a while before I made any noise."

With a confused expression and a once again raging boner I ask, "R.. re... really? ... But.. You said in the bathroom.." Cutting me off she says, "Like I said, you embarrassed and startled me. I've had a secret attraction to you for a while now. I used to fanaticize about you while I'd masturbate. I thought you'd never accept me as a woman, rather than your sister, but judging by that cock or yours I was mistaken."

Embarrassed yet smirking I bashfully tell her, "I only thought of you as my sister until recently. Then all I could think about was how bad I wanted you."

Slowly she leans over and kisses me. My lips meeting her subtle, full, lucious, red lips. It was bliss, all I could do was sit there and let her lips touch mine. She began to probe my lips with her tongue, slipping it between them once and a while. Marian certainly was a skilled kisser. I finally gathered a little courage and began to return the favor, this was all that she needed and she opened her mouth to mine and her tongue darted in. Wrestling my tongue, then me wrestling hers. She held one side of my face as she leaned on the bed with me. I slowly began to get bolder and let one of my hands to begin exploring her body. Running it through her hair, down her cheek, along her back and finally down to that oh so perfect ass. She continued to prolong the kiss as her hand left my cheek and went to my thigh where she began to rub. My dick was throbbing and so constrained by my jeans that I begged her to unzip them before it got bent or something. She unbuttoned my pants then slowly unzipped them.

Relieving my aching member from the constraints of them and leaving it only constrained by my boxers. She began to run her hand to my swelled love tool and caressed it. I moved my hand below her smooth buttocks and slowly began to pull the back of her T-shirt up. She quickly reached back and grabbed my hand while smiling. She stood up and pulled the shirt off. "Are these the breasts you liked so much?" She said as her twin 35c's stared at me, pink nipples at full attention. Meekly I nodded, as she sat back down and looked deep into my eyes and gently whispered to me.. "Go ahead, take me. I'm yours." With that I placed my hand on her left breast, gently cupping it and lifting it, twisting that hard pink nipple and circling it with my index finger. "Hhhmmm... That feels good." She responded. I positioned myself to get my lips closer to her huge, young, firm breasts, and began to lick them. She began to run her fingers through my hair as I licked and suck her left nipple, eventually moving to the right one, trying to give them both equal attention.

"Oh yeah... mmm... oh, lick my nipples. Suck them, devour my tits!" Marian moaned.

I slowly worked my hand over her wet, cotton covered muff and began to massage it while she played with my stiff cock. Forgetting any second thoughts I had I began to move my hand under her now soaked panties. She softly moaned and asked me to get undressed, so I did. I quickly undressed while she took her panties off and lay on my queen-sized bed. I position myself next to her and began tongue lashing her nipples once again. "Ohh.. Yes... more... unnnngh.." she moaned as my hand began rubbing the love button nestled between her legs. My tongue assaulting her full breasts, my hand pleasing her hungry snatch, her hand tugging at my cock. I looked into her eyes and smiled as I said, "Get toward the edge of the bed, spread your legs, and lay on your back."

She complied without hesitation, then said.. "You ready to give that beautiful cock to your big sisters hungry hole, are ya Jim?" I replied, "Almost, I've got a few things planned first." She just smiled and rested her head as I positioned mine between her legs. The smell alone was almost enough to make me cum right there. I stared into her waiting cunt, then moved in and began to lick her swollen nub. "Ohh... ohh god yes... mmm... I like that! Oh yeah, eat your big sister out! Make me cum on your face, Jim!" Marian moaned excitedly as I gave her swollen clitoris a tongue-lashing. Traveling her soft, puffy, pink, sweet vulva, tasting her sweet love juices and then beginning to tongue fuck her while tracing her clit with my thumb.

"OOOhhhh YES!.. Oh GOD it feels SO GOOD! Oh Jim! Don't stop! Please! Don't stop!" She gasped and moaned as my tongue and thumb worked simultaneously at her muff. Her breathing became heavier and she began to buck her hips wildly. I worked furiously to meet her wriggles and bucks, then she began to moan louder.

"OOOOHHHH! OOOHH YEAH! OHH, EAT ME JIM! OH FUCK YES! EAT ME JIM! EAT YOUR BIG SISTER! OH GOD I'M CUUUMMMIIIIIIING!!!" Marain screamed in ecstasy. I could feel her pussy trying to milk my tongue, her sweet fluids oozing onto my tongue and me greedily lapping them up. She bucked and writhed wildly until her orgasm began to subside. When she caught her breath enough she went, "Fuck me, Jim! I need that cock in me! Don't make me wait anymore! I want your cum mixing with mine!"

I got up and she slips up on the bed, I crawled over her and positioned myself directly above her opening. With one hand, I probed her soft, steamy slit until I began to slip in. Inch after inch became buried deep into her steamy cunt. My dick twitched and throbbed at the feeling of her tight, hot pussy. Her vaginal walls like fine velvet along the shaft of my dick. Her muscles grabbing it, trying to pull it in further. "Give it to me Jim! Fuck your big sister hard!"

