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Captain Attack
08-20-2009, 11:45 PM

Let me introduce myself. I am Arun. I am 22 years old and now living in Bangalore. What i am gonna describe is how i lost my virginity, 3 years back when i was 19 years old. I am a BTech passout, 2006 Batch. This happened when i was doing my 4th semester. I am an average looking guy, maybe a little charming n sweet personality. My first time was with my cousin, who was married and is some 4-5 years elder to me.

Shruti's family and mine got closer when her parents came to invite us for her marriage. She is my second cousin. Though we always knew each other, we din visit them too often before. But, once her marriage was fixed, we used to go over to her place once in a while. I was doing my 9th standard exams then. Me and Shruti got very close by the time she was married. But, she was like a sis to me and me her younger brother. She din hav any brother. So, she had extra affection for me. And then, she started her married life. She moved out of the city. Me and her hubby were and are great friends. So, it was quite natural when they invited me to stay with them during the holidays after my 10th boards. Well, she had a kid then, nearly 2 years after her marriage. They had an apartment. I love kids. So, i used to take care of the baby. That was a lot of relief for Shruti. We used to chat a lot when her hubby was away during the day. I had got glances at her milky boobs, when she fed the baby. Oops, i forgot to describe Shruti. She is quite a good looking female with huge ass and boobs. She had 36 C boobs, which were so perfectly shaped. Her figure should be 36-30-38. Yeah, but i never had any sexual feelings for her those days. She was my sister and what if i could see her pink nipples, she was only feeding her baby. When she feeds the baby, she would ask me to sit on the far side, so that i wouldn't see her breats directly. Believe me, i never tried to sneak a peek at her assets. Neither did i wank in the toilet thinking about her. If you told me then, that i would fuck her someday, i would have never believed it. But, it all happens in life....

Soon, Shruti and her hubby left for Italy. I was so sad when they left because i would miss them all. And, i did my plus two and got into an engineering college in trivadrum. I was always a cool guy who din bother much to do sugar coated talk with the girls. So, my friends were mostly guys n we did a lot of mischief - bunking classes, movies, beaches. I love to play football in Kovalam Beach. Yeah, i was studying for 4th semester, when Shruti returned from Italy on holidays. Her hubby didn't come as he couldn't get leave. This is when the story really started. She looked really horny, having coloured her hair and in great shape. Her boobs were always held so tight in her bra, that you could see its fullness. She mostly wore salwars and when she was at home, she didn't wear the pants. I was so excited about she and the kid coming. I bunked my classes and spent time with her. Needless to say, i stayed over at her house those days. Hers was a big house, much bigger than mine. She has a younger sis and her dad is abroad. So, now when i was staying with her, her mom told us she had to visit some temples in other states. So, she would be away for a week. This was when the fun started. We were always playing some game or the other. Cricket on the garden or cards or some board game. It was so much fun. Once when we were playing cards, she was sitting on the bed, with her legs spread wide. She was wearing a salwar top, without pants. I saw her rub her pussy slit, over the cloth. I thought - She should be feeling quite itchy down there. And i stared at her breasts. I could see a fair amount of her cleavage. I looked to see if her nipples were hard. Jeez, she was looking right at me. She asked me - Are you gonna play or just stare? I blushed and played my turn. Later, i thought - did that have a dual meaning? did she mean to ask me - r u gonna play with my boobs???? Wow, i was thrilled. I didn't think that far to feel guilty about being turned on looking at my cousin's boobs.

The night came and she asked me to sleep with her, in her bedroom. I was like - Ok, sure. So, we went upstairs as her sis slept downstairs. The kid fell asleep soon and me and Shruti got talking. We chatted a lot. She told me about how tough life was in Italy. She and her hubby worked in different shifts. They rarely got to spend time together. She told me about her Italian friends. She was in a night dress, the outline of her breasts showing clearly through the silky material. Her perfume was musky and their was an air of sexiness. But, i felt sorry for her. I always thought women should have kids only in late twenties. I saw how the kid took away a lot of fun from their life. She told me the only time, she and her hubby could spent together was devoted to the child. I gave her a hug and said it is ok. We talked a lot that night. She told me how the kid's conception was so unexpected. We slept off by around 3 am, arm in arm. I woke up the next day, she still in bed. I went to the toilet and noticed that my dick was wet. I was amazed. I realized i had sexual feelings for her.

The next day was so much fun. We went for a movie and came back late in the evening. After dinner, we went upstairs. The kid was playing, so i played along. Soon, he went to sleep. And Shruti said, we din sleep much yesterday and i was late to wake up today. Now let us go to sleep now itself. I agreed. She took leave and went downstairs. She came back after a while, dressed in a sexy night dress - a silky top and a pants. She had put on some seducing perfume and i was blown away. I am very smell conscious. And i was feeling all sexed up. She lied down beside me and turned off the light, with the night lamp glowing. We talked for a while and she said she has a secret. I asked her what it was. She refused to tell me. I insisted so many times and finally she said - "I think I have hots for you". I was dumbstruck. I remembered that i had a wet dick the last night but i was not ready to fuck her. She is my sister, neverthless. I said - "What do you mean Shruti?" She told me in a husky voice- "I want to have sex with you Arun". Gosh, i was so nervous. I said its not possible. I am your brother. She was hurt. She apologized to me. She asked me if i thought my sister was dirty. I said - "No, don't say that and gave her a kiss on her forehead".