She cried, so I shoved the last 3 inches of my cock into her hot fuck hole. She moaned with joy as we were finally united. I knew I was going to shoot my load into my sister. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't care. All that I wanted to do was fuck her until we couldn't move. Slamming my hard cock into her, and withdrawing rapidly, then back into her. Our bodies colliding making a slapping sound. Moans filling the empty house. Love juices seeping from between us, sweat rolling from our bodies, her muscles twitched and contracted as if they were trying to milk my hard dick for all it was worth. I looked into her eyes as my body began to shake and yelled "Oh GOD YES! Oh SIS! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMMMMMMMING!"

And I began to shoot my seed deep into her throbbing snatch. My dick pulsing with each squirt of sticky semen. My ass twitching and writhing. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding my tight into her body. Swear rolling off of me as my orgasm subsides and the last bits of my jizz are milked by her greedy cunt.

Breathing heavily I collapse next to her. She looks toward me and kisses me and smiles while saying, "That was great, Jim. I love you. I love you so much little brother." I smile and kiss her back and say, "I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. And I love you too."

For the next few minutes we kissed and relaxed, then we both fell asleep, entirely satisfied.


02-20-2009, 09:48 PM
A Baptist Dirt-Wash
Events surrounding the beheading of John the Baptist


1 In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, when Pontius Pilate was governor in Judaea, and one of the four rulers, Herod, in Galilee; and Philip his brother, one of the four rulers, in Ituraea; and Lysanias, one of the four rulers, in Abilene, the command of God went forth to John the son of Zacharias in the desert.

2 And the command of devil went forth to Herodias, Philip's wife, who had been taken by Herod, her husband's brother.

3 And Herod was a healthy man with an appetite for fornication, unlike his brother Philip. And Herodias failed not to recognize this essence in him.

4 And she deserted her husband to live with her brother-in-law, who desisted not satiating her, regularly, by the crème of his virility.

5 But John said to Herod, Thou hast no authority to take the wife of thy brother. And Herodias, on this account, hated John and wished to kill him.


1 And on the very same day, when Herod retired to his bedchamber, Herodias presented herself to him with her nakedness, cleaned of unwanted hairs and administered with perfumes.

2 And Herod looked at her nakedness. Lo, she was tall and slim and with ample flesh in the right places.

3 And his penis was troubled at the sight of her heavy, yet firm breasts and long legs and rounded thighs and protuberant vulva.

4 The pale lines of birth marks on her abdomen were more fascinating to him, on their association with her teenaged daughter.

5 And Herod pulled Herodias to him and diligently kissed at her abdomen. And Herodias observed and kept this thing, and pondered it in her heart.

6 And now she raised one of her legs and straddled his shoulder and received his mouth straight at her slushiness. And Herod lustily feasted at her vaginal profuse.

7 And Herodias therefore fed her brother-in-law from her hot well to drink to his satisfaction and when he was fully satisfied she dismounted his shoulder.

8 And she pulled out afterward his erection out of his robes. And it was huge.

9 And she took it into her mouth, as much as it could contain, and her proficiency she demonstrated unto him.

10 And he enjoyed her act and said unto her, Thou hast brought heaven into thy mouth. And she was pleased by his saying.

11 Afterwards she straightened Herod on his back and positioned herself above him. She brought the hotness of her opening, right above the uprightness of his pole.

12 And then she rubbed the bulbous head of his member with her slushy gash and anointed it with her juices. It was as if she did it for its burial and anointed its body beforehand.

13 And when Herodias lingered on thus, Herod lost his patience and he griped the roundness of her buttocks and pulled her down and buried his pole up, and attacked her, giving deep strokes, from under.

14 Herodias on her own moved not, but remaining on top, with her eyes closed, enjoyed the intense pleasure she received from the movements of his hardness through the softness of her vaginal folds.

15 And in course of time his breaths became hoarse and, all of a sudden, he rolled her down and pulled his throbbing member out of her cavern and aimed its tip right at her abdomen.

16 And hot seeds surged out of his manhood, stream after stream, and splattered all over the birthmarks on her abdomen. But Herodias watched and kept this thing and pondered it in her mind.

17 And she took his penis once again into her mouth and sucked it clean. And he was pleased. And then a favour she asked of him and said unto him, Arrest John the Baptist and kill.

18 When Herod heard these words, he was distressed and answered and said unto her, I will arrest John the Baptist and put him in prison, but killing I can not do for people adhered to him as the prophet.


1 And it came to pass, that when John the Baptist was arrested and lodged in prison, Herodias arose and went into the prison and asked for the health of John.

2 John heard the salutation of Herodias, and was reviled and said he unto her, Behold, the axe hath been laid at the root of the trees, and so every tree that beareth not good fruit shall be hewn down and cast into the fire.

3 Seek not more than what thou art commanded to seek. Perform not incest, nor wrong prophets; and let only thy husband lieth with thee.

4 But Herodias received it scornfully and answered and said unto John, Is it not written that God created Adam and Eve; and Eve conceived, and bare Cain and Abel and also Seth unto Adam?

5 And who bare E'noch unto Cain? Surely, one of his sisters, which Eve begat. And who bare Enos unto Seth? Also a sister. Yet ye have formed law that saith, Cursed be he that lieth with his sister.

6 And is it not written that Lot's two daughters, to preserve the seed of their father, lay with their father and generated the races of Moabites and Ammonites? Yet ye have formed law that saith, Cursed be he that lieth with his daughter.

7 And is it not written that Reuben, Jacob's first born, went and lay with Bil'hah, who bare two of his brothers, Dan and Naph'tali, unto his father Jacob? Yet ye have formed law that saith, Cursed be he that lieth with his father's wife; because he uncovereth his father's skirt.

8 And is it not written that Judah came in unto Ta'mar, his daughter-in-law, and spilled his seeds to gender the twins Pha'rez and Za'rah? Yet ye formed law that saith, Cursed be he that lieth with his son's wife.

9 Shame on ye hypocrites, who knew not their own scriptures, yet pass strictures on others behaviors.

10 Are we Greeks not entitled to do with what is ours that was set by the Olympian gods? Knowest thou not that Zeus, son of Cronus, defiled his sister Hera to have her as his wife?

11 Judge not according to your poor understanding, but judge by our historical upbringing. Judge not with hypocrisy, but judge righteous judgement.

12 And when Herodias had thus spoken, John the Baptist was astonished at her learning, but it distressed him and he answered and said unto her, In this saying of thine thou art casting slur on us. Thou wast all of thee born in sins, and dost thou teach us? But I am the voice of one crying, Make straight the way of the Lord.

13 And Herodias therefore said unto him, Mix not the way of God with the way of world. Confused will be the world and insulted will be the God. The way of God is solely for recluses and the way of world is solely for relishes.

14 John answered her and said, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. Thou art of thy father the devil. He was a murderer from the beginning.

15 And when Herodias heard these words, she was moved with anger against John and lifted up herself and said unto him, Verily, verily, murder thou deservest. And straightaway led herself out of the prison. 16 In that same hour came the disciples to John and of Jesus they confessed and said unto him, It is verily he that should come. And john sighed within.


1 And it came to pass that there was a celebrated day, and Herod had made a feast for his great men on the day of his anniversary, and for the officers and for the chief men of Galilee.

2 And the daughter of Herodias came in and danced, even instructed by her mother, in the midst of the company to please Herod and those that sat with him.

3 She started her dance with a long stately robe and stripped it thereafter. She was then dancing to the amazement of the company, in a tunic that can be opened from front up.

4 And thereafter she stripped that also and revealed her copper coloured young eighteen year old body only in two pieces that covered her breasts and feminine secret.

5 Officers and chief men were excited in anticipation, but in that hour the damsel picked up the castaway tunic and covered her sweated body.

6 And the company was dismayed, but she lifted their interest by pulling out the two pieces through under her tunic and casting them away.

7 Whirled she then and pulled herself to a stop, facing squarely Herod the king. The music also stopped. And then she opened the front of her tunic and revealed Herod, and only Herod, her naked front.

8 And ran away into the back quarters. And the officers and chief men of Galilee raised their voice in mock protest but laughed in content.


1 And it came to pass that Herod was so roused; he went straightaway into Herodias' chamber and kissed her, intending to copulate and release his pressure through her. And Herodias felt his urging erection poking at her abdomen.

2 She knelt in front of him and released his agitated member. When she moved back its foreskin with her tight wrapped lips, he groaned. And she ran her mouth up and down fastened to his extended rod.

3 Groaned and groaned, himself he started pumping at her mouth. But then Herodias stopped her act abruptly and stood up. Herod asked, What art thou doing? She answered and said unto him, Wait a while, I will return afresh.

4 But the one who returned was Herodias teenaged daughter. Herod could not believe it first. And he thought it was only his imagination, the effect of his longtime desire.

5 But when the damsel put her small soft hand on his exposed erection and called unto him, Papa, he blinked in bewilderment. And the damsel was in the same tunic even she left the court.

6 And Herod inquired, Whence comest thou? And whither thy mother? And the damsel answered and said unto him, Only mama instructed and sent me hither.

7 And Herod was highly exited. And he took the supple body of the damsel into his embrace and kissed her pouting ruby lips.

8 Her tunic fell open. And he put her at his arms length and feasted with his eyes on her nakedness. Her breasts were two golden apples, tapered down in front into full grown figs, tipped with small cherries.