Now, to tell you what was on my mind. I loved women. I always believed in love and i thought i would marry the girl i fall in love with. I wanted to remain pure for her. Although when i was 16, i thought i would fuck every girl i knew, i soon matured to get be the person i was when i was 19 and lying beside Shruti when her hubby was away.

I was looking right into her eyes and she at mine. She said - "Do you think you would be able to resist me?" I said -"Sure". I could sense the arrogance and confidence women have in their body. "Well, let us see". Saying that Shruti gave me a smooch. I had never smooched anyone till then. It felt like being on Cloud 9. Wow, i froze in time. She said -"Can you stop it now?" Shruti kissed my lips again, this time longer and it was a wet kiss. I found myself losing all my strength, all my determination not to screw her. I closed my eyes for a moment an thought - You can walk out of here or you can loose your virginity now. Decide quickly- That was all i could think. I couldnt make a decision. Before i opened my eyes, i felt Shruti's tongue inside my mouth. It was the longest smooch of my life. I was overcome by lust. I felt my dick harden. By the time, i broke from the kiss, i was searching for her bra's hook. I couldn't find it. I kissed her mammaries over her silky top. I tried to get her left breast out of the clothing. Finding that tough, i reached for her bra hook again. She held my hand and said - "that is a girl's job". She unhooked her bra and i, like a hungry cat, went for her breast. I released her left breast and was soon chewing her nipple. I was so sexed up that i bit her nipple very hard. She screamed - awww, dont bite so hard. To be frank, there was a lot of awkwardness cos i had been calling her "sis" n now i was gonna screw her. I kissed her all over. I kissed her navel, her waist, slightly fleshy. Getting lower, i pulled her pants down. She was now in her panties and top and bra, with her breasts breathing fresh air. I got to work without much foreplay. I put my middle finger in her cunt and fingered her. She was sooo wet. I guess she was a bit shy when i realized that. She sai - im so wet and blushed. I fingered her more wildly. She was moaning. She soon held my hand and said - put it in. I asked for a condom. Shruti didn't even listen to me. She yanked her panties off and spread her legs. I thought - What the Heck? and stripped myself. I couldn't find her vagina, this being the 1st time i was attempting it. She giggled and said - let me help you. She took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. I was soon inside her. I started slowly and increased the pace. After quite a few fucks and a kid, she was still pretty tight but i was slipping out a lot of times.
I guess Shruti was annoyed cos of that and she stopped me. She pushed me off her and got on top of me. She was a sex goddess. She guided my prick right into her slit and started riding me, head thrown back and hands on her breasts. I squeeeezed her boobs, making her moan with pleasure. I had my hands on her butt and was squeezing her rear globes hard. She was enjoying taking the upper hand. After some 5 minutes, i could sense her moans getting louder. I was scared that her kid would wake up or her sis would come to check what the heck was happening. But neither happened. She came down on me and i sucked her breasts, slapping her butt. She gasped, as my hand touched her pussy lips. Her riding got faster. I flicked my fingers on her pussy lips. Soon, she came, moaning so loud that i wondered how everyone else in the house was still asleep.

Shruti was sweating a lot. She had a thunderous orgasm, she told me. But, i wasnt done. I made her lie in missionary posture and mounted her. Now, i knew how to fuck. I licked her pussy dry. Finding her clit, i licked it like a strand of noodles. She writhed in pleasure. After a bit of licking, i put my dick in her pussy. I hadnt gone deep when i fucked her earlier. But now, i drove the entire length of my dick inside her. She screamed - awwww, screw me Arun, faster... I got into a rhythm. But soon, i forgot the rhythm. I was pumping her hard, pressing her on to the mattress, pushing her legs wider and squeezing her breasts. I wanted to fuck her doggie style. She didnt let me though. So, i pounded her with a vengeance. Shruti held on to the frame of the bed. She was screaming - Fuck me....Oh my God... I slapped her ass as i srove my dick deeper and deeper in her pussy. I could feel my stones against her ass. I knew i was fully in. She was screaming like crazy now. I held her legs up, using my left hand and slapped her ass using my free hand as i fucked her. I had an orgasm building up and soon i shot my load deep in her pussy.

As i collapsed, she told me - i told you u cnt resist me. I smiled. I asked her about contraception. She was on pills. I stared at the roof thinking how i had never imagined about having sex with my cousin sister. I smiled to myself as i thought i was no longer a virgin. Seeing me smile, Shruti asked -what is so funny? I gave her a warm kiss on her lips. She hugged me n told - I never thought you would be so good. I came twice. I winked at her. We spread a blanket and slept like lovers, naked..

This is not a made-up story. This happened to me, 3 years back, adding a new dimension to my life. Shruti is now in Singapore and carrying twins

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wow, fantastic