9 Her waist was so slender that flared below to her overwhelming hips that curved down to her inviting thighs. And the shiny triangle was a puffed cake peppered with a soft sparse golden shavings.

10 And she shed that tunic also. And he scooped her up and placed her, down on her back, on the royal bed.

11 And she spread her thighs invitingly. And her pudendum blossomed up like a golden rose exposing its dewed coral petals.

12 He was terrified at the thought of attacking that precious jewel with his rock hard monster. He dived therefore with his head in between her thighs and confined her vulva into his mouth.

13 And he licked and licked and sucked and sucked that her hot treasure melted into juices to flood his eager mouth.

14 And her body throbbed and it was a pleasure unbearable to her for it was her first time. And she moaned and moaned, pushing her pudendum up his mouth and gyrating her hips this wise and that wise.

15 And she besought him and said unto him, O when wilt thou come into me? I will behave myself wisely and shall cleave to thee.

16 Though it was not his idea to have intercourse with her, her call excited him and he hovered over her and positioned the swollen head of his hardness at her pinkish gate.

17 And with her eyes wide opened, and her golden locks spread around her head, the damsel was waiting for that precious moment, in great anticipation.

18 And strived he to enter at the narrow door, and was not be able, and standing without, knocked at the door as if to say, Open unto me.

19 And she arched her hips and shouted and said unto him, Papa, rend my virgin vail and rip mine itching hole.

20 Herod the healthy old man was shocked at her vulgar speech, but was emboldened and with all his strength he stroked at his target and in one strike half of his member forced itself in and lodged into her tightness.

21 She wailed in that hour, with tears rolling down the slope of her ears. And it was a sharp pain.

22 He felt sympathy and said unto her, Shall I pull it out? But she prevented and said unto him, No, papa, mama hath alerted this to me. Come on in, fill me up and accomplish thy virgin her first encounter.

23 And that acted as his energy infuser. And Herod lunged forward and buried his entire length. And she gasped.

24 For quite some time he remained therefore motionless, but took her virgin breasts into his mouth and sucked at them, now this and now that.

25 And regaining her breath, she smiled a weak smile. And she stirred from under and in a choked voice said unto him, Please, papa, do whatsoever thou wilt and complete this.

26 And Herod readily accepted her invitation. He pulled his member out and pushed it again into her very depth. In like manner, in and out and in and out, his lengthy strokes he executed.

27 And it came to pass that it was a painful experience for the damsel for quite sometime. But slowly it stimulated her pleasure parts and she started enjoying it.

28 And there afterwards the pain in her sheath completely disappeared. And she started exhibiting her pleasure movements.

29 And for Herod, hers was a tight fitting, squeezing sheath which butter-gripped the whole length of his fatty staff. Moreover the damsel, lost herself on her very first pleasure trip, indulged in jiggling her crotch against the old man's poking stump.

30 And then suddenly she felt an intense sensation as if her entire body is pulled in by sweetened strings. And she cried out, of that unbearable ecstasy, and arched her body up, to receive his strokes.

31 And Herod, sensing her urgency, increased his speed, and with very few more little strokes, collapsed on her small lithe body, pumping the hot load of his seed into her far depths.

32 And the sweetened strings that pulled in her entire body snapped on every end and she felt as if she hath melted and vaporized into every direction in no time.

33 For Herod, it was as if he achieved an unattainable feat. He looked at his little girl affectionately. She said in a tiny voice unto him, I love you papa.

34 And he thought, She is going to be there to love him for ever, with her tight hot slippery sheath.

35 Herod kissed and dismounted her. And they both witnessed the bed blotted with her virginal blood.

36 And Herod was much pleased with that and he said unto the damsel, Ask of me what thou wilt, and I will give it thee. And he sware unto her, Whatsoever thou shalt ask, I will give it thee, to the half of my kingdom.

37 And she went out, and said unto her mother, What shall I ask him? She said unto her, The head of John the Baptist.


1 And immediately she came in hastily to the king, and said unto him, I desire in this hour that thou give me on a dish the head of John the Baptist.

2 And the power of incestuous virgin pleasure was so great, immediately the king sent an executioner, and commanded that he should bring the head of John.

3 And he went and cut off the head of John in the prison, and brought it on a dish and delivered it to the damsel and the damsel gave it to her mother.

4 Jesus the Nazarene, when he heard that John was beheaded, removed thence and went beyond Jordan to the place where John was baptizing formerly; and abode there.

5 And Jesus lifted his eyes, and saw great multitudes coming to him. And he was moved with compassion for them, for they were like sheep that were without a shepherd.

6 And he received them, and healed those who had need of healing and spake to them, Verily verily, I say unto you, A grain of wheat, if it fall not and die in the earth, remaineth alone; but if it die, it beareth much fruit.

7 And Jesus said this, and was going about the villages and the cities, and teaching, not of the law and prophets, but of his own in this manner, YE RESIST NOT EVIL.

8 And everything that Jesus said was, in like manner, a double edged sword. And to this day, man kneweth not how to live by his every word. Amen.


02-20-2009, 09:49 PM
A Beautiful Love Story
After many years

Mark found himself walking down the streets of his hometown, wondering if he should contact his sister Emily. They hadn't seen each other or been in contact for about 11 years because of a family quarrel, which had divided their loyalties.

He was in town on a business trip for his Company, of which he was the Managing Director. He only knew that Emily still lived here because his mother had mentioned it to him when he told her that he would be visiting there.

Oh well, he thought, she can only refuse to see me, I suppose. I will call and see if she wants to meet for lunch.

"Emily, its Mark, your brother. I am in town for a few days and wondered if we could meet."

"Oh, well. ......Well Mark....... , it has been so long. Do you think we can meet and be civil to each other after all these years," replied Emily.

"We can only try," replied Mark.

"How about lunch, it will be in a public place, so we won't be able to start arguing, will we."

"OK then, lunch it is. Where shall we meet?"

Mark named a restaurant he remembered, and they arranged to meet at 12.30pm.

She walked into the restaurant and asked for his table. He couldn't believe his eyes. This beautiful 32yr old woman coming towards him had grown up from being a 21 yr old redheaded bimbo type, to a sleek, sophisticated lady. She stood about 5'9" with a bust about 36c and a small waist and wide hips. Her skin glowed naturally with very little make-up and she had the greenest eyes he had ever seen. These were complimented with chestnut-red hair which fell below her shoulders. She was wearing a dark green dress which fitted her like a second skin. She was gorgeous and she was his sister.

As Emily walked up to Mark at the table, she couldn't believe her eyes. This handsome man before her was her brother. He stood as she joined him and towered over her at about 6'2". He was so tanned; it looked like he hadn't stopped surfing, which he loved when he was younger. As he was a couple of years older than her, he always used to tease her. When the family division came about, she went with their father and he had gone with their mother. He was slender but with a great body that she could see, and dressed in the latest, smartest male fashion.

Over lunch they talked and decided that as far as they were concerned, the family division would be forgotten. They were old enough with their own experiences, they could make up their own minds on anything that had occurred.

Emily invited him back to the house after lunch, but he had a meeting, so she suggested dinner and it was settled. They parted on a good note, Mark armed with the address.

They had each learned that although they had both been married, they were now both divorced and living on their own. Neither party had any children to worry about.

Mark got through his meeting and went back to his hotel to shower and dress for the evening. He had ordered some flowers to be delivered to his suite and these, along with 2 bottles of red wine, he left for Emily's .

Again they enjoyed their evening meal, and discovered that they had a lot in common. Movies, music, books etc, they had many of the same.

They sat side by side on the lounge drinking the second bottle of wine and listening to a loving CD. Mark asked Emily if she would like to dance and she accepted.

They pulled back the rug and started to dance, feeling very comfortable as they slowly circled the room. He pulled her closer to his body, she felt so good in his arms. He hadn't realized that she was such a wonderful woman. After being apart for so long, the idea of being brother and sister seemed to be forgotten. She just felt like any other woman as she snuggled in his arms, only much better!!!!!

He bent his head towards her and tenderly took her mouth with his.

"Oh Em, I wish we weren't related, he whispered. I feel so much more for you and I want to love you. Just these few hours we have had together seem to have been a lifetime."

"Mark, why is it that I feel exactly the same about you. You have come back into my life; not as a brother, but as a man. What can we do about it?"

"I know what I want to do, I want to love you in every way possible and then some more," he murmured.

"I think that we had better go up to the bedroom and explore the possibilities then, don't you?"

She looked at him as he slid the zipper of her dress down and drew it off, leaving her standing in front of him in bras, tiny panties, a garter belt and stockings with 3" heels. As his hands glided over her bare back, he snapped the clasp of her bra and pulled it off over her arms, so that he could lave her bountiful breasts. He licked and teased then until she was squirming in his arms.

His fingers delved into her hair, holding her head steady while he plundered her mouth, his tongue driving deep into the dark recesses of her mouth. It wasn't enough. As she gasped for breath, he slid down into the crevice of her neck, sucking at the pulse beneath her skin.

" Mark please, this was for you!"

"It is, Em... . It is."

He found his pleasure was in giving her pleasure.

While ravaging her breasts with his mouth and tongue, his fingers found their way to the waistband of her panties. He stroked through the curls at the top of her mons with a light teasing touch.

" Mark" she panted. "I can't stand this ......... ."

With that he picked her up and carried her to the bed.

"There, you don't have to stand it now, my darling."

She made futile efforts to pull away but he gripped her waist firmly. He moved his hands over her body, feeling every curve, as if he were a blind man trying to commit her shape to his memory.

He slid the two straps aside as he uncovered her breasts and ignored her protests. He then slid his arm around her again and drew her to him, fitting her tightly to his thighs. He kissed her mouth hungrily, letting his tongue find the moistness within hers, and let his free hand stray to her uncovered breast, his thumb touching the hardened nipple.

She moved against him, feeling helpless. When his mouth moved down to suckle on the area where his hand had been, she drew his head hard against her upper body. He was in no hurry however, and tortured her with teasing on one or the other breast, urging her emotions into a frenzy.

"How do you feel now, sweet one?" he whispered.

"I want you, Mark, more than any man I have ever known. I can't help myself. You affect me like no man ever has."

"Not even your ex- husband?" he asked.

"Never him."

As he stood up and disrobed, he kept running his eyes over her body, lingering on her aching breasts and on the close scrutiny of her whole femininity. She quickened with the thoughts that were running through her mind. She could not resist this man.

"Touch me, my sweet."

She responded by placing her hands on his chest, running them over the hard contours of his flesh. He was so beautiful to look at; with a body like an Adonis. The skin tanned and shining from sweat. As she continued to run her hands down towards his rigid member, she took it in her hand. He was about 8 inches long and thick with a large, purple mushroom head. She placed one arm around his neck and slowly rubbed her body against his. Her nipples rubbed on the hair on his chest, releasing a slow moan from her throat. She was putty in his hands.

"Make love to me now, lover."

Their gazes locked as he stroked her, preparing her gently, making sure she was moist and ready for him.

He decided that this wasn't to be a rushed sexxion. He gently laved and kissed her neck and earlobes, wending his way down to her beautiful breasts where he continued to lick and suck the 36c boobs, the nipples standing up for his attention. He wanted to go further and drew his tongue down her belly to the top of her mound, which was covered with a light smattering of red-gold hair. He parted her legs and his tongue met the lips of her pussy, lightly laving it on each side, up and down for a few minutes and then delved into the warmth of her open cunt, using his tongue like a prick, he thrust it in and out of her for a while until she was writhing so badly that he had to hold her down or lose her. His tongue then landed on her clit and started to lick and suck it. This stood up just like her nipples and looked like a tiny penis. She was starting to lose herself in his loving and the cum was oozing out of her wet pussy.

By this time, Emily decided that she had had enough and wanted him to insert himself in her pussy and fuck her. She would make him pay for this later.

"Now," she demanded. "Now."

"First this." He leaned over the edge of the bed and fished around in his trousers and came up with a condom.

"Please don't use that my darling, I want to feel you inside me," she said quietly.

He rose above her, supporting himself on his elbows, careful not to put all his weight on her. When he entered her, hard and strong, she erupted in a burst of desire and feeling, as hot as a volcanic eruption. He thrust again and again as she shuddered and starbursts rocked her world.

She had never made love like this before, always holding back, afraid of losing control. This time she abandoned all restraint. Her legs wound themselves around his waist as she lifted her body to meet his thrusts, both of them on a completely different planet to the rest of the world. Their momentum increased as they very quickly reached the peak of their desire for each other.

Finally, after their passions were spent, they collapsed on the bed. His head turned towards her. All tension had left his face. He looked completely relaxed.

"Oh my darling, I don't know how we didn't know what we were missing while we were growing up, but I do now," murmured Em.

"What are we going to do about it then, my sweet," asked Mark.

"I really don't know what we can do, I only know that I never want to lose you again. I also know we can never go back to just being sister and brother."

"I think we had better think hard on this and try and work something out and soon, because I know I don't ever want to go back to our previous relationship, even it is were possible," Mark stated.

"At least I am in town for another 4 days, so we can think of something while we are enjoying each other."

"I think that I am going to take a few days off work so that we can have more time together, what do you think?"

"Well, I only have one more meeting to attend and that is not until the day after tomorrow, so until then we have all the time in the world for thinking – and other things. Then I have another 2 days before I go back home."

In the end, it was decided by the both of them that they would move to a new town and live together. As they had different surnames, they thought they could even get married. They moved to a town which was not too far from Mark's business, and Emily managed to get another position in the new town. Mark had his own business, so he could delegate more work to other people if it was necessary.

So they eventually became Mr. and Mrs. and lived and did produce two children, a boy and a girl.................


02-20-2009, 09:50 PM
A Beautiful Sight Ch1
A father catches his two daughters experimenting

Sometimes, as many of you know well, life doesn't go as planned. In fact, sometimes it just goes all wrong. I was still a little bit in shock from when I found out that my wife was using crystal meth. I confronted her about it, and the situation blew up in my face. We ended up getting divorced because of it.

But when she had the audacity to try and get custody of our two girls, Lacey and Leigh, I drew the line. I warned her that I'd expose her drug habit if she didn't drop it. She didn't listen, so when we went to court to battle for custody, I revealed her problem to the judge. Not only did she lose, she ended up getting charged with possession when the police gained a warrant to search her newly rented apartment.

So, I ended up getting custody. It's been hard, especially when they hit puberty. Yikes! But I got through it with my sanity still intact.

After the divorce, my sex life flatlined. I wanted to date, but when I did, my side of the conversation always ended up drifting, and I'd find myself ranting about my ex-wife. I wouldn't advise it to anyone. So the dates always ended up the same, maybe a peck on the cheek, and I'd come home, lock my bedroom door, and finish off alone.

Anyway, one day I had gotten home early from work. I figured that Lacey and Leigh had gone out somewhere, as they normally did while I was at work. However, as I walked by their room on the way to mine, I was halted by one of them giggling.

'Okay,' I thought, 'So they're home. So what?'

Before I could move, I next heard one of them directing, "Okay, right there. Oooh, that's perfect! Now rub it a little harder."

'Huh?' I thought, not yet having guessed what this was.

As I stood there, I then heard her moan, " Yeah, that's it, I about to cum!"

Then it dawned on me as to what was going on, and before I could think about it, I had already opened the door. What I saw confirmed everything.

Leigh, who was nineteen, just two years younger than Lacey, was between her sister's legs, with her hand just below Lacey's pubic mound, rubbing out a furious tempo. Lacey had thrust her hips up so high that her butt was off the bed. Her fingers dug into the sheets under her as she moaned loudly, mid-climax. They hadn't even noticed me yet, not until Leigh had backed up and Lacey rolled over onto her side.

Her milk chocolate-brown eyes grew impossibly wide with surprise as she saw me standing there, my arms crossed. Leigh saw the look on her face and her head whirled, and she was just as surprised. For a second, we were all frozen like this, and then Lacey regained her senses a little. She grabbed the corner of the sheet and pulled it over her body, and her sister pulled the other corner to do the same. I began to notice how the thin sheet framed their perky breasts as it settled over them.

Before any of us could say anything, I turned and hurried to my room. What I didn't want them to see was the tent I started to pitch in my slacks. I closed my door and sat on the edge of my bed, trying to calm down enough for my erection to fade.

I could say that neither of them had ever been a source of my erections, but, I would be lying. I still remember waking up one morning to find Lacey and Leigh in my bed, each of them pressed up against me on either side. I could feel Lacey's tush against my crotch, and immediately I got hard. I was lucky that Lacey had still been asleep, because I couldn't quickly roll away from her, as Leigh was pressed against my back. As my hard-on strained against my boxers, it nestled between the cheeks of Lacey's tush, protected by little more than her panties. Her nightgown must have ridden up as she scooted up against me. I managed to move back a little, scooting, just enough that I wasn't touching her with it. My erection withered gradually, and Lacey had never had any idea.

So, there I sat on my bed, the tent in my slacks going away. As soon as I felt sure that I was under control, I went back to their room. My daughters were dressed now, sitting on Lacey's bed. When they saw me, their faces were scarlet with humiliation. I still hadn't figured out how to handle this, but I knew I couldn't overreact, so I had them scoot over so that I could sit down.

"Daddy," Lacey pleaded, "I'm sorry, I'll never do it again!"

I held my hand up, and she quieted. "Just hush a minute and listen," I explained, "I need to apologize for barging in like that. It wasn't fair to either of you. Now, about what you two were doing-"

Leigh began to speak, and tears were standing in her eyes.

"Woah!" I held my hand up again, "Just stop. I was going to say, I know you were experimenting, and that's fine. I'm not going to tell you that it's wrong, because it's not. It's normal, and sometimes it's necessary. So don't apologize for it, okay?"

They nodded, clearly still embarrassed.

I continued, "If you two have any questions about sex, or anything, you know you can talk to me about it, right?"

Again they nodded, but I added anyway, "I'm not just saying that for my health. I mean it. You can talk to me about anything, and I won't get mad. Just make sure you come to me, first. Do you understand?"

In unison, they answered, "Yes, daddy."

I patted their legs and got up to make dinner.

I kinda figured that they wouldn't heed my advice to talk to me about it, and for a few days they didn't. During dinner that night, they were quiet, obviously still uncomfortable that I had seen them naked and engaged in something forbidden by society. I gave them time to deal with that.

Four days later, as I was watching TV, they both came into the living room and stood in front of me. I muted the TV and waited for them to say something.

"Daddy?" Lacey asked, fidgeting nervously.


She admitted, "I have a question...about sex."

I smiled and motioned for them to sit.

Lacey hesitated, so I urged, "I told you that I'd answer any question you have."

"Okay," she started, "We know what we look like down there, but how do boys look down there?"

I thought for a second, and then got an idea. I had them follow me to the computer, and showed them a picture of a man's oenis on the internet.

"That looks wierd!" Leigh covered her mouth, grinning.

"Yeah, I guess they do look a little odd," I admitted.

"Well," Lacey chewed on her lower lip for a second, and then asked, "Do all of them look like that?"

"No," I explained, "They come in different colors and sizes."

I turned the screen off and stood up, headed back to the couch when Leigh asked, "Do you have one of those?"

I stopped in mid-step. "Huh?" I uttered, trying to determine if I heard her correctly.

"Um, do you have a penis?" Leigh reiterated.

I had hoped that the picture on the internet would answer their question for me. I turned to look at them, "Uh, yeah, I have a penis, too."

Leigh locked eyes with her sister for a second, and then she asked, "Can we, uh... see it?"

I winced, and Lacey tried to stop this track, "Nevermind, it's not important. We-"

"Now wait a minute," I reminded them, "I said that if you needed to talk to me, we could discuss anything."

I took a second, sitting back down on the couch, and asked them to sit down next to me.

"Do you want to see it?"

They nodded, so I sighed, and unzipped my fly to pull my penis out. It wasn't hard yet, but it wasn't exactly soft either. As they looked at it, they both asked questions about it.

"Does it get bigger or smaller?" Leigh questioned.

"Doesn't it feel wierd having one of those?" said Lacey.

"Yeah, it changes size, and no, it doesn't feel wierd to have one."

Leigh proceeded down the same avenue, "What makes it change sizes?"

"Well," I said slowly, not wanting to answer that one, but I did say 'anything,' "Sometimes when I wake up, it's bigger and harder, or when I become... um, excited. When it's cold, it gets softer and smaller, or when I'm not excited."

"There was this one morning," Lacey said, "We had gotten in bed with you. Leigh had a nightmare and woke me up. She went to get in your bed with you, and I didn't want to be alone, so I did, too."

My heart plummeted. I knew where this was going.

She continued, "When I snuggled up next to you, something started poking against my bottom. Was that your penis?"

I hesitated, and then, owing her the truth, nodded, "Yes, it was. I thought you were asleep."

"Were you excited? Was that why it got hard?" Lacey's eyes widened.

"Look!" Leigh interrupted, and as Lacey's eyes followed her sister's line of sight, her mouth dropped open in surprise.

"Oh, shit," I muttered unhappily, looking down. As we had recalled that morning, I'd gotten quite an erection. It was standing up, engorged.

"You're excited right now, right?" Lacey looked up at me.

"I'm sorry," my face reddened, "I should go calm down."

I started to get up, and Lacey stopped me, "It's okay, daddy. I want to see it like that."

I badly wanted to go calm down. They shouldn't see how much they aroused me. That was way deep into the forbidden. But apparently they didn't want me to go anywhere yet.

"Did it get hard because of us talking about that morning?" Lacey wondered aloud.

"Yes," I confessed.

"Because of my bottom?"

"Yes," I was beginning to feel miserable, a real pervert.

She looked at me, wanting to tell me something. Probably that I was disgusting, getting axcited about my own daughter.

Instead she admitted, "I kinda liked it, too."

Leigh goggled at her sister's revelation. She'd had no idea about all of this.

"Really?" Leigh giggled, "What did it feel like?"

Lacey shrugged, "I can't really explain it. It was really hot and hard and big. It was right in the middle of my bottom, between the cheeks."

I had to stop this, "We can't do this. It's wrong for me to feel this way about either of you."

Lacey shook her head, "No, it's okay. It could be like we're experimenting, can't it? I mean, just to see if we like it."

'Oh, shit!' I thought to myself. She'd virtually taken what I'd said about them touching each other and turned it around on me.

I shook my head, "I don't know. I'm not sure we should be discussing this."

"You said we could discuss anything," Leigh replied, and another net was thrown, catching me neatly.

"But actually doing this?" I kept trying to back away from their suggestions.

"It's not fair that she gets to feel it and I don't," complained Leigh, pouting.

Finally, I sighed, "Alright. But I really don't think I should be doing this with you."

Leigh pulled her pants down, and I reluctantly had to admit to myself that she had a fantastically round tush. I had slowly been softening, but as I stared at her bottom, it sprung back up eagerly. Suddenly, Leigh pulled her panties down as well, and before I could protest, she had sat on my lap.

She had to wiggle a little so that my boner wasn't poking against her, but then she had it placed neatly against her butt crack.

"You're right, Lacey!" Leigh exclaimed, "It's hot. And it does feel good." For extra emphasis, she rubbed her tush back and forth on my erection, giggling. It took a lot of control on my part not to moan, because it felt so damn good. I could see the head peeking out from between her cheeks for a second.

"Hey!" Lacey complained, "I had my panties on when he did it!" Leigh stood up, revealing the smooth orbs of her tush, and further down, her smooth vagina.

Lacey immediat